PROGRAM INFORMATION   1
We passionately believe in the value and efficacy of Massage Therapy. We strive to provide the
  highest quality of education available in the world today in the field of Registered Massage
Therapy. We are committed to providing our exemplary educational experience in a warm and
                            caring professional learning community.


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         Program Curriculum ……………………………………………………………….                             12

         Term Overview ………………………………………………………………………                                13

         Optional Board Examination Preparatory Program ………………………..               14

         Integrating Theory & Practice Clinical Practicum …………………………..            14

         Application Procedure ……………………………………………………………                            15

         Tuition, Books, & Supplies …………………………………………………..……..                     15

         Term Dates ………………………………………………………………………….                                 17

         Student Loans ………………………………………………………………………                                17

         Community Resources for Students ……………………………………………                       19

        Premier Partnership Program ……………………………………………………                          21

        Career Portal ……………………………………………………………………….                                21

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The Best Choice in Registered Massage Therapy Education

Over 35 Years of Proven Success is the WCCMT Difference

At WCCMT we provide Competency-based education at a Mastery level of education and
training in the respected healthcare field of Registered Massage Therapy.

Our rigorous 20-month RMT program will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes
you need to provide safe, effective, and ethical patient care.

Known nationally and internationally for excellence in massage therapy education and
training, WCCMT graduates are the graduates of choice for discerning employers looking for
the best massage therapists in the industry today.

 What a WCCMT Education Can Offer You

   •   An opportunity to study with the founding College of Massage Therapy Education in
       British Columbia, that was responsible for the initiation and development of the medical
       model approach to massage therapy in British Columbia.
   •   One of the most highly recognized and respected registered massage therapy training
       institution in the world today.
   •   RMT employees of choice in North America and worldwide.
   •   Highly credentialed instructors; Medical Doctors, Ph.Ds., Chiropractors, Naturopathic
       Physicians, and Registered Massage Therapists.
   •   Fully accredited for over 20 years.
   •   Over 35 years of proven experience and success in registered massage therapy
   •   The College and its leaders have been recognized and or awarded by the Financial
       Post, the M.S. Society, Parkinson’s Society, Friends for Life, The City of New Westminster,
       The Council of Massage Therapy Schools of Canada, The Boucher Institute of
       Naturopathic Medicine, and Leading Spas of Canada.
   •   One of the most extensive clinical practicum programming in the industry today.
   •   Articulation agreements with Thompson Rivers University, Athabasca University, and the
       University College of the Fraser Valley.
   •   Licensure examination tutorial program and preparatory mock board exam.

Program Outline

 Brief Program Description
                               The purpose of WCCMT’s Competency Based Mastery Level
                               RMT Program of study is to educate and train students in the
                               knowledge, skills and aptitudes required to successfully meet
                               entry to practice requirements for the healthcare field of
                               Registered Massage Therapy.
                               This program is intended to prepare students for entry to
 Occupation* (if
                               practice in the field of Registered Massage Therapy.

 Admission Requirements               Transcript of proof of minimum high school graduation
                                      Proof of completion of an Introduction to Massage course
                                      3 signed original character reference letters
                                      Medical note from physician
                                      Student budget worksheet
                                      Application essay
                                      Current resume
                                      Criminal record check
                                      Educational interview
                                      Language proficiency assessment policy and
                                      procedure for students whose first language is not
 Learning Objectives*        Upon completion of this program the successful student will have
                             reliably demonstrated the ability to:
                             Acquire and integrate knowledge and understanding of Health
                             Science curriculum based on the College of Massage Therapists of
                             British Columbia’s Guidelines for Foundational Knowledge

Program Outline              Fulfill clinical competency requirements outlined in the Inter-
                             Jurisdictional Practice Competencies and Performance Indicators
                             for Massage Therapists at Entry-to-Practice
                             Apply knowledge and skills in the classroom and in the College’s
                             student intern clinic and outreach practicum settings.
                             Provide safe, effective and ethical Registered Massage Therapy
 Method(s) of Evaluation*
                              All methods of evaluation are included in course outlines.

Completion Requirements*
                            All students must complete each course in the program with a
                            minimum passing grade of 70%. All students must also complete
                            550 hours of clinical internship which includes on-site clinical
                            practicum and outreach practicum.
 Program Duration
                            The RMT program consists of 2423 instructional hours, a total of
                            eighty - six (86) weeks in duration.

 Homework Hours             In order for a student in the RMT program to be successful, he/she
                            will require to put in a minimum of 18-21hours/week of study and
                            review outside of schoolwork, for the entire duration of the

 Delivery Method(s)
                            Indicate how the program is delivered
                               In-class instruction
                               Distance education
                               Combined delivery (both in-class and distance)

Required course materials   TEXTBOOKS: Not provided as part of tuition fee, students must
                            purchase independently. (Please note this text book list is subject to
                            change. Students should confirm required texts prior to purchase)

                            TERM 1
                            Principles of Anatomy & Physiology 16th Ed., Tortora & Derrickson
                            Atlas of Human Anatomy 7th Ed., Frank H. Netter
                            Ethics and Professionalism, Cidalia Paiva
                            Messages – The Communication Skills Book 3rd Ed., McKay/ Davis/
                            Orthopedic Physical Assessment, 6th Ed., Magee
                            Modern Hydrotherapy for the Massage Therapist, Marybetts Sinclair
                            Outcome-Based Massage. Putting Evidence into Practice, 3rd Ed.,
                            Andrade. CK
                            Muscles: Testing and Function with Posture and Pain, 5th Ed., Kendall
                            The Muscular System Manual, 5th Ed., Muscolino

                            TERM 2
                            Brunnstrom’s Clinical Kinesiology 6th Ed., Houglum
                            Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction The Trigger Point Manual,
                            Donnelly, Joseph
                            Clinical Massage Therapy, Rattray, Ludwig
                            Pathology for Health Professions 5th Ed., Ivan Damjanov

                            TERM 3
                            Therapeutic Exercise – Foundations & Techniques, 7th Ed., Kisner &
                            Making Sense of Research 2nd Ed., Martha Brown Menard
Textbook of Disorders and Injuries of the Musculoskeletal System,
3rd., Salter
Management of Common Musculoskeletal Disorders, 4th Ed. Hertling
& Kessler

All previously required textbooks.

All previously required textbooks.

Clinical Anatomy by Regions, 9th Ed., Snell
Pathology: Implications for the Physical Therapist, 4th Ed., Goodman
Massage Therapy and Medications, Persad

MATERIALS AND SUPPLIES: Not provided as part of tuition fee,
students must purchase independently.
   • Linens
   • Miscellaneous school supplies (pens, binders, etc.)

UNIFORM, EQUIPMENT AND OTHER: Not provided as part of tuition
fee, students must purchase independently.
   • Clinic Uniform
   • Stethoscope
   • Blood Pressure Cuff
   • Massage Table
   • Completion of Standard First Aid, Level “C” with AED

Title of Course/Work Experience Component          # of Hours
Term 1

Anatomy & Physiology I                          90
MSAK I Lecture                                  105
MSAK I Lab                                      80.5
Manual Skills I                                 105
Clinical Assessment                             49
Ethics & Professionalism                        27
Professional Communication                      18
Term 2

Anatomy & Physiology II                         45
MSAK II Lecture                                 90
MSAK II Lab                                     52.5
Manual Skills II                                98
Neurology I PNS                                 45
General Pathology I                             36
Health Regulation                               15
Clinic Internship I                             98
Term 3
Anatomy & Physiology III                        84
Neurology II CNS                                72
Systemic Treatments I                           35
General Orthopedic Treatments                   98
Therapeutic Exercise                            52.5
Research and Academic Writing                   36
Clinic Internship II                            98
Term 4
Regional Orthopedic Treatment                   77
Orthopedic Pathology                            45
Anatomy and Physiology IV                       39
General Pathology II                            66
Systemic Treatments II                          35
Joint Mobilizations                             35
Clinic Internship III                           196
Term 5
Neurological Assessment & Treatments            66.5
Business Practice Management                    39
Pain & Stress                                   35
Consolidated Health Science                     17.5
Clinical Case Presentation                      24.5
Medications                                     18
Surgery                                         15
Spinal Orthopedic Treatment                     42
Consolidated Practice                           21
Mock Oral Practical                             26
Clinic Internship IV                            196

About Our Program

Academic Prerequisite

Applicants must have a minimum of high school graduation. Applicants who do not yet have
a high school diploma should contact their local school district or a post-secondary institution
that offers the Adult Basic Education (ABE) program in order to obtain their Adult Dogwood
Diploma. WCCMT recommends South Island Distance Education School (SIDES)

Practical Prerequisite

All applicants must have a minimum level of experience in introductory massage. This
prerequisite can be met by the following criteria:

Successful completion of the Introduction to Massage Therapy Weekend Course (one
weekend) at WCCMT. An evaluation (practical exam and quiz) of the applicant’s ability to
learn basic skills will be conducted and the results will be forwarded to the Admissions
Committee. Applicants must achieve 75% or better on this evaluation in order to proceed with
their application. Applicants must take this course prior to the document deadline date to
allow for the utilization of the skills learned prior to the start of the program and so that the
Admissions Committee can assess their performance prior to acceptance. The cost of the
Introduction to Massage Course is $300 to be paid in full at the time of registration. Please
refer to our registration form for course dates.

Length        5 terms, each term being 15 weeks in length
              6 - 7 Hours in-class time per day
              Clinical Practicum Internship in Semesters 2-5

Education     $32,500.00 (Tuition is subject to change)

Start Dates   January and September

Additional    First Aid and Level “C” CPR (before Term 2)
Costs         Textbooks – approximately $2200.00
              Supplies – approximately $775.00
              Massage Table – approximately $800.00

Language Assessment Proficiency Policy and Procedure

All teaching and assessments at WCCMT are in English. Therefore, all students applying to
WCCMT for admission whose first language is not English must satisfy the College that they
have the required command of the English language to be successful in our program of study.

Students applying for admission to WCCMT whose first language is not English must
demonstrate the following language competencies:

   •   The ability to speak and communicate in English
   •   The ability to listen and understand English
   •   The ability to read and understand in English
   •   The ability to demonstrate basic English writing skills

Students whose first language is not English can demonstrate that they meet language
competency requirements as per the below listed:

   •   Successfully undertake either the IELTS, TOEFL or Can Test
   •   Complete formal education in an approved English language school which offers a
       program of study equivalent to TOEFL such as Inlingua Vancouver
   •   2 Years of full time study at a secondary or college level in a country where English is
       an official language or language of common usage

Minimum Requirements for English Language Testing

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

The minimum requirement is an overall band score of 6.0 (academic module) no more than 2
years before the start of the program

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Internet Based Test, minimum requirement is an
overall score of 25 in each element. The minimum requirement is 550 in the paper-based test

Canadian Test of English for Scholars and Trainees (Can Test) – only in Ontario

Must achieve scores of 4.5 in listening, 4.5 in reading and 4.0 in writing

The College will not proceed with any application from any student whose first language is
not the language of instruction until the prospective student has demonstrated that he/she
has met language competency requirements.


   1. Proof of English language proficiency must be provided prior to an offer of admission
      into the program.

2. Students must submit their proof of English Language Proficiency via the provision to
   the College of official documentation as per any of the above which demonstrate
   proof of fulfillment of the Colleges English Language Proficiency requirements.
3. The College prefers that documentation come directly from the testing agency/school
   however will also accept documents if these are the originals and not photocopies via

•   E-mail to vicadmissions@collegeofmassage.com
•   In person at WCCMT, Victoria
•   Mail to:
    WCCMT Victoria Campus
    100 – 818 Broughton Street
    Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4

20-Month Payment Schedule

                            Term 1        Term 2        Term 3          Term 4      Term 5     Total

   * Enrolment Fee       $2,500.00

          #1             1,904.00        2,250.00    2,250.00          1,800.00   1,800.00

          #2             1,900.00        2,250.00    2,250.00          1,800.00   1,800.00

          #3             1,900.00        2,250.00    2,250.00          1,800.00   1,800.00

      Term Total

                          $8,204.00      $6,750.00    $6,750.00        $5,400.00 $5,400.00   $32,504.00

      Book Costs          $1,050.00      $562.00      $418.00

 * Enrollment fee due 10 business days after application submission.

      Books & tuition costs are subject to change

For information purposes only. Tuition payments will be stated in your contract.

Program Curriculum

Term                                       Hours   Classes   Term                                         Hours   Classes
 1     Orientation                            3         1     5     Neurological Assessment                66.5       19
       Anatomy & Physiology 1                90        30           Business Practice Management             39       13
       MSAK 1 Lecture                       105        35           Pain & Stress                            35       10
       MSAK 1 Lab                           80.5       23           Consolidated Health Science            17.5        5
       Manual Skills 1                      105        30           Clinical Case Presentation             24.5        7
       Clinical Assessment                   49        14           Medications                              18        6
       Ethics and Professionalism            27         9           Surgery                                  15        5
       Professional Communication            18         6           Consolidated Practice                    21        6
                             Term Totals   474.5      147           Mock Op's                                26       7.5
                                                                    Spinal Orthopedic Tx                     42       12
 2     Anatomy & Physiology 2                45        15           Clinic Internship 4                     196       28
       MSAK 2 Lecture                        90        30                                   Term Totals   500.5      119
       MSAK 2 Lab                           52.5       15
       Manual Skills 2                       98        28
       Neurology 1 PNS                       45        15                                 Program Total    2423
       General Pathology I                   36        12
       Health Regulations                    15         5
       Clinic Internship 1                   98        14
                             Term Totals   479.5      134

 3     Anatomy & Physiology 3                84        25
       Neurology 2 CNS                       72        24
       Systemic Treatments 1                 35        10
       General Orthopedic Tx                 98        28
       Therapeutic Exercise                 52.5       15
       Research                              36        12
       Clinic Internship 2                   98        14
                             Term Totals   475.5      131

 4     Anatomy & Physiology 4                39        13
       General Pathology II                  66        22
       Regional Orthopedic Tx                77        22
       Systemic Treatments 2                 35        10
       Orthopedic Pathology                  45        15
       Joint Mobilizations                   35        10
       Clinic Internship 3                  196        28
                             Term Totals    493       120

Term Overview

                       Term 1                                                      Term 4

In term one of our Competency-Based Mastery              With the deepening and enhancement of clinical
Level program, students are introduced to                skills and critical thinking abilities in term four, students
Anatomy            and          Physiology        and    are ready to treat more challenging orthopedic and
Musculoskeletal Anatomy which forms the core             systemic conditions utilizing advanced treatment
expertise base for RMTs. In addition, students are       techniques typically utilized by registered massage
introduced to the palpation, manual and                  therapists for managing these conditions.
assessment skills required for clinical practice and
finally, to the subjects of Ethics and Professionalism                             Term 5
and Communication which support them in
understanding and fulfilling their professional role     In term five, students are introduced to several
as regulated healthcare professionals in British         advanced techniques. They are also introduced to
Columbia.                                                the business and practice management skills they will
                                                         need to support them in building and operating
                       Term 2                            successful massage therapy practices as well as
                                                         provided     with   a   review   of   Ethics   and
In term two, students continue to build on the           Professionalism. At the completion of term five
foundational knowledge they have acquired in             students are confidently prepared to undertake the
Anatomy and Physiology one and deepen and                CMTBC’s licensure examination for entry to practice.
develop this knowledge by expanding it to include
Pathology and Neurology. In term two students
also deepen and expand their palpation and
manual skills. Additionally, students begin to
integrate theory and practice by beginning their
internship in our professional intern clinic where
they provide relaxation-oriented massage therapy
to the general public.

                       Term 3

In term three, students continue to build and
advance their critical thinking and reasoning skills
in order to support them in effective clinical
management. Students are introduced to
numerous soft tissue complaints and conditions
which RMTs typically treat and are introduced to
therapeutic exercises. With increased knowledge
and skill and the enhanced ability to integrate
knowledge and skills students in term three are
provided with the opportunity to begin treating soft
tissue pathologies in our professional student intern

Optional Board Examination Preparatory Program

In order to support our students in successfully completing their provincial board exams upon
graduation from WCCMT, we offer as an optional supplement to our 20-month Competency
Based Mastery Level program, health & clinical science review classes to support students in
retaining and maintaining currency in their knowledge in Health & Clinical Science subject

Additionally, we also provide our students with the opportunity to undertake an online mock
board examination exercise in order to support them in retaining currency and continuing to
build their skills in Clinical Sciences in preparation for their licensure examination.

 Integrating Theory and Practice- WCCMT's Professional Intern Clinic

For over 35 years WCCMT has been offering one of North America's most extensive clinical
practicum training program on site in our Professional Intern Clinic.

Our Professional intern clinic provides our interns with the opportunity to integrate theory and
massage skills and techniques and practice what they have learned in the classroom with the
guidance and support of some of the most experienced, practicing clinical supervisors in the
industry today.

Our clinical facility offers a relaxing reception/waiting area and 8 professional treatment

In-reach Clinics

WCCMT also provides treatments for special population groups including: Multiple Sclerosis,
Stroke, Cancer, Parkinson’s, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Central Nervous System Disorders, Stress,
Anxiety, Depression, and Pregnancy.

Outreach Clinics

WCCMT offers one of the most diverse and comprehensive outreach programs in the industry
today. Developed in over 35 years of practice in British Columbia, WCCMT's sponsors and
partners provide our students with the opportunity to treat a wide variety of patient
populations presenting with diverse massage therapy pathologies and conditions.
Some of our outreaches include Nigel House, Mount St. Mary’s, Garth Homer, Luther Court,
Victoria Native Friendship Centre, Berwick House, and the Royal Jubilee Hospital.

Application Procedure

Applications will be reviewed with equal opportunity for acceptance into the program. Those
chosen will be notified of acceptance after successful completion of a final education
interview. Applications for the January and September intakes should be submitted in
advance of the program start date to allow for the necessary time required to process and
consider your application. Application deadlines must be stringently followed to ensure timely
consideration of your application. Late applications may not be considered but may defer to
the next available intake.

Applications must be completed and meet minimum prerequisite requirements before a
required education interview is scheduled. Interviews are designed to ascertain suitability for
the program and to clarify expectations. Academic and personal achievements, which
demonstrate an ability to commit and be effective within a professional training program, will
be in the applicant’s favor.

Please follow the instructions on the application process form carefully to ensure processing
without delay. A complete application, which meets all requirements, does not constitute a
guarantee of acceptance. Every attempt should be made to submit your application as early
as possible.

For more information on the required documents to complete an application and the
deadline dates, please contact Admissions at (250) 381-9800 ext 227.

 Tuition, Books, & Supplies


Unlike public colleges and universities, WCCMT is not subsidized by the government and is
therefore supported entirely by fees. In addition to tuition, WCCMT collects fees from the public
for student intern treatments in our public clinics. While these fees do not cover the cost of
operating the clinics, they do contribute to reducing the amount WCCMT is required to charge
for tuition. Tuition is raised periodically, as required, based on increase in operation costs.

Tuition for WCCMT’s Registered Massage Therapy Diploma program is $32,500 and is not
subject to GST.

Books and Supplies

WCCMT does not supply the sales of textbooks and supplies to students; however, a list of
required and recommended textbooks is supplied at the start of each term. In addition to the
textbooks, students are responsible for acquiring their own portable treatment table for
practical homework and outreach treatment use.

Most required textbooks are available through the University of Victoria Bookstore. We
estimate the approximate cost of books and supplies to be $3,800.00.

The following is a sample list of supplies you can expect to be purchasing while in school:
** For information purposes only

   •   Must have a computer with a hard drive. A tablet will NOT be sufficient
   •   Internet Access
   •   Portable Massage Table – can be second-hand
   •   Thermophore Moist Heating Pad – must be large size- 14” X 27” (can be purchased at
       Rexall, Relaxus, Health Med, Massage Therapy Supply Outlet, or other online vendors)
   •   Two (2) sets of twin flat sheets
   •   Two (2) pillowcases
   •   Two (2) medium weight hand towels
   •   Two (2) face clothes
   •   One (1) bath towel
   •   Blood Pressure Cuff – must be a manual cuff with stethoscope (no digital cuffs)
   •   Soft measuring tape
   •   Goniometer
   •   Clipboard
   •   Blanket
   •   Combination lock or similar device

Term Dates

The Registered Massage Therapy Diploma Program consists of five terms at fifteen weeks each
with a two or three week break in between each term.

** Dates are subject to change and are for information purposes only **

September 2021
1 – September 7, 2021- December 17, 2021
2 – January 3, 2022- April 15, 2022
3 – May 2, 2022- August 12, 2022
4 – September 6, 2022- December 16, 2022
5 – January 2, 2023- April 14, 2023

January 2022
1 – January 3, 2022- April 15, 2022
2 – May 2, 2022- August 12, 2022
3 – September 6, 2022- December 16, 2022
4 – January 2, 2023- April 14, 2023
5 – May 1, 2023- August 11, 2023

 Student Loans

When should I send in my loan application?

In order to receive your loan by the start date of classes you should send in your application a
minimum of 6 weeks prior to the start date of your program.
New students: can apply for student loans once they have applied to the program.
Enrolled students: can apply in the term prior to when the loan is to be awarded.

What is the maximum award available through the federal and provincial student loans
(StudentAid BC)?

As of August 1, 2008, the Canadian Student loan maximum assistance is 60 percent of assessed
need, up to a maximum of $510 per week of study for students with dependent children and
$320 per week of study for students without dependents.

What is the latest I can apply for a loan for a program of study?

All loan applications for a particular study period must be received no later than 8 weeks prior
to the end of that study period. This means a correctly completed application as well as any
reassessments, appeals or transfers.

How many applications will I have to make over the 20 months?

The average student will have to make 2 applications during the program.

What is the school’s involvement in the loan application process?

   a)    The responsibility of completing the student loan application and process falls on the
         student, however students can make an appointment to meet with the school’s
         financial aid advisor to discuss the loan application process.
   b)    The school is responsible for completing an automatically generated online
         Appendix 3 form provided by StudentAid BC once a student has submitted their
         application online through the StudentAid BC website. The school is also responsible
         for confirming a student’s enrollment. WCCMT will not confirm a student’s enrollment
         until they are in attendance on the first day of Term 1. StudentAid BC will disperse
         funds into the student’s account approximately 7-10 business days later.

Can I apply online?

Yes. You will need your SIN number. Students will receive a Notice of Assessment which will
provide information on how much you will be receiving, how the amount was calculated and
when it will be received.

You can go to the website to print off information and check the status of your student loan:


If a student wants to dispute their loan application what do they do?

If a student wishes to dispute their loan application, they can do one of 2 things:

   a)    You can request a reassessment by completing an Appendix 7 (Request for
         reassessment). This process is used only if there was incorrect information filled out
         on the application or if the student’s financial situation has changed.
   b)    You can appeal your loan amount only for something out of the ordinary. You will
         be assessed based on information given and only if there are exceptional
         circumstances can you appeal your loan.

Before you appeal you need to have an understanding of why you did not get the full
   amount. Refer to the Appendix 6 information which states the criteria required in order to

What course load do I need to maintain full-time status?

A student has withdrawn from full-time studies if the student does not maintain a course load
of 60% for the entire length of their study period. If a student has been absent for more than
20% of the prescribed attendance, they are considered to have withdrawn from the program.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my loan?

Student Services Branch                            National Student Loans Service Centre
Ministry of Advanced Education                     Private Institutions Division
                                                   PO Box 779, Station U
                                                   Toronto, ON M8Z 5P9
                                                   P: 1-866-576-7452 F: 1-866-587-7453

 Community Resources for Students

Learning Supports for Students at WCCMT


Social Supports for Students at WCCMT


Homestay Options

  HOMESTAY.COM                https://www.homestay.com/
  USEDVICTORIA.COM            http://www.usedvictoria.com/
Room/Apartment Rental

  USEDVICTORIA.COM              http://www.usedvictoria.com/
  CRAIGSLIST.CA                 https://victoria.craigslist.ca/
  KIJIJI.CA                     https://www.kijiji.ca/h-victoria-bc/1700173
  ROOMATES.CA                   https://www.roommates.ca/
  UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA        https://www.uvic.ca/residence/home/home/off-campus/

Health Insurance Providers

  BLUE CROSS CANADA                        www.bluecross.ca
  GREEN SHIELD CANADA                      www.greenshield.ca
  GUARD ME INTERNATIONAL                   www.guard.me
  MANULIFE                                 https://www.coverme.com/products/health-dental-

Community & Cultural Services

  IMMIGRANT SERVICES         https://issbc.org/
  SOCIETY OF BC (ISSBC)      604-522-5902

  INTER-CULTURAL ASSOC.      http://www.icavictoria.org/
  OF GREATER VICTORIA        250-388-4728

  FAMILY SERVICES OF         http://www.fsgv.org/
  GREATER VICTORIA           250-386-4331

  VICTORIA MENTAL            https://www.viha.ca/mhas

  BC MENTAL HEALTH &         http://www.viha.ca/mhas/locations/victoria_gulf/index.html


Child Care Services

  CHILD CARE RESOURCE &       https://www.childcarevictoria.org/
  REFERRAL CENTRE             250-382-7000

  THE CRIDGE CENTRE FOR      https://cridge.org/childcare/
  FAMILY                     250-384-8058


  BC TRANSIT                  https://bctransit.com/*/choose-transit-system

  PARKOPEDIA (PARKING         https://www.parkopedia.ca/

Premier Partnership Program

In our commitment to providing career opportunities for our students, we have partnered with
some of the most recognizable spas in prestigious resorts around the world. These spas provide
services at the highest level and recognize the quality of a WCCMT education.

We are pleased that as our Premier Partners, these resorts are eager to consider your application
for employment once you graduate and successfully complete your Provincial Board Licensure

Career Portal

WCCMT maintains an online Career Portal. This is where many employers in the industry, including
multi-modality/inter-disciplinary clinics, massage-focused environments, spas, healthcare centers,
and others look first to post a vacancy. WCCMT graduates are in high demand and dozens of new
positions are posted on a weekly basis. Check it out: https://collegeofmassage.com/students/jobs/

                                   Employment of Massage Therapists is
                                    projected to grow at 24% from 2016
                                     to 2026, which is much faster than
                                      the average for all occupations.
                                   Continued growth in the demand for
                                     massage services will lead to new
                                      openings for massage therapists.

Articulation Agreements & Transfer Credits with Other Institutions

Thompson Rivers University Articulation

The total credit requirements for graduation from the Bachelor of Health Science degree at
Thompson Rivers University are 120. This means to complete the Bachelor of Health Science
degree at TRU, WCCMT students who receive 69 block transfer credits will be required to obtain
51 credits in order to achieve the 120 credit requirement for the degree.

For further information on the transfer agreement please contact:
Leena Niemela, Enrolment Services Advisor
4th Floor, BCCOL Building
PO Box 3010
Kamloops, BC V2C 5N3
Toll Free Phone: 1-800-663-9711, ext. 6412
Direct Line: 250-852-6412
Email: oladmissions@tru.ca

University of the Fraser Valley Articulation

WCCMT graduates who apply to the University of the Fraser Valley to complete the Bachelor
of Science in Human Kinetics degree may qualify for up to 43 block transfer credits based on
the curriculum they have completed at WCCMT.

Please note that a student must meet the entrance requirements for the degree, which
include 30 university-level credits (which must include a minimum of 12 credits of KPE courses)
applicable to the degree option with a cumulative GPA of 2.3 (C+) or above.

WCCMT graduates must follow the registration process at UCFV for the Kinesiology degree

Corry Jensen, Departmental Assistant
Phone: (604) 557-4029
Email: corry.jensen@ucfv.ca

Athabasca University Articulation

WCCMT graduates who apply to Athabasca University to complete their Bachelor of Science-
Human Science Post Diploma may qualify for approximately 60 transfer credits

Each student’s transfer credit award is based on an Athabasca University assessment of the
individual’s post-secondary transcripts to ensure the maximum amount of allowable transfer
credit is awarded. Using the Articulation as a framework, qualified and experienced assessors
review each individual’s transcripts to determine the number of transfer credits to be
awarded, how those transfer credits fit into the student’s Athabasca University Program and
what, if any Athabasca University courses the student is allowed or not allowed to take to
satisfy the remaining degree requirements.

To qualify for a transfer credit award based on the articulation a student will:

      1. Apply for admission to Athabasca University
      2. Pay the Athabasca University the general admission fee as provided in the Calendar;
      3. Arrange for relevant educational providers to send official transcripts directly to the
         Athabasca University Office of the Registrar

Athabasca University will notify the student in writing of the official transfer credit award.
Students are encouraged to discuss program planning and course selection with an
Athabasca University advisor at: http://vital.athabascau.ca/advise/contact/nsf.

Students are given the following contact person at Athabasca University for further information
on the transfer agreement:

Andrea Kocher, Articulation Assistant.
Office of the Registrar
Phone: 780-675-6463
Email: articulate@athabascau.ca

Student Life

Class Reps
 Each incoming class elects 1-2 class representatives. Representatives are expected to attend regular
 Student Liaison Meetings with members of WCCMT’s Management Committee, where they have the
 opportunity to present ideas or issues/concerns to administrative staff members who will address these
 concerns. Liaison meetings are held regularly within each term.

  Ten (10) free, 1-hour tutorial sessions in A&P 1 and MSAK 1 (lecture & lab), are held over lunch. These
  are mandatory for all term 1 students who are unsuccessful in any of the A&P 1 and MSAK 1
  quizzes/exams offered throughout the term. Successful students may also attend these tutorials at
  their discretion. WCCMT encourages its students to attend all tutorials as an extra source of

Mentorship Program
 WCCMT has put together a Mentorship Program where successful senior students can tutor/mentor
 struggling junior students. This Mentorship Program is also beneficial for the senior students because
 it will give them a chance to review material that they haven’t seen in a while and also, for their
 contribution to the WCCMT community in this meaningful way, they will be able to earn indirect
 credits towards their Clinical Internship when this mentorship takes place on campus.

Grad Tutors
 WCCMT Administrative Staff are happy to facilitate arranging for private tutoring with a recent
 WCCMT graduate, if this is something a student wishes to pursue. This is not a free program,
 frequency and compensation for services will have to be negotiated privately between the
 student and alumnus.
Study Groups
  WCCMT encourages its students to form study groups. As a hands-on program, peer support and
  practice are essential to an individual’s success.

 WCCMT provides a school library for students to access while on-site. The library contains copies
 of required and recommended textbooks, a range of research materials, and quiet study
 space for students.

Facilities Access
 Students are encouraged to take advantage of WCCMT facilities to study and practice. Students
 are welcome to remain on campus as long as there is a staff member on-site. Students are
 expected to maintain a calm, professional and quiet environment and to treat the facilities with


                                     The Cory Mintz Scholarship Fund

  The Cory Mintz Scholarship Fund was established to honour the memory of Cory Mintz, who at 20 years of age
  died tragically in a motor vehicle accident. Cory had a true gift with people. He lived his life with passion and
  a tremendous devotion to his family and wide circle of friends.

  The scholarship, in the amount of $4,000.00 is awarded annually to a new enrollee at WCCMT who has
  demonstrated leadership qualities through past dedication to activities in his or her community. The following
  are some of the attributes we are looking for:

                                                 Vision and values
                                             Knowledge and daring
                                              Savvy and persistence
                                                 An idea person
                                     Commitment to and completion of a task
                                        Willingness to take responsibility
                                     Demonstration of the thrill of a challenge
                                         Peer and community respect

  Personal qualities, including passion, empathy, humour, strength of character, creativity, sensitivity, patience,
  maturity, common sense, spirit, wisdom.

  If you meet these criteria and are interested in applying for the Cory Mintz Scholarship, you are invited to
  submit a 500-word personal essay outlining why you believe you have the necessary attributes to apply for
  this Scholarship.

  Your submission should be addressed directly to the President via the Admissions Office and be received by
  April 30 during, or prior to, your first year of studies at CCMH/WCCMT.

  Brian Goldstein, President & CEO
  West Coast College of Massage Therapy

 Other Scholarships

Please see your Admissions Department for more information on scholarships awarded by external
sources. Applicants are highly encouraged to perform their own research as the list provided is by
no means comprehensive.


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