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                                 SHORT STORY
What's happening in Harare -  - Ndeipi Magazine
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What's happening in Harare -  - Ndeipi Magazine
                        ISSUE 113 - SEPTEMBER | OCTOBER 2019

     22                                              34                       36

     For a start                                     Art
     4          From the Editor                      39        Skulls and Flowers; Life and Death
     6          Mashonaland Photography                        in the Garden of Eden
     8          Ndeipi Short Story Competition       Health & Wellness
     10         Person of Interest:
                Chef Cola                            41        Are you living a soulful life?
                                                     43        Talk about Dementia
     Outdoors                                        45        Heartfulness Meditation
                                                     48        Redefining what it means to eat
     13         Tree of the Month:                             healthy
                Forest Big Leaf
     15         Your Garden:                         And In Other News
                Tasks in September and October
     17         St John’s College Astro Turf         52        Big Choir-Little Choir
                                                     55        In case you missed it
                                                     For Your Information
     18         What’s Happening this Month?
     23         Regular Activities                   58        Useful Contacts
     24         Astronomy Evening                    60        Important Numbers
     25         Kites for Peace

     Food & Drink                                    Follow us
     27         Selecting Wine
     30         Eating Out in Harare                       Ndeipi Magazine
     34         Delicious Homemade Burger
     35         Chunky Avocado Chicken
                Summer Salad

September | October 2019 - Issue 113             2
What's happening in Harare -  - Ndeipi Magazine
From the Editor
As you have come to expect Issue 113 of Ndeipi Magazine, is packed
with an extensive list of events and activities for the months of
September and October. Isn’t this a delightful season? The cold
weather is behind us and the days are warmer and longer. This
means we can fully enjoy being outdoors. Look out for the Ndeipi                                              Publisher
team at some of the events we are featuring in this issue and be                                             Mike Garden
sure to let us know what you have enjoyed reading and what you                                            mikeg@softrite.co.zw
would like to see more of. The idea has always been to encourage                                             0772 209162
you to become more active, spend time outdoors, learn something
new and enjoy our beautiful city and surrounding areas.                                                          Editor
                                                                                                       Penny Nyamande-Pangeti
If you’re anything like me, by this time of year, the resolutions that                                  ndeipimag@gmail.com
you made at the start of the year are long forgotten and you’re                                           Cell: 0772 354177
excited that the end of the year is on the horizon. We have a lot of
2019 to go and for that much needed boost, check out our Health
And Wellness section where Austin Jeans redefines what it means to
                                                                                                        Desk Top Publishing
                                                                                                           Melissa Katunga
eat healthy, Mutsa Samuel helps us understand Heartfulness                                             ndeipidesign@gmail.com
Meditation and Tete Rudo encourages you to live a Soulful Life.
Thank you to all of you who entered our first ever short story                                                Juliet Mashiri
competition. We had 63 entries. We would like to thank all of those                                        sales@ndeipi.co.zw
that contributed to the competition’s success. We are featuring one                                           0772 787014
of the winning stories in this issue but visit the Ndeipi website –
www.ndeipi.co.zw, click on Short Stories and enjoy reading the rest.                                        Michell Svesve
Our next competition title will be “Around the Camp Fire” and the                                         admin@ndeipi.co.zw
deadline is the 30th September, 2019. We cannot wait to read all                                             0779 397115
your wonderful submissions
Thank you for all the feedback on the previous issue. It has been                                    Paragon Printing & Packaging
wonderful getting to know the Ndeipi Community. Please find us                                       (Pvt) Ltd, 17035 Cedora Road,
on our social media platforms or visit our office at 37 Victoria Drive                                     Graniteside, Harare
Newlands.                                                                                                    024-2773021/7
                                                                                                      Email: mark@entpress.co.zw
Here’s to a wonderful September and October.
                                                                                                        Whilst every effort is made to
                                                                                                      check the content of articles, the
                                                                                                      directors will not be held respon-
            - AUGUST
                                    $12                                                                sible for any errors or omissions
                                                                                                     therein. We accept that all articles

                                                                   Contact us on:                      and photographs submitted are
                                                                   sales@ndeipi.co.zw to
                                                                                           Give           the sole responsibility of the
  What’s ha
                                                                   find out more about
  in Harare                                                                                             authors and we do not accept
           OF INTERE
                     ST:                                           subscriptions and buy             liability for any misrepresentation.
                                                                   a digital copy of the

                                                                                                     Events, dates and prices listed are
                                                                   magazine on our
                                                                   website, ndeipi.co.zw
                                                                                                     printed using information supplied
                                                                                                         to us that we are satisfied are
                                  YOUR GA

                                       August 2019
                                                     - Issue 112
                                                                                                        correct at the time of printing.
                                                                                                       This publication is the exclusive

                                                                                                          property of Ndeipi (Pvt) Ltd.

September | October 2019 - Issue 113                                                       4
What's happening in Harare -  - Ndeipi Magazine
MASHONALAND PHOTOGRAPHIC                                                                                   MASHONALAND PHOTOGRAPHIC
SOCIETY                                                                                                    SOCIETY

                                                                              MPS holds competitions
                                                                                   on the 3rd
                                                                                Tuesday of every
                                                                                  month except
                                                                              December. Beginners
                                                                              through to Advanced
                                                                                                                                                                               The next MPS meeting on
                                                                               photographers are
                                                                                                                                                                               Tuesday, 15th October has
                                                                                 most welcome.
                                                                                                                                                                               an optional Set Subject of
                                                                                                                                                                                ‘Smoke, Fire or Flames’
                                                                                 Members can enter
                                                                                a total of 3 images a
                                                                              month, split into Open
                                                                                Category and/or Set
                                                                                Subjects which range
                                                                              from Still Life to Action,
                                                                                  Portraits, Macro,
                                                                                    Abstract and

 Winner of Optional Set Subject ‘Rustic’ - Chris Sheppard with “Barn Fresh”

                                                                                                           Winner of Optional Set Subject ‘Unusual Perspectives’ - “It’s my Birthday” by
                                                                                                                                           Benny Leon

                                                               Come in and see what happens at our
                                                                 meetings: 5.30pm for 6pm in the
                                                               Lecture Theatre (opposite the Chapel)
                                                                      at St. George’s College.

                                                                For more information SMS 0783 138
                                                                     150 with the words ‘MPS’,
                                                                   include your name and email
                                                                 address and we’ll get back to you.

                                                               Our next meeting on Tuesday, 17th
                                                               September will have an Optional Set
                                                                 Subject of ‘Unusual Perspectives’

       Winner of ‘Open’ Category - Chris Collyer with “Parasol Trap”                                              Winner of ‘Open’ Category - “Rays of Mist” by Chris Sheppard

September | October 2019 - Issue 113              6                                                                                                           7                                  www.ndeipi.co.zw
What's happening in Harare -  - Ndeipi Magazine
A Stranger I Met on the Way                                                                         in our hearts they still gonna win.” I think for a moment and say “I never thought of it that way,
                                                                                                         hate has yet to solve any problems its created but kindness is a universal language anyone can
                                                                                                         speak if they choose to. It has the power to turn the ugliest heart to the most beautiful” She
                                       By Tjidzani Bganya                                                claps her hands very faintly “I knew you’s a smart gal, now I expect to see ya articles all over
                                                                                                         New York City and remember no woman ever made history by being well-behaved.” We laugh
  “Tickets out, passports ready!” yells a middle aged man from the rear of the train. Suddenly           in unison. “I’m glad I met you Miss Lyd... uh I mean Anika” she stretches her long arm once
  the quiet has vanished and the unzipping of handbags, the sounds of rummaging through                  more “same here sugar, I’d say we’re now friends rather than strangers.” We talk for a few more
  backpacks and the excitement of the children on board is growing from the sound of a distant           minutes then we both fall asleep and before I know it I wake up to hear the train coming to a
  mosquito to an army of bees. I hear the sound of footsteps grow louder and louder behind               screeching halt. “New York!” I say rather loudly “Anika we’re here!” She’s not waking up, I examine
  me until they come to a sudden halt. “Ticket and passport” the man has a thick accent which is         her closely only to see her body is lifeless, her head leans against the train window and her
  common for people from the South. “Journalist?” I can hear the undertones of humor and spite           eyes look too peaceful. “Anika!” I shake her vigorously “Anika!” Silence. She doesn’t move. “No”
  in his voice, “what do ya write about? 50 different ways to make fried chicken? Or bout how to         is all I can say barely above a whisper before a waterfall of tears stream down my face.
  be a better maid?” Typical. Racist. That statement was typically racist. “Actually,” I respond
  “I write about things that matter like civil rights, ending racism, ending slavery and
  non-segregated education, while you sir walk around every day checking pieces of paper that                                                                     Collina Mvududu (right) overall winner in the
  lose value after you make a lil rip on em.” Too far, I always go too far I could tell by the way he                                                           adults category receiving her dinner voucher for
  was turning bright red and the veins on the side of his forehead were becoming very visible but                                                                                 two (Alo Alo) with Rory Kilalea
  I don’t care because I’m no longer afraid.

  “Your kind needs to remember its place, this ain’t your country.” He throws my passport in my
  face and walks away without checking the rest of passengers, his body disappearing to the
  front of the train.

  “Whew! You sure got a mouth on you missy” the frail old woman sitting on the other side
  of the train says to me with a very big grin on her face. “Come here child, talk to dis friendly
  stranger,” I am hesitant and remain seated and she continues “I promise I won’t bite the way
  you just did to dat man” she laughs a big hearty laugh and suddenly I find myself moving
  seats. I stare at the lady across from me, her black hair with infinite grey streaks is done in neat                                                           Mason Gumbo (right), the overall winner in the
  cornrows that meet in the center of her head and tied into a neat bun. The endless lines one                                                                kids section receiving his book voucher (Folio) from
  her forehead and bags under her eyes would to anyone looking at her appear as though she                                                                                                          Mike Garden
  is exhausted but her actual eyes looked bright as though they were full of hope and joy. “I’m
  Lydia, what’s ya name sugar?” She says and extends her long arm, her bones are visible on
  both of her hands and there are burn marks around her entire right arm, “I’m Perpetua, it’s nice
  to meet you Miss Lydia.” She laughs again, that big hearty laugh and I cannot help but smile
  because her laugh makes me feel warm inside. “Perpetua, nice name for a nice girl, where are
  you headed sugar?” she asks over curiously, “New York, I’m a journalist and there’s demonstrations
  happening, a movement, change and I want to be a part of it.” Her smile vanishes and she is
  suddenly very serious. “Change. I love dat word, it gives me so much hope, maybe more than
  I should have, ain’t it crazy” of course not I think to myself, I am about to speak but she beats
  me to it. “You said you’re a journalist, which means you’re a teller of stories?” She pauses before
  she says “well I’ve got a story for you.”
                                                                                                                                                                         Libby Garnett won award for the most
  Lydia Johnson whose actual name is Anika Tinakitu was born into slavery. Her entire life she                                                                       contributions. 2 tickets for Macbeth at Reps
  has served those who are ungrateful and has been treated poorly by her ‘employers’ or rather                                                                                                            Theatre
  her tormentors. The burn marks on her arm are a result of what happens if you serve any meal
  a minute late, or if you drop kitchen utensils on the floor, or if you sing a song in earshot of
  ‘madam’ and ‘sir’ and Miss Lydia’s favorite, if you serve tea before the bell is rung for you to
  do so. “I’ve been to hell and back but that’s ‘bout to change” she tells me and I can’t help but
  ask “what change are you hoping for?” Her smile is back “dats easy, kindness.” Of all the things I
  was expecting her to say, that was the last thing I would have thought of. “Kindness?” I repeat to
  which she replies “the fight we wanna fight won’t be won if we carry hate in our hearts because
  it ain’t matter how many marches we do or posters we make or rallies we attend, if we got hate

September | October 2019 - Issue 113               8                                                                                                      9                                      www.ndeipi.co.zw
What's happening in Harare -  - Ndeipi Magazine
Person of Interest
                               The Vegan Chef: Chef Cola
Could you live on a purely plant-based diet?         aims through her work with African Vegan on a
What do you think you would miss the most?           Budget is to spread awareness of vegan culture
Chef Cola shares a few of the benefits of going       across Africa.
meat free and how she has carved out her
space as a pioneer in giving people the tools        Chef Cola’s cooking is African inspired with
and knowledge to actively integrate plant-based      elements of Western cuisine. Her worldview and
eating into their lifestyles.                        work ethic is influenced by her childhood in New
                                                     York City, where her diplomat mother worked
Nicola Kagoro, a.k.a. Chef Cola, is a pioneering     at the time. Her time in Cape Town has been
female Zimbabwean vegan chef at the helm of          pivotal too. While working at PLANT, one of the
                                                                                                                                              Vegan waffle         Dinner with Chef Cola Cape Town celebrity guests
African Vegan on a Budget. Founded in 2016,          founding vegan restaurants of South Africa, she
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Bonnie Mbuli
African Vegan on a Budget was developed to           was introduced to veganism and began to train
showcase Chef Cola’s cuisine and culinary            in plant-based cooking.                             globally during Chef Cola’s travels. Dinner with
                                                                                                                                                                  and helps you maintain a healthy desired
development as well as to actively promote the                                                           Cola presents the beauty of plant-based African
reality that people can thrive on a healthy vegan    Chef Cola’s work is truly dynamic and               culture and cuisine. The mission of the dinner
                                                                                                                                                                  - Vegan diets may reduce the risk of
and plant-based diet on a budget.                    pioneering, spanning several exciting projects.     event is to introduce people to vegan food and
                                                                                                                                                                  developing type 2 diabetes. They are also
                                                     She works with private clients, from corporate to   lifestyle and to further inspire those already
                                                                                                                                                                  particularly effective at reducing blood sugar
Nicola was born in Harare Zimbabwe in 1989           individuals, who want to learn more about           familiar with veganism with her own brand
                                                                                                                                                                  levels and may help prevent further medical
and was raised in New York City. She studied         vegan cooking. She develops community               of plant-based cooking. The dinner series is
                                                                                                                                                                  issues from developing.
hospitality management for 3 years at the            gardens in rural Zimbabwe and has launched a        motivated by environmental concern, raising the
                                                                                                                                                                  - Certain aspects of the vegan diet may
International Hotel School and her path took         line of customized African Inspired Chef Jackets    themes of sustainability and consumption while
                                                                                                                                                                  offer protection against prostate, breast and
her to veganism. She has found herself on the        made in Zimbabwe. A portion of the proceeds         creating an event for people to relax, network
                                                                                                                                                                  colon cancers.
culinary frontlines; presenting vegan food and       from their sale is donated to underprivileged,      and learn. Through the dinners, Chef Cola also
                                                                                                                                                                  - Vegan diets may benefit heart health by
the vegan lifestyle in Africa. Chef Cola advocates   young Zimbabwean women to help improve              works toward her core mission of helping people
                                                                                                                                                                  significantly reducing the risk factors that
for the benefits of veganism both nutritional        their sewing skills.                                understand that they can enjoy delicious vegan
                                                                                                                                                                  contribute to heart disease.
and environmental. One of Chef Cola’s primary                                                            cooking on a budget. In addition to all this she
                                                                                                                                                                  - Vegan diets based on probiotic-rich whole
                                                 Chef Cola also works with the International             is also the founder and creative Director of
                                                                                                                                                                  foods can significantly decrease symptoms
                          Chef Colas home garden Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF) and                     Rainbow Friendly Festival Africa a yearly festival
                                                                                                                                                                  of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
                                                 AKASHINGA “Back to Black Roots”- a pioneering           in Cape Town.
                                                 vegan conservation program front consisting                                                                              Images provided by Chef Cola
                                                                                                             Top 10 benefits of a plant based diet.
                                                 entirely of female rangers. AKASHINGA is a
                                                 scalable, community-driven conservation model                                                                     Fried Sadza nuggets stuffed with greens served
                                                                                                           - It has a positive effect on the environment                                       with tomato purée
                                                 empowering disadvantaged women to restore
                                                                                                           and cuts on greenhouse gas emissions.
                                                 and manage a network of wilderness areas as
                                                                                                           - Cutting meat and dairy products from
                                                 an alternative to trophy hunting. The program
                                                                                                           your diet could reduce an individual’s
                                                 is vegan and is a vehicle for building strong,
                                                                                                           carbon footprint from food by up to 73
                                                 respected ambassadors to drive a plant-based
                                                 movement from the community level of rural
                                                                                                           - More people could be fed using less land
                                                 Africa. Chef Cola serves as head chef and
                                                                                                           if individuals cut down on eating meat.
                                                 Kitchen Project Manager, preparing entirely
                                                                                                           - The production of plant-based foods is
                                                 vegan meals and ration packs for the female
                                                                                                           a more efficient use of our resources, as it
                                                 anti-poaching ranger force. These are the only
                                                                                                           requires less energy from fossil fuels as well
                                                 armed female vegan rangers in the world.
                                                                                                           as less land and water.
                                                                                                           - Eating animals is the largest contribution
                                                     Another endeavour she is proud of is Dinner
                                                                                                           to habitat loss and extinction. Veganism
                                                     with Chef Cola. It is a mobile dining concept
                                                                                                           helps protect habitats and species.
                                                     currently based in Harare and Cape Town and
                                                                                                           - Veganism can help you lose excess weight
                                                     slated to expand to other African cities and
September | October 2019 - Issue 113                10                                                                                                      11                                    www.ndeipi.co.zw
What's happening in Harare -  - Ndeipi Magazine
OUTDOORS                               Tree of the Month
                                                                                                       Forest Big-leaf
                                                                                                           By JP Felu
                                                                                                                                     occurs at the top so that
                                                                                                                                     the trunk is always clean
                                                                                                                                     and tall. The very large
                                                                                                                                     leaves are clustered at
                                                                                                                                     the end of the branches
                                                                                                                                     and at first glance they
                                                                                                                                     are reminiscent of
                                                                                                                                     Strelitziaceae. The flowers
                                                                                                                                     are creamy-white and
                                                                                                                                     quite striking. They
                                                                                                                                     grow in large terminal
                                                                                                                                     clusters that have a
                                                                                                                                     sweet jasmine scent.
                                                                                                                                     The fruit is a 30 mm
                                                                                                                                     long fleshy egg-shaped
                                                                                                                                     green berry, soft and
                                                                                                       yellow when mature. It contains many small dark
                                                                                                       seeds. The wood is whitish-yellow, light, soft and
                                                                                                       easy to work. It does take a nice polish but is very
                                                                                                       brittle and prone to termite attacks. It can only be
                                                                                                       used for short lived items such as firewood, crates
                                                                                                       or boxes. It is a beautiful tree to plant in a typical
                                            Family: Gentianacea, comprising 87 genera                  suburban garden so long as it does not get too
                                            totalling 1,600 species worldwide.                         cold, too windy and gets sufficient water.

                                            Names: Anthocleista grandiflora                            Uses
                                            Zezuru: Mugopogopo                                         Gelfand et al. (1985) mention that inhaling the
                                            Ndau: Gururu, Muyama                                       smoke from the bark is believed to drive away bad
                                                                                                       spirits. It is also reputed to treat epilepsy. In other
                                            This tree is mostly found in Nyanga and Vumba in           countries a tea made from leaves is used to treat
                                            Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands and is represented            malaria and the bark is chewed to treat diarrhoea,
                                            mostly by two flowering plants found in damp               diabetes and high blood pressure.
                                            ground and one tree. Within southern Africa there          You may know the antiseptic dye Gentian Violet.
                                            is only one other tree of that family: Anthocleista        That name was originally used for a mixture of
                                            librechtsiana, growing in the Zambezi valley               methyl pararosaniline dyes but is now often
                                            around Katima Mulilo in Namibia.                           considered a synonym for crystal violet. The name
                                                                                                       only refers to its colour, being like that of the petals
                                            The family Gentianaceae takes its name from                of a gentian flower, the dye is not made from
                                            the genus Gentiana, named after the Illyrian king          gentians or from violets. On the other hand the
                                            Gentius. Illyria was a region in classical antiquity in    roots of an herbaceous Gentianaceae, the European
                                            what is today the Western Balkans. Anthocleista            Yellow Gentian Gentiana lutea, have been used for
                                            is derived from the Greek anthos, meaning flower           thousands of years as an appetite stimulant, as the
                                            and cleistos meaning closed or shut.                       major ingredient in Angostura Bitters, as a
                                                                                                       medicine for digestion problems, and it is also
                                            The bark is brown to dark brown, smooth with               used to bring down fever.
                                            prominent scars of the fallen leaves.The branching                      Images provided by JP Felu

September | October 2019 - Issue 113   12                                                             13                                     www.ndeipi.co.zw
What's happening in Harare -  - Ndeipi Magazine
Your Garden
                            Tasks in September and October
                                            by Morag Flight
This is a busy season in your garden as                     varieties should be about 1 m apart and dwarf
temperatures continue to rise. All danger from              ones about 40 cm apart. I have always found
frost should be over now and you can plant out              that all my dahlias except the dwarf ones need
the less hardy varieties of fruit trees like mulberries,    staking and to avoid damaging the roots install
litchis and mangoes. Water the young trees well             the stakes when you plant. Three stakes per plant
and mulch them to protect from drying winds.                is a good number and the stakes need to be
                                                            between 120 to 150cm tall. Water them well
You can start sowing a wide variety of summer               to help them settle in well and then only give
flowers and vegetables now and if you do small              enough water to keep the soil moist as
plantings every week you can have a supply of               overwatering leads to tuber rot.
seedlings throughout the season. Rose trees will
grow vigorously and will benefit from an                    Watch out for attacks from slugs and snails and
application of fertiliser or well rotted manure.            cutworms. When the plants are 30cm high
With the increase in temperature will come an               fertilise or liquid manure will encourage healthy
increase in insects so check regularly for green            growth and prolific flowering. September is also
fly. A simple control is to spray with soapy water          a good month to start a new lawn which we
at regular intervals.                                       discuss in more detail next month.
                                                                    Images provided by Morag Flight
Dahlias can be planted towards the end of
September or early October and you must
prepare the bed well by digging it over to about
22cm and add a good quantity of fertiliser or
compost. Divide the clumps of tubers before
planting. Hose down the clumps and cut away
any damaged or broken tubers. Cut out the
single tubers with a sharp knife making sure that
each one has a growing shoot or “eye”. You also
need a collar which is the part of the tuber
attached to the main stem. If your tubers are
very shrivelled then keep them damp for a few
days before planting into the bed. Plant the tu-
bers flat on their sides at a depth of about 7.5cm
with the “eye” pointing upwards.Tall

                                                           15                                 www.ndeipi.co.zw
What's happening in Harare -  - Ndeipi Magazine
St Johns’ AstroTurf
                    New world class sports facility in Harare
                                         By Chris Fourie
It has been a
longstanding desire
of the The St John’s
Educational Trust and
the Hockey Committee
to have a world class
hockey facility not just
for the school but for
the greater hockey
community in
Zimbabwe. With
hockey traditionally
played on grass;
our students often
found themselves at
a disadvantage when
touring and playing
against teams who
train and play on turf.
There aren’t enough
field hockey facilities of
a high standard in the
country and the school, the hockey committee
and old boys came together with their time,
skills, energy and finances to bring the 6000
square metre project to reality.

The Astro Turf whose construction took just
under a year from start to finish will be
accredited by the International Hockey
Federation (FIH) after various tests which will
make our turf one of only two facilities in the
country to have this accreditation, the other
being at Khumalo Hockey Stadium in Bulawayo.
Having this accreditation will allow us to host       wider range of technical competencies on a flat,
international hockey fixtures of the highest          quick surface as well as add more of a tactical
calibre. Who knows, maybe hosting an African          proficiency to their game. The turf uses much
Olympic Qualifier Tournament (Africa Cup) could       less water than watering a grass field and so aids
be on the cards for the future!                       in conservation of water when water is scarce.

At St John’s College, we are passionate about         If you’re interested in using the facility please
all sports and so do our best to provide world        email:
class facilities, not only to our students, but to    turf@stjohns.co.zw
the sporting community at large. The facility is
great for spectators and also from a technical
                                                               Images provided by Chris Fourie
point of view. Players are able to develop a

                                                     17                                  www.ndeipi.co.zw
EVENTS                                 What’s Happening in                                                            hos�ng the Zimbabwe Cares
                                                                                                                        Network, a network of charitable
                                                                                                                                                               enjoy a beau�ful day out. Numbers    Sat 12th – Sun 20th October
                                                                                                                                                                                               National Institute of Allied Arts.
                                                                                                                                                               restricted to 100 per day. Booking

                                               Harare?                                                                  organisations within the community,
                                                                                                                        selling food, drinks and kites,
                                                                                                                        fundraising and raising awareness
                                                                                                                                                               essen�al. Call Robyn 0778025742
                                                                                                                                                               or Robyn@o�hetrack.co.zw
                                                                                                                                                                                               Exhibition Visual Arts/Literary
                                                                                                                                                                                               Festivals, Best artwork and literary
                                                                                                                                                                                               entries submi�ed by students from
Fri 13th - Sat 28th September by laser beams. If we are unfortunate garden shows in Africa, with over                                                          Sunday 6th October              pre-school to Form 6 at Jubilee
Reps Theatre, Macbeth, “A brave          and we are clouded out, then a          100 exhibitors and over 20 show        for their various causes. Other        Zimbabwe Orchid Society, mee�ng
Sco�sh general named Macbeth                                                                                            ac�vi�es available, skateboarding,                                     Hall, Hartmann House. 12pm Sat
                                         presenta�on on: “Movements of           gardens. Last year 6,500 people                                               usually first Sun of the month
receives a prophecy from a trio                                                                                         inflatables, yoga and medita�on,                                        12th to 4pm & daily from Sun 13th
                                         Heavenly Bodies” will take place,       came through the gates, with                                                  at Mukuvisi Woodlands form
of witches that one day he will                                                                                         canoeing and fishing, quad bikes,                                       – Sun 20th 9am – 4pm. Free entry.
                                         contact Tony Alegria on 0772 438697     visitors from afar afield as Zambia,                                           09:30am for 10:00am. Contact
become King of Scotland.”                                                                                               archery and more. Various ar�sts, a                                    Enquiries : 024 2702989 Cell:
                                         or tonyalegria47@gmail.com for          Botswana and South Africa                                                     George�e 0772 886707,
024 2 335850 / 024 2 336706                                                                                             great marimba band and                                                 0778 457773 niaa@yoafrica.com
                                         more informa�on.                        travelling especially to see the                                              je�ygon@pmearth.net
                                                                                                                        unplugged guitarists and singers.
Thursday 19th Septmember                                                         show.                                                                                                              Sunday 13th October
                                         Saturday 21st September                                                        Bring a camping chair, your family     Sunday 6th October                   Harare Garden Club, mee�ng
Combined Senior Schools Concert          EatOut Music Feast & CEO EatOut         Fri 27 - Mon 30th September                                                   WEZ Monthly Eco Fair, first Sun
                                                                                                                        and friends and a smile to share.                                           second Sun of month at 2pm,visits
2019, Hosted by St John’s College,       Event 2019, 06:00 am to 11:00 pm        Shoko Festival (Good Vibes Only)                                              of the month at the WEZ Go Wild
this popular pla�orm for young                                                                                                                                                                      and talks. Venues change, confirm
                                         Hellenic Cultural Centre, 154 Chapman   Venues tba.Shoko Fes�val is one                                               Shop, Mukuvisi Woodlands from
musical talent will involve a number                                             of Zimbabwe’s most popular and
                                                                                                                        October                                                                     with Tawny 0242 498698 or
                                         Road, Harare Eastlea, Mashonaland                                                                                     8am-2pm.Contact: 0242 747859,
of leading schools. 6pm, St John’s                                                                                                                                                                  Chairlady 0772 630115.
                                         East, Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe.       longest running urban culture event.   Tuesday 1st October                    0772 36429, mashshop@utande.co.zw.
College. Tickets on sale in third        FOOD, MUSIC, DANCE, FUN all for         Over the years, the fes�val has         Fun quiz night, Quiz evening at The
                                                                                                                                                               Tuesday 8th October                  Tuesday 15th October
term from all schools taking part.       the purpose of lending a helping        provided a pla�orm for musicians,      Mustard Seed, 27 Ridgeway South,                                            Tatagura Garden Club, meet third
                                                                                                                        Highlands. Arrivals from 6.15 for      Highlands Garden Group, meet
                                         hand to the homeless members in         comedians and spoken word ar�sts                                                                                   Tues of the month at 2.30pm.
Friday 20th September                                                            to perform. The fes�val also hosts     a prompt 6.45pm start. No entry        second Tues of the month at the
Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit        our society!!                                                                                                                                              Contact Morag 0772238807,
                                                                                                                        fee. Food and drinks available from    Lamenier Club, 4 Ridgeway North
2019 fund-raising golf day in                                                    free conferences, workshops and                                                                                    morag@zol.co.zw
                                         Saturday 21st September                                                        the restaurant (byo alcohol). Bring    9:30am. Contact Gail 0242 497730.
Harare. Organised by Africa Albida                                               panels. Shoko Fes�val is a produc�on
                                         Hello Summer Craft Fair, 9am to                                                                                                                            Tuesday 15th October
Tourism Group and aimed at                                                       of Magamba Network.                    a team or come along and join up       Wednesday 9th October
                                         4pm Vainona High School, Alpes
                                                                                                                        with a team. The accent is on fun,     Avondale Floral Group, mee�ng        Mashonaland Photographic Society,
raising funds for this much needed       Rd, Vainona Bdale, Hre. Jewellery,      Saturday 28th September                                                                                            meets on third Tues every month
                                                                                                                        and all ages welcome. Booking          every second Wed of the month at
unit. Borrowdale Brooke Golf             handcra�ed goods from local             Soroptimist Harare Club, Business                                                                                  at 5.30pm, SMS 0783 138150 with
                                                                                                                        essen�al: call or Whatsapp             2:00pm for 2:30 at Old Georgians
Course. Diarise now. More                ar�sts, clothing, one of a kind gi�     mee�ngs on the fourth Sat of the                                                                                   the word ‘MPS’, your name, email
                                                                                                                        0785 300144. Quiz host Julie           Sports Club. Contact Suraiyya
informa�on from Nomusa Chiwota,          sets, unique decor & furnishings,       month; venues to be advised.                                                                                       address and they will reply.
                                                                                                                        Barnes. This edi�on of the quiz will   avondalefloralgroup@gmail.com.
call (024) 2885700 or email              bedding, wood, metal work,              Contact Shirley 0242 333026,
golf@africaalbida.co.zw                                                                                                 be hosted in Pamugo� restaurant                                             Tuesday 15th October
                                         cosme�cs, ethnic fabrics, baby and      0777781524.
                                                                                                                        adjacent to The Mustard Seed.          Sat 12th - Sun 13th October
                                                                                                                                                               PHOENIX CHOIR, presents “Memories    Association of Complementary
                                         childrens’ wear and many more.
Friday 20th September                                                            Saturday 28th September                                                       of Yesteryear”. Sat. St Georges at   Health Practitioners Talk, (ACHP)
Astronomy Evening at Mukuvisi                                                    Zimbabwe Bodybuilding and              Friday 4th October
                                         Sat 21 - Sun 22nd September                                                    Jacaranda Music Festival 2019,         3pm Tickets ZW$80, pensioners        third Tues of month, Highlands Sports
Woodlands, We plan to hold the           The Annual Garden Show (TAGS)           Fitness Championships, 6am to                                                                                      Club 7pm. Talks on holis�c/alterna�ve
                                                                                                                        5pm to Sat Oct 05 2019 at 12:00        ZW$60. Sun. Chapman G.C 11:30
presenta�on near to the viewing          2019, will be the 6th year of our       9pm 7 Arts Theatre, Avondale,                                                                                      therapies, Jane achpzim@gmail.com.
                                                                                                                        am Hellenic Cultural Centre, 154       for 12 with lunch. Price TBC
pla�orm at Mukuvisi Woodlands,           own, fantas�c na�onal showcase          263 Harare, Zimbabwe, Harare,
                                                                                                                        Chapman Road, Harare Eastlea,
hamburgers, hotdogs and cool             for the garden and hor�cultural         Zimbabwe.
                                                                                                                        Mashonaland East, The annual
drinks for sale. Bring folding chairs,   industries. It is open to the public
                                                                                 Sunday 29th September                  Jacaranda Music Fes�val is on, now
�pple, a torch and your binoculars!      over two days, at Parklands
                                                                                 Kites For Peace 2019, 10am to          with two days of great vibes and
Mukuvisi entry fee will apply.           Business Venue on Greenhithe Av,
                                                                                 4:30pm Harare Botanical Gardens,       the best in music.
Come at 5:00 pm and watch the            in Borrowdale. The show provides
                                                                                 In celebra�on of the Interna�onal
animals being fed at the Viewing         a pla�orm for landscapers, nurseries                                           Fri 4th - Sat 5th October
                                                                                 Day of Peace we invite you to fly
Pla�orm. Talk will be delivered by       and interior product suppliers to                                              “Save the Date”- Rose
                                                                                 kites with us. Enjoy our beau�ful
Peter Morris en�tled “Viewing            showcase their products and                                                    Remembrance Day, In the Picabella
                                                                                 environment and to meet fellow
the sky” at 6:30pm. Therea�er we         services. It is an event that                                                  Rose Nursery Rose Garden. 10am
                                                                                 Zimbabweans looking to enjoy a
will be viewing Saturn & Jupiter by      provides upli�ment, inspira�on                                                 - 2pm in Aid of Charity. High Tea,
                                                                                 stress free day out, flying kites,
telescope or looking at objects of       and joy to the public and exhibitors                                           Canapés, Music, Bubbles and Roses
                                                                                 picnicking and enjoying �me with
interest which will be pointed out       alike. TAGS is one of the biggest                                              in full Bloom. Book a table and
                                                                                 their loved ones. We will be
  September | October 2019 - Issue 113                    18                                                                                                                   19                                      www.ndeipi.co.zw
Saturday 19th October                   October 2019                              EVENING MEETINGS AT                   Four by Four Club Zimbabwe Events
Mashonaland Philatelic Society,         Saturday 5th October Marlborough          AVONDALE SPORTS CLUB: –
mee�ng third Sat of month, in the       Vlei walk 7am. Drive to bo�om of          6.00 p.m.                             September 2019
orchid Society Building, Mukuvisi       Princess Margaret Rd off Harare            A guard is in a�endance to look       Fri 27th & Sat 28th September
Woodlands 9am. Stamp displays,          Drive, at bo�om follow road round         a�er your vehicle. Cost is $4.00      Marondera Bush Pig
auc�ons, talks, swapping, etc. Mike     to le� and look for parked cars in        RTGS per person.
Fox 0242 495408, tallyho@mango.zw.      small road on right.                      Thursday 19th September,              October 2019
                                                                                                                        Sat 26th - Sun 27th October
                                        Sunday 6th October, Mukuvisi              “Environment, Conserva�on and Ian
Sunday 20th October                     Woodlands 6.30 am. Turn le� off            WatersPreserva�on Awareness
                                                                                                                        Drive up the Dyke
Model Trains, Glenara Ave
Opera�on Day usually third Sun of       Chiremba Rd onto Ford Rd opp              Thursday 16th October The Cape
                                        Queensdale Spar, cross over               Eagle owl Geoff Lowe For further       Motorcross Zimbabwe Events
month, opposite Runniville shops. A
wonderful experience for children,      Longford Avenue and bear le� to           informa�on contact Innes Louw:-       September 2019
from 2.30pm onwards! Petrus             reach T junc�on at bo�om, turn            innes.louw@ames.co.zw or              Venue: Donnybrook Motor Race Track. Gate
0772 388449 or Andre 0772 687380.       right onto Blatherwick Rd. Gate           hararebirdwalks@gmail.com             Charges: Adult-$ZWL 10, Under 12 - Free.
                                        is on le� a�er 200m. Bring snack,         PHONE: 0776 190 795                   Saturday 21st September, Oval Track Racing
Sunday 20th October                     drink and payment for car guard.                                                Sunday 22nd September, Kar�ng,
Vintage Classic Car Club of Zimbabwe,   Saturday 12 th October, Haka              Tree Society of Zimbabwe              Sunday 29th September, Motorcross
‘Out & About’ third Sun of the          Park 7am. From the traffic circle           Events
month outside Pomona Food Court         at the Mutare Road/Harare Drive                                                 October 2019
between 10am & 12pm. Contact            intersec�on con�nue 500m and              September 2019                        Sunday 6th October, Motorcross,
Bob bmrclubs@gmail.com                  turn le�, follow the road (770m)          Sunday 15th September,                Saturday 12th October, Oval Track,
                                        to the Haka sign and boom on the          Lake Chivero Bird Sanctuary. Meet     Sunday 13th October, Kar�ng & Drag Racing,
Saturday 30th November                  le�. If entering through the boom         8.45 Prince Edward School Car park.   Sunday 20th October, Main Circuit Racing,
Dandaro Christmas Fair, Dandaro                                                   Saturday 28th September, Alex         Saturday 26th October, Oval Track
Community Centre. Teas available,       on Harare Drive (- 17.828473,
                                        31.140253; 1.9 km north of the circle)    Park Avenue Walk with Mark Hyde.
proceeds to charity. To book a                                                    Meet 29 Harry Pichanick Avenue.
stand phone the office 2870436.           make your way to the mee�ng point.
                                        Sunday 13th October, No Ou�ng
Cost for a stand US $20. Home                                                     October 2019
Bake, Christmas Bakes, Decora�ons,      Sunday 20th October, Monavale             Saturday 5th October, 8.30 am
Gi�s, Jams and Preserves.               Vlei 6.30am. From Quendon Rd              meet car park of Botanical
                                        turn le� into Lyndhurst Rd, a�er          Gardens.
                                        right hand bend take first le� then        Sunday 20th October, 9.30am
Birdlife Zimbabwe Events
                                        second right to B S Leon roundabout.      meet car park of Botanical
September 2019                          Take second exit onto Fenella Drive       Gardens.
Saturday 14th September,                and con�nue to end of tar.                Saturday 26th October, Haka Game
Umwinsidale (Ali McDonald) 7am.         Sunday 27th October, Bindura (T.B.A.)     park 2.30.
Meet at Cabs, Northridge Close          6.30 am. Meet at Cabs, Northridge Close
Sunday 15th September, Monavale
Vlei walk 6.30 a.m.From Quendon
Rd turn le� into Lyndhurst Rd, a�er
right hand bend take first le� then
second right to B S Leon roundabout.
Take second exit onto Fenella Drive
and con�nue to end of tar.
Sunday 22nd September Lanark
Farm (Irvines) 6.30 a.m.Meet at
Prince Edward School. N.B. Most
Urban walks are approx 2 and a
half hours and are completed by
September | October 2019 - Issue 113                    20                                                                                                           21   www.ndeipi.co.zw
The Annual Garden Show                                                                                                     Regular Activities
                                                                                                                                                                       Club. Strictly Bookings on 04-884126/ 0773260677
                                       By Lindsay Charters                                                  Animal Welfare                                             /0737583243/ 0772436366. FB & Instagram: Eves
                                                                                                                                                                       Fitness Studios and Twitter: EvesFitnessStudiosZW
                                                       TAGS 2019 is going to be packed with lots of fun     FRIEND ANIMAL FOUNDATION, Please donate
                                                       activities and lots to see for the whole family.     and help keep the kennels open. 7 Kirkman Rd,              PILATES, Mandy de Chassart, Professional Private
                                                                                                            Tynwald 077 342 9152, 0242 000607, 0242 930 442,           and Group sessions. 9 Crinnis Rd, Ballantyne Park.
                                                       Things to see:                                       friendanimalfoundationzim@gmail.com,                       Personalised care and instruction. Improve your
                                                       - The TAGS Design competition is always hotly        friendfoundation.wixsite.com/fafzim                        posture, flexibility and mobility, plus tone and
                                                       contested. Make sure you visit the                                                                              strengthen your entire body whilst energising your
                                                       award-winning show gardens that never cease          HARARE SPCA,                                               mind. Mandy de Chassart, 0778 957643.
                                                       to impress.                                          Get involved and help keep us alive. Visit our website:
                                                       - Massive plant sale with lots of special,           http://www.spca.org.zw/pages/getinvolved.html              ZUMBA, Classes at Elina Academy (next to Haddon
                                                       collectible specimens available.                     to find out how you can play your part. Drop by            Motors) at Eastlea Shops. Mon, Tue, Thur at 5.30pm.
                                                       - Lots of interior-exterior home décor products      Harare SPCA on 2 Airport Road, Cnr Cranborne               Zororo Nhira 0773047087, znhira5@gmail.com
                                                       and furniture to compliment your garden.             Avenue, Hatfield. Telephone: 0712 211900,
The Annual Garden Show (TAGS) 2019 will be the                                                              0242 576356/7, 0242 581347
6th year of our own, fantastic national showcase       Things to do:
for the garden and horticultural industries. It is                                                                                                                     Support Groups
                                                       - The Sawpower Stage will be hosting a line-up
open to the public over two days, on the 21st-         of exciting talks and demonstrations on              Clubs                                                      ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, Anne 0712 212424.
22nd September at Parklands Business Venue             water-wise sustainable gardening, including                                                                     7 Iverness Rd, Eastlea. Mon, Wed 5:30pm, Sat
on Greenhithe Lane, in Borrowdale. The show            tricks for keeping your garden looking great         KIMURA SHUKOKAI INTERNATIONAL KARATE,
                                                                                                                                                                       10:30am, Sun 4:00pm. Mary Magdalene Church, opp
provides a platform for landscapers, nurseries         without electricity and watering.                    Wolverines Cubs (ages 3-8 years) at Vanilla Moon,
                                                                                                                                                                       Avondale Police Station, King George Rd, Tue, Thur,
and interior product suppliers to showcase their       - The Samrec Potting Workshop will be giving         8 Seagrave road, Mt Pleasant. Every Monday and
                                                                                                                                                                       Fri, Sat 5:30pm. Scout Hall, Queen Elizabeth Rd, Tue
products and services. It is an event that provides    demonstrations on how to correctly pot up your       Wednesday afternoons, 3-5pm. Wolverines dojo
                                                                                                                                                                       5:30pm. Holy Trinity Church, Renfrew Rd, Eastlea,
upliftment, inspiration and joy to the public and      plants and lots of tips and tricks for maintaining   (ages 8 and above including adults) at Studio 14, 14
                                                                                                                                                                       Thur 5:30pm. Salvation Army, Braeside, Fri 9:00am.
exhibitors alike. TAGS is one of the biggest           different types of pot plants.                       Epping road, Mt Pleasant. Every Tuesday and Thursday
                                                                                                                                                                       Athol Evans, Chiremba Rd, Sat 8:30am
garden shows in Africa, with over 100 exhibitors       - The Ginger Tree glass house will be giving         evening 5.30-7pm. Contact Sensei Ashley-Kate on,
and over 20 show gardens. Last year 6,500              demonstrations on home décor and chalk paint         0772 133002 or email chikwenya.cat@gmail.com.              MENTAL WELLNESS GROUPS - Safe & Honest
people came through the gates, with visitors           as well as how to make your own birdbaths.                                                                      hosted by Sage ReStorative Health. TAKING OFF
from afar afield as Zambia, Botswana and South                                                              SHEEPDOG TRAINING, Border Collie or herding                THE VEIL - WOMEN’s ROUNDTABLE TALK - Sat.,
                                                       - Flower arranging, drip irrigation, Grow It
Africa travelling especially to see the show.                                                               dogs? If you need some help with your stock, or            Sept. 21st, 12:30pm for 1:00pm, Theme: Nurturing
                                                       Yourself composting demonstrations and so
                                                                                                            would like to try out the growing sport of sheepdog        & Navigating Mother-Daughter Relationships and
                                                       much more will be running from various stands.
At its inception, TAGS was established to give                                                              trials, please contact us! New members always              October 12th - Women We’re Becoming. Meets
                                                       - The Driptech Rugby Zone will be showing all
a boost to the garden industry and to provide                                                               welcome. From 3pm Tuesday and Thursday 8am.                every 2nd Saturday of month @12:30pm. Donation:
                                                       the world cup rugby games on a BIG screen with
scope for new business development. The show                                                                Rose 0712 208590, rosevdr@gmail.com                        $20wzl (includes 1 drink). Merchant Code: 210386
                                                       a full bar service and great food.
has included a mentorship program over the                                                                                                                             Call: 0719253769. TAKING OFF THE MASK - MEN’S
past few years, where industry experts have            Come for the gardens, stay for the food                                                                         ROUNDTABLE TALK - Sept 28th 1:30pm for 2:00pm
donated their time and expertise to help guide         The Garfunkels Foodie Market will be packed          Equine                                                     - Sept Theme: Effects of Alcoholism. October
new businesses as they get established. That           with delicious foodie treats from cakes, pizza,                                                                 26th. Meets last Saturday of the month. Donation:
program is being formalized as the TAGS School         Indian curries and stir fries to the Wholefood       BELLA VISTA RIDING SCHOOL, Horse riding                    $15zwl Merchant code:210385 Call 0777850597/
of Landscape Design, which opens in September          Pantry’s grain and dairy-free treats, to be          lessons beginner to advanced. Tash 0772390661,             0719253769 FB:TOTMZW. Both groups Meet at 15
this year. The TAGS School of Landscape Design         enjoyed in the shade with your favourite GnT, or     bellavistaridingschool7@gmail.com.                         York Ave, Crn Victoria in Newlands. info@sagehw.
will train up a new generation of Landscape            a glass of wine from the Mr Chando Bar. As you                                                                  com FB/IG:sagerhealth, Twitter:@DrNyarai
designers, with input from a selection of              walk around the show, pop into the Rooney’s
well-known landscapers, cultivators, nursery           Chill Zone for a gourmet ice lolly and glass of      Exercise & Fitness                                         RELAXATION CLASSES, at the Harare Cancer
experts and marketing gurus. It will be based          homemade lemonade. Put the dates in your                                                                        Centre, 60 Livingstone Ave, 11-12pm Wednesday and
at Hennings Nursery at Food Lovers Market,             diary now to make sure you don’t miss out            DAILY GROUP FITNESS CLASSES @ EVES                         Friday. 0242 707444, 705522,
Greendale and in the coming months, students           and come and support our local industry and          FITNESS STUDIOS, three locations, ZB Sports Club,          cancer@iwayafrica.co.zw
will be building show gardens there that               artisans.                                            Vainona, Standard Chartered Sports Club, Marlbor-
the public will be able to come and draw                                                                    ough and Ladies Only Classes @ FBC Old Hararians
inspiration from.                                             Image provided by Lindsay Charters            Sports Club in Milton Park and 8am at Zb Sports

September | October 2019 - Issue 113                  22                                                                                                              23                                   www.ndeipi.co.zw
Astronomy Evening at                                                                               Kites for Peace in Zimbabwe
               Mukuvisi Woodlands                                                                                                                     By Suraiya Essof
                                                                                                              Each year, the International Day of Peace is
                                                                                                              observed around the world on the 21st of
                                                                                                                                                                     Kites for Peace inspires our community to be
                                                                                                                                                                     aware of the importance of peace, to appreciate
                                        By Tony Algeria                                                       September and was acknowledged by over 1.5             the beauty and serenity of our environment and
                                                                                                              billion people in 2018. The UN General Assembly        to promote kindness and compassion. We hope
Friday 20th                                                                                                   has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening    to inspire inner peace, peace in our homes and
September 2019                                                                                                the ideals of peace, both within and among all         our schools and communities.
                                                                                                              nations and people. It is a day of global unity
In May 2018 we held                                                                                           and intercultural cooperation. Kites for Peace has      We believe that joy and peace should be free,
the third astronomy                                                                                           been a partner of the Peace One Day’s coalition        so our events are always minimally priced to
evening, run by the                                                                                           for Peace since 2014 and hosts an annual Kite          cover event running costs and venue, and offer
Astronomy Society of                                                                                          Festival as part of a global movement and series       no commercial purpose. All stalls at our event are
Harare, at Mukuvisi                                                                                           of events for peace on Peace Day.                      strictly by or in support of the charities. Activities
Woodlands. This event                                                                                                                                                at Kites for Peace promote healthy living for the
was a fundraiser for the                                                                                      In these troubling times, there is now a need          mind and body. We are apolitical, and not
Woodlands, and it was                                                                                         more than ever to find pockets of joy and              affiliated to any one religion.
pleasing to have such                                                                                         happiness. To find peace amidst the chaos. Our
an excellent turnout.                                                                                         event aims to do just that by offering a stress-free   We hope to continue with kite flying as an
One of the complaints                                                                                         zone, where people can get out into our beautiful      affordable and easily accessible sport for
received was that                                                                                             environment and engage in wholesome activities         everyone. And to be able to inspire peace, hope
there weren’t enough                                                                                          with their loved ones. Besides Kite flying, we have    and joy while they do so, is our aim!
telescopes – a situation                                                                                      many other activities and entertainment at the
I cannot see changing                                                         Stars galore on a clear night   festival. This year we are introducing “Kicks for      This years event will be on Sunday 29th
soon. To make any                                                                                             Peace”, which is a sport initiative where we will      September from 10am to 4.30pm at the Harare
real difference, at least 20 telescopes would be       Once again, we plan to hold the presentation
                                                                                                              have friendly soccer matches for all ages.             Botanical Gardens.
needed as it takes up to one minute to show one        under the stars near to the viewing platform - in
                                                                                                              Skateboarding, kite making workshops and
object to one person. This is due to the fact that     the same location as we did last year. Mukuvisi
                                                                                                              children’s craft activities, scrabble, yoga, Zumba,    Get in touch: kitesforpeacezim@gmail.com or
a telescope has a very narrow field of view of the     Woodlands will once again have hamburgers and
                                                                                                              poetry are other activities to participate in. There   0772379308
sky and because of the rotation of the Earth, the      hotdogs for sale as well as cool drinks - bring
                                                                                                              will also be various unplugged live musicians on
telescope has to be realigned often. We did the        your own folding chairs, tipple, a torch and your
                                                                                                              guitars, marimbas and drums, and performers                           Our Peace Pledge:
best we could by showing everybody something           binoculars! Mukuvisi entry fee will apply. Come
                                                                                                              including acrobats and dancers. Food, drink and                         Respect all life,
spectacular thus all telescopes were focused on        at 5:00 pm and watch the animals being fed at
                                                                                                              kites will be available in support of charities, and                    Reject violence
Jupiter. However with the use of Laser beams, we       the Viewing Platform whilst enjoying a bite to eat
                                                                                                              there will be a great selection to choose from to                Forgive ourselves and others
were able to point out Constellations and other        and a drink!
                                                                                                              suit all tastes and diets.                                            Promote goodwill
objects of interest to many people at the same
                                                                                                                                                                               Uplift others and help them
time – a pair of binoculars is a must to view the      This year’s talk will be delivered by Peter Morris
                                                                                                              We are committed to the UN’s “Sustainable                            Listen to understand
open and globular clusters.                            entitled “Viewing the sky” which will be taking
                                                                                                              Development Goals which we believe are building                 Preserve the planet and all life
                                                       place at 6:30pm. Thereafter we will be viewing
                                                                                                              blocks for peace. These goals aim to end poverty,                Image provided by Journey ZW
The same sky and constellations are to be seen         Saturn & Jupiter by telescope or looking at
                                                                                                              protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all.
every May with the only changes being the              objects of interest which will be pointed out by
                                                                                                              We are thus in touch and engaged with over
positioning of the planets. This year, we have         laser beams. If we are unfortunate and we are
                                                                                                              120 local community charitable organisations
decided to look at different Constellations by         clouded out, then we have a backup plan. This
                                                                                                              through our ‘’Zimbabwe Cares Network’’, each of
having the fourth astronomy evening in a different     will be a presentation on: “Movements of
                                                                                                              which are actively working towards these goals.
month. Thus we have selected Friday 20th               Heavenly Bodies”.
                                                                                                              They cover a wide range of issues: Education,
September 2019 as the next viewing evening
                                                                                                              Children’s causes, Women empowerment, Youth
during which time the Southern Cross will be           If you have any questions regarding this event
                                                                                                              engagement, Cancer support, Medical outreach,
visible and everyone can be shown how to use           or the Astronomical Society of Harare, kindly
                                                                                                              Disabled community support, Special needs
the cross to find the South Pole. The only visible     contact Tony Alegria on 0772 438 697 or
                                                                                                              upliftment, Psychosocial support, Vulnerable
planets will be Saturn and Jupiter - Jupiter’s four    tonyalegria47@gmail.com
                                                                                                              community assistance, Elderly people care,
outer moons are visible with X10 binoculars.
                                                                Images provided by Tony Algeria               Animal welfare and Environmental concerns.
September | October 2019 - Issue 113                  24                                                                                                            25                                    www.ndeipi.co.zw
FOOD & DRINK                                 Selecting Wine                                                    things, but remember what you are buying
                                                                                                               -wine- and more often than not, you will discard
                                                                                                               the packaging after consuming it.
                                                                                                                                                                       your own country and try some local wine. Do
                                                                                                                                                                       not go on hearsay; remember that palates differ.
                                                                                                                                                                       Check out the big retail shops and check out the
                                                              By Taps Shinya                                                                                           boutiques. Note the difference in product
                                                                                                                                                                       availability as well as price and the storage
Why do we drink wine? Well, first because it is a      wine enthusiast because they taste a lot of wine,       VINTAGE                                                 conditions.
pleasant beverage. When consumed                       something the average consumer doesn’t. The             Quite a few people still believe that the older a
responsibly, it is also healthy. It contains alcohol   bottom line is it’s about your palate and not           wine is the better. As you will no doubt                Have all these factors in mind when selecting
which helps improve our mood and it pairs very         theirs, it’s about your stock, your dining              discover, this is often false. In fact, more than       wine. Keep it simple and ask questions. At the
well with food completing the dining experience.       experience and your spending power. So go out           95% of wine is made for immediate                       beginning, buy one or two bottles at a time for
Wine brings us together and helps us to create         there and taste for your palate. To the                 consumption. As a wine enthusiast, it is                tasting, then if you have the right storage
and celebrate moments. For some it’s not about         recommendations of critics you may add the              important for you to know as much as you can            conditions, you can increase your quantities.
drinking, but about collecting and making an           winemakers’ tasting notes. This is detailed             about a wine if you want to buy one that is             Be aware that your palate develops as you
investment. In order to select wine one must           information about the wine, including the               aged or if you want to cellar it for long periods       discover better wine and that every wine lover
be open to different choices, take the advice          vineyard, the harvest, the winemaking process,          of time. By aged, I mean any wine older than 5          makes purchasing mistakes along the way.
of critics and writers to some extent, while also      ageing, bottling and the lab analysis of the wine.      years. The vintage is the year on the label and it      Sometimes it’s a bad recommendation,
considering the price and vintage.                     This information is very handy and becomes              indicates the year of harvest of the grapes that        sometimes we fall prey to critics, sometimes
                                                       very fascinating when you now compare the               made the wine. It can be quite technical. You           excellent marketing gets us. That is ok. It’s part
OPENING YOURSELF TO THE MULTITUDES OF                  same wine across various vintages.                      will eventually learn what is referred to as the        of the journey of discovering our palate. At the
CHOICES                                                                                                        terroir, a French term referring to a combination       end of the day, your palate is king and should
Open yourself up to the wine experience by             PRICE AND PERCEPTION                                    of elements contributing to the makeup of the           determine where you spend your money.
tasting as much as you can. Remember, it’s             It’s a fact that most people believe that wine          final product. This includes, the soil make up,
about the journey of discovery. Do not be              tastes better if they know that it is more              vineyard site profile as well as micro and meso         Until next time, stay fine like fine wine.
hasty in writing off a style or a varietal. Try it     expensive. This affects just about everybody. The       climates. It also refers to the farmers and their
several times and try it from different regions        truth is however that not all expensive wine is         farming methods and techniques. All of that             taps@thepalateportfolio.com or
before reaching your conclusion. With so many          good and not all inexpensive wine is bad. As an         combined with the winemaker’s touch                     +263717702233.
different options it would be sadly short sighted      enthusiast what should concern you is the               contribute towards the vintage and whether it is
if one were so stuck on only one of the varietals.     contents of the bottle and not the hype, the            a keeper or not. Did it rain too much? Was it too                Images provided by Taps Shinya
Chardonnay for example. Italy is probably the          bottle itself, its label or the closure. Everything     hot or too cold? These are questions that will
                                                                                                               excite you as you learn more about how your                                     Product in a wine boutique
country with the most diverse number of white          boils down to you knowing the taste of the wine
indigenous varietals one could taste. These            and this takes you back to your journey of              favourite wine was made. Given that
are made in all sorts of styles offering so much       discovery. You work hard for your money, be             information, you will realise that different
character. Why would I prevent myself from             sure to spend it well. We all want nice looking         vintages will not always taste the same. It is
discovering the finesse of a Carricante based                                                                  totally normal for you to fall in love with one
Etna Bianco? This is just one example of a white           Nosing a full bodied Italian blend called Amarone   vintage and not so much with the subsequent
varietal that I know most Chardonnay lovers                                                                    one. This is why it is important to have a range
would also fall in love with if they only gave it a                                                            of Chardonnays to pick from, in case things
chance.                                                                                                        change. Also keep in mind that certain styles of
                                                                                                               wine, such as Noble Rot, will have periods where
WINEMAKERS, CRITICS AND WINE WRITERS                                                                           they do not have a vintage as conditions may
As odd as this may be coming from me, my                                                                       not be right to make that wine that year.
advice here is that in the end, your wine
experience is about your palate and where it                                                                   MAKING A CHOICE
finds its pleasure. You want to drink what you                                                                 The most difficult thing for the beginner and for
enjoy and not necessarily what an expert says                                                                  a lot of enthusiasts is figuring out where to start.
you should. Do not be fooled into believing that                                                               There are several retail outlets and a few
a wine given a high score by critics will please                                                               specialised wine boutiques offering a reasonable
your palate. Take those scores as guidelines and                                                               choice of wine. Generally, the boutiques offer
use them to research and discover. We certainly                                                                a more meaningful choice as they select by
don’t want to be forced to seek the same wine                                                                  tasting the wine as opposed to price point. Their
and then to pay too much money for it. This, by                                                                advantage is also the availability of an expert to
no means intends to discredit critics and writers.                                                             guide you through your purchasing experience.
They are often a very valuable resource for the                                                                It is also a good idea to know what is brewing in

September | October 2019 - Issue 113                  26                                                                                                              27                                  www.ndeipi.co.zw
September | October 2019 - Issue 113   28   29   www.ndeipi.co.zw
EATING OUT IN HARARE                                                                                                           The Village Greek                                                    DeMoyo Café
                                                                                                                                                                 The Q Bar                                                           Park View Brasserie
                                                                                                                               Greek, Shop 3, New Block,         Corner Fife Ave and Leopold        26 Connaught Rd, Avondale,       Monomotapa Hotel, 54
UP-MARKET                       Chop Chop                      Kirytan Grill                   Pizzazz Pizza                   Sam Levy’s Village, Borrowdale,   Takawira, 0712 980636              0776 754305
                                Brazilian Steakhouse, 256      Chicken Grill, Corner      19 Fernleigh Rd, Pomona,                                                                                                                   Park Lane, CBD, (024) 2 704501-9
Alo Alo                         Herbert Chitepo/Fi�h St, CBD                                                                   077 2156667
                                                               Woodholme & Golden Stairs 0784 618680 - 2 & Shop 4,                                                                                  Dragons Den, Old                 The Palms Restaurant
10 Forest Row, Arundel          0776 300967, 086 77160879                                                                                                        Pariah State
                                                                                                                                                                 Wine/Cocktail Lounge, Shop 7 Georgians Sports Club
                                                               Rd, 078 6548235            Greystone Park Shopping                                                                                                                    Bronte Hotel, 132 Baines Ave,
Village, Mount Pleasant                                                                   Centre, 0777 781583,
                                                                                                                               Wing Wah Interna�onal
                                                                                                                               Chinese, 84 Glenara Ave,          Riverside Walk, Avondale,     177 The Chase, Groombridge            CBD, (024) 2 707522-7
(024) 2 369198, 0773 265932/3   Coimbra                        Kwamurongo                 0777 800663, 0777 800651             Highlands, 0773 967999,
                                Portuguese, 61 Selous Ave,     Traditional Cuisine                                                                               0772 279051 & Wine Bar, Grill 0776 178738, 0772 279051
                                                                                                                               0867 7101706                                                                                          Pavilion
Amanzi                          CBD, (024) 2 700237            9 Normandy Rd, 0775 838118 Pogos                                                                  & Coffee Shop, 1 Pomona                                              Meikles Hotel, Cnr 3rd St &
158 Enterprise Rd,                                                                        Pizza & Chicken, 1 & 2                                                 Shopping Centre, Pomona       Flat Dog Diner                        Jason Moyo Ave, CBD,
Highlands (024) 2 480883,         The Fuzion Palace            L’Escargot                 Kamfinsa Shopping Centre,             You Real                          086-77103644, 0772 279051 5 Harrow Rd, Msasa                        (024) 2 250551-5, (024) 2 251705
                                                                                                                               Japanese, Shop 13 & 14,                                         (024) 2 498409, 0772 773983
(024) 2 497768, 0772 336224 Indian/Pakistani, Grills,          French, Courteney Hotel,   Greendale, 08644 122566,
                                  Woodfired pizza & Western     CBD, 0772 730941           (024) 2 495799
                                                                                                                               New Block, Sam Levy’s Village, Tamasha                                                                The Place
Fishmonger                        (certified Halaal), 71 Glenara                                                                Borrowdale, 0772 123 456       Dining & Lounge Bar, 2                Gaby’s                           Cnr 2nd St & J Nyerere Ave,
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Travel Plaza, J. Chinamano       CBD, 0779 449210
50 East Rd, Belgravia,            Rd, Highlands (024) 2 442528, Li�le Eataly Restaurant        The Pointe                                                     Aberdeen Rd, Avondale,
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Mazowe St, (024) 2 700094,
(024) 2 308164, (024) 2 302285 0772 305076, 0718 763880 Italian, 11 Churchill Ave,             Portuguese, 3rd St, CBD         Wonderful Restaurant 0772 857929
                                                                Alex park, +263 8677177349,    (024) 2 734240, 0712 753129     Chinese, 85 Churchill Ave,                                           0779 579799                      Tiffany’s
                                                                                                                               Highlands, 0783 533333,                                                                               Jameson Hotel, 21 Samora
La Fontaine                       Garwe Restaurant              0776 745727                                                                                   The Space                             The Gallery Café                 Machel Ave/Park St CBD,
Meikles Hotel, CBD,               Traditional Cuisine, 18637,                                  Queen Makeda                    0779 520000                    Resto-Lounge, 3 Tyward Close,
                                                                                                                                                                                                    29 College Road, New             (024) 2 774106
(024) 2 250551-5, (024) 2 251705, Donald McDonald Rd/Nigel Li�le Fontana                       Ethiopian Cuisine, 3 Lanark                                    Ballantyne Park, 0782 445566,
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Alexandra Park, 0772 402910
                                                                Ethiopian & Italian, 74 Cork
(024) 2 707721-9                  Philip Ave, Eastlea
                                  0779 492012, (024) 2 778566 Rd, Avondale, 0783 574804
                                                                                               Rd, Belgravia 0773 045001       PUBS & BARS                    0776 187903
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Garfunkels Grill                 Shop 10, Kensington Shops,
Victoria 22                                                                                    RocoMamas                       Aquarium Bar                     Tin Roof                                                             Kensington, (024) 2 706857,
22 Victoria Dr, Newlands,   Gava’s                             Market Cafe Restaurant          Burger Restaurant, Village      Wine & Cocktail Lounge,          Bucket Bar & Bistro, 1 Lewisam Sam Levy’s Village, Borrowdale,
                                                               Food Lover’s Market, Sam                                        Monomotapa Hotel, 54                                            0772 234049                           (024) 2 794948,
(024) 2 776429, 0733 464646 Traditional Cuisine, Belgravia                                     Walk, Borrowdale, 0731 111805                                    Shopping Centre, Highlands
                            Sports Club, 2nd Street Ext,       Levy’s Village, Borrowdale,                                     Park Lane, CBD, (024) 2 704501-9 (024) 2 495874, 0778 218990,                                         Vumba
                                                               (024) 2 853045-7 ext 13         Sabai Thai                                                                                      Gazebo
SPECIALITY                  Belgravia, 0772 381863
                                                                                              Cnr Rolf Ave/Stokesay Cl,        Bar Rouge
                                                                                                                                                                0772 317319                    Buffet, Monomotapa Hotel,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Holiday Inn Harare, Corner
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Samora Machel Avenue &
                                                              Mojo’s                                                                                                                           54 Park Lane, CBD, (024) 2 704501
Aroma Caffé                    Golden Peacock                                                  Ballantyne Park,                 Cocktail Bar, Africom Shop        Wyrd                                                                Fi�h Street, (024) 2 795612/9
Italian, 167 Enterprise Road, Chinese & Western Dishes        South American, 10 East Rd, 0776 743775, (024) 2 852695          45-46, Long Cheng Plaza,          Champagne & Whiskey Bar,
                              89 Kingsmead Rd, Borrowdale Belgravia, (024) 2 705993,                                           Belvedere, 086 44119123           164 Enterprise Rd, Chisipite,      Harvest Garden                   Wild Geese Lodge
Chisipite, (024) 2 480 904,                                                                                                                                                                         Rainbow Towers, 1 Pennefather
                              0775 909588                     (024) 2 761639                  Shangri La                                                         078 371 6067                                                        2 Buckland Lane, Teviotdale
0772 235 693                                                                                                                                                                                        Ave, CBD, (024) 2 772633
                                                                                              Chinese, 155 Enterprise Rd,      Centurion                                                                                             (024) 2 2917977, 0772 145103
                                                              Monos Restaurant                                                 Pub/Grill, Harare Sports Club,
The Avon                      Gouveia’s                                                       Chisipite, (024) 2 443263/4,
                              Portuguese Cuisine, 31          Monomotapa Hotel, CBD,          0733-415857                      CBD, 0773 784924                  FAMILY &                           Imba Matombo
Traditional Cuisine, 18d
                              Anthony Ave Msasa,              (024) 2 704501-9 (Sat din only)                                                                    GENERAL
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Albert Glen Close, Glen Lorne,   CAFÉS &
Lonsdale Rd, Avondale
                              (024) 2 487654, (024) 2 447059,                                 Sitar Restaurant                 Chez Zandi                                                           0774 514235
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     COFFEE SHOPS
0779 736171, 0774 750824
                              0712 624601                     New China Garden                Indian, 2 Cecil Rhodes Dr,
                                                                                                                               Bistro/Wine Bar, 328 Herbert
                                                                                                                                                                 RESTAURANTS                        Kombahari
                                                              163 Long Cheng Plaza,           Newlands, (024) 2 746215,
                                                                                                                               Chitepo Ave, CBD, 0778 952992
                                                                                                                                                                 Arnaldos                                                            Bell’s Coffee Shop
Cardamom                                                                                                                                                                                            Rainbow Towers, 1 Pennefather Willowmead Junc�on, Rolf
Indian, Sam Levy’s Village,   Great Wall                      Belvedere, 0773 731695,         0712 616562                      Explorer’s Bar                    7 Bessemer Road,
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Ave, CBD, (024) 2 772633      Valley, (024) 2 850294
                              Chinese, 94 East Rd,            0772 613888                                                      Meikles Hotel, Cnr 3rd St & Jason Graniteside, (024) 2 773877
Borrowdale, 0718 791635                                                                                                                                                                                                           0777 884859
                              Belgravia, 0712 616 282,                                        Spice Lounge                     Moyo Ave, CBD, (024) 2 707721                                        Mugg & Bean
Casa Mia                      (024) 2  334149                 Ocean     Basket                Indian, Pub, 23 Lezard Ave,                                        The Bistro                     New Block, Sam Levy’s Village Bo�om Drawer
                                                              Seafood, Shop 3, Sam Levy’s Mount Pleasant,                      Gazebo                            197 Enterprise Road, Chisipite
Pizzeria, Cnr King George &                                                                                                                                                                     Borrowdale, 0771 045020,      14 Maasdorp Ave, Belgravia
Aberdeen Rd, Avondale         Hometown                        Village, Borrowdale             0779 581000, 0867 7104745        Cocktail Bar, Rainbow             (024) 2 442532, 0779878548
                                                                                                                                                                                                (024) 2 852043                0772 235566, (024) 2 745679
(024) 2 332044, 0732 272642 Coffeehouse & BBQ
                                                              (024) 2 852189                                                   Towers, 1 Pennefather Ave,
                              American, 21 Edinburgh Rd,                                      St Elmo’s                        CBD, (024) 2 772633/9 ext 4469    Café Afrique                       The Mustard Seed                 Brentos
Chang Thai                    Borrowdale, 0773 601611         Organikks                       Pizza, 86 East Rd, Avondale                                        Cresta Oasis Hotel, CBD,           27 Ridgeway South, Highlands,    16 Greendale Ave, Greendale
Thai, 83 Churchill Ave East,                                  1 Dacomb Drive, Chisipite       (024) 2 334980-3 (closed         The Horsebox Bar                  (024) 2 790861- 4                  (024) 2 498138/9, 0772 572620    (024) 2 497504
                              Hong Kong                       0782 785000, 0782 784999 on tuesdays) & Sam Levy’s               1 Hurworth Road, Highlands,
Gunhill, (024) 2 783054,
                              Restaurant                      (Wed - Sat evenings open)       Village, Borrowdale              0774 111452                       Corky’s Pub & Grill
0773 222276, 0779 763666
                              43 Churchill Ave, Alex Park                                     (024) 2 886957-9                                                   Ballantyne Park Shopping               KEY:
Chicken Basket                0778 914555, 0771 564029        PanAfrika Restaurant                                             Harpers Pub                       Centre, Wellburn Drive,                Open Every Day                   Closed Every Eve
110 Norfolk Rd, Mount                                         Traditional Cuisine, 4 Deary Taj Restaurant                      Food, Wine & Cocktail             0785 663194                            Closed SUN                       Closed SUN Eve
Pleasant, 0772 781555,                                        Ave, Belgravia, 0773 360893, Indian, 157 Borrowdale Rd,          Lounge, Holiday Inn Harare,                                              Closed MON                       Closed MON Eve
                              The Jam Tree                                                                                     Corner Samora Machel
0783 137919, 0772 426768      Pub Food & Restaurant, 40 0772 322168
                                                                                              Gunhill, 0732 110222/333                                           Cha�ers                                Closed TUE                       WIFI Available
                                                                                                                               Avenue & Fi�h Street,             Cresta Lodge, Samora Machel            Closed SAT
                              Bargate Rd, Mount Pleasant
China Restaurant                                              Paula’s Place                   Tinkabell Restaurant             (024) 2 795612/9                  Ave, Mutare Rd. (024) 2 487006-8
                              0775 169842, 0778 082360         Portuguese, 314 Samora         Portuguese, 4 Upton Rd,
17 Rowland Sq, Milton Park,
0772 613888, 0773 195986                                      Machel Ave, (024) 2 497950, Ardbennie, (024) 2 664745,
                                                              0779 421014                     0774 532184
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