HANDBOOK - Ouachita Baptist University

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HANDBOOK - Ouachita Baptist University
HANDBOOK - Ouachita Baptist University
The Tiger Handbook is the official
university guidebook for students.
It is provided to students and
applicants for their general guidance
only. It does not constitute a contract,
either expressed or implied, and is
subject to change at the university’s
HANDBOOK - Ouachita Baptist University

The Arkansas Baptist State Convention authorized Ouachita Baptist College as its higher
education institution in November, 1885. In December of that year the trustees of the
university voted to locate the institution in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Classes began in
September, 1886, and the institution has operated without interruption in the same
location since that date. On January 14, 1965, the Board of Trustees voted to change the
name from College to University.

Ouachita Baptist University seeks to foster a love of God and a love of learning by creating
for students and other constituents dynamic growth opportunities both on campus and
throughout the world. With foresight and faithfulness, Ouachita makes a difference.

Ouachita Baptist University is a Christ-centered learning community. Embracing the
liberal arts tradition, the university prepares individuals for ongoing intellectual and
spiritual growth, lives of meaningful work and reasoned engagement with the world.

Ouachita strives to be an academic community of vision, integrity and service
grounded in the following values:

    Faith. We believe that life is lived most abundantly in response to the love of
    God through Jesus Christ.

    Scholarship. We advance excellence in teaching, learning, research and
    creative expression.

    Growth. We foster broad-based education, encouraging growth in intellectual,
    spiritual, physical and social domains.

    Character. We affirm that respect and honesty undergird responsible citizenship
    and stewardship.

    Community. We promote a vibrant community strengthened by diversity,
    sustained by common aims and supportive relationships and committed to
    leadership and service on campus and beyond.

                                                                                  TIGER HANDBOOK | 1
HANDBOOK - Ouachita Baptist University

     Since its beginning in 1886, a             6. Audience etiquette. Students
number of common values have developed             take great pride in being a part of
at Ouachita, values which are passed               Ouachita, and this pride extends           OUACHITA ALMA MATER
on like traditions from generation to              to how speakers from on or off             Ouachita, we sing thy praises
generation of students. These values help          campus are received. A lack of             Thy beauty, thy power, thy fame,
make Ouachita the distinctive place it is:         social responsibility in this area is      Each loyal heart upraises
 1. A love of God and a love of learning.          considered unacceptable by the             A cheer to thy glorious name,
                                                   student body as a whole.                   O-U-A-C-H-I-T-A
 2. Commitment to a Christian lifestyle.
                                                7. Respect for personal appearance.           Here’s good luck to Ouachita,
    While students are not required to be
                                                   Students are well dressed and well         May all her skies be gay,
    Baptist or to adhere to a specific set of                                                 Raise a cheer for Ouachita,
    beliefs, Ouachita actively encourages          groomed, and this attractiveness
                                                   is immediately noticeable to               A loud Hip, Hip, Hooray,
    and seeks to assist all students in                                                       O-U-A-C-H-I-T-A
    developing a Christian lifestyle which         campus visitors.
    will be evident in every segment of         8. Sportsmanship at athletic events.          Ouachita, thy sons and daughters
    the student’s life.                         9. Commitment to health and wellness.         Will carry thy flag unfurled;
 3. Respect for scholarship, creativity and        Most students participate in either        For none can e’er surpass thee,
    achievement by fellow students and             intramural or intercollegiate activities   The Queen of the college world,
    faculty members.                               or in their own personal program of        O-U-A-C-H-I-T-A
 4. Respect for the rights, feelings and           physical development. A wellness class     Here’s good luck to Ouachita,
    property of others.                            is required of all freshman students.      May all her skies be gay,
                                                10. Singing the alma mater, an old            Raise a cheer for Ouachita,
 5. Friendliness on campus, a
                                                    pep tune sung and played often            A loud Hip, Hip, Hooray,
    characteristic noticed and appreciated                                                    O-U-A-C-H-I-T-A
    by visitors to campus.                          at public events.

2 | O U A C H I TA B A P T I S T U N I V E R S I T Y
HANDBOOK - Ouachita Baptist University
     Ouachita is committed to providing        are designed to enable students to become      CORE CURRICULUM
students with supplemental resources           eligible for enrollment in degree programs.
                                                                                                   Ouachita’s School of Interdisciplinary
to meet the demands of a rigorous              LOCATION: LILE HALL 108
                                                                                              Studies offers a coherent curriculum
curriculum and to assist them with
                                                                                              designed to foster intellectual inquiry
academic problems which may arise.             TRIO PROGRAMS                                  and breadth of knowledge. Ideas and
The following services and programs are
                                                    TRIO Programs have been a tradition       events have consequences. Insight into
designed to accomplish these two goals.
                                               on the Ouachita campus since 1966.             these consequences requires developing
                                               Ouachita is currently host to two TRIO         frameworks and skills that interconnect
ACADEMIC ADVISING                              Programs: Classic Upward Bound and             intellectual and cultural domains within
     Faculty advisers provide guidance         Educational Talent Search. The Upward          the context of the physical world. The
for students in selecting courses for each     Bound Program and Educational Talent           School of Interdisciplinary Studies CORE
semester, as well as assisting students with   Search are outreach programs that seek         curriculum is required to graduate.
other academic needs.                          to assist high school students during their         To help students make the transition
                                               freshman through senior year in their          into the CORE program, the School of
TUTORIAL SERVICES                              endeavors to complete requirements for         Interdisciplinary Studies offers tutoring
                                               secondary education. Upon completion of        for the OBU Connections course. For
    Tutorial services are available and        the high school requirements, students are     tutoring information, call 870-245-5381.
can be arranged through the Student            encouraged to enroll in a post-secondary       LOCATION: LILE HALL SUITE 122
Success Center or the Academic Skills          institution.
Development Program.
                                                    The TRIO Programs employ college          RILEY-HICKINGBOTHAM LIBRARY
                                               students during the academic year as
                                                                                                   The library offers materials,
                                               mentors and tutors and during the
ACADEMIC SKILLS DEVELOPMENT                                                                   equipment, special areas and services to
                                               summer as resident life counselors.
                                                                                              serve students.
PROGRAM                                        LOCATION: LILE HALL SUITE 140
                                                                                                   Materials include reference books
     Certain courses have been designed                                                       and e-books for quick answers; general
for students who have demonstrated             CAREER & CALLING SERVICES                      circulation books for more in-depth
deficiencies in essential skills. These             Ouachita Career & Calling provides        coverage of topics or leisure reading;
courses provide assistance for students in     career counseling for all students,            and periodicals (journals, magazines and
the acquisition of college level reading,      freshman through senior. In addition,          newspapers) and electronic databases for
mathematics, English and study skills. The     the office assists students and graduates      the current and retrospective information
number of hours required for graduation        in finding employment opportunities.           on a wide range of subjects. In addition to
is increased by the number of hours taken      The office maintains reference files for       these traditional materials, the library also
in this program.                               prospective employers, provides career         offers select federal and state government
LOCATION: LILE HALL SUITE 122                  information, coordinates job interview         documents and manuscript collections of
                                               sessions and maintains a current list of job   religious and regional interest. The library’s
ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE                   openings. Additional services are provided,    holdings total some 850,000 items.
                                               including resume writing, interview                 Equipment available for student use
PROGRAM                                                                                       in the library includes copy machines and
                                               techniques and video resumes.
     Ouachita offers an intensive English      LOCATION: CONE-BOTTOMS 125                     computers with printer access. From the
program for international students                                                            library’s website, current students may
interested in improving their reading,                                                        access the library’s electronic resources
writing and oral skills in the English                                                        when off campus.
language. These non-degree courses are
separate from the regular curriculum and

                                                                                                         TIGER HANDBOOK | 3
HANDBOOK - Ouachita Baptist University
Special areas in the library include
                                                                            group study rooms, individual study
   COMPUTER LABS                                                            carrels, and technology-enhanced
        Several computer labs are available to the student body             collaborative space. Archival and special
   with hardware and software that support work in specific                 collection materials are available for
   disciplines. These labs are available according to posted hours          research purposes.
   except when classes are being conducted in them.                              Services include reference help for all
                                                                            patrons and interlibrary loans, through
                                                                            which the library offers students access to
                                                                            materials in approximately 21,000 libraries
                 LOCATION LAB HOURS/
                                 ACCESS RESTRICTIONS
     Hickingbotham Hall 106      Monday–Friday, 7 a.m.–11 p.m.
    Blackmon Computer Center     Saturday & Sunday, Noon–11 p.m.

               McClellan 201     School of Social Sciences students only.
            Cole Computer Lab    Must use student ID for access.

         Moses-Provine 105       Open 24 hours a day
   Comm. Sciences & Disorders    for CMDS students only.

         Mabee Fine Arts 105     Class Piano students only.
              Davis Piano Lab    Must use student ID for access.

    Jones Science Center 218     Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm for all
         Hudson Computer Lab     students. After hours, School of Natural
                                 Science students only.

         Mabee Fine Arts 101     Music theory students only.
           James Harrison Lab    Must use student ID for access.

    Jones Science Center 343     Math and CSCI students only. Must use
       Math/Computer Science     student ID for access.

         Mabee Fine Arts 400     Music Theory/Composition majors and
                    MIDI Lab     MIDI students only. Must use student ID
                                 for access.

          Moses-Provine 206      Graphic Design majors only.
    Phelan Graphics Design Lab

         Mabee Fine Arts 141     7:30 a.m.–10 p.m. Open to all unless in
             Speer Digital Lab   use for class, & class times are posted
                                 on the door. After hours, students must
                                 use student ID for access.

              McClellan 314      Hours subject to change: schedule is
             Wetherington Lab    posted on the door. An attendant will be
                                 present for assistance.

           Speer Writing Lab     Monday–Friday, 8 a.m–5 p.m.
           ESC Faculty Lounge

4 | O U A C H I TA B A P T I S T U N I V E R S I T Y
HANDBOOK - Ouachita Baptist University

CARL GOODSON HONORS PROGRAM                  spiritually for graduate programs and for     programs in 16 countries including
                                             careers in teaching at the college level.     Australia, Austria, China, Costa Rica,
     The goal of the Carl Goodson
                                             During monthly meetings, professors and       England, France, Indonesia, Israel, Italy,
Honors Program is to encourage students
                                             students gather for fellowship, food and      Japan, Jordan, Lithuania, Morocco,
to achieve academic excellence and
                                             discussion about a range of issues related    Scotland, South Africa and Spain. An
independent research skills. The Honors
                                             to the life of the mind. Once a year, an      international studies minor is offered
Program provides motivated students with
                                             outside speaker joins students for an         within the university curriculum.
a community of scholars to encourage
                                             off-campus retreat. These meetings and             Study abroad programs have limited
them in their studies. (And graduating
                                             retreats are open to all students.            availability. To apply for study abroad
from the Honors Program looks great on
                                                  Outstanding Christian students with      opportunities:
job and graduate school applications!)
                                             a desire to teach at the college level may     1. A student must hold a cumulative
     Perks come with the Honors Program
                                             apply to become University Scholars, a            2.5 GPA prior to the study abroad
including early move-in, an honors
                                             designation which signals potential success       semester.
lounge, priority registration, a mentoring
                                             in top-ranked graduate programs. The
program and travel grants.                                                                  2. A student must be in good standing
                                             faculty sponsor for the College Society
     For admission to the Carl Goodson                                                         with the university.
                                             works closely with University Scholars
Honors Program, an incoming student                                                             For more information contact the
                                             through their junior and senior years,
must have a high school GPA of 3.5                                                         Daniel and Betty Jo Grant Center for
                                             helping them complete applications to
or higher and an ACT score of 28 or                                                        International Education in Lile Hall 108
                                             graduate programs in the humanities,
higher. Incoming students who do not                                                       or call 870-245-5197.
                                             social sciences, theology and
meet the ACT score or high school GPA
                                             Biblical studies.
requirement, but achieve a 3.5 GPA
during their first semester at Ouachita                                                    PRESIDENT’S & DEAN’S LISTS
may join the Honors Program.                 DANIEL AND BETTY JO GRANT                          Students who make a 4.000 GPA
                                             CENTER FOR INTERNATIONAL                      on their semester work will be placed on
COLLEGE SOCIETY &                            EDUCATION                                     the President’s List. Students who make
                                                                                           a 3.5000 or higher on their semester
UNIVERSITY SCHOLARS                              The Daniel and Betty Jo Grant             work will be placed on the Dean’s List.
    The College Society encourages           Center for International Education offers     Students placed on either list will receive a
excellence in academic work as an            Ouachita students the opportunity to          notification of recognition.
expression of students’ Christian faith,     study abroad during semesters or summers
preparing them intellectually and            each year. The program facilitates study

                                                                                                      TIGER HANDBOOK | 5
HANDBOOK - Ouachita Baptist University

COUNSELING SERVICES                            their records to other persons/agencies or     used by anyone other than the individual
                                               if they desire the university counselor to     whose name appears on the card. Illegal
     Counseling services are provided by
                                               consult with a family member or other          use of the card will result in a $20 fine
the university counselor. These services are
                                               persons.                                       and/or disciplinary action.
available to students who are experiencing
                                                    Services provided are free of charge to        You may also use your programmed
a broad range of personal or interpersonal
                                               currently enrolled students. Appointments      ID card to get a meal to-go from the
difficulties. Typical problems for which
                                               may be scheduled by calling the                Tiger Express located down the stairs in
students seek assistance include but are
                                               counseling office at 870-245-5591.             the Ouachita Commons entrance area.
not limited to:
                                                    Students who require assistance           You may also purchase other snacks and
 • Personal issues — depression,               beyond the scope of the University             milkshakes on a limited basis.
   loneliness, anxiety, stress, sexual         Counseling Services may be given a                  Your programmed student ID card
   concerns, eating disorders,                 referral to a professional or agency in the    can also be used on a limited basis at the
   preoccupation with weight, grief,           community or other recommendations.            Tiger Grrrill, Sandella’s Flatbread Café
   adjustment difficulties;                    LOCATION: EVANS STUDENT CENTER                 and Chick-fil-A Express located in Evans
 • Interpersonal issues — roommate             SUITE 220                                      Student Center. Selections include grilled
   problems, dating relationship                                                              sandwiches, cheeseburgers, individual
   difficulties, friendship/peer               FOOD SERVICES                                  pizzas and Chick-fil-A products.
   disturbances;                                                                                   Dr. Jack’s Coffeehouse in Evans
                                                    The university food service               Student Center allows you to use your
 • Family issues — conflicts in family         management is contracted to Sodexo
   relationships, family crises, divorce;                                                     programmed ID on a limited basis to get
                                               Services, Inc., a leading food management      fresh brewed coffee.
 • Other concerns — issues relating to         company. All students living in university
   physical or sexual abuse, alcohol or        residence halls must buy a meal ticket
   substance abuse.                            which is included in the total cost of         HEALTH SERVICES
    All records are confidential.              “room and board.” To eat in the Ouachita            Health education, first aid, simple
Information disclosed by students during       Commons the student must either (1)            diagnosis and treatments for minor
counseling sessions remains confidential       present his/her programmed ID card or          illnesses by a registered nurse on campus
unless the student is thought to be in         (2) pay for the meal. Cutting in line is a     are available at no cost. Medical services
imminent danger of harming himself/            violation of the rights of fellow students.    for more serious cases may be received
herself or is in danger of harming other       All students must be properly attired          at the offices of local physicians or at
persons. Students may also give written        (including shoes) when they come to            the Baptist Health Medical Center of
authorization if they desire the release of    the Commons. The ID card is not to be          Arkadelphia. The cost for medication

6 | O U A C H I TA B A P T I S T U N I V E R S I T Y
HANDBOOK - Ouachita Baptist University
and supplies other than the ones available      Arkadelphia Clinic for Children and          maintains records of all scholarship funds.
in Health Services are not included in          Young Adults for their services.                  The Student Financial Services Office
university general fees. Some services              The Health Services Office is located    will cash checks for students in amounts
provided are at a cost to the student such      on the second level of Evans Student         up to $50. An OBU ID card is required
as influenza shots, TB skin tests and allergy   Center next to the Office of Student         for this service.
injections. All students must complete          Development. Office hours are 9 a.m. to           The campus switchboard is located in
an OBU Health Form consistent with              3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.            this office. Any phone difficulty with the
state and university requirements. The                                                       on-campus system may be reported to the
university requires that students show          BOOKSTORE                                    IT Services Office for immediate attention.
proof of two MMRs; a tuberculosis
screening is required for any student who             The Ouachita Bookstore, located on
                                                the lower floor of Evans Student Center,     OUACHITA POST OFFICE
has lived out of the U.S. in the last 12
months. A tetanus/diptheria vaccination is      is the center for textbooks, supplies             The Ouachita Post Office, located on
recommended within the last 10 years.           that are requirements for particular         the lower floor of Evans Student Center,
     The Arkansas State Legislature, in         classes, supplies, clothing and gifts with   is a branch of the U.S. Postal Service;
Act 1233 of 1999, requires all colleges         Ouachita imprints. For those about to        therefore, U.S. mail guidelines apply.
and universities to notify both students        graduate, caps and gowns, graduation         Official mail can be delivered on campus
and parents of an increased risk of             announcements and senior rings are           without postage. Other mail placed in
meningococcal disease among individuals         available through the bookstore.             the “on-campus” bin must meet all USPS
who live in close quarters, such as students          All students have the option of        regulations to be delivered.
in college residence halls. The act also        charging books to their student account           All students are assigned a
requires the university to advise each that a   and then paying for them over the course     combination lock mailbox. Students
vaccination against some of the groups in       of the semester via a payment plan with      are urged to check their mailboxes
this disease is available. It does not cover    the Student Financial Services Office.       daily because many official university
all groups in the meningitis family.                  The bookstore is open Monday           communications are sent to the campus
      Proof of medical insurance must also      through Friday from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m.      box number.
be included on the OBU Health Form.             It is often open on Saturdays for home            New students receive their post
The Arkadelphia Clinic for Children and         football games and other special events.     office box number at registration, and
Young Adults provides the services of a                                                      they may learn their post office box lock
physician and other health professionals        STUDENT FINANCIAL SERVICES                   combination by going to the service
on campus. It is a private clinic, and the                                                   window during business hours. There is
                                                    The Student Financial Services office,   no additional cost for the post office box.
university does not assume responsibility       on the first floor of Cone-Bottoms Hall,
for its actions. Students seeking care                                                       Hours of operation for window service are
                                                provides a number of services. It collects   posted at the post office counter.
through this clinic will be billed by the       monies for all university expenses and
                                                                                                       TIGER HANDBOOK | 7
HANDBOOK - Ouachita Baptist University
     The Roy and Christine Sturgis                 Ouachita maintains a web based                 Card-operated copy machines are
Physical Education Center is a                information portal for each student.           located in Evans Student Center near the
multipurpose facility containing an           This “student web portal” is designed          Student Development Office and in the
Olympic-size pool, racquetball courts,        for a student to log in and access his/        library. One may purchase a decreasing
classrooms, offices, the varsity basketball   her personal information on file in the        balance, magnetic strip card on location
arena and two multipurpose courts.            university’s administrative computer           for $2. Additional amounts of credit may
     Evans Student Center has a Wellness      system.                                        be purchased using the same card.
Center containing televisions, recreational        Information in the portal includes
equipment for muscle toning and               current major/minor, cumulative                WOW NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION
building and machines for cardio-vascular     hours, grade point average (GPA),
stimulation.                                  transcripts, current and pre-registered
                                                                                             (WELCOME TO OUACHITA’S WORLD)
LOCATION: EVANS STUDENT CENTER,               course enrollment, financial aid, current            The WOW orientation program
SECOND LEVEL                                  balance and pending transactions in the        during the first week of the fall semester
                                              Student Financial Services office, chapel      is designed to inform new students of
E-MAIL                                        attendance records and cumulative credits.     the opportunities in the instructional
                                              The portal also has an easy method             program, help them to adjust to campus
     Each student is given his/her e-mail     for contacting each department when            life and help them to get a successful and
address when he/she is accepted to            clarification is needed for any information    satisfying start in their college experience
Ouachita. The address is [the first three     displayed. The information displayed in        at Ouachita. New students are divided
letters of the student’s last name][the       the portal is current.                         into groups during the WOW orientation,
student’s ID number]@obu.edu.                      Your web portal account is created        and student leaders take charge to orient
     E-mail accounts provided by the          when you apply, and you can access it          the newcomer to all aspects of campus life,
university are considered an official means   at info.obu.edu. The log-in page has a         including student activities.
of communication between each student         link called “Need a Web Portal” where
and the university’s employees. Ouachita      students can establish their portal account.
students are responsible for reading e-mail   The Computer Services support web site,
messages sent to their Ouachita e-mail        support.obu.edu has instructions for using
account and for responding to these           the web portal.
e-mails if requested.

8 | O U A C H I TA B A P T I S T U N I V E R S I T Y

SERVANT-LEADERSHIP PROGRAM                      • Pre-Law Society                             • Concert Band
     The Ben M. Elrod Center for Family         • Sigma Alpha Iota                            • Concert Choir
and Community offers a weekly class             • Sigma Tau Delta                             • Jazz Band
led by an experienced leader. The course        • Society of Physics                          • Marching Band
introduces students to the concept of
servant-leadership and seeks to cultivate       • Tau Beta Sigma                              • Musical Theatre Workshop
students’ willingness to serve and hone         • Theta Alpha Kappa                           • Opera Workshop
their ability to lead. It seeks to motivate     • Theta Alpha Phi                             • Ouachita Handbell Ringers
students to cultivate the heart of a servant
                                               Special Interest Groups                        • Ouachita Singers
and educate students regarding the
elements necessary for effective leadership.        These organizations are built around      • Ouachita Sounds
For more information, contact the Elrod        particular interests and serve as support      • Pep Band
Center at 870-245-5320.                        groups. They include the following:            • Symphonic Band
                                                • Astronomy Club                              • Tiger Steel
STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS                           • Campus Activities Board (CAB)
                                                                                             Instrumental Ensembles
     Ouachita Baptist University offers         • Counselors & Religious Educators
a variety of clubs and organizations to           (CARE)                                      • Clarinet            • Piano
meet the extracurricular needs of students.     • College Republicans                         • Double Reed         • Saxophone
The following is a list of currently active                                                   • Flute
                                                • Dietetics Club                                                    • String
student organizations on campus.
                                                • International Club                          • Horn                • Trumpet
Academic/Professional/                                                                        • Low Brass           • Trombone
                                                • Multicultural Organization Reaching
Honorary Organizations
                                                  Equality (MORE)                             • Percussion          • Wind
     These organizations recognize the
qualities of leadership, scholarship or         • National Student Speech, Language
interest in a specific academic field and/        & Hearing Association (NSSLHA)             STUDENT SENATE
or achievement in all academic areas. They      • Ouachita Student Foundation                     The Student Senate at Ouachita
include the following:                          • Philosophy Club                            Baptist University exists to “provide means
 • Alpha Chi                                    • Student Senate                             for responsible and effective participation
 • Beta Beta Beta                                                                            in the organization of student affairs, to
                                               Religious Organizations                       provide activities for students, to initiate
 • Beta Gamma Sigma                                 Most religious activities come under     actions, to provide the official voice
 • Blue Key National Honor Fraternity          the auspices of Campus Ministries, which      through which student opinion may be
 • Elrod Center Servant-Leadership             has approximately 20 ministries that          expressed, to encourage the responsible
                                               serve the campus and wider community.         participation of students in overall policy
 • Kappa Delta Pi
                                               Religious groups seeking to meet on           and decision-making processes of the
 • Kappa Kappa Psi                             campus must coordinate with the director      university community and to enhance the
 • Ouachita Psychological Society              of Campus Ministries. Religious leaders       quality and scope of education.”
 • Ouachita Student Educators                  and speakers must be approved in                   The executive committee of the
   Association                                 accordance with the university policy (see:   Student Senate for 2019-20 is:
                                               Speakers and Films, page 24).                 President—Ethan Dial
 • College Society
                                               Music Ensembles                               Internal Vice President— Selby Tucker
 • Phi Alpha Theta
                                                    A variety of music groups are open to    External Vice President—Emma Pitts
 • Phi Beta Lambda                                                                           Secretary—Kat Allen
                                               students, some of which require audition,
 • Phi Mu Alpha                                and some offer academic credit (see           Treasurer— Grace Rapert
 • Pi Gamma Mu                                 current catalog). Music Ensembles include
 • Pi Kappa Delta                              the following:
                                                                                                        TIGER HANDBOOK | 9
SOCIAL CLUBS                                   American Conference and the National          softball, volleyball and water polo for both
                                               Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA),      males and females as well as some co-ed
     Nine local social clubs, not affiliated
                                               Division II. The men’s and women’s            teams. Other competitions include table
with any national organizations, select
                                               swimming/diving teams compete in the          games, whiffle ball and tennis.
new members early in the spring semester
                                               New South Intercollegiate Swim League.             All participants must understand that
of each year. University policy regarding
                                                    Student athletes must comply with the    there is the potential for physical injury
rush and induction activities are in
                                               standards and requirements set forth by       inherent in intramural sports in which
compliance with state law. The clubs are
                                               the above organizations. Ouachita strives     they engage. The participant will assume
as follows:
                                               for excellence in its athletic program.       the risk of such activities and expressly
                                                    Ouachita offers the following            waive all claims against Ouachita Baptist
MEN’S		WOMEN’S                                 conference sports. For women: volleyball,     University which they or their estate
Beta Beta		                 Chi Delta          basketball, softball, tennis, swimming/       has or may have for injury, damages or
Eta Alpha Omega             Chi Mu             diving, cross country and soccer.             death arising from such activities. Each
Kappa Chi		                 Gamma Phi          For men: football, basketball, baseball,      participant must declare that health
Rho Sigma                   EEE                tennis, swimming/diving, wrestling            records clear them for participation in the
				                        Tri Chi            and soccer.                                   recreational sports activity in which they
                                                                                             will be engaging.
PUBLICATIONS                                   RECREATIONAL SPORTS AND                            Most recreational sports are played
                                                                                             according to the NIRSA (National
     Publications of Ouachita Baptist          INTRAMURAL ATHLETICS                          Intramural and Recreational Sports
University, under the sponsorship of the            The university offers a full selection   Association) guidelines.
Rogers Department of Communications,           of recreational sports activities for the
include The Signal campus newspaper and        Ouachita community, and all students are
the Ouachitonian yearbook.                                                                   STUDENT DANCES
                                               urged to participate. All participants must
                                               be currently enrolled students or Ouachita         Club- and organization-sponsored
INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS                      employees. All activities are under the       dances with approval from Student Life
                                               supervision of the director of Recreational   may be hosted on campus. Most dances
    Sports were first offered at Ouachita
                                               Life who reports to the vice president for    will be in the Tiger Den. Clubs must have
in 1892 and have been a vital part of the
                                               student development. Intramural activities    the Ouachita sponsor present as well as a
university’s rich heritage since that time.
                                               include basketball, flag football, soccer,    hired security officer.
    Ouachita is affiliated with the Great

10 | O U A C H I TA B A P T I S T U N I V E R S I T Y

RECOGNITION OF NEW                             director of student life and the Student        through the preceding semester and must
                                               Senate office. All changes in officers          not be on disciplinary probation. For
                                               should be reported to the above officials.      organizations that allow freshmen to join,
      New organizations for students may            University policies and guidelines         the high school GPA may be used and
be given a charter and granted recognition     supersede club or organization                  the student must not have been admitted
by the university administration upon          constitutions and bylaws when at variance       on academic probation. Should the
recommendation of (1) the Student Life         with one another.                               organization charter call for a higher GPA
Committee, (2) the Student Senate and                                                          for membership, that higher grade will be
(3) the University Committee. A petition                                                       the one required.
setting forth the need for the organization,
                                               REACTIVATION OF A CHARTERED
the purpose of the proposed organization,      ORGANIZATION
a list of qualified charter members,
                                                                                               MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS
                                                     If an organization does not meet for
the faculty sponsors and a proposed            a period of one year, it is placed on an        FOR SOCIAL CLUBS
constitution for the organization must         “inactive” status and is removed from all            Social clubs may accept new members
have been submitted to each governing          current listings. Should there be a need        only through the rush process as approved
body prior to approval. A signed copy of       to activate an “inactive” organization,         by the Student Life Committee. To
the approved charter must be on file with      interested students may petition the vice       be eligible for rush, a student must be
the vice president for student development     president for student development with          enrolled full-time, must have completed
and the director of student life.              the same information as required for            at least 12 hours with a cumulative grade
                                               organizing a club. If the same constitution     point average of 2.0 and must not be on
MAINTAINING RECOGNITION OF                     is used, the club may be activated with the     university probation. All students who
                                               approval of the vice president for student      desire to become social club members are
                                               development and the director of student         expected to participate in rush.
     In order to maintain recognition after    life. If constitutional changes are made, the
approval, the organization must respect        organization must follow the guidelines for
the mission and values of the university,
                                                                                               ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP
                                               recognition of a new organization.
abide by the policies and regulations of the                                                        Again, if any club or organization’s
university and conform to administrative                                                       constitution has a higher requirement
direction of the Student Senate and
                                               MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS FOR                     than those stated above, the higher
appropriate university officials. A current    CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS OTHER                   requirement will be the standard for
copy of the constitution and bylaws of the     THAN SOCIAL CLUBS                               membership. To remain an active member
organization and a current membership                                                          of any club or organization, a 2.0
                                                   To join any club or organization a
list must be kept on file with the vice                                                        cumulative GPA must be maintained. The
                                               student must have a cumulative grade
president for student development, the                                                         Office of Student Development will check
                                               point average (GPA) of at least 2.000
                                                                                               the eligibility of members at least once per
                                                                                               semester, and findings will be sent to the
                                                                                               student and organization sponsor.
                                                                                                    Unless otherwise stipulated in the
                                                                                               appropriate constitution, members of each
                                                                                               student organization must be enrolled
                                                                                               at Ouachita. Any club or organization
                                                                                               which fails to meet its constitutional
                                                                                               requirements for membership shall be
                                                                                               placed on probation for one semester. At
                                                                                               the end of this probationary period, if
                                                                                               membership is not at the minimum level,
                                                                                               the club shall be declared inactive by the
                                                                                               Student Life Committee. Any club that

                                                                                                        T I G E R H A N D B O O K | 11
has been inactive may be reinstated on a      • To encourage individual commitment         HONORARY MEMBERSHIP
one semester probationary status.               to grow academically, spiritually,
                                                                                                Honorary membership is available
     Any appeal for variation or                socially, emotionally, and physically.
                                                                                           as a means of honoring a faculty, staff or
interpretation of these policies shall        • To learn and appreciate the traditions     Ouachita community member who has
be made in writing to the Student               of the clubs.                              significantly aided the club’s development.
Life Committee.
                                              • To foster club recognition through         Such membership is strictly a form of
                                                university and community service.          recognition and does not convey any
SOCIAL CLUB NEW MEMBER                                                                     membership privileges. Current Ouachita
                                              • To promote school and club spirit.
INDUCTION PLAN                               Specific guidelines for induction will be     students are ineligible for honorary member
     The process of inducting new            available in the Student Development          status. Honorary membership status must
members into Ouachita’s social clubs is      Office, and all clubs and individuals must    be approved by the Office of Student Life.
meant to be a positive experience for both   abide by these guidelines.
old and new members. In the best interest                                                  HAZING
of the clubs, new member induction           OTHER CAMPUS-WIDE                                  Hazing by any club, person, or
should focus both on bonding new                                                           organization is prohibited by university
members together and on bonding new
                                                                                           policy and Arkansas state law. Violation
and old members together. Several goals            The primary reason for a student to     of that prohibition renders the person/
have been established for the new member     be at Ouachita is for academic purposes.      group inflicting the hazing, the person
induction process. All activities during     It is therefore expected that every student   submitting to the hazing and those
the period should focus on meeting the       will give first priority to this pursuit.     knowledgeable of the hazing subject to
following goals:                             In addition to many opportunities             disciplinary action up to and including
                                             to participate in club/ organizational        suspension. See also Standards of Student
 • To cause inductees, through a
                                             activities, there are several special         Conduct, and Laws and Acts, in the Tiger
   hazing-free induction process, to be
                                             programs, such as Tiger Tunes or pageants,    Handbook for more information.
   bonded with each other and with
                                             which demand large blocks of time. Prior
   club members within the guidelines
                                             to approval, these students must have
   of Ouachita and the state.
                                             at least a 2.0 GPA and must not be on
 • To promote positive enhancement of        academic or disciplinary probation.
   self-worth of the individual and that
   person’s value to the club.

12 | O U A C H I TA B A P T I S T U N I V E R S I T Y
SANCTIONS                                       5. All established organizations are           projects which are in line with the purpose
                                                   expected to comply with policies            of the organization and guidelines of the
     Action(s) of any club or organization
                                                   and Christian principles of Ouachita        university are approved. Funds, donations,
which violate(s) its constitution and/or
                                                   Baptist University. The sponsor             sponsorships, etc. may not be solicited
bylaws or brings discredit or embarrassment
                                                   should assist in the interpretation         from off-campus sources, including but
to Ouachita Baptist University and/or its
                                                   and understanding of these policies         not limited to businesses, alumni, etc.,
student body will result in disciplinary
                                                   and principles.                             until written approval is obtained from
action by the appropriate authority.
                                                6. The sponsor should be available to          the vice president for student development
Sanctions include, but are not limited to, a
                                                   advise and supervise the expenditures       and the vice president for development.
written warning, probation for the group,
                                                   of the organization’s funds.                     Tax-deductible donations must be
removal of a pledge class and temporary or
                                                                                               made through the Development Office
permanent suspension of the organization’s
                                                                                               and deposited into an account managed
charter. For club conduct violations, the      FINANCES OF ORGANIZATIONS                       by the Business Services Office. Deposits
club may be held responsible as a group             For their protection, all student          and expenditures of organization funds
and its individual members may also be         organizations should be prepared to             through the Business Services Office must
held responsible. Any incident of hazing       submit a financial statement to the             follow university policies and procedures.
will result in a fine of $25 per member        university on the request of the vice           Expenditure of these funds must be
of that club or organization. Written          president for student development.              approved by the organization’s sponsor.
appeals may be heard by the Student            The statement will show the beginning
Life Committee. If the president of the        balances as of June 1, all deposits listed as
university makes a decision related to a                                                       ACTIVITIES/SCHEDULED EVENTS ON
                                               to date, amount, and source of income,
club, that decision is final.                  and all dated itemized expenditures with        UNIVERSITY CALENDAR
     Refer to the Arkansas Law on Hazing       canceled checks and/or receipts.                     Regularly scheduled meetings, special
found on p. 24 under “Acts, Laws, and                                                          occasions and programs by student
University Policies.”                                                                          organizations must conform to university
                                               SOLICITATION OF FUNDS BY
                                                                                               policy and must be scheduled through the
SPONSORS OF ORGANIZATIONS                      ORGANIZATIONS                                   Office of Student Life. No organization
     In order to be recognized, each                Chartered student organizations may        may schedule regular or special activities
campus organization must have a sponsor        sponsor fund raising programs/events            on or off campus during regular church
who has signed the appropriate form            on campus, so long as these have been           hours (6-8 p.m.) on Sunday or Wednesday
agreeing to sponsorship. The sponsor           scheduled and approved by the director          nights.
serves the following functions:                of Student Life. In general, those sales or
 1. The sponsor shall strive to help
    students achieve the maximum
    educational opportunities and
    benefits that are inherent in the
    leadership of such an organization.
 2. The sponsor shall encourage student/
    faculty rapport.
 3. The sponsor shall be expected to
    attend meetings as frequently as
    deemed necessary but should have
    some periodic meetings to assist in
    establishing, planning, implementing
    and evaluating goals.
 4. The sponsor must be a full-time
    faculty or administrative staff
    member at Ouachita and must
    have been employed for at least one
    academic year.

                                                                                                        T I G E R H A N D B O O K | 13

CAMPUS MINISTRIES                                   Ouachita is also committed to offering    LOCATION: EVANS STUDENT CENTER 303
                                              global missions opportunities for our
     Campus Ministries at Ouachita Baptist                                                    Campus Ministries is involved in the
                                              students to share the love of Jesus Christ.
University exists to foster meaningful                                                        following activities:
                                              Campus Ministries regularly takes spring
relationships with Christ among students,
                                              break, Christmas break, and summer trips         • Backyard Bible Clubs
to guide them in fruitful ministry,
                                              to serve churches and ministries in the
discipleship & fellowship, and to train                                                        • Big Brothers & Sisters
                                              United States and overseas.
leaders who will continue to engage the                                                        • Campus Outreach
                                                    Campus Ministries also organizes
world and serve the church.
                                              special events that contribute to the life of    • Christian Focus Week
     Campus Ministries offers opportunities
                                              our campus and create opportunities for          • Discipleship Groups
for spiritual growth and service on campus,
                                              spiritual growth. The Campus Ministries
in the Arkadelphia community, and                                                              • International Mission Trips
                                              Fall Retreat occurs the first weekend of each
through global missions opportunities.                                                         • Mission Trips
                                              fall semester. And Christian Focus Week is
On-campus ministries include weekly
                                              a special time set apart each February for       • Monticello Children’s Home
student-led worship services, devotional
                                              spiritual renewal, with many guest speakers,     • Noonday
times of testimony and encouragement,
                                              worship leaders, and alumni returning to
and discipleship small groups. Local                                                           • Prayer
                                              campus to contribute to the week.
opportunities for service occur regularly                                                      • Publicity
                                              These ministries and events are under the
and in coordination with the Elrod Center
                                              leadership of the Director of Campus             • Refuge
for Family and Community.
                                                                                               • Tiger Tunes

14 | O U A C H I TA B A P T I S T U N I V E R S I T Y
Mission Statement
     The Ben M. Elrod Center for
Family and Community at Ouachita
Baptist University is dedicated to
serving humankind through the
educational experience. Ouachita’s
faculty, staff and students are committed
to providing leadership that will result
in the strengthening of the family and
community. In particular, concepts such
as volunteerism, service learning, research,
outreach and instruction are promoted.
The center seeks to act as a clearinghouse
for issues related to university service
and has been charged with the task of
providing opportunities to serve for all
students, faculty and staff.
     The center is a tangible expression
of Ouachita’s commitment to the ideal
of service and recent national efforts
to reinvigorate volunteerism across the
United States.

 • Support and coordinate the
   university’s public service initiatives
 • Equip students to become
   community leaders and active citizens
   through volunteerism
 • Cultivate a spirit of servant leadership
   in students
 • Promote interdisciplinary studies that           The Elrod Center is located in a         • Community Volunteer Placement
   benefit the family and community            building on the south edge of the campus,     • Healthy Relationships Week
                                               and its staff is available to assist both
 • Act as a clearinghouse for the                                                            • Disaster Relief
                                               individuals and groups in community
   community to relate to the university       volunteerism and other projects. When         • ElderServe
 • Promote non-credit courses that             registered with the center, students          • EyeServe
   will benefit the community                  may have the hours served during the          • Family and Community Research
 • Strengthen families through learning,       semester listed on their transcript under
                                               the TranServe Program. For further            • Kluck Service Enrichment Grants
   discovery and engagement
                                               information, contact the director of the      • Service-Learning Program
 • Coordinate public school initiatives
                                               Elrod Center at 870-245-5320.                 • Thanksgiving Baskets
   which provide tutoring/mentoring
                                                    The following is a partial list of the
 • Recognize and reward outstanding                                                          • Tiger Serve Day
                                               programs of the Elrod Center.
   service efforts internally and                                                            • TranServe
                                                • America Reads & America Counts
   externally                                                                                • Workshops for Community Leaders
                                                • Arkansas Baptist State Convention

                                                                                                    T I G E R H A N D B O O K | 15
                          ACADEMIC HONOR
     We believe that a university under the     Faculty Representatives                      to hear the case. Another student
Lordship of Jesus Christ must involve itself        The faculty representatives to the       representative will be designated as a
in the pursuit of honor. In all academic        Judicial Council are the members of the      non-voting record-keeper.
endeavors our commitment is to build            Student Life Committee.                           Students will be given reasonable
a community of scholars characterized                                                        notice of any hearing, which will generally
by the highest standards of integrity           Selection of Student                         take place within ten days. The faculty
consistent with Ouachita’s Christian            Representatives                              member who initiated the hearing may
ideals. We hope this pursuit of integrity            Nominations for student                 address the council and may call others
will extend beyond the classroom and be         representatives to the Judicial Council      with direct knowledge of the suspected
reflected in every area of our daily lives.     are accepted from the university faculty.    violation to address the council. The
                                                Students nominated must not currently        student will have the opportunity to be
Covenant Pledge                                 be on probation. Those nominated appear      heard by the council, may call others
     As a member of the Ouachita                before a selection committee charged with    with direct knowledge of the suspected
community, I am committed to fostering          appointing the student representatives.      violation to address the council and may
a culture of honor. I affirm that an            The selection committee consists of the      question the faculty member and others
academic environment can be enriching           president of the university, the president   who have presented information in the
only when its members commit to mutual          of the Student Senate, the chair of          hearing. Legal counsel is not permitted in
integrity, trust, responsibility and respect.   the current Judicial Council, the vice       Judicial Council hearings.
I will refrain from all forms of academic       president for academic affairs, the vice          If four of the Judicial Council
dishonesty, and I will act responsibly          president for student development and        representatives hearing the case agree there
when confronted with the knowledge of           the chair of the University Committee, or    is substantial evidence a violation of the
such behavior. I recognize that academic        their designates. The selection committee    Covenant on Academic Honor occurred,
excellence is more than the absence             seeks to maintain broad representation       a sanction will be imposed and provided
of dishonesty; true scholarship entails         as to class and major among the student      to the student in writing. Sanctions may
devotion to my studies and respect for my       representatives. Student representatives     include a warning, honor probation
professors and classmates. With the aim of      serve until they are no longer enrolled as   with activities designed to foster student
academic and personal growth I make this        a full-time student at Ouachita, resign or   development, recording of a test or
pledge to myself and to the women and           are removed from the council.                assignment as a zero, recording a semester
men of Ouachita Baptist University.                                                          grade of “F” for the course, suspension
                                                     When faculty members suspect a          from the university or other actions at the
JUDICIAL COUNCIL                                violation of the Covenant on Academic        discretion of the council.
                                                Honor, they retain the right to make         Appeals
Purpose                                         independent academic determinations or
     The purpose of the Judicial Council                                                          An appeal of a decision made by the
                                                may initiate hearings before the Judicial    Judicial Council must be presented in
is to consider possible violations of the       Council. Students may not appeal an
Covenant on Academic Honor, appeals                                                          writing to the Academic Deans Council
                                                individual faculty member’s academic         within five days of the decision. After a
for loss of chapel credit for the semester,     decisions to the Judicial Council. In
and some basic alcohol violations in                                                         consideration of the records of the Judicial
                                                making a request for a hearing, the          Council hearing and other pertinent
apartments.                                     initiating faculty member will present a     evidence, the Deans Council will notify
                                                written statement along with any pertinent   the student of its decision in writing.
Composition                                     documentation to the chair of the council.
     The Judicial Council is comprised of                                                         Action by the Judicial Council does
                                                     Two faculty members from the            not preclude additional disciplinary action
five faculty representatives, one of whom       Student Life Committee and three
is designated by the council as chair, and                                                   by the university when appropriate.
                                                student representatives will be designated
12 student representatives.

16 | O U A C H I TA B A P T I S T U N I V E R S I T Y
                      STUDENT CONDUCT

RESPECT FOR THE INSTITUTION                    RESPECT FOR OTHERS                               Hazing
                                                                                                     Ouachita abides by the definition of
     Anything identified with the                   Respect for others is a basic tenet of
                                                                                                hazing provided in the Arkansas Code
university must be in keeping with             the Christian faith as well as the United
                                                                                                Annotated. Briefly, the use of physical or
the official Vision, Mission and Values        States legal system. Failure to act in ways
                                                                                                mental coercion intended to embarrass,
Statements of Ouachita Baptist University.     that affirm respect for others denigrates
                                                                                                harass, cause physical, emotional or mental
Some examples include contents of              individuals and damages the sense of
                                                                                                strain or in any way to jeopardize the
programs or performances and texts of          community so vital to the Ouachita
                                                                                                physical, mental or academic well being of
printed material.                              experience. Such failure will result in
                                                                                                any individual is prohibited. (See “Hazing”
                                               action by the university, the legal system
                                                                                                for the entire statute, including the official
RESPECT FOR OUACHITA’S                         or both. Violations and their definitions
                                                                                                definition, page 26.) If social clubs or
                                               are listed below (in alphabetical order):
CHRISTIAN PURPOSES                                                                              organizations have violated this policy, the
     It is assumed that students come to       Dishonesty                                       group may be fined $25 per member.
Ouachita with a commitment to standards             Dishonesty includes but is not limited
                                                                                                Irresponsible Conduct
of behavior consistent with the Christian      to deceit, cheating, plagiarism, falsification
                                                                                                     Behavior that is offensive or
faith and life.                                of information, theft of services, electronic
                                                                                                annoying to others, disrupts the rights
     By accepting admission to Ouachita        tampering or failure to divulge to
                                                                                                of others or poses a potential danger
Baptist University, each student assumes       university officials knowledge of violation
                                                                                                to self, others or property is considered
responsibility to abide by the rules and       of university standards of conduct.
                                                                                                irresponsible. Fighting is also considered
standards of conduct of the university as           See also information concerning the
                                                                                                irresponsible conduct, and it may be
well as by all city, state and federal laws.   Covenant on Academic Honor in the
                                                                                                considered an assault.
     The regulations and standards of this     “Community Values” section of this
handbook apply to all students who are         handbook.                                         Insubordination
enrolled at Ouachita and any guest(s)                                                                Failure to comply with the directive of
                                               Excessive Noise
they may bring to campus. Students are                                                          a college official acting in his or her official
                                                    Noise in or around a residence hall or
responsible for informing their guests of                                                       capacity; failure to show respect for university
                                               other campus building which disturbs or
university policies and assuring that                                                           faculty, staff or guests; and verbal and/or
                                               disrupts normal activity will be considered
they behave within the guidelines of                                                            physical abuse is considered insubordination.
                                               excessive. Noise is especially monitored in
established policies.
                                               the residence halls during quiet hours (see      Sexuality Misconduct
     Some of the violations listed here
                                               section on residence life).                           The Ouachita community recognizes
may also violate local, state or federal
                                                    Excessive noise violation may result in     that human sexuality is a gift from God
statutes. In dealing with such violations,
                                               a $50 fine.                                      for procreation of human life and for the
university disciplinary action will not
preclude the filing of charges with                                                             expression of one’s love through marriage.
appropriate law enforcement agencies. The                                                            Misuses of God’s gift include, but are
                                                    The University prohibits all forms of
reporting of certain crimes committed on                                                        not limited to, promiscuity (including
                                               unlawful harassment and discrimination.
campus is required by federal law. These                                                        violation of the Biblical teaching
                                               All allegations of sexual harassment should
requirements are explained more fully                                                           against homosexual acts), possession or
                                               be reported consistent with the procedures
under the Student Right-to-Know and                                                             distribution of pornographic or obscene
                                               identified in the Sexual Misconduct Policy.
Campus Security Act in the last section of                                                      materials, and/or other immoral sexual acts.
                                               Any allegation of other types of harassment
the Tiger Handbook.                                                                             The university will strive to constructively
                                               should be reported immediately to the dean
     The following standards of student                                                         and redemptively deal with all individuals.
                                               of students or vice president for student
conduct provide a framework by which                                                            Please refer to “Sexual Misconduct”
                                               development. (See the policy on
students may conduct themselves in                                                              on page 36 for important information
                                               Nondiscrimination and Harassment.)
keeping with the Christian purposes to                                                          regarding university policies and procedures
which Ouachita is committed.                                                                    regarding incidents of sexual assault.

                                                                                                          T I G E R H A N D B O O K | 17
Visitation Violation                            Tobacco & e-Cigarettes                           are only allowed in the student’s housing
     Visitation by the opposite sex is               Smoking and use of smokeless tobacco        area. Violations incur an initial $200 fine per
allowed between 10 a.m. until midnight in       have been documented to be injurious to          incident. Evidence of pets or animals, such as
apartments and residence hall lobbies. Open     one’s health and to violate the health and       a food/water dish, kennels, leash, collar, etc.
Hall takes place between the hours of 8 p.m.    rights of non-smokers. In light of this data,    will constitute a violation of this policy.
and 11 p.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays in          Ouachita is a tobacco-free campus; tobacco
men’s halls and Wednesdays and Saturdays        possession on campus and use of all kinds        Possession or Use of
in women’s halls. It alternates between men’s   is prohibited. The use of e-Cigarettes and       Fireworks
and women’s halls on Monday nights.             contents is prohibited on campus, as well.             Persons are not allowed to have any type
     First offense visitation violations             Services are available for those students   of fireworks or explosives on campus or to
will result in a delay of one semester for      seeking to withdraw from tobacco use. First      set them off on campus.
apartment housing once eligibility is           offense will result in a $25 fine. Second              Possession may result in a $50 fine.
attained and a $100 fine per Ouachita           offense will result in a $50 fine. Third         Tampering with Fire and
student. A second violation results in a        offense will result in a $75 fine.               Safety Equipment
$200 fine, a third violation is a $300 fine,                                                          Tampering with or removing fire alarms,
and so forth. Violations may also result in     RESPECT FOR PROPERTY                             smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, sprinklers,
other school sanctions. A lobby visitation                                                       exit signs or other safety equipment and
                                                     It is vital to the ongoing existence of
violation may result in a $50 fine per                                                           sounding or reporting false alarms is
                                                the community that individuals respect
visitor present.                                                                                 prohibited. Misuse of safety equipment is
                                                the property of the university and of
                                                persons who are members of or visitors           a violation of state law and punishable as
RESPECT FOR SELF                                to this community. Violations and their          such. Malfunctioning equipment should
     Respect for oneself expresses itself in    definitions, which are listed alphabetically,    be reported immediately to the appropriate
self-discipline and avoidance of practices      include the following:                           authority.
damaging to one’s physical, emotional                                                                 A $100 fine may be incurred for tampering.
and spiritual wellness. It affirms the divine   Possessing weapons of any type, including        Theft
spark within each individual. Violations        but not limited to firearms, blowguns,                Unauthorized taking or keeping of items
and their definitions, which are listed         air guns, pellet guns, bows or crossbows,        or services that are university property; are
alphabetically, include the following:          large knives, martial arts training              borrowed, rented or leased by the university;
Alcohol and Drugs                               materials, slingshots, paintball guns,           or which belong to students, faculty, staff or
     Since its founding in 1886, Ouachita       explosive or incendiary devices, dangerous       guests of the university is considered theft.
Baptist University has prohibited student       chemicals and ammunition are prohibited
                                                on university property. An exception is          Vandalism
use of alcoholic beverages and/or unlawful
                                                made for residence hall and university               Damaging, defacing or destroying
use of controlled substances either on or
                                                apartment residents with hunting                 property belonging to the university or its
off campus. (See subsection titled “Alcohol
                                                equipment. Such equipment must be                students, faculty, staff or guests or property
and Drugs” on page 28 for additional
                                                registered and deposited immediately             belonging to another college or university is
                                                with the office of Campus Safety and             considered vandalism.
Gambling                                        Emergency Management, which will act
    Playing a game for money or                 as custodian. Persons licensed to carry a        SOCIAL MEDIA
something else of value in hopes of gaining     concealed handgun are restricted from
something significant beyond what the           carrying a weapon into any campus                     Although online content is not routinely
individual invests is considered gambling.      building or event. Students holding              monitored, students may be held accountable
                                                such a license should contact Student.           for content posted on social media or the
Lewd, Indecent &                                Development for more information                 Internet at large. Any violation of laws
Obscene Conduct                                                                                  or university policy or evidence of such
     Prohibited conduct includes but is                                                          a violation may be subject to sanction as
not limited to lewd, profane or vulgar          Pets and Animals
                                                No pets other than aquarium fish are             detailed in this document.
language (verbal or written), including                                                               The university desires for its students
clothing, musical lyrics, gestures,             allowed in any university housing. No
                                                animals other than approved service animals      to learn the significance and potential
possession of pornographic materials,                                                            widespread impact of an individual’s
voyeurism, indecent exposure or other           are allowed in university buildings and
                                                housing. Emotional Support Animals (ESA)         online presence.
inappropriate sexual behavior.

 18 | O U A C H I TA B A P T I S T U N I V E R S I T Y
You can also read