Final Programme - Toronto, Canada 24 - 27 September 2017 - IEEE Vehicular Technology

Final Programme - Toronto, Canada 24 - 27 September 2017 - IEEE Vehicular Technology
The 86th IEEE
Vehicular Technology Conference

    Final Programme

24 – 27 September 2017

    Toronto, Canada
Final Programme - Toronto, Canada 24 - 27 September 2017 - IEEE Vehicular Technology
Welcome from the General Chair
It is a great honour and pleasure to welcome you all to         Toronto is one of the loveliest cities in North America.
Toronto for the IEEE 86th Vehicular Technology                  The conference hotel is Hilton Toronto, in the heart of
Conference Fall 2017.                                           beautiful downtown Toronto, within easy reach of very
VTC2017-Fall will feature technical sessions,                   many attractions. I hope our delegates will have the
workshops, tutorials, as well as world-class keynotes.          opportunity to explore this great city.
The program will also feature a conference-long                 Toronto is an international center for business, finance,
industrial track, during which the attendees will be able       arts, and culture; and is widely recognized as one of the
to participate in panel about “5G wireless”, “ACE               most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in the world.
(autonomous, connected, and electric) vehicles”, and            The Greater Toronto Area, with a population of almost
“Connected World”. The attendees will have the                  7 million, is the fifth largest metropolitan area in North
opportunity to hear some of the world’s most                    America. Moreover, the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor is
distinguished industry leaders, and world-renowned              one of the largest technology superclusters in the world
researchers from industry, government labs, and                 with 15,000 tech companies, 5,200 tech startups, and
academia.                                                       200,000 tech workers.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the members      Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday in 2017—yet
of the Organizing Committee and the Technical                   another reason to make Toronto your destination for
Program Committee. I am also deeply grateful to the             VTC2017-Fall!
countless experts in our research community who have            We have made every effort to have the VTC tradition of
been involved in the paper review process. I’d like to          excellence continue in VTC2017-Fall as well. We hope
acknowledge the conference patrons, Huawei                      our delegates find VTC2017-Fall an exciting
Technology Co. Ltd. and Telus, as well as the                   experience…
exhibitors. Thanks to the legions of student volunteers.
Last, but not least, I extend a special thanks to all paper     Halim Yanikomeroglu
authors for submitting their works to VTC2017-Fall!             General Chair, IEEE VTC2017-Fall

                              Welcome from the TPC Co-chairs
On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we would like            deeply indebted to the 35 track co-chairs for their
to welcome you to the dynamic metropolis, Toronto,              leadership and passion in the paper review process and
and to IEEE VTC2017-Fall!                                       technical session organization for their track. Further,
The committee has put together a strong technical               we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the
program on the latest R&D fronts for 5G wireless                630 TPC members and 1400 reviewers for their
communications and networks, autonomous and                     technical competence and great efforts in reviewing the
connected vehicles, intelligent transportation, and many        papers, and to the 79 sessions chairs for ensuring an
other exciting and emerging topics. The program is              effective paper presentation and information exchange
organized into 12 tracks, plus the Recent Results track.        process.
We received 841 submissions (including 74 invited               We hope that engaging in the various activities at the
papers), the highest number in recent years. Each paper         conference will be a wonderful and memorable
has at least 3 independent reviews. There are a total of        experience for you. Enjoy your stay in Toronto, and
3200 reviews, based on which 475 papers are accepted            thank you for your participation in the conference!
for presentation at the conference. The papers are
organized into 71 sessions for oral presentation and 8
sessions for poster presentation from Monday to
Wednesday, September 25 to 27. The accepted papers
will also be published in the conference proceedings.
It is our great pleasure to offer you the high quality and
comprehensive technical program, and we hope that you           Weihua Zhuang
will find it inspiring and helpful to your on-going and         TPC Chair, IEEE VTC2017-Fall
future works. We would like to thank all the authors            Alagan Anpalagan
who submitted their papers to this conference. We are           TPC Co-chair, IEEE VTC2017-Fall

2                                                 The 86th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference VTC2017-Fall Toronto Programme
Welcome from the VTS President
On behalf of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society, it           work of General Chair Prof Halim Yanikomeroglu and
is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the IEEE            Honorary Chair Changtian Cai, whose leadership has
86th Vehicular Technology Conference.                            been instrumental to create the conference program that
Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2017, and             you will enjoy. I would also like to express my most
VTS did not want to miss the opportunity to celebrate            sincere gratitude to the Technical Program co-Chairs
this special occasion with our Canadian colleagues.              Prof Weihua Zhuang and Prof Alagan Anpalagan. Their
Congratulations! We are pleased to celebrate the                 dedicated work, with the support of the Track Chairs
anniversary in Toronto, the most populous city in                and TPC members, has helped shape an outstanding
Canada, and an international technology hub.                     technical program. My personal gratitude goes also to
                                                                 all the conference team and our VTS conference
VTC2017-Fall will be an excellent occasion to discuss            administrators for their continued support.
and help define the future of the mobile, wireless and
vehicular industries. The conference will provide a              VTC is also an excellent occasion for you to meet with
unique opportunity for you to share your thoughts and            our Board of Governors, so don’t hesitate to approach
ideas that will help shape what future 5G networks will          us if you would like to provide any feedback on the
be, and how they can support the automotive, IoT and             Society or participate in its management.
smart city industries.                                           I hope that you will enjoy the conference and the city of
VTS has been fortunate to count with an exceptional              Toronto.
group of dedicated volunteers who devote their time to
the success of VTC, and VTC2017-Fall is no exception.            Javier Gozalvez, President
I would like to thank and recognize the remarkable               IEEE Vehicular Technology Society

 Organizing Committee
                         Honorary Chair       Changtian Cai           Huawei Canada Research Centre, Canada
                           General Chair      Halim Yanikomeroglu     Carleton University
                Technical Program Chair       Weihua Zhuang           University of Waterloo, Canada
            Technical Program Vice-chair      Alagan Anpalagan        Ryerson University, Canada
             Panels & Keynotes Co-chairs      Mohamed-Slim Alouini    KAUST, Saudi Arabia
                                              Abbas Jamalipour        University of Sydney, Australia
                                              Wei Yu                  University of Toronto, Canada
            Industrial Program Co-chairs      Onur Altintas           Toyota InfoTechnology Centre Fellow, USA
                                              Haris Gacanin           Nokia Bell Labs, Belgium
                                              Barrie Kirk             CAVCOE, Canada
                                              Ivo Maljevic            Telus, Canada
                                              Jeffrey Stanier         Ericsson, Canada
                                              Zoran Zvonar            Analog Devices, USA
                    Workshops Co-chairs       Melike Erol-Kantarci    University of Ottawa, Canada
                                              Xianbin Wang            Western University, Canada
                          Tutorials Chair     Elvino Sousa            University of Toronto, Canada
                       Publicity Co-chairs    Xiang Cheng             Peking University, China
                                              Lutfiye Durak           Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
                                              Lingjia Liu             University of Kansas, USA
                             Visa Chair       Jean-Charles Grégoire   INRS-EMT, Canada
               Local Arrangements Chair       Eman Hammad             IEEE Toronto, Canada
                                              Lian Zhao               Ryerson University, Canada
              Patronage & Exhibits Chair      Jim Budwey              ICTS Group, USA
                           Finance Chair      J.R. Cruz               University of Oklahoma, USA
                      Publications Chair      James Irvine            University of Strathclyde, UK
               Conference Administrators      Jim Budwey              ICTS Group, USA
                                              R. Clint Keele          IEEE VTS, USA
   IEEE eXpress Conference Publishing: Sherri Young                   IEEE, USA
            IEEE Conference Services: Rebecca Kastrenakes             IEEE, USA
                          Webmaster: Laura Hyslop                     EPSC, UK

Hilton Toronto, Canada 24-27 September 2017                                                                                  3
Technical Program Committee
Co-chairs                                   Weihua Zhuang           University of Waterloo, Canada
                                            Alagan Anpalagan        Ryerson University, Canada
Vice-Chairs, Antenna and Propagation        David Matolak           University of Carolina, USA
and RF Design                               Daniel B. da Costa      Federal University of Ceará, Brazil
                                            Xin Wang                Fudan University, China
Vice-Chairs, Signal Transmission and        Yahong Rosa Zheng       Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA
Reception                                   Xiaodai Dong            University of Victoria, Canada
                                            Rui Dinis               Instituto de Telecomunicacoes da Universidade Nova de
                                                                    Lisboa, Portugal
Vice-Chairs, Cognitive Radio and Spectrum   Hai Lin                 Osaka Prefecture University, Japan
Management                                  Richard Yu              Carleton University, Canada
                                            Lin Chen                Université Paris-Sud, France
Vice-Chairs, Multiple Antenna Systems and   Chintha Tellambura      University of Alberta, Canada
Cooperative Communications                  Edward Au               Huawei Technologies, Canada
                                            Qihui Wu                Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,
Vice-Chairs, Radio Access Technology, LTE, Wan Choi                 KAIST, Korea
5G, and Wireless Heterogeneous Networks    Zhiyong Feng             BUPT, China
                                           Xu Li                    Huawei Technologies, Canada
Vice-Chairs, Green Communications and      Yi Qian                  University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA
Networks                                   Jinsong Wu               Universidad De Chile, Chile
                                           Yuan Wu                  Zhejiang University of Technology, China
Vice-Chairs, Ad-Hoc, M2M and Sensor        Phone Lin                National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Networks                                   Muhammad Ismail          Texas A&M University at Qatar
                                           Haojin Zhu               Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
Vice-Chairs, Wireless Networks: Protocols, Ekram Hossain            University of Manitoba, Canada
Security and Services                      Zouheir Rezki            University of Idaho, USA
Vice-Chairs, Mobile Satellite Systems,     Yusheng Ji               National Institute of Informatics, Japan
Positioning and Navigation                 Quan Yu                  Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
                                           Humphrey Rutagemwa       Communications Research Centre, Canada
Vice-Chairs, Vehicular Communication       Jelena Misic             Ryerson University, Canada
Networks and Telematics                    Wei Song                 University of New Brunswick, Canada
                                           Ju Ren                   Central South University, China
Vice-Chairs, Electric Vehicles, Vehicular  Bilal Akin               University of Texas Dallas, USA
Electronics and Intelligent Transportation Mithat Kisacikoglu       University of Alabama, USA
                                           Bo Ai                    Beijing Jiaotong University, China
Vice-Chairs, Future Trends and Emerging    Hangguan Shan            Zhejiang University, China
Technologies                               Hong Wen                 University of Electronic Science and Technology, China
                                           Lingjie Duan             SUTD, Singapore

Mojtaba Aajami, Yonsei University                           Ahmad Abu Al Haija, McGill University
Valentine Aalo, Florida Atlantic University                 George C. Alexandropoulos, Huawei Technologies France
Qammer H Abbasi, Queen Mary University of London            Fawaz AL-Hazemi, University of Prince Mugrin
Khadige Abboud, University of Waterloo                      Syed Huzaif Ali, University of Texas at Dallas
Javad Abdoli, Huawei Technologies Canada Co.                M Zulfiker Ali, Ryerson University
Ali Abedi, University of Maine                              Ali Alnoman, Ryerson University
Hassan Aboubakr Omar, University of Waterloo                Mohammad AlOtaibi, Imam University
Koichi Adachi, The University of Electro-Communications     Fawaz Al-Qahtani, Texas A & M University at Qatar
Raviraj Adve, University of Toronto                         Slawomir Jerzy Ambroziak, Gdansk University of
Rizwan Ahmad, SEECS - NUST                                      Technology
Niaz Ahmed, Missouri University of Science and              Alagan Anpalagan, Ryerson University
    Technology                                              Imran Shafique Ansari, Texas A&M University at Qatar
Qasim Ahmed, University of Huddersfield                     Khoirul Anwar, Telkom University
Bo Ai, Beijing Jiaotong University                          Gayan Lasintha Amarasuriya Aruma Baduge, University
Ozgur Akan, Koc University                                      of Alberta
Bilal Akin, University of Texas at Dallas                   Erdem Asa, GE Aviation

4                                             The 86th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference VTC2017-Fall Toronto Programme
Arash Asadi, Seemoo                                          Xiang Cheng, Peking University
Edward Au, Huawei Technologies Co.                           Yu Cheng, Illinois Institute of Technology
Bo Bai, Huawei Technologies Co.                              Man Hon Cheung, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Lin Bai, Beihang University                                  Kaikai Chi, Zhejiang University of Technology
Tianyang Bai, Qualcomm                                       Luca Chiaraviglio, University of Rome Tor Vergata
Ertugrul Basar, Istanbul Technical University                Jihwan Choi, DGIST
Albert Bel, Universitat Pompeu Fabra                         Ji-Woong Choi, Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science
Faouzi Bellili, University of Toronto                            and Technology
Daniel Benevides da Costa, Federal University of Ceara       Bong Jun Choi, The State University of New York
Anass Benjebbour, NTT DOCOMO                                 Junil Choi, Pohang University of Science and Technology
Mustapha Benjillali, INPT                                        (POSTECH)
Marion Berbineau, IFSTTAR                                    Sooyong Choi, Yonsei University
Carlos J. Bernardos, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid        Wan Choi, KAIST
Yuanguo Bi, Northeastern University                          Young-June Choi, Ajou University
Kaigui Bian, Peking University                               Xiaoli Chu, University of Sheffield
Petros Bithas, National Observatory of Athens                Wei-Ho Chung, Academia Sinica
Mate Boban, Huawei European Research Center                  Domenico Ciuonzo, Network Measurement and
Carsten Bockelmann, University of Bremen                         Monitoring (NM2)
Gennaro Boggia, Politecnico di Bari                          Bruno Clerckx, Imperial College London
Jean-Marie Bonnin, IRISA, IMT Atlantique                     Massimiliano Comisso, University of Trieste
Glauber Brante, UTFPR                                        Noel Crespi, Institut TELECOM SudParis
Cesar Briso, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid               Marilia Curado, University of Coimbra
Shengrong Bu, University of Glasgow                          Mingjun Dai, University of Waterloo
Berna Bulut, University of Bristol                           Ngoc-Dung Dao, Huawei Technologies Canada Co.
Eyuphan Bulut, Virginia Commonwealth University              Klaus David, University of Kassel
Jun Cai, University of Manitoba                              Luca De Nardis, University of Rome La Sapienza
Lin Cai, University of Victoria                              Rodrigo de Lamare, University of York
Lin Cai, Illinois Institute of Technology                    Carl Debono, University of Malta
Yunlong Cai, Zhejiang University                             Ruilong Deng, University of Alberta
Daniel Calabuig, Universitat Politècnica de València         Mahsa Derakhshani, Loughborough University
Claudia Campolo, Università Mediterranea di Reggio           Harpreet S. Dhillon, Virginia Tech
   Calabria                                                  Stefan Dietzel, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Zhenfu Cao, East China Normal University                     Guoru Ding, PLA University of Science and Technology
Glaucio Carvalho, Ryerson University                         Haiyang Ding, Xidian University
Marcelo Carvalho, University of Brasilia                     Ming Ding, Data61
Paulo Carvalho, FCT- Universidade Nova de Lisboa             Zhiguo Ding, Lancaster University
Vicente Casares-Giner, Universitat Politècnica de València   Rui Dinis, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Paolo Casari, Institute IMDEA Networks                       Mianxiong Dong, Muroran Institute of Technology
Seong Ho Chae, Agency for Defense Development                Xiaodai Dong, University of Victoria
Benoit Champagne, McGill University                          Qinghe Du, Xi'an Jiaotong University
Seok-Ho Chang, Dankook University                            Bertrand Ducourthial, Université de Technologie de
Shan Chang, Donghua University                                   Compiègne
Wenson Chang, National Cheng Kung University                 George Efthymoglou, University of Piraeus
Ioannis Chatzigeorgiou, Lancaster University                 Waleed Ejaz, Ryerson University
Mohammad Asad Rehman Chaudhry, Soptimizer                    Jocelyne Elias, Paris Descartes University
Cailian Chen, Shanghai Jiao Tong University                  Maged Elkashlan, Queen Mary University of London
Hongbin Chen, Guilin University of Electronic                Hesham Elsawy, Saudi Arabia
   Technology                                                Amr Elwakeel, Queen’s University
Lin Chen, Université Paris-Sud                               Serhat Erkucuk, Kadir Has University
Xianfu Chen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland        Wei Fan, Aalborg University
Xu Chen, Sun Yat-Sen University                              Dongfeng Fang, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Yuh-Shyan Chen, National Taipei University                   Shih-Hau Fang, Yuan Ze University
Zhi Chen, University of Electronic Science and               Marwan Fayed, University of Stirling
   Technology of China                                       Afef Feki, Huawei Technologies
Chi Cheng, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)           Mauro Femminella, University of Perugia
Long Cheng, Virginia Tech                                    Wei Feng, Tsinghua University
Shin-Ming Cheng, National Taiwan University of Science       Nuwan Ferdinand, University of Toronto
   and Technology                                            Lilatul Ferdouse, Ryerson University

Hilton Toronto, Canada 24-27 September 2017                                                                            5
M. Julia Fernández-Getino García, Universidad Carlos         Teruo Higashino, Osaka University
    III de Madrid                                            Kenichi Higuchi, Tokyo University of Science
Marco Fiore, CNR - IEIIT                                     Jun-Pyo Hong, Pukyong National University
Carolina Fortuna, Jozef Stefan Institute                     Yi Hong, Monash University
Jeff Frolik, University of Vermont                           Ekram Hossain, University of Manitoba
Takeo Fujii, The University of Electro-Communications        Fen Hou, University of Macau
Xiaoying Gan, Shanghai Jiaotong University                   Andrej Hrovat, Jožef Stefan Institute
Feifei Gao, Tsinghua University                              Chih-Wei Huang, National Central University
Hui Gao, Beijing University of Posts and                     Xiaojing Huang, University of Technology Sydney
    Telecommunications                                       Nasir Hussain, Queensland University of Technology
Yue Gao, Queen Mary University of London                     Taewon Hwang, Yonsei University
Ana García-Armada, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid          Aissa Ikhlef, Durham University
Rung-Hung Gau, National Chiao Tung University                Muhammad Iqbal, Beijing University of Posts and
Xin Ge, University of British Columbia                           Telecommunications
Jens Gebert, Nokia Bell Labs                                 Muhammad Ismail, Texas A&M University at Qatar
Xavier Gelabert, Huawei Technologies Sweden AB               Dhammika Jayalath, Queensland University of
Jordi Joan Gimenez, Universitat Politècnica de València          Technology
Andrea Giorgetti, University of Bologna                      Bo Ji, Temple University
Ramy H. Gohary, Carleton University                          Yusheng Ji, National Institute of Informatics
Marco Gomes, Instituto de Telecomunicações - University      Chunxiao Jiang, Tsinghua University
    of Coimbra                                               Hai Jiang, University of Alberta
Shimin Gong, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced                 Qi Jiang, Xidian University
    Technology                                               Zhang Jianhua, Beijing University of Posts and
Alberto González, Universitat Politècnica de València            Telecommunications
Ali Gorcin, Yildiz Technical University                      Hu Jin, Hanyang University
Sedat Gormus, Karadeniz Technical University                 Yindi Jing, University of Alberta
Marco Gramaglia, IMDEA Networks Institute and                Han-Shin Jo, Hanbat National University
    University Carlos III of Madrid                          Michael Joham, Munich University of Technology
Fabrizio Granelli, University of Trento                      Changhee Joo, UNIST
Jason Gross, West Virginia University                        Jingon Joung, Chung-Ang University
Yu Gu, Hefei University of Technology                        Bang Chul Jung, Chungnam National University
Ke Guan, Beijing Jiaotong University                         Athanasios Kanatas, University of Piraeus
João Guerreiro, Instituto de Telecomunicações                Sithamparanathan Kandeepan, RMIT University
Guan Gui, Nanjing University of Posts and                    Andreas Kassler, Karlstad University
    Telecommunications                                       Tamer Khattab, Qatar University
Aaron Gulliver, University of Victoria                       Ahmed Khwaja, Ryerson university
Xueying Guo, University of California Davis                  David Kidston, Communications Research Centre Canada
Gurkan Gur, Bogazici University                              Dongku Kim, Yonsei university
Ismail Guvenc, North Carolina State University               Seong Hwan Kim, Geoyngsang National University
Majed Haddad, INRIA                                          Hyoil Kim, UNIST
Zoran Hadzi-Velkov, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University       Sooyoung Kim, Chonbuk National University
Khalid A. Hafeez, UOIT                                       Martti Kirkko-Jaakkola, Finnish Geospatial Research
Abdelhakim Hafid, University of Montreal                         Institute
Congzheng Han, IAP                                           Mithat Kisacikoglu, University of Alabama
Tao Han, University of North Carolina- Charlotte             Toshiaki Koike-Akino, MERL
Shinsuke Hara, Osaka City University                         Peng-Yong Kong, Khalifa University of Science
Wibowo Hardjawana, The University of Syndey                  Marios Kountouris, Huawei Technologies
Kazunori Hayashi, Osaka City University                      Haris Kremo, CONNECT Trinity College Dublin
Danping He, Beijing Jiaotong University                      Pawel Kryszkiewicz, Poznan University of Technology
Jianping He, Shanghai Jiao Tong University                   Witold Krzymień, University of Alberta
Ruisi He, Beijing Jiaotong University                        Ivan Ku, Multimedia University
Shibo He, Zhejiang University                                Tipparti Anil Kumar, SVS Group of Institutions
Xiaofan He, Lamar University                                 Rafael Kunst, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
Yejun He, Shenzhen University                                    (UFRGS)
Mark Hedley, CSIRO                                           Thomas Kürner, Technische Universitaet Braunschweig
Prasanna Herath, University of Alberta / InterDigital        Ernest Kurniawan, Institute for Infocomm Research
    Canada                                                   Michelle Kwan, Kyoto University
Mehrdad Heyderzadeh, University of Texas at Dallas           Ingmar Land, Huawei Technologies

6                                              The 86th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference VTC2017-Fall Toronto Programme
Peter Langendoerfer, IHP Microelectronics                Lorenzo Maggi, Huawei
Nadav Lavi, General Motors                               Nurul Huda Mahmood, Aalborg University
Chia-Han Lee, National Chiao Tung University             Pietro Manzoni, Polytechnic University of Valencia
Chia-Peng Lee, National Taiwan University                Johann M. Marquez-Barja, CTVR - Trinity College
Jung Hoon Lee, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies         Dublin
Inkyu Lee, Korea University                              Ian Marsland, Carleton University
Namyoon Lee, Pohang University of Science and            Fabio Martignon, Université Paris-Sud
    Technology (POSTECH)                                 David Martín-Sacristán, Universitat Politècnica de
Bin Li, BUPT                                                València
Changle Li, Xidian University                            Daniel Massicotte, UQTR - Universite du Quebec a Trois-
Cheng Li, MUN                                               Rivieres - Canada
Chih-Peng Li, National Sun Yat-Sen University            David Matolak, University of South Carolina
He Li, Muroran Institute of Technology                   Michail Matthaiou, Queen's University Belfast
Hong Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences                     Rob Maunder, University of Southampton
Kai Li, CISTER Research Unit                             Ahmed Mehaoua, University of Paris Descartes
Shenghong Li, CSIRO                                      Geoffrey Messier, University of Calgary
David W. Li, Tsinghua University                         Wen Mi, Shanghai University of Electric Power
Wei Li, University of Victoria                           David Michelson, The University of British Columbia
Wenjia Li, New York Institute of Technology              Jelena Misic, Ryerson University
Ye Li, Linear Technology                                 Vojislav Misic, Ryerson University
Zan Li, Xidian University                                Nathalie Mitton, INRIA Lille Nord Europe
Chengchao Liang, Carleton University                     Keiichi Mizutani, Kyoto University
Hao Liang, University of Alberta                         Sanam Moghaddamnia, Leibniz Universität Hannover
Xiaohui Liang, University of Massachusetts Boston        MohammadAli Mohammadi, Shahrekord University
Runfa Liao, University of Electronic Science and         Antonella Molinaro, University "Mediterranea" of Reggio
    Technology of China                                     Calabria
Shao-Yu Lien, National Formosa University                Jean-Philippe Montillet, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de
Hyuk Lim, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology       Lausanne
Rafael Lima, UFC - Universidade Federal do Ceara         Mohamed M. A. Moustafa, Egyptian Russian University
Hai Lin, Osaka Prefecture University                     Andreas Mueller, Robert Bosch GmbH
Jia-Chin Lin, National Central University                Amitav Mukherjee, Ericsson Research
Phone Lin, National Taiwan University                    Mithun Mukherjee, Guangdong University of
Siyu Lin, Beijing Jiaotong University                       Petrochemical Technology
Yun Lin, Harbin Engineering University                   Muhammad Naeem, Ryerson university
An Liu, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology     Shusuke Narieda, National Institute of Technology
Bo Liu, Deakin University                                Keivan Navaie, Lancaster University
Chun-Hung Liu, National Chiao Tung University            Derrick Wing Kwan Ng, University of New South Wales
Chunshan Liu, Macquarie University                       Duy T. Ngo, University of Newcastle
Falin Liu, USTC                                          Ha H. Nguyen, University of Saskatchewan
Jiajia Liu, Xidian University                            Nhut Nguyen, University of Texas at Dallas
Ju Liu, Shandong University                              Tobias Oechtering, KTH School of Electrical Engineering
Kuang-Hao (Stanley) Liu, National Cheng Kung             Chia-Ho Ou, University of Victoria
    University                                           Pasquale Pace, University of Calabria
Qingwen Liu, Tongji University                           Miao Pan, University of Houston
Yuan Liu, South China University of Technology           Ai-Chun Pang, National Taiwan University
Zhi Liu, Shizuoka University                             Stefano Paris, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.
F. Javier Lopez-Martinez, Universidad de Malaga          Daeyoung Park, Inha University
Pascal Lorenz, University of Haute Alsace                Panagiotis Paschalidis
Ning Lu, Thompson Rivers University                      Pavel Pechac, Czech Technical University in Prague
Rongxing Lu, University of New Brunswick                 Tommaso Pecorella, University of Florence
Weidang Lu, Zhejiang University of Technology            Haixia Peng, Northeastern University
Tom Luan, Deakin University                              Dirk Pesch, Cork Institute of Technology
Michele Luglio, University of Rome "Tor Vergata"         Prashant Pillai, Oxford Brookes University
Roger J. Luo, Ryerson University                         Gema Piñero, Universitat Politècnica de València
Kai Luo, Huazhong University of Science and Technology   Ioannis Psaromiligkos, McGill University
Xiliang Luo, ShanghaiTech University                     Shi Pu, University of Texas at Dallas
Zhihan Lv, University College London                     Yinan Qi, Samsung R&D Institute UK
Zhan Ma, Nanjing University                              Hua Qian, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Hilton Toronto, Canada 24-27 September 2017                                                                         7
Liping Qian, Zhejiang University of Technology               Keshav Singh, University of Edinburgh
Yi Qian, University of Nebraska-Lincoln                      Sarabjot Singh, Intel
Cui Qimei, Beijing University of Posts and                   Dirk T.M. Slock, EURECOM
   Telecommunications                                        Paschalis C. Sofotasios, Tampere University of
LI Qiyue, Hefei University of Technology                         Technology/Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Tony Q.S. Quek, Singapore University of Technology and       Lingyang Song, Peking University
   Design                                                    Wei Song, University of New Brunswick
François Quitin, Université Libre de Bruxelles               Sok-Ian (Ines) Sou, National Cheng Kung University
Md. Mizanur Rahman, Ryerson University                       Nuno Souto, ISCTE-IUL/Instituto de Telecomunicações
Nandana Rajatheva, University of Oulu                        Pawel Sroka, Poznan University of Technology
Vijay Rao, Delft University of Technology                    Razvan Stanica, INSA Lyon
Lars Rasmussen, KTH Royal Institute of Technology            Zhou Su, Shanghai University
S. Mohammad Razavizadeh, Iran University of Science          Masashi Sugano, Osaka Prefecture University
   and Technology (IUST)                                     Shinya Sugiura, Tokyo University of Agriculture and
Mubashir Husain Rehmani, COMSATS Institute of                    Technology
   Information Technology                                    Hongjian Sun, Durham University
Chao Ren, Xidian University                                  Ruoyu Sun, National Institute of Standards and
Ju Ren, Central South University                                 Technology
Eric Renault, Institut Mines-telecom                         Songlin Sun, Beijing University of Posts and
Jesus Requena-Carrion, Queen Mary University of                  Telecommunications
   London                                                    Yuxuan Sun, Tsinghua University
Taneli Riihonen, Aalto University School of Electrical       Zhi Sun, The State University of New York at Buffalo
   Engineering                                               Chang Kyung Sung, CSIRO
Vincent Roca, INRIA                                          Ki Won Sung, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Sandra Roger, Universitat Politècnica de València            Himal A. Suraweera, University of Peradeniya
Daniel Romero, University of Agder                           Katsuya Suto, University of Waterloo
Bo Rong, Communications Research Centre Canada               Patrick Tague, CMU
Sankardas Roy, Bowling Green State University                Hidekazu Taoka, NTT DOCOMO
Guanying Ru, AT&T Lab                                        Fernando Teixeira, The Ohio State University
Humphrey Rutagemwa, Communications Research Centre           Chintha Tellambura, University of Alberta
   Canada                                                    Kemal Tepe, University of Windsor
Walid Saad, Virginia Tech                                    Fabrice Theoleyre, University of Strasbourg (CNRS)
Yalin Sagduyu, Intelligent Automation Inc./University of     Do Phu Thinh, University of Waterloo
   Maryland                                                  John Thompson, University of Edinburgh
Nikos C. Sagias, University of Peloponnese                   Preetha Thulasiraman, Naval Postgraduate School
Yukitoshi Sanada, Keio University                            Xiaohua Tian, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Susana Sargento, IT - Universidade de Aveiro                 Ali Tosun, University of Texas at San Antonio
Chandrika Satyavolu, Oklahoma City University                Kamel Tourki, Huawei Technologies
Robert Schober, University British Columbia                  Nghi Tran, University of Akron
Hamed Shah-Mansouri, University of British Columbia          Hsin-Mu Tsai, National Taiwan University
Hangguan Shan, Zhejiang University                           Meng-Hsun Tsai, National Cheng Kung University
Mohammad Shaqfeh, Texas A&M University at Qatar              Danny H.K. Tsang, Hong Kong University of Science and
Mehrdad Shariat, Samsung R&D UK                                  Technology
Qinghua Shen, University of Waterloo                         Theodoros Tsiftsis, Nazarbayev University
Yuan Shen, Tsinghua University                               George Tsoulos, University of Peloponnese
Ray E. Sheriff, University of Bradford                       Guan-Hua Tu, Michigan State University
Shuyu Shi, National Institute of Informatics                 H. D. Tuan, University of Technology Sydney
Xiufang Shi, Zhejiang University                             Md. Forkan Uddin, Bangladesh University of Engineering
Yan Shi, Beijing University of Posts and                         and Technology
   Telecommunications                                        Enes Ugur, UT Dallas
Zhiguo Shi, Zhejiang University                              Anna Umbert, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC)
Soo Young Shin, Kumoh National Institute of Technology       Hans van den Berg, University of Twente / TNO
Han Shuai, Harbin Institute of Technology                    Fernando J Velez, Instituto de Telecomunicações and
Chung Shue Chen, Bell Labs Nokia                                 Universidade da Beira Interior
Stephan Sigg, Aalto University                               Alexey Vinel, Halmstad University
Adão Silva, DETI / Instituto de Telecomunicações /           Haris Volos, DENSO Silicon Valley Innovation Center
   University of Aveiro                                      Jean-Frederic Wagen, University of Applied Sciences of
Osvaldo Simeone, New Jersey Institute of Technology              Western Switzerland

8                                              The 86th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference VTC2017-Fall Toronto Programme
Chao Wang, Tongji University                         Bo Yang, Shanghai Jiaotong University
Jingchao Wang, Institue of China Electronic System   Fan Yang, Xiamen University
    Engineering Corporation                          Hong-Chuan Yang, University of Victoria
Jintao Wang, Tsinghua University                     Kai Yang, Beijing Institute of Technology
Kun Wang, Nanjing University of Posts and            Nan Yang, Australian National University
    Telecommunications                               Shun-Ren Yang, National Tsing Hua University
Lusheng Wang, Hefei University of Technology         Tingting Yang, Dalian Maritime University
Ping Wang, Nanyang Technological University          Yaoqing Yang, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Shiqiang Wang, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center       Feng Ye, University of Dayton
Wei Wang, Zhejiang University                        Qiang Ye, University of Waterloo
Xijun Wang, Xidian University                        Yun Ye, City University of New York
Xin Wang, Fudan University                           Phee Lep Yeoh, University of Sydney
Ying Wang, Beijing University of Posts and           Huiyue Yi, Shanghai Research Center for Wireless
    Telecommunications                                  Communications
Zehua Wang, The University of British Columbia       Yang Yi, University of Kansas
Dhammika Weerasinghe, University of Kelaniya         Tan Soon Yim, Nayang Technology University
Hung-Yu Wei, National Taiwan University              Li You, Southeast University
Kaimin Wei, Jinan University                         Néji Youssef, Sup'Com
Xin Wei, Nanjing University of Post and              Guanding Yu, Zhejiang University
    Telecommunications                               Chau Yuen, Singapore University of Technology and
Hong Wen, University of Elec. Science and Tech. of      Design
    China                                            Murat Yuksel, University of Central Florida
Jinming Wen, University of Alberta                   Salahuddin Zabir, National Institute of Technology
Qingsong Wen, Georgia Institute of Technology        Ammar Zafar, University of Technology Sydney
Risto Wichman, Aalto University                      Alenka Zajic, Georgia Institute of Technology
Matthias Wilhelm, Momentum Engineering Inc.          Alberto Zanella, IEIIT-CNR
David Tung Chong Wong, Institute for Infocomm        Aiqing Zhang, Anhui Normal University
    Research                                         Baoxian Zhang, University of Chinese Academy of
Vincent W.S. Wong, University of British Columbia       Sciences
Isaac Woungang, Ryerson University                   Deyu Zhang, Central South University
Huasen Wu, Beihang University                        Guanglin Zhang, Donghua University
Jian Wu, University of California Davis              Haijun Zhang, University of Science and Technology
Jinsong Wu, Universidad de Chile                     Honggang Zhang, Zhejiang University
Qihui Wu, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and      Jiayi Zhang, National Institute of Standards and
    Astronautics                                        Technology
Qingqing Wu, National University of Singapore        Jiucai Zhang, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Renyong Wu, Hunan University                         Kuan Zhang, University of Waterloo
Shaohua Wu, Harbin Institute of Technology           Lei Zhang, University of Surrey
Yuan Wu, Zhejiang University of Technology           Ning Zhang, University of Waterloo
Minghua Xia, Sun Yat-sen University                  Ruonan Zhang, Northwestern Polytechnical University
Chengwen Xing, Beijing Institute of Technology       Shan Zhang, University of Waterloo
Chi Xu, University of Texas at Dallas                Tiankui Zhang, Beijing University of Posts and
Chongbin Xu, Fudan University                           Telecommunications
Ding Xu, Nanjing University of Posts and             Weile Zhang, Xian Jiaotong University
    Telecommunications                               Wuxiong Zhang, Shanghai Research Center for Wireless
Jie Xu, Guangdong University of Technology              Communications
Li Xu, FuJian Normal University                      Yan Zhang, University of Oslo
Shaoyi Xu, Beijing Jiaotong University               Yongmin Zhang, University of Victoria
Shengjie Xu, University of Nebraska-Lincoln          Zhongshan Zhang, University of Science and Technology
Wenjun Xu, Beijing University of Posts and              Beijing (USTB)
    Communications                                   Kanglian Zhao, Nanjing University
Xiaodong Xu, Beijing University of Posts of          Lian Zhao, Ryerson University
    Telecommunications                               Liqiang Zhao, Xidian University
Yuhua Xu, PLA University of Science and Technology   Nan Zhao, Dalian University of Technology
Wu Xuanli, Harbin Institute of Technology            Kan Zheng, Beijing University of Posts and
Minhui Xue, NYU Shanghai                                Telecommunications
Michel Yacoub, State University of Campinas          Meng Zheng, Shenyang Institute of Automation - Chinese
Koji Yamamoto, Kyoto University                         Academy of Sciences

Hilton Toronto, Canada 24-27 September 2017                                                                   9
Yahong Rosa Zheng, Missouri University of Science and                                   Yong Zhou, University of British Columbia
   Technology                                                                           Chunsheng Zhu, The University of British Columbia
Lei Zhong, National Institute of Informatics                                            Haojin Zhu, Shanghai Jiaotong Univ
Haibo Zhou, University of Waterloo                                                      Konglin Zhu, BUPT
Sheng Zhou, Tsinghua University                                                         Kun Zhu, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and
Xiaolin Zhou, Fudan University                                                             Astronautics
Yi Zhou, Henan University                                                               Xu Zhu, University of Liverpool
Yifeng Zhou, Communications Research Centre Canada                                      Zuqing Zhu, University of Science and Technology of
Yingjie Zhou, Sichuan University                                                           China

Mojtaba Aajami           Mohamed Ayadi          Glaucio Carvalho         Eunmi Chu                Orhan Ermis           Victor Gil             Xiaoman He
Valentine Aalo           Mohammad Mahdi         Marcelo Carvalho         Hongyun Chu              Pape Abdoulaye Fam    Kuldeep S. Gill        Yejun He
Mohammad Aazam             Azari                Paulo Carvalho           Xiaoli Chu               Congmin Fan           Jordi Joan Gimenez     Ying He
Qammer H Abbasi          Gayan Lasintha         Vicente Casares-Giner    Zheng Chu                Congshan Fan          Marco Giordani         Yunhua He
Khadige Abboud             Amarasuriya Aruma    Paolo Casari             Pham Chuan               Qiang Fan             Andrea Giorgetti       Mark Hedley
Eslam AbdAllah             Baduge               Eduardo Castaneda        Min Young Chung          Wei Fan               Lorenza Giupponi       Ahmed G. Helmy
Sherin Abdelhamid        B. Bai                 Daniel Castanheira       Domenico Ciuonzo         Dongfeng Fang         Moneeb Gohar           Prasanna Herath
Ayman Abdel-Hamid        Tianyang Bai           Abdulkadir Celik         Bruno Clerckx            Luoyang Fang          Ramy H. Gohary         Carlos Herranz
Javad Abdoli             Ali Balador            Seong Ho Chae            Maximo Cobos             Shih-Hau Fang         Marco Gomes            Michael Herrmann
Ali Abedi                Naveen Mysore          Houda Chafnaji           Baldomero Coll-          Xiaojie Fang          Karina Gomez           Hessam
Alidu Abubakari            Balasubramanya       Haohan Chai                Perales                Yudong Fang           Jie Gong               Shahram Shah Heydari
Mervat AbuElkheir        Andson Balieiro        Xiaomeng Chai            Luca Cominardi           Hasan Farahneh        Shimin Gong            Teruo Higashino
Nof Abuzainab            Inkyu Bang             Tumula V. K.             Massimiliano Comisso     Peter Faris           Alberto González       Kenichi Higuchi
Koichi Adachi            Jinchen Bao              Chaitanya              Yaping Cui               Jahanzeb Farooq       Ali Gorcin             Dinh Thai Hoang
Gopal Addada             Xuecai Bao             Benoit Champagne         Marilia Curado           Muhammad Junaid       Sedat Gormus           Ng Yin Hoe
Mary Adedoyin            Yanan Bao              Aniruddha Chandra        Mario Marques da           Farooq              Marco Gramaglia        Daesik Hong
Fjolla Ademaj            Jose Maria Barcelo-    Hui-Ling Chang             Silva                  Mousie Fasil          Fabrizio Granelli      Jun-Pyo Hong
Raviraj Adve               Ordinas              KyungHi Chang            Mingjun Dai              Fatih                 Jason Gross            Seung-Pyo Hong
Ali Afana                Celalettin Umit Bas    Shan Chang               Xiaoming Dai             Romain Favraud        Christophe Gruet       Yi Hong
Mehrnaz Afshang          Ertugrul Basar         Shuo Chang               Ngoc-Dung Dao            Marwan Fayed          Kai Gu                 Yuanquan Hong
Asma Afzal               Mehak Basharat         Wenson Chang             Kemal Davaslioglu        Afef Feki             Kecai Gu               Zhihong Hong
Khandakar Ahmed          Ali Kashif Bashir      Wang Chao                David                    Hailong Feng          Yu Gu                  Francois Horlin
Niaz Ahmed               Ejder Bastug           Zhang Chaoyi             Jamil de Araújo Farhat   Jianyuan Feng         Ke Guan                Ekram Hossain
Qasim Ahmed              Suzan Bayhan           Debdeep Chatterjee       Fernando Rangel de       Mingjie Feng          Peiyuan Guan           S. Amir Hosseini
Jaehyun Ahn              Luca Bedogni           Ioannis Chatzigeorgiou     Sousa                  Wei Feng              Xiaoxiao Guan          Fen Hou
Bo Ai                    Dario Bega             Da Chen                  Carl Debono              Nuwan Ferdinand       Igor Guerreiro         Andrej Hrovat
Wessam Ajib              Rong Beini             Dajiang Chen             G. C. Deepak             Lilatul Ferdouse      João Guerreiro         Bill Hsu
Yasuhiro Akagi           Marko Beko             Hao Chen                 Maja Delibasic           M. Julia Fernández-   Guan Gui               Chia-Chang (James)
Furkan Akar              Albert Bel             Hongbin Chen             Juinn-Horng Deng           Getino García       Aaron Gulliver           Hu
Abdulrahman Al-abbasi    Daniel Benevides da    Jiacheng Chen            Ruichen Deng             Afonso Ferreira       Wahab Ali Gulzar       Bin Hu
Carlos Alexandre           Costa                Jieqiong Chen            Ruilong Deng             Fethi                 Ajay Babu Guntupalli   Jia-Sheng Hu
Fawaz Alhazemi           Edgar Benitez          Jung-Chieh Chen          Yafeng Deng              Mustansar Fiaz        Hongzhi Guo            Jie Hu
Ahsan Ali                Mustapha Benjillali    Lin Chen                 Mehrdad Dianati          Marco Fiore           Lin Guo                Shaoming Hu
Syed Huzaif Ali          Robert Benkoczi        Nan Chen                 Stefan Dietzel           Koorosh Firouzbakht   Xueying Guo            Chiachi Huang
Md Shipon Ali            Pedro Bento            Qi Chen                  Fawad Ud Din             Jose Flordelis        Ankit Gupta            Chih-Wei Huang
M Zulfiker Ali           Marion Berbineau       Qimei Chen               Guoru Ding               Carolina Fortuna      Gurkan Gur             Chung-Ming Huang
Alireza Alizadeh         Taulant Berisha        Roy Chen                 Haiyang Ding             Jeff Frolik           Sudarshan Gurucharya   Huai Huang
Ameera Al-karkhi         Carlos J. Bernardos    Chung Shue Chen          Ming Ding                Martin Fuhrwerk       Ismail Guvenc          Jie Huang
Salma Alkawafi           Yuanguo Bi             Wei Chen                 Yuehua Ding              Takeo Fujii           Ummy Habiba            Liang Huang
Osama Alluhaibi          Sudip Biswas           Xianfu Chen              Zhiguo Ding              Mohamed Gaafar        Yassine Hadjadj Aoul   Sai Huang
Erika P. L. Almeida      Shashika Biyanwilage   Xiao Chen                Rui Dinis                Malgorzata Gajewska   Zoran Hadzi-Velkov     Tse-Wei, Huang
Hisham Almelah           Maria Jesus L. Boada   Xiaoming Chen            Sudhir Dixit             Slawomir Gajewski     Afshin Haghighat       Xiaojing Huang
Ahmed M Almradi          Mate Boban             Xu Chen                  Tri-Nhu Do               Samoda Gamage         Ali A. Haghighi        Yu Huang
Ali Alnoman              Carsten Bockelmann     Xuehan Chen              Johannes Dommel          Amila Tharaperiya     Sören Hahn             Babar Hussain
Ali H. Alqahtani         Tadilo Endeshaw        Yanliang Chen            Lijun Dong                 Gamage              Syed Ali Haider        Nasir Hussain
Fawaz Al-Qahtani           Bogale               Yu Chen                  Mianxiong Dong           Carlos Gañán          Noman Haider           Kyu-Sung Hwang
Dimas I. Alves           Rubbens Boisguene      Zheng Chen               Xiaodai Dong             Feifei Gao            Ahmad Abu Al Haija     Taewon Hwang
Sheeraz A. Alvi          Lukasz Bonenberg       Long Cheng               Yanjie Dong              Hui Gao               Nazih Hajri            Ahmed Ibrahim
Mustapha Amara           Amnart Boonkajay       Meng Cheng               Yi Dong                  Jie Gao               Rami Hamdi             Renato F. Iida
Ehsan, Md Amimul         Zied Bouida            Nan Cheng                Jean-Baptiste Doré       Qinghe Gao            Marwan Hammouda        Aneeqa Ijaz
Muhammad Amjad           Thomas Bourgeois       Shin-Ming Cheng          Pedro M. d'Orey          Xiaozheng Gao         Congzheng Han          Wu I-Jung
Souheib Ben Amor         Ines Bousnina          Wei Cheng                Stark C. Draper          José Antonio García   Tao Han                Aissa Ikhlef
Ander                    Dora Boviz             Xiang Cheng              Micheal Drieberg           Naya                Wei Han                Muhammad Usman
Prince Anokye            Cesar Briso            Yu Cheng                 Qinghe Du                Ana García-Armada     Yonghee Han              Ilyas
Alagan Anpalagan         Shengrong Bu           Hatim Chergui            Xu Du                    Juan Moreno García-   Shinsuke Hara          Muhammad Ali Imran
Rafay Iqbal Ansari       Thai Chien Bui         Vishnu Vardhan           Lingjie Duan               Loygorri            Wibowo Hardjawana      Muhammad Iqbal
Rafay Ansari             Berna Bulut              Chetlur                Sijing Duan              Andre Garcia-         Syed Ali Hassan        Naveed Iqbal
Khoirul Anwar            Eyuphan Bulut          Man Hon Cheung           Bertrand Ducourthial       Saavedra            Parisa Hassanzadeh     James Irvine
Zahid Anwar              Donghong Cai           Kaikai Chi               Hui Dun                  Benjamin Gateau       Kazunori Hayashi       Mohammad M. Islam
Olli Apilo               Jun Cai                Luca Chiaraviglio        Salman Durrani           Mengyao Ge            Biao He                Shama Naz Islam
Tarek Arafa              Lin Cai                Chu Ching-Yun            George Efthymoglou       Xin Ge                Bingtao He             Muhammad Ismail
Daniel Costa Araújo      Songfu Cai             Yi-Tang, Chiu            Waleed Ejaz              Jens Gebert           Danping He             Mona Jaber
Mohmaed Amine            Yunlong Cai            Jihwan Choi              Ali Riza Ekti            Xavier Gelabert       Hongli He              Syed Qaisar Jalil
  Arfaoui                Daniel Calabuig        Jin-Ghoo Choi            Amr El Mougy             Camillo Gentile       Hongliang He           Sobia Jangsher
Shlomi Arnon             Claudia Campolo        Ji-Woong Choi            Sameh Eldessoki          Mohammad              Li He                  Tomaz Javornik
Rabe Arshad              Muhammet Ali Can       Bong Jun Choi            Jocelyne Elias             Ghasemiahmadi       Longzhuang He          Dushantha Nalin K.
Behzad Asadi             Huijin Cao             Junil Choi               Hussain ElKotby          Alireza Ghasempour    Peter He                 Jayakody
Antonis Aspreas          Yiqing Cao             Wan Choi                 Mohamed Elnourani        Hadi Ghauch           Qingli He              Sang-Woon Jeon
Stylianos D. Assimonis   Yue Cao                Yu Chong                 Sara Elsayed             Ammar Ghazal          Ruisi He               Yo-Seb Jeon
Edward Au                Henry Ramiro           Jensen Chou              Karim Emara              Mahdi Ben Ghorbel     Shibo He               Sumit Jha
Felipe Augusto             Carvajal Mora        Bing Chu                 Nuh Erdogan              Khanh Tran Gia        Xiaofan He             Lei Ji

10                                                                 The 86th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference VTC2017-Fall Toronto Programme
Xiaodong Ji            Marcin Kowalczyk        Chia-Ying Lin          Fabio Martignon          Matteo Noschese          Ali Rakhshan           Shree K. Sharma
Yalei Ji               Yusuke Kozawa           Hai Lin                David Martín-Sacristán   Hideki Ochiai            Hamideh Ramezani       Prabhat Kumar
Yilin Ji               Haris Kremo             Huifa Lin              Francisco J. Martin-     Alberto Alcocer          Shermila Ranadheera      Sharma
Yusheng Ji             Aravindh                Jia-Chin Lin             Vega                     Ochoa                  Vijay Rao              Vivek Sharma
Chunxiao Jiang           Krishnamoorthy        Phone Lin              Ahmed Masmoudi           Tobias Oechtering        Ahmed Raoof            Vicki Shen
Yili Jiang             Rajet Krishnan          Siyu Lin               David Matolak            Claude Oestges           Ibrahim Rashdan        Ray E. Sheriff
Fan Jiang              Pawel Kryszkiewicz      Yun Lin                Takeshi Matsumura        Obinna Oguejiofor        Lars Rasmussen         Chenhao Shi
Hai Jiang              Meng-Lin Ku             Zhipeng Lin            Michail Matthaiou        Ehsan Olfat              M Mazhar Rathore       Lu Shi
Qi Jiang               Liping Kui              Kuang-Hao (Stanley)    Rob Maunder              Luís Oliveira            Ohara Kerusauskas      Shuyu Shi
Xiaolan Jiang          Parag Kulkarni            Liu                  Jasmina McMenamy         Muhammad Shahmeer          Rayel                Weisen Shi
Zhiyuan Jiang          Vinod Kumar             An Liu                 Weidong Mei                Omar                   Mehdi Sharifi Rayeni   Yan Shi
Zhang Jianhua          Rafael Kunst            Bo Liu                 Luciano Leonel           Oluwakayode Onireti      Sabogu-Sumah           Zhiguo Shi
A-Long Jin             Hideki Kuribayashi      Chenxi Liu               Mendes                 Jorge Ortin                Raymond              Yeonggyu Shim
Hu Jin                 Thomas Kürner           Chun-Hung Liu          Xiangming Meng           Hiroyuki Otsuka          S. Mohammad            Wonjae Shin
Juening Jin            Ernest Kurniawan        Chunshan Liu           Xianling Meng            Chia-Ho Ou                 Razavizadeh          Soo Young Shin
Yichao Jin             Martin Kurras           Danpu Liu              Geoffrey Messier         Luxia Ouyang             Bin Ren                Kafayat Shobowale
Yong Jin               Gunes Kurt              Dantong Liu            Amine Mezghani           Shan Ouyang              Chao Ren               Arman Shojaeifard
Yindi Jing             John Harrison           Dong Liu               Wen Mi                   Ozgur Ozdemir            Jiajie Ren             Hossein Shokri-
Han-Shin Jo              Kurunathan            Dongxiao Liu           David Michelson          Mustafa Ozger            Ju Ren                   Ghadikolaei
Changhee Joo           Nandish P. Kuruvatti    Falin Liu              Georgios M. Milis        Metin Ozturk             Yuan Ren               Han Shuai
Eduard Jorswieck       Sachitha Kusaladharma   Fang Liu               Eric Miller              Savaş Öztürk             Yuwei Ren              Shuaizong Si
Wout Joseph            Yongjun Kwak            Jiagang Liu            Pascale Minet            Pasquale Pace            Olivier Renaudin       Ali Ahmed Siddig
Xi Ju                  Michelle Kwan           Jiaxiang Liu           Mingkai                  Diego Pacheco            Eric Renault           Stephan Sigg
Sandeep Narayanan      Chengzhe Lai            Ju Liu                 Nikolaos I. Miridakis    Sangheon Pack            Marco Di Renzo         Adão Silva
  Kadan Veedu          Peng-Yu Lai             Junyu Liu              Jawad Mirza              Beatrice Paillassa       Matthew Rhudy          Jayamuni Silva
Kai                    Thanh Tu Lam            Ling Liu               Jelena Misic             Sujata Pal               Giuseppe Ribezzo       Bhagya Nathali Silva
Anastasios Kakkavas    Peng Lan                Mengmeng Liu           Vojislav Misic           Furkan Paligu            Taneli Riihonen        Paulo Silva
Şeref Kalem            Ingmar Land             Mingming Liu           Vandana Mittal           Parul Pandey             André Riker            Osvaldo Simeone
Shotaro Kamiya         Rodrigo Lange           Na Liu                 Nathalie Mitton          Ai-Chun Pang             Jukka Rinne            Keshav Singh
S.M. Kamruzzaman       Nadav Lavi              Peixi Liu              Keiichi Mizutani         Apostolos                Syed Mehdi Abbas       Victor Sivaneri
Athanasios Kanatas     Anh Duc Le              Qiang Liu              Zahra Mobini               Papathanassiou           Rizvi                Dirk T.M. Slock
Pushpendu Kar          Tuan Le                 Qingwen Liu            Sanam Moghaddamnia       Priyabrata Parida        Muhammad Rizwan        Paschalis C.
Amir Karamoozian       Chia-Han Lee            Sheng Liu              N. R. Mohamad            Stefano Paris              Asghar                 Sofotasios
Lutful Karim           Chia-Peng Lee           Weirong Liu            MohammadAli              Daeyoung Park            Vincent Roca           Foad Sohrabi
parishad karimi        Gilsoo Lee              Yan Liu                  Mohammadi              Jaehyoung Park           Leonardo Jimenez       Morteza Soltani
Ali Karimidehkordi     Jung Hoon Lee           Ye Liu                 Leila Mohammady          Jeonghun Park              Rodriguez            Changick Song
Andreas Kassler        Hoon Lee                Yin Liu                Mujahid Mohsin           Seokhwan Park            José Rodríguez-        Jiho Song
Sanjit Kaul            Jaeseok Lee             Yinjun Liu             Antonella Molinaro       Sungwoo Park               Piñeiro              Lingyang Song
Hemani Kaushal         Jang-Won Lee            Yuanpeng Liu           Jose F. Monserrat        Panagiotis Paschalidis   Sandra Roger           Nan Song
Kezhong                Juyul Lee               Yunfeng Liu            Jean-Philippe            Greig Paul               Brian Romansky         Wei Song
Nabil Khalid           Gyu Myoung Lee          Zhengxuan Liu            Montillet              Henning Paul             Bo Rong                Ritesh Sood
Ala Khalifa            Hong Sup Lee            Zhi Liu                Nektarios Moraitis       Rajib Paul               luca rose              Sok-Ian (Ines) Sou
Shadi Khalifa          Yinman Lee              Brandon Lo             Guilherme Moritz         Pavel Pechac             Sankardas Roy          Nuno Souto
Kishwer Abdul Khaliq   Janne Lehtomäki         Adrian Loch            Hamed Mosavat            Tommaso Pecorella        Guanying Ru            Mujdat Soyturk
Junaid Ahmed Khan      Bin Li                  Luis Lolis               Jahromi                Haixia Peng              Liangzhong Ruan        Pawel Sroka
Danish Khan            Bingcong Li             Lee Ying Loong         Ahmad Mostafa            Kostas Peppas            Macey Ruble            Razvan Stanica
Mahmudur Khan          Bohan Li                Waslon Terllizzie A.   Ahmed Elhamy             Bhanukiran               Ruochen                Grzegorz Stepniak
M. Toaha Raza Khan     Boyu Li                   Lopes                  Mostafa                  Perabathini            Humphrey Rutagemwa     Zhou Su
Amjad Saeed Khan       Chang Li                Renato Lopes           Mohammad Mozaffari       Ayodele Periola          Jongyeol Ryu           Luis Suarez
Tooba Khan             Changle Li              F. Javier Lopez-       Andreas Mueller          Dirk Pesch               Waleed Saad            Siva Subramani
Narendra Khatri        Changzhen Li              Martinez             Axel Mueller             Michael Peter            Harri Saarnisaari      Masashi Sugano
Tamer Khattab          Cheng Li                Pascal Lorenz          Imran Ahmed Mughal       Tran Khoa Phan           Yalcin Sadi            Shinya Sugiura
Manas Khatua           Feng Li                 Ning Lu                Constantine Mukasa       Tal Philosof             Najmeh Sadoughi        Ajmery Sultana
Mohammad G.            Gang Li                 Rongxing Lu            Amitav Mukherjee         Vo Thi Luu Phuong        Jaroslaw Sadowski      Chen Sun
  Khoshkholgh          Guoxin Li               Weidang Lu             Hamnah Munir             Gema Piñero              Nikos C. Sagias        Fei Sun
Ahmed Khwaja           Hao Li                  Yishi Lu               Murad                    Mehdi Maleki             Chiranjib Saha         Fenggang Sun
Seong Ki Yoo           Hong Li                 Tom Luan               Juan José Murillo-         Pirbazari              Sudip Saha             Hongjian Sun
Abbas Kiani            Jiamin Li               Michele Luglio           Fuentes                Marcos Eduardo           Bassem Ben Salah       Li Sun
David Kidston          Jin Li                  Changqing Luo          Sifat Ibne Mushfique       Pívaro Monteiro        Abdelhamid Salem       Long Sun
Dongku Kim             Junling Li              Roger J. Luo           Erum Mushtaq             Pavol Poláček            Yukitoshi Sanada       Ruoyu Sun
Haesik Kim             Kai Li                  Meizhu Luo             Tauseef Mushtaq          Basuki E. Priyanto       Young Jin Sang         Songlin Sun
Seong Hwan Kim         Lanhua Li               Xiliang Luo            Apollinaire              Ioannis Psaromiligkos    Seun Sangodoyin        Xiang Sun
Hyoil Kim              Min Li                  Ling Lv                  Nadembega              Shi Pu                   Nico Saputro           Yuxuan Sun
Jaesin Kim             Mushu Li                Lu Lv                  Muhammad Naeem           Haoran Qi                Chandrika Satyavolu    Zhao Sun
Jong-Ho Kim            Nanxiang Li             Feng Lyu               Manish Nair              Yinan Qi                 Wolfgang Sauer-Greff   Chang Kyung Sung
Joongheon Kim          Qihao Li                Ling Lyu               Syed Ahsan Raza          Chen Qian                Stephan Saur           Ki Won Sung
Sooyoung Kim           Qizhen Li               Bojiang Ma               Naqvi                  Hua Qian                 Saurabha               Himal A. Suraweera
Sunghwan Kim           Tian Li                 Guoyu Ma               Shusuke Narieda          Jin Qian                 Giovanni Savino        Navod Suraweera
Taehoon Kim            David W. Li             Jinghuan Ma            Naveed Nawaz             Liping Qian              Ibrahim Savran         Katsuya Suto
Yonggang Kim           Wei LI                  Xiao Ma                Amiya Nayak              Shiyou Qian              Akbar M. Sayeed        Ales Svigelj
Yongjae Kim            Xiuhua Li               Xiaofu Ma              Derrick Wing Kwan        Yi Qian                  Müge Sayıt             Michal Sybis
Young-bin Kim          Xuan Li                 Yuanyuan Ma              Ng                     Kangjian Qin             Yassine Selmi          Hina Tabassum
Ryota Kimura           Yan Li                  Yuyu Ma                Hien Quoc Ngo            Zhijin Qin               Omid Semiari           Patrick Tague
Martti Kirkko-         Yilin Li                George R.              Bao-Huy Nguyen           Chen Qiu                 Victor Sergeev         Abd-Elhamid Taha
  Jaakkola             Yingzhe Li                MacCartney Jr.       Duy Nguyen               Junfei Qiu               Ahmed El Shafie        Mahmoud Taherzadeh
Mithat Kisacikoglu     Yue Li                  Setareh Maghsudi       Ha H. Nguyen             Li Qiyue                 Rubayet Shafin         Satoshi Takahashi
Mustafa Kishk          Zan Li                  Behrouz Maham          Phi Le Nguyen            Kaige Qu                 Munam Ali Shah         Fangqing Tan
Hamilton Duarte        Jin Lian                Sabita Maharjan        Nhut Nguyen              François Quitin          Ali Shahini            Jie Tang
  Klimach              Chengchao Liang         Ala Mahdavi            Thien Nguyen             Haneya Naeem Qureshi     Hamed Shah-            Wenjuan Tang
Kab Seok Ko            Hao Liang               Nurul Huda Mahmood     Minh Tri Nguyen          Mahmoud Qutqut             Mansouri             Xi Tao
Iwona Kochanska        Hengjing Liang          Maija Mäkelä           Jianbing Ni              Ayman Radwan             Muhammad Zeeshan       Xiaoyi Tao
Toshiaki Koike-Akino   Xiaohui Liang           Bessie Malila          Minming Ni               Giuseppe Raffa             Shakir               Hidekazu Taoka
Joonas Kokkoniemi      Runfa Liao              Francesco Mani         Yuanzhi Ni               Md. Mizanur Rahman       Shalli                 Faisal Tariq
Long Kong              Xuewen Liao             Athanassios Manikas    Jarno Niemelä            Mostafizur Rahman        Hangguan Shan          Harsh Tataria
Peng-Yong Kong         Hyuk Lim                Pietro Manzoni         Nikos                    Muhammed Tahsin          Bhavani Shankar        Fernando Teixeira
Yiming Kong            Mario Lima              Haowei Mao             Jing Ning                  Rahman                 Sivasothy              Chintha Tellambura
Adrian Kotelba         Cen Lin                 Tianqi Mao             Dusit Niyato             Nandana Rajatheva          Shanmugalingam       Yinglei Teng
Georgia Koutsandria    Chia-Wei Lin            Ian Marsland           Noha                     Sekhar Rajendran         Mohammad Shaqfeh       Sara Teodoro

Hilton Toronto, Canada 24-27 September 2017                                                                                                                       11
Kemal Tepe             Monirosharieh           Hung-Yu Wei           Yu Xiaoyun        Shun-Ren Yang     Yves                  Hanying Zhao
Fabrice Theoleyre        Vameghestahbanati     Kaimin Wei            Jianxiao Xie      Tingting Yang     Salahuddin Zabir      Hongmei Zhao
Do Phu Thinh           Hans van den Berg       Ping Wei              Zhiping Xie       Yao-Tsung Yang    Ammar Zafar           Jing Zhao
Ragnar Thobaben        Bane Vasic              Wally Wei             Yuanxue Xin       Yinping Yang      Syed Ali Raza Zaidi   Kaichuan Zhao
John Thompson          Francisco Vasquesb      Xin Wei               Zhao Xin          Zheng Yang        Alenka Zajic          Kanglian Zhao
Preetha Thulasiraman   Karthik Vasudeva        Zhiqing Wei           Wei Xing          Danhui Yao        Alberto Zanella       Lian Zhao
Ke Tian                Jonathan Vestin         Dingzhu Wen           Xiaoshuang Xing   Rugui Yao         Shahram Zarei         Liqiang Zhao
Xiaohua Tian           Sudip Vhaduri           Hong Wen              Qi Xiong          Yibo Yao          Mohamed Ridha         Lou Zhao
Stefano Tomasin        Carlos Alberto Vieira   Hui Wen               Chi Xu            Yavuz Yapıcı        Zenaidi             Nan Zhao
Samet Tonyali            Campos                Jinming Wen           Chongbin Xu       Muhammad Azfar    Baoxian Zhang         Xiaotong Zhao
Waqas Tariq Toor       Quoc-Tuan Vien          Yean-Fu Wen           Chugui Xu           Yaqub           Bei Zhang             Yiming Zhao
Ali Tosun              Vino Vinodrai           Zhixian Wen           Ding Xu           Cong Ye           Deyu Zhang            Yisheng Zhao
Michael Totaro         Binh Vo                 Yang Wen-Hui          Guang Xu          Feng Ye           Fan Zhang             Xiaojian Zhen
Hanan Al Tous          Haris Volos             Younghoon Whang       Guixian Xu        Qiang Ye          Fenghui Zhang         Ouyang Zhenfeng
Trung Duy Tran         Mai Vu                  Risto Wichman         Jianwen Xu        Yun Ye            Guangchi Zhang        Huanyang Zheng
Ha-Vu Tran             Tung T. Vu              Jeroen Wigard         Jie Xu            En-Hau Yeh        Guomei Zhang          Jianchao Zheng
Nghi Tran              Abdul Wahid             Matthias Wilhelm      Lei Xu            Phee Lep Yeoh     Haijun Zhang          Meng Zheng
Tuyen Tran             Chao Wang               SeungHwan Won         Ran Xu            Ja Yeong Kim      Hao Zhang             Yahong Rosa Zheng
Hsin-Mu Tsai           Cheng-Xiang Wang        David Tung Chong      Shaoyi Xu         Cenk M. Yetis     Honggang Zhang        Xi Zheng
Meng-Hsun Tsai         Chenmeng Wang             Wong                Shengjie Xu       Changyan Yi       Jian Zhang            Yang Zheng
Danny H.K. Tsang       Danyang Wang            Vincent W.S. Wong     Wenchao Xu        Feng Yi           Jiayi Zhang           Zhongming Zheng
Chi-Wei Tseng          Dexin Wang              Isaac Woungang        Wenjun Xu         Huiyue Yi         Jing Zhang            Sergey Zhidkov
Fan-Shuo Tseng         Feng Wang               Celimuge Wu           Xiaodong Xu       Turker Yilmaz     Jun Zhang             Lei Zhong
Hsiao-Yun Tseng        Guangchao Wang          Fei Wu                Yuhua Xu          Tan Soon Yim      Kecheng Zhang         Chengwei Zhou
Theodoros Tsiftsis     Hong Wang               Haimeng Wu            Feng Xuan         Liang Yin         Kuan Zhang            Fuhui Zhou
Charalampos C.         Jingchao Wang           Huasen Wu             Minhui Xue        Rui Yin           Lei Zhang             Haibo Zhou
  Tsimenidis           Jinghui Wang            Huici Wu              Zhen Xue          Xuefeng Yin       Li Zhang              Huan Zhou
George Tsoulos         Jingrong Wang           Jian Wu               Xuguang           Yiyin             Liang Zhang           Lai Zhou
Guan-Hua Tu            Junyuan Wang            Jinsong Wu            Michel Yacoub     Chanho Yoon       Lin Zhang             Lin Zhou
Fredrik Tufvesson      Kun Wang                Jwo-Yuh Wu            Ramnaresh Yadav   Jangho Yoon       Linyuan Zhang         Sheng Zhou
Esma Turgut            Lifeng Wang             Longfei Wu            Zelalem Yalew     Li You            Ning Zhang            Xiaolin Zhou
Seyhan Ucar            Lusheng Wang            Nan Wu                Koji Yamamoto     Bo Yu             Qianyun Zhang         Yi Zhou
Emin Ucer              Pengbiao Wang           Hao Ping Wu           Wenke Yan         Heejung Yu        Ran Zhang             Yifeng Zhou
Kazuaki Ueda           Ping Wang               Qingqing Wu           Yutong Yan        Liang Yu          Ruonan Zhang          Yingjie Zhou
Guzin Ulutaş           Qi Wang                 Renyong Wu            Zhiwei Yan        Lisu Yu           Shan Zhang            Yiqing Zhou
Anna Umbert            Qian Wang               Shaohua Wu            Chenchen Yang     F. Richard Yu     Tiankui Zhang         Yong Zhou
Anum Umer              Rui Wang                Wen Wu                Fan Yang          Xianghao YU       Tingting Zhang        Yuchen Zhou
Prabhat Kumar          Shiqiang Wang           Xiaoyong Wu           Hao Yang          Xin Yu            Weile Zhang           Chunsheng Zhu
  Upadhyay             Xianbin Wang            Yiqun Wu              Hong Yang         Zhiyuan Yu        Wuxiong Zhang         Dalin Zhu
Momin Ayub Uppal       Xiaolu Wang             Yuan Wu               Hong-Chuan Yang   Chunjing Yuan     Xingjian Zhang        Haojin Zhu
Muhammad Arslan        Xiaoshan Wang           Dov Wulich            Howard Yang       Jiantao Yuan      Xuewei Zhang          Hongbin Zhu
  Usman                Xiaoyan Wang            Alexander Wyglinski   Jingya Yang       Quan Yuan         Yang Zhang            Konglin Zhu
Muhammad Usman         Xin Wang                Shurjeel Wyne         Kai Yang          Xiaoming Yuan     Yangying Zhang        Kun Zhu
Muhammad Rehan         Xiyuan Wang             Minghua Xia           Li Yang           Xin Yuan          Yaomin Zhang          Lei Zhu
  Usman                Yishen Wang             Qian Xia              Mengqi Yang       Yuanyuan          Yongmin Zhang         Wei-Ping Zhu
Vutha Va               Yitu Wang               Xu Xia                Nan Yang          Che Yueling       Yu Zhang              Weihua Zhuang
Shahin Vakilinia       Yu Wang                 Pei Xiao              Peng Yang         Chau Yuen         Zhongshan Zhang       David Ziung
                       Zhihao Wang             Zhu Xiao              Ping Yang         Murat Yuksel      Guodong Zhao          Yuze Zou

Registration will take place in the Toronto Ballroom Foyer area. Opening times are:
• Sunday 24 September 2017 7:30 - 17:30*                   • Tuesday 26 September 2017          8:00 – 17:30
• Monday 25 September 2017 7:30 - 17:30                    • Wednesday 27 September 2017 8:00 – 16:00
* After 18:00 on Sunday, you may pick up your badge and tickets at the reception – bags can be picked up on Monday.
(Your registration receipt is required to pick up your registration at the reception.)

Coffee breaks will take place along with exhibits in Toronto Ballroom Foyer.

                                                               Social Events
Lunches are included as part of the full registration and will be served in the Toronto Ballroom. The welcome reception will
be conducted on Sunday evening, 24 September 2017 in the Toronto Ballroom Foyer. The banquet on the evening of 25
September 2017 will also be conducted in the Toronto Ballroom. It will begin at 18:30.
Lunches, the reception and banquet require admission tickets and these are included in your registration packet to
gain entry. Be sure to present the correct day’s lunch ticket or you will not be served. You also may purchase tickets
for these events at the registration desk.

12                                                               The 86th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference VTC2017-Fall Toronto Programme
Patrons and Exhibitors
IEEE VTS would like to thank the following donors, patrons and exhibitors for their support for the conference.

        Platinum Patron and Exhibitor                                          Bronze Patron


                          Exhibitor                                                Exhibitor

                            Springer                                               NovAtel, Inc

                                 Conference Supporter and Exhibitor

                                                 Carleton University

Hilton Toronto, Canada 24-27 September 2017                                                                       13
Monday Opening Keynote
Monday 25 September 2017, 9:30–10:30 Toronto Ballroom
Getting Ready for 5G
Peiying Zhu, Huawei Technologies Canada
Significant progresses have been made over the past few years in the standardization, field trials, commercial
deployment plans and vertical market usage evaluations. The large scale commercial deployment may be earlier
than the original anticipated 2020 target date. In this talk, an overview on the latest 3GPP 5G standard progress
will be given including highlights on the key technologies and its roadmap. In addition, the latest Huawei 5G
field trial results with multi-cells will be presented, including the demonstration of ultra-reliable and low latency
application of autonomous driving car.
Dr. Peiying Zhu is a Huawei Fellow. She is currently leading 5G     Prior to joining Huawei in 2009, Peiying was a Nortel Fellow and
wireless system research in Huawei. The focus of her research is    Director of Advanced Wireless Access Technology in the Nortel
advanced wireless access technologies with more than 200            Wireless Technology Lab. She led the team and pioneered
granted patents. She has been regularly giving talks and panel      research and prototyping on MIMO-OFDM and Multi-hop relay.
discussions on 5G vision and enabling technologies. She served      Many of these technologies developed by the team have been
as the guest editor for IEEE Signal processing magazine special     adopted into LTE standards and 4G products.
issue on the 5G revolution and co-chaired for various 5G            Peiying Zhu received the Master of Science degree and Doctor
workshops. She is actively involved in 3GPP and IEEE 802            Degree from Southeast University and Concordia University in
standards development. She is currently a WiFi Alliance Board       1985 and 1993 respectively.

                         Monday Industry Track: 5G and Wireless
Monday 25 September 2017, 11:00–12:30 York
Panel: 5G Radio Design
Moderator:         Benoît Pelletier                 InterDigital, Canada
Panelists:         Amitava Ghosh                    Nokia Bell Labs
                   Peiying Zhu                      Huawei
                   Ali Sadri                        Intel
                   Yves Lostanlen                   SIRADEL N.A. and WISE
Dr. Benoît Pelletier received his Ph.D. degree in                   multiple book chapters and has authored numerous external and
Telecommunications and Signal Processing in 2007 from McGill        internal technical papers. He is currently working on 3GPP LTE-
University, Montréal, Canada. As system design engineer for         Advanced and 5G technologies. His research interests are in the
InterDigital Canada Ltée., he has contributed from 2007 to 2011     area of digital communications, signal processing and wireless
to the evolution of HSPA/HSPA+ systems, specializing in L1/L2       communications. He is a Fellow of IEEE, recipient of 2016
protocol design aspects. Now Member of Technical Staff, his         Stephen O. Rice prize and co-author of the book titled “Essentials
current work focuses on the evolution of LTE and on the design      of LTE and LTE-A”.
of 5G wireless systems. In addition to being an author on           Dr. Peiying Zhu’s bio appears above.
numerous peer-reviewed journal and conference publications, he
also holds over 40 granted patents and 100 patent applications.     Yves Lostanlen is Chief Technology Officer of SIRADEL
He co-organized the Device-to-Device Wireless Communications        (recently acquired by ENGIE) for wireless activities, leading the
for Mobile Cellular Network workshop at ICC 2015, acted as          technology innovation for the related products and expert
TPC for the Globecom Workshop on Device-to-Device (D2D)             consulting. Yves is also CEO of SIRADEL North America, and
Communication With and Without Infrastructure and as a              is based in Toronto, Canada where he directly supervises the
reviewer for IEEE conferences and journals. His current research    business development and strategic alliances in Canada and USA.
interests include 5G system design, device-to-device                An expert in physical phenomena modeling, simulation, wireless
communications, vehicular communications, Hybrid-ARQ and            air interface and protocols, signal processing and data analytics,
statistical signal processing.                                      Dr. Lostanlen joined SIRADEL in 2001 and has initiated and
Dr. Amitabha (Amitava) Ghosh is a Nokia Fellow and Head of          supervised more than 40 collaborative research projects involving
Small Cell Research, Nokia Bell Labs. Prior to this, he was         100+ research stakeholders in the Wireless Industry. He is also an
Senior Director and Fellow of Technical Staff at Motorola           Adjunct Research Professor at University of Toronto (Faculty of
Networks. He joined Motorola in 1990 after receiving his PhD in     Applied Science and Engineering), a Senior Executive Fellow at
Electrical Engineering from Southern Methodist University,          WISE (Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy, University of
Dallas. Since joining Motorola he worked on multiple wireless       Waterloo, Canada and a Senior Member of IEEE. He holds a
technologies starting from IS-95, cdma-2000, 1xEV-                  Habilitation (HDR) in Physics and Computer Science, a PhD and
DV/1XTREME, 1xEV-DO, UMTS, HSPA, 802.16e/WiMAX                      an MSc in Electrical & Computer Engineering, and an Executive
and 3GPP LTE. Dr. Ghosh has 60 issued patents, has written          MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT Sloan

14                                                    The 86th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference VTC2017-Fall Toronto Programme
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