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                                                           Performing Partners

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    Investment Portfolio Services                            Successful financial institution managers know the
                                                             importance of achieving a high-performance plan. Establishing
    Balance Sheet Management                                 such a plan requires not only sound data and accurate information,
                                                             but also an insightful partner; The Baker Group is that partner.
                                                             Leaders in innovation. The Baker Group remains the industry
    Public Finance
                                                             leader when it comes to innovation. We are truly a one-stop
    Strategic Planning                                       shop that never outsources our customizable reporting services.
                                                             To find out how The Baker Group can assist your institution in
                                                             defining and meeting its financial objectives, call your Baker
    Bond Accounting and Analytics                            representative or Ryan Hayhurst at 800.937.2257.

Member: FINRA and SIPC                                                                               | 800.937.2257
Oklahoma City, OK | Atlanta, GA | Austin, TX | Indianapolis, IN | Long Island, NY | Salt Lake City, UT | Springfield, IL
The Baker Group LP is the sole authorized distributor for the products and services developed and provided by The Baker Group Software Solutions, Inc.
     A S S O C I AT I O N o f T E X A S

                                             LET TER from the PRESIDENT

                                             Dear Texas Community Banker:


                 Letter from
               the President : 3
                IBAT Endorsed
             Service Providers : 4
                                             O                 V E R T H E PA S T 46 Y E A R S , the Independent Bankers
                                                               Association of Texas has seen as many changes as the
                                                               great industry it serves. However, at the heart of the
                                                               organization, one thing has remained constant: IBAT is a
                                             community bound together for the promotion and growth of local, main
                                             street banks. The 200-plus IBAT associate member companies in this
                                                                       directory represent a vital part of IBAT’s success,
             Associate Members                                         as they stand alongside hundreds of banks in the
               by Product : 5                                          membership of the association. IBAT associate
             Associate Members                                         members contribute the products, services and
              by Company : 10                                          expertise that drive Texas community banks
                                                                       forward. They invest in the industry with their time,
            IBAT’s 2020 Associate                                      talent and effort. They help amplify the voice of
        Member Directory is published                                  the industry as we take our message to the halls of
         by the Independent Bankers          the Texas Capitol and the U.S. Congress. They are our friends, colleagues
             Association of Texas            and trusted advisors for whatever challenges we face individually and
         1700 Rio Grande, Suite 100          collectively.
             Austin, Texas 78701                  For every member of the IBAT family, but particularly for our vendor
        512/474-6889,           members, 2020 has presented unprecedented challenges. As bankers
         © 2020 Independent Bankers          turned their eyes to the Paycheck Protection Program and the safety of
        Association of Texas. All rights     their employees, most interactions with vendors ceased almost overnight.
           reserved. The contents of              As we come together to tackle the ongoing challenges related to the
          this publication may not be        COVID-19 pandemic and the opportunities that lay on the other side of
         reproduced by any means, in         the current crisis, I hope that this Associate Member Directory will be one
       whole or in part, without the prior   of the first places you look for solution providers to assist your bank. Just
        written consent of the publisher.    as we have relied on these associate members’ support in good times and
       Christopher L. Williston VI, CAE      difficult times, they now rely on IBAT bank members to recover and move
                President and                forward from all of the challenges that have arisen in 2020.
            Chief Executive Officer               As always, thank you for being a vital part of the IBAT family. We are
                Neil Ferguson                truly blessed to serve together.
              Editor and Designer
       Alina Greavu and Lindsey Gehrig
              Contributing Editors
                Darlene Revers
              Advertising Manager                                      Christopher L. Williston VI, CAE
               Jamie Williams                                          President and CEO
               Advertising Sales                                       Independent Bankers Association of Texas

                                                                                         IBAT 2020 Associate Member Directory | 3
IBAT’s Endorsed Service Providers Are
             Ready to Help You Go Further
                                                                                                                 MG Architects
              Advantage Health Plans Trust                      Deluxe Corporation
                                                                                                          Scott Clanton 713.552.0707
               Melissa Nance 800.521.1711                     Matt Clark 469.763.1266
                                                                                                             Architecture • Planning
                 Health • Dental • Vision                       Check Printing Services
                                                                                                                 Interior Design
           Long-Term and Short-Term Disability               Deluxe Business Advantage℠
          Accidental Death and Dismemberment               Deluxe Detect • Deluxe Provent℠
             Group Term Life • Voluntary Life        Expense Management Program • Office Supplies
                                                         Promotional Items • Turnkey Marketing                 MyTelemedicine
                                                                                                         Lorenzo Amaya 469.640.6107
                                                                                                               TeleHealth Provider

         American National Insurance Company
                                                                  Diebold Nixdorf
              Kevin Moore 281.535.7469
                                                          Tonya Myers-Jordan 330.730.1553
             Credit Life and Credit Disability                                                        Promontory Interfinancial Network
                                                         ATM Security Products and Services
             Debt Cancellation • Gap Waiver                                                                   Chuck McBrayer
                                                       Bank Operations Equipment and Supplies
          Involuntary Unemployment Insurance                                                              866.776.6426, ext. 3432
                                                        ATM Equipment • AllConnect Services℠
                                                                                                      CDARS • Insured Cash-Sweep Service

                    The Baker Group
               Mike Mackey 888.480.0301                           Fitech Payments
                                                              Bryan Dillon 817.698.2250
               Asset/Liability Management                   Merchant Processing Services                   Promontory MortgagePath
                                                                                                             Paul Katz 202.257.2927
                                                                                                    Digital Mortgage and Fulfillment Solutions

                        CalTech                                Glory Global Solutions
               Brad Giddens 325.223.6100                    James Robinson 325.725.3979
                   Managed IT Services                   Teller Cash Dispensers and Recyclers
                                                                                                          PULSE A Discover Company
                                                                 QuickChange Machines
                                                                                                           Rich Green 601.790.7853
                                                        Desk Top Products—Including Currency
                                                         Counters, Coin Wrappers, Sorters and             Surcharge-Free ATM Network
                                                               Back-Office Coin Counters
              Jerry McMillon 972.383.5763
                CECL Allowance Calculator                                                                 Kevin Jordan 678.488.8926
                                                             John M. Floyd & Associates                       Information Security
                                                            Thomas Aleman 504.782.7862                            Compliance
                                                        Comprehensive Overdraft Consulting                 Risk Management Services
                                                      JMFA Next Generation Overdraft Privilege™           Security and Risk Consulting
                          Dell Inc.
               IBAT’s Dell ID: GS126658178
               Megan Wright 346.234.0155
             Workstations • Servers • Printers
         Desktops • Laptops • Ultrabooks • Tablets
               Electronics and Accessories
                  Services and Software
                                                                                      FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT JULIE COURTNEY
                                                                                      512.275.2227 OR JCOURTNEY@IBAT.ORG

               Associate Members by Product

ACCOUNTS-RECEIVABLE                      BROKER/DEALER SERVICES                       LightEdge
PRODUCTS AND SERVICES                      The Baker Group                            Moss Adams LLP
 Capital Banking Solutions Inc.            FHN Financial                              Optima Compass Group LLC
 Catalyst Financial Co.                    ICBA Securities                            Pattillo, Brown & Hill LLP
 Catamount Funding Inc.                    Southwestern Regional Insurance Center     Pringle and Pringle
 Gulf Coast Business Credit                                                           Reliable IT
                                         BSA/AML                                      Risk Management Partners LLC
ADVERTISING                                Abrigo                                     Robertson Anschutz Vetters LLC
 Adrenaline                                CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP)               RSM US LLP
 North Rim Marketing                       CrossCheck Compliance LLC                  Secureworks
 Works24/Bank On Hold                                                                 Spencer Fane LLP
                                         BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE                        Verafin Inc.
AI SOFTWARE                                Journey Technology Solutions               Weaver
 Agent IQ                                  Kinsey Management LLC                    COMPUTER PRODUCTS AND SERVICES
ARCHITECTURE, PLANNING                     QwickRate                                  BeyondTrust
AND INTERIOR DESIGN                        S&P Global Market Intelligence             Computer Transition Services Inc.
 Adrenaline                                                                         CONSTRUCTION RISK MANAGEMENT
 DEI Inc.                                CASH PRODUCTS AND SERVICES
 Haltner HAI LLC                           Cook Security Group Inc.                   Engineered Construction Specialists Inc.
 MG Architects                             G+D Currency Technology                    McCune Construction Services Group
 NewGround                                 Glory Global Solutions                     Partner Engineering and Science Inc.
 PhaseOne Design Builders                  Reich & Tang                             CONSTRUCTION,
 Rogers-Ford LC Architecture                                                        MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR
   & Interior Design                     CECL ALLOWANCE CALCULATOR
                                           CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP)               DEI Incorporated
ASSET/LIABILITY MANAGEMENT                                                            Haltner HAI LLC
 The Baker Group                         CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT
                                         PRODUCTS AND SERVICES                      CONSULTING (GENERAL)
 Chatham Financial
 ICBA Securities                           QwickRate                                  Catalyzer
 Promontory Interfinancial Network LLC                                                Cerfis Group Inc.
                                         CHECK SERVICES                               Cornerstone Advisors Inc.
ASSOCIATIONS                               Deluxe Corp.                               Engineered Construction Specialists Inc.
 ICBA                                      Main Street Inc.                           Equity Valuation Partners (EVP)
                                           MoneyGram Payment Systems Inc.             Fitzgerald MSI Talent
ATM/EFT PRODUCTS,                                                                        Management Consulting
NETWORKS AND SECURITY                    COLLECTIONS                                  Ghiglieri & Co.
 Bancsource                                Craig Terrill Hale & Grantham LLP          Haberfeld
 Computer Services Inc. (CSI)                                                         J. Keith Hughey Co.
 Cummins Allison Texas Market            COMPENSATION STRATEGIES                      LiftFund. Inc.
 Diebold Nixdorf                           Bank Compensation Consulting Inc.          North Rim Marketing
 GMR                                       NFP Executive Benefits                     ProBank Austin
 Hamilton Vaultronics                      The Todd Organization                      Reich & Tang
 NuSource Financial                                                                   Steven H. Shimotsu, CPA
 PULSE, A Discover Co.                   COMPLIANCE                                   Williston Consulting Services LLC
 SHAZAM                                    Accume Partners                          CONSULTING (FINANCIAL)
 Smith Hamilton Inc.                       Andrews Positive Change Projects LLC
                                           BKD LLP                                    Arriba Advisors
BOARD PORTAL                               Briggs & Veselka LLP                       Cornerstone Advisors Inc.
 Azeus Convene Board Portal                Carr, Riggs & Ingram CPAs and Advisors     Griffin Financial Group LLC
                                           The CBANC Network                          Performance Trust Capital Partners LLC
BRANCHING STRATEGIES                       Computer Services Inc. (CSI)               Pinnacle Financial Strategies
 Accubranch                                Condley and Co. LLP                        Stovall, Grandey & Allen LLP
 Diebold Nixdorf                           CrossCheck Compliance LLC                  Strategic Resource Management Inc.
 Griffin Financial Group LLC               Eide Bailly LLP                          CO-OP BANK SUPPLIES
 MG Architects                             Fenimore, Kay, Harrison & Ford LLP
 PhaseOne Design Builders                  Finastra                                   Deluxe Corp.
                                           Hamby & Hengeli LLC
                                           Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP
                                           InfoAgora Inc.

                                                                                         IBAT 2020 Associate Member Directory | 5
CORRESPONDENT BANKING                              Fiserv                                 EXPENSE MANAGEMENT
  The Bankers Bank                                 IBT Apps                                 Deluxe Corp.
  Century Bank                                     Jack Henry & Associates                  Strategic Resource Management Inc.
  Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas                 Modern Banking Systems
  Guild Mortgage                                   MX                                     FACTORING
                                                   Nicola Banking System                    Catalyst Financial Co.
CPA SERVICES                                                                                Catamount Funding Inc.
                                                 DEBIT CARD PRODUCTS,
  BKD LLP                                        SERVICES AND ACCESSORIES                   Craig Terrill Hale & Grantham LLP
  Briggs & Veselka LLP                                                                      Gulf Coast Business Credit
  CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP)                     SHAZAM                                   Traditions Commercial Finance LLC
  Condley and Co. LLP                              TransFund
  Crowe LLP                                                                               FORMS
                                                 DEBT CANCELLATION
  Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP                                                                  Deluxe Corp.
  Eide Bailly LLP                                  American National Insurance Co.
  Finley & Cook PLLC                                                                      FRAUD PROTECTION AND REMEDIATION
                                                 DESIGN AND COLLATERAL
  Fisher, Herbst & Kemble PC                                                                Andrews Positive Change Projects LLC
  Fox, Byrd & Co. PC                               North Rim Marketing                      Deluxe Corp.
  Ham, Langston & Brezina LLP                    DISASTER-RECOVERY FACILITIES PROGRAM       MoneyGram Payment Systems Inc.
  Hamby & Hengeli LLC                                                                       United States Secret Service—
  Henry & Peters PC                                MPA Systems Inc.                           Houston Field Office
  JRBT and JRBT Bank Consulting                  DOCUMENT-RELATED                           Verafin Inc.
  Moss Adams LLP                                 PRODUCTS AND SERVICES
  Pattillo, Brown & Hill LLP                                                              HEALTH CARE TELEMEDICINE
  RSM US LLP                                       CSPI                                     MyTelemedicine
  Seidel Schroeder                                 Deluxe Corp.
  Steven H. Shimotsu CPA                           High Cotton                            HOST AND NETWORK
  Stovall, Grandey & Allen LLP                     Integrity Statements                   INTRUSION PREVENTION SERVICE
  Weaver                                           PPDocs Inc.                              Secureworks
  Whitley Penn LLP                                 Robertson Anschutz Vetters LLC
                                                   Schwartz & Associates                  HUMAN RESOURCES
CREDIT CARD PRODUCTS,                                                                     PRODUCTS AND SERVICES
                                                                                            APS Inc.
  ICBA Bancard                                     ePayResources                            Catalyzer
                                                   Fitech Payments                          Fitzgerald MSI Talent
CURRENCY COUNTER, COIN WRAPPERS,                                                               Management Consulting
  Glory Global Solutions                           MyTelemedicine                           Kinsey Management LLC
CUSTOMER LOYALTY                                 ENDORSEMENT MARKETING                    IMAGE PROCESSING
PRODUCTS AND SERVICES                              IBAT Services Inc.                       Cummins Allison Texas Market
  MX                                             ENERGY SERVICES                          INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT                   Partner Engineering and Science Inc.     All Covered, IT Services From Konica Minolta
  Enacomm Inc.                                   ENVIRONMENTAL RISK MANAGEMENT              BeyondTrust
                                                                                            BKD LLP
CYBERSECURITY                                      Partner Engineering and Science Inc.     CalTech
  Accume Partners                                  Phase Engineering Inc.                   Computer Services Inc. (CSI)
  All Covered, IT Services from Konica Minolta   EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES                     Computer Transition Services Inc.
  BeyondTrust                                                                               CoNetrix
  CalTech                                          ComCo Systems                            Crowe LLP
  Computer Transition Services Inc.                Cummins Allison Texas Market             Enacomm Inc.
  Cook Security Group Inc.                         Diebold Nixdorf                          Futurism Technologies Inc.
  Futurism Technologies Inc.                       Hamilton Vaultronics                     Hogan Financial Systems Inc.
  Meriplex                                         Smith Hamilton Inc.                      Meriplex
  Secureworks                                    EQUIPMENT LEASING                          Reliable IT
  United States Secret Service—                                                             RSM US LLP
     Houston Field Office                          Capital Asset Resources                  Secureworks
  Vivitec                                          Rinaldi Advisory Services                Whitehat Virtual Technologies
  Yennik Inc.                                    EXECUTIVE RECRUITING                       Yennik Inc.
DATA PROCESSING                                    Fitzgerald MSI Talent                  INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AUDITS
  21st Century Financial Services                     Management Consulting                 Accume Partners
  Computer Services Inc. (CSI)                     Kinsey Management LLC                    CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP)
  CSPI                                             Kreps-Colgan & Associates                CoNetrix
  DCI (Data Center Inc.)                              Executive Search LLC


6 | IBAT 2020 Associate Member Directory
SERVICES (MANAGED)                             MG Architects                             Schwartz & Associates
 CalTech                                       Rogers-Ford L.C. Architecture             Spencer Fane LLP
 FIS                                             & Interior Design                       Sprouse Shrader Smith PLLC
 Hogan Financial Systems Inc.                                                            Texas Dispute Resolution System
 Whitehat Virtual Technologies               INTERNAL AUDITS
                                                                                        LOAN PRODUCTS AND SERVICES
                                               Accume Partners
INSURANCE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES                Andrews Positive Change Projects LLC      Abrigo
                                               BKD LLP                                   Applied Micro Technology Inc.
                                               Briggs & Veselka LLP                      The Bankers Bank
 American National Insurance Co.                                                         Bankers Healthcare Group LLC
 AmTrust North America                         Carr, Riggs & Ingram CPAs and Advisors
                                               CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP)              Briggs & Veselka LLP
 IBAT Financial Services                                                                 Capital Banking Solutions Inc.
 Lee & Mason Financial Services Inc.           Condley and Co. LLP
                                               CrossCheck Compliance LLC                 Central States Health & Life Co. of Omaha
 Securian Financial Group                                                                Chatham Financial
 Southwestern Regional Insurance Center        Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP
                                               Eide Bailly LLP                           Condley and Co. LLP
 SWBC                                                                                    Finastra
 Travelers                                     Finley & Cook PLLC
                                               Fox, Byrd & Co. PC                        GSB Mortgage Inc. (Bank of the West)
 BANK-OWNED LIFE INSURANCE                     George, Morgan & Sneed PC                 Guild Mortgage
 Bank Compensation Consulting Inc.             Ham, Langston & Brezina LLP               ICBA Securities
 Meyer-Chatfield Corp.                         Hamby & Hengeli LLC                       Kasasa
 NFP Executive Benefits                        Henry & Peters PC                         LiftFund. Inc.
 The Todd Organization                         Pattillo, Brown & Hill LLP                Moody’s Analytics
                                               RSM US LLP                                Pattillo, Brown & Hill LLP
 BLANKET BOND INSURANCE                                                                  PPDocs Inc.
                                               Seidel Schroeder
 AmTrust North America                                                                   Risk Management Partners LLC
                                               Stovall, Grandey & Allen LLP
 IBAT Financial Services                                                                 StreetShares Inc.
                                                                                         Top Flite Financial Inc.
                                             INTERNET BANKING                            USDA Rural Development
 American National Insurance Co.
                                             PRODUCTS AND SERVICES
 Dunkin & Associates                                                                    MANAGED SERVICES
 Lee & Mason Financial Services Inc.           Apiture First Data Online Banking
                                               CSPI                                      Meriplex
 CREDIT LIFE INSURANCE                         DCI (Data Center Inc.)                    Vivitec
 American National Insurance Co.               Enacomm Inc.                             MARKETING
 Central States Health & Life Co. of Omaha     Fiserv
 Dunkin & Associates                           IBT Apps                                  Adrenaline
 Southwestern Regional Insurance Center        Q2 Software Inc.                          Econ-O-Check Corp.
 CUSTOMER INSURANCE                          INVESTMENT BANKING                          Main Street Inc.
 Econ-O-Check Corp.                                                                      North Rim Marketing
 Southwestern Regional Insurance Center        The Bank Advisory Group LLC
                                               Commerce Street Capital LLC              MARKETING CAMPAIGNS (TURNKEY)
 FDIC CD INSURANCE                             Griffin Financial Group LLC
 Promontory Interfinancial Network LLC         Performance Trust Capital Partners LLC    Deluxe Corp.
                                               Piper Sandler & Co.                       Main Street Inc.
                                               Raymond James                            MERCHANT SERVICES
 American National Insurance Co.
                                               Stephens Inc.
                                             INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT SERVICES              Fitech Payments
 Advantage Health Plans Trust
                                               The Baker Group                           TransFund
                                               FHN Financial                            MERGER-AND-ACQUISITION SERVICES
 Advantage Health Plans Trust                INVESTMENT PRODUCTS                         Alston & Bird LLP
                                               ICBA Securities                           The Bank Advisory Group LLC
                                               Piper Sandler & Co.                       Bracewell LLP
 American National Insurance Co.                                                         Commerce Street Capital LLC
                                               Raymond James
 LONG-TERM AND SHORT-TERM                                                                Fenimore, Kay, Harrison & Ford LLP
 DISABILITY INSURANCE                        LAW FIRMS/LEGAL                             Griffin Financial Group LLC
 Advantage Health Plans Trust                PRODUCTS AND SERVICES                       Kennedy Sutherland LLP
                                               Alston & Bird LLP                         Performance Trust Capital Partners LLC
 PROPERTY AND CASUALTY                                                                   Sheshunoff & Co. Investment Banking
                                               Bracewell LLP
                                               Craig Terrill Hale & Grantham LLP         Spencer Fane LLP
 AmTrust North America                                                                   Stephens Inc.
                                               Fenimore, Kay, Harrison & Ford LLP
 IBAT Financial Services                                                                 Verde Financial Services Inc.
                                               Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP
 VOLUNTARY LIFE INSURANCE                      Jackson Walker LLP
 Advantage Health Plans Trust                  Kennedy Sutherland LLP
                                               Kessler & Collins PC
                                               Langley & Banack Inc.
                                               Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP
                                               PPDocs Inc.

                                                                                            IBAT 2020 Associate Member Directory | 7
  Alkami                                     InfoAgora Inc.                           Adrenaline
  Apiture First Data Online Banking          Journey Technology Solutions
  CSPI                                       Pinnacle Financial Strategies          SOFTWARE
  DCI (Data Center Inc.)                                                              21st Century Financial Services
                                           PROFITABILITY ENHANCEMENTS
  Diebold Nixdorf                                                                     DCI (Data Center Inc.)
  IBT Apps                                   Arriba Advisors                          Diebold Nixdorf
  MX                                         Strategic Resource Management Inc.       FIS
  Q2 Software Inc.                         PROMOTIONAL ITEMS                          IBT Apps
                                                                                      InfoAgora Inc.
MODULAR BANK BUILDINGS                       Curtis 1000                              Jack Henry & Associates
  MPA Systems Inc.                           Deluxe Corp.                             Modern Banking Systems
                                                                  Nicola Banking System
MORTGAGE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES                                                        SHAZAM
                                           QUICKCHANGE MACHINES
  America’s Choice Home Loans
  Bankers Mortgage                           Glory Global Solutions                 STATIONERY AND OFFICE SUPPLIES
  The CBANC Network                        REAL ESTATE PRODUCTS AND                   Deluxe Corp.
  Cornerstone Home Lending/                SERVICES (COMMERCIAL)
     Correspondent Division                                                         STUDENT LOAN SERVICES AND MARKETING
  Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas           Craig Terrill Hale & Grantham LLP        College Ave Student Loans
  Finastra                                   Finastra
  Gateway Mortgage Group,                    S&P Global Market Intelligence         STOCK APPRAISERS
     Correspondent Lending—A               RETIREMENT PLAN SERVICES                   The Bank Advisory Group LLC
     Division of Gateway First Bank                                                   Sheshunoff & Co. Investment Banking
  GSB Mortgage Inc. (Bank of the West)
                                             JRBT and JRBT Bank Consulting          TAX SERVICES
  Guild Mortgage
                                             Pentegra Retirement Services
  PPDocs Inc.                                                                         Carr, Riggs & Ingram CPAs and Advisors
  Promontory MortgagePath                  REWARDS PROGRAMS                           Eide Bailly LLP
  Top Flite Financial Inc.                   Kasasa                                   Finley & Cook PLLC
                                                                                      RSM US LLP
ON-HOLD MESSAGES                           RISK MANAGEMENT                            Stovall, Grandey & Allen LLP
  Works24/Bank On Hold                       Andrews Positive Change Projects LLC     Whitley Penn LLP
                                             Chatham Financial
  John M. Floyd & Associates                 ePayResources                            Computer Transition Services Inc.
  Pinnacle Financial Strategies              InfoAgora Inc.                           CoNetrix
  Strunk LLC                                 Insperity                                Dell Inc.
                                             Moody’s Analytics                        Glory Global Solutions
PAYMENT SYSTEMS                                                                       Reliable IT
  BancCard                                   Strunk LLC                               UBEO Business Services
  Fitech Payments                            SWBC                                     Vivitec
  ICBA Bancard                               USDA Rural Development
  UMS Banking                                                                       TELECOMMUNICATIONS
                                             Verafin Inc.
                                             Verde Financial Services Inc.            Meriplex
PAYROLL PROCESSING                                                                    V3 Technology Inc.
  APS Inc.                                 RISK MANAGEMENT SERVICES
  Deluxe Corp.                                                                      TRAINING
  George, Morgan & Sneed PC                                                           Ascensus
  JRBT and JRBT Bank Consulting            SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES                         Catalyzer
                                             ComCo Systems                            Cerfis Group Inc.
PENETRATION TESTING                                                                   Ghiglieri & Co.
                                             Hamilton Vaultronics
  CoNetrix                                                                            Kinsey Management LLC
  Vivitec                                  SAFE DEPOSIT FORMS,                        ProBank Austin
                                           EQUIPMENT AND SERVICES
PRINTING SERVICES                            Diebold Nixdorf                        TRUST SERVICES
  Curtis 1000                                                                         JRBT and JRBT Bank Consulting
                                           SECURITY AND RISK CONSULTING
  High Cotton
  Integrity Statements                       Reliable IT                            VENDOR MANAGEMENT
                                             Secureworks                              Strategic Resource Management Inc.
PROFESSIONAL                                 Weaver
EMPLOYER ORGANIZATIONS                                                              WELLNESS PROGRAMS
                                           SECURITY AND PROTECTION SERVICES
  SWBC                                                                                Advantage Health Plans Trust
                                             ComCo Systems
                                             Cook Security Group Inc.
                                             Diebold Nixdorf
                                             NuSource Financial
                                             STS Group
IBAT ENDORSED SERVICE PROVIDER               United States Secret Service—
PRODUCTS ARE IN BOLDFACE                       Houston Field Office

8 | IBAT 2020 Associate Member Directory
Your Partner
                   in Possibility.
                   Unlock business potential with trusted and
                   tech-forward solutions that help you grow and
                   operate more efficiently. From check program
                   optimization to better access to your bank’s
                   performance and more, Deluxe is the partner
                   to help you achieve success.

                   Learn more at

                         © 2020 Deluxe Corporation          DT620IBAT

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                            to help.
                            Your team pushes hard to get the job
                            done, but a little boost never hurts
                            when challenges get steep. When
                            accounting horsepower is what’s
                            missing, our careful, committed pros
                            can help propel you past obstacles
                            and toward your goals.

                            Everyone needs a trusted advisor.
                            Who’s yours?

                   | @bkdFS

                Associate Members by Company
                Active Members as of August 1, 2020

21st Century Financial Services                 Accume Partners
Austin, Texas                                   Houston, Texas
Member since 2012                               Member since 2002
                                                Bobby Adams                                        Advantage Health Plans Trust
J. Michael Brown
                                                                Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
                                                713/266-8785                                       Member since 2006
512/490-2540; 866/398-2178
                                                                   Melissa Nance
                                                PRODUCTS: compliance;                    
PRODUCTS: data processing; software
                                                cybersecurity; internal audits;                    979/716-9166; 800/521-1711
21st CFS provides data processing services      information technology audits            
to community banks, enabling them to                                                               PRODUCTS (IBAT ENDORSED IN BOLD):
operate in a nearly paperless environment       Accume Partners is a trusted risk assurance        group health and dental insurance;
with teller POD and e-statements that           and advisory leader and an innovator in            health and major medical programs;
help control costs and promote operating        delivering integrated solutions to meet the        long-term and short-term
efficiencies. Our clients enjoy user-friendly   ever-changing needs of financial services          disability insurance; voluntary life
products, superior support, ongoing training,   clients. Our services include internal audit;      insurance; wellness programs
live assistance 24/7/365 and ease of            assurance; cybersecurity and privacy;
                                                technology risk and compliance; controls           Administered by The Kempton Co. and only
obtaining knowledge.
                                                and process improvement; and enterprise            available to IBAT-member banks, AHPT is
Abrigo                                          risk management.                                   a health plan run by community bankers
Austin, Texas                                                                                      for community bankers. AHPT has been
Member since 2017                                                                                  in continuous operation since 1977 and
Jill Cacic                                                                                         offers health, life, dental, vision, long- and                                                                              short-term disability and wellness benefits to
512/279-5700; 888/201-2231                                                                         participating member banks.
                                                Adrenaline                                         Agent IQ
                                                Atlanta, Georgia                                   San Francisco, California
loan products and services
                                                Member since 2018                                  Member since 2019
Abrigo is a leading technology provider of      Chelsea Hinkel                                     Soren Bested
compliance, credit risk and lending solutions             
that community financial institutions use to    404/252-9995                                       844/243-6847
manage risk and drive growth. Our software                 
automates key processes—from anti-money         PRODUCTS: advertising;                             PRODUCTS: AI software
laundering to fraud detection to lending        architecture, planning and interior
                                                                                                   Agent IQ empowers customers to select
solutions—empowering banks by addressing        design; marketing; signage
                                                                                                   and engage with their personal banker via
their enterprise risk management needs.
                                                Adrenaline is an experience-design agency          asynchronous chat through mobile and
                                                specializing in the financial services industry.   web, thus recreating the personal trusted
                                                We create and implement brands and retail          advisory relationship that has been critical
                                                environments across physical and digital           to the success of small- and mid-sized banks.
                                                channels. From idea through implementation,        Scalability is achieved by supporting human
                                                from one channel to the next, we create it—        bankers with conversational AI to respond
Accubranch                                      then fuse it all together.                         to simple queries 24/7 and by presenting
Dallas, Texas                                                                                      suggested responses, contextual materials,
Member since 2016                                                                                  documents and tagging conversations.
Howard Etheridge
PRODUCTS: branching strategies

Accubranch provides high-level, research-
based real estate advisory services for
strategic planning and growth. We are
strategic location experts for branch

10 | IBAT 2020 Associate Member Directory
Plano, Texas
Member since 2019                                                                                 Andrews Positive Change Projects LLC
                                                 American National Insurance Co.
Nancy Johnson                                                                                     Irving, Texas
                                                 League City, Texas                                                                      Member since 2009
                                                 Member since 1989
469/573-4120                                                                                      Rebecca Andrews
                                                 Kevin Moore                                                                          
PRODUCTS: mobile banking solutions                                                                214/930-4580
Alkami Technology Inc. is a leading provider
                                                                                                  PRODUCTS: compliance; fraud
of cloud-based digital banking solutions. Its    PRODUCTS (IBAT ENDORSED IN BOLD):
                                                                                                  protection/remediation; internal
solutions deliver bold and innovative digital    collateral protection insurance; credit life
                                                                                                  audits; risk management
capabilities to U.S. banks and credit unions.    insurance; debt cancellation insurance;
Alkami’s clients benefit from a system           gap waiver insurance; general insurance;         Andrews Positive Change Projects LLC
architecture of continuous innovation on a       involuntary unemployment insurance               provides AML/BSA, internal/operational
single multi-tenant code base for all clients.                                                    audits, ACH, fraud, compliance, risk
                                                 American National markets a complete
                                                                                                  management and consulting services.
All Covered,                                     portfolio of credit insurance and debt
                                                                                                  Principal Rebecca A. Andrews, MBA, CIA,
IT Services from Konica Minolta                  cancellation products. These products help
                                                                                                  CFE, CAMS, CICA is also COSO-certified in
Foster City, California                          reduce default risk and generate fee income,
                                                                                                  internal controls with 48 years experience in
Member since 2016                                all while protecting your customer’s financial
                                                                                                  teaching, bank audit and compliance, both
Dave McOlgan                                     security.
                                                                                                  domestic and international.
                                                 America’s Choice Home Loans
650/581-2254                                                                                      Apiture First Data Online Banking
                                                 Houston, Texas                                                                            Austin, Texas
                                                 Member since 2019
PRODUCTS: cybersecurity;                                                                          Member since 1996
                                                 Philip Cloutier
information technology                                                                            Nicci Jenkins
All Covered is the leading provider of IT        713/821-9700; 877/866-5626
                                                                                                  806/679-9782; 800/419-8804
compliance and cybersecurity services to
community banks. We assist customers             PRODUCTS: mortgage products and services
                                                                                                  PRODUCTS: internet banking products
in maintaining regulatory compliance and
                                                 America’s Choice Home Loans was founded          and services; mobile banking solutions
mitigating cyber threats, enabling them to
                                                 in 1998 and is a full-service mortgage
implement products and services and grow                                                          Apiture was started in October 2017 with
                                                 company. We are proud to call Texas home.
business.                                                                                         a specific vision: to redefine the digital
                                                 Through its partnership, you gain access
                                                                                                  experience across the financial industry,
Alston & Bird LLP                                to the secondary mortgage market, while
                                                                                                  regardless of a financial institution’s size or
Dallas, Texas                                    avoiding the costs associated with back-
                                                                                                  market. We currently serve our 500-plus
Member since 2016                                office mortgage fulfillment services like
                                                                                                  customer base with our new take on digital
Sanford M. Brown                                 processing, compliance, underwriting,
                                                                                                  innovation. Our API-first mindset means that                         closing and funding.
                                                                                                  we build everything as an API rather than
                                                 AmTrust North America                            wrapping old technology in an API layer.
                                                 Cleveland, Ohio
PRODUCTS: law firms/legal products and                                                            Applied Micro Technology Inc.
                                                 Member since 2019
services; merger-and-acquisition services                                                         Cedar Park, Texas
                                                 Kristen Kreuzer
                                                                                                  Member since 2019
Alston & Bird’s financial services team
                                                                                                  Chris Crawford
is among the most recognized in the              216/643-5882; 866/203-3037
country, ranking sixth for bank mergers
and acquisitions, based on deal volume           PRODUCTS: blanket bond insurance;
in 2019 as reported by S&P Global Market         general insurance; property and
                                                                                                  PRODUCTS: loan products and services
Intelligence. Comprised of a team of lawyers     casualty (commercial) insurance
with bank regulatory proficiency, consumer                                                        LQAS is a loan monitoring system that
                                                 AMTrust North American is rated “A-”
finance and compliance experience, as well                                                        includes document tracking, document
                                                 (Excellent) by A.M. Best. The company
as payment systems prowess, Alston &                                                              imaging, automated loan review and a
                                                 provides a broad suite of insurance
Bird can handle your institution’s complex                                                        free CECL model. Recent additions include
                                                 customizable for financial institutions,
transactions and day-to-day needs.                                                                automated loan grading with write-ups.
                                                 including management liability, bond and
                                                                                                  This will save the bank thousands in review
                                                 property and casualty products.
                                                                                                  time. PPP forgiveness has been added as a
                                                                                                  standard feature. We are updating this area
                                                                                                  as changes occur.

                                                                                                      IBAT 2020 Associate Member Directory | 11
APS Inc.                                       Azeus Convene Board Portal
Shreveport, Louisiana                          Plano, Texas
Member since 2019                              Member since 2015
Leann Leone                                    Wesley Crowder                                   Bancsource                                    Springfield, Missouri
318/222-9774; 888/277-8514                     800/795-2024                                     Member since 2017                                       Shawna Allen
PRODUCTS: human resources products             PRODUCTS: board portal                 
and services; payroll processing                                                                800/456-4848; 800/456-4807
                                               Convene provides the perfect end-to-end
APS has a mission: to make payroll and HR      business solution for bankers to enhance         PRODUCTS: ATM/EFT products,
easier. We provide intuitive technology        the effectiveness and efficiency of board        networks and security
delivered with personalized service and        meetings. It collapses the multiple
support. Our unified solution is designed      painstaking steps of the traditional meeting     Bancsource is a nationwide comprehensive
to simplify workforce management tasks.        process cycle into a secure and convenient       banking equipment, services and supplies
Process payroll in hours, not days. Automate   one-stop platform. Organizations in 30           provider. We provide cutting-edge
HR workflows to be more strategic. We are      countries rely on Convene for their meeting      technology to the financial and retail markets
APS, your workforce partner.                   needs.                                           along with our certified partnerships.
                                                                                                Bancsource offers a customized solution that
Arriba Advisors                                                                                 fits your business—ATM solutions, branch
Tampa, Florida                                                                                  transformation, cash automation, managed
Member since 2020                                                                               services, outsourcing, consulting services
George McGourty                                The Baker Group                                  and self-service technology.                   Austin, Texas
813/999-0881; 813/340-4999                                                                      The Bank Advisory Group LLC
                                               Member since 1994                                                                          Austin, Texas
                                               Mike Mackey
PRODUCTS: consulting (financial);                                                               Member since 1990
profitability enhancements                                                                      Stephen Skaggs
                                               888/480-0301; 888/480-0301
Arriba Advisors helps community banks
evaluate, select and negotiate critical        PRODUCTS (IBAT ENDORSED IN BOLD):
banking technologies such as core, digital,    asset/liability management; broker/dealer
                                                                                                PRODUCTS: stock appraisers; investment
LOS and payments processing. Our partners      services; investment management services
                                                                                                banking; merger-and-acquisition services
are former bank tech vendor execs with         The Baker Group is one of the nation’s largest
years of experience negotiating technology                                                      The Bank Advisory Group provides specialists
                                               independently owned securities firms
contracts. Bring 100-plus years of vendor                                                       in valuations and bank mergers and
                                               specializing in asset/liability and investment
exec expertise to your side of the table!                                                       acquisitions. M&A services include initiating
                                               portfolio management for community
                                                                                                transactions for potential sellers; support,
Ascensus                                       financial institutions. We’ve helped our
                                                                                                strategic advice and analysis for buyers,
Brainerd, Minnesota                            clients improve decision-making, manage
                                                                                                sellers and merger partners; issuance of
Member since 2019                              interest rate risk and maximize investment
                                                                                                fairness opinions; expert testimony for
Joseph Doolittle                               portfolio performance since 1979.
                                                                                                legal proceedings; and community bank                  BancCard                                         stock valuations for employee benefit plans,
218/825-5364; 800/346-3860                     Sugar Land, Texas                                shareholder agreements, estates and stock                               Member since 2020                                repurchases.
PRODUCTS: retirement plan                      Danny Henderson
services; training                   
Ascensus helps people save for what            832/367-4292; 888/741-2262
matters—retirement, education and health
care. With nearly 40 years of experience,      PRODUCTS: merchant services;
the firm offers tailored solutions that meet   payment systems
the needs of financial institutions, state     BancCard offers transaction processing
governments, financial professionals,          to businesses accepting credit cards as
employers and individuals.                     payments. Customers have the option of
                                               accepting payments through our expansive
                                               product selection, including mobile
                                               payments, e-commerce, POS systems,
                                               EMV terminals, virtual terminals and more.
                                               BancCard has partnerships with more than
                                               40 community banks in Texas and 600 banks

12 | IBAT 2020 Associate Member Directory
Bankers Mortgage                                Bracewell LLP
                                               Edmond, Oklahoma                                Houston, Texas
                                               Member since 2018                               Member since 2000
Bank Compensation Consulting Inc.              Teresa Lyman                                    Will Anderson
Plano, Texas                               
Member since 2004                              405/348-0300                                    713/223-2300
Kathy Smith                                                                 PRODUCTS: mortgage products and services        PRODUCTS: law firms/legal products and
972/781-2020; 800/781-2099                                                                     services; merger-and-acquisition services
                                               Bankers Mortgage provides community
                                               banks with access to the secondary markets      Bracewell LLP has a long history of
PRODUCTS: bank-owned life insurance;
                                               for residential mortgages. Banks Mortgage       representing community banks in Texas.
compensation strategies
                                               offers your bank an opportunity to earn fee     With offices in all major Texas cities,
Bank Compensation Consulting specializes       income, serve your customers better and         Bracewell offers high-quality and cost-
in assisting financial institutions with the   attract new clients without adding overhead.    effective services to its banking clients on
evaluation of their compensation programs      Additionally, the program fits well into a      a wide range of matters, including mergers
by identifying deficiencies in their current   bank’s CRA-compliance strategies.               and acquisitions, litigation and capital
programs and creating customized plans                                                         markets transactions (both public and
and offsetting the cost with bank-owned                                                        private offerings).
                                               Johns Creek, Georgia
life insurance. BCC has completed SSAE
                                               Member since 2020                               Briggs & Veselka LLP
18 SOC certification and provides ongoing
                                               Cody Bryant                                     Houston, Texas
administrative support and guidance on
                                                              Member since 2004
these plans.
                                               770/407-1800; 877/826-6427                      Daniel W. St. Clair
The Bankers Bank                                        
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma                        PRODUCTS: computer products                     713/667-9147
Member since 2010                              and services; cybersecurity;          
Jim Chapman                                    information technology                          PRODUCTS: compliance; CPA services;                                                                              internal audits; loan products and services
                                               BeyondTrust is the worldwide leader in
405/848-8877; 800/552-9220
                                               privileged access management, empowering        Briggs & Veselka has one of the largest
                                               companies to secure and manage their entire     financial services practices in Texas, offering
PRODUCTS: correspondent banking;
                                               universe of privileges. The BeyondTrust         sophisticated operations consulting in
loan products and services
                                               Universal Privilege Management approach         addition to audit and tax compliance. Our
The Bankers Bank is a full-service             secures and protects privileges across          team consists of 150 years combined
correspondent bank for community banks         passwords, endpoints and access, giving         banking experience, including internal
in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. We          organizations the visibility and control they   audit, regulatory compliance, loan review,
assist with loans to holding companies, bank   need to reduce risk, achieve compliance and     information technology audit and FDICIA
stock loans, overline participations, cash     boost operational performance.                  support. We listen, lead and collaborate,
letter processing, debit/credit cards and                                                      striving to establish a legacy of loyalty.
compliance review. If your bank needs help,
we can do it.
Bankers Healthcare Group LLC
Syracuse, New York                             BKD LLP
Member since 2008                              Houston, Texas                                  CalTech
James Crawford                                 Member since 2001                               San Angelo, Texas                                Gordon Dobner                                   Member since 2005
315/415-9511; 866/588-7910                                            Brad Giddens                               713/499-4600                          
PRODUCTS: loan products and services                                      325/223-6100; 877/223-6401
                                               PRODUCTS: compliance; CPA services;   
Since 2001, Bankers Healthcare Group has
                                               information technology; internal audits         PRODUCTS (IBAT ENDORSED IN BOLD):
provided loan products to a network of
                                                                                               cybersecurity; information
more than 1,000 banks nationwide. BHG          BKD LLP is one of the largest CPA and           technology services (managed)
has underwritten more than $20 billion         advisory firms in the country. Our financial
in funding requests and worked with tens       institution services include audit; tax         Committed to providing best-in-class service,
of thousands of health care and other          compliance and consulting; internal audit       CalTech specializes in optimizing technology
professionals throughout the U.S. BHG’s loan   outsourcing; loan review; regulatory            for financial institutions by designing unique
program has become a secure, innovative        compliance; information technology              business-aligned IT strategies. With more
opportunity for banks to achieve asset         consulting and security services; merger-       than 30 years of experience in the financial
growth and portfolio diversification.          and-acquisition consulting; and ESOP            industry, CalTech’s services are designed
                                               planning to more than 1,400 financial           to increase your financial institution’s
                                               institutions.                                   profitability and efficiency while ensuring the
                                                                                               security of your business.

                                                                                                   IBAT 2020 Associate Member Directory | 13
Capital Asset Resources                         Catalyst Financial Co.                           The CBANC Network
Southlake, Texas                                Houston, Texas                                   Austin, Texas
Member since 2018                               Member since 2007                                Member since 2014
Taylor Cromer                                   Keary R. Barnes                                  Mike Snavely                        
817/416-8347                                    281/870-9182                                     512/583-4573                                
PRODUCTS: equipment leasing                     PRODUCTS: accounts-receivable                    PRODUCTS: compliance; mortgage
                                                products and services; factoring                 products and services; risk management
Capital Asset Resources partners with
financial institutions to provide equipment     Catalyst Financial Co. has been providing        CBANC is the largest online community of
leasing to businesses. Regardless the size of   factoring services for more than 25 years        financial institutions in the U.S. with 475-
your commercial and industrial portfolio, we    for small- to medium-sized businesses in         plus Texas community banks as members.
have a program to fit your need. Financial      a variety of industries throughout Texas.        CBANC helps thousands of verified financial
institutions can choose between acquiring       Catalyst helps promote the bank’s image          professionals connect to solve problems
an individual lease, purchasing a portfolio     as a full-service financial provider. Our        by asking questions, sharing documents
of seasoned leases or establishing a tailored   experience allows us to serve as an incubator    and accessing solutions to save money and
lease program.                                  for early-stage growth companies.                streamline operations. We have now added
                                                                                                 Lendwell, for second mortgage services, and
Capital Banking Solutions Inc.                  Catalyzer
                                                                                                 Helocs. Join free today and enjoy Lendwell
Midland, Texas                                  Lansing, Kansas
                                                                                                 as a member benefit at
Member since 2015                               Member since 2019
Adam Moore                                      Stephen A. Ingalls                               Central States Health & Life Co. of Omaha                                              Omaha, Nebraska
432/686-1922                                    913/547-0665                                     Member since 2010                                         John Benson
PRODUCTS: accounts receivable products          PRODUCTS: consulting (general); human  
and services; loan products and services        resources products and services; training        402/397-1111
Capital Banking Solutions is pleased to offer   Catalyzer is a leadership/organizational
                                                                                                 PRODUCTS: credit life insurance;
an intuitive, secure cloud-based solution for   development company. We collaborate with
                                                                                                 loan products and services
accounts-receivable financing. Developed        organizations to develop tailored leadership
by bankers with more than 12 years of           programs, provide one-on-one coaching            CSO is a leader in debt-protection products
accounts-receivable experience, CBS             (executives to emerging leaders), and            and provides innovative solutions and value
Capital Advantage incorporates safety and       support strategic and other people-focused       to its lending partners. We’re uniquely
soundness measures, receivable tracking         initiatives. Led by business executives,         positioned to capitalize on a dual focus
and enhanced reporting, while generating        former military leaders and Academy              of credit life and disability products and
greater loan yields.                            graduates, Catalyzer provides “best of”          debt cancellation programs. Our extensive
                                                development programs, based on our 10            network of sales and training professionals
Carr, Riggs & Ingram CPAs and Advisors
                                                years of work with community banks and           allow for responsive servicing of accounts.
Dallas, Texas
                                                associations around the country.
Member since 2011                                                                                Century Bank
Doug Koval                                      Catamount Funding Inc.                           Albuquerque, New Mexico                               Houston, Texas                                   Member since 2019
214/346-5800                                    Member since 2009                                Don Padgett                                  Jeff Sale                              
PRODUCTS: compliance; internal audits;                       505/798-5926
tax services                                    281/596-8577; 877/647-8577             
                                                               PRODUCTS: correspondent banking
Carr, Riggs & Ingram is a top-20 full-service
                                                PRODUCTS: accounts-receivable
CPA and advisory firm serving 10 states                                                          Commercial bank is domiciled in Santa Fe,
                                                products and services; factoring
across the U.S., including Texas. CRI’s                                                          New Mexico, with a loan production office in
professionals work with more than 200           Catamount Funding Inc. is a financial services   Dallas, Texas. The LPO has commercial, real
financial institutions, ranging from de novo    provider specializing in invoice factoring       estate, equipment and municipal finance
institutions to publicly traded regional        and accounts-receivable financing for the        and correspondent banking. Correspondent
bank holding companies, providing opinion       small- to medium-sized business owner. We        banking includes the purchase and sale of
audit, tax, internal audit, Bank Secrecy Act,   operate in a variety of industries including     overline participations up to $15 million.
consumer compliance, loan review, mergers-      manufacturing, personnel, transportation,
and-acquisitions consulting, SOX/FDICIA         fabrication, distribution and service.
compliance and IT audit services.

14 | IBAT 2020 Associate Member Directory
CLA assembles the team you need
                             for high performance.

                                                                             Dallas | 972-383-5700
                                                                          Fort Worth | 817-877-5000
                                                                          San Antiono | 210-696-5177

                                                                                  Jerry McMillon, CPA
                                                                                  Financial Institution Leader

                                                                      ADVISORY | OUTSOURCING
                                                                           AUDIT AND TAX
28-1363 | ©2019 CliftonLarsonAllen LLP

     When you’re not sure where to begin, the team at DEI will bring that fresh
     perspective, attention to detail, and the added benefit of 30 years of
     design/build experience. So you know you’re in good hands right from the start.

     325.669.2131 | |
Cerfis Group Inc.                                                                                  Commerce Street Capital LLC
Dallas, Texas                                                                                      Dallas, Texas
Member since 2010                                                                                  Member since 1999
Jay Phillips                                                                                       William D. Gross
                                                 College Ave Student Loans                                                                           
                                                 Wilmington, Delaware
214/455-8846                                                                                       214/545-6801
                                                 Member since 2019                                                                           
                                                 Lexy Spikes
PRODUCTS: consulting (general); training                                                           PRODUCTS: investment banking;
                                                                                                   merger-and-acquisition services
Cerfis Group Inc. is a collection of talented,   214/232-5272
seasoned professionals who possess a rich                    Commerce Street Capital is an investment banking
depth of experience in all facets of financial   PRODUCTS: student loan services                   firm serving financial institutions and middle-mar-
institution management. Based in Dallas,         and marketing                                     ket companies. It values client collaboration and
Cerfis was founded with the goal of bringing                                                       builds long-term relationships based on mutual
                                                 Now entering its sixth lending season,
knowledge, expertise and success to banking                                                        respect, goals and integrity. Commerce Street
                                                 College Ave Student Loans specializes in
institutions and bankers.                                                                          Captial’s practices include mergers and acquisi-
                                                 helping students and families pay for higher
                                                                                                   tions; debt/equity placements; valuations and fair-
Chatham Financial                                education. The company pride itself in giving
                                                                                                   ness opinions; bank capital services; SBIC funds;
Littleton, Colorado                              its customers the best experience. College
                                                                                                   corporate and real estate finance; and regulatory
Member since 2019                                Ave has brought together a top-notch team
                                                                                                   and due diligence services. Member FINRA/SIPC
Ben Lewis                                        of problem-solvers, each dedicated to doing                      the right thing for their customers. College      Computer Services Inc. (CSI)
720/221-3500                                     Ave’s financial services experience runs          Paducah, Kentucky                         deep, but its love of corporate red tape          Member since 1999
PRODUCTS: asset/liability management;            does not, so it has created an environment        Kevin Blaser
loan products and services; risk management      that is comfortable, performance driven 
                                                 and extremely collaborative. College Ave          800/545-4274; 800/545-4274
Chatham Financial helps community banks
                                                 understands the commitment its customers
manage their balance sheet and meet
                                                 are making and always gives the professional      PRODUCTS: ATM/EFT products,
customer demand for fixed rates through
                                                 dedication they deserve. College Ave’s            networks and security; compliance;
the prudent use of derivatives. Serving
                                                 private student loan products include             data processing; information technology
180-plus financial institutions, Chatham has
                                                 in-school undergraduate loans, in-school
the depth of people, proven processes and                                                          As a leader in the fintech and regtech industries,
                                                 graduate loans, in-school parent loans,
robust technology to help banks demystify                                                          CSI combines customer-first service with
                                                 in-school career loans and student loan
hedging and use these powerful tools to                                                            industry-leading solutions tailored to an
                                                 refinancing for working graduates. These
the advantage of the bank’s customers and                                                          organization’s unique needs. Delivering dynamic,
                                                 loan products offer competitive rates,
shareholders.                                                                                      scalable products that leverage the latest trends,
                                                 multiple repayment options and a customer-
                                                                                                   CSI is committed to empowering its partners to
                                                 friendly experience from application through
                                                                                                   compete successfully.
                                                                                                   Computer Transition Services Inc.
                                                 ComCo Systems
                                                                                                   Lubbock, Texas
                                                 Lake Dallas, Texas
                                                                                                   Member since 2016
                                                 Member since 2015
                                                                                                   Julie Heinrich
CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP)                     Patrick Johnson
Dallas, Texas                          
                                                                                                   806/793-8961; 800/687-2874
Member since 2016                                940/230-2943, ext. 251;
Jerry D. McMillon                                800/533-3794, ext. 251
                                                                                                   PRODUCTS: computer products and services;          
                                                                                                   cybersecurity; information technology;
512/340-7446, ext. 47426                         PRODUCTS: equipment and supplies;
                                                                                                   technology consulting and support                               safe deposit boxes; security and protection
                                                 services                                          Computer Transition Services Inc. is an IT
                                                                                                   consulting firm with more than 30 years’
BSA/AML; CECL allowance calculator;              Get unmatched reliability, service and
                                                                                                   experience in the financial industry. CTSI provides
CPA services; internal audits;                   support for all of your equipment. Providing
                                                                                                   customized technology solutions for community
information technology audits                    turnkey banking solutions for more than
                                                                                                   banks that focus on security, disaster recovery
CLA helps banks equip themselves for the         50 years, ComCo not only manufactures
                                                                                                   and best practices. CTSI offers a fully managed
challenges of the future. Our team of industry   pneumatic tube systems, we also sell,
                                                                                                   security solution to meet the needs of your bank,
professionals dedicate their time to serving     service and install all physical and electronic
                                                                                                   so you can rest assured it remains fully protected
banks. Our service philosophy is based           equipment regardless of the manufacturer.
                                                                                                   and compliant with industry standards. We offer
on strong client relationships, responsive       We offer preventive maintenance, 24/7
                                                                                                   everything from monitoring threats that are trying
personnel and timely service. We have the        technical support, customized agreements,
                                                                                                   to penetrate your network, security assessments
resources of a national firm with a local        pricing and contracts!
                                                                                                   to help you evaluate your security posture and
approach that ensures you receive high-                                                            end-user training. Our highly trained staff utilizes
quality personal service.                                                                          strategic IT planning to meet your long-term
                                                                                                   business goals.
16 | IBAT 2020 Associate Member Directory
Condley and Co. LLP                           Cook Security Group Inc.                        Cornerstone Home Lending/
Abilene, Texas                                Portland, Oregon                                Correspondent Division
Member since 2002                             Member since 2020                               Dallas, Texas
Jeff Graham                                   Elysia Sprenger                                 Member since 2010                        Greg Jackson
325/677-6251                                  503/351-1262; 844/305-3665                                                        214/695-7358
PRODUCTS: compliance; CPA services;           PRODUCTS: cash products and           
internal audits; loan products and services   services; cybersecurity; security               PRODUCTS: mortgage products and services
                                              and protection services
Condley and Co. LLP has been providing                                                        Cornerstone is the largest independent
comprehensive accounting and advisory         Cook Security Group utilizes the best in        mortgage company in Texas. We have a
services to banks for more than two           remote technologies, service equipment,         dedicated division that focuses exclusively
decades. Our services include external        AI, managed services and automation             on partnering with banks in three ways:
audits, directors’ examinations, tax return   to maximize efficiencies and protect            1) correspondent lending; 2) retail
preparation and guidance, compliance          customers through our centralized network       fulfillment—we handle your client’s
services, internal audits, ACH audits and     operations center and national VAR              mortgage needs; and 3) portfolio products—
loan reviews.                                 network. Our solutions include professional     we co-design portfolio products and bring
                                              services, middleware, server hosting and        you an earning asset and a future client. We
                                              risk assessments, as well as alarm, video,      are your partner, not your competitor!
                                              access control and ATM/ITM/TCR—all cyber
                                                                                              Craig Terrill Hale & Grantham LLP
                                              compliant and managed through our secure
                                                                                              Lubbock, Texas
                                              Cook Command Center portal. Clientele
CoNetrix                                                                                      Member since 2014
                                              includes more than 500 financial institutions
Lubbock, Texas                                                                                Kent Hale
                                              totaling 25,000-plus locations. We make it
Member since 2008                                                                   
Kellie Hill                                                                                   806/744-3232                            Cornerstone Advisors Inc.             
806/687-8600; 800/356-6568                    Scottsdale, Arizona                             PRODUCTS: collections; ; factoring; law                              Member since 2016                               firms/legal products and services; real                                    Brad Smith                                      estate products and services (commercial)
PRODUCTS: information technology;   
                                                                                              My practice has been to represent banks in
information technology audits; penetration    480/423-2030
                                                                                              loan documentation—both real property
testing; technology consulting and support
                                                                                              and personal property, agricultural financing,
                                              PRODUCTS: consulting (general);
CoNetrix serves more than half of Texas                                                       inventory financing, and leasing and
                                              consulting (financial)
banks with managed network and security                                                       factoring, as well as the enforcement of the
services, including Aspire secure cloud       Cornerstone Advisors specializes in             bank’s lien on its collateral and on borrowers’
hosting, recovery and file sharing; IT/       best-practice strategy, technology and          debt. This includes work under Articles 3, 3A,
GLBA audits, penetration testing and          performance improvement for mid-                4, 4A, 5 and 9 of the UCC collection and lien
information security programs; and Tandem     sized banks. Solution areas include             enforcement. I also do creditor bankruptcy
Security & Compliance Software® used          strategy, performance, technology,              work, including chapters 11 and 12, as well
by 1,400 financial institutions nationwide    contract negotiation, system selection          as entity formation for bank customers.
for managing risk assessments, business       and implementation, payments, risk
                                                                                              CrossCheck Compliance LLC
continuity plans, vendors and more.           management, delivery channels and
                                                                                              Chicago, Illinois
                                              research. Among Cornerstone’s publications
                                                                                              Member since 2019
                                              are the GonzoBanker industry blog and the
                                                                                              Clint Oden
                                              Cornerstone Performance Report annual peer
                                              benchmarking study.
                                                                                              PRODUCTS: BSA/AML; compliance;
                                                                                              internal audits
                                                                                              CrossCheck Compliance LLC is a nationwide
                                                                                              consulting firm providing regulatory
                                                                                              compliance, internal audit, fair lending,
                                                                                              loan review and litigation support services
                                                                                              exclusively to the financial services industry.
                                                                                              Our experts adeptly identify the needs and
                                                                                              challenges of our clients, having held similar
                                                                                              positions as compliance officers, internal
                                                                                              auditors, general counsel, outside counsel,
                                                                                              regulators, underwriters and consultants.

                                                                                                  IBAT 2020 Associate Member Directory | 17
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