3. 2018 staff
4. Staff History
5. Parnell House Prefects
6. Parnell History / Boarding Housemasters
7. House Expectations
8. Daily Routine
9. Student Support / Chapel
10. Medical Centre/ Counsellor/ Dress
11. House Staff
12. Telephones
13. Leave Arrangements/School Leave Policy
14. Laundry/ Bedding
15. Parnell House Organisation
16. Electronic Devices/Friends shop /House Neatness/Fatigues,
17. School Organisation
18. Student Harassment Policy
19. School Song / Motto / Mission Statement
20. Values of King’s College / Chapel Times
21. School Haka
22. House Captains
23. Fire Drill
24. Dining Room Times
25. Dining Weekend Times
26. Daily Timetable
27. Important Contact Numbers

PARNELL HOUSE STAFF -contact details

Housemaster: Mr. Harry Wichman
Mr Wichman lives in a house attached to Parnell House -on the left side
Phone                           09 276 0653 or 021548475
Email:                          h.wichman@kingscollege.school.nz

House/Academic Tutor: Mr. Schalk Van Wyk
Mr Van Wyk lives in a house adjacent to Parnell House
Phone                            09 276 0609
Email:                           s.van.wyk@kingscollege.school.nz

House Tutor: Mr Rob Paterson
lives in a house adjacent to Parnell House
Email:                           r.paterson@kingscollege.school.nz

House Tutor: Mr. Steve Kiesanowski
Mr. Kiesanowski lives in a house adjacent to Parnell House.
Phone                             *0273445550
Email:                            s.kiesanowski@kingscollege.school.nz

Academic Tutor: Mr. John Southern
Mr. Southern lives off-site
Phone                             09 817 9941
Email:                             j.southern@kingscollege.school.nz

House Manager: Carolyn Pritchard
Carolyn Pritchard lives in a flat attached to Parnell House -on the right side
Phone                             09 276 0654 / 021548142
Email:                            c.pritchard@kingscollege.school.nz

PARNELL HOUSE -our staff history

Mr. Wichman was appointed Housemaster to Parnell House in Term 3 2010. Previous to Kings
College, he was at Mount Albert Grammar School. He has been the Head of the Mathematics
Department, Dean of Year 10 and 11 and Assistant Director of School House. He is a proud old
boy of that school and he has relished the change to Kings after 17 years service at Mount Albert

Mr. Van Wyk was originally from South Africa and is the former Housemaster of St John’s House,
has been a Tutor in Parnell since 2004 and is the Junior Dean. He teaches English and is a keen
Cricket and Squash coach.

Mr. Steve Kiesanowski is the Head of Mathematics. and he was previously at Wanganui High
School before joining King’s College.

Mr. Lincoln Savage

Ms. Carolyn Pritchard comes from a background in Health, is a qualified nurse and has
previously worked the Medical Centre of several large secondary schools. She is a very proud
grandmother and very used to working with young people.

Parnell Housemasters                    Parnell Matron
A Thomson 1924 - 27                     I A Lewis 1928 - 1929         J Parkes 1994 - 1996
LW Delph 1928 - 32                      F McVean 1930 - 1934          L Brittenden 1997 - 2007
H Hunt 1933 - 47                        I Dart 1936 - 1938            B Cooke 2007 - 2009
Rev CM Sinclair 1948                    K Thornton 1939 - 1943        C Pritchard 2010 -
WA Craig 1949 - 51                      E Milnes 1944 - 1946
JD Lewis 1952 - 60                      Mrs Dart 1947 - 1948
VF Maxwell 1961                         A G Burnett 1948 - 1956
WG Kerry 1961 - 74                      L Clarke 1957 - 1963
DA English 1975 - 76                    E M Sly 1964 - 1972
S Manners 1977 - 81                     M R Milligan 1973 - 1975
APS Robinson 1982 - 86                  L A Neilsen 1976
G Savage 1987 - 93                      M Wood 1977 - 1980
KR Carrington 1994 - 1999               D Smith 1981 - 1982
CJ McLachlan 2000 - 2006                J Luckie 1983 - 1984
AS Massey 2007                          J Cox 1985 - 1993
CJ McLachlan 2008 - 2010                P Warwicksmith 1992
HA Wichman 2010 -

PARNELL HOUSE -our student leadership

The senior students play an enormous role in         The 5th Years are expected to enforce the rules
the smooth operation and management of the           and expectations of the House and therefore
House. They are responsible for inducting the        are required to use the House Discipline
new boys as Mentors and are an integral in           System. They may issue ‘fatigues’ to boys for
directing the daily House routines.                  inappropriate behaviour. These are recorded in
All the Y13 (5th Years) are part of the daily        the Fatigue Book which is closely monitored by
leadership responsible for maintaining the           the Housemaster on a daily basis.
House systems. They can involve directing
morning duties, ensuring bell times are              All boys have full redress to the Housemaster.
followed, assisting at House meetings (Call-         The only physical punishments permitted are
over), supervising in the junior prep room and       the morning runs or gardening duties. Both are
assisting at bed-times                               closely monitored by the Housemaster and
Parnell House Prefects 2018

Head of House 2018:      Xela Pathan

Senior Sacristan/Deputy Head of House:
 Joo Hyung Yoo ( Community Service/ Duke
of Edinburgh)

Deputy Head of House in Charge of Sport:
Noah Perelini

Prefect in Charge of Culture: Reagan Sheehan

House Prefect in Charge of Academics:
Oscar Smith

House Sacristan/ Deputy Head of House:
Ro’anis Lamond                                              "

PARNELL HOUSE -our place                                 Boarding at King’s College
  Our History
                                                         At King’s College there is one girl’s and five
  Parnell House was named after the                      boy’s Boarding Houses. The Houses are:
  Grammar School, which was established in
  1855 on Ayr Street, Parnell. The Grammar               Selwyn House: Mr Kevin Put
  School operated until 1893 (three years
  before King's College was established by               Parnell House: Mr Harry Wichman
  Graham Bruce).
                                                         School House: Mr Dan Dyer
  King’s College originally began with only
  two Houses. School House was for boarders              St John’s House: Mr Daryl Williams
  who arrived by train at the start of term and
  returned trained home again at the end of              Middlemore House: Mrs Nichola Hayes
  term. Town House was for day-boys, most of
  whom arrived by train from the city.                   Te Puutake Lodge: Mr Paul Watts

  With further increase in numbers, St John’s            There is one girl’s and four boy’s Day
  and Parnell Houses were established. The               Houses.
  three boarding Houses were all
  accommodated in army barracks style
  buildings for many years where conditions
  were very harsh.
  The present site, up the Drive, was opened
  in 1969. There has been considerable
  rearrangement of the House layout since
  that time. At one stage the present common-
  room served as the prep-room and library.

  Our Crest

  The Cross associates the House with Parnell
  (home of Anglicanism in Auckland) and the
  three stars (Estoiles) used elsewhere on
  King's Coats of Arms (The College / St
  John's / Selwyn) links it with the Diocesan
  Coat of Arms

  Our Motto

  The Motto is Disciplina Fides Perseverantia.
  This encourages success through personal               "
  and group discipline and perseverance –if at
  first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again.

PARNELL HOUSE -our expectations
A Boarding House must be seen as a large
‘family’ group -we sometimes use the term ‘the
Parnell Whanau’. It will run smoothly and                      A Guide to ‘Getting it Right’ in Parnell
efficiently when everyone in the ‘family’ co-
operates fully, contributes as expected and                    1. Punctuality and Tidiness
consciously works towards creating a positive                  -I am always ready for study check in the morning and
atmosphere of consideration and tolerance for                  again in the evening
others.                                                        -My study/dorm area is always kept tidy -my towels on
                                                               rack, my footwear at the wet entrance, and no books or
Harassment (or bullying) of any kind is not                    bags on the floor
tolerated. The same socially acceptable                        -I am at morning and evening call-over by the second bell
                                                               -I am Out of House to school when required and on time
behaviour that exists outside the college is
expected within.
                                                               2. Dress Standards
                                                               -I wear grays for normal school days
As Housemaster I would like to promote the                     -I wear #1s for assembly when required
5 Rs as a check for ourselves. These are strong                -I wear mufti around the House
values on which a family is based.
                                                               3. Privacy and Dorm Access
1. Respect for oneself –be the best you can in                 -I may only enter a junior dorm if invited
your presentation and performance                              -I may only enter another boy’s room if he is present and I
                                                               am invited.
2. Respect for others and their privacy
-everyone else has the same rights you wish for yourself       4. Relationships and Language
                                                               - Co-operation is expected from me at all times towards
3. Respect for all property -others and House                  all year groups -this is reflected by me talking to others,
                                                               getting to know them and assisting them if it is needed.
4. Responsibility for your own actions                         - Respect and acceptance means that I treat everyone with
-I am responsible for my own actions and must accept the       dignity -this is reflected in the manner and language I use
consequences                                                   to others.
-I make the decisions                                          - Positive encouragement will promote people to do their
                                                               best for me -we all have a christian name and like to hear
5. Reflect the christian values, which the                     it used positively.
school is built on.                                            - Rude and nasty behaviour is merely a reflection of a
-Corinthians 13:3 “and these three remain, faith, hope         poor attitude -we all prefer to be praised if we do well,
and love. The greatest of these is love.”                      and never abused for trying hard.
                                                               - Bad language is a sign of an uncultured and lazy mind,
                                                               and a lack of self-respect for my own reputation. My
Everyone has a part to play in making Parnell                  parents will approve of the language I use in the House.
House a ‘happy, safe and friendly’ place to                    - will enjoy myself, but never at the expense of other
live.                                                          students or staff.
Everyone should enjoy themselves, but never at                 - I will relax and enjoy life by being involved in regular
the expense of others.                                         recreational activities at school and in the House.
Acceptance, tolerance and perseverance are
essential if we are to achieve our shared aims.                5. Mistakes are made –I will take
Should students feel they are being harassed in                responsibility for mine and learn from them.
any way or witness this, they are obligated to tell            Honesty first –and an apology builds strong bridges.
a member of staff.

PARNELL HOUSE -our daily routine
Monday to Friday
6.45am                    2nd years wake-up, shower, dress, tidy bed area and duties
7.00am                    3rd years wake-up, shower, dress, tidy bed area and duties
7.00am                    4th years wake-up
7.15am                    5th years wake-up
7.30am                    Study check
7.40am                    Morning Call-Over
7.45am                    Boys vacate House for Breakfast
8.50am                    School starts
10.30am                   Break (25 min)
12.35pm                   Lunch in Dining Hall (55 min)
3.15/3.20pm               End of school
3.45pm – 5.00pm           Sports Practices
6pm                       Dinner in Dining Hall
6.55pm                    Study check
7.00pm                    Prep starts and breaks at 8pm (Sunday prep 7.30–8.30pm)
9.00pm                    Prep ends followed by Call-Over
9.30pm                    2nd years’ lights out and 3rd and 4th years in own dorm
10.00pm                   3rd & 4th years’ lights out and 5th years in own rooms
10.30pm                   5th Years lights out

Saturday: Boys in Year 10-13 usually have sporting commitments on Saturdays. They wake up at
the normal time and complete duties etc. Boys may go on leave after sport or after the 9.30am House
run if they do not have Saturday sport commitments.
Sunday: Boys wake from 8.00am and breakfast is usually at 8.20/8.40am. There is a compulsory
House Chapel on a calendered Sunday at 10.00am or 7.00pm. Boys on leave must return for a
10.00am Chapel or must return to the Boarding House by 6.30pm for the 7.00pm Chapel when
requested or 8.30pm if not required to attend the evening Service. Otherwise they return on the
Monday morning by 8.00am for a call-over.

STUDENT SUPPORT -looking after each other
The Housemaster, in consultation with the Head          The Chaplains are available at all times to
of House, will assign an appointed 5th year             discuss any matter with students and parents.
‘Mentor’ whom they can go to for advice,
assistance with learning the House routines and
their duties, support, or just to talk.They will
meet at least once a week to discuss issues and to
assist wherever possible.

Each dormitory has a Prefect and in the case of
the second years, the Dorm Prefect has a
separate study within the dorm. It is his
responsibility to ensure the smooth running of
the dorm on a daily basis. He is carefully
selected and is always available for a quiet word
with parents and can assist at any time.

It is extremely important that the new boys
understand their comments to staff are treated
with absolute confidentiality. They MUST speak
out if there are any issues they are concerned
about.                                                  "

   Chaplains                                            MEDICAL CENTRE
   Rev Warren Watson 09 276 0614
   Email:                                               The House Manager tends to the boys’ minor
   w.watson@kingscollege.school.nz                      ailments and illnesses after school and through
   Mr Onasai Auva’a         09 276 0676                 the night. We have a College Medical Centre
                                                        staffed by two nursing sisters and two doctors.
   E-mail: o.auvaa@kingscollege.school.nz
                                                        The school doctors have a daily clinic from
                                                        7.30am to 8.00am. A boarder must receive a
  The Chapel is an integral part of school life.
                                                        hospital appointment slip from their House
  Each House has a Sacristan appointed from
                                                        Manager in the morning to attend the
  its Year 13 students. He co-ordinates chapel
                                                        morning clinic.
  activities between the Chaplain and his
  House, as well as carrying out chapel duties.
                                                        A boarder may be kept in the school hospital
                                                        where necessary. The College Medical Centre
  The Chaplains, Revs. Wilder and Walters,
                                                        is well equipped and staffed on a 24-hour
  play a key role in the life of boarders and are
                                                        basis. The Medical Centre will inform parents,
  keenly interested in their spiritual
                                                        when necessary, if their child is ill.
  development. They run the Community
  Service programme and every Parnell boy is
                                                        We have an arrangement with a local 24-hour
  expected to participate in this very worthwhile
                                                        medical centre that provides an excellent and
  community activity.
                                                        quick specialist and x-ray service. A

physiotherapist also visits the School and
appointments can be made at the School
Medical Centre.
                                                           Meals are served in the Dining Hall. There are
Outside appointments with practitioners such               cooked breakfasts and dinners and a variety of
as dentists and specialists can be made, usually           hot and cold lunches.
in conjunction with Matron, and preferably in
reasonable proximity to the school. The boys               Boys are expected to attend all meals except by
frequently take taxis to appointments.                     prior arrangement with a member of the
                                                           Boarding staff or sports coaches.
 Phone 09 276 0624                                         DRESS
 Email: s.mchardy@kingscollege.school.
                                                           During the school week (until dinner) school
                                                           uniform, PE or sport uniform MUST be worn
Note: since the advent of mobile phones there has been     down at school. Mufti may be worn in the
a tendency for boys to phone home and tell their parents   House after school but school uniform must be
about medical issues. Parents have then contacted the
                                                           worn on all occasions when visiting the local
House Manager or Housemaster! Please ensure your
                                                           shops. No.1's are worn to at the beginning and
son reports directly to the Matron or Housemaster
about all matters.                                         end of term and every Wednesday throughout
                                                           the year.
                                                           Summer #1s are worn in Terms 1 and 4.
                                                           Winter #1s are worn in Terms 2 and 3.
COUNSELLOR                                                 Winter #1’s can be worn every day
Ms Karen Thompson                                          during Terms 2 and 3.

From time to time boys need support outside of             Garters must be worn with long socks and a
the House and this is provided by the school               black belt with trousers/shorts.
counsellor. Appointments can be made by
students through e-mail on                                 On Saturdays school uniform or tracksuits
K.Thompson-counsellor@kingscollege.school.nz               must be worn until after lunch down at school.
or dropping into her office in the Centennial              All students supporting afternoon 1st XI
Centre. Parents are welcome to contact her.                Cricket, 1st XV Rugby and evening 1st XI
                                                           Hockey must wear tracksuits or school

                                                           Jewellery is prohibited at all times.

PARNELL HOUSE -our staff
1. Housemaster                                    Group and work closely with the
The Housemaster is in charge of all aspects       Housemaster. Parents should firstly contact
of the Boarding House.                            the Teacher Mentor, then Housemaster over
He oversees the pastoral and academic             academic issues. Teacher Mentors usually
welfare of the boys as well as ensuring that      meet with tutor groups on a Monday and
the House operates safely and fairly.             Thursday. Mentors are expected to meet
He also managers the property and environs        with each student and discuss their
of the House.                                     academic progress.
He must always be the first person
consulted about issues relating to the boys.      4. The House Manager
He is assisted by the residential House           The House Manager’s role is to care for the
Tutors and Matron, and at school the              boys general health and well-being. This
Academic Tutors.                                  includes monitoring all medical needs and
                                                  even assisting with personal clothing when
2. House Tutors                                   assistance might be required -by polite
House Tutors are resident on the campus           request! He/she plays a very important
and are involved in the supervision of the        pastoral role within the House and parents
boys during the week and weekends, as well        are strongly encouraged to meet him/her
as helping with excursions and other              early in the year.
They also assist boys in their studies.

3. Teacher Mentors
Teacher Mentors are responsible for the
academic matters of boys within their Tutor

                                                          Boys phone
                                                          Ph 09 276 0699

                                                          Ext 737
                                                         there is ample opportunity to be in touch via this
                                                         account. They may also use their personal accounts.

                                                         Skype and Face-Time is permitted outside prep-
                                                         hours and House call-overs.

                                                         Contacting the staff
                                                         As the Housemaster and Tutors all teach, they may
                                                         not be available to take your call during the day.
                                                         Email is the best form of communications during
                                                         school hours. Refer to parent portal for all contacts
                                                         applicable to your son.

                                                         Evening calls to staff should be made before 8.00pm.
                                                         Alternatively the House Manager may be contacted
                                                         from 3.20pm.
                                                         Any parcels delivered during the day should be taken
                                                         to the School Office. Courier parcels and mail all go
                                                         to the School Office. Don’t leave it at the door!

Phones and boys
There is one designated in-coming phone:
 ph 09 276 0699 Ext 737.
Some parents set up an 0800 or similar type number
to allow their sons to phone them.
Boys are permitted to have mobile phones.

Please do NOT arrange to phone/text your son’s
mobile during teaching hours.

All boys will be required to hand in their electronic
devices before lights out.

And of course E-mail: every boy is given a school
e-mail account and with 6 computers in the House

days. An email explaining your leave request
LEAVE                                                   is sufficient.
-getting us home!                                       If your son is absent from school for
                                                        part or whole day(s), then please use
                                                        the online absence form on the school
All leave is granted at the discretion of the
Housemaster after an application is made
through Boardingware.                                   HOST responsibilities and
New students will be invited to join                    As a host parent, King’s College expects
Boardingware early in the first week.                   you to observe the following expectations.
Parent and guardians will then be invited to
join to complete registration.                          1. You will assume the role of in loco parentis
                                                        and the boarder’s health and welfare will be
All weekend leave requests must be made by              entrusted in your care.
8.30p.m Wednesday each week.                            2. Whilst on leave boarders will observe all of the
                                                        school’s rules and regulations.
This allows the weekend catering to be confirmed with   3. The boarder should only stay overnight at the
the Catering Manager.                                   host address stated on the Exeat form.
                                                        4. We advise that host parents of Year 12 &13
                                                        students should observe a curfew of 12.30am.

                                                        5. Host parents must carefully check all transport
Friday leave begins from 3.15pm or after
                                                        arrangements if the boarder is going away from
boys have completed any school commitments of
                                                        the host's house for the evening.
rehearsal’s, practice or fatigues -School or House.
                                                        6. The Host parent must send an email to the
Saturday leave begins from 10.30am after                Housemaster to confirm hosting of a student and
the 9.30am House run or the completion of their         have been in contact with his parent(s) or
school sport.                                           guardian(s).

Sunday return is between 5.00pm and                     7. Overnight leave begins on Saturday after
8.30pm UNLESS there is a House Chapel                   sport. Boys are required to be back from leave
Service -which is compulsory.                           by 6.30pm for Sunday Chapel, where
                                                        Calendared, or otherwise at 8.30pm.
Monday return is by 8.00am.
                                                        8. Host parents are only allowed to take two
                                                        boarders in total from any of the Houses e.g. 1
Boardingware must be used for all
                                                        Parnell House student and 1 from St John’s
leave requests!!                                        House = 2 boarders.
Any leave of absence up to 2 school days can
be requested from the Housemaster. The
Deputy Headmaster, Mr John Payne
approves leave from school for more than 2

LAUNDRY                                                waistband is the best -while labels are the
All laundry is done for the boys. Different items
go out on allocated days of the week.                  BEDDING
A sports wash goes out daily; it is picked up in
the morning and returned ready for the boys’ use       All bed linen and pillows are provided and one
in the afternoon. The tendency for most                sheet is washed each week.
boarders is to bring too many clothes. Space is
limited and it is wise not to include too much in      Boys are expected to bring their own duvet and
the way of mufti. Please name all articles             cover which can be washed in the laundry.
permanently and clearly.

As the boys spend most of their time in either
school uniform or sports clothes they only need
about three changes of clothes. The House
Manager has the task of sorting bags of laundry           DUTIES
in the afternoons and places laundered clothing           All 2nd to 4th years are required to do
in the boys’ laundry locker.                              morning duties and general housekeeping
It is essential all items are NAMED! A bold               to maintain Parnell House in a ‘home like’
marker across the inside of the collar or
                                                          Tasks involve tidying set areas of the House,
                                                          collecting and emptying rubbish bins,
WEEKENDS                                                  sweeping floors and outdoor areas, or
-what we do here                                          mopping out shower areas.
                                                          These are completed independently and
                                                          later inspected by the House Staff and
                                                          Prefect on Duty.
1. Students have full use of school facilities.

2. Support the Premier teams on the
Saturday afternoon.

3. Inter-House games arranged.

4. Weekend shop at Sylvia Park, Newmarket,
   Botany or Manukau City.
5. The House has opportunities to make a
   suggestion for an activity of their choice.
6. Boarding Activities are calendared for all
   or part of Sunday through the first 3

PARNELL HOUSE                                  Important documents such as travel tickets
                                               and passports should be held for
Organisation                                   safekeeping with the Housemaster.
                                               Boys should not carry or keep significant
Electronic Devices                             sums of money in their lockers. Eftpos is
They are an integral part of education at      available at the School shop & Tuck-shop.
King’s and their appropriate use is to be      The Tuck shop is open at break, lunch
encouraged. Most boys have their own           and after school.
laptop/ipad and as well as the six
computers in the House library, there are      ELECTRONIC DEVICES
many more in the School library and
classrooms.                                    iPad’s are compulsory for Year 9-13.
All personal computers/ipads are required      These are locked away at the end of the
to be configured by the College’s I.T.         night with any cellphones and laptop in a
Department. Inappropriate use of               secure area.
computers will lead to appropriate

MONEY & VALUABLES                              THE FRIENDS’ SHOP
Each boy is responsible for the safekeeping
of his own possessions. Valuables should       The Friend’s shop sells uniforms,
be locked away in their wardrobe locker.       stationery, classroom materials and even
The boys will need two strong                  chocolate biscuits!!Boys can charge items
padlocks for each of their lockers -key        to their account to the value of $50.00.
locks rather than combination locks are        Above that amount, the Housemaster’s
recommended. Spare keys can be left with       permission is required.
the House Manager.                             Contact: Lesley Hammond

Only 5th years boys -who can bring bikes to
the school, may return to the House during
the day. During study periods they are
expected to be studying!

                                                      SPORT AND CULTURAL
Each boy is responsible for ensuring that his         ACTIVITIES
own area is neat and tidy for “study check”           All Year 9, 10 and 11 students are
every morning. All food must be kept in               expected to do at least two co-curricular
either tuck boxes or lockers. It is expected          activities at the College during the year,
that clothes be kept tidy and folded and that         one of which must be a sport.
individual study areas in the prep room are
kept organised and uncluttered. The junior            Most students do a summer and a winter
prep room will be inspected every evening
                                                      sport, which is acceptable, but students
before the boys are released for supper.
                                                      are encouraged to be involved in a
FATIGUES /DETENTIONS                                  cultural activity or community service as
In the House, the boys can expect to be               well.
disciplined if they are not prepared to fulfil
                                                      Year 12 and 13 students are also
their responsibilities and to follow
                                                      encouraged to get involved in sport and
                                                      cultural activities, but co-curricular
This generally involves any lateness,                 activities are not compulsory for them.
interrupting others during prep by talking
or moving around, not completing duties,              In Parnell House every boys is encouraged to do
talking after lights out when quiet is                two sports unless this clashes with a cultural or
requested or getting up after lights out.             community activity.

These all relate to respecting others.                PREP
Friday afternoon fatigues are the most                Organised quiet study (“prep”) operates
common type of punishment and involve an              from 7.00pm to 9.00pm. In Parnell
hours gardening.                                      House this is considered an integral part
Other forms are: morning (6.00am) runs,               of the day and high levels of personal
spot jobs or a Sunday gardening fatigue.              discipline are expected.
Persistent infringements can lead to loss of
privileges such as leave.
                                                      No boy shall be allowed to interrupt the
                                                      work of another.
At School, detentions are given for prep not
being completed, lateness, uniform
violations, rudeness and any other                    Good study habits will not magically
unacceptable behaviour.                               occur. It requires personal effort and a
                                                      positive attitude.
Sunday School Fatigues require three hours
of work to be done at the school -on a                House Staff will support students, but
Sunday morning from 9.30-12.30pm.                     they must also work hard to establish
                                                      their routine and habits.

guardian. Once you have selected a
SCHOOL                                           guardian, you should provide details of his
ORGANISATION                                     or her name, address and phone number by
                                                 completing the Guardianship Nomination
MENTOR PERIODS                                   Form and forwarding this to Mr Syms.
Mentor periods are individual meetings           Assistance with visa and health insurance
held with a boy’s Teacher Mentor                 matters can be obtained from Mr Syms
At these meetings the progress of the
                                                 MID TERM BREAKS
student is reviewed and goals are set for
                                                 Mid term breaks are scheduled during each
the future. Mentor Periods are                   Terms. All boys are expected to leave the
Calendared for each year group during            Boarding House for mid-term breaks and
the term.                                        return by 8.30pm on the Monday prior to
                                                 the resumption of school.
This is when Academic Tutees meet with
their Tutor together for administration          COLLEGE WEBSITE
and shared pastoral activities.                  www.kingscollege.school.nz
                                                 The web is an up-to-date and informative
                                                 resource. Most information on school
Parents are reminded that they are required      routines and events, weekly sporting fixtures
to nominate a responsible adult living in
                                                 and results, academic matters and subject
Auckland to act as a guardian for their son.
                                                 course requirements etc, cultural and
For further information in this regard,          sporting activities are available, and staff
please ask the Director of Admissions,
                                                 contacts can be found on the website.
Mr Syms , for a copy of the guidelines to        Bookmark it now!
help with the selection of an appropriate

STUDENT                                         Guidelines
                                                The community does not tolerate
HARASSMENT                                      harassment. Respect for others is
POLICY                                          expected. Everyone has rights and
King’s College Student Harassment               It is a student’s right and responsibility to
Policy                                          report bullying, whether it happens to be
                                                them or someone else.
“Providing A Safe Physical and Emotional
Environment”                                    The policy is outlined in a separate leaflet
                                                issued to new parents upon enrolment and
                                                discussed with students each year. All
Rationale                                       incoming students will be given clear
King's College has amongst its aims the         instruction as to the nature of harassment
provision of an environment in which            and what to do if any alleged harassment
each student is personally involved, in         occurs.
which they can develop as a young person
of integrity, social conscience and courage.
                                                Parnell House has a Zero Tolerance
Purpose                                         policy towards harassment perpetrated by
To this end, we aim to establish a              any individual. Any student who feels that
community in which everybody feels              he is the victim of verbal harassment
valued and safe and where individual            or who is experiencing physical abuse,
differences are appreciated, understood         must see a person whom they trust to get
and accepted. Every student has a right to      the matter resolved as soon as possible,
enjoy their time at school. The policy is       and in confidence.
implemented with the intention of:
- teaching, protecting and supporting           This person might be a Housemaster,
  students                                      College Counsellor, Tutor, the Chaplain,
- increasing awareness and developing           Matron, Head of House, House Prefect,
  detection and prevention strategies           5th Year Mentor, Yer Pal, or a teacher at
- providing a supportive climate and            school.
  encouraging responsibility to others
- monitoring the incidence of harassment

Carmen Regale
                        The School Song

                  O floreat semper Collegeium Regis

                  Et semper iam magnum maius emicet!

                  Quae mater benigna, omni amore digna

                  Viri ut re fiamus, docet, VIRTUS POLLET.

This is sung to the tune of a 19th century English Hymn of Thanksgiving.

                     The College Motto

                         VIRTUS POLLET
                          Manliness Prevails

          King’s College Mission Statement

We aim to provide excellence in teaching and learning within a well-balanced
educational context involving the academic, cultural, social, emotional and
spiritual dimensions of life.


The vision of King’s College is to provide the best all-round education it is
possible to obtain.

                                          Graham Bruce (Headmaster, 1896)

Values of King’s College

Generosity of Spirit   We value a culture of service and of giving to others.

Gratitude              We value the opportunities available at the College and
                       welcome life as a gift to be enjoyed.

Honesty                We value trust and truthfulness in all human relationships.

Moral Courage          We value strength of character and leadership, guided by a strong
                       moral code of behaviour.

Pursuit of learning    We value the spirit of enquiry and the intellectual growth of
                       students, including their different learning needs,to become
                       creative, engaged and open-minded learners.

Respect                We value the fair treatment of all people and the preservation of
                       human dignity.

Spirituality           We affirm the significance of the Christian spiritual journey
                       which gives personal meaning to life.

Tolerance              We value the acceptance of all people and encourage a sense of
                       belonging in our community.


            Attendance at Chapel is compulsory on the days set down below.

            Weekday Chapel services begin at 1.30 pm (Tues) and

            Weekend services are listed in the Term Calendar and should be
            noted carefully.

                       Tuesday           School Chapel
                       Thursday          Boarders Chapel

King’s College Haka

Kaea:   Ko tenei he wero ki a koutou ma, Tuturu whakamaua kia tina

Kura:   Tina

Kaea:   Hui e

Kura:   Taiki e
        Hii aue, Hi

Kaea:   Tiare Maiho, te timatanga mai o to matou wharekura rangatira

Kura:   A te Rangatiratanga
        Haere mai koe, Uru mai koe
        Uru mai koe ki roto I to matou wharekura rongonui
        Kingi Kareti, Kingi Kareti
        Puta ake ko te ihi te wehi
        Ko te mana, Ko te tapu
        He totara nui, He whakaruruhau
        Tau mai, Tau mai
        Tau mai e te kura wanaga o Kingi Kareti, Kingi Kareti

Kaea:   He aha te mea nui o te ao?

Kura:   Ko te tangata, Ko te tangata
        Tu tangata pumau, Tu tangata pumau
        No nga hau e wha

NB:     Kaea = The Leader

        Kura = Everybody

House Captains

Archery        Michael Fang

Athletics      Kaleb Guest

Badminton      Joo Hyung Yoo

Basketball     Reagan Sheehan

Chess          Michael Fang

Cricket        Ro’anis Lamond

Debating       Oscar Smith

Hockey         Joo Hyung Yoo

House Music    Reagan Sheehan, Luke Tuhaka

Netball        Luke Tuhaka

Orienteering   Noah Perelini

Rowing         Maxwell Smith

Rugby          Noah Perelini

Soccer         Joo Hyung Yoo

Squash         Kaleb Guest

Steeplechase   Dominic Methven

Swimming       Ro’anis Lamond

Tennis         Luke Tuhaka

Touch          Xela Pathan

Tug O War      Noah Perelini

Water polo     Amorangi Kuka

Parnell House
                  Fire Drill

Emergency Evacuation Procedure

When the fire alarm sounds, All Students must proceed to the nearest and safest
emergency exit and assemble on the grass bank next to the flagpole at the front of
the House in Year Groups and in alphabetical order.

ALL WARDENS to wear yellow hard hats and ensure your designated area has
been evacuated before assembling. Ensure the gate book is brought out to the
assembly point and proceed with “callover”.

WARDENS to report role call to HOUSEMASTER or HOUSE STAFF
MEMBER as son as possible.


7.30am      School House
7.40am      St Johns
7.45am      Middlemore
7.50am      Te Putake
7.55am      Selwyn
8.05am      Parnell
8.15am      Year 13s
8.20am      Doors Close
12.25pm     Te Putake
12.35pm     Doors Open
1.00pm      Doors Close

5.30pm      Te Putake
5.40pm      Year 10-12s
6.15pm      Doors Close

Year 13s may go to dinner any time after 5.30pm
Dinner Thursdays only (After Chapel)
6.00pm     Te Putake Lodge
6.10pm     Y10-12sWeekend Dining Room Times 2018
7.00am      Doors Open
8.00am      Doors Close
12.30pm     Doors Open
 1.00pm     Doors Close
5.00pm      Doors Open
5.20pm      Doors Close
8.40am      Doors Open
9.00am      Doors Close
12.30pm     Doors Open
12.45pm     Doors Close
6.00pm      Doors Open
6.20pm      Doors Close


                    MONDAY                       TUESDAY             WEDNESDAY              THURSDAY                   FRIDAY
                    (6 periods)                  (6 periods)          (6 periods)            (6 periods)              (6 periods)
                    8.20 – 8.50                  8.20 – 8.50          8.20 – 8.50            8.20 – 8.50              8.20 – 8.50
                        (30)                         (30)                 (30)                   (30)                     (30)

Chapel                                                                Day Houses            Day Houses
                                                                      (Y9 – Y11)            (Y12 – Y13)

 House            All Day Houses               All Day Houses         Day Houses            Day Houses              All Day Houses
Meetings                                                              (Y12 – Y13)           (Y9 – Y11)

                    8.50 – 9.40                  8.50 – 9.40           8.50 – 9.40          8.50 – 9.40               8.50 – 9.40
   1                   (50)                         (50)                  (50)                 (50)                      (50)

                   9.40 – 10.30                 9.40 – 10.30          9.40 – 10.30          9.40 – 10.30             9.40 – 10.30
   2                   (50)                         (50)                  (50)                  (50)                     (50)

                   10.30 – 10.55                10.30 – 10.55         10.30 – 10.55        10.30 – 10.55             10.30 – 10.55
                       Break                        Break                 Break                Break                     Break
                        (25)                         (25)                  (25)                 (25)                      (25)

                   10.55 – 11.45                10.55 – 11.45         10.55 – 11.45        10.55 – 11.45             10.55 – 11.45
   3                   (50)                         (50)                  (50)                 (50)                      (50)

                   11.45 – 12.35                11.45 – 12.35         11.45 – 12.35        11.45 – 12.35             11.45 – 12.35
   4                   (50)                         (50)                  (50)                 (50)                      (50)

                   12.35 – 1.30                 12.35 – 1.30          12.35 – 1.30          12.35 – 1.30             12.35 – 1.45
                      Lunch                        Lunch                 Lunch                 Lunch                    Lunch
                       (55)                         (55)                  (55)                  (55)                     (70)

                   1.30 – 2.00                  1.30 – 2.00            1.30 – 2.00          1.30 – 2.00
                  Mentor Period             Chapel (All Students)       Assembly           Mentor Period
                      (30)                          (30)                  (30)                 (30)

                                                 1.20 – 2.00
                                              Staff Professional

                    2.00 – 2.40                  2.00 – 2.40           2.00 – 2.40          2.00 – 2.40               1.45 – 2.30
   5                   (40)                         (40)                  (40)                 (40)                      (45)

                    2.40 – 3.20                  2.40 – 3.20           2.40 – 3.20          2.40 – 3.20               2.30 – 3.15
   6                   (40)                         (40)                  (40)                 (40)                      (45)

                   3.45 - 5.00                  3.45 - 5.00           3.45 - 5.00           3.45 - 5.00
                 Sports & Cultural            Sports & Cultural     Sports & Cultural     Sports & Cultural
                    Practices                    Practices             Practices             Practices

                                                3.45 - 4.45            3.45 - 4.45                                     3.45 - 4.45
                                             School Detentions      School Detentions                           School & House Fatigues

                                                                                            5.30 – 6.00
                                                                                        Chapel (All Boarders)

   Note: Year 9 go to lunch 10 minutes before times given above


Please direct any queries or concerns, in the first instance, to your son’s Housemaster. If the
matter is serious then the Housemaster will contact the appropriate people to ensure that
the issue is properly dealt with.
Headmaster – Mr Simon Lamb -s.lamb@kingscollege.school.nz ph 2760611
Deputy Headmaster – Mr John Payne – John is responsible for the day to day running of the school and
disciplinary matters. j.payne@kingscollege.school.nz ph 2760627
Director of Curriculum – Mr Phil Coombe – Phil is responsible for any matters pertaining to academic
work. P.coombe@kingscollege.school.nz ph 2760685
Director of Achievement - Mr Geoff Smith – Geoff is responsible for Academic Achievement and
reporting. G.smith@kingscollege.school.nz ph 2760886
Director of Commercial Services – Mr Paul Chapman– Paul is responsible for the financial management
of the school and any queries regarding fees should be directed to him.
P.Champman@kingscollege.school.nz ph 2760636
Learning Support – Mr David Ward – David is responsible for any student with special learning needs.
D.ward@kingscollege.school.nz ph 2760891
Medical Centre – Mrs Sarah Hardy – Students who are unwell are sent to the Med Centre to be looked
after. Students must never leave directly for home without being cleared by the Med Centre first.
S.Hardy@kingscollege.school.nz ph 2760624

Counsellors –Mrs Karen Thompson – The counsellors are always available for any confidential concerns
you may have. K.Thompson-counsellor@kingscollege.school.nz ph 2760607
Chaplains – Rev Warren Watson & Mr Onasai Auva’a – The Chaplains are responsible for the spiritual
welfare of our students and also offer guidance and counselling. W.Watson@kingscollege.school.nz ph 2760614
School Shop – Mrs Lesley Hammond – Please ring Lesley to find out the shop hours if you need to
purchase anything. L.hammond@kingscollege.school.nz

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