P1 Orientation Day 15 November 2018 - Mee Toh School

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P1 Orientation Day 15 November 2018 - Mee Toh School
P1 Orientation Day
    15 November 2018
P1 Orientation Day 15 November 2018 - Mee Toh School
Mrs Wang-Tan Sun Sun
P1 Orientation Day 15 November 2018 - Mee Toh School
School History

    Venerable Sek Kong Hiap
P1 Orientation Day 15 November 2018 - Mee Toh School
School History

Old Mee Toh School located along Race Course
    Road and adjacent to Long San Temple
P1 Orientation Day 15 November 2018 - Mee Toh School
School Vision and Mission
      Touching Souls, Challenging Minds
            净化心灵, 挑战思维

To maximise students’ potential and to develop in
  them a passion for life-long learning guided by
       compassion, conscience, purity and
P1 Orientation Day 15 November 2018 - Mee Toh School
School Motto

慈   Compassion

良   Conscience

清   Purity

直   Righteousness
P1 Orientation Day 15 November 2018 - Mee Toh School
School Motto & Values
 School Motto        School Values
                     Care (仁心关爱)
                    Service (奉献他人)
                   Resilience (坚韧不拔)
                   Excellence (精益求精)
                   Confidence (满怀信心)
                    Integrity (正直清廉)
                    Respect (互敬互重)
P1 Orientation Day 15 November 2018 - Mee Toh School
Buddhist Practices:
• Singing of Triple Gem song and prayer during every
  Monday assembly
• Teaching of values through storytelling by
  Venerable once a term
• Dharmaratna Festival

• Major Events:

   • Vesak Day Celebration on Founder’s Day
   • Examination Blessing
P1 Orientation Day 15 November 2018 - Mee Toh School
Debunking some possible
Myths and Misperceptions…

 “Mee Toh School is only for Buddhists.”

 “Mee Toh School is a Buddhist School. When
 I send my child to the school, I will expect him
 to naturally become good.”
P1 Orientation Day 15 November 2018 - Mee Toh School
School’s Response

• Like all schools in Singapore, we are secular.

•Character Development is at the heart of our school’s

•Other than platforms like
- Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP);
- Civics and Moral Education (CME) lessons;
- Assembly Programmes, other programmes and
  activities which focus on character development are
  made possible through partnership with Tzu Chi
  Foundation and Fo Guang Shan.
School’s Response

•Tzu Chi Foundation conducts the “ 大 爱 妈 妈 ”
programme that emphasises positive attitudes and
good habits on Wednesdays for lower primary students.

•Fo Guang Shan conducts Dharma Lessons on
Saturdays for students and parents on a sign up basis.

•Parents role as partners in shaping positive values
and attitudes are just as important, if not more than,
the school.
Aims of Primary Education
• To lay a strong foundation

• To nurture the whole child
“As it [the/our education system] becomes more complex,
  we need to be clear-eyed that in this matured system,
there are trade-offs within the system, and we
  must take sufficient bold steps to rebalance those
                trade-offs when needed.”
Considerations and
potential challenges
in balancing rigour
and joy:

                       “There needs to be a balance between
                       rigour and joy, and there is a fairly strong
                       consensus that we have tilted too much
                       to the former.”
Changes at a Glance
Changes at a Glance
Changes at a Glance
Personal Qualities
School Value    Level                    Personal Qualities
                        o   Show care and concern for the environment and
    Care        P1-P6       people around me
                        o   Show kindness and empathy

                P1-P6   o   Appreciate and show gratitude for others

  Service       P1-P3   o   Offer help to family members, teachers & peers
                        o   Take actions to contribute to the common good
                            of others in the community
                P1-P6   o   Demonstrate the growth mindset

 Resilience     P1-P3   o   Keep trying even in difficult situations
                        o   Overcome difficulties by exploring alternative
Personal Qualities
School Value    Level                   Personal Qualities
                        o   Put in the best effort to produce quality work
                        o   Reflect from experiences and learn from them
                P1-P3   o   Seek help and guidance when in doubt
                        o   Ask questions, sieve, analyse and evaluate
                P4-P6       information to improve understanding of the
                            issue or problem
                        o   Demonstrate self-awareness
                P1-P6   o   Demonstrate abilities to build positive
                        o   Think critically and explain view points and
Personal Qualities
School Value    Level                      Personal Qualities
                        o   Differentiate right from wrong
                        o   Face consequences of mistakes and learn from
  Integrity     P1-P6       the experience

                        o   Do the right thing when no one is watching

                        o   Demonstrate awareness and sensitivity to
                            different cultures and religions
  Respect       P1-P6
                        o   Respond open-mindedly to different ideas and
                        o   Express ideas and allow opinions and views to be
                        o   Fulfill different responsibilities and complete given
                            tasks as a group
                        o   Influence peers positively
                P4-P6   o   Leverage on one another’s strengths and abilities
                            to achieve common goals
Home-School Partnership
• Parents are our partners
  in the holistic education of
  the children

• Our common interest is the
Partnership between School and Parents
           Guiding Philosophy

Quality Relationships
 Anchored on Mutual Trust and Mutual Respect

 A mindset of partnership, collaboration and
  mutual support

Guided by MOE and Mee Toh School Ethos
Mee Toh School is committed to deliver quality education to
all our students, provide quality service to our partners and at
the same time, care for the well-being of our teachers and all
who work here.

We will do our utmost to serve you with courtesy and respect
and we expect that you treat us with the same respect
that you would like to be accorded.

Please let us know if our efforts fall below your
expectations. Your feedback and words of appreciation will
inspire us to continue to deliver our best.

Thank you for working with us, making Mee Toh School
Community a gracious one, and the school a place conducive
for learning, growth and work!
Communication with School
1. Always work with your child’s teachers first as they
   are the ones who know your child well.

2. Every Child is an unique individual, each teacher
   has 30 unique individuals in the class -- Teachers
   will take time to know your child, understand how
   he/she learns, what excites them, and so on.

3. Train your children to be able to relay information to
   their teachers.
Communication with School
4. Modes of communication:
   Write your queries in the Student Handbook.
   Write in via email.
   Call the school main line, use the teachers’ extension
   For non-urgent matters, the teacher will respond within 3
   working days.

5. If you need to meet with your child’s teacher, do
make an appointment first before coming to school.
Please be patient with the teachers as they are
teaching many children.
When teachers need to be away from school:
They may
• be sick
• need to attend to important family matters
• need to attend training or briefing
• be away on maternity or paternity leave

Duration of absence may vary
School will need to arrange for relief teachers to
take charge of their classes.
Home-School Partnership

Top 5 Questions Teachers Wish Parents Would Ask Them
08 Jan 2018

Home-School Partnership
Top Five Questions Teachers Hope
Parents Would Ask Them

Social Interactions

Is he nice to the people around him?

Does he interact well with his friends?
Home-School Partnership
Top Five Questions Teachers Hope
Parents Would Ask Them

Strength Building
What are his strengths?
Home-School Partnership
Top Five Questions Teachers Hope
Parents Would Ask Them

Feedback for Improvement
How can I grow my child’s interest in (subject)?
Home-School Partnership
Top Five Questions Teachers Hope
Parents Would Ask Them

Home-School Collaboration
How can we work together to help him?
We Cannot Do It Alone
• Parents, you are your child’s first and life-
  long Teachers.

• Your actions are the best lessons for

• Don’t underestimate your importance in
  teaching your children good values,
  habits and attitudes.
Helicopter Parents

   Source: https://www.schoolbag.sg/story/helicopter-parenting
Helicopter Parents

   Source: https://www.schoolbag.sg/story/helicopter-parenting
Year Head (P1 & P2)

• Work with teachers, HODs and
  Year Heads
• Look into providing better support
  and integration of learning within
  each level

                                       Mrs Jacelyn Ang
First Day of School
• Have a good breakfast with your child

• Arrive by 7.15 a.m.

• Assemble in the school hall and sit according to
  the class label

• Note: P1 parents are allowed into school premises
  only on the 1st day of school. Other useful
  information can be found in the Orientation
  Information Handout for Parents
First Day of School
Engagement with Parents:

  • Time: 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.
  • Venue: School Hall
  • Briefing by Heads of Department
Expectations of
           Student Behaviour
1. Maintain proper decorum and behave in a
   socially responsible manner at all times.

2. Respect school staff and peers regardless of

3. Keep the school clean and take good care of
   school properties.

Information can be found in
Student Handbook pages 11-13
Expectations of
       Student Behaviour
4. Wear     the    prescribed     school    uniform.
   Modification to the uniform is not allowed.
Expectations of
      Student Behaviour
5. Keep your hair neat. Boys must be clean
   shaven. Undercut hairstyle, and wearing of
   beard or moustache are not allowed.
Expectations of
         Student Behaviour
6. Be punctual for school and all school conducted

7. Refrain from bringing expensive personal items or
   toys such as mobile phone, MP3 or any other
   audio visual equipment to school.
School Term
• New school term: 2 January 2019, Wednesday

• 4 terms in a year

• All students must attend school until the end of each
  school term. Any request to leave Singapore for family
  tours or home visits to former countries during the
  school terms does not constitute a valid reason.

• Events for the term will be communicated through
  Termly School Calendar
School Hours
              Reporting   Dismissal
School Days                           Recess Time
                Time        Time

Mondays to                              10 a.m. –
              7.30 a.m.   1.30 p.m.
 Fridays                               10.30 a.m.
Arrival Arrangement
Arrival during fair weather days:

• Report directly to the parade square on all days,
  except on Monday.
• Report to the Indoor Sports Hall (ISH) Level 4 on
  Mondays. (Primary 1 to Primary 3)
Arrival Arrangement

             Gate 3 Gate 2
Gate 4                            Parade
                                  Square                   4                  Gate 1A            Guard

          School          BLK E
           Field                                                            IN                   OUT

Gate 5                                             BLK F
                                                                   BLK 122B                                     3
Gate 6
              BLK G                                        • Possible venues to drop off students :
Gate 7                                     BLK B
                                                           1   Access by Gate 6.
                                                               Near the basketball court
         Gate 8                                            22. Car Park near Blk 109.
                                                               Use the service road from:
                                                               a. Punggol Field
                                                               b. Edgedale Plains
                                                            33.   Car Park (Blk 131) Opposite the school.
                                                           44.    Gate 1A to be accessed via Blk 122B.
                                                           55.    The Main Gate is only accessible during wet
Arrival Arrangement
Arrival during wet weather days:
• Parents are allowed to drive into the
• Drop off their children at the layby        On raining days, drive
• Children will use the covered linkway       in and alight students
                                              only at the layby.
  to go to the assembly area
• No car is allowed to stop at the porch
• This facilitates the fast flow of traffic
• P1 students report in the ISH level 4

                                               On raining days, drive
                                               in but do not alight
                                               students at the porch.
Dismissal Arrangement
Pick up by family members/caregivers
• All P1 students will be dismissed class by class.
• Teachers will bring students to Gate 2.
• P1 parents are to wait outside the Gate 2.
  Please make way for the students to be
Dismissal Arrangement
School Bus
• Teachers will bring students to bus queues
  for the first week
• Students will join the bus queues according
  to bus numbers
• A coloured ribbon indicating the bus number
  will be given
• Indicate bus queue number on temporary
More information is in the handout for parents
Dismissal Arrangement
Meet up with siblings
• Siblings meet each other at designated
  Siblings’ Corner near the canteen
• Siblings will leave the school according to
  dismissal mode for the elder sibling
• P1, P2 and P3 students will be dismissed from
  Gate 2.
• P4, P5 and P6 students will be dismissed from
  Gates 1 or 6.

                Siblings’ Corner
School Bus Transport
• Bus Operator: Sunday Coach Services Contact
  Number: 9873 8227 (Mr Ang)
• Registration for school transport is available in
  the canteen today from 3.30 p.m.
• Indicate bus queue number on temporary
• Your child needs to know the bus number
  he/she will be taking.
Traffic Issues
• School is part of the community.
• Avoid using the multi-storey and service road at
  Blk 109.
• High volume of traffic in the morning and during
  dismissals caused inconvenience to the
Safety And Security
• Teach and role model by making use of the
  pedestrian crossings and traffic lights when
  crossing the roads.

• Please follow traffic rules and cooperate with our
  personnel and parent volunteers.

• Show consideration when using public car parks
  and facilities near the school.
Seatbelt Rules
• Ensure the safety of school children.
  The safety of children is a shared

• Children need to cooperate with the
  school bus drivers.

• Prepare your child mentally and
  train your child to belt up for
  safety at all times.                    n/roads-and-motoring/road-safetyand-
Buddy System
• P4 buddies will assist the P1 students on
  the first 3 days of school during recess.
• P4 buddies will:
        - guide the P1 students to queue
          at the food stalls
        - remind P1 students to collect
          their change
        - teach P1 students to bring their
          food to the tables safely
        - teach P1 students to return
          utensils to the receptacles
School Canteen
• Pocket money of about $2.00 each day

Variety of food items sold:
•   Chinese food
•   Halal food
•   Vegetarian food
•   Fresh fruit juice, cut fruits
•   Hot drinks and snacks

• Some stalls operate from 6.45 a.m. to 7.05 a.m. to
  allow students to have light breakfast.
Snack Break
• Taken into consideration of students’ well-being
  that some of them may not get to have lunch until
  they reach home after 1.30 p.m.
• Optional for students to bring healthy snacks
  during a second break from 11.55 p.m. to 12 p.m.
• Examples are energy bars, an apple or a
General Information
Visitors to School
• For the safety and security of our students, all
  visitors are required to sign into the log book at the
  guard post before proceeding to the General Office.

• Visitors are required to display ‘Visitor’ pass at all

• Visitors are not allowed to loiter in the school or go
  directly to the classrooms
General Information
Permission to Leave Early
• For students who are unwell, parents are
  required to come to school to bring them home.

• Parents must acknowledge in the ‘Permission to
  Leave School Early’ Form’ in the General Office.

• All parents are required to update the school
  whenever there is a change in address or contact
Student Handbook
• The student handbook is important and
  students are expected to bring it daily.
• The handbook acts as a two way
  communication tool.
• Parents who wish to communicate with
  the teachers can do so through the
• Parents need to call in advance to make
  an appointment with the teacher or
  school personnel if you wish to meet up
  with them.
Important Pages in
            Student Handbook
• Important        book        for
• Student       and        parents
  acknowledge on page 10
• Pages to take special note:
   • Code of Conduct
   • School     Attire   and Personal
   • Mobile Phone and Smart Device
   • School Values and Personal
   • Holistic Goal Setting
Mobile Phone Policy
• The school encourages parents to allow their child
  learn independence in the school.
• Strongly discourage students to bring mobile
  phones to school.
• All personal smart devices (e.g. smart watches,
  and google glasses) are strictly not allowed in

• Mobile phones are:
   • To be switched off during lessons and/or other school
   • Only allowed at the canteen and must be switched off
     after use.
   • Restricted to only voice calls and messaging. Capturing of
     sounds or videos is not allowed.
Mobile Phone Policy

• Refrain from uploading videos/photographs donned in
  school attire.
• Mobile phones and/or unauthorised electronic devices are
  not allowed during tests or exams.
• Mobile phones will be confiscated for any misuse and
  returned to parents after an appropriate time interval
  determined by the school.
• Public phone is located near the bookshop.
• The phones at the General Office are only for use in
  cases of emergency.

(Reference from Student Handbook page 14)
Bookshop Operating Hours
           Day              Operating Hours
     Monday - Friday       9 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
                              (for students)

• Location: Near Gate 2
• Train your child to make purchases from the
  bookshop on his/her own
• Parents who need to make purchase from the
  bookshop will enter from Gate 2 only from 2
  p.m. to 4 p.m.
• School holiday opening dates are in the school
School Uniform & Name Tags
• You may purchase your child’s uniform
  after the briefing from 3.30 p.m.
• Name tag is part of the uniform, and
  to be sewn on the school uniform and
  PE T-shirts
• Place orders for name tags during
  purchase of school uniform. Each child
  will need about 8 name tags throughout
  the 6 years.
Important Advice
Lightening Students’ School Bags
•Health Promotion Board advises that:
   • Students should carry weight of no more than 15% of
     their body weight
   • Weight of bags carried by P1 to P4 students should
     range not more than 3.5kg to 4.0 kg
•Parents can:
   • Select bags of lightweight material with few
     compartments and straps that are adjustable and
     cushioned. Do not use trolley bags for safety reasons.
   • Let your child carry some items in a separate bag to
     distribute the load where necessary.
   • Check that only relevant materials are brought.
Financial Matters
• Financial Assistance
• Student Insurance
Financial Assistance
               Scheme (FA)
• Students with financial difficulties may apply for
  Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS).
   • Eligible Income Criteria: ≤$2750 Gross Monthly
   • Household Income: ≤$690 Per Capital Income
• You may approach Administration Manager (AM)
  in the General Office if you need assistance
• Forms for MOE FAS can also be obtained from
  MOE website:
Financial Assistance
                  Scheme (FAS)
Benefits under MOE FAS may include:
                    Full waiver of $6.50 per month
Miscellaneous Fees
Textbooks           Free textbooks
School Attire       Free school attire
                    Students taking School Bus:
                    50% of school bus fares
                    Students taking public transport:
                    $120 transport credit per annum
School Meals         Subsidies for seven meals per school week.
Programme            Students in primary schools will receive
                     subsidies of $2 per meal.
Student Insurance
• All students will be covered under Group Personal
  Accident (GPA) by MOE.

• Information of the coverage will be given in
  Term 1.

• Parents are encouraged to top up with their
  personal insurance if they feel the need to.
Health Matters
• Health services are provided to your child free
  of charge in school

   Dental Health Check
   Health Assessment
Health Matters
• Parents must give consent before your child
  can receive the services
• Enrol your child in the school dental service via

              Child Consent Portal
Getting Your Child Ready
Build some habits at home
  • Display good manners – taking turns, saying ‘please’,
    ‘excuse me’ and ‘thank you’
  • Sleep early – having 8 – 10 hours of sleep to keep an alert
  • Toilet etiquette - closing toilet doors, flush after use and
    drying their hands
  • Handwriting - write his/her name right with appropriate
    spacing and capital letters
  • Bring the plates to the sink after meals
  • Keeping the study table neat after use
  • Start visiting the National Library to build the habit of
Getting Your Child Ready
Build some habits at home
  • Have a neat haircut (Note: Undercut hairstyle is not
  • Communicate the mode dismissal for your child
  • Label your child’s stationery, books and learning
  • Share your own school life experiences with your child
  • Introduce basic school rules, like asking for permission,
    taking turns
Orientation Package
• Distributed to students in the classrooms

   • Parent-Child Activity Booklet

   • Primary One (2019) Orientation Information Handout
     for Parents

   • Booklist for 2019

   • CDAC programme booklet

• Slides will be uploaded onto the school’s website
  before 26 November 2018.
Parent-Child Activity Book
• To promote parent-child bonding
• Prepare the child for first day in school
Parent-Child Activity Book
• Activities planned are more meaningful when
  parents do it with the child

• 10 tips for parents – help you and your child
  adjust smoothly to primary-school life

• Focuses on setting good routines, inculcating
  values and building social emotional skills

• There is no fixed order in completing the
Thank you for
your attention!
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