STUDENT HANDBOOK 2021-2022 - Mukilteo School District

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STUDENT HANDBOOK 2021-2022 - Mukilteo School District
STUDENT HANDBOOK 2021-2022 - Mukilteo School District
Mukilteo School District does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion,
color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the
use of trained dog guide or service animal and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth
groups. The following employees have been designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination:
Civil Rights Coordinator and Title IX Coordinator Dan Dizon (425-356-1319),, Section
504 Coordinator Lisa Pitsch (425-356-1277),, and the ADA/Access Coordinator Karen
Mooseker (425-356-1330), Address: 9401 Sharon Drive in Everett, WA. Inquiries
regarding ADA/Access issues at Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center should be directed to Wes Allen, Director (425-348-2220) Address: 9001 Airport Road in Everett, WA 98204

STUDENT HANDBOOK 2021-2022 - Mukilteo School District
Home of the Knights

“Working Together to Build a Culture of Student Success”

                                                Photographed by
                                                Richard Yi 2020

         MAIN OFFICE: 425.366.5400 FAX: 425.366.5402

STUDENT HANDBOOK 2021-2022 - Mukilteo School District
Table of Contents

       Who Knights Are                                                                          5
       How Knights ASPIRE                                                                       6
       What Knights Do: Kamiak Traditions                                                       7
       Bell Schedule                                                                            8
       School Contacts                                                                          9
       The Short Version                                                                       10
       Academics and Counseling Services                                                       11
       Attendance                                                                              12
       General Information                                                                     15
                Arriving to School and Being on Campus                                         15
                Cell Phone/Electronic Device Policy                                            15
                Closed Campus                                                                  16
                Deliveries, Food & Drink                                                       16
                Parking Passes                                                                 18
                Technology Supports                                                            20
                Visitors/Guests                                                                21
       ASB Athletics & Activities                                                              22
       Intervention Resources                                                                  27
       Emergency Procedures                                                                    28
       Behavior Expectations                                                                   30
                General Behavior Expectations                                                  30
                Behavior Intervention and Progressive Discipline                               30
                Exceptional Misconduct and Consequences                                        32
                Reporting Bullying, Harassment, and Hazing                                     45

STUDENT HANDBOOK 2021-2022 - Mukilteo School District
Who Knights Are
Dear Kamiak Community,

You belong here. Kamiak is for every student and every family, every day.

We are excited that you are here, that you will grow into your best self, and that from your experiences at
Kamiak you will stretch yourself, be prepared for the next steps after high school, and make our
communities a better, more inclusive place.

It all starts by seeing and treating one another with dignity, respect, and mutual care.

    1) Our students’ and staffs’ diversity are a quality to be valued, respected, and celebrated.
    2) Students excel in a safe and positive climate that promotes trust, empathy, respect, and
    3) Students must have equitable access to a rigorous and relevant curriculum.
    4) All students learn differently; and understanding and addressing the individual needs of students
       while building upon their strengths will result in high levels of student achievement.
    5) We must use our resources to meet the needs of all students.
    6) Strong relationships between students, staff, and families ensure student academic and socio-
       emotional needs are understood and addressed effectively.
    7) Families (parents/guardians) are strategic partners in the success of students.
    8) We need to empower families in our partnership in order to ensure student-centered engagement.
    9) Effective communication is two-way and must support cultural and language needs.

As we continue to grow as a community, we invite you to be part of all the amazing things here at Kamiak.

The following pages help you learn about our traditions, connect with different resources, and understand
the culture of our school.

For more information about our district’s Equity and Inclusion Policy 0540, click here.

STUDENT HANDBOOK 2021-2022 - Mukilteo School District
How Knights ASPIRE
At Kamiak, we encourage students to ASPIRE to their greatest potential. We ASPIRE to these ways of
acting and being in a Learning Community:
     A Act and speak with positive intent, respect* for others, and integrity.
     S See the humanity and dignity in each other and self.
     P Participate actively and fully by engaging in the learning environment and independent activities.
     I     Imagine the possibilities through flexible and creative thinking.
     R Respect the learning space by being engaged, prepared to learn, and open to other perspectives.
     E Engage in academic scholarship responsibly, honestly, and with integrity.
*Respect means “mutual regard for and understanding towards others’ feelings, beliefs, values, and traditions.”


Virtual learning environments include any type of online classroom (synchronous learning) and
Schoology. In addition to ASPIRE behaviors, remember our virtual Zoom meeting expectations:
           Use only positive and school-appropriate language, actions, and imaging in all virtual interactions,
           whether on discussion boards or in zoom meetings.
           Use the chat function and other messaging functions respectfully and according to district
           Use approved images as virtual background.
           Use only appropriate and uplifting photos (or Bitmojis) of self to represent your Zoom and
           Schoology profiles.
           Use your actual first and last name to display your virtual profile.
           Keep video conferencing (Zoom) logins confidential, off the internet, and social media.
           Students and parents/guardians should not record zoom meetings, or share personal information
           of others, respecting the privacy and individuality of classmates and teachers.

For more information about our Behavior Expectations, intervention practices, and exceptional misconduct
definitions turn to pp.30-45.

STUDENT HANDBOOK 2021-2022 - Mukilteo School District
What Knights Do:
Kamiak Traditions
                              [We wear Kamiak Colors every Friday]
                                 Purple, Silver, and White

                                     Fight Song
                              [We always STAND for the Fight Song]
                   Mighty is the team in purple, silver, and white!
                               Full of fight and loyalty,
                            we'll prove our might tonight.
                                   Let's go Knights!
                                 On our way to victory
                            we wear our colors with pride.
                           Stand up and cheer for all to hear
                              the Knights of Kamiak High.

            The Kamiak Way
        [We strive to be our best selves every day]

Knowledge of the world and ourselves
Nobility in our words and actions
Integrity especially when no one is watching
Gratitude for our challenges and triumphs
Humility in our pursuits of personal growth
Tenacity in accomplishing our goals
Service to our community and each other

2021-2022 Bell Schedule
There are two basic schedules at Kamiak: Daily Schedule and Friday Early Release. However, at times, special or
modified schedules are used for specific activities, assemblies, or testing.
Each day, the bell schedule is posted in the Student Bulletin and on the Kamiak website. Special schedules are posted
in advance.
STUDENT LUNCHES: Generally, students have the same lunch as their Period 5 teacher’s department, but not always.
Please double check your course schedule and Period 5 teacher for lunch assignment.
         Lunch 1 [L1]: Career/Tech, Fine Arts, Math, Special Education, World Languages
         Lunch 2 [L2]: English, Science, Social Studies, PE/Health, Special Education, World Languages

                                      Basic Schedule

                     Common Modified Schedules

School Contacts                         **All staff/administrator emails:
Mr. Shurtleff       Principal                        ShurtleffSJ@                 425.366.5410
Mr. Monica          Assistant Principal | A - G      MonicaSP@                    425.366.5422    Located in the
Dr. Jensen          Assistant Principal | H - Ng     FraleighAV@                  425.366.5423     Main Office-
Dr. Cabrera         Assistant Principal | Nh - Z     CabrerathompsonRM@ 425.366.5421               Floors 1 & 2
Mr. Thomas          Dean of Students                 ThomasBD@                    425.366.5436
Ms. Cummings        School Counselor | A - C     CummingsKE@             425.366.5446
Ms. Spies           School Counselor | D - H     SpiesAO@                425.366.5446
Mrs. Bell           School Counselor | I – Mh    BellSA@                 425.366.5446
Mrs. Bathurst       School Counselor | Mi - Sa   BathurstDL@             425.366.5446
Mr. Stengele        School Counselor | Sb - Z    StengeleWD@             425.366.5446
Mr. Stelling        CCRC Counselor               StellingBC@             425.366.5430
Mrs.Chang           CCRC Specialist              ChangSJ@                425.366.5450
Ms. Forster         HSBP Specialist              ForsterEC@              425.366.5607       Room 326
                                       HEALTH/WELLNESS SUPPORT
Mrs. Armstrong-Hoss School Nurse                 ArmstrongHossBA@        425.366.5409 Counseling Ctr.
Mrs. Glass          Student Support Advocate See your School Counselor or the Dean of Students.
Ms. Everett         Drug/Alcohol Interventionist EverettKM@              425.366.5435      Main Office
                                     ADDITIONAL CONTACTS/SUPPORT
Ms. Huschka         Office Manager                   HuschkaTL@                425.366.5410      Main Office-1
Mrs. Shigematsu     Athletics/Eligibility            ShigematsuML@             425.366.5470     East Campus-1
Ms. Papen           Attendance/BECCA                 KAAttendance@             425.366.5460      Main Office-2
Mrs. Kennedy        Attendance/BECCA                 KAAttendance@             425.366.5460      Main Office-2
Ms. Wolff           ISS/Detention Coordinator        WolffJL@                  425.366.5465       Room 202
Mrs. Gatherum       Bookkeeping/Fines                GatherumJD@               425.366.5427      Main Office-2
Mrs. Cunningham     Bookkeeping/Fines                CunninghamKT@             425.366.5428      Main Office-2
Ms. Thayer          Textbook Questions               ThayerCL@                 425.366.5497        Lab 317
Mr. Watkins         Security                         WatkinsDK@                425.366.5475     East Campus-1
Ms. Kibitskaya      Security                         KibitskayaLS@             425.366.5407     Main Campus-1
Ofc. AJ Dodds       School Resource Officer          DoddsAJ@                  425.366.5400     Main Campus-1

Mrs. Stengele       Activities Coordinator           StengeleCM@                                  Portable 16
Mrs. Comstock       Athletics Coordinator            ComstockKN@                                  Main Gym

The Short Version
       A mask is always required, indoors and outdoors, while on Kamiak property.
       Mukilteo SD/Kamiak always follow the social distancing guidance from Washington State and our local
       Department of Health.
       Spare or replacement masks are available in all classrooms and offices, and the Nurse’s Office.
       Remember to bring the things you need during the school day: Backpack or bag, mask, water bottle,
       computer and charging cable, and school supplies.
       The first class of the day begins at 7:20 AM.
       Our Campus opens 15 minutes before your 1st period.
       If you get here after 7:20 go to the attendance office on the second floor.
       Every period includes a “wipe in/wipe out” procedure for students to clean their desk when they get to class
       and again when they leave.
       Passing times are seven minutes long.
       In hallways and stairwells, stay to the right and maintain social distancing.
        Students may get breakfast in the commons before school.
        Students may bring their own snacks and lunch.
        Lunch is available free of charge in the Commons or East Campus Multipurpose Room.
        Students may eat outside or at any clearly marked indoor eating location.
        Students may lower their masks to eat at one of the indoor eating locations.
       Students will move directly from their last class to their transportation (bus/car/walk).
       All students must leave campus within fifteen minutes after the end of their last class or school-sponsored
       Check in with your coach or advisor regarding your after-school activity for specific directions.

Let’s make Kamiak a place where EVERYONE wants to be. Treat people the way they should be treated: with dignity
and respect. Go Knights!

Academics & Counseling
There are three (3) requirements for high school graduation in Washington State:
    1) Earn twenty-four (24) credits in specific areas.
    2) Meet a Graduation Pathway; and
    3) Create and update a High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP).
For your specific graduation requirements please visit the Kamiak Counseling website, reference this school year’s
Course Guide, and/or make an appointment to see your school counselor.
Student GPAs are assigned and recorded based upon the State Standardized 4.0 Transcript:
                                              B+    3.3        C+      2.3       D+     1.3
                            A     4.0         B     3.0        C       2.0       D      1.0
                            A-    3.7         B-    2.7        C-      1.7              0.0
Transcripts show both a weighted and non-weighted GPA. NC grades do not affect students’ GPAs.
All students have access to School Counseling Services. These services include assistance with educational planning,
interpreting what test scores mean, study skills, help with home/school/social concerns, or any questions a student
would like to discuss with their school counselor. School counselors can provide names of outside resources when
long-term assistance is appropriate. Contact the Counseling Office Secretary at 425.366.5446 to arrange an
The College and Career Readiness Center (CCRC) is located adjacent to the Counseling Office. Post-high school
counseling is provided to help students and parents find information on careers, colleges, scholarships, grants, work-
study, and all career/vocational related areas. The CCRC also hosts multiple student/parent information nights and
Career & College Fairs throughout the year.
There are many academic supports at Kamiak, including credit recovery and after school tutorials. Credit Recovery
Courses are available through state approved online systems. See your school counselor for more information.

Available academic supports include:
          Individual, pre-arranged appointments with teacher(s): Talk to your teacher(s) individually.
          Departmental academic support sessions: See department/teacher postings.
          Academic Coaches/Study Zone held in the library: Monday-Thursday, 2:00-3:30PM.
          Kamiak Afterschool Program [KAP]: Assigned by teacher, school counselor, or administrator.

Being “on time” to school/ class means that a student is in-class and ready to learn when the bell rings.
Regular and on-time attendance is essential to on-time graduation and progress toward your future. Some classroom
activities cannot be replicated or replaced outside of the classroom environment (for example, labs, performances,
group projects, and participation-based activities). As a result, not attending a class may result in grade reduction, loss
of credit, summer school, make-up courses, and/or attendance intervention.
We want you here. We want you connected. We want you to make progress toward and have options for your future!
See Washington State Law (RCW 28A.225.010) and Mukilteo School District Board Policy (3122) for details.

             General Attendance Information
   1. The first class of the day begins at 7:20 AM. Students may arrive up to fifteen (15) minutes before the start of
       their first class. Until then, students may not enter campus. Students may not congregate in cars.
   2. A mask is required at all times while on campus.
   3. If you arrive after 7:20am, go to the Attendance Office on the second floor.
   1. Students who need to leave school during the day must check-out through the Attendance Office or
       Nurse’s Office.
   2. A student will only be allowed to leave after a note or phone call is received from a parent/guardian.
       Students who leave without following this procedure will be marked truant and subject to possible school
Students are excused from a class period or from a school day for the following, authorized reasons (See MSD Board
Policy 3122-P):
          Illness, health condition, or medical/dental/counseling/optometry appointment;
          Participation in a district or school approved program/classroom activity;
          Family Emergency;
          Religious/ Cultural observances or instruction;
          Absence related to deployment activities of a parent or legal guardian who is an active-duty member
          consistent with RCW 28A.705.010;
          Court, judicial proceeding, or jury service;
          Postsecondary, technical school, or apprenticeship program visitation, or scholarship interview;
          State-recognized search and rescue activities consistent with RCW 28A.225.055;
          Absence directly related to the student’s homeless status;
          Absences due to student safety concerns, including absences related to threats, assaults, or bullying;
          Absences due to the student’s migrant status;
          Absence resulting from a disciplinary/corrective action; and

Principal/designee and parent/guardian’s, or emancipated youth’s, mutually agreed upon approved activity
          that does not adversely affect student’s academic progress.
   1. A student is absent when they do not attend class or miss more than 20 minutes of class.
   2. To excuse an absence, the student's parent/guardian must provide written (note or email) or verbal (phone
       call or voice message) communication within two (2) school days following the return to school stating the
       date(s) of the absence(s) and the reason for missing school.
   3. Students are responsible for making up any missed work during an excused absence within the time limit
       specified by the teacher. Remember: Not all classroom activities can be replicated outside of the regular,
       classroom experience.
   4. Refer to a teacher’s syllabus regarding specific attendance requirements related to make-up work.
   5. Refer to the Athletic Code of Conduct for classroom attendance requirements for athletes to participate in
       extra-curricular activities. These same rules are applicable to co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for
       Performing Arts.
Most often, being absent becomes a habit and vicious cycle. The more you miss, the more difficult keeping up becomes.
When students miss a lot of school, we intervene:
    1. The Dean of Students will meet with you and a family member.
    2. We will discuss the reasons for the absences, develop a plan to reduce your absences, find resources to
          remove barriers to attending school, and examine whether the absences will continue to be excused.
Any absence that is not excused within two (2) school days and any unexcused tardy over 25% of the class period is
considered truancy. Unexcused absences or tardiness to school/class will result in attendance intervention by either
the teacher and/or school administration. Students who have unexcused absences/tardies are not guaranteed the
opportunity to make-up tests or work missed—which impacts grades and on-time graduation. Talk with your teacher
and read your class syllabus to find out how unexcused absences and tardies may affect your grade.
If a student has a pre-arranged absence of four (4) or more consecutive days, then the student must complete a Pre-
Arranged Absence form (located in the Attendance Office), present it to each teacher, and turn-in this form to the
Attendance Office one week prior to the absence. This form helps facilitate communication between the student,
family, and teacher(s) regarding missed work and learning during the absence. Pre-arranged absences will be marked
“excused” provided the absence meets one of the authorized absence types listed in the “Excused Absence” section.
Students and their families should anticipate and plan for academic impact to grades, as certain activities (for
example, labs, group activities, participation points, etc.) cannot be made-up, regardless of the reason for the absence.
     1.   A student who misses a Period 0 or Period 7 class must have the absence excused by a parent/guardian
          just like any other class period.
     2.   The absence will be marked “excused” provided the absence meets one of the authorized absence types
          listed in the “Excused Absence” section.
     1.   All Sno-Isle students, coming or going, are required to check-in and out at the Attendance Office.
2.   Pre-arranged program field trips/activities: Prior to a field trip or activity, complete the Sno-Isle pre-
          arranged absence form, have each Kamiak teacher sign-off on the form, and return the form to the Kamiak
          Attendance Office.
     3.   Sno-Isle students are not allowed to transport other Sno-Isle students to Sno-Isle.
Running Start students who are also taking a class(es) at Kamiak must provide a copy of their finalized, college
quarter schedule to the Attendance Office within the first two (2) weeks of each college quarter.

Running Start students who arrive late for a Kamiak class must check-in through Attendance for an admit slip.

When there is a modified schedule at Kamiak, causing a disruption to a Running Start student’s college scheduled
courses, Attendance is able to adjust the Running Start student’s Kamiak attendance record ONLY IF:

     1.   Attendance receives a phone call or email from the parent/guardian or emancipated student within the two
          (2) school days timeframe for excusing an absence; and
     2.   The Attendance Office can confirm the disruption with a current, college quarter class schedule. Kamiak
          does not have access to Running Start schedules; therefore, it is the responsibility of the student to provide
          an updated college schedule each quarter.

      Attendance Intervention and Resources
Students and their parents have the responsibility of ensuring regular, on-time school attendance. If on-time
attendance or attendance in general is a problem, then there are resources and intervention strategies to help:
CONTACT THE SCHOOL IMMEDIATELY: Talk with a school counselor, the school nurse, a teacher, School Resource Officer
(SRO), or administrator to discuss attendance concerns, and available interventions and resources. Attendance and
counseling staff can also assist chronically absent students in identifying triggers to school avoidance.
PROMOTE GOOD HEALTH: Eat a balanced diet, get plenty of exercise, and get enough quality sleep.
ATTENDANCE CONTRACTS: Sometimes, students simply lose track of or don’t realize how much they have been gone.
Not going to school, like going to school, is a habit. Attendance contracts provide a great way for a student to review
attendance expectations and current attendance reports and have an accountability partner for attending school.
         Washington State Governor’s Office of the Education Ombuds, Parent Resource:

          OSPI – Truancy (Becca Bill) and Compulsory Attendance; Tips and Tools for Families:


General Information
ARRIVING TO SCHOOL AND BEING ON CAMPUS Students are expected to wear a mask at all times, indoors and
outdoors, while on Kamiak property. Students are also expected to follow the most updated social-distancing guidance.
Students are allowed mask breaks while eating during passing times in designated areas. Teachers may also host
supervised “mask breaks” during class.

BUS TRANSPORTATION Students may only ride the bus to which they are assigned unless special arrangements are
made ahead of time with District Transportation. The driver is in full charge of the bus and its students. Bus rules are
reviewed each year and must be followed. Furthermore, school consequences may be imposed for bus rule violations
if warranted (see p. 36).
ACTIVITY BUS The purpose of the Activity Bus is to provide transportation to students attending school-sponsored
activities taking place after the end of the regular school day. Students waiting for the Activity Bus at the conclusion of
their school-sponsored activity are expected to remain in the Commons area until 3:55PM. Students who leave
campus may not return to campus and ride the Activity Bus. Activity Bus passes are required and are issued by
designated staff members supervising after-school activities. The Activity Bus departs from the bus zone at
approximately 4:00PM.
CAMPUS HOURS Kamiak is open to students 6:50AM to 2:30PM daily. Students on campus before/after this time
range are expected to be in staff-supervised activities [working with a teacher, studying in the library, or participating in
a club, activity, or athletic program]. Students who loiter will be asked to leave campus. The Activity Bus leaves at
4:00PM (see “Bus Transportation” in the above section).
CELLPHONE AND ELECTRONIC DEVICES POLICY There is a time and place for everything. At Kamiak, we strive to
increase healthy socialization and decrease classroom disruptions that interfere with learning and collaboration. More
than that, a break from social media, outside distractions, and the constant “pinging” of a message is very important to
positive mental health and self-care.
THE POLICY. Unless otherwise instructed by a teacher for learning purposes, cellphones, music and gaming devices,
and other personal electronics must be turned off and put away during class time.

          IMPORTANT! Per Revised Code of Washington (RCW 9.73.030) it is critical that parents and students
          understand that using an electronic device to video and/or record another person without the person’s
          expressed consent is illegal. The only exception to this law is prior arrangement with a teacher to record a
          lecture to be used for educational purposes and cannot be posted to a publicly accessible site, including
          “closed/password protected” sites.

CLOSED CAMPUS Kamiak is a closed campus. Students are required to remain in academic/supervised areas during
the school day and are not permitted to leave campus for lunch or to do errands for a teacher.
Unsupervised and “Out of Bounds” areas include, but are not limited to:
         Parking lots
         Backside of East Campus
         Harbour Pointe (HP) and Athletic Field bridges
         Woods and under East Campus Bridges
         Athletic fields, fieldhouses, and bleachers
         Fourth floor, mechanical areas, and rooftops
         Any area designated as “No Access” or chained off
         Unsupervised classrooms during lunches
Students must sign out through the Attendance Office to leave campus. Students must obtain a pass from the
Attendance Office or Security in order to access their vehicles during school hours. Students who violate the Closed
Campus rule are subject to search (See MSD Board Policy 3122-P). See p. 36 for violation consequences.
DELIVERIES Please come to school with the supplies you need for the day and make sure you have everything you
need: water bottle, snacks, mask, homework, computer, computer charger, and school supplies, etc. We are working
hard to minimize traffic in and out of our buildings, and keep students, staff, and families safe.

Kamiak High School is not responsible for issues related to unauthorized deliveries.
        IMPORTANT!: Delivery of food items by outside vendors/delivery services (for example pizza delivery,
        UberEats, Doordash, etc.) are NOT allowed during the school day due to SAFETY and SECURITY
        protocols. Students and families are not to arrange for or receive food deliveries during class time, lunches,
        and/or passing periods.
DRESS CODE A dress code policy provides an opportunity to educate students about appropriate types of clothing
and expression in different contexts. Students are allowed to wear what they want as long as those choices do not
hinder the educational process and honors the intention of the Dress Code Policy in support of a professional and safe
environment. Special exceptions for medical and religious necessity are made, consistent with RCW 28A.320.140.
When a clothing, grooming, or accessory item/ choice is in question and not addressed in the policy, Kamiak
administrators and staff will determine whether said item/choice creates a disruption to the educational process or
hinders a respectful environment.
Regardless of gender or gender identity, the following clothing, accessories, grooming, and/ or modes of dress are
not acceptable:
         Bare feet or unsafe footwear.
         Clothing, accessories, and/ or grooming that depicts weapons or violence;
         Clothing, accessories, and/ or grooming that are identified as, or perceived to be, gang affiliated;
         Clothing and/ or accessories used to cause others to feel harassed/ intimidated and/or provoke a reaction;
         Clothing and/ or accessories with drug, alcohol, or tobacco graphics, sayings, and/ or symbols;
         Clothing and/ or accessories with sexually explicit, vulgar, or offensive graphics, sayings, and/ or symbols;
         Clothing and/or accessories with profane language or symbols;
         Clothing that reveals undergarments (all genders), such as underwear, boxers, bras, and bralettes;
         Exposure of midriff, buttocks, and/ or chest.

In addition to these school-wide guidelines, individual teachers may have additional or modified classroom
guidelines to meet specific course/program needs. Please refer to a teacher’s website, syllabus, and/ or other
posted guidelines. Refer to the p. 37 regarding consequences for Dress Code violations.
FOOD/DRINK AND STUDENT SNACKS Students may eat outside or at any clearly marked indoor eating locations.
Students may lower their masks to eat at one of the indoor eating locations. All eating areas are marked with person
limits. Students are expected to clean up after themselves. In most settings students can have and use a water bottle;
nevertheless, students need to respect individual classroom safety rules.

 These are the places to eat lunch:                                These are the places closed during lunch:
      Main Campus Commons and First Floor tiled                         The stairwells and landings of Main and East
      hallways (see signs)                                              Campuses (Fire Code restrict these areas)
      East Campus Cafeteria                                             The 2nd and 3rd Floors of Main Campus
      Outdoor eating areas                                              The PAC Foyer and Gym Complex
FINES It is the responsibility of students to keep track of fines or debts and resolve fines when they arise.
Fines, debts, and financial obligations due to Kamiak High School are posted periodically throughout the school year
and can be found on QMLATIV. There are different kinds of fines and fees: athletics, books, parking, library,
club/activity materials, and/or Mukilteo School District fines/fees incurred prior to enrolling at Kamiak. Nutrition
Services sends out lunch debt notifications separately.
Students must clear all fines before being issued parking passes, yearbooks, Prom tickets, Senior Breakfast tickets,
and official transcripts. Students must satisfy all fines/fees prior to completing the transfer or withdrawal process.
Lunch debts are paid directly to Nutrition Services. Please contact an administrator, the bookkeeper, or a school
counselor, for financial assistance to clear fines.
Please stop by the Kamiak Bookkeeping Office or call 425-366-5428 for questions regarding fines.
HALL PASSES All students, including TAs, newspaper staff, yearbook staff, and Student Council Officers, must have
a hall pass to be outside of classrooms during class times. Obtain a signed hall pass from your teacher.
HEALTH AND WELLNESS SERVICES The Nurse’s Office and Wellness Center is open from 7:20AM to 2:00PM. If you
need assistance at a time that the clinic is closed, please report to the Counseling Center. Except in cases of
emergencies, students must have a pass from their teacher to visit the nurse.
Emergency first aid will be given to students if illness or injury occurs after arrival to school.

     Health and Wellness Center Services include:
                Medical appraisals, counseling, education, and dispensing of parent/guardian and/or physician-
                approved medications.
                Resources: The Health Center has many resources available to students.
                Students do not have to be ill to visit the Health Center—simply visit during non-classroom time.
     Medications at School:
     Washington State outlines specific rules about taking medications at school, whether prescribed or over the
     counter. To have medication at school, including Tylenol, aspirin, or cold medicine, students MUST 1) have
     written permission from their doctor and/or legal guardian; 2) the permission form must state when the medication
     is to be taken and for what length of time; 3) the medication must be in its original container; 4) the medication
     must be recorded, kept, and dispensed by the school nurse.

LIBRARY/MEDIA CENTER The Library is open 6:45AM to 3:30PM Monday-Thursday and 6:45AM to 1PM on Friday.
Students are welcome to use the Library/Media Center before/after school and during lunch. Students may visit during
class time with a signed pass from their teacher.
          All library materials are available for check-out with a Kamiak ID card. The check-out length for books is
          three (3) weeks; with no more than 10 items checked out at once.
          No fines are charged on late materials. Students are asked to return books as soon as they are finished
          using them so that other students may use them. If materials are lost, the borrower is charged with the
          replacement cost of the material(s).
          Library Media Center staff assist the information needs and interests of Kamiak students and staff. We
          encourage the Kamiak community to use and enjoy the resources available.
          Please respect the learning environment of the Library – students who disrupt this environment will be
          directed to leave and may be subject to Library Suspension.
          More information and resources are available on the Kamiak library website and Library Schoology Course.
LOCKERS Lockers are available to students for storage of books and personal belongings during the school day. The
school is not responsible for items missing from an individual’s school, PE, music, or education locker. Students are
discouraged from keeping articles of value in lockers. Lockers are the property of the school/district, and, as such, are
open to periodic inspection by school authorities and/or law enforcement (including K-9 drug units). Problems with
lockers should be reported to Room 202 (Time Out “Calming and Safe Space” Room). Take care of an assigned
locker: repairs or cleaning will be billed to the student who was assigned the locker. Students may only use the
locker assigned to them. Students are responsible for the contents and use of the locker assigned to them.

PARKING PASSES Parking permits cost $45. Vehicles parked on campus are required to have permits displayed at
all times with the school year and pass number visible through the windshield. Parking permits are sold during
Business Days: first to Seniors and then to Juniors on a “space available” basis. Sophomores can purchase parking
permits based upon availability. Once lots are sold out, there will be no further sale of permits.
To obtain a permit, students must:
           Purchase an ASB card for the current school year;
           Be clear and free of all financial obligations to Kamiak and/or fines from previous MSD schools; and
           Have a valid driver’s license, current proof of WA state insurance, and current vehicle registration.
Parking Pass/Lot Information and Expectations
Parking lots are the property of Mukilteo School District. Parking permit holders and drivers using Kamiak parking lots
are expected to drive in a safe and respectful manner at all times.
          Display parking permits at all times from the rear-view mirror.
          Lost, stolen, or destroyed permits must be replaced immediately ($45) to avoid ticketing. If the lost/stolen
          permit is recovered, then a full refund for the replacement permit will be issued.
          Students must park in the color zone that matches their permit. If a color zone is full, park in the Purple Lot.
          Parking in staff spots, a fire lane, visitor parking, the front circle/loop, East Campus (anywhere), behind Main
          Campus, between the Main Gym and portables, a Handicap spot without a permit, or medians/flower beds
          will result in a ticket and possible impound.
          All vehicles parked in Kamiak lots are subject to search with reasonable cause AT ANY TIME by school
          authorities and/or law enforcement (including K-9 drug units).
          Students and families may not access the road behind the Main Building from 6:45AM-2:30PM.
          Vehicles should be locked when parked at Kamiak. Kamiak is not liable for theft or damage to vehicles.
          Parking in the Tennis Court Lot does not require a permit. However, individuals who park in the Tennis Court
          Lot are subject to all parking lot rules and search.
IMPORTANT! Any of the following actions may result in a parking pass being revoked, a ticket being issued,
     disciplinary action, and/or towing and impound of the vehicle at the student’s expense:
         1) Transferring a parking pass to another student (sale, trading, sharing, etc.).
         2) Fraudulent parking passes. All parties involved will be subject to school discipline.
         3) Speeding and/or reckless driving (anything over 5mph is speeding).
         4) Using the vehicle to sell, use, and/or store illegal substances or weapons.
         5) Repeated parking tickets or violations.
         6) Leaving campus without permission and/or skipping.
         7) Sno-Isle students who give rides to other students to or from Sno-Isle.

Parking tickets are usually $30; however multiple infractions may incur a higher cost. Parking tickets are reduced by
50% if paid within two (2) school days of the ticket date. Students have seven (7) days after a ticket is issued to contest
the ticket with Dr. Cabrera. Tickets cannot be contested after seven (7) days.

          See the “Behavior Expectations” section to review possible consequences for violations related to
          parking/driving offenses, including closed campus violations.
School officials or law enforcement (including K-9 drug units) may search a student, a student’s car on school property,
a locker, or a student’s property (including electronic devices), or to take alcohol/drug screen IF there is an
individualized, reasonable cause to believe that:
           The possession of a suspected item constitutes a crime or violation of district policy or school rules; and/or
           Conditions/circumstances exist that threaten the health and safety of those in the school; and/or
           The student is under the influence of alcohol, an illegal substance, or a substance purported to be illegal.
Students who refuse to cooperate with any search may be subject to disciplinary action.
General searches of school property may be conducted at any time, including school and PE lockers, classrooms, and
school common areas. For further information, see MSD Board Policy 3231, 3232, 3232-P, and MSD Student Rights
and Responsibilities.
All signs, posters, and pamphlets must be approved by a Kamiak Administrator or the Activities Coordinator prior to
posting, hanging, or distributing on Kamiak Campus or Kamiak- sponsored social media. Posting/hanging non-
approved signs will result in signs being removed, as well as possible disciplinary action. Further, removing, defacing,
and/or destroying approved posters/signage may result in disciplinary action.
WHERE TO POST/HANG SIGNS AND POSTERS: There are designated bulletin boards in the Main Campus, East Campus,
PAC, and Gym Complex for signs and posters. Signs and Posters are not allowed on walls, windows, brick, or doors.
The exception to this is during Election season. Candidates are given clear instructions about where to hang/post
campaign flyers and posters
Student publications produced as part of the school's curriculum or with the support of the Associated Student Body
(ASB) fund are intended to serve both as vehicles for instruction and student communication. They are operated and
substantively financed by the district. Material appearing in such publications should reflect all areas of student interest,
including topics about which there may be controversy and dissent. Controversial issues may be presented provided
that they are treated in depth and represent a variety of viewpoints. Student contributors must demonstrate good
judgment. Publication material must be free of content that runs counter to the instructional program; demeans or
otherwise damages individuals or groups; supports the violation of school rules; and/or, is inappropriate for the maturity
level of the students. Therefore, student publications may not be libelous, obscene, or profane; cause a
substantial disruption of the school, invade the privacy of others; demean any race, religion, sex, gender,
sexual orientation, or ethnic group; or advocate the violation of the law or advertise tobacco products, liquor,
illicit drugs, or drug paraphernalia. Such publication activities must also teach respect for the sensitivity of others
and standards of civility as well as the elements of responsible journalism. For further information, see MSD Board
Policies 3221 and 3221-P, “Student Publications,” and 3220-P, “Freedom of Expression.”
Mukilteo School District provides technology systems and networks to further the education of students at Kamiak.
Students are given a personal account with which they can access the internet, engage in learning, complete assigned
work and projects, and access email accounts. Students are expected to be professional with school technology and
use it for academic purposes only. Student accounts may be temporarily or permanently disabled and/or disciplinary
action may be imposed if technology expectations are not met. See p. 42-43 for all district technology expectations.
There are many ways to get support with technology needs. If you are a student with login issues or a district-issued
computing device and you need technical support, please check with your teacher first.
            Students who know their old password can reset it by going to the Student Portal and clicking on the
            “Change Password” tile: icon.
            Students who do not know their old password can contact Ms. Schwenn (Librarian) at 425.366.5441 or
   for assistance.
     All students are issued a laptop during back-to-school business days and first days of school. Students are
     expected to follow all rules as outlined on the technology check out form. Bring your school issued laptop, fully
     charged, to school every day. If you missed your opportunity to check out a laptop at the beginning of the
     school day, please speak to the librarian.
             Contact the library staff.
     If students or families need help with district provided technology they can complete the Distance
     Learning Technology Support Form or call 425-356-1207 and Technology Services will respond accordingly.
     Technology Services Service Desk (Help Desk) is staffed daily, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Mukilteo School District believes in fostering an educational environment that is safe and free of discrimination for all
students, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. To that end, the District
recognizes the importance of an inclusive approach toward transgender students with regard to official records,
confidential health and education information, communication, restroom and locker room accessibility, sports and
physical education, and dress codes and other school activities, in order to provide transgender students with an equal
opportunity for learning and achievement. For further information please see MSD Board Policy 3211-P, your school
counselor, or your administrator.

Mukilteo School District uses video cameras on school grounds and in District-provided school buses to promote and
maintain a safe environment, protect district property, and deter and prevent criminal activity and conduct violations.
Students, parents, staff, volunteers, and visitors may be videotaped while on school grounds or in District-provided
school buses. Further information on the use of video cameras can be found in MSD Board Policy 9321.
Students should not bring valuables, personal electronic devices, and/or large amounts of money to school. Lost,
stolen, or damaged items are the responsibility of the student. Neither Kamiak nor Mukilteo School District will be held
liable for lost, stolen, or damaged items [See MSD Board Policy 3245]. Kamiak will make reasonable efforts to
investigate the loss, theft, or damage of any such items on campus, including referring to local police.
People that do not attend or work at Kamiak High School are not permitted as visitors during any part of the school
day, including lunch. The exception to this policy is visiting students/groups connected to specific Kamiak co-curricular
and extra-curricular programs.

ASB, Athletics, & Activities
All enrolled Kamiak students are members of the ASB. The ASB is publicly funded with revenue generated from ASB
Card sales, vending machine sales, parking permit sales/tickets, fundraising, and grants. ASB funds and supports
Cultural, Athletic, Recreational, and Social clubs and activities at Kamiak.
We strive to have a comprehensive, extra-curricular program designed to develop leadership skills, self-advocacy,
awareness, responsibility, and respect for self and others. We encourage all students to join one of the many Kamiak
athletic teams, clubs, or organizations. A full list of clubs, organizations, and activities is available in the Main Office,
Counseling Office, posted flyers, and on the Kamiak website under “ASB/Activities” and “Athletics.”
     MISSION STATEMENT-ATHLETICS: Working together to help student-athletes develop into leaders in the classroom,
     the community, and on the athletic field through high expectations, accountability, encouragement, perseverance,
     and determination.
     MISSION STATEMENT-ASB/ACTIVITIES: Working together to create a culture of belonging, empowerment, and
     respect for self and others.
There is no cost for ASB cards. Some of the benefits you receive for being a member of ASB are as follows:
          Participating in Kamiak Athletics, ASB activities, and ASB chartered clubs.
          Running for and holding an ASB or Class Officer position.
          Receiving discounts on entry/ticket fees for athletic and ASB events (for example, dances, plays, musicals,
          and fundraiser merchandise).
Student Identification Cards are required for student entry at all sporting events.
Kamiak High School is a member of the WESCO 4A League, District One, and the Washington Interscholastic
Activities Association [WIAA]. Our athletic teams, and some of our activities’ teams (such as band, cheer, dance,
and debate), compete with other conference teams for league, district, and state honors. It is expected that all Knights
exercise our proud tradition of good sportsmanship with all opponents both on and off the playing field, court, and/or
arena of competition.
     FALL SEASON SPORTS/ACTIVITIES: Cross Country (boys/girls), Football (boys), Soccer (girls), Swimming (girls),
     Volleyball (girls), Tennis (boys), Unified Bowling, Cheer, Dance, Debate, Show Band.
     WINTER SEASON SPORTS: Basketball (boys/girls), Swimming (boys), Unified Basketball, Wrestling (boys/girls),
     Cheer, Dance, Debate, and Winter Guard.
     SPRING SEASON SPORTS: Baseball (boys), Softball (girls), Golf (boys/girls), Soccer (boys), and Track and Field
     (boys/girls), Unified Track & Field, Cheer, Dance, and Debate.
     1.   Be enrolled in at least five classes (or otherwise full-time enrolled) during the previous semester.
     2.   Pass 5 of 6 classes.
3.   Turn in a record of recent physical examination per district policy (athletics, cheer, dance).
     4.   Purchase insurance or sign an insurance waiver.
     5.   Meet all WIAA rules and regulations.
     6.   Complete the online athletic clearance process available by visiting the Kamiak Athletics webpage (athletics
     7.   Students must be in attendance at least three periods and/or 50% of their daily schedule, and all absences
          must be excused, in order to participate in sports (practices, contests, etc.).
     8.   Remain drug/alcohol/tobacco-free 24 hours per day, 365 days per year (in and out of season).
          Consequences for violating this policy can be found on the Kamiak athletics webpage, the WIAA handbook,
          and pages 34 and 35 of this Student Handbook. Student athletes, activities’ participants, and ASB/Class
          Officers are expected to leave any social gathering where drugs/alcohol are being illegally as soon as you
          are aware (“five-minute rule”). Knowingly staying at any social gathering where drugs/alcohol are being used
          illegally may result in loss of eligibility for games/contests and activities. Students removed from ASB/Class
          Office for exceptional misconduct cannot run for office for one (1) school year.
     9.   Refrain from any involvement in harassment, intimidation, and/or bullying (HIB); including sexual harassment
          and hazing, either directly or indirectly, or through the use of social media. Social media HIB and misconduct
          includes, but is not limited to, any negative communication, pictures, and/or video; endorsements of illegal
          activity, harassment, intimidation, or bullying; sexually explicit or suggestive images, or disrespecting
          opponents of other schools. (See also MSD Board Policy 3216 and 3216-P; “Team and Group Bonding,” p.
          25; and “Hazing,” p. 40).
Students attending school events such as games, dances, or other activities are expected to remain at the event once
they have entered. There is no student re-entry at games, dances, and some school events, should a student leave the
event or loiter in unsupervised areas.
Students are expected to depart within fifteen (15) minutes of the end of the event or activity. As a prerequisite
for entrance to sporting and other optional school events, large bags and purses may be subject to search prior to
entering the event. Kamiak honors a “no-backpack” and “no open container” policy at all events to support student and
spectator safety.

The highest possible expectation for respectful and socially appropriate behavior is required of all students and
approved guests at school dances. A school dance is an event that the ASB and staff wish to be inclusive of all
students. All regular school rules apply at all high school dances whether on or off campus.
Theme dance dress policy (for example, pajama, 1980’s, etc.) will be reviewed with students prior to the dance and
must be followed. Any student deemed to be dressed inappropriately will not be admitted to the dance. Students and
approved guests may not remain on campus without being in the designated dance area. All students/guests are
expected to vacate the dance/ school grounds within 15 minutes of the end of the dance.
Dangerous, socially inappropriate, and/or sexually suggestive behavior will not be permitted. Kamiak administration
and staff chaperones will use their best judgment to identify dance moves or styles that violate this expectation.
Judgment of staff chaperones and administration in determining appropriateness of dance moves is final and may
result in removing a student and/ or guest from the dance.

IMPORTANT!: If a student is removed from a dance due to a violation of these rules or not permitted into the
        dance due to a school rule violation, there will be NO refunds. By choosing to attend a dance, students accept
        and agree to follow these dance guidelines.
DANCE TICKETS: Each dance ticket is numbered and assigned. Tickets are non-transferrable: that means, once a
ticket is purchased and assigned to a specific person, that ticket cannot be sold or given to someone else. Dance
attenders must bring their dance ticket and photo ID to check-in.
DANCE GUESTS: A “guest” is defined as a “non-Kamiak student.” Juniors and Seniors only may invite a guest to
Homecoming (this is due to capacity restrictions). Seniors only may invite a guest to Prom. Guests must be high school
age, but under the age of 21 and not in middle school. Only one guest per Kamiak student. Kamiak “hosts” must
come and leave with their guest. Dance Guest Request forms are available in the Attendance Office and Main Office 3-
4 weeks before a dance. Before a guest ticket can be purchased, all sections of the Dance Guest Request form must
be completed and turned in to the Main Office prior to the deadline, and the guest approved. The Kamiak host is
responsible for informing the guest of school and dance rules. See Mrs. Fraleigh for information about dance guests.
The essential elements of school-based athletics are embodied in the concept of sportsmanship and in the six core
principles of character education: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.

Please be advised that the Mukilteo School District has a code of expectations for all spectators participating in school-
based athletics. Your cooperation in adhering to the following expectations as a spectator at athletic events is
appreciated and necessary to provide a quality experience for every person participating and to ensure the best
possible environment for all student-athletes, coaches, officials, and other spectators.

          I will do my part to make athletics a positive experience for everyone involved
          I will learn and adhere to the policies of the district, school and program and do my best to understand
          and appreciate the rules of the game
          I will encourage good sportsmanship by showing respect and courtesy to all those in attendance and
          participating in an athletic event
          I will not engage in any unsportsmanlike conduct with any official, coach, player, parent or staff member,
          such as taunting or using profane language or gestures
          I will demand a safe and healthy environment that is free from drugs, marijuana, tobacco and alcohol and
          will refrain from any use at all athletic events
          I will not engage in disparaging dialogue or taunting behavior with officials, players, coaches, parents
          and other spectators before, during and after all events
          I will refrain from coaching any player during games and practices unless I am an official coach
          I will never ridicule or yell at any participant for making a mistake or blame any player or coach for
          success or failure in the athletic setting
          I will respect the decisions and authority of officials during competitions
          I will respect the property and equipment used at any sports or school facility
          I will show appreciation for an outstanding play by either team
          I will applaud effort in both victory and defeat and be gracious in both

IMPORTANT!: In the event any spectator fails to adhere to and uphold these expectations, the school and/or
        school district reserve the right to impose sanctions including disciplinary action that may include, but is not
        limited to, temporary and/or permanent removal from the activity and expulsion from all future events.

Things happen because students get involved and help make decisions about ASB money and activities. Students
can participate in ASB student government by representing their Period 3 class or club at Student Council, or by
running for an ASB or Class Officer position. There are also many opportunities to serve on committees.
CLASS CABINET/OFFICER MEETINGS: Support and generate ideas for your grade level class! Class Officers meet 2-4
times per month with their class advisor. Meeting times and location are announced throughout the year.
LEADERSHIP AND INTRO TO LEADERSHIP: Leadership and Intro to Leadership classes are a great way to get involved and
affect whole school spirit and activities. Find out what Leadership is doing and help, even if you are not in the class.
                                      ASB AND Class Officers | 2021-2022
 Officers                President          Vice President         Secretary                      Treasurer
 ASB                     Nahoum Giles       Jasper Gan             Rie Kim                        Sabrina Kim
                        President               Senator                   Senator                 Senator
 Senior Class           Samantha Lewis          Tristan Jafari            Patrick McCullough      Jesse Toves
 Junior Class           David Semeraro          Esaw Adhana               Senai Azmach            Emerson Gruits
 Sophomore Class        Julianna Shin           Laiba Bhatti              Andrew Kim              Vivian Mawedeku
 *Freshmen Class Officers are elected in September/October of the current school year.
 School Board Student Director Connor Park
The primary purpose of all team bonding activities needs to be either for teambuilding or to honor and recognize the
group members for a new year. Groups must obtain prior permission from the building Athletic Director or
ASB/Activities Director prior to any teambuilding and/or group bonding activities. All group members must have the
opportunity, without consequence, to opt out of any or all of the activities. Students feeling excluded are encouraged to
speak with Mrs. Fraleigh and/or Mr. Monica.

              Activities need to have a meaningful, positive purpose that align with the team, athletic department,
              ASB, school, and district goals.
              Activities must create a positive team feeling, bonding, and atmosphere.
              Activities cannot be disruptive to the school or educational process.
              Activities should be carried out only with consent of each member.
              A member of the coaching staff or club/organization advisor must be present and involved in all team
              building, bonding, and/or induction events.
              Activities cannot involve hazing. See p.40 for definition and consequences.

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