Welcome to The Oaks Primary School and Nursery

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Welcome to The Oaks Primary School and Nursery
Welcome to The Oaks Primary
                                                                           School and Nursery

Dear Parents and Carers,
Thank you for requesting information about The Oaks. We are very proud both
of our children and our school, and hope that this prospectus provides you with an
insight into life at The Oaks and why this is the right school for your child.
We believe that strong foundations in all areas of development will enable your
child to become independent and flourish. You are their first educators and we
believe very much in working in partnership with home throughout your child’s
time at our school.
Our mission statement underpins all our work at The Oaks:

Roots to Grow and Wings to Fly Success and Confidence for All.

Our approach is very child-centred; we provide a happy, nurturing and caring
environment, where learners are encouraged to develop in all aspects and are
challenged to achieve their very best.
Positive values and attitudes underpin our ethos.
We have excellent teachers, wonderful facilities and an exciting and creative
Visits to our school are most welcome. Please contact the school office to arrange
an appointment or ask any questions you may have.
                                                     I look forward to meeting you.

                                                                   Penny Forbes

                    The Oaks Primary School
                    Loppets Road, Tilgate, Crawley, West Sussex
Welcome to The Oaks Primary School and Nursery
Welcome to The Oaks Primary
                                                                                   School and Nursery

The Oaks Nursery
We are very fortunate to benefit from an on site Nursery at The Oaks, offering
session and full-day care for pre-school children from the age of three. The-fully
qualified staff work in excellent facilities as part of our Early Years Foundation Stage
provision. Children develop their skills across all areas of learning in a nurturing
and supportive environment, where their happiness and welfare is paramount.
‘The provision for children in the Nursery and Reception classes is good. The way in which their
welfare is promoted is outstanding’. Ofsted

Early Years Foundation Stage
The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum is followed in the Reception
Classes and Nursery–it focuses on the six areas of learning: Personal, Social,
Emotional Development, Communication, Language and Literacy Development,
Mathematical Development, Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Physical
Development and Creative Development. In a secure and spacious environment
the foundations of successful learning are laid in the development of positive self-
esteem, confidence, independence and good social skills. We value the role of
structured play in developing children’s learning and experiences and use both the
indoor and outdoor environments.

Key Stage One
In Year 1 and 2, we build on the work of the EYFS in the development of the whole
child, continuing to ensure that children become confident and independent learners.

Key Stage Two
Key Stage Two continues from Year 3 to Year 6 and during these years the children are
challenged and motivated to become aware of themselves as learners and able to work
collaboratively with others. We aim to keep learning fun and stimulating, underpinning
the importance of strong literacy and numeracy skills as well as recognising that
children will begin to show strengths and talent across and beyond the curriculum.

                       The Oaks Primary School
                       Loppets Road, Tilgate, Crawley, West Sussex
Welcome to The Oaks Primary School and Nursery
Welcome to The Oaks Primary
                                                                             School and Nursery

The Curriculum
The curriculum of The Oaks includes all those activities designed and encouraged
within our school to promote the intellectual, personal, social, emotional and
physical development of our pupils. The curriculum includes not just the formal
programme of lessons, but all those activities and features of the life of the school
which contribute to our ethos, such as the quality of relationships, the development
of values or attitudes and the quality of learning experiences.
At The Oaks we enable pupils to develop a wide range of skills; using and applying
these skills meaningfully within a broad and balanced curriculum. We believe that
fieldwork, educational visits (both day and residential), visiting experts and outdoor
work are an important part of learning and these are incorporated into cross-
curricular Learning Journeys. All pupils learn in mixed-ability classes and are taught
in a variety of ways: individually, in groups or as a class. Expectations are high and
the work is differentiated; we make learning active and visual, giving opportunities
for discussion and reflection.

English, Mathematics and ITC
We place great emphasis on good literacy and numeracy skills. We offer
an exciting and creative approach in English and Drama and the children use
and apply Maths, developing mental as well as written skills and problem solving.
Wherever possible.
Children use ICT across curriculum with computer software, the internet, email,
control and digital cameras. The school has a ‘Virtual Learning Environment’,
which children can access from home.

                                                 ‘Pupils greatly enjoy school and are kind,
                                                                considerate and mannerly.’

                     The Oaks Primary School
                     Loppets Road, Tilgate, Crawley, West Sussex
Welcome to The Oaks Primary School and Nursery
Welcome to The Oaks Primary
                                                                                School and Nursery

History, Geography and Science
History is taught through our Learning Journeys and uses an ‘enquiry’ approach,
role play, visits, visitors, first hand experience and artefacts to bring the subject to
life. Geography is also taught through a cross-curricular approach; field trips and
visits are made to the local area and further afield. Science is taught practically
through investigations stimulating children’s natural curiosity.

Design Technology (DT)
In DT the children are encouraged to be creative and innovative and we involve
them in designing, making and evaluating their own products. Children also have
opportunities to cook and work with food, in our Food Technology room.

Art and Music
Children are taught a range of skills including drawing, painting, using textiles,
printing and working with clay. The School is proud of its strong music tradition
and performances in the community. In Key Stage Two, children have the
opportunity to learn an instrument with specialist teachers.

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)
Pupils learn French in Key Stage Two and have opportunities to join our clubs
to learn other languages.

Sport and Exercise
At The Oaks, we encourage all children to participate in sport through fostering
a sense of team spirit and an enjoyment of sport. The PE curriculum includes
athletics, dance, games, gymnastics, outdoor and adventurous activities and
swimming. Children participate in regular physical exercise and are encouraged
to walk or cycle to school. We are very proud to have achieved the ‘Sports Mark’
and ‘Active Mark’. Through the Crawley School Sports partnership, The Oaks
takes advantage of specialist sport coaching and a range of sports clubs.

                                              ‘The school has high regard for pupils’ welfare.’

                     The Oaks Primary School
                     Loppets Road, Tilgate, Crawley, West Sussex
Welcome to The Oaks Primary School and Nursery
Welcome to The Oaks Primary
                                                                            School and Nursery

Personal, Social, Health and
Citizenship Education (PSHCE)
All pupils follow a programme of PSHCE. This recognises the importance of
all aspects of a child’s development. Keeping safe, friendships, anti-bullying,
healthy living and making well-informed choices are regularly revisited
as age-appropriate.

Healthy Schools
The Oaks has achieved ‘Healthy Schools Status’ and ‘Investors in Health’. We
work in all areas to promote a healthy lifestyle, including looking after our health,
relationships, values and self-esteem.
We encourage healthy eating and provide hot school meals. The children eat only
fruit and vegetables at morning break and drink water during the day. Milk is
available to all children and free to the under five year olds.

Sex and Relationship Education
In EYFS and Key Stage One, children will begin to understand the life cycle through
their normal work in Science and looking at animals and seeds. In Key Stage
Two, Science and PSHCE provide opportunities to further develop the children’s
understanding. A more formal programme of sex and relationship education is
introduced later in Key Stage Two.
The subject matter is discussed in a sensitive way, parents are notified in advance
and invited in to view materials prior to their use in school. Parents may withdraw
their child if they so wish and should notify the Headteacher in writing.

                     The Oaks Primary School
                     Loppets Road, Tilgate, Crawley, West Sussex
Welcome to The Oaks Primary School and Nursery
Welcome to The Oaks Primary
                                                                             School and Nursery

Religious Education (R.E.)
Children are taught about the main world religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam
and Hinduism. Lessons encourage positive attitudes towards, and respect for, the
beliefs of others, and in doing so encourage understanding of the similarities and
differences between people that are part of our rich culture.

During the week there is a mixture of whole school, key stage and class assemblies.
These are broadly Christian based and we consider a range of topics and key values
throughout the year. We hope that all children will attend so that the school can
meet together in this way, but if parents wish to withdraw their child from assemblies
or R.E. they should write to the Headteacher.

Inclusion and Special
Educational Needs (SEN)
The school’s policies set out our aims and provision to ensure that our children have
access to all areas of the curriculum and aspects of school life; they also address how
we support children’s learning if they are experiencing difficulty. We are committed
to early identification of special needs and a staged response, which is fully discussed
with parents. The SENCo oversees the provision for children with SEN. This may
include additional support in or out of class and an Individual Education Plan
(IEP). A wide range of structured programmes are used and advice may be sought
from outside agencies.

Children with disabilities
At The Oaks we have a commitment to do our very best for every single
child. Parents may wish to refer to the School’s Equal Opportunities policy,
Special Needs policy, Disability Equality Duty scheme or Accessibility Plan for
more information.

                     The Oaks Primary School
                     Loppets Road, Tilgate, Crawley, West Sussex
Welcome to The Oaks Primary School and Nursery
Welcome to The Oaks Primary
                                                                             School and Nursery

Exceptionally Able Pupils
We have high expectations of all our pupils and work is carefully matched to meet
the learners’ needs. For those children who are identified as being particularly able or
talented in any area of the curriculum, further challenges are offered. Applications
are also made to the County’s Enrichment programme for courses that generally
take place on a Saturday.

Pupil Involvement
Pupils contribute fully to our school community; their views influence decision-
making and school development through the School or Class Council and the
Eco Team. Oak Watch and the “Squabble Squad” (our peer mediators) also play
a vital role.

Parental Involvement
We work closely in partnership with home and encourage parents and carers to
come and discuss any ideas or concerns. Parents are invited to join working parties
to discuss school developments and participate in a variety of policy reviews. Many
parents play an active role in the work of The Oaks, helping in class or accompanying
educational visits. Parent/teacher consultations and “Parents in School” sessions are
organised each term, we also have an Open Evening in the Summer Term.
The School has a very supportive Parents’ Network Group where parents work
together to raise funds and organise fun activities for the children.

Home Learning and Homework
We actively encourage parents to read with their child throughout their primary
years. Each child has a Home School Learning Diary in which home activities
relevant to the work in class are given on a regular basis. Curriculum newsletters are
sent out each term from every year group. Teachers provide an outline of the key
learning for the term and homework expectations will be explained.

                     The Oaks Primary School
                     Loppets Road, Tilgate, Crawley, West Sussex
Welcome to The Oaks Primary School and Nursery
Welcome to The Oaks Primary
                                                                             School and Nursery

The Oaks has a calm and purposeful atmosphere and we have high expectations
of behaviour and good manners around the school. Qualities of honesty, kindness
and fair dealing are constantly encouraged; we endeavour to create a spirit of
thoughtfulness, tolerance and regard for others, thus making the children aware
that self-discipline is of the utmost importance.
Our behaviour policy is based on a positive approach, with clear rewards and
sanctions. If there is cause for concern, parents are contacted then school and
home, work in partnership with the child to improve behaviour.
Bullying will not be tolerated. All aspects of bullying are dealt with in accordance
with our Anti-bullying policy.

Pastoral Care
At The Oaks, all staff work closely to ensure there is a safe, secure and supportive
environment where children will be happy and well cared for. Children are actively
encouraged to talk to their parents or an adult in school if they have any problems
or worries, then school and home can work together to support the child.

Child Protection
The Oaks is strongly committed to safeguarding the well-being of all the children and
has clear procedures and policies with regard to child protection and safeguarding of
children. All staff, sports coaches, music teachers and volunteers are appropriately
checked prior to working in school. Training is part of staff induction and is regularly
updated. The Headteacher is the designated person for child protection.

The safety and security of our children is of paramount importance to us. We want
The Oaks to feel friendly and approachable, but it must also be secure. A fence
surrounds the school grounds and the gates are locked during the school day. All
visitors must report to reception, sign the visitors’ book and be issued with a badge.

                     The Oaks Primary School
                     Loppets Road, Tilgate, Crawley, West Sussex
Welcome to The Oaks Primary School and Nursery
Welcome to The Oaks Primary
                                                                                     School and Nursery

Health and Safety
In the interests of health and safety The Oaks operates a no-smoking policy and
we request that all visitors refrain from smoking whilst on the school premises; this
includes the grounds and playgrounds. For the safety of the children we do not allow
dogs to be brought on to the school premises; we request that they are left at home.

Extended services and extra
curricular activities
The Oaks offers Breakfast Club and a wide range of extra curricular activities that
include: art, athletics, choir, cricket, dance, football, French, netball and study clubs.
This is an important part of the school’s provision and we encourage all children
to join clubs.

First Aid, Medicines and Medical Needs
The Oaks has a high number of staff trained in First-Aid who are on duty
throughout the day and accompany educational visits. If a child is injured
and/or too unwell to continue at school, we will contact parents or carers.

In general school staff do not administer medication during the school day; if
required, parents are able to come to school to give their child medicine. In certain
circumstances, where there is long-term medication required, parents may request
medicines to be administered in school according to school policy.

Special arrangements are made for children with medical needs such as diabetes. In
these circumstances school staff may consult the school nurse, and if appropriate
have training and put in place special provision and procedures.

                        ‘‘My child has progressed really well at the school and we find the teachers
                                         very encouraging and enthusiastic in the way they teach.’

                      The Oaks Primary School
                      Loppets Road, Tilgate, Crawley, West Sussex
Welcome to The Oaks Primary School and Nursery
Welcome to The Oaks Primary
                                                                                     School and Nursery

Complaints procedure
Parents are encouraged to discuss issues with the class teacher or Headteacher as
soon as possible. We want to be able to resolve matters to everyone’s satisfaction,
however, if a matter is not resolved, The Oaks has an established complaints
procedure, a copy is available from the school office.

Charging Policy
The school policy on charging is in line with that of West Sussex Local Authority.
Parents are asked to make a voluntary contribution to cover the cost of
educational visits, visiting speakers or workshops. If there are financial difficulties,
families are encouraged to contact the Headteacher. Requests are dealt with
in total confidence.

School Uniform
We believe that our school uniform fosters a sense of belonging and contributes
to our school ethos and equal opportunities. We are grateful that families strongly
support our school uniform and we are very proud that the children look so smart.
Enclosed with this prospectus is a list of items; some are available in school, others
through local stores.

‘This is a good school. Pupils achieve well in reading, writing and mathematics and they are given
strong opportunities to develop their creative, practical and sporting skills.’ Ofsted

Please contact The Oaks if you would like
to look around and visit, you are most welcome.

                        The Oaks Primary School
                        Loppets Road, Tilgate, Crawley, West Sussex
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