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Student Handbook K-5 CAMPUS - 2290 Clyde Fant Pkwy. Service Rd. Shreveport, LA 71104 - Magnolia School of Excellence
Student Handbook
        K-5 CAMPUS

    2290 Clyde Fant Pkwy. Service Rd.
          Shreveport, LA 71104
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          (318) 703-5574 (Fax)
Dear Parents,

From the very first day of school until they don their caps and gowns, students go
through the most enriching growth period of their lives. The Charter Schools USA
family of schools is proud to offer you and your family the opportunity to choose a
great educational experience. As an alternative to public schools without the typical
added cost of tuition, our schools offer a rigorous academic curriculum, a safe
learning environment, a community atmosphere and so much more.

Educational success for all students cannot be achieved without parent partnerships.
You are the most essential part of your child’s education and it is important that we
build a strong relationship in order to best serve your child’s educational needs.

Please use this handbook as a guide. If you cannot find the information you need,
please contact school staff members as indicated on the following pages. We look
forward to a successful year and are committed to providing our students with quality
learning opportunities that will help them become productive citizens in the 21st

                                Charter Schools USA’s Mission

CSUSA provides world-class educational solutions with:

    •   An unwavering dedication to student success
    •   An unyielding commitment to ethical and sound business practices

Providing a choice for our stakeholders that fosters and promotes educational

                                 Charter Schools USA’s Vision

CSUSA will have a dramatic impact on the world’s next generation – changing lives
and leaving a legacy. Our brand will be the standard by which quality is measured in
                                         CSUSA Values





Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                                  2
June 2020
Table of Contents
PRINCIPAL LETTER ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6

SCHOOL CALENDAR ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7

AFTER-SCHOOL CARE AND BEFORE-SCHOOL CARE ------------------------------------------------------------------- 8

ARRIVAL -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8

ATTENDANCE POLICY --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11

BOOK BAGS/FOLDERS/PERSONAL ITEMS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11

BUS TRANSPORTATION ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11

CAFETERIA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11

CARE OF SCHOOL PROPERTY --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12

CELL PHONE POLICY --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12

CHARACTER/CITIZENSHIP ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13

CHILD ABUSE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 14

COMMUNICATION BETWEEN HOME AND SCHOOL ---------------------------------------------------------------- 15

DISCIPLINE PROCEDURES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16

DISMISSAL --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19

DRESS CODE/SCHOOL ATTIRE POLICY---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21

EARLY DISMISSAL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 23

EMERGENCIES ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 24

ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 24

FAMILY RIGHTS AND PRIVACY ACT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25

FIELD TRIPS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25

GRADING POLICY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 25

GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 26

HALLWAY BEHAVIOR ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 27

Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                                                                            3
June 2020
HOME LEARNING POLICY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 27

HONOR ROLL REQUIREMENT--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 28

INJURY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 29

INSTRUCTIONAL BOOKS, EQUIPMENT, MATERIALS, AND SUPPLIES ------------------------------------------ 29

LABELS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 29

LOST AND FOUND ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 29

MEDICATION ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 29

PARENT TEACHER COOPERATIVES (PTCS)----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 30

PARENT VOLUNTEER HOURS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 31

PEDICULOSIS (HEAD LICE) AND EYE INFECTIONS -------------------------------------------------------------------- 31

PUPIL PROGRESSION PLAN ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 32

REPORT CARD DISTRIBUTION -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 32

RETURNED CHECKS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 32

SCHOOL HOURS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 32

SCREENINGS------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 32

STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 33

STUDENTS’ RIGHTS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 33

SUSPENSION AND/OR EXPULSION-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 33

TEACHER CONFERENCES --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 34

TELEPHONE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 34

SEVERE WEATHER INFORMATION -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 34

VISITORS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 34

PARENT OBLIGATION 2018-2019 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 35

HANDBOOK ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 37

ACCEPTABLE INTERNET USE POLICY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 38

ACCEPTABLE INTERNET USE POLICY: PARENT AGREEMENT ----------------------------------------------------- 39

Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                                                                            4
June 2020
INCLUDING SEXUAL AND OTHER FORMS OF HARASSMENT ----------------------------------------------------- 41

Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                                               5
June 2020
Principal Letter
Dear Parents and Students:

Welcome to another exciting year at Magnolia School of Excellence! I am both honored
and thrilled to be your Principal for this upcoming school year. There is no greater
investment than the education of our children, and together we will create a powerful
and unifying educational environment for everyone. It is OUR mission at Charter
Schools USA to ensure that all students achieve their academic potential and become
responsible and productive members of society.

As we begin this new year, I want to share with you our primary goals as we accomplish
our mission. It is our goal at Charter Schools USA to sustain and create a powerful and
cohesive commitment for each of you through these priorities which include:
   • Lead Magnolia School of Excellence in a way that places student and adult
      learning at the center of all decisions;
   • Set high expectations with a commitment to high standards of academic
      performance for all students and staff; create a culture of continuous learning
      for students and adults within a safe and secure learning environment;
   • Use multiple sources of data as diagnostic tools to assess, identify and apply
      instructional strategies as needed for academic achievement; and
   • Actively engage all school staff, parents, students and community to create a
      shared vision for the school success.

Please know that serving as the Principal of Magnolia School of Excellence is a great
honor, and I value the trust and responsibility that comes with this position. I invite you
to join Charter Schools USA and me in making this a great school year for our students
through support of your time and talents. Nothing motivates children more than when
learning is valued and encouraged by our school, our families and our community.

Together, we will ensure a quality education for each and every child, each and every


Kim A. Derrick, Principal

Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                                   6
June 2020
School Calendar
Lower (Grades K-5) and Upper Campus (Grades 6-12)
August 12-14                        New Teacher Professional Development
August 17-21                        All Teachers- Professional Development Days (School Led)

August 24                           All Students Report
                                    1st Reporting Period / 1st Semester Begins

September 7                         Labor Day Holiday – School & Offices Closed

October 12-14                       Fall Break – School & Offices Closed
October 22                          1st Reporting Period Ends (40 Days)
October 23                          Professional Development Day- District Led (No Students)
October 26                          2nd Reporting Period Begins

November 3                          Election Day (Schools & Offices Closed)
November 23-27                      Thanksgiving Holiday– No School for Teachers and Students

December 21 – January 1             Christmas Holiday - No School for Teachers and Students

January 4                           Professional Development Day- School Site Led (No Students)
January 5                           All Students Report – 3RD Reporting Period / 2ND Semester Begins

                                    END OF FALL SEMESTER (83 DAYS)

January 18                          Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday – Schools & Offices Closed
January 19                          3rd Reporting Period/2nd Semester Begins
February 12                         Professional Development Day- District Led (No Students)

February 15-17                      President’s Day Holiday / Winter Break – Schools & Offices Closed
March 15-19                         Spring Break- No School for Teachers and Students
March 26                            3RD Reporting Period Ends (44 Days)

March 29                            4TH Reporting Period Begins
April 2-5                           Good Friday / Easter Holiday – Schools & Offices Closed
May 10-14                           Senior Exams
May 14                              Seniors Last Day
May 24-27                           Final Exams- Upper Campus
May 28                              Last Day of School for Students
                                    4TH Reporting Period (38 Days) / 2nd Semester Ends
May 28                              Teachers Last Day

                                    END OF SPRING SEMESTER (83 DAYS)

                                           Senior Graduation 2021- TBA
                                                Student Days – 166

PD and Teacher Work Days                                                          Grading Periods
August 12-14, 2020 New Teachers                                                   1st August 24-October 22
August 17-21, 2020 All Teachers & Staff                                           2nd October 26- January 15
October 23, 2020                                                                  3rd January 19-March 26
January 4, 2021                                                                   4th March 29-May 28
February 12, 2021

Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                                                         7
June 2020
After-School Care and Before-School Care
The Before and Aftercare program is a service we provide for parents for a reasonable
fee. Please see our website for payment procedures and policies.

Students who will be attending the Before School Care program are expected to
report directly to the designated area upon arrival no earlier than 6:30 a.m. Parents
must sign in their child on a daily basis.

The Aftercare Program begins at 3:30 p.m. and ends at 6:00 p.m. Students are
provided a snack and a drink. During an hour of the program time, students are
given time to work on their home learning and read a book. After home learning time
is over, students have time for recess, games, and a variety of structured activities.

Late Fee Schedule

Any child picked up after 6:00 pm will be charged the late fee and an additional $1.00
per minute.

If making changes in your child's dismissal plan, please fax information to (318) 424-
8871 with a copy of your Louisiana Driver’s License and signature to the school. No
phone calls will be accepted.

School Hours 7:45 a.m. - 3:20 p.m.

PROMTLY AT 7:45 a.m. each day. Carpool opens at 7:20 a.m. and closes at 7:55
a.m. Any student arriving after 7:55 a.m. must be accompanied by a parent or
guardian for office check-in. Excessive tardies and absences will be referred to the
School Building Level Committee.

Drop off is from 7:20 a.m.-7:55 a.m. INSTRUCTION begins promptly at 7:45 a.m.
ALL students must be picked up between 3:20-4:00 p.m. EACH day or placed in the
aftercare program for later pick up.

There is no supervision before 7:20 a.m. or after 3:50 p.m. for students who are not
enrolled in the Before Care/Aftercare Program.

•   All students MUST be dropped off in the carpool lane beginning at 7:20 a.m.
    Students are not to be dropped off in the morning from the parking lot area. This
    is a safety hazard to students and causes traffic back-up for faculty and staff.

Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                                   8
June 2020
•   Carpool lanes will be closed at 7:55 a.m. and parents must check students in at
    front office. Carpool ends at 4:00 p.m.

Attendance Policy
Your child(ren) must be in school every day as mandated by state law.

Parents must call the office to notify the school if the student is going to be absent.
Parents have 48 hours to excuse the absence; failure to do so will result in the
absence being unexcused.

Students must be in school unless the absence has been permitted or excused for one
of the following reasons. Please note that vacations are considered unexcused

1. Illness of student

2. Illness of immediate family member

3. Death in the family

4. Religious holidays of the student’s own faith

5. Required court appearance or subpoena by a law enforcement agency

6. Special event (public functions, competitions, exceptional cases of family need)

7. Scheduled medical appointments, dental appointments, and absences for
   treatment of autism spectrum disorder

8. Students who have, or are suspected of having communicable disease

If you need to take your child out of school before the end of the school
day, come to the school office before 2:30 p.m. to sign him/her out, and a
school employee will send for your child.

After the 1st-3rd absence, the attendance clerk will make parent contact.

On the 4th absence, the counselor will make parent contact.

Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                                    9
June 2020
On the 5th absence, the Assistant Principal will hold a parent conference.

On the 6th absence, a School Building Level Committee (SBLC) meeting will be called
and our social worker will be notified.

Students exceeding a combination of 20 unexcused absences, repeated
tardies, or daily early dismissals will lose automatic re-enrollment

A child is tardy when he/she is not in their classroom by 8:00 a.m. All late students
must enter the front office and be issued a tardy pass.

Excused Tardies:

A student will be considered as excused only if a parent/guardian personally escorts
their child to the front desk and has a viable reason. The reasons for excused tardies
are as follows:

    1. Doctor appointments with notes from the doctor/orthodontist or

    2. Extreme emergencies approved by administration

Excused tardies will not count toward the student’s tardy record.

Unexcused Tardies:

Students are expected to be in their seats when the tardy bell rings at 8:00 a.m. This
practice preserves instructional time and is necessary for schools maintaining an
orderly environment conductive to learning and educational accountability. Unexcused
tardies count toward the student’s permanent record. Your child must be in school
and ON TIME by state law.

1st Tardy: Parent check-in with the student and a verbal warning is issued.
2nd Tardy: Parent check-in with the student and a verbal warning is issued.
3rd Tardy: Parent check-in with the student receiving a standard tardy letter.
4th Tardy: Parent check-in with student along with a conference with the
5th Tardy: Parent check-in with a student with an administrative conference.
6th Tardy: Parent check-in with the student and issued one-day recess detention.
7th Tardy: Parent check-in with the student and issued two days recess detention.
8th Tardy: Parent check-in with the student and issued one day ISS or its equivalent.
9th Tardy: Parent check-in with the student and issued two days ISS or its equivalent.
10th Tardy: Student is placed in ISS pending an SBLC meeting at school.

Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                                  10
June 2020
Accumulated tardies will terminate at the end of each semester.

Birthday Celebrations
Students are welcome to celebrate their birthday at school in Kindergarten through
5th grade. Individual store bought snacks (cupcakes, cookies, etc.) and a drink may
be brought to school to share with your child’s class at the end of their lunch period.
Arrangements must be made in advance with the classroom teacher. Siblings may
not attend this celebration, as it would be disruptive to another class. If
outside party invitations are distributed within the classroom, invitations must be
provided for all students.

Book Bags/Folders/Personal Items
Book bags, backpacks, folders, or any other personal items must not display patches,
entertainment insignias, drawings, obscene words, gang signs, or any other item that
would be deemed inappropriate, offensive, or reflect negatively on CSUSA. Failure to
comply will constitute a uniform violation and be subject to detention and parental

Bus Transportation
Magnolia School of Excellence does not provide bus transportation.

Parents are encouraged to car pool and make sure that students are dropped-off and
picked-up according to posted school hours.

SLA provides all breakfast and lunches for Magnolia School of Excellence. A standard
menu will be used, and the monthly menu can be picked up or viewed online.
Breakfast and lunch will be served in the cafeteria/multi-purpose room. Breakfast will
be served from 7:20 a.m. to 7:55 a.m.

Magnolia School of Excellence is a part of the Community Eligibility Program (CEP)
under the USDA Food and Nutrition Administration that provides a free breakfast and
lunch to every student each day. Students are permitted to purchase additional food
at current prices. The link for the current cost is available at

Students are not allowed to bring sodas or energy drinks to school. Parents are
not allowed to drop off fast food meals (Sonic, McDonald’s, etc.) during
lunch time. This is against federal school/lunch regulations. If a lunch needs

Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                                11
June 2020
to be dropped off, it MUST be in a brown bag or a lunchbox/bag. In addition, we
discourage sugary foods, candy, cookies, gum, and foods heavy in red dye.

Each student is required to show good manners, courtesy and consideration of other
students and adults in the cafeteria. Students are to enter and exit the cafeteria in an
orderly fashion. Students are to stand in a single file line while waiting for food, keep
communication noise levels low, and stay seated unless raising their hands and asking
permission to move about. Containers are provided for the disposal of trash, and each
student is required to dispose of the trash from the top of his/her table and the area
surrounding it before the lunch period is over. A student is not allowed to leave
the school grounds during the lunch period. NO FOOD OR BEVERAGE IS TO BE
posted and all students are expected to follow them at all times.

Care of School Property
Students are expected to respect the school buildings and property. Receptacles are
provided throughout the buildings and grounds for proper disposal of waste. Marking
or defacing school property is a serious offense leading to suspension and
possible expulsion. Any student who damages/vandalizes school property will be
required to make full restitution for damages. Chewing gum is only allowed as an
incentive given by a teacher during that instruction time. All food must be
consumed in the cafeteria or area designated by Administration. Students are not
permitted to play in bathrooms. Any student who disregards rules pertaining to care
of school property may be subject to disciplinary action.

Cell Phone Policy
No student, unless authorized by the school principal or his/her designee,
shall use or operate any electronic telecommunication device, including cell
phone, recording devices, pager, MP3, IPod, gaming device, apple or any
other type of electronic watch, in any school building, or on the grounds
during the instructional day or in any school bus used to transport public
school students.

Cell phones and all other electronic devices must be turned off, stowed away out
of sight and not used during the instructional day or while riding a school
bus. For the purpose of this policy, the instructional day will be defined to be the
time students arrive on campus in the morning until the time they are officially
dismissed in the afternoon.

Use of cell phones or electronic devices by a student shall result in the confiscation of

Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                                 12
June 2020
the cell phone and a parent phone call. Schools have the option of using other
corrective strategies for repeat offenders. All confiscated phones or electronic device
shall be returned to a parent or guardian when a request has been made and a
release form provided by the school has been signed.

Consequences are as follows:

First Offense: The cell phone will be returned to the student at the end of the school
day, after the student signs the cell phone policy form.

Second Offense: The cell phone will be returned to the parent/guardian of the
student at the end of the school day, after the parent signs the cell phone policy form.

Third Offense: The cell phone will be returned to the parent/guardian of the student
after five (5) school days, and the parent signs the cell phone policy form.

Fourth Offense: The cell phone will be returned to the parent/guardian of the
student at the end of the semester or academic year, and the parent signs the cell
phone policy form.

PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention & Support)

Purpose: Magnolia School of Excellence is a community of learners. We are all here
to learn, grow, and become model citizens.

We learn to:

    •   Be READY



    •   REMEMBER to keep hands, feet and objects to yourself

    •   RESPOND quickly to directions

The Mariner expectations are designed to help create a climate of cooperation,
academic excellence, respect and safety at Magnolia School of Excellence. The
approach is based on seven principles. We believe these principles will help create an
optimal learning environment for the students at Magnolia School of Excellence.

The guiding principles are as follow:

    •   Clear expectations for student behavior

    •   Clear and consistent strategies for teaching appropriate behavior

Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                                13
June 2020
•   Clear and consistent strategies for encouraging appropriate behavior

    •   Clear and consistent consequences that discourage inappropriate behavior

    •   A support system and individual behavioral programs for students with unique
        or exceptional needs

    •   Clearly designed methods for evaluating and revising this approach

    •   Clear plans and strategies for communicating the characteristics and philosophy
        of the behavior plan to students and parents

Each month students have the opportunity to become a Student of the Month.
Students must demonstrate the following qualities:

        •   Make good choices when reacting to or handling a problem

        •   Exhibit self-control at all times, including special area classes, lunch, recess,
            school events, and before/after school care

        •   Demonstrate concern for other people, for their own personal property, and
            for school property

        •   Accept negative and positive consequences, and act responsibly

        •   Arrive to school on time (no more than 2 unexcused tardies per quarter
            and/or early dismissals per quarter)

        •   Turn in home learning assignments in a timely manner

        •   Receive no detentions or suspensions

Student of the Month is a component of the school’s overall school-wide behavior
plan. Students may be nominated by their classroom teachers, who will take into
account regular behavior in special classes, lunch, recess, and Before/After Care

Child Abuse
State law requires that teachers, administrators and other school personnel report
suspected cases of abuse, abandonment, or neglect to the DCF Hotline at
1 (800) 96-ABUSE.


The staff member will determine if the abuse is physical, emotional, and sexual or

Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                                     14
June 2020
neglect per the indicator guide.

1. If further consultation is needed before a decision is made to report, they will refer
   to the following:
        a. Child Abuse/Neglect Designee
        b. School Based Level Committee
        c. School Social Worker and Attendance Office, Child Abuse Services School
        d. Health Services

2. The (OCS Form CPI-2) report will be made by the person who has the firsthand
   knowledge of the situation. After the call is made to the HOTLINE, the child abuse
   designee must be notified.

3. A verbal report to the statewide toll-free hotline must be made. Caddo Parish
   Department of Children and Families Hotline: (318) 676-7622

Communication Between Home and School
Communication is absolutely essential for success in any human endeavor. The
administration and staff recognize this and will strive to facilitate open and frequent
communications with parents at all times. Teachers will communicate with parents on
behavior and academics.

However, please make sure that you check your child’s backpack daily for informal
notes from the teacher or from our staff in their folder. An End of the Year Survey
will be conducted and your participation is crucial so that the school can determine
areas that are working well and areas that need improvement. In addition to the
report cards and conferences, work will be sent home in a folder on Wednesdays.
The parent/guardian will be asked to sign and return the folder by the next day.
Progress Reports will be sent home once during the middle of each grading period.
Parents may also view their child’s current academic status through PowerSchool.

Username and passwords will be sent home at the beginning of the school year or
you can call the front office. Also, visit our school’s web page at Pertinent information about school functions and events
will appear on this page.

Please feel free to consult with your child’s teacher(s) regarding any problems or
questions that concern your child. It is the desire of the faculty and staff to be of
service to both parents and student and every teacher welcomes a conference with
any parent.

We do urge, however, that such visits be made by making an appointment with the

Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                                  15
June 2020
teacher at a convenient time before or after school hours or during teachers’ planning
period. Parents are asked not to meet with a teacher before or after class
unless a conference has been scheduled.

Impromptu conferences with teachers at the classroom door before or after school are
not permitted. This distracts the teacher from supervision of the students during a
crucial time of movement.

Discipline Procedures
Discipline is the process of changing a student's behavior from inappropriate to
exemplary. We are never satisfied with merely stopping poor behaviors; we desire to
teach the student to do what is right. We do not discipline a student out of anger or
for the sake of convenience. Though few students desire discipline, they often need
structure and clear expectations to reach their full potential.

Each teacher will establish appropriate procedures for discipline in his/her classroom
based on these guidelines. The following list is not all-inclusive:

        1. Students are expected to respect the authority of school personnel which
           includes but is not limited to: administration, teachers, staff, substitutes and
           bus drivers.

        2. Malicious destruction of school property will result in the replacement,
           repair or payment for damages by either the student or his/her parents.
           The placement of stickers on school property is forbidden.

        3. Students shall help keep the school clean at all times. There is to be no
           gum chewing in the school building or on school grounds.

        4. Items such as water pistols, matches, iPods, skateboards, hand held game
           devices, toys, weapons of any sort, etc. are not permitted on school

        5. No notebooks, albums, magazines, lunch boxes, etc. will be permitted that
           carry pictures or slogans referring to drug culture or alcohol. No profane,
           abusive or slang language is to be used.

        6. There is zero tolerance for aggression, drugs and alcohol on campus.
           Students that push, hit, bite, kick, harass, bully or use the internet in a
           negative way will be assigned an appropriate consequence, up to and
           including suspension or dismissal from the school.

The Caddo Parish school district passed a Code of Student Conduct that lists violations
and disciplinary actions that must be taken in order to deal with misconduct. All
students and their parents must read The District School Board Code of Student
Conduct, which can be viewed online at

Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                                   16
June 2020
There are three (3) levels of disciplinary action and the levels are determined by the
seriousness of the act and the Magnolia School of Excellence Code of Conduct.

Level I Actions, Minor Referrals- In order to resolve Level I discipline problems,
the following options are available:

            •   Teacher conference with student
            •   Parent Contact (documented conduct)
            •   Conference with teacher and parent(s)
            •   Conference with Student Services Coordinator (Counselor)
            •   Behavioral Contract


    •   Dress Code – student dresses in a manner inconsistent with school’s policy
    •   Disrespect for Authority - student refuses to follow adult directives
    •   Disruption – talking, making noises that disrupt the learning process for the
    •   Electronic Device - having an electronic device that is turned off but visible
    •   Forgery – student signs parent’s name to test papers/agenda book, etc.
    •   Inappropriate language - profanity not directed at anyone
    •   Leaving Class Without Permission – student leaves the classroom when it
        is not an emergency
    •   Not Using Time Wisely – playing in class or off task behavior
    •   Physical Contact- pushing, poking, pulling hair, tripping or other mild
        conduct form that does not result in bodily injury
    •   Refusing to Complete Work – student refuses to complete assigned work
    •   Taking Others’ Belongings - supplies or other items of low value
    •   Throwing Objects – tossing objects without intent to harm
    •   Unauthorized Area - in hallway without a pass, in an off limits area or re-
        entry into the building after dismissal

Teachers will reteach the expectations after each infraction and document the
intervention used for each. Repeated minor infractions can result in a major discipline
referral with all Minor Infraction documentation submitted to Principal or designee.

Level II Actions, Major Referrals- In order to resolve a Level II offense, more
formal disciplinary actions shall be used. All infractions are documented on a state
discipline referral form and the Dean will determine appropriate action/consequence
for each violation. Formal actions include, but are not limited to:

Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                                 17
June 2020
•   Time Out - Classroom
            •   In School Time Out Room
            •   Conference with the Dean
            •   Referral to Student Services Coordinator/Behavior Interventionist
            •   Out of School Suspension

Level III Actions, Major Referrals- In order to resolve Level III offenses, the
options available are:

            •   Out of school suspension
            •   Administrative review and reassignment
            •   Dismissal from school


    •   Bullying/Cyber Bullying - a pattern of behavior that is directly or indirectly
        focused toward another student to alter or control the student’s behavior
        through actions that are emotional, verbal, written, sexual, racist, electronic, or
    •   Bus Disturbance – student performs behavior that compromises the safety of
        others (standing up, hands out window, talking loudly)
    •   Fighting - punching, hitting, slapping, kicking, pulling hair that involves bodily
    •   Harassment – student delivers messages (words, gestures, photographs,
        drawings or other communication) to intimidate others
    •   Inappropriate Use of Technology - student violates the computer use
    •   Initiating or Instigating a Fight - student’s words or actions results in a
        physical altercation
    •   Leaves Campus without Permission – student leaves the school campus
        without permission from an administrator
    •   Profanity – Using profane language directed towards peers
    •   Public Indecency – exposing one’s private parts to others
    •   Profanity – Using profane language directed towards school personnel
    •   Committing Immoral Practices or Acts/Sexual Acts – student engages
        in/attempts to engage in behavior of a sexual nature
    •   Committing Immoral Practices or Acts/Harassment – student engages
        in written, verbal, or physical conduct gestures or actions towards others
    •   Stealing – student is in possession of someone else’s property of value
    •   Throwing Objects – throwing an object that results in a bodily injury
    •   Use of Electronic Device – student uses electronic device during school for
Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                                  18
June 2020
•   Vandalism – student deliberately causes property damage or destruction
    •   Willful Disobedience – student is openly defiant after teacher has redirected

Level IV Actions, Major Referrals- Discipline incidents that required immediate
response from administration, crisis team, entire staff, and/or community support.

            •   Out of school suspension
            •   Administrative review and reassignment
            •   Dismissal from school
            •   Due process hearing as required for state mandated offenses.


    •   Battery of a Staff/Faculty Member – a severe or unprovoked act of
        physical aggression against a staff or faculty member with a reasonable intent
        to harm
    •   Possessing, distributing or use of drugs/alcohol – student has, used or
        distributed illegal drugs, prescription or non-prescription medication or alcoholic
        beverages on school campus
    •   Possession of a Weapon – possessing a knife, firearm, ammunition,
        explosive device or other object used as a weapon
    •   Unauthorized use of electronic devices such as recorders, cell phones
        and/or video equipment.
    •   Any other serious offense – offense deemed by administration as being
        level IV

Time Out
Time out is a disciplinary action that allows the student time to reflect and refocus.
The child is given time to sit quietly, to calm down and to refocus on the expected
behaviors before returning to group instruction. It can be given in the classroom, in
the office or in another classroom.

In school Detention
An administrator will complete the In School Detention Form which includes the
date/time/location of the detention, description of why the detention was given and
what attempts were made to contact parent/guardian.

•   All students must be picked up in the carpool lanes by 3:50 p.m.
•   ALL vehicles must have a current year Magnolia issued Car Placard.
•   Students riding Day Care buses will be called to the office at 2:55 p.m. If you do
    not want your child to be released for DAYCARE, please contact the school prior to
Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                                  19
June 2020
2:30 p.m.
•   Aftercare will be called at 3:30 p.m.
•   Walkers, SporTran and sibling riders will be called at 2:55 p.m.

Please avoid calling the front office during dismissal (2:55 p.m. thru 3:50 p.m.)
Students must leave the school grounds immediately after dismissal, unless enrolled
in the Aftercare Program or an Enrichment Program.

Students will not be checked out after 2:30 p.m. Aftercare students may be
picked up after 3:50 p.m.

Only individuals listed on the EMERGENCY CONTACT CARD will be allowed to pick-up
students from school. Please update information whenever changes occur. Valid photo
identification will be required of all individuals picking-up students. If someone arrives
at the school to seek the release of a student and the person's name is not on the
emergency contact card or the person does not have valid photo identification, the
student will not be released. Please update and maintain current contact information
through the front office.

To avoid having the school become involved in personal family conflicts, parents or
guardians should submit to school authorities a copy of any legal documents that
indicate who has legal access to the child and his/her records during school hours. In
the absence of legal documentation, school officials will provide access only to those
individuals whose names appear on the student's data card. Failure to provide the
school legal documentation outlining visitation rights will result in any parent listed on
the birth certificate being permitted to pick up a child. Friends and strangers will be
denied access to a student in the absence of verified parental consent.

Students not picked up on time will be placed in the Aftercare Program and
be charged accordingly.

Please make sure that if you need to sign your child out early for an
appointment you do it before 2:30 p.m. No checkouts will be permitted
after 2:30 p.m.

All parents must remain inside cars during dismissal. Teachers will bring the students
to the designated area for pick- up. Please follow our procedures for dismissal to
ensure the safety of students and to demonstrate positive citizenship in our school’s

Current year Magnolia Car Placards must be purchased for student. This car
placard MUST be displayed in your front window during car pool pick-up. A staff
member will call for your student to come out for pick-up after they have read the

Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                                  20
June 2020
student name located on the placard. Proceed around the parking lot and your child
will be released from the south side door.

Cost of the placard is $5.00 for two. Additional placards can be purchased as needed
for the same cost. If you do not have your student car placard, proper identification
must be presented and verified with the front office staff.

Students are not permitted to walk through the parking lot. Do not leave your car
unattended in the car pool lane during pick up. Please refrain from conferences with
your child’s teacher during these times. Parents must not use their cell phones while
driving in the parking lot and music must be turned off.

Please follow our procedures for dismissal to ensure the safety of students and to
demonstrate positive citizenship in our school’s neighborhood.

Dress Code/School Attire Policy
A higher standard of dress encourages greater respect for individuals, students and
others, and results in a higher standard of behavior. Our dress code guidelines
indicate appropriate school dress during normal school days for every student.
Magnolia School of Excellence reserves the right to interpret these guidelines and/or
make changes during the school year. Students are expected to follow these
guidelines. All uniforms must be purchased from our approved vendor, Sports
World, as they are the only company authorized to monogram or imprint the
trademarked school logos.

The following items are part of the required school uniform for Magnolia School of
Excellence. All students are expected to follow these guidelines. School uniforms are
to be purchased exclusively from Sports World.

Students in grades K-5

    •   Magnolia School of Excellence monogrammed Red polo, short or long sleeved

    •   Navy bottoms (shorts, slacks, skorts) (no jumpers or skirts)

    •   Black or Brown Belt

    •   Closed toe and heel shoes

    •   Jackets must be solid in color. The only colors authorized are navy, black, and
        red. The following outerwear is permitted on campus: jacket, sweatshirt,
        hoodie, zip-up, and Magnolia spirit sweatshirt or hoodie.

Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                                21
June 2020
If a student is out of uniform, a verbal warning will be given and parent contact will
be made.

Hair must be neat and not a distraction to the educational setting. This is left to the
administration’s discretion. No hats, scarves or bandanas may be worn. No make-up
will be worn in school. If students wear make-up to school, they will be asked to
remove it.

All shirts must be worn tucked in and purchased from Sports World. Shirts must
have the Magnolia School of Excellence logo and be worn every day to school
Monday-Thursday. Friday is the designated Spirit Day at Magnolia. Students may wear
a spirit shirt each Friday with uniform bottoms.

Students must always wear closed toe shoes. Sneakers or flat dress shoes are
strongly recommended. No heavy military type boots or shoes with metal tips may be
worn. No stacked or pumped shoes may be worn. We recommend sneakers or flat
dress shoes. No “Heelys” (wheeled sneakers), bedroom/other slippers. All shoes must
have a closed toe and back.

All pants, skorts, and shorts must be navy in color. Dresses, skirts, and jumpers
(solid or plaid) are not permitted. Cargo pants are not approved uniform pants.
Pants are to be worn outside of all shoes.

Absolutely no jeans will be allowed on any day (no matter the temperature), except
on designated Jeans Days when the student may wear appropriate jeans if the
student chooses to participate as a fundraiser. There will be certain reward or “free”
spirit days but those are only approved by the administration and tickets will be
provided to those students who have earned the “free” day reward.

All jackets must be navy, black, or red and solid in color. Jackets, zip-ups, hoodies,
sweatshirts and Magnolia spirit outerwear are the only outwear permitted at Magnolia
School of Excellence. Small logos on jackets are permitted, however, large emblems
and logos are not authorized. Parents have the option to purchase a Magnolia spirit
hoodie or sweatshirt from Sports World.

Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                                   22
June 2020
A belt is recommended to be worn at all times with any article of clothing which has
belt loops. Belts must be black or brown. Belts cannot have jewels, dangling items,
large buckles, or logo/written items.

Body piercings may not be worn with the exception that girls may wear earrings in the
ear lobe. For safety reasons, only a stud or a tiny hoop earring can be worn. (Tiny
hoops can be no larger than an adult pinky finger.) Limited jewelry can be worn such
as a watch, small bracelet, and thin necklace/chain. For safety reasons,
necklaces/chains should be worn inside of school uniform, NOT on top of the uniform
shirt. Bracelets need to be limited to one per wrist to eliminate unnecessary noise and

At no time are students to wear anything offensive, immodest or deemed
inappropriate by the faculty. ALL CLOTHING SHOULD BE LABELED WITH THE
STUDENTS NAME. Parents of students in Kindergarten are encouraged to leave a
Ziploc bag labeled with the child’s name with a spare change of clothes in the
classroom throughout the year for emergencies.


Early Dismissal
Any student leaving school prior to regular dismissal will have an early dismissal
logged to his/her record.

Excused early dismissals are given for doctor’s appointments with notes
from the doctor. To receive an excused early dismissal, a doctor’s note must
be brought to school the next day.

If you need to take your child out of school before the end of the school day, come to
the school office and sign your student out. A school employee will then send for your
child. Students will not be dismissed from the classroom to a parent. Parents need to
sign their child out on the sign-out log and wait for their child to come to the main

No early dismissals will be permitted after 2:30 p.m.

Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                                 23
June 2020
Illness: The importance of regular attendance cannot be over-emphasized, but
students should not be sent to school when they are ill. Students will be sent home if
they have a temperature of 99 degrees or above. In order for a child to return to
school, he/she must be fever-free, diarrhea, vomit-free for a minimum of 24 hours.
If a student becomes ill during the school day and it appears that they would be best
cared for at home, the parent will be contacted. There are very limited facilities in the
school, making it impossible to keep sick students for long periods of time. School
personnel must be notified of any student's chronic illness (i.e. asthma, diabetes,
sickle cell, heart conditions or seizures). This heightens awareness in case of an
emergency. Please update Emergency Contact Information whenever
changes occur.

Students will not be permitted to take calls from parents to see how they are feeling.
The school will contact you if your child is not feeling well.

Your child’s safety is a top priority. We need to be prepared for the unexpected. We
hold monthly fire drills, quarterly lockdowns, and practice extreme weather
procedures to prepare us for the possibility of an emergency. Under extreme
circumstances should we need to evacuate the building, the local police will assist in
determining the location the students would be held. Under no circumstances will
parents be allowed to pick up their child at school during an evacuation period. For
information during such an emergency you may contact CSUSA at 954-202-3500.
Please wait patiently for a phone call from our office staff telling you the location and
procedure for picking up your child. The local news stations may also be helpful with
disseminating information regarding evacuations and procedures as well.

Students will only be released to the people identified on the emergency
contact form. Please bring proper identification (a picture ID) when picking
up your child. Keeping this in mind, please notify the office immediately
when there is a change in home/cell phone numbers.

Enrichment Programs
The enrichment program functions independently from the Before and Aftercare
program; therefore, it is not a requisite to be enrolled in the Before and Aftercare
program to participate in enrichment activities. Students have several opportunities to
participate in extra-curricular activities for an additional fee.

Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                                 24
June 2020
Family Rights and Privacy Act
The revised Family Rights and Privacy Act became a Federal law in November, 1974.
The intent of this law is to protect the accuracy and privacy of student educational
records. Without your prior consent, only you and authorized individuals having
legitimate educational interests will have access to your child's educational records. In
special instances, you may waive this right of access to allow other agencies working
with your child to have access to those records.

Field Trips
As a learning experience, teachers may plan field trips. Parents may be asked to assist
the teacher as chaperones. Parents serving in this capacity may not have other
children accompany them. Parents who are officially selected to be chaperones may
count their hours on the field trip as volunteer hours. The Guidelines for
Chaperones form must be signed prior to any parent chaperoning a field trip.
Parents accompanying students on overnight field trips must be fingerprinted and
background checked per the Jessica Lunsford Act, in effect since September 2005.

Participation in field trips is a privilege. Students serve as representatives of the
school; therefore, they may be excluded from participation in any trip for reasons
relating to behavior or conduct. Students must follow all instructions given by staff or
any other adult in charge while on the trip, including while on the bus and while at the
field trip site. Students who fail to follow instructions will be given an appropriate
consequence upon return to the school. If a student is suspended during the first
semester, they may be excluded from participating in any field trips or dances during
the first semester. If a student is suspended during the second semester, they may be
excluded from participating in any field trips or dances during the second semester.

Parent permission must be given for students to participate in field trips. The teacher
will send permission slips and information about each field trip 2-4 weeks prior to
each field trip. Money and permission slips must be turned in according to the
teacher's instructions, prior to the field trip or the student will not be permitted to
take part in the field trip. Students are to wear their uniform on field trips for security
reasons (unless otherwise authorized by administration). All open balances owed to
the school must be remitted prior to the student attending the field trip i.e.,
before/after care, lost books, volunteer hours.

Early dismissal from a field trip site is not permitted.

Grading Policy
Academic grades are a reflection of student mastery of the standards being taught.
Students’ academic work is not graded based on behavior.

Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                                   25
June 2020
Grading a student’s work solely on the standards taught allows teachers to have a
true indicator of the proficiency level of the student since grades are not skewed by
non-academically related aspects. Students are given ample opportunity to practice
what is taught in order to demonstrate what they have learned both in class and
through home learning assignments, which are reflective of student practice grades.
Students are afforded reteaching and reassessment opportunities. Parents will have
real-time access to grades in the electronic grade book, and teachers will frequently
communicate with families before a report card with final grades is issued to address
any concerns about students who are failing their assignments.


   Kindergarten – Effort, Participation, and
                                                         Grades 1st through 5th

   E        90-100    Excellent                          A        93%-100%

   S        75-89     Satisfactory                       B        85%-92%

   N        65-74     Needs Improvement                  C        75%-84%

   U        0-64      Unacceptable                       D        67%-74%

   I        I         Incomplete                         F        0%-66%

*E, S, N, and U are used on the Kindergarten report cards for all subjects.

Magnolia School of Excellence is required to follow all promotion/retention and
grading policies as specified in the Caddo Parish School Board Pupil Progression Plan.
The grading scale for gifted, talented and enriched will be followed as approved in this

Grievance Procedure
If a student or his/her parents feel they have a grievance or complaint, they should do
the following:

        1. Carefully analyze the problem and be sure you have ALL the FACTS.

        2. Ascertain that you have a rational attitude about the problem.

        3. Seek to resolve the problem with the teacher, if applicable, through

        4. If you believe the problem is not resolved, meet with school

Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                               26
June 2020
5. If left unresolved, you should contact School Support, CSUSA at 954-

        6. If still unresolved, you should contact the Board of Directors. Please call
           the school for contact information.

Hallway Behavior
Students should travel through hallways quietly to avoid interrupting ongoing classes.
Students should always arrive to class on time. Students are NOT allowed to show
“Public Displays of Affection.” For safety reasons, students should walk on the right
side of the hallway and keep their hands, feet and other objects off the corridor walls
and to themselves.

Home Learning Policy
The purpose of home learning is to develop study habits in children early on in their
academic lives. It is also used to reinforce concepts that have been taught or to work
on projects that have been assigned. If a child does not understand his/her
assignment after trying to do it at home, please communicate the problem to the

Teachers use the following time schedule as a guide when assigning home learning:

Home Learning                            Reading and Log & Instructional Software

Grade K         10 minutes                          10 minutes

Grade 1         10 minutes                          10 minutes

Grade 2         15 minutes                          10 minutes

Grade 3         15 minutes                          15 minutes

Grade 4         20 minutes                          20 minutes

Grade 5         20 minutes                          20 minutes

These times are a guide and are based on the average child's ability and on
concentrated, undistracted time for doing home learning. Some home learning
assignments may take less time or may take slightly more time on any given day. A
child who does not complete class work during school hours may have to complete
this work in addition to the home learning assignment. If a teacher uses a reading
log, requirements will be sent home by the teacher.

Assignments must be completed on time and properly written. The only acceptable
excuse for not completing home learning is the student's illness or a written note
stating an emergency, which prevented home learning from being completed. If a

Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                                   27
June 2020
student fails to bring in home learning, he/she should complete it for the following
day. Teachers keep daily records of home learning assignments which are used in
determining quarterly grades. If a child consistently fails to complete home learning,
there may be behavioral consequences in the classroom. If a child continually fails to
complete home learning, consequences may include detention or suspension. It is
important to note that home learning is the student’s responsibility.

All students will be required to write their home learning assignments in their
assignment notebook/assignment sheet. Parents are required to look at
assignments each night to ensure effective communication.

The parent’s responsibility is to provide a quiet environment and assistance when
needed. In addition, parents may help in the following ways:

    • Show an interest in your child’s work.

    • Provide a place and time for quiet study.

    • Assist in practicing with spelling words and numbers combinations.

    • Encourage home reading and listen to your child read.

    • Review the assignments for neatness and completeness.

    • Refrain from doing the work for your child.

    • Discuss problems related to home learning with your child’s teacher.

Students will not be permitted to return to a classroom after dismissal to get home
learning assignments and projects. This also includes the students participating in the
Before and Aftercare program.

Honor Roll Requirement
An Awards Program will be held each 9-week period.

    •   Principal’s List- All A’s
    •   Honor Roll- All A’s and B’s
    •   Perfect Attendance- No absences, tardies or early checkouts.

A variety of awards will be given covering numerous academic and nonacademic areas
at the end of the school year.

Charter Schools USA – Student Handbook                                               28
June 2020
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