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Junior School Parent information booklet 2020 - www.sacs.nsw.edu.au - St ...
Junior School
Parent information booklet 2020

Sydney Square, Sydney
Junior School Parent information booklet 2020 - www.sacs.nsw.edu.au - St ...
Junior School Parent information booklet 2020 - www.sacs.nsw.edu.au - St ...
Junior School information booklet 2020

Welcome                                         02-04   General information                                   28-29
Head of School                                          Co-curricular activities
Deputy Head of School (Primary)                         Communication
Head of Gawura                                          Progress reports
                                                        Emergency contact with parents
                                                        Emergency drill procedures
Getting off to a great start                    05-07
                                                        Rule enforcement and discipline
Commencement times in the first week                    School photographs
2020 term dates and holidays

                                                        Camp Australia                                                 30
Daily and weekly timetable                      08-09   Before and after school care and holiday care

Getting in touch                                10-11   The Raise Responsibility                                       31
Who and when to make contact                            Discipline System
Visitor lanyards

                                                        Junior School program                                 32-36
Key contacts in the Junior School               12-13   Academic Curriculum
                                                        City links and excursions
                                                        Learning Framework
Guide to wearing the school uniform 14-15               Specialised Learning
                                                        Gifted education
SACS Character Strengths                        16-17
                                                        Chapel and Christian Development program
                                                        The Mandarin Program
Parent Portal                                   18-24   Music
                                                        Outdoor education
How to log in and change your contact details
Steps to update your child’s medical details

                                                        Sport schedule in 2020                                    37-39
Student wellbeing                                  25

                                                        Association of Parents and Friends                             40
General information                             26-27
School times and attendance
Student late arrivals and early departures              Community events in 2020                                       41
Student absentee telephone line
School and Junior School office hours
Leave of absence                                        The St Andrew’s Cathedral                             42-44
Canteen                                                 School Foundation
Lost property                                           The Gawura Scholarship Fund
Public transport information and Opal cards             SACS Building Fund
Laptops and stationery                                  Heath Bursary Fund
                                                        Australian Sports Foundation
                                                        Become involved in our SACS community

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Junior School Parent information booklet 2020 - www.sacs.nsw.edu.au - St ...
Head of School
Welcome to the journey which is St Andrew’s Cathedral School 2020!

                                                Mrs Robson is also formally trained in     My visits to the Junior School show
                                                gifted education through Professor         calm and ordered learning, with a
                                                Miraca Gross’ GERRIC Unit at the           good deal of engagement and indeed
                                                University of NSW.                         joy in being there displayed by our
                                                                                           students. All are very well cared for by
                                                In addition to all these attributes,
                                                                                           our class teachers, our specialised
                                                Mrs Robson has taught successfully
                                                                                           education staff who deal with
                                                from Kindergarten to Year 12 in a range
                                                                                           giftedness, disabilities and English as a
                                                of subjects, most notably in the
                                                                                           second language, and by our pastoral
                                                International Baccalaureate Diploma
                                                                                           programs. Student wellbeing is in the
                                                Psychology where her academic
                                                                                           hands of our Wellbeing Coordinator
                                                results were the best at St Paul’s
                                                                                           and our two Junior School
                                                Grammar School. She understands the
                                                                                           psychologists supported by class
                                                K-12 continuum and issues of transition
                                                                                           teachers. There is a vibrant
                                                to high school. She also produced and
                                                                                           co-curricular, sporting and outdoor
                                                directed several highly successful
                                                                                           education program, which endeavours
                                                school musicals. She has an advanced
                                                                                           to deal holistically with our young
                                                understanding of integrating the
Welcome                                         Christian faith through the whole
                                                                                           people as we assist them to flourish.
                                                                                           Our goal is that they flourish in terms
                                                school and worked extensively with
Since the beginning of 2011, our                                                           of Jesus’ purpose: “I have come that
                                                the Anglican Education Commission to
Deputy Head of School K-6 and                                                              you may have life, and life to the full”
                                                that very effect at Broughton Anglican
Head of Junior School has been                                                             – John 10:10.
                                                College and here at St Andrew’s.
Mrs Rhonda Robson, formerly Head
of Junior School and Deputy Principal           In addition to all her school successes,
at Broughton Anglican College in                Mrs Robson lectured and tutored for a
Menangle. Prior to Broughton,                   number of years part-time in
Mrs Robson was School Counsellor                psychology at the University of
                                                                                           Dr John Collier
and Gifted and Talented Coordinator             Western Sydney.
                                                                                           Head of St Andrew’s Cathedral School
at St Paul’s Grammar School.                    Since Mrs Robson’s arrival nine years
She has a tremendous capacity to                ago, the Junior School has more than
accept a huge and varied workload               doubled in size and is flourishing. She
and fulfil the tasks very well. Particularly    has transformed the teaching and
helpful are her intimate knowledge of           learning practices, successfully
the International Baccalaureate Primary         improving the levels of Literacy and
Years Programme, which is widely                Numeracy in particular. The impact of
regarded as international best practice         this strategy is visible in quality
in primary education, the principles            teaching methodologies, and
which she has weaved into the                   impressive NAPLAN results. The Junior
educational framework of St Andrew’s.           School is a happy, vibrant and thriving
Her people skills and insight based on          part of the whole school of
her training and experience as a                St Andrew’s Cathedral School.
psychologist, and her extensive track
record in gifted education have set her
up to be a transformative leader.

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Junior School Parent information booklet 2020 - www.sacs.nsw.edu.au - St ...
Head of Junior School
                      We are keen to develop the Heart, Mind and Life

                             I am in Teacher ‘Heaven’, my staff are        In 2020 we look forward to many new
                             of the highest quality and provide a          and innovative opportunities. We will
                             safe and secure educational                   continue to offer broad curriculum
                             environment in which children can             options as well as purposeful subject
                             flourish. Any new students will quickly       specialisation. We are excited about
                             feel they belong.                             the introduction of specialist Literacy,
                                                                           Numeracy and Technology Integrators
                             What a joyous place our Junior School         to support our teachers with
                             is. St Andrew’s Cathedral School has          evidence-based teaching and learning
                             long been known as the School of              practices. We have a wide range of
                             heart in the heart of the city. It is well    sporting, camping, musical and drama
                             known for its happy, calm and friendly        opportunities which will undoubtedly
                             environment enriched by a very strong         bring important life development skills
                             focus on positive psychology,                 to all students involved. It is also the
                             genuinely caring for both the staff and       year of the Junior School Musical,
                             students’ wellbeing. Our wonderful            which promises to be a wonderful
                             school continues to thrive and prosper.       community event.
Welcome to 2020.                                                           I pray that the holiday break is restful
                             We strive to develop the whole child,
I am extremely proud         their heart, mind and life. We have           for all and look forward to seeing each
and honoured to oversee      focused on developing their character         of you at the commencement of the
                                                                           2020 school year. May God keep you
this wonderful Junior        through our wellbeing programs which
                                                                           and your families safe over Christmas
                             nurture specific character strengths
School under the             based upon our foundational Christian         and ready for a wonderful year of
leadership of Dr John        values. We nurture minds with quality         learning, laughing and living in 2020.

Collier. I truly love        teaching practices driven by our quality
                             teaching staff. We are innovative in
my job.
                             how we utilise student data and set
                             goals to improve learning for our
I particularly cherish the   students. We work as a team to
opportunity to assist in     determine the best strategies and             Mrs Rhonda Robson
the development of           programs for learning for our students.       Deputy Head of School (Primary)
                             We have enjoyed the greatest
our most precious            academic growth compared to similar
resource – children.         schools, as measured by NAPLAN and
                             UNSW ICAS results.

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Junior School Parent information booklet 2020 - www.sacs.nsw.edu.au - St ...
Head of Gawura
                                    Gawura is our school within a school

                                               Gawura is a wonderful social justice       Wiradjuri language is taught in both the
                                               initiative of St Andrew’s Cathedral        Gawura School and the Junior School,
                                               School. It is largely funded by the        a united language and cultural
                                               Federal Government and is now in           program designed to better understand
                                               it’s 14th year of operation. In 2020       our First Nation people.
                                               we have 33 students enrolled in
                                                                                          We are extremely proud of our Gawura
                                               Gawura K-6.
                                                                                          School, and we value our productive
                                               Each student undertakes not only           partnership that exists between our
                                               academic studies in Gawura but will be     students, staff and parents in both the
                                               learning cultural language from the        Gawura School and the Junior School
                                               Wiradjuri nation. The students will also   of St Andrew’s Cathedral School.
                                               be attending cultural excursions where
                                               we will have the benefit of CAP
                                               indigenous elders lead our students
                                               through their land and share traditional
                                               stories and wisdom from past and
                                               present times.                             Mr John Ralph
St Andrew’s Cathedral                                                                     Head of Gawura
                                               Last year Gawura students from K-12
Gawura School is a                             along with five parents attended a day
separate school for local                      of cultural learning on Sydney Harbour
Aboriginal and Torres                          with the Indigenous crew from Tribal
                                               Warrior. The students learnt about life
Strait Islander children.                      around the harbour prior to European
                                               settlement and Elders shared traditional
                                               stories as we disembarked on Clark
                                               Island. We also toured International
                                               Towers at Barangaroo where Aunty
                                               Glenda shared stories of this amazing
                                               Aboriginal woman.

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Junior School Parent information booklet 2020 - www.sacs.nsw.edu.au - St ...
Getting off
to a great start
Important information for the start of the year

                       Dear one and all,
                       I know that we have only                              Parent lanyards
                       just finished our school                              Parent Passes will be
                       year but I thought I would                            handed out to parents
                       give you some details                                 in the week from the
                                                                             28 January 2020.
                       on the start of the 2020
                       school year.                                          Please bring photo ID
                                                                             and you will be able
                       We would like all parents and students                to utilise your existing
                       to have easy access to the information                lanyard.
                       regarding the start of the school year,               New lanyards can be
                       which applies specifically to them.                   sourced from reception
                       Therefore, I have organised the details               by showing your pass.
                       in Year groups and given a brief
                       summary of the calendar for the last
                       week of the holidays and the first week
                       of Term 1.
                       If there are any questions related
                       to the commencement of the year,
                       please do not hesitate to contact the
                       Junior School Reception 02 9009 5442
                       or jscreption@sacs.nsw.edu.au
                       after 21 January 2020.
                       Finally, our wonderful P&F will
                       provide a welcome cup of coffee
                       or tea for parents dropping their
                       children off on 28 and 29 January
                       in the Square.

                       Mrs Rhonda Robson
                       Deputy Head of School (Primary)

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Junior School Parent information booklet 2020 - www.sacs.nsw.edu.au - St ...
commencement dates
Week 1 and 2 important information in 2020

Tuesday 28 January 2020                         Thursday 30 January 2020               Foundation Uniform Store

                                                                                       Holiday hours
Kindergarten only                               Kindergarten
Half Day 8.35am – 12pm                          Half Day 8.35am – 12.00pm             	Monday 20 - Friday 24 January
                                                                                        (9am - 4pm)
All Kindergarten students are to meet           Years 1 - 6
in the Foyer of St Andrew’s House               Full Day 8.35am – 3.10pm
                                                                                       Term 1, Week 1 - opening hours
between 8.15am and 8.35am. Parents
are welcome to accompany their child              All students from K-6 are to wear   	Tuesday 28 - Friday 31 January
to the classroom with the teachers                their full sports uniforms.           (8am - 3.30pm)
if they wish.
The Association of Parents and
                                                                                       Term 1, Week 2 -
Friends (P&F) will be welcoming all             Friday 31 January 2020
                                                                                       (Regular opening hours)
new and returning families with an
8am-10.30am coffee in                           K–6                                    Monday (8am - 3.30pm)
Sydney Square.                                  Full Day 8.35am – 3.10pm
                                                                                       Wednesday (8am - 3.30pm)
New parents lanyards will be available          Pick up in the foyer
from the Ground Floor Sports Centre.                                                  	Thursday (8am - 3.30pm)
                                                Monday 3 February 2020
Wednesday 29 January 2020
                                                                                        For uniform fittings, please
                                                                                        make an appointment with the
Kindergarten                                    Full Day K – 6
                                                                                        Foundation Uniform Store
Half Day 8.35am – 12pm
                                                                                        ONLINE APPOINTMENTS ONLY.
Parents can bring students straight to          Wednesday 5 February 2020
the Kindergarten classrooms between                                                          (Event code agd2a)
8.15am and 8.35am.                              Meet the Teacher Evening
                                                                                        If you have any questions with regards
Years 1 - 6                                                                             to your online booking call us on:
Full Day 8.30am – 3.10pm                                                                02 9286 9547

Years 1 – 6 are to meet in the
Cathedral at 8.30am for an assembly.
Parents are welcome to accompany
their child, if they wish. There will be a
brief welcome to the year and
introduction to staff. Students can be
picked up at the end of the school day
from the Foyer at 3.10pm.
The Association of Parents and
Friends (P&F) will be welcoming all
new and returning families with an
8am-10.30am coffee in
Sydney Square.
New parents lanyards will be available
from the Ground Floor Sports Centre.

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Junior School Parent information booklet 2020 - www.sacs.nsw.edu.au - St ...
term dates
Term dates and holiday dates

Date                              Term 1

Tuesday 21 - Friday 24 January    Staff Development Days

Monday 27 January                 Australia Day Holiday (school closed)

Tuesday 28 January                Term 1 commences for Kindergarten (8.35am - 12noon)

Wednesday 29 January              Term 1 commences for Years 1-6

Wednesday 8 April                 Term 1 concludes for all students

Term 2 		                         Term 2
Date                              Term 2

Monday 27 April                   Staff Development Day

Tuesday 28 April                  Term 2 commences for all students

Monday 8 June                     Queen’s Birthday Holiday (school closed)

Friday 26 June                    Term 2 concludes for all students

Term 3		                          Term 3
Date                              Term 3

Monday 20 - Tuesday 21 July       Staff Development Days

Wednesday 22 July                 Term 3 commences for all students

Thursday 24 September             Term 3 concludes for Years K - 6

Friday 25 September               Staff Development Day

Term 4		                          Term 4
Date                              Term 4

Monday 12 October                 Term 4 commences for all students

Thursday 3 December               Term 4 concludes for all students

Friday 4 December                 Staff Development Day

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Junior School Parent information booklet 2020 - www.sacs.nsw.edu.au - St ...
Infants (K-2), Stage 2 (3-4), Stage 3 (5-6)

    Infants (K - 2)                                Stage 2 (3 - 4)                             Stage 3 (5-6)

 8.35 – 8.50          Assembly, Fitness            8.35 – 8.50       Assembly, Fitness         8.35 – 8.50      Assembly, Fitness
		                    and Roll Call               		                 and Roll Call            		                and Roll Call

    8.50 – 9.20       Class                         8.50 – 9.20      Class                      8:50 – 9.20     Class

    9.20 – 9.50       Class                         9.20 – 9.50      Class                      9.20 – 9.50     Class

    9.50 – 10.20      Class                         9.50 – 10.20     Class                      9.50 – 10.20    Class

    10.20 – 10.50 Class                             10.20 –10.50     Class                      10.20 – 10.50 Class

    10.50 –11.20      Class                         10.50 – 11.00 Eat in class                  10.50 – 11:20 Class

    11.20 – 11.30 Eat in class                      11.00 – 11.30 Play                          11.20 – 11.50   Class

    11.30 – 12.00 Play                              11.30 – 12.00 Class                         11.50 – 12.00 Eat in class

    12.00 – 12.30 Class                             12.00 – 12.30 Class                         12.00 –12.30 Play

    12.30 – 1.00      Class                         12.30 – 1.00     Class                      12.30 – 1.00    Class

    1.00 – 1.05       Eat in class                  1.00 – 1.30      Class                      1.00 – 1.30     Class

    1.05 – 1.35       Play                          1.30 – 1.35      Eat in class               1.30 – 2.00     Class

    1.35 – 2.05       Class                         1.35 – 2.05      Play                       2.00 – 2.05     Eat in class

    2.05 – 2.35       Class                         2.05 – 2.35      Class                      2.05 – 2.35     Play

    2.35 – 3.05       Class                         2.35 – 3.05      Class                      2.35 – 3.05     Class

    3.05 – 3.10       Afternoon roll pack up        3.05 – 3.10      Afternoon roll pack up     3.05 – 3.10     Afternoon roll pack up

8      |   SACS - Junior School Parent Information Booklet 2020
In-school and before and after school events
Please note on Thursdays Junior School students need to wear full sports uniforms.

 Weekly Events       Monday           Tuesday             Wednesday              Thursday                Friday

Before School Care
6.30 – 8.00am

Before school                         Library Book Club   Choristers             Choristers             Music Craft
Groups               Junior Choir                                                                       (Year 3-6)
                     (Year 3-6)       Junior Tuned
                                      Percussion 		                              Infants Choir
                                      (Year 4-6)

Morning session

                                                                                                        I nfant Fellowship
LUNCH Infants        LUNCH Infants    LUNCH Infants       LUNCH Infants          LUNCH Infants
                                                                                                        Stage 2 Fellowship
LUNCH Stage 2        LUNCH Stage 2    LUNCH Stage 2       LUNCH Stage 2          LUNCH Stage 2
                                                                                                         tage 3 Fellowship
LUNCH Stage 3        LUNCH Stage 3    LUNCH Stage 3       LUNCH Stage 3          LUNCH Stage 3
                                                                                                        BIBLE BLAST
Middle session

 fternoon tea
A                     fternoon tea
                     A                Afternoon tea       Afternoon tea          Afternoon tea          Afternoon tea
Infants              Infants          Infants             Infants                Infants                Infants
 fternoon tea
A                    Afternoon tea    Afternoon tea       Afternoon tea                                 Afternoon tea
Stage 2              Stage 2          Stage 2             Stage 2                Sport                  Stage 2
 fternoon tea
A                    Afternoon tea    Afternoon tea       Afternoon tea                                 Afternoon tea
Stage 3              Stage 3          Stage 3             Stage 3                                       Stage 3

Afternoon session                                         2.00-2.30 Junior
                                                          Chapel Band 		                                IPSHA Debating

                                                          Chapel weekly

                                                                                                        Junior Chamber
After School                          Homework Club       Junior Training
                     Homework Club                                              Choristers             Group
Groups 3.10pm                                             Strings
                                                                                                        (invitation only)
After School Care
                                                                                                        Junior Extension
until 6pm            Junior String    ASSISA Sport
                                                          Musical Rehearsal      Music Maestros         Wind and Brass
                     Orchestra        Coaching
                                                                                                        (invitation only)

                                                                                                        Junior Rock Band
                     Junior Band                          Theatresports
                                                                                                        ISA Debating


                                                                 SACS - Junior School Parent Information Booklet 2020   |     9
Getting in
Who and when to make contact

Rationale                                       We will maintain confidentiality where        • O
                                                                                                 nly contact staff members during
                                                appropriate, releasing information on a         office hours (Monday – Friday,
All communication between                       “need to know” basis to staff. If parents       8am-5pm). Please refrain from
members of the St Andrew’s                      have a specific request regarding the           contacting staff on their mobile
Cathedral School                                extent of access to information given, that     phone outside these hours.
                                                request should be made known at the
community, including staff,                     time of contact.         Hierarchy of contact
parents, carers and students,                                            The following guide for parents and
                              Members of staff will endeavour to return
should reflect the school’s   phone calls and/or emails within two       carers indicates the best manner in
values of grace, integrity    working days. Please be aware that it is   which to direct specific issues related to
and justice. The school       school policy that teachers will not       the welfare of your child:

encourages parents            leave  classes  to receive or return calls
                              or conduct interviews.                     Academic issues
to be actively involved in
                              The school is committed to attempting
their children’s education                                                                    K-6
                              to resolve issues of concern speedily for
and in the school generally, parents. Often the incompleteness of
                                                                                         Class Teacher
believing that involvement    information, or the multiple demands on
enhances student learning.    people’s time prevents an immediate                        Grade Leader
                              resolution. Parents are asked for their
For this reason, the school                                                        Curriculum Coordinator
                              patience in following through matters.
places great emphasis on
                                                                                Deputy Head of Junior School
the establishment and
                              What does the school                                  (Teaching & Learning)
maintenance of effective
channels of communication
                              expect of parents?                              Deputy Head of School (Primary)

with parents. Our             Communication – parents should:                           Head of School
procedures will be            • Direct their concerns to the
                                 appropriate staff member as outlined
characterised by fairness,                                               Pastoral/wellbeing issues
                                 in the hierarchy (see graphic right);
mutual respect and a spirit
                              • Make an appointment in advance
of cooperation in resolving                                                                   K-6
                                 when seeking personal
issues and concerns.             communication with staff;
                                                                                                               Class Teacher
                                                • Approach matters in a calm
                                                                                                              Grade Leader
What can parents expect                           and rational manner, ensuring
of the school?                                    interactions result in a clear path           Deputy Head of Junior School (Pastoral)
                                                  to resolution;
We are committed to preserving a safe                                                               Deputy Head of School (Primary)
                                                • Provide contact details so we
learning environment where individual
                                                  can call or email you within two                           Head of School
rights are respected and our school
                                                  working days;
community works together for a
common purpose. We are committed                • Communicate any extremely                  While it may seem quicker to go to the
to dealing sensitively with parents and           important matter in writing to              higher authority in a sequence it is usually
carers and will respond as quickly as is          ensure all the details of the matter        more appropriate to start with the person
                                                  can be fully understood;                    who knows the student or the details of the
practical to all matters.
                                                                                              incident best. Only if the matter cannot be
                                                                                              resolved at the initial level should it progress
                                                                                              through the hierarchy of responses.

10   |   SACS - Junior School Parent Information Booklet 2020
Getting in                                                                                   Visiting procedures
                                                                                             Before 9am and after 5pm
Who and when to make contact                                                                 Parents should wear a Parent Lanyard
                                                                                             when visiting St Andrew’s House and
                                                                                             accompanying their child onto the
                                                                                             campus. These are given to registered
                                                                                             parents and carers at the start of the
                                                                                             school year. (See page 5 for the
Common courtesy                            Media release consent                             parents lanyards section).
The school values its relationships with   Parents can request that their child’s
parents but cannot accommodate             image does not appear in any marketing
aggressive or rude behaviour by either     or media materials by contacting the
parents or visitors. Where behaviour       Registrar Mr Bruce Perry. Please email
                                                                                                           Valid 2020
becomes aggressive or rude, the person     bperry@sacs.nsw.edu.au
in question may be asked to leave the
                                                                                                              Parent Name
school grounds and/or may be referred
to the Head of School.

                                                                                             Between 9am and 5pm
                                                                                              arents should make an appointment
                                                                                             in advance with the relevant staff
                                                                                             member or department, sign in/out at
                                                                                             Reception and wear a Visitor Lanyard
                                                                                             while on the school premises. A staff
                                                                                             representative should meet the parent
                                                                                             at Reception. The only exception is
                                                                                             when the parent is heading directly to
                                                                                             the Uniform Shop, After School Care
                                                                                             or the Health Centre on
                                                                                             Level 6 of SAH.

                                                                                             School events
                                                                                             For school events which involve
                                                                                             multiple visitors (such as parent
                                                                                             teacher meetings or social functions),
                                                                                             parents do not need to report to
                                                                                             Reception or wear a lanyard. Clear
                                                                                             signage will be displayed at the
                                                                                             entrances to the school and staff and/
                                                                                             or student representatives will be on
                                                                                             hand to assist in directing visitors to
                                                                                             and from the event venue.

                                                                    SACS - Junior School Parent Information Booklet 2020    |   11
Key                                             Key Staff

                                                Dr John Collier
                                                                                          Ms Dorene Chua
                                                                                          Accounts Department
                                                                                          9009 5400

contacts                                        Head of School
                                                9286 9588

                                                                                          Mrs Larissa Taylor
                                                                                          Uniform Store Manager
                                                Mrs Rhonda Robson
Who and when to                                 Deputy Head of School (Primary)
                                                                                          9286 9547

make contact                                    9286 9556                                 Canteen
                                                                                          Online lunch orders
                                                Mr Selwyn Wu
                                                                                          Camp Australia
                                                Deputy Head of Junior School (Pastoral)
                                                                                          Before & after school care,
                                                9009 5442
                                                                                          Vacation care
• C
   ontact the class                            swu@sacs.nsw.edu.au
                                                                                          1300 105 343
  teacher regarding
  school work,                                  Mrs Emily Edwards
                                                Deputy Head of Junior School (Teaching)
  progress, pastoral                            9009 5442
                                                                                          Ms Lyn Jarvis
                                                                                          Director of Community Engagement
  care, reports etc.                            eedwards@sacs.nsw.edu.au
                                                                                          9009 5431
• C
   ontact Junior                               Junior School
  School Reception for                          Key Contacts
  everyday logistical                                                                     Other staff in the
  matters, attendance,                          Junior School Reception                   Junior School include
                                                Junior School Administration
  travel passes, bus
                                                9009 5442
  incidents, co-curricular,                     (for all Junior School staff)
                                                                                          Mrs Nicole Abbott
                                                                                          Junior School Administration
  excursions, events,                           jsreception@sacs.nsw.edu.au               and Reception
  lost property                                                                           nabbott@sacs.nsw.edu.au
                                                Ms Debbie Banks
• C
   ontact the                                  Personal Assistant to                     Mrs Deborah Bennett
                                                Mrs Rhonda Robson                         Teacher Librarian
  Music Department                                                                        dbennett@sacs.nsw.edu.au
                                                9286 9556
  regarding private                             dbanks@sacs.nsw.edu.au
  tuition, music                                                                          Mrs Lucy Birts
                                                Mrs Patricia Williamson                   Classroom Teacher
  ensembles,                                                                              Gifted Coordinator
                                                Main School Reception
  performances,                                 – Ground Floor                            lbirts@sacs.nsw.au
  tours, concerts and                           9286 9500
                                                                                          Mr Jim Boddy
  instrument hire                               twilliamson@sacs.nsw.edu.au
                                                                                          Science Teacher Stage 3
• C
   ontact the main                             Mrs Rosemary Latter
                                                Ms Danielle Hillier
  school Reception                              School Nurses
                                                                                          Ms Annique Botta
                                                                                          PDHPE Teacher
  for absentee or late                          9286 9570                                 Abotta@sacs.nsw.edu.au
  notifications.                                rlatter@sacs.nsw.edu.au                   Ms Angela Burrell
                                                dhillier@sacs.nsw.edu.au                  Grade Two Teacher
                                                                                          Classroom Teacher
                                                Mrs Alison Matthews                       aburrell@sacs.nsw.edu.au
                                                Music Department
                                                                                          Dr Kaye Chalwell
                                                9286 9537
                                                                                          Classroom Teacher
                                                                                          Mathematics Coordinator

12   |   SACS - Junior School Parent Information Booklet 2020
Mr Craig Collier                         Ms Bronwyn Lee                              Mrs Jenny Ralph
PDHPE Teacher                            Junior School Counsellor                    Specialised Learning Teacher
ccollier@sacs.nsw.edu.au                 blee@sacs.nsw.au                            jralph@sacs.nsw.edu.au

                                         Mr James Leedow
Mrs Nicole Cotter                                                                    Mrs Lynn Reddy
                                         Classroom Teacher
Teacher Librarian                                                                    Grade One Leader
ncotter@sacs.nsw.edu.au                                                              Classroom Teacher
                                         Mrs Claire Linnett
Mrs Miriam Daly
                                         Kindergarten Grade Leader
Christian Education Coordinator                                                      Mr Tim Ryman
                                         Classroom Teacher
Visual Arts Teacher                                                                  Technology Coordinator
mdaly@sacs.nsw.edu.au                                                                tryman@sacs.nsw.edu.au

                                         Mrs Pam Love
Ms Cathy Dangar                                                                      Mrs Joy Rohrlach
                                         Grade Four Leader
Specialised Learning Coordinator K-6                                                 Grade Five Leader
                                         Classroom Teacher
cdangar@sacs.nsw.edu.au                                                              Classroom Teacher
Mrs Cathy Doherty
                                         Miss Erin McCormic
Junior School Administration                                                         Mrs Kate Robertson
                                         Specialised Learning Teacher
and Reception                                                                        Head of Music K-6
cdoherty@sacs.nsw.edu.au                                                             krobertson@sacs.nsw.edu.au
                                         Mr Ben Milis
Mrs Linda Doyle                                                                      Miss Melanie Sharp
                                         Music and Drama Teacher
Specialised Learning, Teacher’s Aide                                                 Classroom Teacher
ldoyle@sacs.nsw.edu.au                                                               msharp@sacs.nsw.edu.au
                                         Mrs Susanne Moffatt
Mr Tony Dunseath                                                                     Ms Emily Sze
                                         Coordinator of Curriculum K-6
Junior School Sports and Co-curricular                                               Classroom Teacher
Coordinator                                                                          esze@sacs.nsw.edu.au
                                         Ms Michaela Munden
                                                                                     Miss Alix Vanny
                                         Classroom Teacher
Mr Rhys Finemore                                                                     Classroom Teacher
Grade Three Teacher                                                                  avanny@sacs.nsw.edu.au
Classroom Teacher
                                         Mr Daniel Murray                            Mrs Bronwyn Wake
                                         Classroom Teacher                           Junior School Counsellor
                                         dmurray@sacs.nsw.edu.au                     and Wellbeing Coordinator
Mrs Katharine Groves
Classroom Teacher
                                         Mrs Emma Newling
                                         Christian DevelopmentTeacher                Miss Lucy Whelan
                                         enewling@sacs.nsw.edu.au                    Classroom Teacher
Mr Andrew Holland
Classroom Teacher                        Miss Rebecca Newman
aholland@sacs.nsw.edu.au                 Classroom Teacher                           Mrs Suzanne Riley
                                         rnewman@sacs.nsw.edu.au                     Specialised Learning Assistant
Mrs Naomi Johnson
Specialised Learning, Teacher’s Aide     Mr Matthew Noble
njohnson@sacs.nsw.edu.au                 Classroom Teacher                           Mrs Daniela Giannini
                                         mnoble@sacs.nsw.edu.au                      Specialised Learning
Miss Natalie Jones
                                                                                     Administration Assistant
Classroom Teacher                        Mrs Harriet O’Donnell                       dgiannini@sacs.nsw.edu.au
njones@sacs.nsw.edu.au                   Classroom Teacher
                                         and SRC Coordinator
Mr Nigel Kleinveldt                      hodonnell@sacs.nsw.edu.au
School Staff Chaplain
nkleinveldt@sacs.nsw.edu.au              Ms Katrina O’Malley
                                         Grade Six Leader
Mr Jonathan Larkin                       Classroom Teacher
Classroom Teacher                        komalley@sacs.nsw.edu.au

                                                                     SACS - Junior School Parent Information Booklet 2020   |   13
A guide to wearing
the school uniform
Junior School Years K - 6

Junior School Summer Uniform                    Junior School Summer Uniform         Junior School Winter Uniform
with Blazer                                                                          with Blazer

                                                                                     Without exception, all students are to
                                                                                     conform to the following uniform
                                                                                     requirements in order to ensure the
                                                                                     highest possible standard of dress.
                                                                                     All items of uniform are to be purchased
                                                                                     from the Foundation Uniform Store.
                                                                                     Footwear is available from the Uniform
                                                                                     Store or may be purchased elsewhere
                                                                                     to school requirements.
                                                                                     All articles of clothing are to be
                                                                                     clearly labelled and kept in good order.
                                                                                     Blazers are to be dry cleaned/washed
                                                                                     and repaired at the end of each term.
                                                                                     The wearing of rings or other items of
                                                                                     jewellery is not permitted except the
                                                                                     School and House badge, plus special
                                                                                     badges denoting school position eg.
                                                                                     School Captain, Vice-Captain, Captain
                                                                                     of Music and House Captain. All
                                                                                     badges are to be worn on the left
Junior School Summer Sport Uniform              Junior School Winter Sport Uniform
                                                                                     side of the blazer.
Worn on Thursdays                               Worn on Thursdays

14   |   SACS - Junior School Parent Information Booklet 2020
A guide to wearing
the school uniform
Junior School Years K - 6

Please note
Information regarding our school
uniform, PE uniforms, sporting
team uniforms and dress code can
be found in the Student Diary
or on SACSConnect:


                                   SACS - Junior School Parent Information Booklet 2020   |   15
Character Strengths
Key attributes of learners at St Andrew’s Cathedral School

                                                                               In the light of Christ, we
                                                                               strive for students to have:
                                                                               • Hearts that love,
                                                                               • Minds that grow and
                                                                               • Lives that give.


                                                Servant                                               Open
         Courageous                             Hearted                                              Minded

                                                                                   Reflective                      Knowledgeable

                 Principled               Caring
                                                                                         Thinking               Inquiring





16   |   SACS - Junior School Parent Information Booklet 2020
Character Strengths
Key attributes of learners at St Andrew’s

Heart                                  Mind                                         Life
We love because he first               Do not conform to the pattern                I have come that they may
loved us. – 1 John 4:19                of this world, but be transformed            have life, and have it to the full.
                                       by the renewing of your mind.                – John 10:10
Caring                                 – Romans 12:2
We are kind, friendly and forgiving.                                                Hopeful
We show love for all people just as    Knowledgeable                                We have a positive outlook on life as
Jesus showed his love for us.          We enjoy learning new things in              we have meaning and purpose. We
                                       many areas. We engage with                   expect the best for the future and
Have you been a good friend?
                                       significant issues and seek to               have plans to accomplish our goals.
Grateful                               understand them deeply.                      What plans do you have?
We are thankful for everything we      What have you learnt?
have. We show gratitude to God and                                                  Self Controlled
others for what we have received.      Thinking                                     We are disciplined, respectful and
                                       We make good decisions by thinking           organised. We work towards our goals
How have you shown your
                                       carefully. We solve problems critically      and can eliminate distractions.
                                       and creatively. We set our minds to          How have you shown self control?
Principled                             think on noble things.
We are trustworthy and act with        Can you think of a better, smarter or        Persistent
honesty, fairness and justice. We      more creative way?                           We don’t give up. We have a growth
take responsibility for our actions                                                 mindset and enthusiastically strive for
and their consequences.                Inquiring                                    excellence in all that we do.
Do you take responsibility for         We are curious and ask good                  How are you working hard towards
your actions?                          questions. We wonder about things            your goals?
                                       and enthusiastically search for truth
Courageous                             with others and on our own.                  Balanced
We explore new things with             What questions do you need to ask?           We keep a well-balanced life to be at
confidence and determination.                                                       our best and for the good of others. We
We are resourceful and resilient in    Open Minded                                  use our time well for learning, play and
the face of challenge and change.      We are open to new ideas and ways of         rest and look after our wellbeing.
We speak up for what’s right.          doing things. We listen with respect and     How are you looking after yourself?
How have you faced your challenges?    critically appreciate the values, views
                                       and traditions of others. We consider        Communicative
Servant Hearted                        how Christian perspectives interact with     We express ourselves confidently and
We put others first. We are humble,    other perspectives.                          creatively. We listen to other points of
selfless and responsible. We use our   How have you considered other views?         view and respond effectively and
gifts and abilities to help others.                                                 respectfully. We build each other up
How have you helped?                   Reflective                                   with encouraging words.
                                       We understand our strengths and              What encouraging things have
                                       weaknesses to improve. We strive             you said?
                                       to be wise and discerning, learn
                                       from our mistakes and consider the
                                       feedback of others.
                                       How have you learned from mistakes?

                                                                    SACS - Junior School Parent Information Booklet 2020   |   17
Parent Portal
Your one-stop platform to access information
about St Andrew’s Cathedral School
Please sign up before your child starts school!
Parent Portal login details will be available before school commences.
Look out for your reminder email in January 2020!

                                              4 Single sign-on                         4 School calendar events
Portal features                               The single sign-on allows you to          Shows all events (K-12) from the current
                                              log in once.                              day until the end of the school’s
Help with these features                                                                calendar year.
can be found in the                           4 School directory
YouTube Help videos.                                                                    4 Assessment task calendar
                                              This feature will help you find a staff
                                              member by name, department or role.       This calendar displays all Year 7-12
These are screen                                                                        assessments.
recordings of how to                          4 Quick link tiles
use the different                             These tiles will link you to the most
                                                                                        4 Update contact details
features within the                           commonly accessed areas of SACS           A quick and easy way to update your
                                              communications including;                 email or phone details in Edumate.
Parent Portal. Access
the Parent Portal Help                        • Newsletters
videos at
                                                                                        4 Update medical information
                                              • Canteen                                     and immunisations
                                              • Uniform Store                           Accessible by laptop or desktop devices
                                                                                        only. Having these details completed for
                                              • Junior School                           each student is a legislative requirement.

                                              • School interviews
                                                                                        4 Events and bookings
                                              • Paying fees
                                                                                        Connect to the Events page of the SACS
                                              • Friendship Groups, Map and Chat         website, where you can get more
                                                                                        information about upcoming events and
                                                                                        make bookings.

18   |   SACS - Junior School Parent Information Booklet 2020
Portal features
Log-in steps                            Access the Parent Portal via
                                        the emailed link                                     New link to videos:
                                        You will receive an email from the
Access the Parent                       school which will contain the link to                      https://bit.ly/2Cbj5sq
Portal via the                          the Parent Portal and your personal
                                        log-in details. Click on the link in the
SACS website                            email and utilise the provided log-in
                                                                                             4 Social media
                                        information to access the Portal.                    Connect directly to SACS pages, on:
      he Portal links (Staff, Parent
 1                                                                                           Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and
     and Student) can be found in the   Google                                               Instagram.
     top-right corner of the SACS
     website (www.sacs.nsw.edu.au)      Go to Google.com on your device
                                        and search “SACS Portal”. It will be                 4 Newsfeeds and community
 2                                      the first item that comes up in results.                  announcements
     Select ‘Parent Portal’
                                                                                             Announcement Bar, Junior School,
 3 Portal Landing Page
	                                                                                           Middle School and Senior College
	Parent Portal Home Page

                                                                                             4 Associated websites
                                                    1                                        These tabs (found at the top of the
                                                                                             homepage) will quickly link you to other
                                                                                             SACS websites: Kirrikee, Gawura and
                                                                                             Old Andreans Association.

                                                                                             4 Academic and pastoral
                                                                                             This will take you to Edumate, our main
                                                                                             student management database. It is
                                                                                             only available when the Parent Portal is
                                                                                             accessed via Desktop or Laptop devices.

        2                                                                                    4 Friendship tile
                                                                                             Welcome to the new opt-in Friendship
                                                                                             List. By default, you are opted-out. Click
                                                                                             on the tile for more information.

                                                                                             4 Friendship map
                                                                                             You will be given access to the
                                                                                             Friendship Map once you have opted-in
                                                                                             to the Friendship List.

                                                                                             4     Forms and search facility
                                                                                             Search for important documents
                                                                                             and forms.

                                                                                             4 Policy document library
                                                                                             This is a library for School Policy
                                                                                             documents. It contains information
4                                                                                            on student conduct, uniforms and
                                                                                             other policies.
                                                                                             Please note – There are key differences
                                                                                             between navigating the Parent Portal on
                                                                                             Mobile and Desktop devices.

                                                                          SACS - Junior School Parent Information Booklet 2020   |   19
Parent Portal trouble-shooting
Why haven’t I got access to log in?

 1   I don’t have my username.
From the portal landing page, after clicking ‘Parents’, a
dialogue box appears where you should enter your log-in details.
You received your username in your original welcome email
from the school. If you don’t have/didn’t receive your username,
there is also a ‘forgot username’ link, please email:

 2 I forgot my password.
When you have opened the portal landing page, select ‘Parent
Portal’. After clicking ‘Parents’ and where you type in your log in
details, you are presented with a ‘Forgot Password’ link. You will
need your username to request a new password.
If you don’t have your username, see point 1 – ‘I don’t have my
username’. Enter your username and select either email or phone.
The password will be sent.
Once you receive it, enter the activation code sent to you
in the space required. If you never received an email or text, see
point 4 – ‘I have my username but didn’t receive an email or SMS’.
After typing in the activation code, you can choose
a new password. You are ready to now log in.

 3   How do I change my password?
If you want to change your password within the parent portal,
click ‘reset password’ in the top left corner of the home page.
If you want to change your password from the portal landing
page, but do not have a current email or phone number in
Edumate, see point 4 -
‘I have my username but didn’t receive an email or SMS’.

 4 I have my username, but didn’t receive an                         	 5    ow can I change my email address
     email or SMS (my current phone/email isn’t                              or phone number?
     in the school database).
                                                                      This is the same process as point 4 –
You will need to contact the Enrolments Department to have            ‘I have my username, but didn’t receive an email
your details in Edumate updated, please email:                        or SMS’.

20   |   SACS - Junior School Parent Information Booklet 2020
Medical form
How to update student details
Please complete before your child starts school!

How to update                            The Edumate My Details screen allows
                                         parents and guardians to update their
                                                                                      PLEASE NOTE: This is the first
                                                                                      iteration of an electronic update
your contact details                     own details and the details of any of        to the My Details form and as such,
                                         their children who attend the school.        it isn’t yet supported on tablets or
and your child’s                         From here you are able to update             phones. In order to ensure a smooth
medical details.                         personal details, work information           experience in entering your details,
                                         and your child’s medical details. Once       it is best to use your PC or Macintosh
                                         updated the details will be sent to          desktop or laptop and the following
                                         appropriate school staff for approval.       supported web browsers:
                                                                                      Google Chrome, Firefox and
                                         Parent Portal login details will be
                                                                                      Safari web browsers.
                                         available from before school
                                         commences. Look out for your
                                         reminder email in January 2020!

                                B                                                                                           A

 1. Accessing the                         A. Clicking on the user photo
                                             in the top right of the screen
 “My Details” screen
                                          B. If you have not updated your contact
  rom the Edumate Home screen
 F                                            details within the past 12 months,
 you are able to get to the My Details        there will be a reminder message
 screen via any of the below methods:         you can also click.

                                                                     SACS - Junior School Parent Information Booklet 2020       |   21
2. My details                                       2
The “My details” screen will have
a number of different tabs:
A.   Personal
B.   Work
C.   Relationships
D.   My Child Details (including medical)

  on’t forget to click each tab!
 especially the ‘My Child Details’
 to update medical information.
                                                                     A   B   C   D

3. Submitting details                               3

Please note a ‘submit’ is FINAL and
should be only done when all changes
on all four of the above tabs (Personal,
Work, Relationships and My Child
Details) are complete for all children.
You can submit via either of these
A.	 O
      range square located at top right
     hand corner of page.
B. W
    hite bar located at the base of page.
Update the information for all
of your children and click submit                                B
only after you have satisfactorily
completed the details for all children,
otherwise it will lock you out of doing
any more changes (as it goes into an
approval status for internal SACS

4. Relationships                                    4
Relationships is a read only screen –
there is a text box where any request
you have for updated relationship details
can be sent to the school for approval.
For any incorrect information eg. an
emergency contact change, please
type in the description box.

22    |   SACS - Junior School Parent Information Booklet 2020
5. My child details                          5
A. Y
    ou can update information on the
   children you have attending the
B. S
    elect which child’s information
   you wish to update by clicking
   on their name.

                                                                      A                        B

6. Medical Information                       6
Enter the fields below to update
your information, then scroll to
access Medical Information.

7. LIFE THREATENING                         7
• If your child suffers from a Medical
  Condition such as anaphylaxis, diabetes,
  Epilepsy or Asthma, please upload the
  action plans provided by your Doctor.
  or Diabetes or Epilepsy, please attach
 your plan within the Asthma or
 Anaphylaxis upload area.
• For any other known condition,
  please ensure you complete and
  attach your own management
  plan from your Doctor.

• If you need any assistance with UPLOADING YOUR PLANS:
 (a) Call the Health Centre on 02 9286 9570
 (b) Email us at healthcentre@sacs.nsw.edu.au

                                                     SACS - Junior School Parent Information Booklet 2020   |   23
8. Medical conditions                                8
Tick all known medical conditions.
A. Y
    ou can add more information into
   the Notes box if required - in particular,
   additional medication and/or
Complete the sections for Known Allergies,
Dietary Needs, Prescription Medications,
Authorised Medications.

9. and 10. Submit request                            9
Update the information for all of your
children and CLICK SUBMIT ONLY
CHANGES (as it goes into an approval
status for internal SACS administration)
Then SUBMIT request and confirm click
‘Yes’ if you have completely finished.
Your information will be reviewed
and updates will be made.

24   |   SACS - Junior School Parent Information Booklet 2020
Nurturing the individual in community under Christ

The growth and nurturing of each           However, if additional support is
student’s sense of wellbeing has           required we do have a wonderful
always been a vital element of who         network of pastoral care and
we are at St Andrew’s Cathedral            counselling support available through
School, and this year sees a number        our grade leaders, specialised and
of exciting changes in the way in          executive staff, as well as our
which we intentionally develop and         school psychologists.
focus on this core area within the
                                           We look forward to journeying with
Junior School.
                                           you and your child in 2020 and our
A key initiative is a designated           hope is throughout all that we do we
wellbeing time as a part of the weekly     recognise the importance of nurturing         Bronwyn Wake
timetable for every class across the       the whole child; with hearts that love,       Wellbeing Coordinator K - 6
Junior School. This allows for the         minds that grow, and lives that give.
meaningful integration of wellbeing
discussion and activities into all our
classrooms in a focused and
intentional way. Classroom teachers
will generally be teaching this
wellbeing lesson so that the content
and discussion which occur during
these lessons can then be referenced
and reinforced during other classroom
activities. Throughout these lessons
we will continue to use the range of
wellbeing programs which are already
well known to Junior School students,
such as Bounce Back, as well as
introducing new programs such as
the Zones of Regulation, Peacewise
kids and URstrong.
In addition, our SACS character
strengths will come to life with visual
icons which you will see displayed
across our classrooms and open
spaces, and perhaps you may even
notice “strength spotter” stickers stuck
on our students and staff as we spot
them living out our character
strengths through everyday
school life.
Individual care and student support
continues to be primarily embraced
by the classroom teachers who seek
to have strong and nurturing
relationships with their students.

                                                                      SACS - Junior School Parent Information Booklet 2020   |   25
School times, attendance, office hours, absences and canteen

School times                                    School Foyer and to complete the           Canteen
                                                appropriate form. These students are
Junior School commences at 8.35am                                                          The school canteen is located on
                                                considered Partial Absences and will
and concludes at 3.10pm. Students are                                                      Level 9 of St Andrew’s House.
                                                be recorded as such. No Junior School
escorted to the School Foyer and then                                                      QuickCliq is an online ordering system
                                                student is permitted to leave the school
Kent Street for dismissal or pick up at                                                    that offers a fast and intuitive way to
                                                before 3.10pm without an adult to
the end of the day. There is a 30-minute                                                   order recess and lunch. Orders are
                                                collect them and sign them out.
free parking option in the SAH car park.                                                   placed in advance, with prices
It is advised that you do not enter the                                                    automatically calculated for each
car park until approximately 3.10pm and
                                                Junior School student                      option and sent directly to the canteen.
then meet your son or daughter in the           absentee telephone line                    Paper bags are then printed, saving
School Foyer or at the Kent Street              Should your child be absent from           valuable time for canteen staff and
pick-up point shortly after.                    school, it is imperative that you phone    volunteers. Please refer to below link:
                                                9286 9500 stating their year, name
Student attendance                              and reason for the absence. This must
All students are expected to be at              be followed up in writing, whether in a
school by 8.35am ready to commence              note or an email.
                                                                                           How QuickCliq works:
the school day. It is a legal requirement                                                  1. Sign up to QuickCliq
that student attendance is registered           School Office hours                        • Select ‘sign up’ button
daily and any absence is appropriately          The school’s Reception is open             • Enter your contact details, nominate a
explained in writing by a parent or             between 8am and 5pm                          user name and password and submit
guardian. It is of utmost importance                                                       • You will receive a confirmation email
                                                Phone     (02) 9286 9500                   • Log into the website
that all students are at school on time
                                                Facsimile (02) 9286 9550                   • Select our school
as important Literacy sessions occur at
the commencement of every school day.           Junior School Reception                    • Enter student’s name(s)
Please note that any partial absences will      Junior School Reception is open            • Add credit to your account
be recorded and the school is liable to         between 8am and 4pm                        • Order meals from canteen menu
ensure an appropriate explanation is            Phone:      (02) 9286 9556                 2. Student / parent places order online
sought. It is not sufficient to state           Email:      jsreception@sacs.nsw.edu.au    https://quickcliq.com.au
simply that a student is ‘ill’ or ‘sick’
when absent; the written explanation            Leave of absence                           This can become a family activity
                                                                                           making family time more important by
must outline in what way. Both partial          Any student who requires leave
                                                                                           teaching children a valuable life skill.
and full absences will be recorded on           during the term should make a
the school semester reports.                    request for leave in writing to the        3. Order received in canteen:
                                                Head of Junior School using the            When the order is received, the
DEAR Time                                       Leave Request Form available               canteen is able to view / print a list of
From 8am to 8.10am every morning is             through sacsconnect.sacs.nsw.edu.au        all orders required for that day.
Drop Everything And Read Time. All              and the Parent Portal.
                                                                                           4. Order is printed on a paper bag
students who arrive at 8am must read                                                       or as a meal voucher:
silently for 10 minutes.                              sacsconnect
                                                                                           Meal orders can be printed directly on
                                                Go to Junior School Information            the paper bags. Some additional details
Student late arrivals
                                                Notes, choose Absence Forms and            like teacher’s name / room / tutor /
and early departures                            click on the link and you will be          food allergies etc. can be printed on
Junior School students who arrive after         rerouted to the following form.            the bags. An alternate process is for
8.35am or leave before 3.10pm are               Media: Application for Exemption for       the canteen or parents to print meal
required to have an adult report with           Attendance at School Form (2).pdf          vouchers for any orders placed online.
them to the Main Reception in the                                                          Note: Cut off time for orders are
                                                                                           8am on the day required.
26   |   SACS - Junior School Parent Information Booklet 2020
Lost property, public transport, Opal Cards, Laptops and stationery

Lost Property                                Step 3. Transport for NSW then                Same eligibility rules – the eligibility
                                             processes the application. If the             rules for subsidised school travel
Items that are not clearly labelled and
                                             application is approved for travel in the     remain the same for travel inside and
are not collected are stored in the Lost
                                             Opal network, a School Opal card will         outside the Opal network. Students
Property Cupboard, located in the
                                             be sent to the address given in the           may need to live a minimum distance
Junior School Reception.
                                             application form.                             away from their school:

Public transport                             Lost/stolen/damaged
                                                                                           • Y
                                                                                              ears K-2 (Infants): there’s no
                                                                                             minimum distance.
information                                  Opal Cards                                    • Y
                                                                                              ears 3-6 (Primary): 1.6km straight
School Travel Update 2020 –                                                                  line distance or 2.3km walking
                                             To report a lost, stolen or damaged
OPAL CARDS                                                                                   distance or further. Years 7-12
                                             School Opal card, phone 131 500 or email
All new students travelling by public                                                        (secondary) 2.0km straight line
transport must apply for an Opal Card.                                                       distance or 2.9km walking distance
                                             quoting the student’s name, address
School travel passes only need to be                                                         or further.
                                             and school. A card replacement fee
updated when a student:
                                             may apply.                                    Schools can find out more about the
• Changes address                                                                          School Student Transport Scheme at
• Changes school or campus
                                             If the student does not
                                             qualify for free travel                             apps.transport.nsw.gov.au/ssts
A new application is required when:
                                             The student may be eligible for a Term
•	Applying for an SSTS pass for the
                                             Bus Pass which offers travel on buses
   first time
                                             between home and school at a                  Laptops – Years 5 and 6
• Progressing from Year 6 to Year 7          discounted rate for the whole school          Students will be issued with a new
• Requesting an additional pass as a         term. Apply at:                               school laptop during the first week of
result of a new shared parental                                                            Term 1 2020. For specifications of the
responsibility situation                          www.transportnsw.info/school-            new device refer to the Technology
                                                  students                                 section at SACS Connect:
How to apply
School Opal Card/Transport Pass              or call 131500.                                     sacsconnect
Application: To apply complete the
online application form at:                  Students must note that a condition
                                                                                           Search for: ‘Technology at SACS’
                                             of the travel passes requires them to
     apps.transport.nsw.gov.au/ssts         offer their seat to paying patrons.           The new devices will be set up and
                                                                                           managed through the school. Families
You will need an email address to            Online eligibility assessment –
                                                                                           will no longer need to purchase
complete the form:                           the new online application portal will
                                                                                           individual iPads.
                                             automatically assess eligibility based on
Step 1. Parents (or students aged 16 or
                                             distance rules which have not changed.
over) first fill in the online application                                                 Stationery
                                                                                           K – 6 students are not required to
Step 2. The school endorses the                                                            purchase any stationery as this is
application. You will be advised if you                                                    provided by the Junior School, along
need to do anything further when you                                                       with a school diary and any
have completed your online application                                                     required texts.

                                                                          SACS - Junior School Parent Information Booklet 2020   |   27
General information
and communication
Co-curricular, communication, reporting and emergencies

Co-curricular activities                        (a) Absence or lateness                       families should take note of the website
                                                (b)	Exemption for inability to participate   URL, www.sacs.nsw.edu.au where all
You will receive a booklet via email                 in activity (sport, PDHPE etc)           key information is kept up-to-date.
outlining co-curricular activities early in     (c) Sickness
Term 1, which will include the date that        (d) Non-completion of homework                Emergency drill
bookings open. Please note that there           (e) Leave from school                         procedures
are no co-curricular activities in the
                                                (f)	Leave from compulsory event
first two weeks of school.                           (prior to the event)                     St Andrew’s Cathedral School has
                                                                                              designed emergency procedures to
Communication                                   Please send to:
                                                                                              minimise the chance of a life-threatening
In order to minimise confusion for                                                            emergency and to mitigate damage in
                                                                                              the event one does occur. These
day-to-day operations in the first              Child progress
instance, other than an emergency                                                             measures are considered appropriate
requiring an immediate response,                reporting                                     for both school buildings.
please contact the class teacher either         The task of educating young people is         All alarms received from smoke
through email, phone or in person at            shared between the home, the school           detectors, sprinkler systems and
the end of the school day. Similarly,           and the individual student. For this          manual break glass stations cause an
the return of correspondence should             reason, the provision of clear                immediate localised response and
be to the class teacher, unless                 communication channels is vital.              send a signal, when warranted, to the
otherwise directed.                             There are a number of ways in which           fire brigade. These devices also shut
The Junior School will update parents           parents are able to be kept informed          down airconditioning to prevent the
and guardians through a fortnightly             about their child’s progress. These           spread of fire, shut down the gas
newsletter and/or emails and notes.             include the end of semester reports           supply to the buildings and pressurise
The student handbook facilitates                and parent-teacher interviews. We also        the fire stairs (BBC & SAH). At the same
additional parent-teacher                       encourage parents and teachers to             time, the lifts automatically return to
communication. From time to time,               make direct contact with one another          the ground to prevent personnel being
parents may wish to make enquiries              through phone calls, emails and               caught in them.
about their child’s progress or various         meetings as needed.
                                                                                              All rooms in SAH have EWIS
aspects of the school’s program.                Parent information is available on the new    loudspeakers to alert occupants
The school values such contact with             Junior School Portal.                         of the need to evacuate.
parents/guardians and they are                  We encourage you to make good use
encouraged to discuss any matter                of the SACS website and to read the           Evacuation procedures
that may be affecting their child’s             fortnightly newsletters to inform
schooling. As a general rule, parents                                                         for parents / guests
                                                yourself about aspects of your child’s
should contact the appropriate                  educational experience.                       All people not normally in the school
Junior School teacher, in the first                                                           should exit the buildings according to
instance, as they will initially deal           Emergency contact                             the directions of the Fire Wardens and
with all matters relating to general                                                          assemble in front of the glass doors on
progress, attendance and conduct
                                                with parents
                                                                                              the outside in the Square.
or other matters.                               Experience in other countries has
                                                shown that mobile networks may
Correspondence                                  fail because of overload in a crisis
                                                situation. The school website will be
A letter from parents or guardians is to
                                                updated with messages to the school
be tendered without delay to cover:
                                                community on behalf of the Head of
                                                School should an emergency arise. All

28   |   SACS - Junior School Parent Information Booklet 2020
General rules, discipline, school functions and photographs

Rule enforcement                            (vi) Skateboards and scooters are not      School functions
                                                 permitted in the school at any
Our Junior School is a safe and happy            time. Offenders will have their        Students are expected to take an
environment and we are blessed with a            skateboard or scooter confiscated.     active role in all school functions.
school climate that is overtly tolerant,         Students are not to ride               Attendance is compulsory at the
respectful and caring. High expectations         skateboards, bikes or scooters to      end-of-year Evening of Celebration
are held for student behaviour in and            and from school.                       and Prize-giving (for Years 5 - 12), the
out of the classroom.                                                                   annual Swimming Carnival, the annual
                                                                                        Athletics Carnival, the annual Gala
                                            Discipline                                  Day, the Junior School and Gawura
General rules                                                                           Music / Musical events (Showcase,
                                            1. Time out Reflection and Restoration
(i) S
     tudents are encouraged to take                                                    IPSHA Music Festival, Musical and
                                            If a student makes repeated
    particular care in the security of                                                  Christmas Concert).
                                            poor choices following verbal
    any electronic device or musical                                                    Students are to wear full school
                                            warnings or engages in physically
    instrument they bring to school.                                                    uniform (including blazer) to all school
                                            or psychologically harmful behaviour,
    The school is not responsible for                                                   functions, unless otherwise directed,
                                            they may be required to attend a
    breakages due to inappropriate                                                      or directed to wear sport uniform.
                                            Reflection and Restoration session
    care and usage.
                                            (a time-out) at lunchtime. Repeated
(ii) M
      obile phones and other electronic    offences may result in playground           School photographs
     devices will be confiscated by         suspension. An in-school suspension
     teachers if brought into a class, on   would be the next level of behaviour        From time to time, the school’s staff
     to the playground or into Before       consequence following unsuccessful          will take photographs (either digital or
     and After School Care. The             improvement in behaviour.                   printed versions) of students at various
     confiscated phone/electronic                                                       events and activities. These photographs
                                            2. Suspension and expulsion
     device will be handed back to the                                                  are stored in various departments and
                                            The suspension of a student from
     student by the Head of Junior                                                      archived at the end of each year.
                                            school for a serious breach of
     School or Gawura School at a later
                                            discipline will be for a period to be       During the year, these photographs are
     time. Repeated offences will result
                                            determined by the Head of School.           made accessible to staff to produce
     in the student being asked not to
                                            While suspended, a student may be           documents, teaching aids, brochures
     bring the item to school. Mobile
                                            required to stay at home or in a            and other promotional and educational
     phones, with the capacity to take
                                            designated study area within the            material, including the school’s
     photos, should not be used in an
                                            school building. No student will be         Prospectus, Inspired magazines and
     inappropriate way.
                                            re-admitted to classes until there has      advertisements. They may also be used
(iii) S
       tudents are only permitted to       been a conference with the student,         on the website and in the school’s
      play ball and chasing games such      his or her parents and the school. Any      newsletters.
      as handball, basketball, football,    student who is suspended more than
                                                                                        If you would NOT like your child to
      soccer and cricket on the Rooftop     once will be in jeopardy of being asked
                                                                                        feature in any of the communication
      of SAH and in the Gymnasium.          not to return to school. During a
                                                                                        material produced by the school,
                                            suspension, a student may not
(iv) C
      hewing gum of any form is                                                        please contact Registrar Bruce Perry
                                            participate in any school activity.
     banned from the school and will                                                    on (02) 9286 9507 or email
     not be tolerated.                                                                  bperry@sacs.nsw.edu.au

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