Teacher's Guide 2021-2022 - NEW - Morehead Planetarium

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Teacher's Guide 2021-2022 - NEW - Morehead Planetarium

Teacher’s                                            NEW

Guide 2021–2022
                                               experiences including:
                                                  Earth & Beyond,
                                                the Launch Lab, and
                                                  new planetarium
FIELD TRIPS on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill
+ MOBILE PROGRAMS at your school

Teacher's Guide 2021-2022 - NEW - Morehead Planetarium

                    What’s Inside?
                                                        FIELD TRIPS AT MOREHEAD                           4–7
                                                          Science LIVE! Programs                            4

                                                          Enrichment Experiences                                5

                                                          Launch Lab                                            5

                                                          Planetarium Shows                                6–7

                                                        MOBILE PROGRAMS AT YOUR SCHOOL                    8–11
                                                          Our Physical World Live!                           8

                                                          Morehead in Motion: Lab to Life                   9

                                                          Morehead in Motion: Earth & Beyond                10

                                                          Virtual Field Trips – Virtual STEMville!          11

                                                        NORTH CAROLINA SCIENCE FESTIVAL                     12
                                                        MAKING A RESERVATION                                13
                                                        PRICING                                             14
                                                        FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                          15

                    ABOUT US                                                      CONTACT

                    Morehead Planetarium and Science Center is                    Morehead Reservations Team
                    a unit of the University of North Carolina at                   919-962-1236
                    Chapel Hill and was the first and largest fulldome              mpsc_reservations@unc.edu
                    planetarium in the south. Today, we remain one
                    of the premier planetarium and science centers in
                    the country with the bold mission to serve North
                    Carolina and beyond by bringing together the
                    unique resources of UNC to engage the public
                    for an improved public understanding of science,
                    technology and health.

Teacher's Guide 2021-2022 - NEW - Morehead Planetarium
What’s New
AT MOREHEAD                                                           Don’t miss our new hands-on
                                                                      Launch Lab (pg 5), planetarium
                                                                      shows (pg 6–7), and at-your-school
                                                                      programming (pg 8–11).

Learning through
Completed in the Fall of 2020, our recent renovation transformed Morehead     ASK ABOUT
into a full-service planetarium and museum with more interactive exhibits.    OUR EXHIBIT
The Ivan R. King Gateway Gallery is located in our rotunda and contains       CHALLENGE
exhibits that focus on the history of UNC, Morehead Planetarium, and the        GUIDE!
astronaut training program that took place in the 1960s and 1970s. The
Breakthrough Hub exhibit space focuses on current UNC research in Public
Health, Astronomy, Marine Science, Plant Ecology, and Biomedical Engineering.

Explore the Stars                                            COMING
Science Kits
Recommended grades 2–7

Are you ready to explore the stars? New for this year,
Morehead is offering bilingual Explore the Stars kits!
We’ve created an easy-to-use kit that includes a bilingual
storybook, online resources, and 4 hands-on activities:

      · Moon Phases        · Sundial
      · Spectroscope       · Star Finder

Kits will be shipped in early 2022. Learn more and
pre-order your kit by November 1 by going to

                   Designed with Safety in Mind
                   Each Morehead program has been designed with a set of evidence-based
                   protocols to deliver maximum science fun while keeping students and teachers
                   safe. Read the details of each program online to learn about its COVID protocols.

Teacher's Guide 2021-2022 - NEW - Morehead Planetarium

                          Field Trips
                          AT MOREHEAD


                          Science LIVE! Programs
                              GRADES             LENGTH             MAX. PARTICIPANTS
                                K–12              45 min.             74 persons per show

                          Live shows on Morehead’s Science Stage captivate students of all ages! Each
                          “Science LIVE!” program engages the audience and asks for volunteers to
                          participate in exciting science demonstrations. Specific demonstrations may vary
                          depending on grade level.

                          SCIENCE LIVE! PHENOMENAL PHYSICS                                  SCIENCE LIVE! MAGNIFICENT MATTER
                          In a program that Isaac Newton would have loved to                Matter makes up everything — it surrounds you, and can
                          attend, we will explore the fundamentals of physics               even change its appearance right before your eyes! We
                          through live experiments. We’ll talk about forces and             will learn about the states of matter, examine some tricky
                          motion with some Carolina basketball flair, generate              materials that exist between states of matter, make instant
                          thousands of watts of electricity with our hair-raising Van       “snow,” and cap it all off by observing some colorful
                          Der Graaff generator, and do the coolest demonstration            combustions using the chemical properties of different
                          ever, literally, by observing nitrogen in two phases.             elements.

                          SCIENCE LIVE! UNDER PRESSURE                                      SCIENCE LIVE! SCIENCE SHOWTIME
                          We put science under pressure in this program. We’ll              For the very young scientists of the world (minimum age
                          demonstrate Bernoulli’s principle with a 10-foot-long bag         of 4 years old), we’ll demonstrate some of Morehead’s
                          and just your breath, demonstrate how much air weighs             most exciting science experiments. Participants will learn
                          by crushing a can, try to burst balloons with hundreds of         how we experiment with different materials and see how
                          nails, and make a huge combustion in our “whoosh bottle.”         much fun science can really be in an accessible way.

                          SCIENCE LIVE! ALL SYSTEMS GO                                      SCIENCE LIVE! LIGHT
                          Our bodies need to be “all systems go” for us to get              UP THE STAGE
                          through each day. Join us to take an in-depth look at             Learn about the properties of light
                          hair, skin and fingernails with a digital microscope, create      as we “Light up” the Science Stage!
                          an electrical circuit with your body, ignite a jelly bean to      We will explore and demonstrate               NEW!
                          demonstrate metabolism, and test reaction times of your           many properties of light such as
                          eyes and hands.                                                   diffraction, refraction, reflections and
                                                                                            fluorescence. We will explore optical
                                                                                            illusions and color using visible and ultraviolet light.

Teacher's Guide 2021-2022 - NEW - Morehead Planetarium
                                                                  NEW!     Launch Lab
                                                                     GRADES              LENGTH              MAX. PARTICIPANTS
                                                                       1-12               45 min.                30 students

GRADES               LENGTH               MAX. PARTICIPANTS          Learn by building and discovering in
  3–8                 45 min.                 30 students
                                                                     MPSC’s new makerspace! Launch Lab
                                                                     programs are designed to highlight
  Add an extra dimension to your visit                               science topics through hands-on, maker
  with a hands-on, minds-on Enrichment                               centered activities. Activities and
  Experience led by a Morehead educator.                             equipment used vary with grade level.

  EYES ON THE SKY                                                    GRASPING AT STRAWS:
  Recommended for grades 1–2, recommended show                       ROBOTIC HANDS!
  pairing: Magic Tree House: Space Mission                           Recommended for grades 1–4

  How do we know so much about the night sky above our               Learn the basics of hand movement by using common
  heads? Well, all you need to do is look! In this eyes-on           materials to create a model hand that actually moves.
  class, you will practice using real astronomy equipment like       Students will use straws, yarn and cardboard to build
  telescopes and binoculars. You will see what makes them            artificial ligaments and bones and see how these things
  different and learn which one turns you upside down!               work together inside your hand.

  ROUND AND ROUND WE GO                                              VALVES INSIDE
  Recommended for grades 3–4                                         Recommended for grades 3–5

  Get ready to move as we explore the relationship between           Valves are all around us and inside us as well! Using a
  Earth, Moon and Sun in this highly interactive and                 variety of materials, students will create simple types
  kinesthetic class. Why do we have day and night? What              of valves, test their effectiveness, and discover research
  causes eclipses? We’ll answer these questions and more as          being done in the use of artificial heart valves inside
  we “dance the night away.”                                         the human body.

  SEISMIC STUDIES                                                    WATER WAYS
  Recommended for grades 3–5, recommended show                       Recommended for grades 4–8
  pairing: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Tsunamis
                                                                     Learn about water pollution and contaminants as you
  Have you ever wondered why we have earthquakes? In                 work together to create water filters and technology to
  this hands-on class, you will learn about seismic waves and        help keep water clean! Students will learn about water
  how the Earth’s structure leads to earthquakes. You can            quality testing, basic filtration and ecology.
  put your skills to the test by trying to build an earthquake-
  proof house!                                                       LIGHT POLLUTION CIRCUITS
                                                                     Recommended for grades 6–12
                                                                     Light pollution affects animals, astronomers, and
  Recommended for grades 3–8
                                                                     human health! Learn about this growing issue and
  What does our Solar System really look like? How do we             what can be done to solve it by designing better
  know? In this hands-on adventure, students become NASA             streetlights and measuring equipment. Students will
  engineers as they design, build and test interplanetary            create simple circuits and use testing equipment to see
  landers that are needed to explore rocky worlds like Mars.         how light can be kept on Earth where it is needed.

  WINGING IT                                                         HIDDEN WORLDS
  Recommended for grades 3–8, recommended show                       Recommended for grades 7–12
  pairing: Take Flight
                                                                     Researchers at UNC are actively exploring the world of
  For years humans dreamed of flying like the birds. And             the very small and studying the interactions between
  now we can! Join us to test flying machines and investigate        plants, fungi, and disease. In this class, students will
  the four forces necessary to get humans, birds and other           create a microscope for use with a tablet or cell phone
  animals off the ground and into the air.                           and use it to explore the world outside.

Teacher's Guide 2021-2022 - NEW - Morehead Planetarium

                          Planetarium Shows

                                                           GRADES         LENGTH         MAX. PARTICIPANTS
                                                            K–12           45 min.       210 persons per show

                                                        Morehead planetarium shows are an exciting
                                                        way to engage and inspire your students with
                                                        a love of science.

                          Surround your students with the sights, sounds and sensations of
                          an extraordinary educational adventure! Each program includes a
                          planetarium show, a question and answer session with a Morehead
                          educator and if time permits, a mini star tour. Some planetarium shows
                          are available with a Spanish language audio track; if needed, please
                          request this one week in advance.

                                                    TALES OF THE AMERICAN SOUTH
                                                    Recommended for grades 6–12.
                                                    Additional teaching resources available at amsouth.unc.edu

                                                    The American South is shrouded in romance and
                                                    myth, and its historical and modern-day realities are
                                                    both intriguing and complex. What does it mean to
                                                    be from, to live in, and/or teach about the American
                                                    South today?

                                                    Produced through an innovative partnership between
                                                    Morehead and UNC-Chapel Hill’s Center for the Study
                                                    of the American South.

Teacher's Guide 2021-2022 - NEW - Morehead Planetarium
Planetarium Shows                                                      OPTIONAL SPANISH
                                                                       AUDIO TRACK

ASTRONAUT                                   GALILEO: THE POWER                            SOLAR SYSTEM
Recommended for grades 4–5                  OF THE TELESCOPE                              ODYSSEY
(also suitable for grades 6–12)             Recommended for grade 6                       Recommended for grades 3 and 6
                                            (also suitable for grades 4–12)               (also suitable for grades 4–8)

Recommended for grades 3–12
                                            THE LITTLE STAR                               THE SUN: OUR
                                            THAT COULD                                    LIVING STAR
                                            Recommended for grades K–2                    Recommended for grades 6–12
Recommended for grades 2–12
                                            THE LONGEST NIGHT                             SURVEYING THE
                                            Recommended for grades 1–12                   SOLAR SYSTEM
                                                                                          Recommended for grades 3–5
Recommended for grades 6–12
                                            MAGIC TREE HOUSE®
                                            SPACE MISSION                                 TAKE FLIGHT
                                            Recommended for grades K–2                    Recommended for grades 3–7
Recommended for grades 1–4
                                            (also suitable for grade 3)
(also suitable for grade 5)
                                                                                          WE ARE STARS
                                            MOVING ALL AROUND                             Recommended for grades 6–12
                             NEW!           Recommended for grades K–2
Recommended for grades 5–12
                                            PHANTOM OF THE
                                            UNIVERSE: THE HUNT
                                            FOR DARK MATTER
                                            Suitable for grades 9–12

   For a detailed list of each show’s correlations with NC Essential Standards for recommended grades, visit

                                                       MYSTERIES OF YOUR BRAIN
                                                       Recommended for grades 5–9

                                                       Have you ever dreamed of looking at the
                                                       human brain, from inside it?

                                                       Mysteries of Your Brain takes you on an
                                                       immersive, animated adventure into the
                                                       human brain, zooming along the path of
                                                       neurons and experiencing illusions on a grand
                                                       scale, exploring how the brain works and what
                                                       makes human brains so special.

Teacher's Guide 2021-2022 - NEW - Morehead Planetarium

                                 At Your School
                                 MOBILE PROGRAMS

                                 Our Physical World Live!
                                                           LENGTH                MAX. PARTICIPANTS            NEW!
                                                            varies                      varies
                                                      (see pricing table)         (see pricing table)

                                 In this new program, a Morehead educator will guide your group through standards-aligned
                                 activities that will explore STEM fields such as chemistry and physics in the classroom. Its
                                 assembly-style component will captivate participants with interactive experiments and
                                 demonstrations performed by a Morehead educator in the school’s gym, auditorium, or
                                 outdoor stage. Students will investigate force and motion, experiment with phase changes
                                 and chemical reactions, and explore other topics to support classroom learning.

                                 ASSEMBLY-STYLE                                                   before applying this knowledge to roller coasters, rocket
                                                                                                  balloons, and more! Older students will delve further into
                                 Recommended for grades K–2, 45 minutes
                                                                                                  applications of forces and Newton’s Laws and extend their
                                 Learn about forces and motion as we launch rockets and           connections to potential and kinetic energies.
                                 make objects levitate in midair. Experiment with phase
                                 changes using balloons and bubbles, perform chemical
                                 reactions to create cascades of colorful foam, and so much
                                                                                                  ENERGY SUPPLEMENTS
                                 more. This show will have younger audiences on the edge of       Recommended for grades 3–8
                                 their seats as we introduce them to the wonderful world of       Could your students use a jolt of energy? This lesson
                                 science.                                                         provides a broad overview of all ten types of energy,
                                                                                                  including the distinction between kinetic and potential
                                 Recommended for grades 3–5, 60 minutes
                                                                                                  energies. Let’s journey together to discover what energy is,
                                 Explore Newton’s laws of motion with “magic” tricks and          the various forms it can take, and how humans can make use
                                 rocket launches, then conduct hair-raising experiments with      of it all! Students will go through activities and challenges,
                                 electricity using a Van De Graaff generator. Learn about         including understanding how their bodies convert chemical
                                 human body systems with a digital microscope, discover           energy into movement. Older students will engage in a more
                                 phase changes with liquid nitrogen, and more. We’ll even         in-depth exploration of the same concepts and also make
                                 perform a chemical reaction to create a giant, colorful foam     connections to the Law of Conservation of Energy.
                                 explosion as our grand finale! This dynamic show will amaze
                                 your students while reinforcing key scientific concepts.         THE STATE OF THINGS
                                                                                                  Recommended for grades 2–3, 5–6, 8
                                 NEWTON IN MOTION
                                                                                                  Crazy chemistry abounds as students learn more about the
                                 Recommended for grades K–1, 3, 5, 7                              phases of matter and all that they are capable of. Students
                                 Let’s get familiar with physics! The laws of physics impact      will focus their attention on physical and chemical changes
                                 everything around us. Students will learn about force and        through a mix of guided and interactive experiments,
                                 motion, inertia and other concepts from Newton’s Laws            including creating a vacuum, dissolving solids in liquids, and
                                                                                                  producing neon light!

Teacher's Guide 2021-2022 - NEW - Morehead Planetarium
Morehead in Motion:

Lab to Life
    GRADES             LENGTH              MAX. PARTICIPANTS
     6–12             75–90 min.           30 students per session

Morehead’s Lab to Life program is a selection of
hands-on, narrative-driven lessons for middle and
high school students. Through these chemistry or
biology-focused labs, students will have a chance
to experience what it would be like to work in a variety of STEM careers and see the direct
application of the skills and standards they are learning in their classes.

#YESFILTER (WATER TREATMENT)                                         MYSTERY OF THE CROOKED CELL
Recommended for chemistry, earth/environmental science,              (GEL ELECTROPHORESIS)
biology, or engineering courses                                      Recommended for biology, anatomy and physiology,
Investigate water chemistry and purity in this lab. We’ll            or allied health courses
discuss pH to see the connections between water, acid/               Discover the molecular basis of sickle cell disease and use
base chemistry, and life. Then, we’ll simulate part of the           gel electrophoresis as a diagnostic tool to differentiate
water treatment process by creating a custom filter to               wild-type hemoglobin from mutated hemoglobin found in
clean a sample of polluted water.                                    individuals with sickle cell disease. Module developed by
                                                                     Boston University School of Medicine CityLab.
Recommended for biology, earth/environmental science,                BIOLOGICAL BODYGUARDS
forestry, trigonometry, or geometry courses                          (ELISA TEST)
Investigate complex relationships between organisms and              Recommended for biology, applied science, anatomy
the physical and biological environment, as well as the              and physiology, allied health courses
movement of energy and materials within an ecosystem.                Students will use an Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay
Employ various environmental sampling technologies                   (ELISA) to test for a simulated antigen with antibodies.
to determine the disposition of both biotic and abiotic              This lab can be used to model how those in science and
factors within an assigned study site.                               medical careers use this process to screen hypothetical
                                                                     patients for disease, test water samples for toxins, or
Note: This lab is conducted outside. As such, it is
weather-dependent and is only offered in September,                  another narrative that you request.
October, late March, April, and May.
                                                                     HYDROELECTRIC ENGINEERING
DEEP SEA DETECTIVES                                                  CHALLENGE
(DNA FINGERPRINTING)                                                 Recommended for physics, earth/environmental science,
Recommended for biology, forensics, or                               physical science, biology courses
oceanography courses                                                 Learn the fundamentals of electrical power generation
Become an oceanographer and use gel electrophoresis                  by researching the relationship between electricity and
(also known as DNA restriction analysis) to analyze                  magnetism, and how this led to the development of the
simulated seawater samples to detect environmental DNA               electric motor. We’ll discuss renewable and nonrenewable
to search for and document new species that call the                 energy sources, and engage in the engineering cycle to
ocean’s mysterious twilight zone home.                               create a prototype hydroelectric turbine.

Teacher's Guide 2021-2022 - NEW - Morehead Planetarium

                                 Morehead in Motion:                                      NEW!
                                 Earth & Beyond
                                    GRADES             LENGTH               MAX. PARTICIPANTS
                                     K–12             60–75 min.            25 students per session

                                 In this new Morehead program, students participate in standards-aligned lessons that
                                 explore earth science and astronomy concepts. Students experience exciting astronomy
                                 visualizations, explore moon phases and light, learn to map planetary surfaces, hunt for
                                 exoplanets, and much more!

                                 A YEAR OF WEATHER                                                    water and gases in our own atmosphere? This activity
                                                                                                      will help students connect with the global concept of
                                 Recommended for grades K–2
                                                                                                      climate while using meteorological models and NASA
                                 Have you ever wondered how clouds and rain are formed                visualizations to track the vital signs of our planet —
                                 in the Spring? How can wind blow the leaves from the                 including carbon released into the atmosphere.
                                 trees in Autumn? How does water change into delicate
                                 snowflakes and hazardous ice in Winter? A Year of                    EXOPLANET HUNTERS
                                 Weather helps students visualize the fascinating and
                                                                                                      Recommended for grades 6–8
                                 varied changes in our atmosphere throughout the seasons.
                                                                                                      Is there another planet like Earth out there? Are there
                                 SPACE OBSERVERS                                                      other solar systems besides our own? How can we see
                                                                                                      things that are so far away? Students will tackle these
                                 Recommended for grades K–2
                                                                                                      questions using NASA data and visualizations and will
                                 How do people observe objects that are far away?                     explore some of the thousands of planets outside of our
                                 Students will practice their observational skills to compare         own solar system. Classifying these otherworldly planets
                                 how the views we see are different when we use our eyes              can help us gain better insight into planet formation and
                                 and when we use tools like a telescope and binoculars.               some of the mysteries of our own Solar System.

                                 EARTH & PLANETARY MAPPING                                            LIGHT & THE ELECTROMAGNETIC
                                 Recommended for grades 3–5                                           SPECTRUM
                                 What do maps help us learn? How can you learn about                  Recommended for grades 9–12
                                 a planet that is covered in clouds? What kinds of tools
                                                                                                      How are we able to look so far back into space and time?
                                 do you need? Students will explore ways that NASA and
                                                                                                      How does light travel and how do we capture it? How
                                 other space agencies use satellites and other spacecraft to
                                                                                                      does this journey inform our knowledge of the universe?
                                 indirectly map the surfaces of planets – including our own
                                                                                                      Where do black holes lead? Students will explore how
                                                                                                      the Hubble Space Telescope, the upcoming James
                                                                                                      Webb Space Telescope, and other observatories use the
                                 SOLAR SYSTEM EXPLORATION                                             electromagnetic spectrum to give us a brighter picture
                                 Recommended for grades 3–5                                           of the matter and structure of the universe. Through
                                 Have you ever wondered what scientists look for when                 exploration of wavelengths, students will understand how
                                 we explore other planets? What features do we use to                 beautiful astronomical images come to life.
                                 help classify things in our solar system? What in the world
                                 happened to Pluto?!?! Explore these concepts and more                OCEAN ACIDIFICATION
                                 through hands-on activities and visualizations to classify           & CLIMATE CHANGE
                                 objects in our solar system, indirectly map a planet’s               Recommended for grades 9–12
                                 surface, and help solve an inter-planetary mystery.
                                                                                                      How does human activity affect our oceans and seas? How
                                                                                                      do scientists measure changes in the health of the ocean?
                                 CLIMATE TRACKERS
                                                                                                      How does this affect us in North Carolina? As future
                                 Recommended for grades 6–8
                                                                                                      scientists, students will perform pH assessment to learn
                                 What is the difference between climate and weather?                  about ocean acidification and use NASA Earth Science
                                 What is climate change? How do we track the cycling of               data to track the potential path for rising sea levels.

Virtual Field Trips – Virtual STEMville!
    GRADES                LENGTH                 MAX. PARTICIPANTS
     K–12                45 minutes                no min. or max.             NEW!

On this epic journey, students will explore a variety of STEM concepts through engaging
virtual workshop sessions with Morehead educators and scientists from our state. We’ll
use special planetarium software to learn about the sky and other current astronomy
topics. We’ll conduct exciting science experiments in our lab, and talk with scientists about
different scientific methods for their research.

SCIENTIST BLOCK PARTY!                                           Elementary School (grades K–5)

Recommended for grades 3–12                                      These standards-aligned lessons will focus on objects in our
                                                                 solar system, how they move and change over time, and
Join the dynamic duo of educator and scientist while they
                                                                 how they fit together to make our place in space so great.
conduct a fun scientific demonstration or activity for your
students! Your students will meet a real scientist and learn     Middle/High School (grades 6–12)
about their path to becoming a scientist and how they use
                                                                 These standards-aligned lessons will focus on current space
the scientific method in their research!
                                                                 missions, aeronautics, and the exploration of the solar
                                                                 system and beyond. Groups will also have the opportunity
ASTRONOMY AVENUE                                                 to dive deeper into current Physics/Astronomy topics. These
In this Virtual STEMville experience, participants will join a   lessons will focus on topics ranging from navigating our sky
360° planetarium show viewing, explore current astronomy         with seasonal constellations to exploring the nature of black
topics, learn about hidden science stories, and observe our      holes.
night sky using planetarium software.

Morehead astronomers and guest scientists may also
provide live Q&A and additional activities and resources for
further at-home science enrichment.



                                  North Carolina Science Festival

                                  The North Carolina Science Festival—founded by Morehead
                                  in 2010—is an annual statewide, month-long celebration of
                                  science that takes place every April. Hundreds of fun (and
                                  usually free) public events will be listed on the NCSciFest
                                  website in mid-February.

                                  Educators are vital to the North Carolina Science Festival’s mission—they prepare future
                                  scientists! We thank you for everything you do and encourage you to participate in the
                                  NCSciFest with your students. We also want to collaborate with you in providing exciting
                                  science experiences. The NCSciFest offers
                                  “at-your-site” educational initiatives specifically for K-12 schools.

                                  DUKE ENERGY SCIENCE NIGHTS
                                  Grades K–5                                                        The Duke Energy Foundation sponsorship funds a number
                                  Funding from the Duke Energy Foundation allows NCSciFest          of kits to award at no charge. These are awarded to schools
                                  staff to produce STEM activities and resource kits for use        using an application process that includes a review of school
                                  by elementary schools across the state. This program is           need, demographics, geography, and past participation.
                                  designed to help you host a fun science event for your
                                                                                                    Kits can be purchased and sponsorship applications open
                                  students and their families with the use of a kit that includes
                                                                                                    starting in August 2021. Schools hold their family science
                                  hands-on activities aligned with NC Science Standards, a
                                                                                                    night during April 2022, bringing families together as a
                                  planning guide, activity instructions, materials for up to 200
                                                                                                    community to explore the amazing world of science as part
                                  participants, and the support of NCSciFest staff.
                                                                                                    of the North Carolina Science Festival.

                                                                                                    Learn more about kit contents. application details, and
                                                                                                    program timeline at ncscifest.org/elementary

                                                                                                    Grades 6–8

                                                                                                    The NCSciFest team recruits dynamic and dedicated
                                                                                                    scientists from diverse backgrounds to share their excitement
                                                                                                    about science with middle school students. SciMatch pairs
                                                                                                    middle school teachers with these scientists to schedule
                                                                                                    classroom visits to speak about their backgrounds and
                                                                                                    research, answer questions about their careers, and engage
                                                                                                    your students in a fun, hands-on activity. This program is
                                                                                                    designed to inspire students to consider science as a career.
                                                                                                    Learn more at ncscifest.org/scimatch

                                                                                                    PUBLIC EVENTS
                                                                                                    All ages

                                                                                                    The NCSciFest team and our network of partners across the
                                                                                                    state produce hundreds of amazing STEM events for public
                                                                                                    and K-12 audiences each April. The calendar of events goes
                                                                                                    live on February 14. Find events near you at ncscifest.org

How to Make a Reservation


                                                                MOBILE PROGRAMS
                                                                 AT YOUR SCHOOL

   Choose the experiences you want                         Choose the experiences you want
     for your Morehead field trip.                          for your Morehead mobile visit.

    †   Participate in a Science LIVE!                   †    Participate in an Our Physical World
        demonstration program                                 Live! Program (see page 8)
        (see page 4)
                                                         †    Practice hands-on skills with a
    †   Practice hands-on skills in an                        Morehead in Motion: Lab to Life visit
        enrichment experience                                 (see page 9)
        (see page 5)
                                                         †    Practice hands-on skills with a visit
    †   Learn by creating in a Launch Lab                     from Morehead in Motion:
        program (see page 5)                                  Earth & Beyond
                                                              (see page 10)
    †   Watch a fulldome show in
        Morehead’s planetarium                           †    Explore STEM concepts with a Virtual
        (see pages 6–7)                                       STEMville! Virtual Field Trip (see page 11)

Choose the dates for your Morehead science              Decide how your school will accommodate a
experiences — a first choice, a second choice             visit from a Morehead mobile program.
 and a third choice. Morehead will strive to
  accommodate your selection, but cannot
           guarantee availability.
                                                        Consider which dates your school would not
                                                         be able to accommodate a Morehead visit.

     Decide how your group will travel                  Based on your response, our outreach team
              to Morehead.                              will offer you a selection of potential dates.

    Submit a field trip reservation form                Each At-Your-School program has its own
                  online at                               reservation form. Find them online at
   moreheadplanetarium.org/field-trips                  moreheadplanetarium.org/at-your-school

   You should receive an email notice that we have received your request within 15 minutes of
 submitting the form. A Morehead reservations specialist will contact you to confirm the details
                        and discuss any special requests you may have.

                            Planetarium Show1, Enrichment Experience,
                            Launch Lab, or Science LIVE! Program                                               Student fee                  Adult fee
          FIELD TRIPS

                                                                                                                $9.50 per
                            First show or class                                                                                        $11.50 per adult

                                                                                                                   $3 per
                            Additional show or class                                                                                    $4 per adult

                                                                                                1 session                      3 session bundle
                            Virtual STEMville! Field Trip                                      $125 + tax                         $325 + tax

                            Morehead in Motion:                                  Base      Extended           Max.              Max.             Session
                            Lab to Life                            Base fee      time         fee           sessions2        participants        length
                            One-day school visit                    $350         1 day       $175/             3                 30               75–90
                                                                                         additional day                      per session           min.

                            Morehead in Motion:

                            Earth & Beyond
                            One-day school visit                    $300         1 day       $150/             2                 25               60–75
                                                                                         additional day                      per session           min.

                            Our Physical World Live!
                            One-day school visit with               $450         1 day       $150/             2               24 (for            60–75
                            classroom activities and assembly                            additional day                       activities)          min.
                                                                                                                               150 (for           45–60
                                                                                                                               demos)              min.
                            One-day school visit with classroom     $300         1 day       $150/             2                 24               60–75
                            activities only                                              additional day                      per session           min.
                            One-day school visit with assembly      $300         1 day       $150/             2                 150              45–60
                            demonstrations only                                          additional day                      per session           min.
          TRAVEL FEES3

                            Within 90-mile radius of Chapel Hill           $50

                            More than 90 miles from Chapel Hill          $200


         Planetarium shows are subject to NC State and Local Sales & Use taxes.
       If you need more than the maximum sessions per day to serve your
     students, please extend your reservation by adding consecutive days or
     hours (depending on program). The “Extended Fee” is your discounted
     cost for any consecutive days or hours you add.
         Distances are calculated with the Google Maps application.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do your programs line up with my                         Can each person pay individually?
curriculum?                                              To offer group pricing, Morehead requires a single
Our grade level recommendations for each                 payment by check or credit card (MasterCard,
program and planetarium show are based on NC             Discover, or Visa) from the school. You will
Essential Standards correlations. We also deem           receive an invoice in advance, confirming the total
shows suitable for varying grade levels based on         participants and the amount due. For a field trip
age group. Please visit Morehead’s website for a         at Morehead, payment is due 3 business days prior
detailed list of each program’s correlations with NC     to your visit. For a mobile visit at your school,
Essential Standards.                                     payment is due two weeks in advance.

My students are studying science topics                  May a charter operator make
that aren’t covered by your current                      arrangements for our field trip?
programs. Can you still help us?                         Morehead policy requires that we communicate
If you have a special curriculum need for your           directly with an official representative of the school.
school or afterschool program, please let us know!       If a third party (charter operator, travel agent, other
Morehead is continually expanding its program            trip planner) who is not a school employee makes
choices, and our educators may be able to help you       arrangements for a field trip, the third party is
meet special needs.                                      responsible for payment of the full invoiced total for
                                                         the reservation.
Do you offer professional development
opportunities?                                           The number of people in our group has
                                                         changed. What do we do?
Morehead educators present workshops at various
state conferences each year.                             If you need to make changes to your reservation,
                                                         please contact us as soon as possible, but at least
Are your programs available in different                 3 business days before a field trip at Morehead or
languages?                                               7 days before a mobile visit at your school. If you
                                                         have fewer people without providing the minimum
All Morehead programs are available in English.
                                                         notice, your school is still financially responsible for
Some planetarium shows are also available with
                                                         the full cost of your original reservation. If you have
audio tracks in Spanish. (Look for the    icon on
                                                         more people without providing the minimum notice,
the planetarium show listings, pages 6-7.) Please
                                                         Morehead cannot guarantee their participation. In
request this at the time you make your reservation.
                                                         case of inclement weather, we will work with you to
                                                         reschedule your program with no penalty.
Are your programs accessible to persons
with disabilities?
At Morehead, GSK Fulldome Theater and Science
Stage are both accessible by ramp and offer
assistive listening devices. Before each visit, mobile
program educators will work with teachers to
ensure the learning experience supports their
students’ needs. Please contact Morehead’s guest
relations manager at 919-962-1236 for additional
information.                                                   ?    MORE QUESTIONS?

                                                              VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT


                                                              OR CALL OUR FRONT DESK AT 919-962-1236.

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                                                                                    For Educators
            Scholarships                                                             online hub

             Morehead’s mission is to spread science education
             throughout the state of North Carolina. Through the help
             of our generous donors, we are able to offer scholarships
             for both field trips and mobile outreach visits to your
area! Your school may qualify for scholarship assistance.
You will have the option to request scholarship funding when you
complete your online reservation form.



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