Leaders' Conference - Education for Sustainability Tasmania

Leaders' Conference - Education for Sustainability Tasmania

                   Leaders’ Conference
    19 March
Leaders' Conference - Education for Sustainability Tasmania
Leaders' Conference - Education for Sustainability Tasmania

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Leaders' Conference - Education for Sustainability Tasmania
About Education for Sustainability Tasmania
 Education for Sustainability Tasmania is a       -   Build the capacity of organisations
 network of organisations that aims to promote,       to sustain a process of individual
 and support innovation being achieved in             and organisational change to
 sustainability.                                      improve delivery of education for
                                                      sustainability initiatives.
 We are a growing network of leaders in
 sustainability   research,       training and    -   Promote and endorse Tasmanian
 education. We believe that together we can           education for sustainability projects
 harness the full potential of learning to help       and the significant contribution
 more people develop the skills and capacity          Tasmania is making to the global
 needed to protect our planet and ensure social       learning space for education for
 and cultural prosperity for all.                     sustainability.

 Tasmania is recognised by the United Nations     -   Advocate for education as a tool to
 as a Regional Centre of Expertise on                 help more people develop the skills
 Education for Sustainable Development. Our           and capacity needed to protect the
 vision is to promote and inspire innovation in       planet and ensure social and
 education to address the sustainability              cultural prosperity for all.
 development goals.                                                                           2
 We do this by:
                                                      Kim Beasy
    -   Facilitate collaboration and                  Chair, Education for Sustainability
        bring people together to work                 Tasmania
        on education for sustainability
        initiatives.                                                                                  4
Leaders' Conference - Education for Sustainability Tasmania
About the Tasmanian Youth Climate
Leaders Conference
The Tasmanian Youth Climate Leaders Conference aims to equip youth from across Tasmania with
the skills to become climate leaders in their schools and communities by creating a project that will
make a difference for themselves, their community and the planet. The Conference will focus on the
Sustainable Development Goals. It will be hosted by Education for Sustainability Tasmania (EFS
Tas) with convenor Toby Thorpe, the Youth Facilitator at EFS Tas.

   -               WHEN 9:30AM – 2:30PM Tuesday 19th March 2019
   -               COST Free
   -               WHERE Flight Deck, Launceston College

The event will bring together youth and experts in the fields of climate science/change/justice/action,
renewable energy, STEM, and sustainability. Participants will interact with inspiring youth from
around the state and will have the opportunity to hear from empowering climate leaders. Mentors
will be available to support students to plan and undertake an on-ground activity in their schools
relating to the sustainability development goals.

Students will then be invited to present their projects at the Celebration Conference on 16th
September 2019. This is a fantastic way to show-off all the incredible work students are doing to
address climate change in their schools.

The conference aims to facilitate a network of engaged young people across the state who will be
inspired to follow their interests by running their own events, volunteering, and investigating further
study options.

Last year, over 300 students across the state from over 25 schools participated, watch the video
here! In 2019 we are excited to empower even more young people. Also, in 2019 we will have a
teacher workshop prior to the conference where teachers can also connect, share and talk
curriculum support with education leaders from Greening Australia and the Department of Education
to optimize the conference impact on their schools and students.

The outcomes of the conference will involve inspired youth to pursue leadership opportunities,
studies, careers, and volunteering in the fields of climate science, change, justice, and action,
renewable energy, STEM, and sustainability. Schools leave the first day with a grassroots plan to
lead a project with new skills, both as a student and teacher, related to the Sustainable Development
Goals. With the support from mentors and teachers, students will have the opportunity to act to
mitigate climate change in their schools and communities.

Registrations are essential for all students and schools from across the state who wish to
participate. To register or for more information contact Toby Thorpe: 0472 639 380 or
tobyjthorpe@yahoo.com.au or Nel Smit: 0407 684 029 or nelssmit@gmail.com. Registrations
close on 8th March 2019.
Leaders' Conference - Education for Sustainability Tasmania
Launceston Conference 2019
9:30AM – 10:40AM    Opening                                  Flight Deck, Launceston College
                    Welcome                                  Sandy Murray/Toby Thorpe
                    Welcome to Country                       Melissa Carter
                    Performance                              Emma Anglesea
                    Introduction: Why are we here?           Lauren Ashley
                    Keynote Speaker: The issue.              Kim Beasy
                    Keynote Speaker: Student Revolution      Laura Sykes
                    Keynote Speaker: We can change!          Melati Wijsen
                    Video Message – Thelma Friis Lund        Jo Dean
                    Movement Activity                        Mike Hornblow
                    Meet and Greet                           Everyone
11:00AM – 11:20AM   Morning Tea                              Launceston College
11:20AM – 12:30PM   Mentor Sharing                           Launceston College
                    Emerging leaders: What is your Project   Sheridan Emery
                    Waste & Fast Fashion                     Maree Bakker and Heather Thorpe
                    Energy Wise                              Nel Smit
                    Food Security                            Sandy Murray
                    Carbon Inventory                         Carmen Primo Perez
                    Climate Justice                          AYCC
                    Communicating Climate Change             Mike Hornblow
                    Organic Waste Systems                    Jo Dean
                    Biodiversity                             Gill Basnett and John Bowden
                    Transport                                Kim Beasy
12:30PM – 1:00PM    Lunch Time                               Launceston College
                    Practical Skill Sharing                  Everyone
                    Beeswax Wrap Making                      Kylie Boatwright
                    Fast Fashion Conversion                  Heather Gaia-Thorpe
                    Plastic free Launceston                  Trish Haeusler
                    Screen Upcycled Cloth Bags               Jo Dean
1:00PM – 2:00PM     Project Planning                         Launceston College
                    Project Introductions                    Sandy Murray
                    Planning in small groups                 Everyone
2:00PM – 2:30PM     School Projects                          Launceston College
                    School Project Reports                   Students
                    Final Remarks                            Sandy Murray and Kim Beasy
                    Closing                                  Toby Thorpe

Leaders' Conference - Education for Sustainability Tasmania
Message from the
Youth Facilitator
 The potential outcomes ofof my           my              Education
                                                       In 2019        forto
                                                                we hope   Sustainability
                                                                            replicate theTasmania
 generation epend
              depend  onon
                              choices wewe
                                 choices                  is a network of  organisations that
                                                       we made last year with improvements
 make today.
                          changeasis a much
                                        real           to aims  to promote such
                                                           the conference    and support
                                                                                   as an the
as  a  threat, has  provided   youth     with
 threat to our future. It is a provocation                innovation
                                                       teacher  streambeing
                                                                        in theachieved.
the      incredible
 to mobilise   youth withopportunity
                            the opportunityto
 to revolutioniseour   our global     system
                            global system                 We are afor
                                                       Education         growing   networkTasmania
                                                                           Sustainability     of leaders
 towards one
                                sustainable,           is in sustainability
                                                           the                  research,
                                                                  perfect network       to trahost ining
                                                                                                     this and
equal  and  just.
 equal and just.                                          education.
                                                       event.    Not only Wedobelieve
                                                                                 I havethat
                                                                                         the tprivilege
                                                       to we
                                                                        role of the       full potential
                                                                                 Youth Facilitator     to of
 My goal
     goal is
           is to
              to fully
                 fully immerse
                       immerse my   my future
                                         future in     thelearning
                                                              Network, to help  more
                                                                               but   I people
                                                                                        have develop
in the opportunities      presented
 the opportunities presented to us      to usand          the skills and
                                                       connections       withcapacity
                                                                               some ofneeded       to
                                                                                         the brightest
and  promote
 promote         a vision
            practical       of a and
                         action       prosperous
                                         activism         protect    our   planet  and
                                                       and most incredible leaders in   ensure    social
collaboration          between
 amongst my peers. I strive to build thecountries,        and culturalfor
                                                       education            prosperity  for all.
                                                                                  sustainability       in
 youth and     culture. From
         movement         acrossseeing     my
                                     grassroots        Tasmania.
 communities. peers               realise      their      Tasmania is recognised by the United
potential, I strive to building the youth                 Nations
                                                       This           as a Regional
                                                             connection       for changeCentre    of we
                                                                                            is what
movement              across
 The first ever state-wide             grassroots
                                     Tasmanian            Expertise
                                                       hope      to share on           Educationand for
                                                                                with students
 Youth Climate   andLeaders’
                       am passionate       to
                                    Conference            Sustainable
                                                       teachers             Development.
                                                                    from around     Tasmania.
 which I convenedour futuresin 2018 potential,
                                          was a
 powerfula way
             nd purpose.
                    to engage students in                 Our vision
                                                       I believe  that iseducation
                                                                           to promote
                                                                                    is and inspire
                                                                                       the starting
 taking positive action.                                  innovation
                                                       point           in education
                                                              for inspiration,        to addressisthe
                                                                                 and inspiration
Empowerment is a skill that I am                       the starting point for change.goals. We
                                                          sustainable     development
devoted   to using brought
 The conference       to assist together
                                  others over             do this by:
decide  what difference
 300 students           from they26 canschools,        Let’s work together to make the world a
make.   Through that ,from
 simultaneously              I initiated Hobart,
                                          the first    better place. I can’t wait to hopefully
ever  state wide Launceston,
                    youth conferenceBurnie,and the     see you at the Tasmanian Youth
 Tasman Peninsular,
leadership         program Circular onHead    and
                                           climate     Climate Leaders’ Conference in
 New Zealand.
change.   The Tasmania Youth Climate                   Hobart, Launceston or Burnie this year!
Leaders Conference.


                                                       Toby Thorpe (17)
                                                       Youth Facilitator
                                                       Education for Sustainability

Leaders' Conference - Education for Sustainability Tasmania
Ambassadors for Change
Amelie Hudspeth -                  Kingston High School
Attending the climate leaders conference in 2018 was a defining and
empowering moment in my life. I don’t think I realised at the time how big an
impact it would have, and continues to have, on how I think, act and live. The
conference was absolutely eye opening, it brought climate change to the
forefront of my thoughts and I’ve never pushed it away again. It was most
inspiring to meet people who are already doing so much to protect my future. I
now know that I, as a high school student, can contribute positively. I’ve
become more informed and have new skills to share messages and ideas. I
have a new and fierce motivation to make a difference.

Harrison Tunks -                 New Town High School
The conference was simply an amazing opportunity. For New Town High
School, it brought together a group of passionate students who wanted to make
a difference in the fight against climate change. It equipped us with the skills,
knowledge and direction to make that a reality. Returning to school, we audited
our school’s waste and electricity, began informing our students on the topic
and started implementing ways to reduce our footprint. Additionally, a
phenomenal opportunity that stemmed from the conference enabled us to send
students on a Tasmanian Youth Delegation to Conference of Parties 24 – The
United Nation’s annual climate summit, this year held in Poland.

Elsa Beinssen-Henry -                    Ogilvie High School
The Climate Leaders Conference of last year was a pivotal point for me as it
opened my eyes to how many people are behind the movement against climate
change and created a sense of unity and empowerment that will be valuable
moving forward, not only locally, but globally. It invoked a sense of community
among young environmentalists in Tasmania that had been previously lacking,
and allowed a space for passionate people, mentors and students, from all
schools and backgrounds to come together and coalesce and distil ideas and
experience surrounding the problem. It showed me that I am not fighting by
myself, and that I never have been.

Leaders' Conference - Education for Sustainability Tasmania
Hobart College
          Key Note Speakers
            Laura Sykes
            Originally from Northern Tasmania, Laura is the National Schools Program
            Director at the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. She is passionate about
            building a movement of high school students to lead the transition to renewable
            energy across Australia. Laura has worked with young people for the past eight
            years in social justice, human rights and environmental justice campaigns and
            programs. She is excited to be working to build the youth climate justice
            movement to ensure a fair, just and sustainable world for future generations. In
            2012 she was awarded the Southern Cross Young Achievers Entrepreneurship
            Award and in 2013 was a Tasmanian finalist in the Young Australian of the Year

            Melati Wisjen
            Melati Wijsen is an 18 year old Indonesian/Dutch activist and change maker.
            She has founded Bye Bye Plastic Bags with her younger sister and has been
            leading the movement driven by youth since 2013. She has also started the
            people movement One Island One Voice and the social enterprise, Mountain
            Mama's. Melati has spoken on world stages such as TED and the UN and has
            also been selected as FORBES top ten most inspiring women in the country.
            Being very passionate to protect the ocean; she is also an alumni member of
            the World’s Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council. Most recently she graduated
            from high school one year early at the Green School and has been honored by
            TIME as part of the annual list of most influential teens in the world along with
            CNN Heroes Young Wonders. Today, Melati is excited about her new Youth
            empowerment project; empowering youth through education and providing
            them the tools they need to be change makers. Watch their TED talk here!

             Lauren Ashley
St Mary’s    Lauren is a year 12 student at Launceston College with a passion for

College      caring for the environment. She is an active member of Launceston
             AYCC and has been a key advocate for new waste and recycling
             systems at Launceston College through the Clean and Green
             Committee in 2018 and 2019.

Leaders' Conference - Education for Sustainability Tasmania
2018 Feature Project -                St Mary’s College
         Students at St Mary’s College worked on a project to address the
         waste and energy concerns at the school. They identified the issues
         by auditing the school’s waste production and requesting statistics
         on energy consumption. From their findings, they put together a
         three-page proposal of suggestions and presented it to their senior
         management team. These solutions not only hoped to reduce waste
         and energy consumption but also to educate students and staff on
         environmental topics.

         St Mary’s College also hosted a whole-day Sustainability Fair.
         Students from Kinder to Year 9 participated in workshops, specially
         designed around environmental issues facing our planet, and how
         small changes can make a difference. These workshops included
         everything from how to pack a nude-food lunch box, how to make
         beeswax wraps, and choices to help reduce the impact of beauty
         products on the environment.

         The fair was organised by the College’s Footprint Project, a student-
         led group that focused on promoting everyday changes students can

         The actions at St Mary’s College reached close to a thousand

2018 Feature Project -          Launceston College
             The Clean and Green Committee, a subcommittee of the Student
             Representative Council (SRC), at Launceston College was
             established in early 2018 with the committee's primary focus to
             establish a strong support network and commence a recycling
             initiative within the college. This ties in with the college's Sky
             Garden which currently holds a hanging garden and worm farm.

             It is hoped to become a place to recognise and demonstrate an
             appreciation for Tasmania's cultural diversity and native heritage.
             Students were involved with the Student Climate Action Network
             (SCAN) facilitated by the Australian Youth Climate Coalition

                         Jo Dean
                         Jo is part of Gentle Footprints Permaculture. She works with a
                         focus on sustainability with schools and community groups to find
                         creative and practical solutions to key problems faced by humanity.
                               works to empower
                                          is a climat people
                                                        e and to  act to reduce
                                                               sustainable   living their waste by
                             She is a sewing  skills
                                        founding     with recycled
                                                   member           fabrics.
                                                            of Climate  Action Hobart and
                         Sandy Murray
                             the West Hobart Environment Network and a Council
                             member of the Australi an Conservation Foundation. Also,
                         Sandy   calls herself
                             Margaret     was athefoodHo
                                                       justice activist and for
                                                          bart coordinator    is passionate
                                                                                 the         about
                         the right
                             Climatof ecommunities
                                        March in thetolead
                                                        grow,  sell
                                                             -up toand   eat and
                                                                    the Paris      have access
                                                                                Climate   Summit.to
                         healthy food. She is a qualifies dietician and works at the University
                         of Tasmania in Launceston teaching food and nutrition with the
                         Bachelor of Nutrition Science.
                         Kim Beasy
Chris is an e nvironmental educator who works            the non -
government sector and hasKimextensive
                             is a lecturer with the School
                                        experience   in       of Education and is currently the
managing award - winning Chairsustainable
                               of Education  for Sustainability
                                           energy,  energy       Tasmania. Kim has worked on
conservation and behaviour              projects for
                             change programs.      Heover
                                                      has 10 years in her previous role as a
been a leader in fostering              Officeofand
                           the development          in volunteer roles in the community. She
                         has worked   on projects  ranging
living’ communities in Tasmania and i n the implementation  from waste to energy.
                         Nel Smit
of suburban rooftop solar projects.

                         Nel is an Education Strategist for Greening Australia. Her focus is
                         on nature-based education and energy efficiency. Nel works on a
                         project called Energy Wise in partnership with TasNetworks
                              Bill Walker
                         developing         is a hub
                                      an energy   horticulturist who has qualifications
                                                      at the Sustainability             in
                                                                            Learning Centre.
                         Nel was
                                               STEM Teacher
                                                       and Heritage
                                                                of year 2018
                                                                             in Tasmania. and
                         Maree Bakker
                              Business Management. He currently is Natural Resource
                              Management Officer with Circular Head and Waratah
                         Maree Bakker has been working for many years in waste/litter
                              Wynyard Councils. He was Chair of Greening Australia
                         education and policy and enjoys using waste materials as a basis
                         for hands-on educational experiences. She is looking for
                         opportunities to assist in re-thinking waste, to convey a message
                         about consumption.
                         Mike Hornblow
                       Dr. Hornblow is an Interdisciplinary Artist and Senior Lecturer in
                       Architecture and Design at the University
                                                              g     of Tasmania. He has a
                       broad with
                                   teachers across
                                             state film,- wide,
                                                          video, intermedia, performance,
Centre where she       works
                       and design, focusing on site-specific, ecological, social justice and
students and community groups. She has initiated the
                       cross-cultural contexts.
highly successful community bush kinder learning on
Country program     and facilitates the highly successful
annual Kids4Kids Conferences

\       Mentors
                                   Sheridan Emery
                                    Sherridan is a PhD candidate, a tutor in the Faculty of Education and
                                    an active researcher across a range of school and community-based
                                    research projects. Her PhD research explores children's cultural
    Kim Beasy                       wellbeing in school classroom communities. She is also involved in
                                    a number
    Kim is a Lecturer with the School           of projects
                                        of Education  in within the Faculty of Education.
    Launceston and is currently the Chair of Education for
                                    Kirsty Mate
    Sustainability Tasmania. Kim has worked on sustainability
    related projects for over 10 yearsDrinMate
                                           her previous
                                                has 30 role   asof
                                                          years  a experience in education, research and
                                      practice in
    Sustainability Officer a nd in volunteer       sustainable
                                                roles in the    design. She recently completed a PhD on
                                      the  impact  new
    community. She has worked on waste and recycling    forms of sustainable consumerism will have on the
    initiativ es and energy reduction design  of shopping 'scapes'. As part of this research, she created
                                      the ongoing Bye Buy! Shop project creating pop-up events.

                               Kara Spence
                                 Carmen Primo Perez
                                KaraCarmen    has a her
                                      has combined    background   in marine
                                                              passions            environmental
                                                                         for teaching,  the      sciences,
                                environment    in which she worked
                                                   community        as a lecturer
                                                               engagement           and researcher
                                                                              in designing  and     for ten
                                    years in award
                                coordinating   both Spain   andprojects.
                                                      -winning   Australia.    Carmen
                                                                          Through   d has     seven years’
                                    experience in sustainability and, as Sustainability Officer at the
                                educational projects she has developed strategic thinking
                                    University of Tasmania, she is heavily involved in the development
                                and adaptive leadership skills and worked with a wide
                                    and continuous improvement of the University’s Greenhouse Gas
                                range of     students and settings to create positive
                                    inventories because of her expertise in carbon accounting.
                                    Gill Basnett
                                    Gill is an ecologist with a background in wildlife conservation and
                                    fire ecology and a passion for community engagement and
                                    education. She works with the Tamar Valley NRM on a variety of
                                    projects related to biodiversity protection, fire management for
                                    biodiversity and sustainable agriculture. She initiated
                                    Re-Cyc-Ology facilitating students to help the environment through
                                    small to large projects.

                                    Heather Thorpe
                                    .Heather is a retired TAFE teacher of fashion with many years’
                                     experience in textiles. The huge wastage in the textile industry
                                     is at odds with her conservationist and humanitarian beliefs.
                                     Creating useable items from repurposed fabrics has become
                                     her passion and her contribution to implementing change from
                                     wasteful and uncaring fast fashion.


               Emma Anglesey
               Emma writes songs with tactile lyrics and great harmonies featured
               in her LP Things Can't be Undone (2018). She has performed at
               Woodford, Falls and Dark Mofo. Her writing is characterised by an
               Australian gothic grittiness and fanciful vocal delivery that
               vacillates between the fluting, full throated call of a bush thrush

2019 Supporters and Sponsors

2018 Participating Schools

For Formore      information
          more information contactcontact
      Thorpe      0472 639 380 oror
0472 tobyjthorpe@yahoo.com.au.
      639 280 .

     Education     for    Sustainability
Education for Sustainability 2018.
     Tasmania 2019.
Report contributors: Toby Thorpe, Nel
Smit, Leah Page, Harry Tunks,
Margaeret Steadman, Bill Walker,
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