Week 1, Term 1, 2021 - Normanby School

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Week 1, Term 1, 2021 - Normanby School
Week 1, Term 1,
                       Normanby School Newsletter

Principal's Message
Tēnā koutou katoa

Ngā mihi nui, ki a koutou katoa - Warm greetings to you all.

Welcome to the 2021 school year.

A very special welcome to all of our new families and staff who have just joined us at
Normanby School. We really look forward to getting to know you over the next few weeks. We
believe that working in partnership with our families is imperative to ensure we give the
children the best education possible. If ever you have any questions or concerns please come
and talk about it. If the class teacher cannot help you then come and see me. We prefer to
have open communication - we aim to always be solution focussed.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Head Start Hui last Friday where you were able to set
personal goals with your child/ren. Many families were also helped to download the Hero App
and learn how to use this student learning platform. Hero is where you will nd learning posts,
goal setting and reporting for your child. If you would like help and a quick lesson on how to
use this app - we can show you either at our Setting the Scene / Family Picnic on Tuesday 16
February or just pop into school before school or after school and someone will be able to
help you. If you didn't attend the Hui, the class teacher will be in touch with you over the next
couple of weeks.
Week 1, Term 1, 2021 - Normanby School
I am pleased to share with our Normanby families that Cameron and Kat Jones welcomed the
early arrival of Edison Kingsley Charles Jones to their family on Tuesday 29 December, Edison
and Kat are both doing well. For our new families, who may not know, Kat is a teacher at our
school who is currently on maternity leave.

It has been a busy time on the property front over the holiday break:

    A new air conditioning unit / heat pump in Room 7
    Painting of the whole exterior of the school has begun
    New security cameras (14 in total) have been installed
    General repairs and maintenance jobs completed.
    New shade system over the deck outside the staffroom.

This term the following will be happening:

    The painting of the exterior of the school will be completed
    During the April school holidays the interior of the school will be painted
    New sun shade over the Matariki sand pit (next couple of weeks)
    Two large sun shades over the Puanga Hub lunch eating area (next couple of weeks)
    New fencing around the school property (this will look similar to the new fencing at
    Eltham school). This will make our school completely safe and secure.

Thank you to Cameron Jones who has been juggling his teaching role as well as caretaking
over the past 18 months. He has done a sterling job of keeping our school well maintained
throughout this time. He will now be concentrating fully on his role as the Room 4 classroom
teacher. We are currently going through the appointment process of hiring a new caretaker for
our school.

We are currently working with the Ministry of Education to implement our Healthy School
Lunch scheme. We are anticipating that ALL children will be receiving free school lunches
from the start of Term Two this year.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday 16 February for a relaxed get together and
picnic 5 to 7pm. Please see the information further on in this newsletter.

Finally, you will nd that all of the gates at the front of the school by Waihi Road are now
locked. This is to ensure our children are all safe. Everyone will need to arrive at school and
leave school via the Hunter Street entrance please.

We look forward to working with you in partnership during 2021 to ensure your child/ren have
an enjoyable and rich learning experience whilst at Normanby School. Our aim is to ensure all
children can be the ‘best version of themselves”.

2021 is going to be GREAT!!

Ngā mihi nui
Janelle Jones
Week 1, Term 1, 2021 - Normanby School
Contents of this week’s newsletter
    Welcome to Normanby School
    Family Picnic - Tuesday 16 February
    Positive Behaviour For Learning (PB4L)
    School Wide Inquiry for Term One - Te Tiriti o Waitangi
    Hero App
    School Fun Water Sports Day
    Scholastic Book Club
    School Hats
    Tennis and Basketball Coaching
    New Sports Tops For Sale
    Swimming Lessons
    School Assembly
    School Uniforms
    Van Payments
    January & February Birthdays
    Weetbix Kids Tryathlon
    Term Dates 2021
    Coming up in Weeks 1 & 2
    Dates to put in your Diary
    Secondhand Uniform
    Community Notices

Welcome to Normanby School
This week we welcomed the following new students to Normanby School:

Year 1
Holly - Room 6
Olive - Room 6
Amalia - Room 6
Tala - Room 6
Mya - Room 6
Rosemary - Room 6
Tai - Room 7

Year 2
Dontay - Room 8

Year 3
Week 1, Term 1, 2021 - Normanby School
Te Rerenga - Room 1

Year 4
Elias - Room 1
Taya - Room 1

Also a very warm welcome to two new teachers:

    Geraldine Sumner - Room 8 teacher
    Samantha Dalley - Room 5 teacher

Throughout Term One you will be introduced to all Normanby School staff and volunteers.

  Mrs Sumner -                                                 Miss Dalley - Room
  Room 8 teacher                                               5 teacher
Week 1, Term 1, 2021 - Normanby School
Family picnic - Tuesday 16 February
Come and join us on Tuesday 16th February at 5:00pm-7:00pm for a fun family picnic at
school. We will provide some organised games for the children and an ice block at the end of
the evening. Bring your own food, drink, something to sit on and meet other school families
and the teachers in a more informal setting.

During the evening each Hub will hold a short 20 minute session to give you some information
about the coming year.

    Ngahere (Room 5 & 6) - 5:30pm (Supervision of children on playground)
    Matariki (Room 7 & 8) - 6:00pm (Supervision of children on playground)
    Puanga (Rooms 1 to 4) - 6:30pm (Supervision of children on playground)

Teachers from other Hubs will help supervise children whose parents are in meetings.
Week 1, Term 1, 2021 - Normanby School
Positive Behaviour For Learning (PB4L)
We will be launching our new STAR values with the children this week.

In 2021 we will be a Tier Two PB4L school where we will continue the development and
embedding processes of positive behaviour for learning. Our PB4L approach promotes an
inclusive, positive, culturally responsive climate that is conducive to learning for all.

Normanby STARS are Self-managing, Team players, Achievers and Respectful.

Self Manage means I ...make good choices and know when and how to act independently
I will…
     Have a ‘can-do’ attitude
Week 1, Term 1, 2021 - Normanby School
Set goals
      Have high standards
      Be resilient
      Solve problems
      Be ready for learning
      Be prepared and organised by having home learning, stationery and correct gear e.g.
      swimming togs.

Team means I... belong and include others
I will…
      Be a positive team member by encouraging, including and supporting others
      Show empathy and good sportsmanship
      Co-operate and work as a team
      Negotiate and compromise
      Communicate respectfully
      Consider others and accept diversity and difference
      Participate and contribute
      Relate well to others

Achieve means I... always strive to succeed
I will…
      work hard to achieve goals
      do the best I can
      take responsibility for ourselves
      challenge ourselves - set goals, make plans, re ect, evaluate and apply my skills and
      talk about my learning with others
      have a positive attitude
      keep trying to overcome challenges

Respect means I... respect myself, others and the environment by what I do, what I say and
how I think

Respect for self
I will...
      Have self belief/giving all things a go (Growth Mindset)
      Care for our bodies through food, exercise & hygiene
      Be prepared and organised by having home learning, stationery and correct gear e.g.
      swimming togs.
      Keeping ourselves safe

Respect for others
I will...
      Be polite & respectful when speaking to others
      Not be a bystander during social issues
      Ask to borrow or use other people's things
      Respect other people’s thoughts, opinions & differences
Week 1, Term 1, 2021 - Normanby School
React positively to others in social situations
      Communicate: When we do not understand something and when we need things explained
      Keep others safe

Respect for the Environment
I will...
      Always have a tidy work area (Desks, art area etc)
      Pick rubbish up and use the bins
      Manage belongings and resources
      Look after school equipment and property

Our Aims are:
  1. To create a school environment which is positive and supportive
  2. Have expectations that are consistently clear
  3. For students to be continuously taught expected behaviours
  4. To have expected behaviours that are consistently acknowledged
  5. To ensure that inappropriate behaviours are consistently responded to in a fair and
     equitable way
  6. To ensure there are positive role models throughout the school

We will achieve our PB4L aims by:
   Teaching the Normanby S.T.A.R values continuously through classroom programmes,
   Circle Times and Assemblies
   Implementing a school wide system which acknowledges and celebrates students who
   demonstrate our STAR values
   Data tracking
   Term-by-term celebrations

School Wide Inquiry for Term
Our school wide theme for Term One is Te Tiriti o Waitangi and
also learning about and presenting our pepeha. Children will
learn about (relevant to their age and stage):

      The History of the Treaty of Waitangi.
      The creation of the Māori text Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the
      signings in 1840.
      Differences in the te reo Māori and English translations
      and the issues that these differences create.
      The agreements, rights and responsibilities made in each
      Article by the two sovereign groups.
      What are agreements, their functions and reasons for honouring agreements?
      The later introduction of a non-literal English version with some different meanings.
      What were Māori and Pākehā pros and cons around a treaty with each other?
      The Injustices faced by Māori people and the con ict this created
Week 1, Term 1, 2021 - Normanby School
What happened as a result?
    How the treaty is a relevant and living document today.

On our school HERO app you can:

  1. View our community feed - this is where all notices and
    newsletters will be posted
  2. Click on your child's face to view their report, learning
    goals and progress
  3. View learning and progress posts written by teachers. Click
    the three lines top left and view the learning and progress
  4. Message us if your child is going to be absent
  5. Link to our school website and facebook page
  6. View our school policies. Note username and password for these are:

    username: normanby

    password: norm1876

Skool Loop and Seesaw will no longer be used so it is important that everyone has
downloaded HERO. If you are having problems with this please come and see Kay in the o ce
and she will arrange for someone to help you.

                                 Spragg Banner Trials
                                 Spragg Banner Swimming Squad
                                 We are currently organising a squad of students who will train
                                 to compete in our annual Spragg Banner swimming
                                 competition. These training sessions will take place at the
                                 Hawera Aquatic Centre. Trials for the squad happen this Friday
                                 12 February.
Week 1, Term 1, 2021 - Normanby School
If you think your child should have been considered for the
                                trials then please let Janelle Jones know ASAP
                                principal@normanby.school.nz. The Spragg Banner interschool
                                sports day takes place on Wednesday 10 March.

School Fun Water Sports Day -
This year the school Fun Water Sports Day will be held on
Friday 19 February at Hawera Aquatic Centre. The day will be
split into two sections.

    Punaga Hub - 9.30am to 12.30pm
    Matariki Hub - 12.30 to 2.30pm

The children will be travelling by bus. There will be a BBQ lunch provided by the PTA at the
A separate newsletter will be going home with further information. All families are welcome.
We will also be asking for some parent helpers on the day.

                                Scholastic Book Club
                                Issue 1 of the Scholastic Book Club is out now. If you didn't
                                receive one, we have spare catalogues available at the o ce.
                                   Orders for Scholastic Book Club Issue 1 close at 3pm on
                                                     Thursday 25 February.

We provide sunblock in every classroom. Teachers remind
children to put sunblock on before all outdoor activities. We are
always encouraging children to be self managing and
responsible for themselves. If you child has a special
sensitivity to sunblock, then we recommend that you send their
own named sunblock to school. We only use the recommended
sunblock from the Ministry of Health.
School Hats
All students are required to wear a bottle green bucket hat
during Term One and Term Four.

We are doing another order of the embroidered hats with your
child's name, for a total cost of $15. Please order and make
payment no later than Friday 19 February.

If you would like to order one, please make payment into the
school bank account quoting 'hat' and the name you would like

                             Normanby School Board of Trustees
                                    15 3950 0406446 03

There are three sizes available which can be viewed at the o ce. Orders close on Friday 19

We also have a limited supply of brand new school hats that we can sell at the school o ce if
you can't get to The Warehouse to make your purchase. These are $15 each.

                               Tennis and Basketball Coaching
                               In Term 4 last year we were unable to complete the tennis
                               coaching sessions with Ghislaine, due to wet weather.
                               Ghislaine is returning to complete the series of tennis lessons
                               for all students over the next couple of weeks.

                               Swoosh basketball coaching will be taking place every
                               Thursday for Puanga Hub for a series of 8 weeks. We are super
                               lucky that the children have these opportunities to be trained
                               by talented coaches.

New Sports Tops
We have our new Sports Tops available from the o ce if you would like to purchase one for
your child.

These can be worn on any sports related days at school such as Athletics. They are $40.

Please make payments to the following account. Please use your child's name and quote
"Sports Top" as a reference so we can easily identify your payment. Thank you.
Normanby School Board of Trustees
                                     15 3950 0406446 03

We have a very supportive and active Normanby School PTA. We are a fun group of people
who come together to support the school in a variety of ways. Our rst meeting for the year
will be our AGM on Wednesday 17 February at 7pm in the School Library. Please come along
to meet some of our parents and learn more about our school.

Swimming Lessons
Last year the COVID pandemic played havoc with our swimming
lessons. Fingers crossed that all children will get their PTA
sponsored six swimming lessons this year at the Hawera
Aquatic Centre. We are just nalising dates, but we can tell you
that Matariki Hub (Rooms 5, 6, 7 and 8) will all have their
lessons this term and Puanga Hub (Rooms 1 to 4) will have their lessons in Term 2.

Again, we are very grateful to the PTA who fund the cost of these lessons.

                                School Assembly
                                Our rst school assembly will take place this Friday 12
                                February at 9.15am. You are welcome to come into school
                                from 8.30am to spend time with your child prior to assembly.

School Uniforms
Please ensure that all items of uniforms are named clearly.

Our uniform is available from The Warehouse in Hawera and consists of:
    Bottle green polo shirt,
    Plain black shorts / trousers/ culottes (no branding / writing)
    Bottle green sweatshirt
    Bottle green school sunhat.

We also have some second hand uniforms for sale. Please see Kay in the school o ce for
further details.
Van Payments
We currently have a waiting list for the Hawera Van so please ensure you let Kay in the o ce
know asap if there are any changes to your circumstances. Full time users take precedence
for the van.

All van payments are made to: -

                                     Normanby School O ce
                                    TSB: 15 3950 0406446 03

January and February Birthdays
Happy birthday to the following children and staff who have had
their birthday in January or if it is coming up in February.

Gabriella, 1 January - 10 years
Isabella C, 5 January - 7 years
Tala, 9 January - 5 years
Vinzel , 12 January - 10 years
Tilly, 14 January - 7 years
Jayda, 18 January - 10 years
Taya, 18 January - 8 years
Cataleya, 24 January - 7 years
Dontay, 29 January - 6 years
Tai, 29 January - 6 years

Leo, 1 February - 10 years
Keoni, 2 February - 9 years
Kayliss, 3 February - 10 years
Alexa, 8 February - 10 years
Teila, 11 February - 7 years
Karley, 12 February - 10 years
Braedyn, 12 February - 8 years
Eli, 13 February - 6 years
Judy, 17 February - 6 years
Ahmarni, 17 February - 10 years
Isabella P, 24 February - 8 years
Jaylen, 26 February - 9 years
Weetbix Tryathlon
              The Weetbix Tryathlon is set to take place on Wednesday 31st
              March in New Plymouth. Click the link below to register.
              Please note parents need to organise travel and bikes for their
              own children for this event.


Coming Up in Week 1 and 2
What's happening in Week 1?

Wednesday 10 February
    Tennis Lessons - Whole School

Thursday 11 February
    Swoosh Basketball Coaching - Puanga Hub

Friday 12 February
    School Assembly at 9.15am
    Spragg Banner Trials 12.30pm
What's happening in Week 2?

Monday 15 February
    Hearing and Vision Testing

Tuesday 16 February
    Family Picnic 5 to 7pm

Wednesday 17 February
    Tennis Lessons - Whole School
    Spragg Banner Squad Practice 12.30pm
    PTA AGM 7pm

Thursday 18 February
    Swoosh Basketball Coaching - Puanga Hub

Friday 19 February
    School Fun Water Sports Day (Punaga Hub 9.30am and Matariki Hub 12.30pm)

Dates to Put in Your Diary
Tuesday 16 February

    Family Picnic 5 to 7pm

Friday 19 February

    School Fun Water Sports Day

Thursday 25 February

    BOT Meeting at 6.30pm

Friday 26 February

    AmeriCARna Day

Monday 8 March

    Taranaki Anniversary Holiday

Wednesday 10 March

    Spragg Banner Swimming Carnival

Wednesday 17 March
PTA Meeting at 7pm

Thursday 25 March

    Southern Shield Rugby Tournament
    BOT meeting at 6.30pm

Wednesday 31 March

    Weetbix Tryathlon in New Plymouth

Friday 2 April

    Good Friday Holiday

Monday 5 April

    Easter Monday Holiday

Tuesday 6 April

    Easter Tuesday Holiday

Wednesday 14 April

    PTA Meeting at 7pm

Thursday 15 April

    BOT Meeting at 6.30pm

Friday 16 April

    Last day of Term One


                                       O ce Manager
                                        Kay le Pine
                                        06 272 8023

Janelle Jones

           Deputy Principal / Matariki Hub Team Leader
                         Jude Sklenars

                    Puanga Hub Team leader
                           Tina Ryan

Secondhand Uniform

Community Notices
Normanby Okaiawa Knights League Club are holding their nal muster on the Friday12th Feb
5.30pm at the Normanby Domain. This club is well supported by our students from Normanby
U6-U14s all welcome to join. If you would like to register your child please contact Crystal by
texting 0273492841 with your child’s name, date of birth and contact number.
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