WOW! Wonders of Water Journey for Brownies

WOW! Wonders of Water Journey for Brownies

GSOFCT On-site Lending Library WOW! Wonders of Water Journey for Brownies It’s Your PlanetLove it! Series Welcome to the On-site Lending Library. Included here is a synopsis of the first two WOW sample sessions, alternative choices, and supply lists. Any item marked with a * indicates that you will need to bring this with you. Other items are in the on-site lending library box. Volunteer box “watchers” will check up on the box. We thank them for their dedication and you for respecting the materials and leaving them in good order. Please leave the box in as good or better condition than you found it - complete the inventory check-off list and let us know if you find anything needs replacing or replenishing.

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WOW! Wonders of Water Journey for Brownies
  • WOW! Wonders of Water Sample Session #1 & 2 Materials *Indicates that you should bring these items with you. Other items will be in the Lending Library box. Please use resources wisely & return things neatly to the box.
  • 2 Adult WOW! Wonders of Water Guides
  • 15 Girl WOW! Wonders of Water Journey books
  • Large sheets of paper/newsprint
  • Markers
  • Mind-Mapping example
  • Scissors (5 pairs- * you may wish to bring additional)
  • World Map
  • Plastic Tray
  • Spray Bottle
  • Healthy snack*
  • Sheets of newsprint
Wow! Wonders of Water It’s Your Planet, Love It! for Brownies Session: # 1: Water Around the World (Loving Water) Session Time: 40 minutes P.42 adult guide The Blue Planet – p. 24 girls Materials needed for this Session:
  • World Map
  • Large piece of paper or a chalkboard
  • Markers or Chalk
  • Sheets of newsprint *By a material indicates troop provides Water Basics
  • What is water?
  • Why do we need it?
  • Water Around the World Most people learn at a very early age the importance of water. Basic water information offers a foundation for learning to respect and conserve this precious natural resource.
  • Use Resources Wisely What does this law have to do with Water Around the World and in your own backyard? Opening Ceremony
  • Girls form a circle. Encourage each girl to participate in the discussion.
  • Begin discussion by explaining water basics
  • Girls give examples of ways they’ve used water in the past 24 hours (you may choose to record their thoughts on a mind-mapusing markers and large paper.)
  • Discuss the water cycle. The amount of water on Earth is always the same, but it is constantly moving from the oceans to the air to the land and back again.
  • Choose a few of the water uses mentioned and as a group decide if and how water use can be used in each of its three forms. Remind girls that throughout their Journey books there are Water Wisdom questions to think about as they move on. Awards Along the Journey Discussion
  • Using the picture on page 107-08 of the girls’ book, show girls the three awards that they can earn while working in WOW, Wonders of Water. Use page 10-11 of the adult guide to describe the awards. o LOVE Water: Learn about water around the world and how girls can promise to protect it.
  • o SAVE Water: As a team, Brownies will become advocates protecting water and keeping it clean for their community. o SHARE Water: the team will talk with people, and create & put in place a plan for how your community can commit to and carry out a water promise. o WOW!: Girls culminate their journey by earning the WOW! Award, a grand finale that symbolizes the powerful change they’ve brought to their community.
  • As a group, review pages 24-27, and ask the girls to think about what their Water Promise pledge might include.
  • Activity 1 Materials needed for this Session:
  • World Map
  • Large piece of paper or a chalkboard
  • Markers or Chalk
  • Sheets of newsprint How do you use water? Share your favorite water activities – cooking, swimming, brushing your teeth, fishing, etc... Write them down or draw them on a large piece of newsprint. This will become your WOW map. Create a Team WOW Map by writing or drawing their favorite water activity on a large piece of paper.

Brainstorming Question: What would you do if there wasn’t enough water to fill pools or lakes for you to swim in or play in? The way water is used in different parts of the world differs. In some parts of the world, people don’t have a lot of water. They don’t have water flowing from a faucet like we do. What would life be like without clean water or even water? Brainstorm what you would do in the following situations: Situation 1 You only have one pot of water for all your cooking, drinking and washing. You must share this water with your brother or sister and your mother and father. How do you feel? What would you do?

Situation 2 Each day, you only have enough water for washing to wet a small cloth. That’s all you have to wash yourself and anything you need to clean during the day. How do you feel? What would you do? Situation 3 You don’t have enough water to keep your hands clean and brush your teeth each day. How do you feel? What would you do? Water has the same effects or outcomes for different communities around the world – water is survival in the most basic term. Answer Water Wisdom quiz questions on pages 17, 20 and 22 in the girl book Activity 2 Materials needed for this Session:
  • Large piece of paper or a chalkboard
  • Markers or Crayons
  • Sheets of newsprint
  • Water Droplets (paper) Suggestions
  • Small buckets for decoration*

Water Promise – using water droplets to write girls’ promises down on paper. The girls should go home and see if their family and friends will make water promises. Have a discussion with the girls on how WOW relates to Use Resources Wisely Learn about Water Around the World Learn why water is so precious by reading or listening to “The Blue Planet” on page 24 of the girl book. Learn ways they can care for water by listening or reading the “Loving Water” section on page 29 of the girl book.

  • Get help from family and friends to a fill their water jars. Discuss a way for you to protect water and use the earth’s resources wisely. (Suggestions are included on page 56-59 of the Girl Guide) *Suggestion – girls decorate small buckets in which to collect their water droplet promises. Looking Ahead for Session 2 To prepare for the next Wonders of Water journey session, girls should ...
  • Think of what their personal water Promise will be.
  • Girls will report back how they carried out their promise.
. Session: # 2: Water Conservation Session Time: 40 minutes P. 59 adult guide P.40 girls Water Wisdom Materials needed for this Session:
  • WOW map from last session
  • paper
  • Markers
  • Sheets of newsprint
  • Tin pan
  • Spray Bottle *By a material indicates troop provides Opening Ceremony
  • Girls form a circle.
  • Girls share their personal Water Promise.
  • As they say their key point of their promises, these words are jotted onto the large paper.
  • Discuss how well these promises will work as individuals as well as for the group. You may ask questions such as: which of your ideas involve living the values of the Girl Scout Law? Will your promise be a challenge? Is it an example of positive risk taking? How so? Why is taking risks important? What might you learn from these challenges? Form risk taking in general? Optional: you may wish to develop a Troop Team water promise .

Discuss a way for you to protect water and use the earth’s resources wisely. (suggestions are included on page 40 of the adult guide) Activity 1 o Large newsprint o Markers or crayons o Water Audit Form

o Conservation information o Crossword puzzle Have a discussion with the girls on what Water Conservation is: Time 5 minutes Water can be found everywhere! In one form or another, water is connected to almost everything we do. Ask the girls to think of all the ways they’ve used water or seen water being used in the past 24 hours. Think about the following questions: o How is water connected to your daily activities? o What would you do without water or with little water? o Did you take a shower, water the lawn, or flush the toilet? o Now think about the amount of water that is wasted every day.

Using a large piece of newsprint write or draw each way water was used or wasted in the past 24 hours, circle each idea on a large piece of newsprint. From there, branch off ideas as to how water can or could have been saved – mind map it!

Use your mind map to see where and how to use your Home Water Audit. Start by looking around the area you are sitting – is water used here efficiently or are there ways in which it can be wasted? The Water Audit can be a take home activity or done in a troop -see worksheet Extra: Water Conservation Crossword Activity 2 o Paper o Markers o Tin pan o Water o Spray bottle What happens to Water after it rains? Water is everywhere. As humans, we can’t go a day without water’s involvement.

  • Talk about the connection to the water around the world and the impact pollution has on water. Affects of pollution on water source –
  • ground water
  • run-off
  • pollution
  • trash Storm water runoff occurs after a rainfall. Storm water flows over surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, streets, parking lots and roofs into the ground; this unfiltered water reaches our neighborhood streams, pond, lakes, bays, wetlands and oceans and can eventually make its way into our ground water. (Water beneath the earth’s surface) Why is storm water runoff a problem? Storm water runoff can collect many different types of pollution before it reaches a body of water, including debris, dirt and chemicals. The storm water collects these materials and flows directly into a body of water like a stream or

lake. These bodies of water may be used for swimming, fishing and may even provide drinking water. So, let’s check out where water goes after it rains. Use the paper and marker to diagram of where waste potentially goes. Draw the things you see in your own community, if not your community than a community you create as a group. Think of examples of how water in the community could potentially be polluted – using that as your starting point, each girl should draw a picture (see sample) of their street or community. When drawing their map, girls should include pollutants marked with in a different color and a section for water should be created at the bottom in blue (see sample).

  • Washing the car
  • Picking up waste
  • Chemical run-off
  • Gas station
  • Lawn chemicals Have the girls on a flat piece of paper, draw the water cycle diagram. Using different color markers have them mark things on the diagram such as washing the car, chemical pollutant, disposing of pet waste improperly, etc. On their diagram have them draw the ocean/lake/river around the bottom of the page Then have them slightly crinkle the paper so that there are still ridges around the paper much like the diagram below. Follow this up with lightly spraying from a spray bottle to see where these pollutants join up and are then emptied into the water cycle. Make some observations and then ways to prevent water pollution.

Closing Ceremony After looking at pages 51-53 in the girls’ book, where women have made water conservation and protection careers, ask girls to go around the circle and name one thing that they want to do to conserve water both at home and in their community. Remind girls that even a small trickle of something small like this; they can begin to think of ways to inspire others. Looking Ahead to Session 3 Talk with the girls about their next Journey gathering.

  • Who put their Water Promise into action?
  • Did anyone collect water promises from members of their family?
  • For Sample Session #3, girls will report back on how they carried out their promises to protect water and earn their LOVE Water awards. They engage in water-gathering and rationing activities to experience how families make do in places where clean water is scarce. This deepens the Brownies’ understanding of the importance of saving the Earth’s water.
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