UNIVERSITY GUIDELINES - 2020-2021 School of Law - Hindustan University

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UNIVERSITY GUIDELINES - 2020-2021 School of Law - Hindustan University
School of Law


                         Indisputably the
                      best place to study!
UNIVERSITY GUIDELINES - 2020-2021 School of Law - Hindustan University
UNIVERSITY GUIDELINES - 2020-2021 School of Law - Hindustan University
                         Founder Chairman
                  (20 June 1940 – 14 February 2006)

Dr. K.C.G. Verghese, the iconic educationist, achieved success in his
earnest effort to build this great institution, thereby fullling his sole
dream, passion and vision. Today the institution offers quality education,
at an affordable price, to thousands of students from across the globe.
The Institution caters to 7500 students and has more than 25000 alumni
across the world.
Dr. K.C.G. Verghese in his autobiography, “Wheels and Wings” voiced,
“After much contemplation, I made my choice: ETERNAL ENTHUSIASM
and PERSEVERANCE. For these are qualities that made me what I am.
Added to these are two additional features of my work culture: LONG-
RANGE VISION and LIVE NETWORKING.” Throughout his path-
breaking and progressive career, his unied focus has been “TO MAKE
UNIVERSITY GUIDELINES - 2020-2021 School of Law - Hindustan University
It is my proud privilege to welcome yet another
                                 batch of young & brilliant students to
                                 Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science
                                 – one of the constituent educational institutions
                                 in the country. HITS is one of the most sought
                                 after destinations for its remarkable academic
                                 excellence, achievements, pluralistic outlook
                                 and cosmopolitan environment for the
                                 inclusive growth of our students. It reects a
                                 comprehended outlook on the institutional
                                 goal. We strive to cater for the advancement of
                                 a holistic learning.
Stepping into the institution ensures two transformative freedoms in a student's
life. One, it begins with an academic freedom by opting one's own preferred
area of studies. The second freedom is helping our students to develop relevant
skills such as critical thinking and effective communication which are the much
sought after attributes the students should acquire in the current job market.
HITS is committed to offer an education that is unrivalled among the
universities. In this community of active scholars, there is no greater objective
than being at the forefront of knowledge based on the commitment to our
vision, mission and goals. This institution has been excelling in an array of
Curricular, Co-curricular and Extracurricular activities over the past years and
scaling greater heights in a wide spectrum of emerging technologies to create a
healthy and a futuristic generation to propel the sustainable economic growth
and social progress of our country.
Choosing to study at HITS can probably be one of the best decisions of your life.
Reputed for the excellent infrastructure, competitive faculty, unique project
based learning system, 14 exclusive Research Centres of Excellence offering
facilities for numerous research outputs, this institute has been the haven for
aspiring students seeking quality education and challenging career paths.
Over the last few decades, the amount of efforts we have invested in
establishing HITS as a great learning centre with the enhancement of quality
based education will truly become the Alma Mater you would want to embrace
for the rest of your life.
It is my pleasant privilege to welcome you to this Premier Educational Institution
– a great place to start your journey to a bright and successful future.
With best wishes,
UNIVERSITY GUIDELINES - 2020-2021 School of Law - Hindustan University
After having served in the helm of affairs in an
                                historical institution in Tambaram, I have been
                                invited to offer my services in Hindustan
                                Institute of Technology and Science (HITS), a
                                history creating institution, having its roots
                                since 1966. With humble beginnings, our
                                Founder, Late Dr. K. C. G. Verghese, the
                                legendary visionary with his vision “To Make
                                Every Man A Success and No Man A Failure”,
                                impacted me profoundly as I began my
                                journey in this institution. I have a distinctive
                                privilege of observing HITS grow from its
inception, as we got settled as a family at St. Thomas Mount in 1969. Of the
several accolades the institution enjoys today, the NAAC accreditation with “A
Grade”, offering of NBA approved programmes, IET recognition on the anvil,
are noteworthy recognitions.
Spread over a fairly large sylvan campus, the HITS is proud of having well-
distributed independent buildings housing different Departments catering to
thousands of students by hundreds of highly learned faculty. Some of the
laudable features of the institution are the research endeavours through funded
projects by the faculty, publishing research papers in highly ranked journals,
including Scopus indexed, industry connects, ne placements for students,
active International collaborations and accolades in technical events,
competitions and sports, to mention a few.
Liberal Arts and Science education, which has joined the engineering domain
of HITS, has gained considerable momentum in the recent past, and I am sure
with the blend of Engineering, Architecture, Management and Law, this temple
of learning is poised for a bright future, and we are privileged to be a part of
this institution at this point in time of her progressive history.
It is my privilege to welcome the new batch of students for 2020 - 2021 to HITS,
a great place to ignite your potential with endless possibilities.

With every good wish,

Dr. R. W. Alexander Jesudasan
Pro Vice Chancellor
UNIVERSITY GUIDELINES - 2020-2021 School of Law - Hindustan University

                                 Registrar : Dr. Pon Ramalingam
            Controller Of Examinations : Dr. C. Kezi Selva Vijila
                     Director – Research : Dr. K. Nandakumar
         Director - International Affairs : Dr. G. Ilavazhagan

           Dr. N. Vasudevan                            Dr. A. K. Parvathy
    Dean - Engineering & Technology          HOD - Electrical & Electronics Engineering
           Dr. P. Sagayaraj                            Dr. D. Dinakaran
         Dean - Student Affairs                    HOD - Automation & Robotics

           Dr. Baby Joseph                           Dr. A. Ramesh Babu
             Dean - Research                       HOD - Science & Humanities

    Dr. R. Angeline Prabhavathy                      Dr. Angelina Geetha
Dean - Post Graduate Studies & HOD (Civil)     HOD - School of Computing Sciences
             Dr. V. L. Mony                            Dr. Al. Vallikannu
          Dean - School of Law                  HOD - Electronics & Communication
         Dr. Sheeba Chander
 Dean - School of Planning, Architecture &       Dr. V. Ceronmani Sharmila
            Design Excellence                HOD - Information Technology Engineering
      Mr. Isaac Samala Gerard                          Dr. P. Vijayabalan
             Chief HR Ofcer                      HOD - Mechanical Engineering
         Mr. Salim Mahmood                        Dr. M. K. Badrinarayanan
            Deputy Director                       HOD - School of Management
       Admissions & Administration                     Ms. Jini Varghese
     Mr. Milton Huggins Gerard                     HOD - Fashion, Design& Arts
             Deputy Director                     Dr. M. Selvamuthukumaran
       Corporate Affairs & Training                  HOD - Food Technology
  Wg. Cdr. K. R. Srikanth, (Retd.)              Ms. Kavitha Vijayaraghavan
           Chief Admin. Ofcer                           Head - Placement
             Dr. R. Asokan                       Dr. B. Selvamuthukrishnan
     HOD - Aeronautical Engineering                  HOD - Physical Education
           Dr. M. Jaikumar                              Mr. Anil S John
     HOD - Automobile Engineering               HOD - Centre for ODL Programmes
        Dr. B. Vivekanandan                           Dr. M. Veerachamy
       HOD - Chemical Engineering                         Chief Librarian
UNIVERSITY GUIDELINES - 2020-2021 School of Law - Hindustan University

01   HITS Anthem                                              08
02   Student Prole                                           09
03   About HITS                                               11
04   Motto « Vision « Mission « Value Statement               13
05   Accreditation, Awards & Rankings                         14
06   Infrastructure Overview                                  17
07   Global Partners                                          21
08   Admission Policies and Procedures                        23
09   Academic Regulations                                     26
10   Fee Structure                                            35
11   Services for Students                                    36
12   Services offered by HITS                                 46
13   Institution's Charter                                    48
14   Student's Charter                                        49
15   Campus Rules                                             50
16   Examination Rules                                        59
17   Extracurricular Activities                               62
18   Associations and Club Activities on Campus               65
19   Dr. K. C. G. Verghese Research & Resource Centre         69
20   Placements                                               72
21   Scholarships and Awards                                  74
22   Notice: Ragging - an Offence                             77
23   Hostel Admission and Rules                               81
24   Academic Schedule                                        88
25   Contact Phone Numbers                                    90
26   Timetable                                                94

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UNIVERSITY GUIDELINES - 2020-2021 School of Law - Hindustan University
01                          HITS ANTHEM

         Pride of the land, haven of hope with her banner
         ying aloft;
         Stands Hindustan greeting all
         Shining at the zenith of glory.
         Peace and harmony dwell
         Goodwill and friendship prevail;
         Millions seek thy portals
         Make thy name immortal.

                     Honesty, Civility
                     Pride of Hindustan
                     Quality, Unity
                     Mission of Hindustan.

         Excellence our ambition; Success our noble vision;
         Diligence and determination
         Hallmark of Hindustan.
         Loyal to our motto we stand
         Virtue and knowledge in hand;
         Good Shepherd, Divine Guide
         Long live our Alma Mater.

                     Honesty, Civility
                     Pride of Hindustan
                     Quality, Unity
                     Mission of Hindustan.

08   HITS HANDBOOK 2020 - 2021
UNIVERSITY GUIDELINES - 2020-2021 School of Law - Hindustan University
02                                  2020-2021
                                  STUDENT PROFILE

Name ........................................................................................

Roll No ........................... Registration No. ...................................

Year ................... Semester ...................... Branch ........................

Campus Resident/Day Scholar .....................................................

Blood Group .................... Aadhar Card No ...............................

Telephone/Mobile No ..................................................................

Email ID .......................................................................................

Father's Name ..............................................................................

Mother's Name .............................................................................

Parent's Contact No .....................................................................

Parent's Email ID.          .......................................................................

Parent's Residential Address ........................................................


.................................................... Pin Code ...............................

Guardian's Name .......................................................................

Guardian's Mobile No ..................................................................

Guardian's Email ID ....................................................................

UNIVERSITY GUIDELINES - 2020-2021 School of Law - Hindustan University
The passion for Automobiles was overwhelming. In 1965, Late. Dr.
      K.C.G. Verghese took teaching assignments in Automobile Engineering
      subjects and was coaching students for British Automobile Examination
      as well. It was at this phase he knew he was all set for his own venture;
      and in 1966 Hindustan Engineering Training Centre (HETC)
      commenced operations as an institute. HETC later became Hindustan
      Institute of Engineering and Technology (HIET) and its reputation was
      high amongst foreign countries than India. Students from Sri Lanka, the
      African continent, the Gulf countries, Singapore and Malaysia
      gradually, yet steadily, opted for HIET. This irresistible quest for
      knowledge slowly paved way for the commencement of other
      Institutions under Hindustan Group of Institutions (HGI).

10   HITS HANDBOOK 2020 - 2021
03                           ABOUT HITS

The cherished objective of building an Engineering institute was the need of
the hour in the early 1980's. To appease this demand, Hindustan College of
Engineering (HCE) was established in 1985. HCE, later renamed as
Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science (HITS), attained the Deemed
to be University status in 2008 in recognition of its excellence in education
and contribution to the nation. HITS, a Christian minority institution, is
recognized by UGC, NBA, NAAC, AICTE, MHRD & COA; and is one of the
most sought after engineering institutions in India.

HITS is committed to inspire minds to innovate and inculcate value
education across various disciplines. Renowned for its competent faculty,
excellent infrastructure, curricular and extracurricular activities, HITS has
maintained an enviable academic excellence since inception. The student
community comprises of learners from all over India and Overseas such as
Afghanistan, Bhutan, China, Egypt, France, Indonesia, Kenya, Korea,
Liberia, Libya, Mauritius, Nigeria, Oman, Singapore, Japan, Sri Lanka,
Saudi Arabia, South Africa, U.A.E, Thailand, Vietnam, USA, etc.

In HITS, there is no greater objective than being at the forefront of
knowledge true to our motto, “To Make Every Man a Success and No
Man a Failure.”


     Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science is located at Padur about 22
     kms South of Chennai on the Rajiv Gandhi Salai (Old Mahabalipuram
     Road). Situated amidst a lush green stretch of land, spread over 100 acres,
     extending from Old Mahabalipuram Road upto the silver sheen of
     Muttukadu lake, it is a classic example of a green campus. The ambience is
     conducive for a calm and intensive academic pursuit. HITS is
     well-connected to the city by public transport buses. Besides, the institution
     operates its eet of transport for the convenience of students and faculty.

12   HITS HANDBOOK 2020 - 2021

To Make Every Man A Success And No Man A Failure.

To be an International Institute of Excellence, providing a conducive
environment for education with a strong emphasis on innovation, quality,
research and strategic partnership blended with values and commitment to

• To create an ecosystem for learning and world class research.

• To nurture a sense of creativity and innovation.

• To instil highest ethical standards and values with a sense of
• To take up activities for the development of Society.

• To develop national and international collaboration and strategic
  partnership with industry and institutes of excellence.
• To enable graduates to become future leaders and innovators

Value Statement
Integrity, Innovation, Internationalization.


                Accredited with an “A” Grade by the                                    Rated an overall GOLD in
                National Assessment & Accreditation                                    the QS I-GAUGE Indian
                Council (NAAC), Govt. of India;                                        University Rating under
                approved by AICTE
                                                            categories such as Accreditation, Facilities,
                                                            Te a c h i n g a n d L e a r n i n g , R e s e a r c h ,
                                                            Entrepreneurship, Employability, Faculty, Quality,
                                                            Student Diversity and Social Responsibility.

                    Accredited B.Tech. Programmes                      Certied E-LEAD institution by QS
                    offered by                                         I∙GAUGE.
     Ÿ   Aeronautical Engineering
     Ÿ   Automobile Engineering
     Ÿ   Civil Engineering
     Ÿ   Computer Science and Engineering                              5S Certied by TUV Rheinland for
     Ÿ   Mechanical Engineering.                                       successfully implementing 5S Work Place
                                                                       Management System.

                                                                                           ‘Band A’ Institution
                #107 - Engineering Category
                                                                                             (Ranked Top 25)
                #20 - Architecture

                                                                                Ranked under Category – 2 by
                Rated in the 301-350 band in the World                          MHRD-UGC.
                University Rankings 2019 by QS BRICS
                Ranking System.

                       Ranked in Top 50 globally for        #11 – Top Private Engineering Institutes
                       SDG 6 – Clean Water and              #18 – Top 50 Private Institutes for Placement
                       Sanitation, Top 100 for SDGs 7 -     #19 – Top Engineering Institutes in the Ranking
     Affordable and Clean Energy and 12 – Responsible       Survey 2020
     Consumption and Production and Top 300 under
     the overall category among other 800 universities
     globally in 2020.
                                                            Rated 'AAAA' - India's Best Engineering Colleges
                                                            2020 in Central / Deemed / State Private
                Ranked #5 in the Private Universities       Universities.
                category in Tamil Nadu and #10 in the
                top 100 Private Universities in India by                     #92 at the National Level in the
                                                                             Week Best B School.
     Education World, the Human Development
     Magazine 2020.                                                          Rated B - School 'B++' at the
                                                                             National, #15 in South Zone and
                                                                             #2 in Chennai
                       Recognized among India's Top
                       Private Universities in i3RC Times                 #1 - Private Deemed to be Universities
                       Ranking by IET.                                    in South India
                                                                          #2 - Private Deemed to be Universities
                                                                          in India
                       R a n k e d S O M a s To p 1 1 t h                 #19 - Technical Universities in India in
                       Outstanding B-School of                            the India's Top Technical
     Excellence and as the Top-4th B-School in Tamil                      Universities Rankings 2020.
     Nadu by Competition Success Review.
                                                                     Ranked #20 in India and Engineering
                                                                     Institutions in terms of Placements/
                                                                     Industry Interface/USP. Ranked #13 in
                                                            Top Engineering Colleges of Excellence. Ranked
     SoM ranked #4 in Chennai, #8 in Tamil Nadu, #30        #13 in Top Private Engineering Colleges. Ranked
     in South India and #79 in All India Private Category   #3 in Tamil Nadu by GHRDC & CSR.
     by The Hindu – Business Line.

14   HITS HANDBOOK 2020 - 2021
•   Dr. (Mrs) Elizabeth Verghese, Chairperson, Hindustan Group of Institutions was
    honoured by the ICT Academy at BRIDGE 2020 with the highly acclaimed
    “Women Icon of India” Award in recognition of her achievements in the eld of
    education on in Feb. 2020.
•   Dr. Mrs. Elizabeth Verghese was bestowed with the “Lifetime Achievement
    Award for Public Service” by the Indo Australian Organization in January 2017.
•   Dr. Anand Jacob Verghese, Pro Chancellor, HITS was honoured with the most
    coveted “Edupreneur of the Year” Award at 13th Higher Education Skill and
    Livelihood Conclave held in Feb. 2020 at New Delhi.
•   Dr. Anand Jacob Verghese was conferred with “Edupreneur of the Year” Award
    2019 by Centre for Education Growth and Research (CEGR).
•   Dr. Anand Jacob Verghese, has been honoured “IET Ratna Award”, the highest
    award from IET, for his co mmendable contributions in the eld of Engineering
    Education in 2017.
•   Dr. Anand Jacob Verghese received “MGR Ratna Award” at Bharath Ratna, MGR
    102nd Birth Anniversary Celebrations, organized by the Srilankan Government in
•   Dr. Anand Jacob Verghese received the 'Fellow of Aeronautical Society of India
    (AeSi) Award' at the 67th AGM of AeSi in 2016.
•   Mr. Ashok Verghese, Director, HITS received “Education Entrepreneur” Award
    for being the his Outstanding Contribution and being an Exemplary Leader
    during the event organized by the Industry Academic Forum in association with
    Amma Kalviyagam in Jan. 2020.
•   Mr. Ashok Verghese become Fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India).
•   Mr. Ashok Verghese was bestowed with “Educational Entrepreneur of the Year
    award at the 12th ASSOCHAM National Education Summit 2019.
•   Mr. Ashok Verghese has been honoured with Microsoft's Adoption of Social
    Media in Academia (ASMA) Award at its 2nd Annual Convention and Awards in
•   Mr. Ashok Verghese received Raindropss “Edupreneur Awards 2015” from
    Dr. K. Rosaiah, Hon'ble Governor of Tamil Nadu as the Outstanding
    Educationalist of Tamil Nadu.

•   Conferred with “The Institute of the Year for Higher Education – South” Award by
    ASSOCHAM during 13th Higher Education Skill and Livelihood Conclave held on
    25 & 26 February 2020 at New Delhi.
•   Bagged “Best Private University for Research & Innovation of the Year” Award at
    the Asia Education Summit on 27 Feb. 2020.

•   Received “Institution Deploying Innovative Practices in Promoting Research &
         Innovation amongst Faculty & Students” Award at I-TEC Conclave conducted by
         MHRD on 3 Jan. 2020.
     •   Recipient of “Best University Award” under universities within a ranking of 100 in
         NIRF at the ThinkEdu Conclave, an initiative of the New Indian Express group on
         9 Jan. 2020.
     •   Recipient of World Education Summit Award, “Innovation in Global
         Collaborative Learning” during the 14th World Education Summit held at New
         Delhi on 9 & 10 Aug. 2019.
     •   Honoured with “Best Educational Institution 2019” Award by Provoke Lifestyle
         Magazine during Provoke Awards 3.0.
     •   Acknowledged with “Institute of the Year for Higher Education-South” award at
         the 12th ASSOCHAM National Education Summit 2019.
     •   Recipient of “IEN Higher Education Award” under University of the Year (South)
         for Exceptional Performance in Past Academic Year category during the
         7th Higher Education Summit at New Delhi in 2019.
     •   Conferred with “Outstanding Higher Educational Institution for Skill
         Development” award during Global India Education Forum at EAIE 2018,
         Geneva, Switzerland.
     •   Bestowed with “Innovation by Deemed-to-be-University” Award at the
         Elets 13th World Education Summit, 2018.
     •   Allocation of documentation work of 31 heritage buildings to the School of
         Architecture, HITS by The Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMD).
     •   Approved by MHRD-AICTE to establish Institute Innovation Council (IIC).
     •   Awarded the prestigious National Education Excellence Awards 2018 under
         “Best Institute Providing Global Exposure” and “Best B-School for Promoting
         Industry- Academia Interface” categories during 11th ASSOCHAM Higher
         Education Summit 2018.
     •   Recipient of “Best Institutional Award” by Institution of Engineers (India), Tamil
     •   Secured “Best Cyber Security Education Institution” Award of the Year 2017 by
         Data Security Council of India (DSCI) NASSCOM Excellence Awards.
     •   Recipient of “Best Education Brand Award” to HITS by Economic Times
     •   Acknowledged Hindustan Toastmasters Club with “Silver Eagle” and “Phoenix”
         Award in Ovation 2019.
     •   Recipient of Shristi's “Good Green Governance Award” in 2018 for the fourth
         consecutive year.
     •   Bagged the “Great Patron of Sports and Games Award” for the Vision,
         Infrastructure, appropriate process and personnel to promote Sports and
         Games among youth in India by FICCI CASCADE.

16   HITS HANDBOOK 2020 - 2021
      HITS stands as a portal of learning and is set in an enthralling
     Arcadian frame of 100 acres plush green garden with its stately
             building draping more than 10 lakh square feet.

                          ACADEMIC BLOCKS
Main Building                              Building Sciences Block

• Administration                           •   School of Architecture
• School of Science and Humanities         •   Department of Civil Engineering
                                           •   Placement Ofce
PG Block                                   •   Publications Ofce

                                           PG Extension Block
                                           School of Computing Sciences
                                           • Department of Computer Science &
                                           • Department of Information Technology

School of Electrical Sciences
• Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering
• Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

School of Law

Dr. K. C. G. Verghese Research & Resource Centre
                                           • Central Library
                                           • School of Management
                                           • Department of Computer Application
                                           • Research Facilities
                                           • Ofce of International Affairs

Jubilee Block                             Aviation Block

     School of Mechanical Sciences             School of Aeronautical Sciences
     • Department of Mechanical Engineering    • Department of Aeronautical Engineering
     • Department of Automobile Engineering    • Aerospace Division
     • Department of Chemical Engineering &    • Avionics Division
       Bio Technology                          • Simulator Centre
     • Department of Fashion, Design, & Arts

     Edison Centre
                                               • School of Liberal Arts & Applied Sciences
                                               • Ofce of the Student Chaplain
                                               • Alumni Ofce
                                               • Campus Clinic
                                               • Bank & ATM
                                               • Super Market

                      MGR Auditorium

                                               With a seating capacity of 1000, the
                                               auditorium is the cultural hub and venue
                                               for various functions.

          Andromeda Lecture Theatre

                                               This ultra-modern air-conditioned theatre
                                               with 450 members seating capacity has
                                               won Asia Design Excellence Awards for
                                               best “Architecture and Interior Design.”

18   HITS HANDBOOK 2020 - 2021
Good Shepherd Hall

                                             With central air-conditioned set up, the
                                             hall is equipped with latest LCD and high-
                                             quality projectors and acts as a venue for
                                             most of the top organized programmes
                                             and meetings.



Situated adjacent to the Building Sciences Block, Parabola is a domical canopy and is
used as a hub for various formal and informal gatherings.

Open Air Theatre
                                             Open Air Theatre
                                             Located behind the Main Building, the
                                             Open Air Theatre is the venue for cultural

                                             Freedom i-Zone
                                             An articially sketched arena meant for
                                             both literary and musical events.

                                             A recreational facility to rejuvenate body
                                             and mind through indoor games.

Jupiter Hostel
                                                         Kasturba Hostel, Bethany Hall, Susan
                                                         Note: AC & Non-AC Rooms are available for
                                                         boys and girls separately on sharing basis
                                                         with option for attached and common bath.

     Hostel Accommodation                                Eateries
     Five hostels including a state-of-the- art          A well-furnished Cafeteria serving
     International Hostel, offer boarding and            Continental and Indian cuisines is located
     lodging facilities for students. These hostels      centrally in the Institution. The 'Garage Café'
     cater to their needs with multiple amenities like   is another food court with a rugged garage
     gym, visitors lounge, sporting café, inrmary       appearance catering to the needs of the
     with pharmacy, round the clock security.
                                                         food lovers. Both continental and Indian
     Boys                                                cuisines are served. Besides, fast food and
     Galaxy Hostel, Jupiter Hostel, Orient Hostel (off   other eateries are also available.

     A 15-acre well-maintained playground cater to the sports
     facilities and recreational requirements of the students and the
     staff. Many reputed tournaments are conducted.

     Outdoor Games:
     Cricket, Tennis, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Throw ball,
     Athletics, Cycling, Karate, Yoga, Body & Mind Alignment, Horse
     Riding, Aerobics and Martial Arts.                                                 Horse Riding

     Indoor Games:
     Badminton, Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess, Billiards, and Snooker.

     Grass Root Football Field:
     In association with Chennaiyin Football Club, a Grass Root
     Football Field is set in par with international standards within the

20   HITS HANDBOOK 2020 - 2021
07                           GLOBAL PARTNERS
HITS has partnerships and collaborations with various academia, organizations,
industry, and governments at national and international level to be at the forefront
of scientic and technological developments. Knowledge is disseminated here
through training, exchange programmes, technical collaboration and consultancy.
The institute has more than hundred Memoranda of Understanding established.
Some of them are:

North Asia                                      South Asia
•    National Research Tomsk Polytechnic        •   Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan.
     University, Russia.                        •   Shih Chien University, Taiwan.
•    Novosibirsk State University, Russia.      •   Daffodil International University,
•    Moscow Aviation Institute, Russia.             Bangladesh.
•    Moscow University of Finance and Law,      •   University of Cambodia, Cambodia.
     Russia.                                    •   Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta,
North East Asia                                 •   Management and Science University,
•    Gongqing College of Nanchang
     University, China                          •   Multi Media University, Malaysia.
•    Hengyang Normal University, China.         •   Open University of Malaysia, Malaysia.
•    Hunan University of Humanities Science     •   Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia.
     and Technology, China.                     •   Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia.
•    Sias International University, China.      •   Lyceum of Philippines University,
•    Gunma University, Japan.                       Philippines.
•    Saitama University, Japan.                 •   Mapua Institute of Technology,
•    Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan.
                                                •   Management Development Institute of
•    Busan University of Foreign Studies,
                                                    Singapore, Singapore.
                                                •   King Mongkut's University of Technology
•    Dongguk University, Korea.
                                                    Thonburi, Thailand
•    Hansei University, Korea.
                                                •   Naresuan University, Thailand.
•    Jeonju University, Korea.
                                                •   Prince of Songkla University, Thailand.
•    Kookmin university, Korea.
•    Korea Aerospace University, Korea.
•    Korea University of Media Arts, Korea.
                                                Middle Eastern
•    Sejong University, Korea.
                                                •   Ben-Gurion University, Israel.
•    Woosuk University, Korea.
                                                •   Munzur University, Turkey.
                                                •   Yildiz Technical University, Turkey.

Africa                                        •     University of Technology Berlin,
     •   Kigali Institute of Science, Technology
         and Management, Rwanda.                   •     Technische Universitaet Ilmenau,
     •   Universite Internationale De Rabat,
         Morocco.                                  •     Trier University of Applied Sciences,
                                                   •     Budapest Metropolitan University,
     America                                             Hungary.
     North America                                 •     University of Politecnico Di Milano, Italy.
     •   University of Newfoundland, Canada.       •     Riga Technical University, Latvia.
     •   Alamo Colleges, USA.                            University of Information Technology and
                                                         Management, Poland.
     •   Arizona State University, USA.
                                                   •     Vistula University, Poland
     •   Bradley University, USA.
                                                   •     University of Aveiro, Portugal.
     •   California Baptist University, USA.
                                                   •     Danubius University, Romania.
     •   Dallas Baptist University, USA.
                                                   •     KTH Royal Institute of Technology,
     •   Illinois Institute of Technology, USA.
     •   San Diego State University, USA
                                                   •     City of Glasgow College, UK.
     •   Stevens Institute of Technology, USA.
                                                   •     City University London, UK.
     •   Texas Tech University, USA.
                                                   •     Craneld University, UK.
     •   University of Alabama, USA.
                                                   •     Glyndwr University, UK.
     •   University of Colorado, USA.
                                                   •     Oxford Brookes University, UK.
     •   University of New Haven, USA.
                                                   •     Staffordshire University, UK.
     •   University of North Florida, USA.
                                                   •     University of East London, UK.
     •   University of Wisconsin- Madison, USA
                                                   •     University of Warwick, UK.
     •   Wayne State University, USA.
                                                   •     University of Leeds, UK.
     •   Western Michigan University, USA.
                                                   •     University of Northampton, UK.

     South America
     •   Universidad de Mendoza, Argentina.
                                                   •     Deakin University.
     •   Universidade Federal De Juiz De Fora,
         Brazil.                                   •     La Trobe University.

     •   Universidad Católica del Maule, Chile.    •     University of Western Sydney.

     Europe                                        New Zealand
     •   Ecole National De I'aviation Civile,      •     Victoria University of Wellington
     •   Institut Polytechnique des Sciences
         Avancées, France.
                                                       For enquiry,
     •   Institut Sup'biotech De Paris, France.
     •   Universite De Nantes, France.
                                                       Ofce of International Affairs
     •   Lippe - University of Applied Science,        E-mail:

22   HITS HANDBOOK 2020 - 2021

HITS takes into consideration students who have passed their Higher Secondary
Examination with commendable marks for admission. The University strictly follows
the eligibility criteria of UGC norms.

Special Admission Programmes
HITS recognizes the need for providing educational opportunities for people of
widely varying ages and backgrounds. Therefore, special admission programmes
are available for potentially successful students from disadvantaged, culturally
deprived, or economically impoverished segments of the society. For further details,
the Head Ofce can be contacted. Admission to HITS thus, is purely non-

Students who were initially enrolled at Hindustan Institute of Technology and
Science but did not attend the particular semester/term can re-register, provided
they left with good conduct and have not enrolled in any other institution after
leaving HITS. Such students may be readmitted by submitting a Readmission Form.
Students who have been dismissed either from HITS or any other institution will not
be readmitted under any circumstances.

Students who have passed their Degree Examination with commendable marks are
considered for admission. The Institution strictly follows the eligibility criteria of the
UGC norms. Admissions for P. G. Programmes are made through entrance test,
group discussions and personal interview.

Foreign and Non-Resident Indians (NRI) Candidates
Candidates should fulll the following minimum eligibility criteria to seek admission
under -Foreign and Non-Resident Indians (NRI) Candidates Category. Admissions
are based on the candidates' performance in the 10 + 2 or equivalent examination
and satisfying the guidelines of respective councils governing the engineering and
architecture education. The admission procedures, application form and fees are
different from the domestic students.
Detailed Admission Eligibility for Undergraduate/Postgraduate/Foreign &
Non-Resident Indians can be found in website:
h ps://

     •   All freshmen must attend an Orientation session conducted by HITS to get
         acquainted with the facilities available on campus. Orientation session is
         normally held before the commencement of classes.
     •   Bridge courses will be conducted for a period of minimum 2 weeks for all 1st year

     HITS offers Ph.D. Programme in all disciplines of Engineering, Architecture,
     Management, Science, Liberal Arts, Language, etc.

     a) Full Time Candidates: Any candidate can work full time for the Ph.D. degree.
     b) Part Time Internal: Any staff members of HITS having the minimum qualications
     and with two years of experience can work on a part time basis for the Ph.D. degree.
     c) Part Time External: Teachers working in other colleges in permanent positions
     and employees of R&D organizations, national laboratories and industries with
     minimum two years of working experience can work on a part time basis for the
     Ph.D. degree.

     a) Ph.D. in Engineering: Master's degree in Engineering/Technology/Business
     Administration with rst class or a minimum 55%.
     b) Ph.D. in Sciences/Humanities/Languages: Master's degree with minimum 55%
     marks in Sciences/Humanities/Languages.

     The Institute will invite eligible candidates for a written test and interview. Final
     selection will be primarily based on academic credentials, written test and interview.

     Selected Full Time Candidates admitted to Full Time Ph.D. can get fellowship
     ranging from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25,000 depending on their eligibility.

     Project Associates
     Research Scholars working in Funded Projects and receiving fellowship from the
     project can also register for Ph.D. They are designated as Project Associates. The full
     time Research Scholars, Hindustan Teaching Research Fellows (HTRF), and Junior
     Research Fellowship (JRF) also can apply for the position of Project Associate. The
     Project Associates will receive Fellowship as per the guidelines of the Funding

24   HITS HANDBOOK 2020 - 2021
Post Doctoral Fellowships are awarded to young research scholars who have shown
exemplary commitment in original research and propose to pursue research work in
science, engineering, or technology on specic projects. The Associate Research
Scholar will carry out full time research work related to the problems stated in
his/her application and approved by HITS.

Scholars possessing Ph.D. with at least 3 research papers in Science Citation
Indexed (SCI) journals will be eligible to apply for PDF. The maximum age limit for
applying for the award of PDF shall be 32 years. There will be a relaxation up to 3
years if the applicant has ve publications in SCI Journals.

The consolidated stipend of PDF will be Rs. 35000/-

09                         ACADEMIC REGULATIONS
                                      KEY POINTS
     The information on Academic Regulations with relevant important clauses
     is as follows. Every student must compulsorily go through the Academic
     Regulations for the respective Programmes which is available in the
     institute website.

     2.0 Admission

     The admission policy and procedure shall be decided from time to time by the Board
     of Management (BOM) of the Institute based on the guidelines issued by the UGC/
     Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India. The
     number of seats in each discipline of the INTEGRATED UG LAW DEGREE programme
     will be decided by the Board of Management of the Institute as per the directivesof
     BCI / UGC / MHRD, Government of India, taking into account the market demands.
     Seats are also made available up to 20% of the sanctioned intake for Non Resident
     Indians and foreign nationals, who satisfy the admission eligibility norms of the

     2.1 Eligibility for Admission

     The candidate should have qualied with Bachelor's Degree of minimum 3
     years'duration and should have obtained at least 50% marks (45% in case
     ofcandidates belonging to reserved category) in thequalifying Examination for 3
     years LLB and should have passed 10+2 examination in any stream with minimum
     50% marks for admission to the integrated UG Law programme.

     In addition, the student shall have to take up the Common Law Admission Test
     (CLAT) / LSAT or any other entrance examination as approved by the BoM of HITS for
     admission to the integrated UG law degree programme.

     2.2 The candidate has to full all the prescribed admission requirements / norms of
     the Institute / BCI norms.

     2.3 In all matters relating to admission to the INTEGRATED UG LAW DEGREE, the
     decision of the Board of Management of the Institute shall be nal.

     2.4 At any time after admission, if found that a candidate has not fullled one or
     many of the requirements stipulated by the Institute, or submitted forged
     certicates, the Institute has the right to revoke the admission of the candidate and
     will forfeit the fee paid and legal action may be taken against the candidate as
     decided by the Board of Management.

26   HITS HANDBOOK 2020 - 2021
4.0 Structure of the INTEGRATED UG LAW Degree Programme

Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) is introduced from the Academic year
2018 - 19 in the curriculum, to provide students, a balanced approach to their
educational endeavour.

4.1 All INTEGRATED UG LAW DEGREE Programmes will have the curriculum and
syllabi (course contents) as approved by the Board of Studies and Academic Council
of the Institute.

4.2 Credits are the weightages are assigned to the courses based on the
followinggeneral pattern:

     Ÿ     One lecture / Tutorial period per week         --- 1 credit

     Ÿ     Two periods of Practical/ per week             --- 1 credit

4.3 Under CBCS, the degree programme will consist of the following categories of

  i) Core Foundation (CF) courses which comprise of Courses on Humanities,
      Basic Sciences, English, Value Education, Environmental Sciences and
      Professional Development.

  ii) Compulsory Courses (CC) comprise of the following.

         a. Professional Core (PC) courses: These courses expose the students to the
            foundation of topics related to the chosen programme of study comprising
            of theory and Practical/ eld work/ Case Studies / Design project/ Project

         b. Departmental Elective (DE) courses: These courses enable the students
            to take up a group of courses of their interest in the area of specialization
            offered by the parent Department / School.

  iii) Non–Departmental Electives (NE): Thesecourses are offered (across
      disciplines) by departments other than the parent Department. Two groups of
      Electives are available under NE namely, Electives offered by Core
      Departments and Open Electives offered by Non – Core departments.

  iv) Indexed Journal / Conference Publications: If a student publishes a
      research paper as main author, in indexed Journal / Conference, the same
      can be considered as equivalent to one two credit course under NE.

  v) Non-CGPA courses offered in certain semesters are compulsory, but are not
     used for calculation of GPA and CGPA. However, the credits will be mentioned
     in the grade sheet.

4.5 The curriculum for INTEGRATED UG LAW DEGREE programmes is designed
     to have a minimum of 214 credits (210 credits + 4 NCGPA credits), distributed
     across four semesters of study for the award of degree

     4.6 A student must earn compulsorily the credits mentioned under each categoryin
     Table 2 and also a minimum total of 214credits(210 credits + 4 NCGPA credits)
     for the award of INTEGRATED UG LAW DEGREE.

      Sl.                                                Number     Subject      Total
                   Nature of Subjects      Category
      No.                                               of Subjects Credit       Credit

       1           English Language            EL           02           3         06

       2              Pre-Law Core            PC            10           3         30
       3       Compulsory Law Course          LC            20           4         80
       4             Clinical Course          CC            04           4         16
       5        Elective Course - Law         EC            08           4         32
               Elective Course – Non –
       6                                      EC            02           3         06

       7            Honours Course            HN            10           4         40

                                 Total                      60           -         210
                Internship will be based on the recommendation of Bar Council
              Table 2. Distribution of Credits for INTEGRATED UG LAW DEGREE

     4.7 The medium of instruction is English for all courses, examinations, seminar
     presentations and project reports.

     7.0 Attendance

     The faculty handling a course must nalise the attendance, 3 calendar days before
     the last instructional day of the course and submit to the HoD through the class

        a. A student with less than 75% attendance (Total Contact Hours - “TCH”) in any
           course, will not be permitted to appear for the end-semester examination in
           that particular course, irrespective of the reason for the shortfall of the
           attendance. The student is however permitted to avail Academic Leave up to
           10% for attending academic related activities like, Industrial Visits, Seminars,
           Conferences, Competitions etc., with the prior approval of the HoD. After the
           event, the student should submit the relevant documents for proof to the HoD
           for approval of the Academic Leave.

28   HITS HANDBOOK 2020 - 2021
b. The remaining 25% allowance in attendance is given to account for activities
     under NCC / NSS / Cultural / Sports/ Minor Medical exigencies etc.

  c. A student with an attendance (“TCH” – Total Contact Hours) below 75% (65%
     for genuine medical conditions / Special On Duty leave ) in any course will fall
     under the category “RA”, which means Repeat the Course for want of
     attendance. Students under “RA” category will not be permitted to attend the
     Regular End Semester Examinations for that course.

  d. The list of such students under “RA” will be notied by the respective
     Departments during the beginning of every semester. The students with RA
     courses shall repeat the course in the following mode.

7.1 Procedure for Repeat Classes for RA

   a. The students shall register for the RA courses at the beginning of every
     semester by paying the requisite fee and attend the RA course during the last
     period of the time table or by attending special classes with the course faculty
     and become eligible to attend the End Semester Examination (ESE). The odd
     semester courses will be offered in Odd semester and Even semester courses
     will be offered in the even semester. The student is permitted to register for a
     maximum of 5 RA courses under this option.

   b. The Continuous Internal Assessment Marks obtained by the student during
     their regular semester for the course in which they have been categorized as
     RA becomes invalid. The students shall attend the RA classes and take up fresh
     Continuous Internal Assessments during the RA classes and gain required
     attendance and CIA marks

   c. The students under “RA” category, who have secured the requisite attendance
      as applicable and obtained internal assessment marks, by successfully
      completing the End of day courses or by attending special classes with the
      course faculty during the semester, are eligible to register for the regular End
      Semester Examinations for that course whenever the examination is

   d. Detention: A student who secures RA in all the Theory / Elective / Theory with
     Practical Component coursesexcluding Non – Department Elective (NE)
     prescribed in a semester shall repeat the semester by registering for the
     semester in the next academic year. However, he/she is permitted to appear
     for arrear examinations, if any, as per eligibility.

   e. Summer Semester: As per the decision of the Vice – Chancellor / Designated
      Authority and as per the requirements, the University may conduct a special

Summer Semester normally in the month of June, for students having RA
           courses in Even and Odd semesters and conduct the Repeat Examinations for
           the eligible students.

     7.2 Additional condonation may be considered in rare and genuine cases which
     includes, approved leave for attending select NCC / Sports Camps, cases requiring
     prolonged medical treatment and critical illness involving hospitalization.

     For such select NCC / Sports Camps prior permission for leave shall be obtained by
     the respective faculty coordinator / Director of sports or from the designated
     authority, before deputing the students.

     7.3 For medical cases, submission of complete medical history and records with
     prior information from the parent / guardian to Dean (Student Affairs) is mandatory.
     The assessment of such cases will be done by the attendance sub – committee on the
     merit of the case and put up recommendations to the Vice – Chancellor / designated
     authority. Such condonation is permitted only twice for a student in the entire
     duration of the programme.

     The Vice-Chancellor / designated authority, based on the recommendation of the
     attendance sub - committee may then give condonation of attendance, only if the
     Vice-Chancellor deems it t and deserving. But in any case, the condonation cannot
     exceed 10%.

     8.0 Assessment Procedure

     Every course shall have two components of assessment namely,

       a. Continuous Internal Assessment “CIA”: This assessment will be carried out
          throughout the semester as per the Academic Schedule.

       b. End Semester Examination “ESE”: This assessment will be carried out at the end
          of the Semester as per the Academic Schedule. In the End Semester
          Examination “ESE” the student should secure the prescribed minimum mark in
          each course in the ESE as given in the Table 3 for passing.

       c. There are no separate minimum marks prescribed for CIA for any course.

30   HITS HANDBOOK 2020 - 2021
The weightages for the various categories of the courses for CIA and ESE is given in
Table 3.

                                                                      Minimum marks        Passing
         Category of            CIA       CIA       ESE       ESE
No.                                                                  to be obtained in    minimum
          Courses            weightage   marks   Weightage   marks
                                                                            ESE          (CIA + ESE)

 1      Theory Course          50%        50       50%        50            25              50%

       Theory Integrated
 2                             50%        50       50%        50            25              50%

 3         Electives           50%        50       50%        50            25              50%

 4     Practical Course        80%        80       20%        20            10              50%

 5     Clinical Courses        100%      100        —         —             —               50%

      Honours / Elective
 6                             100%      100        —         —             —               50%

 7        Internship           100%      100        —         —             —               50%

       Project and Viva
 8                             50%        50       50%        50            25              50%

  Table 3: Weightage of the CIA and ESE for various categories of the courses

10.0 Progression to higher semester

10.1 INTEGRATED UG LAW DEGREE – Regular: Student has to satisfy the
following conditions laid down in Table 8 for progression from one academic year to

 To enroll for semester          Minimum no. of credits to be earned for progression

            3                 15 credits in 1st and 2nd Semesters

            5                 30 credits in 1st to 3rd Semester put together

            7                 45 credits in 1st to 5th Semester put together

            9                 60 credits in 1st to 7th Semester put together

                          Table 7. Minimum Eligibility for progression
                            INTEGRATED UG LAW DEGREE - Regular

If a student fails to satisfy the above criterion in an academic year, the student has to
take a short break the programme until they become eligible for progression.

11.0 Maximum Duration of the Programme

     A student may complete the programme at a slower pace than the regular pace, but
     in any case in not more than 5 years (10 semesters) for UG Integrated Law
     Degree programme excluding the semesters withdrawn as per clause 12.0.

     A student completing the INTEGRATED UG LAW DEGREE programmes during the
     extended period will not be eligible for University ranking.

     12.0 Temporary Withdrawal from the Programme

        a. A student is permitted to take a break, up to a maximum of 2 semesters, during
           the entire programme to clear the backlog of arrears.

        b. A student may be permitted by the Vice- Chancellor to withdraw from the
           entire programme fora maximum of two semesters for reasons of ill health,
           Start – up venture or other valid reasons as recommended by a committee
           consisting of Head of Department, Dean of School, Dean (Academic) and
           Dean (Student Affairs).

32   HITS HANDBOOK 2020 - 2021
i) Student Discipline
Ÿ   Every student is required to observe utmost discipline and decorum both inside
    and outside the campus and not to indulge in any activity which may affect
    adversely the prestige/reputation of the Institute.
Ÿ   Any act of indiscipline of a student reported to the Dean (Student Affairs) and
    Head of the Departments will be referred to a Discipline Committee constituted
    for the purpose. The Committee will enquire into the charges and decide on a
    suitable punishment if the charges are substantiated. The committee will also
    authorize the Dean (Student Affairs) to recommend to the Vice Chancellor the
    implementation of the decision. The student concerned may appeal to the Vice
    Chancellor whose decision will be nal.
Ÿ   Ragging in any form is a criminal and non-bailable offence in our country. The
    current State and Central legislations provide for stringent punishments
    including imprisonment. Once the involvement of a student(s) is established in
    ragging, offending fellow students/staff, harassment of any nature to the fellow
    students/staff etc. the student(s) will be liable to be dismissed from the Institute,
    as per the laid down procedures of the UGC / Govt. / Institute. Every senior
    student of the Institute, along with their parent, shall give an undertaking every
    year in this regard and the same should be submitted at the time of Registration.
Ÿ   Note : 90 Working days are mandatory in a semester. Saturdays will be made as
    working days, in case if there are less than 90 days.

j) ID Card Regulations
Every student should possess an Identity Card that includes photo, name, roll
number, branch, year of study and the signature of the Registrar. The display of the
card is mandatory. Students must wear the ID card around their neck when they are
on campus. This card is used throughout the students' period of study. A ne will be
imposed on the student, if he/she loses or mutilates the ID card. Lending this card to
anyone, or failure to produce it when requested by the ofcials, is a violation of the
regulations of the Institution and the holder is subject to disciplinary action.

k) Feedback/Suggestions
The institution value and solicit inputs from the members of HITS. We appreciate our
Faculty and Students to email at Feedbacks and
suggestions will be forwarded to the concerned authority for further review and

                         FOR ATTENDING ONLINE CLASSES

      1. Every student is expected to read and understand the Academic Regulations
         2018 available in HITS website under Academics Menu.

      2. Ofcial mail id will be provided by the institute for all the students

      3. ERP login and Password will be provided for students and parents. The same
         can be accessed from HITS website

      4. Microsoft Teams is the platform used for online classes.

      5. Groups will be created according to the branch and section

      6. Students shall download the MS Teams App in their PC and Mobile

      7. The scheduled classes for the respective groups will appear in MS teams.

      8. 5 hours are scheduled per day with sufcient intervals to adapt to the new

      9. Students can click and join the classes in MS Teams as per the schedule

     10. All students will have to be punctual in attending the online classes.

     11. The classes will be interactive in nature and it is essential for you to have
         your notebook in hand for following your teacher.

     12. Quizzes will be conducted in between the classes. Learner engagement is
         essential throughout the period of the class.

     13. Assessment / Quizzes / Design Project schedules shall be strictly followed

     14. The students and parents are requested to monitor the progression through
         the analytics available in MS teams and ERP.

34   HITS HANDBOOK 2020 - 2021
10          FEE FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2020-21
The fee structure is subject to an annual revision of 5 to 10 percent based on the
approval of the Finance Committee and the Board of Management.


Students should pay 50% of the Tuition Fee before end of February 2020 to register
to move to next semester. The remaining 50% of the Tuition Fee is to be paid before
30th June 2021


Campus Residents must pay the fees based on the category of the room on or before
30 May without late fee. Fee includes Accommodation, Catering Charges, Water,
Laundry, Housekeeping, Security, Maintenance, Entertainment, Counselling and
Electricity Charges for 11 months.


Transport fee must be paid before 30 May without late fee.


Club/Extra Curricular fee differ as per the offering departments. Students can refer
the list under Club/Extra Curricular Activities to join any club or activity of their
choice during the period of their study.

Tuition | Hostel | Transport |Fee can be paid by using the below modes:


Students/parents can view HITS website and click the
ashing icon “Pay Fees Online”.

With Roll Number as Log in User ID and Mobile Number of Parent/Student
registered with the institution as Password, transactions can be made (NEFT/ RTGS)
through Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) link.

Conrmation of online payment has to be sent to the Registrar's Ofce by email to with payment reference / Bank UTR details.

f) BY DD / DEBIT / CREDIT CARDS (Visa / Master):

A Demand Draft can be submitted to HITS Accounts section in favour of


     The offer of admission is made and accepted by the student with the full knowledge
     that once, accepted,

     (i) The full and complete fees will have to be paid as and when due, and the same
        will not be refundable under any circumstances, including the occurrence of a
        Force Majeure event, and

     (ii) The University shall make best possible efforts to deliver all its obligations under
        this offer including imparting of academic instruction as scheduled on campus.
        However, in case of any extraordinary unforeseen circumstances including Force
        Majeure events, the University at its sole discretion may transition to either
        complete or partial virtual/online instruction for any or all of its courses and
        programmes offered, and students and parents will have no objection to such
        mode(s) of academic instruction.

      11                         SERVICES FOR STUDENTS

     a) Student Council
     As per the UGC norms, the HITS Student Council has been constituted.
     The members are from different branches of study. The Council is headed by a
     President and the members represent the foreign students on campus, boys and
     girls hostels, sports, cultural wing, NSS, NCC, etc. The Council members have to
     abide by the rules and regulations of the Institution. They must also manage and
     extend their support when any event or extra-curricular activities are held at HITS.

     b) Student Welfare Committee
     A Student Welfare Committee has been constituted in HITS. The Committee is
     headed by the Dean Student Affairs. The Committee supervises the activities of the
     representatives of the Student Council. They aid in enhancing the discipline and
     development of students. The members of the Committee provide the right direction
     and counseling and guide the students for further improvement. The Committee
     also extends their help in improving the amenities for the students which are
     required in the campus. The Student Welfare Committee meets once in a month to
     review the welfare activities.

36   HITS HANDBOOK 2020 - 2021
c) Career Guidance
Assistance in career counselling, on-campus interviewing schedules, employment
opportunities, job vacancy postings, and assistance with career search
correspondence such as resumes, and cover letters, career workshops and
seminars, annual career fairs and referral to other campus agencies are given to

d) Hindustan Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (HCSR)
The Hindustan Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility actively involves itself in
eradicating extreme hunger and poverty, promotion of education, promoting
gender equality and empowering women, reducing child mortality and improving
maternal health, combating human immunodeciency virus, acquired immune
deciency syndrome, malaria and other diseases. The Centre also works on
environmental sustainability, employment enhancing vocational skills and social
business projects. The HCSR ensures that the funds alloted by the Central and the
State Governments for socio-economic development and relief, for the welfare of
the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes, other backward classes, minorities and
women reaches the needy.

e)Centre for Continuing Education and Career Development
The Centre for Continuing Education and Career Development provides Campus
Placement and Corporate Training Programmes on core competency development
such as employability skills, awareness on employment avenues.

You can also read