TOGETHER We're all in this - Philanthropy Report 2020 - Bancroft

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TOGETHER We're all in this - Philanthropy Report 2020 - Bancroft
We’re all in this

       Philanthropy Report 2020
TOGETHER We're all in this - Philanthropy Report 2020 - Bancroft

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       CEO Message                                  Bancroft Event Snapshots

    3 Reflecting on our success                  17 Ensuring future sustainability
      TOGETHER                                      TOGETHER
       Fiscal Year 2020 in Review                   The Siegels’ Story

    5 Facing challenges TOGETHER                 18 Leaving a lasting legacy
       COVID-19 and the Bancroft                    TOGETHER
       Emergency Fund                               Legacy Society

    7 Making a difference TOGETHER               19 Fueling Bancroft’s mission
       Philanthropy in Action                       TOGETHER
                                                    Donor Roll Call
    8 Remembering Jodi TOGETHER
       A Bright Smile and Awesome                29 Accomplishing more
       Dance Moves                                  TOGETHER
                                                    President’s Circle
    9 Fostering growth TOGETHER
       Big Brother Ben                           30 Increasing impact TOGETHER
                                                    Recurring Donations and Matching
                                                    Gifts, Meet the Development Team
    10 Empowering individuals served
       Proud to be Paul                          31 Financially sound TOGETHER
                                                    Financial Overview
    11 Impacting lives TOGETHER
       Philadelphia Foundation and Bancroft:     32 Raising funds TOGETHER
       The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship      Development Overview

    12 Serving the community                     33 Changing lives TOGETHER
       TOGETHER                                     About Bancroft
       Corporate Corner: Wolf Commercial
       Real Estate                               34 Advancing goals TOGETHER
                                                    Board of Trustees and
    13 Enriching lives TOGETHER                     Executive Team
       Volunteer Spotlight: Mallory’s Mission

    14 Partnering TOGETHER
       Family Executive Council

TOGETHER We're all in this - Philanthropy Report 2020 - Bancroft
Dear Friends,

2020 has been a year unlike any other. It has felt
incredibly long and lightning fast all at once.
                                                            Reflecting on where we were one year
What started as a year full of excitement and
                                                           ago and what we have gone through – as
promise turned into months of continuous change,
                                                         individuals, partners, families, a community
unrest and the unknown. While the COVID-19 global
                                                            and an organization – I am astounded.
pandemic continues, the Bancroft family shows
how incredibly flexible and pivotal we are with                While many things have changed,
every new day.                                                 our foundation remains the same.

:: Our community mobilized.                                    Bancroft’s mission of empowering
                                                            the children and adults we serve to live
When the call for emergency supplies and daily
                                                             their best life remains at the forefront
enrichment activities grew, our Bancroft families
                                                            of the work we do – before, during and
and philanthropic partners answered and collected
                                                                 after the COVID-19 pandemic.
necessary donations to help the individuals served
and staff prepare for and navigate the sudden shift
in everyday life.
                                                       I am so grateful for a support system that has
:: Staff innovated.                                    rallied to fortify Bancroft. Despite everything we
                                                       have collectively experienced, we have had an
Our direct support professionals rose to the
                                                       incredible year.
occasion in every way – they were creative and
ambitious in their efforts to keep everyone safe
                                                       Please enjoy reading this year’s Philanthropy Report
while providing fulfilling activities and setting up
                                                       as a snapshot of your advocacy and philanthropy
video calls with families and friends. Our teachers
                                                       during this whirlwind year. Every dollar counts.
and clinicians embraced virtual learning and
                                                       Every donor counts. Everything we do today helps
enrichment while using technology to connect
                                                       ensure a stronger tomorrow for the children and
with the students.
                                                       adults we have the privilege of supporting.
                                                       We’re in this together.
:: The individuals served proved to be resilient.
While it hasn’t been easy for anyone, those we         Warm regards,
support have been patient and are finding ways
to cope with the continuing restrictions. They are
learning how to enjoy more activities at home and
use masks and social distance when with others so      Toni Pergolin
they can begin to get out in the community again.      President & CEO

TOGETHER We're all in this - Philanthropy Report 2020 - Bancroft
Fiscal Year 2020 in Review

                                          Bancroft’s President & CEO Releases New Book!
                                          Toni Pergolin added author to her title with the release of her first
                                          book, Too Important to Fail: Leadership Lessons for Nonprofits,
                                          in January 2020. In the book, Toni shares her personal Bancroft
                                          journey and the challenges and triumphs of a legacy Toni knew
                                          she had the responsibility to uphold and bring into the future.
Reflecting on our success TOGETHER

                                          It chronicles the financial hardships of the organization and
                                          how Toni was able to apply her business acumen to nonprofit
                                          management in order to move the organization forward and
                                          ensure future sustainability. All proceeds benefit Bancroft.  
                                          On Tuesday, November 12, 2019, over 100 attendees celebrated this monumental
                                          achievement at a pre-release book celebration at the Bancroft Raymond & Joanne Welsh
                                          Campus. In addition to a book signing, the event included a speaker panel moderated by
                                          Bancroft board member Dr. Kriste Lindenmeyer and featuring Toni, Chairman of the Board
                                          Ken Ewell and board member and Bancroft dad Joe Atkinson.

                                     Michelle Habingreither Awarded 2019 Donna Clinger Leadership Award!
                                     Congratulations to Michelle Habingreither, Senior Director of
                                     Community Residential Services for Adults and the Judith B. Flicker
                                     Residences, who was awarded the 2019 Donna Clinger Leadership
                                     Award from the New Jersey Association of Community Providers.
                                     The statewide award recognizes an individual whose work has
                                     had a tremendous impact on the intellectual and developmental
                                     disability community. During Michelle’s 15 plus years at Bancroft,
                                     she has been at the forefront of staff morale, staff engagement and
                                     recreational opportunities for individuals served. Michelle is not
                                     someone who seeks or even enjoys public recognition but this is
                                     truly a well-deserved honor!

TOGETHER We're all in this - Philanthropy Report 2020 - Bancroft
Bancroft Welcomes                                      New Diversity, Equity &
New Chief Financial Officer                            Inclusion Initiatives
Jennifer Cripps joined                                 Bancroft conducted an organization-wide
Bancroft as Chief Financial                            confidential survey of staff to understand
Officer in June 2020. Cripps                           how well it is doing in its efforts to support a
brings to the organization                             respectful, inclusive and fair work environment
more than 20 years of                                  for all, regardless of race, religion or any other
experience in accounting and                           personal characteristics. The survey provided
financial management, most                             an opportunity to assess the organization’s
recently serving as Senior                             current state and to identify opportunities and
Vice President and Chief                               areas of focus to enhance and improve the work
Financial Officer for Lutheran Social Ministries of    environment and to truly become more inclusive
South Jersey, a $75 million nonprofit organization.    for all team members. Based on the results,
Prior to joining Lutheran Social Ministries in 2012,   educational priorities were identified for staff
Cripps held positions at Dow Jones & Company,          and the greater Bancroft community to better
PricewaterhouseCoopers and accounting firms            support diversity and inclusion.
in New Jersey and Delaware. Cripps earned her
Bachelor’s in Accounting at Juniata College and her    In addition, an Executive Steering Committee
Master’s in Accounting & Financial Management at       was formed to provide oversight of the efforts,
the University of Maryland University College.         and a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council
                                                       made up of staff from across the organization
                                                       was established to help lead sustainable
                                                       improvements. Lastly, Bancroft is engaging an
                                                       external diversity consultant to ensure we are
                                                       doing everything we can to support staff and
Bancroft Partners                                      make certain these initiatives become a part of
                                                       our culture in a sustainable manner.
with Peirce College
Bancroft announced a new
partnership with Peirce
College, Philadelphia’s
only college dedicated
exclusively to serving adults, to provide career-
focused education and training for employees.
Through this partnership, Bancroft employees,
their spouses and dependents have expanded
access to affordable, flexible degree programs
and certificates designed for working adults.
The partnership also provides expanded access
to personalized degree completion pathways that
maximize transfer credits, professional and military
training and other college-level knowledge that has
been acquired outside of the classroom.

This partnership is integral in helping employees
expand their knowledge and skills and reach the
next level of their Bancroft career!

TOGETHER We're all in this - Philanthropy Report 2020 - Bancroft
COVID-19 and the
                                             Bancroft Emergency Fund
                             Throughout Bancroft’s 137-year history, the
                             organization has survived many difficult and
                             historic times. Bancroft endured the 1918
                             influenza pandemic, two World Wars, the Great
                             Depression, and Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy,
                             to name just a few. The COVID-19 pandemic has
                             proven to be one of the most challenging times
                             not only in our nation’s history but in Bancroft’s
                             as well. Along with the rest of the world, each
                             moment brought a new mandate, a new safety
                             procedure and a new normal.

                             As day programs were instructed to close
                             and group homes were placed under stay-
                             at-home orders, Bancroft responded swiftly
Facing challenges TOGETHER

                             with new protocols and procedures to ensure
                             the health, safety and well-being of those in
                             our care. Exacerbated by global shortages
                             of critical supplies and personal protective
                             equipment as well as staffing challenges,
                                                                                      Bancroft is resilient, but the support
                             Bancroft had a tremendous responsibility
                                                                                    of Bancroft families, local organizations,
                             to continue to carry out the life-sustaining
                                                                                     foundations, partners and friends was
                             services for the children and adults in
                                                                                     paramount in helping us to maneuver
                             residential care, no matter the obstacle.
                                                                                        the ever-changing situation and
                                                                                     confront the COVID-19 crisis head-on.

                                                                                  In March, Bancroft established the Emergency
                                                                                  Fund to help offset the unexpected and
                                                                                  increased expenses related to the pandemic.
                                                                                  Whenever we asked for support, the Bancroft
                                                                                  community responded generously each time.
                                                                                  In addition to monetary gifts and grants,
                                                                                  we received generous donations of critical
                                                                                  supplies that were instrumental in helping us
                                                                                  continue to provide our vital care and services.

                                                                                  Donations of arts and crafts supplies and other
                                                                                  enrichment activities, staff appreciation meals
                                                                                  and so much more – each contribution made a
                                                                                  significant impact on all those living, learning
                                                                                  and working at Bancroft throughout this time.
                                                                                  The generosity of this community was felt with
                                                                                  resounding appreciation across the organization.

TOGETHER We're all in this - Philanthropy Report 2020 - Bancroft
As the pandemic advanced, the Bancroft team was
agile and creative in developing virtual programming,
therapies, education plans and activities to stay
connected with individuals served while they were
at home. The day program staff reimagined virtual
programming from remote art and music classes to
health and wellness sessions, and the residential team
hosted outdoor movie nights, dance parties and other
fun at-home enrichment activities. Although we faced
challenges along the way, Bancroft was committed
to providing unique moments of laughter, life and
love and ensuring that all those in Bancroft’s care
were actively connected and engaged during these
difficult times.                                         The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world, and how
                                                         we do business, but it has reinforced our commitment to
                                                         Bancroft’s mission, and it has presented an opportunity
                                                         to work collaboratively to move the organization
                                                         forward with hope, perseverance and pride. No matter
                                                         the challenges ahead, we will continue to empower the
                                                         children and adults living with disabilities we serve to
                                                         realize their best life, and we will remain a beacon of
                                                         hope for families in need of our support.

                                                         The Bancroft community has been a key to weathering
                                                         this storm, and we are incredibly grateful and
                                                         humbled by your steadfast commitment and support.

          Combined with the proceeds from the first-ever Virtual Butterfly Ball,
            over $840,000 has been raised for Bancroft’s Emergency Fund!

       Personal Protective Equipment Donations:                 Corporate & Foundation Partners:
                                                                • The Lebensfeld Foundation

                 6,800 gloves                                   •
                                                                  NJ Pandemic Relief Fund
                                                                  PHL COVID-19 Fund
                                                                • NRG Energy
                 5,350 surgical masks                           • Camden County Cares Grant
                                                                • Wells Fargo
                 3,508 cloth masks                              • South Jersey COVID-19 Response Fund
                                                                • Geico

                 1,490 N95 masks                                •
                                                                  OceanFirst Foundation
                                                                  Knights of Columbus: Nativity of
                                                                   Our Lord Council #14658
                 221 face shields                               • The Arc of New Jersey, Inc.
                                                                • NJ Council on Developmental Disabilities

TOGETHER We're all in this - Philanthropy Report 2020 - Bancroft
Philanthropy in Action
                               Enrichment Fund                                     Weekend Warriors
                               Many Bancroft donors desire to have a direct        For the second year in a row, Bancroft’s direct
                               impact on the lives of the individuals served.      support professionals in the Community
                               Based on donor feedback, Bancroft established       Residential Services for Adults, NJ program
                               an Enrichment Fund, which allows donors             were excited to participate in the Weekend
                               to designate their gift to the program they         Warrior program. The program provides
                               are most passionate about. This fund is used        encouragement and incentive to DSPs to
                               to enhance the experiences and activities           generate creative and fun experiences and
                               available to the individuals served in their        activities at home and
                               respective program. Trips to New York to            in the community.
                               see The Lion King,                                  The coveted Weekend
                               time spent down the                                 Warrior Champions
                               shore, making waves                                 Award was given to
                               at Sahara Sam’s and                                 the Tallowood Group
Making a difference TOGETHER

                               more – these exciting                               Home in recognition
                               experiences were made                               of their enthusiasm
                               possible for some of                                and the engaging
                               the residents in the                                experiences they
                               Community Residential                               created.
                               Services for Adults,
                               NJ program through
                               generous donations.                                 Giving Tuesday
                               With donor support, we hope to expand               On December 3, 2019, Bancroft participated
                               this initiative to other programs. To learn         in Giving Tuesday, a global day of charity, and
                               more, please contact Tess Tebaldi at                shared a wishlist of items donors could support.
                      or 856-348-1162.          Although Bancroft received many generous
                                                                                   donations, we initially did not achieve our goal.
                                                                                   However, we are incredibly grateful to Corinne
                               Bancroft Appreciation Appeal                        and Scott Welsh, longtime supporters and
                                                                                   friends, who donated the difference to ensure
                               In honor of National Direct Support Professionals   we could purchase all of the items. Thanks to
                               Week, Bancroft families were invited to show        all of the donors, Bancroft purchased new lawn
                               their appreciation and support for staff by         equipment and office supplies for the Adult
                               making a gift to the Bancroft Appreciation          Employment Program, art supplies for the Adult
                               Appeal. Over $10,000 was raised and inspiring       Day Programs, new furniture for the Judith
                               words of encouragement, gratitude and               B. Flicker Residences for Seniors and more to
                               admiration were shared. The donations               enhance our programs and services.
                               allowed Bancroft to recognize and reward the
                               dedicated DSPs and other staff who strive
                               every day to ensure that the individuals they
                               serve are empowered to realize their best life.

TOGETHER We're all in this - Philanthropy Report 2020 - Bancroft
A Bright Smile and
                   Awesome Dance Moves
On May 15, 2020, the Bancroft community                 Jodi was also an accomplished athlete and
lost one of its brightest, shining lights. Jodi         dedicated to health and wellness. Her drive
Lynn Kurtzman passed away peacefully just               for competition and performance took center
a few weeks shy of her 50 th birthday. For over         stage as she became a gold medalist in the
20 years, Jodi lived, laughed and was loved             New Jersey Special Olympics. Jodi played
at Bancroft by everyone she met. The bonds              many sports; namely track and field, softball,
she formed at Bancroft                                  bowling and tennis. No matter what obstacle
were so strong that                                     stood in her way, Jodi was driven and
they were more than                                     determined to accomplish her goals.
that of simply staff and
housemates – they were                                  Bancroft is honored to have been the place
friends. The outpouring                                 that Jodi called home and her dance moves,
of love for Jodi has                                    big smile and lovable personality will forever
made it very clear that                                 be missed. In lieu of flowers, Jodi’s parents

                                                                                                          Remembering Jodi TOGETHER
everyone who knew her                                   Elene and Marshall Kurtzman asked their friends
was positively impacted                                 and family to make a donation to Bancroft in
by her spirited and                                     memory of Jodi. Marshall and Elene shared that,
cheerful love of life.                                  “To Jodi, Bancroft meant community and the
                                                        feeling of security, happiness and fun. We felt
Jodi loved to share her joy with everyone               that Jodi was well cared for and challenged to
she met. Through her favorite hobbies, she              achieve her potential.”
was able to communicate her excitement
and express her love for life. A consummate             Thanks to the generous donors who
performer, Jodi loved making music,                     contributed in her memory, Jodi’s bright
dancing, playing sports and meeting new                 spirit will forever live on at Bancroft.
people. Through Joyful Noise, a 45-person
chorus of individuals with intellectual and
developmental disabilities and brain injuries,
Jodi was able to shine her light and sing in a
variety of concerts.

      Tribute Gifts
      Tribute gifts offer a meaningful and impactful way to honor someone special or
      memorialize someone who has passed away. When a tribute donation is received,
      a personalized letter or email is sent to notify the individual or family that a donation
      was made in their name.

      To learn more about tribute gifts at Bancroft, please contact Tess Tebaldi at or 856-348-1162.

TOGETHER We're all in this - Philanthropy Report 2020 - Bancroft
Big Brother Ben
                            For 11-year-old Ben Chau, transitioning was
                            not something that came easily. He often
                            cried at school and would express his emotions
                            through tantrums and aggression. When Ben’s
                            parents Dina and Jerry found Bancroft,
                            they were hopeful that his behaviors would
                            improve with compassion, patience and an
                            individualized and collaborative approach to
                            address Ben’s unique needs.

                            In 2016, Ben began at Bancroft’s Early Education
                            Program (EEP). EEP provides children with a
                            solid foundation for success. Each child has a
                            specific education plan to fit their needs based
                            on their individual skills and challenges and
                            students gain a love of learning while developing
                            social skills, making friends and having fun.
                                                                                With Ben’s progress, Dina and Jerry felt
Fostering growth TOGETHER

                            When Jillian Kuni – one of Bancroft’s special       comfortable enough to expand their family
                            education teachers – first met Ben, she             and shortly after they welcomed home a baby
                            knew that he needed to find new ways to             girl and moved to a new home. Ben overcame
                            communicate what he was feeling. After              these changes with a smile and was thrilled to
                            finding a communication device that fit Ben’s       return to school as an awesome big brother.
                            needs, he began learning how to adapt and           Ben’s mother expressed, “We couldn’t
                            express himself without having tantrums, and        thank all the wonderful teachers, staff and
                            his parents began to see him change into a          therapists enough for all of their love, help
                            happier, calmer and more interactive child.         and support over the years to push Ben where
                                                                                he is now and as he continues to grow.”

                                                                                Although COVID-19 proved challenging for
                                                                                Ben, he used his new communication skills to
                                                                                express his feelings. Ben has become more
                                                                                independent and connected to his family.
                                                                                He loves to play outside and looks forward
                                                                                to going on family car rides on Sundays and
                                                                                playing with his now 19-month-old sister,
                                                                                Carly. Carly enjoys cuddling up with Ben when
                                                                                he plays on his iPad and they have become
                                                                                best friends.

                                                                                On September 8, Ben arrived at The Bancroft
                                                                                School for his first day! Although he was a bit
                                                                                nervous, he transitioned well and likes being
                                                                                back in a routine. Every morning Ben walks
                                                                                into school independently and enthusiastically
                                                                                with his aide by his side. Ben’s future is very
                                                                                bright, and The Bancroft School looks forward
                                                                                to helping Ben achieve all of his future goals!

Proud to be Paul
There are very few people who can say they
have been a part of the Bancroft community
for more than half of their lives. For Paul
Duckworth, that is indeed the case. In 1982,

                                                                                                         Empowering individuals served TOGETHER
Paul joined Bancroft’s Community Residential
Program and quickly became known as a
very talented, creative and independent
individual. Through the years, Paul has become
an enthusiastic member of the Bancroft
community attending many special events,
including the Golf Outing, the Butterfly Ball and
the annual Flicker Prom – a crowd-favorite!

Although there have been many self-fulfilling
moments for Paul, one of his most cherished
memories was participating in the Special
Olympics Bowling competition where he won a
                                                    Paul explained that one of his favorite parts
medal for his skills! Paul was also honored with
                                                    about Bancroft is going on trips to new and
the Community Star Award from the New Jersey
                                                    exciting places. In 2017, Paul moved to the
Association of Community Providers in 2014 at
                                                    Judith B. Flicker Residences for Seniors and
the Annual Community STARS Award Dinner.
                                                    when asked what he loves about Flicker said,
Paul is known as an extremely independent           “I can go on trips like the Spirit of Philadelphia
and structured person. He has been a part of        Cruise!” “Ohhh, that was a good time,” Paul
the Adult Employment Program since coming           gleamed. Paul hopes to one day go to Six Flags
to Bancroft in 1982 and enjoys having a set         Great Adventure and the beach in Wildwood –
schedule for each day. Before COVID-19, Paul        he looks forward to riding many rides and
was working at Bancroft’s corporate office in       swimming in the ocean!
Cherry Hill, NJ, three days a week. Paul stated,
                                                    Not only is Paul very independent and
“I like to clean and make things look nice!”
                                                    adventurous, but he is also a very talented
It comes as no surprise that he was also hired
                                                    artist. He began making birdhouses and
to work at Goodwill two days a week doing
                                                    other art pieces quite a long time ago and has
any and all tasks asked of him with triumph.
                                                    continued to develop his technique. Paul takes
Paul has learned from his many jobs that he
                                                    a plastic canvas and weaves yarn through,
loves to socialize with others and talk to them
                                                    creating different shapes and designs. It takes
about traveling!
                                                    him many hours to complete, but he is very
                                                    proud of his dedication and creativity. You can
                                                    often find Paul at the kitchen table working on
                                                    his creations.

                                                    Paul is very proud of his accomplishments.
                                                    “I take good care of myself,” Paul stated
                                                    with pride. Paul is looking forward to the
                                                    future of creating more art and selling some
                                                    of his pieces so that he can continue to be
                                                    independent and experience as many trips
                                                    and new places as possible!

Philadelphia Foundation and Bancroft:
                           The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship
                           In 1918, William P. Gest and the Fidelity Trust
                           Company formed the Philadelphia Foundation,
                           one of the first community foundations in
                           the world. Philadelphia Foundation was
                           created as a charitable trust to administer
                           community-based philanthropy to strengthen
                           the economic, social and civic endurance of
                           Greater Philadelphia. More than a century later,
                           Philadelphia Foundation continues to do just
                           that. Philadelphia Foundation is a publicly
                           supported foundation and manages more
                           than 1,000 charitable funds established by
                           its donors and makes over 1,000 grants and
                           scholarship awards each year.

                           Fully invested in the Greater Philadelphia
                           Region, Philadelphia Foundation invested
                                                                                 Through day, residential and employment
                           in Bancroft with a first-time Impact Grant
Impacting lives TOGETHER

                                                                                 programs, Bancroft’s Adult Services
                           to continue in our mission to create a better
                                                                                 focus on four key elements:
                           life for the people we serve. Specifically,
                           this grant was used to focus on our Adult                  Day Enrichment:
                           Services program in New Jersey. Serving 456                Strengthening Skills and Abilities
                           individuals, our goal in the Adult Services area
                           of Bancroft is to support adults diagnosed with            Lifelong Learning:
                           intellectual and developmental disabilities,               Applying Skills and Knowledge
                           move them towards greater levels of
                                                                                      Career Exploration:
                           independence and maximize their potential
                                                                                      Exploring Career Related Interests
                           for the future.
                                                                                      and Abilities

                                                                                      Employment Preparation:
                                                                                      Employment and Career Planning

                                                                              Bancroft knows that lifelong learning is the
                                                                              key to self-development and empowerment.
                                                                              The Adult Services program at Bancroft helps
                                                                              each person realize his or her full potential.
                                                                              With the help of this grant from the Philadelphia
                                                                              Foundation, Bancroft is able to continue
                                                                              these vital programs and increase the quality
                                                                              of life for individuals served. We thank the
                                                                              Philadelphia Foundation for everything they
                                                                              do for the community of Greater Philadelphia.

Corporate Corner:
            Wolf Commercial Real Estate

           Bancroft is delighted to
         announce our new corporate
              partnership with

                                                                                                                  Serving the community TOGETHER
Wolf Commercial Real Estate (WCRE) is a
full-service commercial real estate brokerage
and advisory firm specializing in office, retail,
medical, industrial and investment properties
in the Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey
region. WCRE is committed to building
strong relationships with all clients through
responsiveness, attention to detail and                      The WCRE Foundation has raised approximately
communication. WCRE was founded in 2012 by                   $315,000 from its fundraising efforts benefiting
Managing Principal Jason Wolf, after 17 years                multiple charities, including the American
of success at a top-two national commercial                  Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen Foundation,
real estate firm.                                            Bancroft and others. In addition to an annual
                                                             charity golf tournament and hockey tournament,
Southern New Jersey and the Philadelphia
                                                             WCRE also offers its clients the opportunity to
region mean more to WCRE than just a place
                                                             donate a portion of their transactions to the
to do business. They are committed to the
                                                             charity of their choice.
health and well-being of the people in their
community. WCRE donates a portion of its                     Bancroft and WCRE share a mission to better
revenue from the business to local charities                 the lives of the people living in their community.
and inspires its staff to volunteer and donate               “Our entire team at WCRE is proud to be part
to charitable organizations. In 2016, Jason                  of Bancroft’s mission within the community.
Wolf and WCRE created the WCRE Foundation to                 We look forward to helping better the lives of
enhance their community fundraising efforts.                 the many people Bancroft services within the
                                                             region,” said Jason Wolf.

                                                             We are excited to announce this new
                                                             partnership and are incredibly grateful for
                                                             WCRE’s generous support!

                                          Bancroft was also honored to support the sixth annual
                                          WCRE Thanksgiving Food Drive benefiting the Samost
                                          Jewish Family and Children’s Service food pantry.

Volunteer Spotlight: Mallory’s Mission
                           Bancroft offers a variety of volunteer
                           opportunities which allow each person to
                           meaningfully share their talents, time and
                           interests with the individuals we serve.
                           These opportunities include working directly
                           with the individuals served by Bancroft and
                           a variety of indirect volunteer opportunities
                           such as helping with events and fundraisers
                           and assisting corporate staff.

                           For Mallory Powell, volunteering at Bancroft
                           has become a vital part of her life. Since 2013,
                           she has donated her time as a Special Olympics
                           volunteer with Bancroft. “I have volunteered
                           for autism causes for quite some time because
                           I wanted to support my friend whose children
                           were diagnosed with autism,” Mallory stated.
                           She finds that Bancroft provides a unique
                           experience, allowing volunteers to give their      Mallory explained, “Being a part of the
                           time to individuals in the community directly      Bancroft community has been such a special
Enriching lives TOGETHER

                           and she enjoys seeing the mission in action.       experience for me as I have had the privilege
                                                                              to provide the individuals in Bancroft’s care
                           Mallory began volunteering with Bancroft           the opportunity to learn and grow with
                           through the Life Enrichment program                activities that others might take for granted.”
                           which provides educational, cultural and           She added that there is nothing more rewarding
                           recreational activities for individuals            than seeing the smiling faces of the Special
                           served who are at least 22 years of age            Olympics athletes as they learn new skills or
                           and enrolled in the Adult Services of South        achieve set goals. Mallory has proven to be a
                           Jersey programs. The goal of Life Enrichment       great friend and mentor to many throughout
                           is to increase intellectual, physical and          her years in the Bancroft community.
                           socialization skills as well as promote leisure,
                           independence and personal enjoyment.               Bancroft is grateful for Mallory and all of our
                                                                              dedicated volunteers who devote their time
                           Mallory has shared her talent in many different    and talents to fuel Bancroft’s mission.
                           ways through the years. She’s led music and
                           yoga classes, coached both the bowling and         Although COVID-19 has put a pause on Bancroft’s
                           track and field teams for the Special Olympics     on-site Volunteer Program, we hope that it will
                           and utilized her professional event planning       not be long until we are able to work together
                           experience as a member of the Butterfly Ball       again utilizing our strengths to better assist the
                           and One World Run committees.                      individuals that live, learn and grow at Bancroft.

Family Executive Council
The Bancroft Family Executive Council (FEC) is a group of family
members of current or former persons served by the organization who
are grateful for the care their loved ones receive and are committed to
the future and financial sustainability of Bancroft. Effective July 1, 2020,
this integral group was relaunched as the Family Advisory Board (FAB).

The FAB meets twice a year and provides members the opportunity to interact
with other Bancroft families, the Board of Trustees and executive leadership. Meetings provide insider
information on the organization’s programs, services, events and high-level strategic initiatives as well
as access to topical presentations from Bancroft thought-leaders.

         Bancroft is incredibly grateful to the following members
         for their philanthropic support, advocacy and commitment.
         • L aura Kuntz (Chair) &                         • Dolly & Mitchell Kowal
            Ed Mikalauskas                                 • Andrea Lewis
         • Raven & Steve Adams                            • Betsy Menkes
         • Darlene & Stuart Altschuler                    • Doug Menkes
         • Laura & Joseph Atkinson                        • Marianne & Laurence Shulman

                                                                                                            Partnering TOGETHER
         • The Bennett Family                             • Paula & Larry Siegel
         • Sally & Bob Danley                             • Dorothy Smith
         • Carin & John Foster                            • Paula & Stuart Solomon
         • Randi & Bill Galanty                           • Janis Sweeney
         • Barbara & Abraham Goodgold                     • Steven Sweeney
         • Ann & Doug Hambry                              • A
                                                              nn-Marie Leahey, MD &
         • Karen & Jeff Harris                              David Vaughn, MD
         • The Kennedy Family

                                     Members as of November 1, 2020.

             Join Bancroft’s Family Advisory Board!
      For more information, contact Tess Tebaldi, Senior Director of Development:
                      CALL                                EMAIL

Bancroft Event Snapshots

                                   H   ANNU
                               T              A
                                                                  On Friday, September 13, 2019, Bancroft hosted its

                                                                  35th Annual Bancroft Golf Outing at the Union League
                                                                  National Golf Club in Swainton, NJ, presented by
                                                                  Eaise Design & Landscaping, Inc.
                                                                  108 golfers hit the green to golf FORE the children and
                                                                  adults served by Bancroft and enjoyed various games
                                                                  and activities, including a $10,000 putting content,
                                                                  hole-in-one contest – furnished by Holman Infiniti –
                                                                  and silent auction. Thanks to the generous support of
                                                                  the golfers and 46 event sponsors, over $160,000 was
                                                                  raised for Bancroft’s vital programs and services!
Celebrating TOGETHER

                                                  Cocktails & Conversation for a Cause
                                                  On Thursday, September 19, 2019, the One World Run Committee
                                                  hosted the first-ever Cocktails & Conversation for a Cause, a guest
                                                  bartender event at Redz Restaurant in Mount Laurel, NJ.

                                                                          Attendees enjoyed appetizers, raffles, great
                                                                          conversation and cocktails served up by guest
                                                                          bartenders, Devin DiNofa, the Chair of the One
                                                                          World Run Committee, Justin Deal, Paul Goren,
                                                                          Mitch Kowal, Pat Meade and Roberto Perez.
                                                                          All tips benefited the One World Run!

Over 225 participants joined Bancroft on Saturday, October 12, 2019, for the 2nd
                             Annual One World Run hosted at the Bancroft Raymond & Joanne Welsh Campus.

                             Presented by Adler’s Pharmacy, the event included a 5K run and 1-mile family fun walk
                             along with a special kickoff performance by the Mummers, a photo booth and face painting!
                             With the generous support of the runners and walkers and 32 sponsors, the One World Run
                             raised nearly $90,000!

Virtual Butterfly Ball
Due to the pandemic, Bancroft was unable to host
the 2020 Butterfly Ball in-person but that did not stop                  The virtual event also celebrated
our incredible supporters from rallying behind us to                            the three honorees:
ensure the success of the event!
                                                                                        ONE WORLD AWARD
On Friday, June 5, 2020, the first-ever virtual Butterfly
Ball was presented by Graham Company and emceed                                         Toni Pergolin
                                                                                        President & CEO, Bancroft
by Marianne Aleardi, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief                                      Author, Too Important to Fail: 
of SJ Magazine. With a welcome message from the                                         Leadership Lessons for Nonprofits
Judith B. Flicker Residences for Seniors and a special
performance of The Impossible Dream by Alex Siegel,                                     CORPOR ATE
one of Bancroft’s most talented singers, the celebration                                LE ADERSHIP AWARD
video drew 670 views and raised over $430,000 for the                                   Ravitz Family
Bancroft Emergency Fund!                                                                Foundation
Toni was recognized for her 15-year tenure at
Bancroft and celebrated for the release of her book,                                    LEGACY AWARD
Too Important to Fail: Leadership Lessons for Nonprofits.                               Kenneth L. Ewell
Toni dedicated her award to the incredible staff who                                    Chairman, Bancroft Board of Trustees
work tirelessly and compassionately to support the                                      President & COO, Graham Company
individuals served by Bancroft, even during the most
difficult times.

The Siegels’ Story
                                          Since 2006, Alex Siegel has been a part of the
                                          Bancroft family. Alex came to Bancroft not
                                          long after Toni Pergolin joined the Bancroft
                                          team. Without Toni, Bancroft would not be
                                          the beacon of hope for families that it is today,
                                          and Alex would not have had such a wonderful
Ensuring future sustainability TOGETHER

                                          place to grow and learn. It didn’t take long
                                          for Paula and Larry Siegel to realize this after
                                          reading Toni Pergolin’s book Too Important to
                                          Fail. The Siegels were alarmed upon learning
                                          that when Toni became Bancroft’s CFO in
                                          2004, Bancroft was facing serious financial
                                          challenges and possibly on the verge of closing.

                                          Paula and Larry know firsthand just how             The Legacy Society allows individuals and
                                          essential Bancroft is for their grandson and so     families to include Bancroft as beneficiaries of
                                          many others. Bancroft relies on support and         their will and financial plans in many different
                                          donations from families and the community to        ways, including retirement assets, wills
                                          fuel our mission. The Siegel family knew that       and trusts, charitable gift annuities and life
                                          they wanted to make a significant contribution      insurance policies.
                                          to support Bancroft in perpetuity, and with the
                                          launch of the Legacy Society, they were able to
                                          do just that.
                                                                                                          We are hopeful that, as the
                                          “When we recently learned of the Legacy
                                                                                                       endowment grows, Bancroft will
                                          Society, a planned giving campaign established
                                                                                                       never again face a financial crisis
                                          to ensure the sustainability of Bancroft’s
                                                                                                          that threatens its existence.
                                          existence, we were both relieved and inspired
                                                                                                         Every family with a loved one
                                          to make a contribution to the endowment.
                                                                                                       under Bancroft’s care knows that
                                          Families, such as ours, rely on Bancroft to
                                                                                                      Bancroft is TOO IMPORTANT TO FAIL.
                                          provide our loved ones an enriching quality
                                          of life that enables them to feel valued,                    – PAU L A A N D L A R R Y S I EG EL
                                          productive, protected and secure long after
                                          we are no longer here to watch over them.”

                                                                                              As one of Bancroft’s most talented performers
                                                                                              and an Andy Williams enthusiast, Alex
                                                                                              performed The Impossible Dream at the end
                                                                                              of the Virtual Butterfly Ball. This song is a
                                                                                              beautiful representation of what Bancroft is
                                                                                              to so many. Bancroft allows those we serve
                                                                                              to “dream their impossible dream,” “fight the
                                                                                              unbeatable foe,” and “run where the brave
                                                                                              dare not go.” Thank you, Paula and Larry Siegel
                                                                                              for your generosity. The legacy you leave
                                                                                              will allow Alex and the individuals served at
                                                                                              Bancroft to “reach the unreachable star!”

We are grateful to the following individuals who have
designated Bancroft as a beneficiary of their financial plans
 or who have left a lasting legacy with their planned gift.

                                                                          Leaving a lasting legacy TOGETHER
   • Ann G. Anderson*                     •E
                                             llen and Brad Molotsky
   • Linda J. Bennett                     • Dr. Bela Mukhoti*
   • Kathryn and Christopher Capritti     • Audrey Peyton*
   • Sally and Robert Danley              • Kathy and Wayne Ross
   • Helen Davis*                         • Virginia D. Rushmore*
   • Joan H. Declement*                   • Mary and Jacob Schaefer*
   • Kenneth L. Ewell                     • Paula and Larry Siegel
   • Jacqueline & Leonard Faupel*         •P
                                             aula and Mark Solomon
   • Judith Harper*                       • Rita Waranch*
   • Justin Israel*                       •S
                                             usan Weisman &
   • Dr. Michael Kahn*                     Andrew S. Howard

   • Walter J. Levy*                      • Cort Wizorek

   • Doug Menkes                          • Dr. Clarence York*

   • Stanley C. Mich*                     *Deceased

Learn more about leaving a lasting legacy!
      Please contact Sue Piergallini, Chief Development Officer:
       CALL                              EMAIL

Donor Roll Call
                                                                        Barbara and The Honorable       Steven Sweeney
                                      INDIVIDUALS                       Jack Tarditi                    Jerry Truster
                                                                        Corinne and Scott Welsh
                                      Over $25,000                                                      Irene D. and Peter
                                                                        Joanne Welsh                    S. Vosbikian
                                                                        Leah and Jason Wolf             Lorraine and Ron Weiss
                                      Pamela and Mark Adler
                                      Laura and Joseph C. Atkinson
                                                                        $   5,000 – $9,999
                                                                                                        $   2,500 – $4,999
                                      Lisa and Kenneth L. Ewell         Darlene and
Fueling Bancroft’s mission TOGETHER

                                                                        Stuart Altschuler               Rosalyn and Laurence
                                      Fran and William A. Graham IV                                     S. Belgin
                                                                        Alysa and Scott Bannett
                                      Dolly and Mitchell Kowal                                          Linda J. Bennett
                                                                        Nancy and James Biello
                                      Gloria G. and Stephen                                             Susan and Joshua J. Bennett
                                      J. Mayer*                         Kathleen and
                                                                        Anthony Carella                 Michele S. and Martin
                                      Tina and Patrick Meade                                            A. Bieber
                                                                        Tracy and James Carlino
                                      Toni and John Pergolin                                            Lynne and John Ewell
                                                                        Sally and Robert L. Danley
                                      Paula and Lawrence                                                Barbara and Abraham
                                      R. Siegel                         Randi and William Galanty       Goodgold
                                                                        Ellen and Gerard Gendron        Alison Bell Keim and
                                      10,000 – $24,999
                                                                        Karen and Jeffrey R. Harris     Andrew Keim
                                      Rebecca and Fadi Cherfane         Evan and Thomas Heitzman        Karen Lindgren and
                                      Lisa C. DiMedio and John C.       Margaret W. and William         Kyran Hurley
                                      Flamma Jr.                        B. Hooper                       Debbie and Gary Koopman
                                      Kevin Eaise                       Teri and Michael Kennedy        Douglas Menkes
                                      Flicker Family Fund               Laura Kuntz and                 Elizabeth Menkes
                                      Anne Forward and Anthony          Edmund Mikalauskas              Frank N. Messina
                                      D. Schlesinger                    Ann-Marie Leahey and            Dennis J. Morgan
                                      Carin and John O. Foster          David Vaughn
                                                                                                        Josefina and Michael Nash
                                      Susan and Lawrence Goren          Patricia and Robert F. Mate
                                                                                                        Sharon and Seymour Reiter
                                      Ann and Douglas Hambry            Karen and Michael J. Mitchell
                                                                                                        Jordan Rosenblatt
                                      Andrea and Craig Lewis            Joe Pesci
                                                                                                        Karen T. Schlesinger
                                      Nicole and Adam B. Landau         Susan Piergallini and
                                                                        Gene Ragazzo                    Dorothy A. Smith
                                      Mary Pat Meyer
                                                                        Eileen and Brian Propp          Gail and Oscar Szigeti III
                                      Jeffrey A. Miller
                                                                        Carolyn and John Roth
                                      Pnina and Mark Mintz                                              1,000 – $2,499
                                                                        Lori and Michael Shaffer
                                      Suzanne and Samuel                                                Anonymous
                                      A. Pignatelli                     Marianne and
                                                                        Lawrence Shulman                Andrea Agnew
                                      Lynda and Stewart Resnick
                                                                        Paula and Stuart Solomon        Ann T. Anthony
                                      Randee and Kenneth                Barbara Stern                   Theresa and David Bahnick
                                                                        Janis Sweeney                   William L. Bamford

Kelli and Darren L. Blough        Kathleen and David A.             Maria and
Enrico Bombieri                   Raymond Sr.                       Brandon Chornobroff

Susan Bombieri                    Clair and Dean Rohrer             Anne and John F. Conway

Marshella and Calvin L. Cass      Nancy Rorke                       Russell DiNardo

Anne and Craig Chandler           Scott Rosenberg                   Mayva Donnon

Amy Chew MacDougall               Barbara Rolnick and Nathan        Martha J. Donohoe
                                  J. Blum                           Martha Joan Donohoe
J. Richard Crout
                                  Emily and Suby Ross               Nancy and Joseph Dorr
Nancy and Steve Cucinotta
                                  Kathy and Wayne Ross              Troy Eckburg
Amy Dorfmeister
                                  David B. Rubin                    Lori and Michael Etkin
Suzanne and James P. Dwyer
                                  Nicole and Arthur Saponara        Robert Ewell
Peter Ehrenberg
                                  Anne Saueracker                   Colleen and Edwin Ferren
Jane Femia Baider and Joe Pluck
                                  Gayle and John Scirocco           Kathleen and Frederick
Erin and Anthony Foursha
                                  Ann Shakeshaft and                Freeman II
Dave Fraytak                      Michael Tobey                     Laura Gatlin
Rita Hegmann                      Angela and Daniel Snyder          Margaret Giordano
Donna and J. Michael Icovino      Heather Steinmiller               Kim Harman
Denise and Jamie Kerth            Kathleen and James Strauss        Vera Harwell
Lori and Wayne Kobular            Susan and Daniel Swett            Edward Hazzouri
Ellene and Thomas Kowal           Robert Tracy                      Colleen and Patrick J. Healey
Helen Kowal                       Paul Verna                        Margaret and Thomas Heer
Hugh LaMonaca                     Beatrice M. Vota                  Lee Heims
Kriste Lindenmeyer and            Gale and William Wills
Donald Groff                                                        Elaine and Dimitri Jeon
                                  Sharon and Andrew R. Wright III   Caroline Keating
Judi London and David S. Smith
                                  Maria Zolezzi and                 Theresa and Daniel Koszowski
Colleen and David Macalino        Carl Bloomfield
Jo-Ann and Thomas Mara                                              Thomas Kowal Jr.

Lisa A. and David M. McCarthy     $   500 – $999                    Heather and Mark Kramer

Kaitlin and Kurt Miceli           Lisa and Greg Alberts             Pamela and Scott Kurtz

Tiffany and Victor Mogell         Randi Altmark                     Katie and Chris Law

Kathleen Murphy                   Linda Baboulis                    Mary and Stephen Lewia

Oderah Nwaeze                     Bonnie and Kevin J. Bailey        Kellie and Steven B. Macrae

Caryn and Kenneth Pape            Andrea Ball                       Inger Magnusson

Parents of Larry H.               Theodore A. Beringer              Peggy and Glenn A. Manochi

Marsha and John Parker            Audrie Birnbaum and               Jeffrey Markowitz
                                  Scott Breakstone                  Ronald J. Masciantonio
Manisha and Jatin Patel
                                  Darleen and Christopher Blesi     Suzanne and Gregory Mayes
Nancy and William L. Patrick
                                  Cynthia Boyer                     Gary McLaughlin
Elena Petronio
                                  Leslie and Robert Bradley         Kathleen and David Mechanic
Eunice and Richard V. Pryor
                                  Kathryn M. and Christopher        Ellen and Brad Molotsky
                                  A. Capritti

Drucella and Paul Monroe         Catherine Brown                  Beth Kraus
     Robin and Joseph O’Malley        Elaine and Jay D. Buchanan       Andrea and Frank Lawson
     Tisha and Taiwo Odubote          Lisa and Richard Bungarden       Jenny and R. Jeffrey Legath
     Ethan Ordog                      Hayley Burns                     Linda Mack
     Bridget and James Palmer         Gina Burton                      Scott Mackenzie
     Lorri Perkins                    Prucia Buscell and Andrew        Megan Mahan
     Kristen and Michael Piotrowski   C. Sharp                         Laura and Edward Marhefka
     Tara and Andrew Poag             Margaret Carson                  Kathryn M. McCarthy
     Mary Jane Prybylski              Thomas J. Coan                   Theresa and Mark T. McCormick
     Frank Rauch                      Melissa and Michael Codianni     Linda and Michael Meade
     Debbie and Shawn D. Ravitz       Edward Cornely                   Jacalyn and Gary Melchiano
     Shirley and Thomas Reilly        Rosemary Culbertson              Joanne Miles
     Claudio Ricciardi                Evelyn H. Dart                   Robert Minion
     Donald Robinson                  Laura Derwin                     Beth and Paul Mora
     Colleen Rowan-Valentino          Arleen and Alan DeStefano        Sarah J. Moreau
     Michael Salerno                  Joseph DiBella                   Kathryn K. Myers
     Lori and John Sarkisian          Marie S. Douglass                Meredith and Mayank Patel
     Joan W. Schwartz                 Deborah and Joseph G. Ebling     Marti and Frank Pelosi
     Carol and Mark Sibley            Barbara and Francis Falotico     Roberto Perez
     David Snyder                     Ronald J. Fasanello              Wendy Pineda
     Leslie Lewinter-Suskind and      Nancy J. and Dallas C. Felmlee   Mallory and Peter Powell
     Robert Suskind                   Lisa R. Fitton                   Gary Price
     Kathryn Szigeti                  Elizabeth Fuzy                   Dennis Pushkin
     Tess and Matt Tebaldi            Aida Gabuzda                     Karen Reiss
     Susan Weisman and Andrew         Nina Geier                       Laura and Thomas Roberto
     S. Howard                        Regina Green                     Liz and George Robostello
     James Wellons                    Joseph Guzzardo                  Kenneth Rosen
     Jason Joseph Willoughby          Michelle Habingreither           Denise and Arthur Rubenstein
     Belinda and Gerry Wilson         Nancy and Edmund Hardy           Harvey Shaps
     Merrie Winston                   Roberta and Bradlaugh            Uzma and Iftikhar H. Shirazi
     Mike Zayschly                    Higginbottom
                                                                       Brian Silikovitz
     Anne and Andre Zazzera           Steven F. Hitzel
                                                                       Maureen Sokolowski
     Judith and Howard Zucker         John Hughes
                                                                       Frank Spinelli
                                      Kathy and Robert Hunt
     $   250 – $499                                                    Elizabeth Stankevich
                                      Katherine Hurlock
     Anonymous                                                         Lisa Levin-Stegall and
                                      Sally and Anthony P. Jannetta    Scott Stegall
     Raven and Steven Adams           Jerome Kahn                      Teresa and Robert C. Stoeckle
     Jaime Alexander                  Denise Kassekert                 Pamela Sultan
     Christina and James Axelrod      James J. Kirlin                  Carolyn Tassini
     Timothy Battista

Joseph Tredinnick                James H. Bonner                  Brittany and Devin DiNofa
Judy and John A. Van Doren       Larry and Nancy Bradley          Robert C. Dohrenwend
Suzanne and Mark Viggiano        Bonnie and Edward Brady          Theresa Dolan
Donna and Pat Warrick            Lynne Brosch                     Colleen Donofrio
Richard H. Weening               Mary Burczyk                     Crystal Doolin
Janet and Scott Werfel           Monika Burczyk                   Clare Douress
Lillian and John Wilkins         Marijke and Peter Businger       Sarah Dubin
Jane K. Windle                   John Calabro                     CJ Dunton
Elizabeth and Frederick Wright   Mary Ellen and Martin Capodice   Elizabeth and Francis
                                 Claudia Capritti                 A. DuVernois
100 – $249
                                 Dianne Carchesio                 Julia and Kenneth Ewell
Anonymous (2)                    Sandy Carlstrom                  Jim Ewell
William Adelson                  Mary Ellen Caro                  Mary Fagnani
Donna and Robert F. Agel         Nancy B. and Edward S. Carr      Jane and Robert H. Farley Jr.
Lauren Akruk                     Peter Cartwright                 John Farrell
Christina Alcorn                 Telma and Victor Carvalho        Deborah A. and Robert G. Faust
Salvatore Alfieri                Judy and David Casey             Helen and William E. Fay III
Brie Allan                       Bridget and Christopher Cella    Ruth A. and John C. Feggeler
Gina and Charlie Allan           Jun Chang                        Warren Feldman
Joann and Jerry Amiano           Linda and George M. Chant        Alexandra and Robert B.
Noa and Dan Aronovits                                             Finley Jr.
                                 Ethel and Edward W. Chapin
Mark F. Aseltine                                                  Dennis Flanagan
                                 Daryl Chertcoff
Douglas Auld                                                      Susan E. Fleming
                                 Tanya Chester
Joyce F. Baker                                                    Jessica and Russell Forman
                                 Richele and Richard Clark
Raymond Bales                                                     Lois Forman
                                 Mary Anne and John A. Connolly
Kathleen Bampfield                                                Alan Fox
                                 Jacqueline K. Conover
Nancy Baranski                                                    Constance Fox
                                 John C. Cornely Jr.
Jonathan Barber                                                   Julie Fox and Matthew Winokur
                                 Thomas Cornely
Michele and James Barth                                           Suzanne and Gary Freed
                                 Robert R. Costa
Richelle Baughn                                                   Thomas Fucili
                                 Karen and Anthony D’Ambrosio
Michael Belko                                                     Diane M. and John R. Fye
                                 Cynthia Deal
Donna Belton                                                      Marie and Antonino Galastro
                                 Gina and Justin Deal
Rachelle and Douglas                                              Mary R. Gallo
                                 Renee and Ralph Deal
S. Berkman                                                        Edward Gazze
                                 Nancy and E. John Decker
Adam Berr                                                         Elizabeth Giordano
                                 Stephanie and Hector DeJesus
Sashin Bhuta                                                      Denise Giorgianni
                                 Stephen Dermer
Lisa and Roland Bianchi                                           Ehren and Scott Goren
                                 Toni DiCarlo
Paula and Martin Bier                                             Lindsey Gorka
                                 Peter A. DiMarcello Jr.
Pamela and Arthur Bledsoe                                         Laurie Gottlieb
                                 Michael DiMattia

Anthony Graham                   Meg Kranzley                      Howard Moretsky
     Annette Granato                  Veronica Kreter                   Yasmir Moronta
     Mariann Granrath                 Thomas Kuhn                       Dana Jean Morris
     Andrew Graw                      Sylvia R. Kuntz                   Timothy P. Morris
     Beth Greer                       Kaaren Kurtzman                   Carol Murphy
     Daniel Griffin                   Tara and Erik Lange               Lee Neves
     Dean Grisoff                     Hava Laor                         Stephanie News
     Phyllis Grossman                 Marianne and Louis Larca          George Niemann
     Nancy Grossweiler                Lorie LeMontang                   Joanne and Joseph Notare
     Joanne Guglielmo                 Michael Leonetti                  Christopher O. Ocampo
     Nancy Gunderson                  Michelle Liberatore               Linda Odenath
     Donna Hamlin                     Marc Lippert                      Patricia Olivio
     Candice Hammond                  Barbara and Matthew Lockbaum      Christine Osvald-Mruz
     Christine Harris                 Kathy MacKinnon                   Richard Owens
     Thomas J. Hayevy                 Laura Magnus                      Juan Paez
     Linda Haymes-Elliott             John Mandle                       Evelyn and Rabbi Herbert Panitch
     Barbara and Tim Heim             Margaret Mannix                   Dolores M. Park
     Eric Hoheisel                    James Mansfield                   Patrick S. Pasquariello III
     Jeffrey Holman                   Dwight Martin                     Nancy Paul
     Susan Holzman                    Marjorie Martin                   Joy and Bernard Pekala
     Robin Hoy                        Betty and Bob Maul                Ellen and Alfred J. Pierce III
     Beau Huch                        Mary Catherine and Joseph         Ted Piker
     Shellie and Christopher Hughes   P. McCauley                       Henry Poole
     Karen and Patrick Ingenito       Patricia McConney                 Linda L. and Alcide R. Postorivo
     Lynn Jablonski                   Melanie and Darrin McGackin       Sylvia and Norbert Psuty
     Nannie Marie James               Anna McGuire                      Bradley Pulliam
     Peggy and Terry Jerden           Dana McLaughlin                   Phyllis Range
     Bruce Johnson                    Thomas McLaughlin                 Frances and Jeffry Raynes
     Patricia Johnson                 Mary and Steven McLeish           Atta Rehman
     Deborah Johnson-Lanholm          Melanie Meade                     Kathryn Ritter
     and Wayne Lanholm                Theresa J. Melvin                 Mark Robertson
     Taryn Johnston                   Eleanor G. Meyer                  Christa and Andre Rodums
     Onlei and Kurt Jung              Glenn Mielke                      Reiko Rotzell
     Laura Kahn and Mark Czyz         Renée Milbrad                     Lorraine Rowe
     Ellen and Mark B. Kaplan         Felicia C. and Gerald J. Miller   Zheming Ruan
     John Kilgarriff                  Vince Minetti                     John Ryan
     Greta Kindermann                 Debra Montella                    Maureen Sacchetti
     Barbara and William Knoth        Matilde Morales-Torres and        Audrey F. and Jeffrey M. Safirstein
     Anneliese and Hans Knur          Martin Lazaro-Jimenez
                                                                        Michele and Thomas Salvino

Donna and Mario Sartori              Oscar Szigeti Jr.                   The Arc of New Jersey
William R. Sasso                     Dana Szymanski                      Archer & Greiner, P.C.
Jeffrey Saunders                     Douglass A. Taylor                  The Bancroft School at
Donna Schannel                       Kathryn Tenkate                     Voorhees Pediatric Facility
                                                                         Student Council
Contessa Schexnayder                 William Thompson
                                                                         Bank of America
Samantha Schultz                     Cara Tomasco                        Charitable Foundation
Theresa Schwegel                     Teresa R. Truby                     The Bannett Group, LTD.
Judith B. and William T. Scott Jr.   Laura Vaughn                        Bayada Home Health Care
Robert Sena                          Maureen Washart-Krihwan             Bowman & Company
Linda and Judd A. Serotta            Barry Weichman                      Bristol-Myers
Peter Shallow                        Lisa Weinstein                      Squibb Foundation
Iris and Floyd Shapiro               Leigh T. Welsh                      Brown & Connery, LLP
Rita and Edward Sheehan              Linda M. and Bernard M.             Burlington County Professional
                                     Wennemer                            Firefighters Association
Marie Sheridan
                                     Nina and Jonathan White             Chamber of Commerce
Bruce Shoulson
                                                                         Southern New Jersey
Michael L. Silberstein               Denise L. and Michael J. Wigdor
                                                                         Charity Changer, LLC
Freeholder Heather Simmons           Jennifer and Dan Williams
                                                                         Chelsea Wealth Management
Abbie Slaman                         Bradley S. Williams
                                                                         Cigna Health & Life
Kenneth Slutsky                      Harry Wills
                                                                         Columbia Bank Foundation
Dawn Smith                           Christine and Robert Winn
                                                                         Comcast | NBC Universal
Carol Smith                          Ashley Woolsey
                                                                         Community Foundation of
Susan H. Smith                       Alan Wovsaniker
                                                                         New Jersey
Nancy and Cletus Snavely             Robert Zampella
                                                                         Community Foundation of
Lisa Sonderby                        Robert M. Zimmerman                 South Jersey – South Jersey
                                     Susan L. and Thomas V. Zug Jr.      COVID-19 Response Fund
Linda and John Spevacek
                                                                         Comtec Systems, Inc.
Michael A. Spinelli
                                                                         Conner Strong & Buckelew
Mariana and Mugur Stancu
Mark P. Steinberg                    CORPORATIONS                        Contemporary Staffing Solutions
                                                                         Cordasco Financial Network, LLC
Ashley Steinhart                     & FOUNDATIONS
                                                                         Corporate Synergies Group, Inc.
Jason Steinhorn
                                     ACT for Life Services               /Ron Weiss
John Stolz
                                     Adinolfi, Lieberman, Molotsky,      Cozen O’Connor
Gary Stoppelman                      Burick, Roberto & Falkenstein, PA   Credit Union of New Jersey
Todd Story                           Adler’s Pharmacy LTC                David B. Rubin, PC
Margaret Strong                      AEGIS Property Group                Delta Connects, Inc.
Helene and James Sumerson            AllRisk Property Damage Experts     Delta Dental of New Jersey, Inc.
Carolyn and John Sumiel              AmazonSmile                         Dewberry Engineers, Inc.
Nancy and Dan Swanson                Anchor Title Agency, LLC            Dietz & Watson, Inc.
Ruth S. and Michael L. Sweet         Anderson Center for Autism          Dolfinger-McMahon Foundation
Carolyn and Brian Swett              APM-Rentokil                        Dominion Foundation

DoubleTree Suites by Hilton –      Independent Alarm               Nova Services Group
     Mt. Laurel                         Infinity Title Agency           NRG Energy
     Dunkin Donuts – Mt. Laurel         Inspira Medical Center          NuMotion Foundation
     Dunleavy and Associates            Jackson Development Co., LLC    NuStar Energy
     Dur-A-Flex, Inc.                   Jason’s Dreams for Kids, Inc.   Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell
     Dynatec Systems, Inc.              JerseyGif                       & Hippel LLP
     Eaise Design & Landscaping, Inc.   Jewish Temple Association       OceanFirst Foundation
     Eckert Seamans Cherin &            Johnson & Johnson Matching      Orloff, Lowenbach, Stifelman &
     Mellott, LLC                       Gifts Program                   Siegel, P.A.
     The Eisen Charitable Foundation    Knights of Columbus:            Otterstedt Insurance Agency, Inc.
     Elite Auto Service, Inc.           New Jersey State Council        P. Agnes, Inc.
     Emerson Personnel Group, Inc.      KRA Insurance Agency, Inc.      Parkway Auto Body of Nutley
     Enterprise Holdings                Laird Norton Trust Company      Parx Casino
     Family Service Association of      The Lebensfeld Foundation       Peirce College
     Bucks County                       Lentzcaping                     Pepsi Cola & National Brand
     FCG Advisors                       The Lewis M. Gabbe              Beverages Ltd.
     The Flynn Company                  Foundation, Inc.                Permit Capital Advisors, LLC
     Fulton Bank                        Lockheed Martin                 Philadelphia Foundation
     Geico                              Macy’s, Inc.                    The PHL COVID-19 Fund
     General Chemical and Supply/       M&T Bank and The M&T            Pivot Onsite Innovations
     Dave’s Cleaning Service            Charitable Foundation           Pope John XXIII Regional High
     General Floor Industries Inc.      McAllister Energy               School Inc.
     General Recreation, Inc.           The McCann-Healey               Post & Schell, PC
     Gerry Lenfest Legacy Fund of       Funeral Home                    Proforma Dynamic Resources
     the Philadelphia Foundation        McKee Risk Management           The Protocall Group
     GLK Services, LLC                  McLaughlin Stauffer &           Prudential CARES Matching
     Glo-Tone Effect Foundation, Inc.   Shaklee, PC                     Gifts Program
     Graham Company                     Med-Metrix                      PwC
     Grant Thornton LLP                 Medford Bagel Shop              Queen’s Carriage
     Greenblatt, Pierce, Funt &         Mindas & Morris, LLC            Radwell International, Inc.
     Flores LLC                         MJ Kidz LLC                     Ravitz Family Foundation
     Greenlane Contractors              Narrative Media                 RBC Wealth Management – NJ
     The Haverford Trust Company        National Employee               RDL Construction LLC
     Herbert J. Sims & Co., Inc.        Management Resources, LLC
                                                                        Resnick Family Foundation, Inc.
     HFM Investment Advisors LLC        Needleman Management
                                        Company & Needleman             Roadrunner Sports
     Hinkle, Prior & Fischer, P.C.      Family Foundation               Robindale Consulting LLC
     Holman Enterprises                 New Jersey Pandemic             Rotary of Mount Laurel, Inc.
     Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield     Relief Fund
                                                                        RSM US LLP
     of New Jersey                      NJ Council on
     Howell Democratic Club             Developmental Disabilities
                                                                        Safeguard Business Systems
     Hyland Levin Shapiro LLP           NJM Insurance Group

Salerno & Son                      Voorhees Pediatric Facility        Burlington Country Club
SCIW Fence Products                Waste Management, Inc.             Cafe Aldo Lamberti
Select Medical Corporation         Weisman Children’s                 Kathleen and Anthony Carella
SJ Magazine                        Rehabilitation Hospital            Tracy and Jim Carlino
SJ Waterproofing                   Wells Fargo                        Central Park Bagel
South Jersey Federal               Whitesell Construction Co., Inc.   Anne and Craig Chandler
Credit Union                       Whitney H. Roddy, Inc.             Caden Chandler
South Jersey Magazine              Wicks Chapin, Inc.                 Melissa Chalme
Starbucks – Mt. Laurel             Willingboro Charitable             Cherry Valley Country Club
Stevens & Lee                      Officers Organization
                                                                      Patricia and Brett Chornobroff
Stewart, A Xerox Company           Withington Foundation Inc.
                                                                      Cooper Health System
Stradley Ronon Stevens &           Wolf Commercial Real Estate &
                                   WCRE Foundation                    Cornely Driving School
Young, LLP
                                   YourCause, LLC Trustee for         Crooked Dog Designs
Subaru of America and Subaru
of America Foundation              TD Ameritrade                      Cucina Carina
Suburban Disposal, Inc.                                               Dave & Buster’s Philadelphia
Sun Life Financial                                                    Deana DelRossi
Surety Charitable Foundation       GIFTS-IN-KIND                      Delta Dental of New Jersey
                                                                      Foundation, Inc.
Sysco Food Services                1812 Productions
of Philadelphia                                                       Denim BYOB
                                   AAA South Jersey
T & S Brass and Bronze                                                Diamond Building Services
Works, Inc.                        The Academy of Natural
                                                                      Jacquelyn Dickinson
                                   Sciences of Drexel University
Timothy Rice Estate and                                               Peter DiMarcello
Elder Law                          Andrea Agnew
                                                                      Maureen and Brian Dixon
TNT Rental                         Hala Al-Shawaf
                                                                      DoubleTree Suites by Hilton –
Township of Mt. Laurel             Amy’s Omelette House
                                                                      Mt. Laurel
Tozour Energy Systems              Jamie Amorosi
                                                                      Dunkin Donuts - Mt. Laurel
Transitional Work Solutions, LLC   Arden Theatre Company
                                                                      Dur-A-Flex, Inc.
Tri-State Fire Protection          Autism New Jersey
                                                                      Early Girl Quilt Company
Trinity Worldwide Technologies     The Avenado Family
                                                                      Eastern State Penitentiary
U-Lock-It Of Pocono                Bahama Breeze
                                                                      Edge Dance Center
UBS Financial Services             Jane Femia Baider and Joe Pluck
                                                                      The Eidex Family
Underwriting                       Barone’s Tuscan Grill
                                                                      Entercom Communications
Management Experts                 Barre3 Rittenhouse
                                                                      Escape Room Challenge, LLC
United Way of Gloucester County    Barbara and Sheldon Berkman
                                                                      EV Nails and Spa
United Way of Greater              Bernard’s Salon & Spa
                                                                      Exit Zero
Philadelphia & SNJ
                                   The Big Event
                                                                      Five Below, Inc.
US Home – We Care
                                   Kelli and Darren Blough
Foundation, Inc.                                                      Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse
                                   Bradford Portraits                 & Wine Bar
Verizon Foundation –
Matching Gifts Program             Branzino Italian Ristorante        Float SNJ
Virtua Health                      Brotherton Brewery                 Folkman Law Offices, PC

Foodwerx                           Gloria and Stephen J. Mayer*     Philadelphia String
     Mary Forness                       Michele and Chris McDonald       Band Association

     The Funplex                        Tina and Patrick Meade           Michael Pierce

     Steven Gordon                      Medford Bagel Shop               Sue Piergallini and
                                                                         Gene Ragazzo
     Grand Lux Cafe                     Medford Village Country Club
                                                                         Pinsetters Bar & Bowl
     Beth Greer                         Laura Kuntz and Ed Mikalauskas
                                                                         Plow & Hearth
     Pat Haines                         Bobbi Jo Miller
                                                                         Pocono Raceway
     Hagley Museum & Library            Karen Miller – Fox Roach
                                                                         Positively Sassy LLC
     Ann and Doug Hambry                Diana Mora
                                                                         Pumpkin BYOB
     Hand & Stone Massage – Marlton     Morey’s Pier
                                                                         The Pyramid Club
     Holiday Inn Express & Suites       Mothers of Civil Air Patrol
                                                                         The Quilted Nest
     Susan and Larry Horwitz            Muslim Federation of
                                        South Jersey                     Ramblewood Country Club
     IKEA Distribution Services
     North America                      Kathryn K. Myers                 Karen Ready

     Il Villaggio                       Nadine Janet Salon               Redstone American Grill

     In The Kitchen Cooking School      National Museum of American      Carole Reeves

     Interstate Outdoor Advertising     Jewish History                   Rivers Casino

     Japanese Cultural Center           Jim Nesbitt                      Clair and Dean Rohrer

     Jay Roberts Jewelers               New Leaf Tea Room                Kathy and Wayne Ross

     JerseyGif                          New York Jets                    Maureen Sacchetti

     Jersey Mike’s Subs –               NJ Medical Student Coalition     The Salt Suite
     Point Pleasant                     Joanne and Joe Notare            Seasons 52
     JG Kronenberger Fine Jewelry       NovaCare Mt. Laurel              Sephora
     Bruce Johnson                      Open Bible Methodist Church      William Sheppard
     Teri and Michael Kennedy           Terri Oppenheimer                Short Hills Deli
     King’s Palace Chinese Restaurant   Orvis                            Heather Simmons
     Dolly and Mitchell Kowal           Ownable                          Six Flags Great Adventure,
     Ellene and Thomas Kowal            Panera Bread/American            Hurricane Harbor and
                                        Bread Co.                        Wild Safari
     Laurel Lanes
                                        Bob Pantaliano – CFO 360         SJ Magazine
     Katie and Chris Law
                                        Paper Source                     Smart Bodies Personal Training
     Kathy Lewis                                                         Center
     Linwood Country Club               Passariello’s Pizzeria &
                                        Italian Kitchen                  Janet P. Smith
     Little Fish BYOB                                                    Susan Smythe
                                        Peloton JSS Tribe
     Little Mill Country Club                                            Sod Services by Paul Nardi +
                                        Penn Oaks Country Club
     The Logan Hotel                                                     Son - LLC
                                        Philadelphia Distilling
     Lou & Ann’s Deli                                                    South Jersey Magazine
                                        Philadelphia Eagles Pro Shop
     Ludovico’s of Haddonfield                                           Speed Raceway
                                        Philadelphia Fashion Incubator
     Colleen and David Macalino                                          Spice Salon
                                        Philadelphia Museum of Art
     Maggiano’s Little Italy                                             Staples

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