A-Z of School Life Important information for students and their families who are joining ANI in 2019 - Auckland Normal Intermediate

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A-Z of School Life Important information for students and their families who are joining ANI in 2019 - Auckland Normal Intermediate
A–Z of School Life
Important information for students and their families who are joining
ANI in 2019.

Table of Contents

Absences                                                   3
Awards Assemblies                                          3
Badges (ANI Taonga)                                        3
Behaviour                                                  4
Bullying                                                   6
Car Park                                                   6
Cellphones                                                 6
Change of Personal Details                                 6
Children’s After School Music and Leisure Classes          6
Class Information                                          6
Communication between School and Home                      7
Dental Care                                                7
Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC)                     7
Emergency Procedures                                       7
Facebook and Social Media                                  8
Financial Payments                                         8
Fundraising                                                8
Homework                                                   8
Immunisations                                              9
International Baccalaureate                                9
Jewellery                                                  9
Lateness                                                   9
Leadership Opportunities (Student Agency)                  9
Leaving School Grounds                                    10
Lost Property                                             10
Lunch Orders                                              10
Lunchtime Practices                                       10
Makeup and Nail Polish                                    10
Money                                                     10
Online Shop                                               10
Overseas Trips                                            10
Safe Cycling                                              10
School Apps                                               11
School Counsellor                                         11
Scooters/Skateboards                                      11
Sports                                                    11
Social Media                                              11
Staff Contact                                             11
Stationery                                                11
Student Wellbeing                                         12
Sun Protection                                            12
Technology at ANI                                         12
Uniforms                                                  13
Visitors                                                  13

Auckland Normal Intermediate School
                  A-Z of School Life
                  Students and their families joining ANI in 2019

If your child is going to be late or away from school please advise the school via our website. Click on the ‘CONTACT’
tab which is on our homepage (bottom right hand corner) as this ensures an email is sent to
the office as well as the class teacher. Alternatively, call the school office on 630 1109 and
press 2 to leave a message or you can use the SchoolApp and press the ‘Absentee’ button.

Please do not email the teacher directly or use the school office email (ani@ani.school.nz) as
these may not be checked before our administration staff call you. It is important that all
students sign in and out of school at the office if they are late. We follow up all unexplained
absences with a text and phone call.

Awards assemblies are held on the last day of each term. Parents/Caregivers are emailed in advance if their child is
receiving an award and asked to RSVP if they will be attending the assembly.

There are five types of badges that students can gain and five types of shields. Badges should be sewn on the left
sleeve of student’s hoodie or jumper and shields should be sewn on the right sleeve.

ANI badge, awarded for:
 Two ANI certificates
 Outstanding academic achievement, e.g. high distinction or distinction in ICAS, Science Fair, Mathex, etc
 Provide service to ANI by participating in a long term group e.g. leadership group, sustainability group, librarian etc.

Sport badge, awarded for:
 Member of a school team e.g. netball, water polo, etc for the year
 Member of a Central Zone team that is placed first, second or third
 An individual or team who goes forward to the Interzone Championships
 A sports participation certificate in a Central Zone event
 Five sports participation certificates

Cultural badge, awarded for:
 Cultural group member for whole year
 Orchestra for the year
 Choir for the year
 Participation in Cultural Festival or Production

Principal’s badge, awarded for:
 Two Principal’s award certificates. These certificates are issued for outstanding learning or achievement

International Baccalaureate badge, awarded for:
 Three learner profile/attitude certificates.

Shield, awarded for:
 Any two badges of the same type e.g. two sports badges = sports shield

Premier Badge awarded for:
 Any three of the five shields. Premier badge application forms can be collected from the SLT office. Students need
  to fill these in and hand to the Principal’s PA Ms Merriott. Parents will be invited to a whole school assembly to see
  this presentation take place.

We acknowledge that every so often our young people act in ways that is not conducive to the culture at ANI. It is at
this point that we have clear systems in place to ensure that the lesson is learnt and they get back on track as soon as

At ANI we believe that:

    Every student has the right to a safe and happy school environment, both in the classroom and in the
    Our students should accept responsibility for their own behaviour and actions, making good choices for
     themselves and consider the rights of others.
    Students can learn and teachers can teach in a happy, secure and safe environment.
    As a school, we need to be free from verbal, emotional and physical harassment, where respect for self,
     for others and property is paramount.

The school has a positive atmosphere and excellent behaviour is expected of all students. Children are
encouraged to be self-disciplined and responsible.

    The highest standards of personal and social behaviour is expected at all times.
    Private and public property will be respected at all times.
    When students cause wilful damage to school property, inside or outside, they will be expected to
     contribute to the cost of repairs.
    Dangerous goods and practices are not permitted at school (e.g. lighters, pocket knives)
    Jewellery, nail polish and other adornments may not be worn, unless of cultural significance
    Watches and ear studs are acceptable.
    If riding a bike to school, a helmet must be worn. Bikes need to be locked when stored in our bike
     enclosure. Students may ride scooters to and from school. We strongly suggest a helmet be worn. Bikes
     must be walked onto and off the property.
     Skateboards are not permitted.
    Classes commence at 8:45am
    Students may be inside the classroom from 8:15am onwards.
    Students are expected to walk at all times when moving around the school.
    University of Auckland areas are out of bounds.
    Weather permitting, all students will be outside during interval and lunch breaks.
    Students must remain at school between 8:45am and 3:00pm.
    If late or leaving school for any reason, students must sign out at the office.
    Students not attending after school classes must go straight home after school.
    Students attending after school classes must go to the hall to be supervised until their class begins at

1.   Follow directions.
2.   Be considerate – no teasing or put-downs.
3.   Keep your hands and your feet to yourself.
4.   Respect others’ property and the environment.
5.   Be in the correct place at the correct time with the correct equipment.

If you cannot follow these standards, there are consequences.

At ANI we believe that:
 Every student has the right to a safe and happy school environment, both in the classroom and the playground.
 Our students should accept responsibility for their own behaviour and actions, making good choices for themselves
  and considering the rights of others.
 As a school community we need to ensure that students can learn and teachers can teach in a happy, secure and
  safe environment.
 Auckland Normal Intermediate needs to be free from verbal, emotional and physical harassment, where respect for
  self, for others and property is apparent.

Students are encouraged to talk to their class teacher or duty teacher if they have any concerns – no matter how

Bullying is never ignored; we take a serious stand against any bullying (physical or verbal) behaviour. Students and
parents are urged to tell us if any bullying behaviour occurs. Students can write on e-bully website.

The two school car parks are for staff and official visitor use only. One is located off Poronui Street and the other is off
Disraeli Street. There is a disabled park outside the school office where students can be dropped off or collected if
they have difficulty with mobility. Restricting access to the car park assists the school in providing a safe environment
for students. Students are not permitted to walk through either carpark before or after school.

We accept that mobile phones are an important learning resource and a big part of the emerging adolescent’s life in
addition to helping parents check on their son/ daughter's whereabouts and safety. However, the school cannot
accept responsibility for damage or theft.
We want to foster a culture of trust with our students and develop their independence in a safe and secure digital
environment. Students are permitted to use phones during the school day for learning only. They are not permitted
to text, message, call or go on social media and gaming sites during the school day. If you use your phone
inappropriately during the school day there are consequences including the possibility of banning access to the

In order to maintain efficient records and communication it is vital that the school be kept informed of new addresses,
phone numbers, emails and other changes in family circumstances affecting our students. This is especially important
in the event of an accident or emergency. Please advise the school office of any changes by contacting us
at ani@ani.school.nz

Administered by Auckland Normal Intermediate, these classes offer your child a wealth of enjoyable, educational and
challenging activities for after school participation. The programme is aimed at 6 –13 year old primary school students
from our local community. It is subsidised by the Ministry of Education and follows the New Zealand curriculum
guidelines. You can enrol online http://ani.school.nz/#after-school-classes or email afterschool@ani.school.nz for
further information.

The school is divided into two year groups, Year 7 and Year 8. Each year group has two teams of six classes. We also
have a number of specialist teachers who offer challenging and diverse learning programmes in Science, PE, the Arts,
Technology and Languages (French, Mandarin and Māori). Academies in a variety of sports and the performing arts
are also offered throughout the year for students who express an interest in these areas.

We use a variety of methods to communicate with you …
                        Provides                                      Link to Subscribe
 Website                The primary source of information for         http://ani.school.nz/

 School Apps            Instant alerts, newsletters, Friday Flyers,   App Store on your phone
                        parent portal access, easy notification to
                        school of student absences, etc.

 Parent Portal          Parents/caregivers instant information        https://parent.musac.school.nz/Loginpage
                        on their child/s attendance, results, etc.

 Instagram              Year 7 and Year 8 learning updates            aniyear8learning2019 AND/OR ani_year7

 Facebook               News and pictures of events happening         https://www.facebook.com/ANormalSchool/
                        at school

 School newsletters     Important upcoming dates for the month        http://ani.school.nz/#latest-news AND
                        ahead, plus news of what has been going       App store on your phone
                        on at school.

 Friday Flyer           News of the week ahead including              App store on your phone
                        important dates – this shows up as an
                        alert on School Apps.

 Team newsletters       A once-a-term newsletter to the team          App store on your phone
                        notifying parents of what the team will
                        be learning that term – this shows up as
                        an alert on School Apps.

The Auckland Regional Dental Health Services mobile van visits school in term one each year. During this time they
plan to see every student. Depending on their schedule, the van returns again for a short period in term three to
follow up where necessary and assess those students who were away during the first visit.

Alternatively appointments can be made at Greenlane Children’s Community Dental Clinic, phone 623 0078.

In term one we offer a range of EOTC programmes for Year 7 and 8:
Year 7: Four days EOTC experience (day time only)
Year 8: One week camp at Tui Ridge, Rotorua (students stay at camp for four nights)

Both experiences encourage risk taking, team building and a range of fun and challenging experiences.

The school has procedures in place in the unlikely event of a civil emergency or lockdown. These procedures have
been developed in conjunction with an independent company that specialises in emergency management for schools

called Harrison Tew. We regularly practice emergency evacuations and lockdowns throughout the year to ensure all
staff and students remain familiar with the process.

Should you hear of a lockdown or evacuation at the school or in the event of a civil emergency, please do not attempt
to attend or phone the school, as school leadership will not be in a position to respond. Your presence or contact may
make it more difficult to manage the situation.

Any information pertaining to an emergency occurring at School will be updated on our website as regularly as
possible and if we are in a position to do so we will update you via text, email and a message on School Apps.

The School has a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ANormalSchool and each year group has an Instagram
page where we post all our photos and events.

Your payments are appreciated particularly in the areas that are voluntary (school donation). The income generated
by these payments provide additional resources, extra specialist teachers over and above what the government
provides, state of the art learning environments and ICT equipment. We thank you in anticipation of your payment.

Individuals or groups of students are not permitted to undertake fundraising for personal gain. All school-wide
fundraising is done through the student leadership groups.

Homework at ANI is designed for students to reinforce concepts taught at school, extend learning and help to
prepare students for new learning. It helps students to take responsibility for their learning, improve their time
management and develop effective study habits.

Homework at ANI is based around the Education Perfect computer programme and is done online. Children are
usually set homework on a Monday and it is to be completed by Friday. In Year 7 terms one and two the expectation is
that children complete 30 minutes of homework Monday - Thursday increasing to 45 minutes in three and four. In
Year 8 children complete 45 minutes of homework Monday - Thursday in term one and two increasing to one hour
each night in terms three and four. The increase in time spent on homework in terms three and four is to help prepare
children for their move to secondary school.

In addition to this, students are required to read for 20 minutes a night.

Education Perfect is an online learning tool that is integrated into the classroom programme at ANI. Education Perfect
is the portal through which all homework at ANI is set. As well as the school made content there are also structured
lessons suitable for both the classroom and individual learning. These lessons start with introductory slides so
students gain a good understanding of the topic before it's taught. Rich images and videos break down difficult
concepts and give students a thorough understanding of the topic. It also allows the teacher to monitor your child’s
progress through a feature called the Control Panel. The resource has been successfully implemented in over a
thousand schools from around the world, with notable impacts on student motivation and grades. Students gain
points for every question they answer, they can, therefore, compete against their friends in a fun, educational and
safe environment at their own pace.
Key features:
 Content has been built to follow the New Zealand curriculum, with teachers being able to work with subject
     experts to further customise content to match their teaching needs.
 Multiple testing modes: improve understanding, recall, and higher-order thinking.
 Touch Device Compatible – iOS and Android applications available.
 Teachers receive reports showing which areas of the curriculum students found most difficult, so they can tailor
     their teaching to areas needing attention.
 Students can come to class familiar with the lesson content, enabling teachers to spend more time on advanced
 Differentiated learning – every student can be working on a different task according to their strengths and
     weaknesses, and teachers can track their progress and achievement.
You are welcome to visit their website for more information - worldseries.educationperfect.com.

Each year nurses from the Community Child Health and Disability Service visit the school to offer Boostrix (Diptheria,
Pertussis and Tetanus) immunisations to all Year 7 students and HPV immunisations to Year 8 students. Parents and
caregivers will receive permission slips for each of these immunisations.

The IB is a non-profit educational foundation based in Geneva, Switzerland which offers the Diploma program (final 2
years of school), the Middle Years (11- 16 years of age) and PYP (3 – 12 years of age).

At ANI we follow the Primary Years Programme (PYP) which is for students aged 3–12. It focuses on the development
of the whole child as an inquirer, both in the classroom and in the world outside. It provides an educational
framework based upon what is currently known about how young students learn and draws on best practice in
primary schools worldwide.

From 2009 - 2011 we were involved in the implementation phase of the programme. In 2012 ANI became recognised
and accredited as an I.B. World School and in May 2016 we had our second IB accreditation visit to measure how well
we delivered and implemented IB in our school. Our next evaluation visit is scheduled for 2021.

The PYP framework is guided by six Transdisciplinary themes of global significance, explored using knowledge and the
approaches to learning (skills) with a powerful emphasis on inquiry-based learning. In this context the meaning of the
prefix “trans” is twofold, the first meaning across all subject areas and the second meaning is to connect learning to
the world around us.

The six Transdisciplinary themes that are covered in a year are: ‘Who we are’, ‘Where we are in place and time’, ‘How
we express ourselves’, ‘How the world works’, ‘How we organise ourselves’ and ‘Sharing the planet’. All areas of
learning at ANI are integrated into the Transdisciplinary themes including the specialist subjects.

The main reasons we have adopted the IB framework:
 students gain a global view on the world
 it parallels the New Zealand Curriculum
 it provides our staff with world renowned Professional Development
 it combines the best research and practise from around the world
 it provides innovative curriculum resources
 it is another way of evaluating our effectiveness as a school on an international scale
 it emphasises global networking for teachers and students.

There is a considerable amount of PYP vocabulary for students to learn in Year 7, but they will be well supported with
this through their classroom programme. We also provide regular updates through the newsletter, and via parent
information evenings. For more information, please visit www.ibo.org

No jewellery is permitted unless for cultural or religious reasons. If this is the case, students must bring a note from
home requesting permission. If approved, students must carry a uniform pass which is available from one of the DPs.
Stud earrings and a watch are permitted.

Parents: If your child is going to be late, please advise the school via our website or the school app. On our website,
click on the ‘CONTACT’ tab which is on our homepage (bottom right hand corner) as this ensures an email is sent to
the office as well as the class teacher. Alternatively, call the school office on 630 1109 and press 2 to leave a message.
You can also use the School App and press the ‘Absentee’ button.

Please do not email the teacher directly or use the school office email (ani@ani.school.nz) as these may not be
checked before our administration staff call you. It is important that all students sign in at the office if they are late.

There are a variety of student leadership groups which students can apply to join. These groups include head boys and
girls, cultural leaders, fundraising, sustainability, librarians, strategic planning, assessment, student coaching, and
sports leaders.

If you wish to take your child out of school during the school day please contact your child’s teacher and the school
office by email in advance. You must arrange for your child to meet you in reception at the time you have organised
and he/she will sign out. Students will not be permitted to leave the school unaccompanied or leave directly from
the class. They must come to the office if leaving the school. Please note when your child returns to school he/she
must return to the office to sign in again.
We also ask that students do not contact you directly (via phone, text or message) requesting to be picked up. This
is not permitted as an adult must be involved in the decision whether the student should go home or not.

All student’s property should be clearly labelled with their name so that if it is mislaid it can be returned. Lost property
is kept at the school reception.

A range of yummy snacks and healthy food can be purchased from the tuck shop during breaks. We also offer a
convenient online pre-ordering service for tuck shop lunches. To find out more visit http://www.ezlunch.co.nz

To reduce the amount of rubbish at morning tea, students remain in class for the first three minutes to eat their food,
and if they need to finish eating they move to the amphitheatre. At lunchtime students sit on the courts in the Year 7
or Year 8 area or in the classroom (if raining) for ten minutes to eat their lunch. If they need longer than 10 minutes to
finish eating they can move to the amphitheatre.

(Lunch orders will be taken from Monday 4th February via the pre order lunch service using the ezlunch
website http://www.ezlunch.co.nz/. There will be no Tuckshop facilities until an alternative option is decided on later
in Term 1.
Michelle - EZ Lunch)

There are allocated days so there is an even spread of practices so students can get a range of opportunities.
        Sport priority days - Monday, Wednesday, Friday
        Cultural/ performing arts priority days - Tuesday, Thursday

The wearing of makeup and painted nails is not permitted. This includes acrylic nails and nail polish.

All money (e.g. class trips, ICAS) has to be given to the CLASS TEACHER. No monies are to be kept in a students school

You can purchase uniform items and enrol in our music and leisure classes through our online shop

We offer trips to Japan, Cairns and Noumea each year. We are also investigating an exchange with an IB school in
Buenos Aires.

A reminder to parents if your child brings a bicycle to school they are expected to:
 Wear a well-maintained and standards-approved helmet when riding.
 Have their cycle helmet adjusted correctly and securely fastened.
 Store their cycle in one of the stands in the bike shed.
 Provide a lock for the cycle and ensure it is locked at all times.
 Take full responsibility for locking and securing their cycle.
 Maintain their cycle in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
 Walk their cycles in and out of the school grounds and across the road and pedestrian crossings.
 Checks on helmets and bikes may be completed from time to time. Students will be informed in advance when a
    check on the cycles road worthiness is to be made.

 The School reserves the right to revoke the privilege of cycling to/from school if deemed necessary.
  Parents/caregivers will be informed accordingly.

The school cannot accept any liability for the loss or damage of cycles brought to school.

ANI have introduced a new app for your phones (both iPhone and android). Go to the App
Store on your phone, search for SchoolAppsNZ, click on ‘Open’, then start to type in
‘Auckland Normal Intermediate’ and select our school name. After that you can choose
what group alerts you want to receive on your phone, as well as being able to let us know
about student absences, seeing our latest newsletters/ Friday Flyers, accessing the parent
portal, student-led conference bookings, accessing the school calendar, sports events, etc.
Please note, as with the nature of an App, this is still in development mode and we are
aware that there might be glitches. Please let us know if there are any errors or you can
think of improvements. A couple of the buttons are still under construction so you may find them empty at this point
in time.
Our existing forms of communication (this includes email notification of newsletters, Friday Flyers and any texts we
send) will continue while we roll out this App during 2019.

ANI have a qualified school counsellor (who is also a trained teacher) on site full-time. Services are available to
students, parents and families free of charge. Bookings are required and can be requested through email or a booking
form in the library. Our counsellor also works in the classrooms to assist students to identify their strengths and skills
and how these can be used in future careers and assists students with conflict resolution.

All students who bring a scooter to school will need to lock it in the bike shed (lock to be provided by students and
locked at all times).

While we lock the bike shed each day the school cannot take any responsibility for scooters (locked or unlocked). It is
advisable not to bring an expensive scooter to school. It will be the student’s responsibility to lock their scooter up
each morning. We encourage students to wear a helmet for their own safety.

If your child brings a scooter to Auckland Normal Intermediate they are expected to:
 Walk their scooter in and out of the school grounds and across the road and pedestrian crossings.
 Not use, or allow their scooter to be ridden, in the school grounds or buildings
 Lock their scooter in the bike shed during school hours
 Understand that the school will not accept any responsibility for the scooter while it is on school grounds or in
 The school reserves the right to revoke the privilege of using a scooter to get to/from school if deemed necessary.
    Parents/caregivers will be informed accordingly.

Please note students are NOT permitted to skateboard to or from school.

ANI offers a range of long term and short term sports. Long term sports are water polo, netball, distance squad, milo
cup cricket and miniball. Short term sports are advertised and trialled in school hours and students in these teams
attend our local Central Zone events.

AIMS Games is a National tournament offered to students in a variety of sports. It is held in Tauranga during term
three each year. Teams are trialled and selected and we employ coaches to take these teams so parents can sit back
and enjoy the events.

Students are not permitted to use social media during the school day, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat.

Staff can be contacted by email, contact details are on the school website http://ani.school.nz/our-school/#staff

Stationery can be purchased from the office anytime between 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday to Thursday or 8:00am –
4:00pm Fridays. The cost is $40.00. Should you wish to purchase stationery elsewhere you are most welcome to do
so. We sell the packs as a convenience for parents. Students need to bring their stationery on the first day of school.

At ANI we understand that our students can only learn to their potential if they have a sense of belonging and safety
in our School environment. Support is provided via a number of channels:

 Classroom teachers are the first port of call and they keep a close eye on students within their ILEs.
 Year 7 and Year 8 Deans: Our year group leaders called Deans are closely involved with students at each year level
  and pay particular attention to their wellbeing.
 Our Deputy Principals provide additional support to classroom teachers when necessary. Any instances of bullying
  or other unacceptable behaviour are taken very seriously.
 Our Principal has ultimate responsibility for students and takes an active role in resolving issues and providing
  support where appropriate.
 International Students: Our International Student Coordinator Ms Claire Stephenson has close involvement with all
  our international students and maintains contact with their homestay families or Auckland based parents
  throughout their time at ANI.
 A full time School Counsellor is available for students and parents. Referrals can be by email, phone or slips that
  are in the library.

All students are required to wear sun hat during outside activities in terms one and four, this includes morning tea
time, lunch time, PE lessons and when participating in any other outdoor activity. This is strictly enforced – no hat, no
play. Hats cost $21.00 and are available for purchase at the school office. Only official school hats are to be worn.

ICT Agreement
Each student who comes to ANI is required to complete an ICT Agreement. This form allows them to bring their own
device (preferably a chromebook) to school and access the school network using any device. The ICT agreement states
common sense responsibilities and conduct for students using devices at ANI. We request that parents check devices
regularly to ensure there are no ‘R’ rated games or apps on them.

It is very important that parents and students read these forms carefully before they sign them and are aware of their

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Our vision at ANI is to create 21st-century learners. Our students are growing up in a digital society and in order for
them to be fully equipped and confident in a future economy, we offer a digital based curriculum.

Although it is not compulsory for ANI students to have their own device we highly recommend it. Constant access to
the internet and easy access to Google Apps Suite will enable your son or daughter to more easily participate in all
areas of learning.

The school network is open, meaning any wifi enabled device will be able to connect. However, a device with a
keyboard is preferable. Our recommended device is a chromebook. Your son or daughter is able to have their phone
or tablet in school but these devices will not enable them to fully access all the learning tools we use and should be
seen as supplementary devices.

Each class has a lockable cupboard where devices can be stored during morning tea, lunch and when not needed in
class. We do recommend that parents check their insurance policies though, as the school cannot accept any liability
for the loss or damage of devices brought to school. It is compulsory to name the device and it is your child’s overall
responsibility to ensure the security of their device (should they decide not to lock it in a cupboard).

While the devices children bring to school will be used to support learning there is also an opportunity for them to use
them recreationally in a supervised capacity. We run a technology club twice a week during lunchtimes in term 2 and
3, where educational games may be played on their devices under the supervision of a teacher.

If students choose to carry their device during the day (e.g. a phone) they are only permitted to use it during breaks to
continue their learning or access emails. We request students do not text parents to collect them during the day if
they are not well. For Health and Safety reasons and the safety of our students, this must be done through the school

Should a student use their device inappropriately* the following will happen:
     The device is taken off the student and given to Mr Mills (or a member of SLT if he is not available)
     Contact is made and the family is informed
     The event is recorded
     The student collects the device from Mr Mills or the SLT member at the end of the day
     Should this happen for a second time, the device cannot be brought to school until the student can prove
        that they can be trusted. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis and decided with the family.

* Inappropriate device use is defined as having a negative impact on the emotional safety and/or wellbeing of themselves or others
or using the device for anything other than education/learning.

Uniforms are available to purchase from reception between 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Thursday and Friday
8:00am to 4:00pm or from our online shop http://ani.school.nz/#school-shop. The uniform shop is also open in the
holidays and on the first few days of school (refer website for days and times as they vary).

Please remember to name your child’s uniform so it can be returned if misplaced or taken home by another child by
mistake. Lost property is located in the school reception area and students are welcome to claim lost items during
office hours.

Students must wear the correct uniform to and from school, this includes the correct school footwear (no high cut
basketball shoes, i.e. Converse). They are not permitted to wear PE gear to and from school unless there is a whole
school sports event scheduled like Athletics Day. These special days when students can wear PE gear to and from
school will be advised on the website and in the weekly Friday Flyer emailed to parents.

A cultural headscarf may be worn in plain black, navy blue or white. Sunhats must be worn on top of the headscarf.

Parents are welcome in the school. In the interests of security and safety for staff and students, all visitors to the
school are requested to report to Reception and sign in.

You can also read