St. Mary's Assumption School Student Handbook 2020-2021

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St. Mary’s Assumption School





       The ultimate goal of St. Mary’s is to serve the people in Avoyelles Parish by
providing their children with quality Catholic formation and education. Because
parents from surrounding communities choose to send their children to St. Mary’s, the
school strives to serve their interests in as much as those same interests correspond
with the school’s mission. The total educational and spiritual development of the child
is the primary focus of the school. Our goal here at St. Mary’s is to ensure that each
child attending the school will grow to his/her maximum potential. In order to attain
our mission as a Catholic school, we strive to adhere strictly to the Catholic
philosophy of education and to provide an environment in which excellence can
       This handbook has been prepared to be a source of information for you
concerning the philosophy and policies of St. Mary’s Assumption School. Operational
policies at St. Mary’s are governed by the Diocese of Alexandria, the Louisiana
Department of Education, and Louisiana Law.
         Hence, our seven basic beliefs may be summarized as follows:

1. We believe in teaching as Jesus did by:
       a) Announcing the Message revealed by God which the Catholic Church
       b) Building a community of faith in the life of the Holy Spirit according to the
teaching of Christ and His Church
       c) Giving service to the entire community both secular and Christian.

2. We believe that prayer and worship is an essential part of our school identity
especially the, Holy Mass, and that this atmosphere should encompass our thoughts,
words, and actions in all that we do.

3. We believe that every individual is a unique human being created in God’s image
   who deserves acceptance, respect, dignity, and freedom. Because of this our school
   strives to promote an atmosphere of tolerance and love.

4. We believe that Christian justice should be evident in all of our dealings with one
   another and with our students.

5. We believe in forging strong relationships with one another and with our students.
We honor the opinions of our students and their parents and believe that we are
responsible in offering a quality Catholic education of a high caliber, and that we truly
care about their well being.

6. We believe in providing a positive holistic experience here at St. Mary’s that is
conducive to the education of the child and their perception of the Church.

7. We believe that the entire community is responsible to work together if this vision
is to become a reality however each individual person must accept their responsibility
as the maxim goes “It takes a village to raise a person.”

PRINCIPAL                      Nathan Laborde
PRE-KINDERGARTEN-3             Arlene Coco
PRE-KINDERGARTEN-4             Tammy Mayeux
KINDERGARTEN                   Adriene Robeau
FIRST GRADE                    Alicia Brown
SECOND GRADE                   Vanessa Ducote
THIRD GRADE                    Rhonda Gauthier
FOURTH GRADE                   Maria Lacombe
FIFTH GRADE                    Mackenzie Lemoine
SIXTH GRADE (6-8 Sci/SS)       Colton Brister
SEVENTH GRADE (6-8 Math)       Terry Laborde
EIGHTH GRADE (6-8 ELA)         Phyllis Lemoine
RELIGION K-8                   Monica Nicholson
CHOIR                          Nathan Laborde
K-5 PE                          Susan Pickett
PRE-K 3 TEACHER AIDE           Sheila Chatelain/Brittney Juneau
PRE-K 4 & KG TEACHER AIDE      Renee Brouillette
KINDERGARTEN/1ST AIDE           Julie Lacombe
TECHNOLGY COORDINATOR           Betsy Jeansonne
Office Personnel
SECRETARY                       Casey Armand
DEVELOPMENTAL DIRECTOR          Ainsley Mayeaux
CUSTODIAN                       Kevin Jacob

MANAGER                         Linda Lachney          876-2129
TECHNICIAN                      Tyrone Roy
TECHNICIAN                      Phyllis Deaville
TECHNICIAN                      Olivia Villemarette


1 – Year – Robert Normand, 2 to be elected
2 – Year – Annie Newton, Amanda Armand, Sunny St. Romain
3 – Year – 3 to be elected

JR. BETA SPONSOR               Terry Laborde
4-H SPONSOR                    Betsy Jeansonne/Colt Brister
CHEERLEADER SPONSOR              Ainsley Mayeaux
BOOSTER SPONSOR                  Ainsley Mayeaux
Book Character                   Maria Lacombe
SPELLING BEE                   Vanessa Ducote

St. Mary’s Assumption School Calendar 2020-2021 (approved)

                                              JULY ‘20                            JANUARY ‘21               1 – New Year Break
22-24 Staff Development days                                                                                4 – Staff Development
                                  S    M      T   W    Th   F    S      S    M      T   W    Th   F    S
                                                  1    2    3    4                                1    2
22nd – Staff Development 8:00 –   5    6      7   8    9    10   11     3    4      5   6    7    8    9    18 -M.L. King Day
2:00 - Open house 2:00-6:00       12   13    14   15   16   17   18     10   11    12   13   14   15   16
                                  19   20    21   22   23   24   25     17   18    19   20   21   22   23
27 – First day for students
                                  26   27    28   29   30   31          24   25    26   27   28   29   30

17 Staff Development Day                    AUGUST ‘20                           FEBRUARY ‘21               5- Progress Rpt. emailed
26- Progress Reports emailed                                                                                15-16- Mardi Gras break
                                  S    M      T   W    Th   F    S      S    M      T   W    Th   F    S
27- Parent night – 3:00-6:00
                                                                 1           1     2    3    4    5    6
                                  2    3      4   5    6    7    8      7    8     9    10   11   12   13
                                  9    10    11   12   13   14   15     14   15    16   17   18   19   20
                                  16   17    18   19   20   21   22     21   22    23   24   25   26   27
                                  23   24    25   26   27   28   29     28
                                  30   31

7 - Labor Day                              SEPTEMBER ‘20                          MARCH ‘21                 9- End of 3rd Quarter
25 – End of 1st quarter                                                                                     10-12 Spring Break
                                  S    M      T   W    Th   F    S      S    M      T   W    Th   F    S
28-30 – Fall Break                                                                                          19- Report Cards Sent home
                                              1   2    3    4    5           1     2    3    4    5    6
                                  6    7      8   9    10   11   12     7    8     9    10   11   12   13
                                  13   14    15   16   17   18   19     14   15    16   17   18   19   20
                                  20   21    22   23   24   25   26     21   22    23   24   25   26   27
                                  27   28    29   30                    28   29    30   31

1-9 Fall Break Cont.                        OCTOBER ‘20                            APRIL ‘21                2 – 9 Easter Break
16- Reports Cards sent home                                                                                 16- Progress Rpts. Emailed
                                  S    M      T   W    Th   F    S      S    M      T   W    Th   F    S
                                                       1    2    3                           1    2    3
                                  4    5     6    7    8    9    10     4    5     6    7    8    9    10
                                  11   12    13   14   15   16   17     11   12    13   14   15   16   17
                                  18   19    20   21   22   23   24     18   19    20   21   22   23   24
                                  25   26    27   28   29   30   31     25   26    27   28   29   30

10- Progress Rpts. emailed                 NOVEMBER ‘20                             MAY ‘21                 7- May Crowning
11-Veterans Day                                                                                             12-Last day PreK,K,&8th
                                  S    M      T   W    Th   F    S      S    M      T   W    Th   F    S
23-27 Thanksgiving Break                                                                                    13- PreK mass/ceremony
                                  1    2      3   4    5    6    7                                     1
                                  8    9     10   11   12   13   14     2    3      4   5    6    7    8    15- 8th Graduation
                                  15   16    17   18   19   20   21     9    10    11   12   13   14   15   20 – Last day for students
                                  22   23    24   25   26   27   28     16   17    18   19   20   21   22   21 – Staff Development
                                  29   30                               23   24    25   26   27   28   29
                                                                        30   31

21-31- Christmas Break                     DECEMBER ‘20               KEY:
                                  S    M      T   W    Th   F    S               Staff Development
                                              1   2    3    4    5
                                                                                 Student Full Days
                                  6    7      8   9    10   11   12
87 Days@ 380 minutes=             13   14    15   16   17   18   19              Student/Staff Break
33,060minutes                                                         86 Days@380 minutes=
                                  20   21    22   23   24   25   26
                                  27   28    29   30   31
                                                                      Year total 173 days@ 380
                                                                      minutes=  65,740minutes

Spelling Bee – Vanessa Ducote
First Communion – Monica Nicholson, Vanessa Ducote
DARE – Mackenzie Lemoine
Red Ribbon Week – Maria Lacombe
Mardi Gras Parade – Rhonda Gauthier
Book Character – Maria Lacombe
Student of the year – Mackenzie Lemoine, Phyllis Lemoine
Choir – Nathan P. Laborde
May Crowing Breakfast – Terry Laborde, 7th grade parents
May Crowning – Monica Nicholson, Phyllis Lemoine
8th grade Graduation – Phyllis Lemoine, Mr. Nathan
Catholic Schools week, ACRES testing, Way of the Cross- Monica Nicholson
(other teachers may be assigned as needed to assist)

Information regarding Pandemic guidelines are in a
separate document and those guidelines supersede
handbook and may be changed as public officials

                           PART 1 – GENERAL INFORMATION


     A. Parents, upon the enrollment of their child at St. Mary’s School, accept
        the rules and regulations outlined in the school’s policy handbook.

     1. Parents are reminded of their obligation to support and complement the
     Academic and religious instruction offered by the school and church so that
     their child may thus enjoy a balanced progress in his/her Christian formation
     and preparation for life in the world. In order to do this, it is understood that
     parents have a duty and obligation to bring their children to weekly
     mass/service at their particular parish or congregation. In addition to this
     parents are strongly encouraged to pray with their children and to enforce what
     they learn in both class and church.

     2. Parents should take a responsible attitude toward the material support of the

     3. In conference with school officials, persons who have legal custody of the
     student are the ones who are to make decisions regarding with whom the
     student is to leave the school premises when necessary and any other decisions
which will affect the child. It is the responsibility of the legal custodians to
         inform the school officials of any status change.

4.     Service Hours: Parents are required to complete 4 service hours per family per
     year. These hours are valued at $75 per hour if not completed.

         The education of your child is a partnership between you and the school. If in
         the opinion of the administration, the partnership is irretrievably broken, you
         may be required to withdraw your child from the school.

5. II.         ADMISSION

         A. A child must be three (3) years old by September 30 of the pending year
         to be admitted in Pre-Kindergarten 3. Must be potty trained. After 3
         “accidents” student may be asked to withdraw from SMS.

         B. A child must be four (4) years old by September 30 of the pending year
         to be admitted in Pre-Kindergarten 4. Must be potty trained!

         C. A child must be five (5) years old by September 30 of the pending year
         to be admitted in Kindergarten.

         D. Required information needed before entering Pre-Kindergarten 3 and 4
            and Kindergarten:

         1. Copy of Certificate of Baptism

         2. Copy of Official State Birth Certificate (not hospital record of birth)

         3. Copy of Student Health form verified by the doctor or the health unit that all
         immunizations are complete. Notification of any allergies must be reported
         to the office.

         4. Copy of Social Security Card

        E. New students requesting admittance for grades PK3 to 8 must present all of
      the above. These students may be tested to determine strengths and weaknesses
      in mathematics, reading, and related areas. Students will be placed at their
      appropriate grade level based on records from the previous school attended
      and/or test results at St. Mary’s School.

      F. Parents must have a copy of their child’s report card along with a copy of the
       child’s discipline record and must be interviewed by the principal to be approved
       for acceptance prior to being admitted to St. Mary’s School.

    In grade level Pre-K 3, 17 students may be accepted for admission, (24 if one
 teacher and two aides) In grade levels Pre-K 4 through 5, 25 students may be
 accepted for admission. In grade levels 6 through 8, 30 students may be
 accepted for admission. Any deviations from this policy must be approved by
 the principal.

 H. PRIORITY OF ADMISSION – The following list ranks the acceptance of each
 student according to their grade level enrollment. (numbered from greatest to
 least) If a child fails due to absences, he or she may not have a spot
 available for the next school year.

       A.    For Pre-Kindergarten 3 and 4

       1)    For Pre-K 4, children who attended Pre-K 3
       2)    Children of teachers at St. Mary’s School
       3)    Siblings of presently enrolled students – date placed on waiting list
             determines priority among siblings
       4)    Children of St. Mary’s Assumption Church Parish
       5)    Eligible children outside St. Mary’s Assumption Church Parish, who
             re-register on a first-come, first-served basis.
       6)    Waiting List (must pre-register in February to hold a place on the
             waiting list.)

       B.    For Kindergarten

       1)    Children who attended Pre-Kindergarten
       2)    Children who are retained, unless due to absences
       3)    Children of teachers at St. Mary’s School
       4)    Siblings of presently enrolled students – date placed on waiting list
             determines priority among siblings
       5)    Children of St. Mary’s Assumption Church Parish
       6)    Those on the waiting list (must pre-register in February to hold a
             place on the waiting list.)

       C.    For Grades 1-8

       1)    Children currently enrolled
       2)    Children who are retained, unless due to absences.
       3)    Children of teachers at St. Mary’s School
       4)    Siblings of presently enrolled students
       5)    Children of St. Mary’s Assumption Church Parish
       6)    Those on the waiting on a first-come, first-served basis. All new
             students transferring from another school must be approved by the
             principal before he/she can be accepted for enrollment.


       A.   Schools exist for the benefit of the students. Everyone has a right to a
            good, solid education. No one will be permitted to prevent students from
            acquiring the skills and the experiences at school that they need.

       B.   The approved St. Mary’s School policies, including the discipline policies,
            must be followed daily.

       C.   Students are to keep the school grounds and buildings litter free. Damage
            to or writing on walls, desks, etc. will not be permitted.

       D.   Students are responsible for all textbooks and other instructional
            materials loaned to them as well as all technological equipment that they
            are allowed access to.

       E.   Ipods, cell phones, cameras, eReaders, Smart Watches and other
            similar items are not to be brought to school unless authorized by
            the principal.
            1st – offense – device held for 10 school days
            2nd offense – device held for 20 school days
            3rd offense – device held for remainder of the school year.
            (If parent/student refuses to allow school to hold device, student may
            be suspended instead for up to 3 days)

       F.   Toy guns, play knives, bats, or other dangerous objects, which could
            easily be used to inflict harm are not to be brought to school.

       G.   NO toys of any type, including fidget spinners, are to be brought to
            school. These can cause a distraction in the classroom.

       H.   We are committed to maintaining a safe, orderly, civil and positive
            learning environment so that no student feels threatened while in school
            or participating in school-related activities. All statements or actions of
            bullying, intimidating, threatening, harassing, hazing, or any other
            violent nature made on campus, at school sponsored activities, on
            school buses shall not be tolerated. Students may be suspended, or
            possibly expelled after an investigation is conducted. All students,
            teachers, and other school employees shall take responsible measures
            within the scope of their individual authority to prevent violations of this


      A.    Become familiar with the school policies affecting you and your child.

      B.    Avoid taking your child out of classes for non-essential reasons. The
            school is bound under the State Department of Education rules for
            attendance. In the case of checking out your child please remember small
            disruptions are large disruptions. This includes early check-outs and late
            arrivals. If you check out your child early, you are responsible for
            getting missed work from RenWeb, or another parent or student. The
            teacher will not stop class to get your child’s assignments.

      C.    Keep your child’s teacher(s) informed of anything which could affect the
            student’s behavior, health, or performance at school.

      D.    Keep the lines of communication open between home and school.
            Recommendations, suggestions, and complaints should be voiced … Think
            positively about the school and your child will do the same.

      E.    Provide a favorable environment for homework and encourage your child
            to study each school night. Please remember to check your child’s planner
            daily. AND RENWEB

      F.   All visitors must sign-in in the office upon arrival on the campus. There
           the secretary will have you sign-in and give you a “GUEST” badge to wear
           while on the campus. It will be returned to the secretary prior to
           departure from the campus. If you do not have this badge, you will be
           asked to return to the office to obtain one.
           This is a new procedure and being instituted for the protection of all
           Children and school personnel. Former students who are now in other
      schools are not allowed to visit classrooms on their “days off”.

      G.    Please check your child’s attire before he leaves for school. Check for
            the appropriate uniform, shoes, socks, etc. daily. The uniform policy
            will be strictly adhered to at St. Mary’s School. Parents will be notified of
            any uniform infractions and asked to bring the appropriate attire.

      H.    Make a deliberate effort to attend parent-teacher meetings and
            conferences. Please check Renweb , emails and school’s website.

            OF TIME. A minimum of $50.00 LATE FEE WILL BE ASSESSED IF PAST
            DUE. (see new late fee schedule)

      J.    If your child needs to miss school for any important reason, please try to
            inform the school before the absence. Otherwise, write a note to the
            teacher as to the cause of the absence or submit a doctor’s excuse.

K.    Although some fund raisers are not mandatory, except for the main school
           raffles, please take an active part in them. Without the support of parents
           and other school patrons, the school would be facing an uphill battle to
           meet its goals.

L.   St Mary’s Student Pickup Driveway
     Beginning in the 2018 -19 school year parents/ guardians will no longer drop off and pickup St
     Mary’s students on Front Street/ LA29 in front of school. A new driveway shall be used
     as a car line to safely drop off and pickup students at the appropriate times.
     The driveway will be “one way” entering from St Mary’s Street directly behind church
     then turning left on the drive between the Community Center (CYO) and Rectory with
     the pickup / drop off point being directly behind the gym and then exiting onto Front
     Street. The buses shall continue to stop on Front Street.
     Note that the existing drive to the Rectory and Cemetery will be one way and not
     enterable from Front Street. All traffic must enter from St Mary’s Street not Front Street.
     “One Way” and “Do Not Enter” signs will be installed. All students not riding the Bus will
     use this new access drive. In the afternoon, early-bird parents need to wait for
     dismissal at 2:55 behind the stop sign next to the mausoleum.
     If students are not picked up in a timely manner in the afternoons, they
     will be placed in after school care and the parent will be billed through

     M.     All students are to meet the buses or other rides going home at the
            designated area in front of the main school building.

     N.     Valentine’s Day and other holidays should be celebrated at home;
            therefore, the school will not accept any flowers, candy, gifts, balloons
            etc. for students. Please enjoy the holiday with your child at home.

     O.     Release of information: Information such as grades, reports cards,
            financial information etc. can only be given out to legal guardians of the
            child. Information cannot be given to any other relative without written
            permission of the legal guardians.

     P.     If a parent or legal guardian has a complaint or grievance regarding a
            school policy or other such concern, it must be put in writing and given to
            the Principal before it is addressed. If the complaint is about the principal,
            it can be given to the pastor.

     Q.     Please respect the teachers’ off time. (evenings, weekends etc.) They have
            families too. If you are having an issue, please contact the teacher on
            school time by calling the office and setting up a meeting. Please do not
            text, call or email them on non-school time unless it is an emergency.

     R.     Only legal guardian may be present for teacher/principal conferences
            for the privacy of the student involved. Only the legal may address
            and issue about a student with the principal. Please keep school up-
            to-date of any changes.

Social Media:

Engagement in online blogs such as, but not limited to Facebook®, etc. may result
in disciplinary actions (including expulsion) if the content of the student’s or
parent’s blog includes defamatory comments regarding the school, the faculty, other
students or the parish. Parents should refrain from creating a class/grade
Facebook® page without the written authorization of the principal. Negative or
defamatory comments about the school, the faculty, other students, or the parish
made on a parent’s Facebook® page may result in the children of the parent being
separated from the school. In the event that a student is involuntarily separated from
the school, there will be no reimbursement for tuition and/or fees.

V.     TUITION POLICY- All payments are collected through FACTS

                                  ST. MARY’S SCHOOL
                            TUITION RATES AND FEES 2020-21
                       BASED ON AN 11 MONTH PAYMENT SCHEDULE
             PARISHIONERS:                    MONTH               YEAR

                   1 Child…………………………………………………..$245.00…………………….$2695.00
                   2 Children……………………………………………..$390.00…………………….$4290.00
                   3 or More Children……………………………….$535.00…………………….$5885.00

                    Pre-Kindergarten 3 (Separate Fee)………$295.00…………………….$3245.00
                    Pre-Kindergarten 4 (Separate Fee)………$295.00…………………….$3245.00


                   1 Child………………………………………………….$255.00…………………….$2805.00
                   2 Children…………………………………………….$400.00…………………….$4400.00
                   3 or More Children.…………………………….$545.00……………………..$5995.00

                    Pre-Kindergarten 3 (Separate Fee)………$295.00…………………….$3245.00
                    Pre-Kindergarten 4 (Separate Fee)………$295.00…………………….$3245.00

               REGISTRATION FEES

               FEE PACKAGE: Includes books/testing, technology, diocesan, student
               insurance, building loans, Religion………………………………………….$350.00
               REGISTRATION(Pay in February to hold spot)…………………………$140.00

                                     *MANDITORY FUNDRAISERS*
                      These are required and will be billed through FACTS if not paid!
              FALL RAFFLE…………………………………………………………………………….$250.00
              SPRING RAFFLE………………………………………………………………………..$250.00
              BINGO GIFTS…………………………………………………………………………….$10.00 per child
              CRAWFISH BOIL………………………………………………………………………..$10.00 per child
              TASTE OF ANGELS CLASS BASKETS…………………………………………….$15.00 per child
                            4 SERVICE HOURS @$75.00 PER HOUR PER FAMILY

*August 2020/June 2021 tuition along with fee package will be collected in 2 payments, ½ in June and ½
in July.

*Class supply fees will be collected in August. The amount depends on child’s grade level.

Other Fees:
Graduation, May Crowning, and 7th grade breakfast fees for Kindergarten, 7th and 8th
grades will be assessed at the end of the year. The amount depends upon the number
of graduates. You will be notified of the amount by April.

Field trip and other activities fees are determined per activity.
Tuition for Pre-Kindergarten3 and Pre-Kindergarten4 is full price for all students. No
reduction for Pre-K3 or 4 if you have other children enrolled at St. Mary’s School.
Attendance does not affect the tuition amount. Tuition is a flat rate whether child
attends or not. This also applies to school closure due to a health pandemic.
Tuition will still be collected. If the child is withdrawn, his or her spot may be
filled when school resumes unless all back tuition is paid.

B.    Collecting Tuition- All tuition and fees will be collected through FACTS!
                       All families must have an active FACTS account for fees collected
                       throughout the year.

      1.    The August, 2020and June, 2021 tuition of the pending school year will
            be collected during the Summer, 2020 registration through FACTS. The
            11th. month tuition (June 2021) collected at the summer registration
            through FACTS, and all other fees are non-refundable should the student
            leave during the school year. If the student remains for the duration of
            the school year the May tuition, 10th. month installment, will be your last
            monthly tuition payment for the 2020-2021 school year. NSF checks will
            be charged a $50 fee and may be reported to the District Attorney.
            You may be subject to additional fees through FACTS.

            2. After the initial payment of the first and last month’s tuition in the
            summer of 2020 subsequent tuition payments must be made on a
            monthly basis beginning on the date you selected when you set up your
            FACTS Account, a total of 11 monthly tuition payments. Tuition and
            lunch may be paid in full at any time during the year but monthly
            payments are due according to your FACTS agreement and delinquent
            after the 15th of each month. A $50 delinquent fee will be added to
            the tuition if payment is not paid by the 15th. For every 5 days after
            the 15th, $15 dollars will be added. If tuition and lunch payments are
            more than two months’ delinquent, the parents may be required to meet
            with the St. Mary’s School Board, the Pastor, and the Principal at the next
            scheduled school board meeting. At that time, a decision will be made to
            the conditions of the child/children’s continued enrollment at St. Mary’s.
            Accounts must be all paid up by May 15. Families cannot carry a
            balance over into the next school year. If account is not zeroed, your
            child will not be considered registered for the next school year and
            his/his spot may be filled.

      3.    All families are required to participate in a Fall and Spring Raffles at
            St. Mary’s. The Fall Raffle of $250 is held in October. First Place cash
            prize of $1,000.00, Second Place of $500.00, and Third Place of $250.00
            will be issued. Tickets are issued to each family at the June registration.
            The drawing is held in October. The Spring raffle is held in March with
the same cash prizes. This raffle is replacing the fair. These raffles are
          mandatory. All families are responsible for selling or buying 50 raffle
          tickets at $5.00 each which totals to $250.00 for each raffle. All families
          are responsible for their raffle tickets. If money is not turned in, you will
          be charged the delinquent amount through FACTS.

     4.   Pre-Registration is held in February. For a student to pre-register for the
          next school year, all tuition/fees must be paid in full. Pre-registration fee
          will be $150 for the 2021-2022 school year and is NON-REFUNDABLE.
          This amount is subject to change. You will be notified by January.

          Mandatory Service Hours: Each family is required to give 4 hours of
          service to the school. These hours can be completed at school events such
          as but not limited to athletic events, Santa Shop, Spring Fun Day, and
          Halloween Carnival. You may call the school and ask to volunteer for any
          upcoming activities. If the family does not complete these 4 hours, they
          will be charged $75 per hour not completed through FACTS at the end of

     5.   Parents requesting tuition assistance must complete a request packet
          available from the principal. Packet must be filled out completely
          with all requested paperwork submitted.

C.   Lunch Program

     1.   All students must participate in the school lunch program unless they
          have a health condition which prevents them from eating the food served
          in the cafeteria as verified by a physician. Children having health
          problems and who are not able to eat the food served in the cafeteria
          must follow the new policy from the diocese before being excused
          from eating in the cafeteria.
          a.     Lunch prices are regulated by the diocese. There is no refund policy
                 for lunch payments.

          b.    Free and reduced lunches may be applied for. Check with the
                administration for the procedure to follow.

          c.    Payments are due the first of each month divided into 9 monthly
                installments – August through April and are paid to the cafeteria.
          d.    For students who have been approved by the Diocese to bring
                their lunch to school, they may only bring “ready-to-eat meals”.
                No microwave will be available for use. No fast food items are
                allowed. No phone calls home will be allowed it child forgets
                their lunch. No lunches will be accepted in the office. Only
                water is allowed in water bottles. Students should bring their
                ready-to-eat healthy lunch and bottled water in an insulated

D.    Breakfast Program

      Breakfast is served from 7:10 until 7:40. This will give the students ample time
      to finish eating and get to class without being tardy. Students will not be
      allowed to enter after 7:35.

      Breakfast prices are regulated by the diocese. Free or reduced breakfast will be
      applied if the student qualifies for free or reduced lunch.


      The Louisiana Compulsory Attendance Law will be adhered to for those students
      enrolled at St. Mary’s.

      A student in the elementary school is considered excessively absent for the
      purpose of notification when eight school days are missed. A student will be
      expected to have a note from the parents stating the reason for the absence.
      The note will be turned in to the homeroom teacher who in turn will turn it in to
      the secretary. All excuses must be presented the day the child returns to
      school. Child must be checked into the office by the parent between 7:15
      and 7:40 so the return date can be verified. This replaces the 5 day rule we
      had in the past. In order for a student to be counted as present for the school
      day, he/she must be in attendance before 10:00 a.m. If the student arrives after
      10:00 a.m. the student will be counted as in attendance for half the day. If the
      student leaves before 1:00 p.m. the student will be counted as in attendance for
      half the day.

      Students who accumulate 6 unexcused tardies or early check-outs will receive a
      day of unexcused absences. A student is tardy when he/she is not in class by

      Prompt and regular attendance at school is essential for successful class work.
      Absences cause a child to “lag behind” in the work that has been completed by
      other members of the class. The student is responsible for material covered
      during his/her absence. It is the student’s obligation to procure and complete
      classroom and homework assignments covered during the period of absence.
      Teachers are not obligated to administer make-up tests to an absent pupil
      unless the student’s absence has been excused. If test/assignment was
      scheduled when the student was present and the student is absent the day
      before the test, the student must take the test as scheduled. An excuse does not
      postpone the test. If a student/parent knows the child will be absent due to a
      doctor’s appointment, they should get their work ahead of time in order not to
      fall behind. Responsibility then rests upon the child to make arrangements with
      the teacher for the administration of the make-up tests or other work at a time
      convenient for the teacher. On the day of return, a student who has been
      absent due to an illness which is contagious they may not return to school until
      they have not had any signs or symptoms from illness for 24 hours.
      If parents decide to take students out of school for an extended vacation or
      “Non-SMS Related Activity” during school time, it will not be the teachers’
      responsibility to “catch the student up” on missed work. Days will be
marked as unexcused and grades will be assigned accordingly. Teachers are
       not required to give make-up tests or assignments for absences due to
       vacations. No assignment will be given in anticipation of the vacation or

       Once at school, students will not be permitted to leave the school grounds
       without permission of the principal and the parents. No student is to leave
       during school hours without the parents or other legal guardians notifying the
       principal either by note, telephone call, or in person. Should a child become ill
       or injured, the principal will attempt to contact the parents or legal guardian. If
       the parents or other persons listed on the emergency card cannot be contacted,
       the school will seek medical help as deemed necessary.


       We will try to coincide our school hours with the Avoyelles Parish School
       System. We will also try to have our school calendar coincide with the Avoyelles
       Parish School System to accommodate those students who ride the public
       school buses. Most of the time, when the public schools are closing due to bad
       weather, etc., St. Mary’s will be closing. Parents will be notified of school
       closures by e-mail, texts or the local radio and/or T.V. stations.

       Car riders must enter through the loop gate by 7:40, not the office not to
       be considered tardy. Any student entering through the office will be
       marked as tardy.


       The school calendar provides for extended weekends throughout the school year.
       Parents are encouraged to schedule trips or family outings during these times so
       as to eliminate the need to interrupt a child’s learning process. Missed
       assignments are the student’s responsibility.
       The School Day at St. Mary’s begins in the classrooms for all students. All
       students must be in the classroom by 7:45, not entering the gate. The gate will
       be locked at 7:40. A child who is not in the classroom for Morning Prayer,
       will be considered tardy.
       Every morning after roll call teachers will send the absentee slips to the office.
       When a child is absent, a written excuse from the parents or a doctor’s excuse is
       required when the child returns to school. If the child is sick, the nature of the
       illness must be indicated. Perfect attendance awards, means perfect
       attendance—no absences/tardies/checkouts of any kind. Student absences

       A.    Excused: Only if the student brings a note from a doctor or in case of a
             death in the immediate family. The child will be able to make up work
             missed. However, the day(s) will be counted as absences. It will not affect
             the total number of absences needed for promotion to the next grade.
             Excessive Doctor’s excuses may be reviewed and verified prior to a child
             being promoted. Excessive Doctor’s excuses may be reviewed by the
principal and retention may be recommended. Spot may not be
            available for the next year. Return dates on Dr. Excuses will be
            checked. Do not send student back to school before return date. You
            will be called to pick up your child.

      B.    Unexcused with make-ups: If a student brings a note from the parent or
            the parent contacts the teacher(s) stating that he/she was ill or an
            emergency arose, then the student will be allowed to make-up any test or
            work that was missed during the absence on the day student returns.
            Absence is still unexcused.

      C.    Unexcused with no make-ups: If the student has no doctor’s excuse or
            no note from the parents or the student is suspended, the teacher is not
            obligated to give make-up tests or allow the student to make-up any work
            that was missed. These absences will count toward the total number of
            days allowed by the state. Students who have 13 or more unexcused
            absences will fail for the year and may not have a spot for the next year
            unless there are extenuating circumstances.

      D.    Tardiness: Students are tardy for school when they arrive after roll has
            been called. Students must go to the office to check in. If they arrive after
            10:00 a.m. the students will be considered absent for half a day.
            Excessive tardiness is not permitted. Parents will be contacted. It is the
            responsibility of the parents to see that their children are on time for
            school each day. Students who check in late due to a doctor’s
            appointment, must present excuse at time of check in for it to be
            excused. Six(6) unexcused tardies/early check-outs will constitute
            one(1) day unexcused absence.

      E.    Students Leaving Early: Requests for early dismissal of students during
            school hours must be made by the parents or guardians to the teachers or
            the principal. Verbal requests made by the students will not be permitted.
            Written requests should be sent to the office in the morning for the
            principal’s approval. Students are required to have a check-out slip
            signed by the teacher(s) and the principal.

            Medical and dental appointments should be made outside of school hours
            if at all possible. Ordinarily, permission for medical and dental
            appointments during school hours should not be requested.

            Parents who request permission to pick up their children during school
            hours must come to the main office to check them out. We will not
            accept phone calls to have your child waiting for you. When you
            arrive at school, your child will be called out of class.

       F.     Written Permission: Students who are going home other than their
normal means, must have written permission from a parent signed by the
principal and presented to the bus driver if they are using public transportation.
This is for the protection of everyone: child, parent, bus driver, and school. Please

adhere to this policy. If your child does not have a note, he/she will not be allowed to
leave except by the means he/she normally takes.

      Field Trips (limited for 2020-2021 year)

   1. Field trips are designed to correlate with teaching units and to achieve
      curricular goals.
   2. Field trips are re-evaluated each year to determine the compatibility of the field
      trip with curricular goals.
   3. A field trip is a privilege and not a right.
   4. There are no “traditional” field trips. Class participation in a particular field trip
      over consecutive years does not mean that this trip has become a school
   5. All grades do not always have the same number of field trips.
   6. Field trips are permissible for all grades when advanced planning, location, and
      the experience insure a successful learning opportunity.
   7. Individual teachers, in consultation with the Administration, reserve the right to
      restrict or deny student participation on any field trip or field day due to, but
      not limited to, poor academic performance and/or poor conduct.
   8. A written official permission slip, signed by the parent, is required before a
      child will be permitted to attend a field trip activity. Verbal permission cannot
      be accepted. Note: a fax does not take the place of an original signature.
   9. A telephone call will not be accepted in lieu of the proper field trip permission
   10.       Parents may refuse to permit their child from participating in a field trip
      by stating so on the proper form. Students who do not attend a field trip will
      remain at home with the parent and will be marked absent for the day.
   11.       Students who are participating in the field trip must ride the bus to and
      from the field trip with their class unless the Principal approves otherwise.
      Students not on the bus may not participate in the field trip and will be counted
      absent for the day.
   12.       All monies collected for the field trip are non-refundable.
   13.       Cell phones are not allowed on field trips unless otherwise directed by
      the principal.
   14.       Parents who are not “official” chaperones may not drive their car to a field
      trip destination with the plan of accompanying the class on the field trip. The
      Diocese of Alexandria risk management insurance company insures the “official”
      chaperones and participation by unofficial chaperones jeopardizes the protection
      for our students and all other “official” adults on the trip.
   15.       Parents who chaperone a field trip may not bring pre-school or school-age
      siblings on the field trip.
   16.       All chaperones must be 25 years of age or older and Virtus trained and
      up-to-date on requirements.
   17.       There will be a limited number of approved parents attending the field trip
      and approval will be made by the teacher and office personnel.
   18.       Teachers will be “in charge” of the field trip, not the parents.


      When a student transfers to another school, the principal should be notified by
      the parents. It is advisable that the school be contacted at least a week in
      advance. Official records are released from the school office at the request of the
      school to which the student transfers after a signed release from the parents is
      secured. All outstanding tuition, lunch money, and any other fees owed to
      the school must be paid before records will be released. (any tuition or fees
      paid is non-refundable) Students transferring to St. Mary’s are subject to a 9
      week probation period. If there are any issues regarding attendance, discipline,
      or academics, the student may be excused from St. Mary’s during that probation
      period. 8th grade transfers not allowed unless principal approves. (No refund of

            If a student is withdrawn for homeschooling, or transfered to another
            school, documentation must be presented to SMS within 10 days
            showing approval from the state for homeschooling program, or
            receive a records request from another school, or the family will be
            reported to child welfare and attendance. Also, if child wishes to re-
            enter SMS after homeschooling, proper grades, tests, age level etc.
            must be provided to determine if child is to progress to the next
            grade level, or be retained. (No refund of tuition)

      Extraordinary circumstances and accommodations: St Mary’s Assumption
      school is limited in its human capital resources and will make reasonable
      accommodations for learning and physical needs when possible. SMS cannot
      accommodate students who have extraordinary learning and physical needs that
      are beyond our resources. If after admission, the educational, behavioral, or
      physical needs exceed what would be considered reasonable, the student may
      need to be separated from SMS. This decision will be made for the student’s
      education, behavioral, or physical needs to be fully met in another educational
      setting. If the decision to separate the student from SMS, the student’s tuition
      due may be prorated.


      A.    If your child becomes ill or is injured at school, the school will attempt to
            notify you and administer simple first aid to the child. It is, therefore,
            important for us to know where to reach you at all times during the school
            day (home, business, friends, or relatives’ phone numbers). Any changes
            in phone numbers or addresses should be immediately reported to the
            secretary so our records may be kept up-to-date.

      B.    Students are not allowed to have medication of any type at school. This
            includes, but not limited to, inhalers, cough drops, ointments, sinus, eye
            drops, etc. We are not allowed to administer medication to the children.

Parents must sign medicine in the office. Students are not allowed to
     bring medicine to school.

C.   A student who has an infectious or contagious disease is not permitted to
     attend classes until the danger of transmitting the infection or disease to
     other students is over. A signed medical slip from a physician will be
     necessary before the child is readmitted. The child must be “Fever-Free”
     for at least 24 Hours.

D.   St. Mary’s School will normally abide by the decision of the Avoyelles
     Parish School Board concerning the closing of school due to inclement
     weather or other emergencies. Listen to your radio stations for
     announcements of this kind. Download the SMS APP!

School Lice Policy

 Dear Parent/Guardian,
A check of __________________________’s hair indicates he/she has head lice
and/or nits (eggs). Head lice do not carry disease nor does their presence mean
that your child is dirty. Lice cannot live off a human body for more than forty-
eight (48) hours. Therefore, each weekend the school is cleared of any lice that
may have been in it.
Before your child can return to school their hair must be treated with lice
killing shampoo available at your drug store or from a prescription from your
doctor. Follow directions closely and pull ALL nits from the hair. To help you
remove the nits, vinegar may be used to soften them and a fine tooth comb can
be used to remove the nit.
Your child cannot be readmitted to school until all lice/nits have been
removed and he/she is cleared by a Doctor and signed release is sent
with the parent and student.
Clothing, towels, sheets, pillow cases, blankets, etc. should be washed in very
hot water. Clothing and hats or caps that cannot be washed may be dry
cleaned or placed in a commercial dryer. To prevent spreading, persons with
head lice should not share articles of clothing that come in contact with the
head, neck, or shoulders. Everyone in the household should be checked
thoroughly for nits and treated if necessary.
We regret this inconvenience to you and we hope you will take immediate
action so your child can return to school without delay. Parent/guardian must
accompany child for re-entry.
Nix: recommended by local physicians to use two treatments, two weeks apart
Kwell: by prescription only
RID: Shampoo has comb
CLEAR: shampoo, lice egg remover helps eggs slide off hair shaft
NIT REMOVAL: mix ½ distilled white vinegar with ½ water, apply to hair after
shampoo to aid in nit removal
R&C SPRAY: For items that cannot be washed or dry cleaned, stuffed animals
can be placed and closed in a plastic bag for one week


XI.   SCHOOL UNIFORMS (Please put NAMES on jackets)

A.    Girl’s Uniform

      1.    Shirts: Navy or White Polo shirt with school logo. Must be tucked in at
            all times. Any undershirts must be solid white with no writing .

      2.    Jumper, skirts, skorts, or walking shorts: Navy and white
            Checkered print or solid Navy can be worn. All of these must be knee
      length. Jumpers and other tops must have school logo.

      3.   Long Pants: Solid Navy pants can be worn. No hip-
           hugger pants are to be worn. Leggings/Jeggins cannot be worn as
      pants, even on free dress day.

      4.    Belts: Girls must wear belts if their clothing has belt loops. The belts
            must be black, brown, or navy. No studs on the belts.

      5.      Proper Mass Uniform: Jumper, skirt, skort, or long pants; appropriate
      length shorts, navy or white polo shirt with school logo, navy or white socks, and
      belt if applicable. No excessive neon on shoes or clothing.

      6.    Shoes and Socks: Tennis shoes or dress shoes may be worn.
            Shoes must be worn properly, and laces tied. Neon areas on tennis
            shoes are allowed; however, the entire shoe cannot be neon.
             Socks must be worn and visible. Open toe or open heel shoes (mules or
            potato shoes), sandals, crocs, glitter/sparkle shoes or shoes that light up
            cannot be worn to school.

      7.   Outerwear: Sweaters or sweatshirts (anything that pulls over the
           head) must be navy or white with no printing on them except the
           school logo and must be worn with the uniform polo shirt underneath.
            The exceptions are any sweatshirts that are school related such as 4-H,
           Beta, or SMS athletics
           Outer jackets are to be neutral colors, such as navy, grey, brown, black,
           white or combination of those. (no bright neon colors or red, green, pink,
           purple, camouflage, orange) and cannot have other logo covering entire
           chest or back area. Other small logo is allowed. (ex. Columbia,
           Underarmor, if small on pocket area) No vulgar or suggestive writing is
           allowed. They may also be plain or have the school logo on them. Also,
           jackets must be unzipped or removed per teachers’ instructions while
           students are in the classroom. Blankets are not allowed at school.

            Boy’s Uniform:

1.   Shirts: Solid navy or white polo shirt with the school logo or the
          navy or white T-shirt with the large school logo will be worn. Shirts must
          be tucked in pants at all times. Any undershirts must be solid white with
          no writing .

     2.   Pants: Solid navy blue pants.

          Short Pants: Solid Navy short pants are allowed.

     3.   Belts: Navy, black, or brown. No studs on the belts. A belt must be
          worn at all times, except for Pre K.

     4.   Shoes and Socks: Tennis shoes or dress shoes may be worn.
          Shoes must be worn properly, and laces tied. Neon areas on tennis
          shoes are allowed; however, the entire shoe cannot be neon.
          Socks must be worn and visible. Open toe or open heel shoes (mules or
          potato shoes), sandals, crocs, or shoes that light up cannot be worn to

     5.   Proper Mass Uniform: White or Navy polo shirt with school logo, long or
          short solid Navy pants. No neon on shoes or clothing if serving for

     6.   Outerwear: Sweaters or sweatshirts (anything that pulls over the
          head) must be navy or white with no printing on them except the
          school logo and must be worn with the uniform polo shirt underneath.
          The exceptions are any sweatshirts that are school related such as 4-H,
          Beta, or SMS athletics.

          Outer jackets are to be a neutral color, such as navy, grey, brown, black,
          white or combination of those. (no bright neon colors or red, green, pink,
          purple, camouflage, orange) and cannot have other logo covering entire
          chest or back area. No vulgar or suggestive writing is allowed. Other small
          logo is allowed. (ex. Columbia, Under armor, if small on pocket area) They
          may also be plain or have the school logo on them. Also, jackets must be
          unzipped or removed per teachers’ instructions while students are in
          the classroom.

C.   GROOMING: Proper grooming is expected. Hair must be clean, neatly groomed
     and maintained. Boys’ hair length must not hang below the collar, eyebrow,
     or over the ears and must be noticeably within school policy. Furthermore,
     extreme hair styles, e.g. Mohawks, are not allowed. Caps, headbands,
     necklaces, and such items are not to be worn during school hours. Girls’ bangs
     must not hang below the eyebrows. Loud, extreme hair colors of any kind is
     not school appropriate. This includes colored extensions of any kind, e.g.
     feathers and hair wraps. Girls’ jewelry items can be worn as long as they are
     small and unobtrusive. Although it is not recommended, girls may wear one
     small earring on each earlobe – no dangling earrings – studs only. Earrings

are not permitted to be worn on any other part of the body during school hours
     or school functions.
     Boys are not permitted to wear any earrings at any time during school hours
     or school functions. 8th. Grade Girls Only – may wear a minimum of facial
     makeup; a little mascara and lip gloss. No colored nail polish is allowed by any
     students; only clear nail polish can be worn. No glitter makeup. Glue on or fake
     nails are not allowed for any student.

      Jean Days: Every Thursday will be a $1.00 jean day where the money
     collected will go toward a different event or club. Jean Day Dress Code must be
     followed for ALL jean days.

     ******* Mass Day will be on Friday!! Therefore, students must follow Mass
     Day Dress Code on Friday. Please read and follow the Mass Day Dress

     “Jean Day” Dress Code: Jeans may not have holes any place nor frayed
     threads at the hem. They may not be cut too low at the waist and shirts must
     be tucked in at all times. Belts must be worn and they can only be black, blue
     or brown. The shoes and socks must follow normal dress codes. Shirts must be
     School Spirit shirts or uniform shirts. No pants other than jeans may be
     worn. Participation is not mandatory. If a student chooses not to wear jeans,
     the regular school uniform must be worn.

     ***THE DRESS CODE: The dress code may be amended if it becomes necessary
     to do so. The principal or designee will determine if the students are wearing
     appropriate clothes, jewelry, or other items, or if they are properly groomed in
     case there is a question and if it is not covered in the policy

XII. ATHLETICS (including cheer and boosters) FEES WILL BE DETEMINED

A.   Students who want to participate in extra curricular activities must pass at the
     end of the grading period to be eligible. A student must have at least a 2.0
      average at the end of the first nine weeks and maintain at least a 2.0 average
      during the year in order to be eligible. GPA’s are checked at each report card
     and progress reports. In the case of sports before 1st 9weeks, the last nine
     weeks’ gpa of the previous year will be used to determine eligibility. It is the
     individual school’s responsibility
      to enforce this provision. Incomplete grades are considered as failing. No pupil
      may become eligible through night school attendance, special examination or
      tutoring. A student may become eligible through attending and passing
      required subjects in summer school. Tuition and fees must be up-to-date.
     Principal may exclude a student from participation in athletics for any
     circumstance not covered in the rules. If a student quits a sport, including
     cheerleading, he/she cannot rejoin until next school year.
Student must attend all scheduled games unless he or she has a Dr’s
     excuse or death in the family. Unexcused absences from a game may lead
     to dismissal from the team. The coach and principal will make this
     decision and it is final.

B.   Attendance: A student must be in school no later than 11:10 a.m. of the
     day of the athletic event in order to participate. No type of excuse will be
     accepted, including a Dr’s Excuse, if the student is not at school by 11:10
     a.m. If the student is not at school by 11:10 a.m., he or she is not allowed
     to dress out or participate at all. Only the Principal can make exceptions to
     this rule on a case by case basis. This rule includes all days of school
     including special days such as but not limited to: Grandparents’ day, Field Day,
     picture day, etc. Excessive absences and tardies may make students ineligible
     for athletics at the Principal’s discretion.

C.   Transfer Rule: No pupil who enrolls in one junior high school and later
     transfers to another school is eligible to represent the latter school in any
     athletic contest with the following exceptions:

     1.    A resident moves from one school to another will make the pupil eligible

     2.    A ward of the state may be eligible immediately under the transfer rule.

     Basketball member schools are limited to one home and one away game with
     each school in the league per week. Scrimmages are not considered games. All
     other games are considered non-league games.

     Students may be both a cheerleader and a basketball player, but not captain in
     cheerleading if participating in both sports.

     The meetings of the league coaches shall be held at the time and place
     designated by the Commissioner. Special meetings may be called upon request
     from one-third of the membership of coaches.

     Athletics must be covered by school insurance. The parents may also cover the
     student with private insurance. All students are required to enroll in the
     student accident insurance as specified by the Alexandria Diocese. The
     Avoyelles Parochial Basketball League operates under a specific set of rules
     which parents of students playing basketball need to become familiar with. If
     any questions or concerns come up, parents may contact the coaches or the


            Junior Beta               Grades 6-8
            Altar Servers             Determined by Pastor
            4-H Club                  Grades 4-8
            Cheerleader Squad         Grades 5-8
            Boosters                  Grades 2-4
            Basketball                Grades 5-8
            Softball                  Grades 5-8
            Baseball                  Grades 5-8
            Choir                     Grades 4-8
            Spelling Bee              Grades 1-8

St. Mary’s Assumption School has a wide offering of clubs the students may decide to
join. Each club has its own objectives to fit a range of interests. Tuition and fees
must be up-to-date. Discipline may exclude membership.


      Students who receive a suspension of any kind will not be allowed to attend
      school functions on the date of the suspension. Examples: field trips, ball
      games, banquets, etc. Students will receive 0’s on any work missed.
      Discipline problems may exclude students from field trips.

F.    Plagiarism

      Plagiarism, or other serious forms of cheating, hand written or electronic, will
      not be tolerated. If plagiarism is discovered, student will receive a -0- grade on
      the work and may be suspended.


      Parents are urged to visit the child’s teacher whenever possible and not only
      when problems arise. However, since class time is limited, appointments with
      the teacher should be made after school. Appointments may be made by way of
      note, telephone, or email through the principal’s office. Only legal guardian is
      allowed in a teacher conference and only the legal guardian is allowed to
      discuss an issue about a student with the principal or teacher.


      All parents and visitors must sign-in in the office upon arrival on
      campus. There the secretary will have you sign-in and give you a “GUEST”
      badge to wear while on the campus. It will be returned to the secretary
      prior to departure from the campus. If you do not have this badge, you will
      be asked to return to the office to obtain one. This is a procedure
      and being instituted for the protection of all children and school personnel.

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