2018-19 NEW STUDENT GUIDE - Austin Peay State University

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2018-19 NEW STUDENT GUIDE - Austin Peay State University

2018-19 NEW STUDENT GUIDE - Austin Peay State University
2018-19 NEW STUDENT GUIDE - Austin Peay State University
Welcome To Austin Peay State University! Get to know us online at www.apsu.edu.

Table of Contents
New Student Checklist/Safety and Security                      2
About Austin Peay                                              3
Did You Know                                                   4
Get Connected                                                5-7
Distance Education (Online Classes)                            5
Emergency Information                                          8
Govs I.D. Card                                                 8
Parking and Public Safety/Campus Police                        9
Computer Information                                          10
Important Dates                                            11-12
Campus Services (Bookstore, Post Office, Printing Services) 13
Clarksville Campus Shuttle (Peay Pickup)                      14
Financial Aid                                                 15
HOPE Lottery Scholarship                                      16
Financial Aid FAQs                                         17-18
Student Account Services                                   19-21
Student Jobs at APSU                                       22-23
Office of the Registrar                                       24
VetSuccess                                                    25
Military Student Center                                       25
Academic Support Center                                       26
Academic Alert                                                26
Woodward Library                                              27
Academic Honesty                                              27
TRiO Student Support Services                                 28
Study Abroad and International Exchange                       29
Honors Program                                                29
APSU Athletics                                                30
Dining on Campus                                              31
Clarksville Campus Map                                     32-33
Student Government Association                                34
Student Life & Engagement                                     35     All information contained herein was up to date
Govs LEAD                                                     36     at the time of publication. For the most current
Student Organizations                                         37      information, visit the listed website(s) or call
Family Weekend                                                38             Student Affairs at 931-221-7341.
Campus Ministries                                             38
Hispanic Cultural Center                                      39   Austin Peay Center at Fort Campbell                   47
Foy Fitness & Recreation Center                               40   Little Govs Child Learning Center                     48
University Recreation                                         41   ROTC                                                  48
Fraternity & Sorority Affairs                                 42   Student Affairs                                       49
Housing, Residence Life & Dining Services                     43   Wilbur N. Daniel African American Cultural Center     49
Disability Services                                           44   Code of Student Conduct and FERPA                     50
Adult, Nontraditional & Transfer Student Center               45   Service-Learning & Community Engagement/Food Pantry   51
Student Publications/The All State Student Newspaper          45   Career Services                                       52
Boyd Health Services                                          46   College of Graduate Studies                           53
Student Counseling Services                                   47   Tennessee Promise                                     54

                                                  AUSTIN PEAY STATE UNIVERSITY | 1
2018-19 NEW STUDENT GUIDE - Austin Peay State University
CALL                 WELCOME TO APSU!
APSU                 Check us out online at www.apsu.edu.
or Toll-Free,
                       New Student Checklist
                       Be prepared to start your career at The Peay!
                                                    Welcome to the Austin Peay State University family! The first year of
                                                  college is an exciting time in your life. You have many new things to learn
     Register for classes                       and decide, from choosing your major and career to where you will live and
     Get your AP Email login/Go to AP           how to get involved. Our staff and faculty are here to assist you, and this guide
       OneStop                                    will provide some of the basic information about our services and programs.
     Check financial aid status through         We are here to help you be successful. If you ever need assistance or have
       OneStop                                    questions, please call or visit Student Affairs at 931-221-7341. We are located in
     ***CONFIRM YOUR CLASSES***                 the Morgan University Center, Room 206. We are glad you chose to be a Gov!
       BY AUG. 22.
     Keep your Govs I.D. card with you
     Register for RAVE Alert – emergency
       text message system and download the                        SAFETY AND SECURITY
       LiveSafe App                                                              931-221-7786
     Save Campus Police number in your                    Emergency Phones/Blue Boxes are located across campus.
       phone: 931-221-7786                                  Pressing the emergency button activates alarm lights and
     Get your parking tag                                 connects you to Campus Police.
       in the Shasteen Building
     Apply for an on-campus job through                   Campus Police patrol campus 24/7. They are armed, trained
       the Human Resources website                          and empowered with the same authority as city police.
     Find places to eat on campus
     Check the map and find your class                    RAVE Alert text messages and emails are sent to students
       locations                                            whenever there is a threat on campus, including bad
     Visit the Woodward Library                           weather (but you must opt-in). Current students can register
     Go to the Student Involvement Fair                   for the free service at www.apsu.edu/police/emergency-
     Go to the Foy Fitness                                alerts. You can also download the LiveSafe app which
       and Recreation Center                                allows students to quickly and conveniently communicate
                                                            with Campus Police.
     ***GO TO CLASS!***
       LOGIN, AND CHECK DAILY!                              Security escorts are available to accompany students across
                                                            campus 24 hours a day. Call 931-221-7786.
     Check your AP Email daily
     Go to tutoring/seek help early
       for your classes if needed                           Card swipe technology ensures only students who live in a
                                                            specific residence hall can get inside.
     Plan alternate routes
       to and from campus
     Go to an athletic event                              Free motorist assistance is available 24/7 through Campus
                                                            Police to help students who need a jump-start, gas, towing
     Check out the location
                                                            service or other such aid.
       of parking lots on campus
     Know academic calendar dates
                                                            Crime prevention and safety programs are available to
     Log into PeayLink
                                                            teach students how to avoid becoming a victim — and
     Be a Gov!                                            prepare them to act in an emergency situation.

                                                                      In case of an emergency, call 911.

                                              2 | 2018-19 NEW STUDENT GUIDE
ABOUT AUSTIN PEAY | APSUGov@apsu.edu                                                                                                                                                                                            CALL
Mailing Address: 601 College St., Clarksville, TN 37044
ON THE WEB: www.apsu.edu
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   or Toll-Free,

About Austin Peay                                                                                                                                                                                               877-861-APSU

Quick facts about the University
Who was Austin Peay and
why was a University named
for him?
  Austin Peay was governor of
Tennessee and a favorite son of
Clarksville. Gov. Peay signed a law
establishing Austin Peay Normal School
on April 26, 1927. So, now you also
know why APSU’s nickname is the
“Governors.” Although Austin Peay
State University has 90 years of history,
institutions of higher learning have
occupied the campus since 1806.

Austin Peay basics
  Austin Peay consists of three sites in
the Clarksville-Montgomery County
area, occupying more than 650 acres.                                          The school name                                                                Let’s Go Peay!
These sites include the Clarksville
campus in downtown Clarksville, the                                           “Governors”                                                                      The cheer “Let’s Go Peay” became
Austin Peay Center at Fort Campbell and                                         In the infant years of intercollegiate                                       APSU’s battle cry during its first two
the Environmental Education Center.                                           competition, Austin Peay’s athletic                                            NCAA appearances in the early ’70s after
  Austin Peay serves students from                                            representatives were often called                                              James “Fly” Williams and his teammates
every region in Tennessee, many of the                                        “Normalites” or “Warriors.” The present                                        brought widespread attention to APSU
50 states and several foreign countries                                       “Governors” tag surfaced around 1937,                                          men’s basketball.
through our online degree programs and                                        probably as a tribute to Gov. Austin
regional locations.                                                           Peay.

             Alma Mater: All Hail To Austin Peay
                          All Hail our Alma Mater,                                                                                                 Austin Peay Fight Song
                           All Hail to Austin Peay,                                                                                             Smash! Bang! To victory
              Forever faithful to thy standards will we ever be,                                                                            Go the Governors of Austin Peay
               We love thy campus beauty, serene in dignity,                                                                                    Clash! Clang! It’s misery
              And so we proudly sing this song in praise of thee,                                                                            For the minions of the Enemy
                              All Hail, All Hail,                                                                                                     Fight on and
                          We sing in praise of thee,                                                                                          Smash! Bang! to Score Again
                          We love our Alma Mater,                                                                                               For it’s ready, set 1, 2, 3!
                           All Hail to Austin Peay.                                                                                   Smash Bang! Biff Bam! Clash Clang! Rim Ram!
                — Words and Music by Dr. Aaron Schmidt,                                                                                          Dash along to Victory!
              professor of music and band director, 1956-87                                                                                           Let’s Go Peay!

 APSU is an AA/EEO employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, disability, age, status as a protected
     veteran, genetic information, or any other legally protected class with respect to all employment, programs and activities. http://www.apsu.edu/policy. Policy 6:003. AP 303/4-18/6.5M/PollockPrinting/Nashville, TN

                                                                                       AUSTIN PEAY STATE UNIVERSITY | 3
CALL                        ABOUT APSU
APSU                        MAILING ADDRESS: 601 College St., Clarksville, TN 37044
or Toll-Free,
                            Did You Know?
                            Facts about APSU you might not know

   •   Career Services has local area job
       listings available and offers resume
   •   Athletic team schedules are easily
       viewed at www.letsgopeay.com.
   •   APSU has more than 150
       organizations for students.
   •   MudBowl is a campus tradition
       featuring teams of students playing
       volleyball in the mud.
   •   Dr. Alisa White was inaugurated
       as the 10th president of APSU in
       March 2015.
   •   APSU is famous for its cheer “Let’s
       Go Peay!” which became famous in
       the ’70s.
   •   The All State is the weekly student
       newspaper at APSU and has been
       recognized several times as one of
       the best student newspapers in the
       South. Stay up to date by following
       The All State on Facebook, Twitter
       and Instagram.
   •   Many local businesses offer                  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter            Club has been named the best
       discounts to students with a valid           pages.                                     chapter in the nation multiple times.
       Govs I.D. card.
                                                •   You can go to Student Affairs          •   APSU offers study abroad
   •   APSU was named for the former                (MUC 206) or call 931-221-7341 if          opportunities in more than 40
       governor of Tennessee, Austin                you need assistance or directions.         countries.
       Peay, who signed a law establishing
                                                •   You can help others by volunteering    •   Parking on campus is color-coded.
       Austin Peay Normal School in 1927.
                                                    for service projects. Go to the            Parking decals match lots for
   •   Students can attend all regular season       Center for Service-Learning &              available parking.
       APSU athletic events free with a             Community Engagement on 322            •   Firearms are illegal on campus for
       valid Govs I.D.                              Home Avenue, or call 931-221-6590.         students, even replicas.
   •   You can get free tutoring in the         •   APSU has a Military Student            •   It is a violation of the code of
       Academic Support Center, located             Center for veterans and military-          conduct to use another student’s
       in Marks, room 124.                          affiliated students, located on the        Govs I.D. or A-Number.
   •   In case of an on-campus                      first floor of the Morgan University
                                                    Center.                                •   Any form of alcohol on campus or
       emergency, dial 911 for Campus
                                                                                               in campus housing is prohibited.
       Police from any on-campus phones         •   Starbucks is in the Woodward
       or on your phone.                            Library.                               •   The Woodward Library has
                                                                                               extended hours, open until 2 a.m.
   •   You must register your vehicle with      •   90 percent of full-time faculty            several days and open on the
       Campus Police and acquire your               hold a doctorate or other terminal         weekends, and houses the main
       parking decal.                               degree in their field.                     computer lab with more than 100
   •   There are numerous APSU                  •   APSU’s Phi Alpha Theta History             computers available for student use.

                                                    4 | 2018-19 NEW STUDENT GUIDE
GETTING STARTED | Campus Connections                                                                                      AP ONESTOP
ON THE WEB: www.apsu.edu
                                                                                                                           Everything you
STUDENT PORTAL: onestop.apsu.edu
                                                                                                                          need ... One stop

Get Connected
Don’t miss out! Check your APSU email daily and follow social media!
Get Connected                                through AP OneStop. Most student                 •     You may be asked to change your
                                             information is easily accessed through                 password to one you determine.
and Stay Connected!                          AP Self Service.
   Use the tools provided for you and
keep up with important messages and
                                                                                          RAVE Alert: Emergency
deadlines through announcements,
                                             Student Email                                Notification System
the latest news, events and campus             Check your APSU email daily for              Sign up for our RAVE Alert, the
happenings. Ways to stay connected           important information on your classes,       campus emergency notification system.
at APSU are AP OneStop, your APSU            registration, financial aid, academic        You can sign up at www.getrave.
email, Facebook and RAVE Alert, our          deadlines, campus happenings and other       com/login/apsu. Be the first to know
emergency text message alert system.         timely items of interest. Your professors    about campus closings,weather related
                                             and other faculty and staff will contact     warnings and other emergencies at APSU
                                             you through your AP email. You can
AP OneStop                                   access your AP email through OneStop
                                                                                          (you must opt-in to receive notifications).
  Access your email, announcements,          by visiting www.onestop.apsu.edu.
online classes, Facebook and more.             Need help with student email or            Follow Facebook, Twitter and
Relevant announcements are posted            logging in? Contact the GOVSTECH             Instagram
daily and sometimes throughout the           Help Desk at 931-221-4357 or
day to keep you informed of important                                                       Visit www. facebook.com/austinpeay
                                             govstech@apsu.edu.                           to become a fan of APSU and see all
information. Log on at www.onestop.
                                               To log into your APSU OneStop              the other campus-related Facebook fan
apsu.edu. The link is also available on
                                             portal for the first time,                   pages.
the bottom of the APSU homepage at
www.apsu.edu. You can personalize your         • Go to onestop.apsu.edu                     Visit the Twitter page at www.twitter.
OneStop page and access your APSU              • In the “User Name” field enter           com/austinpeay and Instagram pages,
email and course schedule, confirm your             your APSU user name provided in       and like @austinpeay and #PeayPix.
classes and check your grades.                      your acceptance letter
                                               • In the “Password” field enter Ap
AP Self Service                                     followed by your six-digit date of
                                                    birth (Apmmddyy)
   AP Self Service is where students           • Previous Users: Your password
register for classes, check grades, check
                                                    will be the one you previously
financial aid status, review student
business account information and                    established
maintain and/or update personal                • Click on the “Login” button
information. AP Self Service is accessed

Distance Education (Online Classes)
  Distance Education staff assist students   www.apsu.edu/online, has a wealth of                 learning management system until
with online learning technologies and        information for students including an                the first day of classes as posted on the
general questions about online learning.     introduction to online courses guide, FAQs           academic calendar.
Distance Education support can be            and helpful tips, sources of assistance      •       Online courses are not self-paced;
reached Monday – Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30         directory, and training videos.                      courses begin and end on specific
p.m., online@apsu.edu, 931-221-6625, or        Important things to remember with                  dates and class work has assigned
in McReynolds 216.                           online courses:                                      deadlines. Refer to your course
  The Distance Education website,            • Online courses are not available in the            syllabus for more information.

                                                  AUSTIN PEAY STATE UNIVERSITY | 5
AP ONESTOP                      GETTING STARTED | Campus Connections
Everything you                   ON THE WEB: www.apsu.edu
need ... One stop                STUDENT PORTAL: onestop.apsu.edu

                                Confirm and pay for classes
                                 NOTE: You MUST confirm your classes every semester!

                                                             1                                                               2                                  3

   1. Log into your personal OneStop account                           2. Click on the Web Self Service tab on the main              3. Click on the Student link
   at onestop.apsu.edu.                                                OneStop screen.                                               under the Web Self Service.

                                                       4                                                                 5                                      6

   4. Click on the Student Account link.                      5. Select the “Confirm & Pay or Enroll in a Payment            6. Select the academic term
                                                              Plan” option.                                                  you would like to confirm.
                                                                                                                             Click Submit. Carefully read
                                                                                                                             and follow on-screen prompts
                                                                                                                             to complete confirmation.

      Trouble with                               Checking Email                                                                  HAVING PROBLEMS
     your password                                                                                                               LOGGING INTO
                                                                          1                                          2
       or logging                                                                                                                ONLINE CLASSES?
                                                                                                                                 For issues logging in or
       in? Contact                                                                                                               any trouble using elearn
                                                                                                                                 platform, please contact
       GOVSTECH                                                                                                                  Distance Education Support

      Help Desk at                                                                                                               at 931-221-6625 or
                                                                                                                                 online@apsu.edu. Training
    govstech@apsu.                         1. Log into your personal                2. Click on the “email” tab on
                                                                                                                                 videos online at www.apsu.
                                                                                                                                 edu/online. Online courses
        edu or call                        OneStop account at onestop.              the main OneStop screen. You                 will be visible on the first

                                           apsu.edu.                                can access your email                        day of classes as listed in
                                                                                    account through this button.                 the academic calendar.

                                                             6 | 2018-19 NEW STUDENT GUIDE
GETTING STARTED | Campus Connections                                                                                         AP ONESTOP
ON THE WEB: www.apsu.edu
                                                                                                                              Everything you
STUDENT PORTAL: onestop.apsu.edu
                                                                                                                             need ... One stop

Check grades online
Use OneStop to check midterm and final grades!

                                                1                                                         2                                  3

1. Log into your personal OneStop account            2. Click on the Web Self Service tab on the main             3. Click on the Student link
at onestop.apsu.edu.                                 OneStop screen.                                              under the Web Self Service.

                                            4                             5       NOTE:
                                                                                    Not all midterm grades will be posted. If you have
                                                                                  questions or are concerned about your grades, consult
                                                                                  with your instructor.
                                                                                    There are also free tutoring options on campus. For
                                                                                  more information regarding tutoring and academic
                                                                                  support, contact the Academic Support Center at 931-
                                                                                  221-6550, or send an e-mail to
4. Click on the Student Records link.           5. Select the term and            learningctr@apsu.edu.
                                                either Final Grades or
                                                Midterm Grades option.

Find your class schedule
Use the OneStop Student tab to find your classes and textbooks!

                                            1                                                        2                                      3

                                                                                                              5. Select the term for your
1. Click on the Registration link.               2. Click on the Student Printable Schedule with              class schedule. You may
                                                 Textbook Express link.                                       also select the textbook link
                                                                                                              to see required material for
                                                                                                              each class.

                                                AUSTIN PEAY STATE UNIVERSITY | 7
CALL 911                    GETTING STARTED | Basic Information
IN AN                       Register For the Emergency Text Message System at www.apsu.edu/police/emergency-alerts
(Campus Police
                            Emergency Information
                            Opt-in for alert text messages
    APSU Campus Police provide a security                                   Emergency “Blue Boxes”
  escort service on the Clarksville campus.
  The security escort service operates 24/7.                Emergency telephones — also known as “Blue Boxes” — are found
  Call 931-221-7786 for assistance.                        in numerous locations around campus. If you have an emergency,
                                                    simply press the button on the callbox. You can also call 911 from your phone.
    Austin Peay State University offers                        You can reach Campus Police for a non-emergency by calling
  RAVE Alert, an emergency text message
  system that enables designated APSU                                              931-221-7786.
  officials to send announcements about
  any imminent emergency affecting the
  campus.                                          Students can sign up to receive               You can also download the free LiveSafe
    RAVE Alert is another means for              emergency notifications by providing his/     app from the app store, which allows
  members of the University community to         her cell phone information, as described      students, faculty and staff to quickly and
  be notified of weather-related closings and    on the web at www.getrave.com/login/          conveniently communicate with APSU
  emergencies.                                   apsu.                                         Campus Police.

  Govs I.D. Card
   Location: Morgan University Center, Room 207 & Morgan University Center Information Desk
   Phone: 931-221-6617 | On The Web: www.apsu.edu/govscard

     The Govs Card is the official I.D. card of the University. This     (convenience store), copiers, printers, the Foy Fitness and
   card is a student’s lifeline to campus life. Students must carry      Recreation Center and in the snack and vending machines.
   their Govs I.D. card with them at all times while on campus
   for identification and access purposes. With the Govs Card,
   students have access to the following:
                                                                         Access to Library and Residence Halls
                                                                           All students need to have their I.D. cards to enter the
   Admission to Events                                                   Woodward Library after 9 p.m. Students who live in campus
                                                                         housing need to have their I.D. cards to enter their residence
     Students gain access to athletic games, concerts, campus            hall buildings and access the laundry facilities.
   events and shows. They may even have the opportunity to get
   free T-shirts or free food. Students may attend regular season
   athletic events free with their Govs I.D. card.
                                                                         Off-Campus Banking
                                                                           The University has partnered with US Bank to allow
   Meal Plan                                                             students to use their Govs Cards as debit cards off campus. A
                                                                         representative will be present during Govs ROW to provide
     If students live in the residence halls, their meal plans will be   details on the program.
   on their I.D. cards. If students commute to campus, they may
   purchase meal plans and it will also be available on the card.
   Visit www.dineoncampus.com/apsu for more info.
                                                                         When do students get their Govs Card?
                                                                           Students will get their Govs I.D. cards during Govs ROW.
   Govs Bucks                                                            Do not lose it! The first card is free, but replacement cards
                                                                         cost $20.
     Funds can be placed on the I.D. card using a declining
   balance system. This is very handy so students do not                   Your Govs I.D. card ensures your identification as a student
   have to carry cash on campus. Govs Bucks can be used to               with campus access. Never let anyone else use your Govs I.D.
   purchase items at any on-campus food location, the Peay Pod           card.

                                                       8 | 2018-19 NEW STUDENT GUIDE
GETTING STARTED | Campus Safety                                                                                             CAMPUS
24-Hour Dispatch: 931-221-7786 | Call 911 in an emergency.                                                                   POLICE
ON THE WEB: www.apsu.edu/police                                                                                               Shasteen

Parking and Public Safety                                                                                               931- 221-7786

Parking                                       moved and used with any vehicle the
                                              registered person operates. Because of
  All students on the Clarksville campus      this flexibility and the limited parking     Where am I authorized
are required to have a parking decal for      on campus, each person is entitled to
the vehicle they operate. All parking on                                                   to park?
                                              only one decal. Exceptions are made
campus is marked with lines. Areas not        for married housing-student families           To find the current parking map
marked with lines are not parking spots.      with two licensed drivers, and in other      online, follow these steps:
                                              extraordinary circumstances.                   1.) Go to www.apsu.edu.
How do I obtain a decal?                                                                     2.) Search for “parking.”
  Go to apsu.t2hosted.com. Although           What if I get ticketed                         3.) Click on “parking map.”
you may register your vehicle online                                                         The following represents the color-
                                              on campus?                                   coding system for parking on campus:
you must physically pick up your decal
from the Shasteen Building. Decals are          If you are ticketed for one of the           Red — Faculty and Staff
also available at Public Safety/Campus        following parking violations, you will be      Blue — ADA
Police (Shasteen Building), and at peak       responsible for paying the fine.***            Green — Commuters, Emerald Hills
times the Morgan University Center            • Unauthorized parking in visitor,           and Two Rivers
Information Desk.                                  maintenance or emergency vehicle          Silver — All residence halls
  Note: Please be aware of the expiration          space: $35                                Black — Any valid permit may park
date when you print your temporary pass       • Unauthorized parking in ADA                here
and pick up your new decal at the campus           parking area: $200. Appeals are not       *Visitors who wish to appeal a citation
police station.                                    allowed for ADA parking violations.     may do so by filling out a form which
                                              • Possession/use of a forged/altered/        can be retrieved from the Shasteen
                                                   lost/stolen decal or permit: $25 and    Building.
How much is the decal?                             revocation of parking privileges for      The APSU parking regulations and
  Student access fees cover the cost of the        remainder of semester/term              map can be found at www.apsu.edu/
decal.                                        • All other parking fines: $25               police/parking.
                                              • Students, faculty and staff who wish
                                                   to appeal shall do so by clicking on        ***All visitors to APSU must get a
What if I use more                                 “Appeal” from the campus police
                                                                                               visitor’s decal from Campus Police
than one vehicle?                                  website or by going to apsu.t2hosted.
                                                   com.                                             before parking on campus.
   The University uses a hanging                                                                     Fines may be updated.***
tag system rather than an adhesive
sticker. This allows the decal to be

                                                                                           •    Jump start: Provided to those
Campus Police Services                          Anyone may send ANONYMOUS text
                                                or picture messages to Campus Police       •
                                                                                                vehicles with a dead or weak battery.
                                                                                                Gas: An officer will provide a gas
Emergency Telephones/Blue                                 at 931-494-6672.                      can and transportation to a service
Boxes                                         community, APSU Campus Police/
                                                                                                station so you can obtain gasoline
                                                                                                for your vehicle.
  Emergency telephones are found in many      Public Safety Office’s Student Patrol        •    Water: provided for a vehicle that
locations around campus. If you have an       provides a security escort service within         has overheated.
emergency, simply press the button on the     the confines of the campus. The security     •    Wrecker: Should you need a
callbox. This will immediately connect you    escort service operates 24/7.                     wrecker, Campus Police will wait
with a dispatcher.
                                                                                                with you until your tow arrives.
  The dispatcher will send the
appropriate agency to respond. You can
                                              Motorist Assistance Program
also use emergency telephones to request      (MAP) Services              Other services
the security escort service.                     Public Safety provides a variety of       •    Obtain crime prevention
                                              services to assist motorists at APSU.             information and get free engraving
Security Escort Service                       Public Safety provides this service 24/7.         service for valuables.
  For the safety of the campus

                                                   AUSTIN PEAY STATE UNIVERSITY | 9
INFORMATION                 GETTING STARTED | govstech@apsu.edu
TECHNOLOGY                 Toll Free: 931-221-4357 | www.apsu.edu/information-technology
UC Lobby

                           Computer Information (OIT)
                                                    Students should read the Acceptable       Microsoft Office 365 for
     The Office of Information Technology        Use of Information Technology
   (OIT) provides the access for computer        Resources Policy and the Guidelines          Students
   resources to the APSU community.              for Use of APSU Computer Labs. These           APSU has an agreement with
   Student resources, such as the                documents can be found online at www.        Microsoft to provide Office to every
   GOVSTECH Help Desk, computer                  apsu.edu/policy/4s_business_and_             enrolled student for free, on their
   labs, usage regulation and multimedia         finance_policies/4029-acceptable-use-        personal computers. This automatically
   classrooms, are all provided by the           information-technology-resources and         updatable, subscription-based software
   OIT. For more information on these            in the Student Handbook and Calendar,        ensures students always have the latest
   resources, please visit the OIT website,      which will be distributed and available      version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
   www.apsu.edu/information-technology.          to students at the beginning of the fall     OneNote and more, at no additional
                                                 semester.                                    cost, for as long they’re a student here.
                                                                                              To get your complimentary Microsoft
   GOVSTECH Help Desk                                                                         Office, visit Office.com/GetOffice365 and
      The GOVSTECH Help Desk is the              Computer Labs                                follow the on-screen instructions. This
   first point of contact for computing,           The main student computer lab is           offer is good for Microsoft Windows
   networking, hardware/software, PC,            located in the Felix G. Woodward             computers and Apple computers.
   Macintosh and printer problems at             Library. There are more than 100
   the University. The GOVSTECH Help             Dell computers and printers available
   Desk staff assists University students,       for student use. Hours of operation,         Student Wireless
   faculty and staff with computing and          programs, software and available             Network Setup
   networking problems.                          databases can be found at library.apsu.
                                                                                                In order to have access to the APSU
      The GOVSTECH Help Desk is located          edu. Information about other computer
                                                                                              student wireless, you must be registered
   at the Morgan University Center Info          labs on campus can be found at www.
                                                                                              for classes.
   Desk. If you need attention from the          apsu.edu/csci/opportunities_resources/
                                                                                                1. On your device, locate the wireless
   Help Desk, please call 931-221-4357 or        computer-laboratories.
                                                                                              network named APSU-Students.
   email govstech@apsu.edu.
                                                                                                2. Input the username and
                                                 Resident Student Network                     password:
   Code of Computing Practice                    Access                                         Username: Your OneStop
     Access to the University’s technology                                                    username (such as jdoe1)
                                                   Students are provided free network/          Anonymous Identity (if prompted):
   resources is a privilege granted to           Internet access in the residence halls and
   University students. These resources                                                       Your OneStop username (such as jdoe1)
                                                 apartments across campus. Please visit         Password: Your OneStop password
   include, but are not limited to: computer     our website for information that may
   hardware, software, computer accounts,                                                       3. When the security certificate pops
                                                 help you resolve any network problems        up, select Trust.
   email accounts and local area networks,       and to read a few things you should keep
   as well as connections to other computer      in mind while surfing the net.
   networks via the Internet.                                                                 Your Online Security
     Users are expected to use these
                                                 Student Email                                  University personnel will NEVER ask
   resources responsibly. Intentional failure
                                                                                              for your personal information or login
   to comply with University policies              Email is hosted by Microsoft Office        information. Please do not provide that
   on acceptable use of information              365. Emails are assigned shortly after       information to anyone. Protect your
   technology resources and computer labs        students are admitted. For assistance        online identity. If you have any questions
   will result in action that may include        determining your email assignment,           about online security, contact OIT at
   suspension of user privileges or other        understanding your first time logging        931-221-7588.
   disciplinary action such as suspension        in or help on a variety of topics, see
   or expulsion from the University. In          govstech.apsu.edu.
   addition, violations may result in referral                                                Can’t find what you’re
   for prosecution by local, state or federal                                                 looking for?
                                                                                                Email us for assistance at

                                                     10 | 2018-19 NEW STUDENT GUIDE
GETTING STARTED | Registrar@apsu.edu                                                                                   OFFICE
For more information on important dates, visit www.apsu.edu/registrar
                                                                                                                       OF THE

Important Dates                                                                                                     877-508-0056
Fall 2018 Semester
Aug. 23           Housing Move-In (Freshmen only), 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Aug. 24           Freshman Convocation & APEX (Freshman Orientation)
Aug. 26           Last day for 100% fee adjustment. (Full Semester and Session A)
Aug. 27           Classes begin*
Aug. 27-29        Late registration. Fee payments can be made at the cashier window, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.,
                  Monday-Wednesday or through AP OneStop
Aug. 29           Last day to add a class
Sept. 3           Labor Day Holiday — University Closed
Sept. 9           Last day to drop without record
                  Last day to receive 75% fee adjustment
Sept. 22          Last day to receive a 25% fee adjustment
Oct. 7            Last day to drop classes with an automatic “W”
Oct. 15-16        Fall Break — No classes
Oct. 18           First session (Session A) classes end
Oct. 23           Last day to receive 100% fee adjustment (Session B)
Oct. 24           Second session (Session B) classes begin*
Nov. 7-20         Priority advising and preregistration begins for currently enrolled students for Spring 2019
Nov. 8            Last day to drop classes with a “W,” “F”
Nov. 12           Veterans Day — No classes
Nov. 21           Thanksgiving Holiday — No classes
Nov. 22-25        Thanksgiving Holiday — University closed
Dec. 5            Last day of classes
Dec. 6            Study day
Dec. 7-13         Final exams
Dec. 14           Commencement in the Dunn Center
                                                                                     OF CLASSES
* Online courses visible in the learning management system               Confirmation is necessary to prevent
                                                                         your classes from being dropped.
                                                                         Even if your account shows a zero or
                                                                         credit balance, you must complete the
Winter Semester                                                          confirmation process to retain your
Nov. 13 – Dec. 14 Registration for Winter Term Courses                   classes. You can confirm your classes by
Dec. 11           Last day to pay/confirm classes for Winter Term        logging into www.onestop.apsu.edu/.
Dec. 15           Classes begin for Winter Term*                         Confirmation of classes must occur
Jan. 13           Last day of classes for Winter Term                    every semester.
                                                                              ACADEMIC CALENDAR
* Online courses visible in the learning management system
                                                                         Visit www.apsu.edu/registrar/acadcal
                                                                         to access all campus calenders
                                                                         including APSU Academic Calendar
                                                                         and APSU at Fort Campbell Academic

                                                   AUSTIN PEAY STATE UNIVERSITY | 11
OFFICE                      GETTING STARTED | Registrar@apsu.edu
OF THE                      For more information on important dates, visit www.apsu.edu/registrar
                           Important Dates
202                        Spring 2019 Full Semester

   Jan. 13          Last day to receive 100% fee adjustment
   Jan. 14          Full semester and Session A classes begin*
   Jan. 14-15       Late registration
   Jan. 15          Last day to add a class
   Jan. 21          Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday — University Closed
   Jan. 27          Last day to receive 75% fee adjustment
   Feb. 9           Last day to receive 25% fee adjustment
   Feb. 24          Last day to drop a course with an automatic “W”            REMEMBER TO CONFIRM CLASSES!
   March 3-9        Spring Break — No classes (University open)          Confirmation  is necessary to prevent your classes from
   March 5          First session (Session A) classes end                being dropped. Even if your account shows a zero or
   March 13         Second session (Session B) classes begin             credit balance, you must complete the confirmation
   March 28         Last day to drop a class with a “W,” “F”             process to retain your classes. You can confirm your
   April 1-12       Priority advising and preregistration for
                                                                         classes by logging into onestop.apsu.edu/.
                    currently enrolled students for Summer and Fall 2019
   April 19         Holiday - University Closed                          Confirmation of classes must occur every semester.
   April 24         Last day of classes                                  Visit www.apsu.edu/registrar/acadcal to access the
   April 25         Study day                                            APSU Academic Calendar.
   April 26 - May 2 Final exams
   May 3            Commencement in the Dunn Center

   * Online courses visible in the learning management system

   Summer I 2019: June 3 - July 5
   May 31            Registration
   June 2            Last day to pay/confirm classes
                     Last day to receive 100% fee adjustment                     IMPORTANT NOTE — SUMMER DATES
   June 3            Classes begin*                                        The Summer dates are only for the Summer I term.
   June 3-4          Late registration                                     For additional summer dates, visit these links:
   June 4            Last day to add a class
                                                                           Maymester      www.apsu.edu/registrar/acadcal#May2019
   June 8            Last day to receive 75% fee adjustment
   June 9            Last day to drop a class without a record             Summer II      www.apsu.edu/registrar/acadcal#SummerII2019
   June 12           Last day to receive 25% fee adjustment                Full Summer www.apsu.edu/registrar/acadcal#FullSummer2019
   June 19           Last day to drop a course with an automatic “W”
   June 28           Last day to drop a class with a “W” or “F”
   June 29           Mandatory “F” period begins
   July 4            Independence Day — University Closed
   July 5            Last day of classes for Summer I
                     Final exams
   Aug. 9            Summer Commencement

   * Online courses visible in the learning management system

                                                      12 | 2018-19 NEW STUDENT GUIDE
GETTING STARTED | On-Campus Services                                                                                               CAMPUS
For more information on these services, please visit their respective websites.
                                                                                                                                  Contact each

Campus Services
                                                                                                                                  office directly
                                                                                                                                      via phone
                                                                                                                                       or email.
Bookstore, Post Office, Printing and Vending Machines
Barnes & Noble Bookstore at Austin Peay                                          letters, packages, issue postal money orders, etc.
                                                                            •    Accepts pre-paid FedEx, UPS Ground, and packages for
Location: Catherine Evans Harvill Building (Clarksville Campus)                  pickup.
Phone: 931-221-7655 | On The Web: www.apsubookstore.com                     • Shipping supplies.
Fort Campbell campus: SSG Glenn H. English Jr. Army Education               Office Manager, Tammy Silva, 931-221-6164 or silvat@apsu.edu
Center, Bldg. 202, Room 1115 | Phone: 931-221-1461
Hours: Posted on website and in-store.
   The Barnes & Noble Bookstore at Austin Peay provides course            Printing Services
materials students require and many other items to support your           Location: Library 124 (lower level of building or use rear entrance
academic career, including study guides, notebooks, backpacks,            facing Archwood parking lot) | Phone: 931-221-7187 Fax:
electronics, spirit items, apparel and much more.                         931-221-6875 | On The Web: www.apsu.edu/printing | Hours:
   The Barnes & Noble Bookstore is also the source for textbooks:         Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
rent or buy new, used or digital. Staff are available to help students
get the right books at the right price. Price match our new, used           Printing Services proudly serves the printing, duplicating and
and rental texts through Amazon, bn.com and local competitors.            copying needs of the campus and the local community. Students
Contact the bookstore for price match terms. Textbook rentals can         can print a wide range of products—simple flyers, oversized
save one student up to 80%. Students can use their financial aid          prints, artwork, booklets, postcards and posters using state-of-
credit weeks prior to the start of classes on everything in the store.    the-art digital printers at reasonable pricing.
   Apply to be a student worker for the bookstore at bncollegejobs.         Services include:
com. For student organization fundraising opportunities, call the         • Copies/prints: black and white and full-color
bookstore directly or visit www.mylanderpages.com/promoversity/           • Large-size prints up to 44”
austinpeay.                                                               • High-resolution scanner to print, e-mail or save
   Stay connected with the bookstore through the My College               • Bindery finishes include folding, stapling, hole punching,
Bookstore App and on social media.                                             wire spiral binding
   Facebook: @austinpeaybookstore, Twitter: apsubookstore                 • Lamination
   The campus liaison between the University and the Bookstore            • Art supplies, illustrator board, foam board and poster board
is Tammy Silva, who can be reached at 931-221-6164 or at silvat@               (cut to size and mounting)
apsu.edu.                                                                 • Variety of paper and envelope styles and colors
   *Extended hours for special events and back to school are posted       • Faxing with local calls free and long distance charged)
at www.apsubookstore.com.                                                   Walk-in quick copies or small digital print orders may be
                                                                          printed while you wait.
APSU Campus Post Office & Mail Services                                     If you have suggestions or concerns, contact Michele Tyndall,
                                                                          Office of Public Relations and Marketing, at tyndallm@apsu.edu.
Location: Morgan University Center, Room 119 | Phone: 931-221-
6161 | On The Web: www.apsu.edu/auxiliaryservices/post-office
Hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., closed weekends and             APSU Coke and Snack
days when University is closed                                            Vending Machine Services
  • Students living in campus housing will have a pre-paid post           Location: All student APSU buildings with the exception of Ard,
       office box for package and mail delivery.                          Emerald Hills, Hand Village, and Maynard.
  • Students who do not live on campus can rent a campus                   Phone: 931-221-6164 |
       post office box for $9 per                                         On The Web: www.apsu.edu/auxiliaryservices/vending-services
       semester.                         Your campus address (example):
  • Student post office box              John D. Student                     APSU holds an exclusive agreement with Coca-Cola Bottling
       information and mailing           APSU P.O. Box XXXX               Works of Tullahoma, Inc. and the TBE/Blind services. Tammy
       address information is in the Clarksville, TN 37044                Silva in Auxiliary Support Services monitors both contacts. Coke
       students APSU One Stop.                                            vending machines accept cash/bankcard/apple pay/APSU Gov
  • Emails are sent to APSU                                               Bucks (not APSU plus dollars). Snack vending machines accept
       email address regarding package pickup; if interested in           cash, with most also accepting bankcard payments. For any
       text message notification, call the office or go to Postal         refunds, repairs, or stocking issues, please contact Tammy Silva at
       Services website on APSU website.                                  931-221-6164/ silvat@apsu.edu or visit the campus post office or
  • Operates as a full Contract Postal Unit Station with the              call 931-221-6161. Exception: For Coke drink machines, any card
       U.S. Postal Service. Able to purchase forever stamps, mail         swipe issues/refunds/repairs: please call 888-227-2653.

                                                      AUSTIN PEAY STATE UNIVERSITY | 13
THE PEAY                 GETTING STARTED | Transportation
PICKUP                   For more info on The Peay Pickup: www.apsu.edu/police/bus

                         Campus Transportation
Parking &
Bldg.                    The Peay Pickup shuttle and CTS Bus Service

   Get around campus                                                                    Ride Clarksville
   on The Peay Pickup shuttle!                Visit The Peay Pickup website             city buses free!
     In a partnership with the Clarksville   at www.apsu.edu/police/bus to                Additionally, APSU students, faculty
   Transit System (CTS), APSU provides        view the “Peay Pickup” shuttle            and staff who show the bus operator a
   students, faculty and staff free                                                     valid Peay Pickup card and a valid Govs
   transportation around campus via the           route around campus.                  I.D. card ride for free on any CTS bus.
   Peay Pickup and free transportation                                                  For route information, visit www.ridects.
   around the city on CTS buses.                                                        com/routes/.
      CTS operates the two Peay Pickup         APSU students, faculty and staff
   routes from 7:30 a.m. - 7 p.m.,           must show the Peay Pickup operator
   Monday-Friday, through final exams
                                                                                        CTS Schedule
                                             a valid Peay Pickup card and a valid
   each semester. The Peay Pickup routes     Govs I.D. card to ride for free. Cards       CTS buses run from 4:30 a.m. - 9
   run on the north and south side of        are distributed by the Parking &           p.m. six days a week. The Transit
   the campus, with Marion Street being      Transportation Office at Campus            Center, located at 200 Legion St., is
   the dividing line. Each bus takes         Police.                                    open Monday-Friday, 5:30 a.m. - 8 p.m.,
   approximately 5-6 minutes to complete        Peay Pickup bus rides are available     Saturday, 6:30 a.m. - 8 p.m. and can be
   a route circuit. Please have your         for full fare to those without the valid   reached at 931-553-2429.
   University Peay Pickup card and Govs      University Peay Pickup card and a            There is no CTS service on Sundays.
   I.D. ready when boarding. To catch the    valid Govs I.D. card.                        * Please be patient between the hours
   Peay Pickup, just flag it down or wait                                               of 2–7 p.m. as traffic congestion may
   at a bus sign.                                                                       cause bus delays.

                                                 14 | 2018-19 NEW STUDENT GUIDE
FINANCIAL AID               | SFAO@apsu.edu                                                                            FINANCIAL
HOURS: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday                                                                                 AID OFFICE
ON THE WEB: www.apsu.edu/financialaid                                                                                  931-221-7907

Financial Aid                                                                                                             Room 216
                                                                                                                           Box 4546

What you need to know about grants, loans and more
   Financial aid is available in the form
of scholarships, grants, loans and federal
work study. The federal government,
                                                         APSU School Code: 003478
state of Tennessee, lending institutions,
private agencies and postsecondary
institutions may offer financial aid
assistance. Most federal and state funded
financial aid programs are awarded on
the basis of proven financial need. Need
is defined as the difference between the
cost of attendance and the expected
family contribution (EFC). The EFC
is determined by a standard formula
established by the U.S. Congress. Apply
online at www.fafsa.gov.

Types of Financial Aid
•   Grants: Based on financial need.
•   Student Loans: Borrowed
    money that must be repaid.
    Repayment begins six months
    after graduation or when student
    is no longer enrolled half-time.
    Visit www.studentaid.gov for more
• Parent Plus Loan: Borrowed money
    that must be repaid. Repayment
    begins immediately from the time         •   Parents applying for a PLUS loan          Manage Your Debt
    funds are disbursed, or a repayment          may apply at www.studentloans.gov.
    plan may be selected.                    •   Master Promissory Note is required          Student loans are a fact of life for
• Federal Work Study: Based on                   for both the student and PLUS             many students who cannot meet the cost
    financial need. Student works on             loans.                                    of school without them. Even so, it is
    campus up to 20 hours per week.          •   Entrance counseling is required for       important to make intentional and wise
• Scholarships: For information                  student loans at www.studentloans.        decisions. For example, only borrow
    about scholarships available at              gov.                                      what you need.
    APSU please visit the scholarship                                                        You will want to take some time to
    website at www.apsu.edu/                                                               determine the difference between what
    scholarships.                            Meeting Satisfactory                          you need and what you want, as student
  NOTE: Financial aid does NOT               Academic Progress for                         loans must be paid back. You have the
always cover the cost of books.                                                            option of accepting a partial amount for
                                             Federal Financial Aid                         your student loans. You do not have to
                                             •   Students must go to class.                take out the maximum allowable. An
Important info about                         •   Students must maintain good               excellent resource for keeping a tab on
Student and Parent PLUS                          academic progress in order to             your loan balance is www.studentaid.
                                                 continue eligibility for financial aid.   gov. Using the repayment calculator will
Loans                                        •   Students can lose eligibility to          give you an idea of your payments after
•   Student and Parent PLUS loans                receive aid based on poor grades or       graduation.
    are offered by the Federal Direct            attendance.
    Student Loan Program.                    •   Review Satisfactory Progress
•   Students must accept their loans on          guidelines at www.apsu.edu/
    AP OneStop.                                  financialaid.

                                                 AUSTIN PEAY STATE UNIVERSITY | 15
FINANCIAL                  FINANCIAL AID | SFAO@apsu.edu
AID OFFICE                 HOURS: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday
931-221-7907               ON THE WEB: www.apsu.edu/scholarships/tn-education-lottery-programs/dont-lose-hope
Room 216
Box 4546                     HOPE Lottery Scholarship
                             Keep your scholarship!

   Important points to know
   •   FAFSA: Completing the FAFSA is
       the only way to apply and must be
       submitted each year. Students can
       access the application at www.fafsa.
   •   Oct. 1: 2018-19 FAFSA opens at
       www. fafsa.gov.
   •   Maintain the enrollment status
       for which you were awarded.
       For example, if awarded for full
       time, you must maintain full-time
   •   If your enrollment status changes,
       you may permanently lose your
       HOPE lottery scholarship. You may
       be able to maintain the number of
       credit hours needed to keep the
       lottery scholarship by enrolling in an
       additional class at the Austin Peay
       Center at Fort Campbell.
   •   Strict appeal process — most cannot
       be appealed.
   •   Seek tutoring assistance immediately
       from the Academic Support Center
       if you are struggling academically.
   •   Students are responsible for
       knowing and understanding criteria       •   Must have a minimum cumulative            full-time enrollment.)
       for retaining the scholarship(s).            GPA of 2.75 after 24 and 48           •   Must be continuously enrolled at an
   •   Go to www.apsu.edu/financialaid for          attempted semester hours; and             eligible postsecondary institution
       additional information.                  •   Must have a minimum cumulative            in the fall and spring semesters and
                                                    GPA of 3.0 after 72 and 96                maintain satisfactory academic
                                                •   Must have a minimum cumulative            progress.
   HOPE Lottery Scholarship                         GPA of 3.0 for 120 attempted
   Renewal Criteria                                 semester hours and above, or must        If a student ceases to be academically
     Eligibility will be reviewed by the            have between a 2.75-2.99 cumulative   eligible for the HOPE Lottery
   institution at the end of the semester in        GPA after 72 and 96 and have a        Scholarship, the student may regain the
   which the student has attempted a total          semester GPA of at least a 3.0 in     award one time only. The award may be
   of 24, 48, 72, 96 and any subsequent             the semester in which the student     reestablished once the student meets any
   multiples of 24 semester hours thereafter.       attempted 72 and 96 (The student      of the above criteria and continues to
   The student:                                     will be reviewed on a semester-by-    meet non-academic requirements.
                                                    semester basis and must maintain

                                                    16 | 2018-19 NEW STUDENT GUIDE
FINANCIAL AID | SFAO@apsu.edu                                                                                           APSU
HOURS: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday
ON THE WEB: www.apsu.edu/financialaid
Financial Aid FAQs                                                                                                    003478
Frequently Asked Questions about financial aid

Undergraduate Enrollment Status                                    Q. When should I apply for Financial Aid?
                                                                     The FAFSA should be completed after Oct. 1 each year. Our
•   Full time = 12+ hours                                          priority deadline is Feb. 1 of each year.
•   3/4 time = 9-11 hours
•   Half-time = 6-8 hours                                          Q. How do I apply for the HOPE Lottery Scholarship?
•   Less than half-time = 1-5 hours (NOTE: If you are                You need to complete the FAFSA by Sept. 1 for the fall term
    awarded financial aid for full time and drop to 3/4 or part    or Feb. 1 for the spring and summer terms. For additional
    time, you may be billed for overpayment of financial aid.)     information, please visit: www.tn.gov/CollegePays.

Verification                                                       Q. I want to apply for scholarships only. Do I have to fill out
•   The federal government randomly selects approximately          the FAFSA?
    30 percent of all financial aid application files for            Only if you are applying for the Tennessee Education Lottery
    verification of data.                                          Scholarship (HOPE scholarship) or Tennessee Promise.
•   You may be asked to provide the following:                     Please refer to www.apsu.edu/scholarships/ for additional
    — IRS tax return transcripts for parent and/or student         scholarships, eligibility and application information.
    — Various verification-type worksheets
    — Other                                                        Q. There has been a loss of income since I completed the
•   The student’s financial aid cannot be finalized until all      FAFSA. What should I do?
    verification documents are received.                             Please contact our office for further assistance at 931-221-
Important Student Financial Aid To Do’s                            Q. What happens after I submit my FAFSA?
•   Read all correspondence sent via mail or AP Mail.                Your FAFSA is processed by the U.S. Department of
•   Avoid procrastination when it comes to financial matters       Education. If there are problems or errors, the Department
    and call or visit the Financial Aid office immediately.        of Education and/or the Office of Student Financial Aid will
•   Check AP email daily.                                          notify you.
•   Refer to our website for important dates and information.
                                                                   Q. My parents are divorced. Which parent should complete
Q. How do I apply for financial aid?                               the FAFSA?
   Apply online at www.fafsa.gov as soon as possible after Oct.      The custodial parent is responsible for filling out the FAFSA.
1. After completing the FAFSA, you may sign electronically         The custodial parent is the parent with whom you lived with
or print the signature page. To sign electronically, you must      the most during the past 12 months.
request a PIN (personal identification number) at fsaid.ed.gov.
If you choose the signature page, it must be completed and         Q. If I drop any course(s), how will it affect my financial aid?
mailed to the address provided on the FAFSA application.             It could possibly result in owing money. Check with us
   It is each student’s responsibility to complete the FAFSA and   before you drop a course.
provide any additional paperwork requested by the Financial
Aid Office. Ample time must be allowed to review and finalize      Q. If I skip a semester in college, how will that affect my
the award by the Student Financial Aid Office. Students must       financial aid?
reapply each academic year for financial aid.                        You will not receive any financial aid. For example, if you
                                                                   had loans, you will begin using your authorized grace period.
Q. Do I have to apply for Financial Aid every year?                Lottery Scholarship recipients must get pre-approval to skip a
  Yes, the FAFSA must be completed each year.                      semester (excluding summer term).

                                                                                      FAQ’s, continued on page 18

                                                 AUSTIN PEAY STATE UNIVERSITY | 17
FINANCIAL                  FINANCIAL AID | SFAO@apsu.edu
AID OFFICE                 HOURS: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday
931-221-7907               ON THE WEB: www.apsu.edu/financialaid
Room 216
Box 4546                     Financial Aid FAQs
                             Helpful answers to common questions
   Q. How is financial “need” determined?                               Q. What is the difference between a subsidized and
     Cost of attendance (COA) is determined by the University           unsubsidized Direct Loan?
   using rules established by the federal government. The COA may         The federal government pays the interest on subsidized loans
   include:                                                             while the student is enrolled in school at least half-time. With an
   • Tuition and fees                                                   unsubsidized loan, the interest payments are the responsibility
   • Allowance for housing and food                                     of the student. Students can elect to pay the interest on the
   • Allowance for estimated transportation expenses                    unsubsidized loan while in school or choose to let the interest
   • Allowance for books and supplies                                   accrue. Arrangements for payment should be made through the
   • Allowance for estimated miscellaneous expenses (such               student’s loan servicer, not the university.
        as personal expenses). Students receiving any federal
        and/or state funds cannot receive financial aid greater         Q. What is Federal Work Study and how do I qualify?
        than their COA minus other aid they are expected to                Federal Work Study is an employment program sponsored
        receive (Vocational Rehabilitation, Workforce Essentials,       by the federal government. You must complete the FAFSA each
        Scholarships, etc.).                                            year and meet the priority published deadline dates as well as
                                                                        the federal eligibility requirements. Please note that funding is
   Q. Who is eligible to receive financial aid?                         limited. For additional information, please visit www.apsu.edu/
     To receive aid from any of the federal student aid programs, you   financialaid/fws.
   must meet all of the following qualifications:
   • Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen with a valid Social      Q. What is Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity
       Security number.                                                 Grant (FSEOG)?
   • Have a high school diploma or a General Education                    FSEOG is a grant funded by the federal government for
       Development (GED) certificate or pass an approved ability-       undergraduate, degree-seeking students with exceptional financial
       to-benefit (ATB) test.                                           need. You must meet the priority published deadline dates as well
   • Be enrolled or accepted for enrollment in an eligible program      as the federal eligibility requirements. In order to apply, you must
       as a regular student seeking a degree.                           complete the FAFSA. Please note that funding is limited.
   • Register (or have registered) with the Selective Service if
       you are a male between the ages of 18 and 25. You can give       Q. I am confused with the financial aid process; with whom
       Selective Service permission to register you on the FAFSA.       would I speak?
       You can also register online at www.sss.gov.                       General questions will be answered by any of our staff. If you
   • Have financial need. Financial need is determined by a             have unusual circumstances or need more specific information,
       standard formula established by Congress to calculate your       you will be referred to a counselor.
       expected family contribution (EFC).
   • Meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards set by the       Q. Where is the Financial Aid Office located at Austin Peay
       federal guidelines. For more information, visit www.apsu.        State University?
       edu/financialaid/sat.prog.php.                                     Ellington Student Services Building, 2nd floor, Room 216.
   • Certify that you will use federal student aid only for
       educational purposes (on the FAFSA).                             Q. How can I check my financial aid status?
   • Certify that you are not in default on a federal student loan        We encourage students to check their status on AP OneStop.
       and that you do not owe money on a federal student grant         You can also call our office at 931-221-7907 or toll free at 1-877-
       (on the FAFSA).                                                  508-0057.
   • Maintain at least half-time enrollment status to receive
       student loans, TSAA or Tennessee Education Lottery (HOPE)
       Scholarship. Most grants are prorated based on the number
       of credit hours enrolled.
   • Financial aid can not be used to pay for developmental/
       remedial courses in excess of 30 attempted hours. The policy
       may be reviewed at the following link: www.apsu.edu/

                                                     18 | 2018-19 NEW STUDENT GUIDE
STUDENT ACCOUNT SERVICES | bursar@apsu.edu                                                                                          STUDENT
HOURS: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday
ON THE WEB: www.apsu.edu/student-account-services                                                                                   SERVICES

Student Account Services
                                                                                                                                  Room 101/108
                                                                                                                                      Box 4444
Important fee dates, confirmation of classes, and tuition payments
Fee Payment Dates: Fall 2018                                            Confirmation of Classes
  Fee payment, refund, withdrawal and late registration dates for          Confirmation is necessary to prevent your classes from being
Clarksville Campus, Fall 2018:                                          dropped.
  July 13              Fee statements will be emailed to students          Confirming means paying tuition either by using Financial
                       who pre-registered by July 12.                   Aid or by paying out of pocket. Even if a student’s account shows
                       Review your account in OneStop.                  a “0” or a balance of “$ -3,240.00,” he or she must complete the
  July 14-Aug. 22      Fee payments accepted at cashier’s window        confirmation process to retain his or her classes. Students may
                       and through OneStop.                             confirm their classes by logging on to AP OneStop at www.
  Aug. 22              Last day to pay in person at cashier’s window    onestop.apsu.edu. Confirmation of classes must occur every
                       until 4:30 p.m. for preregistered students and   semester. Instructions for confirming classes:
                       through OneStop by 9 p.m..                          1. Log into the student account on OneStop. If you have trouble,
                       Classes will be dropped at 9 p.m. for            call GOVSTECH at 931-221-4357.
                       preregistered students who have not paid            2. Select the “Web Self Service” tab.
                       and/or confirmed their classes.                     3. Click on “Student” tab.
  Aug. 26              Last day for 100% refund of fees                    4. Then choose “Student Account” from the listing.
  Aug. 27              Weekday classes begin                               5. Select the option that begins with “Confirm and Pay.”
  Aug. 27-29           Late registration                                   6. Choose the term to confirm from the drop-down box (e.g.
  Aug. 29              Last day to add a class; last day to submit      Fall 2018 or Spring 2019) and click submit.
                       fee waiver or discount to receive credit for        7. At the top of the Account Detail for Term screen, two options
                       Fall 2018.                                       are shown:
  Sept. 5              Balance checks will be mailed to students           a. Yes, I will attend.
                       with a credit and classes have been                 b. No, I will not be attending.
                       confirmed.                                          8. Choosing “Yes, I will attend” will result in the screen “Your
  Sept. 9              Last day for a 75% fee adjustment                registration has been confirmed. Your confirmation number is
  Sept. 22             Last day to receive 25% fee adjustment           XXXXX” if no charges are owed.
                                                                           9. If a student still owes money, he or she will be directed to a
    NOTE: Always review your account in OneStop.                        secure site to pay the balance or sign up for a payment plan. Once the
                                                                        payment is processed, a confirmation email will be sent. If a balance
Tuition payment information, Student                                    is owed, you must pay this balance before you are confirmed.
                                                                           Clicking “Yes, I will attend” will not confirm your classes if a
Account Services, Ellington 101/108, 931-                               balance is due.
221-6285                                                                   10. Choosing “No, I will not be attending” will result in the
•     Payment can be made with cash, check, Visa, MasterCard,           screen “You have chosen to not attend [specific term]. Your classes
      American Express or Discover.                                     will be deleted.”
•     Checks/money orders should be made payable to Austin Peay            11. If you accidentally select “No, I will not be attending” in error,
      State University (APSU).                                          please email bursar@apsu.edu or call 931-221-6285. If you have any
•     The student’s name and student A-Number should be listed          questions, please feel free to contact the Student Account Services at
      on any check, money order or correspondence.                      931-221-6285.
•     An installment plan is available during the fall and spring          *To be sure you are confirmed, repeat steps 2-6 and it should
      semesters: You can obtain more information about the              state, “Your Fall (or current term) Schedule is Confirmed.” If you
      installment plan at www.apsu.edu/student-account-services/        see this message, your classes are confirmed.
      your-account/payment/installment_plan.php. Payments also
      may be made in person at the cashiers’ windows in Ellington
      from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, or online
                                                                        Registration, Cancellation and Withdrawal
      via OneStop. For more payment information, please visit the       •   Not attending class does not relieve you from your financial
      Student Account Services website, www.apsu.edu/student-               obligation or entitle you to a refund.
                                                                                 STUDENT ACCOUNT SERVICES, continued on page 20

                                                     AUSTIN PEAY STATE UNIVERSITY | 19
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