The Synapse A Communication Impulse - Bethel University

The Synapse A Communication Impulse - Bethel University
The Synapse A Communication Impulse

                Connecting the Bethel University Nursing Department with its Alumni | Spring 2017

Linda Horton Retires                                                                 Inside This issue:
    After almost 21 years of service
                                                                                     Linda Horton’s Retirement............1
to Bethel University with many of
those years in the Nursing depart-                                                   Jone Tiffany’s NLN Academy of
ment, Linda Horton has retired. Her                                                  Nursing Induction..............................1
position evolved over the years—first
as secretary, then administrative                                                    Meet New Faculty & Staff.............2
assistant, and finally in the last
six years as Nursing Admissions                                                      Position Openings in
Coordinator. Numerous times we                                                       CAS Nursing........................................2
hear that students chose Bethel be-
cause Linda took the time to talk to     Linda Horton, former Nursing Admissions
                                                                                     2017 Annual Nursing Research
them about our program. Linda was        Coordinator.                                & Practice Symposium................... 3
continually updating her message to      She also took the time to explain
                                                                                     2016 Edgren Scholars...................... 3
prospective students and their fam-      to each prospective student their
ilies to give context to what sets the   individual requirements in order to         Accreditation: Times Two............4
Bethel Nursing Program apart from        make them eligible to apply to the
others. Linda always gave the A+         nursing program. Linda invested her         Women in Healthcare TRUST
tour to the prospective students and     heart and soul into each incoming           New Graduate Chapter...................4
their families, assembled faculty to     student in hopes of every single one
meet with them, and worked closely       of them becoming successful Bethel          GS Student Spotlight.......................4
with the Bethel Admissions staff to      nurses. Linda also made time to
provide the best possible nursing        mentor and pray with the students           Program Updates............................... 5
admissions events. Over the years,       and her colleagues.
                                                                                     Faculty Accomplishments............6
Linda spent countless hours re-             Thank you, Linda, for your years
viewing student files and answering      invested at Bethel! Best wishes for         Global Missions Healthcare
questions regarding the application      your retirement. •                          Conference............................................8
process for the nursing program.

Tiffany Inducted into National League of
Nursing Academy of Nursing Education
   Jone Tiffany has made significant contributions related to innovations in
teaching and learning. She is known for her expertise in virtual simulation,
teaching technologies, and simulation debriefing. She was part of the NLN
Technology Think Tank, vSim product author, an NLN HITs Scholar, and is
currently the Technology Scholar in Residence at the NLN. She is a skilled,
innovative educator with a passion for making learning contextual and
                                                                                   Jone Tiffany, D.N.P., M.A., R.N., C.N.E.,
engaging. Congratulations, Jone, on receiving this prestigious award! •            C.H.S.E., A.N.E.F.

The Synapse A Communication Impulse - Bethel University
Welcome, New Faculty and Staff!
                                         many connections to Bethel includ-
                                         ing a son, a sister, and her moth-
                                         er—you must ask her about this!

BETH ANDERSON, MAOL, PHN                                                             SARA NYLIN, M.S.N.
   Beth has been hired for a tenure                                                     Sara has been hired for a 3-year
track position with responsibilities                                                 continuing non-tenure track
primarily in public health (clini-                                                   position. She will be teaching all
                                         PENNY JOHNSON, R.N.
cal, skills, and theory) and mental                                                  things maternity this fall (theory,
health (clinical and chronic care).         Penny recently started as the            skills, clinical, simulation). In the
She will also be teaching founda-        new lab associate for CAS nursing.          spring, she will be teaching health
tions of health ministry. She has        She is an R.N. with past experienc-         assessment and will do some
taught in an L.P.N. program and          es working in assisted living and           externship supervision. Prior to
has lots of experience as a PHN          with deaf education. She is excited         teaching OB clinical for us last
and as a faith community nurse.          to work in higher education with            year, she taught maternity clinical
                                         nursing students guiding them               in a B.S.N. program in Nebraska.
                                         holistically as they learn new skills.

   Renee started in July as the                                                      JENNIFER WOOD, PH.D.
                                         DEB LAMB, M.S.
administrative assistant for the                                                        Jennifer has been hired for a
undergraduate program and we are             Deb has been hired for a 3-year         tenure track position in adult nurs-
excited to have her on board! You        continuing non-tenure track                 ing. Jennifer has recently moved
will see her smiling face at the front   position. Deb is our new lab co-            to Minnesota from Arizona. After
desk when you enter the nursing          ordinator. About half of her load           teaching several years for an online
department. Renee previously             is dedicated to lab coordination.           D.N.P. program, she is returning
worked at a Christian academy            In addition, she will be in most            to clinical teaching. She will be
where she was administrative             of the skills courses and will be           teaching junior clinical at HCMC. •
assistant to the principal. Renee has    a great asset to simulation.

Teaching and Staff Opportunities in CAS Nursing
    Have you ever thought about using your nursing                 When I moved from a medical surgical clinical
expertise and skills to influence others? Look no fur-          practice to a teaching practice, I realized I really never
ther—there are opportunities at Bethel for you! The             left clinical practice, working with students caring for
Nursing Department has a full-time tenure track pedi-           patients. I was able to influence many students to give
atric position open and a three-year clinical track adult       excellent care, which in turn benefited more patients
acute care position open. We also need part-time faculty        than I could have cared for in a lifetime.
to teach OB, pediatric, and medical surgical clinicals. A          I encourage you to consider these opportunities to
full-time nursing laboratory position will be available         help shape more Bethel nurses. Please email me if you
beginning Fall 2017.                                            are interested: •
The Synapse A Communication Impulse - Bethel University
2017 Annual                                  forming Critical Care Team

Nursing Research
                                             Karen Schulz, R.N., M.S.N.; Pame-          17TH ANNUAL
                                             la Sandberg, R.N., M.S.N.; Pamela
& Practice                                   Madrid, R.N., M.S.N.; Lynn Nelson,
Symposium                                    R.N., B.S.N.                               RESEARCH &
   This year’s Annual Nursing              • A Holistic approach to Labor and           PRACTICE
Research and Practice Symposium              Birth                                      SYMPOSIUM
will be held on Thursday, April 20,          Karen Sonnenburg, APRN, CNM
2017. The theme is “Nursing Lead-
                                                                                        Nursing Leadership:
ership: Advancing Nursing through
                                           • Successful Inter-professional              Advancing Nursing
Innovative Change and Collabora-             Teams to Advance Research and              through Innovative
tion.” The keynote speaker will be           Change Practice                            Change and
Sue Sendelbach, Ph.D., A.P.R.N.,             Kristin Sandau, Ph.D., R.N., CNE,          Collaboration
C.N.S., F.A.H.A., F.A.A.N., Direc-           FAHA and Sue Sendelbach, Ph.D.,            THURSDAY, APRIL 20
tor of Nursing Research at Abbott            APRN CNS, FAHA, FAAN                       5-9 p.m.
Northwestern Hospital. Examples of                                                      Bethel University
                                           • A Journey into Nursing Leadership
breakout sessions include:
                                             Michelle Davenport, M.S.N., PHN,           Keynote Speaker: Sue
 • Nurses are Successful at the State        FCN, R.N.                                  Sendelbach, Ph.D., A.P.R.N.,
   Capitol                                                                              C.N.S, FAHA, FAAN, Director
   Brielle Stoyke, APRN, CNM,              • Minnesota Nurse Leaders: Open-             of Nursing Research at Abbott
   IBCLC                                     ing Doors and Removing Barriers            Northwestern Hospital
                                             Wendy Thompson, D.N.P., MPH,
 • Leaders in Nursing Education:                                                        Three (3) CEUs available for RN attendees
   A Panel Discussion                        PHN and Elizabeth Sether MHA,              if they attend the keynote, concurrent, and
   Panel members: Diane Dahl, Ph.D.,         R.N., LNHA                                 interactive poster presentation sessions.

   R.N.; Karen Drake, Ph.D., R.N.; and       Registration is free and avail-            Registration and complete event
   Krista Hoekstra, Ed.D. (c), R.N.                                                     information can be found at
                                          able at               events/2017/nursing-symposium.
 • Building and Leading a High-per-       nursing-symposium. •

Edgren Scholars: Holland, Tiffany, and Kollman ’17
    Senior student, Ashley Kollman ’17, collaborated with         pilot study manu-
Drs. Ann Holland and Jone Tiffany during the summer of            script which was
2016 on a pilot research study that investigated the effect       submitted this fall
of a training intervention on nursing faculty evaluators’         to Nursing Educa-
ability to achieve intra and interrater reliability when          tion Perspectives,
conducting evaluation of student performance in clinical          the journal of the
simulation. The collaboration was funded by an Edgren             National League
Scholar Award from the university. Ms. Kollman com-               for Nursing. Ms.
pleted a literature review and annotated bibliography of          Kollman presented
key resources. She assisted with the analysis of the pilot        a poster about the
study results. She was instrumental in the recruitment            pilot research study in February at the Private College
of participants for a full study that followed the pilot          Day at the Capitol at the Minnesota State Legislature.
study, assisting with compiling email contact lists for               The Edgren Scholar Award provided funding and
nursing faculty from across the country. Ms. Kollman              the opportunity for Ms. Kollman to be involved in a
presented the Edgren project at a summer research lunch           pilot research study with our nursing faculty in which
for Bethel faculty and students. She worked with the              she had a significant role in the study. This involvement
research team to develop a presentation for the National          allowed her to experience professional opportunities to
League for Nursing Education Summit in September                  present as well as network with other nursing faculty
2016 and joined the team at the Summit in Orlando in              from across the country. The experience provided levels
presenting to a national audience of nurse educators.             of involvement that can contribute to a strong resume to
Ms. Kollman drafted the literature review section of a            launch her career following graduation this spring. •
The Synapse A Communication Impulse - Bethel University
Accreditation                              Women’s Healthcare Leadership TRUST:
Times Two—Is It                            New Graduate Student Chapter
True? Yes, It Is!!!                        Diane Dahl, Chief Nursing Administrator
   The Nursing Department is
                                              The Women’s Healthcare Leadership TRUST has launched a graduate stu-
pleased to share news of successful
reaccreditation for the depart-            dent chapter, of which Bethel University is a member school. The TRUST was
ment (all four nursing programs)           founded in 1979 and has a commitment to advancing women in healthcare
and initial accreditation for the          professions, influencing policy, and contributing to healthcare in our com-
Nurse-Midwifery Program.                   munities. Its membership has grown to over 400 members and represents a
    After a successful Commission          broad spectrum of the healthcare sector. The TRUST creates opportunities
of Collegiate Nursing Education            to network within the healthcare industry, offers programs and workshops
(CCNE) visit this past spring,             designed to enhance leadership skills, provides educational offerings and
the department learned this fall
                                           programs, and advances the healthcare careers of women.
of reaccreditation for the full 10
years possible. After the fall visit of       The graduate student chapter includes all of the benefits of the TRUST
the Accreditation Commission of            membership as well as additional opportunities for the chapter itself at a re-
Midwifery Education (ACME), the            duced membership price. I have been a member for the past two years. I have
Nurse-Midwifery Program received
initial accreditation for 5 years,         most enjoyed learning about the multiple healthcare careers and meeting
again, the most possible years.            the leaders of these organizations. The leadership development has also been
    Both accrediting organizations         excellent. There is a mentoring program available for those new to healthcare
were very complimentary of all of          with experienced and successful leaders. I am excited to be both a member
Bethel’s nursing programs. Suc-            and a member school for the new graduate student chapter.
cessful accreditation is a demon-
                                              The website for the TRUST is Additional information
stration of our continued efforts
to live out our mission and strive         about the organization and membership can be found there. I would encour-
for excellence as we deliver quality       age anyone in healthcare leadership to consider joining this organization. I
educational nursing programs. •            would also be happy to answer questions at •


Nurse Educator M.S. Student Combines Faith
& Health, Teaching, & Learning Roles
Lori will be a 2017 graduate of the M.S.   system over the previous 20 years.        access to healthcare resources while
Nurse Educator Program. It is evident      Along with the Faith Community            providing intentional care of the
through this spotlight how Lori has        Nurses I supervised, I introduced         spirit, the essence of FCN practice.
been able to apply the knowledge and                                                 Currently there are over 600 FCNs
                                           nursing students to our roles that
skills from this program directly to a
                                           blend nursing and ministry within         practicing in the Twin Cities metro
new career in teaching. We continue
                                           churches or faith-based senior living     area, over 15,000 nationwide, in
to have diverse students that bring
unique experiences to the program,         settings throughout the metro area.       addition to nurses practicing in
which are shared as part of our            I loved inspiring the students to ex-     international settings.
teaching and learning model.               plore our unique role, which at that         FCN roles include: integrator of
By Lori Anderson GS’17, R.N.,              time was not commonly included in         faith and health, health educator,
B.S.N., PHN, FCN                           public health nursing curricula.          personal health counselor, advo-
                                               Parish Nursing, now called Faith      cate/liaison, referral agent, support
   A few years ago, several local
                                           Community Nursing (FCN), is a             group developer, and coordinator of
nursing programs, including Bethel,
                                                                                     volunteers. Helping people under-
asked me to offer clinical experienc-      specialty nursing practice founded
                                                                                     stand the connection between faith
es to prelicensure nursing students        in the early 1980s by Rev. Dr. Grang-
                                                                                     and health and how to navigate the
through the Faith Community                er Westberg in the Chicago, Illinois
                                                                                     healthcare system are key access
Nurse Network that I developed and         area. It provides a role for registered
coordinated for a local health care        nurses to offer health promotion and                  Spotlight continued on p. 5.
The Synapse A Communication Impulse - Bethel University
Spotlight continued from p. 4.           of attending one great Christian        Nursing Curriculum is a week-long
points. A Scope and Standards of         university while working at another     course offered throughout the nation
Practice for Faith Community Nurs-       great Christian university. This        preparing experienced RNs to
es is currently in its third revision,   provides a perfect learning lab, as     practice as faith community nurses.
and a portfolio certification process    I am able to apply the content I am     Along with several retired Bethel
is in place.                             learning in my Bethel courses to        faculty members and other expert
                                         my work at the School of Nursing        FCNs, I assisted with teaching some
    A part-time clinical adjunct         at Northwestern. I’m also uniquely      of the curriculum modules.
faculty position became available        honored to work as a nurse educator
with a newly-developing accelerated                                                  Finally, my capstone project will
                                         while concurrently completing my        focus on the role of the FCN in sup-
B.S.N. program at the University of      master of science in nursing degree.
Northwestern-St. Paul (UNWSP). I                                                 porting family caregivers. As people
                                         Likewise, my position as pastoral       live longer with chronic illnesses,
applied and was hired for the posi-      nurse offers a clinical opportunity
tion in 2014. Working with students                                              family caregivers will be called upon
                                         for UNWSP students to experience        as never before to care for loved ones
in the Community and Population          this FCN role.
Based Care Services Course offered                                               at home. FCNs can provide support
an opportunity for me to teach stu-         Right now, I am working with a       to family caregivers in a variety of
dents about the FCN role and intro-      preceptor from Bethel for my nurse      ways to increase the quality of life
duce them to clinical opportunities      educator internship. I am learning      for caregivers and care recipients
with local FCNs, including my own        how to transition a course from a       alike.
role as pastoral nurse in an indepen-    hybrid delivery method to a fully          I’m grateful to both Bethel and
dent senior living facility. Teaching    online Community and Population         Northwestern for supporting my
students in the classroom would          Based Care Services course. This        learning and working journey over
require additional education, and        delivery method allows students to      the past two years. I look forward
after researching online master’s in     gain more clinical time in various      to continuing to inspire nursing
nursing programs, I chose Bethel’s       areas of public health including gov-   students as they explore community
online Nurse Educator program            ernmental public health, foot care      and public health nursing roles and
and was accepted into the first fully    clinics, an annual health fair, faith   learn to blend nursing and ministry
online cohort in August of 2015.         community nursing, and more.            through the role of the faith commu-
   I have had the awesome privilege         Foundations of Faith Community       nity nurse. •

Program Updates
CAS                                      also for general education require-     Methodist, Lakeview, Buffalo, and
Dr. Linda Anderson, Pre-licensure        ments. We are working with The          Maple Grove Hospitals our students
Department Chair/Program
                                         Clinical Coordination Partnership       were well served for fall clinical.
                                         (TCCP) to pilot a new product,
Director                                                                            We continue to celebrate stu-
                                         Student Passport, to electronically
   With restructuring of the Nurs-                                               dents. We welcomed the new soph-
                                         store and track student clinical
ing Department, the CAS Nursing                                                  omore class with the White Coat
                                         requirements. Renee Gibbens,
Department Chair and Program             our new Nursing Department              Ceremony on February 10th and will
Director roles are now combined.         Administrative Assistant, is doing      celebrate the graduating seniors at
We had a very busy summer of hir-        significant work to implement this      the Pinning Ceremony on May 26th.
ing and welcomed four new full time      system for the incoming sophomore       Spring semester Kristi Gustafson
faculty and several clinical adjunct     class. We also welcomed Penny           will be the Acting Pre-licensure
faculty. Joy Genung transitioned         Johnson to assist in the nursing lab    Department Chair/Program Di-
from her role as Administrative          as Deb Lamb moved into a faculty        rector as I am on sabbatical.
Assistant to fill the Nursing Ad-        role as the Skills Lab Coordinator.
missions Coordinator position that          The fall was challenging for         Krista Hoekstra, Program Director
was vacated when Linda Horton            clinical placements due to the Allina
retired in June. Joy’s role includes     nursing strike. But, with creative         CAPS Nursing continues to in-
increased responsibility for track-      planning by faculty and above and       crease enrollment through strategic
ing students not only for nursing        beyond assistance from clinical         initiatives aimed at students cur-
prerequisites and admissions, but        agency partners at HealthEast,                      Updates continued on p. 6.
The Synapse A Communication Impulse - Bethel University
Updates continued from p. 5.              mat for the M.S. Program. Students      and commencement. The Blessing
rently working in a variety of areas.     had some excellent learning oppor-      of Hands ceremony was held in April
We are working to build partner-          tunities within the field experiences   during our last on campus intensive
ships to support students. The day        this last year, with many coming to     weekend. This was a time for the
cohort was successfully launched          Bethel to work with nursing facul-      faculty and staff to bless our new
in Fall 2016 along with a cohort at       ty within the Health Assessment         graduates as they enter the working
North Hennepin Community Col-             for Nurse Educators’ course. The        world of midwifery. During the
lege. We are excited to again open a      remaining final year courses for the    ceremony we recognized the power
cohort for Fall 2017 in the southwest     program have been developed with
                                                                                  of women in birth and mothering.
metro area. Fall will also bring sev-     the last new course being offered
                                                                                  We also treasured the role each new
eral changes to the program includ-       during Summer 2017.
                                                                                  midwife would play in the lives of
ing the start of a curriculum revision       Enrollment for the next two          the women they would soon serve.
which will lead towards multiple          cohorts in fall of 2016 increased       The nurse-midwife program has
entry points for students to start the    slightly to 17 students (14 in 2-year   a 2-year plan of study and a 3-year
program. The goal for revising the        plan and three in 3-year). An all-on-   plan of study available. We currently
curriculum is to allow flexibility for    line Adobe Connect orientation was
                                                                                  have an even amount of students
students and to increase enrollment.      developed, which greatly enhanced
                                                                                  in each plan. In fall of 2016, we
Blessings to each of you this year!       the beginning for these students into
                                          the Nurse Educator Program.             were excited to welcome 16 new
M.S., NURSE EDUCATOR                                                              nurse-midwife students. Because
Dr. Pam Friesen, Program Director         M.S., NURSE-MIDWIFERY                   our program is online, we have 8
   The first two cohorts for the          Dr. Jane Wrede, Program Director        different states represented in our
online M.S. Nurse Educator stu-              The nurse-midwifery program at       current cohorts of students. In 2017,
dents have finished their first year of   Bethel launched in fall of 2014. Two    we are now offering a bridge study
studies. We have 10 students in the       short years later, we are delighted     option for nurses that have a 2-year
2-year plan and five in the 3-year op-    to announce that our first cohort of    AS/AD degree to enter the NM
tion. The online learning has been a      midwives has graduated! We had all      program. We have a 100% over-all
new venture for faculty and students      10 of our graduates participate in      pass rate on the AMCB certification
but has been a positive change of for-    the “Blessing of Hands” ceremony        exam. •

Faculty Accomplishments
ANN HOLLAND                                  Nursing.                                formance Innovation Teams: an
Publications:                             Presentations:                             interprofessional approach to
                                                                                     health, St. Paul, MN, April 2017
 • Holland, A.E., Tiffany, J.,             • Ann Holland, Jone Tiffany,
   Tilton, K. & Kleve, M. (2017)             Vicki Schug, Linda Blazovich,         • Ann Holland, Linda Blazovich,
   Influence of a patient-centered           and Deborah Bambini, The                Susan Forneris, Vicki Schug,
   care coordination clinical                Effect of Evaluator Training            & Dorie Fritz, Participant
   module on student learning: a             on Reliability of High Stakes           assessment in simulation,
   multimethod study, Journal of                                                     invited presentation at Best
                                             Assessment of Student Perfor-
   Nursing Education, 56(1), 6-11,                                                   Practices in Simulation,
                                             mance in Simulation: results of a
   doi:10.3928/01484834-20161219-                                                    St. Paul, MN, May 2017
                                             nationwide experimental study,
   03                                        accepted podium presentation,         • Ann Holland, Jone Tiffany, &
 • Forneris, S., Neal, D., Tiffany,          NLN Education Summit 2017,              Ashley Kollman, The effect of
   J., Kuehn, M.B., Blazovich, L.,           San Diego, September 2017.              evaluator training on inter-rater
                                                                                     reliability for high-stakes assess-
   Meyer, H., Holland, A., & Smeril-       • Ann Holland, Dorie Fritz, Linda
                                                                                     ment in simulation: a pilot study,
   lo, M. (2016). Enhancing clinical         Blazovich, Vicki Schug, Jone
                                                                                     Primetime in the Bethel Library,
   reasoning through simulation              Tiffany, and Deborah Bambini,
                                                                                     Bethel University, December 2017
   debriefing: a multi-site study, In        Creating shared mental models
   Teaching with ACE.S: A Faculty            for evaluation in healthcare          • Ann Holland, Jone Tiffany,
   Guide, E. Tagliareni (Ed.). Wash-         education and practice, accepted        Vicki Schug, Linda Blazovich,
   ington, D.C.: National League for         poster presentation, High Per-                    Faculty continued on p. 7.
The Synapse A Communication Impulse - Bethel University
Faculty continued from p. 6.               ity For High-Stakes Assessment            League for Nursing
   Deborah Bambini & Ashley                in Simulation, with Jone Tiffany        • Tiffany, J. & Hoglund, B. (2016).
   Kollman, The effect of evaluator        and Ashley Kollman, summer                Using Virtual Simulation to
   training on inter-rater reliability     2016                                      Teach Inclusivity: A Case Study
   for high-stakes assessment in         Scholarly Service:                          Clinical Simulation in Nursing
   simulation: a pilot study, podium                                                 (special edition). doi:10.1016/j.
                                         • Reviewer for Nursing Education
   presentation, NLN Education                                                       ecns.2015.11.003
   Summit, September 2016                  Perspectives, the official jour-
                                           nal of the National League for          Published National League for
 • Ann Holland, Jone Tiffany, &            Nursing                                 Nursing TEQ Blogs:
   McCall Kleve, Patient-centered                                                  • Tiffany, J. (2017). National
   care coordination clinical mod-       Community Service:
                                                                                     League for Nursing TEQ Blog:
   ule: evaluating the impact of a       • Anoka-Ramsey Community                    Everything you need to know
   curricular module on student            College Advisory Board member;            about technology, students are
   learning outcomes, podium               Secretary 2009-2015; Chair,               now learning in grade school.
   presentation, NLN Education             2015-present
   Summit, September 2016                                                          • Tiffany, J. (2016). National
                                         BERNITA MISSAL                              League for Nursing TEQ Blog: In
 • Ann Holland & McCall Kleve,                                                       the flow: Designing meaningful
                                         • Schaffer, M., K. E. Sandau, & Mis-
   Patient-centered care coordina-                                                   d-learning experiences.
                                           sal, B. (2017). Demystifying nurs-
   tion: the impact of a non-acute
                                           ing theory: A Christian nursing         • Tiffany, J. (2016). National
   care clinical module on nursing
                                           perspective. Journal of Christian         League for Nursing TEQ Blog:
   student learning outcomes
                                           Nursing, 44(2), 102-107.                  Reimagining Bloom’s Taxonomy
   [poster], Design Thinking for
   People Centered Care: An Inter-                                                   – with an eye of technology.
                                         KRISTIN SANDAU
   professional Perspective confer-      • Schaffer, M., K. E. Sandau, & Mis-      Presentations:
   ence, St. Paul, MN, April 2016          sal, B. (2017). Demystifying nurs-      • March 2017: Learning to Use
 • Ann Holland & Julie DeHaan,             ing theory: A Christian nursing           Debriefing for Meaningful
   Evaluating knowledge ap-                perspective. Journal of Christian         Learning: Two-day workshop,
   plication through authentic             Nursing, 44(2), 102-107.                  Washington, D.C.
   assessment, Primetime in                                                        • February 2016: National League
   the Bethel Library, Bethel            JONE TIFFANY
                                                                                     for Nursing Leadership Retreat:
   University, April 2016                   Jone is spending her sabbati-            Using your talents to Lead,
                                         cal as the Technology Scholar in            Washington, D.C.
 • Ann Holland, Jone Tiffany,
   Kathy Tilton, & McCall Kleve,         Residence at the National League
                                         for Nursing in Washington DC              • September 2016: National League
   Patient-centered care coordi-                                                     for Nursing Education Summit
   nation clinical module: evalu-        where she is working on technology
                                                                                     Pre-Conference: Enhancing
   ating the impact of a curricular      initiatives for nursing education.
                                                                                     Learning Through Technology,
   module on student learning            Publications:                               Orlando, Florida.
   outcomes, NLN/STTI Nursing            • Holland, A., Tiffany, J., Tilton, K.,   • September 2016: National League
   Education Research Conference,          Kleve, M. (2017). Patient-Cen-            for Nursing Education Sum-
   Washington DC, April 2016
                                           tered care coordination: A                mit, Podium Presentation: The
 • Ann Holland, Jone Tiffany, &            pilot study. Journal of Nursing           Effect of Evaluator Training on
   McCall Kleve, Patient-centered          Education 56(1), 6-11. doi:               Reliability of High Stakes As-
   care coordination clinical              10.3928/01484834-20161219-03.             sessment in Simulation: A Pilot
   module: evaluating the impact                                                     Study, Orlando, Florida.
                                         • Forneris, S.G., Neal, D., Tiffa-
   of a curricular module on stu-
                                           ny, J., Kuehn, M.B., Meyer, H.,         • September 2016: National League
   dent learning outcomes, STTI
                                           Blazovich, L., Holland, A., Smeril-       for Nursing Education Summit,
   Chi-at-large annual meeting,
                                           lo, M. (2017). Enhancing clinical         Podium Symposium Presen-
   Bloomington, MN, March 2016
                                           reasoning through simulation              tation: Patient Centered Care
Grants Awarded:                            debriefing: A multi-site study. In        Coordination – Evaluating the
 • Bethel University Edgren Scholar        Teaching with Aces: A Faculty             Impact of an Innovative Curricu-
   Grant, The Effect of Evaluator          Guide. Tagliarini, M. E. (Ed.).           lar Module on Student Learning
   Training on Inter-rater Reliabil-       Washington, DC: National                            Faculty continued on p. 8.
The Synapse A Communication Impulse - Bethel University
Faculty continued from p. 7.              Annual Meeting - Student Learn-    Honors:
   Outcomes, Orlando, Florida.            ing Impact of a Patient-Centered    • Inducted into the Academy of
                                          Care Coordination Clinical            Nursing Education Fellow, Na-
 • June 2016: National League for         Module
   Nursing Leadership Retreat:                                                  tional League for Nursing: June
   Using Your Strengths to Lead,       Research:                                2016
   Washington, D.C.                     • Co-investigator: The Effect of      • Edgren Scholar Collaborative
 • April 2016: Nursing Education          Evaluator Training on Inter-Rat-      Research Program Award, Bethel
   Research Conference – Sigma            er Reliability of High Stakes         University, 2016. “High Stakes
   Theta Tau/National League for          Testing. Working with Dr. Ann         Testing Using Simulation.”
   Nursing, Symposium Podium              Holland, Dr. Vicki Schug, Dr.      Certifications:
   presentation, Student Learning         Linda Blazovich, Dr. Deborah
                                          Bambini to extend the original      • Certified Gallup StrengthsFinder
   Impact of a Patient-Centered                                                 Coach January 2016
   Care Coordination Clinical Mod-        research sponsored by the Na-
   ule, Washington D.C.                   tional League for Nursing. Study    • Certified Healthcare Simulation
                                          Timeline: January 2016–June           Educator (CHSE) January 2016
 • March 2016: Sigma Theta Tau In-        2017.
   ternational Chi-at-Large Chapter

Global Missions Healthcare Conference 2016
Dave Muhovich
   This photo was taken on the steps of Jay and
Angelica Saunders’ home from South East Chris-
tian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. The Saun-
ders’ hosted 15 people from Bethel to attend the
Global Missions Healthcare Conference (GMHC)
2016 last November. Debbie Solomon (took the
photo) and Diane Dahl were also with us. Bethel
administration, admissions, nursing, and the
P.A. program were all represented. GMHC is the
world’s largest healthcare mission conference and
this was the 5th time a group from the Nursing
program attended. Over 100 mission agencies
were represented and there were 2200 persons
attending the conference. We plan to attend again
in November 2017. Join us! •

Linda Anderson, Diane Dahl, Pam Friesen, Rita Haglund, Krista Hoekstra, Dave Muhovich, Jane Wrede

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