PBA Workshop Presented by: Kelsey G. Johnson, Graduate Assistant

PBA Workshop
           Presented by:

 Kelsey G. Johnson, Graduate Assistant
   Taylor Avery, Undergrad Assistant

                    Fall 2015
What is a PBA?

 PBA stands for “Performance Based Assessment"
 Goal: to “ensure that all teacher candidates possess the
  knowledge, skills, and dispositions required for successful
  teaching careers.”
 Completion of the PBAs is required for graduation for all
  teacher education candidates. (Licensure is granted by the
Why are we here today?

 Learn about each of the PBA milestones
 Create an Educator Licensure Information System
  (ELIS) account that allows future educators to
  obtain an Illinois teaching license
 Make sure students are on track
 Make students aware of any changes
 Equip students with resources and websites to
  answer most questions
3 Gateways

   Gateway 1: Admission to Professional Studies
   Gateway 2: Admission to Student Teaching
   Gateway 3: Exit from Student Teaching
   http://education.illinoisstate.edu/teacher_education/
   Lets take a minute to check it out!
Gateway 1
Admission to Professional Studies
Gateway 1
    Assessment of Legal & Ethical Conduct

 NOT the same as a background check
 Fill out and turn in when you leave today
 Focus on Question #5 - Letter D
 For questions, make an appt. to speak with Mrs. Lynn Steffen
  (438 – 5056)
 Some convictions may prevent teacher licensure. The Illinois
  Board of Education makes the final decision as to who may be
Criminal History Check

 You will now see this heading under gateway one.
 In order to have this requirement met:
   You must have your Legal and Ethical Conduct form
    requirement met.
   You must not be on the Illinois Sexual
    Offenders Registry or the IL Child Murderer &Violent Offender
    Against Youth Registry.
   CECP will check these databases once you submit your
    Assessment of Legal and Ethical Behavior.
Gateway 1
          Criminal Background Check

 Fee= $30

 This is a fingerprint check by the Illinois State Police and
  MUST be completed the semester before beginning any
  clinical experience- You may not enter a school or agency until
  your clear results are on file in the Teacher Ed Center.

 Students MUST use the form on the ILSTU website- online
  forms have ISU’s specific ORI # needed for results.
Criminal Background Checks

 You will get an email from CECP when your criminal background
  check results have been received.
   The email will instruct you to pick up your copy within ten days at
    the Teacher Ed Center.
 If you do not get an email from CECP within 10 days of getting
  your fingerprints done, please contact Jamie Watson
  (jwatso2@ilstu.edu) with this information. Be sure you give her
  your TCN number on your CBC receipt .
 You may be required to send a copy to a clinical placement site.
 The CBC expires in 1 year and a new one must be completed.
Gateway 1


  Minimum requirements
    Cumulative
    Major courses
  Check website-link on PBA Requirements
  Most are 2.5 for cumulative , but some are higher
  Same in gateways 1 & 2
Gateway 1

 Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP)
                        Test number 400

 State of IL requirement (First of at least 3 tests)
 Need to register online ASAP
   Limited seating and selected testing locations
 Sign-up and pay the fee, then pick your date/time/location
  after receiving e-mail from ICTS
 Important to pay attention to the score report date
 When? Sophomore year
   Transfer student? ASAP
 Students must wait 60 days after the date of their last
  attempt before they can retake any of the state required
Test of Academic Proficiency
 To Prepare: see PBA requirement link
   www.icts.nesinc.com
 Review sessions are offered through Illinois State University in
  the Julia N. Visor Academic Center
 Located in Vrooman (between Hewett & Manchester)
 The cost of this test is $125
 Call to register for a workshop 309.438.7100
Gateway 1

                Alternative to TAP
 ISBE allows an ACT (with writing) composite score of 22 in place of
  the basic skills/TAP test.
 The SAT (with writing) is also accepted with a composite score of
 Website gives rules and procedures:
 http://education.illinoisstate.edu/teacher_education/gateway1/tap.s
 ACT and SAT can’t be more than 10 years old
 Create ELIS account using the link:
 Signed application and receipt of sent scores must be turned in to
 http://education.illinoisstate.edu/downloads/teacher_education/AC
ELIS (Educator Licensure
       Information System)
•One system that allows all ISBE professionals to
operate in one centralized system
•Educators use this account to apply for and
maintain teaching credentials
•Districts use this system to view educator
evaluation information and more
•Students send ACT/TAP scores that ISBE will be
uploaded onto his or her account
               Account Setup

  ELIS= Educator Lisensure Information System
1. Go to
2. Clink on the “Test of Academic Proficiency or
   ACT/TAP” link
3. Scroll to the bottom and click Create Account
4. Under Procedures, click on the “Set up an ELIS
   account” link
5. Fill in information and verify by re-signing in to
Gateway 1
        TED Orientation (2 parts)

   Part A: PBA Orientation
   Part B: ePortfolio Fundamentals Workshop

   Register on-line:
A Bit on ePortfolio Fundamentals…

 Must be purchased from TechZone (inside Bone
  Student Center) – around $80
 Bring to ePortfolio Fundamentals Workshop
For more about the ePortfolio system, visit
Gateway 1

           Disposition Assessment

 Severe concern on part of faculty and staff, including anyone
  affiliated with ISU through clinical experiences.
 These are reported when a student’s behavior suggests that
  the professional dispositions expected of an ISU teacher
  candidate are not present.
 Form must be signed by student (acknowledgement that you
  have been made aware of the concern)
 “3 unresolved dispositions and you’re out”– Stops your
  progress through Gateways
 Same in all gateways
Gateway 1
      Communication Assessment

 Severe concern about your communication skills on part of
  faculty (or anyone affiliated with ISU)
 Form must be signed by student
 Student will be referred to the Communication Laboratory for
  assessment and remediation.
 Your progress in the major will be suspended until the issue(s)
  are resolved.
 Same in all gateways
Problems, Concerns, Complaints

 Go to the Community Rights & Responsibilities at Illinois State University
  webpage to learn how to file a grievance:

 To appeal a decision relative to admission to or continuation in teacher
  education then you should go to the following website for specific
 http://education.illinoisstate.edu/teacher_education/clinical/ri
Gateway 1

             TB Test (ECE only)

  Valid for 1 year
  Must be done annually for Early Childhood Education
   majors due to close and early contact with children
  All other departments, including ECE again, will be
   completing this in Gateway 2
Gateway 1
     Safety Education Assessment

 Click on the Safety Education Assessment under the PBA
  requirements list
 Click on Take the Assessment & enter your ULID and password
 Click on the link for the Safety Education Assessment
 Read each passage and then answer the question
   Must answer each question correctly before moving to the next
   If you answer the question incorrectly, re-read the passage and
    answer the question again
 Many schools require the training in bloodborne pathogens
  covered in one of the modules
Gateway 1
     Mandatory Reporter of Child Abuse

 Required for Gateway I as of January 1, 2012
 All student teachers and teachers are required by law to
  reporter suspected child abuse or neglect
 Training is online at the Illinois Department of Children and
  Family Services (DCFS)
 A Certificate of Completion must be submitted to the Teacher
  Ed Center, 56 DeGarmo Hall
 Cants 22 Acknowledgment of Being a Mandatory Reporter
  must also be turned in to TEC
Gateway 1
         Departmental Approval

   Departmental Approval is granted by your
    academic advisor
   Student records are checked
   Approval is based on major department criteria
   Once everything in Gateway 1 I completed,
    make an appointment with your advisor
Gateway 2
Admission to Student Teaching
Gateway 2

                        TB Test

 Valid for 1 year
 Get this done the semester before you student teach or per
  advisor guidelines
 Select school districts may request before pre-student
 Must be valid through the last day of student teaching
 $20 at Student Health Services
 Bring results to DeGarmo 56
Gateway 2

              State Content Test
 State of IL requirement (Second of at least 3 tests)
 Register online – Pay attention to registration deadlines &
  reporting dates!
 Study guides available online
 When? Talk with advisors/ generally earlier in the semester
  prior to student teaching.
 The cost of this test is $135
 Students must wait 60 days after the date of their last
  attempt before they can retake this assessment
 www.icts.nesinc.com
 Special Ed majors must pass major content area and
  SED General Curriculum Test
Gateway 2


 Minimum requirements
   Cumulative
   Major courses
 Check PBA Requirement List for specific requirements
Gateway 2
         Disposition Assessment

    Severe concern on part of faculty (or anyone affiliated
     with ISU through clinical experiences)
Gateway 2
    Communication Assessment

    Severe concern on part of faculty (or anyone affiliated
     with ISU)
Gateway 2
        Departmental Approval

    Records are checked
    Approval is granted
    Contact Department Advisors with any questions or
Gateway 2
   Pre-Student Teaching Clinical Hours

      100 or more
      Ample opportunity in courses
      Documented on Blue Doc Form
      Keep track of your own to avoid major discrepancies
      These are reported on myillinoisstate page, Teacher
       Requirement link
Gateway 2
       Diverse Field Experiences

    Required to have a minimum of 50 clinical hours in a
     diverse setting.
    Should be completed before student teaching.
    Please check to make sure your setting meets the
     diverse field experience requirements.
    See website for major specifics.
    Can review progress on myillinoisstate portal.
Gateway 2

                 Registry Checks

    Sexual Offender Registry
    Violence Against Youth Registry
    The Clinical Experience and Certification Office will
     check these registries the semester before you are
     scheduled to student teach.
    If not done prior to registration, email
Gateway 2
     Gateway II: Admission to Student

    All requirements must be met prior to:

      July 15 for a Fall semester student teaching experience
      December 15 for a Spring semester student teaching
      Failure to meet these deadlines will delay student
       teaching to a following semester.
Gateway 3
Exit from Student Teaching
Gateway 3
       Illinois State University Student Teaching
      Assessment Realizing the Democratic Ideal

    Evidence in your ePortfolio Fundamental System ISU
     Teacher Education Portfolio.
    Evidence supports your understanding of what it
     means to meet professional educational
    It will be called EdPR in LiveText.
Gateway 3

                EdTPA Assessment
    The EdTPA is a performance assessment of the student’s teacher
     readiness. It is designed to measure the student’s teacher
     effectiveness through his/her:
        Lesson plans
        Short video clips of instruction
        Authentic teaching materials
        Student work samples
        Analysis of student learning
        Reflective commentaries
    You will learn about it in the courses prior to your student teaching
    Illinois EdTPA website
    EdTPA FAQ’s
Gateway 3

             EdTPA Assessment

    As of September 1st, 2015, this assessment is a State
     of Illinois legal requirement for all teacher candidates
     to complete and pass in order to meet ISU Teacher
     Education department requirements, graduate from
     ISU and obtain licensure.
    Current cost of the EdTPA: $300 (If the student
     does not pass initially, he/she may be responsible
     for additional costs)
    Teacher candidates are solely responsible for the content
     and submission of their portfolio for scoring in a timely
Gateway 3
  Assessment of Professional Teaching
           Test (APT Test)
            *may no longer be required as of Fall 2015*
  Assesses pedagogy
  State of IL requirement (Third of at least 3 tests)
  Register online – Pay attention to registration
  Study guides available online
  Required for licensure and graduation.
  The cost of this test is $135
  Take during student teaching semester.
  Students must wait 60 days after the date of their
  last attempt before they can retake this
Gateway 3
        Student Teaching Grade

    Must earn a grade of a C or better
    ISBE requires all courses in teacher education
     programs have a grade of C or better
      Major courses
      Professional Ed Courses
Gateway 3
        Disposition Assessment

    Same in all gateways
Gateway 3
    Communication Assessment

    Same in all gateways
Gateway 3
Major Department Requirements

    All requirements must be met before graduation

                   Just a note…

    Students will be notified by a letter or email stating
     how to apply for a teaching license after graduation.
    This is done on-line on the ISBE ELIS website.
    License is granted by ISBE.
Major Requirements Grid

 Look up what course you’ll be in when you complete
  each PBA (dependent on major)
 http://education.illinoisstate.edu/downloads/teacher_
Additional Requirements

 Some majors may have additional requirements that
  are program-specific.
 Keep in touch with your advisor about possible
Tracking your progress…

 Students are able to track their own progress as they
  complete each PBA requirement.
 Can view the documentation through myillinoisstate
 Go ahead and log into your myillinoisstate portal and
  we can look at your requirements and what you have

Later…if you think of some questions, send them
to pba.questions@ilstu.edu
Helpful Websites & Emails

 http://education.illinoisstate.edu/
 http://education.illinoisstate.edu/teacher_education/
 http://education.illinoisstate.edu/teacher_education/orientat
 www.icts.nesinc.com
 http://education.illinoisstate.edu/teacher_education/gateway
 https://www.dcfstraining.org/manrep/index.jsp
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