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2021 St Luke's Grammar School
Enrolment Information
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                                          ST LUKE’S GRAMMAR SCHOOL | ENROLMENT INFORMATION | 2021 | 1
2021 St Luke's Grammar School
Solid Christian Foundation
      Strong focus on Learning Excellence
Steadfast commitment to Student Welfare
2021 St Luke's Grammar School
Enrolment Information
The Prospectus                                                      The Enrolment Process
Thank you for your interest in St Luke’s Grammar School.            The Enrolment Process is detailed more fully on Page 23. In
St Luke’s is an Anglican Co-Educational School for students         general, there are 3 Stages to the process, as outlined below:
from Pre-Kindergarten (Cottage) to Year 12.
                                                                     Stage 1 - The Application to Enrol
2 Campuses - 1 School: In addition to the Pre-K to Year 12
                                                                     The School receives Application to Enrol forms from birth, and
Campus in Dee Why, the School has recently expanded to
                                                                     progresses the Enrolment Process for specific Year groups at the
include a new Junior School Campus in Bayview.
                                                                     following times:
                                                                     • Applications for Entry into Cottage: approximately two years
We know that choosing the right school for your child’s
                                                                        prior to the desired date of commencement.
education can sometimes be a daunting decision. We hope              • Applications for Entry into Kindergarten: approximately two
that the information contained within this Prospectus pack              years prior to the desired date of commencement.
will give you invaluable insight into St Luke’s and will be          • Applications for Entry into Year 7: approximately two years
helpful for you as you consider your options.                           prior to the desired date of commencement.
                                                                     • Applications for Entry into Years 1 - 6 or Years 8 - 11:
 The Junior School (Dee Why Campus) comprises:                          approximately six months prior to the desired date of
 Cottage (Pre-School): Either a 5-Day or a 3-Day Pre-School             commencement.
 program for 4 year olds. Each class has approximately 20            Stage 2 - The Enrolment Interview
 students. The classes have a teacher and teacher’s aide.
                                                                     At the specified time (see Stage 1) the School will contact all
 Kindergarten to Year 6: There are two classes per Year group.       those on the Waiting List and will request further documentation,
 The Junior School (Bayview Campus) comprises:                       including updated School Reports, recent NAPLAN results and
                                                                     relevant medical or specialist information etc. Subject to availability
 Cottage (Pre-School): Either a 5-Day or a 3-Day Pre-School          and the Applicant meeting the Enrolment Criteria, an Enrolment
 Program for 4 year olds. Each class has approximately 20            Interview may then be scheduled.
 students. The classes have a teacher and teacher’s aide.
 Kindergarten to Year 6: Currently one class per Year group, with    Stage 3 - Offer and Acceptance
 the aim of increasing to a fully 2-stream school.
                                                                     An Offer of Enrolment is at the sole discretion of the Principal.
 The Senior School (Dee Why Campus) comprises:                       The Enrolment Criteria that may be used in exercising that
 Years 7 - 10: In Year 7, there are 5 classes of approximately 25    discretion include, but are not limited to:
 students per class. From Year 9, the number of classes increase     • The prospective student has a parent or sibling who is an ex-
 (as electives are introduced) and the number of students per           student of the School.
 class usually ranges from 15 - 25, depending on subjects.           • The prospective student has a brother or sister who is a
                                                                        current student at the School.
 Years 11-12: There are approx 100 students per Year group, with     • The prospective student has an affiliation with a church.
 usually between 8-15 per class, depending on subjects.              • The date of application.
                                                                     • The ability of the prospective student to benefit from the
 Accelerated and/or extension classes are offered, with Gifted          educational offering of the School.
 and Talented programs also available.                               • The ability of the prospective student to contribute to the
                                                                        School community.
                                                                     • School reports, test results and aptitudes.
Additional Information
                                                                     None of the above by itself is a determining factor, nor is
TOURS: Tours are a wonderful opportunity to gain a deeper            there any particular order in which the criteria are considered.
understanding of the School and to experience a morning              Enrolment decisions taken are the responsibility of the Principal.
in the life of a St Luke’s Grammar School student. The Tours         No discussion of these decisions will be entered into.
are conducted each week during Term time. Tour dates and
booking information can be found on Page 7 of this brochure.        For additional information regarding these Stages of the
                                                                    Enrolment Process, please see Page 23.
WEBSITE: To view the School’s website www.stlukes.nsw.edu.au

ENQUIRIES: If you would like further information regarding          Scholarships
Enrolments at St Luke’s (either Dee Why or Bayview), please         Academic Scholarships - for entry into Years 7, 10 & 11
either email or call:                                               Music Scholarships - for entry into Years 7 & 11
                                                                    All Rounder Scholarships - for entry into Years 10 & 11
Email: enrol@stlukes.nsw.edu.au | Phone: 02 9438 6200               See www.stlukes.nsw.edu.au/scholarships for more information.

                                                                    ST LUKE’S GRAMMAR SCHOOL | ENROLMENT INFORMATION | 2021 | 3
2021 St Luke's Grammar School
                                      After extensive research into the
                                      dispositions displayed by powerful
                                      learners, the teaching and learning
                                      framework, LEARNING@STLUKE’S was

                                      The LEARNING@STLUKE’S framework
                                      moves beyond the traditional approach
                                      to learning, to combine the acquisition of
                                      content knowledge with the development
                                      of character. Appropriating Guy Claxton’s
                                      Learning Powered Approach our framework
                                      draws together research on how students
                                      learn and what abilities strengthen our
                                      capacity to learn. Within the framework, St
                                      Luke’s has identified 5 R’s associated with
                                      learning. Powerful learners display capacities
                                      associated with Resilience, Resourcefulness,
                                      Reflectiveness, Reciprocity and Restoration.

                                      The framework encourages students to
                                      reflect on how they can become more
                                      powerful learners and encourages teachers
                                      to focus explicitly on developing these
                                      different learning dispositions. We do this
                                      together as a community through the way
                                      we talk about learning, the way we structure
                                      learning activities and the way we think
                                      about what good learning looks like.

2021 St Luke's Grammar School
Restoration seeks to grow students, not only
as learners, but more importantly as people
who flourish, and who are characterised
by kindness, grace, compassion, humility
and seeking justice for others. Not only are
students able to grow in their understanding,
but we hope they might also grow in their
true humanity and that their capacity to
learn might empower them to change the
world, little by little, foreshadowing the final
restoration at the end of time.

Resilient learners are able to be absorbed in
their learning. They can manage distractions
around them focusing instead on their
learning. Resilient learners are able to
notice subtle changes in their environment,
identify patterns and details which inform
their understanding and, perhaps most
importantly, resilient learners demonstrate
perseverance when faced with challenging
learning tasks.

Resourceful learners are good at asking
questions which support their learning and
the learning of others, they quickly make links
between different ideas, can use reasoning
to form an argument and imagine new
possibilities. Finally, resourceful learners are
able to capitalise on the resources available
to them inside and outside the classroom.

Students who are strong in Reciprocity
know when they will learn best on their
own and when they will learn best with
others (interdependence). They are good at
collaborating with other students, have good
empathy & listening skills and learn from
others by watching them carefully and taking
on board new ways of thinking (imitating).
Here, in a nutshell, is what powerful learning
looks like – and this is not only for classroom
learning, but learning for life.

Reflective learners plan their approach to
their learning, continually revise how they
are learning, are able to identify the main
points they need to learn (distilling) and have
a good understanding of their own strengths
and weaknesses as a learner (meta-learning).

                                                   ST LUKE’S GRAMMAR SCHOOL | ENROLMENT INFORMATION | 2021 | 5
2021 St Luke's Grammar School
We understand that choosing a school for your child is a very
ne of our regularly scheduled Tours of the School (bookings
ce a ‘morning in the life of a St Luke’s student’ and enable you

 milar age grouped together. Bookings are essential, so that
ou are on the right Tour for the particular year of entry that you
nd the Tours, together with their parents.

          A Tour provides you with the opportunity
          to experience a ‘morning in the life’ of a
          St Luke’s student ...
             6 | ST LUKE’S GRAMMAR SCHOOL
2021 St Luke's Grammar School
Tour Dates
We understand that choosing a school for your child is a very important decision, and that part of that decision is
getting a ‘feel’ for the School by doing a Tour.

Whilst COVID-19 has limited our ability to conduct our larger group Tours, we are currently able to conduct priority
individual and small group Tours. If you are seeking Enrolment for the following Year groups, you are able to register
your interest in attending a Tour via the St Luke’s Website. The Enrolments Office will then be in contact with you to
discuss available dates.


•     Cottage (Pre-School) 2021 or 2022
•     Kindergarten 		      2021, 2022 or 2023
•     Years 1 to 6         2021 or 2022
•     Year 7 			2023

The website also provides an opportunity for you to book a virtual Tour.

Tour Information (Applicable to regular ‘pre-COVID’ large group Tours).

                  Due to high demand, our School Tours are conducted almost every week during term time. Please see the
                  available Tour dates below.

    TOUR TIMES:   All Tours run from 9:15 am to approximately 10:30 am.
                  It is preferred that bookings are made online www.stlukes.nsw.edu.au/Tours. Alternatively, bookings can also
                  be made by emailing enrol@stlukes.nsw.edu.au or by contacting 9438-6200
                  If you find that a Tour listed below is not shown on the website, this indicates that the Tour is already fully
                  booked. Therefore, please select from the alternative available options.

Schedule of Tours

                   SENIOR TOURS - DEE WHY                     JUNIOR TOURS - DEE WHY                  JUNIOR TOURS - BAYVIEW
                       Date              Years                    Date             Years                  Date              Years
    TERM 1              TBA            YRS 7 - 12                 TBA          PRE K - YR 6                TBA          PRE K - YR 6

* due to the current COVID environment, regularly scheduled large group Tours are not yet available. As soon as restrictions
ease, large group Tours will once again be scheduled. For individual or small group Tours, please see information towards
the top of the page.

                                                                        ST LUKE’S GRAMMAR SCHOOL | ENROLMENT INFORMATION | 2021 | 7
2021 St Luke's Grammar School
2021 St Luke's Grammar School
School Fees & Charges
Enrolment Fees 2021
 APPLICATION $220                                 Payable when lodging the Application to Enrol form. The Application Fee (which is non-
 FEE                                              refundable and inclusive of GST) is payable by credit card or cheque, directly to the School.

 ACCEPTANCE                 Pre-K to Year 6 Payable when accepting the Offer of Enrolment. The Acceptance Fee (which is non-refundable
 FEE                        $1500           and inclusive of GST) is payable by credit card or cheque, directly to the School. The School’s
                                            receipt of the ‘Offer of Enrolment’ letter, signed and returned by parents, together with payment of
                            Years 7-12      the Acceptance Fee, constitutes acceptance of the place offered.

School Fees & Service Charges 2021
                                               DEE WHY CAMPUS                                                   BAYVIEW CAMPUS
       Year                     Term (x4)               Annual             Annual                 Term (x4)             Annual              Annual
       Group                   School Fees            School Fees      Service Charges           School Fees          School Fees       Service Charges
       Cottage 3-Day              $2 860                 $11 440             $960                   $2 780              $11 120              $1 340
       Cottage 5-Day              $3 760                 $15 040            $1 340                  $3 760              $15 040              $1 340
       Kindergarten                $3 475                $13 900            $1 560                  $3 285              $13 140              $1 660
       Year 1                      $3 475                $13 900            $1 680                  $3 375              $13 500              $1 660
       Year 2                      $3 475                $13 900            $2 400                  $3 375              $13 500              $2 240
       Year 3                     $3 790                 $15 160            $1 940                  $3 375              $13 500              $2 100
       Year 4                     $3 790                 $15 160            $2 640                  $3 375              $13 500              $2 100
       Year 5                     $4 335                 $17 340            $2 640                  $3 560              $14 240              $3 000
       Year 6                     $4 335                 $17 340            $2 760                  $3 560              $14 240              $3 000

       Year 7                      $5 910                $23 640            $2 840
       Year 8                      $5 910                $23 640            $3 120
       Year 9                     $5 965                 $23 860            $3 440
       Year 10                    $5 965                 $23 860            $3 760
       Year 11                    $6 105                 $24 420            $2 760
       Year 12*                   $8 150                 $24 450            $1 695
     * Year 12 Fees and Service Charges spread over 3 terms

Family Allowance
A concession in School Fees is allowable where two or more members of the immediate family concurrently attend the School and where no
other concession applies, eg, a scholarship. The concession is not open to students placed by corporate debtors.

           TWO STUDENTS                             THREE STUDENTS                       FOUR STUDENTS                  FIVE OR MORE STUDENTS
             5% Discount Each                         10% Discount Each                  15% Discount Each                    20% Discount Each

The ‘Family Discount’ applies for families with students at either the Dee Why Campus or the Bayview Campus.

1.        The Schedule of Fees & Charges is set each year by the School Council and may vary from time to time by written advice.
2.        The Service Charge is a combined charge for stationery, technology/resources, School Annual, School Diary, whole grade/year
          excursions, PDHPE / Sport fees and Camps for all students.
3.        Additional Charges will appear when optional activities such as Basketball, Band and VETB Courses etc are participated in.
4.        This Schedule of Fees & Charges does not apply to International Students. A separate Schedule for International Students
          is available from the School Office.

                                                                                     ST LUKE’S GRAMMAR SCHOOL | ENROLMENT INFORMATION | 2021 | 9
2021 St Luke's Grammar School
Congratulations to the Class of 2020, whose
HSC results ranked St Luke’s at 24th in the State.
HSC Results
Congratulations to the Class of 2020, who have achieved truly outstanding HSC results.
The combined efforts of the students and staff have seen St Luke’s again improve in State rankings to an
incredible 24th place in the State. And once again, the 2020 HSC results have ranked St Luke’s as the
‘Top Independent School on the Northern Beaches’ (for the 8th consecutive year.).
The School is thrilled with the results and so very proud of each Year 12 student, for their leadership throughout the year, for their grit
and determination in persevering until the end, and for finishing well. We wish them all the best for the next stage in their life and
look forward to hearing of their adventures beyond the school gate! The results reflect the School’s excellent trends in teaching and
learning, and demonstrate continued focus on the development of students as powerful learners.

2020 HSC Results                                                         HSC Ranking

  2020 HSC Statistics                                                     2020 Ranking

  96 Year 12 students sat for the HSC                                     24th in the State – Overall (28th in 2019)

  12 students from Year 11 sat for HSC Studies of Religion
                                                                          13th in the State - Independent Schools (incl Single Sex /
  11 Year 11 students undertook HSC Mathematics

  5 Year 11 students undertook HSC Drama                                  10th in the State – Non-Selective, Comprehensive Schools
                                                                          (Incl Single Sex / Co-Educational)

                                                                          6th in the State – Co-Educational Schools (Incl Selective /
  2020 HSC Outcomes                                                       Comprehensive)

  79 students (64 %) (70 % in 2019) achieved one or more of
  the 202 Band 6 [E4]s (198 in 2019) results. In addition to this         2nd in the State – Non-Selective Co-Educational Schools
  are 6 Notional Band 6 results for Extension 2 Mathematics.              (After Reddam House)

  97 students (82%) (73% in 2019) achieved one or more of                 2nd on the Northern Beaches - Overall (After Manly
  the 238 Band 5 (E3) results (251 in 2019)                               Selective High School)

  208 (38.4 %) (34.6 % in 2019) of all St Luke’s students’ results        1st on the Northern Beaches - All Non-Selective
  (542 examination entries) were Band 6/[E4]s or Notional                 Comprehensive Schools (Including Public and Private).
  Band 6.

  446 (82.3%) (77% in 2019) of all St Luke’s students’ results           ATAR Summary
  were Band 5 or Band 6 (including Notional Band 6 results)
                                                                         The following represents the St Luke’s ATAR statistics :

                                                                          2020 ATAR Summary

                                                                          30% – ATARs over 95
                                                                          53% - ATARs over 90
                                                                          76% - ATARs over 80
                                                                          90.28 – Median ATAR (middle student)

                                                                         ST LUKE’S GRAMMAR SCHOOL | ENROLMENT INFORMATION | 2021 | 11
HSC Results                                      (continued)

Selections and Nominations                                                Outstanding Individual Performances
The following students received nominations and / or                      Top ATARs
selections for their Creative and / or Performing Arts Courses:           William Prentice (99.3): Jack Hurrell (99.15); Vivian Shou (99.1);
                                                                          Holly Davidson (99.05). (Top ATAR in 2019: 99.7)

 2020 Selections and Nominations

 HSC Drama OnSTAGE Nomination: Charlotte Glover,
 Ellen Hobson (Year 11) & Lulu Shield (Year 11) received a
 nomination for their HSC Drama Performance.
                                                                               William              Jack             Vivian          Holly
                                                                               Prentice            Hurrell           Shou           Davidson
 HSC Design & Technology SHAPE Nomination: Holly
                                                                          Median ATAR: 90.28
 Davidson, Aimee Gladstone & Caitlin Hale received
 nominations for their Design & Technology Major Projects.
                                                                          All Round Achievers
                                                                          The following 10 students gained 90 or more in 10 units or
                                                                          more and were recognised on the All Round Achievers List:
 HSC Music ENCORE Nomination: India Spring received a
 nomination for her HSC Music Performance.
                                                                          Samuel Bell		                      Holly Davidson
                                                                          Evita Dickson		                    Sascha Dobell
                                                                          Catriona Henderson                 Jack Hurrell
 HSC Visual Arts ART EXPRESS Selection: Skye Jessett
                                                                          William Prentice		                 Vivian Shou
 received a selection for her HSC Visual Arts Bodies of Work to           Pippa Whitehead		                  Benjamin Wood
 be displayed at the ART EXPRESS Exhibition.
                                                                          Four students were one mark off this list: Madeleine Arens,
                                                                          Cloe Chadban, Gemma Gray and Matthew Priest.
 HSC Visual Arts EXPRESS YOURSELF Nomination:
 Madeleine Arens, Jethro Baker, Skye Jessett, Mikayla Straney
 and Tod Straney received nominations for the EXPRESS                     Top Achievers
 YOURSELF Art Exhibition at Manly Art Gallery.                            The following 2 students placed in the Top 10 in a course and
                                                                          were recognised on the Top Achievers list:

 Basketball SCHOLARSHIP: Catriona Henderson has                           > Holly Davidson placed 1st in the State in Design & Technology,
 verbally committed to attend Columbia University, in New                   with a mark of 99%
 York, USA on a Basketball Scholarship.
                                                                          > Lindsay Wang placed 4th in the State in Spanish Continuers
                                                                            with a mark of 94%

    Samuel               Evita               Sascha                Catriona           Lindsay                  Pippa            Benjamin
      Bell              Dickson              Dobell               Henderson            Wang                   Whitehead          Wood

NAPLAN Results
Note Regarding 2020 NAPLAN Results
Due to COVID-19, there are no 2020 NAPLAN results. Below represents the results achieved in 2019.

                                 YEAR 9 2019                                                                                YEAR 7 2019
                    Top 3 Bands (Out of 10 Bands)                                                            Top 3 Bands (Out of 9 Bands)
 100                                                                                     100

             St Luke’s                State                               91                          St Luke’s               State
                                                                                               89.1                                                              89.1
  90                                                                                      90

  80                                                                                      80                                    77.4

  70                                                                                      70
                                                        64                                                        64                   63.1
                                                                                                      60.5                                                              60.4
  60                     57                                                      57.9     60                                                          57.3

  50                                                                                      50
  40                           38.4                                                       40

  30                                                                                      30

  20                                                                                      20

  10                                                                                      10

   0                                                                                       0
        Reading          Writing         Spelling      Grammar        Overall Numeracy          Reading           Writing       Spelling       Grammar       Overall Numeracy

                         YEAR 5 2019 (DY&BV)                                                                   YEAR 3 2019 (DY&BV)
                    Top 3 Bands (Out of 8 Bands)                                                             Top 3 Bands (Out of 6 Bands)
 100                                                                                     100
              St Luke’s                State            90.6                                   90.4
                                                                                                                                       St Luke’s              State
  90                                                                                      90                                                   87.6
                                                                          85.3                                                                                  86.3
        84                                                                                                             83.5

  80                                                                                      80

  70                                                                                      70          67.1                             68.2
              66          65                   65.2                                                                                                   66

  60                                                           57.4              58.3     60

  50                                                                                      50

  40                                                                                      40

  30                                                                                      30

  20                                                                                      20

  10                                                                                      10

   0                                                                                       0
        Reading           Writing        Spelling      Grammar /      Overall Numeracy          Reading           Writing       Spelling      Grammar /      Overall Numeracy
                                                       Punctuation                                                                            Punctuation

                                                                                           ST LUKE’S GRAMMAR SCHOOL | ENROLMENT INFORMATION | 2021 | 13
Learning Enhancement
The Learning Enhancement Department at St.Luke’s Grammar School supports students across both the Dee Why and Bayview
Campuses from Cottage – Year 12. Encompassing both Learning Support and Enrichment, a personalisation of learning approach
has been implemented to meet the needs of our students. This is achieved through careful planning and effective collaboration
between subject teachers, specialist teachers, parents and the students themselves. The implementation of individualised
adjustments and the provision of evidenced-based interventions and opportunities ensures that learning can be specifically
tailored to student learning needs.

Learning Enrichment                                                 Learning Support
St Luke’s Grammar School is committed to maximising the             St Luke’s acknowledges the needs of students with disabilities
educational outcomes of Gifted and Talented students. We            to obtain reasonable adjustments to learning activities to
understand that gifted children may differ from others in           facilitate their access to the curriculum on the same basis as
their learning styles, abilities and needs. It is also recognised   students without disability. When a student is identified as
that students may be gifted in one or more subjects. The            having additional learning needs, the School will take steps to
opportunities the School offer our students are designed to         accommodate that student by planning and implementing
facilitate challenge and deeper learning for students who           appropriate adjustments to assist the student in fulfilling their
have demonstrated ability, diligence and desire within subject      learning potential. Additional needs are identified according to
areas. Students may also be invited to participate in academic      specialised criteria that have been developed by professionals
competitions or accelerated courses based on a range of data        such as doctors, paediatricians, psychologists and other
teacher nomination, external testing, standardised diagnostic       teaching professionals.
tests, Educational psychometric tests and parental information.

Students may also be invited to participate in academic
competitions or accelerated courses, based on a range of
data including teacher nomination, and results from external
testing, standardised diagnostic tests, Educational psychometric
tests and parental information. Peer and Teacher Mentoring
also plays a significant role in nurturing the development of
students’ gifts into talents.

The School currently participates in a number of well-renowned
competitions and programs, such as:

•   Future Problem Solving
•   Australian Maths Challenge
•   Australian Mathematics Competitions
•   da Vinci Decathlon
•   Maths Olympiad
•   ICAS
•   Write a Book in a Day.
•   HICES GAT Camp (Upper Primary)

                                                                     ST LUKE’S GRAMMAR SCHOOL | ENROLMENT INFORMATION | 2021 | 15
The Cottage (Pre-School) program is a
‘school readiness’ program for four year olds
The Cottage (Pre-School) Program
If you are considering enrolling your child in Kindergarten at St Luke’s, we strongly encourage you to consider the Cottage (Pre-
School) Program for the year prior to Kindergarten. Cottage is a wonderful ‘school readiness’ program, that also focuses on
building social and emotional confidence and self esteem, which greatly assists in the transition to Kindergarten. The majority of
Kindergarten students complete the Cottage program the previous year.

The St Luke’s Cottage Experience Aims To Develop:
• Positive self-esteem			                             • Basic social skills
• Increasing independence			                          • Skills in sharing and co-operating
• The desire to learn and pursue interests            • Enjoyment in being part of a small group and larger community

The Cottage School Day
    The Dee Why Cottage (Pre-School) Program is either a 3-Day or a 5-Day Pre-School / School Readiness Program. Classes begin each
    day at 8:30 am and conclude at 2:45 pm. The School also provides a complimentary option of having your child stay in a supervised
    environment, until 4.00 pm, should you need to pick them up later.
    The Bayview Cottage (Pre-School) Program is either a 3-Day or a 5-Day Pre-School / School Readiness Program. Classes begin each
    day at 8.30 am and conclude at 2.25 pm. The School also provides a complimentary option of having your child stay in a supervised
    environment, until 4.00 pm, should you need to pick them up later.

Cottage Program Learning Experiences
Learning Through Inquiry: We know little people love to ask lots of questions. They are curious and inquisitive. Our program is
designed to capitalise on these dispositions by designing learning experiences around the questions that interest the children. This
means that while foundational literacy and numeracy elements of the program are similar each year - a proportion of the program
changes from year to year, as it is fluid, to take into account those things that capture the children’s imagination. Not only do they
pose questions, they learn they are also capable of finding the answers to questions and find new ways to approach learning
opportunities. They come to see themselves as researchers, investigators and problem-solvers. The content of these programs will
reflect the requirements of the NESA (previously the Board of Studies) Early Stage One outcomes as well as the individual needs and
interests of each child attending the Cottage program.

Each Learning Experience Is Aimed At Enhancing Growth In The Following Areas:
•      Literacy Development: The foundations for early literacy and numeracy development are laid before children start school.
       The Cottage program focuses on the development of four core skills.
       • Phonemic awareness helps students to develop an ear for sounds in words.
       • Phonics is developing a link between the sounds students hear and the letters that represent these sounds.
       • Vocabulary involves students having a rich oral language.
       • Comprehension is both being able to understand the literal and inferential aspects of stories and information texts.
•      Numeracy Development: The first stages of numeracy development require children to engage in collecting, sorting,
       ordering, sharing and classifying objects. It is important that children develop a strong association between mathematical
       words and symbols and the objects, groups or actions they are used to describe. The first steps in developing mathematical
       thinking is for children to test what happens, for example, when groups of objects are added together, when they are shared
       or sorted into smaller groups.
•      Social & Emotional Development: In a school environment, children are not just learning academic skills. They are learning how
       to be part of a community and to learn with others. The children learn to interact with different personalities and to negotiate
       with others. Children receive support to develop their social interaction skills, just as they learn any other skills at school.
•      Physical Development: This is where children have the opportunity to extend their gross motor (large muscle) skills such as hand/eye and
       foot/eye co-ordination, jumping, running, climbing, catching and throwing, music and movement and balance and fine motor (small muscle)
       skills including the skills required for pre-writing and drawing, cutting with scissors, threading, art and craft experiences, and construction.
•      Spiritual Development: As a member of the Anglican School Corporation, we want our students to learn about the message
       of the Bible. Each week children in Cottage will participate in a Christian Studies lesson. Children learn about God’s love for
       them through age-appropriate stories, songs and activities. Throughout the school day, there is an emphasis on the values
       that underpin the Christian message. Children are encouraged to see how their words and actions impact on others.
                                                                               ST LUKE’S GRAMMAR SCHOOL | ENROLMENT INFORMATION | 2021 | 17
The new Junior School Precinct at Dee Why is now open for
learning, providing specialist facilities and collaborative learning
spaces for Junior School students, and purpose-built Pre-School
classrooms and outdoor spaces for our youngest learners.

What’s New @ St Luke’s Dee Why
                                                                        Fully refurbished Multi-Purpose Hall, with
                                                                        ‘theatre-style’ retractable tiered seating.

                                                                        Convertible into indoor sport / activity space when
                                                                        seating retracted.

Fully refurbished Senior Campus spaces:
• 6 new Science Laboratories.
• 2 new Food Technology Laboratories
• 20+ fully refurbished classrooms and learning spaces
   incorporating environmentally sustainable design,
   climate control and smart technology in all rooms.
• New Music Precinct containing 2 additional Music
   Classrooms, a Recording Room, a Green Room and
   Individual Music Tuition rooms.

                                                         ST LUKE’S GRAMMAR SCHOOL | ENROLMENT INFORMATION | 2021 | 19
What’s New @ St Luke’s Dee Why                                                                                  (continued)

                                                      Fully refurbished “LearningHUB” Library Resource Centre, incorporating
                                                      collaborative spaces, creative spaces, individual study booths, research
                                                      spaces and amphi-theatre style seating with large screen.

                                New multi-sport facilities, (Basketball, Tennis and Netball courts) outdoor areas and
                                walkways. Also, new indoor Basketball Training Centre.

                                                                                                       Brand new indoor
                                                                                                       Basketball Courts.

                                                                                                       Court 1 to be completed
                                                                                                       Term 3, 2021.

                                                                                                       The Courts are part of
                                                                                                       the overall Masterplan,
                                                                                                       which involves a new
                                                                                                       Senior School Campus
                                                                                                       developed at the
                                                                                                       current Officeworks /
                                                                                                       Fitness First site.
What’s New @ St Luke’s Bayview

                                                                                                      Purpose built Cottage (Pre-School)
                                                                                                      classrooms, that provide multiple
Redesigned and refurbished front entrance, including new St Luke’s signage, main reception,
                                                                                                      learning spaces, creative spaces,
sick-bay, toilets and multiple office spaces.
                                                                                                      outdoor play areas and landscaping
                                                                                                      that facilitates inquiry based learning.

• Upgraded student play and recreation areas.
• Fully refurbished creative spaces including Science /
  Food Technology areas.
• Fully refurbished “Learning Hub” Library Resource Centre.
• Implementation of LEARNING@STLUKE’S Teaching &
  Learning framework across the Bayview Campus.
• Combined campus activities with Dee Why, including
  Sport Carnivals, Music Performances, STEM Workshops
  and Debating Master-classes.

                                                                         ST LUKE’S GRAMMAR SCHOOL | ENROLMENT INFORMATION | 2021 | 21
We invite you to become part of a
thriving learning community...
The Enrolment Process
Parents’/Guardians’ Action                          The School’s Action                                 Comments
STAGE 1 – Application to Enrol
1. Parents request information regarding the        • The School sends an Application to Enrol          • School Tours are conducted on a frequent
   School (Dee Why and/or Bayview)                    form with School Prospectus.                        basis for families wanting to visit the School.

2. Parents complete the Application                 • The School receives and processes                 • The Application Fee is non-refundable
   to Enrol, and return it together with              completed Application to Enrol forms.               and paying it does not guarantee an Offer
   the Application Fee, and all required            • The School sends a letter confirming the            of Enrolment.
   documents, to have their child placed on           placement of the child on the Waiting List.
   the Waiting List.
  It is the responsibility of parents to inform the School of contact detail changes (ie Address, Email etc) as soon as possible. The School will not be
   held responsible if important enrolment information is not received, due to the School not being made aware of changes to contact details. All
           requests for change must be made in writing (email: enrol@stlukes.nsw.edu.au; or by letter, addressed to the “Enrolments Office”).
STAGE 2 – Enrolment Interview
• For Year groups where there are more              1. At the appropriate time (see “Comments           • For Cottage entry, Enrolment Interviews are
  applicants on the Waiting List than places           relating to Stage 2), the School assesses          scheduled approx 18 months prior to entry.
  available, Parents are sent a Confirmation           each application in relation to the              • For Kindergarten entry, Enrolment
  of Interest to Enrol form, prior to the              Enrolment Criteria.                                Interviews are scheduled approximately 24
  commencement of the Enrolment                     2. Subject to a place being available, the            months prior to entry.
  Interview process. (Particularly if it is            School contacts Parents to schedule an           • For Year 7 entry, Enrolment Interviews
  has been some years since the original               Enrolment Interview.                               are scheduled approx 24 months prior
  Application was submitted)                        3. In cases where demand for places exceeds           to entry. Note: Students enrolled into
                                                       the number of places available, not all            the St Luke’s Junior School automatically
                                                       Applicants will progress to the Enrolment          proceed to Year 7.
                                                       Interview stage. Applicants will be sent         • For Years 1 – 11 (not including Year 7),
                                                       communication outlining the next steps             Enrolment Interviews are scheduled
                                                       in the Enrolment Process.                          approximately 6 months prior to entry.
4. Parents to attend the scheduled Enrolment • Conduct the Enrolment Interview and                      • Attending an Enrolment Interview does
   Interview with student.                     assess the outcome of the interview.                       not constitute or guarantee an Offer of
STAGE 3 – Offer and Acceptance
Note regarding: Date of Application:                1. Following the Enrolment Interview,               • In cases where an Offer of Enrolment is not
 Please note that while ‘Date of Application’ is       the School notifies the Applicant of the           extended within the 2 – 3 week timeframe,
 listed as one of the Enrolment Criteria, it is not    outcome of the Enrolment Interview.                Applicants are sent a letter outlining the
 considered to be more weighty than the other 2. Subject to the School’s Enrolment Policy                 status of their Application. In most cases,
 criteria. In practice though, the School does         and subject to a place being available,            the School will retain the Applicant on
 give consideration to ‘Date of Application’           successful Applicants are extended an Offer        the Waiting List for the requested Year
 when assessing most Application to Enrol              of Enrolment and are sent an Enrolment             group and will monitor the Waiting List
 forms. As such, the majority of Enrolment             Contract for parents to sign. The School           and extend further Offers of Enrolment as
 Interviews are scheduled with regard to               usually extends an Offer of Enrolment              places become available.
 ‘Date of Application’ and the majority                within 2 – 3 weeks of the Enrolment              • If an Application to Enrol is not successful
 of Offers of Enrolment are extended in                Interview. The Applicant is then given             for a particular Year group, the Application
 ‘Date of Application’ order. However, in a            approximately 2 - 3 weeks to respond to            will be cancelled at the end of the year
 small percentage of cases, and in an effort           the Offer of Enrolment. Depending on               initially applied for, unless the School is
 to balance the Year Group, factors such               when a position becomes available, an              advised to keep it active.
 as gender, academic ability, co-curricular            Offer of Enrolment may be delayed up             • It is the Parent’s responsibility to inform
 accomplishments, community service                    until or beyond the actual desired date of         the School if they would like the
 involvement and church affiliation may be             entry, or not at all.                              Application to Enrol to remain valid for
 taken into account.                                                                                      the next year, or for a future Year group.
                                                                                                        • Cancelled Application to Enrol forms can
                                                                                                          be re-instated at any time, if a request is
                                                                                                          made (in writing – email or letter).
1. Accept the Offer of Enrolment by signing         • Process the receipt of the Enrolment              • The Acceptance Fee is non-refundable.
   the Enrolment Contract and paying the              Contract and Acceptance Fee and send a            • The signing of the Enrolment Contract
   non-refundable Acceptance Fee.                     letter of Confirmation of Enrolment.                and payment of the Acceptance Fee
                                                                                                          secures the Applicant’s place in the
                                                                                                          desired Year group.
                                                                                                        • Orientation information is sent at the
                                                                                                          appropriate time.

                                                                               ST LUKE’S GRAMMAR SCHOOL | ENROLMENT INFORMATION | 2021 | 23
  DEE WHY CAMPUS                                  BAYVIEW CAMPUS
  Junior School (Years K - 6) & Cottage Program   Junior School (Years K - 6) & Cottage Program
  8 Tango Avenue, Dee Why 2099                    1977 Pittwater Road, Bayview 2104

  Senior School (Years 7 - 12)                    T: (02) 9979 5755
  210 Headland Road, Dee Why 2099                 E: enrol@stlukes.nsw.edu.au
                                                  W: www.stlukes.nsw.edu.au
  T:   (02) 9438 6250 (Junior School)
  T:   (02) 9438 6200 (Senior School)
  E:   enrol@stlukes.nsw.edu.au
  W:   www.stlukes.nsw.edu.au
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