SENIOR RESOURCE GUIDE - Case Management created August 2019 - Brunswick Senior Resources


Case Management created August 2019
 Brunswick Senior Resources, Inc.​ is recognized as a charitable 501(c)(3) organization by the
   IRS. All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. BSRI services are
     supported by state and federal funding through Brunswick County and the Home and
  Community Care Block Grant (regulated by the Older Americans' Act). Additional funding is
                       provided through consumer and donor contributions.

                                MISSION STATEMENT

  To promote the well-being and enhance the quality of life for all senior adults of Brunswick
   County. By advocating for programs and delivering services that encourage and sustain
             independence and their continued participation in the community.

BSRI is the lead nonprofit agency providing programs and services open to adults aged 50 and
                           older in Brunswick County, North Carolina.


                                  Phone Number
                                      (910) 754-2300

Brunswick Senior Resources, Inc. Team

                   BSRI Case Managers/ Case Management Assistant
Director of Case Management               Supply- TBA
Jennifer Sherman                          (910) 754-8450
(910) 754-6297                  
Shallotte- Vikki Hine                     Southport- Casey Freed
(910) 754-5097                            (910) 754-4106                
Leland- Sandy Porcaro                     Calabash- René Tarquinio
(910) 754-3658                            (910) 754-6224             

                Seniors’ Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP)

Prescription Assistance Program/ SHIIP     Case Manager / SHIIP Co-Coordinator​:
Co-Coordinator​: Marilou Smith, (910)      René Tarquinio, (910) 754-6224,
754-6559, ​     

             Center Directors              Supply- Melissa Starr
                                           (910) 754-7604

Shallotte- Teresa Nelson                   Southport- Melissa Catlett
(910) 754-2300 ​Ext.1001                   (910) 754-7109               

Leland- Veronica Lett-McGee                Calabash- Courtney Bledsoe
(910) 754-7701                             (910) 754-7427            

          Nutrition Coordinators           Supply- Gloria Pieczarka
                                           (910) 754-2372
Shallotte- Blair Stanley                   Southport- Beverly Bridgers
(910) 754-4774                             (910) 754-4506              
Leland- Shelley Cooper                     Calabash - Carol Caldara
(910) 754-2889                             (910) 754-8512               

Table of Contents

Adult Day/Health Care Programs                         6

Advance Directives                                     8

Adult Protective Services/Elder Abuse                  9

Assisted Living Facilities                             11

Attorneys                                              12

Child Services                                         13

Counseling on Insurance/SHIIP                          14

Crisis/Emergency Resources                             17
-Natural Disaster
-Crisis Centers
-​Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD)

Dental Services                                        20

Disability Resource Center (dRc)                       21

Disposable Undergarments                               21

Durable Medical Equipment/ Assistive Devices           22
-Oxygen Supplies
-Medical Alerts

Education                                              25

Energy/Utility Assistance                              26
-Utility Companies

Estate Assistance                                      28

Financial Assistance                                   28

Financial Aid for Handicap Van                         29

Fitness and Health Promotion                           30

Food and Nutrition Services                            30
-Food and Nutrition Service (Food Stamps)
-BSRI Food Pantries

-Brunswick County Food Pantries
-Stomp the Monster

Health Care                                      34
-Free/ Sliding Scale Coverage
-Health Screenings

Home Health Services                             37
-Nonmedical/ Companion

Home Repair and Modifications                    41

Homeless Shelters                                42
-Recovery Housing
-Emergency Shelters
-Domestic Violence Housing

Hospice                                          45

Housing Assistance                               47
-Affordable Housing
-Home Ownership
-Group Homes
-Reverse Mortgages

Job Training/Job Placement                       50

Legal Services                                   51

Medicare/Medicaid                                52

Mental Health                                    53

Pest Control                                     55

Pet Health                                       56

Physical Rehab Centers                           56

Placement Services                               57

Respite Programs/Support Groups for Caregivers   58
-Alzheimer’s and other Dementia


Skilled Nursing/Rehab Facilities    61

Senior Games                        62

Social Security                     62

Transportation                      63

Veterans                            64
-American Legion Posts
-VA Medical
-Request military records

Vision/Hearing Resources            69

Misc. and Important Phone Numbers   70

Adult Day/Health Care Programs

Certified Adult Day Care and Adult Day Health Programs
ealth%20Programs-5-2-2019.pdf​ from
ADC = Adult Day Care          ADH = Adult Day Health

Woodard’s Adult Day Health Center
115 Holden Beach Road
Shallotte, NC 28459
(910) 400-4213

Elderhaus, Inc.
1950 Amphitheater Drive
Wilmington, NC 28401
(910) 251-0060
Toll free: 888-348-8209
Contact: Trudy Tann, Intake Specialist
E-mail: ​

Elderhaus Admission Process
   1. The applicant’s primary care physician must complete a Medical Examination Form.
   2. An enrollment conference will be held with the applicant and caregiver to discuss
       policies, complete paperwork, and obtain information about the applicant that will be
       helpful in designing an individual service plan.
   3. The applicant and caregiver visit Elderhaus, have a tour and meet the staff.

Daily Fees
    ● The costs for Adult Day Care and Adult Day Health are $52.00 and $58.00 respectively,
       7:30am-5:30pm. There are monies available for assisting with covering the costs of day
       care services. Costs should never prohibit anyone from inquiring about the program.
       Transportation provided for Northern Brunswick County.

Elderhaus Pace at Canterbury, Wilmington, NC for Northern Brunswick County
(Zip codes: 28422, 28451, 28461, 28462, and 28479)
2222 S. 17​th​ Street

Wilmington, NC 28401
(910) 343-8209

You can join PACE if you meet the following conditions:
   ● You are 55 years old or older.
   ● You live in the service area of a PACE organization
   ● You are certified by the state in which you live as meeting the need for the nursing home
      level of care.
   ● You are able to live safely in the community with the help of PACE services at the time
      you enroll.

Enrollment is easy. One of the intake coordinators can meet the senior participant of caregiver
at home. The specialist assesses eligibility and schedules a visit to the Day Health Center. At
the Center, you will meet the care team. Each participant receives a medical evaluation and a
plan of care. Elderhaus PACE completes the enrollment paperwork for you. If a participant
decides to leave the program, they may disenroll at any time. If you are eligible for Medicaid and
depending on income, PACE services are offered free of charge. If your income is over the
threshold determined by Medicaid, you may still be eligible to participate by having a premium.
The Intake Coordinator will be able to help you through the process for Medicaid and PACE.

Active Day of Grand Strand – Myrtle Beach, SC
3880 Houndsfield Avenue
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
(843) 626-8501
Email: ​
Director: Lindsey Schweninger
Located in the heart of Myrtle Beach, Active Day of Grand Strand provides a model of care for
senior and disabled young adults 18 years and older. Members look forward to a variety of
activities that are offered in a structured, safe home-like environment. Equally important, family
caregivers feel confident that excellent medical and therapeutic care will be provided by
experienced, professional staff. Active Day of Grand Strand also offers short-term admissions
for those families and members who are vacationing in the Myrtle Beach area.
 Services offered:
     ● Adult Day Health Services
     ● Medication Administration
     ● Transportation
     ● Nutritious Meals and Snacks
     ● Therapeutic Recreational Activities
     ● Outings

●   Pet Therapy

Brunswick County Social Services offers programs and assistance to help adults,
whether in their own home or in a facility.

   ●   Adult Day/Health Care​: Limited funds are available to help with adult day care expenses
       for qualified individuals. Contact an Adult Services Supervisor at (910) ​253-2072​.
   ●   Adult Home Monitoring​: The Adult Home Monitoring program provides assistance in
       facility placement for people requiring a rest home, intermediate or skilled nursing facility
       because their needs can no longer be met at home. Contact an ​Adult Home Specialist at
   ●   Community Alternatives Program​: The Community Alternatives for Disabled Adults
       (CAP/DA) program is a special Medicaid program that helps provide home and
       community services to adults with disabilities who are facing nursing home placement
       but would prefer to remain in their private residences. The program provides care and
       services that supplement other programs and services available.
   ●   Guardianship​: Brunswick County Social Services provides guardianship services for
       adults who have been deemed Incompetent and who do not have another person able to
       serve as a guardian. To learn more about guardianship services, call (910) 253-2462.

(To find Adult Day Cares located in other counties in North Carolina, refer to​ find more information.)

                                   Advance Directives

Advance Health Care Directives are legal documents in which you give written instructions
about your health care if, in the future, you cannot speak for yourself.

Information and forms regarding Advance Directives in North Carolina can be found at:
Registration Form​:

Removal Form:

Health Care Power of Attorney:

Advance Directive for Natural Death (“Living Will”):

Advance Directive for Mental Health Treatment:

Organ/Tissue Donor Card:

Note: The fee for each Advance Health Care Directive to be registered is $10.00. After the
documents are filed, a Registry Card containing a unique file number and password will be
issued to the applicant. The applicant can use the file number and password to access the
directive(s) online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

Lower Cape Fear Hospice assists with this through our local senior centers and notary provided.
See BSRI Senior Buzz magazine on our website for details.

                     Adult Protective Services/Elder Abuse

Adult Protective Services
Adult Protective Services (APS) are provided to disabled adults, 18 years of age or older who
are alleged to be abused, neglected or exploited and in need of protection. APS Social Workers
receive reports, evaluates the need for protection and provides intervention when needed. To
report suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation of a disabled adult call 910-253-2077 or
910-253-2415. To make reports on weekends, holidays or after hours call 911 and ask to speak
to the on-call social worker.

Reporting Abuse & Neglect
Any individual who suspects that a child or an adult may be abused, neglected, dependent or a
victim of exploitation shall make a report to the local department of social services.
Reports can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
During Business Hours:​ reports can be made in person in the Social Service Building B Annex
on the Brunswick County Government Complex or by phone at 910-253-2077 or 910-253-2415
After-hours, weekends or holidays:​ Call 911 and ask to speak to the after-hours social worker.
The 911 operator will contact the after-hours social worker who will return your call.
If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call 911.

Brunswick County Department of Social Services
60 Government Center Drive
Building B
(910) 253-2077
Open Monday – Friday 8:30AM – 5:00PM

Adult Services
Brunswick County Social Services offers programs and assistance to help adults, whether in
                                  ​ eport a​ ​concern of abuse or neglect​ involving an adult.
their own home or in a facility.​ R

Adult Home Monitoring
The Adult Home Specialist (AHS) provides assistance, routine monitoring and complaint
investigations in Assisted Living Facilities operating in Brunswick County. Complaints on
Assisted Living Facilities can be made to the Adult Home Specialist at (910) 253-2166 or to NC
Division of Health Services Regulations at 1 (800) 624-3004.

Brunswick County Social Services provides guardianship services to adults who have been
adjudicated incompetent and who do not have another person or corporation to serve as
guardian. To learn more about guardianship services call (910) 253-2462.

Special Assistance In Home Program
The Special Assistance In Home (SA-IH) program for adults provides cash assistance for
low-income individuals who are at risk of entering a residential facility but are preferring to live at
home. Social workers provide a comprehensive assessment and ongoing case management to
adults eligible for this program. To learn more about SA-IH you can call (910) ​253-2072​.

Adult Placement Services
Adult Placement services assist aging or disabled adults find substitute placement in residential
care facilities when their health safety and well-being can no longer be maintained at home.
Placement arrangements are made in adult care homes, nursing homes or residential health
care settings. Please call (910) ​253-2072​ for additional information about this program.

Adult Day/Health Care
Limited funds are available to help with adult day/health care expenses for qualified individuals.
Adult Day/Health Care facilities provide organized programs in a community group setting to
promote social, physical and emotional well-being. The Adult Day/Health Care programs in
Brunswick County are licensed by the NC Division of Aging and Adult Services and monitored
by the Department of Social Services. For additional information call (910) 253-2072.

*BSRI provides funding to Woodard’s Adult Day Health Center for those age 60 and over.
Please contact Woodard’s for details at (910) 400-4213 or (910) 754-9409.

Community Alternatives Program
(910) 667-8504
The Community Alternatives Program for Disabled adults (CAP-DA) program is a special
Medicaid program that helps provide home and community services to adults with disabilities
who are facing nursing home placement but would prefer to remain in their private residence.
This program is administered by New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

Elder Abuse Prevention​ – Cape Fear Network

Cape Fear Elder Abuse Prevention Brochure

Identity Theft

Suspect Abuse

Cape Fear Council of Governments​:
1 (800) 218-6575 or (910) 395-4553

                                     Assisted Living

Brunswick County Assisted Living Facilities
 Arbor Landing at Ocean Isle                    Shallotte Assisted Living
 5490 Arbor Branch Drive                        520 Mulberry Street
 Shallotte, NC 28470                            Shallotte NC 28470
 (910) 754-8080                                 (910) 754-6621
 *has secured memory care unit

 Leland House*                                  Carillon Assisted Living of Southport
 1935 Lincoln Rd. NE, Leland NC 28451           1125 E Leonard St. Southport, NC 28461
 (910) 383-6235                                 (919) 852-4001
 *has secured memory care unit                  *has secured memory care unit

New Hanover County Assisted Living Facilities
 Bradley Creek Health Center                    Brookdale Wilmington
 740 Diamond Shoals Rd.                         3501 Converse Dr
 Wilmington, NC 28403                           Wilmington NC 28403
 (910) 769-7550                                 (910) 790-8664

Cedar Cove Assisted Living                     Morningside of Wilmington
4200 Jasmine Cove Way                          S. 17​th​ Street, Wilmington, NC 28403
Wilmington NC 28412                            (910) 452-1114
(910) 397-7812

The Common at Brightmore                       Champions Assisted Living
2320 41​st​ Street Wilmington, NC 28403        1007 Porters Neck Rd.
(910) 392-6899                                 Wilmington NC 28411
                                               (910) 686-6462

Spring Arbor                                   Coastal Cove of Wilmington
809 John D. Barry Drive                        1120 Beasley Road
Wilmington, NC 28412                           Wilmington, NC 28409
(910) 249-4823                                 (910) 660-0944


Christine M. Thompson                          Bachara & Essey, Attorneys
2488 Meridian Rd NE                            200 Country Club Drive Suite A
Leland, NC 28451                               Oak Island, NC 28465
(910) 383-1613                       
                                               (910) 457-4577
                                               Free consultation

B. Joseph Causey, Jr.                          Trest & Twigg
5039 Main St. Suite 1                          4631 Main Street
Shallotte, NC 28470                            Shallotte, NC 28470               
(910) 212-5896                                 (910) 575-7337
Free consultation                              Free consultation
(Wills, trusts, probate cases)

Watts Law Group                                Andrew Olsen
4617 Main Street                               Cranfill Sumner & Hartzog LLP
Shallotte, NC 28470                            14 Wall Street                                Shallotte, NC 28470
(910) 250-9346                                  ​
$200 consultation fee: up to 1 hour            (910) 777-5733
                                               Free consultation for estate planning

Moody Law Office, PLLC                           Helayne Levy Payne
 5285 Main Street Ste. 20                         Elder Law & Life Care Planning Center
 Shallotte, NC 28470                              4436 Main St.                               Shallotte, NC 28470
 (910) 933-2656                         
 Free consultation for seniors                    (910) 755-7526
 Toll free: (866) 249-0445                        Toll Free: (844) 754-5433
                                                  $400 Consultation fee

 Jennifer Roden at Craig & Fox                    Joan Keston (Elder Law) at Keston Law
 701 Market Street                                4320 Southport Supply Road Suite 300
 Wilmington, NC 28401                             Southport, NC 28461 -or-
                                                  123 Culbreth Drive,
                                                  Wilmington, NC 28405
 (910) 815-0085
                                                  (910) 509-7121

                                       Child Services

Community in Schools of Brunswick County, Inc.
8520 River Road SE, Southport NC 28461
(910) 457-3494
Service(s) Offered: The mission of CIS is to surround students with a community of support,
empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. CIS believes every child deserves a
one-on-one relationship with a caring adult, a safe place to learn and grow a marketable skill to
use upon graduation, a chance to give back to the community, and a healthy start.

Head Start (Longwood)
7360 Mt. Zion, Longwood, NC 28469
(910) 287-3637

Providence Home (Emergency Teen Shelter)
5310 Dosher Cuttoff SE, Southport, NC 28461
(910) 457-0440
Service(s) Offered: For Brunswick County Youth with no emergency residential shelter.

A general database for child services by state. Used to help find child care and funds.
A nonprofit site aimed at helping grandparents find resources to help raise grandchildren.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Support Group
Brunswick Center at Supply
101 Stone Chimney Rd, Supply, NC
3rd Wednesday, 5-7PM

                           Counseling on Insurance/SHIIP

1 (800) 633-4227

Social Security Administration
1 (800) 772-1213

NC Senior Medicare Patrol
Protect, Detect, Report Medicare Fraud and Abuse
(855) 408-1212 (toll free)

North Carolina Department of Insurance Health Insurance Smart NC
855-408-1212 (toll free)
325 N. Salisbury St.
Raleigh, NC 27603
Health Insurance Smart NC will help you whether you are covered by an individual health plan,
group health or a self-funded health benefit plan.
   ● File complaints or appeals with your health insurance company
   ● Identify enrollment opportunities
   ● Understand your rights and responsibilities regarding health insurance coverage
   ● Request an external review if your health insurance claim was denied
   ● Learn about health insurance-related issues

Affordable Care Act/Marketplace
1 (800) 318-2596
24 hours/7 days a week (except holidays)
(Closed Memorial Day, July 4​th​, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas)
Through the Marketplace, Brunswick County residents have the option of signing up for quality
health coverage at a price they can afford.

Health Insurance Options for People on Medicare Due to Disability

Seniors’ Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP)
Counsels Medicare beneficiaries and caregivers about Medicare, Medicare supplements,
Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, and long-term care insurance. Counselors offer free and
unbiased information regarding Medicare health care products. We also help people recognize
and prevent Medicare billing errors and possible fraud and abuse through their NC SMP

The Road to Medicare​:

 North Carolina Department of Insurance         Brunswick Senior Resources, Inc. (BSRI)
 Call Center                                    (910) 754-2300 to schedule appointments
 855-408-1212 (toll free)                       Mon.- Fri., 8AM – 4PM
 Mon. - Fri., 8AM – 5PM                                                ​ ené​ Tarquinio,
                                                SHIIP Co-Coordinators: R                                  LBSW and Marilou Smith

 Leland Senior Center                           Shallotte Senior Center
 121 Town Hall Dr.                              3620 Express Dr.
 Leland, NC 28451                               Shallotte, NC 28470

 Southport Senior Center                        Supply Senior Center
 1513 N. Howe St. Ste. 1                        101 Stone Chimney Rd.
 Southport, NC 28461                            Supply, NC 28462
 (behind Wingate Inn)

 Calabash Senior Center
 10050 Beach Dr.
 Calabash, NC 28467

Local Agencies Assisting with ACA Enrollment

CommWell Health
 1 (877) 935-5255                               Shallotte Office: (910) 567-7009                         341 Whiteville Rd.​`                       Shallotte, NC 28470

 6934-4 Beach Dr. SW                            4311 Old Ocean Highway
 Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469                     Bolivia, NC 2842

Little River Medical Center
(843) 663-8261
4303 Live Oak Drive
Little River, SC 29566

Parker-Swain Consultants
(910) 805-5217
email: ​
1105 New Pointe Blvd., Unit 4
Leland, NC 28451

                            Crisis/Emergency Resources

Brunswick Senior Resources, Inc.​ Case Managers (910) 754-2300

Brunswick Family Assistance (BFA)
 Leland Office                                  Shallotte Office
 324 –I Village Rd.                             4600-10 Main St.
 Leland, NC 28451                               Shallotte, NC 28470
 (910) 408-1700                                 (910) 754-4766

Emergency Food, non-emergency food, emergency rent, utility, or prescription assistance, other
emergency resources, and natural disaster financial aid assistance.

Call 211 for information about local resources. NCCARE360 helps connect you with community
 Brunswick County Environmental Health          (910) 253-2150

(sewer, well water)

 Brunswick County Health Department               (910) 253-2250

 Brunswick County Homeless Coalition              1(888) 519-5362

 Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office                (910) 253-2777

 Brunswick County StreetReach (hot                (910) 842-2711

 Brunswick County Public Housing Agency           910-253-2222

 Brunswick Transit Transportation                 (910) 253-7800

 Family Endeavors - VA                            Fayetteville (910) 672-6175
 (Disaster Case Management Services               Jacksonville (910) 378-4913

 Hope Harbor Home (Domestic & Sexual              (910) 754-5856
 Violence) Crisis Hotline

 Housing Crisis Hotline                           (910) 444-4998

 Legal Aid Hotline                                1 (866) 219-5262 (LANC)

 Salvation Army (Wilmington)                      (910) 762-2070

 Social Services                                  (910) 253-2077

 24 hour Crisis Line – Coastal Horizons           (800) 672-2903
 Center, Inc. (Open House Emergency Youth
 Shelter & Residential Services)

                                    Natural Disaster Resources

                           FOR ALL EMERGENCIES DIAL 911***

Brunswick County Emergency Services Special Medical Needs Registration Form
Brunswick County Emergency Services has developed a computerized registry of people with
special medical needs who may require special assistance in the event of a disaster such as a
tornado, severe storm, or chemical spill.

Kelley Currie, Access & Functional Needs Coordinator​, ​910-253-2850

Brunswick County Emergency Services​: (Updates on shelter locations, evacuation routes,
and other critical info.
3325 Old Ocean Hwy, Bolivia, NC 28422 (Building C) ​| ​(910) 253-5383 ​|

Questions about who to contact for help, how to volunteer or how to donate items? Contact
Emergency Services Volunteer and Nonprofit Coordinator Leslie Stanley for direction to the
appropriate VOAD agency or county department based on your needs.
Phone: 910.253.2589
Email:​ ​

Brunswick Family Assistance ​(Food Assistance & Monetary Assistance):
4600 Main St, Shallotte, NC 28470 ​|​ (​910)754-4766 ​|

FEMA​ (Monetary Assistance with home repairs, business repairs, medical and dental, child
care, funeral and burial, essential household items, moving and storage, vehicle, and some
clean-up items.)

1-800-621-3362 ​|​ ​​ ​|​ Text SHELTER & your zip code (ex.
SHELTER 01234) to 43362

American Red Cross ​(Shelters, meals, health services, emotional support and mental health
services, spiritual care, help to reconnect with loved ones, access to case workers, childcare,
laundry, etc.)
 1(800) Red Cross/ 1(800)        American Red Cross Safe          Cape Fear Chapter: 1102
 733-2767                        and Well (find family in         South 16th St. Wilmington, NC
                                 disaster)                        28401 ​| ​(910) 762-2683 |​

Pet Sheltering - Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Animal Protective Services
(910) 754-8204
429 Green Swamp Rd.
Supply, NC 28462

Hurricane Preparation Information

Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD)
Org. assisting with unmet needs such as food, diapers, bill asst., clean-up, tarps,etc.
Case Management
Brunswick Family Assistance: (910) 754-4766
Hope 4 NC: (910) 444-8475
BSRI: (910) 754-2300
Catholic Charities: (910) 251-8130
Endeavors: (910) 546-7957
Brunswick Housing Opportunities: (910) 253-0699
Department of Social Services: (910) 253-2072

                                          Crisis Centers

 American Red Cross – Cape Fear Chapter           Rape Crisis Center - Brunswick County
 1102 South 16​th​ Street                         Coastal Horizons Center Building
 Wilmington, NC 28401                             120 Coastal Horizons Drive
 (910) 762-2683                                   Shallotte, NC 28470
                                                  Admin Line: (910) 754-7949

 Open House Emergency Youth Shelter &             Families First Columbus County ​(Domestic
 Residential Services                             Violence & Sexual Assault Agency)
 Coastal Horizons Center                          P.O. Box 1775
 615 Shipyard Boulevard – Willie Stargell         Whiteville, NC 28472
 Office Park                                      (910) 641-0444
 Wilmington, NC 28412
 (910) 392-7408 or (800) 672-2903

 Help Center of Federal Point: Carolina &         Hope Harbor Home – Brunswick County
 Kure Beach ONLY                                  (Domestic & Sexual Violence)
 7 N. 3​rd​ Street.                               PO Box 230
 Carolina Beach, NC 28428                         Supply, NC 28462
 (910) 458-2777                                   (910) 754-5856

 Onslow Carteret Behavioral Healthcare
 165 Center Street
 Jacksonville, NC 28548
 (910) 219-8000 or Toll Free: 1 (888)

Dental Services​ (Discounted)

Brunswick Family Dentistry                 Brush Dental Care
20 Medical Campus Drive, Suite 201         110 Village Road (Unit A)
Supply, NC 28462                           Leland, NC 28451
Phone: (910) 755-6788                      Phone: (910) 371-0966          
(Accepting new patients, all ages, no      (Accepting new Medicaid patients)
handicap accommodations. Accept Medicaid
and HealthChoice)

Dental Center of Waterford                 Cape Fear Community College Dental
509 Olde Waterford Way, Suite 300          Hygiene Clinic
Leland, NC 28451                           CFCC Health Sciences Building (L)
Phone: (910) 550-3964                      415 N. Second Street
                                           Wilmington, NC 28401
                                           Phone: (910) 362 7341
                                           Call for appointment

Columbus County Dental Clinic​*            Leland Family Dentistry
Miller Building                            117 – H Village Rd.
304 Jefferson Street (PO Box 810)          Leland, NC 28451
Whiteville, NC 28472                       Phone: (910) 371-5664
Phone: (910) 640-6615 ext. 7041
*Note: Only serves ages 0-18

Little River Medical Center                New Hanover County Health
4303 Live Oak Dr                           Department-Miles of Smiles Mobile Dental
Little River, SC 29566                     Clinic​*
Phone: (843) 663-8000                      *ages 3-18         Serving New Hanover and Brunswick
                                           Phone: (910) 512-5113

MedNorth Health Center                     East Carolina University School of Dental
(formerly known as New Hanover Community   Medicine
Health Center, Inc.)                       (low income /sliding scale/means)
925 N. Fourth St.                          (910) 253-9000
Wilmington, NC 28401
Phone: (910) 343-0270

Dental appointments: (910) 202-8611

 Caring Community Dental Clinic                      Sextons Dental Clinic
 1 Dewitt Street                                     905 Medical Cir.
 Jacksonville, NC 28450                              Myrtle Beach, SC 29572
 Phone: (910) 219-1339                               (843) 449-0431
 (low income/uninsured, 18+)                         (dentures/extractions)

                           Disability Resource Center (dRC)

5041 New Centre Drive, Suite 210
Wilmington, NC 28403
Mon - Thu 9 AM - 4:30 PM
Phone: (910) 815-6618
Fax: (910) 815-6658

                               Disposable Undergarments

Brunswick Baptist Association​ is able to help clients in need of incontinence supplies.
E-mail: ​​ with the client's name and number as well as size. The pick-up
is on Wednesday. They will send a follow-up email as to what time to pick-up the incontinence
supplies. They are located in Bolivia and can be reached at 910-754-7979.
(P.S. - the client is not to call. They prefer referrals from doctors’ offices or other local agencies.)

South Brunswick Interchurch Council​ can help provide incontinence supplies at their food
pantry at Camp United Methodist Church.

Camp United Methodist Church
Saturday 10am-12pm noon
4807 Main St.
Shallotte, NC 28470
(910) 754-3352

BSRI​ provides incontinence supplies for Home Delivered Meal recipients. Call (910) 754-2300
for assistance.

**See also: Food Pantries

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)/Assistive Devices

Disability Resource Center
Open Mon - Thu 9 AM - 4:30 PM
5041 New Centre Drive, Suite 210
Wilmington, NC 28403

Self-Help Credit Union
A nonprofit community development lender offering Assistive Technology Loans.
About Financing:
   ●   Persons with any disability or their family members are eligible to apply for financing.
   ●   State of North Carolina and Medicaid assistive technology restrictions do not apply.
   ●   Rates and terms may vary depending on each individual's credit history and the credit
       union's underwriting factors.
   ●   Applicants must visit a branch once the financing is approved.
Technologies include:
   ●   Communication Devices
   ●   Hearing Aids
   ●   Personal Equipment
   ●   Home Modifications
   ●   Vehicle Modification/ Financing

Accepting Medicare
 Coastal Drug Store (​Mintz     Thomas Drugs Inc.                 Family Medical Supply
 Coastal Drug Store Inc.)       4750 Main Street                  Inc.
 4924 Main Street Unit 12       Shallotte, NC 28470               4600-12 Main Street
 Shallotte, NC                  (910) 754-4720                    Shallotte, NC 28470
 (910) 754-6563                                                   (910) 755-7066

 Walgreen Co                    CVS Pharmacy LLC                  Walmart
 4577 Main St.                  4553 Main Street                  4540 Main Street.
 Shallotte, NC 28470            Shallotte, NC 28470               Shallotte, NC 28470
 (910) 754-656                  (910) 754-9351                    (910) 754-2885

Carolina HealthCare            DLS Home Services             101 Mobility
Products, Inc.                 609A Piner Rd., PMB 135       5221 Oleander Drive
1635 N. Howe St. Ste. H        Wilmington, NC 28405          Wilmington, NC 28403
Southport, NC 28461            (910) 630-3734      
(910) 454-4545       

Advanced Home Care             American Health Services
1620 Wright St.                1347 S. Madison St.
Wilmington, NC 28401           Whiteville, NC 28472
(910) 796-3033                 (910) 642-5798

Other Resources

                                 Loaner Programs/Low Cost
BSRI Thrift Store ​(low cost -only case        Neighbor to Neighbor Loaner Program
managers may request loaner)                   St. James Episcopal Church
10001 Beach Dr. SW                             4941 Main St. South Brunswick, NC 28470
Calabash, NC 28467                             (910) 754-9313
(910) 579-7488                                 Free coat closet and orthopedic equipment
AND                                            Lending closet
5302 Main Street
Shallotte, NC 28470

                            Devices for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
ADCO Hearing Products          Harris Communications         Hear-More Products
1-800-726-0851                 1-800-825-6758 V              1-800-88-4327 V            800-825-9187 TYY              1-800-281-3555 TTY
                               952-388-2152 VP               631-752-0689

Hitec Group                    WCI                           Silent Call
800-288-8303 V                 (800) 233-9130 V/TTY          Communications
800-536-8890 TTY                 1-800-572-5227 V/TTY                                      

Medical Alerts
Alert1                        American Senior Safety         Life Station
1-877-414-3753                Agency                         877-478-3390
*National coverage            Medical Alert System                1-888-473-2800

Bay Medical Alert             ConnectAmerica               Hasten
2600 Stanwell Dr. # 103       1 Belmont Ave.               1-800-582-3073 (toll free)
Concord, CA 94520             Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004
1-877-522-9633                1-800-215-4206

Guardian Alert 911            Life Alarm Services, Inc.      Philips Lifeline Medical
EmoryDay, LLC                 4210 Columbia Rd. Ste. 14B     Alert Service
PO Box 176                    Martinez, GA 30907             1000 Commerce Park Drive,
Glenelg, MD 21737             1-800-780-5433                 Suite 300
800) 953-5211 ext. 2                                         Williamsport, PA 17701
*No monthly fee                                              1-800-332-7799

                                   Oxygen Supplies
Coastal Carolina Respicare                   Apria Healthcare
2527 Delaney Ave, Unit A                     501 Covil Ave., Ste. 400
Wilmington, NC 28403                         Wilmington, NC 28403
Office:(910) 362-1414                        (910) 343-8930

Liberty Medical Specialties                  Cape Fear Medical and Respiratory
1120 Ocean Highway West                      Services
Supply, NC                                   324 Village Rd. NE B
(910) 755-0023 -or-                          Leland, NC 28451
612-10 Jefferson St.                         (910) 662-1521
Whiteville, NC 28472
(910) 642-2250                               Family Medical Supply
or                                           908 S 16​th​ St.
2224 South 17​th​ St.                        Wilmington, NC 28401
Wilmington, NC 28401                         (910) 762-7007


Brunswick Community College
50 College Rd., Bolivia NC 28422
(910) 755-7300
Service(s) Offered: A public, two-year educational institution provides accessible and affordable
programs and services that meet the educational and cultural needs of the community and to
provide opportunities for individuals to be successful.

Brunswick County Literacy Council
282 Ocean Highway, Supply NC 28462
(910) 754-7323
Service(s) Offered: The Literacy Council offers tutoring, training, typing and has a literacy
teacher, ESL (English as a Second Language) tutoring, in addition to basic literacy tutoring.

                                 Energy/Utility Assistance

 The North Carolina Low Income Energy                Brunswick Family Assistance
 Assistance Program (LIEAP)                          4600 Main St. Shallotte, NC 28470                       (910) 754-4766
 Local DSS: 910-253-2077
 (Time Frame to apply is Dec 1​st​-March 31​st​ of
 each year.)

 Operation Fan Heat Relief                           Heater Program
 BSRI: (910) 754-2300                                BSRI: (910) 754-2300

 Brunswick Homeless Coalition                        Brunswick Baptist Association
 BCHC PO Box 7411                                    1041 Old Ocean Highway
 Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469                          Bolivia, NC
 1-888-519-5362                                      (910) 754-7979                 

 St. Brendan’s Catholic Church                       Generations Church
 5101 Ocean Hwy W                                    4874 Long Beach Rd. SE
 Shallotte, NC 28470                                 Southport, NC 28461
 (910) 754-8544                                      (910) 454-9302!/           

Heating Bills                    Safelink Wireless Lifeline        ​ BC Utilities Inc.
 Low Income Energy                Services:                        6230 Carolina Beach Rd.
 Assistance                       free cell phone as long as       Wilmington, NC 28412
 New Hanover County               you are participating in the     (910) 793-0682
 Department of Social             following: Pub Housing,
 Services                         Sect. 8, food stamps, low
 (910) 798-3400                   income energy (Lieheap),
 Brunswick County                 SSI, TANF, Medicaid, work
 Department of Social             first
 Services                         1-800-SafeLink (723-3546)
 (910) 253-2077         
 Apply Dec. 1st​ ​ through Jan

Crisis Intervention Program
The Crisis Intervention Program (CIP) is a Federally-funded program that assists individuals and
families who are experiencing a heating or cooling related crisis. A household is considered to
be in a crisis if it is currently experiencing or is in danger of experiencing a life-threatening or
health-related emergency and sufficient, timely, and appropriate assistance is not available from
any other source. Life-threatening is defined as a household that has no heating or cooling
source or has a disconnect notice for their primary heating or cooling service and the health or
well-being of a household member would be in danger if the heating or cooling crisis was not
alleviated. Each household should be evaluated on a case by case basis to determine if there is
a heating or cooling crisis. This is a heating and cooling crisis program and not a program for
other utility assistance.

Contact your local Department of Social Services to complete the application process and for
additional information on CIP.

Brunswick County Department of Social Services
60 Government Center Drive
Building B
(910) 253-2077
Open Monday – Friday 8:30AM – 5:00PM

Utility Companies

AmeriGas                    Brunswick Electric            Brunswick Electric
3245-A Hwy. 421 N.          12467 Swamp Fox Rd. W         Membership Corporation
Wilmington, NC 28401        Fair Bluff, NC 28403          BEMC Headquarters
(910) 251-5302              (910) 649-6484                795 Ocean Hwy W (Hwy 17)
                                                          Supply, NC 28462
                                                          (910) 754-4391
91 Southport-Supply Rd.
                                                          Southport/Oak Island
Hwy. 211                                                  4335 Southport-Supply Rd.
Supply, NC 28462                                          (Hwy 211)
(910) 755-5597                                            Southport, NC 28461
                                                          (910) 457-9808
                                                          2228 New Britton Hwy E
                                                          (Hwy 130)
                                                          Whiteville, NC 28472
                                                          (910) 642-5011
                                                          Customer Service​:
                                                          (800) 842-5871
                                                          Report an outage​:
                                                          (800) 682-5309

Cape Fear Public Utility    Coastal Community Action,     Collier Gas Co Inc.
Authority LLC               Inc.                          1525 N. Norwood St.
253 Government Center Dr.   303 McQueen Avenue            Wallace, NC 28466
Wilmington, NC 28403        P.O. Box 729                  (910) 285-7188
(910) 739-6064              New Port, NC 28570
                            (252) 223-1645

Country L.P. Gas            Diversified Energy            Dixie Gas Company
1720 Sumerlin Rd.           6 Red Bug Rd SW               4880 Coastal Dr. SE
Leland, NC 28451            Shallotte, NC 28470           Southport, NC 28461
(910) 805-614               (910) 754-9762                (910) 457-6111
                            (855) 639-7878 (toll free)

Enroh LP Gas                Fairways Utilities Services   Four County Electric
640 N. Brown St.            Inc.                          Membership Corp
Chadbourn, NC 28431         7500 Carolina Beach Rd.       1822 NC Hwy 53 West
(910) 516-5085              Wilmington, NC                Burgaw, NC 28425
                            (910) 395-6684 -or-           Corporate business number​:
                            304 Passage Gate Way          (910) 259-2171
                            Wilmington, NC                Member phone number​:
                            (910) 395-6701                (910) 259-2361 or 1 (800)

Gas Tech                        Hendrix Barnhill Co Inc.        Industrial Power & Lighting
 1611 Canaday Rd.                100 Eastwood Rd.                Inc.
 Wilmington, NC 28411            Wilmington, NC 28403            1346 Willard Railroad St.
 (910) 686-3502                  (910) 392-6417                  Wallace, NC
                                                                 (910) 285-8665

 Long Bay Utilities Co Inc.      Progress Energy: NCs            Spectrum Cable Phone
 Southport, NC 28461             (910) 457-6041                  Number
 (910) 457-5148                  Toll Free: 1 (800) 452-2777     Toll Free: 1 (855) 892-4357
 (910) 278-5011 Oak Island

 AT&T Telephone
 Toll Free: 1 (888) 757-6599

                                   Estate Assistance
Auction Orange
1930D Castle Hayne Road
Wilmington, NC
(910) 352-0411
Provides assistance with clear outs, estate auctions, consignments, etc.

Confederate Rose, Inc.
Estate Liquidation and Auction Services
4606 Main St.
Shallotte, NC 28470
(910) 471-8833

The Fancy Flea Antique Mall
2773 US-17
Shallotte, NC 28470
(910) 755-6665

                                 Financial Assistance

Brunswick Family Assistance
4600-8 Main Street Shallotte, NC 28470 (910) 754-4766

Financial Aid Resources for Handicap Van

North Carolina Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs)
ADRCs are in place nationwide to supply disabled and senior citizens with reliable information
about the services and benefits to which they are entitled. They are collaboratively run by the
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the US Administration on Community Living.

 North Carolina Area Agencies on Aging              North Carolina Division of Vocational
 (AAA)                                              Rehabilitation Services (DVRS)
 2001 Mail Service Center                           Wilmington Office:
 Raleigh, NC 27699                                  3340 Jaeckle Drive, Suite 201
 (919) 855-4800                                     Wilmington, NC 28403      (910) 251-5710
 -agencies-on-aging                                 Toll Free: 1-877-832-3831
                                                    OR                      Whiteville Office:
                                                    118 Memory Plaza       Whiteville, NC 28472
 ap-accessible-vehicles/state-grants/north-caroli   (910) 642-5406
 na-disability-grants                               Toll free: 1-877-699-7575

 North Carolina Assistive Technology                North Carolina Statewide Independent
 Program (NCATP)                                    Living Council (SILC)
 NCATP Administrative Offices                       2806 Reynolda Road, MB#358
 2801 Mail Service Center                           Winston-Salem, NC 27106
 Raleigh, NC 27699-2801                             (336) 639-5898
 (919) 855-3500                           
 Wilmington Center:
 NCATP Wilmington
 3340 Jaeckle Drive
 Wilmington, NC 28403
 (910) 251-7078

 North Carolina Council on Developmental            Center of Independent Living for
 Disabilities (CDD)                                 Brunswick County Area dRC
 3125 Poplarwood Court, Suite 200                   5041 New Centre Drive, Suite 210
 Raleigh, NC 27604                                  Wilmington, NC 28403
 (919) 850-2901 or (800) 357-6916                   (910) 815-6618                            

Fitness and Health Promotion

The monthly schedule is posted in the Brunswick Buzz magazine on the website. Please note,
ages 50-59 pay a $99 a year membership fee. Please contact Center Directors for more

 Center Directors                        Southport
                                         Melissa Catlett (910) 754-7109
 Shallotte                               Supply
 Anne Gass (910) 754-2300                Melissa Starr (910) 754-7604
 Leland                                  Calabash
 Veronica Lett-McGee (910)               Courtney Bledsoe (910) 754-7427

Parks and Recreation programs
(910) 253-2677

**See​ Senior Games

                              Food and Nutrition Services

Food and Nutrition Service (Food Stamps)
Individuals can apply at ​​ ​or in person at the
Social Service building, no appointment is necessary.

BSRI’s Food Pantries
 Leland                            Shallotte                         Southport
 121 Town Hall Drive               3620 Express Dr                   1512 N. Howe St.
 Leland, NC 28451                  Shallotte, NC 28459               Southport, NC 28461
 (910) 754-2300                    (910) 754-2300                    (910) 754-2300
                                   2nd & 4th Friday 9-11             2nd & 4th Friday 9-11
 2nd & 4th Friday 9-11
First time recipients are asked to bring: a valid photo ID, proof of residency, and proof of income
(pay stub, Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability Insurance,
Pension, or Veteran benefits)
**TO QUALIFY – Income for the household should be at or below 130% of the federal poverty

Poverty Percentage Tool

                               Brunswick County Food Pantries

 Love of Christ         (910) 253-4893         2​nd​ and 4​th​ Thursday   5-7pm
 4308 Bus. 17 NE
 Bolivia, NC 28422

 Closer Walk            (910) 399-4383          4​th​ Saturday, except    9am-1pm
 117-C Village Rd                               3​rd​ Saturday in Nov.
 Leland, NC 28541                               & Dec.

 First Baptist          (910) 371-2233          1​st​ & 3​rd​ Saturday    10am-noon
 571 Village Rd.
 Leland, NC 28451

 Town Creek Vision      (910) 443-7111          Thursdays                 10am-noon
 215 Sunnybrook                                 (Closed on some
 Way                                            Holidays)
 Leland, NC 28451

 Inspirational House    (910) 612-7041          Wednesdays                8:30-9:30am
 of Praise
 1005 Village Rd.
 Leland, NC 28451

 Salvation and          (910) 655-3261          3​rd​ Thursday and 4​th   9am -1pm
 Deliverance                                    Saturday
 (Clothes & food)
 4402 Northwest Rd
 Leland, NC 28451

 Countywide CDC         (910) 383-1724          Every other               10am-12pm
 1183 Old Mill Rd                               Wednesday
 Navassa, NC 28451

 Brunswick Family      (910) 754-4766    Office:                  9am-Noon &1-4pm
 Assistance                              Mon/Tues/Thursday        1-4:30pm
 4600 Main St.                           Wednesday                9am-Noon & 1-3pm
 Shallotte, NC 28470                     Friday

 Camp United           (910) 754-4840    Saturday                 10am-Noon
 4807 Main St.
 Shallotte, NC 28470

 St. Brendan           (910) 754-8544    Mon, Wed, Fri.           10am-Noon
 5101 Ocean Hwy.
 Shallotte, NC 28470

 South Brunswick       (910) 579-4684    Saturdays                10am-Noon
 4807 Main St.
 Shallotte, NC 28470

 Wings Ministry        (910) 512-7643    *Call to ask for food.
 4519-1 Main St.                         Can pick up from
 Shallotte, NC 28470                     Church or drop off to

Southport/Oak Island/Boiling Springs
 Southport/Oak         (910) 845-2320    Tues. & Sat.             9am-11:30am
 Island Interchurch
 249 W. Boiling Spring                   Thurs.                   6pm-7:15pm
 Boiling Spring Lakes,
 NC 28461

 Shoreline Baptist      (910) 457-1909   Mondays                  3pm-5:00pm
 4198 Vanessa Dr.
 Southport, NC 28461

Sonrise             (910) 477-6161        2​nd​ & 4​th​ Monday        4pm-6pm
Independent Baptist
8375 River Rd.
Southport, NC 28461

Sunset Beach
Seaside United        (910) 579-5753       Tuesdays                    9:30am-11:30am
Methodist Church
1300 Seaside Rd. SE
Sunset Beach, NC

Brunswick Islands     (910) 842-8969      1​st​ and 3​rd​ Tues. and   8:30
Baptist                                   by appointments for
1672 Mt. Pisgah Rd.                       emergencies
Supply, NC 28462

Victory               (910) 842-7322      Tuesday                     12pm-1pm
516 Varnamtown Rd.
Supply, NC 28461

St. Mary’s            (910) 448-0159      1​st​ and 3​rd​ Saturday    11am-1pm
Missionary Church
6401 Ocean
Highway E
Winnabow, NC

Salvation Army of Cape Fear Shelter
(910) 336-0076 ext. 1 ext. 1
820 N. 2nd Street.
Wilmington, NC 28401
Food Bank: Mondays 9am-2pm
                                  Stomp the Monster

Stomp the Monster can provide gift cards for food and gift cards for gasoline expenses incurred
for patient’s travel for medical treatment.

Key Criteria for Support:
1) A resident of North Carolina
2) Currently receiving radiation, chemotherapy, or hormonal therapy for metastatic disease.
3) Experiencing financial hardship.
4) Have not previously received support from STOMP The Monster NC.

The application can be found at ​

                                        Health Care

                                    General Medical Care

Brunswick Novant Medical Hospital
240 Hospital Dr. NE Bolivia, NC (Located on Hwy 17 in Supply, NC)
(910) 721-1000
Website: ​
Service(s) Offered: Brunswick Community Hospital is an acute care hospital located on Highway
17 in the heart of Brunswick County. With a staff of nearly 100 physicians and specialists, 400
employees and 75 volunteers, we offer a full range of healthcare services.

Dosher Memorial Hospital
924 N Howe St., Southport NC 28461
(910) 457-3800
Service(s) Offered: Dosher Memorial Hospital is a Critical Access community hospital with 25
staffed acute care (inpatient) beds and 64 licensed skilled nursing center beds.

Brunswick County Health Department
25 Court House Dr. NE, Bolivia NC 28422
(910) 253-2250
Service(s) Offered: Baby Love, Child Service Coordination Program, Community Alternative
Program (CAP), Communicable Diseases, Environmental Health, Family Planning, General
Clinic, Health Check Program, Health Education, Healthy Family Program, HIV Clinic,
Immunizations, Laboratory Services, Maternal Outreach, Maternity Care Coordination Program,
Maternity Clinic, Pediatric Clinic, Pediatric Primary Care Clinic, Personal Care Services, etc.
NOTE: Animal Services is now handled by Brunswick County Sheriff’s office.

New Hanover Regional Medical Center
2131 S. 17th Street, Wilmington, NC 28401

(910) 667-7000
Service(s) offered: Featured services included bariatric surgery, behavioral health, cancer,
children’s health, emergency, heart, home care, imaging & diagnostics, neuroscience,
orthopedics, rehabilitation, spine, stroke, trauma, urgent care, and women’s health.

Grand Strand Medical Center
809 82nd Parkway. Myrtle Beach, SC 29572
(843) 692-1000
Service(s) offered: Inpatient behavioral and mental health treatment, breast care, cancer care,
pediatric ER and care, emergency care, health screenings and fairs, heart care, maternity care,
orthopedic surgery, neuro and spine care, rehabilitation services, stroke care, surgical services,
advanced wound care, and level I trauma care.

                                   Free/Sliding Scale Services

New Hope Clinic
201 W Boiling Spring Rd, Southport, NC 28461
(910) 845-5333
Service(s) Offered: ​Provide basic medical and dental care, diagnostic services and prescription
drugs to low Income, uninsured residents of Brunswick County.

CommWell Health
 1 (877) 935-5255                                 Shallotte Office: (910) 567-7009                           341 Whiteville Rd.​`                         Shallotte, NC 28470

 6934-4 Beach Dr. SW                              4311 Old Ocean Highway
 Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469                       Bolivia, NC 2842

Cape Fear Health Net-Medical Care​: Brunswick & New Hanover ONLY
201 North Front Street, Suite 709, Wilmington, NC 28401
(910) 798-3594
Service(s) Offered: ​Assists low-income, uninsured who do not qualify for other resources with
access to primary care.

                                       Health Screenings

Medicare Preventive Benefits
One-time Welcome to Medicare Preventive Visit and Yearly Wellness Visit
Colorectal Cancer Screenings
Breast Cancer Screening (Mammogram)
Cervical and Vaginal Cancer Screening
Prostate Cancer Screening
Cardiovascular Screening
Diabetes Screening, Supplies and Self-Management Training
Shots (Flu, Pneumococcal, Hepatitis B)
Glaucoma Screening
HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) Screening
Bone Mass Measurements

Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance)​ covers:
  ● Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening
  ● Alcohol misuse screenings & counseling
  ● Bone mass measurements (bone density)
  ● Cardiovascular disease screenings
  ● Cardiovascular disease (behavioral therapy)
  ● Cervical & vaginal cancer screening
  ● Colorectal cancer screenings
         ○ Multi-target stool DNA tests
         ○ Screening barium enemas
         ○ Screening colonoscopies
         ○ Screening fecal occult blood tests
         ○ Screening flexible sigmoidoscopies
  ● Depression screenings
  ● Diabetes screenings
  ● Diabetes self-management training
  ● Glaucoma tests
  ● Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) infection screening
  ● Hepatitis C screening test
  ● HIV screening
  ● Lung cancer screening
  ● Mammograms (screening)
  ● Nutrition therapy services
  ● Obesity screenings & counseling
  ● One-time “Welcome to Medicare” preventive visit
  ● Prostate cancer screenings
  ● Sexually transmitted infections screening & counseling
  ● Shots:
         ○ Flu shots

○ Hepatitis B shots
          ○ Pneumococcal shots
   ●   Tobacco use cessation counseling
   ●   Yearly "Wellness" visit

                               Home Health Services

Home Health (Medical)
Advanced Homecare: MedOX                        All Care Home Care Agency
1620 Wright Street                              1213 Culbreth Dr.
Wilmington, NC 28401                            Wilmington, NC 28405
(910) 796-3033                                  (910) 350-8811          Serves Brunswick, New Hanover, and Pender
                                                Counties and accepts all payments

Allied Home Health Care Inc.                    Assisted Care at Home
143 Holden Beach Rd SW. #1B                     1003 Olde Waterford Way Suite 1B
Shallotte, NC 28459                             Leland, NC 28451
(910) 755 2020                                  (910) 332-3333
Provides personal care services. Serves
Brunswick, New Hanover and Pender               Accepts all payments and serves all four
Counties. Accepts Medicaid (CAP/DA,             Counties
CAP/C), VA, private insurance and private       3408 Wilshire Blvd Suite 100-A
pay.                                            Wilmington, NC 28403
Serves Brunswick, New Hanover and Pender        (910) 763-9933 -or-
Counties and accepts private pay. Accepts       Columbus
Long-Term Care Insurance.                       (910) 642-4960
                                                24 Hour Customer Service: (800) 293-9380

Bayada*                                         Brightstar of Brunswick/New Hanover
3205 Randall Parkway Suite 207                  2709 Market St. Suite 201
Wilmington, NC 28403                            Wilmington, NC 28403
(910) 397-7767                                  (910) 599-9555                        
*BSRI contracts with Bayada for In Home         Home health and non-medical home care.
Aide Program, providing assistance with cost.   Accepts VA, private pay and Long Term Care
Call BSRI to inquire, 910-754-2300.             insurance, covers Brunswick and New
                                                Hanover Counties.

Cape Fear Home Care                             Care Alternatives

3801 Wrightsville Ave #5                           100 Old Eastwood Rd. #33
Wilmington, NC 28403                               Wilmington, NC 28403
(910) 794-7300                                     (910) 395-5440
Serves all four Counties, accepts Medicaid,
private pay and private insurance.

Care Providers of Wilmington, Inc.                 Community Home Care & Hospice
2547 S. 17​th​ Street Suite B                      497 Olde Waterford Way Ste 208
Wilmington, NC 28401                               Belville, NC 28451
(910) 792-6296                                     (910) 371-6427
Toll Free: (877) 791-6255                          Tollfree: 866 400 6685                     
Home Health Care Agency and Non-Medical            Leland office serves Brunswick, Columbus
Home Care. Serves all four counties and            and Pender Counties and accepts all
accepts all payments.                              payments.

Eldercare At Home                                  Elderhaus PACE
3408 Wilshire Blvd. STE 100-B                      PACE Program
Wilmington, NC 28403                               2222 S. 17​th​ Street
(910) 395-5003                                     Wilmington, NC 28401                                (910) 343-8209
Serves Brunswick, New Hanover, Pender,             TTY: (1-800) 735-2962
and Onslow Counties. Accepts private pay,
private insurance, CAP and Veterans

Griswold Home Care                                 Interim Health Care
4016 Shipyard Blvd Suite A                         592 Ocean Hwy W.
Wilmington, NC 28401                               Supply, NC 28462
(910) 515-1378                                     (910) 755-8044
(910) 363-2866                                          Serves Brunswick County and accepts all
Serves Brunswick and New Hanover                   payments.
Counties. Accepts private pay, operates as a
caregiver registry, referring quality, screened,
self-employed professional caregivers who
provide non-medical home care.

Liberty Home Care & Hospice                        Maxim Health Care Services
2550 South 41​st​ Street                           2106 South 17​th​ Street
Wilmington, NC 28402                               Wilmington, NC 28401
(910) 251-8111                                     (910) 251 8990

Toll free: 1-800-800-0622         
or                                          ecare_223.aspx
1120 Ocean Highway West                     Serves all four Counties and accepts
Supply, NC 28462                            Medicaid, private insurance and private pay.
(910) 754-8134
Serves all four Counties and accepts all

NHRMC Home Care                             Veterans Care Coordination
7864 US Highway 17 South                    1 (855) 380-4400
Rocky Point, NC 28457             
(800) 263-2016
(910) 259-1224
Serves all Counties and accepts all

No Cost
Heike Steinle
(910) 343-5300 x3848

Homemaker Companion Agencies (Nonmedical)
Always Good Company Home Care               Bayada*
P.O. Box 10167                              3205 Randall Parkway Suite 207
Wilmington, NC 28404                        Wilmington, NC 28403
(910) 538-5207                              (910) 397-7767 
Serves Brunswick, New Hanover, and Pender   *BSRI contracts with Bayada for In Home
Counties and accepts private pay. Accepts   Aide Program, providing assistance with cost.
Long-Term Care Insurance.                   Call BSRI to inquire, 910-754-2300.

Coastal Companion Care                      Comfort Keepers
5101 Southport Rd. SE Suite 4               10239 Beach Dr. SW Suite 20
Southport, NC 28461                         Calabash, NC 28467
(910) 457-5300                              (910) 604-6534                219 Racine Drive Suite A2
                                            Wilmington, NC 28403
                                            (910) 660-0550

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