Ontariotechu.ca Oshawa | Canada - International Viewbook

Ontariotechu.ca Oshawa | Canada - International Viewbook
ontariotechu.ca   International Viewbook
Oshawa | Canada   2020-2021
Ontariotechu.ca Oshawa | Canada - International Viewbook
No two                             04           Ridgebacks reflect
                                                Defining success.
take the                           06           Where we are
                                                Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

journey.                                        Your starting point.

Where                             22
                                                Experiential learning
                                                Experience matters.

                                                International student services
yours                                           Always here to support you.

                                                Ridgeback life
                                                You are more than just a student.

                                                Explore the world
                                                A limitless classroom.

                                                Residence living
                                                Your home away from home.

                                                Fees and finances
                                                Your dreams are within reach.

                                                English language proficiency
                                                Requirements and accepted scores.

                                                The first steps to your future.

                                       Ontario Tech University proudly acknowledges the lands and people
                                       of the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation, which is covered by
                                       the Williams Treaties.
                                       We are situated on the Traditional Territory of the Mississaugas—a branch
                                       of the greater Anishinaabeg Nation—which includes Algonquin, Ojibway, Odawa
                                       and Pottawatomi.

2   2020-2021 International Viewbook
Ontariotechu.ca Oshawa | Canada - International Viewbook
questions are
best answered
outside the
We embed multidisciplinary teams of students in businesses,
research settings and community organizations, to solve the
complex challenges facing our modern society.
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Ontariotechu.ca Oshawa | Canada - International Viewbook
Ridgebacks reflect
How do you define success? We define it by our graduates.

Within six months of graduation:

                                                   of graduates are employed

        85%                                        Of the 85%,
                                                   77% ARE EMPLOYED WITHIN
                                                   THEIR FIELD OF STUDY

                                                   of our undergraduates pursue
                                                   further education and qualifications

        28%                                        earn more than $50,000 annually—
                                                   which is above the Ontario average

    •   Amazon                             •   Durham District School Board     •   Lakeridge Health
    •   Bruce Power                        •   Durham Regional Police Service   •   Ontario Power Generation
    •   Canada Revenue Agency              •   Facebook                         •   SickKids
    •   Canadian Nuclear Laboratories      •   Google                           •   Tesla
    •   Dalton Pharma Services             •   Hydro One                        •   Ubisoft
    •   Deloitte                           •   IBM

4       2020-2021 International Viewbook
Ontariotechu.ca Oshawa | Canada - International Viewbook
Ontario Tech provides the critical support
 students need to transition from a learning
environment into the industry. The university
   connected me with industry leaders and
  ensured I was ready to present myself to
future employers. I felt prepared to enter the
 workforce and my solid foundation allowed
 me to seamlessly transition into my career,
        and quickly make an impact.

   Nuclear Engineering and Management, Class of 2014
   Technical Engineer/Officer, Ontario Power Generation
                       from Canada

                                               ontariotechu.ca   5
Ontariotechu.ca Oshawa | Canada - International Viewbook
Where we are

We are located in Oshawa, Ontario, in the heart of the       The university is located in a great spot!
beautiful Durham Region and in the Greater Toronto Area,
                                                             Oshawa has lots to offer—a large mall,
Canada’s multicultural centre.
                                                               a beach, museums, nature trails and
Average temperatures
                                                                conservation areas, historical sites,
    Summer: 25° C | 77° F
    Winter: -8° C | 18° F                                       and so much more. Oshawa is very
                                                              connected. You can get around in the
Greater Toronto Area
We are located less than an hour’s drive from Toronto—
                                                               city, and other places in the Durham
Canada’s largest city. Because we are so close to Toronto,    Region and the GTA very easily. I think
you can enjoy some of Canada’s most popular tourist
                                                             Oshawa is a nice place to live, giving you
destinations or take in a professional sports game.
Toronto is one of the world’s most diverse cities with 49
                                                             the best of both worlds—a big city with
per cent of its population born outside of Canada. This                   a small city feel.
diversity is reflected in the many ethnic neighbourhoods,
the multicultural cuisine and annual festivals celebrating                  ERIN CAMPBELL
different cultures.                                                   Forensic Psychology, Class of 2019
                                                              Master of Arts in Clinical and Counselling Psychology
Canada                                                                   student, University of Toronto
The United Nations consistently ranks Canada as one of                             from Canada
the top places in the world to live.
With a population of more than 35 million, Canada is home
to many different cultures and ethnic groups.

6    2020-2021 International Viewbook
Ontariotechu.ca Oshawa | Canada - International Viewbook
PEEL                          YORK

                             Vaughan          Markham
                                                                Ajax   Oshawa
HALTON                                                  Pickering Whitby

                                                        45 MINUTES
                                         Driving time from Toronto to Oshawa

                                                                          ontariotechu.ca   7
Ontariotechu.ca Oshawa | Canada - International Viewbook
Business & Information Technology
                                                                                                      Do you see
                                                                                                    yourself as a(n)...
                                                                                                           3D Animator
                                                                                                       Advertising Executive
Commerce                                           Information Technology                                Business Analyst
Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)                     Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours)
                                                                                                   Business Analytics Consultant
Majors                                             Majors
• Accounting                                       • Game Development and                                Corporate Lender
• Finance                                            Entrepreneurship                                Digital Forensic Specialist
• Marketing                                        • Networking and Information                          Financial Auditor
• Organizational Behaviour and Human                 Technology Security
  Resources Management                             • Technology Management                                Game Designer
• Technology Management                                                                              Game Engine Programmer
                                                                                                          Game Producer
                                                                                                     Games User Researcher
For a list of minors, visit ontariotechu.ca/minors.                                                Human Resources Consultant
                                                                                                  Information and Communications
    Experiential learning                                                                               Technology Manager
    Internships, capstone programs, and hands-on business and information technology (IT)           Information Security Analyst
    training in our labs.
                                                                                                     IT and Network Supporter
                                                                                                         IT Security Auditor
                                                                                                    Learning and Development
                                                                                                       Marketing Researcher
    This university gave me a sense of independence and belonging. With                                  Securities Trader
    the support and guidance of my professors and teaching assistants,
      and the helpful resources available, I was encouraged to strive for
     success and nothing less. The campus atmosphere is filled with life,
      innovation and student events that make you feel right at home.
                                        GABRIELLA LUPI
                                  Commerce (Honours), Class of 2016
                                          from Bermuda

8    2020-2021 International Viewbook
Ontariotechu.ca Oshawa | Canada - International Viewbook
15 to 20
events organized
every year by our

median upper-year
class size

of students are
employed within
six months of

of students participate
in experiential learning

Capstone project
partner organizations

internship employers

       ontariotechu.ca   9
Ontariotechu.ca Oshawa | Canada - International Viewbook
                                                                                  Do you see
                                                                                yourself as a(n)...
                                                                                Elementary School Teacher
                                                                                Secondary School Teacher
                                                                                  Educational Consultant
Concurrent Education                                  Consecutive Education     Child and Youth Counsellor
Apply directly to the undergraduate                   Primary/Junior
program you’re interested in and select               Bachelor of Education       Educational Publisher
the Concurrent option on your application.                                          Graduate Student
                                                      Consecutive Education           in Education
Connected Program                                     Intermediate/Senior
                                                      Bachelor of Education        Guidance Counsellor
Apply in your second year of undergraduate
study. Participate in education seminars,                                          International Teacher
visit classes, and meet faculty and                                                    Private Tutor
students to see if an education career is
                                                                                    Special Education
the right fit for you.                                                              Resource Teacher
                                                                                   Trainer in Private and
     Experiential learning                                                      Public Sector Organizations
     Primary/Junior: Placements in both a Primary (Kindergarten to Grade 3)        University or College
     and a Junior (grades 4 to 6) classroom.                                        Academic Advisor
     Intermediate/Senior: Placements in both an Intermediate (grades 7 to 10)         Youth Worker
     and Senior (grades 11 and 12) classroom.

      Choosing Ontario Tech to obtain my Bachelor of Education was an
      easy decision. Its focus on technology is what employers look for.
      The small class sizes offered a personalized experience, not only with
      knowledgeable instructors, but with my peers as well. Lifelong bonds
       that continue today have advanced my career and enriched my life.
                                         ELIZABETH BURKE
                                         Education, Class of 2012
                                              from Canada

10    2020-2021 International Viewbook
century institution
producing innovative

of students
graduate with
highest distinction

of students are
employed within
six months of

mentoring by
practicum liaison

median upper-year
class size

school boards for
field placements

      ontariotechu.ca   11
Energy Systems & Nuclear Science
                                                                                           Do you see
                                                                                         yourself as a(n)...
                                                                                              Building Manager
                                                                                               Energy Auditor
                                                                                           Engineering Consultant
Health Physics and                                    Sustainable                        Engineering Project Manager
Radiation Science                                     Energy Systems                           Health Physicist
Bachelor of Science (Honours)                         Bachelor of Technology (Honours)
                                                                                              Nuclear Engineer
Nuclear Engineering                                                                          Radiation Scientist
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)                                                            Regulatory Engineer
Bachelor of Engineering and Management
 (Honours)                                                                               Research and Development
                                                                                         Safety Assessment Engineer
For a list of minors, visit ontariotechu.ca/minors.                                          Smart City Planner
                                                                                           Sustainability Specialist
     Experiential learning
                                                                                          Waste Management and
     Co-op and internship placements available.                                          Decommissioning Engineer

       This university provided me with all the proper tools for success,
      which ranged from the software on my laptop to the world-class
      facilities I learned in. The consistent availability of my professors
        was a great benefit, and a great complement to Student Life’s
       workshops and peer tutor program, to better my understanding
                                  of the material.
                                         ALYKHAN SUMAR
                                    Nuclear Engineering, Class of 2017
                                              from Tanzania

12    2020-2021 International Viewbook
of students are
employed within
six months of

median upper-year
class size

of students
participate in
experiential learning
opportunities during
their degree

Canada’s only
program of its kind

Nuclear Engineering
students can take five
years and gain a solid
foundation in
finance, operations,
marketing and human

      ontariotechu.ca   13
Engineering & Applied Science
                                                                                                     Do you see
                                                                                                   yourself as a(n)...
                                                                                                      Automation Engineer
                                                                                                      Automotive Engineer
                                                                                                     Battery Test Engineer
Automotive Engineering                                  Mechanical Engineering                      Chassis Mount Engineer
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)                       Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
                                                                                                 Controls Engineering Specialist
Bachelor of Engineering and Management                  Bachelor of Engineering and Management
 (Honours)                                               (Honours)                                Electro-Mechanical Engineer
                                                        Specialization: Energy Engineering           Lead Quality Engineer
Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)                       Mechatronics Engineering                  Mechanical Design Engineer
Bachelor of Engineering and Management                  Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)          Mobility Solutions Engineer
 (Honours)                                              Bachelor of Engineering and Management
                                                                                                    Network Design Engineer
Specialization: Smart Grid                               (Honours)
                                                                                                    Product Design Engineer
Manufacturing Engineering                               Software Engineering                        Senior Software Engineer
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)                       Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
Bachelor of Engineering and Management                  Bachelor of Engineering and Management        Software Developer
 (Honours)                                               (Honours)                               Software Development Engineer
                                                        Specialization: Internet of Things
                                                                                                  Telecommunications Engineer
                                                                                                   Vehicle Systems Engineer
     Experiential learning
     Co-op and internship placements available.

       Diversity defines this campus community. Having the opportunity
          to interact with individuals from different backgrounds and
               ethnicities—all in one place—has been awesome.
      As first I was anxious but coming to Ontario Tech was like finding a
          new home rather than feeling like I was leaving my old one.
                                         SAAD FAROOQUI
                                 Mechatronics Engineering, Class of 2021
                                             from Pakistan

14    2020-2021 International Viewbook
of students are
employed within
six months of

companies provide
internship and
co-op opportunities

Automotive and
The only accredited
programs of their
kind in Canada

Take five years and
gain a solid
foundation in
finance, operations,
marketing and
human resources

      ontariotechu.ca   15
Health Sciences
                                                                                                         Do you see
                                                                                                       yourself as a(n)...
                                                                                                            Health Sciences
                                                                                                        Occupational Health and
Health Sciences                                           Nursing                                         Safety Co-ordinator
Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)                     Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Honours)        Public and Non-Profit
Specializations: Human Health Science,                                                                    Sector Administrator
Public Health                                                                                                 Kinesiology

Kinesiology                                                                                           Certified Exercise Physiologist
Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)                                                                Physical/Occupational Therapist
                                                                                                            Sport, Exercise or
For a list of minors, visit ontariotechu.ca/minors.                                                        Health Psychologist
     Experiential learning                                                                                  Registered Nurse
     Health Sciences: Fourth-year research practicum available.
                                                                                                        Health Administration and
     Kinesiology: Fourth-year athletic therapy or applied internship,
     and research practicum available.                                                                    Management Leader
     Nursing: Clinical placements begin in first-year.                                                   Health Policy Advocate

         This university gave me a variety of research opportunities that
      improved my overall student experience and skill set. I feel as though
         I am now prepared for a future career that is research intensive.
        Having a practicum in my fourth year gave me a new appreciation
        for the critical-thinking components that research entails. If every
       student could have the same opportunities this university provides,
           the innovation and creativity of their ideas would be limitless.
                                         HONOLINE FRANCIS
                                          Kinesiology, Class of 2019
                                                from Rwanda

16    2020-2021 International Viewbook
median upper-year
class size

students per
Kinesiology laboratory
section, ensuring
more hands‑on lab

local, regional, and
national organizations
provide clinical
and internship

of students are
employed within six
months of graduation

clinical hours for
Nursing students

      ontariotechu.ca   17
                                                                                                           Do you see
                                                                                                        yourself as a(n)*...
                                                                                                          Conservation Biologist
                                                                                                           Crime Scene Officer
Applied and Industrial                                  Forensic Science                                   Drug Discovery and
Mathematics                                             Bachelor of Science (Honours)
                                                        Bachelor of Science and Management
                                                                                                        Pharmaceutical Researcher
Bachelor of Science (Honours)                                                                            Energy Supply Specialist
Bachelor of Science and Management                       (Honours)
                                                        Specializations: Forensic Biology, Forensic      Environmental Protection
                                                        Chemistry, Forensic Physics                        Officer or Technician
Biological Science                                                                                         Forensic Technologist
Bachelor of Science (Honours)                           Integrative                                         Investment Analyst
Bachelor of Science and Management                      Neuroscience                                      Laboratory Technician
 (Honours)                                              Bachelor of Science (Honours)
Specializations: Environmental Biology,                 Bachelor of Science and Management                 Machine Learner and
Environmental Toxicology, Life Sciences,                 (Honours)                                           Data Scientist
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology                                                                               Medical Professional
Chemistry                                               Bachelor of Science (Honours)                   Medical Research Scientist
Bachelor of Science (Honours)                           Bachelor of Science and Management                      Pharmacist
Bachelor of Science and Management                       (Honours)
 (Honours)                                              Specializations: Astrophysics,                Science Communications Officer
Specializations: Chemical Biology,                      Nanotechnology and Clean Energy                   *Some of these careers may
Pharmaceutical Chemistry                                                                                     require further study.

Computer Science
Bachelor of Science (Honours)
Bachelor of Science and Management
Specializations: Data Science, Digital Media

For a list of minors, visit ontariotechu.ca/minors.

     Experiential learning
     Co-op placements are available for all programs, with the exception of Forensic
     Science which has an embedded Capstone component instead.

       At Ontario Tech, I have found the perfect location and peaceful
        campus, a helpful and welcoming community, stellar academic
     content, and cutting-edge research. This is the place an international
          student should be. I could not be happier with my choice.
                                         JULIAN BRANDHAN
                                          Physics, Class of 2022
                                              from Guyana

18    2020-2021 International Viewbook
of students are
employed within six
months of graduation

median upper-year
class size

1 of 2
accredited Forensic
Science programs
in Canada

Flexible work
placements of four,
eight, 12 or 16
months allows you to
experience long-term
project work, and skill

Take five years and
gain a solid
foundation in
finance, operations,
marketing and human

      ontariotechu.ca   19
Social Science & Humanities
                                                                                                          Do you see
                                                                                                       yourself as a(n)*...
                                                                                                       Corrections or Police Officer
Communication and                                       Legal Studies                                   Freelance Content Creator
Digital Media Studies                                   Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
                                                        Specializations: Alternative Dispute
                                                                                                        Government Administrator
Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
                                                        Resolution, Human Rights Law,               Human and Social Services Worker
Criminology and Justice                                 Information Law                                Human Resources Manager
Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
Specializations: Criminal Justice;                      Political Science                                Human Rights Advocate

Youth, Crime and Justice                                Bachelor of Arts (Honours)                       Investigative Consultant
                                                        Specializations: Political Communication;                 Lawyer
Forensic Psychology                                     Social Justice, Globalization and
                                                                                                      Marketing or Communications
Bachelor of Arts (Honours)                              Development

Liberal Studies                                         Psychology                                       Media Relations Officer
Bachelor of Arts (Honours)                              Bachelor of Arts (Honours)                               Mediator
                                                        Bachelor of Science (Honours)
                                                                                                          Mental Health Worker

For a list of minors, visit ontariotechu.ca/minors.                                                           Policy Analyst
     Experiential learning                                                                               Public Relations Officer
     Fourth-year practicum or internship available.                                                            Researcher
                                                                                                      Victims’ Services Co-ordinator
                                                                                                          *some of these careers
        This university pushed me out of my comfort zone to volunteer,                                    may require further study.
        participate and interact with my professors. On the downtown
        Oshawa campus location I saw, heard and participated in many
       social justice events. This university makes you feel at home, once
                           you get used to the winter!
                                             OSCAR LIU
                                  Criminology and Justice, Class of 2017
                                              from Jamaica

20    2020-2021 International Viewbook
provide placement

of students are
employed within six
months of graduation

faculty members
nominated for
Celebrate Teaching
awards in 2018

academic advisors
dedicated to your

median upper-year
class size

major option

      ontariotechu.ca   21
We have a long history of delivering successful work‑integrated learning
to our students to ensure you’re well prepared for the workforce. These
activities enrich your learning, and promote intellectual development,
teamwork, communication abilities, technical experience and other
professional skills.

22   2020-2021 International Viewbook
What are the
   More than 300 industry
   and community partners
   to help you build your

   Earn money while you
   earn credits.

   Enhance your skills and
   gain valuable networking

   Access real-time
   coaching and feedback.

Time to get in
the field
Gain experience through:


   capstone projects


   independent study





   thesis projects

            ontariotechu.ca   23
International                                                                                      Health and
                                                                                                   Wellness Services

student services
                                                                                                   •   Athletic facilities
                                                                                                   •   Chiropractors
                                                                                                   •   Counsellors
                                                                                                   •   Fitness classes
                                                                                                   •   Gym membership
                                                                                                   •   Health insurance plan
                                                                                                   •   Ice skating
                                                                                                   •   Indoor running track
From the moment you receive your offer of admission, we connect you with our                       •   Massage therapists
International Education team. International Education is an office within Student Life that        •   Medical doctors
ensures a smooth transition as you embark on this new academic path. We help you find              •   Mental health counsellors
a sense of community, and nurture your student engagement and success. Our office                  •   Mood walks
provides support on a range of topics.                                                             •   Pharmacy
                                                                                                   •   Self-defense classes
Some of the services we offer include assistance with:                                             •   Support groups
•    Any personal concerns that may impact your life at Ontario Tech.
•    Exchange opportunities and support during the process of applying for exchange.
•    Intercultural adaptation during your adjustment to the university.
•    Navigating the university, Durham region and Canadian culture.
•    Your new experiences and challenges during your adjustment to the university,
     and life in Canada.
•    Social events throughout the year.
•    Volunteer opportunities for you to develop your leadership skills.
•    Your temporary resident status (study permit, temporary resident visa, work permits, etc.).
•    Your University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) registration and coverage cards, enrolling
     dependents, terminating coverage if you have OHIP, and verifying your UHIP fees.

24     2020-2021 International Viewbook
Supports on campus

Your experience with us is about more than attending classes. We provide the supports and
connections you need to make your student journey right for you.
Here’s a sample of some of the supports available to you on campus:

Academic Support                                             Peer Support/Community
•   Academic advisors                                        •   Community events
•   Learning and study skills                                •   Digital Community – student blog
•   Peer tutoring                                            •   International student supports
•   Subject specialists                                      •   Indigenous Education and Cultural Services
                                                             •   Mentoring
• Academic accommodations                                    Inclusion and Equity
• Technology advising accommodations                         •   Equity education
                                                             •   Events and workshops
Career Readiness                                             •   Leadership development
• Career supports                                            •   Orientation and first-year transition
• Co-ops and internships
• Work experience on campus

                                                                                                              ontariotechu.ca   25
Ridgeback life

                                        What is a Ridgeback?
                                        ridge •back		           /’rijbak/
                                        South African hunting dog. Versatile hunter and
                                        home guardian. Smart, sometimes stubborn.

                                        A Ridgeback embodies our university’s identity. It’s also our
                                        faithful mascot that represents our 250+ varsity student-athletes,
                                        and intramural and extramural teams.

26   2020-2021 International Viewbook
Athletics and             Ontario Tech Student Union
Recreation                otsu.ca
                          The Ontario Tech Student Union provides you and your peers with leadership and
What makes YOU a
                          representation to improve your overall student experience, and they oversee a range of
Ridgeback?                programs and services. You can join a campus club, participate in large campus events
                          and cultural celebrations, or take advantage of a variety of wellness and support services.
Varsity teams
•   badminton             Clubs and Societies
•   basketball            •   Anime on Campus           •   Community Connect          •   LANWAR X
•   curling               •   Aspiring Educators        •   Digital Art                •   Military Interest Group
•   dance*                •   Blood Services            •   Film Club                  •   Political Science
•   golf                  •   Board Games               •   Free the Children          •   Pool Club
•   ice hockey            •   Campus Church             •   Global Brigades            •   Pre-Medical Association
•   lacrosse*             •   Campus Community          •   Health and Wellness        •   The Youth Project
•   rowing                    Gardens                   •   K-Pop Club                 •   Women in Business
•   soccer
                          We offer many more clubs and societies to suit your interests.
• flag football*
• ice hockey
• volleyball

•   badminton
•   basketball
•   dodgeball
•   flag football
•   floorball
•   ice hockey
•   soccer
•   table tennis
•   volleyball
*Currently only offered
 as a women’s team.

                                                                                                    ontariotechu.ca   27
Explore the world

Your learning is limitless—so is your classroom.

                                         United Kingdom
                                  Netherlands         Germany
                                                                                                                South Korea
                                                                  Italy       Turkey
                                                Portugal                                           China





        The International Education team gave me the opportunity                           Experience the world—
        to attend Linköping University in Sweden for their summer                          so you can change it
                                                                                           •   Competitive advantage
        academy. The next year, I traveled to Tanzania, Africa, as a
                                                                                           •   Experience new cultures
     Queen Elizabeth II Scholar; both were unforgettable adventures.                       •   Learn a new language
     The university was behind me the entire way, always checking in                       •   Paid work and volunteer opportunities
                                                                                           •   Scholarship options
     to see if I needed anything. If you want to travel—while earning
                                                                                           •   Short- and long-term opportunities
        credits—I recommend visiting the International Education
       office to see what exchanges you are eligible for. It is a great
            experience and I would not change it for the world!

                                     JESSICA MOREAU
                                         Nursing, Class of 2018
                                             from Canada

28    2020-2021 International Viewbook
A place
                                to learn
                                and a home
                                for life.
                                We welcome students, alumni, staff and faculty, as well as visitors from
                                all around the world. Everyone has a place within our campus community,
                                where learning, sharing and growth are continuous endeavours.

Communications and Digital Media Studies student Lesley-Ann Parris is on
top of the trends that drive communication in our economic, political and
cultural landscape. As part of our cutting-edge Faculty of Social Science and
Humanities, her program prepares her with powerful skills to navigate the
ever-changing world of digital media in society.                                                     ontariotechu.ca   29
Your home away                                                                         You’ll find a home in Oshawa
                                                                                       Oshawa A to Z

from home                                                                              •
                                                                                           Art galleries
                                                                                           Barrier-free community
                                                                                           Diverse dining options
                                                                                       •   Entertainment at the Regent
                                                                                           Theatre and the Tribute
Guaranteed residence for all             Meal Plans                                        Communities Centre
first-year students who apply by         ontariotechu.ca/dining                        •   Fiesta Week
the Monday, June 1 deadline.             • All-you-can-eat dining hall.                •   Growth and development
                                         • Mandatory or optional meal plans.               of downtown
Residence Living                         • Plenty of food options: halal, vegan,       •   Home of the Oshawa
ontariotechu.ca/residence                  vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.       Generals hockey team
• Controlled building access.            • Popular brand name franchises:              •   Indigenous lands
• Double-sized beds in all rooms.          Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Pizza Pizza,        •   Job fairs
• Game rooms, dance studios                Smoke’s, etc.                               •   Key city in Durham Region
  and lounges.                                                                         •   Located close to Toronto
• Housekeeping and maintenance           Homestay                                      •   Multicultural
  services.                                                                            •   Nine public swimming pools
• Kitchen facilities, including access                                                 •   One of Canada’s fastest-growing
  to BBQs.                               A host family will welcome you into their         economies
• Living-learning communities.           home, so you feel supported during your       •   Parkwood Estate, national
• Nightly events to support social       program of study in Canada.                       historic site of Canada
  and academic needs.                    Living with a family provides the greatest    •   Quiet study spots
• On-site laundry.                       opportunities for learning the English        •   Ranked one of the best places
• Residence advisors on each floor.      language. It is also the ideal setting for        to work in Canada
• Residence Outreach Worker.             learning new skills and experiencing          •   Shopping at the Oshawa Centre
• Roommate self-selection.               Canadian life.                                •   Transportation hub
• Steps from the bus stop.                                                             •   Urban growth centre
• TV, cable, phone and high-speed                                                      •   Volunteer opportunities
  Internet.                                                                            •   Waterfront
• Two residence buildings.                                                             •   X-Men was filmed at the
                                                                                           Parkwood Estate
                                                                                       •   Yoga in the park
                                                                                       •   Zoo and fun farm

30   2020-2021 International Viewbook
Residence floor plans

Simcoe Village North           South Village
                               (Meal plan required)

Simcoe Village South   Simcoe Village Central         Simcoe Village Quad

                                                                     ontariotechu.ca   31
Fees and finances

Education is an investment and we’ll help you achieve your dreams. Let’s take a look at how much your first year may cost.

                    Tuition by program                                                       Additional fees

 Bachelor of Allied Health                                             Ancillary fees/other
  Sciences                                                              expenses
 Bachelor of Arts                                                      Technology-enriched
                                  $21,935                                                                $130 to $478*
 Bachelor of Education                                                  learning fee
 Bachelor of Health Sciences                            then add       UHIP                              $672
 Bachelor of Science                                                   On-campus residence               $3,450 to $7,950**
 Bachelor of Science in                                                Meal plan                         $5,050 to $5,615***
 Bachelor of Science in
                                                                      Total average cost
  Computer Science                                                    Students living in residence: $32,982 to $44,861
 Bachelor of Commerce             $24,330                             *Dependent on program of study.
 Bachelor of Information                                              **Dependent upon room style.
                                  $25,400                             ***Dependent upon plan.
                                                                      All fees are based on the 2019-2020 academic year and are subject
 Bachelor of Engineering                                              to change for 2020-2021. For a complete list of tuition and fees,
 Bachelor of Technology                                               visit ontariotechu.ca/fees.

32   2020-2021 International Viewbook
15 to 20
on-campus work-
study employment
opportunities available

in grocery card
assistance given
each year

available if you achieve
a minimum 3.7 GPA
(on a 4.3 scale) in full-
time studies with us

of bursary assistance
for emergency

one-on-one financial
advising appointments
available per week

       ontariotechu.ca   33

You’ve worked hard for your grades. We want to recognize that hard work!

Awards of Recognition                                                    Global Leadership Award
If you’re a current Canadian secondary school student,                   ontariotechu.ca/entrancescholarships
you’re automatically awarded the following based on your                 o Applied to Ontario Tech University.
top six 4U/4M courses (or equivalent):
                                                                         o 85 per cent average?
 $4,000                      95 per cent or higher                       o Exceptional leader?
 $2,000                      90 to 94.9 per cent                         o Active in your community?
 $1,000                      85 to 89.9 per cent                         If you checked all the boxes above, we want to hear from you!

In-course Scholarships*                                                  $72,000 ($18,000 x four years)
                                                                         Awarded to an international secondary school student—studying outside
We will recognize your academic achievements during                      of Canada—who demonstrates strong academic and leadership abilities.
your undergraduate degree, based on your grades in your
                                                                         Canadian citizens and permanent residents are not eligible for this award.
previous year:
                                                                         Deadline to apply: Friday, February 28, 2020
 $1,500                      4.0 or higher GPA
 $1,000                      3.7 to 3.99 GPA

*Minimum GPA and course load required, and must be returning to                 Saying that the Global Leadership Award means
 full-time studies. Amounts vary based on GPA and donor contributions.
                                                                                  the world to me, is an understatement. I feel
                                                                                honoured to have been selected from the many
                                                                                      international students that applied.
                                                                                                    NASHELLE HIRD
                                                                                     Communication and Digital Media Studies, Class of 2020
                                                                                                       from Jamaica

34   2020-2021 International Viewbook
English Language Centre

English for Academic Purposes                                   Fees
                                                                For sessions beginning September 2019
(EAP) Program
Our EAP program provides a language pathway for students        $2,918
who meet the academic requirements for admission, but
require additional English language training.                   U-Pass
When you begin the EAP program, you will receive conditional
admission to your degree program.                               International Health Insurance (guard.me Canada)*
Pre-EAP                                                         Athletic complex membership
If you need more preparation before entering the EAP program,   $9
you will be admitted to the Pre-EAP program for a minimum of
                                                                Campus access and safety
eight weeks.
The Pre-EAP program focuses on building and improving basic
English language skills. Upon successful completion of
Pre-EAP, you will enter Level 1 of EAP.
                                                                Infrastructure and service enhancements
 SESSIONS         START DATE –                                  $43
                  ACADEMIC ORIENTATION
                                                                Test fee
 Fall 1           Tuesday, September 3                          $25
 Fall 2           Monday, October 28
                                                                Total: $3,298
 Winter 1         Monday, January 6
                                                                *Set by insurer for emergency and basic health-care services. Sponsored
 Winter 2         Monday, March 2                                students will be charged $9 for the ELC session for the mandatory Keep.
 Spring           Monday, April 27                               meSAFE Student Support Program.

 Summer           Monday, June 22                               Other fees
                                                                Confirmation deposit:

                                                                Start your degree
                                                                If you successfully complete Level 5 of the EAP program, you
                                                                will meet the English language requirements for most programs.
                                                                You will not need to take an English Language proficiency test to
                                                                qualify for admission.

                                                                                                                                ontariotechu.ca   35
English language proficiency

English Language Proficiency
(ELP) Requirements
You can satisfy the ELP requirement through one of
the following:

• Your first language is English.
• You completed the university’s EAP program.
• You have completed at least three years of full-time study
  at a secondary or post-secondary institution where the
  language of instruction is English.*
• You have achieved the required proficiency scores on one of
  the English language tests acceptable to the university.
*Minimum three-year requirement does not include full-time enrolment in an
 English as a Second Language program.

Acceptable English language tests and scores**
You must arrange for your original test scores to be sent to
us, directly from the testing centre.

 CAEL                       70 with no sub‑score below 60
 IELTS***                   6.5 to 7.0 with no sub‑score below
                            6.0 (Education and Nursing programs
                            require an overall score of 7.0)
 MELAB                      85
 PEARSON                    58
 TOEFL (IBT)                83 to 87 (Education and Nursing
                            programs require a total score of 87)
                            Minimum required sub‑scores:

                            20, Reading 20, Speaking 19,
                            Writing 20

                            Ontario Tech’s TOEFL code is 7178.
                            Paper delivered results will be
                            reviewed on an individual basis.
 **Minimum scores vary by program.
***Ontario Tech University is an official IELTS test venue. Registration
   information—including test dates—can be found on ieltscanada.ca.

36   2020-2021 International Viewbook

Our programs are unique and so are you! That’s why we help you identify which type of applicant you are when applying
to our university. Below are just a few types you may fall under, but there are many more. For a full list, visit
us at ontariotechu.ca/applicanttype.

International Student                                            Apply Now
• Require a study permit to study in Canada.                     1. Apply for all undergraduate programs through the Ontario
                                                                    Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) website, as a 105
Transfer Student                                                    student (ouac.on.ca/105).
                                                                 2. Choose up to three programs for a base application fee.
Receive transfer credit from high school*                           You may select additional programs at $50 per choice
Advanced Placement (AP)
  • Minimum score of four on AP exams.                               COST       OUAC STUDENT             OUAC APPLICATION
  • Maximum of 18 credit hours can be granted.                                  DEFINITION               TYPE
                                                                     $166       International students   Undergrad (105)
Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE)
 • Minimum score of three on CAPE exams.
                                                                 3. Submit your supplemental documents and official transcripts
 • Maximum of 18 credit hours can be granted.
                                                                    by mail or courier. Transcripts must come directly from the
General Certificate of Education (A level) courses                  school or issuing authority.
 • A grade of C or better in A level courses.
                                                                 4. When you are accepted to the university, apply for a study
 • Maximum of 18 credit hours can be granted.
                                                                    permit (cic.gc.ca). You may be required to apply for a
International Baccalaureate (IB)                                    Temporary Resident Visa or Electronic Travel Authorization.
  • Minimum score of five on higher-level IB examination.
  • Maximum of 18 credit hours can be granted.
* Transfer credits are not awarded for Engineering programs.

Receive transfer credit from other post-secondary institutions
Credits from post-secondary institutions within and outside
of Canada will be evaluated on an individual basis.

                                                                                                                           ontariotechu.ca   37
Explore your university

Get to know us
Virtual tour
Explore our campus from the comfort
of home.

Open houses
Saturday, October 26, 2019
Saturday, March 28, 2020

Find out what your life will be like at
Ontario Tech—including residence,
athletics, studying abroad and more.

Campus tours
Tour includes academic buildings,
residence, student services and many
other areas on campus. Our tours run
daily, all year.

     Contact Information
     Office of the Registrar

For an alternative format of this information,
contact marketing@uoit.ca
© University of Ontario Institute of Technology 2019. ONTARIO
TECH UNIVERSITY and Design are trademarks of the University
of Ontario Institute of Technology. D4915

38    2020-2021 International Viewbook
Campus maps
North Oshawa Campus Location
                                                      4                          2                           1
                       11                                 8
                                       12       10                                   5



1.   Campus Ice Centre                           7.  Ontario Power Generation                11. Campus Recreation and
2.   Campus Field House                              Engineering Building                        Wellness Centre
3.   Software and Informatics Research Centre    8. North Oshawa Library                     12. Science Building
4.   Clean Energy Research Laboratory            9. Energy Systems and Nuclear               13. Pavilion
                                                     Science Research Centre                 14. Student Centre
5.   Campus Corners
                                                 10. Business and Information                15. South Village Residence
6.   ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel
                                                     Technology Building
                                                                                             16. Simcoe Village Residence
                                                                                             17. Student Life Building

Downtown Oshawa Campus Location
          1                           2



1. 2 Simcoe Street South                         4. Bordessa Hall
2. Faculty of Education Building                 5. 61 Charles Street Building
3. Regent Theatre                                6. UOIT-Baagwating Indigenous
                                                    Student Centre                                    ontariotechu.ca       39
Programs index
Business & Information                  Engineering &                             Social Science
Technology                         8    Applied Science                      14   & Humanities                           20
Commerce                                Automotive Engineering                    Communication and Digital Media
   Accounting                                                                     Studies
                                        Electrical Engineering
   Finance                                 Smart Grid                             Criminology and Justice
   Marketing                            Manufacturing Engineering                    Criminal Justice
   Organizational Behaviour and Human   Mechanical Engineering                       Youth, Crime and Justice
   Resources Management                    Energy Engineering                     Forensic Psychology
   Technology Management                Mechatronics Engineering                  Legal Studies
Information Technology                  Software Engineering                         Alternative Dispute Resolution
   Game Development and                    Internet of Things                        Human Rights Law
                                                                                     Information Law
   Networking and Information           Health Sciences                      16
   Technology Security                                                            Liberal Studies
   Technology Management                Health Sciences                           Political Science
                                           Human Health Science                      Political Communication
Education                         10       Public Health                             Social Justice, Globalization and
                                        Kinesiology                                  Development
Concurrent Education                                                              Psychology
Connected Program
Consecutive Education -                 Science                              18
                                        Applied and Industrial Mathematics
Consecutive Education -
                                        Biological Science
Intermediate/Senior                        Environmental Biology
                                           Environmental Toxicology
Energy Systems
                                           Life Sciences
& Nuclear Science                 12       Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Health Physics and Radiation            Chemistry
Science                                    Chemical Biology
Nuclear Engineering                        Pharmaceutical Chemistry
                                        Computer Science
Sustainable Energy Systems                 Data Science
                                           Digital Media
                                        Integrative Neuroscience
                                        Forensic Science
                                           Forensic Biology
                                                                                           2000 Simcoe Street North
                                           Forensic Chemistry
                                           Forensic Physics
                                                                                           Oshawa, Ontario L1G 0C5
                                        Physics                                            Canada
                                           Astrophysics                                    905.721.3190
                                           Nanotechnology and Clean Energy                 connect@uoit.ca

                                                                                               /Join the Ridgeback Pack

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