An International Handbook
Edited by Patience Epps, Lev Michael

The handbook will provide a coherent and widely accessible review of current research in Amazonian
linguistics, thus laying the groundwork for future scholarship in this important area.
Volume 1 will provide theory-neutral grammatical descriptions of smaller Amazonian language families
and all isolates that have been the object of linguistic research.
Volume 2 will focus on theory-neutral grammatical descriptions of larger Amazonian language families.

  Amazonian Languages:                                                Amazonian Languages:
  Smaller Language Families                                           Larger Language Families
  and Isolates                                                        An International Handbook
  An International Handbook                                           Volume 2
  Volume 1

  Edited by                                                           Edited by
  Patience Epps                                                       Patience Epps
  Lev Michael                                                         Lev Michael

                                                          HSK44.1                                                             HSK44.2
  Handbooks of Linguistics and Communication Science                  Handbooks of Linguistics and Communication Science
  Handbücher zur Sprach- und Kommunikationswissenschaft               Handbücher zur Sprach- und Kommunikationswissenschaft

Volume 1                                                            Volume 2
Handbooks of Linguistics and                                        Handbooks of Linguistics and Communication
Communication Science (HSK) 44/1                                    Science (HSK) 44/2
10/2020. Approx. 700 pages                                          09/2021. Approx. 700 pages
HC RRP € 249.00 [D]/US$ 349.00/£ 226.50                         HC RRP € 249.00 [D]/US$ 349.00/£ 226.50
ISBN 978-3-11-042251-1                                              ISBN 978-3-11-044074-4
eBook RRP € 249.00 [D]/US$ 349.00/£ 226.50                      eBook RRP € 249.00 [D]/US$ 349.00/£ 226.50
PDF ISBN 978-3-11-041940-5                                          PDF ISBN 978-3-11-043273-2
ePUB ISBN 978-3-11-041961-0                                         ePUB ISBN 978-3-11-043284-8

Patience Epps, University Austin, TX, USA
Lev Michael, UCLA Berkeley, CA, USA
Dear Reader,                                                                                                       2     GENERAL LINGUISTICS
From Australia and Japan to Europe and the Amazon, Mouton is honored to serve
linguists of all backgrounds in all parts of the world. In 2020, our new handbook                                  5     PHONETICS & PHONOLOGY
publications explore Japanese Semantics and Pragmatics, Amazonian Languages,
Grammaticalization Scenarios, and Developmental and Clinical Pragmatics. We                                        6     SYNTAX
intensify our partnership with the Australian National University and offer six new
books on languages spoken in the Pacific and nearby areas. Our Communication
                                                                                                                   7     PRAGMATICS & SEMANTICS
Science list will be expanded by milestone reference works on Management and
Economics of Communication and Crisis Communication. An extensive selection
                                                                                                                  11     LANGUAGE TYPOLOGY & DESCRIPTION
of new paperbacks is waiting to be explored.

                                                                                                                 19      GENERATIVE LINGUISTICS

                                                                                                                 21      COGNITIVE LINGUISTICS

                                                                                                                23       HISTORICAL LINGUISTICS

                                                                                                                25       LANGUAGE CONTACT

                                                                                                                25       SOCIOLINGUISTICS

                                                                                                                30       APPLIED LINGUISTICS
Birgit Sievert
Editorial Director Mouton                                                                                       34       ENGLISH LINGUISTICS
                                                                                                                 37      ROMANCE LINGUISTICS

                                                                                                                 37      SEMIOTICS

                                                                                                                40       COMMUNICATIONS

                                                                                                                 41      JOURNALS AND YEARBOOKS

                                                                                                                57       DATABASES

                                                                                                                59       TITLES OF OUR PUBLISHER PARTNERS

                                                                                                                60       INDEX

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The images on our catalogues are the product of a design competition that is carried out each year by
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for his winning entry. His images show various snapshots of light and sparks, representing the impulse
that scholarly literature provides to support progress in society.

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General Linguistics

Jenneke van der Wal, Larry M. Hyman                    Lauren Gawne, Nathan W. Hill (Eds.)                    Daniel Van Olmen, Hubert Cuyckens,
(Eds.)                                                                                                        Lobke Ghesquière (Eds.)
                                                       EVIDENTIAL SYSTEMS
THE CONJOINT/                                          OF TIBETAN                                             ASPECTS OF
DISJOINT                                               LANGUAGES                                              GRAMMATICALIZATION
ALTERNATION                                                                                                   (Inter)Subjectification and Directionality

IN BANTU                                               NOW IN PAPERBACK
                                                                                                              NOW IN PAPERBACK

NOW IN PAPERBACK                                       This edited volume brings together work on the
                                                       evidential systems of Tibetan languages. This          This volume advances our understanding of two
                                                       includes diachronic research, synchronic descrip-      highly debated aspects of grammaticalization: its
This volume brings together descriptions and                                                                  relation to (inter)subjectification and its direction-
                                                       tion of individual systems and papers addressing
analyses of the conjoint/disjoint alternation, a ty-                                                          ality. These aspects are studied with respect to
                                                       broader theoretical or typological questions. This
pologically significant phenomenon found in many                                                              such phenomena as auxiliaries, discourse markers,
                                                       book provides the first sustained attempt to capture
Bantu languages. The chapters provide in-depth                                                                conjunctions, prepositions and pronouns. Bringing
                                                       the complexity and diversity of evidentiality in
documentation, comparative studies and theoretical                                                            together a wide range of languages, the collection
                                                       Tibetan languages.
analyses of the alternation from a range of Bantu                                                             provides insight into the crucial dimensions of
                                                       Tibeto-Burman; Evidentiality; Tibetan
languages, showing its crosslinguistic variation in                                                           grammaticalization research.
constituent structure, morphology, prosody and         Lauren Gawne and Nathan W. Hill, SOAS
                                                       University of London, UK.                              Hubert Cuyckens, Lobke Ghesquière, University of
information structure.
                                                                                                              Leuven; Daniël Van Olmen, University of Antwerp,
 Jenneke van der Wal, University of Cambridge,                                                                Belgium.
                                                       Collection, English, 4th quarter 2018
UK & Larry M. Hyman, University of California
at Berkeley, USA.                                                                                             Collection, English, 4th quarter 2018
                                                       Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs
Collection, English, 4th quarter 2018
                                                       [TiLSM] 302                                            Series
                                                       		                                                     Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs
Series                                                                                                        [TiLSM] 305
                                                       478 pp.
Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs
                                                       Pb.RRP € 25.95 / *US$ 29.99 / *£ 23.50
[TiLSM] 301                                                                                                   411 pp.
                                                       ISBN 978-3-11-063493-8
		                                                                                                            Pb.RRP € 20.95 / *US$ 24.99 / *£ 19.00
468 pp.                                                                                                       ISBN 978-3-11-063502-7
Pb.RRP € 25.95 / *US$ 29.99 / *£ 23.50
ISBN 978-3-11-063499-0

2                                     D Database     J Journal    T Textbook    Y Yearbook     Open Access
General Linguistics

Lukasz Jedrzejowski, Ulrike Demske (Eds.)               Elisa Mattiello                                        Kees Hengeveld, Heiko Narrog,
                                                                                                               Hella Olbertz (Eds.)
INFINITIVES                                             ANALOGY IN
AT THE SYNTAX-                                          WORD-FORMATION                                         THE GRAMMATICAL-
SEMANTICS                                               A Study of English Neologisms and                      IZATION OF TENSE,
                                                        Occasionalisms                                         ASPECT, MODALITY
A Diachronic Perspective                                NOW IN PAPERBACK                                       AND EVIDENTIALITY
                                                                                                               A Functional Perspective
NOW IN PAPERBACK                                        This book fills a gap in lexical morphology, espe-
                                                        cially with reference to analogy in English word-      NOW IN PAPERBACK
The major aim of this volume is to investigate          formation. Many studies have focused their interest
infinitival structures from a diachronic point of       on the role played by analogy within English           This book brings together a series of contribu-
view and, simultaneously, to embed the diachronic       inflectional morphology. However, the analogical       tions to the study of grammaticalization of tense,
findings into the ongoing theoretical discussion        mechanism also deserves investigation on account       aspect, and modality from a functional perspec-
on non-finite clauses in general. All contributions     of its relevance to neology in English. This volume    tive. All contributions share the aim to uncover
subscribe to a dynamic approach to infinitival          provides in-depth qualitative analyses and stimulat-   the functional motivations behind the processes of
clauses by investigating their origin, development      ing quantitative findings in this realm.               grammaticalization under discussion, but they do so
and loss in miscellaneous patterns and across differ-   Word-Formation; Analogy; Neologisms; Occasion-         from different points of view.
ent languages.                                          alisms                                                 Grammaticalization; Tense; Aspect; Modality
Infinitival Structures; Syntax-Semantics Interface;     Elisa Mattiello, University of Pisa, Italy.            K. Hengeveld, University of Amsterdam;
Non-finite Clauses                                                                                             H. Narrog, Tohoku University, Japan; H. Olbertz,
Lukasz Jedrzejowski and Ulrike Demske,                  Monograph, English, 4th quarter 2018                   University of Amsterdam.
University of Potsdam, Germany.
                                                        Series                                                 Collection, English, 3rd quarter 2019
Collection, English, 3rd quarter 2019                   Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs
                                                        [TiLSM] 309                                            Series
Series                                                  		                                                     Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs
Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs           257 pp.                                                [TiLSM] 311
[TiLSM] 306                                             Pb.RRP € 20.95 / *US$ 24.99 / *£ 19.00
		                                                      ISBN 978-3-11-063717-5                                 315 pp.
372 pp.                                                                                                        Pb.RRP € 20.95 / *US$ 24.99 / *£ 19.00
Pb.RRP € 25.95 / *US$ 29.99 / *£ 23.50                                                                        ISBN 978-3-11-065567-4
ISBN 978-3-11-065582-7

General Linguistics

Rachel Giora, Michael Haugh (Eds.)                     Karin Beijering, Gunther Kaltenböck,                      Henry Widdowson
                                                       María Sol Sansiñena (Eds.)
DOING PRAGMATICS                                                                                                 ON THE SUBJECT
INTERCULTURALLY                                        INSUBORDINATION                                           OF ENGLISH
                                                       Theoretical and Empirical Issues
Cognitive, Philosophical, and Socio-                                                                             The Linguistics of Language Use and
pragmatic Perspectives                                                                                           Learning
                                                       Insubordinate clauses present a challenge for gram-
NOW IN PAPERBACK                                       matical analysis. This is owed to their unusual com-
                                                                                                                 These thematically related papers present an
                                                       bination of subordinate structure with main clause
                                                                                                                 integrated reconceptualization of critical issues for
                                                       use. This volume brings together a collection of
Intercultural Pragmatics is a large and diverse                                                                  the understanding of language and communication
                                                       articles on the form and function of insubordination
field encompassing a wide range of approaches,                                                                   in general, and English in a particular, as central to
                                                       in a range of languages – providing an up-to-date
methods, and theories. This volume draws                                                                         both linguistic enquiry and the design of English as
                                                       overview of current research on the topic.
scholars together from a broad range of cognitive,                                                               a pedagogical subject.
                                                       Insubordination; Syntax; Semantics; Discourse
philosophical, and sociopragmatic perspectives on                                                                Discourse Interpretation; Communicative Capabil-
language use in order to lay the path for a mutually   K. Beijering, Univ. of Oslo; G. Kaltenböck, Univ.         ity; English as a Lingua Franca; Language User-
informing and enriching dialogue across subfields      of Vienna; M. S. Sansiñena, Univ. of Leuven &             Learners
and perceived barriers to doing pragmatics inter-      Univ. of Ghent.
                                                                                                                 Henry Widdowson,University of Vienna, Austria
                                                       Collection, English, 4th quarter 2019
Rachel Giora, University of Tel Aviv, Israel;                                                                    Monograph, English, 4th quarter 2019
Michael Haugh, Universtity of Queensland,
Australia.                                             Series
                                                       Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs
                                                                                                                 Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs
                                                       [TiLSM] 326
Collection, English, 3rd quarter 2019                                                                            [TiLSM] 330

                                                       396 pp., 33 fig.
Series                                                                                                           Approx. 300 pp.
                                                       HCRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs                                                                    HCRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
                                                       ISBN 978-3-11-063412-9
[TiLSM] 312                                                                                                      ISBN 978-3-11-061686-6
                                                       eBookRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
		                                                                                                               eBookRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
                                                       PDF ISBN 978-3-11-063828-8
432 pp.                                                                                                          PDF ISBN 978-3-11-061966-9
                                                       ePUB ISBN 978-3-11-063420-4
Pb.RRP € 29.95 / *US$ 34.99 / *£ 27.00                                                                          ePUB ISBN 978-3-11-061710-8
ISBN 978-3-11-065620-6

4                                     D Database         J Journal   T Textbook    Y Yearbook     Open Access
Phonetics & Phonology

Andrii Danylenko, Motoki Nomachi (Eds.)                Gerd Carling (Ed.)                                     Gerrit Kentner, Joost Kremers (Eds.)
SLAVIC ON THE                                          THE MOUTON ATLAS                                       PROSODY IN
LANGUAGE MAP OF                                        OF LANGUAGES AND                                       SYNTACTIC
EUROPE                                                 CULTURES                                               ENCODING
Historical and Areal-Typological
Dimensions                                             The atlas, which is complemented by a geodata-         What is the relation between the sound and the
                                                       base with all data available online, integrates old    structure of a sentence? What aspects of syntax are
The volume integrates new approaches towards the       and new methodologies for investigating diversity,     reflected in prosody? How far and in what way does
areal-typological profiling of Slavic as a member of   spread and contact of language and culture in the      prosody affect word order?This volume advances
several linguistic areas within Europe. The studies    agricultural areas of Eurasia, Pacific and Amazon.     research in the intricate relationship of syntax and
deal with structural affinities between Slavic and     Smart visualizations like polygons and network dia-    prosody drawing on solid evidence from experi-
other European languages that arose as a result of     grams are based on lexical, cultural and typological   ments and from the careful analysis of speech. The
either grammatical replication or borrowing. A spe-    data from 17 language families and 400 languages,      book thus represents a state-of-the-art survey of
cial emphasis is placed on contact-induced gram-       both ancient and modern.                               research on the syntax-phonology interface.
maticalization, especially in Slavic micro-languages   Historical Linguistics; Language and Culture;          Prosody; Sentence structure; Syntax-phonology
such as Molise Slavic and Kashubian.                   Typology; Lexicon                                      interface
Slavic Linguistics; Areal Typology; Language Con-      Gerd Carling, Centre for Languages and                 Gerrit Kentner, Max Planck Institute for
tact; Historical Linguistics                           Literature, Lund University, Sweden.                   Empirical Aesthetics, Frankfurt a.M.;
Andrii Danylenko, Pace University, New York,                                                                  Joost Kremer, Univ. of Bielefeld, Germany.
USA; Motoki Nomachi, Hokkaido University,              Dictionary, English, 3rd quarter 2019
Sapporo, Japan.                                                                                               Collection, English, 1st quarter 2020
                                                       760 pp., 150 fig., approx.150 maps
Collection, English, 4th quarter 2019                  HCRRP € 249.00 / *US$ 286.99 / *£ 226.50              Series
                                                       ISBN 978-3-11-037307-3                                 Linguistische Arbeiten
Series                                                 eBookRRP € 249.00 / *US$ 286.99 / *£ 226.50
Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs          PDF ISBN 978-3-11-036741-6                             Approx. 260 pp., 65 fig.
[TiLSM] 333                                            ePUB ISBN 978-3-11-039333-0                            HCRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
		                                                                                                            ISBN 978-3-11-064980-2
506 pp.                                                                                                       eBookRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
HCRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00                                                                       PDF ISBN 978-3-11-065053-2
ISBN 978-3-11-063497-6                                                                                        ePUB ISBN 978-3-11-065141-6
eBookRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
PDF ISBN 978-3-11-063922-3
ePUB ISBN 978-3-11-063517-1

Phonetics & Phonology

Aditi Lahiri, Sandra Kotzor (Eds.)                     Horst Lohnstein, Antonios Tsiknakis (Eds.)                András Bárány, Laura Kalin (Eds.)
THE SPEECH                                             VERB SECOND                                               CASE, AGREE-
PROCESSING                                             Grammar Internal and Grammar External                     MENT, AND THEIR
LEXICON                                                                                                          INTERACTIONS
Neurocognitive and Behavioural                         This book addresses the phenomenon of “verb               New Perspectives on Differential
Approaches                                             second” – a grammatical property with far-reaching        Argument Marking
                                                       consequences for the communicative behaviour of
NOW IN PAPERBACK                                       human beings. As a syntactic root phenomenon,             This volume offers novel insights into the empirical
                                                       verb second – together with other grammatical             profiles, cross-linguistic variation, theoretical treat-
In this book, some of today’s leading neurolinguists   means – ensures that making assertions, posing            ment, and processing of differential case-marking
and psycholinguists provide insight into the nature    questions, giving orders and advices is possible          phenomena. The chapters examine differential
of phonological processing using behavioural           with verbal expressions only. Communicative inter-        marking in Indo-European, Sinitic, Turkic, and
measures, computational modeling, EEG and              actions depend heavily on this grammatical device.        Uralic languages, and weigh in on contemporary
fMRI. The essays cover a range of topics including     Verb Second; Sentence Mood; Verbal Mood;                  theoretical issues, including the relation between
categorization, acoustic variability and invariance,   Illocutionary Force                                       case and agreement, dependent case, the syntax of
underspecification, talker-specificity and machine     Horst Lohnstein, Antonios Tsiknakis, University           information structure, and cumulativity effects.
learning, focusing on the acoustics, perception,       of Wuppertal, Germany                                     Syntactic theory; Differential Object Marking;
acquisition and neural representation of speech.                                                                 Syntactic Typology; Case and Agreement
Processing of Speech; Lexical Concepts; Neurolin-
                                                       Collection, English, 4th quarter 2019                     András Bárány, SOAS University of London,
                                                                                                                 London, UK; Laura Kalin, Princeton University,
Aditi Lahiri, University of Oxford, United             Series                                                    Princeton, USA.
Kingdom.                                               Interface Explorations [IE] 34
                                                       		                                                        Collection, English, 4th quarter 2019
Collection, English, 4th quarter 2018                  Approx. 400 pp.
                                                       HCRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00                   Series
Series                                                 ISBN 978-1-5015-1658-0                                    Linguistische Arbeiten 572
Phonology and Phonetics [PP] 22                        eBookRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
		                                                     PDF ISBN 978-1-5015-0814-1                                Approx. 300 pp., 8 fig.
265 pp.                                                ePUB ISBN 978-1-5015-0804-2                               HCRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
Pb.RRP € 20.95 / *US$ 24.99 / *£ 19.00                                                                          ISBN 978-3-11-066576-5
ISBN 978-3-11-063492-1                                                                                           eBookRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
                                                                                                                 PDF ISBN 978-3-11-066613-7
                                                                                                                 ePUB ISBN 978-3-11-066623-6

6                                     D Database     J Journal   T Textbook        Y Yearbook     Open Access
Pragmatics & Semantics

Barbara Schlücker (Ed.)                               Gunther de Vogelaer, Dietha Koster,                     Klaus P. Schneider, Elly Ifantidou (Eds.)
                                                      Torsten Leuschner (Eds.)
COMPLEX                                                                                                       DEVELOPMENTAL
LEXICAL UNITS                                         GERMAN AND                                              AND CLINICAL
Compounds and Multi-Word Expressions                  DUTCH IN                                                PRAGMATICS
The volume explores compounds and multi-word                                                                  This handbook surveys pragmatic competence in
                                                      Synchronic, Diachronic and Psycho-
expressions and their interrelation regarding their                                                           a native language, in a foreign language, and in
                                                      linguistic Perspectives
status in lexicon and grammar in a variety of Euro-                                                           language disorders. Issues concern the acquisition
pean languages, including a contrastive overview                                                              and learning, teaching and testing, assessment and
                                                      Inspired by the concept of a “Germanic Sandwich”,
with a focus on German. It brings together insights                                                           treatment of a variety of pragmatic abilities. Topics
                                                      this volume brings up-to-date the comparison of
from word-formation theory, phraseology and                                                                   include the development of speech acts, implica-
                                                      German with its closest neighbour, Dutch, and
theory of grammar and aims to contribute to the                                                               tures, irony, story-telling, and further phenomena.
                                                      other Germanic relatives like English, Afrikaans,
understanding of the lexicon, both from a language-                                                           The disorders considered are, among others,
                                                      and Scandinavian. New phenomena or data are
specific and cross-linguistic perspective.                                                                    autism, Down syndrome, and Alzheimer’s disease.
                                                      approached from synchronic, diachronic and
Phraseme; Phraseology; Word-formation; Lexicon                                                                Developmental Pragmatics, Clinical Pragmatics,
                                                      psycholinguistic perspectives, providing a wealth
Barbara Schlücker, Leipzig University, Germany.       of fresh insights while highlighting the potential      Language Disorders
                                                      inherent in the integration of different methodologi-   Klaus P. Schneider, Bonn, Germany;
Collection, English, 1st quarter 2019                 cal traditions.                                         Elly Ifantidou, Athens, Greek.
                                                      Germanic Sandwich; contrastive linguistics;
Series                                                German; Dutch                                           Reference Work, English, 4th quarter 2020
Konvergenz und Divergenz 9                            Gunther De Vogelaer & Dietha Koster,
		                                                    University of Münster, Germany;                         Series
363 pp.                                               Torsten Leuschner, Ghent University, Belgium.           Handbooks of Pragmatics [HOPS] 13
HCRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
ISBN 978-3-11-063242-2                                                                                        Approx. 600 pp.
                                                      Collection, English, 4th quarter 2019
eBookOPEN ACCESS                                                                                             HCRRP € 249.00 / *US$ 286.99 / *£ 226.50
PDF ISBN 978-3-11-063244-6                                                                                    ISBN 978-3-11-043971-7
ePUB ISBN 978-3-11-063253-8                                                                                   eBookRRP € 249.00 / *US$ 286.99 / *£ 226.50
                                                      Konvergenz und Divergenz 11
                                                      		                                                      PDF ISBN 978-3-11-043105-6
                                                      Approx. 317 pp., 1 fig.                                 ePUB ISBN 978-3-11-043113-1
                                                      HCRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
                                                      ISBN 978-3-11-066839-1
                                                      eBookOPEN ACCESS
                                                      PDF ISBN 978-3-11-066847-6
                                                      ePUB ISBN 978-3-11-066946-6

Pragmatics & Semantics

Janet Giltrow, Dieter Stein (Eds.)                       Lluís Payrató, Ignasi Clemente                            Jacques Moeschler
THE PRAGMATIC                                            GESTURES                                                  NON-LEXICAL
TURN IN LAW                                              WE LIVE BY                                                PRAGMATICS
Inference and Interpretation in Legal                    The Pragmatics of Emblematic Gestures                     Time, Causality and Logical Words
                                                         This book presents an analysis of emblematic ges-         This book presents both general issues in pragmatic
NOW IN PAPERBACK                                         tures from a pragmatic view in which emblems are          theories and specific arguments for an inferential
                                                         regarded as autonomous gestures that fulfill clear        approach to lexical and non-lexical meaning.
This collection of contributions from both linguists     communicative functions, embody illocutionary             The volume aims to defend a new post-Gricean
and lawyers brings a pragmatic perspective to the        values, and act as multimodal tools and signals of        approach to the substantial as well as functional
linguistic basis for legal meaning and for finding       cognitive relevance.                                      lexicon, and more specifically, to explore lexical
a norm by which to decide a case. That is, it turns      Emblems; Gesture; Pragmatics                              and non-lexical pragmatics. The book’s originality
from notions of linguistic meaning as residing in        Lluís Payrató, University of Barcelona, Spain;            stems from its demonstration that pragmatic enrich-
the text, as literal meaning waiting to be dug out, to   Ignasi Clemente, Hunter College, USA                      ment is structurally constrained, and occurs at the
focus instead on how readers infer pragmatic mean-                                                                 level of explicature.
ing, and on the kinds of inferencing that character-                                                               Pragmatics; Semantics; Romance Languages
                                                         Monograph, English, 4th quarter 2019
ise legal discourse.                                                                                               Jacques Moeschler, University of Geneva,
Pragmatics; Law; Legal Interpretation; Inference
                                                         Series                                                    Switzerland.
Dieter A. Stein, Heinrich-Heine-Universitaet             Mouton Series in Pragmatics [MSP] 22
Duesseldorf, Germany; Janet Giltrow, University          		                                                        Collection, English, 4th quarter 2019
of British Columbia, Canada                              Approx. 250 pp., 50 fig.
                                                         HCRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00                   Series
Collection, English, 3rd quarter 2019                    ISBN 978-1-5015-1675-7                                    Mouton Series in Pragmatics [MSP] 23
                                                         eBookRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
Series                                                   PDF ISBN 978-1-5015-0995-7                                Approx. 280 pp.
Mouton Series in Pragmatics [MSP] 18                     ePUB ISBN 978-1-5015-0987-2                               HCRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
		                                                                                                                 ISBN 978-3-11-021848-0
373 pp.                                                                                                            eBookRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
Pb.RRP € 25.95 / *US$ 29.99 / *£ 23.50                                                                            PDF ISBN 978-3-11-021849-7
ISBN 978-1-5015-1894-2                                                                                             ePUB ISBN 978-3-11-039463-4

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Pragmatics & Semantics

Salvatore Attardo (Ed.)                                 Hans-Jörg Schmid (Ed.)
SCRIPT-BASED                                            ENTRENCHMENT
SEMANTICS                                               AND THE
Foundations and Applications. Essays in                 PSYCHOLOGY
Honor of Victor Raskin
                                                        OF LANGUAGE
This volume explores the encyclopedic script-based      LEARNING
foundation of lexical meaning. The book examines        How We Reorganize and Adapt Linguistic
script-based semantics as applied to humor research     Knowledge
and in ontological semantics as well as applications
to other fields, including writing, lexicography, and   NOW IN PAPERBACK
professional applications (e. g. forensics).
Scripts; Frames; Ontology; Semantics
                                                        This volume enlists more than two dozen experts
Salvatore Attardo, Texas A&M University                 in the fields of linguistics, psycholinguistics,
Commerce, USA.                                          neurology, and cognitive psychology in providing a
                                                        realistic picture of the psychological and linguistic
Collection, English, 1st quarter 2020                   foundations of language. Contributors examine the
                                                        psychological foundations of linguistic entrench-
Approx. 300 pp., 11 fig.                                ment processes, and the role of entrenchment in
HCRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00                 first-language acquisition, second language learn-
ISBN 978-1-5015-1743-3                                  ing, and language attrition.
eBookRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00              Entrenchment; Cognitive Linguistics; Psycholin-
PDF ISBN 978-1-5015-1170-7                              guistics
ePUB ISBN 978-1-5015-1149-3                             Hans-Jörg Schmid, Ludwig-Maximilians-
                                                        Universität München, Germany.

                                                        Collection, English, 4th quarter 2018
                                                        Language and the Human Lifespan (LHLS)
                                                                                                                   AND TRUSTED
                                                        483 pp.
                                                        Pb.RRP € 25.95 / *US$ 29.99 / *£ 23.50
                                                        ISBN 978-3-11-063489-1                                    Discover our diverse
                                                                                                                range of titles on topics
                                                                                                                 across the humanities
                                                                                                                  and natural sciences


Andrej Malchukov, Edith Moravcsik (Eds.)

                                              The purpose of the series is to present collections of specific studies on particular
                                              topics in a format that facilitates cross-linguistic and cross-theoretical comparison.
                                              Each handbook takes up a single theme and includes a questionnaire; both the
                                              individual studies and the summary paper synthesizing the results of the comparison
                                              reflect the structure of the questionnaire.

                                              Unlike other handbooks that consist of chapters organized by theoretical topics,
                                              the handbooks of this series present empirical studies on various languages
                                              uniformly structured to facilitate comparison. A typical volume examines
                                              a grammatical feature or construction across languages (such as interrogative
                                              structures or numeral constructions), offers a survey of that feature through
                                              in-depth analyses cast in roughly the same theoretical framework, and formulates
                                              cross-linguistic generalizations. The handbooks also include accounts of
                                              constructions cast in different theoretical frameworks so that the empirical
                                              differences among the theories can be assessed and their similarities revealed.

                                              The volumes are accessible to the general academic community of linguists, meet
                                              the needs of students at the undergraduate and graduate level, and are of interest
                                              to specialists as well. Each volume is self-contained. Some of the volumes have
                                              associated websites to provide additional materials.

Volume 1/1                                    Volume 1/2
Andrej Malchukov, Bernard Comrie (Eds.)       Andrej Malchukov, Bernard Comrie (Eds.)                 Also available as a set:
VALENCY CLASSES IN THE WORLD’S                VALENCY CLASSES IN THE WORLD’S                          Andrej Malchukov, Bernard Comrie (Eds.)
LANGUAGES                                     LANGUAGES                                               VALENCY CLASSES IN THE WORLD’S
EURASIA                                       AND THEORETICAL OUTLOOK                                 2015. xxxv, 1,720 pages
2015. xii, 873 pages                          2015. xxiii, 847 pages                                  HC
HC                                            HC                                                      RRP € 319.00 [D]/US$ 447.00/£ 290.00
RRP € 200.00 [D]/US$ 230.00/£ 182.00      RRP € 200.00 [D]/US$ 230.00/£ 182.00                ISBN 978-3-11-044749-1
Standing Order price for subscribers to the   Standing Order price for subscribers to the
complete work                                 complete work
€ 149.95 [D]/US$ 210.00/£ 136.50          € 149.95 [D]/US$ 210.00/£ 136.50
ISBN 978-3-11-033294-0                        ISBN 978-3-11-043844-4
eBook                                         eBook
RRP € 200.00 [D]/US$ 230.00/£ 182.00      RRP € 200.00 [D]/US$ 230.00/£ 182.00
PDF ISBN 978-3-11-033881-2                    PDF ISBN 978-3-11-042934-3
ePUB ISBN 978-3-11-039527-3                   ePUB ISBN 978-3-11-042937-4

Volume 2                                      Volume 3                                                Volume 4
Tasaku Tsunoda (Ed.)                          András Kertész, Edith Moravcsik, Csilla Rákosi (Eds.)   Walter Bisang, Andrej Malchukov (Eds.)
A Crosslinguistic Survey                      A Comparative Handbook                                  AREAL PATTERNS AND CROSS-LINGUISTIC
2018. xiv, 892 pages                          2019. xvi, 600 pages                                    A Comparative Handbook
HC                                            HC
RRP € 229.00 [D]/US$ 263.99/£ 208.00      RRP € 269.00 [D]/US$ 310.00/£ 244.50                10/2020. Approx. 800 pages
Standing Order price for subscribers to the   Standing Order price for subscribers to the             HC
complete work                                 complete work                                           RRP € 269.00 [D] / US$ 310.00 / £ 244.50
€ 169.95 [D]/US$ 195.99/£ 154.50          € 199.95 [D]/US$ 229.99/£ 182.00                    Standing Order price for subscribers to the
ISBN 978-3-11-051677-7                        ISBN 978-3-11-053821-2                                  complete work
eBook                                         eBook                                                   € 199.95 [D] / US$ 229.99 / £ 182.00
RRP € 229.00 [D]/US$ 263.99/£ 208.00      RRP € 269.00 [D]/US$ 310.00/£ 244.50                ISBN 978-3-11-055937-8
PDF ISBN 978-3-11-051924-2                    PDF ISBN 978-3-11-054025-3                              eBook
ePUB ISBN 978-3-11-051705-7                   ePUB ISBN 978-3-11-053837-3                             RRP € 269.00 [D] / US$ 310.00 / £ 244.50
                                                                                                      PDF ISBN 978-3-11-056314-6
                                                                                                      ePUB ISBN 978-3-11-056044-2

                                                                                                      „ page 11
Language Typology & Description

Antoinette Schapper (Ed.)                                 Walter Bisang, Andrej Malchukov (Eds.)                  Josep Quer, Carlo Cecchetto,
                                                                                                                  Caterina Donati, Carlo Geraci,
THE PAPUAN                                                GRAMMATICALI-                                           Meltem Kelepir, Roland Pfau,
LANGUAGES                                                 ZATION SCENARIOS.                                       Markus Steinbach (Eds.)
OF TIMOR,                                                 AREAL PATTERNS AND                                      SIGNGRAM
ALOR AND PANTAR                                           CROSS-LINGUISTIC                                        BLUEPRINT
Sketch Grammars                                           VARIATION.                                              A Guide to Sign Language Grammar
                                                          A Comparative Handbook
VOLUME 3                                                                                                          NOW IN PAPERBACK
                                                          This volume intends to fill the gap in the grammati-
Volume 3 brings together 5 grammatical sketches           calization studies setting as its goal the systematic
                                                                                                                  Current grammatical knowledge about sign
of previously undescribed TAP languages. The 3            description of grammaticalization processes in
                                                                                                                  languages is fragmentary and of varying reli-
volumes of TAP grammars present a full cross-             genealogically and structurally diverse languages.
                                                                                                                  ability and is scattered in scientific publications
section of the geographical spread and linguistic         To address the problem of the limitations of the
                                                                                                                  where the description is often intertwined with the
diversity within the family. Sketches are written by      secondary sources for grammaticalization studies,
                                                                                                                  analysis. Comprehensive grammars are rare. This
specialist linguists on the basis of their own original   the editors rely on sketches of grammaticalization
                                                                                                                  work is an innovative tool for the grammar writer:
field work conducted, chiefly, in the last ten years.     phenomena from experts in individual languages
                                                                                                                  a full-fledged guide to describing all components
Papuan Languages; Indonesia; East-Timor                   guided by a typological questionnaire.
                                                                                                                  of the grammars of sign languages in a thorough
                                                          Grammaticalization, Language Typology
Antoinette Schapper, University of Cologne,                                                                       and systematic way and with the highest scientific
Germany                                                   Walter Bisang, Johannes-Gutenberg Universität,          standards.
                                                          Mainz, Germany. Andrej Malchukov, Johannes-             Sign Language Grammar; Sign Language Descrip-
Collection, English, 3rd quarter 2020                     Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany.                   tion; Grammaticography; Descriptive Linguistics
                                                                                                                  J. Quer; C. Cecchetto; C. Donati; C. Geraci;
Series                                                    Reference Work, English, 4th quarter 2020
                                                                                                                  M. Kelepir; R. Pfau; M. Steinbach
Pacific Linguistics [PL] 660
                                                                                                                  Reference Work, English, 3rd quarter 2019
Approx. 350 pp.                                           Comparative Handbooks of Linguistics 4
HCRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
ISBN 978-1-5015-1668-9                                    Approx. 800 pp.
                                                                                                                  De Gruyter Reference
eBookRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00                HCRRP € 229.00 / *US$ 260.00 / *£ 208.00

PDF ISBN 978-1-5015-1115-8                                ISBN 978-3-11-055937-8
                                                                                                                  824 pp.
ePUB ISBN 978-1-5015-1107-3                               eBookRRP € 229.00 / *US$ 260.00 / *£ 208.00
                                                                                                                  Pb.RRP € 38.95 / *US$ 44.99 / *£ 35.50
                                                          PDF ISBN 978-3-11-056314-6
                                                                                                                  ISBN 978-1-5015-1896-6
                                                          ePUB ISBN 978-3-11-056044-2

Language Typology & Description

Ksenia Shagal                                            Wesley M. Jacobsen, Yukinori Takubo                      Asli Gürer
PARTICIPLES                                                                                                       INFORMATION
A Typological Study                                      HANDBOOK OF                                              STRUCTURE WITHIN
                                                         JAPANESE                                                 INTERFACES
The book is the first large-scale typological study
of participles, based on data from more than 100         SEMANTICS AND                                            Consequences for the Phrase Structure
languages. Its main aim is to model the diversity        PRAGMATICS
of non-finite verb forms involved in adnominal                                                                    This book is an in-depth study of information
modification. Participles are examined with respect      This handbook is a collection of studies on lin-         structure within semantic, syntactic and prosodic
to several morphological and syntactic parameters,       guistic meaning in Japanese, either as encoded in        domains. The semantic classification of focus and
and are shown to be a versatile cross-linguistic cate-   linguistic form (semantics) or as generated by the       topic phrases provides implications for composi-
gory. The book is of interest to language typologists    interaction of form with context (pragmatics). It        tionality and positional restrictions. Drawing on
and descriptive linguists.                               covers both objective aspects of meaning encoded         experimental studies with novel data, prosodic and
Participles; Relative clauses; Subordination; Non-       at the core of the clause (e. g. lexical semantics and   syntactic analyses offer new perspectives for the
finite verb forms                                        predicate logic), and more subjective aspects of         Minimalist Program specifically for movement
Ksenia Shagal, University of Helsinki, Finland.          meaning toward the clause periphery (e. g. tense-        operations, functional categories and phase theory.
                                                         aspect, modality, and social deixis).                    Information Structure; Focus; Topic; Phrase Struc-
                                                         Semantics; Pragmatics; Japanese; Tense and               ture
Monograph, English, 4th quarter 2019
                                                         aspect; Modality                                         Aslı Gürer, Necmettin Erbakan University, Turkey
Series                                                   Wesley M. Jacobsen, Harvard University, USA;
Empirical Approaches to Language Typology                Yukinori Takubo, Kyoto University, Japan.                Monograph, English, 4th quarter 2019
[EALT] 61
		                                                       Reference Work, English, 2nd quarter 2020                Series
Approx. 350 pp., 20 fig.                                                                                          Interface Explorations [IE] 32
HCRRP € 129.95 / *US$ 149.99 / *£ 118.00                Series
ISBN 978-3-11-062752-7                                   Handbooks of Japanese Language and Linguistics           Approx. 350 pp.
eBookRRP € 129.95 / *US$ 149.99 / *£ 118.00             [HJLL] 5                                                 HCRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 140.00 / *£ 91.00
PDF ISBN 978-3-11-063338-2                               		                                                       ISBN 978-1-5015-1500-2
ePUB ISBN 978-3-11-062993-4                              Approx. 600 pp.                                          eBookRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 140.00 / *£ 91.00
                                                         HCRRP € 299.00 / *US$ 343.99 / *£ 272.00                PDF ISBN 978-1-5015-0558-4
                                                         Standing Order price for subscribers to the              ePUB ISBN 978-1-5015-0556-0
                                                         complete work € 249.00 / *US$ 286.99 / *£ 226.50
                                                         ISBN 978-1-61451-288-2
                                                         eBookRRP € 299.00 / *US$ 343.99 / *£ 272.00
                                                         PDF ISBN 978-1-61451-207-3
                                                         ePUB ISBN 978-1-5015-0105-0

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Language Typology & Description

Alice R. Gaby                                          Elena Bashir, Thomas J. Conners                       Stefanie Siebenhütter
A GRAMMAR OF                                           A DESCRIPTIVE                                         CONCEPTUAL
KUUK THAAYORRE                                         GRAMMAR OF                                            TRANSFER AS
                                                       HINDKO, PANJABI,                                      AN AREAL FACTOR
                                                       AND SARAIKI                                           Spatial Conceptualizations in Mainland
This grammar offers a comprehensive description                                                              Southeast Asia
                                                       In collab. with Brook Hefright
of Kuuk Thaayorre, a Paman language spoken on
the west coast of Cape York Peninsula, Australia.                                                            Mainland Southeast Asia unifies languages and
                                                       The Grammar of Hindko, Panjabi, and Saraiki
On the basis of elicited data, conversation as well                                                          varieties out of genetically diverse language
                                                       provides a comparative description of these three
as archival materials, this grammar details the pho-                                                         families. Nevertheless, the area is known as a prime
                                                       language varieties. Based on both fieldwork and
netics and phonology, morphosyntax, lexical and                                                              example for linguistic convergence. By analyzing
                                                       corpus research, the grammar provides coverage
constructional semantics and pragmatics of one of                                                            conceptual transfer this book offers new insight in
                                                       of the phonology, orthography, morphology, and
the few indigenous Australian languages still used                                                           areal linguistics. Using Thai, Khmer, Lao and Viet-
                                                       syntax of the language, with extensive exemplifica-
as a primary means of communication.                                                                         namese examples this study reveals parallels on the
                                                       tion presented in the native Perso-Arabic script
Grammar; Australian Languages; Ergativity;                                                                   semantic level of spatial reference due to language
                                                       along with standard Roman representations and
Linguistic Typology                                                                                          contact as an areal defining feature.
                                                       morphological analysis.
                                                                                                             Linguistic Areas; Socio-cultural Interaction;
Alice R. Gaby, Monash University, Melbourne,           Pakistani Punjabi
                                                                                                             Language Contact; Spatial Reference
                                                       Monograph, English, 3rd quarter 2019                  Stefanie Siebenhütter, Ludwig Maximilians
Monograph, English, 3rd quarter 2019                                                                         University, Germany
Series                                                 Mouton-CASL Grammar Series 4                          Monograph, English, 4th quarter 2019
Mouton Grammar Library [MGL] 74
		                                                     646 pp., 4 fig.                                       Series
518 pp.                                                HCRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00               Pacific Linguistics [PL] 656
Pb.RRP € 29.95 / *US$ 34.99 / *£ 27.00                ISBN 978-1-61451-296-7
ISBN 978-3-11-065330-4                                 eBookRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00            Approx. 350 pp., 62 fig.
                                                       PDF ISBN 978-1-61451-225-7                            HCRRP € 119.95 / *US$ 137.99 / *£ 109.00
                                                       ePUB ISBN 978-1-5015-0032-9                           ISBN 978-1-5015-1528-6
                                                                                                             eBookRRP € 119.95 / *US$ 137.99 / *£ 109.00
                                                                                                             PDF ISBN 978-1-5015-0664-2
                                                                                                             ePUB ISBN 978-1-5015-0660-4

Language Typology & Description

Don Kulick, Angela Terrill                            Dana Louagie                                              Dineke Schokkin
A GRAMMAR                                             NOUN PHRASES                                              A GRAMMAR
AND DICTIONARY                                        IN AUSTRALIAN                                             OF PALUAI
OF TAYAP                                              LANGUAGES                                                 The Language of Baluan Island,
                                                                                                                Papua New Guinea
The Life and Death of a Papuan Language               A Typological Study

                                                                                                                This is the first comprehensive description of
Tayap is a grammar and dictionary of a small          This book investigates noun phrases in a represen-
                                                                                                                Paluai, an Oceanic Austronesian language spoken
Papuan linguistic isolate spoken in the lower Sepik   tative sample of 100 Australian languages, covering
                                                                                                                on Baluan Island in Manus Province, Papua New
region of Papua New Guinea. With a dwindling          the domains of classification, qualification, quanti-
                                                                                                                Guinea. Based on extensive field research, the
number of speakers, Tayap is severely endangered      fication, determination and constituency. It includes
                                                                                                                grammar covers all linguistic levels, including
and will soon disappear. The book provides a full     more detailed analysis of the availability of phrasal
                                                                                                                phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics,
grammatical description of Tayap, and provides        nominal structure, and of the syntactic status of
                                                                                                                while paying particular attention to pragmatics and
numerous illustrations of what happens to a           determining elements. The book is of interest to
                                                                                                                discourse practices.
complex synthetic language when it suddenly, over     researchers documenting Australian languages, as
                                                                                                                Paluai, Austronesian, Grammatical Description,
the course of only a few decades’ time, becomes       well as to typologists and theorists.
                                                                                                                Papua New Guinea
moribund.                                             Noun Phrase; Australia; Linguistic Typology
Tayap; Papuan; Grammatical Description; Lan-                                                                    Dineke Schokkin, The Australian National
                                                      Dana Louagie, University of Leuven & Research
guage Death                                                                                                     University, Canberra, Australia.
                                                      Foundation – Flanders, Leuven, Belgium
Don Kulick, Uppsala University, Sweden;
                                                                                                                Monograph, English, 2nd quarter 2020
Angela Terrill, Uppsala University, Sweden.           Monograph, English, 4th quarter 2019

Monograph, English, 2nd quarter 2019                  Series
                                                                                                                Pacific Linguistics [PL] 663
                                                      Pacific Linguistics [PL] 662

                                                                                                                Approx. 500 pp.
Pacific Linguistics [PL] 661                          Approx. 270 pp., 13 fig.
                                                                                                                HCRRP € 119.95 / *US$ 137.99 / *£ 109.00
		                                                    HCRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
                                                                                                                ISBN 978-3-11-067513-9
516 pp., 2 fig.                                       ISBN 978-1-5015-1780-8
                                                                                                                eBookRRP € 119.95 / *US$ 137.99 / *£ 109.00
HCRRP € 139.95 / *US$ 160.99 / *£ 127.00             eBookRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
                                                                                                                PDF ISBN 978-3-11-067517-7
ISBN 978-1-5015-1757-0                                PDF ISBN 978-1-5015-1293-3
                                                                                                                ePUB ISBN 978-3-11-067522-1
eBookRRP € 139.95 / *US$ 160.99 / *£ 127.00          ePUB ISBN 978-1-5015-1287-2
PDF ISBN 978-1-5015-1220-9
ePUB ISBN 978-1-5015-1202-5

14                                D Database     J Journal    T Textbook       Y Yearbook     Open Access
Language Typology & Description

Ulrike Zeshan, Jennifer Webster (Eds.)                Slavomir Ceplö, Jaroslav Drobny                        Thomas Stolz, Nataliya Levkovych
SIGN                                                  MALTESE                                                TOWARDS THE
MULTILINGUALISM                                       LINGUISTICS ON                                         PHONOLOGICAL
This volume has arisen from a three-part, five-year
                                                      THE DANUBE                                             ATLAS OF EUROPE
study on language contact among multilingual sign                                                            On the Areal-Linguistics of Loan
                                                      This volume brings together a dozen papers of-         Phonemes
language users, which has three strands: cross-
                                                      fering new and groundbreaking insights into the
signing, sign-switching, and sign-speaking. These                                                            In collab. with Beke Seefried
                                                      diachrony, synchronic syntax and phonology of
phenomena are only sparsely documented so far,
                                                      Maltese. Notable contributions include two analy-
and thus the volume is highly innovative and pres-                                                           The areal-linguistics of loan phonemes in Europe
                                                      ses of the history of the phonological inventory
ents data and analyses not previously available.                                                             provides an excellent testing ground for the
                                                      of Maltese, a first-ever detailed description of the
Sign Language; Multilingualism                                                                               projected Phonological Atlas of Europe (Phon@
                                                      syntax and semantics of Maltese prepositions, and
Ulrike Zeshan, Jennifer Webster,                                                                             Europe). Part One of this monograph outlines the
                                                      a detailed examination of the phonetics and phonol-
Anastasia Bradford, University of Central                                                                    goals, methodology, sample, and theory of Phon@
                                                      ogy of Maltese affricates.
Lancashire, UK.                                                                                              Europe. Its technical feasibility and linguistic value
                                                      Maltese; Historical Linguistics; Syntax; Phonology
                                                                                                             are addressed in Part Two by way of investigating
                                                      Slavomír Čéplö, Austrian Academy of Sciences,          the presence of loan phonemes in and absence from
Collection, English, 4th quarter 2020
                                                      Vienna, Austria; Jaroslav Drobný, Comenius             the phonological systems of 210 modern doculects
                                                      University, Bratislava, Slovakia.                      in Europe.
                                                                                                             Areal Linguistics; Europe; Loan Phonemes; Phonol-
Sign Language Typology [SLT] 7
                                                      Monograph, English, 2nd quarter 2020                   ogy; Language Contact

Approx. 350 pp.                                                                                              Thomas Stolz, University of Bremen, Bremen,
HCRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00                                                                      Germany; Nataliya Levkovych, University of
                                                      Studia Typologica 24
ISBN 978-1-5015-1158-5                                                                                       Bremen, Bremen, Germany

eBookRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
                                                      Approx. 290 pp.
PDF ISBN 978-1-5015-0352-8                                                                                   Monograph, English, 2nd quarter 2020
                                                      HCRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
ePUB ISBN 978-1-5015-0338-2
                                                      ISBN 978-3-11-067217-6
                                                      eBookRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
                                                                                                             Studia Typologica 25
                                                      PDF ISBN 978-3-11-067226-8

                                                      ePUB ISBN 978-3-11-067237-4
                                                                                                             Approx. 250 pp.
                                                                                                             HCRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
                                                                                                             ISBN 978-3-11-067243-5
                                                                                                             eBookRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
                                                                                                             PDF ISBN 978-3-11-067260-2
                                                                                                             ePUB ISBN 978-3-11-067273-2

Language Typology & Description

Julia Nintemann, Maja Robbers,                          Patience Epps, Lev Michael (Eds.)                       Weirong Chen
Nicole Hober
                                                        AMAZONIAN                                               A GRAMMAR OF
HERE – HITHER –                                         LANGUAGES                                               SOUTHERN MIN
HENCE                                                   An International Handbook                               The Hui’an Language
CATEGORIES                                              VOLUME 1:                                               This book is the first systematic description of the
                                                                                                                Hui’an, a variety of Southern Min spoken in the
A cross-linguistic study                                SMALLER LANGUAGE                                        Fujian province of China, mainly based on data col-

This study presents a first approach to compar-
                                                        FAMILIES AND                                            lected in naturally occurring onversation. The book
                                                                                                                includes four parts: nominal structure, predicate
ing paradigms of the spatial relations Place, Goal,     ISOLATES                                                structure, clause structure and complex sentences,
and Source in spatio-deictic adverbials and their                                                               as well as a brief overview of phonology.
interrogative equivalents. Based on a sample of 250     The handbook will provide an internally coherent        Hui’an Dialect; Souther Min; Sinitic Language;
languages worldwide, coding patterns are statisti-      and widely accessible review of the current state       Grammar; Language Typology
cally evaluated to assess areal and global trends.      of the art in Amazonian linguistics, thus laying        Weirong Chen, Chinese Academy of Social
Within the framework of functional typology, first      the groundwork for future scholarship in this im-       Sciences, China
classifications of the two related expression classes   portant area. Volume 1 will provide theory-neutral
are derived by in-depth qualitative analyses.           grammatical descriptions of smaller Amazonian           Monograph, English, 1st quarter 2020
Spatial relations; Paradigms; Morphology; Typol-        language families and all isolates that have been the
ogy                                                     object of linguistic research.                          Series
Julia Nintemann, Bremen University, Germany;            Amazonian Languages, Language Description
                                                                                                                Sinitic Languages of China 3
Maja Robbers, Bremen University, Germany;               Patience Epps, University Austin, TX, USA;
Nicole Hober, Bremen University, Germany.               Lev Michael, UCLA Berkeley, CA, USA.                    Approx. 530 pp.
                                                                                                                HCRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
Monograph, English, 2nd quarter 2020                    Reference Work, English, 4th quarter 2020               ISBN 978-1-5015-1745-7
                                                                                                                eBookRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
Series                                                  Series                                                  PDF ISBN 978-1-5015-1186-8
Studia Typologica 26                                    Handbücher zur Sprach- und                              ePUB ISBN 978-1-5015-1150-9
		                                                      Kommunikationswissenschaft / Handbooks of
Approx. 400 pp.                                         Linguistics and Communication Science (HSK) 44/1
HCRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
ISBN 978-3-11-067244-2                                  Approx. 700 pp.
eBookRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00              HCRRP € 249.00 / *US$ 349.00 / *£ 226.50
PDF ISBN 978-3-11-067264-0                              ISBN 978-3-11-042251-1
ePUB ISBN 978-3-11-067272-5                             eBookRRP € 249.00 / *US$ 349.00 / *£ 226.50
                                                        PDF ISBN 978-3-11-041940-5
                                                        ePUB ISBN 978-3-11-041961-0

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Language Typology & Description

                                                         DE GRUYTER
                                                         INSIGHTS ON
Sing Sing Ngai                                           CURRENT
                                                         TOPICS AND
A Sinitic Language of Northwestern Fujian

in China

This book is the first comprehensive grammar
of the Shaowu language spoken in northwestern
Fujian province in China. It offers readers first-hand
field data on the language whose classification
has been widely debated for several decades. The
language exhibits interesting typological features
of a linguistic transitional zone and is an excellent
example to illustrate the degree of hybridity a lan-
guage can attain due to intensive language contact.
Shaowu; Min; Typology; Sinitic Languages
Sing Sing Ngai, EHESS-CRLAO, France

Monograph, English, 3rd quarter 2020

Sinitic Languages of China 5

Approx. 350 pp.
HCRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
ISBN 978-1-5015-1772-3
eBookRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
PDF ISBN 978-1-5015-1248-3
ePUB ISBN 978-1-5015-1230-8


Alexander Adelaar (Ed.)

In collaboration with Wayan Arka, Danielle Barth, Don Daniels, Nicholas Evans, Gwendolyn Hyslop,
David Nash, Bruno Olsson, Bill Palmer, Andrew Pawley, Malcolm Ross, Dineke Schokkin, Jane Simpson

The series presents linguistic descriptions, dictionaries, atlases, bibliographies and other materials concerned with
languages of the Pacific, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Southeast, South and East Asia, as well as
language learning materials in the region’s major lingua francas. It is the most authoritative publisher of works on the
languages of the Pacific and neighbouring areas, read by scholars with an interest in the region as well as by linguists
with interests in language typology, sociolinguistics, language contact and the reconstruction of linguistic change
and culture history.

„ page 11                         „ page 13                  „ page 14                       „ page 14

Volume 653                                                   Volume 657
John Mansfield                                               Lourens de Vries
2019. xviii, 296 pages, 35 fig.,                             10/2020. Approx. 368 pages
41 schedules                                                 HC
HC                                                           RRP € 99.95 [D]/US$ 114.99/£ 91.00
RRP € 119.95 [D]/US$ 137.99/£ 109.00                     ISBN 978-1-5015-1556-9
ISBN 978-1-5015-1139-4                                       eBook
eBook                                                        RRP € 99.95 [D]/US$ 114.99/£ 91.00
RRP € 119.95 [D]/US$ 137.99/£ 109.00                     PDF ISBN 978-1-5015-0695-6
PDF ISBN 978-1-5015-0330-6                                   ePUB ISBN 978-1-5015-0691-8
ePUB ISBN 978-1-5015-0310-8

Volume 658                                                   Volume 659
Carol Priestley                                              Ellen Smith-Dennis
KOROMU (KESAWAI)                                             A GRAMMAR OF PAPAPANA
Grammar and Information Structure of a New Guinea            An Oceanic Language of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea
                                                             02/2021. Approx. 350 pages
11/2019. Approx. 500 pages, 16 fig., 4 ill., 4 maps          HC
HC                                                           RRP € 99.95 [D]/US$ 114.99/£ 91.00
RRP € 119.95 [D]/US$ 137.99/£ 109.00                     ISBN 978-1-5015-1680-1
ISBN 978-1-5015-1709-9                                       eBook
eBook                                                        RRP € 99.95 [D]/US$ 114.99/£ 91.00
RRP € 119.95 [D]/US$ 137.99/£ 109.00                     PDF ISBN 978-1-5015-0997-1
PDF ISBN 978-1-5015-1095-3                                   ePUB ISBN 978-1-5015-0989-6
ePUB ISBN 978-1-5015-1022-9
Generative Linguistics

Manfred Krifka, Mathias Schenner (Eds.)               Tue Trinh                                            Enoch Aboh, Eric Haeberli,
                                                                                                           Genoveva Puskás, Manuela Schönenberger
RECONSTRUCTION                                        THE EDGINESS                                         (Eds.)
EFFECTS IN                                            OF SILENCE                                           ELEMENTS OF
RELATIVE CLAUSES                                      A Study on Chain Linearization
Reconstruction effects in relative clauses are a      This book is a study on how grammar relates syn-     SYNTAX
class of phenomena where the external head of the     tax and phonology. It proposes a constraint on the   Theory and Description
relative clause seems to behave as if it occupied     pronunciation of structures created by movement,
a position within the relative clause. This volume    and provides arguments supporting the proposal       NOW IN PAPERBACK
brings together analyses from different frameworks,   based on distributional and interpretational facts
enabling the reader to develop their own perspec-     drawn from different languages including Chinese,
                                                                                                           This volume brings together a selection of articles
tive on the perfect tradeoff between syntax and       English, Dutch, German, Hebrew, Norwegian,
                                                                                                           illustrating the multifaceted nature of current
semantics in a theory of grammar.                     Swedish, and Vietnamese.
                                                                                                           research in generative syntax. The authors, includ-
relative clauses; reconstruction; connectivity;       Linearization; Chain; Copy Deletion; Doubling
                                                                                                           ing some of the leading figures in the field, present
syntax-semantics interface                            Tue Trinh, Leibniz-Zentrum Allgemeine                analyses of typologically diverse languages, with
Manfred Krifka, Humboldt University of Berlin &       Sprachwissenschaft (ZAS), Berlin, Germany.           some studies drawing on dialectal, acquisitional
ZAS, Berlin; Mathias Schenner, ZAS, Berlin.                                                                and diachronic evidence. Set against this rich
                                                      Monograph, English, 2nd quarter 2019                 empirical background, the contributions address an
Collection, English, 4th quarter 2018                                                                      equally wide range of theoretical issues.
                                                      Series                                               Generative Syntax ; Comparative Syntax ; Micro-
Series                                                Studia grammatica 84                                 comparative Syntax
Studia grammatica 75                                  		                                                   E. Aboh, University of Amsterdam, The
		                                                    144 pp., 106 fig.                                    Netherlands; E. Haeberli, G. Puskas, and
459 pp., 67 fig.                                      HCRRP € 89.95 / *US$ 103.99 / *£ 82.00              M. Schönenberger, University of Geneva,
HCRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00               ISBN 978-3-11-063447-1                               Switzerland.
ISBN 978-3-05-006274-7                                eBookRRP € 89.95 / *US$ 103.99 / *£ 82.00
eBookRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00            PDF ISBN 978-3-11-063746-5
                                                                                                           Collection, English, 3rd quarter 2019
PDF ISBN 978-3-05-009515-8                            ePUB ISBN 978-3-11-063458-7
ePUB ISBN 978-3-11-038077-4                                                                                Series
                                                                                                           Studies in Generative Grammar [SGG] 127

                                                                                                           533 pp.
                                                                                                           Pb.RRP € 29.95 / *US$ 34.99 / *£ 27.00
                                                                                                           ISBN 978-1-5015-1893-5

Generative Linguistics

Ludovico Franco, Paolo Lorusso (Eds.)                 Amanda Swenson                                            Jeroen van Craenenbroeck, Cora Pots,
                                                                                                                Tanja Temmerman (Eds.)
LINGUISTIC                                            MALAYALAM
VARIATION:                                            VERBS                                                     RECENT
STRUCTURE AND                                         Functional Structure and Morpho-                          DEVELOPMENTS
                                                      semantics                                                 IN PHASE THEORY
                                                      This book, using Malayalam as a case study,               Throughout the history of generative grammar there
In this volume scholars honor M. Rita Manzini for     provides an in-depth exploration of how inflectional      have been various ways of implementing locality
her contributions to the field of Generative Mor-     suffixes should be separated from the verb and the        effects, for example through Transformational Cy-
phosyntax. The essays in this book celebrate her      implications this has for the syntax and semantics.       cles or Barriers. Phase Theory constitutes the most
career by continuing to explore inter-area research   This book will be a valuable resource for anyone          recent development in this line of thinking. This
in linguistics and by pursuing a broad comparative    interested in cross-linguistic variation in tense and     volume discusses recent developments in Phase
approach, investigating and comparing different       aspect and/or the morphosyntax or morphoseman-            Theory, concerning both the specific formalization
languages and dialects.                               tics of Dravidian languages.                              of this concept, and new empirical motivations for
Morphosyntax; Linguistic Variation                    Tense; Aspect; Perfect; Dravidian                         phases.
Ludovico Franco, Università di Firenze, Italy;        Amanda Swenson, Middle Tennessee State                    Phase Theory; Ellipsis; Cyclicity; Domain-Internal
Paolo Lorusso, IUSS Scuola Universitaria              University, Murfreesboro, USA                             Phases
Superiore Pavia, Italy.
                                                                                                                Jeroen van Craenenbroeck, Cora Pots and
                                                      Monograph, English, 3rd quarter 2019                      Jolijn Sonnaert, KU Leuven, Belgium
Collection, English, 4th quarter 2019

                                                      Series                                                    Collection, English, 2nd quarter 2020
Series                                                Studies in Generative Grammar [SGG] 137
Studies in Generative Grammar [SGG] 132               		                                                        Series
		                                                    281 pp.                                                   Studies in Generative Grammar [SGG] 139
Approx. 350 pp., 18 fig.                              HCRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
HCRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00               ISBN 978-1-5015-1691-7                                    Approx. 350 pp.
ISBN 978-1-5015-1434-0                                eBookRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00                HCRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
eBookRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00            PDF ISBN 978-1-5015-1014-4                                ISBN 978-1-5015-1703-7
PDF ISBN 978-1-5015-0520-1                            ePUB ISBN 978-1-5015-1012-0                               eBookRRP € 99.95 / *US$ 114.99 / *£ 91.00
ePUB ISBN 978-1-5015-0510-2
                                                                                                                PDF ISBN 978-1-5015-1019-9
                                                                                                                ePUB ISBN 978-1-5015-1013-7

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