Bring Global Diversity to Your Campus with ASSIST

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Bring Global Diversity to Your Campus with ASSIST
Bring Global Diversity to
Your Campus with ASSIST
Bring Global Diversity to Your Campus with ASSIST
Our Vision
                                                  WE BELIEVE that connecting future American leaders with future                                   “Honestly, she made me think
                                                  leaders of other nations makes a substantial contribution toward                                  about the majority of our
                                                                                                                                                    texts in brand new ways, and
                                                  increasing understanding and respect. International outreach
                                                                                                                                                    I constantly found myself
                                                  begins with individual relationships—relationships born                                           taking notes on what she
                                                  through a year of academic and cultural immersion designed                                        would say, knowing that I
                                                  to affect peers, teachers, friends, family members and business                                   would use these notes in
                                                                                                                                                    my teaching of the course
                                                  associates for a lifetime.                                                                        next year.”

                                                  WE BELIEVE that now, more than ever, nurturing humane leaders                                    “Every time I teach this course,
                                                                                                                                                    there is at least one student
                                                  through cross-cultural interchange affords a unique opportunity                                   in my class who keeps me
                                                  to influence the course of future world events in a positive                                      honest. This year, it’s Carlota.”
                                                  direction.                                                                                       “Truly, Carlota ranks among
                                                                                                                                                    the very best of all of the
                                                                                                                                                    students I have had the
OUR MISSION                                                                                                                                         opportunity to work with
                                                                                                                                                    during my nearly 20 years at
ASSIST creates life-changing opportunities                                                                                                          Hotchkiss.”
                                                  ASSIST is a nonprofit organization that works closely with American independent secondary
                                                                                                                                                    Faculty members
for outstanding international scholars to learn   schools to achieve their global education and diversity objectives. We identify, match            The Hotchkiss School
                                                  and support academically talented, multilingual international students with our member            Connecticut
from and contribute to the finest American        schools. During a one-year school stay, an ASSIST scholar-leader serves as a cultural
                                                  ambassador actively participating in classes and extracurricular activities. Since 1969, 5,210
independent secondary schools.
                                                  students from 52 nations, many underrepresented in independent school populations, have
                                                  been matched with ASSIST member schools, of which we are quite proud.

                                                  ASSIST is the only international exchange organization that works exclusively with NAIS
                                                  member schools and that places all of its students on scholarship. It is through the
                                                  generosity and support of member schools that ASSIST is able to offer life-changing
                                                  experiences to some of the world’s most promising students.
Bring Global Diversity to Your Campus with ASSIST
                                                                                                                                 TOP U.S. COLLEGE ENROLLMENT (4 OR MORE SCHOLARS)
                                                                                                                                 Harvard University              64   Brown University          8   Lafayette College             5

                                 What is the ASSIST program?                                                                     Columbia University
                                                                                                                                 University of Pennsylvania
                                                                                                                                                                      University of Chicago
                                                                                                                                                                      Dartmouth College
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Macalester College
                                                                                                                                                                                                    University of Richmond
                                                                                                                                 Yale University                 23   Vassar College            8   Wellesley College             5
                                 Since 1969/70, 5,210 students from 52 countries have studied in                                 New York University             23   Duke University           7   Wooster College               5
                                 the United States as ASSIST Scholars at independent secondary                                   Stanford University             20   Northwestern University   7   Bowdoin College               4
 CARLOTA CORBELLA                schools across the nation. Through our unique partnership with                                  Univ. of California, Berkeley   18   Amherst College           6   Bryn Mawr College             4
 Spain                                                                                                                           Princeton University            16   Univ. of California, LA   6   Colgate University            4
                                 qualifying American independent secondary schools, which
 The Hotchkiss School
                                 offer scholarships to our students, international students have                                 Mass. Inst. of Technology       13   University of Virginia    6   Cornell University            4
                                                                                                                                 Georgetown University           12   Bates College             5   Georgia Inst. of Technology   4
 First Honors. Cross Country
                                 come to know one another and have formed relationships that
                                                                                                                                 John’s Hopkins University       10   Emory University          5   Northeastern University       4
 Charles E. Berry Award;         contribute to cross-cultural understanding.                                                     Mount Holyoke College           10   Furman University         5   University of Notre Dame      4
 winner of the New England              Independent schools in the U.S. participate in the                                       Tufts University                 9   Hamilton College          5   University of Washington      4
 Division I Cross Country
                                 ASSIST program because we help them extend their reach to
 Championship and champion
 in the New England 3,000        new countries where they want to recruit in order to build a                                    TOP U.K. COLLEGE ENROLLMENT (4 OR MORE SCHOLARS)
 meters. Astronomy Club,         diverse student body. Schools remain loyal to ASSIST because                                    University of Oxford            40   Warwick University        6
 Saxophone Quartet, Outing       of the outstanding contributions made by intelligent, motivated                                 University of Cambridge         21   University of Edinburgh   5
 Club, El Club (Spanish club),                                                                                                   London School of Economics      19   London Business School    5
 Woods Squad, and Club           student ambassadors who are eager and equipped to make the
                                                                                                                                 University of London            11   King’s College            4
 Swim. Lettered in Varsity       very best use of this life-changing experience.
 Track & Field and in Varsity
 Cross Country.

“After this year I feel more
 ready to face challenges with
                                 What are the benefits of membership?
 positivism and enthusiasm,
 to adapt to unexpected          ASSIST scholars are top honors students with strong character
 situations, and to appreciate   and extracurricular interests bringing unique global diversity to
 the richness of any culture.
                                 independent schools while being supported by an extraordinary
 Now I know that, regardless
 of where I end up, ASSIST       leadership program.
 will have been key to my         OUR SCHOLARS CHANGE THE CONVERSATION in your classrooms.
                                  WE BRING UNIQUE GLOBAL DIVERSITY to your campus community.

                                  OUR SCHOLARS MAKE AN EXCEPTIONAL IMPACT across campus.

                                     ASSIST accepts only about 15% of the students who apply.
                                     More than 90% of our Scholars are honors students.
                                     ASSIST selects Scholars with strong extracurricular interests.

                                 “It has been our privilege to partner with ASSIST and the other ASSIST member schools for the
                                  past 50 years. We have had dozens of ASSIST scholars over the years who have each enriched
                                  our community in their own unique way. Given that our large and complex community and
                                  challenging program demand that the fit be optimal, it is comforting to know that ASSIST is
                                  identifying candidates for us who have the potential to be happy and successful during their
                                  time on our campus. I am impressed by the organization, professionalism, and precise method­
                                  ology with which ASSIST goes about sourcing bright and motivated young people for this
                                  exceptional opportunity.” Jill Thompson, Director of Admission, Phillips Academy Andover

Bring Global Diversity to Your Campus with ASSIST

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Czech Republic

ASSIST MEMBER                   ALABAMA                   FLORIDA                      MARYLAND                    MICHIGAN                    NORTH CAROLINA          TENNESSEE                    VIRGINIA
                                Indian Springs School     Bolles School                Bryn Mawr School
SCHOOLS                                                                                                            University Liggett School   Carolina Day School     Girls Preparatory School     Chatham Hall
                                                          Saint Andrew’s School        Friends School-Baltimore                                Christ School           St. Andrew’s-Sewanee         Episcopal High School
2018/19                         CALIFORNIA                Seacrest Country Day         Garrison Forest School      NEW HAMPSHIRE               Salem Academy               School                   Foxcroft School
                                Chadwick School               School                   St. Timothy’s School        Derryfield School                                   Webb School                  St. Catherine’s School
Each ASSIST member              Laguna Blanca School      Trinity Preparatory School   West Nottingham Academy     Dublin School               OHIO                                                 St. Christopher’s School
school is a member of           San Domenico School                                                                Kimball Union Academy       Hawken School           TEXAS                        Stuart Hall School
NAIS (National Association                                GEORGIA                      MAINE                       Phillips Exeter Academy     Laurel School           Greenhill School             Virginia Episcopal School
of Independent Schools),        CONNECTICUT               Darlington School            Hebron Academy              St. Paul’s School                                   The Hockaday School          Woodberry Forest School
subscribes to principles of     The Ethel Walker School   Rabun Gap-Nacoochee          Kents Hill School                                       PENNSYLVANIA            St. Andrew’s Episcopal
nondiscrimination, and is       The Gunnery                  School                    Waynflete School            NEW JERSEY                  George School               School                   WASHINGTON
accredited by an officially     The Hotchkiss School      Savannah Country Day                                     The Lawrenceville School    The Hill School         St. John’s School            Charles Wright Academy
recognized evaluation           Salisbury School             School                    MASSACHUSETTS               Peddie School               Lancaster Country Day   St. Mark’s School of Texas
agency in the state or region   Suffield Academy                                       Belmont Hill School         The Pennington School          School                                            WASHINGTON DC
in which it is located.         The Taft School           ILLINOIS                     Berkshire School                                        Linden Hall             UTAH                         Sidwell Friends School
                                Westminster School        North Shore Country Day      Deerfield Academy           NEW MEXICO                  Perkiomen School        Wasatch Academy              St. Albans School
                                                             School                    Miss Hall’s School          Albuquerque Academy         Westtown School         The Waterford School
                                DELAWARE                                               Phillips Academy Andover                                Wyoming Seminary                                     WISCONSIN
                                St. Andrew’s School       INDIANA                      Stoneleigh-Burnham School   NEW YORK                                            VERMONT                      Wayland Academy
                                Tower Hill School         Canterbury School                                        The Masters School                                  The Putney School
                                                                                                                   The Stony Brook School
Bring Global Diversity to Your Campus with ASSIST
What are the membership criteria?                                  Financing the Scholarship
                                 A school must meet the following requirements and                  ASSIST member schools utilize numerous models to finance the
                                 responsibilities to become a member school and to host             ASSIST scholarship:
BILYANA GEORGIEVA                ASSIST Scholars:                                                     If the school has met its enrollment goal, the ASSIST Scholar     FILIP FLENHAGEN
Bulgaria                                                                                                                                                                Sweden
                                   ASSIST member schools must be fully accredited members of          can be added “extra-budget,” as a non-matriculating, non-
Greenhill School                                                                                                                                                        Belmont Hill School
Texas                              the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).            degree-seeking student.                                           Massachusetts

High honors. Outstanding
                                   Returning schools reenroll annually in the fall. After             The ASSIST scholarship can be added as a separate line            High Honors. Community
Accomplishment in AP               reenrollment, ASSIST sends membership invitations to               item in the budget, as both revenue and expense, thereby          service at Camp Starfish
Statistics Award, Excellence       prospective schools based on program capacity and on the           emphasizing that the cost of the Scholar is revenue neutral       (children with intellectual
in Physics Book Award,                                                                                                                                                  disabilities). Member of
                                   projected size of the applicant pool.                              unless he or she is taking the place of a full-pay student.
History Book Award, Theater                                                                                                                                             Model UN and Chinese Clubs
Award, and Dance Award.            Each member school pays an annual membership fee, which            The school can identify a generous donor willing to fund          and wrote for the student
Cross-country team, dance          provides access to all ASSIST programs and support. In             or endow the scholarship; someone who is interested in            newspaper. Acted in the
company, spring musical.           2019/20, the annual fee is $775.                                   promoting diversity and international engagement.                 Senior-directed play. Lettered
                                                                                                                                                                        in Varsity Golf and Varsity
“My ASSIST year broadened          Member schools offer at least one full scholarship and reserve     The scholarship can be included in the school’s overall           Soccer. Honorable mention
my perspective in so many          a place for an international student identified and placed by      financial aid budget.                                             by the Independent School
ways and helped me define
                                   ASSIST. The scholarship must include:                              With an increasing emphasis on net tuition revenue among          League Council for contribu­
myself as an individual. I met
                                                                                                                                                                        tions to the Belmont Hill
so many wonderful people           — tuition, room and board for a boarding student; or               NAIS schools, ASSIST schools are increasingly requesting          soccer team and Second
whom I now call my second          — tuition and a volunteer host family for a day student.           partial scholarship students and envisioning the delegation as    Team All-ISL Soccer selection.
family, and I know this
wouldn’t have been possible
                                   With guidance from ASSIST, schools recruit and steward             a group that contributes genuine revenue to the budget.          “Being a part of the ASSIST
without this exchange.”            volunteer host families for each student.                                                                                            program allowed me to
                                   Scholarships are offered for one year only, after which each                                                                         explore and learn from a
                                                                                                                                                                        foreign culture; furthermore,
                                   Scholar must return home to complete his or her secondary
                                                                                                                                                                        my ASSIST year helped me
                                   education and to share what was learned and experienced.                                                                             understand who I am and
                                                                                                                                                                        what I believe in.”

                                 How to apply for membership
                                 Applications for school membership are accepted throughout         CONTACT
                                                                                                    Marty Milne
                                 the year. Invitations to join the program are extended in
                                                                                                    Vice President
                                 the fall for the following academic year as space becomes
                                 available. Please contact Marty Milne if your school is  
                                 interested in joining ASSIST or in learning about becoming
                                 involved in ASSIST chapter activities in your area.
Bring Global Diversity to Your Campus with ASSIST
Frequently asked questions                                            CAN SCHOOLS CHOOSE THEIR FULL SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT’S HOME COUNTRY?
                                                                                                         The school may select and rank up to five preferred sending
                                   about ASSIST                                                          countries. ASSIST staff will use this list as part of our matching
                                                                                                         process during school placement.
                                   HOW ARE THE SCHOLARS SELECTED? ASSIST conducts annual
 Germany                           scholarship competitions in each of our partner countries.
                                                                                                         WHERE DO STUDENTS STAY WHEN ATTENDING A DAY SCHOOL, OR DURING
 Woodberry Forest School           ASSIST Scholars are selected based on academic record, level of
                                                                                                         BREAKS WHEN ATTENDING A BOARDING SCHOOL? ASSIST works with
 Virginia                          English profi­ciency, their ability to contribute to their American
                                                                                                         member schools to develop successful and proven strategies
 Walker Scholar. Princeton         schools, and their instinct to share their culture.
 Book Club Award. Lettered
                                                                                                         for host family recruitment. Students live with families for
 in Varsity Soccer and Varsity                                                                           extended periods of time in day schools, or for shorter periods
 Diving. Varsity Baseball          WHY IS ASSIST A ONE-YEAR PROGRAM? This policy makes ASSIST a
                                                                                                         during boarding school breaks.
 Assistant Coach. International    true exchange program. Upon their return home, our alumni
 Forum, acting and directing       share with family, fellow students and teachers, and their
 class. Cast member in                                                                                   WHY MAY STUDENTS NOT RETURN HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS? As both
 fall and spring plays; took
                                   friends what they have learned: about themselves, about
                                                                                                         an edu­cational and a cultural immersion program, we know
 vocal lessons; arranged for       American society and culture, and about becoming a global
                                                                                                         through experience that significant growth and learning takes
 Holocaust survivor Esther         citizen. This expands the impact of the program beyond the
 Bauer to address the school.                                                                            place with host families. Having the opportunity to spend
                                   individual experience of one student.
                                                                                                         relaxed time with American host families, and to participate in
“With ASSIST I embarked on a
 journey unprecedented in my                                                                             important holiday traditions, enriches a student’s experience
                                   DO ASSIST SCHOLARS NEED ESL SUPPORT? No. ASSIST Scholars have
 life. I learned how to look out                                                                         immeasurably.
 for opportunity, where to find    a high level of English proficiency, as measured by the ELTiS.
 it, and how to take advantage     Not having to focus on language acquisition allows our students
                                                                                                         WHAT ARE REGIONAL CHAPTERS? Regional chapters of ASSIST have
 of it. I realized how much        to enroll in honors and AP courses—and to have the time to
 potential there is in the world                                                                         been established to develop interest in and to further support
 and comprehended what it          pursue extracurricular talents and passions.
                                                                                                         the mission of ASSIST among schools clustered geographically.
 means to think critically.”
                                                                                                         Chapter leaders organize and host events to connect
                                   IN WHICH GRADE ARE THE SCHOLARS ENROLLED? The majority of ASSIST
                                                                                                         Scholars, host families, school representatives, alumni and
                                   Scholars are enrolled in the 11th grade at their American
                                                                                                         friends of ASSIST.
                                   schools; a smaller number are enrolled in the 10th or 12th
                                   grades or as postgraduates.

                                   STUDENT? After a school has accepted one student on full scholar­     “We have hosted a total of three ASSIST students during our
                                   ship, ASSIST is generally able to provide another care­fully          daughter’s high school years. They are Laura from Zaragoza,
                                   selected Scholar whose family is able to pay approximately half
                                   of the tuition. This option is especially attractive to schools
                                                                                                         Spain, Paula from Madrid, Spain, and Lea from Düsseldorf,
                                   that anticipate enrollment openings and wish to diversify their       Germany. Each student has been absolutely outstanding, and
                                   population with international students, particularly those from       our only regret is that our daughter has now graduated, so we
                                   countries beyond a school’s usual reach. A number of schools
                                                                                                         will not be hosting a fourth.”
                                   now offer multiple partial scholarships.
                                                                                                         — The Smith Family, Chadwick School, California
Bring Global Diversity to Your Campus with ASSIST

What School Heads are Saying
                                                                           Number of American
                                                                                                                                         Top scholarship
                                                                           families who will host               represented by the           awarded
              D. SCOTT LOONEY                                                ASSIST Scholars                      Class of 2018/19          in 2018/19
              Head of School
              Hawken School, Ohio

“I have been working with ASSIST for almost 25 years, at two
 different schools, and have been thrilled with the caliber of student
 they provide, and the personalized approach they take to making
 sure each student/school match is good. Hawken is deeply enriched

                                                                              $6.4                                                      5,210
 by having the ASSIST students provide a global perspective both in                                            THE SELECTION FUNNEL
 the classroom and in our co-curricular program. I can’t imagine our
 school without the benefit of the ASSIST students.”
                                                                            awarded in 2018/19
                                                                                                                                        Number of ASSIST

              ANDREW T. WATSON
              Head of School
              Albuquerque Academy, New Mexico
“Over the years, so many lives have been changed through the

 ASSIST program here, both for the arriving students and for
 those on campus who live and learn with them. And then, years
 later, I find adults in the front hall of the administration building
 nostalgically looking at our history panels, quick to tell me that ‘I
                                                                          Percentage of Scholars
                                                                                                                 ASSIST Scholars            49
                                                                                                                                             Years of

 was an exchange student here in 1988, and it shaped my life forever.’     on the honor or high                                             operation
 What a great program!”                                                    honor rolls in 2017/18


              CHARLES C. CAHN III
              Suffield Academy, Connecticut

“Suffield has had a long and historic relationship with ASSIST. Our
 ASSIST students have enhanced our community through their                          1                       $970,478                    100s
 investment in all parts of school life and through their hard work
 and kind spirit. ASSIST is well run and responsive to the needs of          FAMILY                               Philanthropic             Worldwide
                                                                              A worldwide clan                      support            volunteers who make
 schools, students and families.”                                        including Scholars, alumni,               in 2017/18             the program go
                                                                            parents, host families,
                                                                              teachers, donors,
                                                                           volunteers and friends
Bring Global Diversity to Your Campus with ASSIST
Leadership of ASSIST                                                                                    ASSIST Board of Directors
                                                                                                        ASSIST is also fortunate to have a worldwide network of volunteers. Through the
            ROBERT A. STANLEY, JR., President                    STEPHANIE M. MCQUEEN, Director of
                                                                                                        Board of Directors, ASSIST extends its reach through the active participation of
            (appointed 2000)                                     Development (2017)
                                                                                                        alumni, alumni parents and friends around the globe.
             Mr. Stanley served in                                Ms. McQueen has served as
             American independent                                 a development professional
                                                                                                        RICHARD P. HALL                              C. JOSEPH GOULD                       CECILIE ROHWEDDER-HORVATH ’85
schools for 13 years and has previous                at Trinity College, Wesleyan University
                                                                                                        Chair of the Board                           Asst. Head of School for              The Orme School, AZ
experience in the corporate world.                   and Kingswood Oxford School. She is                Head of School Emeritus,                     External Affairs Emeritus, St.        Journalist
He is a graduate of Suffield Academy,                a graduate of Assumption College and               Washington International                     George’s School, RI                   The Wall Street Journal, DC
                                                                                                        School, DC
Brown University and Yale University                 Trinity College.                                                                                ULRICH GRAEBNER ’84                   J. WOOD RUTTER
Divinity School.                                                                                        ANDREW C. PILARO                             Deerfield Academy, MA                 Headmaster Emeritus, Beaufort
                                                                 ANNE STANLEY, Director of School and   Vice Chair of the Board                      Managing Director, Leonardo &         Academy, SC
            J. MARTIN MILNE, Vice President (2009)               Family Relations (2000)                Vice Chairman, CAP Advisers                  Co., Germany
                                                                  Anne was Vice President of            Limited, NY                                                                        INGRID H. SAVAGE
            Mr. Milne served in                                                                                                                      PAMELA HAERING HP’16                  Seattle, WA
            independent schools in the                            ASSIST 2000–2009. In 2013,            PAMELA M. THYE                               Former Host Parent
                                                     she returned as Director of School and                                                                                                ROBERT A. STANLEY, JR. (EX OFFICIO)
            United States and abroad for                                                                Vice Chair of the Board                      Chadwick School, CA
                                                                                                        Greenwich, CT                                                                      President, ASSIST
13 years and is a graduate of Eaglebrook             Family Relations to introduce pro­spective                                                      SEAN T. HARRIS ’95
                                                     schools to membership, steward current                                                                                                CATHERINE M. TINSLEY
School, Deerfield Academy, St. Lawrence                                                                 ANDREW WOODEN                                St. Andrew’s-Sewanee
                                                                                                        Vice Chair of the Board                      School, TN. Director, Christian       Washington, DC
University and State University of New               school relationships and travel overseas
                                                                                                        Head of School, The Buckley                  Birkenstock Consulting GmbH,          GRACE TOMPKINS
York Albany.                                         to interview prospective students. She is a
                                                                                                        School, CA                                   Germany; Chair, Friends of            Friend of ASSIST, McLean, VA
                                                     graduate of Syracuse University.                                                                ASSIST, Germany
                                                                                                        ROBERT FLEISHMAN                                                                   MEERA VISWANATHAN, PHD
                                                                                                        Treasurer of the Board                       JOHN L. HEYL                          Head of School, Ethel Walker
                                                                                                        Partner Emeritus, Steptoe &                  Former Senior Vice President          School, CT
U.S.-based Staff and Volunteers                                                                         Johnson, DC                                  for Development, Center for
                                                                                                                                                     Strategic and International           LOUISA ZENDT
In the U.S., a professional staff of twelve supports ASSIST Scholars from selection and                 HELIS ZULIJANI-BOYE ’00                                                            Former Director of
                                                                                                                                                     Studies, DC
placement through their exchange year. Each member school appoints an ASSIST                            Secretary of the Board                                                             Admission and Financial Aid,
                                                                                                        Cranbrook Schools, MI                        JOHN A. KAZICKAS                      St. Andrew’s School, DE
Representative to liaise among Scholars, faculty members, host families and natural
                                                                                                        Vice President for Private                   General Director and Secretary,
families. ASSIST Scholars enjoy extraordinary support throughout their initial exchange                 Equity, Soros Fund                           The Kazickas Family Foundation,
experience and, increasingly, as alumni and members of the worldwide ASSIST Family.                     Management, NY                               NY

                                                                                                        DAVID M. DIAMOND                             MIRELLA LANG ’96
                                                                                                                                                                                           ASSIST is a nonprofit organization with
ASSIST Overseas Leaders
                                                                                                        President, David Diamond                     St. Mark’s School, MA
                                                                                                                                                                                           tax-exempt status incorporated in Vermont.
                                                                                                        Associates, NY                               Managing Director, Business
                                                                                                                                                                                           ASSIST is designated by the United States
In addition to staff in ASSIST’s international headquarters in Suffield, CT, the                                                                     Development, AQR Capital
                                                                                                        JOHN R. EIDAM                                                                      Department of State as an authorized
                                                                                                                                                     Management, NY
organization maintains a part-time employee or volunteer leader in 21 countries. Our                    Former Dean of Admission,                                                          Exchange Visitor Program. ASSIST is able to
                                                                                                                                                                                           facilitate the issuance of the J-1 visa under
colleagues promote the program, prescreen candidates, prepare and orient the students,                  Wyoming Seminary, PA                         ROBERT H. MATTOON, JR., PHD
                                                                                                                                                                                           which our students study in the U.S. for one
and provide support during the placement year. They keep ASSIST abreast of important                                                                 Former Co-Head of School,             academic year on Exchange Visitor status.
                                                                                                        PETER A. FREW                                Avenues, The World School, NY
national trends and serve both ASSIST and member schools as liaisons to families                        Director of Admission, The Taft                                                    ASSIST does not discriminate, nor does it
throughout the exchange year.                                                                           School, CT                                   GEORGE PATTERSON ’94                  condone harassment on the basis of gender,
                                                                                                                                                     Northfield Mount Hermon               race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin,
                                                                                                                                                     School, MA. Managing Director         disability, age, sexual orientation or any
                                                                                                                                                     & Head of Tech. Inv. Banking          other basis proscribed by applicable policies
                                                                                                                                                                                           or laws.
                                                                                                                                                     NA, HSBC, NY
Bring Global Diversity to Your Campus with ASSIST
American Secondary           P.O. Box 969                  Telephone: (860) 668-5706
Schools for                  Suite 203, Suffield Village   Facsimile: (860) 668-5726
International Students and   68 Bridge Street    
Teachers                     Suffield, Connecticut 06078
Bring Global Diversity to Your Campus with ASSIST
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