Endeavour - The path to independence in open employment - Endeavour ...

Endeavour - The path to independence in open employment - Endeavour ...

The path to
in open
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     Winter 2014
Endeavour - The path to independence in open employment - Endeavour ...
From the Chairman                                                                                In this edition:
    and CEO                                                                                          Warwick and Stanthorpe
                                                                                                     Wonderful volunteers 
    We must                                      Foundations                                         Wedding of the year                               7
    be ready for                                 for better                                          Olympians to watch                            8-9
    NDIS                                         quality of life                                     A self-directed journey                         12
    The National Disability Insurance            Moving forward as an organisation and as
    Scheme continues to be on the agenda         a sector, there are many issues to consider         Paul moves on                                   13
    for politicians and media. We always         such as improving living conditions of the
    knew there would be peaks and                people we support.
    troughs along the way but, importantly,      One of Endeavour Foundation’s key
    Endeavour Foundation continues to            programs is At Home With Choices, which
    ready itself.                                is building modern houses with no more than
    We aim to be a disability service            four people living in each. A primary aim is to
    provider of choice. We must have a           assist people to develop independent living
    strong position in the new disability        skills in a supported environment.
    landscape which is being re-drawn            A recent report which evaluates the quality
    now and will continue to be so over          of life outcomes for people in new houses
    the next few years.                          in Maryborough and Durack is positive on
    We won’t be able to establish just           several fronts.
    who is eligible for NDIS support for         Improvements were identified in personal
    some time. However, from an                  development, social inclusion, and                                     n winner
    Endeavour Foundation perspective it          interpersonal relationships. For example,           Feedback competitio
                                                                                                                             we asked for your
    is worth reminding ourselves where we        there are opportunities to participate in           In our Autumn edition,
                                                                                                                              w-look magazine.
    are at in New South Wales, Victoria,         household tasks. One person said “I can do          feedback about the ne
                                                                                                                             wa  s drawn as the
    and Queensland.                              more jobs in my new house – it is better”.           And Barbara Brumby
                                                                                                                            gh t Ce  ntre travel
    Away from those areas where it has           People can be more active in the community,          winner of a $400 Fli
                                                                                                                           “It wa s tru ly uplifting
    already been launched, the NDIS will         such as going grocery shopping.                      prize. Barbara said,
                                                                                                                          nit ies  no w  being
    roll out on a widespread scale from July     There are also challenges and areas for              to see the opportu
                                                                                                                         wit  h an  int ell ectual
    2016 in each of those states. All eligible   improvement. We will monitor the research            offered to people
                                                                                                                                tions Barbara!
    residents will be covered by July 2018       outcomes and implement changes. We must               disability.” Congratula
    in New South Wales, and by July 2019         review our performance continuously in
    in Victoria and Queensland.
    The wheels may be turning slowly,
                                                 preparation for the new-look disability sector.
                                                 Most importantly, changes must improve the
                                                                                                   What people are saying
    but they are turning.                        quality of life of the people we support.         about the NDIS
                                                                                                   “[The NDIS] is a national issue that not only touches
                                                                                                   the lives of many thousands of people every day, but
                                                                                                   we all need to know that we have a workable system
                                                                                                   if we ever need support of any kind.” – Debbie
    Grant Murdoch                                David Barbagallo                                  “It’s great that the NDIS has started to change people’s
    Chairman                                     CEO                                               lives but as a mother with a child with a disability and
                                                                                                   working in the industry, I have seen both sides of the
                                                                                                   coin and see the flaws. If they are not fixed it could be
                                                                                                   disastrous.” – Joanne
                                                                                                   “Don’t mess with the NDIS but I am certainly happy for
                                                                                                   you to iron out the bugs! Right now I feel we have one
                                                                                                   flawed system being replaced by another. Still so many
                                                                                                   important questions without answers…” – Jodie

                                                                                                   “The NDIS is handing us the key to our own potential.
                                                                                                   We can contribute to the economy and be of use.”
                                                                                                   – Karni
                                                                                                   “We’re talking about generational change, we’re
                                                                                                   talking about people with a disability being welcomed
                                                                                                   into the community, a world where it’s not strange to
                                                                                                   see someone with a disability.” – Kurt
                                                                                                   “We must ensure that students with a disability are not
                                                                                                   left behind in whatever education system we have.”
                                                                                                   – Phineas

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Endeavour - The path to independence in open employment - Endeavour ...
Around our
    warwick                                                    and

      2                                                                                         3



                                      6                                  7
5                                                                                                                8

    1. Tanya Ryan keeping fit at Sports Ability.                6. S
                                                                    usan Adamson (left) working with twisted willow branches
    2. Kim Spendelove and friend at the circus in Warwick.         alongside Carol Parkinson, who is the Coordinator of the
                                                                   Whistle Stop community project.
    3. Suzanne Hepple enjoying a winter’s day in Stanthorpe.
                                                                   Joe Potts sorts plastic bottles in the recycling process
       Kim Davies is one of a number of people who help with
                                                                   at the Warwick business service.
       the gardening at the Whistle Stop Heritage and
       Community Garden in Stanthorpe.                          8. Billy Van Kuyck measures the fibro to build hearths.
       Scott Maher straps a cardboard bale at the
       Warwick business service.
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Endeavour - The path to independence in open employment - Endeavour ...
Every person
Many strategies and plans
are being developed to move
Endeavour Foundation towards
the introduction of the National
Disability Insurance Scheme.
One of them, the Individualisation of
Block Grants Pilot Project is focusing on ten
Endeavour Foundation sites in Queensland
and is due for completion by February 2015.
National Business Manager, Vickie
Bachmann, who is leading the project,                                                                   Funding the future: The block funding project
                                                                                                        has many positive aims.
says the changes will result in clear
individual funding arrangements for each             most equitable arrangements that reflect each      Communication is taking place with people
person, based on needs and fairness.                 person’s interests within the existing block       supported in nominated locations, and their
“With the input of people supported at the           funding provided by the State government.”         families, to explain the process and invite
pilot sites, as well as their families or decision   The reference group includes people                their involvement. Further updates are
makers, we will come up with a process that          with a disability, parents and family members      being provided as developments happen.
enables that to happen.”                             of participants in the project, staff from other   People involved with the pilot can provide
The fairest and most equitable process               service providers, and Endeavour                   input or raise their concerns with their
determined through the pilot will be used by         Foundation staff.                                  Endeavour Foundation contact or through
Endeavour Foundation and the rest of the sector      The project team is keen to explain that there     their representative on the reference group.
to individualise block grants from next year.        won’t be any changes made during the life          Endeavour Foundation staff can provide
“The involvement of those included, their            of the project. It is expected that participants   input directly to their management. The
families and guardians is very important,”           will continue to receive the same type and         project team can also be contacted directly,
said Vickie.                                         amount of services as they currently have.         or emailed at individualisingblockgrants
“We need to take each person’s situation             “The pilot will eventually result in everyone      @endeavour.com.au
into account and how they can be best placed         being better prepared for self-directed            For Endeavour Foundation itself, the pilot
for the future. This will take time, but will be     funding under the NDIS,” said Vickie.              supports the organisation’s preparation for
worth it in the long run.”                           “This is a positive change for people with a       the NDIS when it rolls out nationally. It will
“Combined with advice from a reference               disability, enabling them in the future to have    enable the organisation to help people
group, we will determine the fairest and             increased choice, control and independence.”       move smoothly into the new system.

                                                                                                                             Changes: Bernie Scobie OAM

Planning is so                                                                                                              and family will be involved in the
                                                                                                                            project, as Queensland disability
                                                                                                                              services prepare for the NDIS.

Endeavour Foundation Gold Coast                      He believes the changes will be good as
Area Committee Chairman, Bernie                      long as everyone’s interests are looked after.

Scobie OAM, whose brother-in-                        “The new arrangements need to take
law, Graham Heiniger, lives in                       each person’s situation into account
                                                     because they can change from week to
supported accommodation at
                                                     week. We also need to make sure that
Southport, says wide consultation                    what we plan and do now is good and
is important to the successful                       proper for some time.”
individualisation of block grants.                   Bernie would like to see some training or
Graham will be one of the people who moves           guidance to help people work with the new
from block funded support to an individualised       arrangements. He feels that it’s important
arrangement as part of the project.                  for people to understand the true cost of
“Everyone should have an equal opportunity           the support each person needs, in order
to have their say,” said Bernie.                     to better plan for the future.

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Endeavour - The path to independence in open employment - Endeavour ...
QA                  a n d                                                    Ever wondered about the results of our Family
                                                                                 Satisfaction Survey? We asked independent survey
                                                                                 analyst, Queensland University of Technology’s
                                                                                 Associate Professor Cameron Newton, all about it.

              Why is the Endeavour                                                                 Executive and Senior Management –
              Foundation Family                              What areas are covered                Somewhat satisfied. The highest ratings
              Satisfaction Survey important                  by the survey?
                                                                                                   were attributed to the Community and
              and how is it conducted?
                                                                                                   Advocacy Support Unit and Support
                Endeavour Foundation                          The survey assessed                  Groups. Many respondents felt that there
                has conducted a Family                        satisfaction across a range          were too many managers and those funds
                Satisfaction Survey for the                   of Endeavour Foundation              could be better used to hire support staff.
                past seven years to ensure                    services. Each service was
    that services are having a positive impact    rated on a range of aspects such as
                                                                                                             What were some of the
    in the lives of people with disability –      skill development; support for personal                    positive survey findings?
    meeting people’s needs now and into the       goals; staff communication and feedback;
    future. The survey is part of Endeavour       staff attitudes and skills; involvement
    Foundation’s commitment to continual          in decision-making; flexibility in service                  The survey shows that
    improvement. The survey is distributed to     delivery; personal planning process;                        overall satisfaction levels
    3,300 potential participants and replies      cleanliness, comfort and surroundings.                      have increased since the last
    are sent to Queensland University of          While there were large regional                             survey. Across all services,
    Technology for confidential data treatment    variations, we were able to determine            survey results showed high satisfaction
    and analysis. This method ensures that        a mean satisfaction rating for each              rates with staff attitudes and skills.
    Endeavour Foundation is not privy to          service area. The possible ratings
    any confidential information and that the     range from mostly dissatisfied through
                                                                                                             What were some of the key
.   identity of respondents cannot be known       to mostly satisfied. Overall assessments                   areas for improvement?
    by the organisation. Most respondents to      were as follows:
    the survey (more than 75%) were parents       Business Services – Somewhat/mostly
,   of a person with a disability who accesses    satisfied. Mainly driven by staff attitudes,                Communication procedures
    Endeavour Foundation services.                staff skills, cleanliness and comfort, and                  were often a central issue. The
                                                  support for personal employment goals.                      turnover of employees and use
                                                  Learning & Lifestyle, Post School                           of casual staff continues to be
              How many respondents                                                                 a cause of dissatisfaction due to lack of
                                                  Services – Somewhat/mostly satisfied.
              were there?                                                                          continuity for people accessing support.
                                                  Driven by value for money, flexibility,
                                                  and staff skills.                                Employee safety at worksites, and
                                                                                                   attention to the hygiene and appearance
              We received responses from          Accommodation Support – Somewhat/
                                                                                                   of people we support, were also raised.
              511 families of people who          mostly satisfied. Highest-rated aspects
                                                                                                   Some services could better match the
              access Endeavour Foundation         were staff attitudes, cleanliness and
                                                                                                   demands of work to client skill levels.
              services.                           comfort, staff skills, involvement in decision
                                                  making, and health and wellbeing.
                                                                                                             What are some of the
                                                  Respite Services – Somewhat/mostly                         recommendations made
              How do the 2013 survey
              results compare with                satisfied. Value for money was the top                     as a result of the findings?
              previous years?                     driver, although staff attitudes, and both
                                                  staff communication and staff skills,
                                                                                                               The recommendations
                                                  were rated highly.
               Overall, Endeavour Foundation                                                                   include an audit of Endeavour
               received exceptional               Contract Transport Services –                                Foundation’s communication
               satisfaction ratings across        Somewhat/mostly satisfied. Driven by staff                   mechanisms, styles and
               all services which has also        communication and feedback, availability         procedures; investigation of the reasons
    been the case in previous years. In           and reliability, and fees and charges. Poor      for staff leaving and an assessment of
    2013, results were actually higher than       communication, particularly around pick up       the organisational culture to assist with
    any previous survey, showing that the         times, was a problem for some respondents.       reducing staff turnover levels; and the
    quality of service is extremely valued and    Head Office – Somewhat/mostly                    review of training and procedures around
    of great assistance to clients and their      satisfied. Contact with Head Office              personal care processes, safety and
    family members. By examining the details      was rated as very satisfactory, with             sun protection. Members of the Executive
    of the identified opportunities to improve,   staff communication and attitudes rated          Management team are responding to
    Endeavour Foundation can continue to          similarly highly. A change in the format         specific survey findings with actions for
    build on this overall success.                of payslips has not been well received.          change in each division.

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Endeavour - The path to independence in open employment - Endeavour ...
Celebrating the

Endeavour Foundation’s more than 1,100 volunteers
are worth their weight in gold and National Volunteer                        Judy Higginson
                                                                                              Thank you: Ma
                                                                                                            ckay business
                                                                                              is Endeavour                 service voluntee
Week 2014 last month was an opportunity to                                                                 Foundation Vo
                                                                                                                         lunteer of the     r
acknowledge their dedication and hard work.

To celebrate their amazing contribution,        theme ‘celebrate the power of volunteering’,         The Penrith store manager Joan Frare
morning and afternoon teas were held at         for the first time Endeavour Foundation              said, “Although Silvia only works four hours
many stores and services during the week.       recognised four outstanding volunteers for           a week, she gives so much more of her time
Every volunteer received a personally-          their commitment. One exceptional person             at home with mending and fixing things as
signed certificate of appreciation from         was named as Endeavour Foundation’s                  well as visiting weekend garage sales for
CEO David Barbagallo.                           Volunteer of the Year.                               bric-a-brac to donate to the store.”
Mr Barbagallo said volunteers are the           This accolade went to Judy Higginson, an             Moreton-Sunshine Coast Area sub-
mainstay of Endeavour Foundation and            administration volunteer at the Mackay               committee chair for events and fundraising
thanked them for their on-going commitment.     business service in Central Queensland.              volunteer Heather Christie, and recently-
“If there’s one thing National Volunteer Week   Inspired by her two daughters, both of whom          retired Tewantin store manager Judith
highlights, it is that these are dedicated,     are living with a disability and work at the         Murray, were also finalists.
community-minded ordinary people who            Endeavour Foundation site, Judy decided              “I do what I do because I love the cause
do extraordinary work to assist people          she wanted to become a volunteer to give             and to be appreciated like this is an added
with a disability,” Mr Barbagallo said.         something back to her local community.               bonus,” Ms Christie said.
“We’re immensely grateful for the support       “I’m absolutely shocked and very surprised           “I’ve loved doing it because of the cause –
of volunteers and the powerful role they        to receive this award,” Judy said.                   working in a happy store raising funds
play in contributing to improve the lives       Silvia Arnold of the Penrith Endeavour               to support people with a disability,”
of people with a disability.”                   Foundation Recycled Clothing store in                Ms Murray said.
To mark the 25th anniversary of National        Sydney was a finalist for the second
Volunteer Week and to highlight this year’s     consecutive year.

                                                                                                          Judith M

    Heather Chri                                         Silvia Arnold

        Endeavour Foundation offers a wide variety of volunteering options including recycled clothing stores,
        disability services, commercial enterprises and events. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact
        Volunteer Coordinator Kimberly Pullen on (07) 3908 7253 or email k.pullen@endeavour.com.au for more details.

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Endeavour - The path to independence in open employment - Endeavour ...
Congratulations                                                                                                                                    “I had tears of joy”
                                                                                                                                                        – Annie

          a n d
                                                                                                                                     “It was a bit of a shock but the
                                                                                                                                    wedding was really nice” – Annie

                                                                                                                                                       Enough said…

                      “Spending the day with family and friends was lovely” – Mark and Annie

   On 28 March 2014,
   Mark and Annie Blasdall
   renewed their wedding vows
   on their 22nd anniversary.
   This was no ordinary occasion.
   A special ceremony was held at the
   business service at Wacol, south west
   of Brisbane where Mark works, in order
   to replace their wedding photos which
   were lost in a house fire.                        “It was a lovely surprise seeing my Dad who
   Guests who were at their original                   travelled from Mt Tamborine” – Annie
                                                                                                                          Annie with her father John, Mark with his
   wedding, and other family, friends and                                                                                  mother Lorraine, and Penny and Bob.
   colleagues were there to share the day.
   Mark’s brother flew in from Sydney
   to celebrate, there were flowers from
   local MP Bernie Ripoll, while Moreton-
   Sunshine Coast Area Committee
   member and celebrant Deborah Taylor
   travelled from the Coast to do the
   honours. All in all, it was a glorious
   occasion…and a huge surprise for Annie
   from whom it had been kept a secret!
   Congratulations to Mark and Annie                 “Thank you to everyone who helped with the
   on your special day.                              flowers, hair, dress, make-up, rings, the vows,    “It made me happy to see Annie so happy when I told her we
                                                   food and photos, and to everyone there who made     weren’t really going to the movies but were renewing our wedding
                                                       it a very special day” – Mark and Annie              vows instead, and everything was organised” – Mark

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this a wonderful day, including celebrant Deborah Taylor, Jason Dickfos for new wedding rings,
Ninjasnaps Photography www.ninjasnaps.com.au, King of Cakes www.kingofcakes.com.au, food from Bidvest www.bidvest.com.au

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Endeavour - The path to independence in open employment - Endeavour ...
national stage
                                                                ready for the
It’s a life-changing event for which only a few are selected, but a number
of athletes who work for Endeavour Foundation will head to Melbourne
to compete at the tenth Special Olympics National Games, as part of a
group of more than 1,000 sportsmen and women.

Adam Knust
Adam Knust has dedicated more than                      For football, he has won gold at both the Trans-
10 years of his life to playing sport, competing        Tasman Tournament and the Queensland State
in numerous Special Olympics events and                 Games. He has also represented Australia
supporting the organisation in a variety of ways.       in swimming and competed at the inaugural
The athlete’s commitment has certainly paid             Special Olympics Asia Pacific Games.
                                                                                                                     Adam Kn
off – he has been selected to compete in                He competed in freestyle, breaststroke
the soccer at the Special Olympics National             and the relays, winning a swimming gold
Games and will be travelling to Melbourne later         medal in the 100 metres breaststroke.
this year. Now that he has achieved national            A testament to the ‘practice makes perfect’
selection, he can’t help but count down the             mantra, Adam trains on weekends and at night,       [the National Games] as team support for
days to the opening ceremony. “I’m proud to             as well as logging countless hours playing for      another sport and my dad hopes he can
represent Queensland, the team I am playing             fun at home. He fits his training around work       attend to watch me,” Adam said.
with,” he said. “It was so exciting to find out I was   at our business service in Gladstone and his        The all-round sports talent plans to represent
selected for the national competition.” Adam            contributions to the local Gladstone community      Queensland with pride. “This is an amazing
has been part of the Special Olympics before,           as a member for the Special Olympics.               opportunity,” he shared. “I hope to win gold,
competing in a range of sports including football,      It all comes together with support from             play my best and have fun!”
basketball, tennis and sailing, and already has         his family. “My family are very proud and
several medals to his name.                             excited for me. My mum will be attending

Nicole Groth
Sportswoman Nicole Groth had her start in               The athlete’s sporting abilities extend beyond
ten-pin bowling 28 years ago, and that decision         the bowling lanes and she has competed in
is taking her to compete on the national stage.         race walking at numerous Special Olympics
For the Geebung business service employee,              events. She won an impressive two gold
travelling to Melbourne for the Special                 and two silver medals for the sport at the
Olympics National Games is the culmination of           Special Olympics National Games in 2010,
years of training and dedication to the sport.          and represented Australia at the Special
Nicole is one of 202 sportsmen and women                Olympics Summer World Games in 2011
to be selected for Queensland representative            in Athens, Greece.
honours. “It will be great to play against people       All these successes come from her hard work
                                                                                                                       Nicole Grot
from all over Australia,” she said.                     and dedication to the sport. The bowler fits                               h
After first giving it a try all those years ago,        training around her work at Geebung, spending
ten-pin bowling has opened up a whole new               her Monday evenings and Saturday mornings
world for Nicole. She has many achievements             practicing her backswing, spins and hitting pins.   considered a platform to the Special Olympics
and medals to mark her success, most recently           Nicole hopes to not only bring home National        Summer World Games to be held in
winning gold and silver medals at a Special             Games medals to add to her collection, but          Los Angeles, USA next year. “Hopefully next
Olympics bowling invitational held in Alexandra         the athlete aspires to be selected to compete       year I will be against people from all over the
Headlands on the Sunshine Coast.                        overseas again. The National Games are              world!” she said.

                               Good luck to Adam, Nicole, John, Debbie and ev
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Endeavour - The path to independence in open employment - Endeavour ...
John Griffiths                                                                                       Special
    Golfer John Griffiths says he loves playing
    the sport, and being selected to represent his                                                       Olympics
    home state for the Special Olympics National
    Games excites him. Working his way up to the
    national level takes a lot of time and effort, but
    swing after swing John knows he’s that much
    closer to his goal.                                                                                  Games
    John is employed at our business service in                      John Grif
    Geebung and makes sure his training doesn’t                                fiths                     Special Olympics Australia
    disrupt his work by practicing his drives,                                                           will host the tenth National
    approaches, chips and putts at his local                                                             Games in Melbourne, Victoria
    Redcliffe Golf Club course and driving range         His family play their part too, supporting
    on the weekends. He also gets to practice at         John on the road to success.
                                                                                                         from 20-25 October 2014.
    a number of invitational events throughout           “My mum takes me to golf practice, so I can     At the National Games, more than 1,000
    the year, which also gives him the opportunity       improve my game,” John said.                    Special Olympics athletes will compete
    to check out the game of his fellow National         John has been involved in Special Olympics      in 16 sports, making it the biggest yet.
    Games competitors.                                   for many years, and claimed a bronze medal      The Opening Ceremony will be the
    John enjoys the fun side of practice and team        at the Special Olympics Queensland State        perfect start to the week, held on Monday
    bonding time at the Special Olympics State           Games which was played at the challenging       20 October at Lakeside Stadium in Albert
    Training Camps. These provide athletes with          and picturesque Caloundra Golf Club on the      Park. A week of top quality sport will
    vital information about nutrition, competition       Sunshine Coast. He admits that he would “like   culminate with the Closing Ceremony on
    expectations and training schedules, as well         to bring some medals home” from Melbourne.      Friday 24 October at Luna Park, St Kilda.
    as valuable mentoring opportunities.                                                                 The National Games serves as a platform
                                                                                                         for athletes to compete at the Special
                                                                                                         Olympics World Summer Games 2015

    Debbie Ham                                                                                           to be held in Los Angeles, USA.
                                                                                                         For more information and to
                                                                                                         volunteer as a ‘Game Changer’, visit
    Excited and happy to don the Queensland
    maroon and take on Australia’s best basketball                                                       www.specialolympics2014.org.au
    teams at the Special Olympic National Games,
    Deborah Ham is brimming with a confidence
    fuelled by her desire to “win lots of medals”.
    The basketball player is one quick stride and a
    bounce of the ball closer to achieving a dream
    she has held since first taking up the sport.
    More than ten years later, she can’t wait to
    represent Queensland on the basketball court,
    saying, “I think it’s going to be a lot of fun!”
    The Geebung business service employee,
    who is better known as Debbie, is a very proud
    member of the 40-person squad taking to the
                                                                     Debbie H
    basketball courts at the National Games. The                              am
    successful sportswoman has too many medals
    to count from previous Special Olympics
    competitions and hopes to win some more to           level playing at Special Olympics friendly
    bring home. Her family and friends agree with        games throughout the year. “I practice every
    her aspirations and Debbie said of their support,    Wednesday and play competition five to
    “They are happy for me, they hope I have a           six times a year against all the teams in
    good time and maybe win some medals!”                Queensland,” she said.
    Debbie is well on track to achieve that. She         While in Melbourne, the basketball star
    is training hard in the lead up to the National      said she is looking forward to being with
    Games and gets to experience competition-            her team and seeing the city.

nd everyone else competing in the National Games
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Endeavour - The path to independence in open employment - Endeavour ...
News in
                                                   End of an
                                                   One of Endeavour
                                                   Foundation’s loyal employees
                                                   has retired after 39 years
                                                   in the workforce.
                                                   Brian Cooke said farewell to
     Artists Ashlea Hill and Kevin Keane,
                                                   colleagues at the Geebung business
       and manager Jan Rowlinson from our
                                                   service in Brisbane after a career
       QArt studio and gallery in Melbourne
                                                   which dates back to January 1975.
       attended the official reception for
                                                   He originally worked at the Northgate
       outgoing Governor-General Her
                                                   and Bowen Hills sites before
       Excellency the Honourable Quentin
                                                   transferring to the merged
       Bryce AC CVO.
                                                   commercial enterprise at Geebung.
     The Mt Druitt business service in           Brian’s connection with Endeavour                Hard worker: Bri
                                                                                                                    an Cooke helps Ka
       Sydney celebrated Valentine’s Day                                                             and Gayle Johnso                    y Kirk (centre)
                                                   Foundation goes back another                                       n while on a visit
                                                                                                                                         to see friends
       by encouraging everyone to wear                                                                           at Endeavour Fo
                                                   11 years prior to starting work,                                              undation Geebun
       red. There were prizes, a lunchtime         so he has clocked up half a century
       function, and free Valentine-themed         altogether. “I’m very thankful to               The Cooke family has a long association
       cakes and cupcakes.                         Endeavour Foundation for supporting             with Endeavour Foundation. Parents Ron
     Some of the Lawnton Learning                me for all these years,” he said.               and Bonnie were long-standing volunteers,
       & Lifestyle team took 1,128 steps           Brian will be missed by his many friends        and Ron helped establish the Parkhaven
       in a Story Bridge adventure climb           at Geebung says Training Development            residence at Wacol, south west of
       in Brisbane.                                Manager, Glenn Hagate. “As well as his          Brisbane, in 1971.
                                                   strong work ethic, Brian likes to chat and he   Brian, now 66, intends to stay active in
     Bundaberg Latch-On® students
                                                   engages people. He has been part of the         local community groups, keep in touch with
       hosted the Country Crop Café for
                                                   organisation through a period of significant    family and friends, and follow the Auckland
       22 family, friends and colleagues.
                                                   growth and change,” Glenn said.                 Warriors NRL team. Happy retirement!
       One diner said the food was “worthy
       of a My Kitchen Rules experience”.

     Some people who access Endeavour
       Foundation in Townsville were invited
       to watch the North Queensland
       Cowboys NRL team play the Auckland
       Warriors. And Cowboys star Ricky
       Thorby and Townsville Latch-On®
                                                   Bruce Campbell
       students helped to launch our Walk
       & Talk community program.                   Bruce Campbell likes to get
                                                   involved in the community,
     The team at Endeavour Foundation
       Mareeba invited the local fire
                                                   and chooses to volunteer
       department to share their end-              at his local St Vincent de Paul
       of-month lunch, and to award                second-hand store.
       certificates to employees.                  Supported by one of the East Toowoomba
     Selected Endeavour Foundation               Learning & Lifestyle team, Bruce donates
       Recycled Clothing stores have               his time as a valued member of the Vinnies
                                                                                                         Voluntary service
                                                   team each Monday and Wednesday                                           : Bruce Ca
       clothing by world renowned fashion                                                                       his local community mpbell serves
                                                                                                                                     in Toowoomba.
       label Zara for sale while stocks last.      morning. Being part of the workforce is new
       Check out your local store.                 to Bruce but he enjoys being part of the
                                                   team, contributing to the local community.      Good on you, Bruce.
                                                   He is rightly proud of his contribution.        Bruce plays his part in serving his local
         Visit us on facebook to find out more:    “Yes, it’s good. I’m pricing, sorting, doing    community, and if there is anyone you
         facebook.com/endeavourfoundation          the clothes and shelves, and tidying,” Bruce    would like to nominate as a ‘Local hero’
                                                   said. “People are nice. It’s good to help.”     write to newsletters@endeavour.com.au

     Commitment                                   Endeavour Foundation welcomes feedback and is committed to ensuring people
                                                  with a disability live lives free from abuse, neglect and exploitation. If you have

                                                  concerns about any person receiving services and supports, or have a complaint
                                                  about any aspect of service provided, please contact the Complaints & Incident
                                                  Management Unit (CIMU) on 1300 730 334 or at  complaints@endeavour.com.au

10   |        endeavour


                          R EC Y C L I N
Endeavour Foundation’s venture                  authorities to manage the front-end of their
into the recycling industry is                  waste transfer facilities. City of Gold Coast’s
                                                Molendinar and Reedy Creek Waste and
creating a brighter future in a                                                                             Sustainable business: Crowds roll up
                                                Recycling Centres have been added to                          to the Reedy Creek Recycle Market.
host of different ways.                         existing operations at Warwick, Stanthorpe,
Recycling, which originally began to help       Buderim, Kenilworth, Yandina and Cooroy
protect the environment, is now big business.
                                                already under management.
It contributes to the economy and creates
jobs for people with a disability in a          The work of Endeavour Foundation
growing sector.                                 employees includes operating weighbridges
                                                and gatehouses, staffing drive-through
Endeavour Foundation quickly recognised
the potential of this relatively new industry   resource recovery centres and running tip
and is pressing ahead with moves to grow        shops and recycle markets.
its interests.                                  Brisbane City Council Tip Shops at Acacia
There are plans to expand contemporary          Ridge and Geebung, operated by Endeavour
waste recycling operations into new areas       Foundation, are selling quality reusable items
                                                                                                            On the telly: Employees (left to right)
with e-waste recycling already introduced       donated through four council transfer stations        Leah Mclean, Les Docherty, and Alana Rees
in Townsville, Southport and Redcliffe.         by Brisbane residents, rather than being              dismantle television sets at the Redcliffe site.
Seventy people with a disability are now        disposed of to landfill.

employed reclaiming valuable components
                                                “Our Tip Shop and Recycle Market operations
from televisions, computers and computer
                                                in Brisbane, Southport, Warwick, Stanthorpe
accessories at the three e-waste recycling

                                                and Buderim are trading well,” said Nick.
and reprocessing centres.
                                                “We are always on the lookout for more
“E-waste is Australia’s fastest growing
waste disposal problem,” said Endeavour         business opportunities in the waste and
                                                recycling sector, and have several in               In 2012-2013 Endeavour
Foundation Commercial Manager Nick Hully.
                                                the pipeline.”                                     Foundation recycling services
“Our e-waste recycling centres are able to
                                                                                                   kept more than 10,100 tonnes
recover up to 95 percent of materials from      The best outcome, for an organisation that
                                                                                                   of cardboard, textiles, plastic,
these unwanted technology items.                prides itself on its core undertaking to support
                                                                                                   glass, TVs and more from
“Along with recycling, Endeavour Foundation     people with a disability, are the meaningful
                                                                                                   entering landfill. More than
is also becoming more involved in the           job opportunities that are now available.          2,700 tonnes of steel and 2,800
management of waste in general,” he said.       “The industry has a wide range of jobs, which      tonnes of textiles were collected
Endeavour Foundation is contracting to          build work and business skills, and help in the    through recycling operations.
a growing number of local government            personal growth of our employees,” he said.

Recycling with
Doug Wood and Matthew Neilsen are part of
                                                “Before, the TVs would just go to
                                                                                                      Pressing engagement: Townsville business
                                                                                                        service employees Doug Wood (right) and
                                                                                                       Matthew Neilsen load up the plastics press.

the Townsville business service’s recycling     the dump, but now they are recycled
team. The workmates share duties working        to make new TVs,” said Doug.
the plastics bail press. They are trained to    They are also experienced in other
work the machine which handles bails that       parts of the recycling business, including
average 300 kilograms each.                     sorting and cutting cloth.
“We take turns at operating the press and       “Our favourite part of the job is working
dismantling TVs and computers with other        in a team and helping each other to
team members,” said Doug.                       learn new skills,” said Matthew.
The men enjoy sharing their job with one        The men, who are also friends away
another as it gives them the chance to keep     from work, enjoy knocking down the pins
up their other skills. They are proud to be     in a game of Ten Pin bowling when they
involved in recycling.                          aren’t pulling apart things for recycling.
                                                                                                                             endeavour | 11
Peace of mind
As we continue our conversation
with Lifestyle Solutions to assess the
benefits our proposed amalgamation
would create for the people we support,
we hear first-hand what a self directed
partnership with Lifestyle Solutions
means for Carrie. She is a 35 year
old woman suffering from Friedreich’s
Ataxia – a rare neurological
degenerative disease.
“Like so many others, I require a little extra
help as I navigate my way through the
relentless world of disability. Roughly six
months ago I started my self directed journey
and to be honest I had some reservations.
How would the funding be implemented and          is exactly how I would like them to stay – as   Self directed funding is instrumental in
would the plan even be relevant to me at all?     loved ones! I do not want to be completely      providing financial, physical and emotional
Many of us in this rather large community         dependent on them for care. Lifestyle           stability in my life in the most unique and
share similar symptoms and generally              Solutions has been so understanding about       wonderful ways. It is also very necessary
have similar needs that require the same          this and has provided me with invaluable        because people with disability are plentiful
particular support. However, no two people        support in constructing an appropriate team     and varied. This individual support feels like
are ever the same. I have my own needs,           of carers for me that fit with my values and    validation and respect, which are aspects
wants and list of goals that all aim to           attitudes. I could not be happier or more       of life we all deserve.
enhance my quality of life. I was so elated to    grateful for their support.                     I can honestly say this plan has given
find that self directed funding allowed me to     One of my greatest loves – and something        me peace of mind. It’s a safety net of
do exactly this. It focuses on my individuality   I have lost along with my independence          a different kind as I head forward into
and hands the control back over to me.            – is that of travel. It seems that this may     a turbulent future.”
The greatest adjustment in my life recently is    now once again be possible with help and
my need for personal care. Whilst I am lucky      encouragement from the amazing team
enough to be surrounded by loved ones this        at Lifestyle Solutions.

A pillar of the
Business service employee
                                                  Malcolm has been a Friend of Typo Station
Malcolm Craig has been                            for disadvantaged and at-risk youths for
                                                  15 years, participating in many working
nominated for a ‘Shine On’
                                                  bees and sausage sizzles. His strong
award by the Rotary Club                          environmental awareness leads him to
of Appin Park Wangaratta.                         cleaning up after others, always with a
This is in recognition of the                     sense of humour.
support he gives to his local                     He has supported the Wangaratta Jazz
community in Victoria.                            Festival for 15 years as part of the set-up
                                                  and clear-up teams. For 20 years, Malcolm
Malcolm has worked at our recycling
enterprise in Wangaratta since November           has been with the Rotary Club of Appin
                                                  Park Wangaratta and has volunteered for           Busy man: Malco
2005. He has been a member of several                                                                                  lm Craig with his
                                                                                                       certificate for sup               well-dese
                                                  numerous trips and working bees, hosted                                 porting his local com rved
community groups for many years.                                                                                                                munity.
                                                  overseas tourists, and made sure they
He has supported the Country Fire Authority
                                                  leave the environment as they found it.         Malcolm’s richly-deserved ‘Shine On’
for ten years, taking part in the weekly truck
check, training sessions, burn-offs, and          Malcolm’s ‘Shine On’ award recognises           award is the result of his ‘can-do’ attitude,
helping to clean up after fires. He was a         his commitment to others in the Rotary          and his message to others, who are thinking
regular collector for the Apex Guide Dogs,        spirit of ‘Service above Self’. “It’s good      about serving the community, is plain.
and has been involved in Apex projects for        helping other people,” Malcolm said.            “Go ahead and do it. Helping makes you
seven years.                                      “I’m very proud (to receive the award).”        feel good,” Malcolm said.

12   |       endeavour
Getting ahead at work
Paul Rahme shows what can be achieved with the support of
like-minded organisations such as Community Solutions and
Endeavour Foundation.
Paul was supported by Community Solutions           Paul’s support worker, Kerri Bates, says
for more than five years, from school to the        the on-the-job support was vastly reduced
workplace. The Gladstone resident has               over time.
been working with the Disability Employment         “We supported Paul through his online
Services (DES) program to forge a path into         inductions and training,” she said. “Over the
open employment.                                    last couple of years, Paul has also completed
He has become such an invaluable member             TAFE, computer courses, independent living
of the team at a local fast-food restaurant that    classes and numerous other social activities
he no longer requires DES support and is an         due to his confident approach to things.”
independent worker.                                 Paul has thrived in his position, and is
“(My support worker) helped me to work fast         looking forward to increased duties.
and to walk faster as well. She also helped me      “Now I want to learn new things, like
with rules of the work,” Paul said.                 how to make fries,” he said.                          Moving on: Paul Rahme is
                                                                                                          now working in open employment.
“The highlight was helping me to work nicely
and getting a job that pays me.”

Feeling good about the                                                                       future
                                                                                                          Pathway to
Christopher Smith has been
developing new skills over the

last year, and has now started
in a new job.
Christopher improved his literacy, numeracy                                                               Community Solutions’ Pathwayz
and teamwork skills as a participant in                                                                   Program started last June and
Community Solutions’ Pathwayz Project,                                                                    provides a practical avenue for
with the support of mentors from Community                                                                skill development, training, and
Solutions and Rockhampton Regional Council.                                                               foundational learning.
He is now working in the kitchen at the local
                                                                                                          It is for youth, Indigenous people,
hospital. “Having a job makes me feel good,”
                                                                                                          jobless families, young parents,
Christopher said. “I have learned to be                         Skilled: Christop
                                                                                 her Smith’s new ski
                                                                                                    lls   single parents, and people with a
more confident.”                                                              have led to emplo
                                                                                               yment.     disability or mental health issue.
Christopher was referred to the Pathwayz                                                                  The program has supported
Project through his involvement in Community                                                              60 people to develop literacy and

                                                        wanted to learn
Solutions’ Disability Employment Service                                                                  numeracy skills while also gaining
(DES), with the goal of learning through                                                                  hands-on work experience through
practical activity.                                        skills... and                                  Council-supervised activities.
In addition to foundational learning, the
program supported Christopher in gaining vital
work experience through hands-on garden
                                                       maybe get a job.
                                                                         ”                                These include planting, soil
                                                                                                          preparation, whipper snipping,
                                                                                                          mowing, concreting, painting,
restoration and community-based activities.         “Christopher’s progress was slow early on, but        mulching, hedge trimming, paving
                                                    as he saw the majority of the group completing        and equipment maintenance.
 “I wanted to learn new skills, improve my          – William Shakespeare
                                                    their work and receiving certificates, he decided
English and maths, and maybe get a job,” he                                                               The program is delivered via a
                                                    he wanted to be part of it all,” Kevin said.
said. “We planted trees, bushes and flowers,                                                              partnership between Community
mowed, used the whipper snipper, learned how        “Christopher made extra efforts outside               Solutions, Rockhampton Regional
to use tools safely, painted and mulched. We        normal times to complete his certificate, and         Council and Australian Agricultural
volunteered at Riding for the Disabled School       he then updated his resumé and distributed            College – Emerald. It has also been
and the Beach Day Out. I was happy to help          it around town.”                                      supported by The Smith Family and
the kids with a disability to ride their horses.”   With the Pathwayz Project learning now                the Commonwealth Department
                                                    complete, Christopher has his sights set firmly       of Social Services, as well as
The Pathwayz Project Coordinator, Kevin
                                                    on the future.                                        various local youth organisations,
Yewdale, said Christopher had excelled in
                                                                                                          high schools and community
order to secure his new position.                   “My next goal is to be good at my job,” he said.

                                                                                                                                      endeavour | 13
Get                                   Regional forum in                                                      Listen up: Family
                                                                                                             members provided
                                                                                                         feedback at the Sydney

                                                                                                                 regional forum.

 Area Committees are an                Families in Sydney have been
 important part of the                 discussing a range of issues with
 governance structure of               members of Endeavour Foundation’s
 Endeavour Foundation. By              Board and Executive in the latest
                                       regional forum.
 being involved in a local Area
                                       There were 35 people at the
 Committee, family members,
                                       event, with participants hearing
 carers and supporters can             from Chairman of the Board of               and are one way
 provide information and               Directors Grant Murdoch, Chief              in which families can engage directly
 feedback in relation to local         Executive Officer David Barbagallo,         with Endeavour Foundation Board
 services, educate the community       and Executive General Manger of             and Executive. They are an initiative
 about disability, raise the profile   Employment Services Andrew Donne.           of the Board, facilitated by Endeavour
                                                                                   Foundation’s Community and
 of the organisation, and raise        Topics for discussion included current
                                       Endeavour Foundation activities, the        Advocacy Support (CAS) Unit.
 funds. Get in contact with the
                                       National Disability Insurance Scheme,       Meanwhile, the Sydney Area
 Area Committee Chair in your
                                       and the Business Services Wage              Committee is organising two
 region to find out more.              Assessment Tool (BSWAT).                    important events for people who work
                                       There were also group sessions to           at the business services at Castle
 Far North Queensland                  consider the main issues for families       Hill, Seven Hills and Mt Druitt. Next
 Brian Willis                          in Sydney. The ensuing report will          month, they are launching the Sydney
 FNQAC@endeavour.com.au                help to inform Endeavour Foundation         Art Competition and, in August, the
 North Queensland                      about the way forward in the region.        ‘Thank You Party’ will be held at the
 Brian Fanning                         The regional forums started in 2011,        Riverside Theatre at Parramatta.
 Central Queensland
 Leon Powell                           Nominations for
                                       Area Committees
 Wide Bay
 Gerry Crotty
 WBAC@endeavour.com.au                 Calling all members! The Area Committee elections are
                                       approaching. This is your chance to help shape the future
 Moreton – Sunshine Coast              of Endeavour Foundation.
 Peter Coleman
 M-SCAC@endeavour.com.au               Notices calling for nominations for         Area Committees have strong
                                       the 2014 Area Committee elections           community links, which help to raise
 Brisbane Metropolitan                 have been sent to members of                awareness of disability and the profile
 Scott Ellis                           Endeavour Foundation. All members           of Endeavour Foundation. These
 BRISAC@endeavour.com.au               are entitled to stand for election to the   are vital to ensure that Endeavour
                                       Area Committee in your nominated
 South East Queensland                 member area.
                                                                                   Foundation achieves its goals and
 Bernie Scobie OAM                                                                 continues to offer the best support
 SEAC@endeavour.com.au                 Area Committees are extremely               possible for people with a disability.
                                       important to Endeavour Foundation.
                                                                                   If you would like to become a
 South West Queensland                 They are an integral part of Endeavour
                                                                                   member, please nominate for the
 Jason Lipp                            Foundation’s structure, forming an
                                                                                   positions which are open on your
 SWAC@endeavour.com.au                 important link between the Board of
                                                                                   Area Committee.
                                       Directors and our stakeholders who
 Sydney                                include families, carers, and support       This is an opportunity to become an
 Kathy Breen                           groups. Their advice and opinions are       Endeavour Foundation ambassador
 SYDNEYAC@endeavour.com.au             highly valued by the organisation.          within your community.

 Victoria                              Nominations close at 5pm on Friday 4 July 2014
 Beverley Knowles
                                       For more information on the election process, please contact the Company
                                       Secretary on (07) 5413 1516 or via email to companysecretary@endeavour.com.au

14   |   endeavour
x c i t e m e n t
          ally e
          l d i n g u p

                                                                                                                Being a
                                                                                                                Helen Wakeling of Flagstaff Hill, South
                                                                                                                Australia has been a member of Endeavour
                                                                                                                Foundation for more than four years. “I live in
                                                                                                                Adelaide and am an Endeavour Foundation
                                                                                                                member connected to Sydney.
                                                                                                                The One Endeavour magazine arrives in
                                                                                                                the post and keeps me in touch with
                                                                                                                what’s going on across the country. I love
                                                                                                                the pictures and stories, particularly stories
                                                                                                                from people with a disability. It would be good
                                                                                                                to see more which people with a disability
                                                                                                                could contribute in their own words.
                                                                                                                As a regular supporter of the Endeavour
                                                         Taking a break: 2013 Rally participants (standing,
                                                        left to right) Paul Lydiard, Glenda McDonald, Henry
                                                                                                                Foundation lotteries, I take great satisfaction
                                                      Evans, Phillip Morris, Rachel Hobbs, William Ball and     in knowing that the proceeds assist with
                                                                        (kneeling) Val Host and Rikki Gambin.   building houses for people with a disability.
                                                                                                                We have a number of disability services in
Six people with a disability                                                       2014 Queens
                                                                                                                South Australia and hope to see Endeavour
                                                                               Great Endeav
will be among 150 starters                                                                 our Rally            Foundation here one day.”
in this year’s Queensland
Great Endeavour Rally.                                                                                          Membership
The 27th annual charity event is open to
entrants for both the rally and cruise courses,                                                                 makes a
and will take participants to some places
which don’t exactly stand out on maps.
The Rally moves out from Warwick on
Saturday 12 July, heading west and almost
parallel to the Queensland-New South Wales
                                                                                                                There are many good reasons to become a
                                                                                                                member of Endeavour Foundation, and now
border until it intersects with the border line                                                                 it’s even easier with two new membership
of South Australia. From there, it will snake                                                                   categories! For just $20 a year (increasing
its way north through channel country, before                                                                   to $25 a year from 1 July 2014), members
turning east and heading through central                                                                        have voting rights, eligibility to sit on an Area
Queensland to the finish in Bundaberg.                                                                          Committee and be elected to the Board of
                                                                                                                Directors, receive One Endeavour quarterly
Paul Lydiard joined last year’s event on          $730,000. The proceeds will support
                                                                                                                magazine, and enjoy the benefits of a
the cruise course, and says the lucky six         people with a disability who are based along
                                                                                                                discount card for Endeavour Foundation
will share an experience of a lifetime.           the rally route and in surrounding areas.
                                                                                                                Recycled Clothing stores.
“We had a great time, seeing lots of new          The 2014 New South Wales Great Endeavour
                                                                                                                We now have new Affiliate Adult and Affiliate
places and making new friends. The rally          Rally will take to the road from 17-25 October,
                                                                                                                Youth memberships. There are no costs for
even went through my home town of                 driving from Sydney to Dubbo via the Flinders
                                                                                                                either membership although the entitlements
Mareeba. We took turns at navigating, which       Ranges in South Australia. Last year’s
                                                                                                                are reduced. If you haven’t renewed your
was exciting, and being responsible for           inaugural NSW rally attracted 30 starters
                                                                                                                membership or are thinking about joining,
keeping in touch with rally organisers and        and was a resounding success.                                 do it now! You can email membership@
other teams on the two-way radio. I’m keen        If the prospect of adventure sparks                           endeavour.com.au, call Customer Support
to do it again one day, and recommend it to       your interest in either the rally or the                      on 1800 63 40 40, write to PO Box 3554,
anyone who has the chance to go,” Paul said.      more relaxed cruise category,                                 Tingalpa DC QLD 4173, or check out our
Rally Co-ordinator Joel Stephens says the         visit great.endeavour.com.au                                  website at www.endeavour.com.au
fundraising target for this year’s rally is       for more information.

                                                                                                                                           endeavour | 15
Emergency Contacts
 Emergency support
 Commonwealth Respite &
                                                 Other useful contacts
                                                 Endeavour Foundation
                                                                                                           MY   VIEW
                                                                                                           Tony Summerville
 Carelink Centres                                Disability Services                                       Last year I published my first book,
 1800 052 222 (24 hours)                         1800 ENDEAVOUR (1800 363 328)                             ‘Voiceless Journey’, a collection of my poems
 Pre-register by phone to gain                                                                             and short stories. This would not always
 easier access to support                        In Queensland, short-term, one off disability             have been possible because I am non-verbal
                                                 support is also available to eligible people              and have severe movement disorder and,
 State Government                                through the following local contacts:                     for the first 28 years of my life, I had no
 Disability Services:                                                                                      means of communicating with anyone. I had
 Queensland                                      Central Qld                                               people talk about me in my presence but not
 13 74 68                                        Suncare Community Services                                to me directly. I had all my decisions made
 133 677 – TTY (hearing impaired)                (Wide Bay): (07) 4151 6400                                for me by people who felt they were doing
 NSW Metro North                                                                                           what was best. I don’t think many people
                                                 Capricornia Respite Care Association
 (02) 9407 1855                                                                                            understand how hard it is living life like this.
                                                 (Rockhampton): (07) 4930 7600
                                                                                                           But thanks to some very special people, I
                                                 Central Highlands & Western Queensland                    learnt how to communicate using Facilitated
 1800 783 783
                                                 Family Support Association                                Communication Training. At first it was a
 Child Safety Services:
                                                 (Emerald): (07) 4987 7933                                 very slow process. I spent hours writing
 Queensland                                                                                                a very short speech for my 30th birthday.
 1800 177 135 (24 hours)                         Gladstone Community Linking Agency:
                                                                                                           Communication is still a challenge for me,
 New South Wales                                 (07) 4972 8855
                                                                                                           but with a great network of people behind
 132 111 (24 hours)                                                                                        me, life is better than ever!
                                                 South West Qld
                                                 ALARA (Ipswich): (07) 3817 0600
 131 278 (24 hours)
                                                 Breakaway Toowoomba: (07) 4639 5100
 If you believe a child is in imminent
 danger, please contact the police
 on 000                                          Brisbane
                                                 FSG Australia: (07) 3274 3655
 Other useful contacts
                                                 North Qld
 Health Direct – health and
                                                 Endeavour Foundation: (07) 4729 6007
 hospital information
 1800 022 222                                    Far North Qld
                                                 ARC: (07) 4046 3600
 Poisons Information Line
 13 11 26
                                                 North Coast
 Ambulance, Fire, Police                         Suncare Community Services: 1800 052 222
 – life threatening emergencies                                                                            Tony, supported by Endeavour Foundation
 000                                             South East Qld                                            since January, has his book available at
                                                 FSG Australia: (07) 5501 2400                             voicelessjourney@gmail.com
 106 – TTY (hearing impaired)
 112 – mobile                                    Ability Care: (07) 3800 4577
                                                                                                                    Keep in touch with us at
 Alcohol and Drug                                                                                                   facebook.com/endeavourfoundation
                                                 If you have any questions
 Information Services                                                                                               Find us on twitter
 1800 422 599                                    please call 1800 800 585                                           @endeavourf

Every donation provides an opportunity for people with a disability
(All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.)

Mr / Mrs / Miss / Ms / Name



Phone                                                                      Email
I prefer to be contacted by:           email       telephone     text message       mail   Donation Type:                   single donation            monthly donation

Donation Amount: I would like to donate (circle one):          $100 $40 $80 $200 $500 $1000          other
Payment Details: Please find enclosed my:              cheque      money order
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Expiry:               /                 Cardholder Name:                                                 Cardholder Signature:

Card Number:                                                                     *CCV is required: You can usually find the CCV on the back of your card.
                                                                                 *Why is CCV important? To protect your personal information – your donation
Please return to:                                                                will be processed via a secure server which requires your CCV.

       C/- Philanthropy Department, Endeavour Foundation                         OR:               Make a secure online donation at
       PO Box 3554, Tingalpa DC QLD 4173.                                                          www.donate2endeavour.com.au
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