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• Entrance Procedures               10
• Residence and Subsistence Costs 13
• Services and Facilities           14   Published by Student Academic
• International Applicants          19 Affairs, University of KwaZulu-Natal

Postgraduate Qualification Listings           Visit UKZN’s website at:
• College of Agriculture,           26  
   Engineering and Science
• College of Health Sciences        30
• College of Humanities             34
   (Including Education)
• College of Law and                39
   Management Studies

            All information in this Prospectus was correct at the date of publication, July 2016.

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        Academic procession on stage.

       he University of KwaZulu-Natal was formed               UKZN’s vision is to be the ‘Premier University
       on 1 January 2004 as a result of a merger          of African Scholarship’. It strives to reflect the
       between the former Universities of Durban-         society in which it is situated, not only in terms
Westville and Natal. The new institution brings           of race, gender and class, but in how it structures
together the academic expertise and research              its values and priorities and how it responds,
capacity of two major regional universities and is at     through its research, to social needs. KwaZulu-
the forefront of higher educational transformation        Natal provides fertile soil for researchers and
in South Africa.                                          the University’s mission commits the institution
     The University is home to the region’s               to critical engagement with its society and
leading academics and has an impressive                   encourages practical research that will lead to
number of internationally acclaimed scientists            socio-economic upliftment of communities.
and researchers among its staff, as rated by the          This outcomes-driven approach has led to the
National Research Foundation. The full spectrum           establishment of inter-disciplinary ‘centres of
of research is supported, from curiosity-driven           excellence’ devoted to particular projects and
to application-based and participatory action             often involving collaboration with institutions
research with community partners. Research is             from around the world.
conducted by, and in association with, members                 Research and postgraduate training
of the academic staff, associated research units,         programmes are directed in the following
industry, business, government, local communities         research focus areas, which have been
and international institutions and agencies.              identified on the basis of institutional proven

                                       The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Cheryl Potgieter, and staff of the
                                       College of Humanities, wore traditional dress at graduation.

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partnerships, and places strong emphasis on
                                                      collaborative research. The Division also assists
                                                      staff and postgraduate students with grant
                                                      applications, contracts, intellectual property
                                                      rights and related administrative matters, as both
                                                      a return as well as a return capacity development.
                                                           Senior academics take pride in the
                                                      mentorship provided to graduate students,
                                                      encouraging them to develop their skills in
                                                      critical appraisal and independent thought.
                                                           The University provides a vibrant
                                                      environment for basic and applied research, and
                                                      offering internationally recognised postgraduate
                                                      research degrees in all disciplines.
                                                           Research innovation is a cornerstone of the
                                                      new University and as an institution of higher
                                                      learning, research excellence is recognised and
Dr Lydia Hangulu earned the prestigious Three
Green Economy Post-doctoral Fellowship for PHD
                                                      supported as part of its essential identity. The
graduate.                                             University is committed to growing its existing
                                                      research capacity further and leading the bid to
strengths and strategic objectives: Agriculture       bring South African and African scholarship to the
and Food Security; Biotechnology; Energy and          attention of the international community. At the
Technology for Sustainable Development;               same time, we recognise that excellence in research
Gender, Race and Identity; HIV/Aids, TB and           and knowledge production should lead to practical
Health promotion; Indigenous African Knowledge        interventions in national development strategies,
Systems; Maritime Studies; Social Development         and should be directed to the upliftment of poor
and Economic Studies; Water Environment and           and under-developed communities.
Biodiversity.                                              Postgraduate students at the University have
    The University has formal and informal ties, as   the opportunity to contribute towards these
well as having established exchange programmes        interventions. The University’s strategic priorities
with more than 260 leading universities around        are informed by both national and international
the world. At present, 20% of the total student       needs and opportunities and provide considerable
registrations are in postgraduate studies. The        scope for cutting-edge research.
Research Office, headed by the Deputy Vice-                “Research innovation is the cornerstone
Chancellor Research, is responsible for the           of the University and as an institute of higher
management and nurturing of knowledge                 learning, research excellence is recognised and
production and dissemination, through                 supported as part of its essential identity.”

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A Choice of
The University of KwaZulu-
Natal offers prospective
students the choice of five
campuses, each with its own
distinctive character.

Edgewood Campus
The former Edgewood College of Education
was incorporated in 2001 and the Edgewood
Campus in Pinetown is now the University’s
primary site for teacher education. With easy
access to the N3 highway and approximately
20 minutes’ drive from Durban, the Campus
offers sophisticated and attractive facilities
to a growing number of education students.
Initial and in-service teacher education, higher
degrees in a wide range of specialisms as well
as research and consultancy are offered. Staff
members are engaged with policy-making
in education in South Africa and contribute
to the international profile of the University
through participation in international
conferences, teaching international students,
hosting international visitors and publishing in
international books and journals.

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Howard College Campus                              groups working on similar projects in South
(Durban)                                           Africa and other countries.
Durban is a vibrant coastal city renowned for
                                                   Pietermaritzburg Campus
its beaches and coastal resorts. The city is a
                                                   Pietermaritzburg is located in the centre of the
major South African port. The magnificent
                                                   KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, close to numerous
game reserves and estuaries of Maputaland,
north of Durban, are a favourite getaway           nature reserves and parks, an hour’s drive from
for staff and students alike. Opened in 1931,      Durban and two hours from the Drakensberg.
following a generous donation by Mr T.B. Davis     The city has a rich architectural heritage, with fine
whose son Howard Davis was killed during the       examples of Victorian and Edwardian buildings.
Battle of Somme in World War I, the Howard         The city is the birthplace of the former University
College Campus is situated on the Berea            of Natal and its forerunner, the Natal University
and offers spectacular views of the Durban         College, which opened its doors to 57 students
harbour. The Campus is situated in a successful
                                                   in 1910. Two years later, Old Main Building was
environmental conservancy and the lush
                                                   completed and the hub of the present-day
gardens reflect a commitment to indigenous
                                                   Pietermaritzburg Campus was established. The
flora and fauna. Howard College currently
offers a range of postgraduate qualifications      Campus offers a range of innovative academic
in Engineering, Law, Nursing and Humanities        programmes, successful in responding to local
(including Music, Social Work, Housing and         and provincial needs in the broad areas of
Architecture).                                     Science and Agriculture, Education, Law, Human
                                                   and Management Sciences. The disciplines of
Nelson R Mandela School of
                                                   Agriculture, Theology and Fine Art are unique
Medicine (Durban)
                                                   to the Pietermaritzburg Campus.
The Medical School was founded in 1950 as
a ‘black faculty’ in a ‘white institution’. The    Westville Campus (Durban)
School has been synonymous with the struggle       Westville Campus is located within an
for democracy and racial equality. On its 50th     environmental conservancy about eight
anniversary in 2000, the School received the       kilometres from the CBD of Durban and
finest birthday present it could have wished for   Pinetown. The Campus combines state
– the agreement of former President and Nobel      of the art infrastructure with beautiful
Peace Prize winner, Nelson Mandela, to link his    natural surroundings. The Hindu temple
name to the School. It is training a generation    and Islamic place of worship reflect its rich
of clinical researchers, enhancing the clinical    multicultural history. It is the official address
research infrastructure in KwaZulu-Natal, and      of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, housing
fostering collaborations between research          the Vice-Chancellor’s office, the offices of

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Executive members and University-wide                      Leaders in Curriculum
administrative divisions.                                  Development
    The Campus currently offers postgraduate               The University of KwaZulu-Natal has taken
programmes in Science, Engineering, Management             a leading role in curriculum development
and Health Sciences.                                       in recognition of worldwide trends and the
                                                           restructuring of the entire South African
International Recognition                                  educational system towards a more ‘outcome-
The University has a world-wide reputation for             based’ approach. Many of the challenges faced
academic excellence in teaching and research               in professional life cannot be solved by a single
and all degrees awarded are internationally                discipline. The University of KwaZulu-Natal has
recognised. The University has formal links,               therefore redesigned its curricula to include
exchange programmes and collaborative                      a large element of inter-disciplinary work. In
teaching and research programmes with many                 this way, students are exposed to a range of
universities around the globe. A large number of           disciplines, thus widening their choice of career
agreements and Memoranda of Understanding                  options, and enhancing their understanding of
have been signed with various institutions in              the society in which they will live and work.
Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA.

 PhD student Ms Lorika Beukes presented aspects of her PhD research at the American Society for Microbiology’s 4th
 Annual Conference in Washington DC on Antimicrobial Resistance in Zoonotic Bacteria and Foodborne Pathogens.

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    Edgewood Campus

    Private Bag X03
    Ashwood, 3605
    Tel:    +27 (0)31 260 3414/3245

    Howard College Campus

    King George V Avenue
    Durban, 4041                           MSc graduate, Mr Drew van der Riet, and supervisor
                                           Prof. Riaan Stopforth, won accolades for van der Riet’s
    Tel:   +27 (0)31 260 2238/7757/2212
                                           robotic prosthetic hand design during the student’s
    Email:            Master’s degree studies at the University.

    Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine

    Private Bag 7
    Congella, Durban, 4013
    Tel:    +27 (0)31 260 4248/4377

    Pietermaritzburg Campus

    Private Bag X01
    Scottsville, 3209
    Tel:    +27 (0)33 260 5212/5214/5022

    Westville Campus

    Private Bag X54001
    Durban, 4000
    Tel:    +27 (0)31 260 7877/2011/3417

                                           Dr Sazi Dlamini from UKZN hosted the 1st
                                           International Bow Music Conference earlier this year.

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Entrance Requirements
Postgraduate Diplomas (NQF 8)                      Rule GR7
Requirements                                       a) Graduates of any other recognised
•   An appropriate Bachelor’s degree; OR              university (whether in the Republic of
•   Admission to the status of that degree in         South Africa or elsewhere) may, for the
    terms of Rule GR7 (a); OR                         purpose of proceeding to a postgraduate
•   Attained a level of competence as defined         qualification of the University, be admitted
    by Rule GR7 (b);                                  by the Senate to a status in the University
•   A School/College may prescribe further
                                                      equivalent to that which they possess
    criteria for admission to study. Consult
                                                      in their own university by virtue of any
    College Handbooks on;
                                                      degree held by them.
•   Some Schools/Colleges may accept an
                                                   b) An applicant who has graduated from
    Advanced Diploma for entry into a
                                                      another tertiary institution or who has
    Postgraduate Diploma if HEQF (Higher
                                                      in any other manner attained a level of
    Education Qualification Framework)
                                                      competence which, in the opinion of the
    requirements are met.
                                                      Senate, is adequate for the purpose of
                                                      postgraduate studies or research, may be
                                                      admitted as a student of the University.
A minimum of at least two consecutive
semesters. Except with permission of Senate, all
modules shall be completed at the University.

The curriculum will contain advanced
reflection, practice and research methods in
the area of specialisation and may include a
sustained research project in accordance with
College rules approved by Senate.

                                                    Mayshree Bejaichund UKZN’s First Woman Land
                                                    Surveying PHD holder.

                                                              POSTGRADUATE studY at ukzn             7
Bachelor of Honours Degrees                          the modules that shall account for a minimum
(NQF 8)                                              of 25% of the credits for the degree.

Requirements                                         Masters by Coursework and
•   An appropriate Bachelor’s degree; OR             Masters by Research (NQF9)
•   Admission to the status of that degree in
    terms of Rule GR7 (a); OR                        Requirements
•   Attained a level of competence as defined        •   A relevant prerequisite degree; OR
    by Rule GR7 (b);                                 •   Admission to the status of that degree in
•   A School/College may prescribe further               terms of Rule GR7 (a); OR
    criteria for admission to study. Consult         •   Attained a level of competence as defined
    College Handbooks on                 by rule GR7 (b);
                                                     •   A School/College may prescribe further
Duration                                                 criteria for admission to study. Consult
A minimum of at least two consecutive semesters.         College Handbooks on
Except with permission of Senate, all modules
shall be completed at the University.                Duration
Curriculum                                           • A minimum of two consecutive semesters
The curriculum for the Honours degree shall            (full-time) or four consecutive semesters (part-
include a prescribed research project as one of        time) before the degree may be conferred;

Doctoral graduates from the College of Humanities.

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•   With permission and in terms of College
    regulations, periods of attendance at
    graduate level at another institution or in
    another College may be accepted (consult
    with relevant School).

A minimum of two consecutive semesters before
the degree may be conferred.

Curriculum Coursework
Candidates shall complete all modules, of which
one will be a dissertation on a research topic
to be approved by Senate. The dissertation            Ayanda Jabulile Tshabalala.
module will normally comprise 33-50% of the
credit value of the degree.

Research                                          •     A School/College may prescribe further
Candidates shall be required to pursue an               criteria for admission to study. Consult
appropriate programme of research on a                  College Handbooks on
subject falling within the scope of the studies         under ‘Student Portal’.
presented at the University. Students must also
adhere to other possible conditions prescribed    Duration
by Colleges/Schools.                              A minimum of four consecutive semesters
                                                  before the degree may be conferred.

Doctor of Philosophy or                           Curriculum
Supervised Doctoral Degrees                       Students will be required to pursue an approved
by Research (NQF 10)                              programme of research on a subject falling
                                                  within the scope of studies at the University. Such
Requirements                                      a programme shall make a distinct contribution
•   A relevant prerequisite degree; OR            to the knowledge or understanding of the
•   Admission to the status of that degree in     subject and afford evidence of originality shown
    terms of Rule GR7 (a); OR                     either by the discovery of new facts and by the
•   Attained a level of competence as defined     exercise of independent critical power. Students
    by rule GR7 (b);                              must also adhere to other possible conditions
                                                  prescribed by Colleges/Schools.

                                                                 POSTGRADUATE studY at ukzn         9
Entrance Procedures
 Selection Procedure                                  Returning Students
 The selection of students for postgraduate study     •   Students currently registered at UKZN
 is at the discretion of the Academic Leaders in          and wanting to apply for Postgraduate
 Schools, who will require a particular standard of       Diploma or Honours programmes must
 previous attainment. An applicant may contact            use the returning student application for
 the School concerned for more information.               admission to Graduate studies form. This
                                                          form is available at the General Enquiries
 Application Procedure: Local                             Offices on campus as well as on the UKZN
 and International                                        web under ‘Apply to UKZN’,
 While actual selection is carried out by Schools,        Application Procedures;
 administrative application is a vital part of the    •   Current students wanting to apply to
 procedure that must be followed:                         Masters and PhD programmes must
                                                          complete the UKZN ‘Application for
 New Applicants                                           Postgraduate Admission’ form. This form
 •   All applicants for postgraduate study must           is available at the General Enquiries Offices
     complete a University of KwaZulu-Natal               on campus as well as on the UKZN web
     ‘Application for Postgraduate Admission’ form; under ‘Apply to UKZN’;
 •   Application forms are available from the         •   No application fee is payable if there has
     General Enquiry Offices on campuses or on            been no break in studies. Applicants who
     the UKZN web at under                 have been out of the system for a full
     ‘Apply to UKZN’, Application Procedures;             academic year or more will be required to
 •   An application fee must be paid to UKZN on           pay a new application fee;
     submission of the application or at the bank     •   Please provide your student number on the
     (see detail on the next page);                       application;
 •   Mail the form to the address provided on         •   Submit the forms at the General Enquiries
     the cover of the form or scan as a single            Office on your campus OR mail to the
     document to;                    address provided on the cover of the
 •   Once the application is processed, a candidate       application form OR scan as a single
     will be issued with a student number and the         document to;
     application will be forwarded to the relevant    •   Once the application is processed, it will
     School for consideration,                            be forwarded to the relevant School for
 •   These steps will enable you to proceed with          consideration.
     registration if offered a place.

      UKZN has developed an online application system for postgraduate and international
      applicants. More information on this facility is available on the UKZN web

10      POSTGRADUATE studY at ukzn
Closing dates                                    Tuition Fees Payable
Postgrad Diploma/Certificate and Honours:
                                                 Postgraduate Diplomas, Honours
Semester 1                 30 September
                                                 and Coursework Masters
Semester 2                 30 April
                                                 •   For fee structures, refer to
Masters (Coursework):
                                                     and from ‘Student Portal’, select the 2016
Semester 1                 31 October
                                                     Fees Booklet. Note that fees quoted were
Semester 2                 30 April
Masters (Research) and                               for 2016. Please allow for an increase of at
Doctoral studies:          No closing date.
                                                     least 5-10% for 2017.

Application Fees                                 The fees for postgraduate courses fluctuate
A non-refundable application fee is payable on   depending on the qualification, the academic
submission of the application form.              year, and whether the qualification is taken on
•   SA applicants on-time                R200
                                                 a full-time or part-time basis. A few examples
•   SA applicants late                   R400
•   SADC and Africa                      R470    are given below to explain the structure:
•   Countries outside Africa             $146
No late international applications accepted.     South African students
                                                 Postgraduate Diploma in Education:
Application Fee Account Details:                 1 year full-time   –         R19 213 p.a.
South African Applicants                         2 years part-time  –         R 9 161 p.a.
Name of account: UKZN Main
Bank:            Standard Bank                   Students from SADC and other African
Type of account: Business Current Account        countries
Account number: 05 308 0998
Branch:          Westville                       These students pay the same fees as South
Branch code:     045426                          African students but will pay an additional levy of
Reference:       F001 11402 with                 R1 368 per semester (R2 736 per annum.)
                 applicant’s full name
International Applicants                         Students from countries outside SADC
Name of account: UKZN Foreign Deposit            and Africa
Bank:            Standard Bank                   All students enrolling for Postgraduate
Type of account: Business Current Account        Diplomas, Honours or Coursework Masters
Account number: 05 308 2826                      degrees will pay a tuition fee in US$ of:
Branch:          Westville
                                                 i. Full-time (one year): US$11 227 per annum.
Branch code:     045426
Reference:       F001 11402 with applicant’s     ii. Part-time (two or more years): US$ 5 613
                 full name                            per annum.
Swift code:      SBZAZAJJ (for international)    These fees are inclusive of the international levy.
Please provide your full name on the
deposit slip and submit proof of payment on
submission of your application.

                                                              POSTGRADUATE studY at ukzn               11
Full-time Research Masters and                          taking one or more modules for non-degree
Doctoral Studies                                        purposes will be US$ 1 655 per 16 credit module
No tuition fee is charged for full-time masters         per semester, inclusive of the international levy.
and doctoral studies by research. Full-time
international students will be required to pay an       International Affiliates
international levy of R1 368 per semester only.         Visiting international students (other than post-
                                                        doctoral students) who are not registering for
Students are eligible for this remission of tuition     any modules but wish to be affiliated to the
fees if studies are completed in the minimum            University of KwaZulu-Natal while pursuing
prescribed period of study (PhD three years             their own research, or are here in any other
and Masters one-year).                                  capacity, will pay US$ 289 per month (minimum
                                                        fee charged) or maximum of US$ 1 732 per
Students unable to complete within the                  semester. No application fee is payable.
minimum period will be charged as per the
schedule below.
                                                          International students have to pay all tuition
                                                          and residence fees that are due to the
Study Abroad Students                                     University in advance prior to registration
The tuition fee for any international students            at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

     Continuing Fees Schedule (Research Students)
                 Doctorate                       Masters                        Fees
     Group 1     Human Sciences, Law,            Accountancy, Art,              R8 500 per year or
                 Management Studies,             Commerce, education, Fine      R4 860 per semester
                 Nursing, Social Science         Arts, Information Studies,
                                                 Law, Music, Nursing,
                                                 Social Science, Theology,
                                                 Psychology and Social Work
     Group 2     Agriculture, Architecture,      Agriculture, Architecture,  R9 913 per year or
                 Geography, Engineering,         Construction Mngt, Dev      R4 960 per semester
                 Medicine, Science, Dev          Studies, Engineering,
                 Studies, Health Sciences.       Geography, Land Surveying,
                                                 Science, Urban and regional
                                                 Planning, Health Sciences.

      Please note that the fees listed on pages 12-13, cover tuition fees only. Provision must be made
      for all other necessary expenses such as accommodation, food, transport and subsistence (see
      next page). From the fees listed, students should take into account only those costs that are
      relevant to their studies at the University.

12        POSTGRADUATE studY at ukzn
Residence and Subsistence Costs
(Local and international)
University Residences During                        South African Rands per annum. The cost to the
Academic Term                                       student in the currency of origin shall vary from
Accommodation fees             R25 892              time to time, based on the prevailing exchange
Cost of meals 		               R23 980              rate of the South African Rand.
Total cost 		                  R49 872p.a
                                                    Other Specific Expenses
On-campus Vacation                                  (International Students Only)
Accommodation                                       Medical subscription:
Accommodation excl. meals R25 892                     Momentum                  R4 188 per annum
Cost of meals		           R23 980                     Comp Care Wellness        R3 900 per annum
Total cost 		             R49 872 p.a                 Study permit new applications:
                                                                           R1 755 per application
Provision for Additional Expenses
Students must take into account a range              For more information on fees payable, contact:
of expenses that they may have to meet,              Tel: +27 (0) 31 260 7111 or
depending on their particular course of study.       Email the relevant address:
These may include:                                   Edgewood  
• Orientation Week;                                  Howard College
• Text materials (issued by the University);         Medical School
• Field trips;                                       Pietermaritzburg
• Books, stationery and equipment;                   Westville 
• Transport (off-campus);
• Sports clubs and societies (optional);            Banking Details for Tuition
• Pocket money.                                     and Residence Fees
As a guideline, a total amount of R30 240 (South    UKZN does not accept cash on campus. Tuition
African Rand) should be allowed for a full year’s   fees must be paid into the following bank
study to cover the above. Fees quoted are in        accounts:

South African Students                              International Students (Including
Bank:		             Standard Bank                   SADC Students)
Name of account:    UKZN Student Deposit            Bank: 		            Standard Bank
Type of account:    Business Current Account        Name of account:    UKZN Foreign Deposit
Account number:     05 308 1072                     Type of account:    Business Current Account
                                                    Account number:     05 308 2826
Branch: 		          Westville
                                                    Branch: 		          Westville
Branch code:        045426
                                                    Swift code:         SBZAZAJJ
Reference:          UKZN student number             Reference:          UKZN student number

                                                                POSTGRADUATE studY at ukzn            13
Services and Facilities
Accommodation                                     South African citizens). Full-time Masters and
Limited self-catering single room residence       Doctoral students may be eligible for Graduate
accommodation is available on campuses.           Scholarships, which cover 80% of the South
Space is limited, and you are advised to          African tuition fees. Application forms for
make application as early as possible. Many       external scholarships (such as those awarded
postgraduate students prefer to stay off-campus   by the National Research Foundation (NRF))
in privately rented student digs or apartments.   are available from the Student Funding Centre.
For further information on residence and off-     For further information, visit the website
campus accommodation, please consult the, or contact:
website or contact:
                                                  Edgewood            Tel: +27 (0)31 260 3603
Edgewood                                          Howard College      Tel: +27 (0)31 260 2231
Tel:       +27 (0)31 260 3611                     Medical School      Tel: +27 (0)31 260 4359
Fax:       +27 (0)31 260 3426                     Pietermaritzburg    Tel: +27 (0)33 260 5915
Email:                       Westville		         Tel: +27 (0)33 260 8044

Howard College and Medical School                 Campus Health Clinics
Tel:       +27 (0)31 260 2183                     Primary healthcare clinics on each campus are
Fax:       +27 (0)31 260 3426                     staffed by fully trained nurses (with referrals
Email:                      to doctors). Services include assessment and
                                                  treatment of health problems, assessment
Pietermaritzburg                                  and referral of drug and alcohol-related
Tel:       +27 (0)33 260 6226                     problems, reproductive health counselling
Fax:       +27 (0)33 260 5799                     and contraception, treatment of sexually
Email:                      transmitted diseases, free HIV/AIDS testing and
                                                  pre- and post-test counselling. Free transport
Westville                                         to hospitals in case of medical emergencies
Tel:       +27 (0)31 200 7901                     is provided to students by Medical Rescue
Fax:       +27 (0)31 260 7113                     International (MRI).
                                                  Edgewood            Tel: +27 (0)31 260 3252
Financial Support                                 Howard College      Tel: +27 (0)31 260 3285
The University’s Student Funding Centre           Medical School      Tel: +27 (0)31 260 4506
(SFC) administers various postgraduate            Pietermaritzburg    Tel: +27 (0)33 260 5208
scholarships and bursaries (and loans for         Westville           Tel: +27 (0)31 260 7302

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Student Counselling Centres                           Computer Facilities
The student counselling and development               The Information and Communication Technology
centres cater for the educational and personal        Division provides students with free access to
needs of students:                                    the Internet and email. PC LANS are accessible
• Career and personal counselling (Careers            24 hours a day, with facilities for scanning and
   library);                                          printing. Appropriate software packages are
• Trauma and crisis counselling;                      provided on the LANS.
• AIDS prevention programmes;
• Study skills, life and diversity awareness;         Security
• Counselling for residence students;                 Residences and Campus perimeter entrances
• Professional computerised testing for               have pedestrian/visitor access control. Risk
   career assessment on interest, personality,        Management Services (RMS) offer:
   career development, aptitude; and                  • Fire protection and detection;
• Internships in Counselling and Educational          • Occupation, Health and Safety;
   Psychology.                                        • Trained security guards;
                                                      • Campus crime info line;
Edgewood             Tel: +27 (0)31 260 3665          • Student identity cards;
Howard College       Tel: +27 (0)31 260 2668          • Vehicle parking discs;
Medical School       Tel: +27 (0)31 260 4595          • Immediate attention at accidents;
Pietermaritzburg     Tel: +27 (0)33 260 5233          • Assistance in obtaining medical help; and
Westville            Tel: +27 (0)31 260 7087          • Counselling and other support after hours.

Students with Disabilities                            Edgewood            Tel: +27 (0)31 260 3493
The University is sensitive to the needs of           Howard College      Tel: +27 (0)31 260 2540/3777
students with disabilities. Disability offices have   Medical School      Tel: +27 (0)31 260 4024
been established with Disability Coordinators         Pietermaritzburg    Tel: +27 (0)33 260 5211
who are responsible for developing and                Westville		         Tel: +27 (0)31 260 7265
facilitating a wide range of support services to
assist students:                                       Mabel Palmer Residence, Howard College Campus.

Howard College Tel: +27 (0)31 260 3070
Pietermaritzburg Tel: +27 (0)33 260 5213
                 Tel: +27 (0)33 260 5233
Westville        Tel: +27 (0)31 260 7706
                 Tel: +27 (0)31 260 7888

                                                                  POSTGRADUATE study at ukzn         15
 The five campuses of the University of
 KwaZulu-Natal        have    excellent     library
 collections. Qualified subject librarians provide
 general reference and instructional services to
 students, staff and the wider community. The
 libraries are fully computerised and operate in
 a networked environment that provides access
 to computerised catalogues and a range of
 local, national and international databases.
                                                              Howard College campus library.

 Campus              Library                                  Specialisation
 Edgewood            The ES Edminson Library                  Education
 Howard College      The EG Malherbe Library                  Humanities, Social Sciences, Engineering
                     The GMJ Sweeney Library                  Law
                     The Eleanor Bonnar Library               Music
                     The Barrie Biermann Library              Architecture
 Medical School      The Medical Library                       Health Sciences
                     The Victor Daitz Information Gateway A virtual library specialising in HIV/AIDS
 Pietermaritzburg    The Cecil Renaud Library                  Humanities, Social Sciences, Commerce and
                                                               Management and the Sciences.
                     The Law Library                           Law
                     Life Sciences Library                     Biological Sciences: houses important research
                                                               collections for natural sciences.
                     Collections of periodicals in the Schools Natural Sciences.
                     of Physics and Chemistry
                     The Alan Paton Centre and Struggle Information on resistance to apartheid in KZN
                     Archives                                  Midlands. Collection of works and papers
                                                               pertaining to the Liberal Party and other political
                     The University Archives                   Material on the University’s history and
                                                               achievements of staff and students.
                     CATNIP network                            Includes the holdings of 26 libraries in the
                                                               Pietermaritzburg region in the UKZN Library
                                                               Catalogue. Members include the Natal Society
                                                               Library, Natal Museum, Cedara Agricultural Institute,
                                                               and members of the Theological Cluster.
 Westville           The Main Library                          Located at Dental hospital. It holds a large volume
                     The Joe Ryan Library                      of books, journals and audiovisual materials
                                                               and provides access to electronic resources
                                                               (bibliographic and full-text databases) as well
                                                               as links to academic and other resources on the

16      POSTGRADUATE studY at ukzn
UKZN’s Impi team.

Sports and Recreation                               wish to compete at any level – from beginner
Sport is an important part of University life       through to national level. Some of the major
and the University caters for everyone – from       sporting activities offered at the Edgewood
recreationally minded through to highly-            Campus include basketball, football, netball
competitive participants. The Edgewood,             and karate. The following sports and activities
Howard College, Pietermaritzburg and                are presently offered at the Howard College
Westville campuses all have an impressive           and Pietermaritzburg campuses: athletics,
range of indoor and outdoor facilities. Each of     aerobics, basketball, ballroom dancing,
the campuses has its own tennis and squash          canoeing, cricket, golf, hockey, karate,
courts, swimming pool, jogging areas and            mountaineering, netball, rugby, soccer,
gymnasium for those who want to enjoy               softball and squash. Howard College, which
recreational sport in their own time. Those         has its own indoor sports complex, also offers
interested in a more structured sporting            boxing, chess, gymnastics, surfing, underwater
experience can join one or more of the available    sports and yachting, while Pietermaritzburg
sports clubs, which provide excellent facilities,   also offers tennis, rowing and volleyball. The
coaching and equipment for students who             Westville Campus boasts a well-equipped

                                                                POSTGRADUATE studY at ukzn        17
Mr Louis Hatting (UKZN student) winning the Canoe Marathon Qualifier for World Championships.

                                                          and modern indoor sports complex and an
                                                          Olympic-size swimming pool. The following
                                                          sports are offered at the Westville Campus:
                                                          athletics, aerobics, badminton, basketball,
                                                          boxing, ballroom dancing, chess, cricket,
                                                          gymnastics, golf, karate, netball, soccer, softball,
                                                          squash, swimming, table tennis, volleyball and
                                                          weightlifting. All sport is administered by the
                                                          Sport Administration Office on each campus.
                                                          University sport is affiliated to USSA (University
                                                          Sport South Africa) and many opportunities
                                                          are provided for competition at regional
                                                          and national level, culminating in the World
                                                          Student Games, which are held biennially. Sport
                                                          scholarships are available to top performers.
                                                          Any student who is selected for provincial or
                                                          national representation can apply to the Sports
UKZN’s Impi rugby team celebrating after winning          Administration for financial assistance.
the Varsity Shield Tournament.

                                                          Edgewood              Tel: +27 (0)31 260 3610
                                                          Howard College        Tel: +27 (0)31 260 2281
                                                          Medical School        Tel: +27 (0)31 260 2197
                                                          Pietermaritzburg      Tel: +27 (0)33 260 5189
                                                          Westville		           Tel: +27 (0)31 260 7362
18      POSTGRADUATE studY at ukzn
International Applicants
Entrance Requirements                                     Study Visa Requirements
International applicants are subject to a                 International students need to send the
selection procedure based on academic                     following documents to the International
merit and the number of spaces available.                 Student Office in order to obtain a Certificate
Candidates should have completed a four-year              of Clearance for the purpose of academic
Bachelor’s degree, OR a three-year degree plus            registration:
a one-year full-time Honours degree in the                • A passport valid for at least one year;
relevant field to enrol for a Masters degree. All         • A study visa obtained from a South African
applicants should apply to the South African                   embassy, consulate or high commission in
Qualifications Authority (SAQA) to obtain a                    the student’s home country;
certificate of evaluation of qualification/s prior        • Proof of medical health cover. Please note
to submitting an application to the university.                that medical insurance has to be from a
Visit the SAQA website at                      recognised South African company. You
or contact them on +27 (0)12 431 5172. The                     can contact the following people to seek
evaluation process is time-consuming and it is                 advice or to purchase medical insurance:
advised that you do this well in advance of your               • Megan Peens: Tel: +27 (0)31 566 8400
application to postgraduate studies at UKZN.                     Email:; and
                                                               • Corrine Bloy: Tel: +27 (0)31 5668400
Forms can be downloaded from the following site:                 Email:

  Eighteen Seychelles students, who recently made history by being the first from their country to graduate
  through UKZN with Bachelor in Nursing (Advance Practice) degrees, were honoured at a ceremony held at
  the University of the Seychelles.

                                                                        POSTGRADUATE study at ukzn            19
The eligibility of international students for        You may make an application for a study
study visas will depend on the assessment of         visa once you have received a letter from the
the following documents:                             University offering you a place to study together
• A letter of acceptance from UKZN;                  with a letter in support for an application for a
• A letter from the University in support of         study visa. Study visas can take four to eight
    your visa/study visa;                            weeks to process so it is advisable to make study
• The relevant application fee (this will            visa applications well in advance.
    depend on the embassy in your country);
• Proof of financial means;                          Where to Go to Apply for a Study
• Proof of a South African medical aid cover;        Visa
• Proof of residence in South Africa;                You are required to apply for a Study Visa
• Yellow fever vaccination (if coming from/          at the South African High Commission,
    travelling through an epidemic country);         embassy, consulate or trade mission in your
• A police clearance certificate (not more           country of origin. If there is no South African
    than three-months-old);                          representative in your country, you must
• Repatriation fee or a return ticket (original      apply to the South African High Commission,
    proof of payment); and                           embassy, consulate or trade mission nearest to
• Valid study visa (when renewing).                  your home country.

The conditions of entry and stay in South Africa     How Do You Apply for a Study
for all international students is that they should   Visa?
have in their possession a valid study visa issued   1.   Collect the appropriate study visa
in terms of the South African Immigration Act,            application from the South African
2002.                                                     embassy, consulate, high commission or
                                                          trade mission in your country; and
When to Apply for a Study Visa                       2.   Complete and return the study visa
Prior to leaving for South Africa, applicants             application to the office where you
must approach the relative authority in their             collected the form initially together with
home countries to obtain a study visa. In terms           the required documents.
of current South African legislation, South
African universities are not allowed to register     You are advised to submit the above
international students who do not hold valid         documentation as soon as possible to the
study visas. Study visas cannot be applied for in    South African High Commission, embassy,
South Africa. It is imperative that students await   consulate or trade mission. Do not send the
the outcome of their applications for study visas    above documents to the University of KwaZulu-
in their countries of origin or residence. Study     Natal. Please keep copies of all documentation
permits are renewed prior to expiry.                 submitted for your reference and future use.

20     POSTGRADUATE studY at ukzn
Mr Yibrah Ghebreyohannes, an Eritrean man who walked 4 000km from his home country so that he could
    study at UKZN, has graduated with a Masters Degree in Geography. Not even the danger of being kidnapped
    or robbed at the various borders he crossed deterred him. ‘I crossed more than five countries, and travelled for
    more than 4 000km on foot just to secure an education in South Africa because I believe education is the only
    weapon that helps us to fight against all odds,’ said Mr Ghebreyohannes.

Accommodation                                                     refugee identity document that grants
Applications for residence accommodation                          you permission to study. Application
should be made at the time of application.                        procedures and application fees as for local
The Housing Offices assist students to find off-                  students are applicable. When submitting
campus accommodation, the cost of which                           an application, please include:
varies depending on location and facilities                       • Payment of the local application fee;
available. In this regard, students should take                   • Certified English translations of high
into account the cost of transport to campus.                         school/university documents. The
                                                                      Alliance Francaise assists with French
Financial Aid                                                         to English translations. Please contact
Regrettably, financial aid is not available to                        them to establish the cost.
international students. International students                •   Financing your studies: Scholarships
are advised to make enquiries from their                          administered by the United Nations High
Ministries of Education or Scholarship Offices at                 Commission for Refugees are limited
universities in their country of origin.                          and few students succeed in securing
                                                                  a scholarship. The few who do succeed
Refugee Applicants                                                should be willing to save and/work during
•      Procedures: You should be in                               vacations to contribute to study expenses.
       possession of a valid Section 41 permit/                   Those who do not secure a scholarship

                                                                             POSTGRADUATE studY at ukzn                21
may wish to consider less expensive study      Ms Iris Gerber
     options, e.g. correspondence study, which      Assistant: International Student Office
     allows you to work full-time to finance your   Tel:       +27 (0)31 260 2819
     own studies.                                   Fax:       +27 (0)31 260 2967
 International Student Offices
 In addition to the official response to the        English Proficiency
 University, successful applicants who will be      UKZN is an English-medium university. Its
 staying in residence should email or phone the     language policy requires that all applicants,
 International Student Office to provide their      who are not from an English-speaking
 date of arrival.                                   country or have not been educated in an
                                                    English-speaking country, must demonstrate
 Pietermaritzburg                                   competence in English through one of the
 Ms Nombuso Mtshali                                 following:
 Head: International Student Office                 • A pass in an examination equivalent
 Tel:      +27 (0)33 260 5313                            to English Higher Grade (first or
 Fax :     +27 (0)33 260 5729                            second language) at South African
 Email:                           Senior Certificate level (matriculation).
                                                         Equivalencies are established by the South
 Westville                                               African Matriculation Board; OR
 Ms Vanuja Krishna                                  • A pass in English at GCE A-level, or O-level
 Assistant: International Student Office                 (C symbol or higher), or International
 Tel:       +27 (0)31 260 7253                           Baccalaureate.
 Fax:       +27 (0)31 260 2641
 Email:                     International applicants who do not satisfy
                                                    these requirements, and for whom English is a
 Howard College                                     foreign language, must either:
 Ms Tasmeera Singh                                  • Attain an overall score of 7.0 (for graduate
 Principal International Advisor                        students) on the International English
 Tel:       +27 (0)31 260 3078                          Language Testing System (IELTS). For
 Fax:       +27 (0)31 260 2967                          information on IELTS test dates, venues and
 Email:                           costs, contact the British Council through
                                                        your closest British embassy or consulate,
                                                        or consult

22      POSTGRADUATE study at ukzn
•   Attain a test score of at least 550 on the        not are advised to spend one or two semesters
    paper version of the Test of English as a         learning English in the Language Centre.
    Foreign Language (TOEFL) or a score of at         For further information on Language Centre
    least 80 on the IBT (electronic) version of       services, course costs, etc., please contact:
    the test. For information about test dates,
    venues and costs, contact the United              Howard College (Durban)
    States Information Service (USIS) or the US       The Coordinator: Language Centre
    embassy in your home country; or contact          Access Programme, Howard College Campus
    TOEFL direct at or consult          University of KwaZulu-Natal                                    Durban 4041
                                                      Tel: +27 (0)31 260 1130/260 2677
The UKZN Language Centre provides a testing           Fax: +27 (0)31 260 2967
service and English language courses for those
who do not meet these requirements. After             Medical Health Cover
testing, students whose scores are comparable         Medical health cover is one of the essential
to the required IELTS or TOEFL scores can apply       immigration requirements when applying for a
to enter a degree programme. Those who do             study visa at the South African High Commission

         Imbizo march against unplanned pregnancies, HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.

                                                                    POSTGRADUATE studY at ukzn      23
in your home country. It is a compulsory                   the International Education Association of South
 requirement for the University of KwaZulu-                 Africa (IEASA) to undertake studies and provide
 Natal. Students cannot register for the academic           guidance on the use of medical health cover
 year without medical health cover. Momentum                providers. Momentum Health and CompCare
 Health and CompCare (registered with the                   are the only two options available to the UKZN
 South African Medical Aid Scheme) are the two              students, and as repatriation is an essential
 options available to UKZN students. It is essential        requirement for immigration/visa purposes, it
 to make the necessary financial arrangements               is included in these two medical health covers.
 for medical health cover prior to applying for a           UKZN will only accept the two above mentioned
 study visa. Ensure that you advise your sponsor            medical healthcare providers.
 of this requirement as soon as you receive your            • In 2017, each student must have medical
 acceptance letter. A letter indicating medical                  health cover, valid from February to November
 health cover sponsorship is not acceptable.                     (10 months) for the full academic year;
 The sponsor must organise payment for the                  • If the student is at UKZN for one semester, five
 required medical health cover directly with                     months’ medical health cover is required;
 the medical healthcare provider. UKZN has                  • Medical students must have medical health
 signed an agreement with ABSA Health Care                       cover, from January to November, 11 months
 Consultants, who have been commissioned by                      of each academic year;

 The BBC News Africa page featured research by UKZN PhD graduate Dr T. Mzumara-Gawa on
 incidents of waterhole poisoning affecting Lilian’s Lovebirds in the llwonde National Park in Malawi.

24      POSTGRADUATE studY at ukzn
•   You cannot register without providing the
    relevant International Student Office (ISO)
    with proof of medical health cover and a
    valid study permit.
    • Compcare Wellness – the Networx
         Tel: +27 (0)86 122 2777/
              +27 (0)84 700 9748/
              +27 (0)11 208 1252
    • Momentum Health – Ingwe option
         Tel: +27 (0)861 200 100/
              +27 (0)31 573 4189.

                                                  UKZN Research Institute for TB and HIV.

                                                              POSTGRADUATE studY at ukzn    25
College of
 Agriculture, Engineering and Science
HONOURS DEGREES AND                                 Degree of Bachelor of Agriculture
POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMAS                               (Honours)
                                                    Bachelor of Agriculture (Honours)
Pietermaritzburg Campus                             •   Bachelor of Agricultural Management
Tel:      +27 (0)33 260 5217                            (Honours) Commerce Stream
                                                    •   Bachelor of Agricultural Management
Degree of Bachelor of Science                           (Honours) Production Stream
The following list shows the programmes of study    Postgraduate Diplomas
within the degree of Bachelor of Science Honours:   • Postgraduate Diploma (Community
• Applied Mathematics                                  Nutrition)
• Biochemistry                                      • Postgraduate Diploma (Dietetics)
• Biological Sciences                               • Postgraduate Diploma (Food Security)
• Biometry
• Chemistry                                         Westville Campus
• Computer Science                                  Tel:     +27 (0)31 260 7515
• Crop Science                                      Email:
• Ecological Sciences (Rangeland and Wildlife
    Conservation Stream)                            Bachelor of Science (Honours)
• Entomology                                        •   Applied Mathematics
• Environmental Earth Science                       •   Biochemistry
• Environmental Science                             •   Biological Sciences
• Genetics                                          •   Chemistry
• Geography and Environmental                       •   Computer Science
    Management                                      •   Environmental Science
• Grassland Science                                 •   Genetics
• Horticultural Science                             •   Geography and Environmental
• Hydrology                                             Management
• Mathematics                                       •   Geology
• Microbiology                                      •   Industrial Mathematics
• Physics                                           •   Marine Biology
• Plant Pathology                                   •   Mathematics
• Soil Science                                      •   Microbiology
• Statistics                                        •   Physics
                                                    •   Statistics
26     POSTGRADUATE studY at ukzn
MASTERS AND DOCTORAL                     •   Geography
DEGREES                                  •   Grassland Science
Pietermaritzburg Campus                  •   Hydrology
Tel:   +27 (0)33 260 6243/5811           •   Mathematics
Fax:   +27 (0)33 260 6335                •   Microbiology
Email:         •   Physics              •   Plant Molecular Biology and Physiology
                                         •   Plant Pathology
Master of Science by Research (MSc)      •   Soil Science
•     Applied Mathematics                •   Statistics
•     Biochemistry                       •   Wildlife Science
•     Biological Sciences                •   Zoology
•     Biometry
•     Botany                             Master of Science by Coursework (MSc)
•     Chemical Technology                •   Water Resources Management
•     Chemistry
•     Computational Physics              Master of Science in Agriculture by
•     Computer Science                   Research (MScAgric)
•     Ecology                            •   Agribusiness
•     Entomology                         •   Agricultural Economics
•     Ethnobotany                        •   Agricultural Production
•     Food Security                      •   Agricultural and Environmental
•     Genetics                               Instrumentation

    UKZN nursery in at the PMB campus.

                                                     POSTGRADUATE studY at ukzn       27
•    Agrometeorology                             Doctor of Philosophy
•    Animal Science                              Includes all disciplines previously listed in
•    Community Resources                         various Masters degrees.
•    Consumer Studies
•    Crop Science                                Westville Campus
•    Cultivated Pastures                         Tel:      +27 (0)31 260 2219 and
•    Environmental Science                                 +27 (0)31 260 3220
•    Food Processing                             Fax:      +27 (0) 31 260 7780 or
•    Food Science                                          +27 0(31) 260 1345
•    Grassland Science                           Email: and
•    Horticultural Science                       
•    Plant Breeding
•    Plant Pathology                             Master of Science by Research (MSc)
•    Poultry Science                             •      Applied Mathematics
                                                 •      Biology
Master of Science in Agriculture by              •      Biochemistry
Coursework (MScAgric)                            •      Chemistry
•    Agricultural and Environmental              •      Computer Science
     Instrumentation                             •      Environmental Science
                                                 •      Financial Management
Master of Agricultural Management                •      Geography
(MAgricMgt)                                      •      Geology
                                                 •      Mathematics
Master of Agriculture by Research                •      Microbiology
(MAgric)                                         •      Physics
•    Agricultural Extension and Rural Resource   •      Statistics
•    Food Security                               Master of Science by Coursework
Master of Agriculture by Coursework              •      Environmental Science
(MAgric)                                         •      Mathematics
•    Food Security
                                                 Howard College Campus*
Master of Science in Dietetics                   Tel: +27 (0)31 260 2221
(MScDiet)                                        Email: or
Master of Science in Human                    
Nutrition (MScHumNutr)

28      POSTGRADUATE studY at ukzn
Master of Science in Engineering by                  •   Agricultural, PMB
Research                                             •   Chemical, Howard College
A Master of Science in Engineering by research       •   Civil, Howard College
can be undertaken in the various programmes          •   Computer, Howard College
in Engineering as follows:                           •   Electrical, Howard College
• Agricultural Engineering                           •   Electronic, Howard College
• Chemical Engineering                               •   Mechanical, Howard College
• Civil Engineering                                  •   Property Development, Howard College
• Construction Management
• Computer Engineering                               Master of Science in Engineering
• Electrical Engineering                             A Master of Science in Engineering by research
• Electronic Engineering                             can be undertaken in the various programmes
• Land Surveying                                     in Engineering as follows:
• Mechanical Engineering                             • Agricultural, PMB
                                                     • Chemical, Howard College
 * Note that the Master of Science in
                                                     • Civil, Howard College
 Agricultural Engineering is offered on the
 Pietermaritzburg campus.                            • Computer, Howard College
                                                     • Electrical, Howard College
Doctor of Philosophy                                 • Electronic, Howard College
Includes all disciplines listed in various Masters   • Mechanical, Howard College
degrees above.
                                                     A Master of Science in Engineering by
Doctor of Philosophy                                 coursework can be undertaken in the various
A Doctor of Philosophy by research degree (PhD)      programmes in Engineering as follows:
can be undertaken in the various programmes          • Construction Management, Howard College
in Agriculture, Engineering and Science on           • Quantity Surveying, Howard College
the Howard College, Pietermaritzburg and/or          • Land Surveying, Howard College
Westville campuses as follows:

Closing dates
Postgrad Diploma/Certificate and Honours:
Semester 1                                                    30 September
Semester 2                                                    30 April
Masters (Coursework):
Semester 1                                                    31 October
Semester 2                                                    30 April
Masters (Research) and Doctoral studies:                      No closing date.
Confirm Semester 2 intake with School.

                                                                 POSTGRADUATE studY at ukzn       29
College of
Health Sciences
 School of Health                                Multi-department Postgraduate
 Sciences                                        Programmes and Qualifications
                                                 • Masters of Philosophy (Therapeutic Group
 Westville Campus                                   Work)
 Tel:      +27 (0)31 260 8280/7906
 Fax:      +27 (0)31 260 7872                    Discipline of Pharmaceutical
 Ms Phindile Nene                                Sciences
 Email:                        •   Master of Pharmacy
 Ms Thuli Khumalo                                •   Master of Medical Science (Pharmaceutics)
 Email:                         (Research)
                                                 •   Master of Medical Science (Pharmaceutical
 Discipline of Audiology                             Chemistry)
 •   Master of Communication Pathology           •   Master of Science (Pharmacy Practice)
     (Audiology) (Research)                          (Research)
 •   Doctor of Philosophy                        •   Online Master of Pharmacy (Pharmacy
 Discipline of Occupational Therapy              •   Master of Medical Science (Pharmacology)
 •   Master of Hand Rehabilitation
     (Coursework)                                Master of Medical Science
 •   Master of Occupational Therapy (Research)   (Therapeutics & Medicine
 •   Master of Philosophy in Group Therapy       Management)
     (Coursework)                                •   Doctor of Philosophy
 •   Doctor of Philosophy
                                                 Multi-discipline Postgraduate
 Discipline of Speech-Language                   Programmes and Qualifications
 Pathology                                       • Online Masters in Health Sciences
 •   Master of Communication Pathology
     (Speech-Language Pathology) (Research)      Discipline of Physiotherapy
 •   Doctor of Philosophy                        •   Master of Physiotherapy (Research)
                                                 •   Doctor of Philosophy

30      POSTGRADUATE studY at ukzn
Medical students observe Dr Khoza utilising a Wood’s Lamp altraviolet light evaluation to identify skin infections.

Discipline of Sport Science,                                      School of Laboratory
Biokinetics and Exercise Science                                  Medicine and Medical
•     Bachelor of Sport Science Honours
                                                                  Tel:     +27(0)31 260 7078/7247/8602
•     Bachelor of Sport Science Honours
                                                                  Fax:     +27(0)31 260 8678
      (Exercise Science)
                                                                  Ms P. Dudhrajh
•     Bachelor of Sport Science Honours
      (Leisure Studies)
                                                                  Ms B. Makoena
•     Master of Sport Science (Research)
•     Doctor of Philosophy

Discipline of Optometry                                           Discipline of Clinical Anatomy
•     Master of Optometry (Research)                              •    Bachelor of Medical Science Honours
•     Doctor of Philosophy                                             (Anatomy)
                                                                  •    Master of Medical Science (Clinical
Discipline of Dentistry                                                Anatomy) (Research)
•     Master of Medical Science Dental Therapy                    •    Doctor of Philosophy
•     Doctor of Philosophy

                                                                            POSTGRADUATE studY at ukzn             31
• Chemical Pathology
                                                            • Forensic Medicine
                                                            • Haemotology
                                                            • Virology
                                                       All of the above offer PhDs as well.

                                                       HIV Pathogenesis Programme
                                                       •   Master in Medical Science
 Two papers were recently published in international   •   Doctor of Philosophy
 journals, co-authored by UKZN Associate Prof.
 Kovin Naidoo, documenting strides he has made to
 improve eye care services in Africa.                  Optics and Imaging
                                                       •   Master in Medical Science
 Discipline of Human Physiology                        •   Doctor of Philosophy
 •   Bachelor of Medical Science Honours
     (Physiology)                                      Discipline of Virology
 •   Master of Medical Science (Physiology)            •   Master in Medical Science
     (Research)                                        •   Doctor of Philosophy
 •   Master of Medical Science in Sports
     Medicine (Coursework)                             School of Nursing and
 •   Doctor of Philosophy                              Public Health
 Discipline of Medical Biochemistry                    Howard College Campus
 •   Bachelor of Medical Science Honours
                                                       Tel:      +27 (0)31 260 2255/1075/2834
 •   Master of Medical Science (Medical                Fax:      +27 (0)31 260 1543
     Biochemistry) (Research)                          Ms Michelle Ramlal
 •   Doctor of Philosophy                              Email:
                                                       Ms Caroline Dhanraj
 Discipline of Medical Microbiology
                                                       Ms Devi Arumugam
 and Infection Prevention and                          Email:
 •   Bachelor of Medical Science Honours               •   Bachelor of Nursing Honours
 •   (Medical Microbiology/Infection                   •   Master of Nursing (Advanced Midwifery
     Prevention Control)                                   and Women’s and Child Health)
 •   Master of Medical Science (Medical                    (Coursework and Research)
     Microbiology) (Research)                          •   Master of Nursing (Critical Care and
 •   Doctor of Philosophy                                  Trauma) (Coursework and Research)
 •   Master in Medicine in the following:              •   Master of Nursing (Community Health)
      • Anatomical Pathology                               (Coursework and Research)

32      POSTGRADUATE studY at ukzn
You can also read