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                                                           TRULY GLOBAL
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                          ASIA TV FORUM
                       EXHIBITOR DIRECTORY
           20th Century Fox TV Distribution       Suite 5302   Fred Media                                  E30      Only Distrib                                        F10
           9 Story Media Group                           J26   Fuji Creative Corporation                   A24      Out of this World                             E08/H08
           A+E Networks                                  G20   Fuji Television Network                     A24      Outdoor Productions                                 K32
           Aardman Animations                            K32   Gala Television Corporation                 C20      Pact                                                K32
           ABC Commercial                                E30   Global Agency                               E27      Paramount Pictures                           Suite 5201
           About Premium Content                     E10/F10   Globo                                       E26      Passion Distribution                                K25
           ABS-CBN International Distribution            J18   GMA Worldwide                               J01      PGS Entertainment                              E10/F10
           Activetv Asia                            E08/H08    GO-N International                     E10/F10       Phoenix Satellite Television                        G24
           ADK/NAS/D-Rights                              A24   GOASEAN                                     D10      Picto Studio                                         J10
           AK Entertainment                         H10/H20    Gold Cinema Group                           J21      Pilgrim Pictures                              E08/H08
           Alfred Haber Distribution                     F30   Goldbee                                     H34      Pixelline Production                                D10
           all3media International                       K08   Goquest Media Ventures                      L34      Pixtrend                                             J10
           All Rights Entertainment                  E10/F10   Grafizix                                    J10      Playoncast                                    H10/H20
           Alpha Group                                   B10   Green Gold Entertainment                    H24      Portfolio Entertainment                             H33
           Ampersand                                 E10/F10   Guangdong Winsing                           B10      Primeworks Distribution                             D10
           Animasia Productions                          D10   Gyeonggi Content Agency                     J10      Public Television Service Foundation                C20
           Animonsta Studios                             D10   H Culture                                   J10      Rabbit Films                                        L24
           Antares International Media              E08/H08    Hakuhodo DY Music & Pictures                A24      Raya Group                                          H07
           Anyzac                                        J10   Hari International                          F10      Rainbow                                             E25
           Arirang TV                               H10/H20    Hasbro Studios                              F28      Record TV Network                                   K22
           ARTE France                               E10/F10   High Commission of Canada                   H33      Red Arrow International                             H21
           Asia CGI Animation Center                     G25   Huat Films                            E08/H08        Refinery Media                                E08/H08
           ATV                                           C29   Hud Hud Media                               D10      Rive Gauche Television                               J24
           August Media Holdings                    E08/H08    Iconix                                      J10      Robot Playground Media                        E08/H08
           Australian Children’s Television Foundation E30     iHQ                                   H10/H20        Roi Visual                                           J10
           Ava Entertainment                        H10/H20    IMDA                                  E08/H08        RT                                                   J07
           Balanga                                       F10   INA                                    E10/F10       SAMG Animation                                      L10
           Bananamana Films                         E08/H08    Index Creative Village                      G27      SBS                                           H10/H20
           BBC Worldwide                          Suite 5103   Indiacast Media Distribution                K19      Scripps Networks Interactive                        L26
           Berserk Media                                 L22                                   C10      Shanghai Media Group                             B10-06
           Beta Film                                     H32   Itep Pictures                               H03      Shoreline Entertainment                             G31
           Beyond Distribution                           E30   ITV Inter Medya                             J08      Sideways Film                                       K32
           Blue Ant International                        K20   ITV Studios Global Entertainment            D21      Signal Media                                        E29
           Bomanbridge Media                        E08/H08    Java Films                             E10/F10       Silver Wolf International                     E08/H08
           Breakthrough Entertainment                    J28   Jetpack Distribution                        K32      Singapore Pavilion by IMDA                    E08/H08
           Broadcast Program Export Assoc. of Japan      A24   The Jim Henson Company                      C30      Sky Vision                                           J15
           BV Animation Studio                           C10   JTBC                                  H10/H20        SkyLifeTV                                     H10/H20
           CAKE                                          K32   Just For Laughs                             H33      SMG Pictures                                        B10
           Calinos Entertainment                         F23   Jy Animation                                B10      Sonar Entertainment                                  J03
           Canamedia                                     A12   Kadokawa Corporation                        A24      Sony Pictures Television                     Suite 5001
           Capital TV                                    D10   Kanal D                                     C19      Sparky Animation                              E08, H08
           Caracol Television                            B29   KBS Media                             H10/H20        Star India                                          M20
           CBS Studios International              Suite 5202   Keshet International                        J19      Studio 100 Media                                    B27
           CCTV/CITVC                                 B10-01   King Content                          H10/H20        Studio Lux                                    H10/H20
           China Huace Film&TV                           K10   KOCCA                                 H10/H20        STUDIOCANAL                                    E10/F10
           Chips and Toon                           E08/H08    Korea Animation Industry Association        G25      Sunrise Entertainment/TVS Asia                E08/H08
           Chosun Broadcasting Corp.                H10/H20    Kung Fu Family Animation                    A09      Superights                                     E10/F10
           Cineflix Rights                               J20   La Vela Pictures                            K35      Taipei Multimedia Prod. Association           C20/C26
           CJ E&M                                   H10/H20    Lian Contents                         H10/H20        TAITRA                                              C10
           Coconuts TV                                   K16   Lightning International                     K34      Tak Toon Enterprise                                 G25
           Comarex                                       G28   Lionsgate Entertainment                     K02      Talpa Global                                        D25
           Creative Century Entertainment                C20   Lucky You                              E10/F10       TBS                                                 A24
           CREi                                          A24   MarVista Entertainment                      J23      TCB Media Rights                                    K32
           Creo Contents                            H10/H20    Mattel Creations                            E21      Telemundo Internacional                             B25
           Cyber Group Studios                      E10/F10    MBC                                   H10/H20        Televisa                                            C26
           D-Rights                                      A24   Media Prima                                 D10      Terranoa                                       E10/F10
           Daehan Mediaworld                        H10/H20    Mediacorp                         E08/H08/G10        Teteru                                               J10
           Dalgona Entertainment                         G25   Mediatoon Distribution                 E10/F10       Tezuka Productions                                  A24
           Deutsche Welle—Transtel                       E20   MGM Television                              D26      TF1 Studio (International)                     E10/F10
           DHX Media                                     H29   Millimages                             E10/F10       Toei Company                                        A24
           Discover China Production                     C28   Miramax                                     F27      Tree House Studio                                   C10
           Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific               K04   MISTCO                                      J06      TRX                                                  J09
           Disney                                 Suite 5102   MK Studio                                   J10      TV Asahi                                            A24
           Eagle Vision                                  K23   MM2 Entertainment                     E08/H08        TV Azteca                                           F26
           EBS                                      H10/H20    MNC Contents                                H09      TV France International                        E10/F10
           Eccho Rights                                  L20   Mondo TV                                    G30      TV Tokyo                                            A24
           Elite Animation                               D10   Monster Entertainment                       J25      Upside Distribution                            E10/F10
           Endemol Shine International                   D16   Muse Distribution International             H33      Viacom International Media Networks          Suite 5201
           Engine Studios                                C10   MyChinaChannel                        E08/H08        Vietnam Television                                  H26
           Escapade Media                                E30   Nafalia Corporation                         D10      Voguefilms                                    E08/H08
           Espresso Media International                  K32   NBCUniversal                         Suite 5003      Warner Bros. International Television        Suite 5101
           FAPAE                                         L28   Nelvana Enterprises                         J32      Weiyu Films                                    E10/F10
           Fantawild Animation                           B10   Newen Distribution                     E10/F10       Wild Bunch                                     E10, F10
           Federation Entertainment                  E10/F10   Next Animation Studio                       C10      WOWOW                                               A24
           Filmat36                                 E08/H08    NHK Enterprises                             A24      Xilam Animation                                E10/F10
           Filmax International                          L28   Nine Lives Media                            K32      Yomiuri-TV Enterprise                               A24
           FINAS                                         D10   Nippon Animation                            A24      ZDF Enterprises/Goldbee                             H34
           Flame Distribution                            D30   Nippon Television                           A24      Zed                                            E10/F10
           Flyingpig                                     J10   Ocon                                        J10      Zee Entertainment Enterprises                       F20
           Fortune Star Media                            G26   Off The Fence                               H25      Zig Zag Productions                                 K32
           Fox Networks Group Content Dist.              D18   Okio-Studio                                 A12      Zodiak Rights                                       H30
           FranceTV Distribution                     E10/F10   One Animation                         E08, H08
                                                                                                                                     Information correct as of 11/21/2016.
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                                                                                                                                                                         TV LISTINGS        3

                                                    9 STORY MEDIA GROUP                            Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood (Kids 2-5       teristics and fascinating facts of what
               In This Issue                        23 Fraser Ave., Toronto
                                                                                                   animated, S1-2: 130x11 min., S3: 40x11
                                                                                                   min. in prod.) Featuring Daniel, a shy but
                                                                                                                                                actually makes an animal cute.
                                                                                                                                                Running Wild: Camels (Factual, 1x60
                                                    ON M6K 1Y7, Canada                             brave 4-year-old tiger, who lives in the     min.) Australia has the largest herd of wild
                                                    (1-416) 530-9900                               beloved Neighbourhood of Make Believe.       camels in the world, initially used to assist
                             3                                                                     Finding Stuff Out (Kids 6-11 educa-          explorers but now a menace running wild.
                                                                                                                                                Turandot (Arts & music, 1x116 min.)
                    9 Story Media Group                                                            tional, S1-3: 42x22 min., S4: 13x22 min.     Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour:
                                                                           in prod.) A lively science-oriented series
                      ABC Commercial
                                                                                                   that gives kids answers to the questions     This is Puccini’s classic opera on Aus-
                                                                                                   that matter to them the most.                tralia’s famous Sydney Harbour.
                             4                                                                                                                  Prisoner Zero (Children’s, 26x30 min.) Ani-
                                                                                                                                                mated sci-fi, action-adventure series fol-
              ABS-CBN International Distribution                                                   ABC COMMERCIAL                               lowing teen heroes Tag and Gem and their
                  all3media International           Stand: J26                                     700 Harris St., Ultimo                       mysterious friend Prisoner Zero.
                  ATRESMEDIA Televisión             Contact: Federico Vargas, dir., dist.          NSW 2007, Australia                          Bobbie the Bear (Children’s, 10x3 min.)
                                                    PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS                                                                          A live-action series following the adven-
                    BBC Worldwide Asia              3 Amigonauts (Kids 6-11 animated               (61-2) 8333-5351                             tures of Bobbie, a lovely lavender bear
                                                    comedy, 52x11 min.) A comedy about                     and his farm friends.
                                                    three bumbling buds who attend the   
                             5                      solar system’s most prestigious space
                    Bomanbridge Media               academy, super-sizing the smallest tasks
                                                    into madcap intergalactic adventures.
                     Caracol Television             Nature Cat (Kids 4-8 animated comedy,
                          CJ E&M                                                                                                                           Ricardo Seguin Guise
                                                    80x11 min.) Nature Cat, a house cat,
                    Cyber Group Studios             embarks on action-packed adventures
                                                    that include exciting missions full of         Stand: E30                                                 Anna Carugati

                                                                                                   mgr., Asia, Australia & New Zealand.
                                                    nature investigation, “aha” discovery          Contact: Robyn Campbell, snr. sales                     Group Editorial Director
                            6                       moments and a healthy dose of humor.
                                                    Monica Chef (Kids 6-12 drama/comedy,           PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS                                        Mansha Daswani
                  Deutsche Welle—Transtel           40x22 min.) Monica needs to control her        The Wonder of Marsupials (Factual,                            Editor
                     Dori Media Group               musical daydreams and focus on becom-          3x50 min.) Stunning Australian land-                     Kristin Brzoznowski
                       Eccho Rights                 ing the chef she knows she can be.             scapes from scorching desert to pristine                    Executive Editor

                                                    mated comedy, 121x22 min. & specials)
                                                    Garfield and Friends (Kids 6-11 ani-           rainforests, amazing animal behaviors
                    Entertainment One                                                              and great marsupial facts.                                Joanna Padovano
                                                    This beloved classic series revolves           Top Jobs for Dogs (Factual, 12x30                          Managing Editor
                                                    around sarcastic Garfield, a lazy feline       min.) A look at what amazing and                             Sara Alessi
                             7                      whose only desires in life are lasagna,        entertaining tasks dogs are capable of                      Associate Editor
                      Escapade Media                catnaps and avoiding Mondays.                  and what it takes to develop a cute
                                                    Peg + Cat (Kids 3-5 animated, S1-2:            puppy into a Top Dog.                                      Victor L. Cuevas
                        Fred Media
                                                    130x12 min.) Emmy-winning series fol-          Newton’s Law (Drama, 8x60 min.)                       Production & Design Director
                      GMA Worldwide                 lows Peg and her sidekick, Cat, as they        Explores a variety of legal issues and
                                                                                                                                                              Phyllis Q. Busell
                      ITV Inter Medya               embark on adventures while learning            brings together a recognizable ensem-
                                                                                                                                                                Art Director
                                                    basic math concepts and skills.                ble cast.
                                                    Wild Kratts (Kids 4-9 animated adven-                                                                      Simon Weaver
                             8                      ture comedy, S1-4: 118x22 min., S5:                                                                        Online Director
                                                    20x22 min. in prod.) The Kratt brothers
              ITV Studios Global Entertainment                                                                                                                 Dana Mattison
                                                                                                                                                      Senior Sales & Marketing Manager
                                                    leap into animated action as they travel
                    Keshet International            to different corners of the world to get
                                                    up close with animals.                                                                                    Elizabeth Walsh
                                                                                                                                                         Sales & Marketing Manager
                   MarVista Entertainment
                                                    Numb Chucks (Kids 6-11 animated com-
                      Mattel Creations              edy, S1-2: 104x11 min.) Two half-witted
                                                    woodchuck vigilantes use their non-                                                                       Andrea Moreno
                                                    existent kung-fu skills to protect the lives                                                          Business Affairs Manager
                              9                     of the citizens in Ding-A-Ling Springs.
            Nippon Television Network Corporation   Camp Lakebottom (Kids 6-11 animated
                           Rainbow                  comedy, S1-2: 104x11 min., S3: 26x11
                                                    min. in prod.) 12-year-old prankster
                    Record TV Network               McGee’s bus took a wrong turn and                                                                      Ricardo Seguin Guise
                                                    landed him at the most spooky and                                                                            President
                                                    awesome camp ever, Camp Lakebottom.
                            10                                                                                                                                 Anna Carugati
                                                                                                   ABC Commercial’s The Wonder of Marsupials
                     SAMG Animation                                                                                                                             Executive VP
                                                                                                   You Can’t Ask That (Format, S1-2:
                 Silver Wolf International                                                                                                                  Mansha Daswani
                                                                                                                                                         Associate Publisher & VP of
                                                                                                   22x30 min.) A new series that asks the
                Singapore Pavilion by IMDA                                                         misunderstood, judged or stigmatized
                                                                                                   people in society the questions you’ve                  Strategic Development
                     Studio 100 Media
                                                                                                   always wanted to know the answers to.                        TV Listings
                                                                                                   Wiggle Town (Children’s, 52x3 min./4                      © 2016 WSN INC.
                             11                                                                    min.) The Wiggles continue their fun-                   1123 Broadway, #1207
                                                                                                   filled journey with an invitation to                     New York, NY 10010
                  Telemundo Internacional                                                          Wiggle Town, a center of dance where                    Phone: (212) 924-7620
                     Turner Asia Pacific                                                           you’ll see people dancing many differ-                   Fax: (212) 924-6940
             TV Azteca International/AZ Content                                                    ent styles.
                                                                                                   72 Cutest Animals (Factual, 12x30                          Website:
                      ZDF Enterprises                                                              min.) From gorillas and bats to koalas     
                                                    9 Story’s Garfield and Friends                 and cats, uncovers the unusual charac-

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                                                                                                   THE INTERNATIONAL MEDIA INDUSTRY.
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       4   TV LISTINGS

       ABS-CBN                                        ALL3MEDIA                                     ATRESMEDIA                                     Food Essentials (Especial Ali-
       INTERNATIONAL                                  INTERNATIONAL                                 TELEVISIÓN                                     mentación) (Doc., 4x70 min.) Chef
       DISTRIBUTION                                   Berkshire House, 168-173 High                 Avenida Isla Graciosa, 13 28703,               Alberto Chicote uncovers the most pop-
       10/Fl. ELJ Communications                                                                                                                   ular myths about food.
                                                      Holborn, London WC1V 7AA, U.K.                San Sebastián de los Reyes                     The Time in Between (El Tiempo Entre
       Center, Eugenio Lopez Drive                    (44-20) 7845-4350                             Madrid, Spain                                  Costuras) (Drama, 11x70 min./8x90
       Mo. Ignacia St.                                         (34-91) 623-0500                               min./17x60 min.) TV adaptation of the nov-
       1103 Quezon City, Philippines                                       el written by Maria Dueñas about a seam-
       (632) 411-1670                                                                                  stress who becomes involved in an espi-                                                                                                              onage plot in the turbulent time before the
                                                                                                                                                   Spanish Civil War and WWII.

                                                                                                                                                   BBC WORLDWIDE ASIA
                                                      Stand: K08                                                                                   3 Anson Rd., #17-03 Springleaf
                                                      PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS                                                                           Tower, Singapore 079909
                                                      American High School (Factual/doc.,           Contact: Diana Borbón, sales mgr.
                                                      5x60 min.) Follows the dramatic lives of      PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS                             (65) 6849-5511
       Stand: J18                                     high school students across one year,         Lifeline (Pulsaciones) (Drama, 10x70 

       integrated pgm. acq. & intl. dist.; Pia
       Contact: Evelyn “Leng” Raymundo, VP,           revealing what it’s really like to grow up    min.) After receiving an organ trans-
                                                      African American in today’s USA.              plant, Alex, a renowned surgeon, starts
       Bacungan-Laurel, head, sales.                  Speed with Guy Martin (Factual ent.,          having terrible nightmares related to the
       PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS                             3x90 min.) After two exhilarating series,     murder of the person who donated his
       I’ll Never Say Goodbye (Magpahang-             Guy Martin is back to push the boundaries     heart to save his life.
       gang Wakas) (Family drama/romance,             of the science of speed with the help of      Plastic Sea (Mar de Plástico)
       40x45 min.) How do you choose between          the very best British engineering talent.     (Drama/thriller, S1: 13x70 min., S2: 13x70
       a love that’s right and a love that’s true?    Undercover Boss USA (Factual                  min.) The murder of the mayor’s daugh-
       Till I Met You (Family drama/romance,          ent./reality, 12x60 min.) Follows high        ter in a village where greenhouses are         Stand: 5103

                                                                                                                                                   Nocciolino, VP, brands & commercial,
       40x45 min.) Everything went according          level corporate executives taking the         the primary business stirs up friction         Contact: David Weiland, EVP, Asia; Julia
       to plan—until they fell in love.               extraordinary step of going undercover        among its inhabitants.

                                                                                                                                                   Trini Alfonso, mgr., TV sales & sales
       Born for You (Family drama/romance,            in their own companies.                       Locked Up (Vis a Vis) (Drama, S1: 11x70        Asia; Cheryl Png, snr. affiliate sales mgr.;
       25x45 min.) Two hearts entwined in             Doctor in the House (Factual ent./real-       min./16x50 min., S2: 13x70 min.) A fragile
       song and serendipity.                          ity, 4x60 min.) This medical format sees a    young woman, betrayed by her lover and         admin., Asia; Harry Tarjanto, affiliate

                                                                                                                                                   gic partnership & dvpmt. dir., Southeast
       Dolce Amore (Family drama/romance,             normal family invite a doctor into their      arrested for fraud, must learn to survive      sales mgr.; Kenny Hau, advertising, strate-
       72x45 min.) Wherever fates takes you,          lives for one month to undergo the            and fight to prove her innocence in a
       love will lead you back.                       health check of a lifetime.                   detention facility as she awaits her trial.    Asia; Jeanne Leong, dir., comms.; Shi Ho,

                                                                                                    13x70 min., S2: 15x70 min. & S3) A hilari-
                                                      The Missing (Drama/thriller, 8x60 min.)       Down Below (Allí Abajo) (Comedy, S1:           head, mktg., Asia; Candy Ho, sales support
                                                      A young woman walks back into the                                                            admin., Southeast Asia, TV sales.
                                                      town she was abducted from 11 years           ous love story of a traditional guy from       PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
                                                      previously holding clues about another        the north and a jovial and gracious nurse.     SS-GB (Drama, 6x50 min.) Renowned
                                                      historical case.                                                                             London detective Douglas Archer is
                                                      World of Weird (Factual ent./doc., 7x60                                                      caught between his brutal new SS bosses
                                                      min.) A show that flies around the globe                                                     and a ruthless British resistance move-
                                                      meeting some of its most unusual and                                                         ment as he investigates what looks like a
                                                      interesting characters.                                                                      black market-related murder.
                                                      Celebs Go Dating (Reality, 15x60 min.)                                                       Planet Earth II (Natural history, 6x50
                                                      Having failed to find “The One,” six single                                                  min.) Traveling through jungles, deserts,
                                                      celebrities join a dating agency and are                                                     mountains, islands, grasslands and cities,
                                                      matched with ordinary people in a bid to                                                     explores the unique characteristics of
                                                      find true love.                                                                              Earth’s most iconic habitats and the
                                                      Are You Normal? (Format) This game show                                                      extraordinary ways animals survive
                                                      addresses the question ‘Are you normal?’ in                                                  within them.
                                                      a revealing and entertaining fashion.
       ABS-CBN’s Till I Met You                       10 Years Younger (Format) Two people          ATRESMEDIA’s The Embassy
                                                      go head to head to lose the unwanted
       The Promise (Family drama/romance,             years... one chooses surgery, the other a     The Secret of Old Bridge (El Secreto de

                                                                                                    min. each & S23) A midwife crosses paths
       100x45 min.) The greatest Filipino love        more natural, non-surgical route.             Puente Viejo) (Telenovela, S1-22: 65x50
       story retold.                                  Kitchen Nightmares (Format) A leading
       Doble Kara (Family drama/romance, 90x45        restaurateur provides emergency restau-       with the rich stepmother of her ex-lover.
       min.) One face. Two different lives. But the   rant rescue with a unique combination         The Embassy (La Embajada) (Drama,
       one thing that binds them is true love.        of practical insight and compelling           11x70 min.) Luis Salinas is the new Span-
       Be My Lady (Family drama/romance/              entertainment.                                ish Ambassador in Thailand. In the mid-
       comedy, 77x45 min.) Though worlds apart,                                                     dle of the storm that has broken out in
       they found love in each other’s heart.                                                       his family, and with the constant pres-
       Brothers (Ang Probinsyano) (Family                                                           sure of a corrupt plot, the stay becomes
       drama/romance/action, 50x45 min.) A                                                          a time bomb.
       recluse trooper is forced to assume the                                                      Velvet (Velvet) (Drama, S1: 15x70 min.,        BBC Worldwide’s Orphan Black
       identity of his twin brother to solve the                                                    S2: 13x70 min., S3: 15x70 min., S4:
       mystery behind his death.                                                                    13x70 min.) In the ’60s, Alberto, heir to      Orphan Black (Scripted format, 45 min.
       Broken Vows (Tubig at Langis) (Family                                                        “Gallerias Velvet,” falls in love with Ana,    eps.) When an eerily lookalike stranger
       drama/romance, 65x45 min.) Love hurts.                                                       one of the humble seamstresses.                commits a shocking suicide in front of her,
       Love heals. Time and again.                                                                  Privileged Observer (Enviado Espe-             Sarah sees a potential solution to all her
       Bridges        of       Love        (Family                                                  cial) (Doc., 7x60 min.) The journalist Jalis   problems by assuming the dead woman’s
       drama/romance, 52x45 min.) Two broth-                                                        de la Serna travels across the globe,          identity and clearing out her bank account.
       ers divided by fate and hatred, and the                                                      helping us become aware of a world in          Go Jetters (Children’s, 26x11 min.) Fol-
       woman who comes between them.                  all3media’s The Missing                       the process of change and challenge.           lows the adventures of four plucky

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                                                                                                                                                                                TV LISTINGS       5

           international heroes, Xuli, Kyan, Lars and                                                    Digging for Love (Telenovela, 60x60           battle show designed to determine the
           Foz, as they travel the world with their                                                      min.) Two neighboring families have the       best idol dancer.
           teacher, mentor and friend, Ubercorn.                                                         best relationship until one day they fight    Produce 101 (Studio ent./music, 11x70
           Sherlock (Drama, S4: 3x90 min.) The hit                                                       and then discover treasure buried             min.) A reality girl group survival show
           drama returns with new episodes prom-                                                         between both homes.                           hosting 101 trainees from over 50 enter-
           ising laughter, tears, shocks, surprises                                                                                                    tainment companies.
           and extraordinary cases.                                                                                                                    Squad 38 (Scripted format, 16x60 min.)

                                                                                                         CJ E&M Center
           Bagel and Becky (Children’s, 52x11                                                            CJ E&M                                        A “crime comedy” in which an attractive
           min.) Follows the crazy adventures of a                                                                                                     young man puts together a team to take
           mismatched brother and sister duo, who                                                        66 Sangamsan-ro                               down the wrongdoers by committing
           just happen to be a dog and a cat.              Bomanbridge’s The Mojicons                                                                  other illegal acts.
           Food: How It Works (Science, 3x50 min.)                                                       Seoul, Korea 03926                            Another Miss Oh (Scripted format, 18x60
           This landmark series uncovers a secret          On The Go (Lifestyle/travel/wellness,         (82-2) 371-8518                               min.) A romantic comedy about two
           world of exquisite chemical reactions.          10x60 min.) Join former Miss Great                                women with the same name at the same
           !mpossible! (Format, 45 min. eps.) In a tra-    Britain Amy Kitchingman in her quest to                              company whose lives become entangled
           ditional quiz, questions only have right        discover fit, fun and healthy vacation                                                      both professionally and personally.
           answers and wrong answers. This is the          stops in the Middle East.
           quiz with the “!mpossible” answer—an            Bryan Inc (Lifestyle, 13x60 min.)
           answer that’s not just wrong, it couldn’t       Lifestyle stars and real-life couple Bryan                                                  CYBER GROUP STUDIOS
           possibly be right.                              and Sarah Baeumler embark on their                                                          44B Quai de Jemmapes
           The Great Bake Off (Factual-ent. for-           first business venture together to buy,                                                     75010 Paris, France
                                                           Fit For Fashion (Lifestyle, 10x60 min. &
           mat, 60 min. eps.) Nationwide search to         renovate and sell homes for profit.
           find and crown the best amateur baker.                                                                                                      (33-1) 555-63-232
           Let It Shine (Ent. format, 45 min. eps.) A      format) A reality competition show            Stand: H10                          
           stellar panel of musicians and entertainers     where contestants undergo a series of         Contact: Jangho Seo, GM, global con-
           will create the country’s best new band.        tough fitness and fashion challenges          tents business division; Don Kang, head,
                                                           that would change their lives forever.        intl. sales; Boyun Choi, snr. sales mgr.;
                                                           Got What It Takes (Format) A musical          Tony Kim, acq. mgr.; Terry Kim, sales
           BOMANBRIDGE MEDIA                               reality talent show celebrating the           mgr.; Wooyeon Yang, sales mgr.; Ellen
           8 Smith St., #02-01                             extraordinary talents of teenage musi-        Oh, sales mgr.; Jinwoo Hwang, head,
           Singapore 058922                                cians and the dramatic reality of the         global content dvpmt.; Hyoju Jeon, global
                                                           mothers behind these young stars.             content dvpmt. mgr.
           (65) 6224-4211                                                                                PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
                                                                            Grandpas Over Flowers (Reality ent.,          Stand: E10-F10
                               CARACOL TELEVISION                            11x60 min.) Four legendary actors in          Contact: Emmanuel Dereau, intl. sales
                                                           Calle 103 #69B-43                             their 70s go on a backpacking trip… Bet-      exec.
                                                           Bogotá, Colombia                              ter late than never!                          PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
                                                                                                         I Can See Your Voice (Studio                  Mirette Investigates (Kids 6-10 2D adven-
                                                           (571) 6430-430                                ent./music, 12x70 min.) An entertain-         ture/comedy, 52x11 min.) Discover the first
                                                                       ment show with a twist, where the guest       traveling detective comedy with Mirette, a
                                                                                                         singer has to identify real vocalists based   10-year-old girl with a passion for investi-
           Stand: E08-03                                                                                 on several hints of the mystery singers.      gation, and her “catssistant” Jean-Pat, a
           Contact: Sonia Fleck, CEO; Aegena Tay,                                                        We Kid (Studio ent./music, 8x60 min.) A       lazy but extremely efficient ginger tomcat.
           dir., pgm. dvpmt.; Gleyce Soares, snr.                                                        music audition and performance show

           Lim, TV pgmng. & sales coord.
           sales mgr., Southeast Asia; Josephine                                                         for the whole family. Top celebrities and
                                                                                                         kids collaborate on new songs.
           WooRooRoo (Kids animation, 52x5 min.)
           Korean animation based on Carl Jung’s
           Typological Theory of children’s social         Stand: B29
           behavior, featuring eight characters who        Contact: Maria Estrella, sales exec., Asia.
           teach children how to care for each other.      PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
           Insectibles (Kids animation, 52x11              Against Our Destiny (Telenovela, 60x60
           min.) Grandpa’s invention accidentally          min.) Two orphaned sisters are separated
           shrinks both Zak and Grandpa down to            and think the other is dead; it will take
           the size of insects.                            decades for them to reunite.
           The Mojicons (Animation, 26x13 min.)            The Girl (Series, 86x60 min.) The story of
           Shows the behind-the-scenes world of the        a girl forcefully recruited by the guerril-
           internet, populated by Mojicons—innumer-        las and her road back to society after liv-
           able emoticons we routinely use in email        ing through the horrors of war.
           communication and mobile messaging.             On Another Level (Ent.) Singers per-          CJ’s Another Miss Oh
           iCrocodile (Nature/wildlife, 1x60 min.)         form in an elevator for the chance to
           Specialists reveal the source of the Nile       move up levels, vying for a record deal.      Sweetheart in Your Ear (Reality ent.,         Cyber Group’s Mirette Investigates
           crocodile’s extraordinary predatory abil-                                                     12x60 min.) A “phone crush” reality
           ities and discover their secrets as the                                                       show where a celebrity shares deep per-       Zou (Kids 3-6 CGI comedy, 156x11 min.)
           world’s most feared predators.                                                                sonal stories with a secret caller.           Now in season three, follow the daily life
           St. Peter’s and The Papal Basilicas of                                                        Between the Scenes (Reality ent., 8x60        of Zebra Zou and his extended family. Full
           Rome (Arts, 1x95/4x25 min.) Takes you on                                                      min.) Real romance begins after the cur-      of curiosity and love, Zou is now old
           an exclusive visit to the four major basili-                                                  tain call! A fresh point of view examining    enough to start becoming his own person!
           cas in Rome to discover the hidden treas-                                                     how actors and actresses develop feel-        Zorro the Chronicles (Kids 6-12 CGI
           ures of the Eternal City. (VR available)                                                      ings for one another offstage.                adventure/comedy, 26x22 min.) Intro-
           White Collar Boxing (Factual ent., 3x60                                                       Words Wars (Reality ent., 8x60 min.)          duces the most famous masked hero in
           min.) Six ordinary men and women put                                                          Takes linguistic as well as cultural barri-   his quest for justice.
           themselves through the process of trying                                                      ers to another level.                         Zak Jinks (Kids 6-10 2D adventure/come-
           to make it into a fight at one of the world’s                                                 Hit the Stage (Studio ent./dance for-         dy, 52x13 min.) Follows the adventures of
           biggest white-collar boxing events.             Caracol’s The Girl                            mat, 10x60 min.) A revolutionary dance        its eponymous hero, Zak, an outrageous

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       6   TV LISTINGS

       shirker who happens to be eminently like-       of a lock of Beethoven’s hair that survived    Power Couple (Reality format) Puts love to     But when she discovers that he never
       able. For Zak, school, street and home are      centuries. You won’t believe what mod-         the test as eight couples face extreme chal-   checked in, her grief turns to suspicion.
       all perfect settings for mischief-making.       ern examiners discovered about his life.       lenges that will test how well they really     La Casa Del Mar (Drama, 12x50 min.) The
       The Pirates Next Door (Kids 6-10 CGI            Greed (Doc., 2x45 min.) Goes inside greed      know each other.                               controversial Inspector Pelazas is seeking
       comedy, 52x11 min.) At Dull-on-Sea, quiet       and asks questions about human nature in       Cata (Kids, 115x60 min.) A musical series      the answers behind the disappearance of
       life is suddenly turned upside down by the      an age of consumption and competition.         that follows the loves, hopes, ambitions       a young woman. But his investigation

       Gilbert & Allie (Kids 6-11 CGI comedy,
       appearance of a family of pirates!              Where does greed come from and does it         and rivalries of Catalina and a group of       uncovers far more than he expected.
                                                       make sense to be greedy?                       teens attending a performing-arts school.      ID Lucky Number (Game show, 30-60
       52x11 min.) A teenage girl who just wants       Inside €conomic$ (Doc., 5x30 min.) We          Esperanza Mia (Romantic comedy,                min. eps.) Uses interactive games, ele-
       to be popular discovers she has extraor-        all know that economics affects our            180x45 min.) Tells of the forbidden love       ments of chance and individual ID num-
       dinary powers—which can only be har-            lives, but do we really know how? This         between Julia, a pretend novice set on         bers to find the winners.
       nessed in partnership with an ancient and       series will explain economic ideas that        bringing down the man responsible for          Black Sheep (Ent., 60 min. eps.) A group
       extremely grumpy magical rabbit.                you should pay attention to.                   her mother’s death, and Tomas, a priest        of people with a shared passion must use
       Menino and the Children of the World                                                           and the culprit’s brother.                     their cunning and behavioral analysis to
       (Kids 4-7 2D animation/live action, 52x7                                                       Ciega a Citas (Romantic comedy,                identify the “Black Sheep” in their midst.
       min.) Menino, a little animated boy, leads      DORI MEDIA GROUP                               140x60 min.) A story of a woman
       us to discover real children living in every    Seefeldstrasse 113                             unconsciously trapped in a love trian-
       corner of our magnificent planet.               CH-8008 Zurich, Switzerland                    gle. The love that is not good for her         ENTERTAINMENT ONE
       Gigantosaurus (Kids 4-6 CGI action/com-                                                        blinds her and the love that could make        45 Warren St.
       edy, 52x11 min.) Stars four young dinosaur      (41-43) 817-7050                               her happy is not even on her radar.
                                                                                                                        London W1T 6AG, U.K.
       friends that are about to leave their family
       and explore a world full of mysteries and,                                                                            (44-020) 3691-8584
       experiences. During this journey they can’t                  ECCHO RIGHTS                         
       help testing limits and rules!                                                                 Gamla Brogatan 26                    
       Leo, The Wildlife Ranger (Kids 3-6 CGI                                                         111 20 Stockholm, Sweden
       educational comedy, 60x11 min.) Leo and
       his sister go on exciting adventures, explore                                                  (46-8) 5560-9380
       exotic locations around the world and learn                                          
       fun facts about animals and nature.                                                                              Contact: Tegan Shi, dir., sales, Asia, eOne
       IQBAL (Family 2D animated adventure,                                                                                                          TV Intl.
       1x80 min.) Iqbal, who lives in a poor vil-      Contact: Pauline Ick, VP, sales, Dori                                                         PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
       lage, bravely decides to go to the near-        Media Dist.                                                                                   Cardinal (Drama, 6x60 min.) Follows
       est city to raise money for the medicine        PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS                                                                            detectives John Cardinal and Lise
       his brother needs.                              The Best of All (Shiny-floor game show)                                                       Delorme as they attempt to uncover the
                                                       Is the average answer from a large group                                                      mystery of what happened to a missing
                                                       of people always closer to the right result    Stand: L20                                     13-year-old girl whose body is discov-
       DEUTSCHE WELLE—                                 than one person’s answer? This new game        Contact: Nixon Yau Lim, head, AsiaPac;         ered in an abandoned mine.
       TRANSTEL                                        will test that theory.                         Karin Strandberg Blom, drama dvpmt. exec.      Conviction (Drama, 13x60 min.) Tells
       Kurt-Schumacher-Strasse 3                       Game Over (Comedy, 6x30 min.) A peek           PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS                             the story of Hayes Morrison, the brilliant
       53113 Bonn, Germany                             into the life of a stand-up comedian, just     Insider (Drama, 108x45 min.) An action-        but rebellious daughter of a former
                                                       before his wedding, as everyone gets           packed thriller following two moles on         President, who is blackmailed into taking
       (49-228) 429-2712                               swept into planning the shiny event,           opposite sides of the law, each trying to      a job as the head of New York’s newly                                    especially his bride to be.                    catch the other before their personal          created Conviction Integrity Unit.                                                                            lives catch up with them.
                                                                                                      Brave and Beautiful (Drama, 103x45
                                                                                                      min.) When a handsome stranger
                                                                                                      appears in the nick of time to save
                                                                                                      Sühan’s life they fall instantly in love.
                                                                                                      But was he really there just by chance?
       Stand: E20                                                                                     Bitter Sweet Life (Drama, 100x45 min.) A
       Contact: Maximilian Peikert, dist. exec.,                                                      smart, courageous school teacher and her
       Asia; Mee Fung Lee, Asia rep.                                                                  younger sister, a student, must fight
       PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS                                                                             against a system determined to keep them
       Need to Compete (Doc., 6x30 min.) A                                                            down.
       rare glimpse at the spirit of competition                                                      Elif (Daily drama, S1: 183x45 min., S2:        eOne’s Cardinal
       celebrated in communities and cultures          Dori Media’s The Best of All                   230x45 min., S3: 250x45 min. est.) A
       around the world.                                                                              kindhearted little girl finds herself in the   Foreign Bodies (Dramedy, 8x42 min.)
                                                       It Girls (Docu-reality) Follows four           middle of a long-running family rivalry        Comedy-drama tells the story of a mot-
                                                       beautiful and enviable “It” girls, with        in this international ratings hit.             ley gang of travelers embarking on a
                                                       hundreds of thousands of followers on          Flight HS13 (Drama, 10x45 min.) When           three-month trip around Asia.
                                                       social networks, who join forces to build      Liv’s husband leaves for a business trip,      Mary Kills People (Drama, 6x60 min.)
                                                       a fashion and lifestyle site.                  his plane crashes, killing all on board.       Dr. Mary Harris is a single mother and
                                                       Dumb (Comic crime drama, 50x35 min.)                                                          doctor by day who helps terminally ill
                                                       A frustrated and stoned 30-year-old                                                           patients who want to die pass away on
                                                       actress goes undercover as a high-                                                            their own terms.
                                                       school student to help her ex-boyfriend,                                                      ICE (Crime drama, 10x60 min.) A high-
                                                       who was arrested for drug dealing.                                                            impact serialized crime drama that fol-
       DW’s Greed
                                                       El Marginal (Drama, 13x45 min.) An ex-                                                        lows the Green family as they plunge
                                                       cop goes undercover in a prison in order                                                      into the underbelly of the Los Angeles
       Composers of Genius (Doc., 5x60 min.)           to infiltrate a group that has just kid-                                                      diamond trade.
       Discover the lives of musical masters           napped the teen daughter of an impor-                                                         Outback (Natural history, 3x60 min.)
       through the cities, people and places that      tant national judge.                                                                          Dives into Australia’s exceptional and
       touched their lives and helped them shape       Intuition (Street game show) You don’t                                                        untamed wilderness that makes the
       their genius.                                   need to fill your brain with endless useless                                                  people and the wildlife within it com-
       Beethoven Hair Mystery (Doc., 1x60              information to answer the same old trivia                                                     pelling to watch as they are forced to
       min.) An intriguing forensic examination        games—all you need to win is intuition.        Eccho Rights’ Insider                          deal with nature’s vagaries.

*LIST_1216_ALT_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 11/21/16 4:53 PM Page 7

                                                                                                                                                                                 TV LISTINGS            7

           Private Eyes (Drama, 28x60 min.) Jason           Status: Vacant (Factual, 13x30 min. 4K)       a diverse group of people who travel to      Someone to Watch Over Me (Melo -
           Priestley stars as an ex-pro athlete trying to   Each episode will take the audience on        Thailand, combining cosmetic surgery         drama, 45x45 min.) A story about a newly
           redeem himself from his checkered past by        a mysterious journey through aban-            with luxury vacation.                        married woman’s struggle in caring for her
           teaming up with a feisty female private          doned locations across the globe.             Scope (Children’s, 120x30 min.) Fast,        newborn son and coping with her hus-
           detective.                                       When We Go To War (Drama, 6x60                funny and informative children’s science     band’s severe Alzheimer’s disease.
           Bitten (Drama, 33x60 min.) An erotically-        min.) Focusing on the impact the war          show produced with the CSIRO, Aus-           Encantadia (Fantasy, 45x45 min.) Four
           charged series set in a realistic, recogniz-     has on a New Zealand family and a             tralia’s national science agency.            royal sisters from the realm of Encanta-
           able world where werewolves and witches          Maori brother and sister, cuts between        Pet Vignettes (Digital, 503x1-4 min.)        dia are entrusted with powerful gem-
           live among us.                                   life at home, Gallipoli and Egypt.            Informs, entertains and fascinates with      stones to protect the land against forces
           Haven (Drama, 78x60 min.) The story of           The Fo-Fo Figgily Show (Preschool,            facts, handy tips and heart-warming sto-     of evil that threaten its peace.
           FBI agent Audrey Parker and her quest to         25x15 min. 4K) Explores fundamental           ries in short snack-sized episodes.          Cruel Lies (Melodrama, 35x45 min.) A
           understand both herself and the great            learning concepts and helps children          Pets in Paradise TV (Lifestyle, 26x30        battered wife struggling to escape her
           mysteries of Haven, a town harboring dark        discover the importance of community          min.) Family friendly show that ticks all    abusive husband falls in love with her
           and mysterious secrets.                          and positivity.                               the rights boxes. Heart-warming stories      brother-in-law, who is also committed
                                                                                                          exploring the unique relationships           to someone else.
                                                                                                          between humans and animals.                  Ysabel (Melodrama, 45x45 min.) A sur-
           ESCAPADE MEDIA                                   FRED MEDIA                                    Eyes of the Mothman (Factual, 10x60          rogate mother flees with a patron’s baby
           Level 2, Bldg. 61, Fox Studios                   210 Riversdale Rd.                            min.) Do you believe in curses? The peo-     due to postpartum depression from los-
           Australia, 38 Driver Ave.                        Hawthorn VIC 3122, Australia                  ple of Point Pleasant do, as the town has    ing her daughter in an accident.
                                                                                                          been plagued with unusual incidents
           Moore Park, NSW 2021, Australia                  (61-3) 9810-7197                              ever since the late 1800s.
           (61-2) 8353-2793                                                                                            ITV INTER MEDYA
                                                                                       Valikonagi Caddesi 26/3,
                                                                        GMA WORLDWIDE                                Nisantasi, 34367 Istanbul, Turkey
                                                                                                          10/Fl. GMA Network Center                    (90-212) 231-0102
                                                                                                          EDSA Corner Timog Ave.             
                                                                                                          Diliman, Quezon City               
           Stand: E30                                                                                     Philippines 1103
           Contact: Natalie Lawley, mng. dir.                                                             (632) 333-7572
           Steve Backshall & the Vertical Mile
           PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS                                                                   
                                                            Stand: E30
           4K & VR) This vertical mile of crumbling         mgr., Asia & inflight.
           (Factual/adventure, 2x30 min./2x60 min.          Contact: Roger Vanderspikken, sales

           rock and ice is the biggest challenge            PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS

           Rottnest & The Mystery Islands (Nat-                                                                                                        Contact: Can Okan, CEO & fndr.; Ahmet
           Steve has ever faced.                            Vet on the Hill (Factual, 30x60 min.)                                                      Stand: J8

           ural history, 2x60 min. 4K & VR) On the                                                                                                     Ziyalar, COO; Melissa Okan, mktg. & sales
                                                            Genuine insight into the highs and lows
                                                            of a small grassroots Vet practice set in
           far west of the Australian continent             the outskirts of London.                                                                   mgr.
           there is a set of islands whose inhabi-          Miguel’s Feasts (Lifestyle, 26x30 min.)       Stand: J01                                   PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
           tants defy all laws of nature.                   Miguel Maestre is the smiling Spaniard        Contact: Roxanne J. Barcelona, VP;           Guess Who (Game-show format, 60 min.
                                                            who has become the new superstar of           Manuel Paolo J. Laurena, snr. sales mgr.     eps.) Two teams of three, eight multiple
                                                            the Australian food scene.                    PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS                           choice questions. Teams have to pick the
                                                            Travels with the Bondi Vet (Lifestyle,        Love and Defiance (Melodrama, 45x45          correct answer among four live choices.
                                                            36x30 min.) Thrill-seeking heartthrob Chris   min.) Rachel and Junjun face the hard-       Hayat (Drama) Murat, the handsome
                                                            Brown ramps up the adrenaline and             ships of marriage and of raising a child     perfectionist who took over the respon-
                                                            plunges into the most exhilarating experi-    very early in life while also dealing with   sibility of a big company at a young age,
                                                            ences the world has to offer.                 the dark secrets that have created a         meets Hayat, a clumsy, joyful, beautiful
                                                                                                          major conflict between their families.       young girl who knows how to enjoy life.
                                                                                                          Bow of Justice (Melodrama, 45x45
                                                                                                          min.) In his struggle to turn his life
                                                                                                          around, Pepe is framed for his father’s
           Escapade’s Food. Sail. Love.                                                                   murder. He is on a mission to clear his
                                                                                                          name and gain justice for his family.
           The Art of Killing (Drama, 6x60 min.) Mar-                                                     Oh My Mama (Melodrama, 45x45 min.)
           cus Koopman, a Liverpudlian ex-cop with                                                        A drama about a stepfather and his
           a violent past, is enjoying a peaceful early                                                   daughter, who gets tangled up with law-
           retirement with his hedonistic artist wife                                                     less child traffickers while searching for
           Zoe, in tropical Byron Bay, Australia, when                                                    her biological father.
           his estranged son Stevie enters his life.
           Food. Sail. Love. (Lifestyle, 8x30 min.
           4K) This unique culinary voyage pushes
           beyond the veneer of common tourism
           and invites the viewer to experience the
           local life and the preservation of pre-
           cious traditions.                                Fred Media’s Vet on the Hill                                                               ITV Inter Medya’s Hayat
           JC Tha Barber (Reality/ent., 13x30 min. 4K)
           Follows celebrity barber JC Hammons into         The Renovation King (Lifestyle, 26x30                                                      In Between (Fatih Harbiye) (Drama,
           the homes and dressing rooms of today’s          min.) Every home is a castle and Barry du                                                  126x45 min.) Neriman, who lost her
           hottest stars from the worlds of film, hip       Bois is the man with a plan.                                                               mother as a little girl, lives with her father
           hop and professional sports.                     Man Space (Lifestyle, 13x30 min.) Aus-                                                     Faiz and her aunt Gülter in the suburbs.
           Tomorrow When the War Began (Drama,              tralia’s most mind-blowing man caves,                                                      Although she grew up in a modest envi-
           6x45 min.) New series about a group of           jaw-dropping collections and out-there                                                     ronment, she has big dreams.
           young friends overcoming seemingly               inventions, hobbies and activities.                                                        Box Challenge (Game-show format, 60
           insurmountable odds to save the things           Operation Thailand (Factual, 10x60                                                         min. eps.) Three contestants, each with
           they hold most precious. (Asian rights only)     min.) Follow the emotional journeys of        GMA’s Love and Defiance                      a set amount of cash, fight over 30 boxes

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                                    THE ASIAN REGION
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       8   TV LISTINGS

       in a game that needs luck, intelligence          Autopsy: The Last Hours Of… (Doc.,           Boxed (Ent. format) A social experiment
       and strategy.                                    S1: 3x60 min., S2: 3x60 min., S3: 3x60       in human-conflict resolution. Two peo-

       & S2) Two separate worlds lie on two
       Endless Love (Drama, S1: 114x45 min.             min., S4: 4x60 min., S5: 4x60 min.)          ple walk into the box. With the help of a
                                                        Investigates the untimely deaths and the     mediator, will they find a way out?

                                                                                                     (Action drama, S1-2: 1x37 min. & 125x23
       sides of the road in a seaside neighbor-         extraordinary lives of global icons like     P.O.W. — Bandi Yuddh Ke (POW India)

                                                                                                     min. tape & format) Indian soldiers cap-
       hood of Istanbul. What happens when              Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston,

                                                        Meet the Parents (8x60 min. & format)
       two young people from these two                  Heath Ledger and Amy Winehouse.
       worlds fall in love?                                                                          tured 17 years ago while on a mission with     MarVista’s Deadly Paradise
                                                                                                     ManBirth (Ent., 12x60 min. & format)
       Fifty Fifty (Game-show format, 60 min.           One singleton looking for love tries to      their unit in Kashmir finally return home.
       eps.) Are you ready to share your money          find the ideal partner by quizzing their                                                    Deadly Paradise (Thriller, 1x90 min.) After
       with your biggest rival? To win the game,        potential suitor’s mum and dad.              Offers soon-to-be fathers a once-in-a-life-    inheriting $8 million, Tamara goes to Hawaii
       intelligence won’t be enough! You need           Youtubers (Format/finished) In each          time opportunity to go through the men-        where she meets and falls for Dario, only to
       to develop effective strategies and build        episode, our internet stars face a differ-   tal and physical challenges—and joys—their     find that he has stolen her inheritance.
       useful relationships.                            ent video challenge, in pairs or teams.      partner experiences during pregnancy.          The Follower (Thriller, 1x90 min.) When
                                                        The winner is decided by how many            BOOM! (Game-show format, 9x30 min.)            her plane crashes in the woods, music
                                                        online fans ‘like’ their video.              Fuses the drama, intensity and thrill of       singer superstar Chelsea Angel is pulled to
       ITV STUDIOS GLOBAL                               Harlots (Drama, 8x60 min.) Set against       a blockbuster action movie with the            safety by another survivor. But when her
       ENTERTAINMENT                                    the vibrant, cosmopolitan backdrop of        high-octane fun of a video game to cre-        rescuer turns out to be a sinister, crazed

                                                                                                     The A Word (Drama, 12x50 min. & format)
       LTVC Upper Ground                                18th century Georgian London, offering       ate an explosive trivia challenge.             fan, Chelsea must find a way to escape.
       London SE1 9LT, U.K.                             a bold new take on the city’s most valu-                                                    Killer App (Thriller, 1x90 min.) When users
                                                        able commercial activity—sex.                Drama series for BBC One about a messy,        of her app start mysteriously dying and
       (44-20) 7157-3690                                Loch Ness (Drama, 6x60 min.) When a          extended family with a child newly diag-       she’s the police’s top suspect, Jesse must                          body is found at the foot of Carn Mohr       nosed with autism at its center.               hack into the code to find the real culprit.                             Mountain, local detective Annie Redford      Master Class (Talent show, S1: 12x60-90        A Midsummer’s Hawaiian Dream

                                                                                                     & format) A musical talent show where
                                                        is thrown into her first murder case.        min., S2: 11x60-90 min., S3: 14x70-90 min.,    (Romance, 1x90 min.) Married anthropol-
                                                                                                                                                    ogy professors and two of their students
                                                                                                     children sing all-time classics with only      searching for an ancient Hawaiian tiki are
                                                        KESHET                                       positive reviews and no eliminations.          caught off guard when unexpected
                                                        INTERNATIONAL                                Rising Star (Interactive talent show, S1:      romance blossoms in the group.
                                                        1204 Kai Tak Commercial Bldg.                24x90 min., S2: 18x80 min., S3: 25x50/25       The Many Faces of Alice (Thriller, 1x90
                                                        317-319 Des Voeux Rd.                        min., format) Creates must see viewing by      min.) After waking up from a coma, Alice
                                                                                                     bringing together large audiences for a col-   has no memory. As she learns the horri-
       Stand: D21                                       Central, Hong Kong                           lective, active television experience.         ble truths about her past self, she must
       PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS                               (852) 3703-5983                              Miss 2059 (Action/sci-fi, 10x12                fight for redemption.
       Poldark (Drama, S1: 8x60 min., S2:                      min./1x120 min.) In 2059, beauty queen         One of Us (Thriller, 1x90 min.) When inves-
       10x60 min.) Returning home following                     Victoria Young is mistakenly beamed            tigative journalist Melanie Roberts learns
       his arrest in the finale of series one, Ross                                                  into space in place of her sister, a world-    about her friend Haley’s disappearance at
       soon faces a new fight for freedom.                                                           famous military heroine, and finds her-        a commune, she goes undercover to find
       Tennison (Drama, 6x60 min.) The much-                                                         self representing Earth in a deadly galac-     and rescue her from the group.
       anticipated prequel to multi-award-                                                           tic tournament with the fate of our            Taken Heart (Thriller, 1x90 min.) When her

       Victoria (Drama, 1x90 min. & 7x60 min.)
       winning global hit Prime Suspect.                                                             world hanging in the balance.                  daughter is kidnapped in Belize to be used

                                                                                                     20x46 min. & format) Delves into the
                                                                                                     World’s Most Evil Killers (Drama,              for human organ trafficking, Kate Johnson
       The start of a landmark account of the life                                                                                                  vows to infiltrate the cartel and rescue her.
       of British history’s most significant                                                         gripping real-life stories of the world’s      To Have and To Kill (Thriller, 1x90 min.)
       monarch.                                         Stand: J19                                   most terrifying and prolific killers.          To save their marriage, Becca and Ron
                                                        Contact: Alon Shtruzman, CEO; Gary                                                          agree to an open relationship with
                                                        Pudney, head, Asia; Cherry Lu, sales mgr.;                                                  another couple. Their passion returns,
                                                        Kelvin Ko, sales mgr.; Vincent Lee, intl.    MARVISTA                                       but with it comes jealousy and betrayal.
                                                        mktg. mgr., AsiaPac.                         ENTERTAINMENT
                                                        PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS                           10877 Wilshire Blvd., 10/Fl.
                                                        Welcome to the Wild: Amazon (Adven-          Los Angeles, CA 90024, U.S.A.                  MATTEL CREATIONS
                                                        ture reality format, 22x75 min.) Sees 18                                                    Room 511, North Tower, World
                                                        contestants enter the world’s largest and    (1-424) 274-3000
                                                                                                                         Finance Centre, Harbour City
                                                        most extreme jungle to undergo a thrilling
                                                        cross-river competition.                                          TST, Kowloon, Hong Kong

       ITVS GE’s Victoria
                                                                                                     Stand: J23
                                                                                                     Contact: Robby Amar, exec. dir., dist.
       Real Story Of… (Doc., 6x60 min.)                                                              PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
       Reveals the true stories behind some of                                                       10 Year Reunion (Thriller, 1x90 min.) At       Stand: E21
       Hollywood’s finest movies, blending dra-                                                      their high school reunion, Carly and her old   Contact: Grace Chan, commercial dir.,
       matic reconstruction with telling archive                                                     clique discover that their friend Abby’s       AsiaPac; Hoyoung Jung, snr. mgr., content
       of actual events, eyewitness testimony                                                        death before graduation may not have been      dist., AsiaPac; Karen Leung, mgr., content

       Love Island (S1: 28x60 min., 4x75 min. &
       and documentary footage.                                                                      an accident after all when an unknown          dist., AsiaPac.

       2x90 min., S2: 2x90 min., 2x75 min. &                                                                                                        Thomas & Friends (Preschool, S21: 13x10
                                                                                                     assailant begins to threaten them.             PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS

       39x60 min., & format) Occupants live the
                                                                                                     Cold Zone (Disaster, 1x90 min.) While
                                                                                                     vacationing in Alaska with his family, sci-    min.) Thomas and his friends experience
       celebrity lifestyle in a stunning villa on the                                                entist Roger Summers teams with a              some of the biggest crashes, fastest races
       beautiful island of Mallorca while they get                                                   retired environmentalist to save the world     and most thrilling adventures yet, with two
       to know each other a little better.              Keshet’s Master Class                        from an impending flash-freezing storm.        new speedy characters, Hugo and Hannah.

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*LIST_1216_ALT_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 11/21/16 4:53 PM Page 9

                                                                                                                                                                                       TV LISTINGS        9

                                                            the opportunity to develop characters             Rozianti Mamat, lic. dir.; Derrick Wong,         RECORD TV
                                                            that will spread love and joy to the world        creative dir.                                    NETWORK
                                                            for ages to come.                                 PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS                               Rua da Várzea, 240 Barra Funda
                                                            Poco’s Udon World (Animation, 12x30               Regal Academy (Comedy 2D toonshade
                                                            min.) A web designer returns to his family        animation, 26x30 min.) Fairy tales come to       01140-080 São Paulo, Brazil
                                                            home after the death of his father and            life at Regal Academy, where Rose Cin-           (55-11) 3300-4022
                                                            meets a raccoon dog that has transformed          derella and her classmates must combine

                                                                                                              Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends (Live-
                                                            into a person. This series follows the slightly   study with dealing with their families.
                                                            awkward duo that begins their heartwarm-
                                                            ing relationship under the same roof.             action comedy/drama, 52x30 min.) Ameri-
           Mattel’s Turning Mecard                                                                            can girl Maggie wins a fashion scholarship
                                                                                                              for the Milan Fashion Academy, where she
           Thomas: Journey Beyond Sodor                                                                       meets Bianca, a super-trendy Italian girl.
           (Preschool, 1x70 min.) Join Thomas and his                                                         World of Winx (Action/mystery 2D ani-
           friends in this adventure to the mainland                                                          mation, S1-2: 13x30 min.) The Winx
           that shows us friendship is more important                                                         travel the world searching for talent for
           than being the favorite engine.                                                                    WOW! and preventing the talent thief             Stand: K22
           Barbie: Dolphin Magic (Girls, 1x60min.)                                                            from kidnapping them.                            Contact: Delmar Andrade, intl. sales dir.;
           Barbie and her sisters help their new                                                              Winx Club 7 (Comedy/action 2D ani-               Edson Pfutzenreiter Mendes, intl. sales mgr.
           mermaid friend save the coral reef with                                                            mation, 26x30 min.) The Winx take on an          PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
           the help of the gemstone dolphins in                                                               incredible new challenge: saving the             The Promised Land (Soap opera,
           this underwater adventure.                                                                         Fairy Animals of the Magic Universe, as          130x50 min.) After Moses’ death,
           Barbie Dreamtopia (Girls, 52x10 min.)                                                              well as endangered species on Earth              Joshua, the new leader of the Hebrews,

                                                                                                              Winx Club 6 (Comedy/action 2D & CGI,
           Enter a world of whimsical adventure as                                                            who need their help.                             must fulfill a difficult mission ordered
           Barbie’s youngest sister, Chelsea, takes us                                                                                                         by God: to command the 12 tribes of
           on a journey into her dreams, full of limit-                                                       26x30 min.) New fairy adventure sees a           Israel in their conquest of Canaan, the
           less possibility and important life lessons.     Nippon TV’s Poco’s Udon World                     witch join Cloudtower and team up with           promised land.
           Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures (Girls,                                                               the Trix. The Winx fight back, but can           The Slave Mother (Soap opera,
           26x22 min.) Barbie and her sisters take          Tokyo Tarareba Girls (Romance drama, 60           they win the day?                                150x60 min. 4K) The tale of the light-
           us on their wild adventures from their           min. eps.) Rinko, a 30-year-old single                                                             skinned slave girl who was obsessively
           Dreamhouse in Malibu to escapades                screenwriter, indulges in girls’ night out                                                         pursued by Mr. Leôncio won over the
           around the globe.                                shindigs with her close friends. One night,                                                        world; none of this story would have
           Turning Mecard (52x30 min.) Chan, our            they are given a harsh reality check.                                                              happened without the characters and
           protagonist, meets Evan, a real living           Pretty Proofreader (Drama, 60 min.                                                                 plot of this series.
           minicar that transforms into a creature          eps.) Etsuko, who aspires to become a                                                              Moses and the Ten Commandments
           called Mecanimal.                                fashion editor, lands a job at a publish-                                                          (Soap opera, 242x60 min.) Retells one
                                                            ing house and discovers she’s been                                                                 of the most famous parts of the Bible:
                                                            assigned to the least glamorous depart-                                                            the story of Moses, from his birth to
           NIPPON TELEVISION                                ment—proofreading.                                                                                 the arrival of his people in the Prom-
           NETWORK                                          The Last Cop (Drama/mystery, 60 min.                                                               ised Land, through the Red Sea cross-
           CORPORATION                                      eps.) After 30 years in a coma, a hot-                                                             ing and the encounter with God on
           1-6-1 Higashi-Shimbashi,                         blooded rough-around-the-edges                                                                     Mount Sinai.
           Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan                          pred atory cop suddenly awakens and                                                                The Miracles of Jesus (Series, 35x50
                                                            begins to run the life of his digital                                                              min.) Based on Bible stories. Each chap-
           (81-3) 6215-3036                                 native “herbivore” buddy.                                                                          ter seeks to transmit teachings of love,
                                Your Home is My Business! (Drama, 60                                                               hope, courage and perseverance of peo-
                             min. eps.) Follows Machi, a real-estate                                                            ple who had faith.
                                                            saleswoman who is known for closing                                                                Victory! (Soap opera, 208x45 min.)
                                                            the deal no matter who the client is, 100         Rainbow’s Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends        Arthur, a paraplegic, unexpectedly falls

                                                                                                              Winx Club 5 (Comedy/action 2D & CGI,
                                                            percent of the time.                                                                               in love with Diana, a young jockey.
                                                            TOKUSON: Life Hacks! (Ent., 60 min. eps.)                                                          Joseph from Egypt (Series, 38x60 min.)
           Stand: A24                                       Shows easy and excellent tips on cooking,         26x30 min.) The Winx face a new under-           Only Joseph can save the brothers who
           Contact: Atsushi Hatayama, pres., intl. busi-    cleaning up, organizing, etc. to make your        water villain: a triton who wants to rule        made him suffer so much in the past.
           ness dvpmt.; Shigeko Cindy Chino, snr. dir.,     world a happier place. Famous celebrities         all the worlds of the Magic Dimension by

           & lic., intl. business dvpmt.; Sayoko Iwasaki,
           intl. business dvpmt.; Takanori Nakano, sales    will experiment and surprise you with these       spreading magic pollution.

           sales & lic., intl. business dvpmt.; Takeaki
                                                            life-changing life hacks.                         Winx Club 3D—Magical Adventure

           Tanaka, sales & lic., intl. business dvpmt.
                                                                                                              (3D animated feature, 1x80 min.) Can
                                                                                                              the Winx rescue the Magic Kingdom
           PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS                               RAINBOW                                           after a terrible secret is revealed?
           The Test (Medical/health format, 60 min.         Via Brecce, 60025                                 Winx Club—The Mystery of the Abyss
           eps.) A diverse group of people are about to     Loreto (AN), Italy                                (3D animated feature, 1x80 min.) Human
           undergo a cutting-edge health screening in                                                         beings are polluting the seas, putting at risk
           this format, based upon the Japanese             (39-071) 7506-7500                                the balance of the Infinite Ocean. Will the
           smash hit Celebrity Medical Checkup!   ,                       Winx defeat the Trix, restoring balance and
           The Wall (Physical game-show format, 60                                        bringing peace back?
           min. eps.) Two teams of four players battle                                                        PopPixie (Comedy 2D animation, 52x13
           each other in a variety of amusing physi-                                                          min.) Follow the extraordinary everyday
           cal games, combining trivia, strategy,                                                             life of the Pixies in Pixieville, a world full
           chance and mostly-countless epic falls.                                                            of magic creatures that’s waiting to be
           Burning Questions! (Quiz-show format,                                                              explored and discovered.
           60 min. eps.) The ultimate true or false quiz                                                      Huntik (Adventure comedy 2D anima-
           show where celebrity contestants battle it                                                         tion, S1-2: 52x30 min.) Adventurous
           out to see who can rack up the highest                                                             journeys await across Europe, South
           number of points and win a fabulous prize.       Stand: E25                                        America and Africa, where our heroes

                                                            & coprod.; Kumar Naryana, mng. dir.;
           The Animakers (Ent. format, 30 min.              Contact: Andrea Graciotti, head, sales            search for powerful amulets that will
           eps.) Gives anime-aficionado celebrities                                                           help them to stop the evil organization.         Record’s The Promised Land

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*LIST_1216_ALT_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 11/21/16 4:53 PM Page 10

      10   TV LISTINGS

       SAMG ANIMATION                                                                                 Stand: E08/H08                                  Wonder Boy (Bio.) A biography set in
                                                                                                      Contact: Gabriel Lim, CEO, IMDA;                the early 1970s in Singapore about
       8/Fl., 413, Bongeunsa-Ro,                                                                      Angeline Poh, asst. chief exec. (industry),     Richard, a social outcast who forms a
       Gangnamg-Gu, Seoul, Korea 06097
                                                                                                      spaces & Singapore Film Commission,             tures & mm2 Entertainment)
                                                                                                      IMDA; Joachim Ng, dir., innovation              band called The Wonder Boys. (Bert Pic-

                                                                                                      IMDA; Karen Low, dir., industry & mktg.
       (82-70) 7860-6186                              Silver Wolf’s The Long Road to Peace                                                                                   comms., IMDA; Jyotirmoy Saha, CEO,
                                                       Stand: E08-01                                  August Media Holdings; Kenneth Goh,             STUDIO 100 MEDIA
                                                       Contact: Abdul Rashid Budin, CEO;              dir., business dvpmt., Monstrou Studio;         Sapporobogen 6-8
                                                       Devi, head, Singapore & Indochina.
                                                       Melanie Tang, snr. mgr., intl. dist.; Shoba    Tang Chi Sim, mng. dir., Omens Studios;         D-80637 Munich, Germany
                                                                                                      Sashim Parmanand, CEO, One Anima-
                                                       PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS                             tion; Shafie Mustafa, exec. dir., Shortman      (49-89) 960-855-0
                                                       Salam Ramadhan UK (Info-ed./travel-            Films; Tommaso Giocchini, mgr., Sparky
       Stand: L10                                      ogue, 5x30 min.) Explores the different        Animation; Marie Joyce, intl. sales exec.,
       Contact: Suhoon Kim, CEO; Kyuhyung              ways that Muslims around the world             TVS Asia/Sunrise Ent.; Michael McKay,
       Choi, GM; Stacey Min, mgr.                      observe Ramadhan, one of the holiest           pres., ActiveTV Asia.
       PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS                              months in the Islamic calendar.                PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
       Power Battle Watch-Car (Animated action         Salam Ramadhan Korea (Info-ed./trav-           Adventures with FOXX (Comedy

       Hyundai Motor Group and CJ E&M that
       adventure, 52x13 min.) Co-production with       elogue, 5x30 min.) Shares how Muslim           adventure animation, 26x11 min.) The
                                                       communities in Korea observe Ramad-            story of Joel and his buddy FOXX, an            Stand: B27
       premiered on MBC is scheduled to air on         han in various cities like Seoul, Jeonju,      intelligent robot. Together, they embark        Contact: Martin Krieger, head, global dist.
       Global TV Indonesia and MCOT in Thailand.       Suwon, Busan and Ulsan.                        on an adventure to find Joel’s missing          PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
       Miniforce (Animated action comedy,              Cities of the World (Factual, 13x30            father. (Chips and Toons)                       Arthur and the Minimoys—The Series
       52x13 min.) The show scored number              min./91x3 min.) Features cities from           Barangay 143 (Animated drama, 13x44             (CGI animation, 26x26 min.) Arthur
       one ratings for 13 consecutive weeks on         around the world to reveal their icons,        min.) Follows the journey of young Bren         found the world of the Minimoys and
       EBS Korea and has been made available           culture, tourism and hidden highlights         T. Park from being the most hated bas-          visits his friends. The King of the Mini-
       in the Chinese top VOD channels.                with information about local customs,          ketball player in the Philippines to being      moys is organizing the resistance
       Vroomiz (Animated action comedy, S1-            personalities and history.                     the son that revives the league dreams          against tyrant Malthazar.
       3: 78x13 min.) A preschool series with a        Curious (Factual, 13x30 min./91x3 min.)        of a humble community in Manila.                The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill (CGI
       cast of funny and lovable talking vehi-         Each 30-minute broadcast episode contains      (August Media Holdings)                         animation, 52x12 min.) Without Blinky,
       cles shaped like adorable animals.              7x3-minute segments covering topics such       Big Food (Infotainment, 13x30 min.)             Green Patch would be a quiet refuge from
       Miraculous—A Tale of Ladybug and                as space, the human body, nature, societies,   Explores the business of keeping large          the dangerous outback. With this kid koala,
       Black Noir (Animated action comedy,             cultures, systems, ideas and beliefs.          amounts of food moving. (Ying Group)            everyday life has a way of spiraling into a
       26x26 min.) Co-pro of SAMG, Zagtoon,            Animal Society (Factual, 13x30 min.)           Jimami Tofu (Drama, 1x90 min.) The story        chain of escapades.
       Method Animation and Toei Animation.            We explore the animal kingdom and look         of a Chinese Singaporean chef in Okinawa        Nils Holgersson (CGI animation, 52x13
                                                       closely at how animal tribes/families live     begging a disgruntled old chef to teach him     min.) One day an elf changes Nils into a
                                                       together to create communities.                traditional cuisine and the woman who left      miniature human. With his faithful
                                                       The Last Fish Hunter (Doc., 1x60 min.)         him years earlier, a top Japanese food          friend Martin the gander, Nils embarks
                                                       Journey through coasts of Terengganu           critic on a journey through in Singapore.       on an extraordinary journey among the
                                                       in this documentary about the last             (Bananamana Films)                              wild geese.
                                                       inheritor of the ancient art of fishing.       Kembara Kasih (Doc., 9x48 min.) Takes           Maya the Bee (CGI animation, S2: 52x12
                                                       Cape Town: The Anti-Gang Squad                 viewers on an experiential journey through      min.) Features new adventures with Maya,
                                                       (Doc., 1x60 min.) Cape Town, South             the daily lives of slum dwellers. (Filmat36)    the little bee who is so unlike any of the
                                                       Africa has two faces—a beautiful yet           Lucky Boy (Comedy) Chronicles the lives of      other bees and her very best friends.
                                                       dangerous city where hundreds of gangs         Lin Yu, his family, friends and Qingqing, the
                                                       compete for the drug market.                   girl he’s been in love with since childhood
                                                       Courage (Film, 1x118 min.) Tells the true      and continues pining for. (Clover Films)
                                                       story of a boy who became a hero and           Oddbods (Animated comedy adventure,
                                                       what it truly means to have the heart of       S1-2: 60x7 min.) Follows the comedic
                                                       a champion.                                    adventures of seven adorable yet quirky
                                                       The Long Road to Peace (Doc., 1x60 min.)       characters. Every episode celebrates the
       SAMG’s Miniforce                                Looks at the plight and life of Muslims in     ‘odd’ in everything. (One Animation)
                                                       Mindanao who have become refugees in           Take 2 (Comedy, 1x120 min.) Four ex-con-
       Monkart—Legend of Monster Kart (Ani-            their own country of the Philippines.          victs attempt to start anew, landing them

                                                                                                      & mm2 Entertainment)
       mated action adventure, 52x13 min.) An          Morocco at the Crossroads (Doc., 1x60          in hilarious situations. (J Team Productions
       action-adventure series featuring little cute   min.) Examines Morocco’s journey as it
       monsters with furious kart racing.              grows into a modern and liberal nation         The Hush (Drama, 13x60 min.) The dis-
                                                       and yet maintains its Islamic influence in     covery of a dead body in the swimming           Studio 100’s Maya the Bee
                                                       the lives of its people.                       pool of The Hush unravels the secret
       SILVER WOLF                                                                                    lives of the residents at the condominium.      K3 (2D animation, 52x13 min.) Kim, Kylie
       INTERNATIONAL                                                                                  (Weiyu Films)                                   and Kate are three teen pop singers on
       Galaxis One North, #03-20,                      SINGAPORE PAVILION                                                                             an amazing tour of diversions that lead
       Galaxis 1, Fusionopolis Place,                  BY INFOCOMM MEDIA                                                                              to fun-packed stories.
                                                       DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY                                                                          Tashi (CGI animation, 52x11 min.) Tashi
       Singapore 138522                                (IMDA)                                                                                         and Jack are swept up in adventures
       (65) 6809-1178                                  3 Fusionopolis Way, #16-22                                                                     exploring a fantastical kingdom where                        Symbiosis, Singapore 138633                                                                    they have to face mythical creatures.                                                                                                                         Vic the Viking (CGI animation, 78x12
                                                       (65) 6377-3800                                                                                 min.) Ten-year-old Vic and the Viking
                                                                                                                   crew get involved in thrilling adventures
                                                                                                                             while sailing around the world.
                                                                                                                                                      Kosmoo (Live-action adventure, 26x25
                                                                                                                                                      min.) Together with his bionic dog Kosmoo,
                                                                                                                                                      Robbe solves small crimes in a coastal vil-
                                                                                                      August Media’s Barangay 143 (Singapore          lage. He also gets help from his best friend
                                                                                                      Pavilion by IMDA)                               Ellis, who is in a wheelchair.

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