Infant School welcome guide 2019/2020 - East Campus - UWCSEA

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Infant School welcome guide 2019/2020 - East Campus - UWCSEA
Infant School welcome guide 2019/2020
                           East Campus

                                                                                                      Welcome to the UWCSEA East Infant
Contents                                                                                              School (Kindergarten 1–Grade 1)
Welcome to the UWCSEA East Infant School............................. 1                                                          We wish you a warm welcome to the
                                                                                                                                 UWCSEA community. All the Infant
Parent involvement and                                                                                                           School staff are looking forward to
communication between home and school................................2                                                           getting to know you and your family.
Contacting/notifying the school....................................................3                                             The start of anything new, be it a
                                                                                                                                 new school or a new job, is always
Starting school.................................................................................. 4                              exciting but at times challenging,
The school day....................................................................................5                              as there is so much to learn about
                                                                                                                                 policies, procedures and day-to-day
UWCSEA learning programme.......................................................7                                                routines. We want to make your
                                                                                                                                 start is as smooth as possible and
Student health and well-being........................................................9                this booklet aims to facilitate this. If you have any questions
                                                                                                      not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.
East Infant School contacts........................................................... 11
                                                                                                      The following pages are a quick reference to get you started
                                                                                                      for the year. More information can also be found on our
                                                                                                      orientation website:
                                                                                                      Parents are a child’s first teachers, and we firmly believe that
                                                                                                      children are most successful at school when there is a strong
                                                                                                      partnership between home and school. We look forward to
                                                                                                      developing this strong partnership with you over the next
                                                                                                      few years.
                                                                                                      You will find a list of key Infant School contacts and school
                                                                                                      departments on the last page of this booklet.
                                                                                                      Pauline Markey
                                                                                                      Primary School Principal

                                                                  Parent involvement and communication
School contacts                                                   between home and school
If you have any concerns regarding your child, whether they       We believe strongly in the importance of a close
are academic or related to their social and emotional needs,      partnership between home and school, and clear, effective
the first person to talk to is your child’s class teacher. The    communication facilitates this. Parents are welcome in
class teachers are supported by a number of other staff           school, and during the year you will be invited to come on
whose roles are outlined below.                                   trips, attend activity days and help in your child’s classroom.
The next person in the support chain is the Head of Grade.        We try to limit the amount of paper sent home, though
If, after discussions with the class teacher and Head of Grade,   occasionally we send a letter home for your attention. To
you feel you would like to have further a discussion with the     keep up-to-date with events, please read the weekly eBrief.
Vice Principal or Principal please let us know:
                                                                  We encourage parents to read their child’s grade level
                                                                  announcements regularly (links are provided in the weekly
                                                                  eBrief newsletter).

                                                                  If you need to get a message to the class teacher during the
                                                                  day please phone the Infant Office as teachers do not have
                                                                  time to check their emails during the busy school day.

Tracy Jochmann         Pauline Markey                             We try to minimise the number of emails sent home. We
Primary School         Primary School                             have a number of other avenues to provide information to
Vice Principal         Principal                                  parents, however sometimes there is a need for the teacher
(K1–G1)                (K1–G5)                                    or school office to send a mass email to parents in their class
                                                                  or grade, and it is important to ensure your email address is
                                                                  up to date (see below for details on how to do this online).

The Infant School secretary is also happy to help you with        Website login and parent portal
any enquiries.                                                    Each parent is issued with a login to the parent portal via
                                                                  our website where you can view information tailored to your
                                                                  family about your child(ren). Parent logins will be issued by
                                                                  email prior to the start of school.
                                                                  Access to a number of key systems as well as daily updated
                                                                  notices and the online calendar are located here, including:
                                                                  • online medical information system (for review and updating)
                                                                  • contact information update system (for review and updating)
Cheryll Albero                                                    • student record system (timetable, attendance records,
Infant School Secretary                                             reports and assessments)
(K1–G1)                                                           • notices for parents (you can see the notices sent to
                                                                    students as well)

                                                                  UWCSEA App
                                                                  The UWCSEA App is available for iOS and Android devices.
                                                                  Search for UWCSEA and download the app to access eBrief,
                                                                  the calendar, notices, a campus map, your child/ren’s
                                                                  timetable, the staff directory and more.
                                                                  You will need your login details to access the app, as the
                                                                  information is customised to each user.

Updating of contact information                                       Class parents
If there is any change in contact information (i.e., phone,           A ‘class parent’ is a volunteer who takes on responsibility for
address or email) it is very important that parents amend             organising social events for the parents and children in the
the details on the parent portal. If you need to provide new          class to encourage them to get to know each other outside
contact details before you are issued your login, please              school. They also facilitate communication between the class
contact the Infant School Office.                                     teacher and the parent body and assist the class teacher at
                                                                      times such as the Arts Festival when parental help is needed.
Once you have your login ID, you can update any information
by logging into the portal, where all relevant departments (e.g.,     Parents’ Association (PA)
school office, clinic, Finance) will be notified by one submission.
                                                                      The PA provides opportunities for all parents to contribute to
Once you are logged in, you are in the parent portal, look for
                                                                      the UWCSEA community.
the Parent Resources section, and then ‘Update Family Details’.
Click on the button and follow the instructions.                      Being involved in PA activities provides parents with an
                                                                      opportunity to be an active participant in their child’s school
Calendar                                                              community, to keep up-to-date with happenings in the school
There is an up-to-date online calendar on the school website.         and provides an avenue to meet other parents and members
                                                                      of the school community. New parents are encouraged to
The College uses Google Calendar, and, depending on the
                                                                      contribute as much as their time and interests allow.
calendar system you use, you can import all or some of these
events from Google Calendar to your own to help you keep              The PA offers many opportunities for parents to become
on top of what’s happening.                                           further involved in the life of the school. These include:
Workshops for parents are scheduled during Term 1 to help             • coffee mornings and other networking opportunities to
familiarise you with the features of the website portal and             meet other parents
calendars. These will be advertised in eBrief.                        • nationality-based social events for parents to network with
                                                                        other parents of the same cultural background
eBrief                                                                • general events such as the Family Festival and welcome
This weekly email consolidates key information into an easy-            events for new parents
to-read format for parents. Considered essential reading,
eBrief is sent to all parents every Friday during the school          To contact the PA, see details on the back page or drop by the
term. It contains information for parents on the upcoming             Parents’ Lounge while on campus.
two weeks. You can expect the first eBrief the Friday before
school commences—to help you get ready for the start of the
year. It is not sent during school holidays.

Parental help
There are many ways that parents can help in school, and
once all of the children have become settled in their new
class, teachers will inform you of the days and times when
they would like parental assistance. Early in the school
year, parents are asked by the class teacher to indicate their
availability, either as class parent or through other avenues.
Parents are invited to join us for many of the special days that
are held during the year, for example Uniting Nations Day, PE
Learning Shares and the Arts Festivals.
We value the support of our parents, as we firmly believe that
educating children is a partnership between home and school.

Contacting/notifying the school                                     Starting school
Absence from school                                                 Uniforms
Please telephone the Infant School Office if your child is          The uniform policy is available on the orientation website.
sick and will not be coming to school (see the back of this         Students are required to wear the uniform every day.
booklet for contact details). It is vital that we are informed
                                                                    The required items for Infant students are:
immediately if your child has an illness that is infectious so we
can alert other parents to be vigilant for symptoms. There are      • grey culottes (girls)
a number of contagious diseases that affect young children          • grey shorts (girls and boys)
and, in some cases, we have to declare any reported cases to        • turquoise polo shirt (girls and boys)
the Singapore Ministry of Health.                                   • grey cardigan (optional but recommended for air-
Travel during term time                                               conditioned buses and classrooms)
Taking children out of school during term time impacts their        • socks—white, black or grey
learning and we ask that parents restrict travel to school          • black shoes or runners which fully enclose the feet but do
holiday periods wherever possible. However, we appreciate             not cover the ankles—Velcro fasteners please
that there are some situations when this is unavoidable. If         • school hat
your child has to miss any school please inform the class           • PE shirt
teacher and the Principal in writing.
                                                                    • PE shorts
While we understand that circumstances may arise where a            • trainers for PE with non-marking soles
child may need to miss some days of school, we are not able
                                                                    • cooler bag (optional)
to provide schoolwork for children who will be absent due
to travel.                                                          • backpack—this must be able to fit into the cubby hole
                                                                    • UWCSEA sun-protection swim top (optional)
Temporary supervision due to both parents
being absent from Singapore                                         School hat
It is a UWCSEA admission requirement that parents reside in         A hat needs to be worn for all outdoor activities, including
Singapore. If for any reason, for example a family emergency,       play at break and lunchtime, sports, PE and excursions. If a
both parents are out of Singapore we must have clear details        child does not have a hat in school then they will be asked to
of the adult who will act as a supervisor in their absence so       play in a shaded area. Students should also consider wearing
we know whom to contact in case of an emergency.                    sunscreen.
Please complete the Nomination of a Supervisor during               Shoes
Temporary Parental Absence form, which is available on the          Please buy black shoes, that fasten easily with Velcro if
Parent Portal via the Forms button.                                 possible as this encourages independence; shoelaces are fine
                                                                    if your child is able to tie them independently. The College
                                                                    Shop sells a selection of black school shoes for all ages.
If your child needs to attend an appointment, for example
with a doctor or dentist, we do ask that you try to make these      Trainers in any colour with non-marking soles are required
outside of school hours. If this is not possible, please inform     for PE.
the Infant Office and class teacher of your plans to collect
and return your child to school.
                                                                    For safety reasons Infant School students are not allowed
                                                                    to wear jewellery, apart from small pierced ear studs or if a
                                                                    piece of jewellery has a specific religious significance, please
                                                                    approach the class teacher to discuss.

                                                                    PE uniform
                                                                    Students wear their PE uniform to school on the day they
                                                                    have PE and can remain in the PE kit all day.
                                                                    You will be informed of arrangements for PE at the start of
                                                                    term and details of when the PE uniform is required. For the
                                                                    PE swimming units, there is an optional UWCSEA rash top
                                                                    (swim vest) available from the College Shop.

                                                                  The school day
Bags                                                              The Infant School (K1, K2, G1) day is one hour shorter than
We recommend that Infant School students have a backpack          the rest of the College, so they have slightly different routines
that measures approximately H:40cm, W:35cm, D:14cm,               for the afternoon and, of course, an earlier pick-up time.
to ensure that it is large enough to accommodate all the          7.30am         Earliest time that students
necessary items a child needs but will still fit in their cubby                  can be dropped off at school
hole in the classroom. IKEA has a model, ‘UPPTÄCKA’, that
many of our parents purchase.                                     8am            School starts

We request that Infant School students do not have                9.40am         Morning snack and play
backpacks on wheels as they have proved dangerous when            11.30am        Lunch and play
children have to negotiate stairs—and also they do not fit
into the cubby holes, meaning the classroom and pod areas         2pm            Classes finish
become crowded and difficult to navigate.
                                                                  Arriving at school
Where to purchase?                                                The Infant School day begins at 8am. Students can arrive at
Uniforms can be purchased from the College Shop on campus         any time after 7.30am, when supervision is available in the
during orientation or on any weekday.                             classroom or outside play area (depending on the weather).
                                                                  See transport section for more information.
East College Shop
8am–12pm; 12.45–4pm                                               Leaving school
Tel: 6305 5344 ext 2924                                           All children who use the bus service are escorted to the buses                                       by their Teaching Assistant. For safety, and in order to avoid
                                                                  congestion on the stairs and in the Infant pods, we ask that
Stationery and school supplies                                    parents or helpers who are collecting students remain in
Students do not need to bring any stationery or other             the waiting area on Level 1 while the bus students are being
supplies to school as we provide all materials needed in          escorted downstairs. Parents collecting children can proceed
the classrooms including pens, pencils, rulers, books and         upstairs when the stairwell has been cleared, usually by
colouring pencils.                                                2pm. The children will be supervised in the classrooms until
                                                                  2.15pm. Children who have not been collected will then be
                                                                  taken to wait in the Infant School Office. Please phone the
                                                                  Infant School Office if you are delayed.

                                                                  Transport to school
                                                                  There are a number of options for travelling to and from
                                                                  school each day.
                                                                  We understand that permanent transport arrangements may
                                                                  not have been finalised by the first week of school and that they
                                                                  can sometimes differ from what the regular routine will be.

                                                                  If your child will travel to school by bus they will be met in the
                                                                  drop-off area in the bus bay and directed to the classroom or
                                                                  the Infant playground where they will be supervised before
                                                                  school starts. A member of staff will remain in the drop-off
                                                                  area until all the buses have arrived. Your child will be issued
                                                                  with a bus identification card in the first few weeks of school.
                                                                  It is important that it is brought to school each day.
                                                                  An external transport company manages the school buses,
                                                                  facilitated by UWCSEA’s Transport Manager. All buses are
                                                                  air-conditioned with seat belts and each bus has a ‘Bus Aunty’
                                                                  (monitor) to look after the children while in transit. The buses
                                                                  serve most areas of Singapore but it is important to check
                                                                  with personnel in the Transport Office when signing up for a
                                                                  service what the likely pick up and drop off times will be (see
                                                                  back page for contact details).

Some important things to note about the bus service:               Security pass and security check
• all Infant School students must be met at home by a              You will need your security pass to access the entry points.
  parent/guardian/helper, or they will be returned to the          Please organise a security pass to facilitate a speedy arrival to
  College to be collected at the parent’s expense                  school if you or a helper will be bringing your child to school
• students are not allowed to travel on another bus for any        or collecting them regularly. Photographs for the passes are
  reason, so if children are having a playdate, they need to be    taken during the orientation process or in the first weeks
  picked up by car                                                 of term. If your helper or another nominated adult will be
• the bus service will pick up and drop off only to one            collecting your child on a regular basis, they will also need to
  address; logistical requirements are such that there can be      be issued with a security pass.
  no provision to have a regular drop off at a different address
• due to insurance regulations parents are not allowed to
                                                                   Parking is available on campus, although at peak times and
  travel on the school bus
                                                                   during events you may need to park over the road in the
• students can apply for a one-way or two-way service,             public car park.
  however preference is given to two-way applications
A Bus Services Handbook as well as more information about
                                                                   Changes to travel arrangements
the bus services, the bus rules and areas of Singapore covered     If there are any changes to your child’s transport
by school transport can be found on the orientation website        arrangements it is very important that you email the
and parent portal.                                                 class teacher, with details of the change. However, emails
                                                                   sent to the class teacher during the day may not be read
Morning drop-off by private car                                    immediately. If in doubt please ring the Infant School office.
If you drive to school the best time to arrive is between          This also applies to emergencies and last minute changes
7.40 and 7.50am. You can either park your car and escort           of travel arrangements. We cannot accept ‘word of mouth’
your child to the classroom or leave them with the Teaching        messages from your child.
Assistant who are on duty in the car drop-off area.
Afternoon pick-up by car                                           We ask that Infant School children do not bring their own
At the end of the school day, students who go home by car          toys to school unless asked to by their teacher, for example
can be collected from their classroom from 2pm. Parents            for Show and Tell.
can park in the designated parking areas on campus. We ask
that you do not park or leave your car in the driveway so we       Birthdays
can maintain a flow of traffic and everyone can depart the         Birthdays are a very special event, and each class will
campus quickly and safely.                                         celebrate them in a different way. If you wish to send a treat
                                                                   in to school for your child to share with their classmates
Please contact the Infant School Office if you are running
                                                                   we suggest small cupcakes for all the children in the class,
late to collect your child, or you need to collect or
                                                                   as this is much easier to manage. Please speak to the class
contact them in an emergency at other times.
                                                                   teacher about your plans and they will advise you accordingly,
Walking and public transport                                       especially if there are any children who have food allergies.
                                                                   We discourage distribution of ‘goodie bags’ and other gifts in
All Infant School students must be accompanied by an adult
                                                                   the classroom. Please be aware that the Infant School is a
to their classroom or left in the drop-off area. We cannot
                                                                   nut-free zone.
meet children off public transport or at any of the other
entrances to the school.                                           If invitations to a birthday party are given out at school, each
                                                                   child in the class should receive one.
Taxi directions
Ensure you ask the driver to take you to UWCSEA East               Money at school
Campus in Tampines. As we have two campuses, it is                 We ask that students do not bring money to school unless
important that you ask for the correct campus.                     the class teacher has specifically requested payment for an
                                                                   excursion or other purpose. All money should be placed in an
                                                                   envelope with the child’s name, class and what the money is
                                                                   for, written on the outside.

                                                                   Importance of labelling everything
                                                                   Please mark all belongings (clothes, PE kit, shoes, hats, lunch
                                                                   boxes, bags, etc.) with the student’s full name, so we can
                                                                   return them if lost.

UWCSEA learning programme
Academics                                                          Infant School students bring home books to share and read
                                                                   with their parents; the number of books per week will vary
Online information centre (portal)                                 depending on their age, the developmental reading ability
There is a dedicated ‘learning’ section on the parent portal       of each student, and their grade. Books that come home are
that provides an outline of the curriculum. Please login at        ‘just right’ books that children feel confident with, and can and then go to the ‘Academic Overview’           read without too much assistance. Very early readers may
under Learning Links, and then select Infant School. Login         bring home books with pictures only.
details will be provided to you in July (see page 2).
                                                                   Grade 1 students may be asked to carry out research at home
Library                                                            for a Unit of Study.
Your child will visit the library once a week to select books.     Reporting and assessment
The number that a child can choose depends on the grade
they are in. Books are normally kept for a week and once           Although we have scheduled dates for parents to talk with
the book has been returned a new book may be borrowed.             the class teacher, appointments can be arranged at other
Teachers will inform you which day your child’s class will visit   times if there is an issue that needs to be discussed.
the library.                                                       Reports are sent home at the end of Term 3. Parents have the
Parents are also able to sign up to borrow from the library.       opportunity to meet with the class teacher for conferences
The library provides resources online and subscribes to            in Term 1 and then again in Term 2. Specialist reports,
several database and eBook platforms that are suitable for         conferences and Learning Share sessions all enable parents to
students and parents.                                              keep up-to-date with their child’s progress in school.
                                                                   Each child also has an online Learning Journal that parents are
Excursions/field trips                                             able to access.
There are many excursions that students undertake as a class
within Singapore. These support the curriculum and are generally   Learning Support and tuition
scheduled to coincide with a Unit of Study to extend students’     There are dedicated Learning Support teachers available to
knowledge and stimulate lines of inquiry. Permission will be       children in the Infant School. Parents are always consulted
required for each off-campus excursion. Parents are asked to       before a child is referred for learning support. The majority of
contribute to the cost of entry tickets where appropriate.         students who receive support need short-term instruction in
                                                                   a small group or in-class support.
Physical education
Students are expected to fully participate in the Physical         The school works with many outside professionals to support
Education (PE) programme and this includes swimming                children with specific needs. We request that any referrals to
lessons. There is space in the online medical questionnaire for    outside professionals are done after consultation. We also
parents to inform us of their child’s swimming ability. Even       request that parents advise the school if they are planning to
if a child cannot swim, we expect all children to participate      arrange external tuition for their child in any academic subjects.
in lessons. Infant students are taught in a purpose-designed       Student records
learn-to-swim pool and are fully supervised.
                                                                   Student records are available for viewing online via the parent
We believe that if a child is well enough to attend school then    portal. This gives a summary of your child’s attendance, and
they should be well enough to participate in PE. However, we       provides access to downloadable copies of their reports,
understand there are sometimes extenuating circumstances           including medical reports.
that will mean your child cannot participate in swimming
or other PE activities, and we are understanding of these.         Digital literacy
Please send in a note via the Communication Book stating the       Becoming digitally literate is an important aspect of a
reason why your child cannot participate in PE.                    UWCSEA education. We strive to prepare our students to
                                                                   thrive in the 21st century where collaboration is vital and
Home learning                                                      learning is a continual process.
Infant School students are not given a set amount of time for
                                                                   In the Infant School, we use technology as a tool for
home learning. The school day is busy, and students are often
                                                                   learning, embedding technology into the programme where
tired when they get home. We firmly believe that parents
                                                                   appropriate to provide students with rich learning experiences
can best help their child through practical activities at home.
                                                                   using various digital technologies, including iPads, iPods,
These may include enjoying stories together, playing language
                                                                   digital microscopes and interactive whiteboards.
and number games, developing language skills through
conversation and including children in ordinary family             Our emphasis is on students using technology to be creators
activities such as shopping, cooking and laying the table.         of content, rather than just consumers of content. To this
                                                                   end, the school provides opportunities for students to create,

collaborate and share with technology throughout the               The Global Concerns (GC) programme at the East Campus
academic year.                                                     provides students with an opportunity to learn about
                                                                   challenges faced by people in the region and to provide
At UWCSEA, digital citizenship is also an important aspect
of our curriculum. Learning how to be safe, respectful and
responsible citizens using digital technologies enables them to    In the Infant School, the GC we support is Kuma Cambodia, a
reach their potential as global learners.                          project and school just outside of Phnom Penh run by NAPIC.
                                                                   We help support the Kuma students with a holistic education.
Activities                                                         Throughout the year, students and their parents are invited to
Infant School students can be involved in optional paid            participate in many activities to offer support. Activities are
activities from 2–3pm immediately after school. We believe         always age-appropriate, but are designed to allow students to
that young children should not be over-scheduled and need          gain an understanding of the people they are assisting.
time to relax and play at home after a long day at school, so
we encourage parents to limit Infant students’ participation       Focus days
in activities.                                                     Focus days are held in response to a natural or man-made
                                                                   disaster, and provide our community with an avenue of
There are, however, a number of activities available such
                                                                   reflection and response to provide support and gain a greater
as art, ball skills, chess, dance, gymnastics and rhythmic
                                                                   understanding of what has happened. Age-appropriate
gymnastics, and swimming that are open to Infant School
                                                                   information on what has taken place is shared with students
students. These fee-based activities are run by outside
                                                                   on these days, and in return for wearing non-uniform (or
providers. Details are advertised in eBrief.
                                                                   some other token of support—for example, jeans or a crazy
We strongly encourage K1 students to not participate in any        hair style).
activities during Season 1.
                                                                   Personal and Social Education
Sign up online                                                     The purpose of the Personal and Social Education (PSE)
Sign-up for activities is done online during a designated          programme is to ensure that our students are in an
period, and while parents can browse the available activities,     environment where they feel safe, happy and secure as well
students need to use their own login to submit their               as excited to learn. UWCSEA has a strong PSE programme
preferences each season. Staff can also assist new students        that nurtures positive relationships amongst the children.
through the process. Sign-up opening and closing dates, and        It is important for all students to have an open mind, show
full information on how to sign up, will be posted in eBrief and   respect for each other, to be ready to compromise with
in the online calendar.                                            others and to act with integrity. Every school day begins with
                                                                   a Morning Meeting where the class comes together to greet
Service                                                            each other, share news and information. During this time, key
One of the key values at UWCSEA is service, and all students       social skills are learnt and developed.
from K1 to Grade 12 take part in our structured Service
                                                                   A strong home-school relationship is also important in
programme. Service is broken into three elements:
                                                                   ensuring that the children are happy confident learners.
1. College                                                         Please feel free to discuss any matters of concern at any time,
2. Local (Singapore-based)                                         firstly with your class teacher.
3. Global
                                                                   Outdoor Education
In College Service, students are involved in activities and        The opportunities for learning at UWCSEA extend far
action to support their peers in the classroom and around          beyond the classroom as students take on experiential
the school. This service is generally integrated into classroom    challenges that build resilience, collaboration and leadership.
routines, but also allows Infant School students the               Our Outdoor Education programme offers an incremental
opportunity to interact across grade levels.                       progression of age-appropriate experiences to students across
Local Service means pairing with a Singaporean community-          the K–12 curricula.
based organisation and looking at ways the students can            Infant School students do not have any overnight experiences
support these in age-appropriate ways. At the East Campus          until the Grade 1 sleepover, when students spend the night
this involves a number of activities, including the annual         in their classroom with their teacher and classmates towards
Shoebox Appeal at Chinese New Year that involves all               the end of the academic year. They however participate in day
Infant School students, as well as visiting programmes—for         field trips.
example, inviting residents in a local nursing home to the
dress rehearsals for the Arts Festival or other performances,
or the regular visits made by Grade 1 to residents at the
Kheng Chiu Loke (Happy Lodge) Home.

Student health and well-being
Meals at school                                                     Health and well-being of students
There are three scheduled times for students to eat:                Medical care
• brain food is eaten shortly after arrival to keep students        The clinic is staffed by trained nurses and is fully equipped to
  energised after what is often an early start                      handle minor injuries that occur in school. If a child has been
• snack                                                             taken to the College clinic and needs to go home, then one of
• lunch                                                             the nurses will contact you.

All Infant School students bring their own brain food to            If your child has any medical condition that may require
school each day. Snack and lunch can be brought from                medical treatment, emergency care or that our staff
home or ordered online and will then be delivered to the            should be aware of, please notify us via the online medical
class. There is a Food Services Handbook available on the           questionnaire (see below) so we have the information
parent portal with detailed information about the provisions,       necessary to provide care if required.
nutritional guidelines and more.                                    Any medication should be given at home or, if it is essential
For food brought from home, each meal/snack should be               that it be administered during the day, then it will be
packed separately in labelled containers so they can be stored      administered by the nurses at the clinic. If your child shows
in the classroom and accessed easily by the students.               any signs of illness please do not send them to school. If
                                                                    they are taken ill at school we will contact you to arrange for
We encourage the children to be independent. To help them           them to be picked up. Please refer to the section below on
achieve this, please ensure that all food brought to school is      nominating alternative or emergency contacts.
not too complicated to assemble or too messy to eat.
                                                                    Online medical forms
Please note there are no facilities to re-heat food and any
cutlery needed (spoon, fork) should be packed with the food         There is a comprehensive online medical questionnaire that
and also labelled.                                                  we require all parents to complete for each child prior to
                                                                    orientation. The form covers pre-existing conditions and
Food is not kept in a refrigerator, but is stored safely at (air-   illnesses, as well as related information for activities such as
conditioned) room temperature. To help keep food warm               PE—swimming ability and other conditions that may affect
or cool, there is an insulated pack with UWCSEA branding            their participation.
available from the shop.
                                                                    As it can take some time for this information to be processed,
Meals are eaten under the careful supervision of Teaching           it is important that you also inform the class teacher of any
Assistants and they encourage children to eat what has been         serious allergies or health problems your child may have.
sent from home. However, if a child is unable to finish, any
uneaten food will be returned home so parents can monitor           If there are any changes in medical information please amend
their child’s food consumption at school.                           the online form as well as inform the class teacher. You will
                                                                    be able to complete the form once you receive your portal
Again, please be aware that the Infant School is a nut-free         login information in July.

Healthy eating
We encourage students to eat and drink as healthily as
possible and we ask for your assistance with this when
sending food and drink into school. Please do not pack any
sweets or other confectionery, or fizzy or caffeinated drinks.

What is ‘brain food’?
This is normally a piece of fruit or some dry cereal and should
take no more than five minutes to eat.

Water is readily available and students are encouraged to
drink water frequently. We also have water fountains located
around the school.

Food and other allergies
The Infant School is a ‘Nut Free Zone’. Some children have
life threatening food allergies, and in the interest of safety, we
have declared the entire school nut-free. If a student has an
allergy to other products, we assess the allergy in conjunction
with parents and may need to request that items containing
the allergen are not brought into the school by other students
in that class or grade.
Once we have a better idea of the requirements of each
student, via the online medical questionnaire, we are able to
assess the level of caution we need to adopt in each class.
If we need to exclude a specific food, or other allergen item
from a class we will let parents in the class know as soon as
If your child has a severe allergy please make sure that this
is indicated on the online medical questionnaire and bring it
to the class teacher’s attention as soon as possible. We also
require details of the management plan to be set out for staff.
There is also a support group for parents of allergy sufferers
that we can put you in touch with.

Emergency contacts
Part of the online medical questionnaire asks parents
to nominate two emergency contacts in Singapore. It is
important that these are kept up-to-date. These should be
people that you trust to make medical decisions for your child
should the unfortunate need arise. We therefore request that
you do not nominate your domestic helper.
Please also note that these contacts are not necessarily the
same as the nominated guardian, which we require if both
parents are to be out of Singapore at the same time. This
situation requires separate notification to the school by
completing the Nomination of a Supervisor during Temporary
Parental Absence form.

East Infant School contacts
Reception and the school offices are open from 7.30am to 4.30pm.
East Campus Reception                                  +65 6305 5344
Infant School Office                                   +65 6305 5344 | ext 2101

Infant School Secretary
Cheryll Albero (K1–Grade1)                   

Heads of Grade
To be confirmed for August 2019.

Infant School leadership
Pauline Markey,                              
Primary School Principal (K1–G5)
Tracy Jochmann,                              
Primary School Vice Principal (K1–G5)

School services
College Clinic                                         +65 6305 5344 | ext 2994
Transport Office                                       +65 6305 5344 | ext 2830

Parents’ Association                                   +65 6305 5344 | ext 2080

Online staff directory
All staff contact email addresses can be found on the school website. Please look in the online staff directory for email addresses
for individual staff and in the Campus Contacts section of the website for the emails and telephone numbers for departments such
as Admissions and Finance.

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