New Parents' Handbook 2020 2021 - Gateway School

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New Parents' Handbook 2020 2021 - Gateway School
New Parents’ Handbook
     2020 - 2021
New Parents' Handbook 2020 2021 - Gateway School

3-   Headteacher’s Welcome
4-   Useful Contact Details
5-   Our Location
5-   The School Calendar
6-   Timings for the School Day
8-   General Information
11 - Food and Drink
12 - Celebrating Children’s Achievement
12 - Progress Updates
14 - Learning Support and Enrichment
15 - Trips and Events
15 - Performances
15 - Take One Picture
16 - Library
16 - Clubs
16 - Breakfast Club
18 - Holiday Club
18 - Parking
19 - Photography Policy
20 - Fees
20 - Friends of Gateway (FOG)
22 - Medical Information
25 - Peripatetic Music Lessons
26 - Uniform

2     Gateway School Parent Handbook
New Parents' Handbook 2020 2021 - Gateway School

Dear Parent
Welcome to Gateway School! From the very first day, I sincerely hope
that you feel part of this lovely school where children learn happily
together and where staff are genuine in their care for your children.
We place a high value on the home-school relationship and we will
actively seek, through formal meetings and more informal regular
communication, to involve you in your child’s education and the life of
the school.
At Gateway School we encourage every child to think independently,
to be continuously inquisitive and self-reflective, whilst enabling them
to be individuals who are valued for who they are. We place a great
emphasis on discovering and nurturing every pupil’s individual talents
and celebrating their achievements.
We have high expectations of ourselves and what we plan to achieve
with your child. I ask that you work in partnership with us to ensure your
child grows into a confident, caring and successful young learner who
fulfils their potential and makes you very proud of them.
It gives me great pleasure to share our Parent Handbook which
includes a comprehensive range of information for you to refer to as
necessary throughout the year.
With best wishes,
Mrs Sue La Farge

New Parents' Handbook 2020 2021 - Gateway School
Useful Contact Details

Senior Management Team (SMT)
Head Teacher
Deputy Head
Head of Staff
Head of Early Years/KS1

Mrs La Farge’s PA - Helen Brown
01494 867806 |
Main School Office - Laurinda Davies & Karen Mackenzie Crooks
01494 862407 |
School Nurses - Linda Fuller & Roisin Clark
01494 867803 |
Preschool Manager
01494 867805.
School Uniform - Louise Blissett |

A full staff list can be found on the website

4     Gateway School Parent Handbook
New Parents' Handbook 2020 2021 - Gateway School
Our Location

The School Calendar
Term dates are available on the school website:
A list of events for the term is sent out at the beginning of each term and an
online calendar is located in the Parents’ Area on the website (access details
will be provided separately)

New Parents' Handbook 2020 2021 - Gateway School
Timings for the School Day

• Children can arrive in school as early as 08.00 and must be in school by
  08.40 for registration
• All children enter through the main doors, where they are greeted by a
  member of staff or via the bottom gate – if they arrive before 08.30 they
  should go to early morning care
• Children arriving after 08.30 should go directly to their classroom or
  tutor area
• For an additional charge children from Reception to Year 6 can attend
  Breakfast Club from 07.45

Regulations direct that a child who is not in school by the end of registration
time must be marked as absent. We would remind parents that children
should be in school by 08.40 when registration begins.


12.00        Preschool morning session    Collect from patio
13.15        Preschool lunch session		 Collect from patio
15.15        Preschool		 Collect from patio
15.30        Reception, Years 1 & 2		 Collect from patio
15.30        Years 3 & 4		 Collect from outside classroom
15.45        Seniors		 Collect from outside classroom

If you are delayed children can be collected from the different activity/
homework areas which are displayed in the main house.

• Preschool/Reception 		                  Collect from Preschool
• Year 1 – 6		                            Collect from T block classrooms

6       Gateway School Parent Handbook
New Parents' Handbook 2020 2021 - Gateway School
New Parents' Handbook 2020 2021 - Gateway School
General Information

Entering the site
The pedestrian gate will be unlocked between the following times:
• 11.50 to 12.20
• 13.00 to 13.30
• 15.00 to 18.10
During these times the pedestrian gate can be opened only by using the
keypad located high on the right hand side of the gate post, the code can be
obtained from the office. This will release the gate from both sides during the
preset times when parents pickup their children. If you need to collect your
child at any other time, please enter through the main front door.
Should there be any problems; the control panel for the gate has an intercom
to the office.
Please note: Pedestrians must not use the vehicle access gate at any time.

Collection of Pupils
Parents cannot take another child home without the express permission
of that child’s parents and without informing the form teacher or a senior
member of staff. Pupils are our responsibility and we ensure that they are
greeted by us when they come on site and dismissed formally to you or your
representative when they leave.

Communicating with School
The school has an open door policy: parents are welcome to come in to
discuss any aspect of their child’s education, either with the form teacher,
Head of Key Stage or subject specialist teacher. This may be before school
or at the end of the day, however if the conversation will be a longer one, an
appointment after school may be better. The headteacher can be contacted
directly through the school office 01494 862407 or via email:

8      Gateway School Parent Handbook
Whilst we make every effort to be proactive in contacting parents where we
have concerns, children will often mention things to their parents which they
have not told their teachers. While some of these problems may seem small
they are often significant to the child and it is useful if we are made aware of
them. It is also useful if we are aware of potentially significant family events.
A weekly newsletter is emailed to parents on Friday afternoon with reports
and photos from each year group. A weekly communications bulletin is also
emailed every Friday lunchtime with dates and reminders for the forthcoming
Each child has a home link book which moves between home and school. This
can be used to communicate with the class teacher / form tutor.

Phone system / email
The school phone system is available from 08.00 until 18.00 on working days;
if the phone is engaged please leave a message and this will be passed on or
responded to promptly. During the holidays your point of contact will be by
telephone NOT email, telephone messages are checked daily. If you leave a
message during the holidays please ensure you leave a contact number. The
main school number is: 01494 862407.
The main school email address is

In the event of an emergency it is important that the school has up to date
contact numbers, a nominated person who can be contacted if you are not
available and the name of your child’s GP. Any changes to these details should
be passed to school immediately.

Day to Day
In the event of parents wishing to communicate with the school the first point
of contact should be the class teacher or tutor (Year 5 and 6). We are aware
that it is not always possible for parents to come into school and the office
passes telephone and email messages to the relevant staff.
Up to Year 2 the reading record book is also used to pass messages between
teachers and parents. In Year 3 & 4, the reading and homework diary is used
for parent/teacher communication.

In Years 5 and 6 the diary planner which children use to record homework and
attendance can also be used to pass on messages to staff.

If your child is absent for any reason please phone/email on the day of
absence by 08.50. Office

Holiday Absence
Regulations stress that the school is not empowered to grant more than 2
school weeks absence a year for holiday purposes and time taken beyond that
is regarded as unauthorised absence. It is, of course, not good practice to take
children out of school in term time, but a prior request directed to the Head
teacher is essential. A request for absence form can be found on our website

New Classes
Towards the end of the Summer term the children visit their new classrooms
and spend some time with their new teachers. From Reception to Year 6 the
composition of classes will change from year to year. This will enable us to
re-balance the classes and to ensure we can best meet the needs of all the
pupils. On rare occasions classes may change during the course of the year at
the Head teacher’s discretion.

Lost Property
Lost property is stored next to T1, with one container for school uniform and
the second for PE kit.

Key Stage 1 - Show and Tell
This is a weekly session for Reception through to Year 2, giving children the
opportunity to bring in items from home to talk about. These items will not be
sent outside at playtime.

10     Gateway School Parent Handbook
Key Stage 1 - Toys
Children can bring one small toy (to fit in a pocket) for break times and
after school care. Loom bands may be brought in but only in a small named
plastic container. Electronic toys, guns / weapons are not appropriate, nor are
swapping cards, which often cause arguments.

School Policies
Copies of up-to-date school policies can be found on the school website via
the following link:

Food and Drink
The kitchen provides pupils with a home cooked well balanced four weekly
menu. The pupils will pre-order their lunch from a choice of a meat or fish
meal, or a vegetarian meal, or a filled jacket potato. For dessert the pupils
will always have access to fruit and yoghurts, but will also have the choice of a
prepared sweet dish on some days.
Children in Preschool eat lunch with their key person, Reception to Year 6
eat in the Hall with their class teachers and are encouraged to eat all the
food provided. Staff monitor the lunch taken by a child each day; if there is
a concern, parents are contacted. Likewise if a parent or child has a concern
they are welcome to contact the school.
If a child has specific allergies or dietary needs we will accommodate these,
please contact the chef and school nurse to discuss specific requirements.
Milk (Reception & Year 1), fruit and crackers are provided at break. Children
are allowed to bring their own healthy snacks in for break and after school.
Chocolate snacks, crisps and anything containing nuts are NOT allowed.
Children staying for after school care from 17.00 are provided with a drink,
crackers and fruit.

Birthday Treats
If the whole class are invited to the party please give the invitations to the
class teacher / tutor to distribute. If only part of the class is being invited
please distribute invitations outside of school. There is no tradition of bringing
birthday treats to school. However, if you wish to do so, these can be handed
to the class teacher for distribution at the end of the day. As with all food
brought into school this must not include any food with nuts. We would be
grateful if you could refrain from bringing in cakes. Small packs of bought
sweets (with the ingredients clearly listed) are generally the best option.

Celebrating Children’s Achievements
We celebrate each child’s achievements by nominating them for a ‘My Best’
certificate. We recognise where children have demonstrated our ASPIRE
values and celebrate their success in assembly.
Each year group has two assemblies each week, and these are held in the Hall.
Assemblies are themed around the charities, religious days for different faiths
and the Learning for Life (PSHEE) programme.
Merit System
Children’s work and behaviour is rewarded with personal merits and tokens
which are awarded to their respective houses. Individual milestones with
merits are rewarded and celebrated regularly throughout the year. Pupils
in Year 5 & 6 receive merit stamps for displaying a positive work ethic and
behaviour. When a pupil reaches a milestone they receive recognition via
coloured badges (30), silver stars (80) and Merit ribbon strips (150). Merit
stamps are also linked with the school House System.

Progress Updates
The September meeting will form the first point of contact for the year. This
meeting has two functions -reviewing the start of term and any questions
arising, and setting up a dialogue with the tutor/class teacher.

12     Gateway School Parent Handbook
In November and at the end of the Spring term there will be a parents evening
offering the opportunity to speak to your child’s form teacher / tutor to
discuss progress and address any areas of concern.
For Years 5 & 6 meetings will be arranged with your child’s English and Maths
In the Spring Term the Headteacher will be available to discuss secondary
school choices with Year 5 parents.
You will receive a mid- year report during the Spring term and will then meet
with your child’s teacher to discuss the report.
The June Year Ahead Meeting allows parents to meet with class teachers for
the following year, and gain an insight into the nature of the curriculum and
main events of the year the children are moving up to.
The July report is a full written report on all subject areas and is emailed out to
parents at the end of the Summer term.

Learning Support and Enrichment
Special Educational Needs
The school monitors the progress of children as a matter of course. The
class teacher will flag up any concerns about areas of development with
the parents. At this point the school will ask the parents’ permission for the
SENCO to do an assessment of the child or recommend an appropriate
professional to assess their need such as an Occupational Therapist. If
this assessment highlights areas of weakness in the child’s profile we may
recommend an educational psychologist’s report in order to identify the
specific nature of the child’s need.
Able, Gifted & Talented
Gateway School is committed to providing an environment which enables all
pupils to maximise their potential, including pupils who are identified as Able,
Gifted and Talented in particular subject areas. We strongly believe that it is
important to recognise that able, gifted and talented pupils are individuals,
each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses.
We use the term ‘gifted’ to mean those pupils who are capable of excelling
academically in one or more subjects ‘Talented’ refers to those pupils who
may excel in other areas such as sport, music, artistic performance, or in an
area of vocational skill in comparison with their peers.

14     Gateway School Parent Handbook
Trips and Events

Since we believe that children learn by direct experiences which cannot always
be brought to the classroom, visits are an important part of our curriculum.
These occur for each year group at least once a term. The theme or location
is always based on a topic the children are studying. Years 5 & 6 summer
trips are residential. All trips and excursions are part of the school fee, with
the exception of the five day Year 6 trip to France. On these trips the staff
in charge will act in loco parentis. In order to regularise our procedures,
we would be grateful if you would sign and return the trip permission form
enclosed with your paperwork as soon as possible.


All children are involved in at least one production / concert each year, at
Christmas and / or at the end of the spring or summer term. Children in Years
5 & 6 prepare for performances in their Music and Drama lessons. Parents are
invited to attend all performances and precise times and venues are published
at the beginning of each term.
In Years 4 & 6 children are prepared for English Speaking Board examinations,
which aid their confidence in performing.

Take One Picture
In the Spring term the whole school take part in the Take One Picture project,
linked to the National Gallery. This is spread over one week and is a cross
curricular topic where each year group focus on and take part in activities on a
specific picture.
An exhibition of the work from across the school generated by this project will
be on display to parents and pupils in the school hall.

Children are able to borrow fiction and non-fiction books from the school
library. The identikit system will allow them to borrow one book at a time
using their finger print scan to borrow and return their book. When a book
is lost at home or damaged beyond repair we request that the book be
Preschool children come to the library for a weekly story and activity session.
Children from Reception to Year 4 have a weekly library lesson where they are
encouraged to choose a book to borrow. Some books may be suitable for
your child to read independently, some may be more appropriate to share
with an adult.
Year 5 & 6 children have access to the library during a morning tutor time or a
break when they are also able to borrow fiction or non-fiction. In addition Year
6 children can volunteer to be Junior Librarians.

Clubs are an important part of life at Gateway School. The Autumn term clubs
list will be available for parents in July. Parents will need to use our online
booking service, SSO (see our website
parent-area) to select their children’s clubs for the term.
The clubs will change in the Spring and Summer term and parents will be
invited to choose a new selection of clubs for their child. This will allow us to
offer a wide range of clubs throughout the school year, and will also reflect the
change in sporting activities through the seasons.

Breakfast Club
Breakfast Club runs from 07.45 each morning (Monday - Friday) for children
in Reception to Year 6. This is booked termly in advance, as it is a chargeable
extra, via a booking form which is sent out to parents.

16     Gateway School Parent Handbook
Holiday Club
Add+VENTURE Club runs during the school holidays at Gateway School. It is
run by two members of the Gateway team and contains two activity streams –
one for children aged 5-7 years and one for children aged 8-11 years. Within
each stream we offer a combination of sport, creative and fun activities, all
designed to deliver a highly memorable and fun holiday experience for all the
children. We offer care from 08:00 – 17:00 and friends and family of Gateway
pupils are very welcome to attend. We can also offer care from 07:45 until
17:30 for an additional daily charge of £7.50.

A major factor in this School’s relationship with its neighbours and the
community is parking.
In addition to the parking available on the High Street parents can use the
Link Road Car Park opposite the Great Missenden Hall. Free permits for the
Link Road Car Park are available from the school office.
The following guidelines will help us and you in what can be potentially
stressful situations.
• Do not block drives/garages or park on pavements of local roads.
• The Garth and Elmtree Green should not be used for parking.
• Parking down the Aylesbury Road should not continue beyond the field
  turning which is almost opposite the first house in Mobwell Terrace.
• Pavements, not the road sides, should be used with children when walking
  to and from parked vehicles.
• The double gates into the school grounds are for vehicle access ONLY. This
  is not a turning bay.
• Pedestrian access during pick up is through the side gate, never through
  the vehicle gate.
We would be most grateful if parents would draw these facts to the attention
of all people who drive their children to school.

18     Gateway School Parent Handbook
Walk to School Week
Three weeks, one a term, are set aside where we encourage as many children
as possible to walk to school. This is part of a national programme and is
linked into the school travel plan. There is access to the school site via the
bottom gate with a path leading from the Link Road Car Park; the access code
can be obtained from the school office.

Photography Policy

Photography is used at the school for a variety of purposes, including:
• Recording pupils’ achievements, learning and progress.
• Contributing to each pupil’s evidence portfolio.
• Providing evidence to support pupils’ application for entrance/scholarship
  to their future schools.
• Recording school events and providing material for displays.
• Communication with parents, for example to help reassure new parents
  or carers of young children that they have settled well into school life and
  provide prompt information on their children’s activities on residential trips.
• For publicity purposes (brochures, prospectus, media articles, website etc.)
  for both the school and Bellevue Education Group.
• To support work undertaken by members of staff or students on
  placements for training and gaining further qualifications.

On their child’s admission to the school, parents are asked to sign a consent
form in relation to their child being photographed at school or during school
events. The form provides for parents to give permission at different levels (for
example to consent to their child being photographed to record achievement
and progress, but not for publicity purposes. The form also gives parents the
opportunity to state whether a child in a photograph can be named.
If parents wish to make a video recording of a school event (nativity,
concert, drama production etc), prior permission must be obtained from the
Headteacher, who will consider the situation with respect to this policy and the
levels of consent given by parents of other children involved. Since it is difficult
to ensure that parental consent is respected in these situations, and not
appropriate to share the details of consent given for particular children with
other parents, the Headteacher may refuse permission for a video recording of

the event to be made. As an alternative,
the school may make an official video
recording/DVD, the editing of which,
before it is made available to parents, will
ensure that parental consent is respected.

Our fee structure is available to view via
this link: https://gatewayschool-bucks.

Friends of Gateway (FOG)

Our Parents’ association, FOG, aims to
engender the same spirit of friendship
and care among the parent body as
the school fosters among its pupils. All
parents belong to FOG and are welcome
to attend the AGM each year. Nominated
Year Group Representatives and the
Committee meet regularly to discuss
upcoming events.
Social events within the current calendar
may include: Children’s Disco & Mufti
Day, Christmas Fair, Quiz Night, Pamper
Evening and Summer Fun day.
Smaller informal gatherings by year
group (such as coffee mornings, picnics
and evening events) are also organised
by year representatives.
Each year FOG raises funds for a
particular school project that is agreed
with school at the beginning of each

20     Gateway School Parent Handbook
academic year. Examples of recent projects are the purchase of iPads for the
whole school and building of the outdoor classroom . Additionally the school
votes for a charity each year, and FOG contributes a proportion of funds raised
to this nominated charity.
Friends of Gateway now have a Facebook page where you can chat with other
Parents and find out about up-coming events.
The FOG committee comprises an elected Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, and
there are 2 Representatives per Year.
Your FOG Representative will contact you with regards to including your
details in the class contact list.

Mufti days
The opportunity for children to wear their ‘own’ clothes in school is linked
into charity fundraising. We normally have two or three mufti days each year.
Parents are given notice via the newsletter or email.

Medical Information
We can only give medication that has been prescribed by a medical
practitioner (Doctor, Pharmacist or Dentist). Any medication brought into
school should be in the original container (with suitable spoon/syringe),
labelled with your child’s name, and expiry date checked. Please complete the
short term medical form available from the school office, school nurse or the
Before completion, please consider whether your child is well enough to come
to school. If more than one medicine is to be given, a separate form should
be completed for each one. All medication should be handed directly to the
Any remaining medicines are to be collected by the parent at the end of the
prescribed course. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure
medicines sent into school are in date, and replaced as required. Please refer
to the First Aid Policy for guidance on administration of medicines.
Please ensure your contact details are updated in case of emergencies at
school. The school nurses are available to advise parents at the beginning
and end of the school day, or can be contacted directly on 01494 867803 or

22     Gateway School Parent Handbook
Medical Conditions, Allergies and Consent
Upon registration at the school, parents are asked to list any medical
conditions / allergies on the registration form. The school keeps a record of all
known medical conditions and allergies; please keep the school fully informed
of any changes to your child’s medical record.
Completion of a medical questionnaire is also required by the school nurses.
This form includes consent for first aid, the receiving of medical treatment in
an emergency, and the administration of some over the counter treatments
including Calpol, should it be required. This form also requests consent for
the appropriate sharing of medical information to staff whilst your child is at
Gateway. These forms need to be completed in full and returned to the school
before your child joins the school.

Self Administered Medication
If your child carries medication of their own e.g. an inhaler, epipen then this
should be clearly identifiable with the child’s name (additional labels can
be requested from the pharmacy when they dispense the medication). A
completed parental agreement form is also required which is available from
the school nurses or the school office. Two inhalers/epipens are required in
school at all times. One is to be kept with your child or in the classroom and a
spare will be kept in the Medical Room.

First Aid
In the event of an injury or illness your child is seen by the school nurse. A
record is kept of all injuries and treatments. In the event of the school nurse
being unavailable, a member of staff with a first aid qualification can be
contacted through the school office.
In the case of emergencies when the school is unable to contact the parent
the school will act in loco parentis and ensure the child receives the correct
treatment. In this event a member of staff would stay with the child and the
school would continue to try and contact parents. Please ensure you have
completed the permission form for emergency treatment should we be unable
to contact you.

Medicines & Information for School Trips
A school trip form is to be completed prior to all school trips if medication is
required (this includes travel sickness tablets). The form is available from the
school nurse or on our website
Any medication should be brought into school in the original container clearly
marked with the child’s name and expiry date. Only prescribed medication can
be given and this can be brought in to school 2 to 3 days before the trip to
ensure departure is prompt. Medicines not accompanied by the appropriate
form and parental signature may result in the child missing the trip.
Medic alert bracelets for children who have a medical condition (or take
medicine) that may affect their care in an emergency situation, should be

The school policy for sickness and diarrhoea is from Public Health England;
your child should be absent from school for a minimum of 48 hours following
the last event. This should enable your child to return to school and be able to
fully participate in all school activities, as well as reducing the risk to others.

If you are treating your child at home for head lice, thread worm, etc or they
have impetigo please inform the school nurse as she will be able to advise.

The school encourages parents to ensure all children have a sun hat and water
bottle, and make sure that sun screen is applied before school. ‘Once- a day’
Suncream or sunblock can be purchased from chemists and supermarkets
and are ideal as they last for the whole school day. Sun glasses are not part of
the uniform and should not be brought into school unless there is a medical

If a child from Reception to Year 4 is unable to participate in a PE activity, they
remain with their class teacher for the session. Senior children work under the
supervision of a member of staff. If the injury prevents the child taking part in
an afternoon games session, the child may go home.

24      Gateway School Parent Handbook
Peripatetic Music Lessons

Lessons are taught on an individual basis with priority given to Years 4, 5 and
6 pupils if there are spaces. It is assumed that children already taking lessons
will continue into the next academic year unless half a term’s notice is given in
writing to the teacher.
Vacancies will be offered to children lower down the school if they become
Next academic year there will be vacancies for tuition on the following: piano,
violin, flute, clarinet, saxophone, classical guitar, electric guitar, trumpet and
drum kit. We also offer group ukulele lessons.
Lessons are timetabled during school hours, including breaks and lunchtimes.
A rotation system operates which means the children do not miss the same
lesson throughout the year.
The children will be required to have their own instrument for practice
purposes. Instruments are available to hire or buy from local music shops –
Perfect Pitch in Chesham, Percy Prior in High Wycombe, Strings and Rosehill
Instruments in Beaconsfield. The visiting music teachers are always happy to
advise on the purchase of instruments.
Lessons will be charged at around £18.50/19 per individual lesson and you
will be invoiced directly by the teacher, a term in advance. The only exception
is when the teacher is employed by County (violin) and we have to pay them
directly, so the Bursar will invoice you. Fees are invoiced directly by the
teacher a term in advance. One full term’s notice is required for cancellation of
tuition; fees are payable in lieu of notice.
Please complete an online application form if you would like your child to be
considered for instrumental tuition.
All children playing an instrument have opportunities to perform, as a
soloist and/or as part of a group at half termly music teas. Many children are
encouraged to join one of the school ensembles which perform at music teas,
school assemblies and concerts.


Children in the Preschool are not required to wear uniform, although there is
the option of a named red bag, red Gateway waterproofs and a soft brimmed
sun hat.
All uniform must be clearly labelled, this includes school and kit bags.
For health and safety reasons pupils are not allowed to wear jewellery of any
kind for any reason (this includes earrings). Watches are always removed in PE
and games.
Please be aware when purchasing shoes that pump style shoes are not
appropriate for school wear. School shoes need a strap or laces to ensure
proper support, as children go about their daily routine.
Full details of the uniform can be found on the school website or may be ordered on-line from
An on line appointments system is available for new and existing parents to
book an allocated session during the Summer holidays.
The uniform shop is run by an ex Gateway parent, Louise Blissett every Friday
at school from 3.30 until 5.00.
Alternatively, contact Louise Blissett on
Please note: It is essential that children have a Gateway red waterproof coat
in school every day. We walk to the Great Missenden Hall in all weathers and
do not have spare coats in school. In addition, the Forest School waterproof
suit (Preschool - Year 2) and Wellington boots need to be in school all year

26     Gateway School Parent Handbook
Gateway School, 1 High Street, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, HP16 9AA
  Telephone: 01494 862 407 | Email:
   Gateway School Parent Handbook
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