Parent's Guide to Summer Camp 2021 - Copper Mountain

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Parent's Guide to Summer Camp 2021 - Copper Mountain
Parent’s Guide to
              Summer Camp 2021

As summer camp 2021 planning continues, along with developments in health regulations, this guide,
                     processes and programming are subject to change.

        Please continue to check your online portal for the latest version. Updated 4/2/2021

Parent’s Guide to
                       Summer Camp 2021
                                   **Please read carefully.
                        Some things have changed from previous years*


                                 Transportation to/from Camp

                                           Camp Schedule
                  **Please note: all posted schedules are tentative and subject to change**

                                         Activity Schedule
                  **Please note: all posted schedules are tentative and subject to change**

                                            What to Bring

                                         What NOT to Bring

                                         Rental Equipment

                                         Cell Phone Policy

                       Refund, Cancellation and Payment Policies

                                       Contacting Campers

                                         Sending Packages
                                          **Please read carefully**


                                         Altitude Sickness

                            Medical Requirements & Procedures
       Topics covered: Participant release, Physical exam, Immunization records, Exemptions,
       Medical personnel on staff, Pre-existing injuries, Medication, Health Screen at check-in

                                          Spending Money

                                            Video Shoots

                                        The Woodward Way

**NOTE: Complete all of your paperwork online in your online portal prior to coming to camp!**

Woodward Copper
                      Summer Camp Guidelines
                                       Welcome to camp!
         This guide is designed to get you ready for your experience at Woodward Copper.

Woodward Copper works closely with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment in
addition to the Summit County Department of Public Health, and the State of Colorado Department of
Human Services’ Office of Early Childhood to implement parameters in our operation to ensure safety
of our campers, participants, staff, and guests.

The following guidelines set forth by the Summit County Department of Public Health have been
requested to be followed for all persons living, working and visiting Summit County. These guidelines
are subject to change at any time and can be found in more detail here:
   • Maintain 6ft of physical distance
   • Wash hands often
   • Wear a mask
   • Stay home when not feeling 100% - contact the camp office at 970-968-3402
   • Get tested immediately if symptoms occur

Please expect and adhere to the following while attending Woodward Copper:
   • Health screen & temperature check at camper drop-off and daily
          o Campers will not be able to attend camp if they meet one of the following:
                 ▪ Has a temperature of 100.4+ degrees
                 ▪ Has had exposure to COVID-19
                 ▪ Displays symptoms of COVID-19
   • All campers and camp staff are required to wear a face covering. If your child does not adhere
      to this guideline, they will not be allowed to attend camp
   • Practice social distancing
   • Disinfecting will happen in between the use of equipment or area throughout the day
   • Bring Your Own
          o Equipment
          o Water bottle
          o Facemask
                 ▪ New facemask should be worn each day or washed in hot water daily

          o For a complete list of what to bring, please see the “Pre-Camp Checklist” online


Arrival Day - first date listed for each session

                                  **NEW for 2021**
                               DRIVE-THRU CHECK-IN

   •   Check-in is between 11:00am and 3:00pm
       You may be assigned to a smaller time window to help with a quick check-in experience.
       Please review the “pre-arrival email” which will arrive to your inbox one week prior to the first
       day of camp

       Where: Copper Mountain Resort, CO 80443

   •   Campers will receive their room assignments, meet their counselor & roommate, set up their
       room, and attend the all-of-camp orientation where campers learn about camp rules, self-care,
       emergency & health procedures, and more.

To help with a speedy check-in, please ensure you have completed the following in your online Camp
    • Daily health screen completed morning of camp for each vehicle occupant
    • Balance paid
    • Health forms complete
    • Upload/Download forms uploaded
    • Additional questions answered
           o Include names as shown on ID for authorized persons to pick up camper

Driving Directions
   • From Denver: Hop on I-70 west and take the Copper Mountain exit #195/Hwy 91. Stay in the
      right lane and drive over the freeway. Once you have taken the overpass take the first right on
      to Copper Rd. You will be directed to stay left of cones for health screen & temperature check
      at Copper entrance.

   •   From Grand Junction: Hop on I-70 east and take the Copper Mountain exit #195/Hwy 91. Turn
       right on Hwy 91 and take the first right on to Copper Rd.

16-17 year old campers
If you have a 16-17 year old camper driving him/her-self to/from camp, please be sure to note this
during registration. Once your camper is at camp, they are not authorized to leave camp until the end
of the day. We do not authorize any camper who is a minor (under 18) to leave the supervision of
Woodward Copper staff.

Once at Copper: Look for Woodward tents, signs and employees. Woodward employees will greet
you at the entrance and direct you to the next station. More information will be provided via email to
all registered campers as we continue working through details for a safe-check-in.

Departure Day - last date listed for each session

   •   Check-out is 9:00am-11:00am
         o Parents will get the location of pick-up at drop-off
         o Pick-up locations vary depending on assigned counselor
         o This is for the safety & wellness of your camper

For the safety of your camper(s), we take pick-up very seriously. Please read the section below very carefully.

   •   Photo ID is required when checking your child out of camp
   •   Campers will be permitted to leave only with those who are listed as authorized to pick-up in
       pre-arrival forms in your online Camp Account.

           o This is compared to the name on Photo ID so please only list names in pre-arrival
             forms, not “mom & dad.”
           o If you are the parent, please be sure to include yourself as authorized

   •   Exceptions can be made if parents/legal guardians provide written permission for their child to
       leave with someone else by emailing
   •   If the camp office has not been notified in writing of someone different authorized to pick-up a
       camper, a supervisor or manager will call the parent/legal guardian on the day of pick-up and
       require written permission (via email) of the new authorized person
   •   If “mom” or “parents” are noted as authorized to pick up, we will ask additional questions
   •   If you need to withdraw your child(ren) from camp prior to the end of the day or camp session,
       please contact the camp office at 970-968-2318 x60824
   •   Upon departure, you will need to check your child(ren) out of camp with a photo ID.
       This includes non-camp lodging campers daily

Woodward Shuttle
From Denver International Airport (DEN)

Woodward has a limited availability shuttle service that is staffed by trained Transportation
Counselors & drivers who greet campers and assist them through the airport on arrival and/or
departure day. This service must be booked at least 10 days in advance to ensure your camper gets
to and from camp safely.

In order to be eligible for Woodward’s service, campers must meet certain requirements including
flight times, pre-arrangements with airline, and flight information provided to Woodward within 10
days of first day of camp.

For complete information about requirements, minors flying, and how to book our shuttle service
please visit “Parent’s Guide to Camp Transportation.”

                                **Schedule is tentative and subject to change

                                      Summer Camp Schedule

Meal Times
Breakfast                    7:30am – 8:30am
Lunch                        12:00pm – 1:00pm
Dinner                       5:00pm – 6:00pm

11:00am-3:00pm               Check In for Camp
3:45pm                       Orientation in the EDGE Sky Chutes Theater

6:00pm                       Campers meet their coaches to set goals for the week
6:30pm – 8:30pm              Barn session –Intro sessions & activities

Monday – Friday
8:45am                       Meet in Sky Chutes Theater
9:00am                       Groups depart to coaching sessions
9:15am – 11:45am             Coaching sessions
11:45am-1:00pm               Lunch

1:00pm – 4:00pm              Continued coaching sessions, camp activities, Barn sessions
4:00pm – 5:00pm              All camp EDGE Backyard activity session

6:00pm – 8:30pm              Open Session at the Barn
8:45pm – 10:00pm             All Camp Rec Activity (EDGE)

Friday – Parent’s Night
3:30pm**                     End of Camp Awards
5:00pm**                     Parent’s Dinner
6:30pm**                     Talent Show

9:00am-11:00am               Pick-Up & Departure

 *if you do not want your camper participating in any coaching or camp activities, please be sure to note this
                  during registration. This can be for any reason including medical reasons.

                                **Schedule is tentative and subject to change

Activity Schedule
                                    **Schedule is tentative and subject to change

Below is a sample schedule of what we have done in past summers. This schedule will be modified as we get
closer to camp 2021 to meet health regulations and to ensure all participants and staff are safe.

Other activities throughout the week include but not limited to sport specific videos and skating, biking,
scooting to/from activities

There are NO TVs in camper rooms.

*if you do not want your camper participating in any coaching or camp activities, please be sure to note this
during registration

Keep in mind that the more campers bring to camp, the more there is to lose. There is limited storage so make
sure to pack accordingly. Please label all belongings with your camper’s full name and phone number.
Note: anything left behind at the end of camp, will be donated to local thrift stores if unclaimed.

                            Complete list of what to bring can be found online in the
                                     “Pre-Camp Checklist”
                includes online documents to complete, clothing, medications, sport equipment, & other

      Pajamas
      Socks
      Underwear
      Shorts
      Jeans or long pants
      T-Shirts
      Long-sleeve t-shirts
      Sweatshirt, jacket, or sweater
      Hat
      Sneakers

      Toothbrush
      Toothpaste
      Soap
      Shampoo & Conditioner
      Comb or brush
      Deodorant
      Contacts/glass
      Sunscreen
      Lip balm
      Other toiletries

Other Items to bring
      Sunglasses
      Re-usable water bottle
      Small daypack or backpack

A limited supply of Rental Bedding is available for those who fly from out-of-state for $39/week which includes:
blanket, fitted sheet, top sheet, pillow & case, towel, and wash cloth.
Bringing your own sleeping bag and pillow are recommended.
Book through your online portal.

   Sleeping bag or blanket
     Pillow & pillowcase
     Flat sheet
     Towels
     Wash cloths
     Laundry bag or plastic garbage bag for dirty laundry

     Prescribed & OTC (Over-the-Counter) medication
         o All prescribed and OTC medication must be presented to nurse during check-in and
             accompanied with a signed order from your camper’s physician.
             Medication must be kept in original bottle complete with camper’s name, medicine name,
             dosage, provider prescribing the medication, and frequency of when to be taken
         o DO NOT send medication in a plastic baggie

         o   NO OTC medication is allowed in camper rooms including but not limited to ibuprofen, allergy
             medicine, wound care, vitamins, sore muscle care, Neosporin, and aloe for sunburn. The
             licensed medical staff has OTC medication to be issued in time of need
         o   In order to distribute OTC medication, the medication administration form must be completed by
             you, the parent and a physician. This can be done so in your online portal.

     Medication that your camper was prescribed but not currently taking
      If your camper was prescribed medication or instructed to take by your camper’s physician but is not
      currently taking it while at camp, we require a note from your physician stating this

Sport-Specific Equipment

Snowboard/Ski Camp
     Helmet (required)
     Snowboard/skis
     Boots
     Ski Poles (recommended for ski camp, not required)
     Rental Equipment available
     Goggles and/or Sunglasses
     Gloves (lightweight)
     Jacket (lightweight)
     Snowpants
     Face masks
     Skateboard/Inline skates (for cross training, not required)
     Knee and elbow pads (for indoor training, not required)

Rental Equipment

Ski & Snowboard equipment packages are available to rent Sunday-Saturday for $381.95 (tax & damage
protection included).

   •   Package includes boots, bindings, board/skis & poles, helmet
   •   Equipment must be reserved and picked up prior to camper check-in
          o RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED and can be made by calling 970-968-2318 x7
          o If you have reserved equipment, it is advised to arrive at Copper Mountain at 11:00am on the
             Sunday of your camp week to pick up your equipment prior to checking your camper into camp
                 ▪ Failure to pick up equipment prior to check-in, may cause delays as you will be asked to
                     get out of line at equipment drop-off and pick it up.
          o You will need to complete rental waiver and form prior to picking up your equipment
   •   Woodward staff is not responsible for picking up or dropping off your camper’s equipment rental
          o Un-returned equipment is subject to additional fees of $84.99/day until returned
          o Protects for “repairable damage”
          o If your camper damages rentals beyond repair, you will be responsible for purchasing

                       WHAT NOT TO BRING (ALL CAMPERS)
   •   Alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, any other illegal or inappropriate substance
          o Woodward Copper and Copper Mountain Resort are located on Federal property, therefore
              marijuana is not allowed anywhere at Copper Mountain or at camp. This applies to all campers,
              staff, visitors, and pros
   •   Hazardous or combustible materials:
          o Weapons
          o Firearms
          o Knives
          o Mace
          o Lighters/matches/candles/fireworks
          o Incense
          o Animals

   •   Personal valuables
       NOTE: camper rooms are unlocked to prevent inappropriate behavior and campers are unable to visit
       their rooms without a staff member. It is recommended to not send the following:
           o Jewelry
           o Mp3 players or iPods
           o Cameras
           o Expensive make-up or clothing
           o Large sums of cash
   •   OTC medications cannot be kept with the camper and will need to be checked in with the nurse:
           o Vitamins
           o IB Profin
o   Topical Creams

                        *Woodward Copper is not responsible for lost or stolen items*
To help Woodward locate any left behind items, please do an inventory of all items before and after camp. Use
the new “Pre-Camp Checklist” to help track what your camper takes to camp and what they bring home. You
can also use this list to stay organized while preparing for camp. Labeling your camper’s belongings with their
name helps us locate missing items, sometimes even before you know they are missing. If your camper didn’t
bring something home, please notify the camp office right away.

                                     CELL PHONE POLICY
Woodward Copper strives to create the best inclusive environment for summer campers of all ages and
disciplines. With a specific focus on creating the best overall experiences while attending Woodward Copper
Summer Camp, we have developed a cell phone policy for all summer campers:

    •   Cell phones are not to be used during core instruction time from 9am-4pm with the exception of filming
        and video review as well as emergencies
    •   Cell phones and other devices are not to be used during meal times
    •   All Woodward Copper staff reserve the ability to remove from a camper a cell phone, computer, tablet
        or anything else that may hinder the camp experience of themselves or others.

•   If camp is canceled, at any time, for any reason, including COVID-19, you get a full refund (including the
    protection plan).
•   If you book camp and you want to change your week due to COVID-19 concerns, you have the right to
    transfer to any other week in 2021 (pending available space) or 2022 with no charges or change fees.
•   You can cancel camp on or before April 1st, for any reason, and get a full refund - including the protection
    plan. (For 2021 only, due to COVID-19).
•   After April 1st, you can cancel up to 14 days prior to the first day of camp for any reason with the protection
    plan and receive a full refund (minus the protection plan).
•   You can purchase the protection plan, for 7% and cancel at any-time, no questions asked. You must
    purchase the protection plan at the time you book your original registration.
•   To make a claim, email the Woodward Copper camp office at

Woodward Way - The Woodward Way describes the values of our camp community so that everyone engages
in positive behaviors that support a safe, inclusive and fun environment. If a camper does not follow the
Woodward Way, they may need to visit with the camp director who will determine if the offense is grounds for
sending the camper home. If a camper is sent home, no refund will be issued.

Notice to Cancel:
Written cancellations must be emailed to registered location and acknowledged by Woodward Staff.
• Woodward Pennsylvania, PA Registrations:
• Woodward West, Tehachapi, CA Registrations:
• Woodward Tahoe, CA Registrations:
• Woodward Copper, CO Registrations:

Payment Policy: For any unpaid balances 30 days prior to arrival, Woodward charges the remaining balance to
the card on file. These terms and conditions are agreed upon online which can be viewed prior to checkout.
Woodward Copper only accepts credit cards.

Transfer: We understand schedule conflicts arise where your camper is unable to attend. With proper written
notice of 14 days or more, we will transfer your camp to another week or sport at no charge for the first
transfer. If more transfers occur, there may be an additional fee added to your account to be paid 30 days prior
to the first day of camp or upon request depending on date of request.

Camper Withdrawl from Camp: If you wish to remove your camper from Woodward for whatever reason for the
day or week, you must notify Woodward in writing via email at You can also
follow up with a phone call to the camp office at 970-968-3402. In the event we are not notified, we will reach
out to you inquiring if your camper is in good health and will be joining us that day.

                                 CONTACTING CAMPERS
Time at camp can be tough for both the camper and the parent. Staying in contact is important and we
encourage campers to call home during the afternoon via FaceTime through the Adventure Booth with their
counselor group. To help build confidence, independence, and social skills, we encourage parents to briefly
check-in while keeping conversations upbeat and positive by focusing on coaching sessions along with
recreational activities.

If your camper contacts you about homesickness, bullying, or any other issue, please encourage
him/her to talk to their counselor, the camp office, or any other camp staff. This provides campers with
confidence to address issues with others who can help remedy the situation right away. Also feel free
to notify the camp office so we can also follow up in a timely manner.

Camp office 970-968-3402
     August 2020-May 2021
     Limited office hours

       May 1-June 5, 2021
       Monday – Friday: 8:00am-5:00pm

       June 6, 2021 - August 16, 2021
       Sunday: 7:30am-9:30pm
       Monday - Friday 7:30am–9:30pm
       Saturday: 7:30am–5:00pm
Sending Care Packages – IMPORTANT!!!
In order to get a package or letter to your camper before or while they are still at camp, please read and follow
the instructions below very carefully. We do not receive door-to-door mail delivery or packages via USPS.

FedEx or UPS -packages
Camper’s Name, Room #______
The E.D.G.E. – Woodward Copper
50 Beeler Place
Copper Mountain, CO 80443

USPS –letters, envelopes
Camper’s Name, Room #______
Woodward Copper
PO Box 3807
Copper Mountain, CO 80443

Other mailing & shipping tips
*Please note that when sending a package it is a good idea to send express 2-3 day shipping to ensure your
camper receives their package before they leave camp. If your package/mail isn’t sent early in the week, it is
not guaranteed that your camper will receive it when they are at camp & returning it can take weeks. If
packages do not arrive prior to your camper’s departure, you will be responsible for shipping fees to send it

*If you need to ship equipment for your camper’s camp, please send it via FedEx or UPS ONLY at least 10
days prior to the first day of camp. This will ensure that your camper will have his/her needed equipment on the
first day.

Visiting Camp
We enforce a strict “No Strangers” policy and we require all visitors to check-in with our camp office or the Barn
front desk, prior to visiting a camper. We encourage non-camp lodging campers and family members of
campers to stay at Copper Mountain. Please contact Copper Mountain Central Reservations at 800-458-8386
for more information.

A great time to visit camp and see what your camper has been doing for a short duration of time is between
6:00pm-8:00pm when the campers are at the Barn for evening activities. Visitors will need to check in at the
Barn front desk with valid ID. TBD

                                 Friday night is Parent’s Night!
                                    3:30pm - end of week awards ceremony
                                               5:00pm – Dinner
                                            6:30pm - Talent Show
                                                  TBD - 2021

Stay-Over Campers
Do you have a camper(s) staying for multiple weeks in a row? They can stay at camp with an assigned
overnight counselor who will supervise them on Saturday night. Saturday and Sunday prior to the second
camp week tends to be more low key to allow campers to re-energize for their next week of camp. Some
Saturday & Sunday activities may or may not include: Barn time, Woodward Wrecktangle, movies, board
games, and EDGE backyard skate sessions.

Many people, young and old, experience feelings of homesickness when faced with a new set of living
conditions. Like many emotional expressions, homesickness is very contagious and must be recognized as
such. Our staff is trained to handle these problems. Should a camper call and express feelings of
homesickness, please encourage your camper to talk to his/her counselor, coach, camp office or other
Woodward staff member. This empowers them with confidence to address issues with others who are nearby
to help and is something that can help them deal with other social situations.

Sleep-away camp offers an excellent opportunity for campers to learn how well they can manage without their
parents as well and let other adults care for them. It has been our experience that it is more often the parents
that are having a difficult time adjusting to their camper’s absence or overreacting to a camper’s early anxiety
at being away from home.

   •   Check your own feelings about having your son or daughter gone for an extended period of time
   •   If you are not ready yourself, you may unwittingly make it difficult for your child to be away from you,
       consequently spurring feelings of guilt or feelings that he or she doesn’t have permission to enjoy him
       or herself outside your view.
   •   If your child contacts you upset, resist the urge to make promises about picking your child up or visiting.
       A visit from home interrupts their day, takes their attention from new friends and fun activities, and often
       spawns or exasperates homesickness.
            o Encourage your camper to talk to their counselor, coach, camp office, or any other Woodward
                staff member about what is going on.
            o Also feel free to notify the camp office so we can also follow up in a timely manner.

                                     ALTITUDE SICKNESS
Copper Mountain is at a base elevation of 9,712ft. Those campers who are coming to us from much lower
elevation may experience symptoms of altitude sickness such as dehydration, shortness of breath, light
headedness, and dizziness. Our medical staff, coaches, and counselors will be looking out for campers who
may be experiencing these symptoms, and will do everything they can to help alleviate them.
It is highly recommended to hydrate at least a day prior to coming to camp to help prevent altitude sickness.
While everybody is different, hydration is a very important factor and campers have plenty of opportunity to
hydrate throughout the day while at camp.

Woodward Copper operates under the Colorado State Child Care for Resident Camp License and requires the
following below. Please visit Online Forms and Required Information Explained for more information.

Participant Release

All campers MUST complete and sign (if under the age of 18 a parent or legal guardian 18 and older
must sign) the Copper Mountain Assumption of Risk, Release of Liability, and Indemnity
Agreement which acknowledges the “consent to treat.” Also by signing this release or liability waiver,
you are agreeing to pay any and all medical expenses in the event of an injury.
Unfortunately, your camper cannot participate in any activity without this signed document. This is located in
the medical form in your online portal.

Physical Examination & Immunization Requirements

We require that all campers get a physical examination performed within twenty four preceding months to
camp by a licensed physician or qualified, licensed nurse practitioner. The camp must be informed of any
physical problems which would limit the camper’s activity, any special care which the child will need, and
include a record of up-to-date immunizations which the child has had, including the date of the last tetanus
shot. The filled out physical form must be uploaded with all of the other paperwork as well as the up-to-date
immunization record on the State of Colorado form. Any camper with a recent musculoskeletal injury or recent
surgery requiring modified participation or extra monitoring throughout the week must present a participation
clearance note or modified activity form from their provider. These forms can be downloaded and uploaded
through your online portal.

We require that all parent/guardians provide a copy of their camper’s immunization record provided by their
licensed physician prior to their arrival to camp on the authorized State of Colorado form. This includes out-of-
state campers. This form can be downloaded and uploaded through your online portal. If a camper is not up-
to-date on his/her immunizations, you must complete an exemption form for the appropriate immunization the
camper is missing.

For more information about immunizations, please visit the Colorado Department of Public Health &
Environment page online here.

If your camper is exempt from obtaining a physical examination and/or immunizations due to religious or any
other beliefs or medical reasons, you must complete the exemption form which also can be downloaded and
uploaded through your online portal. The camp has the right to refuse the admission of a child who does not
have this completed form.


For more information about exemptions, please visit the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment
online here.

Employed Medical Personal

Woodward Copper has certified Ski Patrol on-snow to assess injuries in Pipeline Park, as well as Athletic
Trainers in the Barn to assess injuries in the training facility, at the EDGE, and in Copper Village. The majority
of injuries will be cared for in the Woodward Copper training room by the camp Athletic Trainers. In the event
of a serious injury, 911 will be called and the parent/legal guardian of campers under the age of 18 will be
notified immediately. The nearest Emergency Room is located in Frisco, Colorado, which is about 15 minutes
away from camp.

Registered Nurses (RNs) are also employed and stay on site, available 24/7 to administer prescriptions, care
for campers who are ill or homesick and provide general first aid.

Pre-existing Injuries & Medication
Campers with pre-existing injuries or prescription medication should include this information and any special
instructions in the medical form in your online portal.

If your child has been prescribed medication(s) that they take between 9:00am-4:00pm, you must provide a
signed physician’s note listing each medication prescribed to your camper with dosage, frequency, and reason
for medication. All prescription medications must be kept in the original bottle or container with the original
pharmacy label that lists: the child’s name, prescribing practitioner’s name, pharmacy name & telephone #,
date the prescription was filled, expiration date of the medication, name of the medication, dosage, how often
to give the medication, and the length of time the medication is to be given.

Medication is dropped off to camp medical staff at check-in and is stored in a locked storage container in the
Medical Center at the EDGE and is distributed by a trained Woodward staff.

If your child requires carrying any medication during the day, you must provide a signed physician’s note
providing authorization for self-carry.

Parents/legal guardians are responsible for picking up the medication. If not picked up, the medication will be
properly disposed.

Check-In Health Screen & Temperature Check
Also at check-in, all campers and vehicle occupants will be asked to complete a health screening form &
temperature check. The health screening form is to help the medical team identify any illnesses that your
camper may have in order to provide the best medical care. This is in addition to identifying any illnesses that
can spread to others at camp including but not limited to CO-VID19. When we feel a child has a contagious
illness or condition, in order to maintain the good health of other campers, we will notify the parent, ask they
remove the camper and they will receive a full refund.

Questions on the health screening form include but are not limited to:
   • Has your camper had any of these symptoms or were exposed to these in the past 7 days including
       cough, runny nose, skin rash, sore throat, fever, and eye drainage.
   • Has your camper been treated or exposed to nits, lice, measles, or mumps in the past 14 days?
   • Has your camper travelled outside of the US in the past 14 days?
   • Has your camper been exposed to any known carriers of the coronavirus in the past 14 days?
   • Have you seen a doctor in the last 7 days?
   • Did you bring medication, including OTC, to camp?
Also part of the health screening, all campers will be checked for nits (lice eggs) and lice. If lice eggs or
lice are found during the health screen, we will ask that the camper be removed from camp to get treated. This
is to maintain the good health of other campers. With a physician’s note, the camper can return once treatment
is successful.

If there are any activities that your camper is unable to participate in due to medical reasons or you do not wish
your camper to participate in, please be sure to note these activities in the Health Form in your online portal.

For any questions or clarification regarding medical including any special medical needs, please contact the
camp office at 970-968-2318 x60824.

                                       SPENDING MONEY
  **EFFECTIVE 2021: Woodward will no longer provide Camper Store Cards or allow camper cash banks**

Make sure to think about spending money prior to camp. Campers typically spend $50-$500 per week on
snacks and souvenirs like Woodward t-shirts, hoodies & hats, sunglasses, skateboards, snacks, drinks and
lots more. In our experience, a camper will spend what’s given to them so send your camper with what you
don’t mind them spending.

We recommend sending your camper with one or both of the following:

Pre-Paid Reloadable Credit Cards are the best way to give your camper spending money while at camp. It
also teaches them responsibility with credit and debit cards.

   • The amount is a limit you set
   • You can track what your camper spends money on
   • You can reload it online
   • It can be used at many Copper Mountain owned outlets in addition to others
   • You can use the remaining funds post camp

Note: not all pre-paid cards have the above benefits. Select a card that works the best for you & your camper.

Card Suggestions:
   • Bluebird by American Express
   • FamZoo Prepaid Card
   • EasyPay Prepaid Card by Wells Fargo
   • NetSpend by Visa

Cash in the form of small bills and quarters, mostly used for EDGE vending machine snacks which are very
popular at night. Change may not always available if you send your camper with large bills. Cash can also be
used if campers have the opportunity to go to Starbucks, Camp Hale, City Pop (candy store), and other Copper
establishments with their group. ATMs are on site for cash withdrawal using debit cards if needed.

Meals and Snacks
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included with all camp options and have no additional fees.
Breakfast is served 7:30am – 8:30am
Lunch is served 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Dinner is served 5:00pm – 6:00pm

If your camper is hungry outside of these meal-times, they can purchase snacks at the Barn or Surf Shack. It is
also highly recommended to send your camper with snacks to keep in his/her room.

Please note: Red Bull is only sold to anyone over the age of 13.

Tips for your camper’s coaches and counselors are optional. Please note that the coaches & counselors are
two different Woodward Staff who will be with your camper at different times throughout the day. If you wish to
give your camper’s coach or counselor a tip, please do so directly with them in person or via Venmo.

                                           VIDEO SHOOTS
                                  $299 - PACKAGES SELL OUT QUICKLY

Want a video of your camper to take home after their Summer Camp at Woodward Copper? We are excited to
offer our Video Package program! You will receive a one and half to two minute video filmed and edited by our
video interns - and the content is up to your camper while they’re at camp. Our video interns can put together
“sponsor-me” videos of all those new tricks learned at camp along with videos of your camper and his/her new
friends at camp.

We will contact you at the beginning of your camp session to determine details of the video including style,
setting and music selection. Please discuss what you would like to see in the video with your camper prior to
camp. Please note that Video Packages have limited availability and cannot be booked once camp has

Video Packages include four hours of filming during the camp week and editing on the following Monday.
Videos are then delivered via a download link to your preferred e-mail address as soon as your video is edited.
Please check your junk mail if you have not received your package!

If you didn’t get a chance to book at the time of registration, check availability by e-mailing

The Woodward Way
The Woodward Way describes the values of our camp community so that everyone engages in positive
behaviors that support a safe, inclusive and fun environment. Woodward expects all campers to:

   •   Be kind to others and treat others as you want to be treated. Please refrain from fighting, aggressive or
       threatening behavior, bullying, or harassment of any sort.
   •   Use positive language that empowers and shows others around you how using words of support builds
   •   Reduce, reuse and recycle. Compost, conserve and clean-up. Let’s ensure we play forever.
   •   Wear your helmet at all times because single and repeated blows to your head is harmful.
   •   Always listen to your counselor and other Woodward Staff. Come to them for help and ask lots of
   •   Respect property and refrain from stealing, graffiti and vandalism of any kind.
   •   Bring your phone or iPad if you must, but be please refrain from watching, discussing, or sharing
       inappropriate content that depicts violence, sex, drugs, swearing, or offensive language.
   •   Stay within camp boundaries at all times and remain inside your cabin or room at night.
   •   Leave weapons and other hazardous or combustible materials at home. This includes firearms, large
       knives, mace, fireworks, and anything that’s dangerous.
   •   Woodward is a smoke, drug, and alcohol free zone. This includes marijuana, tobacco, juuls, and any
       other substances that are inappropriate at camp.

We appreciate your understanding of The Woodward Way and look forward to ensuring each camper develops
and contributes to a positive camp environment. Violating any of The Woodward Ways may result in
disciplinary action including sending a camper home as soon as possible and at their own expense with no

As summer camp 2021 planning continues, along with developments in health regulations, this guide and our
                                  processes are subject to change.

             Please continue to check your online portal for the latest version. Updated 4/2/2021

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