Our Journey Annual Review 2012

Our Journey Annual Review 2012
Our Journey
Annual Review 2012

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Our Journey Annual Review 2012
Special Olympics Australia
   Sports House, 6A Figtree Drive                  Contents
   Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127
                                                   Special Olympics Australia............................................................................ 1
   PO Box 62, Concord West 2138
                                                   From the Chair................................................................................................ 2
   Telephone: 02 8116 9833                         From the CEO.................................................................................................. 3
   Toll Free: 1300 225 762                         From the ASC.................................................................................................. 3
   Email: info@specialolympics.com.au
                                                   Advancing Quality Sports and Competition............................................. 4
   Web: www.specialolympics.com.au
                                                   Building Community Partnerships.............................................................. 8
   Charitable Status                               Connecting Fans and Funds........................................................................10
                                                   Developing a Strong Leadership and Volunteer Culture...................... 15
   Special Olympics Australia is a charity
   with tax-exempt and deductible                  Establishing Sustainable Capabilities....................................................... 16
   gift-recipient status granted by the            Around the States........................................................................................ 17
   Australian Taxation Office. We are              Working Together........................................................................................20
   registered with the Department                  Partners & Supporters.................................................................................21
   of Gaming and Racing under the                  Our Programs................................................................................................22
   Charitable Fundraising Act, 1991.               Financial Information...................................................................................24
   Our national fundraising licence
                                                   Cover Photo: Her Excellency the Honourable Ms Quentin Bryce AC CVO,
   number is CFN14503 and our                      Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia with athletes Mel Eustace
   ABN is 28 050 738 728.                          and Chris Bunton at the launch announcement of the Special Olympics Asia Pacific
                                                   Games. Ms Bryce is Patron of Special Olympics Australia. Photo by Peter Muhlbock,
   Reporting Period                                Special Olympics Australia.
   This Annual Review was published                Back Cover Photo: Jan White (centre) looks after a houseful of Special Olympics
   by Special Olympics Australia in                athletes with her partner Marie Jones in Victoria. Jan’s daughter Heather, and twins
   May 2013 and covers our activities              Steven and Paul are all in the program. She looks after them, their partners and other
                                                   local athletes, while still regularly volunteering in the Special Olympics program.
   from 1 January–31 December 2012.                Photo by News Australia.

   Annual Review Partners
   Auditor: KPMG
   Bank: Westpac
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Madeleine Elphick was one of our star athletes
in the IGA Future Champions campaign and she
showed her champion form when she returned
home from her first major competition – the
Junior National Games – with three gold and
two silver medals. Photo by Peter Muhlbock,
Special Olympics Australia.
Our Journey Annual Review 2012
Special Olympics Australia
  About Us                                       Our History                                The Future
  Like our Olympic and Paralympic                In 1963, Eunice Kennedy Shriver            There are an estimated 500,000
  counterparts, Special Olympics                 invited 75 children with an intellectual   Australians living with an intellectual
  believes in the power of sport to              disability into her backyard to explore    disability.
  change lives. But we are very separate         their talents through sport.
                                                                                            Every two hours another Australian
  organisations who fulfil our vision in
                                                 This backyard camp quickly gained          child is diagnosed and we have over
  different ways.
                                                 momentum and Special Olympics              1,000 families on our waiting list.
  While the Olympics and Paralympics             was born.
                                                                                            To ensure we are able to provide
  celebrate elite athletes, Special
                                                 Today, the global Special Olympics         quality sports and lifestyle programs
  Olympics is dedicated to supporting
                                                 movement supports over 4 million           to as many athletes as possible a
  people with an intellectual disability
                                                 athletes in 170 countries.                 clear road map for success has been
  to reach their full potential through
                                                                                            outlined in our National Strategy
  regular sports training and quality            In Australia, Special Olympics has been
  competition, and we cater for people           transforming the lives of people with
  of all ages, all abilities and at all levels   an intellectual disability since 1976,     This strategy is centred on a framework
  of competition.                                but we are at a critical point where we    that allows us to give people with an
                                                 need more help to meet the demand          intellectual disability opportunity,
  People with an intellectual disability
                                                 for our services.                          choice and the possibility to reach
  are recognised by the World Health
                                                                                            their personal best through sport.
  Organisation (WHO) as the largest
  disability community in the world, and
  they are considered to be one of the
  most socially-isolated groups.                                 Our Strategic Framework 2012-2015
  But through sport and a holistic
  approach to athlete wellbeing, we are
  breaking down barriers and allowing
  people with an intellectual disability
  to achieve their best.
  As a registered charity, we rely on
  an army of dedicated volunteers to
  deliver our multi-sports program
  and we are one of the most effective
  grassroots social change movements
  in the world.


 ‘Special Oly
                                                                     a Strong                         Establish

    makes m
             e feel
   like a cha
Madeleine Elphick, NSW

Our Journey Annual Review 2012
From the Chair
‘The practice of sport is a human right.      So, I was delighted to see athletes           Every week, 3,000 of these selfless
Every individual must have the possibility    with an intellectual disability               individuals give up their time to
of practising sport, without discrimination   welcomed back into Paralympic                 provide some 22,000 annual training
of any kind and in the Olympic spirit,        competition after a twelve-year               and competition sessions. In all, they
which requires mutual understanding           absence, and proud that some of our           give an incredible 18,000 volunteer
with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and   athletes were selected to represent           hours per week and we could not exist
fair play.’ Olympic Charter                   Australia at the Games. This is just          without them.
                                              one of the many pathways that we
In 2012, the London Olympic and                                                             Whether they are a local coach or sit
                                              encourage them to follow, but it is
Paralympic Games captured the                                                               on a committee, whether they are
                                              the many benefits of regular sports
eyes of the sporting world in a way                                                         running a raffle or providing transport
                                              participation that is our focus.
that only these two flagship events                                                         for athletes to attend training, it’s
can. But while this festival of sport         Special Olympics exists to bring the          those at the grassroots level who are
captured a large audience for a short         joy of sport and social inclusion to          driving our organisation forward.
period of time, millions of athletes          as many athletes with an intellectual
                                                                                            To all athletes, families, partners,
with an intellectual disability around        disability as possible, whether they
                                                                                            volunteers and coaches I say thank
the world continued to quietly achieve        want to win a gold medal or have a
                                                                                            you. You make Special Olympics a
their personal best through the               kick-around at regular training.
                                                                                            worthwhile and inspiring organisation
Special Olympics sporting program.            It is with that in mind that we               to be part of.
These athletes face many barriers             launched our second, four-year
                                                                                            Thank you also to my colleagues on
to sports participation, which seems          national strategy, which has a very
                                                                                            the National Board, the National
astounding here in Australia where            clear purpose: to have at least 10,000
                                                                                            Council, State and Regional
sport is part of our daily lifestyle and      athletes with an intellectual disability
                                                                                            Committees, and National and State
ingrained in our cultural identity.           participating in our sports and
                                                                                            Selection Committees who provide
                                              lifestyle programs by the end of 2015.
                                                                                            the framework for action.
                                              The National Strategy 2012-2015,
                                                                                            Of course, we are also grateful to our
                                              plots our pathway to success and
                                                                                            Principal Partner the Australian Sports
                                              brings a clear vision to our team as
                                                                                            Commission for supporting our vision
                                              we work together towards a common
                                                                                            that all Australians should be able to
                                              goal, the health and well-being of
                                                                                            participate in sport at their level of
                                              athletes and the many potential
                                                                                            choice. This belief is also expressed
                                              athletes who could benefit from sport
                                                                                            by our key partners: IGA, Cisco,
                                              and social activities.
                                                                                            Turnaround Management Association
                                              Integral to our model are the inspiring       (TMA), Law Enforcement Torch Run
                                              and committed volunteers who                  (LETR), Gloria Jean’s Coffees, SAS and
                                              deliver our program.                          News Australia.
                                                                                            Next year is shaping up to be one
                                                                                            of our busiest, and we look forward
                                                                                            to working collaboratively with our
                                                                                            stakeholders to achieve success.
                                                                                            The power of Special Olympics is
                                                                                            something very dear to my heart
                                                                                            as I have two sons in the program,
                                                                                            volunteer in my local Special Olympics
                                                                                            program and in the Special Olympics
                                                                                            spirit of fun and friendship, I also made
                                                                                            a special appearance at the Junior
                                                                                            National Games (photo opposite).
                                                                                            Mark Streeting
                                                                                            Special Olympics Australia

                                                                       Special Olympics Australia Chairman, Mark Streeting had a close
                                                                       encounter with our mascot Soey the Joey, at the Junior National
2                                                                      Games. Photo by Peter Muhlbock, Special Olympics Australia.
Our Journey Annual Review 2012
From the CEO                                                                              From the ASC
2012 was an incredible year for             I am proud that in selecting our
Special Olympics Australia with many        Australian team, we had many more
achievements, fabulous competitions         athletes to choose from because,
across the country and exciting             in accordance with our National
new developments, including the             Strategy, we have increased our               Message from the Australian Sports Commission

announcement that Australia will host       athlete numbers.                              The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) has two core goals -
                                                                                          ensuring Australian athletes excel in the international sporting
the inaugural Special Olympic Asia          Many of our 7,726 participants are            arena, and increasing Australians’ participation in sport.
Pacific Games 2013.                         young athletes who are following
                                                                                          These two clear objectives are mutually reinforcing –
                                                                                          international success inspires Australians to participate in sport,
This will be the largest event for          a lifelong journey of sports                  and greater participation helps nurture our future champions.
                                                                                          Sport not only inspires and unites, it also promotes community
people with an intellectual disability      participation and better health.              involvement, cohesion and active lifestyles.
to be held in Australia, and we will        I met one of these young champions            Australians are inspired by success on the world sporting
                                                                                          stage – it’s central to who we are as a nation. The 2012
field our largest national team ever.       at the Special Olympics Junior                London Olympics showed that the standards required for elite
                                                                                          international success keep increasing relentlessly. Traditional
In December 2013, over 400                  National Games. His name is Tristan           competitors keep getting better, and rising countries have
Aussie athletes with an intellectual        Grunsell. At just eight years of age,         become forces to be reckoned with in many of our stronghold
                                                                                          sports. If we want to continue to enjoy the success we expect,
                                            Tristan has infectious confidence and
disability will celebrate sport, ability,                                                 we need to respond to this new environment in circumstances
                                            is wise beyond his years.                     where Government funding for high performance sport is likely
acceptance and friendship with 2,000                                                      to be constrained at current levels.
athletes from over 32 countries…            At the Closing Ceremony of the                This means we need to raise the bar ourselves in everything
in our backyard.                            Games, I asked him why he liked               we do in high performance sport - our talent identification and
                                                                                          development, coaching, sports science, use of technology and
The founder of our global Special           Special Olympics and he said, ‘               innovation, and the management and administration structures
                                                                                          that support our athletes. It is fundamental to success that we
Olympics movement, Eunice Kennedy           Special Olympics helps you do the             set the same standards of excellence and accountability in all

Shriver started this momentum               things you are capable of and that            of these areas that we expect of our athletes on competition
                                                                                          day. The ASC, which is investing a record $170 million this year
when she invited 75 children with an        means you can be outstanding.’                in high performance programs, has the responsibility to ensure
                                                                                          that we have high performance support structures in place to
intellectual disability into her own        Tristan, you are outstanding, and so          enable high performance sporting success. We have significant
backyard in 1963.                           are the thousands of other athletes           work to do on these fronts. Our partner sports can expect
                                                                                          much sharper focus by the ASC in future on best practice
Now it is the time for Australian           who share your perseverance and               governance and administration, intellectual property ownership,
                                                                                          athlete management and support structures and general
athletes with an intellectual disability    talents through our program                   accountabilities by the sports.
to shine.                                   every week.                                   Despite recent events that have impacted upon the integrity
                                                                                          of sport, it is important to emphasise that our commitment to
                                            Thank you to the many Special                 elite international sporting success will never compromise our
                                            Olympics Australia volunteers                 commitment to integrity in sport. Our belief in, and requirement
                                                                                          for sports to uphold, the values of fair and honest competition
                                            who make this happen.                         is inviolable.
                                                                                          Importantly, the ASC is investing $120 million this year to
                                            Gill Stapleton                                promote grassroots participation in sport throughout Australia
                                            Chief Executive Officer                       and to continue a suite of successful national programs
                                                                                          such as the Active After-school Communities program.
                                            Special Olympics Australia                    Increased community sport participation has a profound
                                                                                          long term dividend, and remains a vital objective of the ASC
                                                                                          notwithstanding the challenges in high performance sport.
                                                                                          The ASC looks forward to working in collaboration with the
                                                                                          sport sector to encourage more people into sport and to drive
                                                                                          Australia’s continued sporting success.

                                                                                          Mr John Wylie AM
                                                                                          Board of the Australian Sports Commission

                                                                                          The Australian Sports Commission
                                                                                          is investing $120 million this year to
                                                                                          promote grassroots participation in
                                                                                          sport throughout Australia. Increased
                                                                                          community sport participation has a
                                                                                          profound long term dividend, and
                                                                                          remains a vital objective of the ASC.

                                                                          Gill Stapleton, Special Olympics Australia CEO was inspired
                                                                          by the words of eight-year-old Special Olympics competitor,
                                                                          Tristan Grunsell (Hunter Valley, NSW). Photo by Peter
                                                                          Muhlbock, Special Olympics Australia.                                           3
Our Journey Annual Review 2012
Advancing Quality Sport and Competition
We pride ourselves on providing regular     The Community Sports Link Program
sport, quality competition pathways         now operates in all Special Olympics     ATHLETES
and lifestyle programs for athletes with
an intellectual disability and in 2012
                                            states and territories and continues
                                            to attract corporate volunteers who      7,726
our sports calendar was packed with         enjoy the accessibility of the event-
                                            based model.                             2011-2012 CHANGE
opportunities, giving athletes plenty of
choice in how they participate in the                                                +35%
Special Olympics Australia program.         Advancing Sports Partnerships            +1,956
                                            Special Olympics Australia works
Increasing Participation                    closely with our Principal Partner,
                                            the Australian Sports Commission,
In 2012, we increased the number of
                                            as well as state and national sports
athletes participating in our year-round
sports program from 5,770 to 7,726.
                                            organisations and disability partners,   ATHLETE GROWTH
                                            to maintain best practice, strengthen
While this puts us in reach of our target
of 10,000 athletes by 2015, high non-
                                            competition pathways, celebrate           2012                        7,726
                                            success and develop partnerships that
participation rates remain a challenge.
                                            promote sport for all.                    2011                 5,770
Growth In All Sports                        Nationally we have strong
                                            relationships with:
                                                                                      2010             4,186
The increase in athlete numbers was
felt across all of our sixteen official     −   Basketball Australia                  2009       3,672
sports. Ten pin bowling, aquatics               (Helping Hoops)
(swimming) and basketball remain                                                      2008     2,717
our top three sports, with the largest      −   Bocce Federation of Australia
growth in participation seen in alpine      −   Cricket Australia (In2 Cricket)
skiing, snowboarding, gymnastics
and tennis. Equestrian is our newest        −   Disabled WinterSport Australia       2015 TARGET
sport and is now offered in six states.
Outside of our official sports, some
                                            −   Football Federation Australia        10,000
local programs also offer popular
recreational activities such as dance.
                                            −   Golf Australia
                                            −   Gymnastics Australia

Creating Communities                        −   Sailability
Special Olympics Australia accredited       −   Softball Australia
                                                                                     ATHLETES BY REGION
five new regional programs in 2012          −   Swimming Australia                                  WA     ACT

increasing our number of local                                                                     6%      2%
programs to 57. Although we do              −   Tennis Australia                                                   NSW
not have an official program in the         −   Tenpin Bowling Australia             VIC                           28%
Northern Territory we welcomed                                                       20%
eight affiliated athletes to the Junior     −   Yachting Australia.
National Games, thanks to our
                                            Star Support for Swimmers
long-term partnership with Total                                                                    REGION               NT

Recreation NT. The team returned            Fourteen-time Olympic gold medalist
Our Journey Annual Review 2012

 % of participating athletes
       Football                         Tenpin
       6%                               26%


     19%                          Aquatics


   Winter Sports*                       57%
   Gymnastics              38%
   Tennis              32%
  *Winter Sports includes Alpine skiing,
  figure skating and snowboarding.

Six-year old Cairns local, Josh had never
experienced Special Olympics until his sister
heard a radio ad promoting the Trans Tasman
Tournament in Cairns in October 2012. So she
brought him along to the athletics competition,
where to their delight Josh was invited to
participate in a unified relay.
Photo by WinkiPoP Media.                          5
Our Journey Annual Review 2012
Our Journey Annual Review 2012
Advancing Quality Sport and Competition (continued)
Expanding Opportunities                       World Winter Games                                    Junior National Games
We continue to provide quality                In May 2012, we announced that five                   Over 250 athletes with an intellectual
competition pathways to those                 athletes and three officials would                    disability aged fifteen and under
athletes who wish to compete and              represent Australia at the Special                    participated in the Junior National
because of our divisioning process –          Olympics World Winter Games 2013                      Games in Newcastle NSW from 6-10
which allows athletes to compete              in South Korea. This is the first time                December 2012. They came from all
with those of similar ability –               an Australian team has been selected                  states and territories and competed
athletes of all abilities can access          to compete in snow sports at a World                  in aquatics (swimming), athletics,
our competition pathways.                     Winter Games and only the second                      basketball, cricket, football (soccer)
                                              time Special Olympics Australia has                   and tennis. The Games were declared
Asia Pacific Games                            attended the event. The first was in                  open by Michael Gallacher, Minister
In March, Newcastle NSW was                   1997, when we sent a floor-hockey                     for Police and Emergency Services,
announced as the host-city for the            team to Canada. In preparation                        and Minister for the Hunter.
inaugural Special Olympics Asia Pacific       for these Games, the team was
                                                                                                    While this was the third Junior
Games in 2013. At the Games, 2,000            supported by Disabled WinterSport
                                                                                                    National Games there were a number
Special Olympics athletes from over           Australia (DWA).
                                                                                                    of firsts. For the first time:
32 countries will compete across nine         Australia is now hoping to field a team
sports. Team Australia will be our                                                                  −     athletes participated in a
                                              at the 2017 World Winter Games to
largest national team ever with 400                                                                       non-competitive event prior to
                                              be held in Austria. These Games are
athletes and more than 100 officials.                                                                     competition to experience new
                                              expected to attract 3,000 athletes
                                                                                                          skills and prepare for competition
                                              from 110 countries.
Other New Pathways                                                                                  −     GymAbility sessions were made
Two other major competitions have             Trans Tasman Tournament                                     available to all athletes
been added to our 2013 competition            From 8-12 October 2012, the second                    −     a unified basketball game was
calendar thanks to partnerships               Trans Tasman Tournament, opened by                          held at the Closing Ceremony
secured in 2012. Because of funding           Senator Jan McLucas, Parliamentary
from the ACT Government and                   Secretary for Disabilities and Carers,                −     a 400m track time was endorsed
Canberra 100 the inaugural Canberra           was held in Cairns, Queensland. At the                      by Athletics Australia as a
Centenary Swimming Competition                tournament over 300 athletes with an                        national record
will be held for over 400 athletes            intellectual disability from Australia                −     Special Olympics athlete leaders
from Australia and Japan. Special             and New Zealand competed in                                 acted as team officials, mentors
Olympics South Australia will also host       athletics, basketball, football (soccer)                    and ambassadors.
a national 20/20 Cricket Tournament           and tenpin bowling. The purpose
thanks to a partnership with Cricket          of the Trans Tasman Tournament is                     The financial success of the event will
South Australia and there are plans           to provide more opportunities for                     see funds invested into programs in
to make this an annual event.                 athletes to compete in our most                       the local area and we expect many of
                                              popular sports. We are pleased                        the volunteers to fill roles at the Asia
                                              that the 2012 event generated a                       Pacific Games.
                                              surplus that will be invested into
                                              the new Special Olympics Far North                    World Summer Games
                                              Queensland program.                                   Los Angeles, USA has been announced
                                                                                                    as the host city for the next Special
                                              Macau Golf International                              Olympics World Summer Games
                                              In July 2012, four athletes and three                 in 2015. The Australian team to
                                              officials represented Australia at the                compete at the Games will be
                                              inaugural Special Olympics Macau                      selected based on performances at
                                              Golf International and six athletes                   the Special Olympics National Games
                                              and three officials were selected to                  in Melbourne in 2014. These National
                                              represent Australia at the 2013 event,                Games will be our biggest ever with
                                              expanding competition pathways                        over 1,000 athletes.
                                              for Australian golfers with an
                                              intellectual disability.

                        Twelve-year old Chloe Powick from Central Coast NSW has been participating in Special Olympics Australia
                        for five years and is a keen footballer. She also enjoys a range of our other sports and recreational activities,
                        including dance. Photo by Peter Muhlbock, Special Olympics Australia.                                                7
Our Journey Annual Review 2012
Building Community Partnerships
Our holistic approach to athlete well-      −   ‘Rusty’ Nelligan (Western            −   Western Australia has expanded
being includes the provision of health,         Australia) and Steven White              their university-based program
leadership and youth initiatives which          (Victoria) were awarded the              to offer cooking and healthy
we deliver in partnership with corporate,       EKS Award, an annual award               eating classes
community and disability groups, as well        to recognise the work of
                                                                                     −   A national Facebook page was
as government agencies.                         athlete leaders
                                                                                         launched to promote, share and
                                            −   NSW, Queensland and South                celebrate the achievements of
Creating Leaders                                Australia included senior                athlete leaders.
Through our Athlete Leadership                  athletes as team officials in
Programs (ALPs), Special Olympics               their delegations for the Junior     Improving Health
athletes develop skills that help them          National Games                       The Healthy Athletes program gives
build confidence, gain independence,                                                 Special Olympics athletes access to
                                            −   Eight enthusiastic athlete
get jobs and become mentors and                                                      free professional health screenings so
                                                ambassadors were highly visible
leaders within their communities.                                                    that they can be physically fit to train,
                                                at the Junior National Games,
64 athletes across Australia graduated          speaking at the Opening Ceremony,    compete and live life to the full.
from the leadership program in 2012             presenting medals and hosting VIPs   In 2012, Healthy Athletes was held
and by 2015 we aim to have at least                                                  at the Junior National Games and
                                            −   NSW, Tasmania and Victoria
400 active athlete leaders. Notable                                                  at major events in Victoria, South
                                                engaged university students to
achievements in 2012 were:                                                           Australia and the ACT. At the Junior
                                                act as mentors and each state
−   Queensland athlete Ben Haack,               has held their first graduation      National Games, there were over 170
    was elected as the Athlete                  ceremony for athlete leaders         screenings for eyes, teeth and feet.
    Representative to the Board of                                                   Last year we welcomed two new
                                            −   A Special Olympics Australia
    Special Olympics Australia                                                       Clinical Directors, Colleen Condon
                                                representative attended a
−   The National Board and all State            fully-funded, international ALPs     (Health Promotion) and Kerrie-Ann
    and Territory Boards now have               conference in Thailand to share      Punshon (Special Smiles), bringing
    a qualified athlete leader on               best practice                        the number of internationally-trained
    their committee                                                                  Clinical Directors in Australia to seven.

Cops Are Tops!                             Celebrating NDIS
In 2012, the Special Olympics              On 26 October 2012, Special Olympics
community celebrated International         Australia hosted a number of
Day of People with Disability (IDPwD)      DisibiliTEA’s and advocacy campaigns
with a number activities across the        to raise awareness of the National
country. Special Olympics Australia        Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).
celebrated the day with the start of
                                           Special Olympics Australia supports
the Law Enforcement Torch Run for
                                           the scheme with our Chair, Mark
the Junior National Games.
                                           Streeting offering this endorsement,
Senator Kate Lundy, Minister for Sport;    ‘We welcome the NDIS framework as
The Hon Bill Shorten MP, Minister          it will enlarge the possibilities for a
for Employment and Workplace               better, more complete and inclusive
                                                                                      ‘Special O
Relations; and Senator Jan McLucas,        life for people with an intellectual
                                                                                     makes me
                                                                                                feel proud.’
Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities   disability and we will continue to play
and Carers joined us at a ceremony in      our role in this process.’
front of Parliament House in Canberra.
                                                                                     Craig Muhlb
Early Intervention                                                                                ock, NSW
The first official Young Athletes
program was launched in Victoria in
                                                                                       The first Australian team to be selected for
February 2012 with another program
                                                                                       snow sports at a Special Olympics World
added to the state sports calendar                                                     Winter Games were: (L-R): Bryce Fuller
later in the year. Young Athletes is an                                                (QLD), Nicole Bartley (QLD), Nicole Harris
innovative sports-play program for                                                     (NSW), Luke Forster (QLD), Craig Muhlbock
children with an intellectual disability                                               (NSW). Photo by Peter Muhlbock, Special
aged between two and eight and was                                                     Olympics Australia.
made possible by volunteers from
Mattel. Based on these two pilots, and
available funding, the program will be
rolled out in other states.

Connecting Fans and Funds
  FUNDING INCOME                                         Special Olympics Australia, and the       Fundraising Events
                                                         Special Olympics Gold Coast Blue          Fundraising events across the country
                                                         Brigade also teamed up with IGA to        continue to raise much needed funds
     Sports           Other Income (Fees)
                                                         promote our national partnership at
                      7%                                                                           for the organisation and we thank
   29%                Down (39%)                         the annual IGA Expo.                      our many partners for the success of
    Up 8%
                                                         New Gold Partner                          these events.
                                                         In 2012, Cisco Systems Australia joined   Sports Lunch
                                                         us as a national gold partner with a      The Turnaround Management
                                                         four-year commitment to provide           Association (TMA) Sports Lunch has
                INCOME                                   integral IT solutions giving us the       become a highlight of our annual
                BY TYPE                                  opportunity to carry out essential        event calendar and in 2012 we
                                                         technical improvements across all         celebrated eight years of this iconic
                                                         levels of the organisation. Cisco         event. Together with TMA we now
                                                         staff are active in our corporate         offer corporate business events and
                                   Fundraising Revenue   volunteering program too.                 networking functions in Brisbane,
Government & Grants
           19%                     45%                   Of the partnership, Richard Kitts,        Sydney, Melbourne and Perth which
                                   Up 29%
          Up 12%                                         Vice-President Cisco Systems Australia    raised over $175,000 for
                                                         and New Zealand said, ‘Our partnership    our organisation last year.
% Share of income in 2012                                with Special Olympics Australia           Our friends at TMA have now raised
% Performance against 2011
                                                         creates many opportunities for            over $1.3 million since
                                                         staff volunteering, engagement            our official partnership
                                                         and team events across the country.       began in 2006.
Special Olympics Australia continues                     Next year one of the biggest
to turn passive support into action by                                                             Laugh Out Loud
                                                         opportunities will be the Special         Over 800 Sydney and
encouraging collaborative working                        Olympics Asia Pacific Games.’             Melbourne fans and business
relationships and mutually-beneficial
                                                         Law Enforcement Torch Run                 supporters started their day
partnerships which allow us to deliver
                                                         Outside of the many torch run             with a laugh at our comedy
innovative marketing activities and
                                                         events our law enforcement partners       breakfast supported
fundraising campaigns.
                                                         deliver across the country, the Law       by ANZ and Lexus of
                                                         Enforcement Torch Run for Special         Parramatta.
Partnerships                                             Olympics generated $180,000 in
IGA Supports Future Champions                                                                      Variety Dinner
                                                         donations for state programs in 2012.     Our biggest annual
In August, IGA launched the Future
Champions campaign in support of                         Congratulations to Detective              event is held in August
Special Olympics Australia and Little                    Superintendent Scott Whyte of the         each year and the
Athletics Australia. The campaign,                       NSW Police Force on his election          Special Olympics Dance
which showcased some of our                              to the Law Enforcement Torch Run          Group are the stars
young Special Olympics athletes,                         International Executive Council as        of the show.
ran for a three-week period across                       the Oceania Region Coordinator.           Golf Days
television, radio, online media and                      This is a key role in a working           In 2012, over ten
through in-store promotions. During                      partnership that began in the US in       corporate golf days
the campaign the profits from the                        1981 and has raised over $400 million     continued to provide
purchase of specific IGA Signature                       for the global movement.                  an attractive way to
and catalogue products raised funds                      Corporate Volunteers                      fundraise. In October,
for both organisations and Special                       In 2012, more corporate supporters        two major events held
Olympics Australia received $160,000                     enjoyed volunteering at our Community     in partnership with the
to support community sports and                          Sports Link events, including staff       IGA/Cavallaro Group
schools programs.                                        from Cisco Systems Australia, HP, News    and Gloria Jean’s Coffees
According to Michele Teague, General                     Australia, Adecco Group, PwC, Sales       raised $80,000 to support
Manager Marketing, Metcash Food                          Force, SAS, McGrathNichol, ANZ Bank,      the national program as
& Grocery, ‘Our national Future                          Metcash IGA, Moore Stephens and           well as local groups. Both
Champions promotion was a major                          Ferrier Hodgson.                          events are now part of our
success for the IGA business. Over                                                                 annual fundraising calendar.
                                                         Volunteers from Bupa also supported       Supporting these events is
1,427 stores supported the campaign                      over 100 young Special Olympics
to raise much needed funds to allow                                                                Srixon and Loudmouth Clothing
                                                         athletes to enjoy the Sanitarium          who donate equipment for
more young athletes to discover their                    Weet-bix TRYathlon series in major
personal best.’                                                                                    our golf events.
                                                         cities across Australia.

Carl O’Farrell is an energetic teenager who loves swimming,
football and tenpin bowling. Carl says he likes Special
Olympics, ‘ because it makes me feel like other kids and I
don’t have to worry about what I can’t do. I can compete to
the best of my ability and make new friends.’ His proud dad is
also a big fan of the program, and both continue to support
our fundraising and awareness campaigns. They are shown
here at the DisabiliTea held in Sydney Olympic Park and
Carl was also one of the stars of the IGA Future Champions
campaign. Photo by News Australia.                               11
Connecting Fans and Funds (continued)
Grant Funding                             –   $15,550 - Government of South               Special Olympics Charity Cup
With a coordinated approach to grant          Australia - Office for Recreation           The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs
submissions we were able to raise over        and Sport                                   vs South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL clash
$1.1 million across the organisation                                                      at ANZ Stadium in June 2012 was our
                                          –   $44,358 - State Government of
in 2012. Our new grants guideline                                                         first Special Olympics Charity Cup. Both
                                              Victoria - Department of Planning
policies, toolkit and technology                                                          teams showed support for our athletes
                                              and Community Development
continue to improve our success, and                                                      by asking fans to make a donation to
our tracking and acquittal processes      –   $33,000 - Healthway (WA)                    the corporate volunteers from SAS
are delivering accurate and transparent                                                   shaking buckets around the
reporting to our funding partners.        Fundraising Campaigns                           stadium. The event was
                                          Diversifying our funding and driving            sponsored by Retravision.
Special Olympics Australia also
                                          improved awareness of Special
secured $84,206 from the Australian
                                          Olympics continues with our external            Marketing & Communications
Government Department of Families,                                                        Award-Winning Communications
                                          partnerships and appeals.
Housing, Community Services and                                                           Special Olympics Australia, in
Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) for          Kilimanjaro Challenge
                                                                                          collaboration with our long-term
volunteer development across              Inspired by Salihin bin Sinai, the first
                                                                                          supporters at Sefiani Communications
seventeen regions.                        Special Olympics athlete from the
                                                                                          Group, were highly commended by the
                                          Asia-Pacific region to climb to the
The St George Foundation also                                                             Public Relations Institute of Australia
                                          peak of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa,
generously provided $114,000 for the                                                      (PRIA) at their annual awards for the
                                          a team of Australians spent 2012
Junior National Games.                                                                    successful launch announcement
                                          training to match his achievement
                                                                                          of the Special Olympics Asia Pacific
                                          while raising money for Special
State Government                          Olympics Australia. Board members,
                                                                                          Games, which was held at the Sydney
Relationships                                                                             Opera House.
                                          Mark Streeting and Kim Bryan
In 2012, building state government        were just two of the adventurers.               By hosting competitions of critical
relations and funding partnerships        Collectively our team raised $92,000            mass, particularly in regional centres,
was crucial in developing local           to support our programs.                        Special Olympics can extend our
programs and building volunteer                                                           partnership opportunities, create
                                          Gift Voucher Books
capacity. Thank you to the following                                                      awareness and build more capacity
                                          Sales of our Little Star gift voucher
for your contribution:                                                                    to open doors.
                                          books achieved 59% growth on 2011.
–    $30,000 - ACT Government             Of the $200,000+ raised for Special             According to NSW Premier, Barry
                                          Olympics, $101,608 was donated back             O’Farrell, whose government have
–    $10,000 - ACT Government -
                                          to local programs to support sports             provided funding of $1 million to host
     Territory & Municipal Services -
                                          development, volunteering, coaching             the Games, ‘The economic impact of
     Sport and Recreation
                                          and athlete expenses. As a result of            the Asia Pacific Games to Newcastle
–    $1 million - NSW Government          the program the national office have            and the Hunter region is estimated at
     for Special Olympics Asia            received new athlete, volunteer and             $10 million.’
     Pacific Games                        supporter interest.
                                                                                          Our Patron
–    $250,000 - Newcastle City Council    Mater Lottery                                   Special Olympics Australia is
     for Special Olympics Asia            An ongoing partnership with Mater               proud to have Her Excellency, the
     Pacific Games                        Lotteries was piloted in 2012 and               honourable Ms Quentin Bryce AC,
                                          is expected to raise much needed                CVOA, Governor-General of the
–    $17,185 - NSW Government                                                             Commonwealth of Australia as
                                          funds to support Victoria and
     Office of Communities,                                                               our Patron. Ms Bryce gives very
                                          national development until 2016.
     Sport and Recreation                                                                 generously of her time to support
                                          Online Fundraising Technology
–    $200,000 - NSW Government                                                            Special Olympics athletes and we were
                                          Donation and games appeals are
     Family & Community Services,                                                         honoured that she made the official
                                          just some of the campaigns running
     Ageing, Disability and Home Care                                                     announcement that Australia would
                                          through our in-house technology, with
                                                                                          host the inaugural Special Olympics
–    $120,000 - Queensland                the Trans Tasman Tournament and
                                                                                          Asia Pacific Games and that her
     Government Department of             the Junior National Games appeals
                                                                                          prominent public position ensured
     National Parks, Recreation,          raising over $65,000 in donations.
                                                                                          great media coverage of the event.
     Sport and Racing                     Our technology tools are also being
                                                                                          Brady Lum, President of Special
                                          used by our members and partners to
–    $174,200 - Queensland                                                                Olympics International also shared a
                                          support community fundraising.
     Government - Office of Liquor                                                        video message.
     and Gaming Regulation
                                                                 If a picture says a thousand words there is no need to explain that young
                                                                 athlete, Joshua Smith is proud of his achievements in Special Olympics.
12                                                               This is where our funds go to. Photo by Geoff Windsor.
Project Local
To give local programs a fundraising,
marketing and communications
channel to help them connect fans
and raise funds, Special Olympics
Australia launched an official web
page for each of our 57 accredited
regional programs. Through these
pages, people can donate directly to
their local Special Olympics sports
program. Toolkits were provided to
help regions promote their new web
presence, as well as maintain and
share local information with their
community and members.
Personal Best Creative
Our personal best marketing and
messaging platform translates the
spirit and goals of our athletes,
volunteers and supporters and
runs across all print, online and
communications resources. Thanks to
Cato Brand Partners the personal best
message has quickly become part of
our language across the organisation.
Social Media Success
Special Olympics Australia have
strategically used a variety of social
media channels to promote our
successes and share news so we were
delighted to be named as one of the
top ten not-for-profit online media
users in the Wirth Consulting report,
State of Social Media Use in Australian
Non-Profit Organisations.

While athletes with an intellectual
     disability are our focus, we couldn’t
     deliver our programs without our
     fantastic volunteers. Photo by
     Ross Holmes, The Light Platform.

Developing a Strong Leadership and Volunteer Culture
By working as a unified organisation,       Volunteer Development                      Online Accreditation
celebrating our achievements and            Special Olympics Australia are             All regional and state Special Olympics
establishing clear processes we encourage   looking to create a Volunteer Toolkit      programs are reviewed every two
people to give freely of their time         and training schedule based on the         years to ensure that they meet our
and position ourselves as an attractive     successful roll-out of these tools in      accreditation policy and uphold
place for volunteer leaders.                Victoria in 2012. This will include an     the quality standards expected by
                                            update of our online development           the global organisation. In 2012,
Celebrating Athlete Leaders                 modules which have been accessed           accreditation applications could be
Each year Special Olympics Australia        by 4,000 unique users to date.             completed online, which significantly
presents two key awards to celebrate                                                   reduced administration time and
                                            A revamped Members Area of our
the dedication of volunteers and the                                                   paperwork for both volunteers
                                            website has already been launched
determination and courage of athletes.                                                 and staff.
                                            to assist volunteers in accessing
The EKS Award is presented to an            important Special Olympics
athlete, or athletes, who have shown        information, such as coaching guides,
great leadership skills both on and off     policies and publications.                    Hall of Fame
the field. The award, named in honour                                                     2012 Norm Maroney APM, OAM (NSW)
of Eunice Kennedy Shriver (EKS), the        Volunteer Opportunities                       2011 Robyn Cook OAM (VIC)
founder of the global Special Olympics      Major competitions give Special               2010 Susan Grealy (QLD)
movement, is presented in September         Olympics volunteers and coaches               2009 Rex Langthorne AM (NSW)
to coincide with EKS Day celebrations.      opportunities to develop their team           2008 Alan Burke (VIC)
                                            management skills, experience the             2007 Eric Jones OAM (VIC)
In 2012, we had two very deserving
                                            thrill of being part of a representative      2007 Kurt Kraushofer OAM (VIC)
winners Steven White (Victoria) and
                                            team and celebrate their role with            2006 Barry Easy OAM (NSW)
‘Rusty’ Nelligan (Western Australia).
                                            athletes and fellow volunteers. As our        2006 Marian York (QLD)
Both athletes have participated
                                            competition calendar grows, there             2005 Robyn Hanson OAM (TAS)
in Special Olympics for more than
                                            are now plenty more opportunities to          2004 Anna-Louise Kassulke (QLD)
twenty years, they are active
                                            be part of a delegation, whether that         2003 Jan Sharp OAM (VIC)
members of our Athlete Leadership
                                            be at state, national or international        2002 Leon Burwell OAM (NSW)
Programs and have represented
                                            level. And our National Selection             2001 Carol Tanner OAM (TAS)
Australia on the international stage.
                                            Committee ensures that the selection          2000 Des Renford MBE, OHC (NSW)

Celebrating Volunteers                      of officials for these opportunities is
                                            fair and transparent.                         EKS Award Winners
Norm Maroney from NSW is the
                                                                                          2012 Steven White (VIC)
fifteenth volunteer to be inducted
into the Special Olympics Australia
                                            A Decade Of Selections                        2012 Rusty Nelligan (WA)
                                            In 2012, we celebrated ten years              2011 Andrew Williams (VIC)
Hall of Fame, an honour given annually
                                            of the National Selection Committee,          2010 John Faulkner (QLD)
to a volunteer who has shown long-
                                            which was established to ensure rigorous      2009 Saxon Graham (NSW)
term dedication to the organisation.
                                            and transparent processes for team            2008 Gabrielle Clark (NSW)
Norm was a popular choice. His              selections. This volunteer committee          2008 Kelly Wren (NSW)
nomination was not only supported           also selects candidates for professional      2007 Christopher Farmer (SA)
by athletes, families and fellow            development opportunities as well as
volunteers, but also by police              the recipients of our key annual awards.      Athlete Board
colleagues, including NSW Police                                                          Representatives
Commissioner Andrew Scipione.               Making Volunteering Easier                    Ben Haack (National)
Norm was recognised for establishing        Many of our volunteers wear                   Allister Peek (ACT)
and developing the Special Olympics         multiple hats because they are                Barry Cross (TAS)
Sydney South (NSW) program,                 passionate about what they do, but            Jeff Knight (TAS)
creating a sustainable state                we recognise that this can lead to            Brad Osborne (WA)
committee in NSW, inspiring the             volunteer burnout. So, through our            Jason Nelson (NSW)
strong partnership with the Law             new accreditation model we are                Kale Files (VIC)
Enforcement Torch Run in NSW and            developing a culture where volunteers         Kim Flannigan (SA)
for his role on the inaugural National      are encouraged to fill one role.              Tom Roy (QLD)
Selection Committee, among many             Not only will this support each
other notable achievements.                 volunteer in being able to manage
                                            their tasks it also helps our
                                            committees work most efficiently.
                                            In addition, we are actively seeking
                                            new volunteers through schools,
                                            universities and corporate partners.                                          15
Establishing Sustainable Capabilities
                                             Working as a unified organisation,           New Board Members
                                             ensuring effective management and            In 2012, we officially welcomed
                                             financial processes are critical if we are   Michael Hogan, Nigel Milan AM and
                                             to reach our athlete growth target.          Ben Haack to the Special Olympics
                                                                                          Australia Board of Directors. We
                                             Our Structure                                also farewelled former Chair, Rex
                                             With 3,000 volunteers and 57 regional        Langthorne AO after serving the
                                             committees we have a framework               maximum term as a Board member
                                             to deliver sport at a local level.           and Jacinta Baldwin, former Vice-
                                              Through seven state and territory           Chair who resigned to pursue an
                                                committees and staff we have              overseas opportunity.
                                                  the administrative support for
                                                    these regions, and at a national      Games Management
                                                      office level we organise            In 2012, representatives from Special
                                                        and manage national and           Olympics Australia welcomed
                                                          international competition       colleagues from Special Olympics New
                                                            pathways, as well as          Zealand and Special Olympics Samoa
                                                             service the key areas        for a three-day training seminar on
                                                               of fundraising and         the international Games Management
                                                                finance, governance,      System (GMS). GMS is a competition
                                                                  communications,         tool that manages electronic entries,
                                                                   marketing and          divisioning, results and reporting
                                                                    technology.           and has been used effectively in
                                                                                          Australia at National and State Games.
                                                                                          Training was delivered by GMS-expert
                                                                                          Reuben Silva from Special Olympics
                                                                                          International supporting the global
                                                                                          plan to have all accredited programs
                                                                                          GMS-capable by mid-2013.

                                                                                          New Staff Policies
                                                                                          To maintain annual labour costs at
                                                                                          a minimum and implement policies
                                                                                          in areas that need to be covered,
                                                                                          a comprehensive Staff Handbook
                                                                                          was provided to all staff across the
                                                                                          country outlining a unified set of
                                                                                          procedures and requirements for
                                                                                          anyone employed by Special Olympics

                                                                                          Financial Planning
                                                                                          To ensure that we are working
                                                                                          together in using the best
                                                                                          financial practice at all levels of
                                                                                          the organisation, Special Olympics
                                                                                          Australia rolled-out a national
                                                                                          Finance Manual to treasurers of all
                                                                                          state, territory and local programs,
                                                                                          which included templates for annual
                                                                                          budgeting. Annual budgets are now
                                                                                          required from all regions and states as
                                                                                          part of Special Olympics accreditation.

     Adrian Salvatore (Victoria) in training for the Trans Tasman
16   Tournament in Cairns. Photo by News Australia.
Around the States
New South Wales                           Queensland                                  Victoria
‘Congratulations to all of our regions    ‘This year, Queensland has seen             ‘2012 was a successful year due to our
and the many dedicated volunteers         exceptional growth in athletes, sports      Board, state office and local regions
who give their time each week for the     and regions. Nearly every weekend there     working together. While there will
benefit of people with intellectual       has been a regional sports competition      never be a limit to what we want to
disability. As NSW Chair, I am proud to   and next year we will host the first        achieve for our athletes, everyone
see how far we have come over the past    clustered State Games. This is possible     should feel very proud of their
12 months and 2013 promises to be         because coaches, committee members,         efforts.’ Carl Walsh, Chair, Special
even better.’ Peter Wren, Chair Special   staff and the State Board continue to       Olympics Victoria.
Olympics NSW.                             work together.’ Greg Bartley, Chair,
                                          Special Olympics Queensland.                Highlights
                                                                                      −   Increased athlete numbers by 59%.
−   Increased athlete numbers by 26%.     Highlights
                                          −   Increased athlete numbers by 110%.      −   Held three multi-sports State
−   Launched the North Coast and
                                                                                          Games, with one including a
    Illawarra regions and welcomed        −   Launched two new regions in
    back Central West.                                                                    Healthy Athletes program.
                                              Logan and Mackay.
−   Launched our Annual Sports                                                        −   Increased the number of regional
                                          −   Added four new sports to our weekly
    Calendar with guests including                                                        competitions by 15%.
                                              program, bringing our official sports
    The Hon Graham Annesley MP                to 13.                                  −   Sent state teams to the
    Minister for Sport and Recreation.
                                          −   Hosted a State Games with ten               Trans Tasman Tournament in
−   Held our first multi-sports               sports, thanks to Sunshine Coast            Queensland and the Junior
    State Games in Shoalhaven                 City Council.                               National Games in NSW.
    with five sports.
                                          −   Hosted the second Trans Tasman          −   Launched our second Young
−   Hosted the inaugural Trin Taber
                                              Tournament in Cairns.                       Athletes program.
    Cricket Cup due to a generous
    donation of $200K from                −   Launched a winter sports program        −   Conducted 46 Community Sports
    NSW Minister for Disability,              in partnership with the Gold                Link multi-week programs.
    Andrew Constance.                         Coast Department of Sport and
                                              Recreation with three Queensland        −   Hosted twelve corporate
−   Held a Community Sports Link                                                          volunteering days with Adecco,
    Grand Final Day at Allianz Stadium        athletes selected to represent
                                              Australia at the 2013 World                 Bupa and Booz&Co.
    to celebrate International Day of
    People with Disability.                   Winter Games.                           −   Established a committee to
−   Received $125,000 from our            −   Launched a sports program                   ensure fair selections for
    partners at the Law Enforcement           specifically for disability service         state competitions.
    Torch Run (LETR).                         providers.
                                                                                      −   Rolled-out training of the
−   Partnered with Commonwealth           −   Received funding to support                 Volunteer Management Toolkit
    Bank to secure $9000 for                  30 schools to take part in the              to all regions.
    Community Sports Link in western          Community Sports Link program
    and north-western Sydney.                 which will expand in 2013.              −   Congratulated Victorian athlete
                                                                                          Steven White who shared the
−   Partnered with Newcastle              −   Congratulated Queensland
                                                                                          EKS Award for leadership.
    Permanent to promote Community            athlete Ben Haack who was
    Sports Link in the Hunter region.         elected to the National Board.          −   Held an inaugural Chinese New
−   Congratulated former NSW Chair        −   Welcomed Tom Roy as the athlete             Year Charity Football Shield.
    Norm Moroney who was inducted             representative to the Queensland        −   Received $123,000 in grant funding.
    into the Special Olympics Australia       State Board.
    Hall of Fame.                                                                     −   Created a forum for regional
                                          −   Hosted twelve internships for               Chairs to share ideas.
−   Welcomed cricketer Pat Cummins            university students at the
    as a NSW Sports Ambassador.               state office.

Find out more at                          Find out more at                            Find out more at
www.specialolympics.com.au/nsw            www.specialolympics.com.au/qld              www.specialolympics.com.au/vic       17
      ‘There have been numerous successes
      this year, but we’re especially pleased
      to have increased athlete numbers,
      particularly among young athletes
      which has lowered our ageing athlete
      demographic. Both volunteers and
      athletes from all regions are to be
      congratulated on their participation
      and assistance in executing our
      strategic plan.’ Peter Flood, Chair,
      Special Olympics Tasmania

      −    Increased athlete numbers by 13%.
      −    Hosted three multi-sports State
           Games and three single sport
           State Games.
      −    Held 27 Community Sports Link
           events across all regions.
      −    Delivered 30 sports programs.
      −    Changed our ageing demographic,
           with the majority of our athletes
           now between 10-19 years of age.
      −    Held our first Athlete Leadership
           Programs graduation ceremony.
      −    Relaunched the annual Carol
           Tanner Award.

     Patrick Francis from Special Olympics
     Melbourne West loves tenpin bowling and
     swimming, and in 2012 he represented Victoria
     in bowling at the Trans Tasman Tournament
     where he returned home with a bronze medal in
     team competition. Outside of Special Olympics,
     Patrick is also a talented and award-winning
     artist. Photo by News Australia

      Find out more at
18    www.specialolympics.com.au/tas
Western Australia                          South Australia                            Australian Capital Territory
‘I would like to congratulate each and     ‘2012 was a year of transition, but also   ‘In the coming year we will start clubs
every one of you on your achievements      of achievement. We have localised the      in areas that do not have a Special
in 2012. Your prowess and passion have     National Strategy to achieve growth        Olympics program and move into
resulted in many great moments and         and make a greater impact in our           winter sports competition. We are also
a growing public profile for Special       state. We are also developing great        proud to host the Canberra Centenary
Olympics in WA.’ Canon Richard             partnerships with the government           Swimming Competition, a first of its
Pengelley, Chair, Special Olympics
                                           and business community to create a         kind, and our athletes can’t wait to take
Western Australia.
                                           sustainable program. ’ Roseanne Healy,     part in the Asia Pacific Games.’ Glenn
                                           Chair, Special Olympics South Australia.   Keys, Chair, Special Olympics ACT.
−   Increased athletes numbers by
                                           Highlights                                 Highlights
    6.5% and volunteers by 52%.
                                           −   Increased athlete numbers by 18%.      –   Increased athlete numbers by 37%.
−   Increased schools participation
    in the Community Sports Link           −   Hosted 22 Community Sports Link        −   Added gymnastics and cricket to
    program by 21%.                            events across every region directly        the weekly sports program with
                                               resulting in 62 new athletes.              both sports funded by the state
−   Increased individual student
                                           −   Hosted our first State of Origin           sports organisations.
    participation in the Community
    Sports Link program by 33%.                against Western Australia with         −   Hosted three multi-sports State
−   Hosted the first multi-sports State        athletes competing in five sports,         Games with Healthy Athletes
    Games overseen by a new State              plus Healthy Athletes.                     included in our final event.
    Management Committee.                  −   Secured a partnership with Cricket     −   Received funding from the ACT
−   Sent teams to the Victoria State           South Australia to host a national         Government to host the inaugural
    Invitational Games, State of Origin        cricket event in Adelaide in 2013.         Canberra Centenary Swimming
    in South Australia, Junior National    −   Realigned our regional                     Competition in 2013.
    Games in NSW and Trans Tasman
                                               boundaries to better fit with          −   Welcomed Wallabies star, Pat
    Tournament in Queensland.
                                               local government authorities and           McCabe as a sports ambassador.
−   Introduced a junior basketball             create more local committees to
    and soccer program.                        share the load.                        −   Established a committee
                                                                                          to ensure fair selections of
−   Hosted the first graduation for        −   Changed our ageing demographic             athletes and officials for state
    mentors and mentees in our                 with the majority of our athletes          competitions.
    Athlete Leadership Programs.               now under 18 years of age.
                                                                                      −   Continued our partnerships with
−   Congratulated WA athlete,              −   Recruited a new skills-based board.
    ‘Rusty’ Nelligan who shared                                                           Bendigo Bank and the CFMEU, and
    the EKS Award for leadership.                                                         added Westpac ACT as a partner.

−   Congratulated WA mentor, Akram
    Azimi who was named Young

                                                    ial Olympics h
    Australian of the Year.

                                                  ec                                .’
                                               ‘Sp       Patrick as changed my life
−   Held an inaugural reception,
    acknowledging athletes,
    volunteers and supporters.
−   Established a physical state office.                            cis, VIC

Find out more at                           Find out more at                           Find out more at
www.specialolympics.com.au/wa              www.specialolympics.com.au/sa              www.specialolympics.com.au/act         19
Working Together
Volunteers are the backbone of Special                 Tony McGrath                                   Major General Mick
Olympics Australia and they contribute                 Tony is Partner and Chairman                   Slater AO DSC CSC
at all levels of the organisation from                 of McGrathNicol and brings                    Mick is the Australian
grassroots programs to state committees                considerable financial                        Army’s Forces Commander
and the National Board.                                expertise and a network of                    and has held a broad
The National Board guide the strategic     contacts to Special Olympics Australia.       range of command, instructional and
direction of Special Olympics Australia    He can be often found working on              policy roles. Most recently, Mick led
and officially meet at least four times.   the TMA Sports Lunch committee,               the state-wide recovery from the
You will often spot them at a sporting     attending a function or hosting a             devastating Queensland floods.
competition or fundraising event too.      fundraising event. Appointed April 2007.      He’s a fan of Special Olympics and is
                                                                                         often seen at competitions. Appointed
            Mark Streeting                             Robyn Sefiani                     October 2011.
            (Chair)                                      Robyn has over 27 years
                                                         experience in public                         Ben Haack
            Mark is a partner with
                                                         relations and is Founder                   Ben is a Special Olympics
                                                         and Managing Director                      athlete, coach, volunteer
            He has advised many
                                           of Sefiani Communications Group.                         and leader, and brings vast
major corporations and government
                                           Sefiani’s is an award-winning agency and                 experience to the Board.
departments on strategic and policy
                                           Robyn and her staff have been sharing         He has played sport at all levels, has
direction, pricing, marketing and
                                           their expertise with Special Olympics         served on regional and international
communications. Mark has two sons
                                           Australia on a pro-bono basis since 2000.     committees, and is an accomplished
in the program and is also a local
                                           Appointed May 2008.                           speaker and advocate. Appointed
volunteer. Appointed April 2007.
                                                                                         May 2012.
            Max Jackson                                Anna-Louise
            (Vice Chair)                               Kassulke                                       Michael Hogan
                                                       Anna-Louise is Service                        Michael brings a depth
            Max is an experienced
                                                       Manager at Gold Coast                         of capability in the areas
            consultant, providing
                                                       Recreation & Sport. She                       of public affairs, public
            training and consultancy
                                           is passionate about sport and Special                     profile management, policy
services to government-funded,
                                           Olympics, and was instrumental                analysis and government relations.
voluntary and private sector
                                           in establishing Special Olympics              He is a passionate believer in the work
organisations in Victoria. Max has
                                           Queensland. She is a volunteer, athlete       of Special Olympics Australia and has
been an active member of Special
                                           mentor and has been Head of Delegation        a son who has both participated and
Olympics for many years and was once
                                           for two Australian teams competing at         served in the organisation. Appointed
Chair of Special Olympics Victoria.
                                           the World Games. Appointed April 2009.        July 2012.
Appointed April 2007.

            Kim Bryan                                  Luke Sayers                                    Nigel Milan AM
                                                        Luke is the National                         Nigel has a distinguished
            Kim is Vice President,
                                                        Managing Partner and CEO                     background in media. His
            Talent and Organisational
                                                        of PwC Australia where he                    roles as Chief Executive
            Development at QR
                                                        leads the strategic direction                Officer for SBS and the
            National and has
                                           of Australia’s largest and most respected     Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia
over twenty years experience in
                                           professional services firm. Luke joined       have connected him with some of the
communications and marketing,
                                           Special Olympics to inspire people with       most highest-profiled individuals in
with a particular interest in brand
                                           an intellectual disability to achieve their   Australia. Appointed July 2012.
development and cultural change.
                                           best. Appointed June 2011.
She spent last year training to climb
Mt Kilimanjaro to raise money                                                            * Dr Jacinta Baldwin resigned during the
for Special Olympics Australia.                        Jon Scriven                       year and Rex Langthorne AM served
                                                                                         the maximum term.
Appointed April 2007.                                   Jon is Group Executive,
                                                        People & Corporate
                                                        Services for Qantas where
                                                        he is responsible for
                                           human resources as well as overseeing
                                           the Office of the Chief Executive
                                           Officer. He is looking forward to
                                           helping us reach out to more athletes.
                                           Appointed August 2011.

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