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ZWOLLE HIGH SCHOOL - Student Handbook 2020-2021 - Sabine Parish School District

                          Student Handbook
                            Sabine Parish School Board
                                       Bradley McLaren
                                       Assistant Principal
                                         Russell Peace
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Table of Contents
 Section                                                                                           Page
 SCHOOL OPERATIONS--------------------------------------------                                     3
 FACE COVERINGS--------------------------------------------------                                  6
 PHILOSOPHY--------------------------------------------------------                                8
 PARENT – TEACHER CONFERENCES / VISITORS------------                                               9
 CLOSED CAMPUS -------------------------------------------------                                   9
 CARS ON CAMPUS ------------------------------------------------                                   9
 LOCKS AND LOCKERS --------------------------------------------                                    9
 INSURANCE --------------------------------------------------------                                9
 EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES -------------------------------                                        10
 LETTER JACKET POLICY ------------------------------------------                                   10
 STUDENTS LEAVING EARLY ------------------------------------                                       10
 BALLOONS AND FLOWERS -------------------------------------                                        10
 STUDENT ABSENCES / MAKE-UP WORK --------------------                                              10
 ATTENDANCE RECOVERY ---------------------------------------                                       11
 HONOR ROLL ------------------------------------------------------                                 11
 ELECTRONIC DEVICES – CELL PHONES ----------------------                                           12
 DRESS CODE -------------------------------------------------------                                13
 SAC POLICY --------------------------------------------------------                               14
 SUSPENSIONS -----------------------------------------------------                                 15
 EXPULSION ---------------------------------------------------------                               15
 SAC CONTRACT----------------------------------------------------                                  16
 UNPAID FEE COLLECTION---------------------------------------                                      17
 FEE INFORMATION------------------------------------------------                                   18
 ZHS FEES-------------------------------------------------------------

                             Sabine Parish School Board
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 PRESIDENT                                  SUPERINTENDENT                                  Spencer Faust
                                                                                         William D. Garcie
                                695 PETERSON STREET * P.O. BOX 1079                     Genevieve Gordon
 LEAH BYLES, DDS                       MANY, LOUISIANA 71449                             Kowonno Greene
 VICE-PRESIDENT                PHONE (318) 256-9228 * FAX (318)256-0105                Donald H. Remedies
                                                                                              Dale Skinner

        SUPPLEMENT to Sabine Parish Schools’
        Parent & Student Handbook 2020-2021
School Operations during a Pandemic or Other Health

A pandemic is a global outbreak of disease. Pandemics happen
when a new virus emerges to infect individuals and, because there is
little to no pre-existing immunity against the new virus, it spreads
sustainably. Your child’s school and district play an essential role,
along with the local health department and emergency management
agencies, in protecting the public’s health and safety during a
pandemic or other health emergency.
During a pandemic or other health emergency, you will be notified
in a timely manner of all changes to the school environment and
schedule that affect your child. Please be assured that even if
school is not physically in session, it is the goal of the school and
district to provide your child with the best educational
opportunities possible.
Additionally, please note the following:

1. All decisions regarding changes to the school environment and
   schedule, including a possible interruption of in-person learning,
   will be made by the superintendent in consultation with and, if
   necessary, at the direction of the Governor, Louisiana Department
   of Public Health, local health department, emergency
   management agencies, and/or the Louisiana Board of
   Elementary and Secondary Education.
2. Available learning opportunities may include remote
   and/or blended learning. Blended learning may require
649 Championship Drive | P.O. Box 188 | Zwolle, Louisiana 71486 | Phone: (318) 645-6104 | Fax: (318) 645-4830
                                                   Page | 3
your child/children to attend school on a modified
3. Students will be expected to participate in blended and
   remote instruction as required by the school and district.
4. Parents are responsible for assuring the participation of
   their child/children.
5. Students who do not participate in blended or remote
   learning will be considered truant.
6. All school disciplinary rules remain in effect even during
   the interruption of in-person learning.
7. Students are subject to discipline for disrupting the
   remote learning environment to the same extent that
   discipline would be imposed for disruption of the
   traditional classroom.
8. Students are also expected to follow all student safety
   protocols. Violations of school disciplinary rules are
   subject to disciplinary action as provided by the District
   Code of Conduct and all related disciplinary policies.
9. Due to safety measures implemented in response to
   COVID-19, some elements of our discipline plan will be
   temporarily suspended (one example, Project Decision at
   SPARK) depending upon the state’s reopening phase as
   set by Gov. John Bel Edwards as well as mitigation steps
   recommended by the LDOE and LDH.
10. Students and parents will be required to observe all
   public health and safety measures implemented by the
   school and district in conjunction with state and local
11. During a pandemic or other health emergency, the
   school and district will ensure that educational
   opportunities are available to all students.
12. School personnel will work closely with students with
   disabilities and other vulnerable student populations to
   minimize the impact of any educational disruption.
649 Championship Drive | P.O. Box 188 | Zwolle, Louisiana 71486 | Phone: (318) 645-6104 | Fax: (318) 645-4830
                                                   Page | 4
13. Students who have a compromised immune system,
  live with an individual with a compromised immune
  system, or have a medical condition that may impact their
  ability to attend school during a pandemic or other public
  health emergency should contact school officials.
14. Alternative means for best educating students outside
  of a traditional setting will be made on a case-by-case
15. During a pandemic or other health emergency,
  teachers and school staff will receive additional training
  on health and safety measures.
16. During a pandemic or other health emergency,
  teachers and school staff take extra cleaning and
  disinfecting measures.
17. In accordance with school district or state mandates,
  the school may need to conduct a daily health assessment
  of your child. Parents and students will be notified of the
  exact assessment procedures if this becomes necessary.
18. Parents should not send their child to school if their
  child exhibits any symptoms consistent with the
  pandemic or other health emergency.
19. Please do not hesitate to contact school or district
  officials if you have any concerns regarding your child’s
  education, health or safety.
20. For the most up-to-date resources regarding the
   COVID-19 pandemic, please visit the Sabine Schools’
   Sabine Strong Website @

649 Championship Drive | P.O. Box 188 | Zwolle, Louisiana 71486 | Phone: (318) 645-6104 | Fax: (318) 645-4830
                                                   Page | 5

Ensuring student safety is one of the highest responsibilities of every school
system. During the COVID-19 pandemic, that responsibility has been further
magnified. For this reason, effective for the 2020-21 school year and until
further notice, Sabine Parish Schools will require face coverings for all bus
riders. Additionally, adults and students (3rd grade and up) will be required to
wear face coverings, as able, to the maximum extent possible. Any child over
the age of two may wear a face covering. Face coverings should be worn in all
areas of the school. This includes classrooms. Most importantly, face coverings
must be worn during arrival, dismissal, and any other transition within the
school building. Students will be allowed face-covering breaks throughout the
day when it is safe to do so and will have the freedom to remove the mask in
the event of emergencies.

Exceptions will be made for individuals with severe breathing difficulties,
disabilities, or other health/safety concerns. A physician’s statement shall be
required as evidence that an individual is unable to wear a face covering while
on the bus or while on school facilities. In such cases, other forms of face
covering will be utilized such as face shields.

We recognize that the topic of face coverings is met with both support and
opposition. In addition, we respect the decision of each guardian to choose
what is best for his/her children and will therefore provide an alternative
educational option for parents who do not want their children to wear a mask
while on the school bus and while at school. Parents will have the discretion to
enroll their children into the Sabine Online Academic Program, if they do not
wish for their children to return to face-to-face classes in the 2020-21 school

Face coverings are being added to the student and employee dress codes and
must be provided by parents and employees. We understand that from time to
time a student may forget his/her face covering at home and will be happy to
provide one. Should it become evident that a student’s lack of having an
adequate face covering becomes habitual, the student and his/her guardians
will be required to have a conference with the school principal, prior to being
allowed to return to school. If a student exercises willful disobedience toward
any district/school employee when asked to wear a face covering and blatantly
refuses, he/she will be asked to sit in a special quarantine room until his/her

649 Championship Drive | P.O. Box 188 | Zwolle, Louisiana 71486 | Phone: (318) 645-6104 | Fax: (318) 645-4830
                                                   Page | 6
parents are available for pick-up and will be disciplined in accordance with the
school’s discipline policy for willful disobedience. If a student refuses to wear
a mask to school and is supported by his/her parents, the student and his/her
guardians will be required to have a conference with the Director of Student
Services prior to being allowed to return to school.

As with all student dress, in alignment with the SPSB Student Dress Code Policy,
students are required to be responsible in their dress and grooming by avoiding
extremes and manifesting self-discipline. Cooperation of parents is essential.
Student dress and grooming are not to be a source of disruption in classes,
school programs, or other school-related activities or detract from the learning
environment of the school. No student shall wear, possess, use, distribute,
display, or sell any face covering with evidence of affiliation with tobacco,
drugs, alcohol, or violence or gang related activities or that exhibits profane or
obscene language/gestures. Administrators are authorized to use their
discretion in determining extremes in style of dress and grooming and what is
appropriate and suitable for school wear. The school administrator shall be the
final interpreter of the dress code.


649 Championship Drive | P.O. Box 188 | Zwolle, Louisiana 71486 | Phone: (318) 645-6104 | Fax: (318) 645-4830
                                                   Page | 7

We, the faculty of Zwolle High School, feel that the school is the unifying agent within our
community. The school must accept the challenges of preparing the student to be a well-rounded,
productive member of the community, but the community, in return, must provide the financial
and moral support for a successful school system. Thus, we believe that positive interaction
between school and community is necessary to sustain a desirable educational program.

We believe that each student should have the opportunity to reach his full potential in the
academic, athletic, and social areas. We recognize the fact that individual differences in ability in
all these areas do exist, and through our educational program we adjust our techniques of
teaching and the learning situation to meet these differences in an effort to encourage the best
possible use of the capacity that each student possesses.

We stress discipline as a key principle in developing a sound educational environment. We feel
that discipline enhances both teaching and learning and creates an atmosphere of respect and
cooperation among students, faculty, and administrators. We, therefore, encourage the
development of self-discipline so as to make a student more receptive to his responsibilities as he
becomes a member of our democratic society.

We recognize the cultural backgrounds that exist in our local school system and the community.
The faculty seeks to encourage an understanding of and an appreciation for these various cultural
influences so as to prepare the student to be able to interact, as an adult, with the multi-cultures
that are present in the American society.

We, the faculty and administration, seek to instill within the student body an appreciation for the
sacrifices and efforts that have been made by all segments of society in establishing the freedoms
that we, as Americans, enjoy. We realize that continually-changing forces shape these United
States and attempt to prepare the student to confront these challenges awaiting him as a worker
and a citizen as he leaves the formal educational environment. We believe, most importantly,
that a student must appreciate his own self-worth and his identity as an individual in preparation
for constructive participation in our American system.

649 Championship Drive | P.O. Box 188 | Zwolle, Louisiana 71486 | Phone: (318) 645-6104 | Fax: (318) 645-4830
                                                   Page | 8
ZHS other points of emphasis include but are not limited to the following.

All parents are welcome to visit with the teachers, the principal, and the guidance counselor. All
visitors and parents must sign-in at the office and wear a visitor badge while visiting a teacher or
classroom. If consultation is desired this may be arranged through the office. The school policy
is to accept only those visitors who have legitimate business to attend to at the school. Guests
and visitors must report to the office. Visitors are expected to leave promptly when their business
is completed.

We operate a closed campus policy. Students must stay on the school grounds from the time they
arrive, even if the first period has not yet started, until dismissal or until they are picked up by
the bus. Any student leaving the school grounds must have permission from a parent or guardian
and must check out through the office with permission from the principal or other official office
personnel and must leave campus immediately. If a student returns on the same day, he must sign
back in. If a student leaves campus without checking out through the office, then the student will
be suspended for three days.

Students who drive to school and all vehicles driven on school campus are to be in compliance
with Louisiana motor vehicle laws. Students who drive to school will park in designated parking
spaces only. Vehicles are to be locked and may not be visited at any time during the day without
permission from the principal's office. Once a student arrives at school, they are to report to their
designated location and not sit in their vehicles. Alcoholic beverages, weapons, illegal drugs
and/or controlled and hazardous substances are not permitted in vehicles parked in the school
parking area. Students will be required to purchase a parking permit from the office. Students
who purchase permits will be drug tested and subject to random drug screening throughout the
year. Penalties for careless or fast driving on campus are left to the discretion of the principal.
Cars may be parked in the student parking lot only.

Students are required to rent a locker with a school lock for a cost of $5.00. Homeroom teachers
will issue the locks and lockers. Only one student per locker is allowed. All locks and lockers
remain the property of the school and may be searched at the discretion of the administration.
Students may take private insurance through the school at a low cost. It is not compulsory and
the school cannot be responsible in case payment of claim does not come to expectations of
students and parents.

649 Championship Drive | P.O. Box 188 | Zwolle, Louisiana 71486 | Phone: (318) 645-6104 | Fax: (318) 645-4830
                                                   Page | 9
All rules and regulations that apply for daily school activities also apply at extracurricular
activities. The following requirements apply for participation in each activity listed:
    ATHLETICS – Students in grades 9-11 must pass 3 classes per semester and meet LHSAA
grade-point average requirements. Seniors must take at least 2 classes per semester that count
toward graduation and pass all classes taken, in addition to meeting LHSAA grade-point
requirements. A student participating in a sports activity must be in school 1/2 day on the day of
activities, unless doctor’s excuses are received.
    ACADEMIC BRUNCH – To be invited, students must maintain honor roll status for the first,
second, and third nine weeks of school based on 4.0 scale, with no grade below a “B” (including
final exams) on report card. Students must be enrolled in at least 4 Carnegie unit classes to be
    CLUBS – Beta, 4-H, FFA, FCCLA, FBLA, SADD, Library Club: See sponsor for rules and
    PROM – See sponsor for rules. Any student who owes attendance recovery days will NOT
be allowed to attend prom.
    FIELD TRIPS – To participate in field trips, students must have exhibited reasonable
attendance prior to the trip, as determined by the principal.
    PBIS No Referral Trip – Must have no referrals and no attendance recovery owed at the time
of the trip.

Athletic Letter Jacket: In order for a student-athlete to qualify for a jacket, they must complete
two full years in a sport while in grades 9-12.
Academic Letter Jacket: In order for a student to qualify for a jacket, they must earn a final letter
grade of A in every class through five consecutive semesters. (Effective 2016)

Any student who is picked up by the parent or guardian during the school day must be signed out
by the parent or guardian in the office. The parent or guardian should have with them some type
of identification. A student who signs out early must leave the school premises. There should be
no wandering around the halls, gym, or the parking lot.

Students who receive balloons or flowers in a glass vase must be picked up by their parents. No
students will be allowed to board the bus with these items.

Doctor’s excuses for student absences MUST be turned in to the office within five (5) school
days of the student’s absence. If not, the student’s absence will be considered unexcused. NO
excuses will be taken after five (5) school days. Students are allowed three (3) days to make up
assignments upon returning from an absence. It is the STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to get
the assignments from the teacher.

649 Championship Drive | P.O. Box 188 | Zwolle, Louisiana 71486 | Phone: (318) 645-6104 | Fax: (318) 645-4830
                                                  Page | 10
Any student that exceeds the minimum number of allowed absences per semester will be allowed
to make up attendance with the attendance recovery program. If a student is assigned a Saturday
attendance recovery and does not attend, it will not be assigned again. It is the responsibility of
the student and parent to make sure they attend. The truancy policy will be followed as outlined.
In order to be eligible to receive credits toward graduation, students must meet state guidelines
for attendance.

At the end of each nine weeks the honor roll will be announced for each grade. To be named to
the honor roll, one must have a B average or above, with no grade below a C and no incompletes.
High school students must be enrolled in at least four Carnegie units to be on the honor roll.
Seniors must be enrolled in at least 2 Carnegie units per semester to qualify for the honor roll.
Each nine weeks, students having no discipline referrals and either straight A’s or perfect
attendance will be honored by being named a member of the Principal’s Club for that nine

649 Championship Drive | P.O. Box 188 | Zwolle, Louisiana 71486 | Phone: (318) 645-6104 | Fax: (318) 645-4830
                                                  Page | 11

No student, unless authorized by the school principal or his/her designee, shall use or operate any
electronic telecommunication device, including any facsimile system, radio paging service, mobile
telephone service, intercom, or electro-mechanical paging system in any elementary or secondary
school building, or on the grounds thereof or in any school bus used to transport public school
students. Such prohibition shall not apply to after-school functions or events when the coach,
sponsor, or other school employee in charge of the event authorizes the use of such devices. A
violation of these provisions may be grounds for disciplinary action, including but not limited to,
suspension from school. Nothing shall prohibit the use and operation by any person, including
students, of any electronic telecommunication device in the event of an emergency. Emergency shall
mean an actual or imminent threat to public health or safety which may result in loss of life, injury,
or property damage.

For purposes of this policy, the terms use and operation shall mean whenever the electronic
telecommunication device is turned on.

If a student needs to make a phone call, they must use the ZHS office phone only!

        ZHS Consequences for Violation of Electronic Telecommunication Device Policy
         Offense             Device Confiscated For # of                        Disciplinary
                                     School Days                                Consequence
       1st Offense                  5 School Days
       2nd Offense                 10 School Days                              3 Days SAC
       3rd Offense                 15 School Days                              3 Days OSS
       4th Offense                 30 School Days                       3 Days OSS & 3 Days SAC
       5th Offense                 30 School Days                      Recommendation for Expulsion

   Student Refusal to      *Student will be suspended for 5 days for Complete disregard of
       Turn Over           administrative authority & cell phone will be confiscated.
   n Device To School

    ● The student’s phone will only be released to a parent/guardian.

    ● The parent/guardian will sign off saying they received the phone.

    ● The student must complete the discipline consequences before being eligible to receive
      his/her phone back.

649 Championship Drive | P.O. Box 188 | Zwolle, Louisiana 71486 | Phone: (318) 645-6104 | Fax: (318) 645-4830
                                                  Page | 12
Building character is one of the responsibilities of the school. Proper dress and good grooming
are conducive to building both character and self-confidence. Therefore, dress and grooming
should be appropriate and safe for school activities. Some fashions, though stylish, are not
appropriate for school.
    1. Shorts are allowed to be worn. All shorts must be knee length and be khaki or denim.
        No athletic shorts other than in P.E. class.
    2. Work-out pants, and skin tight pants, including leggings, jeggings, and yoga pants are
        NOT allowed. Short pants including capris (mid-calf) are allowed.
    3. Pants or shorts with holes or frays in them are NOT allowed.
    4. Sweat pants/jogging pants “fleece lined” are NOT allowed.
    5. “Sagging” pants are NOT allowed. All male students must wear a belt.
    6. Shirts of young men CANNOT extend past the fingertips when in a standing position.
    7. Solid white T-shirts (undergarments) CANNOT be worn as an outer garment.
    8. All skirts and dresses MUST be long enough to reach the top of the knee cap.
    9. For female students, all tops MUST be long enough so that no skin is showing when the
        student is in a standing position with arms by the sides.
    10. All tops MUST have sleeves. Tank tops are allowed only if worn under a top with
    11. Cleavage MUST NOT be visible.
    12. Undergarments, including straps, CANNOT be seen, even under a sheer fabric. A shirt
        with at least one inch strap must be worn under sheer blouses.
    13. House shoes, slippers, and flip flops (foam/rubber soled) are NOT allowed.
    14. Headgear (caps, hats, hoods, bandanas, sunglasses, etc.) is NOT allowed to be worn in
        the building.
    15. NO clothing will be permitted that causes distractions. Clothing with profane or obscene
        language, inappropriate pictures, alcoholic beverages, or questionable printing is NOT
    16. NO body piercing jewelry is allowed other than earrings worn in the ears.
    17. Natural hair colors only.
    18. Extremes in style and fit in student dress and extremes in style of grooming shall NOT be
        permitted. *Administrators are authorized to use their discretion in determining extremes
        in styles of dress and grooming and what is appropriate and suitable for school wear.

The ZHS dress code applies to all school activities (ball games) and school functions.
Even though you are important as an individual, the way you look is a reflection of your school. Since
clothes and hair styles change frequently, the principal will decide what is considered appropriate attire
for school. The faculty and staff will monitor appropriate clothing. Students are expected to abide by the
principal’s judgment. Zwolle High School will abide by any dress code adopted by the Sabine Parish
School Board.

ZHS Policy on Face Coverings
   No Bandanas as face coverings
   No verbiage other than school logo or student initials.
  *** The school administrator shall be the final interpreter of the dress code.
649 Championship Drive | P.O. Box 188 | Zwolle, Louisiana 71486 | Phone: (318) 645-6104 | Fax: (318) 645-4830
                                                  Page | 13

   Self-discipline is the most effective kind of discipline and students are to assume
responsibility for their own behavior. When student behavior is not acceptable, necessary action
will be taken. According to state law, the teacher or school administrator has the right to control
or discipline a student during the time such student is in attendance or in transit to or from school
or any school-sponsored function. Misconduct will be dealt with immediately.

                                               SAC Policy
             BEHAVIOR                                         PUNISHMENT
 Inappropriate Articles / Websites/                  Confiscate and 3 days SAC
 Misuse of Technology
 (principal’s discretion)
 Leaving Assigned Location                           3 days SAC
 Without Permission
 Defacing or Destroying Property                     Restitution and 3 days SAC
 Profanity                                           3 days SAC
 Willful Disobedience or Disrespect                  3 days SAC
 Eating (unless otherwise allowed)/                  3 days SAC
 gum chewing
 2nd Cell Phone Offense                              3 days SAC
 Cheating                                            3 days SAC
 Tardies                                             3 days SAC
 Dress Code Violation                                3 days SAC
 2nd SAC Mark                                        Added 1 day SAC

SAC is an administrative decision and may not be refused by a student. All SAC time will
be served. Refusal by a student will be considered a complete disregard of administrative
authority and will result in a 5 day or indefinite suspension. Upon returning from
suspension, the student will serve any remaining SAC time.

Consequences for Repeat Offenders:
1st offense – 3 days SAC; parents are notified by mail
2nd offense – 3 days SAC; parents are notified by mail and phone and are
reminded that the next SAC offense will be a suspension
3rd offense – suspension; parents notified by phone
4th offense – 3 days SAC and a 1 day suspension; parents are notified by phone
and mail
5th offense – Principal discretion; this student is a constant offender and is a
disruption to the school environment

649 Championship Drive | P.O. Box 188 | Zwolle, Louisiana 71486 | Phone: (318) 645-6104 | Fax: (318) 645-4830
                                                  Page | 14
 BEHAVIOR                                            PUNISHMENT
 Possession of tobacco or use of                     3 days out of school
 tobacco/ Vaping
 Fighting (principal discretion on                   3-5 days out of school suspension
 severity of fight could change                      & turned over to authorities
 Profanity directed toward a                         3-5 days out of school suspension
 teacher or staff member
 Skipping school                                     3 days out of school suspension
 Stealing                                            3 days out of school suspension
 3rd SAC Mark                                        3 days out of school suspension
 3rd Cell Phone Offense                              3 days out of school suspension
 Threatening faculty or staff                        Indefinite out of school suspension
 Turning in Forged/Falsified                         3 days out of school suspension
 Doctor’s Excuses (Any Change to a
 Dr.’s Excuse)
 Complete disregard of                               3-5 days or indefinite suspension at
 administrative authority                            principal’s discretion

   All the discipline, SAC, and suspension policies will be enforced by the
principal or his appointed designee. The final decision of any disciplinary action
taken is per the discretion of the Zwolle High School administration.

Students who are suspended from school are not allowed to participate in or
attend any school functions during their suspension.

Possession of dangerous substances, alcohol, or weapons is grounds
for expulsion from school. Any student, after being suspended for
committing violations of any discipline policies or other rules,
depending on the severity of the behavior, may be expelled.

649 Championship Drive | P.O. Box 188 | Zwolle, Louisiana 71486 | Phone: (318) 645-6104 | Fax: (318) 645-4830
                                                  Page | 15

SAC at Zwolle High School is an alternative to the suspension program that will keep students
within the school environment provided they are able to follow the rules of the SAC program as
outlined by this contract.

A student who commits a violation of school rules may be considered a candidate for this

After reporting to the SAC room, the students are isolated in various parts of the classroom. The
assignments, provided by the student’s regular teachers, cover the same material being covered
in the regular classes. Students work individually, receiving assistance as needed, from the SAC
teacher. The regular teacher has the option of giving all tests or allowing the SAC teacher to
administer them.

Students are assigned specific times to attend to their restroom and thirst needs. This time will
occur when all other students are in class. They will have lunch when all other students are in
class. The student will not be penalized academically because they are not in the regular

The students will abide by all Sabine Parish and Zwolle High School rules in addition to the

        1.       No talking to fellow students.
        2.       All questions to the teacher must be written.
        3.       Both feet must be kept on the floor at all times.
        4.       No sleeping.
        5.       Complete all assigned work.
        6.       Report promptly to the SAC room at 7:40 a.m.
        7.       All books must accompany student to SAC.
        8.       Must stay busy at all times; if student does not bring assignments or complete all
                 assignments, work will be provided for him to complete.

Upon breaking any rule while in SAC, the student will receive a mark.

On the 2nd mark during the assigned SAC time, the student will be given an additional day of
SAC and parents will be notified by phone.

On the 3rd mark during the assigned SAC time, suspension is warranted. Upon returning to
school from the suspension, the student WILL complete any SAC time remaining.

SAC is not intended for constant repeat offenders.

A complete disregard of SAC authority is grounds for suspension.

649 Championship Drive | P.O. Box 188 | Zwolle, Louisiana 71486 | Phone: (318) 645-6104 | Fax: (318) 645-4830
                                                  Page | 16
Sabine Parish School Board
                                             SARA P. EBARB, EdD

                                     695 PETERSON STREET * P. O. BOX 1079
                                           MANY, LOUISIANA 71449
                                    PHONE (318) 256-9228 * FAX (318) 256-0105


1. A club sponsor or school administrator shall notify a parent in writing before any
adverse action or denial of opportunity to a student due to an unpaid fee.

2. The notification shall state the description of the fee, the dollar amount, how the fee
is to be used and the payment method of collection of the delinquent fee.

3. The notification shall also state the original deadline of the fee and give at least 5
school days from the date of the notice for the delinquent fee to be paid prior to any
adverse action or denial of opportunity to a student due to an unpaid fee.

4. The notification shall make mention of the economic hardship waiver and a blank
economic hardship waiver shall be attached to the letter of notification.


1. The economic hardship waiver shall be posted on each school website and printed
copies of the waiver shall also be made available at each school office.

2. A parent or student may fill out the economic hardship waiver and return it to the
school office in a sealed envelope marked to the attention of the school’s principal.

3. If an economic hardship waiver is denied at the school level, the denial may be
appealed to the Director of Student Services at the Sabine Parish School Board Central

4. Appeals should be made within 10 school days of the denial.

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Sabine Parish School Board
                                             SARA P. EBARB, EdD

                                     695 PETERSON STREET * P. O. BOX 1079
                                           MANY, LOUISIANA 71449
                                    PHONE (318) 256-9228 * FAX (318) 256-0105

Additional information relating to fees, fines, charges, and textbooks.

A fee is a fixed charged for certain services or privileges, for admission or
participation in co-curricular or extracurricular activities.

Examples of things that are NOT fees are class rings, letter jackets,
yearbooks, or similar items.

Restitution for damaged or lost textbooks or damage to other school
property is not a fee.

The Sabine Parish School Board’s policy regarding Student Fees, Fines,
and Charges is located under file JS in its policy manual.

File JS also contains information relating to Sabine Parish School Board’s
Policy as it relates to Damage to Textbooks / Instructional Materials

SPSB’s policy manual is located online at:

649 Championship Drive | P.O. Box 188 | Zwolle, Louisiana 71486 | Phone: (318) 645-6104 | Fax: (318) 645-4830
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                                                        Beta induction program supplies, Senior
   Beta Club Dues        $10.00      Club Sponsor                                                9/28/2020
                                                        beta stoles, other various Beta expenses
 Beta Induction Fee      $15.00      Club Sponsor           National Beta membership dues            4/1/2021
                                                          National/State membership and local
  FBLA Club Dues         $20.00      Club Sponsor                                                   9/21/2020
 4-H Enrollment Fee      $10.00      Club Sponsor           For parish 4-H enrollment dues          10/31/2020
  ZHS Library Club
                         $10.00         Librarian        To purchase books and club supplies        10/16/2020
 Jr High Library Club
                          $5.00         Librarian        To purchase books and club supplies        5/17/2021
      FFA-Dues           $20.00      Club Sponsor                National, State, Local dues        9/30/2020
 Library Club T-shirts   $13.00         Librarian           to purchase library club T-shirts       11/21/2020
                                                        To pay national, state, regional dues as
    FCCLA Dues           $30.00      Club Sponsor                                                   9/30/2020
                                                           well as the operation of local club
    Baseball gear        $150.00   Coach/Secretary                 Purchase Baseball Gear           11/20/2020
                                                                 Pay for graduation expenses
  Senior Class dues      $20.00     Class Sponsor                                                    5/1/2021
                                                                (decorations, chair rental, etc.)
   Boys Basketball       $150.00   Coach/Secretary         To purchase athletes shoes/gear          10/19/2020
   Girls Basketball      $150.00   Coach/Secretary          Purchase basketball shoes/gear          10/19/2020

649 Championship Drive | P.O. Box 188 | Zwolle, Louisiana 71486 | Phone: (318) 645-6104 | Fax: (318) 645-4830
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