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Infant School welcome guide 2020/2021 - Dover Campus - Digital asset ...
Infant School welcome guide 2020/2021
                          Dover Campus

                                                                                                         Welcome to the
Contents                                                                                                 UWCSEA Dover Infant School
Welcome to the UWCSEA Dover Infant School.......................1                                                                 We wish you a warm welcome to
                                                                                                                                  the UWCSEA community and in
Infant School ethos.........................................................................2
                                                                                                                                  particular to the Infant School. It is
Infant School team..........................................................................2                                     an incredibly exciting place in which
                                                                                                                                  4–7 year-olds learn and grow in an
Website and communications.......................................................3
                                                                                                                                  environment that is welcoming,
Contacting/notifying the school..................................................4                                                safe and appropriately challenging.
School day.........................................................................................5                              These early years are an important
                                                                                                                                  stage of schooling—arguably the
Transport............................................................................................5                            most important stage—as our
Uniforms............................................................................................6                             students develop a love of learning
                                                                                                                                  that will serve as a firm foundation
Meals at school.................................................................................7        throughout their education. All the Primary School staff look
Health and well-being of students...............................................8                        forward to getting to know you and your family over the next
                                                                                                         few years.
School policies..................................................................................9
                                                                                                         The following pages represent a quick reference to get you
Parental involvement......................................................................9              started for the year. This information can also be found on
Dover Infant School contacts........................................................11                   the website:
                                                                                                         The start of anything new is exciting and challenging at
                                                                                                         the same time. We want to make your start at UWCSEA as
                                                                                                         smooth as possible, and this booklet aims to make a start at
                                                                                                         achieving that. However, it will be your questions that arise
                                                                                                         from reading through it that will give you the most clarity so
                                                                                                         please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of us.
                                                                                                         We know that children are most successful at school when
                                                                                                         there is a strong partnership between home and school. We
                                                                                                         look forward to developing this relationship with you over the
                                                                                                         next few years.
                                                                                                         Please take some time to read through this booklet so that
                                                                                                         you have an understanding of our day to day procedures as
                                                                                                         well as our beliefs about young children’s learning and how
                                                                                                         we effectively support this.
                                                                                                         Brian Ó Maoileoin
                                                                                                         Primary School Principal

Infant School ethos                                                  Infant School team
The Infant School is dedicated to providing a range of diverse
and creative learning opportunities within a happy, safe
and welcoming environment. We believe that by cultivating
and maintaining strong home-school partnerships, we will
maximise learning outcomes for our students.
We want to nurture the natural curiosity of every child
and grow their capacity for learning while taking into                                       Vikki Wright
                                                                     Brian Ó
account individual personalities, talents and interests. Play                                Vice Principal
and children’s predisposition to wonder lead logically into                                  (K1–G1)
                                                                     Primary School
an inquiry-based approach to learning, where academic
understandings develop in harmony with a full range of social,
emotional, creative and physical skills.
                                                                     The Infant School secretaries are also happy to help you with
UWCSEA is different to other schools in that our learning            any enquiries.
programme reaches far beyond academics. Along with
our stimulating inquiry-based academic programme, our
Activities, Outdoor Education, Personal and Social Education
and Service programmes are central to each child’s education.
These are delivered in a carefully structured, developmentally
appropriate framework.
Our Infant School has distinct structures in place to support
the needs of students in their first years of school. Classroom
routines support Infant School children in developing the            Margaret Lee            Pamela
mindset and attitudes of a learner. Students love coming to          Senior Secretary        Sandanasamy
school each day and through the programme build curiosity,                                   Secretary
develop resilience and embrace challenge.
At all levels of the school, the College provides exceptional        Your first point of contact will be your child’s class teacher.
opportunities for students to develop independence and               You will be advised of your child’s class teacher prior to the
leadership skills. At the heart of our educational philosophy        start of the school year.
is the belief that we prepare students not just for university,
but for life, and it is the skills and qualities students develop,   A list of key Infant School contacts is on the back page of
as much as the knowledge and understanding they gain, that           this brochure. Contact details for individual staff are in the
will define the quality of the life they live. For our youngest      online staff directory, and administrative departments such
students, this involves growing in independence and taking           as Finance can also be found on the website.
responsibility for their activities, their friendships and their
daily actions. ‘Mistakes’ are viewed as opportunities for            Supporting your child
learning instead of as errors to correct.                            If you have any concerns regarding your child, whether they
                                                                     are academic or related to their social and emotional needs,
                                                                     the first person to talk to is the class teacher.
                                                                     The next person in the support chain is the Head of Grade,
                                                                     Andrea Strachan (Head of K1), Robert Adcock (Interim
                                                                     Head of K2) and Angela Turner (Head of Grade 1), who is
                                                                     also available to support if your child is experiencing any

Website and communications
A close partnership between home and school is very                eBrief
important, and clear, effective communication facilitates this.    This weekly email consolidates key information into an easy-
Parents are welcome in school, and during the year you will        to-read format for parents. Considered essential reading,
be invited to come on trips, attend activity days and help in      eBrief is sent to all parents every Friday during the school
your child’s classroom.                                            term. It contains information for parents on the upcoming
We try to limit the amount of paper sent home, and therefore       two weeks. You can expect the first eBrief the Friday before
have other ways to communicate. To keep up-to-date with            school commences to help you get ready for the start of the
events, please read the weekly eBrief newsletter, class teacher    year. It is not sent during school holidays.
blogs, check your email and keep an eye on the online notices      Workshops for parents are offered to help familiarise you
and calendar. To help you navigate these systems, there are        with the features of the website portal and calendars.
workshops for parents scheduled during Term 1.
                                                                   Online calendar
Email communication
                                                                   There is an up-to-date online calendar on the school website.
Please use email to communicate non-urgent messages to
your child’s teacher. Teachers are unable to check their emails    The College uses Google Calendar, and, depending on the
regularly throughout the day. Any urgent messages for the          calendar system you use, you can import all or some of these
teachers should be by a phone call to the Infant School office     events from Google Calendar to your own to help you keep
(6419 9323) . Our secretary will then pass this message to the     on top of what’s happening! If setting this up in advance,
class teacher.                                                     please make sure you include the Infant School, Dover
                                                                   Campus and UWCSEA (College) calendars—you can also
Website portal                                                     include other school sections and the Parents’ Association
Each parent is issued with a login to the parent portal via        calendar.
our website where you can view information tailored to
your family and about your child(ren). Access to a number of       UWCSEA App
key systems as well as daily updated notices and the online        The UWCSEA App is available for iOS and Android devices via
calendar are located here, including:                              the app stores. Search for UWCSEA and download the app
• online medical information system (for review and                to access eBrief, the calendar, notices, a campus map, your
  updating)                                                        child(ren)’s timetable (including their activities for each day),
                                                                   the staff directory and more.
• contact information update system (for review and
  updating)                                                        You will need your login details to access the App, as the
• student record system (timetable, attendance records,            information is customised to each user.
  reports and assessments)
• notices for parents
The logins are issued in the weeks prior to orientation and
will be emailed to all parents. Parents have individual logins;
Infant School student logins are also provided to parents on
behalf of their child.

Updating your contact information
If there is any change in contact information (i.e., telephone,
address or email), it is very important that parents amend the
details the school holds on file. This can be done by logging in
to the portal.

                                                                  Contacting/notifying the school
Sharing student learning progress                                 Absence – students
We value your role as being an important catalyst for learning    Please telephone the Infant School office if your child is sick
outside of school. Our aim is to ensure that the frequency,       and will not be coming to school (see back cover for contact
content and medium of information we share support home           details). All absences must be verified prior to or on the day of
learning to the fullest. We share information about your          absence. If an absence goes unverified, we will contact parents
child’s learning in a variety of ways throughout the year.        to confirm the student will not attend school on that day. It is
Parents meet face-to-face with the class teacher several          vital that we are informed immediately if your child has an
times a year at Parent-Teacher Conferences. Specialist Parent-    illness that is infectious. There are many contagious diseases
Teacher conferences and Student Led Conferences provide           that affect young children and in some cases, like Hand, Foot
opportunities to share information with parents about their       and Mouth Disease, we have to declare any reported cases to
child’s progress in school. Although we schedule dates for        the Singapore Ministry of Health.
parents to talk with the class teacher, appointments can
                                                                  Travel in term time
be arranged at other times as needed. Written reports and
conference notes are shared throughout the year.                  We appreciate that there are some situations when taking
                                                                  children out of school during term time is unavoidable. If your
Another way we communicate learning to you is through             child has to miss any school, please inform the class teacher
the Seesaw Learning Journal which is a student-driven digital     and the Principal in writing. We ask that parents restrict
portfolio. The purpose of the Seesaw Learning Journal is          travel to school holiday periods wherever possible. While we
two-fold. Firstly, we seek to provide students with authentic     understand that circumstances may arise where a child may
opportunities to document and reflect on their learning.          need to miss some days of school, we are not able to provide
Secondly, we view Learning Journals as an important               school work for children who will be absent due to travel.
communication tool with families, recording individual
progress and celebrating success. Seesaw allows your child        Appointments
to use creative tools to capture and reflect on their learning    If your child needs to attend an appointment, for example
in real time, then this work is shared with you. Seesaw will      with a doctor or dentist, we do ask that you try to make
give you a window into each of our classrooms and into your       these after school hours. If this is not possible, please inform
child’s learning process.                                         the Primary School office and class teacher of your plans
                                                                  to collect your child and return them to school. You will
Grade level Blogs are updated regularly as well, providing
                                                                  need to report to the Primary School office to sign your
you with grade-level information about upcoming events or
                                                                  child out because the Security Guards will ask you for an
curricular goals.
                                                                  acknowledgment slip as you try to exit the campus.
Student records                                                   Absence – parents
Student records are available for viewing online via the parent
                                                                  It is a UWCSEA admission requirement that parents are
portal. This gives a summary of your child’s attendance and
                                                                  resident in Singapore. If for any reason, for example in the case
provides access to downloadable copies of their reports.
                                                                  of a family emergency, both parents are out of Singapore at the
                                                                  same time, we require clear details of the adult who will act
                                                                  as a supervisor in their absence so we know who to contact in
                                                                  case of an emergency. This should not be a domestic helper.
                                                                  The Nomination of a Supervisor during Temporary Parental Absence
                                                                  form must be filled out prior to the parents’ absence. This form is
                                                                  accessible through Parent Portal and here is a step by step guide.

                                                                  Security pass and security check
                                                                  The security guards check all vehicles and pedestrians
                                                                  entering the campus. Parents are asked to get a security pass
                                                                  to facilitate a speedy arrival to school if you or your helper
                                                                  will be bringing your child to school or collecting them.
                                                                  Photographs for the passes are taken during the orientation
                                                                  process or in the first weeks of term. If your helper will be
                                                                  collecting your child, they will also need to be issued with
                                                                  a security pass. If you are not able to arrange a pass during
                                                                  orientation, please ask at the Main Reception. If you will drive
                                                                  onto campus regularly, you should also register your car with
                                                                  our security department and receive a decal to display on
                                                                  your windscreen.

School day                                                          Transport
The timing of the Infant School day ensures that children           The following describes our normal routines when there
have their breaks at different times to the rest of the school      are no government restrictions. We will send more detailed
so they have sole use of the playground. The Infant School          guidelines at the start of school when we know what we are
day begins slightly earlier than the older students to ensure       permitted to do.
that all Infants are in their classrooms before the older
students begin to move to their first lessons.
                                                                    Arriving at school
The Infant School (K1–G1) day is one hour shorter than the
                                                                    If your child travels to school by bus, they are met in the
rest of the College, so they have slightly different routines for
                                                                    drop-off area in the bus bay by members of the Infant School
the afternoon and, of course, an earlier pick-up time.
                                                                    staff and escorted to the classroom.
The infant children are able to arrive on campus from 7.30am,
                                                                    A member of staff remains in the drop-off area until all the
they go straight to their classroom when they arrive where
                                                                    buses have arrived.
they are met by their class teacher.
8am                   School starts
                                                                    Infant staff are on duty in the car drop-off area from 7.30–
10.15–10.55am         Morning snack and play                        8am to collect children from their cars to enable parents
12.15–12.55pm         Lunch and play                                to drive-and-drop without having to park. The car drop-off
                                                                    area is strictly for drop off;if you would like to park, you are
2pm                   Students finish                               welcome to do so in the basement car park.
Shorter day for K1 students in Term 1                               Leaving school
For some K1 children, the six-hour school day can be very           Buses
tiring at the beginning of the school year. To ease the
transition to UWCSEA, K1 children can be collected before           All bus children are escorted to the buses by a teacher or a
lunch at 12.15pm until the October holiday. After that, the K1      Teaching Assistant.
students have a regular day until 2pm.                              Cars (including drivers and taxis)
It is important that it is made clear to the class teacher each     We ask parents or helpers who are collecting by car or taxi
day what the pick up arrangements are.                              to meet the students in the car drop-off area directly below
                                                                    the Infant School at 2pm. This avoids congestion in the Infant
No buses are provided at lunchtime, therefore if you decide         School pods. Children are supervised until 2.10pm, and after
to pick up your child at 12pm you need to make your own             this any child who has not been collected is taken to wait in the
transport arrangements. Likewise there is no refund on the          Infant School office. Please phone the office if you are delayed.
afternoon buses for journeys not made. If you feel that your
child would benefit from this opportunity to have a shorter         First week arrangements
day, it is advisable not to sign up for an afternoon bus until      We understand that permanent transport arrangements may
after the October half-term holiday.                                not have been finalised by the first week of school and that they
                                                                    can sometimes differ from what the regular routine will be.
                                                                    Parents will be asked to complete a transport form to reflect
                                                                    travel arrangements for the first week of school.
                                                                    Changes to travel arrangements
                                                                    If there are any changes to your child’s regular transport
                                                                    arrangements, please email your child’s teacher as soon as
                                                                    possible. For emergencies and last minute changes of travel
                                                                    arrangements, call the Infant School office before 1.30pm.
                                                                    Messages received after this time may not reach the class
                                                                    teacher before they have left for the buses.
                                                                    We do not accept ‘word of mouth’ messages from your child.
                                                                    We require email, phone or in person confirmation from
                                                                    parents if there are changes to travel arrangements.
                                                                    Transport options
                                                                    There are a number of options for travelling to and from
                                                                    school each day.

Buses                                                                All Infant and Junior students wear a UWCSEA turquoise polo
An external transport company manages the school buses,              shirt, with grey culottes or shorts for girls, and grey shorts for
and the coordination is facilitated by the Transport Manager.        boys.
All buses are air-conditioned buses with seat belts and each
bus has an adult supervisor to look after the children while
in transit. The buses serve most areas of Singapore, but it is       Shoes should be black and fully enclose the feet but not cover
important to check with personnel in the Transport office.           the ankles. Velcro straps are preferred unless your child can
Please contact the Transport office with any questions (see          tie laces independently. Socks should be white, grey or black.
back page for contact details).
                                                                     PE uniform
Some important things to note about the bus service:                 A PE uniform is also needed, and sturdy trainers (athletic
• in the interests of safety, all Infant School students must        shoes) with velcro fasteners are required for nearly all PE
  be met at home by a parent/guardian/maid, or they will be          activities.
  returned to the College to be collected at the parent’s expense
                                                                     Students participate in swimming lessons during the year, and
• students are not allowed to travel on another bus for any          there is an optional UWCSEA sun protection two piece suit
  reason, so if children are having a playdate, they need to be      that we highly recommend.
  picked up by car
• the bus service will pick up and drop off only to one              On PE days, Infant School students should wear their PE
  address; logistical requirements are such that there can be        uniform to school for the whole day.
  no provision to have a regular drop off at a different address     You will be advised of arrangements for PE at the start of
• due to insurance regulations, parents are not allowed to           term and details of when a PE uniform is required. We advise
  travel on the school bus                                           parents of K1 students to buy only one PE uniform.
• students can apply for a one-way or two-way service;               Backpack
  however, preference is given to two-way applications
                                                                     We recommend that Infant School students have a backpack
More information about the bus services, the bus rules and           that measures approximately H:40cm, W:35cm, D:14cm,
areas of Singapore covered by school transport can be found          to ensure that it is large enough to accommodate all the
on the website portal.                                               necessary items each child needs but will still fit in their
Private car                                                          cubby hole in the classroom. The UWCSEA backpack has been
                                                                     designed to meet all of these requirements and is available
Parking is difficult in the morning so Infant staff are on duty in
                                                                     for purchase in the College Shop.
the car drop-off area between 7.30am and 8.00am to collect
children from their cars to enable parents to drive-and-drop         We request that Infant School students do not have
without having to park.                                              backpacks on wheels as they can be dangerous when children
                                                                     have to negotiate stairs—and they do not fit into the cubby
Walking and public transport
                                                                     holes, meaning the classroom becomes crowded and difficult
There are bus stops close to the entry on Dover Road, and            to navigate.
you can walk into the campus from Dover Road along a
covered footpath. Students must be accompanied to their
classroom or left in the drop-off area as outlined above. We
cannot meet children off public transport or at the top of the
driveway entrance.
The option to travel independently on public transport and
leave the campus unaccompanied is only available once
students reach Middle School.

Taxi directions
Ensure you ask the driver to take you to ‘UWCSEA on Dover
Road.’ As we have two campuses, it is important that you ask
for the appropriate campus, as they are on opposite sides of
the island.

                                                                  Meals at school
Sun protection                                                    Infant School students may bring their own food to school
Students need to wear the UWCSEA sun hat for outside play         each day or order online from our catering contractor.
times, during PE, lunchtime sports and on sports days. Infant     Snack/lunch
School students without the hat will need to play in the
shaded areas.                                                     Students will need a morning snack as well as lunch.
                                                                  Our catering contractor looks after the canteen and provides
Jewellery                                                         both snacks and a pre-order lunch service. Parents can log
Although we prefer no jewellery at all, Infant School students    in to the system via the parent portal to place orders in
are permitted to wear one pair of earrings (studs are preferred   advance and the order will be delivered to your child. A four
for safety reasons) and a watch to school.                        week menu cycle is uploaded to the portal and meals can be
                                                                  cancelled by 8.30am on the day of the order itself.
                                                                  Home meals should be packed in labelled containers so they
Please make sure that all items of uniform are clearly labelled
                                                                  can be stored in the classroom and accessed easily by the
with your child’s full name using a permanent marker or name
labels. It is very easy for young children to mix up or mislay
their clothes, especially when they all look alike!               We encourage the children to be as independent as possible. To
                                                                  help them achieve this, please ensure that all food brought to
Purchasing a uniform                                              school is not too complicated to assemble or too messy to eat.
Uniforms for all grades of the school can be obtained from
                                                                  Please note that there are no facilities to refrigerate or re-
the College Shop on Dover Campus:
                                                                  heat food, and any cutlery needed (spoon, fork) should be
Dover College Shop                                                packed with the lunch and also labelled.
Term time: 8am–12pm; 12.45–4pm
                                                                  Food is not kept in a refrigerator, but is stored safely at (air-
School holidays: 8.30am–12pm; 1–4pm
                                                                  conditioned) room temperature, so please consider this when
Tel: +65 6775 5344 ext 1923                                       packing your child’s food.
                                                                  Meals are eaten under the supervision of teacher assistants,
                                                                  and they encourage children to eat what has been sent from
                                                                  home. Any uneaten food is returned home so parents can
                                                                  monitor their child’s food consumption.

                                                                  Healthy eating
                                                                  We encourage students to eat and drink as healthily as
                                                                  possible, and we ask for your assistance with this when
                                                                  sending food and drink into school. Please do not pack any
                                                                  sweets or other confectionery, or fizzy or caffeinated drinks.

                                                                  Water is readily available in school, and students are
                                                                  encouraged to bring a water bottle to school daily. We have
                                                                  water fountains located around the school at appropriate
                                                                  heights for students to comfortably access.

                                                                  Food allergies—‘nut free zone’
                                                                  The Infant School strives to be a ‘nut free zone,’ however if we
                                                                  need to exclude additional specific foods or other allergens
                                                                  from a class, we will let parents in the class know as soon as

Health and well-being of students
Medical care                                                      College Counsellors
The Primary School clinic is staffed by trained nurses and is     Our counsellors are available to support Infant School
fully equipped to handle minor injuries that occur in school.     students who are experiencing social and emotional
If a child has been taken to the clinic and needs to go home      difficulties. Referral is always after consultation between
then one of the nurses will contact you.                          the class teacher and parents. More information on the
If your child has a medical condition that may require medical    counselling services is available on the website and on the
treatment, emergency care or there is anything else related       portal.
to health and well-being that our staff should be aware of,
please notify us via the online medical questionnaire.
                                                                  Emergency contacts
                                                                  Parents are asked to nominate two emergency contacts
Any medication should be given at home or, if it is essential     other than yourselves in Singapore. It is important that these
that it is administered during the day, then it should be given   are kept up-to-date. These should be people that you trust to
by the nurses at the clinic.                                      make medical decisions for your child should the unfortunate
If your child shows any signs of illness, please do not send      need arise.
them to school, and if they become unwell at school, we will      We therefore request that you do not nominate your
contact you to arrange for them to be picked up. Please refer     domestic helper.
to the section below on nominating alternative or emergency
contacts.                                                         Please also note that these contacts are not necessarily the
                                                                  same as the nominated guardian that we require if both
Online medical forms                                              parents are out of Singapore at the same time. This situation
There is a comprehensive online medical questionnaire             requires separate notification to the school.
that we require all parents to complete for each child
prior to the start of the school year. The form covers
vaccinations, pre-existing conditions and illnesses, as well
as related information for activities such as PE, for example,
swimming ability and other conditions that may affect their
Please note that we cannot take a child off campus until
this has been filled in, so if it is not completed then a child
may miss important field trips.
As it can take some time for this information to be processed,
it is also important that you inform the class teacher of any
serious allergies or health problems your child may have.
If there are any changes in medical information, please amend
the online form as well as informing the class teacher.

School policies                                                     Parental involvement
Toys                                                                Parental help
We ask that Infant School children do not bring their own           There are many ways that parents can help in school, and
toys to school unless asked to by their teacher. This avoids        once all of the children have become settled in their new
tears caused by accidental breakages or misplacement. Some          class, teachers will inform you of the days and times when
classes may have Show and Tell, and this is an occasion when        they would like parental assistance. Parents are invited to join
a toy may be brought to school.                                     us for many of the special days that are held during the year,
                                                                    for example United Nations celebrations, Curriculum Activity
Birthdays                                                           Days, Mornings of Sport and the Arts Festivals. At all times,
Birthdays are a very special event, and each class celebrates       we value the support of our parents as we firmly believe that
them in a different way. If you wish to send a treat to school      educating young children is a partnership between home and
for your child to share with their classmates, we suggest a         school.
healthy option. A cake a week adds up to a lot of extra sugar!
                                                                    Early in the school term, parents are asked to indicate their
Please speak to the class teacher about your plans, and they
                                                                    ability to provide support to the class, either as a class parent
will advise you accordingly, especially if there are any children
                                                                    or through other avenues. Guidelines for parent volunteers
who have food allergies.
                                                                    are available through the parent portal.
Money at school                                                     Class parents
We ask that students do not bring money to school unless
                                                                    A ‘class parent’ is a volunteer who takes on responsibility for
the class teacher has requested payment for a specific
                                                                    organising social events for the parents and children in the
purpose. All money should be placed in an envelope with the
                                                                    class to encourage them to get to know each other outside
child’s name, class and what the money is for, written on the
                                                                    school. This role is focused on building community within
                                                                    the class by planning social events. Any curriculum or other
Electronic devices and other valuable items                         school related communication should be directed to the class
                                                                    teacher, Heads of Grade or the Infant School Principal.
We request that electronic devices are kept at home.
                                                                    Parent Online Address Book
Lost property (or, the importance of labelling
                                                                    The parent portal on the website contains a link to an online
                                                                    database of parent contacts. You can search for telephone
Please mark all belongings (clothes, PE kit, shoes, hats, lunch     and email contact details for your child’s classmates on this
boxes, bags, etc.) with the student’s full name, so we can          database.
return them if lost. Please contact Reception in the High
School block if your child has lost something.                      It is important for the success of the database that it is only
                                                                    used for school-related purposes.
Stationery and school supplies                                      All parents are able to opt in to the listings. We do
Students do not need to bring any stationery or other               recommend that if at all possible, one parent remain
supplies to school as we provide all materials needed in the        listed so that your child does not miss out on some social
classrooms, including pens, pencils, rulers and colouring           opportunities, as many parents use this to communicate with
pencils.                                                            other parents to arrange parties, play dates and other social
                                                                    Please note that while it is possible for one parent to be listed
                                                                    and the other parent to opt out, it is not possible to have only
                                                                    part of your contact details listed (i.e., email but not phone
                                                                    number); it is all or nothing.
                                                                    Please indicate your preference in your contact details on the
                                                                    parent portal.

Parents’ Association (PA)
The PA provides an opportunity for all parents to contribute
to the UWCSEA community.
Being involved in PA activities provides parents with an
opportunity to be an active participant in their child’s school
community, keep up-to-date with happenings in the school
and an avenue to meet other parents and members of the
wider school community. New parents are encouraged to
contribute as much as their time and interests allow.
The PA offers many opportunities for parents to become
further involved in the life of the school. These include:
• grade-based coffee mornings and other networking
  opportunities to meet parents of children in the same grade
  as their child
• nationality-based social events for parents to network with
  other parents of the same cultural background
• events and programmes to enhance students’ and parents’
  experiences and wellbeing, such as new parents welcome
  events, Careers Fair, Community Fair and more.
To contact the PA, see details on the back page or drop in to
the PA lounge whilst on Dover Campus.

Parent support groups
There are parent support groups for a number of our parents
who require support specific to their circumstances, including
the Single Parents group and the Food Allergy Awareness and
Support group.
Details of these groups can be found on the parent portal,
or contact the College counsellors for details. Meetings
and other events are advertised in eBrief and in the online

Dover Infant School contacts
Main Reception and the school offices are open from 7.45am to 4.30pm.
Dover Campus Reception                                   +65 6775 5344
Infant School Office                                     +65 6419 9323

Infant School Secretaries
Senior Secretary – Margaret Lee                
Secretary – Pamela Sandanasamy                 

Heads of Grade
K1 – Andrea Strachan                           
K2 – Robert Adcock (Interim)                   
Grade 1 – Angela Turner                        

Infant School leadership
Primary School Principal - Brian Ó Maoileoin   
Primary School Vice Principal (Infants) - Vikki Wright

School services
Primary Clinic                                           +65 6775 5344 | ext 1993
Transport Office                                         +65 6872 3213

Parents’ Association                                     +65 6775 5344 | ext 1080
Online staff directory
All staff contact email addresses can be found on the school website. Please look in the online staff directory for email addresses
for individual staff and in the Campus Contacts section of the website for the emails and telephone numbers for departments such
as Admissions and Finance.

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