31st International Symposium on Chirality - Programme - 14th - 17th July 2019 Bordeaux, France - Chirality 2019

31st International Symposium on Chirality - Programme - 14th - 17th July 2019 Bordeaux, France - Chirality 2019
31st International
Symposium on Chirality

      14th - 17th July 2019
       Bordeaux, France       Chirality


31st International Symposium on Chirality - Programme - 14th - 17th July 2019 Bordeaux, France - Chirality 2019
    CONTENT                                        It is our great pleasure to welcome you to Bordeaux for the 31st International
                                                   Symposium on Chirality - CHIRALITY 2019 held at ENSEIRB MATMECA, located
                                                   on the campus of the University of Bordeaux, a short tram ride away from the centre
                                                   of Bordeaux―the “Port of the Moon”―and its UNESCO world heritage-protected,
                                                   historic centre created in the Age of Enlightenment.

                                                   This annual three and a half days event is dedicated to state-of-the-art research
    Welcome note				page 3                         in various fields of chirality, and was first organised in 1991. CHIRALITY 2019 in
    International committee			     page 4          Bordeaux follows the previous meetings held in Princeton (2018), Tokyo (2017),
    Local organising committee		   page 5          Heidelberg (2016), Boston (2015), and Prague (2014).
    Invited speakers			            page 6
    Chirality Medal 2019			        page 8          During this 2019 conference, achievements in enantioseparation from some of the
    Practical information			       page 10-11      founders of the CHIRALITY conference will be highlighted by invited speakers.
                                                   Also, the annual Chirality Medal will be award to a researcher who has made significant
    Bordeaux general information		 page 12-13
                                                   contributions to this field over the course of his career. This year, the Chirality Medal
    Gala dinner				page 14-15                      winner is Professor Laurence A. Nafie from Syracuse University, USA.
    Partners & sponsors			         page 16
    Programme                                      This exciting programme brings together students, postdoc fellows and established
             Sunday 14th July		    page 17         researchers from academia, as well as industrialists, with topics covering the whole
             Monday 15th July		    page 18 to 21   spectrum of chirality research.
             Tuesday 16th July		   page 22 to 25
             Wednesday 17th July		 page 26 to 28   CHIRALITY 2019 was made possible only through the generous help of our sponsors
    Poster sessions				            page 29 to 37   and we thank them for all their support.
    Programme overview			          page 54
                                                   We also wish to thank all the local organisers, students and postdocs, as well as
    Venue 					page 55                             the advisory board and the past organisers for their valuable advice.

                                                   We hope that you will have a great CHIRALITY 2019 experience
                                                   and that you will enjoy the beautiful city of Bordeaux and its surroundings.

                                                   Reiko ODA, University of Bordeaux, Chair
                                                   Jeanne CRASSOUS, University of Rennes 1, Co-chair

2                                                                                                                                              3
31st International Symposium on Chirality - Programme - 14th - 17th July 2019 Bordeaux, France - Chirality 2019
INTERNATIONAL                                                                       LOCAL ORGANISING
    COMMITTEE                                                                           COMMITTEE

                        ◆ Toru ASAHI, Waseda University, Japan                                     ◆ Reiko ODA, CBMN, University of Bordeaux / CNRS / Bordeaux INP, Chair
                        ◆ Isao AZUMAYA, Chiba University, Japan                                    ◆ Jeanne CRASSOUS, University of Rennes 1 / CNRS, Co-chair

                        ◆ Zachary S. BREITBACH, AbbVie Inc., North Chicago, USA                    ◆ Thierry BUFFETEAU, ISM, University of Bordeaux / CNRS

                        ◆ James CANARY, New York University, USA                                   ◆ Nicolas DAUGEY, ISM, University of Bordeaux / CNRS

                        ◆ Albert CHAN, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China        Scientific   ◆ Yann FERRAND, CBMN, University of Bordeaux / CNRS / Bordeaux INP

                        ◆ Jeanne CRASSOUS, University of Rennes 1, France                &         ◆ Gilles GUICHARD, CBMN, University of Bordeaux / CNRS / Bordeaux INP
    Executive           ◆ Lorenzo DI BARI, University of Pisa, Italy                  organising   ◆ Elizabeth HILLARD, CRPP, University of Bordeaux / CNRS
    committee                                                                         committee    ◆ Brice KAUFFMANN, IECB, University of Bordeaux / CNRS
                        ◆ Bart KAHR, New York University, USA
                        ◆ Jérôme LACOUR, University of Geneva, Switzerland                         ◆ Yannick LANDAIS, ISM, University of Bordeaux / CNRS

                        ◆ Oliver TRAPP, University of Munich, Germany                              ◆ Sylvain NLATE, CBMN, University of Bordeaux / CNRS / Bordeaux INP

                        ◆ Claudio VILLANI, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy                      ◆ Emilie POUGET, CBMN, University of Bordeaux / CNRS / Bordeaux INP

                        ◆ David WALBA, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA                        ◆ Vincent RODRIGUEZ, ISM, University of Bordeaux / CNRS

                        ◆ R. Thomas WILLIAMSON, University of North Carolina, USA                  ◆ Patrick ROSA, ICMCB, University of Bordeaux / CNRS

                        ◆ Eiji YASHIMA, Nagoya University, Japan

                        ◆ Daniel W. ARMSTRONG, Arlington TX, USA
                        ◆ Nina D. BEROVA, New York, NY, USA

    Honorary advisory   ◆ John CALDWELL, Liverpool, UK
    committee           ◆ Eric FRANCOTTE, Basel, Switzerland
                        ◆ Wolfgang LINDNER, Vienna, Austria
                        ◆ Yoshio OKAMOTO, Nagoya, Japan
                        ◆ Kazuhiko SAIGO, Kochi, Japan
                        ◆ Christopher WELCH, Indiana, USA

                        ◆ Domenico MISITI, Rome, Italy - retired 2010
                        ◆ Vadim A. DAVANKOV, Moscow, Russia - retired 2007
                        ◆ Volker SCHURIG, Tübingen, Germany - retired 2006
    Emeritus            ◆ Irving WAINER, Washington, USA - retired 2000
    members             ◆ Bernard TESTA, Lausanne, Switzerland - retired 1998
                        ◆ Anthony FELL, Bradford, UK - retired 1999
                        ◆ Uli HACKSELL, Stockholm, Sweden - retired 1995
                        ◆ André COLLET, Lyon, France - Deceased 1999
                        ◆ William PIRKLE, Urbana, USA - retired 2001, deceased 2017
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31st International Symposium on Chirality - Programme - 14th - 17th July 2019 Bordeaux, France - Chirality 2019
    Plenary speakers
    ◆ Donald HILVERT, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
    ◆ Nicholas KOTOV, University of Michigan, USA
    ◆ Alexander KUHN, University of Bordeaux / CNRS / Bordeaux INP, France
    ◆ Laurence A. NAFIE, Syracuse University, USA
    ◆ Virginie SIMONET, CNRS / Grenoble Alpes University, France
    ◆ Michinori SUGINOME, Kyoto University, Japan

    Keynote speakers
    ◆ Narcis AVARVARI, University of Angers, France
    ◆ Petr BOUR, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, Czech Republic
    ◆ Zachary BREITBACH, AbbVie Inc., USA
    ◆ Chiara CAPPELLI, Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy
    ◆ Shunai CHE, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
    ◆ Jonathan CLAYDEN, University of Bristol, UK
    ◆ Lorenzo DI BARI, University of Pisa, Italy
    ◆ Stephen FLETCHER, University of Oxford, UK
    ◆ Pilar FRANCO, Chiral Technologies, France
    ◆ Hirotaka IHARA, University of Kumamoto, Japan
    ◆ Nathalie KATSONIS, University of Twente, The Netherlands
    ◆ Jérôme LACOUR, University of Geneva, Switzerland
    ◆ Giovanna LONGHI, University of Brescia, Italy
    ◆ Keiji MARUOKA, Kyoto University, Japan
    ◆ Cornelia MEINERT, University of Côte d’Azur, France
    ◆ Anja PALMANS, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
    ◆ Jun SHEN, Harbin Engineering University, China
    ◆ Jay SIEGEL, Tianjin University, China
    ◆ Oliver TRAPP, Ludwig-Maximilians University, Germany
    ◆ Joanna WENCEL-DELORD, University of Strasbourg, France
    ◆ Eiji YASHIMA, Nagoya University, Japan
    ◆ Jieping ZHU, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

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31st International Symposium on Chirality - Programme - 14th - 17th July 2019 Bordeaux, France - Chirality 2019
MEDAL 2019
The Chirality Medal was instituted by the Societa Chimica Italiana in 1991 to honor internationally recognized
scientists who have made a distinguished contribution to all aspects of chirality. It is awarded each year by a
Chirality Medal Honor Committee comprising the Chirality International Committee members and the most
recent recipients of the medal. This year, we will be honored to award

                                    Professor Laurence (Larry) A. NAFIE

                  Distinguished Professor Emeritus in Chemistry, Syracuse University (USA),
                         world-wide recognized specialist of Vibrational Optical Activity

Prof. Larry Nafie receives the honor for his seminal contributions to the development and application of
vibrational optical activity (VOA). VOA comprises two powerful complementary chiroptical spectroscopies:
infrared vibrational circular dichroism (VCD) and vibrational Raman optical activity (ROA), both of which
provide complete three-dimensional solution structures, including absolute configuration, of chiral molecules.
In 1974, while a postdoctoral associate in the laboratory of Philip Stephens (1940-2012) at the University
of Southern California, Larry Nafie confirmed and extended the first reported VCD spectrum published
earlier that year from the laboratory of George Holzwarth at the University of Chicago. Using a superior
VCD instrument design (based on the fabrication of the first ZnSe photoelastic modulator, now used in all
VCD spectrometers), he published with Tim Keiderling and Philip Stephens, the first major paper on VCD.
Thanks to his groundbreaking papers, Larry was appointed to the faculty of Syracuse University in 1975, the
first to be hired in the USA specifically to pursue a career in VCD. Due to his doctoral research experience
at the University of Oregon with Raman spectroscopy, he extended his program to include ROA, thereby
establishing the first laboratory dedicated to research in both VCD and ROA. His ensuing research made vital
contributions to the theory, instrumentation, measurement and application of both VCD and ROA spanning 35
years until his retirement from Syracuse University in 2010.

Especially important was the development in his laboratory in 1979 of a Fourier transform (FT) instrument
for measuring VCD. Commercial FT-VCD instruments based on this design are now used in both academic
and pharmaceutical research laboratories around the world. The advent of a practical VCD instrument has
made a huge impact on many areas of chemistry, biochemistry and medicinal chemistry. Additionally he was
the first to measure ROA using the circular polarization content of Raman spectra which he named scattered
circular polarization (SCP) ROA, now the basis of all commercial ROA instruments. Further, he has made
fundamental contributions to the foundations of the theory of VOA including the vibronic coupling theory of
VCD, nuclear velocity dependence of VCD and vibrational electron current density, resonance ROA, and VCD
in molecules with low-lying electronic states. Among many other things, VOA has become one of the most
important and reliable methods to determine the absolute configuration of single-enantiomer drug molecules.
BioTools, Inc., which was co-founded by Prof. Nafie and Dr. Rina Dukor in 1996 for the commercialization
of VOA, offered the first dedicated spectrometer for the measurement of VCD in 1997 and of ROA in 2003.

The living scientist who had the most to do with this major innovation in chiral analysis is undoubtedly
Prof. Larry Nafie. We address our warmest congratulations to him!

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31st International Symposium on Chirality - Programme - 14th - 17th July 2019 Bordeaux, France - Chirality 2019
                                                                                                                                                    Presenting authors of oral
     INFORMATION                                                                                                                                    communications are required to
                                                                                                                                                    bring their presentation on a USB
                                                                                                                                                    stick to the speaker ready room,
                                                                                                                                                    no later than the last coffee
     WELCOME DESK                                   CATERING                                           TAXI                                         break before their talk. Individual
     Staff will be available to offer assistance    Coffee will be served daily in Building 2,         Should you need a taxi, please contact       computers are not accepted.
     with registration, city information and        near the amphitheaters and the exhibition.         the following companies:
     transport. Opening hours :                     Lunches will be served daily as well, in a
     Sunday: 9.30 - 19.00                           dedicated room in Building 1. After lunch,         Taxis 33: 05 56 74 95 06                     POSTER SESSIONS
     Monday: 08.00 - 18.30                          you can enjoy a coffee or tea with sweets          Taxis Alliance: 05 56 77 24 24
     Tuesday: 08.00 - 18.30                         during the poster sessions, in Building 2.         Taxis Télé: 05 56 96 00 34                   Two poster sessions are scheduled,
     Wednesday: 08.00 - 16.00                                                                          Taxis Girondins: 05 56 80 70 37              on Monday and Tuesday after lunch
                                                    GALA DINNER                                                                                     (Building 2).
     REGISTRATION FEE                               The gala dinner will be held on Tuesday            Meeting point : main entrance                Presenting authors are required to
     Registration fee includes access to all        the 16th of July, at Chateau Smith Haut            ENSEIRB MATMECA / Bordeaux INP               display their posters before Monday
     sessions, conference material, daily coffee    Lafitte, (Martillac). If you didn’t register for   Avenue des Facultés                          at 12.00 (clips available on panels).
     breaks, daily lunches, and the welcome         the dinner, please see us at the welcome           33400 Talence
     reception. The gala dinner is not included.    desk. On-site registration will depend on          The duration of the journey from the         Authors of posters with even
                                                    last minute availabilities. If you chose the       venue to the airport is +/- 30 minutes,      numbers are required to present
     NAME BADGE                                     gala dinner option, a voucher has been             depending on traffic.                        their paper during the poster
     Please wear your badge at all times,           inserted in your badge, please make sure                                                        session 1 on Monday.
     including during the welcome reception.        to present it at departure, scheduled at           FREE PUBLIC TRANSPORT CARD                   Authors of posters with odd
     For security reasons, badge controls may       18.45 from the venue. More info p.15               All participants have received a free        numbers are required to present
     be made during the symposium throughout                                                           travel card kindly offered by Bordeaux       their paper during the poster
     the venue.                                     CLOAKROOM                                          Métropôle.                                   session 2 on Tuesday.
                                                    A secured cloakroom will be available in
     WIRELESS INTERNET                              Building 1 for suitcases. We kindly ask            These cards can be used for buses and        Posters can be displayed during the
     Free wireless internet is available            you to keep valuable belongings like               tramways in Bordeaux from the 14th to the    whole duration of the symposium
     throughout the venue.                          handbags and laptops with you.                     17th of July.                                and must be taken down at the end,
                                                                                                                                                    on Wednesday.
     Network: Bordeaux INP                          CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE                          Please note that every time you use a
     Password: a personal ID and password           Certificates of attendance are provided            route on the network, you must validate
     are provided to each participant, written on   on request at the welcome desk during              your ticket, even if you are just changing   POSTER AWARDS
     the name badge.                                opening hours.                                     services. Otherwise, you risk incurring a
                                                                                                       hefty penalty.                               Poster prizes, sponsored by
     Special instruction: If the connection is      SPEAKER READY ROOM                                                                              the Royal Society of Chemistry,
     not automatic, please check if one of the      The speaker ready room is located in                                                            BioTools and INITIO, FET Open
     following security mechanisms is being         the direct vicinity of the amphitheaters, in                                                    European Project, will be awarded
     used: WPA2 Entreprise, AES, PEAP,              Building 2.                                                                                     during the closing ceremony.

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31st International Symposium on Chirality - Programme - 14th - 17th July 2019 Bordeaux, France - Chirality 2019

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     ◆ Fire and rescue: 18
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31st International Symposium on Chirality - Programme - 14th - 17th July 2019 Bordeaux, France - Chirality 2019
GALA DINNER                 The CHIRALITY 2019 gala dinner will take place at Château Smith Haut Lafitte, Grand cru
                                 classé, one of the most famous and prestigious chateaux in the Bordeaux vineyards.

     TUESDAY 16th JULY - 18.45   The gala dinner will be a great opportunity to exchange with the community in an exceptionnal
                                 environment, and to taste the delicious Bordeaux wines.


                                                                      18.45 Departure from the venue to Chateau
                                                                            Smith Haut Lafitte (by bus)
                                                                            Meeting point : see plan on p. 55

                                                                      19.15 Arrival at Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte

                                                                      19:20 Guided tour of the Smith Haut Lafitte estate
                                                                            and wineries, following by a welcome cocktail
                                                                            in the gardens (weather permitted).

                                                                      20:40 Dinner served in the historical Cantelys Hall

                                                                      23:00 Return journey to Bordeaux

                                                                      23:30 Arrival at Bordeaux city centre

                                                                      PLEASE NOTE:

                                                                      The gala dinner is accessible by registration only
                                                                      and costs extra.

                                                                      If you took the gala dinner option during the registration
                                                                      process, a voucher has been inserted in your badge.
                                                                      Please make sure to present it at departure.
                                                                      If you didn’t choose the gala dinner option, please note
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                                                                      (information at the welcome desk).

                                                                      Please also be aware that no return shuttle to Bordeaux
                                                                      will be scheduled before the end of the dinner (around
                                                                      23.00). Tramways run until midnight downtown.

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31st International Symposium on Chirality - Programme - 14th - 17th July 2019 Bordeaux, France - Chirality 2019
THANK YOU                    PROGRAMME

                                  Time                                  Amphitheater F
                                   9.30   Welcome coffee

                                  10.00   Short course 1: Chiroptical spectroscopy methods
                                          for structural analysis of chiral molecules

                                          Giovanna LONGHI, University of Brescia, Italy
                                          Prasad POLAVARAPU, Vanderbilt University, USA

                                  12.30   Lunch

                                  13.30   Short courses 2 : Materials

                                          Anja PALMANS, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
                                          Gil MARKOVICH, University of Tel Aviv, Israel

                                                                        Amphitheater 1

                                  16.00   Opening ceremony

                                          Reiko ODA, Research director, Univ. of Bordeaux / CNRS / Bordeaux INP
                                          Jeanne CRASSOUS, Research director, University of Rennes / CNRS
                                          Jérôme LACOUR, Research director, University of Geneva, Switzerland
                                          Philippe MORETTO, Vice president for Research, University of Bordeaux
                                          Erick DUFOURC, Deputy Scientific Director, Institute of Chemistry (INC)

                                  16.40   Chirality medal ceremony

                                  16.50   Award lecture: Laurence A. NAFIE, Syracuse University, USA
                                          Vibrational optical activity: discovery, development and future challenges

                                  18.00   Welcome reception

                                  20.00   End

16                                                                                                                     17
31st International Symposium on Chirality - Programme - 14th - 17th July 2019 Bordeaux, France - Chirality 2019
PROGRAMME                                                                                   Plenary
     MONDAY 15th JULY                                                                      AM    Oral presentation                                                                  AM
     Time                                    Amphitheater 1                                                                         Amphitheater 2                                  AM
      8:45    Donald HILVERT, ETH Zurich, Switzerland                         Chair:
      9:30    Design and evolution of artificial metalloenzymes               K. Saigo

                                      Polymer / materials 1                                                                          Spectroscopy 1
                                         Chair: E. Hillard                                                                           Chair: C. Merten

              Eiji YASHIMA, Nagoya University, Japan
      9:30                                                                                      Giovanna LONGHI, University of Brescia, Italy
              Control of macromolecular helicity for the
      9:55                                                                                      Circularly polarized luminescence of twisted conjugated systems
              development of unique chiral materials

              Tiziana BENINCORI, University of Insubria, Italy
      9:55                                                                                      Prasad POLAVARAPU, Vanderbilt University, USA
              The «inherent chirality» concept: a very simple tool for designing materials
     10:15                                                                                      Dissymmetry factor spectral analysis can be a useful diastereomer discrimination tool
              with impressive enantiodiscrimination ability
              Xinhua WAN, Peking University, China
     10:15                                                                                      Christian JOHANNESSEN, University of Antwerp, Belgium
              Induced circular dichroism of isotactic poly(2-vinylpyridine) with diverse
     10:35                                                                                      Resonance raman optical activity as a tool in structural biology: tales from the cold North
              and tunable «sergeants-and-soldiers» type chiral amplification
              Jochen BRANDT, Imperial College London, United Kingdom                            Tadashi MORI, Osaka University, Japan
              Towards circularly polarized electroluminescence with                             Is there any meaningful correlation between emission and absorption
              a high dissymmetry factor from chiral emitters                                    dissymmetry factor values?

                                           Coffee break                                                                               Coffee break

                                        Fundamentals                                                                                Supramolecular 1
                                       Chair: V. Rodriguez                                                                          Chair: E. Yashima

     11:15    Cornelia MEINERT, University of Côte d’Azur, France
                                                                                                Jay SIEGEL, Tianjin University, China
     11:40    The Asymmetry of life
                                                                                                Chirality and corannulene

                                                                                                Yukata OKAZAKI, Kyoto University, Japan
     11:40    Eric GRELET, CRPP, University of Bordeaux, France
                                                                                                Detection of chiralized monoatomic anions using molecular assembled nanohelices as
     12:00    Chirality-controlled self-assembly via topological defects
                                                                                                UV-transparent chiral template
                                                                                                Donato MONTI, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy
     12:00    Maxwell CROSSLEY, University of Sydney, Australia
                                                                                                Supramolecular chirality and morphological features of homo and
     12:20    The last fundamental form of stereoisomerism revealed !
                                                                                                heteroaggregates of zinc (l)- and (d)-proline-porphyrin derivatives.
     12:20                                                                                      David GONZALEZ RODRIGUEZ, University of Madrid, Spain
              Oliver TRAPP, Ludwig-Maximilians University, Germany *
     12:40                                                                                      Helically chiral self-assembled nanotubes through hierarchical
              Emergence of evolution and homochirality on a molecular level
     12:45*                                                                                     coupling of cooperative interactions

                                              Lunch                                                                                       Lunch

18                                                                                                                                                                                            19
PROGRAMME                                                                                      Plenary
 MONDAY 15th JULY                                                                   PM          Oral presentation                                                            PM
                                     Poster session 1 (even numbers)                                                     Poster session 1 (even numbers)

     Time                                    Amphitheater 1                                                                        Amphitheater 2
                                               Asymmetric 1                                                                     Chirality at nano 1
                                              Chair : J. Canary                                                                 Chair : B. Kauffmann
              Shinobu TAKISAWA, Osaka University, Japan                                        Gil MARKOVICH, Tel Aviv University, Israel
              Facile enantioselective synthesis of hetero[9]helicenes                          Spontaneous and directed symmetry breaking in the formation
              using redox/acid cooperative catalysts                                           of chiral lanthanide phosphate nanocrystals
              Jon ANTILLA, Tianjin University, China                                           Zhifeng HUANG, Hong Kong Baptist University, China
              Chiral phosphoric acid and metal chiral phosphate catalysis: double asymmetric   Intrinsically chiral nanoparticles with sub-10 nm pitch:
              catalytic reaction (dacr) and the arylation of indolyl methanols                 fabrication, characterization and applications
              Francesco TASSINARI, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel                       Andrew GELLMAN, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
              Enantioselective reduction of camphorsulphonic acid                              Surface structure sensitive enantioselectivity:
              using a spin-polarized electrode                                                 quantification across chiral surface orientations

              Joanna WENCEL-DELORD, University of Strasbourg, France                           Shunai CHE, Shangaï Jiao Tong University, China
     15:50    Sulfoxide as a new solution for accessing original chiral molecules              Chirally mesostructured inorganic materials with optical activity
     16:15    via C-H activation

                                         Coffee break                                                                               Coffee break

                                           Supramolecular (bio)                                                               Physical computational
                                            Chair: G. Guichard                                                                    Chair: T. Asahi
              Lucile FISCHER, University of Bordeaux, France
     16:35                                                                                     Inbal TUVI-ARAD, The Open University of Israel
              Chirality induction in oligoamide aromatic foldamers interacting
     16:55                                                                                     Protein chirality spectrum and chiral ramachandran plots
              with protein surfaces
              Nathan VAN ZEE, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
     16:55                                                                                     Jiri KESSLER, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
              Exploiting monomeric water in apolar environments to control the structure
     17:15                                                                                     Modeling of resonance-induced enhancement of solvent raman optical activity
              of supramolecular polymers

     17:15    Jonathan CLAYDEN, University of Bristol, United Kingdom*                         Shira YOCHELIS, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
     17:35    Communicating chirality using molecular conformation                             Chirality and the electron spin

              Michinori SUGINOME, Kyoto University, Japan                    Chair:
              Asymmetric catalysis with chirality-amplifiable                N. Berova
              dynamic helical macromolecular catalysts

                                         Free evening                                                                               Free evening
20                                                                                                                                                                                21
                            PROGRAMME                                                                                   Keynote
                            TUESDAY 16th JULY                                                                    AM     Oral presentation                                                                  AM
                           Time                                     Amphitheater 1                                                                        Amphitheater 2

                           8:45     Virginie SIMONET, CNRS / Grenoble Alpes University, France
                           9:30     Magnetic chirality                                       Chair: P. Rosa

                                                             Supramolecular 2                                                                            Chiral resolution
                                                              Chair: D. Walba                                                                             Chair: C. Welch

                                    Jérôme LACOUR, University of Geneva, Switzerland                                  Jun SHEN, Harbin Engineering University, China
                                    Supramolecular chemistry and chiroptical spectroscopy                             Controlled synthesis and enantioseparation ability of polysaccharide
                                    of readily prepared chiral macrocycles                                            derivatives bearing various functional pendants

                                    Minghua LIU, Institute of Chemistry, China
                            9:55                                                                                      Reiko KURODA, Chubu University, Japan
                                    Circularly polarized luminescence from supramolecular nanoassemblies
                           10:15                                                                                      Spontaneous optical resolution in the crystalline state
                                    of pi-conjugated gelators
                                                                                                                      Yann MAIRESSE, University of Bordeaux, France
                           10:15    Stephen GOLDUP, University of Southampton, United Kingdom
                                                                                                                      Real-time determination of enantiomeric and isomeric content
                           10:35    Mechanical chirality and mechanical motion
                                                                                                                      using photoelectron elliptical dichroism
                                                                                                                      Chunhong ZHANG, Harbin Engineering University, China
                           10:35    Aya TANATANI, Ochanomizu University, Japan
                                                                                                                      Synthesis of helical poly(phenylacetylene)s bearing l-proline dipeptide derivatives
                           10:55    Development of helical structures based on the aromatic squaramides
                                                                                                                      with different sequences as pendants and their chiral recognition abilities

                                                                Coffee break                                                                               Coffee break

                                                              Spectroscopy 2                                                                               Asymmetric 2
                                                               Chair: L. Guy                                                                               Chair: S. Nlate

                                    Chiara CAPPELLI, Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy
                           11:15                                                                                      Jieping ZHU, EPFL, Switzerland
                                    A fully polarizable embedding model for chiroptical spectroscopy
                           11:40                                                                                      Ion-pairing in catalytic enantioselective rearrangements
                                    of complexsystems: status and perspectives

                                    Christian MERTEN, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany                                 Takanori SHIBATA, Waseda University, Japan
                                    VCD spectroscopy as tool to investigate substrate binding                         Enantioselective construction of saddle-shaped chirality in
                                    in asymmetric catalysts                                                           benzene-fused heteroatom-containing medium ring systems
                                    Reilly SONSTROM, University of Virginia, USA                                      Christophe MICHON, University of Lille, France
                                    Chiral analysis of molecules with multiple chiral center                          Development of chiral C2-Symmetric N-Heterocyclic carbene Rh(I) catalysts through
* Registration mandatory

                                    using chiral tag rotational spectroscopy                                          control of their steric properties

                           12:20    Lorenzo DI BARI, University of Pisa, Italy*                                       Erika BENEDETTI, Paris Descartes University, France
                           12:40    Discrimination of circularly polarized light based on molecular,                  Highly enantioselective asymmetric transfer hydrogenation: a practical
                           12:45*   supramolecular and mesoscopic chirality                                           and scalable method to efficiently access planar chiral [2.2]paracyclophanes

 22                                             Lunch                                            Vendor Lunch*                          Lunch                                              Vendor Lunch*        23
     PROGRAMME                                                                                  Keynote
     TUESDAY 16th JULY                                                                  PM      Oral presentation                                                                PM
                                    Poster session 2 (odd numbers)                                                         Poster session 2 (odd numbers)

     Time                                    Amphitheater 1                                                                         Amphitheater 2
                                         Asymmetric 3                                                                            Polymer / materials 2
                                         Chair: J. Lacour                                                                          Chair: N. Avarvari

             Keiji MARUOKA, Kyoto University, Japan
     14:50                                                                                     Anja PALMANS Eindhoven University, The Netherlands
             Design of new, high-performance organocatalysts
     15:15                                                                                     From molecular to supramolecular chirality and back
             with privileged structures for asymmetric catalysis

             Timothée CADART, Charles University, Czech Republic
     15:15                                                                                     Max HIRSCHMANN, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany
             Synthesis of enantioenriched helical bispiroindeno[2,1-c]fluorenes
     15:35                                                                                     Thermo- and magnetoresponsive polyaspartates
             via an enantioselective [2+2+2] cyclotrimerization step
             Mohamed AMEDJKOUH, University of Oslo, Norway                                     Girish LAKHWANI, University of Sydney, Australia
             Remote asymmetric amplification in synergistic                                    Hierarchical self-assembly of chiral Perylene Imide based
             and responsive autocatalytic systems                                              organogelators explained
                                                                                               Marine MICHEL, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
     15:55   Yannick GEIGER, IPCM Strasbourg, France
                                                                                               Enantioselective polymeric membranes for chiral separation:
     16:15   First observation of hyperpositive non-linear effects in asymmetric catalysis
                                                                                               comparison of pressure driven separation, pertraction and preferential sorption
                                          Coffee break                                                                                Coffee break
                                       Enantioseparation                                                                           Chirality at Nano 2
                                        Chair: C. Villani                                                                           Chair: E. Pouget

     16:35   Pilar FRANCO, Chiral Technologies, France                                         Nathalie KATSONIS University of Twente, The Netherlands
     17:00   Chirality in chromatography: where should innovation go ?                         Chirality-derived motion of protocells

     17:00   Ashraf GHANEM, University of Canberra, Australia                                  Davy GERARD, University of Troyes, France
     17:20   Chirality at the dried blood spot: enantioselective analysis of pharmaceuticals   Probing optical chirality in the near-field of plasmonic nanostructures
             on sub two micron columns                                                         with photosensitive azobenzene-containing polymers
             Ben SLATER, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
     17:20                                                                                     Ventsislav VALEV, University of Bath, United Kingdom
             Mechanistic detail of enantioselective adsorption
     17:40                                                                                     First observation of optical activity in hyper-rayleigh scattering
             in a chiral metal organic framework
             KENJI HAMASE, Kyushu University, Japan
     17:40                                                                                     Ignacio GARZON, University of Mexico, Mexico
             Multi-dimensional HPLC analysis of chiral α-amino acids
     18:00                                                                                     Chirality in bare and ligand-protected metal nanoparticles
             and carboxylic acids in extraterrestrial materials

             Zachary BREITBACH, AbbVie Inc., USA                                               Hirotaka IHARA, University of Kumamoto, Japan
     18:00   Evaluation of newly commercialized sub-2 µm chiral stationary phases              Strong and tunable circularly polarized luminescence induced
     18:25   in SFC and HPLC                                                                   by chiral supramolecular gel

     18:45             Departure for gala dinner at Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte                                Departure for gala dinner at Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte
24                                                                                                                                                                                    25
PROGRAMME                                                                                 Plenary

                                                                                        AM     Oral presentation                                                             AM
     Time                                    Amphitheater 1                                                                     Amphitheater 2

      8:45    Nicholas KOTOV, University of Michigan, USA                        Chair:
      9:30    Chiral Inorganic Nanostructures                                    W. Lindner

                                        Spectroscopy 3                                                                       Polymer / Materials 3
                                        Chair: L. Di Bari                                                                      Chair: I. Azumaya

      9:30    Petr BOUR, University of Prague, Czech Republic
                                                                                              Narcis AVARVARI, University of Angers, France
      9:55    Interpretation of optical activity spectra of proteins
                                                                                              Chiral materials based on tetrathiafulvalene and metal-dithiolene complexes

              Wada TAKEHIKO, Tohoku University, Japan
                                                                                              Karl-Heinz ERNST, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and
      9:55    Development of high sensitive and high time-resolved circular dichroism (CD)
                                                                                              Technology, Switzerland
     10:15    measurement system “Toward the analyses of biomolecular interactions and
                                                                                              On-surface topochemistry of helicenes
              their dynamics“
              Anne ZEHNACKER, Institut des Sciences Moléculaires d’Orsay, France
     10:15                                                                                    Félix FREIRE, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
              Vibrational circular dichroism study of the solid-state organisation of ring-
     10:35                                                                                    Sergeants and soldiers effect in chiral dynamic helical copolymers
              containing peptides
              Sergio ABBATE, University of Brescia, Italy                                     Katsuhiro MAEDA, Kanazawa University, Japan
              How to deal with anharmonicities in various circumstances to obtain safe        Synthesis of a single-handed helical poly(diphenylacetylene) derivative based on
              conformational and configurational information from VCD spectra                 helicity induction and memory effect and its conformational analysis

                                         Coffee break                                                                             Coffee break

                                       Supramolecular 4                                                                          Asymmetric 4
                                        Chair: T. Brotin                                                                        Chair: Y. Landais
                                                                                              Tsuneomi KAWASAKI, Tokyo University of Science, Japan
     11:15    Ji-Young KIM, University of Michigan, USA
                                                                                              Asymmetric Strecker-type synthesis by using chiral amine arising from hydrogen
     11:35    Circularly polarized light driven chiral assembly of gold nanoparticles
                                                                                              isotope substitution
     11:35    Stéphane LE GAC, University of Rennes 1, France                                 Wim NOORDUIN, AMOLF Institute, The Netherlands
     12:00    Towards chiroptical sensing from Möbius-type receptors                          Physicochemical routes to enantiomeric purity
              Kazushi KINBARA, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
     12:00                                                                                    Takeo KAWABATA, Kyoto University, Japan
              Design of synthetic chiral receptor molecules inspired
     12:20                                                                                    5Å-Hypothesis for remote asymmetric induction
              by structure and function of membrane proteins

     12:20    Matthieu RAYNAL, Sorbonne University, France
                                                                                              Stephen FLETCHER, University of Oxford, United Kingdom*
     12:40    Dynamic asymmetric catalysis by tuning the structure
                                                                                              Asymmetric additions to racemates
     12:45*   of supramolecular helices

                                             Lunch                                                                                   Lunch

26                                                                                                                                                                                27
PROGRAMME                                                                             POSTER
 WEDNESDAY 17th JULY                                                            PM     SESSIONS

     Time                                     Amphitheater 1                         POSTER N°           AUTHOR                                      TITLE
                                          Chair: O.Trapp                                                                    Controlling the preferential motion of chiral molecular
                                                                                        P1       Abbasi David
                                                                                                                            walkers on a surface

 13:45      Yunjie XU, University of Alberta, Canada                                                                        CD and CPL spectra of pyrenopyrene-based helicene
                                                                                        P2       Abbate Sergio
 14:30      Conformational landscapes and non-covalent interactions
            of chiral molecules: chirality recognition/transfer/amplification                                               TetraPh-Tol-BITIOPO: a new atropisomeric
                                                                                                                            3,3’-bithiophene based phosphane oxide as
                                                                                        P3       Abbinante Vincenzo Mirco
                                                                                                                            organocatalyst in lewis base-catalyzed lewis acid
                                                                                                                            mediated reactions
 14:30      Alexander KUHN, University of Bordeaux / CNRS / Bordeaux INP, France
                                                                                                                            Miniemulsion polymerization of chiral nanoparticles of
 15:15      Chiral biomimetic metal electrodes for enantioselective analysis,           P4       Abuaf Meir                 amino acid and their application for enantioselective
            separation and synthesis                                                                                        separation
                                                                                                                            Synthesis of polyacetylene derivatives bearing axially
                                                                                        P5       Ando Mitsuka               chiral pendants and their application to asymmetric
 15:15      Poster awards - Closing remarks                                                                                 catalysis
 16:00      Presentation of CHIRALITY 2020                                              P6       Andrushchenko Valery       Supramolecular chirality of nucleic acids
                                                                                                                            Enantioseparation of the four nadolol stereoisomers by
                                                                                        P7       Arafah Rami
                                                                                                                            fixed-bed and simulated moving bed chromatography
                                               End                                                                          Synthesis and evaluation of chiral spirooxindoles for
                                                                                        P8       Arai Midori
                                                                                                                            Notch signal inhibitors
                                                                                                                            Actual iodinating reagent in catalytic asymmetric halo-
                                                                                        P9       Arai Takayoshi
                                                                                                                            Viedma ripening: a simple access to enantiomerically
                                                                                        P10      Baglai Iaroslav
                                                                                                                            pure compounds
                                                                                        P11      Baguenard Bruno            Fast circularly polarized luminescence spectroscopy
                                                                                                                            VCD spectral markers of acetonide rings: facilitating
                                                                                        P12      Batista Jr. Joao M.
                                                                                                                            absolute configuration assignments of diols
                                                                                                                            Chiroptical redox switching of tetra-cationic derivatives
                                                                                        P13      Bednarova Lucie
                                                                                                                            of azoniahelicenes
                                                                                                                            The first hexahelicene-substituted tetrapyrrole:
                                                                                        P14      Belviso Sandra             synthesis, HPLC enantiomeric separation, and
                                                                                                                            absolute configuration
                                                                                        P15      Blasius Jan                New approaches for calculating VCD spectra
                                                                                                                            3D imaging of dichroism in the photoionization of chiral
                                                                                        P16      Bloch Etienne
                                                                                                                            molecules by ultrashort laser pulses
                                                                                                                            Sensitive analysis of chiral pharmaceuticals by
                                                                                        P17      Bond Caoimhe
                                                                                                                            photoelectron spectroscopy
                                                                                                                            Synthesis of meso oligourea foldamers built from chiral
                                                                                        P18      Bornerie Mégane
                                                                                        P19      Bosson Johann              Late-stage functionalizations of cationic helicenes
28                                                                                                                                                                                      29
POSTER                                                                                 POSTER
     SESSIONS                                                                               SESSIONS
                                Photo-tunable aromatic oligoamide foldamers for                                        Chiral gold nanoparticle superstructures directed by
      P20   Boulloy Alice
                                controlled carbohydrate encapsulation                        P39   Gao Jie             silica nanohelices towards innovative chiro-optical
                                Computing bulk phase vcd and roa spectra from ab
      P21   Brehm Martin
                                initio molecular dynamics                                                              Circularly polarized phosphorescent chirality-at-
                                                                                                                       rhenium complexes bearing a helicenic NHC ligand
                                Chiroptical properties of water-soluble cryptophane          P40   Gauthier Etienne
      P22   Brotin Thierry                                                                                             : studies of their chiroptical and photophysical
                                derivatives and their complexes
                                Kinetic investigation of chiral nanometric molecular
                                                                                                                       Enantioselective carbocyclization reactions catalyzed
      P23   Buffeteau Thierry   assemblies by electronic (ECD) and vibrational (VCD)
                                                                                             P41   Gicquiaud Julien    by Brönsted acids involving carbon-carbon triple bond
                                circular dichroisms
                                Synthesis of novel nicotinamide-attached binol
      P24   Choi Yunjeong                                                                                              Exploring the versatility of chiral molecules in crystals
                                receptor as chiral shift reagent for amino acids             P42   Giorgi Michel
                                                                                                                       by combining XRD and CD
                                Flow reactors based on supported 9-amino-9-deoxy-
                                                                                                                       Enantio- and diastereoselective Suzuki-Miyaura
      P25   Ciogli Alessia      9-epi-quinine for stereoselective activation of carbonyl     P43   Goetzke Wieland
                                                                                                                       coupling with racemic bicycles
                                                                                                                       Asymmetric synthesis of acyclic pyrimidine nucleosides
                                Design and preparation of new chiral atropisomeric           P44   Ha Heun-Jong
                                                                                                                       by organocatalytic aza-Michael reaction
      P26   Clavier Hervé       N-heterocyclic carbene ligands: application in
                                asymmetric catalysis                                                                   Stereodivergent synthesis by means of chirally ampli-
                                                                                             P45   Hammoud Ahmad
                                                                                                                       fied supramolecular catalysts
                                Unidirectional rotation in molecular motors with
      P27   Costil Romain
                                a helically chiral rotor                                                               Organocatalytic umpolung Michael process: synthesis
                                                                                             P46   Hanatani Yutaro     of highly functionalized ketones bearing a chiral
                                Vibrational optical activity and induced solvent ROA of
      P28   Daugey Nicolas                                                                                             quaternary carbon center
                                chiral trinuclear paddlewheel complexes
                                                                                                                       Tunable P-stereogenic P,N-Heterobidentate Ligand/
                                Whisky lactone : new chiral separation and chiroptical
      P29   Daugey Nicolas                                                                   P47   Hérault Damien      Pd(II) Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization and
                                                                                                                       Enantioselective Catalysis
                                Conversion of axial-to-central chirality of heteroarene
      P30   Devaraj Karthik                                                                                            Chiral symmetry breaking of spiropyrans and
                                                                                             P48   Hiroki Ishikawa     spirooxazines via dynamic enantioselective
                                Circularly polarized luminescence of novel chiral heli-                                crystallization
      P31   Dhbaibi Kais
                                cene molecules
                                                                                                                       Temperature dependent chirality recognition of
                                Effect of crosslinker on chiral separation of surface mo-    P49   Hirose Keiji        rotaxane hosts having chirality specific to rotaxane
      P32   Dong Hongxing
                                lecularly imprinted polymer as chiral stationary phase                                 structure in complexation with chiral guests
      P33   Durola Fabien       Rigid twisted chiral conjugated macrocycles                                            Combined (+/-) ECD and (on/off) CPL reversible swit-
                                                                                             P50   Homberg Alexandre
                                Helical push-pull dyes with intense circularly polarized                               ching with chiral fluorescent polyether macrocycles
      P34   Favereau Ludovic
                                (CP) luminescence for CP-organic light emitting diodes                                 Induced circular dichroism of phenol complexes with
                                                                                             P51   Hong Aram
      P35   Fernandez Zulema    Chiral Harvesting in POPEAs                                                            chiral molecules in a supersonic jet

                                Helically-chiral poly(isocyanides) as asymmetric transi-                               Design and development of a highly selective chiral
      P36   Fleckenstein Max                                                                                           3D-HPLC system for the determination of lactate and
                                tion metal catalysts                                         P52   Hsieh Chin-Ling
                                                                                                                       3-Hydroxybutyrate enantiomers in human physiological
                                Multiscale chirality and symmetry in the supramolecular                                fluids
      P37   Fossépré Mathieu
                                self-assembly of DNA with a �-conjugated polymer
                                                                                                                       Histidine-metal complexes studied by spectroscopic
                                Synthesis of a helix-sense switchable poly(phenyl            P53   Hudecova Jana
                                                                                                                       and computational methods
                                isocyanate) derivative bearing a stimuli-responsive
      P38   Fukuda Mayu                                                                                                Sub-2-Micron stationary phase innovations rise to
                                optically active group at the initial chain end and its
                                chiroptical properties                                                                 meet the demands of modern chromatographer, a
                                                                                             P54   Ibrahim Diana
                                                                                                                       comparative study between two columns: Chiralpak®
                                                                                                                       IG-U and Chiralpak® ID-U
30                                                                                                                                                                                 31
POSTER                                                                                      POSTER
     SESSIONS                                                                                    SESSIONS
                                   Analysis of cannabidiol in CBD products by SFC-CD-                                            DFT calculation of chiroptical and NMR data for distin-
      P55   Iijima Satoe                                                                          P73   Kurtan Tibor
                                   MS                                                                                            guishing stereoisomeric natural products
                                   Side chain-driven bimodal helical conformation of non-                                        Chiral assembling of metal complexes induced by
      P56   Ishido Yuki                                                                           P74   Kuwahara Yutaka
                                   natural polypeptide derived from arylene ring flips                                           glutamide substituted pyridinium salts
                                   Chiral polymers of cinchona alkaloid derivatives for                                          Silylium Ions with si-centered chirality - chiral memory
      P57   Itsuno Shinichi                                                                       P75   Laye Claire
                                   asymmetric organocatalysts                                                                    at silicon
                                   Separation of racemic mixtures by non-porous                                                  The increase of lactate enantiomers in the serum and
      P58   Izak Pavel                                                                            P76   Lee Jen-Ai
                                   membranes                                                                                     urine of mice with nephrotoxic serum nephritis
                                   A spectroscopic study of the formic acid - hydrogen                                           Crystallization-induced diastereomer transformation of
      P59   Jaeger Wolfgang
                                   peroxide complex: signatures of transient chirality            P77   Lerdwiriyanupap Tharit   N-[(S)-1-phenylethyl]-(D/L)-mandelamide through the
                                                                                                                                 phase transformation
                                   Novel Poly(2-oxazoline)s bearing triazolylpyrrolidine
      P60   Jiang Liming           pendants for asymmetric catalysis of the michael                                              Lamellar-twisting-induced electronic circular dichroism
                                                                                                  P78   Li Ming-Chia
                                   addition in water                                                                             of chromophore moieties in banded spherulites
                                   Development of chiral crown ether type column for                                             Chirality induced from inorganic silica nanohelices
      P61   Jin Jong Sung                                                                         P79   Liu Peizhao
                                   optical resolution of racemic drugs with amino group                                          templates to inorganic perovskites nanocrystals
                                   Enantioselective resolution of racemic amino acids by                                         Chiral communications in a three-level chirality totem.
      P62   Jin Yingji             liquid-liquid extraction using chiral extractors with tert-    P80   Ménand Mickaël           remote-control of the möbius aromatic twisting in
                                   butyl ketone group                                                                            hexaphyrin-cyclodextrin hybrids
                                   Thermo-induced chirality change of supramolecular                                             Fabrication of conductive nanohelix by electrochemical
      P63   Jintoku Hirokuni                                                                      P81   Maeda Yuki
                                   assembly in polymer matrix                                                                    filling of helical nanopores in silicon
                                   Asymmetric Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reactions                                            Fabrication of hybrid chiral hydrogels composed of 1D
                                                                                                  P82   Makoto Takafuji
      P64   Kamiya Naoaki          in aqueous media by using water-soluble helical                                               self-assembly crosslinked-polymer network
                                   polymer ligands
                                                                                                                                 Vibrational circular dichroism reveals supramolecular
                                   Chirality-controlled synthesis of double-helical au            P83   Martial Benjamin         chirality inversion of α-synuclein peptide assemblies
      P65   Kawai Takeshi
                                   nanowires                                                                                     upon interactions with anionic membranes
                                   Self-replication of chiral α-hydroxy acids in the Strec-                                      Mechanistic study of asymmetric autocatalysis using
                                   ker-type synthesis in combination with asymmetric              P84   Matsumoto Arimasa        cd spectrum: temperature and concentration effect on
      P66   Kawasaki Tsuneomi
                                   amplification of chiral intermediate cyanohydrin in                                           catalysts aggregation structure
                                                                                                                                 Triphenylmethyl radical-based halogenated derivatives:
                                   Enantioselective Strecker-type amino acids synthesis           P85   Mayorga-Burrezo Paula    where luminiscence, magnetism and chirality gracefully
      P67   Kawasaki Tsuneomi      by using chiral crystal of racemic cyanohydrin as a                                           coexist.
                                   substrate and source of chirality
                                                                                                                                 Intramolecularly interlocked stereodynamic catalysts: a
                                                                                                  P86   Menke Jan-Michael
                                   Stereoselective synthesis of carboxy-substituted                                              new concept to excellent enantioselectivity
      P68   Kim Bora               2-isoxazolines by phase-transfer-catalyzed cascade
                                                                                                                                 Raman optical activity of intermolecular, overtone and
                                   reaction                                                       P87   Michal Pavel
                                                                                                                                 combination bands, and absolute spectral intensities
                                   Helical inversion of peptide-based supramolecular
      P69   Kim Ka Young                                                                                                         Circularly polarized selective reflection from achiral
                                                                                                  P88   Nagata Yuuya             poly(quinoxaline-2,3-diyl)s forming cholesteric su-
                                   Supramolecular chirality by light-induced self-assembly                                       perstructure by the exposure of vapor of chiral solvents
      P70   Kim Sang Youl
                                   of achiral triphenylamine molecules
                                                                                                                                 Synthesis and application of novel photoswitchable
                                                                                                  P89   Nakamura Kento
                                   Preparation of condensed chiral O- and O,N-heterocy-                                          chiral catalyst
      P71   Kiraly Sandor Balazs
                                   cles in diastereoselective domino reactions
                                                                                                                                 Chiral gold nanoparticles synthesized in chiral
                                   Chiral and fluorescent dynamic covalent polymers for           P90   Nakaya Masahiro          nanospace constructed by molecular assembled
      P72   Kotras Clément
                                   DNA complexation                                                                              nanohelices

32                                                                                                                                                                                          33
POSTER                                                                                      POSTER
     SESSIONS                                                                                    SESSIONS
                                     Rapid characterization of enantiomeric excess using                                      Diazirine 14N/15N isotopomers: chirality and hyperpo-
      P91    Neill Justin                                                                         P109   Reboul Vincent
                                     molecular rotational resonance spectroscopy                                              larization
                                     Asymmetrically substituted poly(diphenylacetylene)s                                      Photoelectron circular dichroism observed on the
                                                                                                  P110   Ring Tom
                                     bearing a chiral pendant through an amide linkage that                                   nanosecond timescale
      P92    Nozaki Mai
                                     exhibit solvent-dependent helicity inversion and their
                                                                                                                              Competing stereocenters defining the helical sense of
                                     chiral recognition abilities                                 P111   Rivadulla Elena
                                     The influence of chiral additives on separation of
      P93    Nulek Thitapond                                                                                                  Elastin-based helical polymers: custom-made chiro-
                                     aspartic acid                                                P112   Rodriguez Rafael
                                                                                                                              fluorescent materials with biological applications
                                     Helically chiral poly(quinoxaline-2,3-diyl)s bearing
      P94    Ogita Takuya                                                                                                     The use of UiO-type MOFs in vapour phase Soai
                                     N-heterocyclic carbene pendants                              P113   Rotunno Giuseppe
                                     Synthesis of macrocycles bearing dynamic helical
      P95    Okutsu Hinako                                                                                                    Chiral discrimination by enantioselective raman spec-
                                     peptide chains and their chiroptical properties              P114   Rullich Claudia
                                                                                                                              troscopy and chemometric approaches
                                     Aromatic oligoamide foldamers as versatile scaffolds
                                                                                                  P115   Ryoo Jae Jeong       Ultrasound-controlled chiral separation
      P96    Olivier Céline          for induced circularly polarized luminescence at adjus-
                                     table wavelengths                                                                        Chirality induction in rare earth-silica nanohybrids
                                                                                                  P116   Ryu Naoya            prepared by templating amphiphile-dye supramolecular
                                     Functionalization of ethynyl [4]helicenes through diels-
      P97    Ondrisek Pavol          alder-retro-diels-alder reactions. investigation of the
                                     resulting atropisomeric situation                                                        Chiral guest recognition behaviour of a pentanuclear
                                                                                                  P117   Sakata Yoko          metallonanobelt constructed by template-directed
                                     Stereocontrol of planar-chiral bridged isonicotinamide
      P98    Ono Ryutaro                                                                                                      self-assembly of a triptycene-based ligand
                                     via crystallization-induced asymmetric transformation
                                                                                                                              Effects on enantiomeric resolutions of chiral pesticides
                                     Time-resolved broadband circular dichroism in the
      P99    Oppermann Malte                                                                      P118   Salafia Fabio        through different conditions of supercritical fluid chro-
                                     Asymmetric induction of Wulfingite chiral crystals
      P100   Otis Gil                                                                                                         Comparison of monodimensional and multidimensional
                                     detected using EPR spectroscopy
                                                                                                  P119   Salafia Fabio        gas chromatography methods for the separation of
                                     Design and synthesis of chiral peptide polymers for                                      volatile chiral compounds in mandarin essential oil
      P101   Ouyang Jiangkun
                                     information storage
                                                                                                                              BenzoDiazepinoIndoliums: novel class of chiral polycy-
                                                                                                  P120   Saleh Nidal
                                     Critical role of achiral guest molecules in planar chira-                                clic fluorophores
      P102   Park Jaehyeon
                                     lity in-version of alanine-appended pillar[5]arenes
                                                                                                                              Exploring pathway complexity in chiral supramolecular
                                                                                                  P121   Sallembien Quentin
                                     Optically active flexible materials based on molecular                                   polymers reveals a thermo-thickening effect
      P103   Pathan Shaheen
                                     assembly template chiral hybrid nanostructures
                                                                                                                              Role of electric field on enantio-specific interactions of
                                                                                                  P122   Santra Kakali
                                     Organocatalytic synthesis of chiral spirocyclopentene                                    chiral molecules with ferromagnetic substrates
      P104   Perrio Stephane         oxindole derivatives through a sulfinate ammonium ion
                                                                                                                              Grafting of organics fluorophores on chiral hybrid
                                     pair                                                         P123   Scalabre Antoine
                                     Chiroptical super-spectra of Co(II) salicylaldiminato
                                                                                                                              Enantiospecific interactions of propylene oxide with
      P105   Pescitelli Gennaro      complexes with symmetry-dependent vibrational circu-         P124   Shukla Nisha
                                     lar dichroism enhancement
                                                                                                                              Bio-orthogonal single chain polymeric nanoparticle
                                     Pressure-induced conformational change of a dipep-           P125   Sklorz Julian
      P106   Plamitzer Lubos                                                                                                  catalyse cyclopropanation
                                     tide. a computational study
                                                                                                                              Resolution of flecainide and its derivatives, an antiar-
             Polavarapu Lakshmina-   Chiral perovskite nanocrystals: chirality transfer from
      P107                                                                                        P126   Sung Ji Yeong        rhythmic agent that treats abnormal heart rhythms, on
             rayana                  ligand molecules to excitons
                                                                                                                              a new chiral stationary phase
                                     Chirality and anion size driven properties of methylated
      P108   Pop Flavia                                                                                                       Biphenyl chiroptical probes as tools for the assignment
                                     EDT-TTF conductors                                           P127   Superchi Stefano
                                                                                                                              of absolute configuration to natural products

34                                                                                                                                                                                         35
POSTER                                                                                     POSTER
     SESSIONS                                                                                   SESSIONS
                                     Regio- and stereoselective tandem carbolithia-                                                      Enantiopure encaged Verkade’s superbases:
      P128   Superchi Stefano
                                     tion-substitution reaction on 1-aryl-vinylcarbamates          P148      Yang Jian                   synthesis, chiroptical properties, and use as chiral
                                                                                                                                         derivatizing agent
                                     DNA-induced chirality in templated supramolecular
      P129   Surin Mathieu
                                     assemblies of conjugated molecules                                                                  Effect of shapes of pt nanoparticles on helical nano-
                                                                                                   P149      Yasuda Takumi               pores formed by metal-assisted chemical etching of
                                     Enantioselective O- to C- Acyl rearrangement of
      P130   Takahashi Takuya        oxindole derivatives using helically chiral nucleophilic
                                     polymer catalyst                                                                                    Quantitative resolution of conglomerates through a
                                                                                                   P150      Ye Xichong
                                                                                                                                         magnetic separation strategy
                                     Rapid and comprehensive determination of absolute
                                     configurations of a series of natural bitter compounds                                              Hierarchically chiral inorganic films with multi-optical
      P131   Taniguchi Yoshimasa                                                                   P151      Yingying Duan
                                     derived from hop (humulus lupulus l.) by the crystalline                                            activities
                                     sponge method
                                                                                                                                         Generation of room-temperature phosphoresce based
      P132   Tassoni Alessandra      Chiral resolution using circular Couette flow                 P152      Yoshida Kyohei              on one-dimensional chiral stacking of a simple lumino-
                                     Separation and chiroptical properties of chiral
      P133   Teeuwen Paula
                                     porphyrin cages                                                                                     CPL switching system utilizing microgel of pNIPAM
                                                                                                   P153      Yoshida Kyohei
      P134   Thinhinane Aoudjit      Nanoscale photoimaging of chiral nanostructures                                                     functionalized by Ru(bpy)3 and phenylbornic acid
                                     Stereocontrolled access to all-carbon quaternary                                                    Catalytic asymmetric umpolung organocascade
      P135   Traboulsi Iman          stereocenter in cyclic and acyclic systems. approach to       P154      Yoshida Yasushi
                                                                                                                                         reaction of α-imino carbonyl compounds
                                     the total synthesis of indole alkaloids.
                                                                                                                                         Supramolecular asymmetric photochirogenesis of
                                     Absolute asymmetric synthesis by diels-alder reaction         P155      Yospanya Wijak              2-anthracene carboxylate dimers in chiral medias: from
      P136   Uemura Naohiro
                                     involving dynamic enantioselective crystallization                                                  synthetic antibodies to silica hybrid nanofibers
                                     Exotic techniques for the characterization of chirality:                                            Investigation of chirality-dependent growth of
      P137   Valentin-Pérez Angela                                                                 P156      Zelenovskii Pavel
                                     x-ray natural circular dichroism                                                                    diphenylalanine microtubes
                                     New chiral iodoarenes and iodanes for asymmetric                                                    Chirality induction of inorganic-organic hybrid assem-
      P138   Valzer Emmanuel                                                                       P157      Zhang Jie
                                     C-O and C-C bondforming reactions                                                                   bled materials
                                     Controlling the length of cooperative helical
      P139   Vantomme Ghislaine                                                                                                          Utilizing chiral induced spin selectivity effect to enantio-
                                     supramolecular polymers                                       P158      Metzger Tzuriel S.
                                     Compression of supercontinuum pulses using different
      P140   Vasudevan Sudheendran
                                     chirped mirror technologies
                                                                                                                                         Development of helical aromatic oligoamides based on
                                     Intensity-dependent hyper-rayleigh chiroptical effect         P159      Tanatani Aya
                                                                                                                                         conformational property of aromatic tertiary amide
      P141   Verreault Dominique     in liquids: a new route for the determination of the
                                     enantiomeric excess                                                     Penélope Rodríguez-         Effect of metal core on chiroptical activity of L- and
                                     First chiral discrimination of helical oligoquinoline                   Zamora                      D-Cysteine protected nanoparticles
      P142   Verreault Dominique     foldamers in solution evidenced by hyper-rayleigh
                                     scattering                                                    P162      Laureen Moreaud             Programmed artificial protein origami super-helix
      P143   Vidanović Igor          Modification of bicyclic ketones for PECD experiments
                                     Chromatographic resolution and absolute configuration
      P144   Villani Claudio
                                     determination of stereolabile indole derivatives
      P145   Wada Yuya               Triptycene-based chiral functional molecules/polymers      Authors of posters with even numbers are required to present their paper during the poster
                                     Synthesis of spiroborate-based homo and hetero             session 1 on Monday. Authors of posters with odd numbers are required to present their
      P146   Xiang Wang
                                     double-strand helicates                                    paper during the poster session 2 on Tuesday.
                                     Circularly polarized luminescence (CPL) activities in
      P147   Yamana Kazushige
                                     helical assemblies of pyrenes on RNA Duplex

36                                                                                                                                                                                                  37
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PROGRAMME                                                                                        VENUE
      TIME*     Sunday 14th July     Monday 15th July Tuesday 16th July            Wed. 17th July                          Amphitheater 2                        Coffee break
      08.00                                                                                                                        floor -1
      08.30                                                                                           Meeting point
                                       Plenary session      Plenary session       Plenary session      gala dinner
      09.00                                                                                                                 Poster                                                             Poster
                                                                                                                           sessions                                                           sessions
      10.00                                                                                                                                         Sponsors
                                                                                                                        Speaker                     exhibition
                                      Parallel sessions     Parallel sessions     Parallel sessions                   ready room
                 Short course 1
                                                                                                                                                   Information                    ^
                                                                                                                                                       desk                                Please, wear your
      12.00                                                                                                                                                                                badge at all times.

      12.30                                                                                              BUILDING 2                           Amphitheater 1
                                            Lunch                   Lunch              Lunch
                      Lunch                                                                                                                                                               Cloakroom
                                      Poster session 1      Poster session 2      Plenary session
                                      (even numbers)         (odd numbers)
                 Short course 2                                                   Plenary session
      15.30                                                                        Poster awards
      16.00                                                                       Closing remarks

      16.30    Opening ceremony
                                      Parallel sessions     Parallel sessions                                                                   Lunch area
      17.00     Chirality Medal                                                                          BUILDING 1


      19.00         Welcome
                    reception                                     Gala dinner
      19.30                                                     Chateau Smith                                                                                                         ^
                                                                 Haut Lafitte**                                                                                                 Main entrance

     *Approximate time - Please check the detailed programme.
     ** Departure : 18:45 from the venue - End: 23.00

                                                                                                                                                     Taxi meeting point
                                                                                                                                                     ENSEIRB MATMECA
                                                                                                                                                                                      Arts et métiers
                                                                                                                                                     Avenue des Facultés              tramway station
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