Nau mai, haere mai Annual 2020 - Taradale High School

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Nau mai, haere mai Annual 2020 - Taradale High School
Annual 2020
Nau mai, haere mai
Nau mai, haere mai Annual 2020 - Taradale High School
Nau mai, haere mai Annual 2020 - Taradale High School
Kia ora Parents, Caregivers, Whanau and Students
Kia ora Students, Parents, Caregivers and Whanau

Our school is a relational community where students and staff are connected to learning, and each other.
This environment is essential if students are to feel safe enough to take the risks and experience the new
contexts and challenges needed for learning.
This booklet gives you a range of information related to the opportunities we offer students, where to find
support if it is needed and also some other key information that should help you become an active partner
in our school.
Our aim at Taradale High School is to support our students for success, at and beyond school, and to ensure
that they leave with opportunities and pathways for their future. I would like to take this opportunity to
welcome you to our school and to wish you all the very best for a great year ahead. It is important to us,
that we do the best we can to support the individual needs of each student and that we support them to
achieve as well as they can.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you feel that there are things we can do to improve the way
that we support our students for learning. Communication and partnership between the school, home and
the community is essential if we are to meet our aims.
Information regarding how you can contact us can be found on pages 5 - 9. Start dates for 2020 are on Page
Pike ake. Kia maia.

David Oliver

  You are invited to...
  Meet the Form Teacher
  For parents of our 2020 Year 9s.

  Thursday, 30th January 2020
  5 pm
Taradale High School Annual 2020
Nau mai, haere mai Annual 2020 - Taradale High School
Dates and Times                      Important Dates                                                   3
                                     Times of the Day                                                  5
Staff                                Who to Contact                                                    5
                                     Heads of Departments & Teachers in Charge of Curriculum Areas     7
                                     Form Teachers, House Deans                                        8
                                     Cultural Advisor                                                  9
                                     School Counsellors                                                9
                                     Careers                                                           9
                                     Board of Trustees                                                 10
Student Leaders                                                                                        10
Start of Year (including expenses)   School Stationery                                                 11
                                     School Uniform                                                    12
                                     Piercings                                                         13
                                     Shoes                                                             14
                                     Year 13 Mufti Guidelines                                          15
                                     The School Uniform Shop                                           16
                                     Finance                                                           16
Assessment                           Junior Reporting                                                  16
                                     National Certificate of Education Achievement (NCEA) Overview     16
                                     Additional NCEA Informaton                                        17
                                     Scholarship                                                       19
Learning                             Timetable                                                         20
                                     Homework                                                          20
                                     Get Ahead in Your Studies                                         20
                                     Paid Work and Extra-Curricular Activities                         22
School Rules                         Cell phones and other electronic devices                          22
                                     Motor Vehicle Use                                                 22
Attendance                           Healthy Attendance                                                23
                                     Provisions for Year 13 during the School Day                      24
                                     Leaving School During the School Day                              24
                                     Serious Health Concerns                                           24
Miscellaneous                        Parent Portal                                                     24
                                     Peer Support                                                      24
                                     Sports                                                            25
                                     Lockers                                                           25
                                     Gifted and Talented Provision and Accelerated Pathway             25
                                     Emergency Procedures Information for Parents                      26
                                     High School Diploma                                               26
                                     E-learning                                                        27
                                     Bus information                                                   27
                                     Canteen prices                                                    27
                                     Complaints Procedure                                              29
                                     Expectations                                                      30

                                                                                    Taradale High School Annual 2020
Nau mai, haere mai Annual 2020 - Taradale High School
Important Dates for 2020
14               10am - 4pm                Uniform Shop opens
                 (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri)
                 Closed Wednesdays
22               Wednesday                 School office reopens
                 9am - 3pm
24               Friday                    Year 12 & 13 Course Confirmation Day (Students can wear mufti)
                 9.30am                    Surnames A-F
                 10.30am                   Surnames G-O
                 12noon                    Surnames P-Z
                 1.30 pm                   Student Leaders Orientation (Common Room)
26- 28                                     Junior House Leaders’ Camp
27                                         Teacher-only Day 1
28                                         Teacher-only Day 2
29               Wednesday
                 9.00 am                   Peer Support Training
                 1.00 pm                   Catch up testing for Year 9s and new Year 10s
30               Thursday
                 8.45 am - 3.15 pm         Year 9 students at school (in uniform)
                 8.45 am - 12.30 pm        Peer Support leaders at school
                 9.30 am                   Orientation for all new Year 10 - 13 students (Awhina Centre)
                 5.00 pm                   Year 9 Parents’ Evening (Hall)
31               Friday
                 8.45 am - 3.15 pm         Year 9 students at school (in uniform)

3                Monday
                 8.45am -3.15pm            Full school in (all students in uniform, full timetable operating)
                 10.15 am                  Welcome Powhiri (Parents and whanau welcome)
6                Thursday                  Waitangi Day - School closed
11               Tuesday                   ID photos
19               Wednesday                 THS Athletics Day

27               Thursday                  THS Swimming Sports
30 -4 Apr                                  Summer Tournament Week
30 Mar - 4 Apr                             Summer Tournament Week
9                Thursday                  Final Day of Term 1
27               Monday                    ANZAC Observed (Public Holiday)
28               Tuesday                   First Day of Term 2

16               Saturday                  THS Ball

Taradale High School Annual 2020
Nau mai, haere mai Annual 2020 - Taradale High School
1            Monday      Queen’s Birthday (Public Holiday)
29 - 3 Jul   tbc         School Show
3                        Final Day of Term 2
20           Monday      First Day of Term 3
12           Wednesday   Teacher Only Day
25           Friday      Final Day of Term 3
12           Monday      First Day of Term 4
23           Friday      Hawke’s Bay Anniversary Day
23 - 26                  School’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations
26           Monday      Labour Day

4            Wednesday   Last day for Seniors tbc
                         Leavers’ Dinner
6            Friday      NCEA begins
30 - 4 Dec               Year 10 Full Week Camps
             Wednesday   Last Day of NCEA
2-4                      Year 10 Camps, Year 9 Activities
8            Tuesday     Whole School Prize Giving, Municipal Theatre
9            Wednesday   Junior Assembly Prize Giving, Last day of school for Junior students
10           Thursday    Senior Sign Out Day

                                                    Taradale High School Annual 2020
Nau mai, haere mai Annual 2020 - Taradale High School
Times of the Day
          Mon, Wed, Thurs              Tues                                    Fri
Form time 8.45 am - 9am                8.45 am - 9.10am                        Term 1: No form time due to
                                       Form classes for attendance check,      Staff professional learning.
                                       then to Year Level assemblies.
Period 1     9am - 10am                9.10am - 10.10 am                       9.20am -10.15am
Period 2     10am - 11am               10.10am - 11.05am                       10.15am - 11.05am
Interval     11am - 11.30am            11.05am - 11.30am                       11.05am - 11.30am
Period 3     11.30am - 12.30pm         11.30am - 12.30pm                       11.30am - 12.20pm
Period 4     12.30pm - 1.30pm          12.30pm - 1.30pm                        12.20pm
                                                                               Juniors: 12.20 pm- 12.50pm-
                                                                               Seniors: 1.10pm -1.40pm
Lunch        1.30pm - 2.15pm           1.30pm - 2.15pm                         1.40pm - 2.20pm
Period 5     2.15pm - 3.15pm           2.15pm - 3.15pm                         2.20pm - 3.15pm

Warning bells will ring 5 minutes before the start of form time, Period 3 and Period 5.

Who to contact at Taradale High School
Email: Telephone: (06) 84 2159
Physical Address: 50 Murphy Road, Taradale Postal Address: PO Box 7109, Taradale, Napier 4141.

School Office Hours: 8.00 am - 4.00 pm daily.

Board of Trustees          Chairperson                             Mrs Liz Read
School Community           Parent- Teacher Association             Chairpersons: Nadine Exeter
                                                                   Paula Sugden
School Leadership          Principal                               Mr D Oliver
                           Deputy Principals                       Ms H Fouhy
                                                                   Mr A Bain
                                                                   Mr J Marshall
                                                                   Ms Toni Dunstan
                           Principal’s PA                          Mrs Jennie Arnold
Finance                    Finance Manager                         Mrs Heather Ward

Student Welfare            School Counsellors                      Mrs Nichola Jobson-Walch
                                                                   Ms Ray Kerei

Taradale High School Annual 2020
Nau mai, haere mai Annual 2020 - Taradale High School
Careers                   Careers/ Transition to Work/    Mrs R Penman, Mrs L Vidulich
                          School/ Tertiary/ Study Links
Care of Students          House Deans                     See pages 8 & 9
• Subject concerns        Cultural Advisor
• Well-being
• Problems
• Family Liaison
International Students    Director                        Mr Bruce Woodward
Learning Support          Head of Learning Support        Mrs Elvira Wylie
                          TIC Homerooms
School Fees/ Recoveries   Office Staff                    Mrs Sharon Procuta
                                                          Mrs Coni Schultz
Sports                    Coordinator

Arts                      Coordinator                     Mrs Annie Warmke
Uniform Policy            Senior Manager in Charge        Mr Al Bain
Uniform                   Shop Manager                    Mrs Heather Massey
                                                          Also online
Extended Student Leave    Principal                       Mr David Oliver
Student Attendance        Form Teachers
                          Attendance Officer              Mrs Sally Adams
                          Senior Manager in Charge        Mr Al Bain
Student Sickness          School Office         
                                                          Mrs Sally Adams
School Canteen            Canteen Manager                 Mrs Tash Schofield
Reception                 Office Staff                    Mrs Sharon Procuta
                                                          Mrs Coni Schulz

                                                             Taradale High School Annual 2020
Nau mai, haere mai Annual 2020 - Taradale High School
Heads of Department and Teachers in Charge of Curriculum Areas

Head of Visual Arts                      Ms Amanda LeMay
Head of English                          Mr Hamish Crafar
Assistant Head of English                Mrs Robyn Elston
Teacher in Charge of Media               Mr Bevan King  
Head of Second Languages                 Mrs Cheryll Lee
Teacher in Charge of French              Mrs Diane Fletcher
Teacher in Charge of Te Reo Maori        Ms Beryl Heremia
Teacher in Charge of Japanese            Mr Andrew Tate 
Head of Learning Support/SENCO/TIC       Mrs Elvira Wylie
Head of Maths                            Mr Neil Wood   
Assistant Head of Maths                  Miss Sonia Everitt
Head of PE and Health                    Mr Jim Williams
Assistant Head of PE and Health          Mr Craig Smith 
Head of Sciences                         Mr Doug Yorgason
Team Leader - Biology                    Mr Neil Galland
Team Leader - Chemistry                  Mr Chris Van Der Have
Team Leader - Physics                    Mrs Fenn Read  
Team Leader - Earth & Space Science      Mrs Mere Manning
Teacher in Charge of Horticulture        Mr Paul Lowes  

Head of Humanities                       Ms Chris Hodge 
Assistant Head of Humanities             Mrs Robyn O’Hagan
Teacher in Charge of Accounting &        Ms Chris Hodge 
Teacher in Charge of Geography           Mr Matt Bruin  
Teacher in Charge of Classical Studies   Mr Stephen Kennedy
Teacher in Charge of History             Mr Karl Peterson
Head of Materials Technology             Mr Tony Prebensen
Head of Food Technology                  Mrs Amanda Smith
Teacher in Charge of Graphics
Teacher in Charge of Textiles            Mrs Fiona Fox  
Head of Digital Technologies & Media     Mr Craig Briggs
Specialist Classroom Teacher (SCT)       Mr John Goodhind
Literacy Specialist Classroom Teacher    Mrs Angela Gibbs
Teacher in Charge of Sport               Ms Pauline Edwards

Taradale High School Annual 2020
Nau mai, haere mai Annual 2020 - Taradale High School
Form Teachers and House Deans
For most issues, form teachers will be the first point of contact for parents. They deal with attendance, and
miscellaneous queries. House Deans are available for a wide range of concerns, including subject choice,
academic progress and student behaviour.


				                             John Marshall             Cheryll Lee                Robyn O’Hagan
                                 Deputy Principal          Dean                       Dean

                                 Toni Dunstan              Neil Wood                  Alicia Dearing
                                 Deputy Principal          Dean                       Dean

                                 Al Bain                    Michael Taylor            Karen Ballantyne
       Tareha                    Deputy Principal           Dean                      Dean

                                 Helen Fouhy                Amanda LeMay              Paul Lowes
                                 Deputy Principal           Dean                      Dean
                                                                    Taradale High School Annual 2020
School Counsellors
                                                    The School Counsellors meets with students in
                                                    times of need, providing a wide range of advice on
Cultural Advisor                                    personal and academic issues. The Counsellor may
Ms Beryl Heremia                                    make contact with parents and caregivers to consult                             with matters that arise as a result of discussions.

House Deans’ email addresses
Cheryl Lee                Robyn O’Hagan
                                                    Nichola Jobson-Walch         Ray Kerei
Kaiwhata                                            Counsellor                   Counsellor
Neil Wood                 Alicia Dearing     

Miller                                              Careers
Michael Taylor            Karen Ballantyne          The careers department provides assistance and         advice to students with regards to future courses,
                                                    employment and further education. Students
                                                    can make appointments to see either Mrs Robin
Tareha                                              Penman, or Mrs Lynda Vidulich (in the Careers
Amanda LeMay              Paul Lowes                Area).

                                                    Robin Penman                Lynda Vidulich
                                                    STAR Coordinator            STAR Coordinator

Taradale High School Annual 2020
Taradale High School                                      Student Leaders 2020
Board of Trustees
                                                          Head Girl & Boy            Deputy Head Girl &Boy
Board meetings are public meetings (apart from the        Lauryn Wood                Janicka Tei
In-Committee business) and you are welcome to             Matthew Adams              Angus Kelsey
attend. Board Meeting minutes, school policies and
a copy of the school’s strategic plan are all available   Heads of Technology        Heads of Sport
for reading in the foyer of the administration block,     Henry Hall                 Isaac Siaosi
should you wish to do so.                                 Nathan Bridge-Earney       Tayla Swanwick

If you have a concern, a suggestion or any feedback,      Head of Drama              Head of Music
Board members can be contacted on the following           James Hooker               Isabelle Lorch
phone numbers and email addresses:
                                                          Student Trustee            Heads of School
                                                          (Board of Trustees) &      Functions
Mrs Liz Read          read.symons@slingshot.              Chair of Student Council   Paige Cooper-Smith
(Chair)                                    Piper Berryman             Fynn Hogan
Malcolm Bradley       malcolm.bradley@jimste-
                                  Heads of Maori             Head of International
Mel Davis             andrewandmel@nowmail.               Students                   Students
                                           Paige Wihongi              Piper Berryman
Hamish Durrant            Finley Smith
Duane Knowles
                                                          Head of Academic           Head of Pasifika
Christine Lilley
                                                          Cynthia Fan                Students
Neil Wood                                                  Tia Leiataua
(Staff Trustee)
Piper Berryman                                            Head of Community          Head of Awhina Centre
(Student Trustee)                                         Welfare/ Wellbeing         Aimee Young
Jennie Arnold               Jasmine Wynn
Board Secretary
                                                          Head of
The Board looks foward to working in partnership          Environment
with you to support the education of your sons and        Isabel Van Der Wal
daughters in the years ahead.
                                                          Heads of House -Hetley Head of Peer Support -
                                                          Shontaye Piua-Bryson   Hetley
                                                          Bryce Monteith         Maggie Bird

                                                          Junior House Leaders -
                                                          Olivia Knowles
                                                          Williams Knowles

                                                                     Taradale High School Annual 2020
Student Leaders 2020                            School Stationery
                                                This year we are using Office Products Depot (OPD)
Heads of House           Head of Peer Support
                                                to supply our students stationery requirements.
-Kaiwhata                - Kaiwhata
Ethan Wynne              Liam Shanks
Jazmin Williams
                                                Go to and enter your
                                                school into the search field, then select it from the
Junior House Leaders -                          drop down menu, enter your first student’s name
Kaiwhata                                        into the pop up box – this is used to identify the
Emma Anderson                                   packs or stationery items being ordered for each
James Leon                                      student (you can add multiple students and schools,
                                                complete each order consecutively).
Heads of House - Miller Head of Peer Support
Jonathan Demetrius      - Miller                The stationery lists are loaded by YEAR and SUBJECT.
Brooke Cheyne           Vienna Evans            This allows you to select your child’s stationery
                                                by the subjects they are taking. Please follow the
Junior House Leaders -                          instructions online on how to order. If you have
Miller                                          more than one child at school, then simply add
Gracie Hogan                                    another student to your order (at the same or
Tom Little                                      another school) by selecting the ‘+Another Student’
                                                button once you have completed your first students
Heads of House           Head of Peer Support   stationery order.
- Tareha                 - Tareha
Jack Graney              Kassia Wickham         While the site allows you to adjust the quantity of
Brooke Challis                                  any item, the lists are approved by Taradale High
                                                School mandatory requirements, at bulk prices
                                                negotiated by Taradale High School.
Junior House Leaders -
                                                Finally, please provide your delivery address details
Kaitlyn Barra
                                                (along with any special instructions) and complete
Henare Eden
                                                the order by making your payment (by Credit or
                                                Debit card via Paypal, internet banking via Poli
Junior Heads of Sport                           Pay, or via AfterPay) through the secure payment
Reese Drager                                    gateway. Once you have completed your order,
Ben Wilson                                      you will receive an email confirmation including
                                                delivery details. IMPORTANT – If you do not receive
                                                a confirmation email, something may have gone
                                                wrong with the placement of or payment for your
                                                order. If this occurs, please contact OPD.

                                                OPD will deliver your order to the address provided,
                                                freight free.

                                                OR you can choose to click & collect your stationery
                                                from Hawkes Bay Office Products Depot.

                                                Shop Hours: Monday – Friday 8.00am to 5.00pm

Taradale High School Annual 2020
Extra days: Saturday 18th January 9.00am –              School Uniform
12.00pm                                                 Taradale High School promotes a school uniform
Saturday 25th January 9.00am – 12.00pm                  worn properly to enhance self-respect and pride
Saturday 1st February 9.00am – 12.00pm                  in one’s school. It is a condition of enrolment (and
                                                        parental responsibility) to see that the correct
When                                                    uniform is provided and worn correctly at all times,
                                                        including to and from school.
The site will be live for ordering by Monday 16th
of December 2019, however orders will not be            A signed note from parents must be brought if the
dispatched until mid-January and we will have packs     correct uniform is not available on any particular
available in our shop for purchase from Thursday        day. The school may supply the correct uniform
9th of January 2020.                                    item, if available, on a short term loan.

If you have any questions, please contact:              Please use the following link to access the THS
                                                        uniform booklet.
Hawkes Bay Office Products Depot
843 0294 or email​​​​​​​
How to Buy Stationery in Person
Purchase stationery direct from the Hawkes Bay          All uniform items must be purchased from the
Office Products Store at 44 Wakefield Street,           school uniform shop, except shoes and roman
Onekawa.                                                sandals which are available at many retailers.

If you have any questions, you can email via the        HAIR:
Contact Us page or directly to Hawkes Bay Office        • Must be one natural colour all over. It may not
Products Depot on 843 0294 or email hawkesbay.             be streaked, tinted or highlighted.                                      • No extreme styles permitted eg dreadlocks,
                                                           mohawks, “rats’ tails”, afro styles, mullets, or
PHYSICAL ADDRESS FOR OPD                                   hair shorter than a number two comb.
44 Wakefield Street                                     • Cornrows and neatly tied-up braids may be
Onekawa                                                    worn.
Napier                                                  • For girls, shoulder length hair must be tied
                                                           up and hair over the eyebrows, clipped back.
                                                           Hair partially tied up is not acceptable. Hair
                                                           bands must not be wider than 1 cm and should
                                                           be navy, white or black in colour. No hair
                                                           accessories are permitted.
                                                        • For boys, shoulder length hair must be tied up.
                                                        • Hair partially tied up is not acceptable and must
                                                           be cut. Hair must not be over the eyebrows and
                                                           hairclips are not acceptable for boys.
                                                        • For all students, hair must be neatly groomed
                                                           and product should not be visible

                                                        • The only jewellery permitted is a watch and
                                                           one small stud (less than 3mm in diameter) or a
                                                           single wire sleeper per ear.

                                                                    Taradale High School Annual 2020
•   1 necklace
•   No nylon through piercings permitted.
•   No visible body piercing.
•   Jewellery for religious or cultural reasons, such
    as taonga, should be worn out of sight.              Only one small (
All Girls’ shoes
Black leather lace-up shoes    School roman sandals

                  No ballet pumps                                        No boots

                  No gladiator sandals                                       No canvas or skate shoes
                                                                             (even if leather)

Year 13 Girls’ Shoes
                                                      Black leather closed toe shoes
 Black leather lace-up shoes
                                                      with heel < 2cm high

                                                                  Taradale High School Annual 2020
All Boys’ shoes                                   Year 13 Students’ Mufti Guidelines
                                                   Year 13 students wear the senior uniform on
                                                   Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, at
                                                   Academic Prizegiving and when representing the
 Black leather lace-up shoes                       school. On Wednesdays, students’ dress should
                                                   reflect their senior status in the school as role
                                                   models for the younger students. Dress should be
                                                   tidy street wear.

                                                   Guidelines for the Year 13 dress code
                                                   The following will assist with some of our most
                                                   frequently asked questions.

                                                   Acceptable                 Not acceptable
                                                   • “dressy” sleeveless      • shoestring tops/
 School roman sandals                                 top with a reason-         muscle back tops
                                                      ably wide shoulder      • singlets / strapless
                                                      strap (girls)              tops
                                                   • collared shirts (boys)   • beach wear, board-
                                                   • shorts, skirts and          shorts
                                                      dresses no shorter      • bare midriffs
                                                      than 5cm above the      • cleavage must not
                                                      knee.                      be visible, even
                                                   • tattoos must be             when bending over
                                                      covered                 • heels higher than
                                                   • tidy clean jeans            5cm
                                                   • collared rugby           • sandals, scuffs, slip-
      Black leather slip-on dress shoes               jerseys/sports tops,       ons, shoes without
                                                      providing they are         backs
                                                      tidy                    • alcohol advertise-
                                                   • hair may be worn            ments or unaccept-
                                                      out but must be tied       able slogans on
                                                      up on assembly days        clothing
                                                      and when represent-     • facial hair
                                                      ing the school          • rips, frays or holes in
                                                                              • visible tattoos

 No canvas or skate shoes (even if leather)
                                                   The Year 13 Dean or a member of the Senior
                                                   Management Team will make a final judgement in
                                                   cases of questionable dress. Any queries should be
                                                   directed to Mr Bain.

                                                   If a student is noted wearing the incorrect uniform,
                                                   there will be a disciplinary consequence. Repeated
                                                   uniform infringements may result in a letter or
                                                   phone call home and more serious consequences
                                                   for the student.

                                              15         15
Taradale High School Annual 2020
The School Uniform Shop                                 to running the school raffle. The PTA feels that the
To locate the shop, turn left at the school hall, and   raffle has ‘had its day’ and most parents would pre-
the uniform shop will be on your left at the side of    fer to pay the donation than deal with the challenge
the gym.                                                of assisting their sons and daughters to sell raffle
Extended hours from 14th - 31st January 2020 incl.:     tickets. Please contact the office if you have a ques-
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 10.00 a.m. –      tion concerning this. This is purely voluntary.
4.00 p.m. (Closed on Wednesdays)
                                                        We also have Eftpos and credit card facilities availa-
Uniform is available online at        ble at the school office
Normal shop hours resume on the 4th February
2019, (Tuesdays only) 12.30 – 5.30pm.                   Junior Reporting
                                                        Juniors will receive a full report from each core
Alternatively, you can order items from our Online      subject (English, Mathematics, Science, Social
Uniform Shop:                Science, and Physical Education/ Health), and a
                                                        reduced report for option subjects.
The former school donation has now been                 A full report will show progress against:
replaced by a $150 per student payment from the         • curriculum levels; at a beginning, proficient, or
government to cover costs previously covered by             advanced level.
the school donation.                                    • key competencies
                                                        • bullet point comments which highlight areas of
There are some aspects of your son’s/ daughter’s            strength and areas for development
school related costs which may not be covered by
this payment.
                                                        National Certificate of Educational
For further details on what is and what is not          Achievement (NCEA) Overview
covered by the government payment please go to          NCEA is the main national qualification for
                                                        secondary school students in New Zealand.
School/donations/MOE-Donations-Scheme-Info-A3-          How it works
FA-Web-2-DEC.PDF                                        • In each subject, skills and knowledge are
                                                            assessed against a number of “standards”. For
                                                            example, a Mathematics standard could be:
Payments may be made periodically or regularly              Apply numeric reasoning in solving problems.
during the year to the office or all at once if you     • Schools use a range of internal and external
desire. You are welcome to take advantage of an             assessments to measure how well students
automatic payment system that will spread the               meet these standards. We administer the
cost of payment to the school. These direct debits          internal assessments on behalf of NZQA. NZQA
may be set up for weekly, fortnightly, or monthly           administers the externals (through exams and
amounts.                                                    portfolios).
                                                        • When a student achieves a standard, they gain
If you are genuinely experiencing difficulty pay-           a number of credits. Students must achieve 80
ing school-related costs, there is the Arthur Miller        credits to gain an NCEA certificate, as described
Scholarship to which you can apply for financial            below.
assistance. Please contact the office to obtain the      NCEA level Requirements
paperwork if you wish to take advantage of these         Level 1         80 credits are required at any level
facilities.                                                              (level 1, 2 or 3)
                                                                         including 10 literacy (reading and
The PTA this year will again request a $25 donation                      writing) and 10 numeracy (maths).
per family, through school invoicing,, in preference

                                                                    Taradale High School Annual 2020
NCEA level     Requirements                              has gained a Scholarship appears on their Record of
Level 2        60 credits at level 2 or above
               + 20 credits from any level
                                                         Further Information
                                                         The school has written policies and procedures for
Level 3        60 credits at level 3 or above            all teachers and students to follow. Copies of all
               + 20 credits from level 2 or above        relevant paperwork are available to students and
Note: Students must have attained their Level            parents at the main school office, on the website
1 Literacy and Numeracy credits in order to be           and in the student survival guide issued to all
awarded Level 2 or 3.                                    students.

                                                         If you have any questions about NCEA please do
Multi-level study                                        not hesitate to contact Mr Marshall (NZQA liaison
We allow students to study a mix of standards at         teacher). Either ring the school office or email at:
different levels, depending on their ability. For
example, in Year 12 (Form 6), a student may study
most subjects at level 2, but add a new subject at
level 1 and another advanced subject at level 3.
                                                         Additional NCEA Information
                                                         Assessment Statement
Selected Year 10 (Form 4) students work towards
                                                         At the beginning of the year every subject will issue
                                                         students a course outline. This will include details
Recognising high achievement
Certificates can be ‘endorsed’ to reflect high
                                                         1. Names and numbers of all achievement stand-
achievement in a significant number of standards.
                                                             ards or unit standards being assessed
If a student gains 50 credits at Excellence, their
                                                         2. Timings of the assessments (to the week)
NCEA will be endorsed with Excellence. Likewise,
                                                         3. Nature of the assessment (internal, practice for
if a student gains 50 credits at Merit (or Merit and
                                                             external, in class, out of class, project, test, open
Excellence), their NCEA will be endorsed with Merit.
                                                             book, closed book etc)
This endorsement is not year specific and can be
obtained over a number of years.
                                                         Details of the specific assessment day(s) or any
Course endorsements are also available. A course
                                                         timing change will be given to students for an
endorsement provides recognition for a student
                                                         appropriate length of time prior to the assessment
who has performed exceptionally well in an
individual course. The key objective of a course
endorsement is to motivate students to achieve
                                                         If students are away from a class it is their respon-
their potential in one or more courses. Students
                                                         sibility to check to see if their classroom teacher
will gain an endorsement for a course if, in a single
                                                         has given out information on the specific timing
school year, they achieve both of:
                                                         of assessments. (Where possible changes to the
• 14 or more credits at Merit or Excellence
                                                         scheduled dates will be written on class notice-
• at least 3 of these credits from externally
     assessed standards and 3 credits from internally
     assessed standards. (Note, this does not apply to
                                                         Late Assignments
     Physical Education, or Level 3 Visual Arts.)
                                                         Late work will not be accepted or marked other than
                                                         in exceptional circumstances. These circumstances
Scholarship (Year 13) - see Scholarship (page 19)
                                                         include: approved extensions (see below), verified
Scholarship is a monetary award to recognise top
                                                         compassionate consideration or sickness. Sickness
secondary school students. Students who achieved
                                                         must be confirmed by a medical certificate.
Excellence subject endorsement at Level 2 should
consider entering for Scholarship. Scholarship exams
are externally assessed and are an additional set of
                                                         If your son/daughter forgets to bring their assess-
exams. They do not attract credits, nor contribute
                                                         ment to school on the day it is due in, they can
towards a qualification, but the fact that a student

Taradale High School Annual 2020
negotiate with their class teacher to hand in the
assessment before 4.30 pm that day providing they       We will monitor any suspicious patterns of repeated
have attended all classes at school that day. If it     extension applications and assignment due dates.
is not possible for them to travel home and back        We will reserve the right to request independent
to school by 4.30 pm, then they may hand their          verification should we deem it to be necessary.
assessment in at 8.30 the next morning (providing
you write a note to say that they had finished their    In other exceptional personal circumstances
assessment on the day that it was due in).              application to the NZQA Liaison Teacher can be
                                                        made in writing.
The NZQA Liaison Teacher is the only person who         If your son/daughter does not get a compassionate
can grant your son/daughter an extension. They          consideration approved they will fail the
must:                                                   achievement standard in question.
• Complete a Missed Assessment Form (as soon
   as they have identified that there is a problem).    Note: Some examples of things that are not
   Give the form to the NZQA liaison teacher within     normally considered a legitimate absence are:
   three weeks of the Assessment date.                  • Family holiday
The NZQA Liaison Teacher will make the decision         • Routine Dentist/Doctor/Physio appointments.
and let your son/daughter know as soon as possible.        A specialist or hospital appointment will be
                                                           considered on a case by case basis
In the meantime they are advised to keep working        • Driving lesson/Drivers Licence Test
on their assessment while their application is being    • Seeing a friend/relative off at the airport
                                                        Exam / Assessment Misconduct
Where no fixed date is set - assignments can be         What if your son/daughter does not behave
handed in by arrangement with the class teacher as      appropriately during an assessment?
long as this flexibility doesn’t adversely affect the   The teacher will inform your son/daughter that their
authenticity of the assessment.                         misconduct has been noted and will be reported to
                                                        the NZQA Liaison Teacher. They will be permitted
                                                        to complete the assessment unless they are
Absent for an assessment                                disrupting other students, in which case they will be
Wherever possible your son/daughter must                removed from the class. The NZQA Liaison Teacher
complete their assessments at the scheduled time.       will consider their misconduct and decide on the
If they are not well and miss the assessment or they    appropriate action. This could lead to your son/
think that their performance has been impaired          daughter being disqualified from an Achievement
then they should fill out a Missed Assessment Form      Standard.
within three weeks of the Assessment date.
Sufficient evidence must be provided to allow           What if your son/daughter hands in work that is
us to make an informed decision. (It should be          not all their own?
noted that not all assessments lend themselves to       If the teacher thinks that your son/daughter has
a reassessment, e.g. it would not be possible re-       copied someone else’s work or had help with their
schedule the Year 11 Pentathlon for a student who       work then they will refer the matter to the NZQA
was sick).                                              Liaison Teacher. They will establish the degree of
                                                        misconduct and decide on the appropriate sanction.
For Medical Issues: your son/daughter must fill out     This could lead to your son/daughter being
the appropriate section of the Missed Assessment        disqualified from an Achievement Standard.
Form. The form can be completed by a parent or
caregiver in support of an extension of up to 3 days    What if your son/daughter refuses to sign that
for medical reasons. Extensions beyond 3 days will      correct procedures have been used to arrive at
require a medical certificate from a medical            their grade?
professional.                                           If your son/daughter challenges a marking decision
                                                                    Taradale High School Annual 2020
the teacher will explain the reasons for those          may jeopardise their chance of getting into the
decisions to them. If they are still unhappy then       subsequent course the following year.
they can use the appeal procedure (see below).
                                                        What if your son/daughter has not completed all of
What if your son/daughter challenges the mark           the course work?
awarded to them?                                        If your son or daughter fails to hand in assessment
The teacher will explain the marking decisions in       material which is a compulsory part of a course a
question to your son/daughter and if they are still     “Not Achieved” grade will be awarded.
unhappy then they can consult with the Head of          Failure to complete a course may jeopardise their
Department. If they are still unhappy after this        chance of getting into the subsequent course the
they you can formally lodge an appeal with the          following year.
NZQA Liaison Teacher by filling in an Appeal Form.
Appeals must be lodged within five school days of       What if your son/daughter requires Special
the marked assessment being returned to them.           Assessment Conditions?
                                                        Contact the Head of the Awhina Centre, Elvira
What if your son/daughter asks for a further            Wylie, early in the year and she will liaise with the
assessment opportunity?                                 relevant Heads of Departments to decide whether a
They may be offered one further assessment              reader and / or a writer is
opportunity, at the discretion of the teacher(s), if    appropriate. This needs to be done well ahead
any of the following circumstances apply:               of assessment times, so that arrangements, if
• They did not gain achieved or better and can          necessary, can be made.
   provide evidence that they have completed
   further learning (this would normally involve        Each Department will also make it clear to students
   being given a task or assignment to do in their      what equipment they can take into assessments eg
   own time). This further assessment opportunity       calculators, translation dictionaries etc.
   must fit naturally into the Department’s learning    Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact
   programme and have been indicated on their           John Marshall, NZQA Liaison Teacher on 844 2159.
   course statement.
• They have missed sitting the assessment on the
   first opportunity and it has been established that   Scholarship
   the absence was for a legitimate reason.             Scholarship is growing in popularity and resourcing
• They are close to a grade boundary and it is          at Taradale High School. In 2019, most subject areas
   possible for further evidence to be obtained         were able to provide extra tutoring for interested
   without completing an entire new assessment.         students and all students were offered Scholarship
• They have been granted compassionate                  workshops run through EIT. At Taradale High School,
   consideration or impaired performance                some students attempt scholarship in Year 11 and
• The HOD deems it necessary (e.g. unforeseen           12. It is possible, and often helpful, to attempt
   problems with the assessment task affected the       scholarship in consecutive years. Students should
   grades attained by a lot of students).               discuss this with their teachers.

Poor Attendance                                         Scholarship exams operate as separate three
What if your son/daughter has poor attendance?          hour exams over the same examination period as
Their attendance will be reported. In all likelihood    NCEA. Scholarship is designed to challenge the top
a letter will go home to you outlining the concerns     students in the country and it is awarded to the
about your son’s/daughter’s poor attendance. In         top 3 per cent of students in a subject. It requires
some cases a member of staff may suggest that the       a high level of critical thinking and the ability
scheduled assessments may not be realistic due to       to synthesise and apply knowledge and skills to
the extended absences and may suggest a more            complex situations. Students find that working at
realistic assessment schedule. Good attendance          scholarship level enhances their understanding and
is vital for students to achieve well at school.        performance at Level 3.
Poor attendance affects student achievement and
Taradale High School Annual 2020
Success in scholarship provides considerable           and attempt exercises not finished in class time,
financial reward; anywhere from $500 for one           check material on OneNote, or complete their
scholarship to $10,000 for three years for the top     English reading logs. There is always work to do.
scholars in NZ.
In 2018, we will be offering scholarship in most       Staff will expect students to be able to demonstrate
Level 3 subjects. Year 12 and 13 students who are      their review of work covered in class, either in
interested should see their teacher and/or the HoD     their exercise books or in separate study books.
early in 2018. There will be an information session    Parents, it would be helpful if you checked this too.
held at school in Term 1.                              We recommend a review page every four pages or
                                                       at the end of a unit of work. These review pages
                                                       could include mindmaps, summaries, diagrams etc.
Timetable                                              We strongly recommend that you help your son/
We encourage all students to download the KAMAR        daughter to establish this routine to consolidate
app, and to use the school’s Office 365 calendar and   their learning.
website to keep up to date with important events.
                                                       A Study Centre runs every day at lunchtime. This
                                                       is for students behind in homework, for those who
Homework                                               need a quiet place to work, or for those who need
Students love to hate it, but homework makes a         extra help with subjects from senior students.
big difference. Research shows that homework
can double the rate of acquisition of skills and       Computers are available and senior students can be
knowledge by students.                                 arranged to tutor students. Call in or contact your
Parents can help in a range of ways:                   dean if you require assistance.
• Reminding sons and daughters about the
    importance of homework.                            Parents and caregivers can help by taking an interest
• Providing them with encouragement.                   in homework and revision of work. Ask students
• Showing an interest in school.                       to show you what they have done. If you have any
• Getting involved with the school.                    questions or concerns about homework, please
• Providing emotional and other support when           contact your son/daughter’s Dean.
    school work gets difficult.
• Providing access to computers at home.
• Discussing the importance of having high
    aspirations.                                       Get Ahead in Your Studies
                                                       Studyit – – is a website that
What doesn‘t assist is giving ― unhelpful “help”       has been developed as a free online learning
with homework, by doing the work for sons and          resource for all students studying NCEA Maths,
daughters. Neither does the sort of parental           English and Sciences.
surveillance of homework that creates a negative
atmosphere at home. Both of these strategies tend      The website provides students with:
to cause a decline in learning.                        • Revision notes, key tips, practice questions and
                                                           links to selected sites.
The message from us is that homework is most           • Hints on how to keep on track, study and exam
effective when parents accentuate the positive             advice, and tertiary and careers information.
about it. If you have concerns about the homework      • A place to discuss issues with students and
your sons & daughters are receiving, please contact        teachers and to email questions to expert
the appropriate Head of Department or Dean.                teachers.
                                                       The Studyit website is not a homework service and
Students are expected to complete homework             does not provide students with answers to their
regularly (juniors up to 1 hour per night). If         exam questions! Instead it gives expert guidance
homework is not issued, students should revise         and encourages students to engage their problem-
work covered in class, sort notes, complete work       solving skills so they reach the answer themselves.

                                                                   Taradale High School Annual 2020
The website is targeted to help with almost any
topic a student may be having problems with in
the Maths, English or Science curriculum areas.
Along with advice, the website has links to New
Zealand and overseas NZQA-approved websites,
which provide additional supporting information,
illustrations, and examples.

Responses to queries are usually replied to within
24 hours and students are also free to offer advice.
 As well as helping students with Maths, English
and Sciences, the Studyit website has an open
forum to discuss other related topics such as study
techniques, sitting exams, dealing with stress and
which information communication technology (ICT)
works best for different purposes.

For information about careers, we recommend the
following website:

Other useful websites include:

Taradale High School Annual 2020
Paid Work & Extra Curricular                             Motor Vehicle Use
Activities                                               If a student wishes to use a motor vehicle on their
The following information from the Department            way to or from school they must first apply for a
of Labour offers some guidance for parents &             Motor Vehicle Pass from Mr Bain, Deputy Principal.
caregivers about how much paid work for their            All students and caregivers have agreed to these
children is too much.                                    procedures when signing the enrolment form. Note
                                                         that the application for permit must be done at the
Part-Time Employment:                                    start of each school year.
Echoing the international literature, New Zealand
studies indicate that, when limited to a moderate        The school expects that students will follow all
number of hours, part-time employment during             road regulations, in particular that students with
the school term may have a positive impact on            restricted licences will not carry passengers.
scholastic achievements or subsequent employment         Passengers may only be carried if appropriate
outcomes. The data suggest that optimal levels for       signed authorisation is obtained from the school
Year 10 and 11 students sit at less than ten hours       as detailed on the Motor Vehicle Pass Application
per week, but any level of work appears to be better     Form.
than none.

There is a warning, however. Students working over       Note that only Year 13 students will receive a pass
15 hours per week are at risk of negative impact on      as of right – other years will have applications
educational outcomes; those working over 20 hours        looked at as of merit. Students living within the
are at high risk.                                        school enrolment zone normally will not receive

Cell Phones (and other electronic                        Any infringement of the road regulations will
devices)                                                 automatically be reported to the Traffic Section of
Although they seem to have become part of young          the Police and could result in the student’s Motor
people’s lives they pose problems to all schools.        Vehicle Pass being revoked.
Clearly all of the following activities are banned and
will result in the confiscation of cell phones           Where possible, students should park in the student
• use at any time in a classroom unless teachers         car park. If full, please show consideration when
    have given explicit permission to use a cell         parking on adjacent streets.
• inappropriate text messaging and electronic
    bullying including Facebook/Snap chat/ Youtube

In some instances, a confiscated cell phone may be
retained by the school for one week and returned
when the caregiver arrives to see a Senior Manager
(confiscated phones are securely stored).

If students choose to bring cell phones, the school
takes absolutely no responsibility for the loss,
accidental or otherwise, of such equipment at
school by students. Students should respect the
privacy of others when using the camera function
on cell phones.

                                                                     Taradale High School Annual 2020
Healthy Attendance                                            so that we know who is on site.
The ideal attendance rate for any student                 •   Students must always sign out before leaving
or employee is 100%. However, in the real                     school grounds.
world, people suffer illness, attend unavoidable          •   Please note that if absences are not properly
appointments that intrude on school and work time,            explained, it goes on the attendance record as
and so on. Whilst the attendance of most of our               truancy.
students is very high, some fall below 95%. That
doesn’t sound bad, until you realise that it’s still an   Non-attendance must be explained by the Thurs-
absence of half a day every fortnight. Warning bells      day of the week following the absence. If not ex-
will ring for us if attendance drops below 95%.           plained, students will be expected to do a catch-up
Parents will be contacted if we have a concern about      on Friday after school.
a student’s attendance, as it has a large impact on
academic performance. It is therefore essential           Early notification.
that students have excellent attendance. If you are       The school is part of the early notification pro-
experiencing difficulties with your son or daughter’s     gramme funded by the Ministry of Education. We
attendance, please contact the Dean; or Mrs Adams,        will send a text message to the caregivers of stu-
the attendance officer; or Mr Bain, Deputy Principal.     dents who are absent. To ensure the success of the
                                                          early notification programme:
To help us monitor student attendance effectively,        • Please ensure that we have an accurate cell
if your son/daughter is away from school please               phone number for you.
notify the school in one of the following ways:           • Do not give your cell phone to your son or
• Phone: Please ring the school office before 8.45            daughter. We will assume any response to the
    a.m. A phone notification will count as a note for        text notification has come from you.
    attendance purposes..                                 • If a reason is provided in the text reply a follow
• Web Notification. Logon to                up note is not required. using your logon and password to advise        • Mrs Adams will attempt to phone parents of jun-
    of absences. A follow up note is NOT required.            iors who we haven’t managed to establish Text
    A logon and temporary password will be sent to            contact with. A note will still be required for the
    parents new to the school. Please do not give             school record and a detention will be issued.
    this logon or password to your son or daughter        • Students with unexplained absences will be
    as we will assume it has come from you.                   given detentions.

Absence Notes                                             Year 12 and 13 students are bound by the same
• The absence note can either be written in the           attendance requirements as junior students. They
   space of the homework diary or written on a            must attend form time every morning. Absences
   separate piece of paper.                               must be explained by a doctor’s note and they must
• The absence note should:                                sign in and out at the office if they leave school, for
   • be dated                                             example for a doctor’s appointment.
   • state the date(s) and period(s) of absence
   • give the reason for the absence                      Year 12 students have privileges to apply to leave
   • be signed by a parent/guardian                       school if they have no scheduled class in the last
                                                          period of the day. They will be issued with a permis-
•   If you know in advance about the absence,             sion card if this is the case
    please send a letter in advance to the Principal,
    requesting permission for the absence. Please         Around 5,000 attendance decisions are made daily
    note that if the absence is for a family holiday      by staff at Taradale High School. While we will en-
    the absence will be recorded as explained (not        deavour to get it right, there may well be occasions
    justified)                                            where a student is involved in an out of class activ-
•   If your son/daughter is late to school they must      ity, e.g. a music lesson and is reported absent by
    sign in at the office. This is for safety purposes    the class teacher. We apologise in advance for this,
                                                          however, we would rather report an absence and

Taradale High School Annual 2020
get it wrong sometimes instead of not reporting the       home without getting permission from the school
absence at all.                                           first.

If you have any concerns or queries about the             If your son/daughter has another reason for leaving
attendance requirements, please do not hesitate           school during the day, please either provide a
to contact Mr Bain, the Deputy Principal, or Mrs          written note or ring the school prior to the student
Adams, the Attendance Officer.                            leaving.

Provisions for Year 13 (Form 7)                           Serious Health Concerns
                                                          A few students have serious health concerns that
during the School Day                                     may require specific attention. If your child is one of
The Year 13 privilege of signing out of school during
                                                          these, please be sure that the school knows, so that
the school day has to be earned in 2020 rather
                                                          we are able to inform staff as necessary and provide
than given as of right. The main features of the new
                                                          the best care. The office staff can be contacted with
system are as follows:
                                                          this information, if it has not already been provided
                                                          at enrolment, or call Mrs Elvira Wylie in the Awhina
•   Students who are identified as working well in
                                                          Centre at school.
    the first five weeks of the year, will be given the
    privilege of:
    • leaving the school grounds at lunchtime             Parent Portal
    • remaining out of school during Period 5 if          The online parent portal enables parents to see
    they have no timetabled classes.                      information the school holds about their son/
                                                          daughter. Parents can check personal information
•   We will send letters to parents letting them          and notify the school of any changes, as well as
    know whether or not this privilege has been           accessing timetables, attendance information,
    extended to their son or daughter after the           assessment results and reports throughout the year.
    first five weeks of school. The decision will be
    based on students’ performance in the Mid-            To create an account: We must have a current email
    Term Review. Meanwhile Year 13 students will          account for a parent. Login information is then
    be required to attend study classes in Period 5 if    emailed to this email address.
    they are not scheduled for a class. Whilst most
    study classes will be in the form of supervised       Students also have access to relevant information
    study / homework, others will consist of tutoring     using their own login. Particular questions can
    junior students, being timetabled in a practical      be answered at key points throughout the year;
    class to work on portfolios, etc.                     the responses are then used to inform mentoring
•   If we have enough staffing to do so, we will          interviews with staff. Information on this will be
    provide study classes for all Year 13 students in     sent to parents at a later date and your assistance
    periods 1-4 for the whole year. We will confirm       in encouraging students to use it would be
    this at the start of Term 1.                          appreciated.

Leaving School During the School                          Peer Support
                                                          Peer Support is a programme designed to foster
Day                                                       more positive and trusting relationships between
Students must sign out at the office if leaving
                                                          senior and junior students. Senior students help
school during the school day.
                                                          younger students to develop the skills, knowledge
If your daughter/son is unwell at school s/he will
                                                          and confidence to get along with the people around
go to the office. If s/he is unable to return to class
                                                          them. The result is a network of personal support
after a short time, the office will contact the parent/
                                                          for young people who are new to secondary school.
caregiver and ask that s/he be collected from
school. We ask that you do not make arrangements
with your son/daughter by text or phone to go

                                                                      Taradale High School Annual 2020
Why offer Peer Support?                                   may have a critical role to play in supporting
Young people beginning secondary school often             and monitoring their children’s out of school
feel left out and scared in a new school, among           extracurricular activities.
new people. The need to build their confidence and
sense of belonging and to become familiar with
the new systems in the school. Older students can
                                                          Locker numbers are limited, so students need to
help them to do this. Peer Support develops the
                                                          get in early. If a student has chosen to have a locker
leadership skills of the senior students and helps
                                                          then it is expected they:
to develop a school where all people are valued by
encouraging strong links between senior and junior
                                                          •   supply their own lock for the locker allocated to
                                                              them. For security reasons we recommend that
                                                              this be a key lock, although please be aware that
Sports                                                        vandals can still break into lockers.
As the school’s sports programme starts to gear up        •   go to their locker at the specified times only
for another year, it is worthwhile to establish a few         (before and after school, the first 5 minutes of
key points.                                                   interval and lunchtime, or the last 5 minutes of
•   Our Sports Co-ordinator, is our first link with the   •   store school books and gear only (valuables
    community. S/he is easily contactable at school           should not be stored in lockers)
    at extension 735. It is school policy that where      •   may be asked by a staff member to open their
    appropriate school teams are available, that any          locker and display its contents at any time
    students’ first call is to play for a school team     •   must keep their locker clear of food and empty
    rather than for an outside club.                          their locker at the end of the year
•   The Teacher in Charge of Sport is Miss Pauline
    Edwards (                     The school will cut locks off lockers if:
•   Students will be given the opportunity to             • a student has lost their key or forgotten their
    nominate sports of their choice in the first week        combination
    of school.                                            • a lock is put on some-one else’s locker
•   All participants must wear correct and                • locks are not removed at the end of the year.
    appropriate uniforms for their sports. It is             Anything left in lockers will be disposed of.
    expected that coaches will not field players who
    do not conform to this.                               Lockers were paid for through the fundraising efforts
•   The school is a signatory to the Fair Play Code       of students six years ago through Student Work
    of behaviour and expects high standards of            Day and have greatly eased the problem of heavy
    sportsmanship on and off the sports arenas.           school bags. We have been concerned recently with
•   The very extended nature of our programme             vandalism of lockers. We hope that students will
    (that features close links with many Taradale         respect our property, but we cannot be responsible
    sporting clubs) means that extra parental help        for anything lost out of lockers. Mr Bain, Deputy
    is really appreciated in coaching and managing        Principal, is in charge of locker allocation.
    teams. If you have a specific interest, please
    contact the Sports Coordinator.
•   Each code has a fee charged to teams
                                                          Gifted and Talented Provision and
    participating in local competitions. In order to      Accelerated Pathway
    play, students must pay their team fees.              Our accelerated pathway caters for students who
                                                          are academically talented. It consists of:
Sport:                                                    • Selection for our top band class in Year 9 (9A)
Similarly, some participation in sport is associated      • NCEA courses in Year 10 (for 10A) in selected
with higher NCEA level achievement than none at               subjects
all or too much, suggesting that caregivers               • Acceleration to higher year levels where

Taradale High School Annual 2020
•   Scholarship classes and University courses in         •   In light of this fact, we would not evacuate the
    Year 13, or earlier where appropriate                     site in the event of a tsunami warning.

We also identify students who are particularly            Lock Down
strong in visual / spatial intelligence, yet are not      • In the unlikely event that we should ever need
placed in a top band class. We aim to cater for their        to invoke a lock down procedure, we have a
particular needs as research tells us that 80% of            procedure for signalling to students to remain
unidentified gifted and talented students are strong         indoors, out of sight.
in visual / spatial intelligence.                         • We will encourage students not to text family
                                                             and friends during a lock down.
If you have any questions relating to either gifted       • Please do not try and enter the site during a lock
and talented provision, please contact Mr John               down as this may well put your selves or others
Marshall, Deputy Principal.                                  in danger.
                                                          • During a lock down, the Police would take over
                                                             control of the site.
Emergency Procedures Information
for Parents                                               Knives
The Taradale High School Emergency Plan meets the         • Taradale High School endeavours to provide a
requirements of section 14(2)(a) of the Fire Safety          safe environment for all students.
and Evacuation of buildings regulations 2006.             • Students should NOT bring knives or other sharp
                                                             or dangerous objects to school.
Up to date contact information.                           • Please assist us in keeping these items out of
It is vital that you provide the school with a range of      school.
accurate contact details including:
• Email addresses                                         Cyber Bullying
• Phone Numbers (Home /Work/ Cell)                        • This is the age of social networking.
• Emergency contact numbers. When these de-               • Many students use these mediums
     tails change it is very important that you inform       appropriately, but there are some students who
     the school office                                       use this medium for bullying other students and
Emergency signals used at Taradale High School               posting obnoxious and offensive material on
• Continuous ringing of the school bell: General             their Facebook pages.
     Evacuation                                           • Please keep an eye on what your son and or
• Smoke siren rise/fall + voice commands: .                  daughter is posting on their social networking
     General Evacuation                                      sites.
• School bell 3 seconds on and 3 seconds off:
     Lock down                                            For further information re Emergency Procedures
• 3 short rings: All Clear                                or other relevant policies, please refer to the school
                                                          website at Mr John Marshall,
Earthquake                                                Deputy Principal, is responsible for Health and
• In the event of a significant earthquake we             Safety.
    will be guided by Police and Civil defence as to
    whether students are kept at school or released
    to go home.                                           High School Diploma
                                                          The High School Diploma is endorsed by the
• Further information will be posted on the school
                                                          Hawke’s Bay Chamber of Commerce. It is evidence
    website as soon as possible.
                                                          of the student’s readiness to become responsible
                                                          and productive employees. Its goals are:
• The information we have obtained from the
                                                          •   Providing a recognisable acknowledgement for
   Napier City Council is that Taradale High School
                                                              students who may not achieve Level 3.
   would not be adversely affected by a significant
                                                          •   To reward good work-based behaviours.

                                                                      Taradale High School Annual 2020
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