The - SAVE THE DATE for the 2022 Convention. It will be in Nashville, TN, March 17-19, 2022 - Alpha Epsilon Delta

The - SAVE THE DATE for the 2022 Convention. It will be in Nashville, TN, March 17-19, 2022 - Alpha Epsilon Delta

                               SPRING 2021

for the 2022 Convention.
It will be in Nashville, TN,
March 17-19, 2022.
The - SAVE THE DATE for the 2022 Convention. It will be in Nashville, TN, March 17-19, 2022 - Alpha Epsilon Delta
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The - SAVE THE DATE for the 2022 Convention. It will be in Nashville, TN, March 17-19, 2022 - Alpha Epsilon Delta

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The - SAVE THE DATE for the 2022 Convention. It will be in Nashville, TN, March 17-19, 2022 - Alpha Epsilon Delta

                                                                            Message from

                                                                            the Vice President

 The year 2020 is in the rearview mirror! I know it’s kind of          6.   According to a recent survey, Tennessee is rated the
 early to be shouting this from the rooftops but…”2022 looms                2nd friendliest state (2nd only to Minnesota, don’t cha
 on the horizon!!” I, for one, am excited about that. So, what              know!). Who can’t use a little more “friendly” in
 does 2022 bring? I’m glad you asked! AED is heading back                   their lives?
 to Nashville, or Nashvegas, as some say. For me, this was my
 favorite convention destination from the past (2014), and we          7.   If you drive to convention, chances are you can visit a
 are going back!                                                            cave or two on the way (Tennessee has over 3,800
 The AED Board is working hard to make this upcoming
 convention the best one yet! And, we want YOU there!                  8.   We are planning some great mini adventures…shhh,
                                                                            it’s a secret! Mostly, because…well, we just don’t know
 Here’s my top ten reasons you will want to kick off St. Patrick’s          what yet, but it’s gonna’ be great!
 Day, 2022, with us at the Doubletree Hotel in downtown
 Nashville:                                                            9.   Since I’m from Texas, I found this little tidbit about
                                                                            Tennessee interesting: it is illegal to use a lasso to
    1.   We found the best hotel location in the heart of 		                catch a fish there. Hey, fair is fair! You gotta’ give
         Nashville, near city highlights and hotspots. You won’t 		         ‘em a fightin’ chance! I know this has nothing to do
         be disappointed!                                                   with Nashville and going to convention, but you gotta’
                                                                            love this one anyway!
    2.   AED will “bring it”, with awesome programming that is
         relevant to pre-health students.                              10. Not to be outdone by #9 above, it is also illegal
                                                                           to shoot any game other than whales from a moving
    3.   The Doubletree Hotel offers their signature amazing,              automobile! Again…nothing to do with convention!
         warm chocolate chip cookies upon arrival…yum!
         The best!                                                    But, I digress! Mark your calendars for March 17-19, 2022 –
                                                                      destination: Nashville, baby! Here we come! Stay tuned for
    4.   You need to brush up on your honky-tonk line dancing!        more information coming soon! In the meantime, tell all your
         (You know I’m talking to you.)                               pre-health friends!
    5.   Nashville has iconic food options like: Hattie B’s Hot
         Chicken, 404 Kitchen, the Loveless Café, and Peg
         Leg Porker!

The - SAVE THE DATE for the 2022 Convention. It will be in Nashville, TN, March 17-19, 2022 - Alpha Epsilon Delta
SPR ING 2021

                              ALPHA EPSILON DELTA
                                     Board of Directors

AED National President                     AED Member-at-Large
Sovent Taylor, Ph.D.                          Carol Bokros, Ph.D.
University of Mississippi                      Mercer University               

AED Vice President                 AED Liaison to National Office
Jill Duncan                                   Phil Hartman, Ph.D.
Texas Christian University             Texas Christian University                   

AED National Treasurer                   AED National Counselor
Kenneth Crawford, Ph.D.                      Robert Kearns, Ph.D.
Western Kentucky University     

AED National Secretary           AED Director of Communications
Vanarat Amy Raimondo                    Carolyn A. Kitchens, Ph.D.
Houston Baptist University                       Bethany College           

                                               AED Past President
                                              Cindy Stanfield, Ph.D.

The - SAVE THE DATE for the 2022 Convention. It will be in Nashville, TN, March 17-19, 2022 - Alpha Epsilon Delta


                                                                                                                            new hampshire
                                             MONTANA      NORTH                                                               vermont
                  OREGON                                                         wisconsiN
                                   IDAHO                  DAKOTA     minnesota                     MICHIGAN                  NEW YORK
                                              WYOMING                                                                                             RHODE ISLAND
                                                          NEBRASKA      iowa                                           PENNSYLVANIA
                        NEVADA                                                                               OHIO                           new jersey
                                      UTAH     COLORADO
                                                                                     ILLINOIS                    west
                                                           KANSAS         missouri                                         virginia     delaware

                  CALIFORNIA                                                                        KENTUCKY
                                                                                                                    NORTH CAROLINA
                                   ARIZONA     NEW           OKLAHOMA arkansas                                       SOUTH
                                                                                                   ALABAMA GEORGIA
                                                          TEXAS                      MISSISSIPPI
                                                                             louisiana                         FLORIDA

              REGION 1                                                                   REGION 2

              REGION 3                                                                   REGION 4

              REGION 5                                                                   FUTURE CHAPTERS

The - SAVE THE DATE for the 2022 Convention. It will be in Nashville, TN, March 17-19, 2022 - Alpha Epsilon Delta
                   REGIONAL DIRECTORS
             Nuran M. Kumbaraci, Ph.D.
             Stevens Institute of Technology
  REGION 1   Associate Professor of Chemistry
             1 Castle Point on Hudson
NORTHEAST    Hoboken, New Jersey 07030
             (201) 216-5554

             Jen Oza
             University of Michigan
 REGION 2    Coordinator of PreHealth Programs
             555 S. Forest Room 113
 CENTRAL     Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2013

             Severine Groh, Ph.D.
             Delta State University
  REGION 3   Associate Professor of Biology
             DSU Box C-4 Walters 114 E

SOUTHEAST    Cleveland, MS 38733

             Richard Sanker, Ph.D.
             Baylor University
  REGION 4   Senior Director of PreHealth Programs
             BSB B111

SOUTHWEST    Waco, TX 76798

             Daniel Bubb, Ph.D.
  REGION 5   University of Las Vegas Honors College
             University of Las Vegas, Nevada
             4505 S. Maryland Parkway
  WEST       Las Vegas, NV 89154
             (702) 895-1571

The - SAVE THE DATE for the 2022 Convention. It will be in Nashville, TN, March 17-19, 2022 - Alpha Epsilon Delta

     aed scholarship winners 2020-2021
                                                V.L. Tweedie Scholarship
                                                Region 1

                                                Alan Abboud
                                                William Paterson University

                    T. G. Jackson Scholarship
                                         Region 3

                      Meagan Hoppe
                              University of Florida

                                                      Moore Scholarship $2,500
                                                      Region 1
                                                      Elizabeth Richards
                                                      Rowan University

The - SAVE THE DATE for the 2022 Convention. It will be in Nashville, TN, March 17-19, 2022 - Alpha Epsilon Delta
SPR ING 2021

Moore Scholarship $2,500                                       Moore Scholarship $2,500
Region 2                                                       Region 4
Yoav Kadan                                                     Anhthu Trinh
Washington Univ., St. Louis                                    University of Oklahoma

                              Moore Scholarship $2,500
                              Region 3
                              Manohar Devarasetty
                              Univ. of Alabama, Huntsville

                                                             Stevens Institute of Technology

Moore Scholarship $2,500                                       Donald Schreiweis
Region 5                                                       Scholarship $1,500
Ahmad Shahin                                                   Region 4
University of Arizona                                          Benjamin Arbuckle
                                                               University of Oklahoma

                              Donald Schreiweis
                              Scholarship $1,500
                              Region 1
                              Antonio Lopez
                              Boston University

The - SAVE THE DATE for the 2022 Convention. It will be in Nashville, TN, March 17-19, 2022 - Alpha Epsilon Delta

     Donald Schreiweis                                         Donald Schreiweis
     Scholarship $1,500                                        Scholarship $1,500
     Region 2                                                  Region 5
     Elizabeth Shrosbree                                       Colin Hammock
     University of Michigan                                    Montana State University

                                 Donald Schreiweis
                                 Scholarship $1,500
                                 Region 4
                                 Carolyn Chen
                                 University of Texas, Austin

     Donald Schreiweis                                         Donald Schreiweis
     Scholarship $1,500                                        Scholarship $1,500
     Region 2                                                  Region 3
     Emily Faccin                                              Joshua Penninger
     Michigan State University                                 Univ. of South Alabama

                                 Donald Schreiweis
                                 Scholarship $1,500
                                 Region 2
                                 Haley Schultz
                                 Michigan State University

SPR ING 2021

University of South Carolina                                 Texas Christian University

  Donald Schreiweis                                            Donald Schreiweis
  Scholarship $1,500                                           Scholarship $1,500
  Region 5                                                     Region 3
  Kelsey Kjer                                                  Rami Hatem
  University of Reno, Nevada                                   University of Florida
                                Donald Schreiweis
                                Scholarship $1,500
                                Region 4
                                Lianna Tran
                                Houston Baptist University

                                                             Montana State University

  Donald Schreiweis                                            Donald Schreiweis
  Scholarship $1,500                                           Scholarship $1,500
  Region 5                                                     Region 4
  Run Kuang                                                    Tracie Huynh
  Univ. of California, Irvine                                  Houston Baptist University

                                Donald Schreiweis
                                Scholarship $1,500
                                Region 3
                                Ryan Kramer
                                Univ. North Carolina,
                                Chapel Hill
Attendees of the national convention in Tampa, Florida.


                          IMPORTANT DATE!

                         Deadline to submit
                         Scholarship Applications
                         is April 30, 2021.



     Alabama ALPHa
     University of Alabama
     submitted by Katherine Fadus

     One of the hardest aspects of the pre-health journey       resources that our initiatives broadcast through
     is knowing what you should be doing each step of           their respective area. Our initiative directors focus
     the way to be a competitive applicant. So, where           on different areas of the pre-health application such
     should students begin? As an Executive Team, we            as research, volunteering, healthcare experiences,
     aspired to help students with these concerns and           mentoring, boosting metrics and more. By having
     created an all-inclusive Pre-Health Student Timeline,      student-led initiatives focus on these areas we have
     which is displayed on our website ( From       optimized the depth of resources to our members.
     here, students can click through the top buttons           With both of these tools available we have focused
     which help to identify their class standing. Then, the     on ensuring all the opportunities our campus
     hyperlink directs you to each designated year where        and community have to offer are within reach for
     we have listed out suggested activities, opportunities     those seeking experiences to further solidify their
     to get involved, and other peer to peer advice. Our        professional school pursuits.
     recommended timeline gathers resources from
     our university’s Pre-Health Advising Office as well        Alabama Alpha Chapter: 2020-2021 Executive Board
     as professional organizations such as the official         and Initiative Directors
     Association of American Medical College. We have           Back Row (L to R): Anna Grace Price, Madeline Plunkett,
     found that by utilizing these tools, students feel more    Anthony Filoromo, Abby Weir, Brenton Bicknell, Cole Kiser,
     confident in their ability to be a successful pre-health   Eva Adams, Camryn Coley, Parker Cobbs
     student at our university.                                 Top Row (L to R): Mary Margaret Hayden, Kai Buendia,
                                                                Meredith Cook, Katie Fadus, Grace Dorsey, Laura
     Another way that we sought to help our members             Carrasquilla, Olivia Lattanzi Not Pictured: Michael Arundel
     stay competitive applicants is through the variety of      *Masks removed only for photos and promptly put back on*

SPR I NG 2021

                                                                    ALABAMA DELTA
                         University of Alabama at Birmingham
                                                                                     submitted by Becca Pall

The Alabama Delta chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta         an Alabama medical school night to highlight schools
at the University of Alabama at Birmingham has           in our state, and diversity in medicine.
continued to hold regular events for the spring 2021
semester despite continued COVID-19 restrictions.        Another success for our chapter has been our
Our meetings remain exclusively virtual along with       new member meetings. We have established this
small group volunteer opportunities as we believe this   as a monthly event in order to get to know our
is safest for our large membership right now.            newest students as they apply for membership.
                                                         This group most often includes freshmen and other
This semester, we have a multitude of unique and         underclassmen, so we believe they will especially
exciting meetings planned, having already hosted         benefit from social interaction as they have most likely
several. We began weekly general body meetings           only experienced the predominately virtual version of
this spring with our first ever Gap Year Night. We had   college. We do not want to miss out on meeting new
speakers from different programs, especially master’s    students as we are all feeling a bit hidden behind the
programs, give our members ideas of ways to spend        computer screen these days. New member meetings
a gap year before proceeding to professional school      have given us a chance to partake in interactive
for their respective healthcare fields. With gap years   games and chat with members in a more casual,
being popular among many students, we recognized         personable setting.
the importance of creating a meeting like this so
that our members can be successful and participate       Volunteerism proceeds as we continue to partner
in something meaningful in a potential year off. We      with the Spirit of Luke Charitable Foundation, which
look forward to expanding this event in the future.      provides a free mobile clinic in the underserved Black
Additional meetings we have enjoyed so far include       Belt regions of Alabama, and The Red Barn, an equine
our Valentine’s Day themed meeting which focused         therapy facility for those with disabilities in Leeds, AL.
on cardiothoracic surgery as we invited a UAB            We are also volunteering with Community Kitchens
surgeon to share his story and a scholarship night       of Birmingham which provides daily lunch for the
where we learned about ways to pay for professional      hungry at local churches. Another service event arose
school— an important but less frequently discussed       from the tragic tornado that hit central Alabama in
topic. Upcoming meetings will include our popular        January. Our members were able to donate supplies
professional school student panel, LGBTQ medicine,       to the affected nearby communities. We strongly
                                                                                             value local service
                                                                                             as we believe it is
                                                                                             so important to help
                                                                                             our neighbors.

                                                                                            We pride ourselves
                                                                                            on resilience
                                                                                            through a socially
                                                                                            distanced school
                                                                                            year. We continue
                                                                                            to look forward to
                                                                                            providing resources
                                                                                            to our members to
                                                                                            guide them toward
                                                                                            the next step in their
                                                                                            healthcare career


     Alabama EPSILON
     University of Alabama Huntsville
     submitted by Ashley Beasley

     The Alabama Epsilon Chapter of AED at The University        One of the most special opportunities COVID-19 and
     of Alabama in Huntsville has prepared for a uniquely        remote participation has rewarded us with, is the
     virtual semester, and time, in our local community. As a    variety of speakers we have planned. Due to how
     way to show our appreciation and admiration for all of      accessible and common video conferencing has
     the front-line workers in the healthcare field, we are in   become, we have scheduled speakers to present that
     the process of creating a thank you video. The video will   are located throughout the country. We have already
     consist of short clips submitted by members and once        heard from a panel of medical students along with the
     compiled will be sent to those working in the COVID-19      Rural Medicine Program Director at The University of
     unit at Huntsville Hospital and its affiliates.             Alabama in Birmingham, Dr. David Bramm. Additional
                                                                 speakers we look forward to hearing from are a
     We have transitioned all of our previously in-person        clinical pharmacist practitioner from North Carolina, a
     events into a virtual setting to abide by COVID-19          public health advocate from the Florida Department
     guidelines. We have had great success in presenting         of Health, and a New York State certified set medic
     various workshops that inform students about different      for television and film industry. Additionally, to create
     things related to professional schools. Some are focused    a more personalized experience, The University of
     on professional school entrance exams and how to            South Alabama Medical School Director of Admissions
     better prepare for them. Other workshops are more           is set to conduct individual mock interviews at the end
     widespread to cover subjects like gap years and how         of the semester.
     to virtually shadow. Volunteering, both virtual and in
     person, are discussed as well with an emphasis on how       The Alabama Epsilon Chapter will continue to educate
     to safely give back to the community. We are planning       its members and promote interprofessional skills and
     on hosting the 11th annual Health Careers Day virtually     relationships that will hopefully result in them reaching
     during the month of April as a way for students to          their academic and professional goals.
     interact with various professional schools in Alabama
     and surrounding states.

SPR ING 2021

                                                              ALABAMA GAMMA
                                                                     Auburn University
                                                                           submitted by Sterling Thomas

The Alabama Gamma Chapter of Alpha Epsilon               professional school. Having these students speak
Delta at Auburn University sets itself apart from        helps to inform the AED members and let them know
other organizations because it assists, educates,        that there is going to be struggles throughout their
and most importantly helps its members grow into         journey, but it is still very possible. As mentioned,
their full potential. Even with COVID-19 still causing   they also spoke about the transition from college
turmoil in everyday life, the AED at Auburn has not      to professional school. They mostly agreed that
forgotten about its commitment to its members. The       the biggest change was study time. In professional
AED kicked off this semester by having workshops         school, they stressed the importance of studying
for the MCAT, DAT, and OAT. These meetings were          almost every day of the week and really utilizing
hosted over Zoom by the AED representatives and          proper time management skills due to the vast
other officers. Study tips, registration, and other      amount of knowledge they are expected to learn.
information was discussed with the members. These        This is valuable insight that our members can
workshops proved to be very beneficial and was a         benefit from. As the COVID vaccine continues to be
perfect way to start off the new semester. The AED       distributed, we hope to see things return to normal
was also able to host medical students from UAB and      in the ever-nearing future. However, until then the
South Alabama, UAB dental, and UAB Optometry             Alabama Gamma Chapter of the AED at Auburn
schools. These students spoke about their journey        University will continue to put its members first and
to medical school as an undergraduate and about          help them along their journey.
the transition they faced going from college to


     Alabama IOTA
     Troy University
     submitted by Catherine Daniel

     Even with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Alabama Iota       for their hard work in this difficult time. A blood drive
     Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta at Troy University       and a supply drive for the local animal shelter is also
     is striving to give its members the knowledge they      being planned.
     need to succeed and help their communities. Our
     chapter has been able to remain active throughout       This semester our chapter is teaming up with the
     the pandemic, following social distancing guidelines    local Encompass Health – Hospice office. At this time,
     and other recommendations put forth by the CDC and      it is not possible to safely meet with patients face-
     Troy University.                                        to-face. However, our chapter has decided to write
                                                             letters to each patient in hospice care. For patients
     Our Executive Officer team has been hard at work        who aren’t able to receive many visitors, the letter will
     creating safe community service events for our          certainly brighten their day.
     members. One community service project that we are
     extremely excited about is our Adopt-A-Mile program.    The Alabama Iota Chapter plans to have a traditional
     Our club has been cleaning our designated mile since    induction ceremony this semester for new members.
     the early 1990s, and we have no intention of stopping   This semester is not going to be like any other, but
     now. We are also planning to hand out candy grams       with strength and determination we will get through it
     to the professors in the Biology and Chemistry          together.
     Departments at Troy to show them our appreciation

SPR I NG 2021

                                                                 Alabama lambda
                                                 University of North Alabama
                                                                                  submitted by Hannah Barnes

The Alabama Lambda chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta             them much-appreciated company during their care.
had a very productive semester in the Fall of 2020 at         Our members had the opportunity to improve their
the University of North Alabama, and we are looking           communication skills, but more importantly we enjoyed
forward to great things in 2021! Through the fall and into    forming relationships with these patients.
the spring we have continued to have weekly chapter
meetings with both a socially-distanced, in-person            Alabama Lambda’s largest fall service project was
option, as well as a Zoom attendance option. We have          packing boxes for Operation Christmas Child. With the
welcomed health professionals from a variety of fields,       help of volunteers, Operation Christmas Child has sent
current medical students, program directors, and faculty      over 178 million to children affected by war, poverty,
from our own university to share their experience and         natural disaster, and disease since 1993. Our chapter
guidance. Our speakers often share their educational          filled shoe boxes to the brim with toys, coloring books,
journeys, what a day in their life as a health professional   crayons, stuffed animals, personal hygiene supplies,
consists of, or advice to help our members achieve their      and more. Each box was carefully wrapped, and a
professional goals. Our members value the experience          handwritten note to the child was included in every
of our speakers and enjoy hearing all that they share         box. Our members had a wonderful time taking a short
with us.                                                      break from studying to listen to some holiday music,
                                                              spend time together, and make a positive impact on
In addition to preparing members for their future             lives of children in need. Through Operation Christmas
professions, Alabama Lambda also strives to                   Child, Alabama Lambda was able to pack and send
serve our community. During October of 2020, our              20 boxes to Guyana, Zimbabwe, and the Democratic
members volunteered with a local hospice to provide           Republic of Congo!
companionship to hospice patients through “tuck-in”
calls. These calls were a great way to stay involved          The members of the Alabama Lambda chapter of AED
while following COVID guidelines. Our members made            at the University of North Alabama are proud of the
weekly phone calls to patients in which we talked with        progress we have made this year, and we are looking
them about how they were feeling, asked if they had           forward to a bright future!
any needs or requests for their nurses, and provided


     Alabama ZETA
     University of South Alabama
     submitted by Rohan Badve

     In increasingly uncertain times, Alabama Zeta                 gain hands-on experience triaging patients, taking their
     stays committed to providing our community with               histories, and assisting in the lab. According to Victory
     compassionate volunteers and dedicated future health          Health Volunteer Coordinator Mrs. Amy Browning,
     professionals. We continue to deliver valuable ongoing        “Victory Health Partners staff relies heavily on our AED
     service activities to our members including PASSAGE           student volunteers as part of our essential medical team
     USA, Wilmer Hall tutoring, Comfort Care Hospice, USA          every day. We are so blessed to have this amazing
     Children’s and Women’s Hospital, and more.                    group of students who are professional, considerate
                                                                   and dedicated to caring for our 24,000 patients.”
     Alabama Zeta is proud to introduce our new Mardi
     Gras-themed 5k run to benefit the USA Health Pandemic         Alabama Zeta volunteers with the Spirit of Luke
     Emergency Fund for COVID-19 relief. Not only does             Ministry to distribute school supplies to underserved
     the event celebrate Mobile’s rich Mardi Gras history, it      communities in the Black Belt. This past holiday season,
     also allows our members to socially interact with the         Alabama Zeta collected dozens of toys to gift to
     community in a safe, in-person environment. Korey             children in need. AED member and Service Coordinator
     Shively, AED member and Committee Liaison for the             David Haider explained, “The most satisfying part
     event, stated that “the most satisfying aspect is being       of working with communities at Spirit of Luke is the
     able to raise money for COVID relief by bringing our          obvious impact we are able to have in their lives and
     community together in a personal way. As someone on           the smiles we bring to their faces.”
     the track team, I have a true passion for running, and I am
     excited for others to share in that passion.”                 When people need it most, Alabama Zeta members
                                                                   answer the call to serve the diverse local and regional
     Victory Health Partners is a faith-based medical clinic       populations who help make our communities such great
     that provides affordable, quality healthcare to uninsured     places to live, work, and prosper.
     patients on the Gulf Coast. AED volunteers at Victory

SPR ING 2021

                                                                           Arizona Beta
                                                                 University of Arizona
                                                                                submitted by Deip Sekhadia

The Fall 2020 Semester was an eventful and                  funds to help support those on-campus and
productive time for the Arizona Beta Chapter’s              those significantly affected by COVID-19. Our final
growth. With a fully online transition to learning at the   donations were to local hospitals who were in
University of Arizona, chapter officials and members        need of PPE and other surgical supplies. The fall
adapted quickly to the change. Through the Zoom-            semester ended with the election of the 2021 Board
centric medium, many of our events became virtual           and farewells from the previous group of members
and allowed members to connect to one another               who have given so much to the organization.
through programs like a Research Panel and Personal
Statement Tips. In order to foster community in the         This upcoming semester, Arizona Beta looks
midst of the pandemic, Board Members hosted a               forward to welcoming NMC 107 and creating
virtual Bachelorette Bracket and Fantasy Football           mentorship opportunities through our Big Little
Tournament. Furthermore, our continued partnership          Program. The hybrid nature of this semester, along
with Kaplan allowed us to offer two members full            with the University’s updated Covid regulations
MCAT Prep Courses at half cost, aiding in their             allow us to have small in person events while
academic development.                                       following CDC guidelines. Some of these events
                                                            include a discussion about the legalization and
In addition to a variety of online events, our chapter      recreation of drugs in the United States or guided
also welcomed NMC 106 into our organization. This           Goat Yoga to help alleviate some stress. All
group of neophytes is composed of 42 students who           around, this upcoming year should be an exciting
range across all years and come from a variety of           experience for all members as we continue growing
backgrounds such as Medical Law and Engineering.            and learning together.
We also finished our philanthropic initiative called
the Sonoran Relief Fund which worked with local             Bear Down and Mask Up!
Tucson organizations in order to raise money and


     California Epsilon
     University of California, Irvine
     submitted by Katherine Yin

     The members of the California Epsilon chapter of Alpha       This year, we have spearheaded a pre-health
     Epsilon Delta at the University of California, Irvine have   mentorship program with a high school in our
     been making the most of the past couple of months            community. We meet with these students online bi-
     through a remote format. Although many of our traditions     weekly to host health care related workshops and to
     and events could not be held in person, we found a way       facilitate their transition from high school to college.
     to improvise these events so that we could continue to       So far we have truly enjoyed this experience and since
     host them online while also incorporating new, creative      it has only been established for two quarters, we look
     events that uphold our three pillars.                        forward to finding ways to expand and improve the
                                                                  program in the upcoming years.
     We are going to gear more towards building
     professionalism by having professional workshops             Lastly, we have been fundraising money throughout
     such as online interview etiquette, resume workshops,        this academic school year via social media platforms
     as well as career guidance workshops hosted by our           to support social movements and COVID-19 relief
     alumni. In addition to this, we host weekly meetings         organizations. We plan to continue to fundraise
     over zoom and invite speakers from different aspects         for these upcoming quarters to give back to the
     of the healthcare field to speak and guide our               community. In addition, together we work to support
     members through their respective career paths. Due           our frontline workers by creating and delivering care
     to the current circumstances, we have been trying to         packages and appreciation letters to local hospitals. As
     incorporate speakers that teach our members how to           of right now, our main focus is planning virtual versions
     take care of their mental health and practice self-care,     of many of our traditional spring quarter events. We
     creating a safe space for our members to open up             hope to make our spring quarter meaningful and
     about their personal obstacles.                              memorable to our members and our community.

SPR ING 2021

                                                               California Kappa
                                                  Dominican University of CA
                                                                                   submitted by Kyra Toquinto

California Kappa, like most everyone, is ever cognizant   Treasurer Logan Siemers is currently weighing whether
of the prolonged impact that COVID-19 has had on          to attend Chapman University or CSU Northridge’s
the healthcare field and our communities in general.      DPT programs, while Secretary Joanne Bamba is
The spring term brings hope as graduating members         similarly comparing UCSF and University of the Pacific
embark on their next adventure along their way toward     Thomas J. Long’s Schools of Pharmacy. Member Olivia
healthcare careers while our new inductees immerse        Lang-Brown, meanwhile, will be attending UC Davis
themselves in California Kappa’s offerings.               Veterinarian School.

On a structural basis, California Kappa has been able     California Kappa is likewise excited for our alumni. Much
to expand its graduate resource base in the 2020-2021     like the current members above, two alumni are deciding
school year by growing its partnership with Kaplan        on which medical school and physician assistant school
Prep beyond providing only a discounted MCAT Prep         to attend this fall. Congratulations to Adrienne Davis
course. Now, Kaplan Prep offers students and alumni       (Future MD) and Julianne Chaves (Future PA).
of Dominican University of CA both discounted and
full access to online prep courses for MCAT, GRE, DAT,    Evolution related to California Kappa’s membership is
OAT, and LSAT. So far this spring, our chapter has four   also abundant. Fourteen of its members, including five
students signed up for the Kaplan MCAT Prep Course        officers, are set to graduate and take their next steps in
and one for the GRE.                                      joining the healthcare field. Filling the ranks left by these
                                                          soon-to-be-graduates are seventeen incoming members
Spring also brings exciting decisions for a number        set to be inducted this Spring.
of California Kappa’s current officers and members.


     California Lambda
     Azusa Pacific University
     submitted by Fahed Sayegh

     The California Lambda chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta     We are looking forward to the Spring 2021 semester
     at Azusa Pacific University had a fruitful Fall 2020     and do not intend on the pandemic preventing us
     semester. It started off with new member additions       from reaching our set goals. Already, we are looking
     and ended with a successful turkey-trot fundraiser,      at adding new members to our chapter and are
     which involved our members finding a sponsor or          preparing many presentations and activities for the
     self-sponsorship for every mile run. We raised money     months ahead, including advising our members in
     for the Lambda chapter while engaging in activity over   obtaining their required service credits through our
     the Thanksgiving break.                                  partnership with The Gift of Life Organization, a stem
                                                              cell and bone marrow transplant donation center in
     During the fall we also provided our members with        Florida. Not only will our members receive service
     video conference calls discussing medical school         credits for the recruitment of donors, but will most
     and Ph.D. degree fulfillment, led by experienced         importantly have the opportunity to save lives and
     professors within the Biology and Chemistry              make a direct impact on others. Furthermore, we
     Departments at Azusa Pacific University. Our members     plan on hosting a fundraiser/raffle with the help of
     received eye-opening presentations on what life after    the Department of Biology and Chemistry at Azusa
     undergrad entails, as it is one of our chapter’s goals   Pacific University, which will be an educational round
     to fully prepare members for their future careers.       of jeopardy involving the Chemistry and Biology
     Although many of our plans which involved in-person      professors at APU. We are not limited to the plans
     meetings were postponed due to the COVID-19              specified, and in fact, we hope to add more projects
     pandemic, we did our best to give our members the        throughout the semester that will personally benefit
     full AED, California Lambda experience.                  our members and expand our chapter at APU.

SPR ING 2021

                                                                 Colorado Gamma
                                                                              Regis University
                                                                                 submitted by Kristian Hooker

Last fall Colorado Gamma members of Alpha Epsilon            such as medical school, PA school, dentistry, surgery,
Delta made incredible steps to becoming tomorrow’s           emergency medicine, and osteopathic medical school.
healthcare leaders. While all meetings were held virtually   Other events include a pre-health trivia night, induction
via zoom, events from the previous semester included         for newly registered members, a professional
an informational meeting from a Loyola Chicago SOM           development workshop for personal statements
admissions representative, an upperclassmen pre-health       and interviewing skills, and a graduate financial
Q & A panel, a leadership development summit and             aid workshop. These events will provide students
an undergraduate prerequisite planning meeting by            opportunities to grow intellectually and professionally,
our pre-health advisor. Members also gave back to the        as well as equip them with much needed skills to
community and patients battling COVID-19 and other           become excellent healthcare providers.
illnesses by writing encouraging letters to patients at
Children’s hospital, hospice, and University of Colorado     Although it has been over a year since meetings have
Hospital. The Gamma chapter also began to build the          been pushed online, the Gamma chapter at Regis
repository of pre-health resources for future generations    University has worked hard to cultivate a community
of AED that will be further developed this semester.         of like-minded students that help each other achieve
                                                             their dreams while giving back to the community.
This spring the Gamma chapter will host a health panel
with professionals and students from various fields


     Florida ALPHA
     University of Florida
     submitted by Cole Ferguson

     Planning our events through the COVID-19 uncertainties,      a relationship with new organizations, such as Joey’s
     our chapter had a responsibility to remain safely involved   Wings, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, and Signing Gators.
     with student life on campus. We hosted many online           For speakers, we were able to use the accessibility of
     events that were accessible for our members to attend        Zoom to hear from some phenomenal professionals
     from their homes throughout the nation, we increased         throughout the state of Florida, such as orthopedic
     the number of speakers and service events addressing         surgeons at UF Athletics, an epidemiologist who
     mental health, and we hosted various formats of online       collaborates with presidential administrations to study
     social hours so that our members felt connected and          addiction patterns nation-wide, and non-profit leaders
     engaged through the isolating semester. We started with      who provide reproductive health services in Key West.
     a virtual “Climb” in August where we set out to be active    We continued new fundraising formats for the Climb for
     outdoors and raise awareness for our philanthropy, the       Cancer Foundation with a canoe trip in the Suwanee
     Climb for Cancer Foundation. We worked together to           River and a live-streamed Luminaria ceremony. At
     raise over $2,000 for CFC’s emergency relief campaign        the end of the year, we planted a time capsule with
     which continues to provide lodging, gas cards, and           mementos and a letter for the future executive board.
     meal vouchers for cancer patients and their families in      Overall, we had an incredible opportunity to try new
     the Gainesville area. Our chapter also strengthened its      things and find ways to make our favorite activities safe,
     relationship with other pre-health organizations, forming    and we believe that these events will become some
     the Pre-Medical Student Council with 9 other UF groups       of the most memorable and fun events of our AED
     to create a cohesive pre-health message for safety,          experience. In 10 years time, when our future selves
     service, and leadership during a pandemic. For service       reflect on this year and uncover the time capsule in
     events, we were able to find new, safe opportunities         honor of AED’s 100th year at UF, we will see how the
     to volunteer with some of our favorite places, like Give     resiliency of this semester will leave a lasting, positive
     Kids the World, Camp Boggy Creek, the Downtown Art           legacy on the organization for years to come.
     Festival, and Aces in Motion, and we were able to begin

SPR ING 2021

                                                              Florida Epsilon
                                      Florida International University
                                                                         submitted by Raphael Crespo

Blood Work Workshop                                   taught the significance of the values, their correct
                                                      ranges and the concerns that are brought up
For this event our members worked with a              when those values do not fall under the standard
practicing physician in order to analyze a blood      measure. This event helped our members better
work panel. Members were shown how to                 understand the workings of the body and how
analyze all the facets included in an expansive       it may be used to treat and diagnose patients.
blood test such as erythrocytes, leukocytes, and      Our chapter is always seeking ways to further
thrombocytes. Other measures included were            enhance the knowledge of our members seeking
glucose counts, carbon dioxide, nutrient levels and   advancement in their particular Pre-Health field.
many more. Our Pre-Health students were also


     Illinois Kappa
     Bradley University
     submitted by Taylor Gammell

     Bradley University’s Illinois Kappa chapter of Alpha   Gift of Life Marrow Registry for donating bone
     Epsilon Delta has welcomed the new semester in         marrow to help those with blood cancer.
     stride and is continuing to engage its members in
     these difficult times. Our biweekly meetings are on    Another feature of our chapter is volunteering
     Mondays and they are held over Zoom, which gives       in Peoria to stay involved within the community.
     us the opportunity to see everyone and keep them       Although it has been hard to find in person
     informed despite still being online. Additionally,     volunteering opportunities, some chances have
     with this platform we are able to go into break        arisen again and we also employ the use of online
     rooms led by each of the executive members and         volunteering. We strive to help out in whatever way
     are able to connect with the members on a more         we can and hope that we can get back to being in
     personal level since it’s not always easy to speak     person and develop more connections.
     out in a large group.
                                                            Our chapter has had the opportunity to welcome
     A key feature of our health society is being           new members into our chapter this semester and
     able to have speakers join us to talk about their      will be having a formal induction ceremony for
     professions and fields, which enables our members      them in April. We will also be having elections for
     to explore different career paths and ask questions    a new executive board, while saying goodbye to
     to those who have experienced them. Some               our graduating seniors for the spring class of 2021.
     speakers we have already had and are looking           Once again, we are hoping we can see all of our
     forward to having are a neuroscientist, a dentist,     members face to face in the coming fall semester
     a pharmacist, and more. We have also had the           and are anticipating more wonderful volunteering
     pleasure of having speakers talk to us about the       opportunities and activities in the future.

SPR I NG 2021

                                                                        ILLINOIS THETA
                                                       Eastern Illinois University
                                                                        submitted by Mary “Sam” Laingen

Though COVID-19 has significantly decreased our           Our chapter has continued to meet several
community service and social opportunities, the           times each month via Zoom and hosted guest
Illinois Theta Chapter was able to give back through      speakers from a wide range of healthcare
the EIU Hunger Action Month, College of Liberal Arts      professions including clinical lab science, medicine,
and Science (CLAS) Holiday Fest and sponsoring an         occupational therapy, nursing, athletic training,
on-campus blood drive and meet virtually.                 dentistry, physical therapy, optometry, physical
                                                          therapy and more. We also hosted prospective
Several members volunteered their time at the local       employers such as the US military and rural health
food pantry organizing donations, packing food boxes      programs. We are looking forward to connecting
and assisting patrons. We created a video entitled        with many alumni during our spring meetings.
COVID-19 Safety Through the Holidays for the CLAS
virtual holiday festival. Finally, this spring semester
we are working with Community Blood Services of
Illinois to organize multiple on-campus blood drives.


   Kentucky Alpha
   University of Louisville
   submitted by Meghan Schneider

   Over the past several months, the AED Kentucky         new pre-health students into our chapter, and
   Alpha Chapter at the University of Louisville (UofL)   are planning to do the same this April. Despite
   has been able to reach its members and the             difficulties, our members were able to find ways to
   community with some necessary adaptations to the       give back to the community by completing service
   organization’s usual operations. Through online        hours individually. Members took part in projects
   video conferences, we held forums virtually during     with organizations such as the American Red Cross,
   the fall semester. These forums provided insight on    Mission Curakid, Korfhage Garden, and Remote Area
   some of the health industry’s lesser-known topics      Medical Response. Although maintaining a strong
   amongst pre-health students, such as acupuncture,      culture and sense of community was challenging
   mindfulness, and pain management. Hearing from         with in-person restrictions, the participation and
   professionals in fields such as these allows us to     excitement of our members allowed the chapter to
   expand our views about what “health” encompasses       continue to offer an engaging environment over the
   and provides us with opportunities to learn about      past several months. During this time when health
   a range of possible career paths. We plan to move      has become a major point of interest and concern
   forward with the virtual forum model and will learn    across the entire world, it has become increasingly
   from speakers about population health, medical         important that we continue to grow together as a
   school, and other topics this spring. In December      group of pre-health students who are eager to enter
   we held a virtual induction, where we welcomed         the industry.

SPR ING 2021

                                                                  Kentucky Gamma
                                                  Western Kentucky University
                                                                                          submitted by Molly Taylor

     The Kentucky Gamma chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta        Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. Our chapter has
     has been very active in the face of the COVID-19         formed a team for this virtual event and will compete
     pandemic. Even with all meetings and events being        against other teams to raise money for Norton
     held virtually, we are still serving our community and   Children’s Hospital! Another great opportunity that
     providing opportunities for our future healthcare        our chapter has had is that since all meetings are
     professionals. One of the most notable community         virtual, we can host medical school admissions
     service projects that our members have participated      presenters from all over the country! This semester
     in has been the COVID-19 vaccination clinic at           we had the pleasure of hosting Concordia School
     the Medical Center in Bowling Green, Kentucky.           of Pharmacy in Wisconsin, and it was a great
     The vaccination clinic is run almost exclusively by      opportunity for our members to be introduced to a
     volunteers, and many members of our chapter have         professional school they might not have heard of
     devoted many hours of their time at the clinic. Some     before. We plan on hosting many other out-of-state
     of their duties include registering patients, filing     professional programs this semester in hopes that
     paperwork, and directing patients to the correct         our students will have more opportunities to follow
     vaccination site. Through the volunteer work of our      their dreams of becoming healthcare professionals!
     members, the COVID-19 vaccination clinic has been
     able to give thousands of vaccines to healthcare         Pictured below: Amanda Harder and Shelby Robertson,
                                                              two of our members that volunteered at the COVID-19
     workers, educators, and senior citizens. Along with
                                                              vaccination clinic. They also received their first doses of
     volunteering at the vaccination clinic, many of our
                                                              the vaccine!
     members are also participating in Dance Big Red,
     WKU’s dance fundraiser benefiting Norton Children’s

31                                                                                                                          31

     Louisiana Beta
     Louisiana State University Baton Rouge
     submitted by Emily Ames Otken

     The AED Louisiana Beta Chapter of Louisiana State             afforded our members the opportunity to tutor
     University is excited to be able to continue to provide       elementary students virtually in math and reading.
     service opportunities and educational experiences to          AED has sponsored the Teacher Appreciation Day
     the pre-medical members of the LSU community.                 of a local school as well as assisted with a history
                                                                   of Mardi Gras event and activity for the teachers to
     Last semester, our chapter began our partnership              facilitate in the classroom.
     with our new philanthropy, the Boys and Girls Club of
     Greater Baton Rouge. Through our partnership, we              We are looking forward to our annual Dean’s
     were able to mentor the young children and youth              Convocation and Med Student Panel Meetings
     of Baton Rouge in a safe and socially distant fashion.        which provide our members with a real look into
     Our members assisted with the organization’s Trunk or         what admissions counselors hope to see on your
     Treat Event in October and made over 400 Valentine’s          medical school applications and provide a closer
     Day treat bags for the children in February. Our Annual       look into life in medical school. Through our
     Miles for Medicine Race will be virtual this April, and the   partnership with the U.S. Army, we have heard from
     funds raised will be donated to the Boys and Girls Club.      amazing Army physicians from various specialties
     In addition, the AED member with the fastest running          all over the country. The Army is hosting a day of
     time submitted will receive a free MCAT prep class.           socially distanced suturing for our members with an
                                                                   exceptional general surgeon speaking that evening.
     Our members have been able to serve those in need
     through our fall and spring Blood Drives. This is a           As we are adapting to this new “normal”, we are
     significant service event for our organization because        proud to still be a resource for pre-medical students
     AED realizes the importance of donating blood and             and continue to serve our LSU and Greater Baton
     helping to save lives during a global pandemic. Our           Rouge community.
     partnership with Volunteers in Public Schools has

SPR ING 2021

                                                                         Louisiana Zeta
                                                        Louisiana Tech University
                                                                                  submitted by Francesca Weis

Where are they now? The presidential alumni of Alpha         He is currently a first-year medical student at the
Epsilon Delta (AED) at Louisiana Tech University are         Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine in
blossoming with each day that passes. The past three         Monroe, Louisiana. As presidential alumni, Drake’s
presidents of the Louisiana Zeta chapter have set an         favorite memory of AED is “visiting with all of the guest
impressive bar for excellence.                               speakers who often inspired [our] members to pursue
                                                             new careers in the medical field.” Someday, Drake
                                                             hopes to work in the field of emergency medicine in
                                                             his hometown of Alexandria, LA. On a free weekend,
                               Jordan Caldwell, 2017-2018
                                                             you can find him hunting or fishing in the Louisiana
                               AED president, is currently
                               a third-year dental student
                               at the LSU New Orleans                                    Amanda Langston served
                               School of Dentistry. She                                  as the 2019-2020 AED
                               graduated from Louisiana                                  president. With a 4.0
                               Tech University in the                                    GPA, Amanda earned
                               winter of 2018, with a                                    her B.S. in Biology with a
                               bachelor’s degree in                                      minor in chemistry. During
                               biology and a minor in                                    her time at Louisiana
                               chemistry. Jordan hopes                                   Tech, Amanda served
                               to serve the community                                    as a Biological Sciences
as a general dentist in her home state of Louisiana.                                     Student Ambassador and
During study breaks, you can catch her spending time                                     was awarded the George
with friends, reading a novel, or playing tennis. Jordan                                 Roy Hayes Scholarship.
regularly visits Louisiana Tech as a guest speaker for                                   Her most memorable
those AED members interested in dentistry. She has                                       experience from AED
many fond memories of her time serving the club’s zeta       was helping younger members prepare for their
chapter:                                                     professional school interviews. After graduating a
                                                             quarter early, Amanda spent her free time working
“What I really remember from AED at Louisiana Tech are
                                                             with stroke patients in hospice care. She is currently
the friendships that I made. These are the people from
                                                             a first-year medical student at the LSU Shreveport
college that I’ve kept up with the most. Plus, it’s always
                                                             School of Medicine. So far, Amanda is most interested
so much fun to see everyone’s success in their chosen
                                                             in orthopedics:
healthcare fields.”
                                                             “I love the variety of patients it offers and that I would
Drake Daily served as
                                                             have the ability to improve their quality of life in both
the 2018-2019 AED
                                                             clinical and surgical settings.”
president at Louisiana
Tech University. With a                                      As current members of Alpha Epsilon Delta at
GPA of 3.95, he earned                                       Louisiana Tech University, we are overwhelmingly
a B.S. in biology and a                                      proud of our alumni and their efforts to better society
minor in chemistry. After                                    through the channel of healthcare. Their leadership,
his graduation in 2019,                                      dedication, and bravery inspire us, greatly. We wish
Drake took a gap year to                                     them luck in their D.D.S, D.O., and M.D. pursuits,
work with DePuy Synthes                                      respectively. Go Dawgs!
as a sales representative
for hip and knee implants.


     Massachusetts Gamma
     Boston University
     submitted by Haiqa Mian

     The Boston University Massachusetts Gamma chapter           Throughout the semester, AED members attended
     of Alpha Epsilon Delta has enjoyed an extremely             several outside events together, such as a Statistical
     rewarding Spring 2021 semester! Though there                Genetics Seminar hosted by BU School of Medicine
     remained several of the same challenges as last             and the Antiracism as Health Policy: Race, COVID-19,
     semester, the Executive Board continued to find             and Policy Reform Series hosted by BU School of
     and organize a variety of professional development,         Public Health. These enabled members to learn
     community service, and social events for members to         more about their health professions of interest
     partake in. Although we hope to be able to return to        and the healthcare sector in its current state. They
     in-person events in Fall 2021, after this academic year     also participated in a variety of community service
     we are confident that our AED chapter can endure            opportunities such as Cradles to Crayons, meeting
     and make the best of whatever comes our way!                in-person in very small groups to serve minority
                                                                 populations throughout Boston.
     This semester we continued to host monthly meetings
     on Zoom. In February, we hosted a virtual Induction         As in previous semesters, each member of the
     Ceremony during which we welcomed 29 passionate             Executive Board hosted a reflection session where
     and enthusiastic new members. In March, we held a           members could join in captivating discussions with
     virtual Game Night, giving members the opportunity          one another. Three of our reflection sessions focused
     to get to know one another better while enjoying a          on articles and/or speeches about healthcare related
     fun break from their studies. Finally, in April, we had a   topics and events. Two of our reflection sessions this
     virtual Senior Night. Seniors shared their wisdom with      semester were centered on our “AED Choice Read”,
     younger members, and younger members celebrated             The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande.
     the accomplishments of the graduating members and
     wished them the best of luck in the next step of their      We are grateful to have had such a successful
     careers. Altogether, these meetings were aimed at           semester, and hope that all AED members will have a
     allowing members to connect with one another, as            relaxing and restorative summer!
     we believe building a sense of community is more
     important now than ever.

SPR ING 2021

                                                     Massachussets Zeta
                                                            Northeastern University
                                                                            submitted by Brianna Considinel

Given the current state of the country, our chapter         student exam panel to give younger pre-med
will still be conducting all meetings and trainings from    and pre-PA students a sense of what to expect
a virtual platform. Our induction this year is being        during their application cycles. Finally, we will be
held on February 1st and we will be inducting 41 new        working with the pre-health office at Northeastern
members into our chapter in a virtual ceremony. On          to provide a virtual presentation on requirements
top of this, we will be hosting a range of virtual events   and recommendations for ultimately applying to
over the semester. First, we are partnering with the        graduate school. Our E-board is very excited to see
Boston Commission to conduct a virtual overdose             all of these events run in this upcoming semester,
prevention training. Secondly, we will be working with      and we’re even more excited to elect new members
facilities on campus to safely offer CPR trainings to       to our E-board for next fall as all of our E-board will
our members. Thirdly, we plan on hosting a graduate         be graduating in May!


     Michigan Technological University
     submitted by Tessa Mlinar

     This past semester came with many challenges as       health program fair with over 30 programs
     our chapter moved to an entirely remote format.       attending to present and speak to students. This
     With this change has come a flurry of new ideas       virtual format allowed for a wide variety of schools
     on how to maintain our focus on philanthropy with     to attend that otherwise may not have been able
     the many obstacles that COVID-19 poses. In the        to had it been in person. Members of our chapter
     fall, members of our chapter were able to work        attended these sessions and then met as a group
     with community members to chop wood for the           to discuss what we learned and practice interview
     elderly through our local Little Brothers Friends     skills as we do at most meetings.
     of the Elderly group (pictured below). The group
     has also maintained it’s interest in learning more    As for this spring semester, we have begun
     about the medical field. We were not able to travel   discussion on new ways to stay involved in
     to graduate schools and cadaver labs as we do         programs such as Husky Hug Bags to provide
     most semesters, but that did not stop us from         grief care packages, Knitting baby/toddler hats for
     learning more about different programs! Michigan      out local hospitals, Suicide Prevention Training,
     Technological University hosted a virtual graduate    raising awareness for bone marrow foundations
                                                           and much more.

SPR ING 2021

                                                             Michigan Epsilon
                                       Michigan University - Ann Arbor
                                                                                submitted by Hailey Tursak

The COVID-19 pandemic brought challenges to how           assistant professor at the University of Michigan
Michigan Epsilon would maintain many of their annual      who specializes in cardiovascular diseases and
events. However, the hard work of our members and         internal medicine. During Dr. Barnes’ presentation,
executive board allowed the chapter to create new         he stated that his biggest piece of advice for those
virtual events while still maintaining our pursuits of    pursuing a career in the healthcare field is to have
impacting the community.                                  some sort of outlet that has nothing to do with
                                                          medicine, his being ultimate frisbee.
As our nation struggled with not only a pandemic,
but also racial injustice, our members felt the need to   Michigan Epsilon also continued its mission of
help out our community in any way possible. During        professional growth via a resume workshop,
the summer, we partnered with the Detroit Justice         planned by our Professional Development Chair.
Center, Black Visions Collective, and the National        During the workshop, we were given advice from
Bail Fund to fundraise towards these organizations.       Marylou Waineo, who has had years of experience
Through our virtual fundraiser via Instagram, we          reading over resumes in the workplace. Members
were able to raise $11,596. Although the pandemic         greatly appreciated Mrs. Waineo’s help to form the
did not allow us to use a hands-on approach that our      best resume for their own experiences.
organization was used to, we were still able to have
an impact on racial injustice in our country.             The members of Michigan Epsilon persevered
                                                          through the challenges the pandemic has brought,
Although our meetings switched over to “Zoom”             and our organization came together to create new
rather than in person, we were still able to hear from    virtual traditions. We are excited to see what the
various healthcare professionals. One of our favorites    future holds!
from this semester was Dr. Geoffrey Barnes, M.D., an

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