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Student Bulletin 2019 - UPES
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

        Student Bulletin
                 2019 - 20

0/75                                              Student Bulletin 2019-20
Student Bulletin 2019 - UPES
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

Reservation of Rights / Disclaimer

Every effort has been made to provide accurate and current information; however, the right is reserved
to change without notice any of the Rules and Regulations of the University at any time, including those
relating to fees, location, to withdraw curricula and specific courses, change or discontinue programmes,
alter course content, change the calendar. All such changes are effective at such times as the University
Authorities determine, and may apply not only to prospective students but also to those who are already
enrolled in the University.

The information contained in the Bulletin is subject to change at any time, without notice. It is intended
to serve only as a general source of information about the University and is in no way intended to state
contractual terms.

This information may include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors.

Student Bulletin 2019-20                                                                                     1/75
Student Bulletin 2019 - UPES
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

   1. Introduction                                                                 ……….4
   2. Vision                                                                       ……….4
   3. Mission                                                                      ……….4
   4. UPES Core Values                                                             ……….4
   5. Location & Infrastructure                                                    ……….5
   6. Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the university                     ……….5
   7. Divyang Jan Yojana                                                           ……….5
   8. Programmes                                                                   ……….6
   9. Fee structure                                                                ……….8

   10. Other fees                                                                  ……….8

   11. Fee Concession                                                              ……….8

   12. Academic Excellence Awards- Graduating Batch                                ……….10

   13. Careers Opportunities For Upes Graduates                                    ……….11

   14. Upes Centre For Innovation And Entrepreneurship                             ……….11

   15. Hostels                                                                     ……….11

   16. Transportation                                                              ……….12

   17. Medical Facilities                                                          ……….12

   18. Important Note For International Students                                   ……….12

   19. Withdrawal Of Admission                                                     ……….13

   20. Reservation Of Seats                                                        ……….13

   21. Curriculum Development                                                      ……….14

   22. Regulations Governing Examination and Evaluation                            ……….14

   23. Library Rules and Regulations                                               ……….14

   24. Computing facilities                                                        ……….17

   25. Student Facilitation Center                                                 ……….19

2/75                                                                   Student Bulletin 2019-20
Student Bulletin 2019 - UPES
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

   26. Student Engagement & Experience                                        ……….19

   27. Dress Code-Boys & Girls                                                ……….23

   28. Regulations Governing Maintenance of Discipline among Students, 2009 ……….23

   29. Regulations Governing Grievance Redressal Mechanism for Students, 2010……....42

   30. UPES Policy on Prevention of Sexual Harassment against Women - Salient Features

   31. UGC Regulations on curbing the menace of Ragging in Higher Educational
       Institutions, 2009, as adopted by University of Petroleum & Engineering Studies…49

   32. Annexure 1A                                                            ……….62

   33. Annexure 1B                                                            ……….69

   34. Annexure 1C                                                            ……….71

   35. Annexure 1D                                                            ……….72

   36. Annexure 1E                                                            ……….74


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University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

1.     Introduction

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) was established through UPES Act, 2003 of the State
Legislature of Uttarakhand. The University is sponsored by Hydrocarbon Education Research Society (HERS)
which is a Society registered under the “Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860” (Registration No. S-41894 of
2002). Maintained by University Grants Commission (UGC) under Section 2(f) of the UGC Act, 1956, UPES is
accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). All the Law and Pharmacy programs
offered at UPES are approved by the Bar Council of India and Pharmacy Council of India respectively. The
University functions under the ambit of its Act, Statutes, Rules and Regulations. It has also ensured due
compliance to its obligations towards RTI, Anti Ragging, CSR and other regulations framed by the statutory
authorities from time to time.

The University offers industry aligned graduate, post graduate and doctoral programs in the high growth sectors
of Energy, Infrastructure, Transportation, Information Technology, Electronics, Design, Business, Planning and
Architecture, Public Policy, Health Sciences and Legal studies through its six constituent Schools:

1. School of Engineering
2. School of Computer Science
3. School of Design
4. School of Health Sciences
5. School of Business
6. School of Law

UPES ensures quality outcome based education to the students for creating world-class professionals in various
domains to fulfill the growing demand of specialized personnel in the industry.

2.     Vision

    To be an Institution of Global standing for developing professionally competent talent contributing to nation

3.     Mission

      Develop industry-focused professionals with an international outlook.
      Foster effective outcome-based education system to continually improve teaching-learning and research.
      Inculcate integrative thought process among students to instill lifelong learning.
      Create global knowledge eco-system through training, research & development and consultancy.
      Practice and promote high standards of professional ethics and develop harmonious relationship with
       environment and society.

4.     Upes Core Values

      Respect
      Innovation
      Passion
      Inclusivity
      Trust

4/75                                                                                   Student Bulletin 2019-20
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

5.   Location & Infrastructure

UPES is located at one of the most scenic and tranquil locations of Dehradun, the capital Uttarakhand state,
situated at the foothills of Himalayas in northern India and famous for its educational institutions. The University
has two campuses in outskirts of Dehradun, one at Bidholi and other at Kandoli.

The UPES campuses are spread in 44 acres in the foothills of Himalayas at the two scenic locations in Dehradun.
Both the Campuses house a state-of the-art academic infrastructure, multimedia enabled classrooms, rich
learning resource center, an advanced computing center, research centers, playing fields, cafes and other
comfortable academic facilities. A fully wi-fi enabled ambience provides an invigorating academic and research
environment for students, thus making it an appropriate destination for higher education. Outdoor labs, Moot
court, Auditorium, Amphitheatre are some of the added advantage aiding to academic learning.

6.   Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the University

The University has a system of assuring quality of teaching and related processes. It is accredited by University
Grants Commission (UGC) / National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), since 2009 and has a
permanent Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) under its Quality Assurance Centre (QAC).

Vice-Chancellor is the Chairman of IQAC and senior faculty members, functionaries of the University, external
academician and professionals are the members along with students and alumni representatives. The policies,
recommendations and decisions of the cell are implemented and monitored by the Department of Academic
Development and Innovation headed by the Dean (Academic Development and Innovation).

The IQAC plans, guides and monitors Quality Assurance (QA) in various academic programmes / activities and
Quality Enhancement (QE) activities of the various schools and departments of the University in accordance
with the Vision and the Mission defined by the University.

Thus, the cell monitors all academic processes and programmes; quality of academic delivery – teaching-
learning process, evaluation procedures and examinations; quality research, consultancy & extension activities;
collaboration with national & international partners for training/student exchange/faculty exchange/
research/resource sharing; physical facilities including laboratories, Library as a learning resource for growth of
knowledge, IT infrastructure & services ; students’ mentoring, support for progression and participation in
activities, research and extension, governance and innovation and best practices adopted.

IQAC conducts academic audit, concurrent as well as annual and identifies conscious, consistent and catalytic
programmed action to improve the academic and administrative performance in all aspects of the University
IQAC is located in Quality Assurance Centre (QAC) in the Energy House (G.F.) on Bidholi campus. The centre
oversees the implementation of IQAC activities (as above) to promote the quality culture in the University.

7. Divyang Jan Yojana

As an institution, we are committed to provide inclusive education to differently abled students by considering their
admission applications without discrimination and further provide them opportunities for sports and recreation
equally with others. UPES is equipped with Divyang Jan friendly resources and Infrastructure at campus like provision
for transportation, lifts, ramps, braille software, restrooms, scribbles/ writer for examination and special skill
development programme exclusively designed for them.

Student Bulletin 2019-20                                                                                     5/75
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

8.     Programmes

The University offers the following programmes in various sectors through its 6 Constituent schools:

     School of Engineering (SoE)
     School of Computer Science (SoCS)
     School of Design (SoD)
     School of Health Science (SoHS)
     School of Business (SOB)
     School of Law (SoL)

           Undergraduate Programs                        Postgraduate Programs

    B.Tech Applied Petroleum Engineering with            M. Tech Chemical Engineering with specialization
    specialization In Upstream                           in Process Design Engineering
    B.Tech Applied Petroleum Engineering with            M. Tech Health Safety & Environmental
    specialization In Gas Stream                         Engineering
    B.Tech Chemical Engineering with specialization In   M. Tech Petroleum Engineering
    Refining & Petrochemicals                            M. Tech Energy Systems
    B.Tech Geo-Science Engineering                       M. Tech Pipeline Engineering
    B.Tech Geo-Informatics Engineering                   M. Tech Automation & Robotics Engineering
    B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering                       M. Tech Computational Fluid Dynamics
    B.Tech. Mechatronics Engineering                     M. Tech Health Safety & Environmental
    B.Tech. Automotive Design Engineering                Engineering with specialization in Disaster
    B.Tech. Aerospace Engineering                        Management
    B.Tech. Aerospace Engineering with specialization    M. Tech Renewable Energy Engineering
    in Avionics                                          M. Tech Rotating Equipment
    B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering     M. Tech Structural Engineering
    B.Tech. Electrical Engineering                       M.Sc. Physics
    B.Tech. Civil Engineering                            M.Sc. Chemistry
    B.Tech. Fire & Safety Engineering                    M.Sc. Mathematics
    B.Sc. (Hons.) Physics
    B.Sc. (Hons.) Chemistry
    B.Sc. (Hons.) Mathematics
    B.Tech Metallurgy and Material Engineering

Undergraduate Programs                                   Postgraduate Programs
 B.Tech (Hons) Computer Science & Engineering            M. Tech Computer Science & Engineering
 with specialization In :-
 Cloud Computing & Virtualization Technology
 Open Source & Open Standards
 Mainframe Technology
 Oil & Gas Informatics
 IT Infrastructure
 Business Analytics & Optimization
 Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
 Cyber Security & Forensics

6/75                                                                               Student Bulletin 2019-20
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

 Graphics & Gaming
 Internet of Things and Smart Cities
 Mobile Application Development
 Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
 Big Data
 Blockchain Technology
 Computational Sustainability
 BCA with specialization in IoT
 BCA with specialization in BFSI

Undergraduate Programs                             Postgraduate Programs
 Bachelor of Design (B.Des) with specialization:   M. Des Industrial Design
 Transportation & Mobility Design                  M. Des Transportation Design
 Industrial & Product Design                       M. Des Interaction Design
 Communication & Media Design – Graphics           M. Des Fashion Design
 Communication & Media Design – Interaction
 Communication & Media Design – Animation &
 Interior & Retail Spaces Design
 Game Design
 Fashion Design

Undergraduate Programs
 Bachelor in Pharmacy (B.Pharma)
 Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharma)
 BBA Hospital and Healthcare Management
 B.Sc. Food, Nutrition and Dietetics

 Undergraduate Programs                              Postgraduate Programs
 BBA Oil & Gas Marketing                             MBA Oil & Gas Management
 BBA Aviation Operations                             MBA Energy Trading
 BBA Logistics Management                            MBA Power Management
 BBA Auto Marketing                                  MBA Logistics & Supply Chain Management
 BBA Foreign Trade                                   MBA International Business
 BBA Digital Marketing                               MBA Aviation Management
 BBA Financial Analysis & Services                   MBA Business Analytics
 BBA General Management with spl. In Human           MBA General Management with specialization in
 Resources Management/Marketing Management/          Human Resources Management/Marketing
 Operations                                          Management/Financial & Accounting
 BA (Public Policy & Administration)                 Management/ Operations Management
 BA (Hons.) Economics with specialization in         MA Economics with specialization in Energy
 Energy Economics                                    Economics
 B.Com (Hons.)                                       MBA Family Business and Entrepreneurship
 B.Com (Hons.) Taxation                              MA (Hons.) Economics
 B.Com (Hons.) Bank Management & Insurance           MBA Agribusiness
 BBA (Tourism & Hospitality Management)              MBA BFSI
 BBA Analytics and Big Data
 BBA Family Business and Entrepreneurship

Student Bulletin 2019-20                                                                      7/75
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

    BA (Hons.) Economics
    B.Sc. Actuarial Science

Undergraduate Programs                                  Postgraduate Programs
 B.A., LL. B (Hons) with Specialization in Energy       LLM with specialization in Energy Laws / Business
 Law/ Criminal Law / Labor Law / Constitution Law       Law / International Economic Law / Law &
 BBA., LL. B (Hons) with                                Technology
 Specialization in Corporate Law/ International Trade
 & Investment Law / Banking, Finance & Insurance
 B.Com., LL. B (Hons) with Specialization in
 Taxation Laws/ Media & Entertainment law/ Legal
 Compliance and Secretarial Practice
 B.Sc., LL. B (Hons) with specialization in
 Intellectual Property Rights/Food, Health &
 Environment Law/ Medical and Forensic Law
 B.Tech LLB (Hons) Computer Science &
 Engineering with specialization in Cyber Law / IPR

9. Fees Structure: Annexure 1A

10. Other Fees: Annexure 1B

11. Fee Concession

     33% concession on tuition fee shall be provided only to Uttarakhand bonafide resident students on merit
      cum means basis to be decided by the University subject to fulfilling the following conditions:
      - Students whose gross annual family income is not more than Rs.8 Lakhs,
      - Students who possess valid “Sthai Niwas Praman Patra” / “Mool Niwas Praman Patra” / “Adhiwas
         Niwas Praman Patra” from Uttarakhand state
     50% fee waiver to student due to untimely loss of prime earning parent in the family.
11.1 Scholarship
Purpose: To attract the meritorious students in B.Tech, BBA, B.Des, B.Plan, LLB, B.Tech.LLB and MBA
 University of Petroleum & Energy Studies offers limited scholarships in all programmes as decided by the
    University. The scholarships are awarded purely on academic merit cum means. Waiving of Tuition Fee
    partially/fully will be considered for those who are awarded scholarships.
 Award of scholarship will be decided by the scholarship committee as approved by its Board of Management
    and its decision shall be final and binding.

11.2 Scholarship (Entry Level) For UG & PG Students

Criteria to offer scholarship:
        For B.Tech (All Streams) – 80% marks in class X & XII and 85% marks in PCM in CBSE/ICSE/ State
          Board Examination.
        For LLB (including B.Tech. LLB) programs – Minimum 75% marks in class 10 and 12 (CBSE, ICSE
          and State Board Examination).
        For BBA programs - Minimum 75% marks in class 10 and 12 (CBSE, ICSE and State Board
        For B.Des & B.Plan – 80% in Class 10 & 12 (CBSE, ICSE and State Board Examination)

8/75                                                                               Student Bulletin 2019-20
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

        For MBA programs – Minimum 80 percentile score in CAT/XAT; Minimum 90 percentile score in
         MAT, NMAT, UPESMET & any other National Level Entrance Test
Seats on offer through scholarship –
        For B.Tech: Scholarship will be limited to 10% seats in each B.Tech Program in first semester.
        For BBA & LLB (including B.Tech.LLB): 20% seats in each program in first semester.
        For B.Des & B.Plan: 10% seats in each Program in first semester.
        For MBA 5% seats in each program in first semester.
Fee waiver under scholarship –
       For B.Tech: 50% waiver in first semester of tuition fee. The scholarship will be renewed in the second
         semester provide the student obtains SGPA of 8/10.
       For BBA & LLB (including B.Tech.LLB): 50% waiver in first semester tuition fee only.
       For B.Des. & B.Plan: 50% waiver in first semester tuition fee only.
       For MBA: 25% waiver in first Semester tuition fee only.
Above mentioned tuition fee waiver will be offered to students who meet the eligibility criteria.
Scholarship in subsequent years will be as per merit scholarship policy of the University as per clause 11.4 i.e.
based on Academic Performance.

11.3 Uttarakhand State Board Toppers Scholarships
Eligibility criteria
• Minimum 80% marks in each of 10th, 12th class and PCM for B.Tech and 80% aggregate for BBA and
  Law in Class 10th & 12th in Uttarakhand State Board
• 150 toppers from Uttarakhand State Board
• Merit order allotment of 1 seat per program.
• The seats reserved under this category will be within the 15% reservation for Uttarakhand Domicile students.
• Should have “Sthai Niwas Praman Patra” / “Mool Niwas Praman Patra” / “Adhiwas Niwas Praman
  Patra” (Permanent Residence Certificate)
• Students will be entitled only for 1 scholarship at a time (either through Uttarakhand Board Toppers or through
  Uttarakhand Domicile category)
• 25% of tuition fee waiver for Boys and 35% for Girl students in first year
• The Scholarship will be renewed in the Second Semester provided the student obtains SGPA of 8/10
Scholarship in subsequent years will be as per merit scholarship policy of the University.

11.4 Scholarships Based on Academic Performance
The University offers scholarships in specific programmes for students pursuing full time programmes. The
scholarships will be available for meritorious Students as indicated below.

                  Order of Merit                    Extent of Scholarships
                       1st                             20% of the fees
                       2nd                            12.5% of the fees

        In case of M.Tech/M.Des Programme scholarship will be Rs. 10,000 per academic year
The scholarships will be disbursed at the end of the each Academic Year as per terms and conditions listed
        CGPA at the end of subsequent academic year.
        Students obtaining CGPA of 9.0 in general category and 8.0 in domicile category are awarded
         Academic Scholarship i.e. 20% and 12.5% of total fee.
        In case a student gets a minimum CGPA of 8.0 in the General/Domicile Category, and also first in the
         order of merit, he/she will be entitled for a 10% scholarship of the total fee

Student Bulletin 2019-20                                                                                  9/75
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

         In case of tie, the CGPA will be calculated up to third decimal point. In case there is a tie even after
          3rd decimal point, the scholarship amount i.e. 20% + 12.5% of the tuition fee will be totaled and each
          of the student will be entitled for a 16.25% of the total fee.
         Number of scholarships will depend upon number of students enrolled for a particular programme.
         Has not re-appeared in any paper during the year
         Has fulfilled the prescribed attendance norms.
         Has not been involved in any indiscipline or misconduct.
The decision of the University in this respect will be final and binding on the students.

12. Academic Excellence Awards- Graduating Batch

        Gold Medal for the student standing first in the order of Merit- One gold medal for each school

         Gold Medal will be awarded from the combined merit list of overall Toppers prepared across all UG,
         PG & Diploma Programs for all the schools separately; total strength of the program should be more
         than 25.

        Silver Medal for the student standing first in the order of Merit- One silver medal for each

         Silver Medal will be awarded to the topper of each program except where Gold Medal has been

         Where Strength size < 25- Letter of appreciation/ Certificate will be given.

        Silver      Plate      for     the      topper       of      each       program       under       CCE.

        Award of Gold/Silver in case of tie

         In case of a tie for the position of merit for award of Gold/Silver in each of the program across all UG
         & PG programs, the merit order will be decided on CGPA calculated up to the 3rd decimal point.

Note:- Students who appear second chance will not be considered.

        In addition to the academic excellence awards, the following three Gold Medals have been Instituted by
        various dignitaries.

   1. Best Post Graduate Student of the College of Management in the Oil & Gas /Energy
        Sector Instituted by Shri. B.D. Gupta
        Programs included MBA Oil & Gas, MBA- Energy Trading

   2. Best Post Graduate Student of College of Engineering Instituted by Shri. Narang
      Programs included all M-Tech Programs

   3. Best Corporate Student Instituted by M/s Sidhu Mall & Sons
      All Programs of SoE, SoCS, SoD, SoB & SoL

The above medals are Faculty nominations.

Criteria for Medals:
     CGPA - 3.5 on 4 pt scale / 9.0 on 10 pt
     Participation in Extra Curricular and Co-Curricular activities
     Leadership Skills

10/75                                                                                   Student Bulletin 2019-20
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

Student should not have been subjected to any disciplinary action.

13. Careers Opportunities For UPES Graduates

The University has a Career Services Department to provide on-campus/off-campus placement support to the
graduating students in different disciplines. The role of the Career Services Department is that of a facilitator for
placement related activities on a best effort basis. The student placement committee plays a vital role in
supporting the placement activities. Neither UPES nor its Career Services Department, under no circumstances
guarantees a job to the graduating students.

14. UPES Centre For Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Institution has created an eco-system for innovations including Incubation centre and other initiatives for
creation and transfer of knowledge

The UPES Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (UCIE) was created to develop an entrepreneurial
mindset among UPES faculty members and students. With its genesis in 2013, the intention has always been to
become an employment generator. The UCIE team is driven by a passion for creating student-run
organizations—initially on campus and then graduating into the real world.

The UCIE’s focus is on three pillars: namely attractiveness of the incubator, value for ecosystem, and value for
clients. Over time the UCIE has been awarded star ratings by University Business Incubator, Sweden for creating
an entrepreneurial ecosystem within UPES and the larger ecosystem of State of Uttarakhand.

To institutionalize the concept of entrepreneurship, apart from regular promotional activities, a two-credit
Venture Ideation program has been institutionalized across the University for all undergraduate students. As a
pilot project in academic year 2016–2017, 532 students were taught Venture Ideation though an online platform.
In academic year 2017–2018, a total of 751 students were taught Venture Ideation in the second phase of the
pilot project. In the academic year 2018–2019, UCIE will educate 2,936 students on the basic concepts of
entrepreneurship through online courses. Through this building block, students have started showing interest in
starting their own ventures.

UPES is currently working with 32 incubatee organizations; of which three are Pvt. Ltd. entities, one is a Limited
Liability Partnership, one is sole proprietorship, and one incubatee organization’s registration as a trust is under

In addition to the incubation center, as part of main stream education, there are initiatives that embed innovative
and critical-thinking skills. The Research Initiative for Students of Engineering (RISE) and multidisciplinary
projects are two such initiatives. As part of RISE, students are encouraged to submit design proposals for funding
by the university. Best amongst these proposals could attract up to 10 lakh rupees of funding to develop the
design prototype. As part of multidisciplinary projects, the university encourages students to undertake projects
that provide technological-legal-business solutions for current problems in the areas of energy, infrastructure,
and transportation.

15. Hostels

Hostel facility is available with limited seats for boys and girls on triple sharing basis. Hostels provide all the
basic facilities with hygienic and nutritious meals served in the messes. The other facilities include hot water
during winters in the bathrooms, Wi-Fi connection, TV, sports and basic need shops within the campus. Bus
facility to city and back on every Saturday/ Sunday. The campus has an Infirmary to provide first aid facilities.
A doctor is available during day in the infirmary and a medical assistant during night in the hostel.

Student Bulletin 2019-20                                                                                     11/75
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

A student registered in the Hostel (On-campus) and withdrawing from the same at any point of time during the
academic year will not be entitled to hostel fee refund. In case, the seat is filled up by another boarder,
proportionate refund may be considered on the prorate basis. Students availing Hostel Facility will have to abide
by the hostel rules and regulations. Hostel facility is available for one academic year on first cum first serve basis
and also contingent on meeting the laid down criteria in the hostel rules.

Hostel Fee Structure: as per annexure 1C

16. Transportation

Students residing at Dehradun city and wishing to avail transportation facility to the UPES campus can avail the
same by paying a fee of Rs.20,000 for academic year 2019-20. Boarders residing in on-campus hostels will be
provided to and fro transportation facility to the city once a week free of charge.

Note: - Transportation fee will be non refundable.

17. Medical Facilities

University provides basic healthcare facilities. Doctors on roll provide basic first aid in case of medical
emergencies and subsequently student is assisted in evacuating him/her to nearest hospital.
The medical treatment cost is to be borne by student or his/her parent. The onus of insuring the student under
medical insurance is on the student and he/she is expected to keep insurance card handy.

18. Important Note For International Students

An applicant holding a passport of any country other than India is defined as an International student.
However, student holding Indian passport but having qualified higher Secondary examination/UG degree or
equivalent from foreign country would have the option to apply as international student.


At the time of final registration, all successful international applicants will be required to submit attested copies
of the following documents:
      10th & 12th/Graduation grade card or equivalent
      Official transcripts/transfer certificate from Institution last attended
      Passport and student visa valid for duration of study.
      Finally admitted students will be required to register themselves with the foreigner’s registration
         office/local police authorities as per regulation of Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

Computing Device (Laptop)
   It is mandatory for each incoming student to be equipped with a laptop conforming to the minimum
     specifications of UPES details available on the UPES website

       International students who wish to study in India must obtain a Student Visa before travelling to India.

       Please make enquiries at the Indian Consulate/Embassy /High Commission in your country /country of
        application to ascertain the correct procedure and time necessary to obtain a visa valid for the term of
        study of your program at UPES.

All international students are required by law to register with the Foreigners Regional Registration Office
(FRRO) / local police authorities as per regulation of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. At

12/75                                                                                    Student Bulletin 2019-20
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

present, this must be within 14 days of arrival in India but please check this information with the
Consulate/Embassy/High Commission in your company before departure as these rules are subject to change.

Students must comply with visa rules and registration requirements and keep abreast of any changes.
Accordingly, students are responsible for ensuring that their visas are valid throughout the period of study at
UPES and for maintaining their registration with the FRRO/local police.

Students can request assistance from UPES for preliminary registration formalities in Dehradun.

Application Form cost- USD75

Program Fee Structure (in USD per Annum): Annexure 1D

19. Withdrawal of Admission

UPES will follow UGC guidelines regarding refund of fees on withdrawal. The refund cheque will be issued in
the name of student only. For more details of refund policy please visit

20. Reservation of Seats

For Uttarakhand bona fide resident candidates:

15% of the seats in all programs will be reserved for residents of Uttarakhand subject to production of “Sthai
Niwas Praman Patra” / “Mool Niwas Praman Patra” / “Adhiwas Niwas Praman Patra” (Permanent Residence
Certificate) issued by the competent authority of Uttarakhand State. These seats will get allotted based on the
merit order in this category, provided the candidate has declared his intent to opt under this category at the time
of applying for admission.

Note: Candidate applying under this category would be required produce the original “Sthai Niwas
Praman Patra” / “Mool Niwas Praman Patra” / “Adhiwas Niwas Praman Patra” during the day of
admission failing which their candidature for fee concession shall stand cancelled. Seats remaining vacant
in this category after the stipulated date shall be treated as unreserved.

Student Bulletin 2019-20                                                                                   13/75
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

21. Curriculum Development

The Curriculum development is completed through a proper channel taking all the stakeholders into
consideration. The complete process is reflected as below:-

Choice Based Credit System (CBCS): As per recommendation of UGC, since 2015 onwards UPES offers the
Choice Based Credit System that provides choice for students to select from the prescribed list of courses
(domain/programme/ functional or open elective courses). UPES reserves the right to offer any or all of the
program electives and or open electives based on the number of students opting for such electives and the said
electives will be offered at the sole discretion of the University.

22. Regulations Governing Examination And Evaluation (
– Examination and Allied Provisions, Regulations, 2018

23. Library Rules And Regulations

23.1 Membership
23.1.1 The membership is open to all regular students, Faculty members, UPES staff and Research
       scholars and any person associated with the university or permitted by the university authority may be
       admitted in the library.

23.2 Library Timings
        23.2.1 Main Library
                 Monday to Friday : 9.00 AM - 8:00 PM
                   Saturday : 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
        23.2.2 Management Library
                 Monday to Friday : 9.00 AM - 6:00 PM
                   During examination period : 8:30 AM – 8:00 PM.

14/75                                                                              Student Bulletin 2019-20
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

        23.2.3 Law Library
                 Monday to Friday : 09:00 AM - 8:00 PM
                   Saturday, Sunday & Holidays : 09:00 AM to 5:00 PM

23.3 Admission to the Library
23.3.1 The SAP ID card is mandatory for entrance and borrowing of library documents. All library users are
requested to record their in/out timings with the help of SAP ID card. The students are not permitted to use the
other’s Identity Card/s.
23.3.2 Personal belongings (except Laptop, cell phones, purse, money, credit card, and other valuables) shall not
be permitted inside the library. The library does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to personal
property left at the counter.

23.4 Borrowing Privileges and condition of Loan

23.4.1 The books will be issued from 9:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. to the students and faculty members. Smart Card is
mandatory for issue / renewal of books.
23.4.1 Each Student (UG) are entitled to borrow 4 books (other than course books) for 16 days and PG Students
        are entitled to borrow 6 books for 25 days.
23.4.2 The books may be reissued for another two times if the same is not in demand. The renewal must
        be made online from library portal on or before the due date.
23.4.3 Students may borrow Reference books for overnight, half an hour before closing the library and are
        expected to return the same the next day morning before 9.15 am. An overdue charge of Rs. 10/- per day
        will be levied if the borrowed Reference book is not returned within the stipulated time.
23.4.4 An overdue charge of Re.5/- per day/ per book for the overdue books issued from the Library lending
        section will be charged to the students.
23.4.5 Books on loan are subject to recall by the Librarian at any time.
23.4.6 The Librarian may stop issue of any book only on justified and reasonable grounds.
23.4.7 The members will receive a system generated reminders for overdue books. When such reminders are
        received, the students are expected to return the books immediately or get them re-issued through online
        or at the issue counter
23.4.8 Students who do not produce "No Due Certificate" from the Library will not be allowed to register for
        next semester.

23.5 Documents that cannot be borrowed

23.5.1 Reference Books are to be referred within library premises.

23.5.2 Journals, Bound Volumes, Loose issues of journals and the latest available issue of the magazines are to
       be referred within library premises and are not available for issue.

23.5.3 Theses/ Dissertations/Project Works submitted are to be referred within library premises.

23.6 Loss or Mutilation of documents and Policy of Compensating

23.6.1 In case of loss or damage of books, member has to replace the book with the same or latest edition,
       he/she shall have to pay double cost of the book along with overdue charges. Replacement by
       photocopied / old book will not be accepted.
23.6.2 If the book lost or damaged is one of the volumes of a set, the member shall have to compensate the cost
       of the whole set.

23.7 Text Book Loan Scheme (TBLS)

    23.7.1 The course books are issued to students in the beginning of the semester.

Student Bulletin 2019-20                                                                                  15/75
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

    23.7.2 Students has to bring their fee deposit receipt / SAP ID Card at the time of the issuing coursebooks.
    23.7.3 University provides available course books for a semester preferably in e-book or printed books
           format whichever is available in library stock to all regular Students.
    23.7.4 Printed course books to be returned to the library at the end of each semester examination as notified
           by the university. If any student fails to return the books in time, he/she will not be allowed to re-
           register for the next semester.
    23.7.5 Delays in a book return shall be treated as default. Fine recovery or termination of library
           membership may be carried out accordingly.
    23.7.6 Books lost or defaced, writing, marking inside the books shall have to be replaced or double cost
           will be recovered.

23.8 Rules & Regulations
23.8.1 Library users are allowed to carry two personal books inside the reading room for study.
23.8.2 Underlining or marking / tearing / folding of pages/ defacing or damaging/ theft/ leaving the library with
        unissued books/ damaging RFID tags in any way of library books or other materials is strictly prohibited.
        Users indulging in such practices shall be debarred from using the library up to a period of 03 months.
23.8.3 The Library follows the Open Access system. Documents taken out of the shelves must be left on the
        table. Replacing the documents on shelves by users is not encouraged as the documents may get
23.8.4 The student should access his/her "check out" records on the library online catalogue from time to time
        and bring the discrepancies, if any, to the notice of library counter staff immediately. Any complaint
        thereafter is not likely to be entertained.
23.8.5 Before borrowing, the book should be checked by the student for missing pages and any damage may
        be brought to the notice of the staff at the Issue Desk.
23.8.6 Immediately after the issue of a book, the borrower is required to take out the same from the library
        premises. No book shall be returned on the day of issue.
23.8.7 The library system automatically sends e-mails regarding the issued or returned items to the patrons
        when such transactions happen.
23.8.8 Borrowers can reserve the documents they desire to borrow. Email intimation about the availability of
        the document(s) will be given to the members when they are available for issue. The reservation will be
        strictly on first-come- first-served basis.
23.8.9 The borrowers are advised to return the documents while proceeding on long leave.
23.8.10 A borrower is responsible for the safe custody of borrowed books and return them on time.
23.8.11 Readers can claim (reserve) books which are issued out. Claimed books are kept reserved for the
        claimant for 2 days from the date of return by previous borrower. One reader can put maximum 1 claims.
        Books are reissued only if there are no claims.
23.8.12 The disfiguring of Library assets would result in the cancellation of library membership.
23.8.13 Library is RFID security enabled, while leaving the library, members should ensure that they are carrying
        only the issued books, Un-borrowed items taken beyond the RFID gate will be considered stolen and
        offenders are liable for suspension and stern disciplinary action.

        Also, members are required to show their books to the Library Staff on duty at the exit point. All library
        users should ensure that they carry only those books that are duly issued on their names. Un-borrowed
        items taken beyond the main gate will be considered stolen and offenders are liable for suspension and
        stern disciplinary action.
23.8.14 Watching movies or videos, and playing games on laptop / mobile is strictly prohibited.
23.8.15 Users are responsible for complying with the copyright act while photocopying library document.
23.8.16 Eating/ Smoking/ littering in the Library premises is strictly prohibited.
23.8.17 Library staff will not be responsible for things left in the library premises.
23.8.18 Improper use of library facilities by a member will lead to the suspension of termination of his/her
23.8.19 Digital Library is to be used for academic purposes only.
23.8.20 Browsing of social networking sites, playing games is strictly prohibited.

16/75                                                                                 Student Bulletin 2019-20
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

23.8.21 Unplugging the Desktop and changing the User ID and Password is a punishable offense.
23.8.22 Changing the settings and display of the computers are not permitted.

23.9 Library Facilities
The library has a key role in supporting the academic activities of the institutions by establishing,
maintaining, and promoting the library and information services, both quantitatively and qualitatively.
The library offers a wide range of services from reference to electronic information services.
          Book circulation service
          RFID self-check issue/return KIOSK facility
          OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
          Open Access System
          Current Awareness Service
          Air-conditioned reading room
          Digital Library
          Journal and Magazine Section
          Online Access to e-Resources and databases
          Online Access to e-journals
          Newspaper service
          Article alert Service
          Wi-Fi facility
          Internet facility
          Remote access of e-resources
          GyanKosh Knowledge Portal - a single window for searching library resources
          EBSCO Discovery System
          Institutional Repository using DSpace Digital Library Software
          Automated Library using KOHA Open Source Software
          Access to online journals through INFLIBNET consortia
          Inter Library Loan and Document delivery service (DELNET)
          Document Delivery Service (DDS)

Useful links - GyanKosh Knowledge Portal – Koha Online Library Catalogue - Digital Repository - Remote access of databases

24. Computing Facilities
24.1 General Information
The Computer centre is equipped with 64-bit muti-core Xeon and Opteron processor based servers running in a
virtualized cloud environment designed to provide maximum uptime as well as compute on demand facilities to
the University community. These run on central network functions such as Authentication, mail services,
database services, application servers etc. These servers cater to a total of about 12,000 nodes - of which 400 are
in the main IT Block labs. All machines have internet access over high speed fibre optic links. The primary
operating environment is a mix of Windows Server and Linux.

Computer labs have high end workstations available to students on which they can use Windows as well as Linux
applications. The network backbone is Gigabit switched running on a dual ring fibre optic network across the

Student Bulletin 2019-20                                                                                   17/75
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

entire campus. Additional redundancy is provided by means of a failover wireless mesh across campus. End
client access is provided through a mix of wired and wireless technologies. The entire campus acts as a wireless
'hot spot' by providing a Wi-Fi network based on the 802.11n standard. Any student having their own
laptop/tablet/smartphone can be made part of the campus wireless network and have internet access. However,
the device must be equipped with adequate and current antivirus protection and usage must conform to the
University Acceptable IT Use policy available at

The student Engineering Graphics labs contain 200 engineering workstations. All these machines are on a
switched, gigabit backbone network and so can also be used to access central services including the Web.

Ancillary services and access to peripherals like CD/DVD burners, Scanners are available to students through
the computing labs. Centralized online backups are also maintained for the campus. Anti-virus protection is
provided at the gateway, server & client levels. All classrooms are equipped with ceiling mounted LCD/DLP
projectors, computers and PA system with wireless microphones.

The University has several Academic Alliances with leading IT majors such as Microsoft, ORACLE,
Schlumberger, SAP, Aspentech etc. through which a large portfolio of applications and platforms are available
for use by students and faculty. Applications range from basic operating systems to high end clustering and grid
computing solutions. Additionally, specialized software is available to students like Solidworks for Engineering
Graphics, CATIA, AutoCAD Engineering Suite, SPSS & Systat for Statistical analysis, Mathematica, Matlab
etc. A complete list of software can be made available by placing a request to the IT Helpdesk.

Most faculty communicate with their students by email. It is therefore important that students read mail sent to their
official student e-mail account regularly as this is the address they will use. Each student has been provided with a
unique email address of the format “STUDENT_SAP”. This mail account can be accessed by
going to and providing your username and password.

24.2 Student Attendance

24.2.1 Electronic Marking of Student Attendance/Online Attendance:
Student attendance is marked electronically through card readers placed in each class room. Student has to swipe
their Identity card within a maximum of a few minutes(depending on class size) after faculty swipe to mark their
attendance for the respective class. Students can check their attendance and time table of their courses from the
student Portal, with the credentials provided as part of the student kit. Students are supposed
to check their attendance regularly and any issues pertaining to attendance they should bring it to faculty notice
within 1 day for rectification. Students are responsible to protect their identity cards from any damages.

24.2.2 Attendance Criteria
No student will be allowed to appear in the End-Semester Examination unless the student has attended 75% of
the classes in each the theory course. A student on medical or valid ground like immediate family exigencies,
etc. who fails to secure 75% attendance in one or more courses, but secures not less than 67% attendance, may,
on recommendation of the Course Coordinators and Head of Department, be permitted to appear for the End
Semester Examination solely at the discretion of the Director of the concerned School.
Application for condonation of attendance on medical ground shall be made to Course Coordinator/ HOD
immediately on joining back the programme after absence and in any case within 7 days of availing leave
along with medical certificates in original from a registered medical practitioner. The medical certificate(s)
/representation submitted after 7 days will not be accepted. Outstation medical certificate will be entertained for
this purpose only from students who have proceeded to their hometown/place of residence of their
parents/guardians for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment duly authenticated by the travel records and
hospitalization records. However, University reserves the right to have such applicants examined by medical
practitioner empaneled by the University to ascertain the authenticity of the applicant’s medical ailment.

18/75                                                                                     Student Bulletin 2019-20
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

24.3 Rules and Regulations
Every student is given an individual user-id and password. The individual is responsible to maintain the secrecy
of his/her own password and store important data in their home folder on the network and not on the local hard
It is mandatory for all students to carry their laptop when they are in campus on everyday basis.
Discipline to be maintained while enrolled with the university:
       Students are expected to strictly adhere to the Acceptable IT usage policy and social media Policy found
        on the students portal (
       Damaging any IT equipment in class rooms or labs will result in a penalty.
       Unauthorized usage of commercial/free tools to subvert University systems will be dealt with in
        accordance with the penalties outlined in the Acceptable IT usage policy.
       Students are advised not to tamper with the computing devices issued to them – either in terms of
        hardware or software. Formatting of the machine or uninstalling legal software constitutes a violation of
        the University IT Policy and will be handled accordingly.
       The mind works better in peace and calm. Silence should be maintained.
       Bags/folders/bottles etc. are to be kept outside the Computer Centre (or lab).
       No eatables are allowed in the Computer Centre (or lab).
       No hardware components can be replaced / swapped without permission. Doing so without permission
        will result in a penalty. If necessary, guidance of the Systems Administrator is always available.
       Internet usage should be in accordance with the Acceptable IT usage policy and Acceptable Downloads
        and Executable policy of the University. Both these documents are available at
       Entry of outsiders is strictly prohibited.
       Tampering with files of others in the desktop/network will be seriously viewed.
       Systems should be shutdown properly and switched off before leaving the Computer Centre.
All students will be required to sign an agreement with the University for usage of computing device.
24.4 Getting Help
For any help or assistance in either hardware, software or network issue, please contact the IT Helpdesk located
in the IT Block; or log an online request through the helpdesk link at

25. Student Facilitation Center

The ultimate objective of the helpdesk is to provide information about all the documentation, examinations and
general services and queries further related to them. The students can avail themselves with all such facilities
under one roof, within the minimum required time.

Contact details: Annexure 1E

26. Student Engagement & Experience
The Department of Student Engagement & Experience ensures development of all-round personality of students
and also enable them to take their rightful place as future corporate leaders in energy and multi-disciplinary
Numerous activities are organized to inculcate character qualities, bring in desired attitudinal changes and hone
behavior skills. Major activities are covered as follows;
     Sports, Adventure and Extra Curricular ( EC) Activities
     Student Welfare
     Dress Code compliance
     Maintenance of student discipline on and off campus
     Anti-Ragging Regulations

Student Bulletin 2019-20                                                                                  19/75
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

       Grievance Redress Mechanism
       Private hostels- Student Welfare
       Policy on Prevention of Sexual Harassment against Women - Salient Features
       Conduction and facilitation of NPS
Sports and EC Activities
26.1 Sports facilities available are as follows;
       Basket Ball
       Volley Ball
       Football
       Cricket
       Table Tennis
       Athletics
       Handball
       Badminton

26.1.1 Organization and Conduct of Intramural Tournaments
All the events will be organized as per the Annual Sports Calendar of UPES in following disciplines:-
Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Handball, Athletics, Badminton, Table Tennis
All the matches / tournaments will be conducted as per norms of the National Federations of the respective games

26.1.2 Participating In Intra / Extra Mural Events
Only a bonafide full time student who is enrolled in a full time course in University is eligible for participation
in these events. Year Back / Semester Back students who are not on University Rolls for that particular Year /
Semester are not allowed to participate. Student should not be involved in any of the indiscipline acts as
enumerated in the student’s bulletin.

26.1.3 Selection of Players Representing UPES
Only a bonafide, full-time student, who is enrolled for a course of the university, which is of a minimum duration
of one academic year and whose examination is conducted by the University would be eligible to be selected in
the University Team. Overseas students attending a regular program of the duration of one semester or more will
also be eligible to participate
All eligible students participating in the selection trials will have to fulfill the following conditions: -

    a) Not more than 9 years have elapsed since a student passed the examination qualifying him/her for first
       admission to a degree or diploma course of a university or college affiliated to a university.

    b) The nine year eligibility period mentioned above shall be distributed as mentioned below:-
                   i. Not more than 6 years while pursuing graduate studies.
                  ii. Not more than 3 years while pursuing Post graduate studies

26.2 EC Activities:
26.2.1 Cultural Activities at UPES
The University focuses on all round personality development of students. Cultural activities are an integral part
of personality development.
UPES under the aegis of Office of Student Engagement & Experience every year organizes fresher party and
the Annual Cultural Festival – Uurja, which gives a platform to students to showcase their talents.

20/75                                                                                      Student Bulletin 2019-20
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies Fresher’s Party
Fresher’s Parties to officially welcome the first year students are hosted by second year students, organized by
School Cultural Convener under the supervision of the office of Student Engagement & Experience. All such
parties can only be organized between 1000 to 1700 hours at UPES Campus only. Only UPES students can
perform. No outside performances are permitted.
Students organizing private fresher’s parties outside the campus is not permitted. It is treated as a violation of
discipline code. Moreso, unsocial elements try to tempt the freshers for such events through social media. These
very often turn in to rave parties etc. This also invites Police action. Students are strictly advised to refrain from
organizing/ attending such parties. Uurja – The Annual Festival
The Annual Cultural Festival – Uurja is celebrated for two days at UPES Campus. It is organized by the Office
of Student Engagement & Experience. The events are organized in Social, Cultural and Fun categories. Day one
of the function is more oriented towards events related to Dance, Music and games with DJ in the evening
whereas day two is more of theatre and fun events with performance of a band in the evening.
The function can only be organized till 2000 hours. No event / company promoting gambling in any nature, drug
/ alcohol or negligence on road can be a part of the function/ No sponsorship to be taken from any private hostels
for Uurja or any other event in the University. Farewell Parties
Farewell Parties are held to officially see off the final year students. These are hosted by pre final year students,
organized by Course Coordinator under the supervision of HOD, on approval of the School Head. Itenerary is
shared with Head Office of Student Engagement & Experience.
All the formal joint functions / parties should be organized inside the campus, using available catering facilities.. Cultural events during Co-Curricular / Chapter Events
Organizers seek permission through mail which should have all the details at least 07 working days prior to the
event. Any such events are organized by seeking special permission from the Vice Chancellor on
Recommendation of Head Office of Student Engagement & Experience forwarded by proposed by School
Cultural Convener on request of the event organizer – Faculty In charge through Email. The activity are
organized only for the participants of the event organized by that particular Club /Chapter /Society/ Committee
under supervision / audition / by Cultural Convener of respective school. Only the winners of Uurja - official
band / dance group / theatre group or the winners of individual events during Uurja perform in all such events.
Members of that club can also show case their talents after the auditions an clearance by Cultural Convener.
Winding up time is 6 P.M. No DJ etc is allowed.
26.2.2 Social Events
Annual voluntary blood camp is organized on the campus every year under controlled supervision of the Student
Engagement & Experience. Students are advised not donate blood elsewhere and make themselves vulnerable
to infection.
26.2.3 Events Outside the Campus
UPES does not support students organizing outside events at their own keeping in mind the student safety

Student Bulletin 2019-20                                                                                      21/75
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

26.3 Recognition
In order to encourage the students to take more and more active part in sports and other extracurricular activities,
The certificates and attractive prizes are awarded for various events.

26.4 Students Welfare:
The aim is to raise awareness among students about “staying safe and keeping others safe”.
Major activities can broadly be categorized under following heads:
    Road Traffic Safety Initiatives (RTSI)
    Medical insurance support
    Substance abuse prevention
    Satisfactory functioning of facilities
26.4.1 Road Safety Initiative:
Extensive road safety awareness programs for the students are put in place to make them aware.
       Awareness is spread through various activities such as:
           o Lectures/ Talk by the subject expert
           o Poster Painting Competitions
           o Debate
           o Quiz
           o Videos and documentary films.
           o Carry out checks related to road safety compliance
       Counselling of defaulters and communicating with their parents. Initiating disciplinary action if required,
       Communication via SMS/ emails/ Facebook page; UPES Lives for wider dissemination.
26.4.2 Medical Insurance Services:
       Medical Insurance service is provided to the students by a third party Insurance Company
       Students are also educated on this service via series of emails and one-on-one basis to some of the needy
       Facilitation of Insurance claim as and when required
26.4.3 Substance Abuse Prevention:
       Awareness is spread through various activities such as:
             o Lectures/ Talk by the subject expert
             o Poster Painting Competitions
             o Debate
             o Quiz
       Support Counselling of those students who volunteer for rehabilitation.
       Initiating the disciplinary action against defaulters as per the provision. UPES has zero tolerance policy
        in this regard.
       Communication via SMS/ emails/ Facebook page; UPES Lives also helps in further percolation among
        the students.
26.4.4 Functioning of facilities:
       Carry out an oversight of various facilities
       Take feedback from the concerned students.
       Process with concerned department where improvement is required.

22/75                                                                                   Student Bulletin 2019-20
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