Pre-Arrival Info and Campus Guide for International Students 2020 - DIVISION FOR INTERNATIONALISATION - University of Johannesburg

Pre-Arrival Info and Campus Guide for International Students 2020 - DIVISION FOR INTERNATIONALISATION - University of Johannesburg

Pre-Arrival Info and
Campus Guide for
International Students
Pre-Arrival Info and Campus Guide for International Students 2020 - DIVISION FOR INTERNATIONALISATION - University of Johannesburg
A Word of Welcome
The University of Johannesburg (UJ)              that goes beyond the academic. An
extends a warm welcome to you, as an             international education imbues you
international student, and invites you to be-    with, amongst other things, attributes of
come an active member of the UJ commu-           adaptability, flexibility, and cultural fluency:
nity. The University of Johannesburg (UJ) is     the soft skills so sought after by employers
an Afropolitan international university with     world-wide. Your international education
an identity of inclusion, a university that is   at UJ then, sets you on a path to be highly
transforming lives and diversifying profes-      competitive as a graduate. It also prepares
sions. A proudly South African university,       you for leadership, entrepreneurship,
rooted in the vibrant and multicultural          innovation, and creativity, all of which
city of Johannesburg, reflecting the city’s      accord you the tools to lead; to be an
energy and embracing its diversity with          employer, to be a change maker and to
equal passion.                                   contribute positively to humanity at large.
At the University of Johannesburg “The           Your presence at UJ is highly valued
Future. Reimagined” is not simply a catchy       and you will undoubtedly contribute to
phrase. The institution is taking the lead in    cultural diversity as well as academic
Africa in 4th Industrial Revolution thinking,    enrichment which are the hallmarks of
reimagining the future in all disciplines.       our internationalisation programme. We
                                                 trust that you will find your stay enjoyable,
You are joining a university that is young,
                                                 hospitable, friendly and an enriching
vibrant, and was built on the footholds
                                                 academic and social experience. We
of possibility, tenacity, and a ‘can-do’
                                                 encourage you to seek opportunities for
attitude, and that upholds excellence in all
                                                 personal, social and intercultural growth,
facets of its work and life. You will be fully
                                                 so richly afforded by our campus life and
supported in order that you can excel in all
                                                 the broader Johannesburg community and
your academic pursuits. As an international
                                                 South African society.
student, you have the opportunity of a
lifetime to attain a well-rounded education      The Division for Internationalisation is
                                                 your home-away-from- home. It is your
                                                 first port of call as you enter the university,
                                                 and remains a resource for your support
                                                 throughout your time at UJ. Make use of
                                                 all the opportunities that UJ offers you.
                                                 Seek assistance when you are in doubt.
                                                 Most of all, claim your place of excellence
                                                 and open your mind to the UJ notion of
                                                 being a pioneer in your own right: The
                                                 Future, Reimagined

                                                 Prof Ylva Rodny-Gumede
                                                 Senior Director
Pre-Arrival Info and Campus Guide for International Students 2020 - DIVISION FOR INTERNATIONALISATION - University of Johannesburg
1  About UJ                                        18   Culture shock
1    Education for the 21st century                18   Homesickness
2    First-year Experience                         18   Socials
                                                   18   Annual International Festival
2    Facilitating teaching and learning
2    Campuses of the University of Johannesburg    18   Facilities
                                                   18   Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
2    Division for Internationalisation             20   Doornfontein Campus
2    International Admissions and Welfare Office   20   Auckland Park Bunting Road Campus
3    English Proficiency Test                      21   Soweto Campus
4    Academic Calendar for 2020                    21   Other Services
5    Registration 2020                             21   Protection services
5    Arrival                                       23   Access control
5    Registration procedures for 2020              23   Campus Health
7    First-year Seminar                            23   Inter-Campus Transport
8    Study Visa                                    24   South Africa
8    How to apply for a Study Visa                 24   Location
9    Endorsement of relatives visa                 24   Climate
9    Changing conditions of a Study Visa           24   Currency
                                                   24   Credit cards and travel cards
9    Fees                                          24   Taxation
11   Banking details                               24   Electricity
11   Undergraduate students                        24   Telephone & Internet communication
11   Postgraduate students                         25   Time
13   Financial assistance                          25   Banks
13   Medical Aid                                   25   Foreign exchange
13   Comp-Care                                     25   Living in S.A.
13   Momentum Health                               26   Public transport
15   Accommodation                                 26   Emergency Information
                                                   26   Procedure
16   The Buddy System                              26   Police Services
16   What is a buddy System?
Pre-Arrival Info and Campus Guide for International Students 2020 - DIVISION FOR INTERNATIONALISATION - University of Johannesburg
About UJ
                                                                             The University of Johannesburg was                has eleven traditional universities (offering
                                                                             established on 1 January 2005. It is the result   traditional formative degree programmes),
                                                                             of the incorporation of the Soweto and East       five universities of technology (offering
                                                                             Rand campuses of Vista University into the        vocational and professional programmes)
                                                                             Rand Afrikaans University – which took place      and six “comprehensive institutions”
                                                                             on 1 January 2004 – and the merger of the         (offering both formative degree programmes
                                                                             Rand Afrikaans University (into which the two     and vocational programmes).
                                                                             Vista campuses had been incorporated) and
                                                                                                                               The University of Johannesburg falls in
                                                                             the Technikon Witwatersrand on
                  1                                                                                                            the category of comprehensive institution.
                                                                             1 January 2005, to create the University
                                                                                                                               The term “comprehensive institution” is
                                                                             of Johannesburg (UJ).
                                                                                                                               an instrument of educational policy and
Pre-arrival Information and Campus Guide for International Students - 2020

                                                                             The Technikon Witwatersrand had been in           has no statutory definition. Each of the
                                                                             existence since 1925, the Rand Afrikaans          “comprehensives” has developed an identity
                                                                             University since 1967 and the Vista University    that best suits their own strategic objectives.
                                                                             since 1982. UJ has four campuses spread
                                                                             over Central Gauteng: the Auckland Park           Education for the 21st century
                                                                             Kingsway Campus (APK), the Doornfontein           As one of the largest residential
                                                                             Campus (DFC), the Auckland Park Bunting           universities in South Africa without distance
                                                                             Road Campus (APB), and the Soweto                 education programmes, the University
                                                                             Campus (SWC). A fifth campus, the East Rand       of Johannesburg’s teaching and learning
                                                                             Campus is currently dormant. With over            programmes result in degrees and diplomas
                                                                             48 000 full-time students and 3 000               in an array of subjects, ranging from Fine Arts
                                                                             permanent employees, it is one of the largest     to Engineering, from Business Management
                                                                             residential universities in South Africa.         and Accounting to Haute Couture and
                                                                             The incorporation and merger, which led           from Theology to Homoeopathy. The
                                                                             to the establishment of the University            University has nine faculties located in
                                                                             of Johannesburg, was part of a major              greater Johannesburg and it accommodates
                                                                             programme of the restructuring of higher          a diverse student body on four campuses
                                                                             education in South Africa. The National Plan      located in Doornfontein, Auckland Park,
                                                                             for Higher Education, published in 2001,          Bunting Road and Soweto. Although these
                                                                             charted a course for a major revamp of            campuses are fairly recent additions to the
                                                                             South African higher education institutions.      urban landscape of the city, each is located in
                                                                             The most important consequence of the             an area that made a significant contribution
                                                                             restructuring exercise conducted by the           to its history and growth. For example, the
                                                                             Department of Education was the reduction         campus in Doornfontein was developed
                                                                             of thirty-six universities and technikons to      in the heart of one of Johannesburg’s
                                                                             twenty-three higher education institutions.       oldest suburbs, which was laid out in 1889,
                                                                             This reduction was achieved by mergers and        shortly after the discovery of gold on the
                                                                             incorporations of existing higher education       Witwatersrand. The Soweto Campus, where
                                                                             institutions, the planning and implementation     major development commenced in 2008,
                                                                             of which was executed from 2002 to                is set to become the flagship of the new
                                                                             2004. The final decision of the Minister of       generation university and will contribute
                                                                             Education on the restructuring of higher          significantly to its surroundings. The Bunting
                                                                             education institutions was published as           Road and Kingsway Campuses in Auckland
                                                                             Government Notice 855 in the Government           Park, a suburb laid out in 1895, have brought
                                                                             Gazette of 21 June 2002. As a result of the       a vibrant new student population to this
                                                                             restructuring exercise, South Africa now          suburb.
Pre-Arrival Info and Campus Guide for International Students 2020 - DIVISION FOR INTERNATIONALISATION - University of Johannesburg
First-year Experience                             The FYE gives strong motivation for the
                                                  attendance of the First-year Seminar (FYS),
Facilitating Teaching and Learning                the implementation of tutorials, and the
As all students enter university with the aim     Residence Academic Adviser programme
of attaining a tertiary qualification, UJ seeks   (RAA) which provides students with
to support first-year students who need to        opportunities for active learning and critical
negotiate the transition between school           discussion of themes and topics, as well as
and university successfully, if they are to       opportunities for making friends.
succeed academically.
                                                  Campuses of the University of
Both internationally and specifically in the
South African context, students tend to
find this challenging, resulting in many          These campuses are:                                                  2
students dropping out during the first            • Auckland Park Kingsway Campus at the
year. In response to this challenge, UJ has          corner of Kingsway and University Road

                                                                                                   Pre-arrival Information and Campus Guide for International Students - 2020
implemented a First-year Experience (FYE)            (APK)
initiative. The FYE aims to create an ethos       • Auckland Park Bunting Road Campus,
and a way of life at UJ that will facilitate         Bunting Road, Cottesloe (APB)
effective student transition from school          • Doornfontein Campus at the corner of
to university. It supports an institutional          Siemert and Beit streets (DFC)
climate and culture that is conducive to          • Soweto Campus at Old Potch Road,
first-year students’ success. The FYE                Soweto (SWC)
assists and guides students to take up the
challenge of adapting to university life and
becoming fully fledged and productive             Further information is available on the UJ
members of the UJ academic community.             website: http//

Division for Internationalisation
Your home away from home, one of                  International Admissions and
the main purposes of the Division is to
integrate international students into UJ          Welfare Office
student life. This is done on the following       APK
                                                  Mr Tshepang Marumo
 • Social interaction (International Festival,
                                                  +27 (0)11 559 2096
                                                  Supervisor: International Admissions
 • Student exchange programme
                                                  International House | Madibeng Building
 • Communication (newsletter, sms service,
    liaison with embassies, etc.)
 • Student support (buddy system, UJISS,          Mrs Mampou Ngqumshe
    orientation programme)                        +27 (0)11 559 4517
 • Study abroad                                   International Admissions Officer
                                                  International House | Madibeng Building
Please join the group “UJ Division for
Internationalisation” on Facebook to keep
up to date with developments in                   Ms Shantelle Sass
the Division.                                     +27 (0)11 559 7780
                                                  Academic Liaison and Student Welfare
                                                  International House | Madibeng Building
Pre-Arrival Info and Campus Guide for International Students 2020 - DIVISION FOR INTERNATIONALISATION - University of Johannesburg
APB                                           • liaising with all South African Missions
                                                                                                                             (Embassies, High Commissions,
                                                                             Ms Palesa Makwela
                                                                                                                             Consulates, Trade Missions) and the
                                                                             +27 (0)11 559 1027
                                                                             International Admissions Officer                South African Department of Home
                                                                             Room 104, Con Cowan Building                    Affairs
                                                                                                • social integration through orientation
                                                                                                                             and student activities
                                                                             DFC                                           • welfare services
                                                                             Mr Thabang Mothebe                            The International Admissions and
                                                                             +27 (0)11 559 6510                            Welfare Office is there to ensure that all
                                                                             International Admissions Officer              international students are provided with
                  3                                                          G 70, Maropeng Building                       necessary support for the duration of their
                                                                                                studies at the University of Johannesburg.
                                                                             SWC                                           You can contact or visit the International
Pre-arrival Information and Campus Guide for International Students - 2020

                                                                                                                           Admissions and Welfare Office for any
                                                                             +27 (0)11 559 5014                            compliance related issues, e.g. study
                                                                             ADB 119, Ukhamba Building                     permits and medical aid requirements.
                                                                             You can contact or visit the International
                                                                             Admissions and Welfare Office for any         English Proficiency Test
                                                                             compliance related issues, e.g. study         If English is not an official language or used
                                                                             permits and medical aid requirements.         as a medium of learning and teaching in
                                                                                                                           your home country, you are required to
                                                                             The International Admissions and Welfare
                                                                                                                           provide an English Proficiency Test Score.
                                                                             Office is located on all four campuses and
                                                                                                                           You may elect to write the University
                                                                             is responsible for:
                                                                                                                           of Johannesburg English Language
                                                                              • advising prospective students about
                                                                                                                           Programme test (UJELP). The relevant
                                                                                 programmes offered at UJ and all legal
                                                                                                                           contact person is Mr Malibongwe
                                                                                 requirements;                             Masango, Tel: +27 (0) 11 559 4265 or email:
                                                                              • clearing admitted international students Alternatively, UJ will
                                                                                 for registration;                         accept the IELTS at an overall score of
                                                                              • providing liaison services for             6 and TOEFL at an average score of
                                                                                 international students and faculties;     80 -104 for Undergraduate Programmes.
Pre-Arrival Info and Campus Guide for International Students 2020 - DIVISION FOR INTERNATIONALISATION - University of Johannesburg
Academic Calendar for 2020
University re-opens for support employees       Thu 2020-01-02
Enrichment and academic development
                                                Thu 2020-01-02 - Sat 2020-01-04
programmes for UJ students
Academic employees, not involved in
enrichment or academic development              Mon 2020-01-06
programmes, resume duty
Academic Research                               Mon 2020-01-06 - Sun 2020-01-26
2nd Semester (of previous year) Supplementary                                                           4
                                                Mon 2020-01-06 - Fri 2020-01-10

                                                                                    Pre-arrival Information and Campus Guide for International Students - 2020
Online Registration                             Mon 2020-01-06 - Fri 2020-01-31
1st & 2nd Semester (of previous year)
                                                Wed 2020-01-22 - Tue 2020-01-28
 Special Assessment
1st Year Seminar                                Tue 2020-01-28 - Fri 2020-01-31
First Semester                                  Mon 2020-02-03 - Thu 2020-05-14
Mid-semester Vacation (1st Semester)            Sat 2020-03-21 - Sun 2020-03-29
Study Period for Students                       Fri   2020-05-15 - Tue 2020-05-19
1st Semester Final Assessment                   Wed 2020-05-20 - Mon 2020-06-15
Winter Vacation                                 Tue 2020-06-16 - Sun 2020-07-05
Academic research
Programmes for international students
hosted by UJ
                                                Mon 2020-07-06 - Fri 2020-07-10
Study-abroad programmes for UJ students
Enrichment and academic development
programmes for UJ students
1st Semester Supplementary Assessments          Mon 2020-07-6 - Fri 2020-07-10
Second Semester                                 Mon 2020-07-13 - Fri 2020-10-16
1st Semester Special Assessment                 Thu 2020-07-23 - Wed 2020-07-29
Mid-semester Vacation (2nd Semester)            Sat 2020-08-29 - Sun 2020-09-06
Study Period for Students                       Sat 2020-10-17- Wed 2020-10-21
2nd Semester Final Assessment                   Thu 2020-10-22 - Fri 2020-11-13
Study Period for Students                       Sat 2020-11-14 - Sun 2020-11-22
2nd Semester Supplementary Assessments          Mon 2020-11-23 - Fri 2020-11-27
Start of Summer Holiday for students            Sat 2020-11-28
Start of December Holiday for academic staff    Wed 2020-12-09
Start of December Holiday for support staff     Sat 2020-12-12
1st and 2nd Semester (of previous year)
                                                Mon 2021-01-11 - Fri 2021-01-15
Special Assessment
Pre-Arrival Info and Campus Guide for International Students 2020 - DIVISION FOR INTERNATIONALISATION - University of Johannesburg

                                                                                                                           your admission space due to popular
                                                                             Registration 2020
Pre-arrival Information and Campus Guide for International Students - 2020

                                                                                                                           qualifications or reaching a registration
                                                                                                                           quota.) Notice should be submitted one
                                                                             Arrival                                       week before the given registration date;
                                                                             Plan to arrive between 18 and 25 January      failure to adhere to the University request
                                                                             in order to settle in, acclimatise and find   will result in your admission being given
                                                                                                                           to a national applicant meeting the
                                                                                                                           admission requirements on a first-
                                                                             Registration procedures                       come-first-serve basis.

                                                                             for 2020                                      Registration information can be found
                                                                                                                           on the University’s website or can be
                                                                             If you are a first-time student registering   requested from the faculty. Off-Campus
                                                                             at the UJ, please consult with your           registration will only take place upon
                                                                             faculty for registration details.             complying with the financial and
                                                                             Online off-site registration of popular       international clearance requirements .
                                                                             programmes for 1st year students will         Enquiries for all international postgraduate
                                                                             be from the 08 to 17 January 2020.            students residing in their home country for
                                                                                                                           the duration of their studies should contact
                                                                             Off-site registration of 1st years and        the Division for Internationalisation at
                                                                             senior students will be from the              +27 (0)11 559 4517 or
                                                                             08 to 31 January 2020.
                                                                                                                           Please carefully follow the steps set
                                                                             On-site registration of 1st years and         out below when you arrive on campus
                                                                             senior students will be from the              to register. You need to report to the
                                                                             20 to 31 January 2020.                        International Student Admissions and
                                                                                                                           Welfare Office FIRST for clearance
                                                                             During the First-year Seminar (FYS),          before continuing to register.
                                                                             please consult your faculty about your
                                                                             registration date.                            Step 1
                                                                             IMPORTANT: Admitted or Conditionally          To avoid long queues, you may
                                                                             admitted international applicants are         opt for an electronic international
                                                                             requested to inform the University of         clearance by emailing your certified
                                                                             the circumstances preventing them from        documents as stipulated below, to
                                                                             registering on the given registration date
                                                                             to avoid forfeiting their admission at        When reporting to the International
                                                                             the University (though the University of      Student Admissions and Welfare Office
                                                                             Johannesburg together with the Division       please ensure that you bring the
                                                                             for Internationalisation will not guarantee   following documents:
Pre-Arrival Info and Campus Guide for International Students 2020 - DIVISION FOR INTERNATIONALISATION - University of Johannesburg
Important documents                          Step 2
• your valid passport;
                                             Present the proof of the payment of your
• the appropriate valid study, work or
                                             fees to the Student Finances Department.
   relatives visa endorsed to study at the
                                             Payment should include tuition fee,
   University of Johannesburg;
                                             registration fee and the international levy.
• proof of your medical aid cover,
                                             After submitting proof of payment, you
   registered with the South African
                                             may proceed to the registration venue. You
   Council of Medical Schemes, www.
                                             will find Student Finance at the following
                                             APK       E-Ring 102
• a valid Asylum Seeker Permit, Refugee
                                             DFC       Perskor Building, 2nd Floor
   Permit, Refugee Identity Document
   or Permanent Residence Permit – no        APB       Con Cowan Building, Lab D                                 6
   medical aid cover is required;            SWC      Robert Sobukwe Building GNA07

                                                                                             Pre-arrival Information and Campus Guide for International Students - 2020
• proof of payment. All international        Step 3
students need to pay 30% upfront, the
                                             Proceed to the registration venue for the
remaining 70% need to be paid in the
                                             authorisation of your registration, capturing
following instalment terms:
                                             information and to receive your proof of
     –– 35% at the end of April 2020
     –– 35% at the end of July 2020
                                             The registration venues are as follows:
In case of 100% upfront payment, student
will qualify for a 5% discount.              APK      D 1 Lab K11

You will find the International Student      DFC      Perskor Building, Room G300
Admissions and Welfare personnel at the      APB      Con Cowan Building, Lab C
following venues during registration:        SWC      Robert Sobukwe Building
APK    D-1 Lab K11                           Step 4
DFC     Perskor Building, Room G300
                                             Proceed to get your student card issued
APB    Con Cowan Building, Lab C             at the following venues:
SWC    Robert Sobukwe Building GNA07         APK      D Lab 208
                                             DFC      Perskor Building
                                             APB      Con Cowan Building
                                             SWC      Robert Sobukwe Building
Pre-Arrival Info and Campus Guide for International Students 2020 - DIVISION FOR INTERNATIONALISATION - University of Johannesburg

                                                                             First-year Seminar (FYS)
Pre-arrival Information and Campus Guide for International Students - 2020

                                                                                                                            student life: it is the time to join Student
                                                                                                                            Societies, get involved in the many cultural
                                                                             The University of Johannesburg would
                                                                                                                            activities, join one of the many sport clubs,
                                                                             like to welcome all its new first year
                                                                                                                            join the gym or become a member of a
                                                                             undergraduate students!
                                                                                                                            Day House. What’s that, you say?
                                                                             An informative and compulsory First Year       You’ll find out during the First Year
                                                                             Seminar programme has been arranged            Seminar. First-year Seminar takes place
                                                                             for all our new first years, beginning with    from the 27 to 31 January 2020
                                                                             the Dean’s Welcome address, academic
                                                                                                                            Academic registration
                                                                             orientation to the Faculty, the Department
                                                                             and the specific programmes for which          Off-Campus Undergraduate Registration
                                                                             students have been accepted. Students          is from 08 January to 31 January 2020.
                                                                             will get to meet lecturers, receive their      In order to ensure that the registration
                                                                             time tables and get to know their fellow       proceedings are successful, it is imperative
                                                                             students and the campus they will be           that students adhere to the registration
                                                                             studying on. The First Year Seminar            schedule, except for unforeseen
                                                                             programme is available from         circumstances preventing you from
                                                                             za/fys, then click on your Faculty and will    registering on the set date.
                                                                             also be sent out with the Registration
                                                                                                                            For procedures regarding late arrival,
                                                                             Information packs.
                                                                                                                            please refer to page 5.
                                                                             The First Year Seminar is also when
                                                                             students will be introduced to the wide        International student orientation
                                                                             range of academic development and              International students are assisted to
                                                                             support services the University offers – the   adjust to their new environment. In the
                                                                             Library and Information Centres, Reading       orientation programme provided by the
                                                                             and Writing Centres, the Computer              Division for Internationalisation, the main
                                                                             Facilities, Psychological Services and         focus is on the international students’
                                                                             Career Development and the Career              needs and providing students with vital
                                                                                                                            information and a tour of the campus
                                                                             Resource Centres. These services aim to
                                                                                                                            and city surrounds. This orientation is
                                                                             take our students from Good 2 Gr8!
                                                                                                                            compulsory for all students.
                                                                             Students will learn about the dedicated
                                                                                                                            All sessions for FYS (orientation) are
                                                                             team looking after their safety and about
                                                                                                                            compulsory. Please visit:
                                                                             the services available to them via the
                                                                                                                            for more Information.
                                                                             Health Clinics situated on each campus.
                                                                             The First Year Seminar is not just about       Lectures begin
                                                                             the very important academic aspects of         3 February 2020.
Study Visa
How to Apply for a Study Visa                    The following documents are to be
It is advisable to apply 60 days before the      submitted with the study visa application
expiry of your current visa when applying        at the visa issuing authority to obtain your
                                                 study visa:
within the Republic of South Africa
through VFS Global. The link for lodging         1.   A passport valid for not less than 90
your online application is as follows: http://        days of the expiry of your visa.               2.   Administration fee equivalent to the
                                                      value of R425.
When applying through VFS, kindly select                                                                            8
Corporate Account.                               3.   If you apply within the Republic of
                                                      South Africa then you will pay R425

                                                                                                Pre-arrival Information and Campus Guide for International Students - 2020
All International applicants who will
be applying outside South Africa can                  plus R1350 (VFS Administration Cost).
                                                      OutsideSouth Africa, you pay
submit their applications at the South
                                                      R425 only.
African Visa issuing authority (Embassy,
High Commission, Consulate and Trade             4.   Confirmation and proof of payment
Mission) in their country of residence. If            of a South African medical aid cover
there is no South African representative in           with a medical scheme registered with
your country, you are advised to apply at             the SA Council of Medical Schemes.
the nearest South African Embassy, High               Cover must remain valid for the
Commission, Consulate or Trade Mission.               duration of the calendar year.
5.   Letter of Offer from the University         part-time studies. The requirements are
                                                                                  stating the duration of degree,             listed below:
                                                                                  confirming that the student is not
                                                                                                                              BI1739 – Application for the endorsement
                                                                                  taking the place of a local student and
                                                                                                                              of a Relatives Visa
                                                                                  undertaking to inform the Department
                                                                                                                              • There is no cost for the endorsement
                                                                                  of Home Affairs when the student
                                                                                                                              • Letter of acceptance/firm offer letter
                                                                                                                                  from the University
                                                                             6.   A medical and radiological report           • Original passport and work permit
                                                                                  (less than six months old).                 • Proof of medical aid
                                                                             7.   Yellow Fever vaccination certificate,       • Proof of finance
                                                                                  if applicable.                              • Confirmation of employment letter or
                  9                                                                                                               contract
                                                                             8.   Relevant certificates if married,
                                                                                  widowed, divorced or separated.             Changing conditions of
Pre-arrival Information and Campus Guide for International Students - 2020

                                                                             9.   Confirmation of accommodation               a study visa
                                                                                  while in South Africa.
                                                                                                                              A change of conditions of a study visa
                                                                             10. Proof of sufficient funds to cover tuition   refers to a situation where one holds a valid
                                                                                 fees and maintenance.                        permit to be in the Republic other than to
                                                                             11. A police clearance certificate for the       study at the University of Johannesburg.
                                                                                 past 12 months from the country you          This is usually the case of learners and
                                                                                 have lived in for a period exceeding         students studying at South African high
                                                                                 12 months after the age of 18.               schools, colleges and other academic
                                                                                                                              institutions and their visas would therefore
                                                                             Applicants are advised to keep a copy            be endorsed with a condition to study at
                                                                             of their submission documents and all            institutions in any of the categories above.
                                                                             receipts safely.                                 In order to register at the University of
                                                                                                                              Johannesburg the visa will need to be
                                                                             Endorsement of relatives visa                    issued in the name of the University.
                                                                             Please be informed that with effect from         Application for change of conditions of a
                                                                             the 1st of May 2015, a holder of a valid         study visa constitutes a new application
                                                                             temporary residence visa issued for the          for a study visa. Though the applicant will
                                                                             categories mentioned below will be               need to complete a separate form, the
                                                                             allowed to register and undertake part-          requirements are the same as for the initial
                                                                             time studies with institutions of Higher         application of a study visa.
                                                                             Learning as defined by the immigration
                                                                             Regulations of the Immigration Act, 2002         Refer to the following website: http://www.
                                                                             (Act No. 13 of 2002) during the validity
                                                                             period of their respective visas.
                                                                             a) General work visa                             Fees
                                                                             b) Critical Skills work visa
                                                                                                                              Please note: When an international
                                                                             c) Intra-company transfer work visa              student is accepted for study at UJ, the
                                                                             d) Business visa                                 student is required to pay 30% upfront,
                                                                                                                              the remaining 70% need to be paid in the
                                                                             The holder of a Relatives Visa is still          following instalment terms:
                                                                             required to get their visa endorsed for               –– 35% at the end of April 2020
                                                                                                                                   –– 35% at the end of July 2020
Pre-arrival Information and Campus Guide for International Students - 2020
All students (local and international) who register at the University of Johannesburg are
                                                                             required to pay a non-refundable registration fee and ICT levy of R1040. Please pay
                                                                             your fees at the bank before proceeding to the UJ. Alternatively, fees can be paid at the
                                                                             Student Finance Offices on all four campuses. However, for safety reasons, students are
                                                                             encouraged to pay the fees by means of bank transfers at least twenty days prior to coming
                                                                             to South Africa.
                                                                             Please consult with your relevant faculty office for a full pro forma invoice.
                                                                             Kindly refer to pages 6 and 9 for Fee Structure.

                                                                             Banking details
                                                                             University of Johannesburg Banking Details
                                                                             Account holder’s name:         UJ Tuition fee account
                                                                             Bank name:                     First National Bank
Pre-arrival Information and Campus Guide for International Students - 2020

                                                                             Account number:                62615873199
                                                                             Branch code:                   210-554
                                                                             Reference on deposit slip:     Your student number
                                                                             Swift Code:                    FIRNZ AJJ
                                                                             The physical address of the UJ is:
                                                                             Corner Kingsway and University Road, Auckland Park, Johannesburg, 2092.
                                                                             Fax: +27(0)11 559 2866
                                                                             The following fees are payable before registration:

                                                                             Undergraduate students
                                                                             Students from African countries:
                                                                             Prescribed tuition fees plus an international levy of R2 000.
                                                                             Students from other countries:
                                                                             The prescribed tuition fees plus an international levy of R17 000 per year.

                                                                             Postgraduate students
                                                                             All postgraduate students pay the tuition fee as prescribed plus
                                                                             an international levy of R2 000.
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Financial assistance
                                                                             Financial aid is not available to               students are eligible for postgraduate
                                                                             undergraduate international students.           bursaries and should apply. For more
                                                                             However, merit bursaries are automatically      information, you may enquire from the
                                                                             awarded to deserving full-time international    Bursary Division, Student Finance and the
                                                                             students from SADC countries from their         Postgraduate Centre.
                                                                             second year of study. All international

                                                                             Medical Aid
    13                                                                       All international students need to comply       the student rely on a sponsorship, he/she
                                                                             with the visa regulation as determined by       should ensure that the sponsor is advised
                                                                             the Immigration Act, Act 19 of 2004.            of the requirement at the onset of the
Pre-arrival Information and Campus Guide for International Students - 2020

                                                                                                                             sponsorship of the admission offer from the
                                                                             Regulation 10 (1) (i) determines the
                                                                                                                             institution. Most institutions do not accept
                                                                                                                             a letter from the sponsor in lieu of payment.
                                                                             An applicant for a study permit is required     Payment for the required medical aid cover
                                                                             to provide proof of medical aid cover with      fee is made directly to the medical aid
                                                                             a medical scheme registered in terms of         company, separately from the tuition fee.
                                                                             the Medical Schemes Act, Act 131 of 1998,
                                                                                                                             The following are medical aid companies
                                                                             recognized in the Republic.
                                                                                                                             with developed student-focused products
                                                                             Although you may, with some other               that are registered in terms of the
                                                                             international insurance or medical product,
                                                                                                                             Medical Schemes Act. They offer the
                                                                             secure a study permit from a South African
                                                                                                                             minimum benefits that a student may need
                                                                             visa issuing authority, the University of
                                                                                                                             while in South Africa. These schemes
                                                                             Johannesburg, in accordance with the
                                                                                                                             have weekly consultation sessions on all
                                                                             Immigration Act, does not recognise such
                                                                                                                             campuses throughout the year.
                                                                             medical cover for registration purposes.
                                                                             The University requires proof of full medical   CompCare
                                                                             aid cover with a South African based
                                                                                                                             +27 (0) 82 651 4610 or +27 (0) 11 867 4450
                                                                             medical aid scheme from the first day of the
                                                                                                                    or student@
                                                                             month in which a student seeks registration
                                                                             to the 31st of December of that year.
                                                                             Month-to-month medical aid cover will
                                                                             only be acceptable from dependents on           Momentum Health
                                                                             submission of the confirmation letter from      +27 (0) 83 308 1081 or +27 (0) 12 671 8511
                                                                             the main member’s medical aid service 
                                                                             provider undertaking to make monthly  
                                                                             contributions and to provide proof of these
                                                                             contributions to the University on a monthly    Other Medical Schemes
                                                                                                                             You are welcome to visit the website of the
                                                                             It is thus advisable that international         Medical Schemes Council in South Africa to
                                                                             students make the necessary financial           explore other medical cover options.
                                                                             arrangements for the medical aid cover
                                                                             prior to entry into South Africa. Should        The address is
*Terms and conditions apply

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CompCare Wellness Medical Scheme is administered
by Universal Healthcare Administrators (Pty) Ltd
                                                                             Please note: If you have applied for campus accommodation and you have not yet
                                                                             received a confirmation of allocated accommodation, you may have to make alternative
                                                                             arrangements. The subdivision of Student Accommodation and Residence Life sends
                                                                             confirmation letters by October to all students who have applied and who have
                                                                             been accepted.
                                                                             As an alternative to University accommodation it is suggested that you obtain
                                                                             private accommodation. It is important to note that the Division for Internationalisation
                                                                             does not accept responsibility for any possible problems arising from a student’s
                                                                             private accommodation.
    15                                                                       The Division is able to help identify University approved private accommodation.

Pre-arrival Information and Campus Guide for International Students - 2020

                                                                                                     MALE / FEMALE       PLACEMENTS OFFICER      EXT     EMAIL
                                                                             Thomas Sankara          Post Graduates      Bonny Tshabane          2065
                                                                             Faranani                Post Graduates      Bonny Tshabane          2065
                                                                             Afslaan                 Sport               Bonny Tshabane          2065
                                                                             Junior Residences       Male                Nondumiso Xaba          3022
                                                                             Junior Residences       Female              Daleen Strydom          2092
                                                                             Sophiatown              Mixed               Maryka Kirstein         1566
                                                                                                     MALE / FEMALE       PLACEMENTS OFFICER      EXT     EMAIL
                                                                             Junior Residences       Female              Maryka Kirstein         1566
                                                                             Junior Res              Male                Maryka Kirstein         1566
                                                                             Goudstad                Post Graduates      Bonny Tshabane          2065
                                                                             Mayine                  Post Graduates      Bonny Tshabane          2065
                                                                             All residences: Boniswa Khuluse x5015 (
                                                                             All residences: Veronica Ngobese x6552 (
                                                                              Off-Campus Accommodation:
                                                                             Please access the following link to view Accredited Off Campus accommodation
The Buddy System
What is a buddy system?
The University of Johannesburg Buddy System is a special programme that was established
for the purposes of providing support to international students and ensuring cultural
integration. All new international students are paired with a buddy for support in navigating
the University systems and Johannesburg in general. The duty of a buddy stretches further
than just the new student. They introduce the new student to the culture of UJ and South
Africa through social events and excursions. All buddies report to a Buddy Coordinator in
the Division for Internationalisation. The Buddy Coordinator will take up matters with the
Division for Internationalisation should the need arise.
All buddies are trained in orientation matters, cultural immersion and mentoring.
Who can apply to be a buddy?                    • services to international students,
                                                                                                                               the Library, PsyCaD, Academic
                                                                             Any registered student of the University of
                                                                                                                               Development, the University
                                                                             Johannesburg, whether South African or
                                                                                                                               of Johannesburg International
                                                                             international. The applicants should at least     Student Society (UJISS), the Student
                                                                             be in their second year of study.                 Representative Council (SRC) and the
                                                                             Advantages of being a buddy                       relevant faculties;
                                                                             • Formal training from the Centre               • assist international students to adapt
                                                                                                                               socially by introducing them to friends,
                                                                               for Psychological Services and
                                                                                                                               exposing them to cultures in South
                                                                               Career (PsyCaD).
                                                                                                                               Africa and introducing them to societies
                                                                             • A certificate after completion of
                                                                                                                               on campus;
    17                                                                         the term as a buddy, proving extra-
                                                                                                                             • instil a sense of belonging to
                                                                               curricular participation at the University.     international students;
                                                                             • An impressive entry on your CV.               • take the students on a campus tour;
Pre-arrival Information and Campus Guide for International Students - 2020

                                                                             • The opportunity to learn about                • provide guidance and support to
                                                                               international cultures.                         students;
                                                                             • The opportunity to build international        • provide basic information to students,
                                                                               contacts.                                       such as public transport (bus routes),
                                                                                                                               medical facilities, shopping centres,
                                                                             The following characteristics are required
                                                                                                                               other information that could make the
                                                                             from a buddy                                      day-to-day life of the students more
                                                                             • Social responsibility                           manageable;
                                                                             • Good interpersonal skills                     • meet with students on an informal basis
                                                                             • Empathy/sympathy                                as often as possible;
                                                                             • Sensitivity to other religious beliefs and    • meet once a month with the assigned
                                                                                cultures.                                      students on a formal basis on a date set
                                                                             • Committed to the duties of being a              up by the Buddy Coordinator;
                                                                                buddy                                        • meet with the Buddy Coordinator a day
                                                                                                                               or so after the formal meeting with the
                                                                             Role and tasks of a buddy...                      students to discuss relevant matters;
                                                                             A buddy should:                                 • report any problems, complaints or
                                                                             • treat students with respect;                    suggestions that might need attention
                                                                             • hold a positive outlook towards South           to the Buddy Coordinator.
                                                                                Africa and the UJ;                             The Buddy Coordinator will in
                                                                             • help international students adapt               turn report it to the Division for
                                                                                academically, by providing information         Internationalisation for further
                                                                                about UJ. This information includes            investigation and/or action;
• attend feedback sessions at the end          international student to bring traditional
  of each term with the Division for           recipes, traditional costumes and other
  Internationalisation;                        items from home representing your country
• participate in a final written evaluation    for this wonderful event.
  at the end of September.

Culture Shock
                                               The University of Johannesburg supports
Coming to a new country is both exciting       the academic and informal student life by
and somewhat nerve-wrecking. The key to        providing a range of facilities for student
preventing undue stress is to allow oneself
                                               use. The various campuses have modern
to ease into the new environment and to
                                               facilities that enable students to use the
ask questions. In South Africa especially,                                                            18
                                               latest technology in education, training and
the people around you will be glad to help.
Attend the orientation programme

                                                                                                Pre-arrival Information and Campus Guide for International Students - 2020
and make full use of the student buddy         Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
assigned to you by the Division for
                                               The library on the APK-campus houses over
Homesickness                                   540 000 volumes and serves more than
                                               32 000 users (students and staff members).
When the excitement wears off, a person
                                               The library caters for the academic and
is confronted with daily life in his/her new
                                               research needs of students. From books
environment, where everything can be
quite different from what you are used to      and periodicals to electronic resources and
back home. Make use of our buddy system        the Internet, you will find almost everything
to meet new people, make friends and get       you might be looking for.
to know your new environment. PsyCad           Upon registration, international students
is also available to help you deal with        have access to the University libraries on
homesickness.                                  all campuses.
                                               Computer laboratories
                                               The extensive computer labs offer students
The Division for Internationalisation,         not only desktop facilities, but also Internet
the buddies and the University of              access. These facilities are situated at E-Les
Johannesburg International Student             2 as well as at the D laboratories.
Society (UJISS) arrange several social
events for international students during       Lecture halls
the two weeks of registration. By attending    The lecture halls are mainly situated in
these events, international students can       buildings B (red), C (orange) and D (yellow).
meet one another.                              These lecture halls are referred to as Les
                                               and the administration offices as Ring. The
Annual International Festival                  lecture halls are equipped with all the latest
The Annual International Festival              audio-visual equipment.
is presented by the Division for
                                               Information technology
Internationalisation with the assistance of
the international students in September.       Technologically, the Auckland Park
The International Festival has always been     Kingsway (APK) campus is one of the
a great success. International students        leading campuses in Southern Africa.
are given the opportunity to showcase          A multi-functional teaching-learning
their various cultures to the UJ student       model that has been developed, integrates
community. You are encouraged as an            traditional lecture-based approaches
with technology-based opportunities, to         Lecture halls
achieve the goal of learning improvement.
                                                A total of 84 lecture rooms providing
Students also have access to free WiFi
                                                5 142 seats are available on this campus.
on campus.
                                                The lecture halls are equipped with all the
Student Centre                                  latest audio-visual equipment.
The Student Centre on the APK campus            Internet Café Style Cyber Centre
houses more than 30 shops, including            Various computer laboratories provide
banks, ATMs, bookshops, a medical               students access to educational software,
doctor and a dentist, a computer store,
                                                the internet and email.
postal, courier and photocopy services,
a hairdresser, a convenience store, many        Convenient shopping
fast-food outlets, and a meal-of-the-day                                                             20
                                                There are two cafeterias for both staff
restaurant to cater for all tastes.
                                                and students on campus. The campus

                                                                                               Pre-arrival Information and Campus Guide for International Students - 2020
Sports facilities                               shop sells stationery, art materials, mobile
• Athletics stadium (Tartan track): seats       phone packages as well as mechanical
   10 000                                       and architectural drawing equipment. This
• 6 rugby fields and a clubhouse                shop offers services such as binding, colour
• 3 soccer fields and a clubhouse               copying and the printing of T-shirts. ATMs
• 5 hockey fields and a clubhouse               are also available on the campus. ATMs are
   (including an Astroturf field)               also available on the campus.
• 3 cricket fields and a clubhouse
                                                Sports facilities
• facilities for netball, basketball and
   tennis courts with floodlights and a         This campus has squash courts that are
   clubhouse                                    open to staff, students and the public.
• 5 squash courts and a clubhouse               Most sport facilities are situated at the
• 1 sports hall (indoor)                        APB campus so that the Sport Manage-
• 1 recreational sport facility (including an   ment students could have easy access
   action cricket court)                        to train, gym, etc. For any enquiries
• 1 aerobics facility                           regarding sport participation, please
International students are welcome to           call +27(0)11 559 3068/1308
participate in any of the sports offered at
the University. For any enquiries regarding
                                                Auckland Park
sport participation, please call                Bunting Road Campus
+27(0)11 559 3068/1308
Doornfontein Campus                             The APB Library can accommodate about
Library                                         475 learners who want to study, while all
                                                students and staff are welcome to use the
The Lesley Boyd Library on the DFC
                                                library services at any time. Photocopy
campus can accommodate about
430 learners. Photocopy services are also       services are available on the Ground
provided at the library. Upon registration,     Level of the library. Upon registration,
international students have access to the       international students have access to the
University libraries on all campuses.           University libraries on all campuses.
Laboratories                                      Soweto Campus
                                                                             Our computer labs offer students not only         Library
                                                                             desktop facilities, but also Internet access.
                                                                             These facilities are situated at B RED 45 as      The Library can accommodate
                                                                             well as at the Green Block laboratories.          approximately 430 learners. Photocopy
                                                                                                                               services are also provided at the Library.
                                                                             Lecture halls                                     Upon registration, international students
                                                                             A total of 55 lecture rooms providing 4 412       have access to the University libraries on
                                                                             seats are available on this campus. The           all campuses.
                                                                             lecture halls are equipped with all the latest    Lecture halls
                                                                             audio-visual equipment.
                                                                                                                               There are 28 lecture halls with 3513 seats.
    21                                                                       Information technology                            All lecture halls are equipped with the
                                                                             Various computer labs give students access        latest audio visual equipment.
Pre-arrival Information and Campus Guide for International Students - 2020

                                                                             to educational software, the internet and         Information Technology
                                                                             email. The Cyber Centre on the APB
                                                                             campus is situated at the Upper Level of          There are 10 computer labs with more
                                                                             the library.                                      than 900 computers. These laboratories are
                                                                                                                               situated at the Robert Sobukwe and
                                                                             Coffee shop and restaurant                        Braam Fischer buildings. Added to this
                                                                             The coffee shop and restaurants on the            we have 60 computers at the Library
                                                                             APB campus deserve special mentioning,            with internet access.
                                                                             run by the School of Tourism and
                                                                             Hospitality, they double as training facilities   Other Services
                                                                             for Food and Beverage Management
                                                                             students. The School moved into its               Protection Services
                                                                             own newly built facility with high-tech
                                                                                                                               The University Protection Services provide
                                                                             equipment and the promiseof world class
                                                                                                                               a 24-hour security service to students on
                                                                             catering. The restaurant is open to both
                                                                                                                               all campuses. The Protection Services staff
                                                                             staff and students for reservations.
                                                                                                                               respond to emergency calls and investigate
                                                                             Sports facilities                                 reports of theft, harassment and other
                                                                                                                               crimes that are reported to them. Students
                                                                             Most sport facilities are situated on
                                                                                                                               are advised not to walk in deserted places
                                                                             the APB campus so that the Sport
                                                                                                                               on or off campus, particularly at night.
                                                                             Management students can have easy
                                                                                                                               Hitchhiking is extremely dangerous and
                                                                             access to train, gym, etc.
                                                                                                                               forbidden by law.
                                                                             •   1 Grass athletic track field                  APK
                                                                             •   1 Cricket field                               Library bridge basement
                                                                             •   4 Soccer fields and a clubhouse               Telephone no.: +27(0)11 559
                                                                             •   Basketball courts                             2555//2000/3400
                                                                             •   Softball field
                                                                             •   Gymnasiums                                    APB
                                                                             •   Indoor volleyball court                       Main entrance
                                                                             •   1 Aerobics facility                           Telephone no.: +27(0)11 559 1312

                                                                             For any enquiries regarding sport                 DFC
                                                                             participation, please call                        Main entrance
                                                                             +27(0)11 559 3068/1308.                           Telephone no.: +27(0)11 559 6450/6085
                                                                                                                               Main entrance
                                                                                                                               Telephone no.: +27(0)11 559 5555
Pre-arrival Information and Campus Guide for International Students - 2020
                                                                             Access control                                   • screening and monitoring chronic
Pre-arrival Information and Campus Guide for International Students - 2020

                                                                                                                                conditions, e.g. blood pressure
                                                                             Access to the campus is controlled by              monitoring, blood sugar, cholesterol,
                                                                             means of a central university card and a           anaemia and urine testing;
                                                                             student’s finger print. This card is also used   • pregnancy testing;
                                                                             for access to some residences, computer          • HIV/AIDS counselling and testing (VCT).
                                                                             labs, and the library. This card is also
                                                                             referred to as a student card. The card is       Consultation hours are from Mondays to
                                                                             issued to a student once the registration        Fridays from 08:30–15:30. You need to call
                                                                             process has been completed. Student              on the day to schedule an appointment.
                                                                             cards are issued by the Enrolment Centre.        Consultations are free of charge.
                                                                             If a card is lost, a student may obtain a new    Telephone numbers for Campus Health
                                                                             card after an administration fee has been        Services on all four campuses:
                                                                             paid. If a student should experience any             –– APB +27(0)11 559 1238
                                                                             problems to access a facility, the student           –– APK +27(0)11 559 3837
                                                                             should contact Protection Services.                  –– DFC +27(0)11 559 6544/6132
                                                                             A student should not lend his/her card t             –– SWC +27(0)11 559 5571
                                                                             o another student, or use another
                                                                             student’s card.                                  Inter-campus transport
                                                                             Campus Health                                    Transportion is provided between the
                                                                                                                              DFC, APB, APK and SWC Campuses.
                                                                             The University offers health services for
                                                                             both staff and students. Services include:       There is a student shuttle service that
                                                                             • consultation and referral;                     travels between these campuses during
                                                                             • health education and promotion;                week days. Bus schedules will be available
                                                                             • first aid (for any medical emergencies         upon registration.
                                                                                please call Protection Services):
                                                                                –– APK +27(0)11 559 2555//2000/3400
                                                                                –– APB +27(0)11 559 1312
                                                                                –– DFC +27(0)11 559 6450/6085
                                                                                –– SWC +27(0)11 559 5555
South Africa                                    The South African currency unit is the
                                                Rand, denoted by the symbol R. (R1.00 =
                                                100 cents.) There is no restriction on the
South Africa lies at the southern tip of the    amount of foreign currency you may bring
African continent between latitudes 22°         into the country, but it must be declared at
and 35° south. It is flanked in the west by     Customs & Excise when you arrive.
the Atlantic Ocean, in the south and the
east by the Indian Ocean, in the north by       Credit Cards and Travel Cards
Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe, and in
                                                MMost international credit cards such as
the north-east by Mozambique
                                                American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard
and Swaziland.
                                                and Visa are accepted, as well as travel
                                                cards. Foreign currency is accepted in                 24
                                                South Africa, and may be converted into
The climate is mostly sunny and temperate,

                                                                                                 Pre-arrival Information and Campus Guide for International Students - 2020
                                                local currency.
and the average number of sunshine hours
                                                Please note: A commission fee is charged
each day is among the highest in the world:
                                                every time you exchange currency.
8,5 compared with 3,8 in London, 6,4 in
Rome and 6,9 in New York. Winters are           Taxation
mild and clear, although snowfall often
occurs on the higher mountain ranges            The Value Added Tax (VAT) rate is 14%
of the Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, causing          and is included in the price you see on
brief cold spells in the surrounding areas.     products. It is levied on most products
The south-western Cape Province enjoys          except staple foods. Students should
a Mediterranean climate (dry summers            obtain proof of payment for all capital
and winter rainfall). In general, the rest of   items purchased during their stay to
the country experiences summer rainfall         claim refunds at the port of exit, provided
usually in the form of short afternoon          the value of the items exceeds R250-00.
thunderstorms. As the country lies in the       Information leaflets on the procedure to be
southern hemisphere, seasons are the            followed are available from the VAT Refund
reverse of those prevailing in the northern     Administration offices at the Beit Bridge
hemisphere.                                     Border Post and OR Tambo International
                                                Airport (Johannesburg).
Average maximum temperatures in
degrees Celsius for some of the major           Electricity
cities (tourist centres) are:
                                                City and town power systems mostly
                   Summer       Winter          operate at 220/250 volts, AC 50Hz.
  Cape Town           26°        17°            Adapters for electric shavers and hair
                                                dryers are obtainable locally.
 Bloemfontein         29°        16°
    Durban            28°        21°            Telephone & Internet
 Johannesburg         28°        17°            communication
   Kimberley          32°        18°            South Africa has a sophisticated
                                                telecommunications network. International
    Nelspruit         29°        22°            dialling codes can be found in South
    Pretoria          29°        19°            African directories. A direct dialling service
                                                connects all the local centres, except
For more accurate information, please visit     the more remote rural districts. The
the South African Weather Bureau website:       international telephone service links South                             Africa with more than 111 countries around
                                                the world. All the hotels and businesses
                                                have fax services.
Time                                           It is recommended that international
                                                                                                                            students open a local bank account. It
                                                                             Throughout the year, Standard Time             is a relatively simple process to open an
                                                                             in South Africa is two hours ahead of          account at one of the major banks. For
                                                                             Greenwich Mean Time, one hour ahead of         this purpose you would require proof of
                                                                             Central European Winter Time, and seven        registration, your passport and proof of
                                                                             hours ahead of US Eastern Standard Winter      accommodation while studying in South
                                                                             Time. Consult the local telephone directory    Africa and a letter from the Division for
                                                                             for detailed world time zones. There is no     Internationalisation.
                                                                             daylight savings time in South Africa.
                                                                                                                            Foreign exchange
    25                                                                                                                      The closest foreign exchange facility to the
                                                                             South African banks are able to                APK and APB campuses is available at the
                                                                             accommodate all international transactions.    ABSA Bank in Annet Road, Auckland Park
Pre-arrival Information and Campus Guide for International Students - 2020

                                                                             Banks are open from Monday to Friday           (2 km from the APK campus). Traveller’s
                                                                             (09:00 to 15:30) and on Saturdays from         cheques and foreign currency can be
                                                                             08:30 to 11:00. There are Automatic            exchanged at most banks, American
                                                                             Teller Machines (ATMs) on all campuses,        Express +27 (0)11 476 3045, HRG Rennies
                                                                             although not all banks are represented.        Travel +27 (0)11 407 2400, or at the airport.
                                                                             These operate 24 hours a day.                  Businesses, tour operators, airlines and
                                                                             Apart from the ABSA and Nedbank                hotels generally accept international credit
                                                                             on the APK campus, other bank facilities       cards, including Visa, Master, American
                                                                             are available at Campus Square and in          Express and Diners Club cards.
                                                                             Melville. International students may contact
                                                                             Standard Bank Melville situated in the
                                                                             Campus Square Mall on +27(0)11 853 4329.

                                                                             Living in S.A.
                                                                             The following figures are only an estimate and the needs of students may vary.
                                                                             Personal monthly expenses
                                                                             Housing (depending on the type of private housing)		          R4 000 (average)
                                                                             Food				                                                      R2 500
                                                                             Entertainment & transport		                                   R2000
                                                                             Other				                                                     R 900
                                                                             Total per month			                                            R9 400
                                                                             Annual expenses
                                                                             Books, etc. (Annual, variable depending on course)		          R9 350
                                                                             Medical cover (Annual, compulsory)		                          R4 000
                                                                             Clothing (Recommended for winter months in Johannesburg)      R2 750
                                                                             Settling-in (Recommended for first arrival)		                 R2 750
                                                                             Deposit for rent (Applicable if renting an apartment)		       R 4000
                                                                             Study permit renewal (Applicable if a student needs to
                                                                             extend the study period)		                                    R2000
                                                                             Total				                                                     R24 850
Public transport                                When reporting an emergency:

The University of Johannesburg campuses         1. Stay on the line with the
are on several bus routes going to the             Control Room officer
centre of Johannesburg. The APK campus          2. Provide the location and description
is on the route to the West Rand and the           of the emergency
south of Johannesburg. Minibus taxis
can be hailed and stopped at any point,         3. Provide your phone number
but we do not recommend this as these           APK (Auckland Park
taxis are often overloaded and/or in an         Kingsway Campus)
unroadworthy condition.
                                                Control Room
The bus routes can be found on the official     Library Bridge Basement                         26
Johannesburg website:,        +27 (0) 11 559 2555//2000/3400
Quickhelp, Transport.                 

                                                                                          Pre-arrival Information and Campus Guide for International Students - 2020
                                                APB (Auckland Park
                                                Bunting Road Campus)
Emergency                                       Control Room
Information                                     Cnr of Ibis and Bunting Road
                                                +27 (0) 11 559 1312
International Student Emergency       

Contact Procedure:
                                                DFC (Doornfontein Campus)
Protection Services is your first point of
call in any emergency:                          Control Room
                                                Near Main Entrance
Any time, Day or Night!
                                                +27 (0) 11 559 6450/6085
Reporting an Emergency:
                                                SWC (Soweto Campus)
What is an emergency?
                                                Control Room
An emergency is any immediate threat
                                                Near Main Entrance
to life and property that requires an
                                                +27 (0) 11 559 5555
immediate response of the appropriate
authorities (e.g. UJ’s Protection Services,
or the fire and ambulance emergency
                                                Police Services
services.) Examples of emergencies
                                                • The Johannesburg Central Police
include serious injury or illness, fire,
                                                  Station may be contacted on +27(0)11
or crime in progress.
                                                  497 7000/7116/7535
If you are unsure whether a situation           • The Brixton Police Station may be
constitutes an emergency or not,                  contacted on +27(0)11 248 5520/5521
contact the Protection Services                 • The Sophiatown Police Station may be
control room anyway!                              contacted on +27(0)11 670 6300/6401
                                                • The Hillbrow Police Station may be
How to report an emergency:
                                                  contacted on +27(0)11 488 6511/6809
You must contact Protection Services in all
emergencies. The Control Room, which is
operational at all times, will coordinate all
emergency responses and contact other
emergency services if necessary.
Pre-arrival Information and Campus Guide for International Students - 2020

Pre-arrival Information and Campus Guide for International Students - 2020
Division for Internationalisation

        Madibeng Building
         Mezzanine Level
Opposite Student Enrolment Centre
     (Old UJ Unlimited Shop)
 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
 Cnr Kingsway and University Road
          Auckland Park

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