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St Jude's News - The School of St Jude
St Jude’s News                                         APRIL 2018

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         The School of St Jude
         is a project of The East
                                         Hair-raising Science Exhibition
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                                         Students impress at Science showcase
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St Jude's News - The School of St Jude
St Jude’s News   April 2018

Hair-raising Science Exhibition
If the last two years are anything to go   Human hair waste recycling
by, St Jude’s annual Science Exhibition
is set to be the birthplace of some of     Form 5 students, David and Ojungu,
East Africa’s most prominent youth         have found an interesting use for
innovations.                               hair trimmings! Their creative display
                                           showed how human hair can aid the
Edgar, an International Eco-Hero,          production of herbicides, pesticides
Anzisha Prize recipient and winner         and fertilisers, as well as civil
of The Children’s Climate Prize 2017,      construction materials.
launched his plastic recycling project
at St Jude’s 2016 event, while Erick       “Synthetic fibers are often used
and Prosper, Young Scientist Tanzania      to reinforce steel and cement. The
winners, came first place in last year’s   creation of these fibers harms the
Science Day competition. All three         environment — but here, we have
students have represented Tanzania         shown how human hair, an organic
and St Jude’s internationally.             material, works well too!” David
In its eighth year, our recent Science
Exhibition did not disappoint. More        “Ojungu and I were inspired to
than 50 creative, surprising and           undertake this project when learning
innovative projects were displayed         about the compounds of human hair
by students of all ages, with dozens       in biology. We certainly aim to develop
of future scientists explaining their      the project and continue putting it
inventions to bustling crowds of peers,    to the test. Also, the nitrogen-based
staff and visitors.                        pesticide substance we made using
                                           human hair could assist farmers and
See some of our boldest and best           people in rural areas of Tanzania. We
demonstrations!                            are excited to progress,” he said.
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                                                                                                  Hair-ed the news? Denis and Ojungu’s project was a crowd favourite.

St Jude's News - The School of St Jude
Thirst for knowledge: Standard 2 students held their own amongst           Enviro-friendly: Samwell, Eliya and Hilda’s innovation helps heal the planet.
                    other students!
Drinking candle                            “What we do is pour water on the plate          Bio-diesel                                     “We believe our project has a positive
                                           then add red food colouring, and put                                                           impact on society. It potentially
Innovation and scientific intrigue                                                         Secondary students, Samwell, Hilda
                                           the candle at the center of the plate,                                                         provides employment through
is not limited by age. A standout                                                          and Eliya created a bio-diesel from
                                           finally light the candle. We then cover                                                        agriculture by growing crops used
project on display was curated by six                                                      locally extracted sunflower oil and
                                           the candle with glass.                                                                         which are sunflowers and maize.
students in Standard 2… with teacher                                                       ethanol.
                                                                                                                                          Additionally, the fuel produces less
supervision, of course!                    “When the candle burns inside the                                                              carbon monoxide when burned,
                                                                                           “Sunflower comes from sunflower
                                           glass, the air inside the glass gets                                                           reducing greenhouse gases. This
Maria, Suleiman, Silvia, Haika, Ashura                                                     seeds and the ethanol from
                                           warmer. Warm air takes up more                                                                 prevents global warming, acidic rain
and Arafa articulately described                                                           fermentation of maize, yeast and
                                           space than cool air. The air inside the                                                        and destruction of the ozone layer,”
how coloured water can be absorbed                                                         water. Mixing the ethanol, sunflower
                                           glass pushes the glass. Expansion of                                                           Hilda added.
into an upside-down glass with a                                                           oil, potassium hydroxide and sodium
                                           the warm air causes the air pressure
candle inside, due to air pressure and                                                     hydroxide then we heat the mixture
                                           inside the glass to increase. So, water
temperature.                                                                               to 210 degrees Celsius. After heating
                                           keeps flowing inside the glass until
                                                                                           to the required temperature, we
                                           the air pressure inside the glass is the
                                                                                           get the bio diesel that can be used
                                           same as the air pressure outside the
                                                                                           for cooking, in spirit burners and a
                                           glass,” Maria said.
                                                                                           substitute of petrol to run vehicles,”
                                                                                           Hilda said.

                    We are proud of all students who participated in the 2018 Science Exhibition and look forward to seeing the development of
                    these projects as the year unfolds. If you’d like to see our young innovators in action, come and visit St Jude’s!
St Jude's News - The School of St Jude
St Jude’s News   April 2018

Meet the Winners
of Young Scientists
Erick and Prosper share their success
When Erick and Prosper took out the top prize
at last year’s Science Exhibition, they could
not have predicted their success would lead
them beyond St Jude’s school gates, let alone
across the African continent and over the sea to

The innovation named, The Use of Mobile
Networks as a Fire Alert System, earned them
the title of Young Scientists Tanzania 2017. The
unstoppable duo have received commendations
from world leaders, including Tanzania’s
Prime Minister Kassim Majiliwa and Ireland’s
President Michael Higgins.

“We are using technology to alleviate problems
facing our society and trying to help Tanzania
become more advanced in this area. We began
with making a smoke sensor, which distributes
signals to the mobile phone in the instance of a
fire, and when the signals enter the phone, the
phone converts it immediately and makes a call
to the fire fighters, plus the owner of the house,”
Erick explained.

“After reaching first place at St Jude’s Science
Day last year, we presented the project at
Nelson Mandela University. From there, we were
nominated by the university to showcase the
innovation at an exhibition in Dar es Salaam.”
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St Jude's News - The School of St Jude
St Jude’s News     April 2018

Praise from PM: Kassim Majaliwa, Tanzania’s Prime Minister was more than impressed!          Down to the wire: The complex system uses sensory technology to connect to a
                                                                                             mobile device.

“The Prime Minister of Tanzania saw         It is this generation who are showing            Erick, 18, and Prosper, 16, returned to      “When I think about what The School
our project and was highly impressed.       enthusiasm and addressing global                 St Jude’s with a spring in their step as     of St Jude has done for me, I become
We then competed in the Young               challenges through sustainable                   Form 4 students this year, determined        emotional. I am the only person in my
Scientists Tanzania competition and         development,” President Higgins said.            to inspire their peers and generate          family who has travelled abroad and
won the overall prize,” Prosper said.                                                        enthusiasm for Science Technology,           had access to good education. I know
                                            Whilst in Ireland, Erick and Prosper             Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)           I will become a sponsor one day too,”
As a part of their prize, Erick and         had the chance to meet with company              subjects.                                    Erick shared.
Prosper travelled to South Africa to        representatives who have worked on
present their project at the Eskom          similar innovations and were willing             “Many students want to know how we           “This school gives students endless
showcase for young scientists. They         to offer advice to Tanzania’s superstar          reached success. I always tell them,         opportunities to achieve their dreams,”
then travelled to Ireland, where they       scientists.                                      when I first participated in St Jude’s       Prosper added.
presented at the BT Young Scientist                                                          Science Exhibition in 2016 with a
and Technology Exhibition, where            “It was a great privilege to be                  different project, I did not participate               Erick and Prosper are just
Ireland’s President Michael Higgins         introduced to company officials                  to win, but to improve. I tell these                   beginning their journey
heaped praise on our students and           and visit their organisation, and                students to feed their passion. Do not
urged all exhibitors to continue            learn about the latest technological             waste time. Never lose track of the
                                                                                                                                                    on the road to success.
pursuing excellence!                        developments,” Prosper said.                     future,” Erick said.                                   You could support the
                                                                                                                                                    journey of the next
“The world depends on the young                                                              Both Erick and Prosper attribute the
generation to influence changes in                                                           foundation of their success to the free,               young innovator! Make a
society.                                                                                     high quality education they receive at                 donation to The School
                                                                                             St Jude’s.
                                                                                                                                                    of St Jude.
St Jude's News - The School of St Jude
St Jude’s News     April 2018

                                                                                                                                “The most important of any science
                                                                                                                                exhibition is demonstration of skills.
                                                                                                                                We are giving students the chance to
                                                                                                                                demonstrate what they can do out of
                                                                                                                                the classroom,” he said.

                                                                                                                                Mr Mcharo had the honour of
                                                                                                                                announcing Samwel and John as the
                                                                                                                                overall winners this year.

                                                                                                                                “They have put a lot of effort and hard
                                                                                                                                work into their project and we look
                                                                                                                                forward to seeing how they progress in
                                                                                                                                coming months. It is possible we may
                                                                                                                                again receive national acclaim!” Mr
                                                                                                                                Mcharo declared.

                                                                                                                                Samwell and John were overcome
                                                                                                                                with pride when their success was
                                                                                                                                announced in front of an audience of
                                                                                                                                more than 700.

                                                                                                                                “Before we started, we thought we
                                                                                                                                would just do our best and try to think
                                                                                                                                of a project that will benefit others.
                                                                                                                                This has made us so excited.” Samwell

                                                                                                                                “Both of us hope that companies in
                                                                                                                                Tanzania will take this innovation
Celebrating                          Samwel and John in Form 4 have
                                     joined the ranks of Eric and Prosper,
                                                                                    Judging criteria was based on
                                                                                    potential to positively impact society,
                                                                                                                                seriously. Reliable electricity is
                                                                                                                                challenging to access in Tanzania, and

                                     and are the overall winners of St              environmental consideration,                our solar panel may be used in many
                                     Jude’s Science Exhibition 2018.                practicality and creativity.                industries as a generator. The battery
                                                                                                                                is charged all day. The panel rotates
Exhibition                           Their invention of a solar panel
                                     which tracks and follows sunlight
                                                                                    Mr Mcharo, Acting Headmaster and
                                                                                    esteemed physics teacher at Smith
                                                                                                                                east to west, meaning it is always
                                                                                                                                catching some sunlight,” John said.

                                     was deemed by the judging panel,               Secondary Campus, helped launch the
                                     comprised of St Jude’s academic staff,         first Science Exhibition in 2010. He        “Through solar tracking, we reduce
                                     to be one of the most technologically          said he is continually impressed each       the costs of electricity significantly,
                                     advanced they have seen.                       year with the calibre of entries into the   which benefits everyone and the
Solar tracking in the spotlight at                                                                                              environment” Samwell added.
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St Jude's News - The School of St Jude
St Jude’s News   April 2018

As part of their prize, Samwel and         Category winners
John will be selected to represent St      Science: (lower primary): Drinking
Jude’s at an upcoming science fair at      candle (Silvia, Ashura, Suleiman,
Arusha’s Nelson Mandela University.        Arafa, Maria) Standard 2
This opportunity will allow them to
expand their knowledge and interact        Science: (upper primary): Egg
with students and experts working in       incubator (Bahati, Shamimu, Jaclikne,
Science, Technology, Engineering and       Gwantwa) Standard 6
Mathematics (STEM) fields across           Chemistry: Poisons detector (Obadia
Tanzania.                                  and Elig) Form 3
                                           Biology: Paper making from grass
“Undertaking this project has given        (Issac and Eliamani) Form 4
me an insight into controlling different
systems, which will be crucial for         Physics: Electromagnetic generator
me in my future career as a robotic        for power saver (Jamal and
engineer,” John said.                      Ramadhani) Form 2
                                           Mathematics: Maths games (Hadija,
We look forward to updating you with       Juma, Benedict, Mulhatat, and Irene)
the progress of Samwel and John’s          Form 1
project as the year unfolds, and would
                                           Geography: Land conservation and
like to acknowledge winners in all
                                           architectural design (Johnson, Mosha
                                           and Ezekiel) Form 3
1st place: Automatic solar panel track
                                           ICT: Labs inventory management
(Samwel and John) Form 4
                                           (Francis and Evance) Form 5
2nd place: Human waste hair recycling
                                           Chairman Award: Recycling of plastic
(David and Ojungu) Form 4
                                           materials (Vicky, Irene, Fatuma, Danial)
3rd place: Land tilling machine            Form 3
(Andrew and Amir) Form 2
                                           Innovative Award (special award):
                                           Blind stick and e-book (Angela,                             Top Look the part: Our young scientists are excited to
                                           Sharon, Juliana and Erick) Form 3                           get stuck in.
                                                                                                       Middle Moment of truth: Samwel and John were
                                                                                                       overwhelmed with pride when receiving their award.
                                                                                                       Bottom Solar, so fine: Andrew and Amir built a solar-
                 Any of these students may just be the next                                            powered land tilling machine.
                 internationally acclaimed young scientist! Help them on
                 their journey and share their story.

St Jude's News - The School of St Jude
St Jude’s News     April 2018

Freezing the                    A physics class at Smith Secondary
                                Campus four years ago inspired Eunice
                                                                               “Many people in my own community
                                                                               have enough food, but they do not
                                                                                                                         Four years later, Eunice’s model
                                                                                                                         has been replicated and people in

poverty cycle
                                to make a difference in a unique and           benefit from it because it starts to      her community benefit from the
                                innovative way.                                decay before they have the chance         innovation.
                                                                               to consume it, as they do not have

through science                 During a lesson about refrigeration
                                in 2013, Eunice conjured the idea to
                                                                               electricity. I wanted to explore
                                                                               alternative means of preservation.”
                                                                                                                         “A farmer in the community
                                                                                                                         approached me when he heard
                                invent a low-cost refrigerator made of                                                   about the project and wanted to
Eunice’s unique innovation is   commonly used household materials              Eunice, currently a Beyond St Jude’s      make something similar to preserve
making an impact                such as tiles, cement and charcoal, for        Community Service Year intern in our      meat and milk. I willingly shared my
                                Tanzanians living in rural communities.        Purchasing team, spent the remainder      knowledge with him and hope to keep
                                                                               of 2013 researching low-cost means        developing my idea so more people
                                                                               of storing fresh food, and launched her   can benefit in the future.”
                                                                               project at St Jude’s Science Exhibition
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                                                                               in 2014.

St Jude's News - The School of St Jude
St Jude’s News     April 2018

Warm heart, cool project: Eunice at the 2014                                   Future inventor: Young Eunice was one                 Golden graduate: The determined leader
Science Exhibition with her refrigerator.                                      of St Jude’s first students.                          graduated with excellent marks in 2017.

Although the project continues to              “Most people want electronic                   “Tanzania needs professionals in                     Through your support,
positively affect the wider community,         refrigerators and electricity in their         industry development and agriculture.
                                                                                                                                                   Eunice is already creating
Eunice had to overcome several                 houses. At first, people thought I was         I want this project to benefit as many
challenges in the beginning.                   too ‘local’, as imported technology            people as possible.”                                 change and improving
                                               is popular among Tanzanians. We as                                                                  the lives of her fellow
“Many people in Tanzania still assume          a country are still developing and             Eunice has proven herself as a future
science is a male-dominated area.              reaching international standards.              leader, entrepreneur and innovator.                  Tanzanians. Sponsor an
People would say to me, ‘you are a girl,       However, my project is helping people          Her commitment to serving the                        academic scholarship for
why bother working in this field?’”            in need.”                                      community through science sets a
                                                                                              positive example for girls and young
                                                                                                                                                   one of our students, and
In an age of rapid technological               Eunice has been accepted as a                  women!                                               empower young people
advancement, Eunice faced the unique           MasterCard Scholar to the African                                                                   like Eunice to reach the
challenge of justifying why a simple,          Leadership University in Mauritius ,           “Some girls have fears about studying
low-tech innovation was relevant.              where she hopes to study business              sciences. I remind those girls that                  future of their dreams!
                                               administration, which will help her to         science is fun. Science is life. It is the
                                               develop and continue improving her             origin of everything we see around us,
                                               innovation.                                    both natural and human-made.”

St Jude's News - The School of St Jude
St Jude’s News      April 2018

Mega Advances                Students at The School of St Jude have
                             access to well-equipped Information
                                                                            When staff and students from
                                                                            Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar
                                                                                                                       here really care about the learning
                                                                                                                       experience of all their students,” Ally

One-bit at a Time
                             and Communication Technology (ICT)             School visited this month, they were       said.
                             laboratories and reliable internet             keen to sit in on an ICT lesson with our
                             connection, this means our students            Standard 5 students. Ally and Chantel,     “Another great thing about St Jude’s
Information and              are aware of emerging ideas, and can           two of Strathcona’s Year 11 students,      is you can see exactly where people’s
                             look to global trends to prepare them          were particularly impressed with the       donations are going, and the skills
Communication Technology     for the future in a globalised world.          facilities students at St Jude’s have      these kids otherwise wouldn’t learn
encourages global thinking                                                  access to.                                 in a Tanzanian government school,”
                             Thanks to support from TechnologyOne                                                      Chantel observed.
                             last year, St Jude’s purchased a new           “It was amazing to see how advanced
                             server, updated 200 computers with             the computer labs are. These students      Lack of developed infrastructure
                             the latest licensing of Windows                have more than what we had in              and resource in Tanzania makes it
                             and Microsoft software, replaced               an Australian private school when          challenging for government schools to
                             20 computers at Smith Secondary                we were their age. They each have          efficiently and comprehensively teach
                             Campus and purchased a cloud-based             their own computer to sit at during        subjects like ICT.
                             software which filters spam.                   lessons and you can see the teachers
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St Jude’s News      April 2018

Supporting our students: Year 11            An office hero: Joseph is always on hand to            No small feat: Arthur, Mandela, Joseph, Zakayo and Brian manage
representatives from Strathcona were        address technological queries at St Jude’s.            the IT system for the whole organisation.
impressed by St Jude’s facilities!

Joseph, St Jude’s Head of Information     “Before St Jude’s students are even                “I love learning about computers.
Technology, is an expert at navigating    accepted into university, they can                 People need technology in the
infrastructural setbacks and ensuring     browse the internet to find out the                world to do everything. I dream to
our thousands of students, staff and      skills they need for certain careers,              become a doctor, so it is important to       Thanks to TechnologyOne, our
visitors have consistent access to        which prepares them well for the                   understand technology and all about
internet, and that all our equipment is   future.”                                           the machines and computers which             school is connected to the global
well-maintained to ensure productivity                                                       help people to get better if they are        community and we can provide
and security.                             Sara, a Standard 5 student, is still               sick,” Sara said.
                                          at the beginning of her St Jude’s                                                               a competitive, high quality
“Technology gives our students the        schooling, yet knows already that                                                               education for free to some
ability to become great innovators.       understanding technology will help her
The ability of our students and staff     reach her dream to become a doctor.
                                                                                                                                          of Tanzania’s most deserving
to access academic resources online                                                                                                       students. Be a part of the fight
helps students to succeed and helps                                                                                                       against poverty by donating to St
with professional development of
teachers,” Joseph commented.                                                                                                              Jude’s today.

St Jude’s News      April 2018

Sponsorships                                               St Jude’s students are testament to
                                                           what young people can accomplish
                                                                                                                Form 1 students are at the very
                                                                                                                beginning of their journey into
                                                                                                                                                               “For our students, securing an
                                                                                                                                                               education at St Jude’s is a pivotal

Setting Students
                                                           when afforded strong educational                     secondary level education. This                moment in their lives, opening up
                                                           foundations and the resources and                    is itself an achievement – only an             opportunities that they otherwise
                                                           tools to excel.                                      estimated 12% of the adult population          wouldn’t have access to.”

up for Success                                             Winning international awards and
                                                                                                                (over the age of 25) in Tanzania have
                                                                                                                received a secondary education.                “It’s especially crucial for the 40
                                                           receiving commendations from world                                                                  or so new students who join us in
                                                           leaders, our students are already                    Their journey is made possible                 Form 1 from government primary
Your contribution can change a                             realising the School’s vision to educate             through the generous and unwavering            schools. Secondary school is a really
young person’s life                                        the future leaders of Tanzania.                      commitment of sponsors who cover               fundamental time in a student’s
                                                                                                                the costs of a student’s academic              education and development. Knowing
Note: quotes have been amended in part for clarity.        St Jude’s educates over 1,000 students               scholarship for a minimum of three             that there is someone investing
                                                           from Form 1 through to Form 6 at the                 years, and ideally for a student’s entire      in their future has a profound and
                                                           Smith Secondary Campus, all have the                 education with St Jude’s.                      empowering effect on them.”
                                                           potential to be future leaders within
                                                           their community and many dream of                    “Sponsoring an academic scholarship
                                                           doing just that.                                     for a student is an incredibly
                                                                                                                rewarding experience” says St Jude’s
                                                                                                                Founder, Gemma Sisia.

                                                                                                                  Irene’s ey
                                                                                                                            es on suc
                                                                                                                  dreams th           cess: New
                                                                                                                             anks to h            Fo
                                                                               r’s vision to life.                                     er St Jude rm 1 student, Iren
                                      You             can help bring our Founde                                                                  ’s academ            e,
                                                                                                                                                           ic scholars is now able to reac
              The Gem of Sponsorship:                                                                                                                                 hip.                h her

                                                                                                      of home:
                                                                                             equipped          Irene has
                                                                                                      boarding           a safe pla
                                                                       n 29,000 hot                            house.               ce to stud
                                                               more tha                                                                        y and sle
                                     nsorship helps us provide                                                                                          ep in our
          Nourishing minds: Your spo           ek.
                                    ff each we
          meals to students and sta

“It’s also often a profound experience      Irene is one of these new Form 1               “Sponsors enable the School to                 Thanks to our supporters the sky’s
for our sponsors too. Getting to know       students and is looking forward to             provide us with three meals a day,             the limit for Irene and the bright
a student, learning how different their     making the most of her new found               school uniforms, teachers, textbooks,          young students in Form 1 and they’re
life in Tanzania is and following their     opportunities at the School. She is            electricity, water and a bed of my own         reaching for it.
success can be very moving, and is          also hoping her scholarship will soon          to rest on after a long school day,” says
definitely humbling.”                       be sponsored.                                  Irene.                                                      Sponsor a Form 1
                                                                                                                                                       student like Irene today
Whilst all students who are offered         “I am a girl coming from a single              “Without sponsors we cannot study
a place at St Jude’s have the cost          parent family. My mother is constantly         at this school […] being sponsored
                                                                                                                                                       and give them the
of their education and boarding             ill making it hard for her to provide          changes it all.”                                            greatest gift you can, a
covered, not all of them have               basic needs for the family and support                                                                     good education.
sponsors supporting them directly.          my siblings. Giving me a chance to             Like every student at St Jude’s Irene
Those without sponsors have to be           study at St Jude’s opens a whole new           has big dreams and plans for her                            Who knows… you could
supported through donations made            opportunity to end poverty for my              future.                                                     be sponsoring the next
to our Unsponsored Student Fund.            family.”
Though the fund helps to give them an                                                      “St Jude’s gives me the assurance for                       Wangari Muta Maathai
education, they miss out on building        “St Jude’s has all the resources               a brighter future as I aspire to become                     (female East African
a relationship with a sponsor through       needed [for me] to excel academically.”        an engineer, a career that would give
                                                                                           me and my family financial stability.”
                                                                                                                                                       scientist and Noble
letters and even visits, and learning
about the wider world.                                                                                                                                 Peace Prize recipient)!

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