Makkah Charter Readings of - Publications of the Islamic Educational, Scientific

Makkah Charter Readings of - Publications of the Islamic Educational, Scientific
Readings of
Makkah Charter

 Publications of the Islamic Educational, Scientific
       and Cultural Organization (ISESCO)
Makkah Charter Readings of - Publications of the Islamic Educational, Scientific
Readings of
    “Makkah Charter”

                         Publications of the
Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO)

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Makkah Charter Readings of - Publications of the Islamic Educational, Scientific
Makkah Charter Readings of - Publications of the Islamic Educational, Scientific

     Introduction, H.E. Dr. Salim M. AlMalik, ISESCO
5    Director General

     Analytic Summary of Makkah Charter: Towards a
     civilizational commitment for peace coexistence among
8    nations
                                             Ms. Zineb Iraqi

      Makkah Charter: An added value to international law
10                              Mr. Abdelkader El-Idrissi

      Makkah Charter: A new vision of Islamic guidance in
14    the 15th century A.H. /21st century A.D.
                                      Dr. Abdelilah Benarafa

      Educational views on Makkah Charter
20                                     Mr. Adel Bouraoui

      Makkah Charter: Declaration of the beginning of a
      new era of international human cooperation to spread
24    the values of peace, harmony and coexistence”
                                   Dr. El Mahjoub Bensaid
      Makkah Charter: A historic constitution that strives to
      entrench the values of coexistence and achieve peace
29    and harmony
                                     Mr. Mohamed Ghemari

     Makkah Charter: Multidimensional contents
33                                    Dr. Ahmed Said Bah

     Makkah Charter: An insightful cultural treatment to
36   redress imbalances and build a brighter future
                                             Mr. Najib Rhiati

     Makkah Charter: Harmony with the general Framework
40   of sustainable development
                                   Dr. Abdelmajid Tribak

45                                  Annex: Makkah Charter

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Makkah Charter Readings of - Publications of the Islamic Educational, Scientific
Makkah Charter Readings of - Publications of the Islamic Educational, Scientific

        Makkah Charter came at an appropriate           enrichment of the international human rights
        historical moment characterized by the          law. Though it is founded on the “Constitution
        growing need for renewal in formulating         of Medina”, it adds profoundly significant
        legal rules, human principles and moral         legal dimensions to the principles that, if
        values introduced by Islam according to         appropriately and consciously applied, may
        the most up-to-date legal treatment methods     be the stepping stone to steadily advancing
        provided for by international conventions       human life, and ultimately leading to just
        establishing legal systems with international   and firmly established peace in a context of
        dimensions that chart for the international     peaceful civilizational coexistence, human
        community the course forward to build           fraternity and international cooperation for
        world peace and protect human rights on         the sake of confirmed collective interest that
        the bases of values of justice, equity and      benefit all human societies.
                                                        With its underlying theoretical basis
        Makkah Charter has laid the foundations         and sharia rules and legal principles,
        for the system of principles underlying         Makkah Charter has great significance as
        the new world order that humanity               a roadmap to overcome the civilizational
                                                                   impasse facing humanity at
                                                                   this critical juncture in world
  It is not only a religious document … but
                                                                   history. It is also a roadmap to a
  also a civil, legal, right-based and human stable and peaceful stage where
  instrument that aims to find practical means human principles prevail and
  to establish harmony among people and dominate the international politics
  promote understanding coexistence, and which, in many of its elements
                                                                   and components, lacks the
                                                                   human spirit, spiritual serenity,
                                                                   emotional stability and self-
        aspires to establish as the bedrock for the contentment, in a climate of innate fraternity
        international relations at the present and uniting human beings, mutual respect
        future periods to eliminate factors of conflict between world states, meaningful dialogue
        which not only rages among cultures, among cultures and civilizations, and deep
        civilizations and followers of faiths, but coexistence and perfect harmony among
        also exacerbates its risks and magnifies its nations and peoples.
        impact on the policies adopted
        by the international community,
        in clear contravention of the          The issues tackled by the Charter from an
        Charter of the United Nations          Islamic perspective and based on the true
        and flagrant violation of the          religious notions are among the key questions
        Universal Declaration of Human         besetting governments and peoples alike
        Rights adopted by the United
        Nations General Assembly in
                                                        This is not only a religious document, in
        With its human, legal and sharia dimensions, the common and limited sense that does
        the Charter is a valuable addition to the not express the truth of Islam, but also
        relevant international instruments and an a civil, legal, right-based and human

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Makkah Charter Readings of - Publications of the Islamic Educational, Scientific
instrument that aims to find practical means    security to save humanity from the perils of
to establish harmony among people, and          ever-increasing crises and problems.
promote understanding, coexistence and
dialogue. It also allows for eliminating evil   The Charter addressed every serious issue
propensities and delusions that blur vision     preoccupying the international public
and drive people to destruction; rooting        opinion, and provide solutions to it within the
out hatred, racism, racial, religious and       context of the holistic vision encompassing
cultural discrimination, fighting all forms     both being guided by the noble Islamic
of extremism, fanaticism, sectarianism and      teachings and benefiting from the modern
terrorism, both overt and covert.               form of international laws with moral and
                                                human rules.
It is obvious that the Makkah Charter,
while being a significant intellectual and      Based on all of these principles, the Islamic
cultural achievement of the Muslim World        Educational, Scientific and Cultural
League, is in its depth, essence and            Organization (ISESCO), being honored
significance a noble deed of the Custodian      to adopt this Charter, has studied and
of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin         analyzed its contents and deduced the
Abdulaziz Al Saud, may Allah protect and        conclusions in the form of useful and
guide him. This document is inspired by         consistent surveys which are mostly analytic
his human civilizational vision and drawn       views, intellectual reflections, human
from the effects of his sound leadership of     rights reviews, legal treatments and
the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which has           correct conclusions that all include sound
made of this blessed country a beacon of        opinions, constructive ideas and highly
civilizational renaissance; human renewal       significant and invaluable conclusions.
and civil modernization in all fields of life   ISESCO is pleased to publish this
for the benefit of its citizens and residents   documentary book which includes those
and for the Saudi society, in general.          studies, surveys and talks to share benefits
The issues tackled by the Charter from          and contribute to enlightening public opinion
an Islamic perspective and based on the         inside and outside the Islamic world with the
true religious notions are among the key        rich contents of the Makkah Charter, hoping
questions besetting governments and             that researchers, scholars and persons
peoples alike given their serious impact on     concerned with international affairs and all
all. The exacerbation of such issues and the    intellectuals and knowledge seekers, will find in
failure to address them soundly undermine       it elements that illuminate minds, emancipate
the stability of human communities; prevent     brains, stir conscience, motivate good wills
the establishment of world peace and            to act each from his position to disseminate
                                                this Charter and its contents.

                                                       May Allah guide us to the right path.

                                                           Dr. Salim M. AlMalik
                                                         ISESCO Director General
Makkah Charter Readings of - Publications of the Islamic Educational, Scientific
Makkah Charter Readings of - Publications of the Islamic Educational, Scientific
Makkah Charter Readings of - Publications of the Islamic Educational, Scientific
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“Makkah Charter”:
An added value to international law
                                     Mr. Abdelkader El-Idrissi
                                    Expert at the Cabinet of ISESCO
                                            Director General

   It is a suitable framework to get out of the
   international crisis of which the exacerbating
   aspect include the violation of international
   law, breach of relevant conventions, declarations
   and covenants.
The international laws established since           recourse to power, strength and the surplus of
the Peace of Westphalia Treaty signed              resources to the detriment of the inalienable
in 1648, which laid down the rules of              and inviolable human interests in any
modern international relations, have not           whatsoever and under any circumstance,
undergone a deep and influential evolution         constant or transitory.
in terms of concepts, significance, visions
                                                   The Charter, which deserves to be qualified as
and orientations such as that initiated
                                                   historic according to adopted international
by “Makkah Charter” issued by the
                                                   standards, brings us face to face with a
International Islamic Conference held by
                                                   spectacular development from a legal
the Muslim World League in the last ten
                                                   perspective as part of proposed solutions at
days of last Ramadan near the Haram
                                                   all levels to respond to the threats emanating
                                                   from the exacerbating phenomena of
The principles of human rights have endured        extremism, fanaticism and sectarianism; fight
as setback and recourse to the rules of            all forms of terrorism; counter waves of
international law declined. Even after             hatred, racism, racial, religious and cultural
the establishment the United Nations in            discrimination. The issues tackled by the
1945 following the Second World War                Charter are of paramount importance for
which created the favorable conditions for         they are all profoundly human issues whose
agreement on establishing new rules for            spinoffs pose problems to humanity at large.
international relations on the basis of the        The repercussions occasioned by the failure
UN Charter which have been frequently              to address them in convincing ways and
violated by some great powers which                effective methods, pose threats to human
seek to dominate international politics and        peace, world security and international
direct it in such a way as to ensure their         harmony. In addition, the Charter gets
vital interests and achieve their objectives       its legitimacy from two major sources.
which in many cases contradict fairness and        The first one was the international Islamic
decency and violate human rights though            conference held near Al-Haram Mosque
they claim respect of human rights.                which gathered scholars, jurisprudents,
                                                   muftis, intellectuals, academicians, and
If we look at the Charter from the perspective     holders of wisdom, knowledge, expertise
of political science and international relations   and sense of responsibility. The participants
based on adopted academic concepts in              are the elite of scholars and intellectuals
specialized colleges, we feel completely           who know the truth of things and insights
reassured that the contents of this Charter,       about the problems of era and the issues
taking into account the circumstances being        preoccupying the world. The second is
undergone by the world, is a suitable              that the Charter emanates from the vision
framework to get out of the international          of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques
crisis of which the exacerbating aspect            King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al- Saud, May
include the violation of international law;        Allah protect him, who is truly qualified as
breach of relevant conventions, declarations       the wise of the Arabs and Muslims in this
and covenants; practice of arrogance,              era, the leader entrusted with the holy
intransigence, obstinacy and making                lands which are a trust deposited with the

                                                                                                    10   11
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Both sources            for humanity, promote lofty values, erect
significantly affect the general orientations    bridges of love and human harmony,
of the Charter which represent a human           counter practices of injustice, aggression,
covenant that lays the foundations of a          occupation, violation of the rights of peoples,
new world order that should be based on          clash of civilizations, cultural conflicts,
the rules of justice, equity, equality, mutual   sectarian strife and fight all forms of hatred.
respect and the principles of human rights;      Actually, this Charter has developed
a world that is the hope for humanity            new concepts put in phrases with
today and the aspiration of the hearts that      profound meanings such as “civilizational
believe in the values of right and principles    partnership”, “the uniting commonalties”,
of justice, equity, peace, equality among        “the components of the human community”,
people and human fraternity.                     “the difference between nations in their
                                                 beliefs, customs and modes of thinking is
Over four decades, I have been studying
                                                 a divine destiny”, “solidarity to stop the
in depth and intensively international
                                                 destruction of man and civilization”, “just
agreements, conventions, covenants and
                                                 and indivisible value”, “the equation of
declarations, including the UN Charter, the
                                                 coexistence”, “comprehensive citizenship”,
Universal Declaration of Human Rights; the
                                                 “mutual entitlement”, “redressing the
International Covenant on Civil and Political
                                                 civilizational predicament of which terrorism
Rights (ICCPR), the International Covenant
                                                 is an offspring”, “the origin of religions is one
on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
                                                 and their laws and methods are diverse”,
(ICESCR), the Charter of Fundamental
                                                 “drying up the sources of religious and
Rights of the European Union, UNESCO
                                                 ethnic conflict”, “active recognition of the
Charter, the decisions of the International
                                                 other”, “the positive national integration”,
Court of Justice, etc. and have never felt
                                                 “methodic aberration», “Islamophobia is
emotionally and intellectually comforted as
                                                 the result of ignoring the truth of Islam”,
I did when carefully intently read Makkah
                                                 “national diversity”, and “just rights”. All of
Charter. As I compared it with all of those
                                                 these concepts are such foundational and
instruments, I found out that the Charter is
                                                 innovative that there is no equal to them
a highly significant addition which is by
                                                 in the sources of international law with
the pure legal standard an added value
                                                 their accurately, skillfully and extensively
to the international law that deserves to be
                                                 formulated phrases or other ones of
universalized, implemented and inspired
                                                 approximate formulation.
from to enact laws. Moreover, it should
be the basis for looking for solutions for       These additions, which are filled with
international crises and ways out of the         intellectual and legal contents, are put
crises hitting humanity in various parts of      forward by Makkah Charter to enrich the
world especially in the Middle East and          system of economic, social, cultural, civil and
North Africa.                                    political human rights; initiate a new era of
                                                 human rights which failed to be instituted so
This Charter, which we can consider as a
                                                 far by international law jurists at this critical
rare constitutive and foundational Charter
                                                 moment of human history characterized
in this era that seeks to achieve goodness
                                                 by the escalating waves of hatred, racism,
defamation of religions, fueling racist       If we argue that the notion of added value is
and sectarian trends, the continuous and      a modern economic notion, then qualifying
systematic violations of international laws   Makkah Charter as an added value
through various means, scrupulous and         is neither a preposterous assertion nor
unscrupulous. This is what gives great        contravene the nature of things because it
importance to this Charter according to       is a constitutive and foundational Charter
scientific, jurisprudence, intellectual and   pioneering a new world legal system likely
legal standards. Accordingly, it is at the    to mark the dawn of a new age of peace
vanguard of international instruments if      and goodness for humanity as a whole.
it is seen from pure legal perspective and
                                              Truly, that is the added value which this historic
given the value it deserves among other
                                              Charter has brought to the international law.
modern constitutive legal and intellectual

                                                                                                   12   13
“Makkah Charter”:
A new vision of Islamic guidance
  in the 15th century A.H./21st century A.D.
                               Dr. Abdelilah Benarafa
                                  Cultural Advisor to
                               ISESCO Director General

  One of the elements of novelty is that the
  Charter raises a number of current issues …,
  lays down a set of major principles
Makkah Charter, issued by the Muslim               ulema body as the party having exclusive
World League (MWL), comes in two parts:            competence in religious affairs of the
the first one consists of the preamble and         Ummah and stress the Islamic dimension as
the second part includes the articles of the       one of its core strengths.
                                                   The Charter falls within the great principles
                                                   of coexistence laid down by the “Constitution
                                                   of Medina”. It puts forward a set of rules
This opening part sets four determinants for       and disciplines on the unity of Muslims’
the Charter:                                       legislative source; the inexistence of any
                                                   contradictions between its texts; the
     1. Honor of the time and venue,               importance of balancing between the partial
        namely Makkah Al-Mukarramah                and the holistic; taking into account the
        during the last ten days of                contexts; binding orders and prohibitions
        Ramadan 1440 A.H.;                         to the system of interests and mischiefs;
     2. Definition of Makkah Charter as            considering developments, human realities
        an Islamic guidance that draws on          and implications; and evoking the human
        the “Constitution of Medina”;              dimension, the values of mercy, inclusion
                                                   and accommodation of difference.
     3. Eminent scholars of the Islamic
        Ummah are in charge of this                Chief among the novel elements that the
        Charter, and;                              Chart brings forward are the current issues
                                                   on the question of individual rights and
     4. Objectives of the Charter, which
                                                   liberties; broad citizenship; empowering
        are four:                                  women to hold various offices, including
         a) Muslims are part and parcel            religious ones; loyalty to the national State;
            of the world and they seek             strengthening the identity of Muslim youth
            to communicate with all its            according to five fundamentals; the
            civilizational components;             importance of taking into consideration the
         b) Promoting human values;                spatial and temporal conditions in issuing
                                                   fatwas and prohibiting the exportation of
         c) Building bridges of love and
                                                   fatwas in respect of the principle of the
             human harmony, and;
                                                   sovereignty of States in their legislations
         d) Countering practices of                and general affairs.
            injustice, civilizational clash
            and the evils of hatred.               Moreover, the Charter distinguishes between
                                                   religion, in its supremacy and invariability,
 II- ARTIClES                                      and the different types of religiosity in their
                                                   variation and limits; raises questions of
In its second part, the Charter stipulates a set   concern for the future of humanity relevant
of principles and fundamentals in the form of      to the protection of the environment and
Articles covering general principles, pitfalls,    the family as the basic nucleus of human
areas of action, working mechanisms,               society. These questions are, in fact,
and issues. The last Article designates the        new to the Islamic debate and human

                                                                                                     14   15
interaction. The Charter does not address       people. Another principle that results
only the followers of religions, but also the   from establishing the principle of diversity
proponents of philosophies, thus enlarging      is stipulated in Article 4 which calls for
the scope of dialogue with all on the basis     civilizational cooperation and partnership.
of cooperation and love.
                                                Another aspect of religious diversity is that
The Charter lays down a set of major            the unity of the source of belief entails the
principles. Article one stipulates the          diversity of legislations and lifestyles as
principle of common human character as          stipulated in Article 5.
Allah says: [O mankind, indeed We have
                                                As faith has various aspects, the civilizational
created you from male and female and
                                                models are similarly numerous and the
made you peoples and tribes that you
                                                visions are diverse, thus leading to discord
may know one another. Indeed, the
                                                between the followers of these major
most noble of you in the sight of Allah
                                                sources. Therefore, civilizational dialogue
is the most righteous of you. Indeed,
                                                should be adopted as a mechanism for
Allah is Knowing and Acquainted]; the
                                                mutual understanding with the Other as
biography of the Prophet (peace be upon
                                                provided for in Article 6.
him) as evidenced by the Constitution of
Medina; and the biographies of the Rightly      Given that religion is one and the source
Guided Caliphs such as the commandment          of belief is common, Article 7 stipulates
of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) to his          the plurality of the forms of religiosity and
governor of Egypt to apply the same             the patterns of belief. Thus, it is necessary
principle, saying: “People are two types:       to distinguish between religion and
either a brother to you in religion or a peer   religiosity to avoid any confusion that may
to you in creation.” Having established this    lead to misinterpretation and ultimately to
holistic principle, Article two sets forth a    aberration.
derived principle which rejects superiority
and racism because people are equal             Among the mechanisms, manifestations
in creation and humanity. Thus, it is not       and benefits of the civilizational dialogue
permitted to breach this principle for any      is synergy leading to halt the destruction
racial considerations.                          of Mankind and civilization stipulated in
                                                Article 8 and laying down the foundations
Furthermore, human equality does not            for building alliances on issues that concern
exclude anybody. It is rather enriched          the protection of the supreme interests of
through diversity which is a human destiny      humanity, including the alliance against
and a divine judgment as provided for in        terrorism.
Article 3. Thus, considering diversity as
such, destinies are meant to be lived rather    This synergy entails the urgency of enacting
than not fought. Diversity is two types:        the necessary legislations to repress any
One which is not man-made, and another          violation of the human consensus such as
which is acquired from life and its spatial     spreading the culture of hatred and inciting
and temporal conditions surrounding             violence, terrorism and conflict as provided
                                                for in Article 9.
In Article 10, the Charter confirms the         that this phenomenon has two forms:
historical truth, being disrupted by            One is accidental due to ignorance of
stereotypes on Islam, of the contribution       Islam and its civilization. This form can be
of Muslims to the universal human               redressed through increasing knowledge
civilizational building, and their ability to   of this religion and the contributions of its
contribute today to finding solutions to        civilizations. The other form is pathologic
moral, social and environmental crises          and reflects the imbalances, sicknesses
which are threatening humanity amid the         and hatred residing inside the Soul, which
devastating      globalization.                 requires a holistic treatment.

In this context, Article 11 stipulates the      In Article 16, the Charter defines a number
unity of human values, primarily achieving      of moral, social, environmental and familial
justice, which is the basis of civilization,    challenges facing humanity as a whole,
the necessity of shaping an international       and calls for addressing these challenges
public opinion on these common values           which threaten the destiny of humanity and
and the rejection of all forms oppression       push it into the unknown.
and superiority.
                                                The Charter addresses these challenges
The Charter further determines the common       in Article 17 through raising the question
human areas of cooperation as stipulated        of personal or individual liberties which
in Article 12 which urges cooperation to        are among the major topics debated
protect the environment.                        worldwide. It stipulates that these individual
                                                liberties should be governed by some legal,
Article 13 provides for the outcomes of the
                                                constitutional, moral and ethical rules to
principle of rejecting superiority detailed
                                                prevent the destruction of the common
in Article 2 through qualifying the premise
                                                human values and the social systems which
of the clash of civilizations as a modern
                                                took hundreds of years to build and agree
method of spreading hatred; fearing
and aggressing the Other; hegemony in
Earth; and rejection of cooperation and         Among the pitfalls associated with the
complementarity among civilizations.            above principle are tackled in Article 18
                                                which rejects interference in domestic
As stipulated in Article 14, spreading the
                                                affairs of States and infringement of their
idea of clash and fueling conflict pose
                                                sovereignty on any external pretext that
the risks of destroying all the principles
                                                contradicts the internal natural development,
of human commonalties and the unity of
                                                constants, historical experience, diversity of
human destiny through entrenching hatred
                                                components of each State in keeping its
and fueling conflict inside the same country
                                                social peace.
and among different peoples instead of
achieving coexistence and internal and          In Article 19, the Charter provides for
external social cohesion.                       some of the forms of cooperation which
                                                necessitates inspiring from international
In Article 15, the Charter draws an example
                                                successful models and experiences in
for this hatred with Islamophobia stipulating
                                                combating corruption, linking responsibility

                                                                                                 16   17
with   accountability,     rationalizing          Article 24 highlights the importance of
consumption, avoiding depletion of assets         addressing the causes of public imbalances
and wastage of resources.                         and social disparities which fuel the
                                                  speeches of grievances to justify violence,
In Article 20, the Charter stresses the
                                                  terrorism and hatred. These imbalances
importance of immunizing Muslim societies
                                                  entail the need for addressing issues
against all forms of infiltration and assigning
the responsibility thereon to educational         of hunger, poverty, disease, ignorance
institutions, the body of ulemas, civil society   and racial discrimination. The Charter
organizations and all influence platforms in      subordinates the treatment of these
order to disseminate moderate Islam which         problems to the commitment of competent
Muslim societies have espoused throughout         institutions and authorities.
their long history.
                                                  One of the new and important issues
The Charter, in Article 21, emphasizes            dealt with by the Charter in Article 25 is
another form of cooperation and                   the necessity of empowering women to
responsibility that should be assumed             hold all offices including religious offices
by the international leaders to achieve           by preserving her dignity and avoiding
coexistence and make human experience             any politicization of her cause or taking
successful in terms of the unity of its goals     that as a pretext to interfere in the affairs
and destiny.                                      of States, undermine their sovereignty and
                                                  social systems and violate their legislations.
Based on the previous principle, the
Charter stipulates, in Article 22, an idea        Accordingly, the Charter, in Article 26,
strongly present in the founding literatures      determines the other social categories
and texts of Muslims, namely the question         which should be primarily protected and
of broad citizenship as opposed to partial        empowered such as children whose rights
citizenship. Each one of them has its own         should be protected and ensured.
requirements and rules that should be taken
                                                  In Article 27, the Charter moves to
into account without favoring one over the
                                                  another social category: young people
other. What may be permitted externally
                                                  who are the energy and future of society.
may not be internally. Broad citizenship
                                                  Protection of this category, mostly exposed
ensures some rights, but it imposes some
                                                  to polarization by the aberrant trends,
duties. Though some issues require human
solidarity, action should be kept within the      can be carried out through promoting
limits of laws, legislations and constitutions,   the five fundamentals of identity: religion,
and directed to counter any violation of          homeland, culture, language and history.
the national consensus in every country.          Religion belongs to God and the homeland
Once again, the Charter, in Article 23,           is for all; language is a civilizational pot;
criminalizes any aggression against               culture is an ethical material and immaterial
sanctities and worship places, and provides       belonging; and history is landmarks and
for ensuring the right of access thereto and      evidences. Thus, the Charter suggests the
respect of their inviolability.                   necessity of launching an international
                                                  forum for youth affairs.
Afterwards, Article 28 stipulates going        the way to all pretenders and promoters
beyond formal slogans and focusing on          of hatred, violence and terrorism. It bans
efficiency and the positive concrete impact    exporting fatwas and requires taking into
in vital issues that concern humanity as a     account its spatial and temporal settings.
whole.                                         The Ulema institution is the only party
                                               capable of taking into consideration the
Finally, the Charter reaffirms in Article 29
                                               interests of Muslim people and cooperation
the necessity of limiting the right to speak
                                               with the rest of human peoples for the
on behalf of the Ummah and decide on
                                               benefit of humanity at large.
its affairs to the Ulema institution to bar

                                                                                            18   19
Educational views on Makkah Charter
                                Mr. Adel Bouraoui
                            Supervisor of the Directorate of
                                Education at ISESCO

   It is a memorandum of understanding in the
   comprehensive human and civilizational
   sense, as it is a memorandum for Muslims
   and humanity as a whole
If I to borrow modern terms and appellations     the educational building of the individual
to name and describe Makkah Charter, I           and society to entrench the values of equity,
will describe it as a human memorandum           accessibility, efficiency, quality, diversity and
of understanding, not in the technical           partnership. These are the same values that
and protocol sense of the Charter that is        constitute the ethical and referential context
signed between two cooperating parties,          for the desired educational systems as
but in a broader and deeper meaning. It          expressed in the Sustainable Development
is a memorandum of understanding in the          Goal 4 (SDG4) on education, which aims
comprehensive, human and civilizational          to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality
sense. Indeed, it is a memorandum for            education and promote lifelong learning
Muslims and humanity as a whole as it            opportunities for all.”
assumes the task of reminding people which
                                                 Since education in its various disciplines,
is the responsibility of prophets and their
                                                 fields and branches is the practical area
heirs from among ulemas, as Allah says:
                                                 to implement orientations and principles,
[And remind, for indeed, the reminder
                                                 entrench values, develop sound and
benefits the believers.] From an Islamic
                                                 positive behavior, Makkah Charter, in
and human perspective, the Charter re-
                                                 its different articles, has touched upon
sets solid foundations for coexistence,
                                                 different educational fields and disciplines.
understanding and knowing each other
                                                 If we look at the contents of Article 6 that
in line with Allah’s saying: [O mankind,
                                                 opens with “civilizational dialogue is the
indeed We have created you from male
                                                 best way to sound understanding with
and female and made you peoples and
                                                 the other”, we notice that it accurately
tribes that you may know one another.
                                                 expresses the objectives and outcomes
Indeed, the most noble of you in the
                                                 which the Charter seeks to achieve through
sight of Allah is the most righteous of
                                                 education, dialogue and peace, while
you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and
                                                 Article 12 refers directly to environmental
Acquainted ].
                                                 education. In the rest of articles, there
If a careful reader looks at the Charter with    are clear references to family education,
the scrutinizing eye of an educator, he will     civil education, education on citizenship,
find out that it highlights the educational      literacy, adult education, girls and women
dimensions with paramount importance             education, preschool education, and
in building bridges of human love and            communication and information education.
harmony and countering calls of conflict         Field implementation of the educational
and trends of hatred and racial supremacy.       dimensions and translation of the lofty
In addition to Article 20 in the Charter         principles and values and constructive
which affirms that “the protection of Muslim     ideas they contain into remarkable and
societies is the responsibility of educational   firm practices in the daily behavior of
institutions      through      their  relevant   individuals and groups rely on using three
programmes, teachers and tools”, the             main mechanisms.
first five articles in its second page, which
                                                 The first mechanism is about awareness-
constitute the principles and theoretical and
                                                 raising and publicizing. This is undertaken
preliminary references, are closely linked to

                                                                                                     20   21
by decision-makers and education officials      translated into tangible realities through
in Member States and regional and               providing opportunities to people, namely
international organizations with common         marginalized groups, to improve their
interests through the organization of direct    living conditions. Actually, the initiatives
meetings with senior educational officials      and projects of social and economic
to publicize the Charter and call countries     empowerment of newly literate women and
to adopt it as a guidance educational           girls are a good example of the efficiency
Charter to enrich their national educational    of this mechanism in achieving the desired
philosophies and draw on it to develop          impact.
their future national policies and integrate
                                                In addition to its comprehensive cultural
its texts in their educational curricula.
                                                and civilizational dimensions, Makkah
The second one educational training. It is      Charter touches upon the various elements
implemented at the level of educational         of the educational process that build the
staff, namely those who teach human and         common human values and strengthen
social subjects at educational levels through   the positive behavior among children
workshops and training activities targeting     and young people. Therefore, it is an
curricula experts, educational supervisors      educational reference Charter which, Allah
and counsellors, and teachers of human          willing and through federating efforts of the
and social subjects.                            parties concerned with education at the
                                                Islamic and international levels, will have
The third mechanisms is direct field action
                                                an important role to play in promoting the
designed for different social categories
                                                system of values in our societies through
through integrated projects where
the educational dimension converges
with the developmental one and the              May Allah grant us success and guide us to
values of cooperation, human dignity,           the right path.
solidarity, fraternity and compassion are

               22   23
“Makkah Charter”
  Declaration of the beginning of a new era of
   international human cooperation to spread
the values of peace, harmony and coexistence.”
                            Dr. El Mahjoub Bensaid
                         Supervisor of the Centre Information
                           and Communication at ISESCO

The initiatives included in Makkah Charter
constitute implementable civilizational projects
with human dimensions as it presents to the
world a new Islamic vision based on openness
to the mutations of this era and desire to
contribute to addressing human issues
Makkah Charter is a high-level Charter           Arguably, the initiatives included in
issued by experts and wise people in various     Makkah Charter constitute implementable
fields of knowledge from the Islamic world       civilizational    projects     with    human
rather than ordinary recommendations,            dimensions as it presents to the world a new
occasional impressions or interpretations        Islamic vision based on openness to the
of aberrant, exclusionary and extremist          mutations of this era and desire to contribute
groups. It stands for the voice of wisdom in     to addressing human issues which occupy
the Islamic world which should be heard by       the attention of the international community,
the West and those who wrongly accuse            join the informed international movement
Islam and Muslims. The Charter gains its         aiming at promoting the values dialogue,
legal, intellectual and scientific legitimacy    understanding, coexistence, harmony
from being endorsed by 1200 scholars and         and mutual understanding advocated by
intellectuals who participated in the Islamic    our noble religion and preached by all
conference organized by the Muslim World         revealed religions.
League (MWL) in Makkah Al-Mukarramah
from 27 to 29 May 2019 on “the Values            Hence, His Excellency Director General
of Moderation in the Texts of the Qur’an         of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and
and Sunnah” under the patronage of the           Cultural Organization (ISESCO) suggested
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King          the submission of the Makkah Charter
Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.                    to the General Secretariat of the United
                                                 Nations, the High Commissioner for Human
In addition, the Charter is a historical
                                                 Rights, the European Parliament and
Charter of great importance that stems
                                                 UNESCO, holding international symposia
from the comprehensive and wise vision of
                                                 in some international capitals to explain the
the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques,
                                                 contents of the Charter and establishing an
King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and is inspired
                                                 award under the name of “Makkah Charter
from his profound wisdom. Thus, it acts as
a roadmap for joint Islamic action and           Award” under the joint supervision of the
determines comprehensively and deeply            Muslim World League and ISESCO for the
and with a strategic vision that areas and       best country implementing the Charter.
prospects of joint Islamic action.               The timing at which the Charter was issued
The Charter constitutes a remarkable             has a profound significance and is highly
added value compared to previous                 symbolic at the Islamic and international
relevant declarations and statements as it       levels at a time when the speech of hatred
is a practical, field and optimistic Charter     has exacerbated with the invasion of the
instead of being a grieving and lamenting        extremist right parties of the political scene in
one. It respects the other and espouses the      the European countries resulting in a marked
Islamic wise viewpoint that interacts with the   increase of the phenomenon of Islamophobia.
current events and international resolutions     The Islamophobia Observatory of the
and declarations relating to the questions       Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)
of dialogue, coexistence between followers       stated that discrimination and bigotry
of religions and respect of cultural and         against Muslims reached their highest level
religious diversity and human rights.            by the end of 2018.

                                                                                                     24   25
In this context, we present the following            Islam and Muslims among the European
facts:                                               elites and even at the international
                                                     level including the academic and
1-     Makkah Charter was issued to
                                                     intellectual circles. This spread and
     promote, open new horizons and
                                                     offence is a voluntary breach of the
     give considerable momentum to the
                                                     rules of international law and a violent
     Islamic initiatives aiming to address
                                                     blow to the contents of the international
     Islamophobia. It has also drawn
                                                     instruments of human rights.
     a roadmap to a new approach of
     transition from the stage of countering       3- The adoption of Makkah Charter
     Islamophobia from a defensive position          coincided with the time when calls
     to adopting a comprehensive and                 increased inside the United Nations
     integrated strategy that transcends the         General Assembly and the Council
     policy of instant reactions and hinges          of Human Rights for instituting a
     on an objective vision to the role of           new binding international law that is
     publicizing the Islamic culture and             compatible with the rules of respect for
     civilization. The aim being to counter          religions to deter and stop the spread
     the spinoffs of the phenomenon,                 of this phenomenon. Furthermore, the
     promote relations of partnership and            international community has become
     cooperation with media institutions and         increasingly aware that Islamophobia is
     media professionals’ unions outside             against the tide of history, international
     the Islamic world, contribute to the            law and the will of wise men of the
     protection of the civil and cultural rights     world and constitutes a serious issue
     of Muslim minorities in the world and           that threatens world peace and security.
     supporting them through the promotion           This is why the international community
     of consultation and coordination with           has unanimously called for combating
     international civil society organizations       this dangerous phenomenon not only
     concerned with minorities’ human rights         because it targets Muslims and Islam,
     and reject racial discrimination, hatred        but also because it offends humanity as
     and defamation of religions.                    a whole, fights noble values and ideals
                                                     and contradicts the principles of human
2- Makkah Charter was adopted at a time
                                                     rights and the rules of international laws.
   when defamation of Islam and Muslims
   is undertaken in new forms that violate         4- Makkah Charter keeps up with the
   the rules of international law governing           international interest in religious issues
   human rights and the media. This has               which has emerged in recent years
   resulted in a development of violation             inside the United Nations and namely
   methods and mechanisms in such a way               inside two of its important organs: the
   that defamation has moved from books,              General Assembly and the Council of
   encyclopedias and orientalist studies to           Human Rights, the increasing awareness
   films, radio and TV programmes and the             of the importance of religion in human
   Internet. Through these means, the legal           rights international law and its position
   violations have increased in Western               in the UN organs concerned with the
   media and strived to distort the image of          question. On 11 April 2011, the General
Assembly of the United Nations adopted          of Muslim countries now attach great
   Resolution 65/224 on combating                  attention to dialogue, middle-stance and
   defamation of religions and urged to            moderation. In addition, most of them
   fight the speech of hatred. The Charter         have developed national educational,
   has suggested the activation of this            cultural, economic, information, security
   resolution, which has not yet been done,        and intelligence strategies to root out
   and laid the appropriate foundations            terrorism and protect the youth against
   for that calling for enacting legislations      fanaticism and extremism and urge
   deterring promoters of hatred, inciters         them to embrace the values positive
   of violence, terrorism and civilizational       citizenship and contribute to societal
   clash at the Islamic and international          development. At the level of Islamic
   levels.                                         organizations, His Excellency Secretary
5- Recently some initiatives and decisions         General of the Muslim World League
   have been taken in Europe to ensure             (MWL) made great efforts to publicize
   the respect of the rights of minorities and     Islam and its universal and human noble
   fight hate and defamation of religions.         mission among political and religious
   These developments strengthen the               decision makers in America, Europe,
   civilizational options and human rights         Russia and Africa. This has contributed
   and initiatives the Charter contains.           to shake up the negative stereotypes
   Among these initiatives, the adoption           held by Westerners about Muslim
   by the French National Assembly on 9            religious leaderships. In the same vein,
   July 2019 of laws against the promotion         the Organization of Islamic Cooperation
   of hatred speech on internet platforms.         (OIC) and ISESCO have started to
   Before that, the European Court of Human        design several and various action plans,
   Rights had taken a ruling considering the       programmes, and activities to address
   defamation of the Prophet Mohammed              Islamophobia through diagnosing its
   (PBUH) not being a form of the freedom          aspects and dimensions and suggesting
   of expression. In addition, civil society       solutions to curb it. Moreover, the OIC
   institutions concerned with human               Conference of Foreign Ministers called
   rights and sympathize with the causes           upon the United Nations to declare
   of immigrants, refugees and religious           15 March as an international day for
   minorities in Europe and some fair media        countering Islamophobia.
   outlets abiding by the international          7- We conclude from the above that the
   law on the media and internationally-
                                                    contents and orientations of Makkah
   recognized media codes of ethics,
                                                    Charter will give a new and strong
   have started to form a lobby influencing
                                                    impetus to ISESCO efforts in its action to
   public opinion to counter hatred speech
                                                    address Islamophobia, hatred and racial
   and disseminate the values of tolerance,
                                                    discrimination, redress the stereotypes
   fraternity and peace to bar the way to
                                                    on Islam and Muslims and defend
   extremists from all doctrines and sects.
                                                    the civil, cultural, social and religious
6- The Charter came at the right time at the        rights of Muslim minorities in Western
   level of Islamic world. The governments          societies through the implementation of

                                                                                                 26   27
various field activities based on three       the UN resolution on the prohibition of
  ISESCO relevant reference Charters:           defaming religions in the media and
  the Programme of Communicative,               defense of the rights of Muslim minorities
  Legal and Human Rights Treatment of           in Western societies.
  Islamophobia, the Reference Framework        • Holding regional training sessions on
  on the Legal Procedures for Filing            the use of new information technologies
  Complaints and Grievances against             and social media network to raise the
  the Promoters of Hate Speech and              awareness of African and Arab youth
  Racial Discrimination against Muslims,        about the dangers of terrorism and
  and the School Curriculum for the             extremism.
  Training of Journalists on Addressing
  the Stereotypes on Islam and Muslims in      • Organizing training sessions on the
  Western Media.                                techniques of communication with Muslim
                                                youth in Europe to protect them against
Against this backdrop, ISESCO suggested         the dangers of extremism and terrorism.
cooperating with the Muslim World League
to implement the following activities in       In conclusion, Makkah Charter marks the
2020-2021.                                     beginning of a new era in international
                                               and human cooperation to disseminate the
• Holding an international conference on       values of peace, security and coexistence
 the legal and human rights treatment of       from an Islamic perspective filled with
 Islamophobia and ways to put an end to        Islam’s legal tenets and open to the
 mutual stereotypes in the media.              common human values and the principles
• Organizing an international gathering for    of international law embodied in the
  experts in law and international relations   declarations, laws and conventions issued
  to explore the best ways to activate         by the UN and its specialized agencies.
“Makkah Charter”
A historic constitution that strives to entrench the values of
      coexistence and achieve peace and harmony.
                                 Mr. Mohamed Ghemari
                          Director of the Secretariat of the Executive
                         Council, General Conference and Specialized
                             Ministerial Conferences at ISESCO

    With its moral and spiritual values, it is a
    promising document that brings hope to
    people, and blocks the way for the propagators
    of racial conflict, nationalism, fanaticism,
    extremism and zealotry.

                                                                         28   29
The Conference of Makkah Al-Mukarramah               creation of humankind in different peoples
was held in the most sacred place in the             and tribes, and that the interest of people is
world: Makkah Al-Mukarramah and in                   in meeting and knowing each other.
the vicinity of Holy Kaaba, during the
                                                     At the same time, the Charter bears
blessed month of Ramadan, under the high
                                                     some key signals which are linked to part
patronage of Custodian of the Two Holy
                                                     of the Islamic world that incites racial
Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al
                                                     discrimination and incessantly spreads
Saud, and with the participation of more
                                                     anarchy and instability around it. Such
than 1200 prominent Islamic scholars
                                                     mindsets stray away from the essence of the
and intellectuals from the Islamic world
                                                     Islamic religious and spiritual management
representing 27 Islamic components of
                                                     which urges people to cooperate in
various sects and schools of thought.
                                                     righteousness and piety instead of sin and
Makkah Charter is a historic constitution that
strives to entrench the values of coexistence
among the followers of religions, as well as         The Charter stresses the importance of
among cultures, races, doctrines and sects           countering the dangers of extremism
in Islamic countries and achieve peace and           wrongly ascribed to Islam by many
harmony among all the components of the              enemies of Islam and the necessity of
human community.                                     fighting Islamophobia and the causes of
                                                     hatred levelled against Islam and Muslims
With its moral and spiritual values, it is a
                                                     which emanate from wrong and sole-
promising document that brings hope
                                                     source pieces of information that still need
to people, and blocks the way for the
                                                     examination and treatment within the
propagators of racial conflict, nationalism,
                                                     framework of wisdom reasoning, dialogue
fanaticism, extremism and zealotry.
                                                     and good counselling.
Makkah Charter bears an enlightened
                                                     This thorough document emphasizes
vision characterized by self-assessment and
                                                     the importance of interfaith dialogue,
truth-telling in order to initiate reconstruction.
                                                     determining mechanisms of communication,
It seeks to attain spiritual and emotional
                                                     understanding, cooperation, coexistence
understanding within the Islamic world
                                                     and integration in a religiously diverse
to stave off strife, anchor harmony and
                                                     world order.
ultimately foster solidarity between the
Islamic countries and the rest of world.             It emanates from the Islamic spirit and bears
                                                     much optimism as it affirms the human and
Makkah Charter discerningly builds
                                                     universal message of Islam, which does not
on old Arab Islamic civilization, which
                                                     discriminate between religions, races, colors
opened the doors of ijtihad and renewal
                                                     in care and assistance. The Charter is also
and encompassed numerous non-Muslims
                                                     characterized by comprehensiveness and
leading figures of thought and science.
                                                     diversity and bears concrete initiatives that
Hence, the Charter is a pioneering
                                                     would not end up tossed aside or archived,
document that forges ahead towards
                                                     as they are practical ones intended to
gaining wider exposure as its producers
                                                     achieve welfare for all.
realized that the wisdom of Allah lies in the
In addition, it is a historic constitution that     and xenophobia as an aspect of isolation
strives to entrench the values of coexistence       and supremacy that emanates from racist
between religions, cultures, races and              tendencies and negative cultural hegemony.
doctrines in Muslim countries and achieve           It also warned that the phenomenon of
peace, harmony between the components               Islamophobia is the result of ignorance of
of society.                                         the true nature of Islam, its civilizational
                                                    innovation and noble goals. Moreover, it
The Charter affirms that Muslims are
                                                    stresses the importance of “establishing
integral part of this world in its civilizational
                                                    an international forum on youth affairs” to
interaction. They seek to communicate
                                                    deal with youth issues, adopt, inter alia,
with all of its other components to benefit
                                                    a communication programme involving
of humanity, promote its lofty values, build
                                                    constructive youth dialogue within and
bridges of human love and harmony and
                                                    outside the Islamic world. The forum will
counter practices of injustice, civilizational
                                                    aim to compensate for the lack of such
clash, and the evils of hatred.
                                                    dialogue and for its negative consequences;
Furthermore, the Charter calls for                  stop advancing theoretical decisions,
civilizational dialogue as the best way             initiatives and programmes, especially
to establish sound dialogue with the                those regarding the establishment of world
Other, recognizing the commonalties we              peace and security; and condemn methods
share with him, overcome the hinders of             of genocide, ethnic cleansing, forced
coexistence and relevant problems.                  displacement, human trafficking and illegal
Moreover, the Charter called for enacting
legislations ensuring sanctions against the         The Charter reaffirms the principles of
promoters of hatred and inciters of violence        legitimate empowerment of women and
and civilizational clash, while affirming that      rejection of marginalizing their roles and
this is the appropriate method to root out          undermining their opportunities in the
the causes of ethnic and religious conflict.        religious, scientific, political, social, and
Moreover, it condemns attacks on places             other affairs, to enable them to hold the
of worship and called for fighting terrorism,       deserved positions without discrimination
injustice and oppression, rejecting the             and enjoy equality in wages and
exploitation of peoples’ resources and the          opportunities. It further calls for providing
violation of human rights stressing that this       health and educational care for children;
is the duty of all without distinction.             promoting the identity of Muslim youth
                                                    on the following five pillars: religion,
In the same vein, the Charter emphasizes            homeland, culture, history and language;
the role of Muslims in enriching the human          and protecting it against attempts of
civilization with a unique rich experience          exclusion, and voluntary or involuntary
and highlights their ability today to bring to      assimilation.
it the positive contributions humanity needs.
                                                    Furthermore, the Charter calls for non-
Makkah Charter considers the premise of             interference in countries’ affairs under any
civilizational clash, calls for confrontation       pretext whatsoever no matter how good

                                                                                                    30   31
it may be. It considers “unacceptable            Makkah Charter heralds a new dawn filled
violation” such interference, especially         with welfare not only for the Islamic world,
the methods of political hegemony with its       but for the whole world as well… A dawn
economic and other intentions or attempts        for humanity where the values love, middle
to impose fatwas on them irrespective of         stance, moderation and respect of the
their local conditions and special objectives    Other will prevail.
unless justified by the best interest. Is it a
                                                 The Charter highlights the importance of the
fateful or an objective coincidence that
                                                 spiritual reference of the Islamic world, the
a Charter is launched from Makkah Al-
                                                 blessed city of Makkah Al-Mukarramah in
Mukarramah to call for promoting the
                                                 the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that hosts the
thought and proposal of civilizational
                                                 Qibla of Islam and Muslims and the source
dialogue as the best way at a time when the
                                                 of enlightenment for the whole world. It
voices of extremist and hard-line right are
                                                 also shows the outstanding merits of the
rising in Europe after the recent legislative
                                                 Kingdom’s political leadership and the
                                                 invaluable services it provides for Islam,
Since the Charter is issued with this vision     Muslims and humanity at large.
and unprecedented unanimity from
                                                 Makkah Charter highlights the role being
Makkah, the beating heart of the Islamic
                                                 played by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
world, nobody can outbid it. Indeed, it is
                                                 under the leadership of Custodian of the
an honest call to stop the speech of racism
                                                 Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin
and hatred whatever its source and excuse.
                                                 Abdulaziz al Saud, may Allah protect him,
The Charter is a call for listening to the       to reaffirm the enlightenment fundaments
voice of wisdom and reason, accepting            espoused by the Kingdom towards a more
the notions of tolerance and moderation          tolerant and reconciling world, a world that
and promoting the culture of consensus,          redeems to the noble Islam the values of
reconciliation and working on the Islamic        middle stance and moderation, respect of
and human commonalities.                         the Other and creative human coexistence.
“Makkah Charter”
      Multidimensional contents
                           Dr. Ahmed Said Bah
                         Director of External Relations
                         and Cooperation at ISESCO

The Charter came to define notions; correct
visions and outline pathways with a spirit of
middle stance, moderation, equity and justice.

                                                          32   33
Makkah Charter represents a turning                 “alliance of civilizations or dialogue of
point in the course of building the basic           cultures”. Actually, it is a fully-fledged
references of the Ummah as it contains              human initiative that deserves to be
several conceptual, thematic and systemic           launched at the highest levels. Likewise, the
dimensions which make of it a comprehensive         notion of “safe coexistence” stipulated in
framework for reforming the current situation       Article 21 is an advanced step to control
of the Ummah, redressing its future orientation     the mechanisms of such coexistence and
and firmly establishing its positions towards       manage it through conferring the quality
the other. What gives more significance to          of “safety” to coexistence instead of simply
the Charter is that it was issued at the vicinity   accepting the common degree of human
of the Blessed Kaaba, the Qibla of Muslims,         coexistence. This quality is in fact mentioned
and in the month of the Noble Ramadan. This         in the Holy Quran in the contexts of peace,
further promotes the textual and the symbolic       serenity and tranquility.
dimension of the Charter.

We notice, after having carefully read the           The executive
Charter, that it is characterized by three
important dimensions. Actually, we believe
that no other similar Charter was able to           The Charter does not content itself with
bring together the following number of              suggesting views, presenting ideas or
dimensions:                                         studying issues, but it proposes practical
                                                    mechanisms and field tools to implement
 The foundational                                   this Charter, namely “the International
 dimension:                                         Youth Forum” stipulated in Article 27.

                                                    There is no doubt that the choice of
The Charter focused on the foundational             youth emanates from a sound grasp of
notions of the comprehensive Islamic                the relevance of the role of youth in the
action. Accordingly, it sought to firmly            evolution of societies, the necessity of
establish the bases for the management              instituting the rules of peace and security
of public affairs and entrench the values           and promoting societal development in
of middle-stance and moderation. Hence,             general. It’s obvious that a well-informed
an integrated conceptual system has been            reader and alert analyst of the situation of
established to cover all of the theoretical         the Ummah will notice that young people
and practical aspects of the Ummah’s issues         are the victims of the present and at the
in such a way as to guarantee its interests         same time the hope of the future, and that
and objectives and highlight its position.          their participation in implementing the
The notion of “the positive civilizational          orientations of the Charter provides strong
partnership” mentioned in Article 4 of the          guaranties to move forward to ensure the
Charter is the best example of this new             success of its implementation instead of
course that is charted for the Ummah. This          remaining a theoretical and framework
notion constitutes a qualitative addition           Charter that does not affect in any way
if not a giant step beyond the notion of            reality or direct the course of society.
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