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                June 2003

The Allowance
   and the
Allowance for
 the Survivor

               ISPB 124-06-03E
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                                                       The Old Age Security program          1

                                                       The Allowance and the
                                                        Allowance for the survivor           3
                                                        Qualifying for the Allowance or
                                                         the Allowance for the survivor      4
This booklet on the Allowance and the Allowance         Applying for the Allowance and
for the survivor contains general information only.      the Allowance for the survivor      6
In case of disputes, the wording and provisions
of the Old Age Security Act and Regulations prevail.    How we calculate your benefits      10
Available in alternative formats                        Receiving the Allowance and
Produced by:                                            the Allowance for the survivor      13
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                                                        Filing your income tax and
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ISPB 124-06-03E
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L’Allocation et l’Allocation au survivant
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Cat. No. H76-55/1999E
ISPB 124-06-03E
The Old Age
     Security program
The Old Age Security (OAS) program is
the cornerstone of Canada’s retirement
income system. It is best known for
its monthly pension for people 65
and older.

OAS is different from the Canada
Pension Plan (CPP). The CPP is
funded through contributions paid by
workers and employers, and provides
benefits to workers and their families.
The OAS is funded from general
government revenues.

OAS and the CPP combine with
company pensions and private
retirement investments to provide
Canadians with one of the best
retirement income systems in
the world.

This booklet describes the Allowance
and the Allowance for the survivor.

The OAS also offers:

The Old Age Security pension                  The Allowance and
The Old Age Security pension is paid
each month to most people over 65
                                              the Allowance for
who meet the residence requirements.             the survivor
For more information, see the booklet
Old Age Security Pension.
                                          The Allowance and the Allowance
The Guaranteed Income Supplement          for the survivor are benefits for seniors
The Guaranteed Income Supplement          aged 60 to 64 with low or modest
provides extra money to pensioners        incomes. They are designed to bridge
with low or modest incomes. To qualify    the gap until these people become
for the Supplement, you must also be      eligible for the OAS pension. To receive
receiving the Old Age Security pension.   the Allowance or the Allowance for
For more information, see the booklet     the survivor, you must meet the
Guaranteed Income Supplement.             requirements described later in
                                          this booklet.

                                          What is a spouse?
                                          What is a common-law partner?
                                          For the purposes of OAS, a “spouse”
                                          is a person of the opposite sex to
                                          whom you are legally married. A
                                          common-law partner is a person of
                                          the same or opposite sex with whom
                                          you have been living in a conjugal
                                          relationship for at least one year.

                   2                                          3
QUALIFYING FOR THE ALLOWANCE OR           If you have not lived in Canada for at
                                          least 10 years since you turned 18, but
THE ALLOWANCE FOR THE SURVIVOR            have lived or worked in a country that
You may qualify for the Allowance         has an international social security
if you have a low or modest income        agreement with Canada, you may still
and your spouse or common-law             qualify. Call us for more information.
partner receives or is eligible for the
Guaranteed Income Supplement.             Can I qualify if I applied before
                                          and was turned down?
You may qualify for the Allowance
                                          If you have previously applied for
for the survivor if your spouse or
                                          the Allowance or the Allowance for
common-law partner has died. (In
                                          the survivor (formerly the Spouse’s
the case of same-sex couples, you
                                          Allowance and the Widowed Spouse’s
may qualify for the Allowance for the
                                          Allowance) but did not qualify, you
survivor if your partner died on or
                                          can apply again. Your circumstances
after January 1, 1998.)
                                          or income may have changed and you
In addition, to qualify for the           may qualify now.
Allowance or the Allowance for
                                          Also, since July 1, 2000, changes to
the survivor, you must:
                                          the legislation have made same-sex
1. be 60 to 64 years old;                 common-law partners eligible for
                                          the Allowance.
2. be a Canadian citizen or legal
   resident when your benefit is          If you think you may now be eligible,
   approved (or have been one when        call us at the toll-free number on
   you last lived in Canada); and         page 24.
3. have lived in Canada for at least
   10 years after turning 18.

To receive the Allowance, you
must not be divorced or voluntarily
separated from your spouse or
common-law partner for more
than three months.

                    4                                        5
APPLYING FOR THE ALLOWANCE AND              Can I apply on behalf of someone
                                            Normally, individuals must apply for
How do I get an application kit?            the Allowance and the Allowance for
Normally, we will send you an               the survivor on their own behalf. If you
application kit when our records show       are applying for someone else, please
that you may be eligible for the            contact us for more information.
Allowance. You should complete the
application and return it to us as soon     What documents will I need
as possible. Since there are restrictions   to provide?
on retroactive payments, you could          Depending on your situation, you
lose some benefits if you don’t apply       will have to provide some or all of
right away.                                 the following documents:

If your spouse or common-law                Seniors with a spouse         Seniors whose spouse
partner has died, please contact us         or common-law                 or common-law
(see page 24). We will send you an          partner who receives          partner has died
application kit for the Allowance for       or is eligible for the
                                            Guaranteed Income
the survivor. Again, you should             Supplement
complete and return it quickly. If you
do not apply right away, you may miss       • Birth/baptismal             • Birth/baptismal
some benefits.                                certificate                   certificate
                                            • Marriage certificate/       • Marriage certificate/
If you haven’t received an application        statutory declaration         statutory declaration
kit, but you think you may qualify for        and proof of                  and proof of
the Allowance or the Allowance for            cohabitation                  cohabitation
the survivor, please contact us (see        • Citizenship/                • Citizenship/
page 24).                                     immigration                   immigration
                                              documents                     documents
                                                                          • Death certificate
What if I need help?                                                        of spouse or
If you need help completing your appli-                                     common-law partner
cation, please call us. A service agent
will answer your questions or make an
appointment for you to come in to one
of our offices to meet with an agent.

                    6                                                 7
Birth or baptismal certificate —            Couples married outside Canada —
Normally, you have to submit a birth or     If you don’t know how to get a copy
baptismal certificate to prove that you     of your marriage certificate, call us.
are between 60 and 64 years of age. You
do not have to send these documents if      Common-law relationships — You
you have already applied for a Canada       must provide a statutory declaration
Pension Plan benefit and provided           that gives the date when you and your
us with proof of your age at that time.     partner began living together. Call us
If you cannot obtain one of these           for a copy of this form and for help to
certificates, call us for information       complete the declaration.
about other documents that you may
be able to use instead.                     You must also provide objective proof
                                            that you and your partner have been
Marriage certificate or statutory           living in a conjugal or marriage-like
declaration and proof of cohabitation       relationship for at least 12 months.
— If you are married, you must provide      Some examples of documents that
a marriage certificate. Common-law          you could use are listed below. The
couples must sign a “statutory              documents you choose should
declaration” and prove that they have       indicate your marital status or give
been living together for at least one       your shared address.
year. See below for more details.
                                            Documents you can use to prove cohabitation:
Couples married in Canada — If you          • tax returns
don’t have your marriage certificate,
                                            • Guaranteed Income Supplement applications
there are two ways to get it:
                                            • joint bank accounts
• You can get a certificate from the        • wills
  institution in which you were             • investments
                                            • bills
• You can contact the Registrar of
  Vital Statistics in the capital city of
  the province or territory in which        If you have any questions about proving
  you were married.                         your common-law relationship, please
                                            call us.

                     8                                              9
Citizenship or immigration                                     Maximum monthly
documents — If you were not born                               benefit (January –
in Canada, you must prove your legal                           March 2003)
status in Canada by showing us your
                                          Allowance            $804.31
citizenship or immigration documents.
If you have not lived continuously in     Allowance for the
Canada since the age of 18, you must      survivor             $887.98
submit proof of all the dates when you
arrived in or left Canada. Usually, you
do this with a passport.                  Most seniors get less than the
                                          maximum amounts because they have
The application kit contains more         income from other sources.
detailed information about these
requirements.                             What do you consider to be income?
                                          When applying for the Allowance or
                                          the Allowance for the survivor, you
HOW   WE CALCULATE YOUR BENEFITS          must report the following income:
The Allowance is based on your income
for the previous year plus that of your   • Canada Pension Plan or Quebec
spouse or common-law partner. The           Pension Plan benefits
Allowance for the survivor is based on    • private pension income and
your previous year’s income.                superannuation

The following chart shows the             • foreign pension income
maximum monthly benefits you              • RRSPs that you cashed
can receive as of January 1, 2003.
                                          • Employment Insurance benefits
Benefits are based on annual income,
excluding the Old Age Security pension    • interest on any savings
and the Guaranteed Income                 • any capital gains or dividends
                                          • income from any rental properties
These amounts may rise four times per     • any employment income
year to keep up with inflation.
                                          • income from other sources

                  10                                          11
Old Age Security pension payments          you remarry, your Allowance for the
and Guaranteed Income Supplement           survivor will end. It will also end if you
benefits do not count as income.           live in a common-law relationship for
Consult the application form for           at least one year. You must notify us
more details about what to include         of any changes.
as income.

What happens if my/our income              RECEIVING THE ALLOWANCE AND
drops?                                     THE ALLOWANCE FOR THE SURVIVOR
In some situations, such as when
you stop working or when your              When will my benefits begin?
other pension income drops, we can         Once we approve your application,
calculate your benefits by estimating      your Allowance will begin the month
your income for this year, instead of      after one of these dates, whichever
using last year’s income. If you or your   is latest:
spouse or common-law partner have a
lower income this year, you should let     • your 60th birthday; or
us know. Your benefits may increase.       • when you meet the residence and
                                             income requirements; or
What if we separate?                       • when your spouse or common-law
If you and your spouse or common-            partner qualifies for the Guaranteed
law partner separate voluntarily             Income Supplement.
for more than three months, your
Allowance will end. If you and your        If you apply for the Allowance or the
spouse are separated for reasons           Allowance for the survivor sometime
beyond your control (for example,          after becoming eligible for benefits,
if one of you has to live in a hospital    you can receive a retroactive payment
or nursing home), please call us for       of up to 11 months in addition to
more information.                          a payment for the month in which
                                           you apply.
What if I remarry?
You qualified for the Allowance for
the survivor because your spouse
or common-law partner died. If

                    12                                         13
When will my payments arrive?              Personal information
Payments usually arrive in the last        • your social insurance number
three banking days of each month.          • your telephone number, including
If your payment is more than a week          the area code
late, or if you lose it, please call us.
                                           • your current home address,
Can you send the payment to my               including the postal code
Yes. We can deposit your payment into      Banking information
your bank account through our direct       • the name of your bank or financial
deposit service. Although payment by         institution
cheque is still possible, direct deposit   • the branch number of your bank
offers several advantages:
                                           • your account number
• Your deposit is always on time and
  you can immediately start using the      If you have a chequing account,
  money or earning interest.               you can find the bank information
                                           on your cheques.
• Your payment is never lost, stolen
  or damaged.                              What happens if I move?
• Your payment is automatically            If you are planning to move, please tell
  deposited into your account if you       us your new address and postal code
  are ill or away.                         as soon as possible. This will allow us
                                           to update our records and make sure
Call us to learn more about this free      your payment gets to you on time.
service. If you wish to sign up for the    Even if your payments are deposited
service by telephone, be sure to have      directly into your bank account, we
the following information when you         need to know your new address so we
call:                                      can send you information and your
                                           yearly income tax slip or renewal form.

                    14                                        15
Can I receive my Allowance or               Can my benefits stop?
Allowance for the survivor benefits         We stop paying the Allowance and the
outside Canada?                             Allowance for the survivor if one of the
The Government of Canada designed           following occurs:
the Allowance and the Allowance for
the survivor to support low-income          • You do not reapply for the benefit for
seniors living in Canada. If you spend        the coming year.
more than six months in a row outside       • Your income, or the total income
Canada, we will make payments for the         of you and your spouse or common-
month you leave and for six months            law partner, is above a certain level.
after that. Then payments will stop.
                                            • You leave Canada for more than six
For example, if you left Canada in            months in a row (see page 16).
January, we would send payments until       • If you qualified for the Allowance
the end of July. After July, the payments     for the survivor because your spouse
would stop.                                   or common-law partner died, then
                                              you remarry or begin living in a
If you stay outside Canada for a longer       common-law relationship.
period, then return, you can always
reapply when you come back to live in       And, of course, your benefits will end if
Canada. Whether you live in Canada or       you die.
abroad, the payments will be made in
Canadian dollars.                           What happens if my spouse or
                                            partner dies?
Will I get cost-of-living increases?        If you are receiving the Allowance
We will increase your pension               and your spouse or common-law
payments to reflect increases in the        partner dies, you will be switched to
cost of living as measured by the           the Allowance for the survivor. Your
Consumer Price Index. We apply any          benefits will then be calculated on
increases every three months – in           the basis of your income alone.
January, April, July and October.

Your monthly payment will not go
down if the cost of living falls.

                   16                                          17
What happens when I turn 65?                from us, you must complete and return
At the age of 65, most people who           it as soon as you have all the necessary
receive the Allowance or the Allowance      income information.
for the survivor have their benefit
automatically changed to an Old Age         Each July, you will receive a letter that
Security pension. At this point you         tells you the amount of your new
may also be eligible for the Guaranteed     monthly payment.
Income Supplement. See the booklets
Old Age Security Pension and                If you do not reapply for the Allowance
Guaranteed Income Supplement                or the Allowance for the survivor in
for more information.                       the spring, or if your income is higher
                                            than a certain level, your payments will
                                            end in July of that year. Your benefits
RENEWING    YOUR BENEFITS                   will also stop when you reach 65 and
                                            become eligible for the Old Age
The Allowance and the Allowance for         Security pension.
the survivor are based on annual
income. Since your income can change
from year to year, you must renew your      FILING YOUR INCOME TAX AND
application for these benefits each year.
                                            BENEFIT RETURN
In most cases, you can renew your           Neither the Allowance nor the
Allowance or your Allowance for the         Allowance for the survivor is considered
survivor when you file your income          taxable income. However, you must
tax return. If you file your income tax     still report them on your tax return.
and benefit return by the April 30th
deadline, the Canada Customs and
Revenue Agency will give us the             APPEALING    A DECISION
income information we require.
                                            If you disagree with a decision that
If you do not file an income tax and        affects your Allowance or Allowance
benefit return, or if we need more          for the survivor, you have the right to
information, we will send you a             an explanation.
renewal form. If you receive a form

                   18                                           19
Call us first and we can usually settle     of your records. Personal information
the matter. If you are not satisfied with   in your file cannot be given to other
our response, you can request a             agencies or individuals without your
“reconsideration.” To do this, you must     consent.
send a letter to the Regional Director
of Income Security Programs as soon         The Access to Information Act also
as possible after receiving notice of       prevents the release of information
our decision. You can call us for the       about you without your consent.
mailing address for your region or look     There are two exceptions: information
up the address on our Web site.             can be released if it has already been
                                            made public or if the release is allowed
In your letter, tell the Regional           under the Privacy Act. The government
Director:                                   can use information only for the
                                            purpose for which it was collected,
• your name;                                except to comply with a warrant or
• your address;                             subpoena or to enforce a law.
• your social insurance number; and
                                            Can I have access to information
• your reason(s) for requesting a           on my file?
  reconsideration.                          You have the right to review
                                            information about you that is kept on
If you are not satisfied with the           file by the Government of Canada.
Regional Director’s response, you
can appeal the decision to a Review         To help Canadians find information
Tribunal.                                   about themselves, the Government of
                                            Canada publishes Info Source: Sources
                                            of Federal Government Information.
Your privacy is protected by law.           To make a request, you must fill out
                                            an information request form. These
The Old Age Security Act and                forms and Info Source are available in
Regulations ensure that only specific       government offices open to the public,
agencies authorized by the Minister         such as Human Resources Development
of Human Resources Development              Canada offices. They are also available
are entitled to review the relevant parts   at public libraries, at most rural post

                    20                                         21
offices, at Canadian missions abroad       For more information on the Quebec
and on the Internet. You can find          Pension Plan, contact:
the Info Source Web site at:               La Régie des rentes du Québec         P.O. Box 5200
gospubs/forms/priv-request-frm_e.doc       Québec, QC G1K 7S9

                                           Employment Insurance
OTHER   PUBLIC RETIREMENT BENEFITS         You may be eligible for benefits under
If you contributed to either the           the Employment Insurance program.
Canada Pension Plan or the Quebec          Please contact your local Human
Pension Plan in at least one year since    Resources office.
January 1966, you may be eligible for
a retirement pension at the age of 65.     War Veterans Allowances
                                           You may also be entitled to benefits
If you have retired or substantially       from other federal programs such
reduced your hours of work, you            as War Veterans Allowances. Contact
could qualify for a reduced retirement     Veterans Affairs Canada for more
pension as early as the age of 60 if you   information.
have made sufficient contributions.

Disability and survivor benefits are       Provincial and municipal programs
also available under both plans if         Your provincial and municipal
sufficient contributions have been         governments may offer income
made.                                      assistance and services to seniors.
                                           For more information, please contact
You must apply to receive any of these     these governments directly.

Call us for more information about the
Canada Pension Plan.

                   22                                        23
Old Age Security
            Contact Us                            • Old Age Security Pension
                                                  • Guaranteed Income Supplement
         By telephone (toll free)*
             1 800 277-9914                       General

        If you use a TTY machine                  • Canada’s Retirement Income System
               1 800 255-4786                     • Overview (of the Canada Pension
      On the Internet or by e-mail,                 Plan and Old Age Security programs)
               please visit                       Summaries and fact sheets on                    social security agreements are also
* Our lines are busiest at the beginning and
  end of the month. If your enquiry can wait,
  it’s best to call at other times. Please have
  your social insurance number ready.

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and/or online)

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