Years 2019 - Educational Advancement ...

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Years 2019 - Educational Advancement ...

2 019                                  CELEBR  ING

                     OF LIFELONG LEARNING
Years 2019 - Educational Advancement ...
Table of
                                                                     40             years
                     Our Mission
                      The mission of the Alpha Kappa Alpha
          Awards      Education Advancement Foundation, Inc.® is to
            P17       promote lifelong learning. This is accomplished
                      by securing charitable contributions, gifts
        Financials    and endowed funds to award scholarships,
             P18      fellowships and grants.

                     Our Vision

          Donors      The Education Advancement Foundation (EAF) sees the consistent
            P24       and ever-present gap in funding for STEM, music, the arts, youth
                      enrichment and other critical development activities that are vital to
                      supporting our youth and developing well-rounded individuals. We
                      use our dollars to help college students to complete their education,
                      as seed money for charitable endeavors and to support and expand
                      community service projects. Through our mission, our vision is to
                      perpetually reaffirm our commitment of the financial support of
                      educational endeavors.
Years 2019 - Educational Advancement ...
President’s Message
 While a 40th anniversary is a time for celebration, we are equally mindful of the challenges
 ahead. With social distancing the new normal at this time, it is clear the world of higher education
 may never be the same. Nonetheless, 2019 was a very positive year for the Alpha Kappa Alpha
 Educational Advancement Foundation, Inc.®, and our activities persevere in support of deserving
 students and organizations — even from today’s virtual world.

 One thing is clear: when uncertainty reigns in the world, education is the anecdote. Specifically,
 higher education that builds critical thinking, communication skills, and robust STEM knowledge
 among today’s young scholars — what AKA-EAF defines as excellence. This is why we are proud
 that “Exemplifying Excellence Through Sustainable Service” continues as our overarching theme
 across all initiatives.

 I am especially pleased to report that 2019 marked a very successful first full year for the AKA HBCU Endowment Fund, created to assist
 the financial stability of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Through 2022, the Fund goal is to distribute $5 million - $10 million
 in financial support to 96 accredited institutions. A highlight this past year was having Presidents from 32 of the participating HBCUs
 come to our Chicago headquarters to personally receive the first installment — $50,000 — of the endowment gift from both EAF® and
 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority leadership.

 Thanks to our sorority members, donors and corporate partners, the Foundation closed out the year in excellent shape to meet our
 important goals. I want to thank the over 1,000 chapters worldwide of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.® for their strong support of EAF,
 with contributions totaling over $4.3 million during 2019.

 Most important, it’s the continued, generous support from friends like you that enables EAF to carry forward with merit scholarship
 awards, higher education financial aid, and community assistance grants. As EAF enters our fifth decade, we plan to do even more to
 exemplify excellence, and we hope you will be part of our endeavors. On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of EAF, we deeply
 appreciate your past contributions.

 Dr. Glenda Baskin Glover
 President and Chief Executive Officer,
 Alpha Kappa Alpha Educational Advancement Foundation®, Inc.
 International President and Chief Executive Officer,
 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.®
Years 2019 - Educational Advancement ...
40       ENDOWMENT
                       years of
                                                          2019 CAPITALIZED ENDOWMENTS
                                                      Adrienne Pope-Kelly Washington
                                                      Endowment Fund
                                                      Alabama HBCU Scholarship Fund
                                                      Alberta G. Jones Endowment Fund
                                                                                                     Carmen E. Fowler Fair Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                     Carol R. and Otwa L. Dixon Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                     Carolyn House Stewart Endowment Fund
                                                                                                     Caroline L. Lattimore Endowment Fund

             PROGRAMS                                 Alice Boyd Burton Alpha Rho Omega Merit
                                                      Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                     Carolyn G. Randolph Best The Best You
                                                                                                     Endowment Fund
                                                      Alice S. Marriott Scholarship Fund             Carrie J. Clark Endowed Scholarship Fund
                                                      Alice Thomas Motts Trust Scholarship Fund      Central Beard Haley King Endowment Fund
                                                      Alpha Kappa Alpha Founders Fund                Charlene Truitt Nelson Endowed
                                                      Alpha Kappa Alpha Incorporators Fund           Scholarhsip Fund
     The EAF offers members, organizations and
                                                      Alpha Lambda Omega Endowment Fund              Chelle Luper Wilson Endowment Fund
    corporations an excellent opportunity to leave
        a lasting legacy through our Endowment        Alpha Pi Wolfe Sisters: Nellie Gaylord, 		     Chi Alpha Omega Endowment Fund
                                                      Ida Ross, Marjorie L. Ushery
         Program. Endowments are contributions                                                       Clara McCrae Hines Scholarship Fund
                                                      Ann Colbert Battles Endowment Fund
        of $20,000 or more placed into a restricted                                                  Claronelle Smith Griffin Endowment Fund
                                                      Ann Elizabeth Laury Jones Scholarship Fund
       fund, administered by EAF, and used solely                                                    Claudia Silas Scholarship Fund
     for scholarship awards. Only the interest and    Anne Mitchem Davis Endowment Fund
                                                                                                     Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes
    dividends are used for awards — the principal     Archalene Amos Martin Piano Artistry Award     Endowed Fund
      is never touched — to provide a continuous      The Barbara Denson Trotter Endowment           Constance K. Holland Endowment Fund
       source of scholarship funds over the years.    Barbara K. Phillips Endowment Fund             Crystal and Eugene Sewell Scholarship Fund
                                                      Barbara W. Davis Endowed Fund                  Cynthia Duke Cox Hudley Endowment Fund
       Endowment funds may be established to          Barbara A. McKinzie/Naomi Moses                Cynthia J. Thomas Finch Endowment Fund
     honor the memory a loved one or friend … to      Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                     Dansby Family Scholarship Fund
    support a personal commitment … to support        Bernice Gordon Greene Educational
                                                                                                     David and Donna Winn Educational
     a specific profession … and other criteria the   Leadership Endowment Fund
                                                                                                     Scholarship Endowment Fund
    donor chooses. Through the specific guidelines    Bernice I. Sumlin EAF Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                     Dr. Christina R. Brown/Dr. Marva Mizell Price/
      established for awarding scholarship funds,     Beta Epsilon Omega Scholarship Fund            Dr. LeShawndra N. Price Endowed
        donors can reaffirm their own personal        Beta Kappa Omega Endowment Fund                Legacy Scholarship
          commitments to lifelong learning.           C. Connor and O. Brown Endowment Fund          Anonymous Scholarship Fund
                                                      Dr. C. Edith Booker Endowed Scholarship Fund   Deborah C. and Lindsey E. Brittain
                                                      Capturing The Promise                          Endowment Fund

                                                      Capture the Promise Fellowship                 Delta Epsilon Omega Chapter Endowed Fund

                                                      Carmelita Caruth Smith Post Graduate           Delta Phi Omega Bea Bailey Scholarship Fund
                                                      Endowment For Women                            Delta Tau Omega-Dorothy Kennedy and L.
Years 2019 - Educational Advancement ...
Margaret Groves Keepers of the Dream Scholarship        Evelyn Sample-Oates H.O.P.E Scholarship Fund
Fund                                                    ExxonMobil Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Employee
Denise Foster-Williams Fund                             STEM Endowment Fund
Deralyn Riles Davis Endowment Fund                      Faye B. Bryant Excellence Scholarship Fund
Diamond Jubilee Pearls Foundation                       Felicia Marianne Wright Endowed Scholarship Fund
Endowment Fund                                          Flossie M. Dedmond Educational Fund
Diana G. Shipley Endowment Fund                         Forever Rose Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dolores Morton Spriggs Endowment Fund                   Frankie E. Ledbetter Scholarship Fund
Doris (Dee) Kemp Endowed Scholarship Fund               Dr. Franzella W. Buchanan Scholarship Fund
Doris R. Asbury Endowment Fund                          Freddie Groomes-McLendon Scholarship
Doris S. Parker Endowment Fund                                                                             Ida K. Martin Endowed Scholarship Fund
                                                        Frederica Wilson Endowed Fund
Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson Endowment for                                                                     Idell S. Pugh Endowment Fund
                                                        Gamma Omega/Alberta Gantt/
Careers in Business                                     Mattie Harvey Scholarship                          Imani Pearls Community Development
                                                                                                           Foundation Scholarship
Dorothy M. Hackney Endowed Fund                         Gamma Rho Omega Chapter Scholarship
                                                                                                           Irene Westbrooks McCollom Endowment Fund
Dorothy Reid Arnold Scholarship Fund                    Sorors of Gamma Theta Omega Chapter
                                                                                                           Iota Zeta Omega Scholarship
Dorothy S. Johnson Endowment Fund                       Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                           J. Marjory Jackson Performing Arts Scholarship
Dr. Mabel Bentley Perry & Dr. Claude Albert Perry Sr.   Georgia Gross Kirby Memorial Scholarship Fund
Endowed Education Scholarship                                                                              Jacqueline O. Dansby Endowment Fund
                                                        Giselé M. Casanova Endowment Fund
Dr. Rodelia A. Glasco Endowed Fund                                                                         Jacqueline & Philip Kane Endowed Fund
                                                        Gizette Canegata Thomas Endowment Fund
Dr. Shirley A. Jackson Scholarship Fund                                                                    Jameseva Marshall Webb Endowment Fund
                                                        Dr. Glenda Baskin Glover Endowment Fund
E. Alma Flagg-Caroline Williams Endowed Fund                                                               Janet Jones Ballard Endowed Fund
                                                        Gloria Harper Dickinson International
Edna Smoot Griffin Scholarship                          Travel Endowment                                   Jenell Ross Entrepreneurial Fund

Ella Springs Jones EAF Scholarship Fund                 Dr. Gloria Stephens Smith Scholarship Fund         Jennifer King Congleton Endowment Fund

The ELO Foundation Scholarship Fund                     Grace Strauther Endowment Fund                     Jessie Reasor Zander Endowment Fund
                                                                                                           Jo Celeste Pettway Endowment Fund
Elsie Lavonne Lewis Scholarship Fund                    Green-Alpha Beta-Communications Fund
                                                                                                           John and Bella Russell Honorarium Endowment
Emma Lily Henderson Endowment Fund                      Gwendolyn & Schylbea J. Hopkins
                                                        Endowment Fund                                     Johnella H. Martin Educational Endowment Fund
Epsilon Nu Omega Endowment Fund
                                                        Gwendolyn Gaston Brinkley Scholarship Fund         Jones/Holloway/Rigsby Endowment Fund
Epsilon Rho Alumnae Scholarship Endowment Fund
                                                        Gwendolyn Gilbert Shorter EAF Scholarship          Joy Elaine Daley Endowment Fund
Erma W. Barron Endowment Fund
                                                        Gwendolyn J. Brinkley Endowment Fund               Joyce Henderson Endowment Fund
Ernestine B. Bivens and Dr. Mabel B. Perry
Endowed Fund                                            Harriet Josephine Terry Scholarship                Joyce V. Austin Scholarship Fund
Ethel Hedgemon Lyle Leadership Fund                     Hattie B. Wills Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ethel Jones Mowbray Endowed Fund                        Helen Cromer Cooper Endowment Fund
Eta Upsilon Omega Endowed Scholarship Fund              Hilda Wilder Scholarship Fund
Evelyn Foster Hamilton Endowment Fund                   Ida L. Jackson Scholarship Fund
Years 2019 - Educational Advancement ...
Mattelia Grays-Julia Purnell Endowment Fund
                                                                                                          M. L. Matthew Legacy Fund For Excellent
                                                                                                          Scholarly Performance
                                                                                                          Maxine L. Black Endowed Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                          Melanie C. Jones South Eastern Region
                                                                                                          Undergraduate Endowment
                                                                                                          Meredith L. Henderson Endowment Fund
                                                                                                          Mid-Atlantic Region Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                          Mikayla C. Fishburne Scholarship Endowment Fund
                                                    Linda Henry Gilliam Endowment Fund                    Mildred Logan Taylor Endowed Scholarship Fund
                                                    Linda Marie White Endowed Scholarship Fund            Mildred T. Kitchens / Maxine W. Thurmond
                                                    Lorraine Griffin Johnson Endowment Fund               Education Endowment Fund
    Juanita Sims Doty Endowed Fund                  Lorraine R. Green Endowed Fund                        Monarch Awards Foundation
    Kathleen Hill Dyer Fellowship Fund                                                                    of Xi Nu Omega Chapter
                                                    Lueburda Jamison Myers Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Kappa Omega Endowment Fund                                                                            Monica Kaufman Pearson Mass Communications
                                                    Lucille Ellis Floyd and Zeta Xi Omega Chapter
    Katina Semien Political Science & 		                                                                  Endowment Fund
                                                    Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Pre-Law Scholarship                                                                                   Mu Kappa Omega / Julia F. Thompson, Inc.
                                                    Lucille Johnson Piggott Endowed Scholarship
    Kathy Walker Steele Endowment Fund                                                                    Scholarship Fund
                                                    Lucille M. Brown Endowment Fund
    Keisha Wilson Tanner and Chelesa Tanner                                                               Mu Lambda Omega Endowment Fund
                                                    Lucretia Payton Stewart Endowment Fund
    Scholarship Endowment Fund                                                                            Nadine C. Bonds Endowment Fund
                                                    Dr. Mae C. Jemison Science & Technology Award
    Lambda Alpha Omega Endowed Fund                                                                       Nancy Gardner Sewell Endowed Fund
                                                    Maggieann Whatley Green Scholarship Fund              Nelda & Tyrone Burroughs Scholarship Fund
    Larry & Carolyn Suarez Fund for Business
    and Entrepreneurship                            Mamie McKnight / Ginger McKnight Chavers              Norma S. White Music Endowment Fund
                                                    Graduate Scholarship
    Larzette G. Hale Wilson / Eva L. Evans                                                                Norman Jack Hayes Scholarship Fund
    Endowment Fund                                  Marcletta R. Kerr Endowment Fund
                                                                                                          Norma Jean Tucker Endowment Fund
    Dr. Laura Noble Banks-Reed Endowment Fund       Marilyn Glenn Blackmon Endowment Fund
                                                                                                          Nu Lambda Omega Scholarship Fund
    LaVern S. Tarkington Endowment Fund             Marjorie H. Parker Endowment for
                                                                                                          Octavia Florence Michelle Legacy Fund
    Laverna Williams Johnson Endowed                Careers in Archives
                                                                                                          Dr. Olivia Letts Commitment to the Dream
    Scholarship Fund                                Marjorie H. & Franka H. Young Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                          Endowment Fund
    Leadership Fellows Legacy Fund                  Marsha Lewis Brown Endowment Fund
                                                                                                          Ootsie, Lillian Dunn Thomas Endowment Fund
    Legacy of Pearls Endowment Fund                 Marva J. Lee Endowment Fund
                                                                                                          Pamela Bates Porch Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Lehia Anderson Bradby Memorial Endowment Fund   Mary B. Conner Educational Endowment
                                                                                                          Pamela Lynne Redden, MD, Great Lakes
                                                    Mary Shy Scott Arts Endowment Fund                    Wellness Fund
                                                    Mary F. Williams Teacher Education Scholarship Fund   Patricia and Theresa Massey Endowment Fund
                                                    Marye Jeffries Endowment Fund                         Patricia Ann Dawson Lee Scholarship Fund
                                                    Mary Louise Williams Scholarship Endowment Fund       Patricia Petty Wilson Scholarship Fund
Years 2019 - Educational Advancement ...
Pearl L. Harrison Fine Arts Endowed Funds         Dr. Savanah C. Jones Scholarship Endowment Fund      Vera Forte McCain Endowed Funds
Pearls of Loudoun / Psi Rho Omega Chapter         Sharon Brown Harriott Community College              Vertelle and James Middleton / Delores Ham Oliver
Endowment Fund                                    Access & Equity Endowment                            Human Service Scholarship
Peggy Lewis LeCompte Endowment Fund               Shirley R. Fisher Endowment Fund                     Vicki Miles LaGrange Endowment Fund
Phi Kappa Omega Chapter EAF Scholarship Fund      Sigma Lambda Omega Endowed Scholarship Fund          Virginia F. Hightower Endowment Fund
Phi Lambda Omega Endowment Fund                   Solomon White Beta Alpha Leadership Fund             Wendye D. Mingo Information Technology
Phi Phi Omega Scholarship                         Sorors of South Carolina Endowment Fund              Endowed Scholarship Fund
Phyllis Eleanor Robinson Endowment Fund           South Atlantic Regional Conference Endowed Fund      Wilhelmina R. Delco Endowment Scholarship
Pi Alpha Omega Chapter EAF Endowed                South Eastern Region Endowment Fund                  Wilma Allison Moore Endowed Scholarship Fund
Scholarship Fund                                  Sonja W. Garcia / Stella J. Lett Undergraduate       William Lewis Dawson Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Polly Sparks Turner Health Professions        Leadership Endowment                                 Fund for Theta Omicron Omega
Endowment Fund                                    Susan Simms Marsh Endowment For Careers in Law       Wilma H. Tootle Scholarship Fund
Rachel Ashburn Mallory Undergraduate Leadership   Taahsela K. Holton Memorial Scholarship              Women in Science, Technology, Engineering &
Development Scholarship Fund                                                                           Math (STEM) Scholarship
                                                  Tanya M. Crossley Endowment Fund
Rho Pi Omega Sisterhood of Service                                                                     Xi Alpha Omega - ILECF Lasting Legacy Fund
Endowment Fund                                    Tari T. Bradford Endowment Fund
                                                                                                       Yvonne Perkins Endowment Fund
Rho Zeta Omega Chapter Endowed Fund               Tau Beta Omega Endowed Scholarship Fund

Rita White Roberts Scholarship Fund               The Cultured Pearls of Tau Pi Omega

Rose Butler Brown Endowed Fund                    Thelma K. Evans Cancer Research Endowment Fund

Ruby Batts Archie Endowment Fund                  Theta Mu Omega Eugenia Dean Scott Memorial Fund
                                                  Tondalaire Deon Ray Ashford Scholarship
Ruth Coleman Endowed Scholarship
                                                  Toni S. Kendrick Educational Endowment Fund
                                                                                                           PLEASE CONSIDER A
Ruth C. Easley Gerontology Scholarship Fund
Sadie Sermon Mickle                               Undergraduate Centennial Endowment Fund                  LEGACY GIFT TO EAF
Hortense Caldwell-Harvey Endowment                Undergraduates Flourish Launching New
                                                  Dimensions Endowment Fund
Scholarship Fund                                                                                            To make a gift in your Will or
                                                  Undergraduate Global Leadership Endowment Fund
Sarah R. Simmons EAF Endowment in 		                                                                      Living Trust that will benefit our
Memory of Jayne Doctor                            Undergraduates Launching New Dimensions
                                                                                                          mission for years to come, please
                                                                     Endowment Fund
                                                                       Upsilon Alpha Omega Chapter/
                                                                                                           contact our Executive Director
                                                                       Beauty P. Baldwin Endowed          Erika V. Everett at 773-947-0026.
                                                                       Scholarship Fund
                                                                       Upsilon Tau Omega Scholarship
                                                                       Vanessa Rogers Long
                                                                       Endowment Fund
                                                                       Velma Lois Jones EAF
                                                                       Endowment Fund
Years 2019 - Educational Advancement ...
                                                                             FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMS

                      years of
                                                    3M Fellowship Fund                       Eva L. Evans Math & Science             Morehouse College HBCU Honor
                                                    44th President Barack and First Lady     Fellowship Fund                         Roll Fellowship Fund
                                                    Michelle Obama Fellowship Fund           Fisk University HBCU Honor Roll         National Historically Black Colleges
                                                    Alabama A&M University                   Fellowship Fund
                                                                                                                                     & Universities Fellowship Fund

                                                    Fellowship Fund                          Florida A & M University FAMU
                                                                                             HBCU Honor Roll Fellowship Fund         Our Choice To Change The World -
                                                    Alabama State University - My ASU
                                                                                                                                     Spelman College Fellowship Fund
                                                    Fellowship Fund                          Florida Historically Black Colleges &

             AWARDS                                 Albany State University - Sigma          Universities Fellowship Fund            Rosa Parks Symposium Series
                                                    Gamma EAF Fellowship Fund                Florida Memorial University HBCU        Fellowship Fund
                                                    Ann McAllister Hughes Foundation         Honor Roll Fellowship Fund              Rosalind B. Griffin Mental Health
                                                    Fellowship Fund                          Fort Valley State HBCU Honor Roll       Endowment Fund
                                                    Avis Daisy Ellison Fellowship Fund       Fellowship Fund
                                                                                                                                     Savannah State University HBCU
                                                    Barbara F. Sutton Business               Georgia Historically Black Colleges &
                                                                                                                                     Honor Roll Fellowship Fund
                                                    Fellowship Fund                          Universities Fellowship Fund
       EAF currently manages 59 Fellowship                                                                                           Sophia D. Babridge HBCU
                                                    Benedict College HBCU Honor Roll         Hampton HBCU Honor Roll
      programs, with awards made in even-                                                    Fellowship Fund                         Fellowship Fund
                                                    Fellowship Fund
         numbered years. Unlike traditional                                                  Howard University HBCU Honor Roll       South Atantic Regional Conference
                                                    Bethune Cookman HBCU Honor
        fellowships, EAF Fellowship Awards          Roll Fellowship                          Fellowship Fund                         Chairman’s Mini-Grant Award
           do not require enrollment in an          Branching Out Fellowship Fund            Juanita A. Wilkinson                    Fellowship Fund
                                                                                             Fellowship Fund
      academic institution. They are granted        Bringing Out The STEM Visionaries                                                South Carolina Historically
                                                                                             Julia Brodgon Purnell Fund
      to individuals performing research and        of the World - Claflin University Fund                                           Black Colleges & Universities
                                                                                             Kafi Wilford Constantine Fellowship     Fellowship Fund
      projects with practical applications for      Capture The Promise
                                                    Fellowship Fund                          Kathleen Hill Dyer Mu Gamma             South Carolina State University
              improving quality of life.                                                     Omega Technology Fellowship Fund
                                                    Chelle Wilson 2013 NOLA Scholars                                                 Bulldog Tenacity Fellowship Fund
                                                    Fellowship Fund                          Kay Madry Sullivan Fellowship Fund
      Since these awards began in 1995, EAF                                                                                          Tennessee State University Honor
                                                    Chi Alpha Omega Fellowship Fund          L.H. Gilliam Leadership                 Roll Fellowship Fund
     has been pleased to support a wide range       Clark Atlanta University HBCU            Development Fellowship Fund
      of purposes, such as finding non-violent                                                                                       The Charm City Pearls Foundation
                                                    Honor Roll Fellowship Fund               Lillie C. L. Carswell Math
                                                                                                                                     / Psi Phi Omega Chapter Higher
     solutions to human disputes, conducting        Dimensions of Lifelong Learning -        Fellowship Fund
                                                                                                                                     Education Scholars Program Fund
     research on hypertension, and measuring        Morris College Fellowship Fund           Lillie King Lewis Fellowship Fund
                                                                                                                                     Trotter Farwest Chapter Archives
    the impact of nuclear testing on marine life.   Dixon “Dare To Be Different” Far         Linda Groomes Walton
                                                    Western Region Fellowship Fund           Scholarship Fund                        Award Fund
                                                    Dominicks Educational                    Margaret Blake Roach Mini-Grant         Trotter Fellowship Fund
                                                    Advancement Fellowship Fund              Award Fellowship Fund
                                                                                                                                     Tuskegee University Gamma Kappa
                                                    Dr. Dorri Phipps Fellowship Fund         Mary A McDowell Fellowship Fund         EAF Fellowship Fund
                                                    Dwana Lockett Fellowship Fund            Mississippi Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                                                     William Paterson University Alpha
                                                    Educational Enrichment “Think            Mona Calhoun HBCU                       Images Fellowship Fund
                                                    HBCU” Fellowship Fund                    Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                                                     Xi Zeta Omega Fellowship Fund
                                                    Edward Waters College HBCU Honor         Moore Life Learning
8                                                   Roll Fellowship Fund                     Fellowship Fund
Years 2019 - Educational Advancement ...
                                          Undergraduate Merit Scholar (Far Western Region)

                                      Alesha Bond is a junior attending Westmont College with a 3.14 GPA majoring in Sociology.
                                      As a child she was perplexed by the world around her and all who were actors within it. She
                                      craved to uncover hidden puzzles and connections between events and actions. As Alesha
                                      grew older her curiosity shifted from an interest in things to an interest in people and not
                                      only human beings as a whole but their contribution and influence to society. Her goal is
                                      to have some impact on this world no matter how minute, and she plans to do that first
                                      graduating with a degree in Sociology and then pursuing a Master’s in Criminology.

          					                                    JALON JACKSON
                   Undergraduate Merit Scholar (South Central Region)

  Jalon Jackson is a sophomore attending Prairie View A&M University.
  He is carrying a 3.7 GPA. Jalon has maintained honor status being on
  the Honor Roll in 2018 and in 2019, and is also a top candidate for the
  Honors Program. Jalon also belongs to the Residential Hall Association,
               the Psychology Club, and the Sounds of Faith Chapel Choir.

Promoting Lifelong Learning                                                                                                          9
Years 2019 - Educational Advancement ...
23               years of
             YOUTH P.A.C.
                                                               UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS:

                                                 2019 SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS:

      The “Youth Partners Accessing Capital”
     program, known as Youth P.A.C., involves
         young people in the philanthropic
        process. Since 1997, it has provided
                                                   M’Tajia Altman              Tyona Golden                   Raven Gunn
       awards and scholarships that support      University of Southern     University of Kentucky     University of West Georgia
        the healing, nurturing, learning and          Mississippi

      uplifting of youth through development
      of lifelong learning skills. The program
        pays large dividends by developing
           trained, capable future leaders.

          Youth P.A.C. is structured for
        undergraduate members of Alpha
     Kappa Alpha Sorority and chaired by the
       Foundation’s Second Vice President.

                                                   Jasmyne McCoy              Courtney Pauls                 Troi’ Williams
                                                    Harvard College       University of West Georgia   University of South Carolina

                                                                          ESSAY AWARDEES:

                                                                       Karrington Baisden         Taylor Bass
                                                                       Pepperdine University     Rhodes College


2019 SERVICE AWARD RECIPIENTS:                                           Kailah Johnson
                                                                          Montclair State
                                                                                                  Yoshi Rivera
                                                                                               University of Tampa
Kolor the Kanvas Kolor Run        Hamilton: Celebration
Kappa Tau                         Xi Beta
University of West Georgia        Stanford University
                                  (Pictured Above)
My Sister’s Keeper
Kappa Xi                          Lydia B. Hooks Scholarship Banquet
University of Nevada Las Vegas    Zeta Omicron
                                  Florida State University
The Emerging Young Ivies’ (EYI)
Lambda Theta                                                              Iman Saleem
Clemson University                                                        Michigan State
                 years of
                                       AUNTIE KAREN FOUNDATION
                                       Columbia, South Carolina
                                       2020 Legends of…Master Class
                                       and Concert Series keeps the
                                       legacy alive of African American
                                       music. Each year during Black

        ASSISTANCE                     History Month the series profiles
                                       a jazz, rhythm and blues, gospel,

                                       or blues artist who has made a
                                       lasting contribution to the history
                                       of music. This project will target
                                       65 underserved South Carolina
                                       Students (in Grades 6th-12th)
                                       allowing them to attend. Past
                                       Legends include: Al Jarreau (2006), Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds (2011), Gladys
     These awards assist individuals   Knight (2013), Chaka Khan (2015), and The Isley Brothers (2019).
      and organizations for specific
       civic, educational or human     DORIS AND CLARA COMMUNITY INITIATIVE (DCCI)
              service projects.        Oak Park, Illinois
                                       The Financial Literacy Academy (FLA) offers several programs. Programming is
                                       directed towards low-income school-aged children and their families in the North
                                       Lawndale Community on the westside of Chicago. This will teach them the skills
                                       and knowledge to manage financial resources effectively allowing them to fulfill
                                       personal, family, and global community goals as well as for a lifetime of financial
                                                                      well-being. Four programs will be offered for
                                                                      students in 5-12th grades, one program for their
                                                                      immediate family members, and one program for
                                                                      previous FLA participants aged 18-21 interested
                                                                      in entrepreneurship. DCCI envisions that by 2030
                                       the North Lawndale Community will have a significant decrease in the amount
                                       of vacant lots and abandoned properties and an increase in the amount of home
                                       ownership and wealth of current residents.

Lawrenceville, Georgia                                                                    Greensboro, North Carolina
Gwinnett Pearls of Service Foundation, Inc. is presenting the 2020 Greater Atlanta        Summer STEAM
HBCU College Fair. The 2020 HBCU College Fair is being developed to specifically          (Science, Technology,
address the needs of minority college-bound students in the state of Georgia. This        Engineering, Arts,
college fair is intended to address any issues and concerns many students face,           Mathematics) Academy
to strategically inform and discuss supportive networks, and provide avenues              will provide summer
that lead to a successful path to college. The 2019 HBCU                                  programming to 40
College Fair presented over 1500 students with the                                        North Carolina Students
opportunity to visit 36 HBCU colleges and universities.                                   (in Grades 5th-8th) with
The 2020 Project is expected to involve over 50 HBCU                                      the following goals:
colleges and universities.                                                                1) provide engaging hands-on sessions with STEAM
                                                                                          professionals from across the state; 2) increase
                                                                                          middle school students’ interest in STEAM careers;
INTERNATIONAL IVY EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION                                                  and 3) increase students’ self-confidence around
Perry, Georgia                                                                            STEAM subjects. The ten sessions will focus on a
                                                                                          different STEAM topic each week with a range of
Project Assist is a project targeting high school juniors and seniors to expose them
                                                                                          guest speakers and careers highlighted, concluding
to aspects of college life and assist them in their journey towards higher learning.
                                                                                          with a STEAM College and Career Fair.
The overall goal is to help students apply for and get admitted into college
focusing on the HBCU experience. Students will be able to research how to apply
for and get accepted into college, visit HBCU’s, participate in cultural activities in
that collegiate area, and attend college activities and events.

Decatur, Illinois
                  The Goal of the Mamie D. Hayes (MDH) Educational Foundation,
                  Inc. is to make a difference in the lives of students and educators.
                  MDH Educational Foundation, Inc. is interested in developing
                  a program for middle school students called College Bound
                  Classmates (CBC). The goal of this program is to provide middle
                  school minority students with academic and counseling support
                  to prepare to attend college and to expose students to the rich
academic and cultural history of HBCU’s. The CBC program will complete sample
college applications, discuss the financials of attending college, research schools,
begin to apply for scholarships, and connect prospective college students to resources.

     WESTBURY, INC.                                            Clifton, New Jersey
     Westbury, New York                                        The Silk City Pearls organization has an AKATeens Program which mentors young
     The Pearls and Ivy Foundation of Westbury, Inc. is        girls 7-12th grade. The organization has implemented the AKATeens Higher
     implementing the HBCU College Tour Sponsorship            Education Exploration Adventure Program to expand the horizons of their AKATeen
     Program. The purpose of this project is to expand         participants by exposing them to the benefits of higher education.
     their current HBCU College Tour Sponsorship               Specifically, the students will participate in an HBCU College Tour.
     Program with the objective of exposing more               The tour will allow female participants (grades 7-12th) to witness
     students attending Westbury High School (located          the Black college experience firsthand, as well as understand the
     in Westbury, NY) to the culture, programs, and            importance of the environment that fosters Black students and
     opportunities an HBCU campus has to offer. Their          encourages their excellence.
     goal is to expose and encourage 10-12th grade Black
     and Latino Students to pursue an HBCU education
     through their program. As additional funding will
                                                               1926 FOUNDATION, INC.
     permit, more students in this target group will be        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
     able to participate in and benefit from the tour.                                   In 2020 The 1926
                                                                                         Foundation, Inc.
     PEARLS OF WISDOM FOUNDATION, INC.                                                   will celebrate the
                                                                                         20th anniversary of
     Morristown, New Jersey                                                              hosting HBCU College
     The Pearls of Wisdom Foundation, Inc. proposes a                                    Tours. Thus, the 1926
     community service project to host a Historically Black    Foundation, Inc. has organized a 2020 HBCU
     College and University (HBCU) College Tour. This tour     for Life College Tour. It has hosted the HBCU
     would include visiting four HBCU colleges in two days,    Tour for Philadelphia High School Students for
     requiring a one-night hotel stay. The objective of the    the past four years. This organization wants to
     tour is to ensure that all students are exposed to the    expose Philadelphia students to other HBCU
     benefits of attending college and especially an HBCU,     campuses through the United States. Thus,
     focusing on 9-12th grade students with a priority given   the intent is to take 50 high school students
     to 11-12th grade students. The expected benefits are      from the Philadelphia area to visit the following
     to inspire and educate youth and their families on the    HBCU’s: Xavier University of Louisiana, Dillard
     importance of a college education.                        University, Jackson State University, Alabama
                                                               State University, Southern A & M University,
                                                               Miles College, Tuskegee University, and Florida
                                                               A & M University.

                years of
                                              2019 GIFT MATCH COMPANIES
                                                                                  Intel Corporation
                                                                                  Levi Strauss & Co

                                              Assurant Matching Gifts                 Marathon
                                                    Astra Zeneca                Nintendo of America

       PROGRAMS                            AT&T Higher Education/Cultural
                                          Matching Gift Program/Foundation
                                                                                 OneMain Financial
                                             Automatic Data Processing
                                                                                PEPSICO Foundation
                                                      Best Buy
                                                                                      Pfizer, Inc
                                                                                     Premier Inc.
   EAF is grateful to those companies        BP Matching Fund Program
                                                                               Prudential Financial Inc.
 and organizations with matching gift              Capital Group
  programs that help to maximize our               CDK GLOBAL
                                                                               Stanley Black & Decker
impact. Listed below are the companies        Chevron Matching Funds
 currently providing matching gifts to      Clorox Company Foundation
                                                                                State Farm Insurance
          employee donations.                    Dominion Energy
                                                                                    T. Rowe Price
                                                 Eaton Corporation
                                                                                  The Home Depot
                                           Enterprise Products Partnership
                                                                             Turner Broadcasting System
                                                                                  United Healthcare
                                                    Fannie Mae
   COMPANY MATCHING                                                             UnitedHealth Group
                                                    Freddie Mac
    GIFTS CAN DOUBLE                            Gilead Sciences, Inc

   YOUR EAF DONATION                                  Google
                                                                                 Verizon Foundation
                                                                               Voya Financial Services
                                                  IBM Corporation
  Please check with your company’s                                                  Warner Media
  Human Resources Department to
 determine if this option is available,
 and for the required documentation.

40          years of
                                                                                     GREAT LAKES


                                              FAR WESTERN


     SCHOLARS                           9%
                                              SOUTH CENTRAL

                                              SOUTH EASTERN
                                        5%                                                 SOUTH
          60%              40%                         10%
         GRADUATE      UNDERGRADUATE                                                                    1%

                                         63%           16%              3%             7%             1%          10%

              79%             21%        AFRICAN
                                        AMERICAN    CAUCASIAN           ASIAN        HISPANIC        NATIVE
                                                                                                    AMERICAN          N/A
              FEMALE          MALE

                                       BUSINESS 10%                   5%
                                                            ENGINEERING              LIBERAL ARTS  6%       SCIENCE14%
                                       ECONOMICS 2%         HEALTH 16%               OTHER 29%              THEOLOGY 3%
16                                     EDUCATION 10%        LAW 2%                   POLITICAL SCIENCE 3%
                                          Excellence in Music City
                                           Scholarship & Awards
                                            luncheon was held on
                                          June 28, 2019 during the
                                         AKA Leadership Seminar.
                                          With over 1,000 guests in
                                         attendance, we celebrated
                                           our 2019 scholars, and
                                             showed our heartfelt
                                              appreciation for our
                                          members, many donors,
                                        Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
                                           chapters and corporate
                                        partners who supported our
                                         mission over the past year.

                                           Thank you for
                                            our mission!

40               years of FISCAL

     Treasurer’s Message
      Greetings! I am delighted to report that while the Educational Advancement Foundation has made
      many important changes over our 40 years, our commitment to prudent stewardship of our finances has remained sacrosanct. We
      are proud of our current financial standing: our investments are stable, our asset base is strong, and we are in an excellent position to
      fulfill future needs. The statements presented here are unaudited and as of the fiscal year ended December 31, 2019.

      Assets at the end of the period were $18.24 million, up 23% from $14.81 million reported at the end of 2018. Liabilities totaled $172,113
      and consist mainly of $55,681 of scholarships payable, $19,302 of payroll, and $3,304 of capital lease obligations. In addition, the fund
      balance (net assets) was at $18.07 million at the end of 2019. The largest asset of the Foundation is the investment account which, at
      $14.16 million, represents 78% of total net assets.

      Revenues net of income from investments were $4.3 million, up 7% from the end of 2018. Revenues from membership dues were
      $870,652, contributions were $939,292 and donations to the permanent endowment totaled $2.25 million which includes over $1.1
      million raised during the HBCU Impact Day on September 11, 2019. Total expenses at year end were $3.4 million, up from 2.1 million
      in 2018.

      The number of endowments managed by the Foundation continues to grow. During 2019 we had a total of 441 endowments, of which
      260 are permanently restricted, capitalized funds. This is up from 387 total endowments, of which 247 were capitalized in 2018. This
      generous support ensures that our Foundation mission to promote lifelong learning will continue in uninterrupted fashion over the
      coming years.

                                        Thank you for your continued support. We appreciate the trust you place in our hands.

                                        Gayle Miles-Scott
                                        Gayle Miles-Scott, Treasurer

2019 Financials
TOTAL                                                                   MEMBERSHIP                 ENDOWMENTS
                                                                 2015 $645,280              2015        $621,439
REVENUES                                                         2016 $669,530              2016           $683,803
   97% Increase in Revenues                                      2017 $721,250              2017       $538,424
   from 2018-2019                                                2018 $809,910              2018 $2,299,235
                                                                 2019 $870,650              2019 $2,522,649
                                       $3,429,290                       CONTRIBUTIONS              INVESTMENT INCOME
                                                                 2015 $547,370              2015      $(15,794)
$1,798,296                                                       2016 $734,202              2016             $709,968
                                                                 2017 $814,588              2017      $1,616,524
                                                                 2018 $940,084              2018      $(619,955)
  2015         2016         2017         2018         2019       2019 $939,291              2019      $2,439,172

TOTAL                                                                   AWARDS & GRANTS            MANAGEMENT & GENERAL
                                                                 2015        $431,550       2015 $85,159
EXPENSES                                                         2016            $544,118   2016 $117,122

   63% Increase in Expenses                                      2017         $530,409      2017 $81,795
   from 2018-2019                                                2018 $662,536              2018 $154,979
                                                                 2019 $2,090,823            2019 $127,856

                                       $2,086,509                       PROGRAM SERVICES
           $1,627,699 $1,611,233
$1,462,770                                                       2015 $946,061
                                                                 2016 $966,459
                                                                 2017 $999,028
  2015         2016         2017         2018         2019       2018 $1,268,994
                                                                 2019 $1,186,352
2019 Financials (CONTINUED)
               TOTAL ASSETS                                              TOTAL                                                   NET ASSETS
       23% Increase in                                                   INVESTMENTS                                         23% Increase in
       Total Assets                                                20% Increase in Total 			                                 Net Assets
       from 2018-2019                                              Investments from 2018-2019                                from 2018-2019
                                             $18,242                                                                                                               $18,070
                                   $14,812                                                              $14,163                                          $14,703
                         $13,449                                                    $12,792                                                    $13,383
               $11,405                                                                        $11,848                                $11,313
     $10,227                                                               $9,991                                          $10,144

      2015     2016      2017      2018      2019                 2015     2016      2017      2018     2019                2015      2016     2017      2018         2019

                                                                  KAYLA TUCKER
                                                               Graduate Financial Need Scholar (North Atlantic Region)

                                                           Kayla Tucker attends Winthrop University, carrying a 3.934 GPA. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha
                                                        Sorority, Inc. and a member of the National Association of School Psychologists. As an Undergraduate she
                                                       studied psychology and human development at the University of Maryland which served as the foundation
                                                       for her interest in school psychology, the intersection of psychology and education. After graduation she
                                                       accepted a position as a faculty research assistant working primarily on evaluating an early childhood
                                                       education program in Washington, D.C. This kind of work solidified her decision to pursue a career in School
                                                       Psychology. Her personal goal is to serve children and families from a holistic perspective. Kayla’s career
                                                       plan is to work in an urban elementary or middle school as a School Psychologist, serving students from all
                                                       backgrounds and providing comprehensive mental health and special education services.

Leadership and Staff                          The Alpha Kappa Alpha Educational Advancement Foundation, Inc.
                                              (EAF) is a 501(c)(3) organization, established by Alpha Kappa Alpha
                                              Sorority, Inc. The Foundation and the Sorority share officers, elected
                                              by membership of the Sorority to serve 4-year terms.

       2020-2022                     Chelle Luper Wilson                                    Kay Scott
 BOARD OF DIRECTORS                            Secretary                            At-Large Director

             Glenda Baskin Glover            Gayle P. Miles Scott                         Cynthia D. Howell
             President                       Treasurer                                    AKA Executive Director

   Danette Anthony Reed              Terri Bradford Eason                             Erika V. Everett
      First Vice President              At-Large Director                     EAF Executive Director

             Jasmyne McCoy                   Phyllis L. Jones                             Martha Perine Beard
             Second Vice President           At-Large Director                            Parliamentarian

                                                                                   Rose Butler Hayes
Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson                    Challis Lowe
                                                                                  Human Resources
     Third Vice President               At-Large Director
                                                                                Committee Chairman

                                             Joyce Anne Hanks
                                             At-Large Director
                REGIONAL                               Candie L. Simmons                  Charnissa Holliday-Scott
            COORDINATORS                                        South Eastern                        Mid Western

              Susan Peevy                                           Angela Mosley Monts               Clara M. Browning Baity
              North Atlantic                                        South Central                     Far Western

           Arlene Skinner                           Joyce Q. Rogers, Esq.                 Denise Williams Mallett
              Mid Atlantic                                                Central                    International

              Darice E. Richard
              South Atlantic

     Jackie Davis-Betserai
              Great Lakes

                                  2020-2022 Regional Coordinators with
                                     Alpha Kappa Alpha, Incorporated®
                                        President Glenda Baskin Glover.

       Toni Taitt        Gregory Williams             Erika V. Everett
    Finance Manager    Membership Coordinator        Executive Director

    Antoinette James       Rachel Dixon            Gloria Pruitt
    Cash Management     Endowment Program       Scholarship Program
       Coordinator          Coordinator             Coordinator
General Fund Donations
                                        Chi Tau Omega Chapter                   Ivy League Educational Foundation    Psi Rho Omega
      $25,000 AND ABOVE                 Bonita C. Coe                           Kappa Lambda Omega                   Psi Theta Omega
     Nelda F. Burroughs                 Irene Coleman                           Monica K. Kaufman-Pearson            Billie K. Rayford
     Marriott International, Inc.       Kelly Coleman                           Janece R. Kerr                       Raymond James Global Account
     Martha Martin Trust Fund at 		     Community C.a.r.e.s. Foundation         Lebbonee Kittredge                   Rho Chi Omega
     JP Morgan Chase                    Tanya M. Crossley                                                            Rho Omicron Omega
                                                                                Ladies of the Lake Educational &
     Moody Global Ministries            Avis Meeks M. Day                       Charitable Foundation                Rho Pi Omega
     St. Lukes Hospital                 Delta Lambda Omega                      Ladies Of Vision Charities INC       Rho Zeta Omega
     State of Mississippi               Detroit Metro Convention &              Lambda Omega                         RTG Electric Corporation
                                        Visitors Bureau                         Lambda Pi Omega                      Jacqueline G. Scott
      $1,000 – $25,000                  Leona H. Dotson                         Alonzetta Landrum-Sims               Marshenell Sells
     Jacqueline B. Achong               Mildred A. Edwards                      Patricia A. Lee                      Crystal Y. Sewell
     Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.   Adaeze Enekwechi                        Felecia M. Leggett                   Edna Sheridan
     Alpha Mu Omega                     Epsilon Lambda                          Susan S. Marsh                       Marlena Shorter-Jones
     Amazon Smile                       Epsilon Nu Omega                        Denise M. Martin                     Shawn E. Simmons
     BP Matching Fund Program           The Essence of Ivy and Pearls           Trina Y. Y. McCorkle                 Sherry R. Simmons
     Peggy N. Baker                                                             Samantha McFarland                   Barbara J. Solomon
                                        Eta Upsilon Omega
     Catherine Barnes                                                           Milhouse Charities                   Elicia P. Spearman
                                        Eta Zeta Omega
     Cathy Beans                                                                Mu Gamma Omega                       Keisha W. Tanner
                                        Betty L. Everett
     Beta Omega                                                                 Mu Lambda Omega                      Tau Beta Omega
                                        Vena M. Ford
     Geraldine L. Boyles                                                        Naomi Fauntleroy                     Tau Zeta Omega
                                        Denise L. Foster-Williams
     Tonya J. Branch                                                            Network For Good                     Crystal R. Taylor
                                        Fourteen Karat Plus, Inc.
     Timothy and Mary A. Brown                                                  Omicron Eta Omega                    Twenty Pearls Heritage Foundation
                                        Gamma Nu Omega
     Franzella W. Buchanan                                                      Omicron Xi Omega                     Twenty Pearls Foundation Inc
                                        Gamma Omicron Omega
     Linda K. Burkley                                                           The Original Red Rooster             Twyla G. Woods-Buford
                                        Gamma Zeta Omega
     Delois W. Caldwell                                                         Reita J. Paul                        Donna G. Winn
                                        Tracy Gates
     Celestine W. Carter                                                        Pearls of Promise                    Xi Sigma Omega
     Chi Alpha Omega                    Bernadette H. Gray                      Renita D. Pettigrew                  Xi Zeta Omega
                                        Lorraine A. Griffin-Johnson             Pi Alpha Omega                       Zeta Rho Omega
                                        Daffney A. Henry                        Phi Lambda Omega
                                                                                Pink & Green Charitable Foundation
                                                                                                                      $500 – $999
                                        State of Illinois/Secretary of State/
                                        Comptroller                             Joyce E. Price                       Shaneca Adams
24                                      The Ivy Foundation Inc.                 Kamala L. Prince                     Jane H. Ajabu
Renee J. Allen                     Nu Tau Omega                        Todra L. Anderson-Rhodes       Olivia Brown
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.   Mitzi Dease D. Paige                Anonymous                      Kesha S. Burch
Anonymous                          Pearls Of Service Foundation Inc.   Tondalaire D. Ashford          Sharaneese Burr Cox
Beta Psi Omega                     Kathy R. Pettway                    Ron Austin & Associates LLC    Annette Bursey
Beta Sigma Omega                   Rho Upsilon Omega                   Donna Y. Backstrom-Jones       Clara M. Calloway
Sylvia Blackmon-Roberts            Rho Xi Omega                        Andrea Bailey-Dowling          Marva Campbell-Pruitt
Clari Benford                      Joyce Q. Rogers                     Tondalaire D. Ashford          Georgetta Y. Carr
Nashay K. Blocker                  Margaret B. Stanley                 Jody B. Banks                  Rhonda Carson
Janice Garrett E. Booker           Julia F. Thompson, Inc.             Marcia L. Banks                Donna E. Carter
Margaret S. Broadnax               Marilyn W. Thorne                   Valencia W. Bean               CDK Global
Mona Y. Calhoun                    Upsilon Epsilon Omega               Katina Beard                   Charmelle L. Chambers
Ronicsa M. Chambers                Upsilon Iota Omega                  Crystal R. Bell                Mary Chapman
Pamela G. Colbert                  Upsilon Omega                       Teena Bell                     Chi Eta Omega
Lynda J. DeLoach                   Vanessa M. Vavasseur                Veletta L. Bell                Chi Omicron Omega
Alisa R. Drayton                   Washington Drama Society            Clari Benford                  Chi Sigma Omega
East Carolina Ivy Foundation       Mary E. White                       Lorraine B. Benjamin-Matthew   Kate F. Civil
Eta Xi Omega                       Sharon D. Wilkins                   Denise L. Bennett              Dainelle N. Clark
Friends Of Elgie Sims              Zeta Sigma Omega                    Arla J. Bentley                Nefertara Clark
Gamma Eta Omega                                                        Velda Berryman                 Cluster IV
Linda Garrett-Jackson
                                    $100 – $499                        Beta Kappa Omega               Arlene Cohen
Jennifer L. Goings Smith           Yvonne B. Acey                      Beta Nu Omega                  Mary B. Conner
Teresa M. Grant                    Cheryl L. Adams                     Beta Pi Omega                  Audrey Cooper-Stanton
Cynthia L. Hale                    Ehireimen Adeyo                     Glenda L. Blakemore            Tamara Correa
Cecilia Hall                       Agape’ Care Providers Inc.          Lisa Bomrad                    Tanya M. Crossley
Nicole Harp                        Marilyn Akwo-Bekolo                 Nadine C. Bonds                Robin H. Hendricks Dakers
Schylbea J. Hopkins                Alamo City Tea Roses                Sheila M. Bonds                Deborah L. Dangerfield
Carneta HunteLarkin                Paulette M. Allen                   Karla L. Booker                Ethel M. Daniels
Karla R. Jones-Wilson              Alpha Alpha Eta Omega               Servelure Bostick              Myrtle Davis
Leadership Mentoring               Alpha Alpha Kappa Omega             Tonya J. Branch                Denise C. Dean
Opportunities Foundation           Alpha Beta Omega                    Lisa Branner                   Alisa E. Debnam
Mary Lepley                        Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority 		       Karen E. Breach-Washington     Delta Gamma Omega
Tracey R. Lewis                    Beta Pi Chapter                     Diane D. Brewer-Hill           Delta Omega Omega
Elise J. Mallory                   Alpha Kappa Omega                   Felicia Bridges
Kim M. McCray                      Alpha Lambda Omega                  Lora M. Bridgewater
Kimberly E. McLurkin-Harris        Alpha Omega Omega                   Carol A. Brokaw
Penelope S. Middleton              Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.    Gerald Brown
Ruby R. Moore-George               Alpha Tau Omega                     Mary Brown
Delta Phi Omega                 Marcia E. Fugate             Carole Coles Henley                Phyllis Y. Kitchens
     Delta Sigma                     Gamma Eta Omega              Wyvette R. Hoffman                 La Fondation Rose ET Verte De
     Simone M. Denny                 Gamma Omega Omega            Alexandria J. Holloway             Louisiane
     Barbara F. Dent                 Gamma Pi Omega               Deborah S. Holloway                Lady Boss Consulting CO. LLC
     Diamond Jubilee Pearls          Gamma Psi                    LaDonna W. Howell                  Cynthia W. Laing
     Educational FDN                 Brenda Ganaway               Sandra F. Hubbard                  Mary B. LaMar
     Carol R. Dixon                  Mildred Y. Gardner           Schundra D. Hubbard                Lamargo Sweezer Fischer
     Cora O. Dixon                   Charnette D. Garner          Ola G. Hudson                      Lambda Beta Omega
     Shariah Dixon-Turner            Tresa D. Garrett             Denise A. Hunter                   Lambda Sigma Omega
     Helena Dodson                   Valda O. Gibson              Anna P. Jackson                    Lynette M. Lapeyrolerie
     Peggy Earnest                   Lawanda H. Golar             Iota Eta Omega                     Aimee A. A. Laramore
     Eaton Corporation               Edith L. Gooden-Thompson     Iota Rho Omega                     Bettye L. Larkins
     Lynn Eaton                      Joycelyn Gordon              Gwendolyn H. Jackson               Cyril Laster
     Anita Edwards                   Latonia H. Gordon            Janice Jackson                     Carol D. Lawrence
     Carolyn F. Ellison              Shirley J. Gordon            Vertrina H. Jackson                Frankie Lee
     Epsilon Lambda                  Barbara Graham               Alice E. Jenkins                   Victoria Lewis
     Epsilon Psi Omega               Raimeka P. Graham            Anita C. Johnson                   Sarah L. Lewis-Weaver
     Epsilon Theta Omega             Delores A. Gray              Carla D. Johnson                   Denyse G. Littles-Cullens
     The Essence of Ivy and Pearls   Felicia S Gray               Cassandra R. Johnson               Lisa Mack
     Foundation                      The Greek Spot                                                  Doretha H. Maddox
                                                                  Chynna Johnson
     Eta Chi Omega                   Gwendolyn R. Russell Green                                      Saskia W. Madison
                                                                  Debra A. Johnson
     Eta Omega                       Dawn B. Griffin              Colena J. Johnson Kemp             Carrie M. Malenab
     Margaret A. Evans               Stacy L. Grooms              LeeAda Jones                       Stacey G. Mangham
     Terri L. Falker                 Carla Hall                   Virginia E. Jones                  Jene E. Martin
     Gwendolyn Ferguson              Tamra D. Hall                Jacquelin Jones-Gibbs              Judy C. Martin
     Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund   Cecily Jane Hammond          Brenda L. Jordan                   Barbara R. Mason
     Sonya Finney                    Carolyn Hantz                Nichole Jordan                     Erin Mathurin
     Diana Floyd                     Patricia B. Hairston         Indianapolis Alumni Chapter        Marion L. Mayfield
     Pamela N. Floyd                 Harriett J. Harper           Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.   LeAsonia McAuley
     Gail P Forest                   Wanda J. Harper              Kappa Nu Omega                     Ronita McClendon
     Karyn L. Fraction               Sharon D. Harris             Mary Kapsiak                       Lorraine R. R. McCullen
     Stacy Frierson                  Shelia J. Harrison           Konya K. Keeling-Johnson           Rhonda G. McDaniel
     Frances M. Frost                Diana Tucker Harrison        Deena M. Kegler-Ebo                Salana McElroy
                                     Joyce B. Harrison            Beverly Kelly-Swann                Judy R. McGriff
                                     Camille M. Harvey            Janece R. Kerr                     Patricia H. McGruder
                                     Shelia Head                  Marcletta R. Kerr                  Jeretha D. McKinley
                                     Erika E. Henley              The King Law Firm                  Kimberlee D. McLaurin
26                                   Lynette P. Henley            Phyllis G. Kirkland                Roslyn W. McQueen
Gerilyn A. Metoyer MD                Janine P. Pipkin           Denice L. Simon                   Clara J. Veal
Kim Middleton                        Crystal Pittman            Sonya Simril                      Anne B. Ward
Rolonda Mitchell                     Gloria D. Pleasont         Valerie Small-Williams            Karen K. Warren
Mary F. Moore                        Fernando Porter            Dawn K. Smith                     Washington Investment
DeVoyce C. Morris                    Cheryl C. Pressley         Denise D. Smith                   Properties LLC
Louise Moss-Fortune                  Rochelle S. Prestage       Lori L. Smith                     Keisha A. Washington
Mu Mu Omega                          LeShawndra N. Price        Karen M. Spruill                  Adrienne P. Pope-Kelly Washington
Mu Omega                             Psi Epsilon Omega          Veronica D. Stacker               Margaret H. Waters
Mu Theta Omega                       Psi Mu Omega               Addie E. Stanton                  Maggalean W. Weston
Elisa E. Murphy                      Psi Psi Omega              Frank Stanton                     Melissa White
Nat’l Coalition of 100 Black Women   Psi Rho Omega              La Shawn Stanton                  Darice E. Whitted
Loretta K. Neal                      Peggy Quince               State Farm Companies Foundation   Fredna T. Wilkerson
Nu Omega                             Janza W. Reese             Callie Lentz L. Stevens           Dorothy P. P. Williams
Nu Rho Omega                         Rho Epsilon Omega          Carolyn H. Stewart                Vernique P. Williams
Nu Xi Omega                          Rho Omicron Omega          Nezzie L. Stewart                 Williamson County Pearls of
Annette F. Okai                      Rho Phi Omega              Carla Scott-Strickland            Excellence
Omega Eta Omega                      Rho Pi Omega               Rosalie H. Stroman                Barbara Williamson
Omega Zeta Omega                     Marilyn K. Rhodes          Cynthia Strong                    Yulanda Williamson
Omicron Chi Omega                    Morrisa B. Rice            Staci C. Studesville              Carolyn L. Wilson
Omicron Iota Omega                   Darice Richard             Mariatu A. Swayne                 Jaylin Wilson
Omicron Lambda Omega                 Gusanita G. Roberson       Rhonda Taliaferro                 Sandra R. Wilson
Omicron Tau Omega                    Meeka Robinson             Tau Iota Omega                    Demetrius V. Windom
Anneice M. Owens                     Anita M. Rogers            Tau Zeta Omega                    Letha Woods
Debra D. Owens                       Jeanette W. Rogers         Theta Iota Omega                  Shirley Wright
Tara J. Pasteur                      Joyce Q. Rogers            Theta Omega                       Xi Alpha Omega
Frank Patton, M.D.                   Bonita E. Royster          Theta Phi Omega                   Xi Kappa Omega
Rhonda Perkins                       Jan M. Sanders-Smith       Laurise A. Thomas                 Xi Rho Omega
Eldra Perry                          Charnissa Holliday Scott   Patricia C. Thomas                Xi Upsilon Omega
Loretta Perry                        Jacqueline Scott           Joyce Thornton                    Hattie Thomas Yarbrough
Phi Gamma Omega                      Veronica W. Scott          Vickie E. Tomlin                  Zeta Lambda Omega
Phi Kappa Omega                      Constance Black B. Scott   Patricia T. Toney                 Zeta Phi Omega
Phi Phi Omega Chapter                Dana R. Scott-Person       Wilma H. Tootle                   Zeta Psi Omega
Phi Rho Omega                        Barbara Sharief            Doneeka Tucker
Phi Xi Omega                         Marlinda F. Shorter        Kay Tucker-Lawson
Phi Zeta Omega                       Nakiya Showell             Upsilon Psi Omega
Gwendolyn R. Phillips                Sigma Rho Omega            Upsilon Zeta Omega
Pi Gamma Omega                       SherKeria R. Simmons       Lashell M. Vaughn
Yolanda A. Pino                      Stephanie A. Simmons       Victoria Vaughn                                                       27
Chapter Donations
      $1000 OR MORE
                              Mu Lambda Omega       INTERNATIONAL        MID WESTERN
                              Omega Delta Omega     Eta Beta Omega       Beta Omega
     CENTRAL                  Omega Omicron Omega   Mu Gamma Omega       Mu Omega
     Alpha Mu Omega           Psi Upsilon Omega                          Mu Omega Omega
                                                    Mu Psi Omega
     Beta Gamma Omega         Rho Delta Omega
                              Sigma Delta Omega
                                                    Omega Theta Omega    NORTH ATLANTIC
     Chi Chi Omega
                                                    Phi Omicron Omega    Beta Alpha Omega
     Chi Omega Omega          Theta Alpha Omega
                                                    Pi Upsilon Omega     Delta Rho Omega
     Delta Chi Omega          Theta Theta Omega
                                                    Psi Delta Omega      Delta Sigma Omega
     Delta Delta Omega        Xi Gamma Omega
                                                                         Epsilon Omega
     Delta Phi Omega
                              GREAT LAKES           MID ATLANTIC         Epsilon Omicron Omega
     Eta Omega                                      Alpha Lambda Omega
                              Alpha Omega                                Epsilon Pi Omega
     Gamma Omega
                              Alpha Rho Omega       Alpha Phi Omega      Eta Omega Omega
     Lambda Tau Omega
                              Alpha Sigma Omega     Alpha Theta Omega    Iota Gamma Omega
     Omicron Eta Omega
                              Beta Eta Omega        Alpha Zeta Omega     Kappa Theta Omega
     Theta Omega
                              Delta Nu Omega        Beta Iota Omega      Nu Xi Omega
     Upsilon Mu Omega
                              Delta Psi Omega                            Omega Omega
     Xi Nu Omega                                    Chi Rho Omega
                              Eta Iota Omega                             Omicron Gamma Omega
                                                    Gamma Delta Omega
     FAR WESTERN              Eta Upsilon Omega                          Phi Beta Omega
                                                    Iota Omega
     Alpha Alpha Iota Omega   Gamma Phi Omega                            Phi Eta Omega
     Alpha Gamma Omega        Iota Iota Omega       Lambda Kappa Omega
                                                                         Pi Kappa Omega
     Alpha Nu Omega           Iota Nu Omega         Lambda Omega         Pi Mu Omega
     Delta Beta Omega         Lambda Phi Omega      Omega Lambda Omega   Pi Theta Omega
     Delta Zeta Omega         Lambda Pi Omega       Omicron Chi Omega    Psi Epsilon Omega
     Epsilon Xi Omega         Omega Epsilon Omega   Phi Omega            Psi Lambda Omega
     Eta Gamma Omega          Omega Xi Omega        Pi Rho Omega         Psi Omega
     Eta Lambda Omega         Phi Psi Omega                              Rho Gamma Omega
                                                    Rho Eta Omega
     Eta Rho Omega            Pi Tau Omega                               Rho Mu Omega
                                                    Rho Psi Omega
     Mu Beta Omega            Psi Eta Omega                              Rho Theta Omega
                                                    Sigma Tau Omega
     Mu Epsilon Omega         Sigma Omega                                Rho Xi Omega
                                                    Tau Phi Omega
                              Tau Alpha Omega                            Sigma Zeta Omega
                                                    Upsilon Omega
                              Theta Lambda Omega                         Tau Delta Omega
                              Xi Epsilon Omega      Xi Upsilon Omega     Tau Omega
                              Zeta Alpha Omega      Zeta Mu Omega        Theta Iota Omega
28                            Zeta Theta Omega      Zeta Pi Omega        Theta Kappa Omega
Theta Omega Omega           Psi Theta Omega             Omega Phi Omega
Theta Pi Omega              Sigma Omega Omega
                                                                                $25 TO $999
                                                        Omicron Rho Omega
Upsilon Epsilon Omega       Tau Epsilon Omega           Phi Phi Omega           CENTRAL
Xi Delta Omega              Tau Omicron Omega           Phi Pi Omega            Beta Epsilon
Xi Sigma Omega              Tau Pi Omega                Phi Tau Omega           Beta Rho Omega
Xi Zeta Omega               Theta Xi Omega              Pi Alpha Omega          Beta Upsilon Omega
Zeta Nu Omega               Upsilon Alpha Omega         Psi Alpha Omega         Chi Alpha Omega
                            Upsilon Omega Omega
SOUTH ATLANTIC                                          Psi Omega Omega         Chi Sigma Omega
                            Upsilon Xi Omega                                    Gamma Psi Omega
Alpha Alpha Epsilon Omega                               Psi Theta Omega
                            Xi Beta Omega                                       Lambda Alpha Omega
Alpha Pi                                                Sigma Omega Omega
                            Zeta Iota Omega
Beta Zeta Omega                                         Tau Epsilon Omega       Lambda Mu Omega
                            Zeta Rho Omega
Chi Tau Omega                                           Tau Omicron Omega       Mu Beta
                            Zeta Tau Omega
Delta Kappa Omega                                       Tau Pi Omega            Phi Kappa Omega
                            Zeta Upsilon Omega
Eta Alpha Omega                                         Theta Xi Omega          Pi Lambda Omega
                            Zeta Xi Omega
Eta Eta Omega                                           Upsilon Alpha Omega     Tau Gamma Omega
Eta Zeta Omega              SOUTH CENTRAL               Upsilon Omega Omega     FAR WESTERN
Gamma Nu Omega              Alpha Alpha Epsilon Omega
                                                        Upsilon Xi Omega        Chi Kappa Omega
Gamma Rho Omega             Alpha Pi
                                                        Xi Beta Omega           Delta Upsilon Omega
Gamma Tau Omega             Beta Zeta Omega
                                                        Zeta Iota Omega         Epsilon Eta Omega
Gamma Theta Omega           Chi Tau Omega
                                                        Zeta Rho Omega          Eta Lambda
Gamma Xi Omega              Delta Kappa Omega
                                                        Zeta Tau Omega          Eta Nu Omega
Gamma Zeta Omega            Eta Alpha Omega
                                                        Zeta Upsilon Omega      Eta Sigma
Iota Psi Omega              Eta Eta Omega
                                                        Zeta Xi Omega           Kappa Xi
Kappa Kappa Omega           Eta Zeta Omega
                                                                                Lambda Alpha
Kappa Omega                 Gamma Nu Omega              SOUTH EASTERN           Lambda Sigma
Kappa Omicron Omega         Gamma Rho Omega             Alpha Delta Omega       Mu Kappa
Lambda Epsilon Omega        Gamma Tau Omega
                                                        Beta Delta Omega        Rho
Lambda Xi Omega             Gamma Theta Omega
                                                        Beta Epsilon Omega      Sigma Lambda Omega
Nu Alpha Omega              Gamma Xi Omega
                                                        Beta Nu Omega           Sigma Pi Omega
Nu Iota                     Gamma Zeta Omega
                                                        Delta Theta Omega       Sigma Rho
Nu Lambda Omega             Iota Psi Omega
                                                        Eta Theta Omega         Tau Beta Omega
Omega Phi Omega             Kappa Kappa Omega
Omicron Rho Omega           Kappa Omega                 Kappa Lambda Omega      Tau Kappa
Phi Phi Omega               Kappa Omicron Omega         Lambda Eta              Tau Lambda
Phi Pi Omega                Lambda Epsilon Omega        Omicron Omega
Phi Tau Omega               Lambda Xi Omega             Phi Lambda Omega
Pi Alpha Omega              Nu Alpha Omega              Rho Lambda Omega
Psi Alpha Omega             Nu Iota                     Upsilon Eta Omega
Psi Omega Omega             Nu Lambda Omega             Upsilon Upsilon Omega                         29
Xi Kappa Omega        Alpha Psi Omega       Psi Rho Omega           Delta Iota
     Xi Pi                 Alpha Xi              Rho Mu                  Delta Pi Omega
     Xi Upsilon            Beta Chi Omega        Rho Omega Omega         Epsilon Iota Omega
     Zeta Sigma Omega      Beta Rho              Sigma Gamma Omega       Epsilon Sigma Omega
                           Chi Beta Omega        Sigma Iota Omega        Epsilon Upsilon Omega
                           Chi Omega             Sigma Kappa Omega       Iota Alpha Omega
     Alpha Lambda
                           Delta Xi Omega        Tau Delta               Iota Lambda Omega
     Alpha Omicron Omega
     Alpha Sigma           Eta Omicron Omega     Tau Omega Omega         Iota Psi
     Beta Beta Omega       Eta Phi Omega         Tau Zeta                Iota Tau Omega
     Beta Eta              Gamma Beta Omega      Theta Chi               Kappa Phi
     Delta Chi             Gamma Delta           Theta Rho               Lambda Beta
     Delta Phi             Gamma Gamma Omega     Upsilon Kappa Omega     Lambda Omega Omega
     Delta Pi              Gamma Iota Omega      Upsilon Omicron Omega   Mu Chi
     Delta Tau Omega       Gamma Lambda          Xi Phi Omega            Mu Delta
     Delta Zeta            Gamma Upsilon Omega   Zeta Epsilon Omega      Nu Eta
     Epsilon Chi           Iota Kappa Omega      Zeta Kappa Omega        Nu Mu
     Epsilon Mu Omega      Kappa Delta Omega     Zeta Omicron Omega      Nu Zeta Omega
     Iota Phi Omega        Kappa Iota Omega                              Omega Pi Omega
                                                 MID WESTERN
     Iota Sigma Omega      Kappa Omicron                                 Omicron Upsilon Omega
                                                 Alpha Chi Omega
     Lambda Mu             Kappa Rho Omega                               Omicron Xi Omega
                                                 Beta Kappa Omega
     Mu Alpha Omega        Lambda Chi                                    Pi Chi
                                                 Beta Omicron Omega
     Mu Upsilon            Lambda Gamma Omega                            Pi Epsilon
                                                 Beta Sigma Omega
     Omega                 Lambda Psi Omega                              Pi Iota Omega
                                                 Epsilon Alpha
     Rho Omega             Nu Chi                                        Pi Pi Omega
                                                 Epsilon Nu Omega
     Sigma Mu Omega        Nu Chi Omega                                  Pi Psi Omega
                                                 Eta Tau
     Tau Lambda Omega      Nu Eta Omega                                  Pi Xi Omega
                                                 Gamma Beta
     Zeta Beta Omega       Nu Rho                                        Psi Phi Omega
                                                 Iota Zeta Omega
                           Omega Iota Omega                              Rho Epsilon Omega
     INTERNATIONAL                               Kappa Pi
                           Omega Kappa Omega                             Rho Kappa Omega
     Rho Omicron                                 Rho Iota
                           Omega Sigma Omega                             Rho Phi
     Sigma Theta Omega                           Sigma Sigma Omega
                           Omicron Epsilon                               Rho Theta
     MID ATLANTIC                                Upsilon Theta Omega
                           Omicron Omega Omega                           Sigma Psi Omega
     Alpha Eta                                   Xi Tau Omega
                           Omicron Phi                                   Tau Alpha
     Alpha Phi             Omicron Pi Omega      NORTH ATLANTIC          Tau Eta
                           Omicron Psi Omega     Alpha                   Tau Sigma
                           Phi Chi Omega         Alpha Delta             Tau Xi
                           Phi Nu Omega          Alpha Omicron           Theta Epsilon Omega
                           Pi Epsilon Omega      Beta Lambda             Theta Phi Omega
30                         Psi Gamma Omega       Chi Theta Omega         Theta Psi Omega
Upsilon Delta Omega       Nu Omega Omega            Delta Eta Omega         Sigma Alpha Omega
Upsilon Tau Omega         Nu Rho Omega              Delta Iota Omega        Sigma Epsilon Omega
Upsilon Theta             Nu Tau Omega              Epsilon Beta Omega      Sigma Omicron Omega
Xi Chi Omega              Nu Upsilon Omega          Epsilon Chi Omega       Sigma Pi
Xi Omega                  Omicron Delta             Epsilon Omega Omega     Sigma Sigma
Zeta Omega                Omicron Omicron Omega     Epsilon Tau Omega       Sigma Tau
                          Pi Beta Omega             Eta Iota
SOUTH ATLANTIC                                                              Sigma Upsilon Omega
                          Pi Delta Omega            Gamma Pi Omega          Tau Pi
Alpha Alpha Beta Omega
                          Pi Eta Omega              Gamma Sigma             Tau Theta Omega
Alpha Alpha Theta Omega
                          Pi Phi                    Gamma Sigma Omega       Theta Omicron Omega
Beta Alpha
                          Pi Zeta Omega             Gamma Upsilon           Xi Omicron Omega
Beta Sigma
                          Psi Pi Omega              Iota Pi Omega
Chi Delta Omega                                                             Xi Pi Omega
                          Rho Eta                   Kappa Eta Omega
Chi Pi Omega                                                                Zeta Upsilon
                          Rho Rho Omega             Kappa Upsilon
Chi Psi Omega
                          Rho Sigma Omega           Kappa Upsilon Omega     SOUTH EASTERN
Chi Upsilon Omega
                          Rho Zeta Omega            Lambda Iota Omega       Alpha Alpha Gamma Omega
Delta Eta
                          Sigma Alpha Omega         Lambda Kappa            Beta Tau
Delta Eta Omega
                          Sigma Epsilon Omega       Lambda Rho Omega        Beta Xi Omega
Delta Iota Omega
                          Sigma Omicron Omega       Mu                      Epsilon Epsilon
Epsilon Beta Omega
                          Sigma Pi                  Mu Iota Omega           Iota Mu Omega
Epsilon Chi Omega
                          Sigma Sigma               Mu Pi                   Lambda Eta Omega
Epsilon Omega Omega
                          Sigma Tau                 Nu Delta Omega          Mu Epsilon
Epsilon Tau Omega
                          Sigma Upsilon Omega       Nu Gamma                Mu Mu
Eta Iota
                          Tau Pi                    Nu Omega Omega          Nu Epsilon Omega
Gamma Pi Omega
                          Tau Theta Omega           Nu Rho Omega            Nu Xi
Gamma Sigma
                          Theta Omicron Omega       Nu Tau Omega            Omicron Alpha Omega
Gamma Sigma Omega
                          Xi Omicron Omega          Nu Upsilon Omega        Omicron Chi
Gamma Upsilon
                          Xi Pi Omega               Omicron Delta           Pi Zeta
Iota Pi Omega
                          Zeta Upsilon              Omicron Omicron Omega   Rho Chi Omega
Kappa Eta Omega
Kappa Upsilon             SOUTH CENTRAL             Pi Beta Omega           Theta Sigma
Kappa Upsilon Omega       Alpha Alpha Beta Omega    Pi Delta Omega          Upsilon Eta
Lambda Iota Omega         Alpha Alpha Theta Omega   Pi Eta Omega            Xi Iota Omega
Lambda Kappa              Beta Alpha                Pi Phi                  Zeta Eta Omega
Lambda Rho Omega          Beta Sigma                Pi Zeta Omega
Mu                        Chi Delta Omega           Psi Pi Omega
Mu Iota Omega             Chi Pi Omega              Rho Eta
Mu Pi                     Chi Psi Omega             Rho Rho Omega
Nu Delta Omega            Chi Upsilon Omega         Rho Sigma Omega
Nu Gamma                  Delta Eta                 Rho Zeta Omega                                    31


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