2018 Grant Instructions & Policies - Tapez ici - ELA international

2018 Grant Instructions & Policies - Tapez ici - ELA international
2018 Grant
 & Policies

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2018 Grant Instructions & Policies - Tapez ici - ELA international

 I. SCOPE of RESEARCH                                        II. PREPARING YOUR APPLICATION
Before starting to work on your application, please         The submission of applications shall be done online
make sure the scope of your research project fits           at http://elainternational.eu/site/en/ao-prive. Prepare
with the topics required by ELA International:              the application by filling up all the sections.
                                                            Read and follow the instructions carefully.
ELA International represents national ELA                   The document must be filled out in English ONLY
associations from different countries that contribute       and must comply with the format specifications and
together to the financing of research on                    page limits detailed in this document. Do not
leukodystrophies. It is run by parents and /or              reformat the forms or exceed the space provided in
patients affected by leukodystrophies. Accordingly,         the different sections of the grant application.
ELA International wishes to focus funding on                Failure to comply will result in administrative
programs devoted to the improvement of the health           withdrawal. Decisions of administrative withdrawal
and welfare of patients. This objective can be              are final and not subject to appeal.
achieved through studies aimed at understanding
disease mechanisms, developing natural history               A. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS
studies    including   outcome     measures       and       Most of the sections in the online application are
biomarkers, and conducting clinical trials.                 self-explanatory.
                                                            Warning, PLEASE READ
Themes proposed in the 2018 call for proposals will         • Your application must be submitted online • All
focus on unmet needs in the field of                        mandatory fields must be completed. • If non
leukodystrophies.                                           applicable, indicate N/A in the field, not to leave it
Research Topics of Interest include:                        • Attention: you must save your data before
                                                            leaving a page
    •   Clinical trial / clinical trial readiness for       • You can save a draft of your application and
        leukodystrophies including the development          update it until its final validation.
        of    longitudinal     outcome      measures,       • Once your application is validated, you will not be
        biomarker       characterization,     imaging       able to modify it and your login will be disabled.
        modalities       and       pharmacodynamics         • If absolutely necessary, you will have the option to
        /pharmacokinetic studies.
                                                            address a modification request to elise.vivar@ela-
    •   Preclinical studies specifically testing
        therapies     (gene,     cell,   enzyme     or      asso.com. Indicate “Call for proposals –
        pharmacologic            therapies)        for      modification request” in the subject of your email.
        leukodystrophies.                                   • After validation of the online form, the pages
    •   Developing animal or cell-based models              requiring a signature and/or a stamp of your
        (e.g. patient derived iPSC) relevant to             institution will need to be printed, completed and
        human leukodystrophies.                             sent to ELA office (ELA - Pôle recherche - 14 rue
    •   Study of mechanisms responsible for                 La Fayette - 75009 Paris France). These signature
        leukodystrophies, in order to identify new          fields will only be accessible on the printed version.
        therapeutic approaches.                             • Your login will be valid until the end of the call for
Studies should address a knowledge gap in the
field of leukodystrophies and a preference will be          Choose the form to fill
given to clinical trials and clinical trial readiness for   A Grant Application or Research Fellowship
leukodystrophies. Translational studies using               Application can be submitted. Select the
animal models should use genetic models of                  appropriate value. Attention to select carefully, this
leukodystrophies. Novel gene discovery studies fall         choice cannot be modified once confirmed.
outside of this funding opportunity. Joint funding          Grant Application
initiatives for clinical trials are encouraged.             Select the appropriate values between Individual
                                                            project and collaborative project involving 2 or 3
Direct costs cannot exceed 100,000 per year, for a          teams. Indicate if the project is a pilot project.
maximum funding period of two years.

2018 ELA Grant Instructions & Policies                                                                   Page 2/9
RESEARCH GRANT APPLICATION                               the potential impact of your project to advance
Eligibility: The Principal Investigator and co-          research on leukodystrophies towards the
investigators must have a faculty appointment            development of therapies.
(position equivalent to assistant professor or higher)   Personnel involved in the project
in order to be eligible for a grant from ELA             List all personnel, including names, degrees,
International.                                           birthdate, institution, % effort and detailed roles on
                                                         the project.
Collaborative Projects                                   Recommended          format:    John    Doe,     M.D.,
The Principal Investigator of a collaborative project    23.04.1967, Principal Investigator, UCLA (Effort:
will be the contact and manager of the project.          30%), will be responsible for the construction of
Therefore, its name should be entered in the Team        PLP-GFP mutants and…
A section. Team A represents the principal
investigator’s team.
                                                         List the 3 main articles published by the principal
Grant Application and Research Fellowship                investigator related to this proposal.
A research project/fellowship can be funded for a
maximum of two years. Type the appropriate value:        FELLOWSHIP
1 year or 2 years. Pilot projects can only be funded     References
for a year.                                              Name three references that are or have been
Select the Research topic of interest addressed by       associated with the applicant and that know him/her
your proposal.                                           well. Choose referents primarily outside the
Attention to select carefully, this choice cannot be     applicant’s current institution.
modified once confirmed. The format of the
application cannot be modified later on.                 Research Plan
                                                         Enter the text online or upload a 10 pages pdf
 B. SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS                                (respecting the format). If you want to paste text
You can now access the sections to be completed.         from a Word document, please use the icon "Paste
Either all the sections, or a selection of sections      from Word" to keep the layout.
related to the budget, the science or the teams.         Page limitations
Click on “ALL”, “Budget”, “Science”, or the “Team”       Do not exceed 10 pages. All tables, charts, graphs,
of your choice to access the list of items.              figures, diagrams, images, photographs, and
Each section will open a page to be completed.           references must be included within the 10-pages
Attention: Remember to save your data before             limit.
leaving a page. Unsaved data will be lost. Once
a section is complete, a check mark will be visible in
                                                         For the research plan, use Arial font size 11 point.
front of the corresponding line in the general menu.
                                                         Greeks letter are allowed. Same font size applies.
Executive Summary                                        Figures
Amount Requested (€)                                     Figures, graphs, charts, tables and figure legends
Warning: The amount in Euros listed as “Amount           may be small in size but must be clear and legible.
Requested (€)” representing the contribution             Photographs and images must be a part of the
requested to ELA for the entire project will be          electronic application file and cannot be sent
automatically calculated once the detailed budget        separately.
tables are completed.                                    No applicant should have an advantage over other
Abstract (less than 500 words)                           applicants by providing more content in his/her
State the general interest of the project, the           application by using smaller, denser type.
application’s objectives and specific aims. Describe     If terms are not universally known spell out the term
concisely the research design and methods for            for the first time it is used and note the appropriate
achieving the stated goals. Describe the rationale       abbreviation in parentheses. The abbreviation may
and techniques you will use to pursue these goals.       be used thereafter.
Clearly describe the expected results and the
relevance     to     health   and      therapy    for    Structure of the research plan
leukodystrophies. Do not exceed the space                 A. Specific Aims
provided.                                                List the broad, long-term objectives and the goal of
Rationale                                                the specific research proposed and the rationale.
Describe in less than 500 words the novelty of your       B. Background and Significance
                                                         Briefly sketch the background leading to the present
project, its relevance with regards to the topics of
                                                         application, critically evaluate existing knowledge,
the 2017 call for proposals of ELA International and

2018 ELA Grant Instructions & Policies                                                               Page 3/9
and specifically identify the gaps that the project is   Peer-reviewed publications
intended to fill.                                        List   your     most    significant   peer-reviewed
 C. Preliminary studies                                  publications in the last five years in chronological
Provide the preliminary studies pertinent to this        order starting from the most recent ones. Include
application.                                             accepted manuscripts in press but omit manuscripts
 D. Research Design & Methods                            submitted or in preparation. Follow the following
Describe the research design, procedures, and            format: Authors’ names, Title, Journal, Year,
analyses to be used to accomplish the specific aims      Volume, Pages and mark the publications obtained
of the project. Indicate how the data will be            with ELA funds with an asterisk.
collected, analyzed, and interpreted. Describe any
new methodology, novel concepts, approaches,             For Fellows only
tools, or technologies and their advantages over         List active, approved, completed and pending
existing ones.                                           fellowships for the last three years using the
Describe the expected results for each aim and           following sample:
discuss the potential difficulties and limitations of
the    proposed     procedures     and     alternative   Project number: ………………………………..
approaches to achieve the aims. State concisely          Start date – End date: ……………………………..
the importance and health relevance of the               % Effort: ……………………………..
research described in this application by relating the   Funding Organization: ……………………………..
specific aims to the broad, long-term objectives. If     Award amount: ……………………………..
the aims of the application are achieved, state how      Title of the project: ……………………………..
scientific knowledge or clinical practice will be        Goals of the project: ……………………………..
advanced in the field of leukodystrophies. In case of    Overlap (justify): ……………………………..
a human/clinical study, describe the ethical aspects     For pending applications, precise when answers
of the project.                                          are expected.
 E. Timeline
Provide the planned milestones by year (and by
team in case of collaborative projects) for the entire   For Research Grant Applications
project.                                                 Personnel’s Biographical Sketch
                                                         A one-page personnel’s biographical sketch is
For Collaborative Projects                               required for all individuals listed in the Personnel
 F. Leadership plan                                      Form(s) to be funded by ELA but the principal
A rationale for choosing a multiple PI approach          investigator and co-investigator(s) (if applicable).
should be described. The roles and administrative,       Describe education, positions and list publications
technical, and scientific responsibilities for the       of the last 3 years.
project should be delineated for the PI and co-
                                                         Collaborative Projects: Each team has to provide
                                                         personnel’s biographical sketches for the personnel
                                                         to be funded by ELA.
G. Literature Cited
List all references. It is important to be concise and   Budget Forms
to select only the references pertinent to the           Use ONLY the Euro currency in these tables.
proposed research.                                       Notes:
Follow the following format: Authors’ names, Title,      The maximum budget requested to ELA cannot
Journal, Year, Volume, Pages. If a publication           be higher than 100.000 € per year.
contains more than 10 authors, just list the first 3     ELA International neither covers overhead/
authors.                                                 indirect costs, nor salaries for principal
PI/Co-Investigator/Fellow/Supervisor Bio Sketch          investigators, co-investigators and scientists
Form (2 pages max)                                       with permanent or tenure-track positions.

Education, Training, Positions and Honors
List in chronological order your education, training,    Personnel
current and previous positions, starting with your       ELA-funded personnel
present position. Include start/end dates, position      Salaries for Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows
title, name of organization and department. In case      or other personnel must match the salary grid of the
of non-permanent/non tenure or fixed term position,      applicant’s country. The corresponding grid needs
state the term of the current contract.                  to be submitted by the applicant. The annual base
Select and list professional memberships and             salary represents the salary for a period of 12
academic/professional honors received.                   months.

2018 ELA Grant Instructions & Policies                                                               Page 4/9
Enter the name, annual salary base and fringe             Lay Summary
benefits of the personnel to be funded by ELA.            Describe in a plain, lay language the aims of your
Enter the % of time dedicated to the project effort       research project, the means to be used to test your
and the total annual salary requested to ELA.             hypotheses and the relevance to health & therapy
Fringe benefits are supported by ELA International        for leukodystrophies. Do not exceed the space
and are required for all personnel including Ph.D.        provided.
students and postdoctoral fellows.                        If the application is awarded, the lay summary will
                                                          become public information. Therefore, do not
FELLOWSHIP                                                include proprietary/confidential information.
Only Personnel funding can be requested for ONE           Research Support
fellow to ELA. No funding can be asked for                List active, approved, completed and pending grant
Supplies, Equipment and Travel.                           supports for the last three years using the following
Non-ELA funded personnel
List the salaries of all personnel participating to the   Project number: ………………………………..
project whose salaries will be covered by other           Start date – End date: ……………………………..
means.                                                    % Effort: ……………………………..
Equipment                                                 Funding Organization: ……………………………..
ELA will participate to the cost of old/new               Award amount: ……………………………..
equipment required for the conduct of the project, in     Title of the project: ……………………………..
the limit of expenses related to the project.             Goals of the project: ……………………………..
                                                          Overlap (justify): ……………………………..
                                                          For pending applications, precise when answers
Global Budget Justification Form
                                                          are expected
List all personnel and their detailed roles on the        APPENDIX MATERIAL
project. No individual salary information should be       Manuscripts accepted for publication but not yet
provided here.                                            published must be submitted (along with the
Supplies                                                  acceptation letter) as PDF files. Do not include
Itemize supplies by year in separate categories           manuscripts submitted for publication or in
such as glassware, chemicals, radioisotopes, etc…         preparation.
and justify their use. If animals are to be purchased,    For applications developing clinical trials, the full
state the species and the number to be used. Each         protocol, budget of the trial and IRB approval are
category must be accompanied with the                     required.
corresponding amount of money requested. Each             Internet addresses may not be used to provide
yearly amount for supplies must match the amount          additional information.
listed in Budget Forms.                                   Do not attach any documents other than those
Equipment                                                 specifically requested.
List each item of equipment by year, justify their use
and fill out the provided table documenting the           FELLOWSHIP
amount corresponding to the expenses related to           Include a letter of recommendation from the
the project.                                              supervisor. This letter should describe the ability of
The total annual amount must match the amount             the supervisor as a mentor, the funds available to
listed in Budget Forms.                                   the applicant from the supervisor for the project’s
Provide the company’s estimate for new equipment          supplies, equipment and travel (if applicable). It
costing more than 4 000 € (not applicable for             should also provide an assessment of the applicant,
fellowship applications).                                 describe the relationship of the proposed project to
                                                          ongoing research in the supervisor’s lab, describe
                                                          the supervisor’s plan to develop the applicant’s
Travel can only be requested to cover meetings
                                                          research capabilities, describe the relationship of
between partners of a collaborative project. No
                                                          the research training with the applicant career goals
travel can be asked for individual projects or
                                                          and clarify the role the fellow played in the
fellowships. Travel to scientific congresses is not
                                                          development of the research proposal.
eligible for funding. Specify for each year the trip
                                                          Include a cover letter documenting the fellowship
destination and names of individuals. The travel
                                                          application title. The letter must describe the
amounts must match the amounts listed in Budget
                                                          fellow’s career goals.

2018 ELA Grant Instructions & Policies                                                                Page 5/9
SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION                             Acknowledgment of receipt
Electronic submission                                      After reception of the complete grant/fellowship
The electronic research grant application must be          application by the ELA Research Department, the
submitted by midnight CET on May, 28th, 2018               PI, co-investigators (if applicable), fellow, supervisor
(Paris time).                                              and legal grant officer(s) will receive an
                                                           acknowledgment of receipt to the e-mail addresses
Signed paper pages                                         entered in the grant application.
Original application pages requiring a signature
(and only these) must contain the required                 Maximum submissions
SIGNATURES AND SEALS and must arrive by                    A maximum of 2 grant applications can be
June 1st, 2018 to: ELA – Research Department - 14,         submitted by the same investigator to ELA
rue La Fayette - 75009 Paris, France.                      International.
                                                           Only one fellowship (either Ph.D. or postdoctoral)
Along with the signed paper pages, include a cover         application is allowed per laboratory.
letter documenting the application title, type of          Resubmission
research       project    (individual,   collaborative,    The same application cannot be resubmitted more
fellowship)       and    disciplines    involved      if   than 3 times.
multidisciplinary project. For fellowship, the letter
must describe the fellow’s career goals. In this
letter, list referees (with their contact information)     IV. SUPPORT
who should not review your application because of          For assistance, contact the Scientific Coordinator of
conflict of interest. Mandatory: give three names of       ELA at ELA – Research Department - 14, rue La
referee with their contact information (excluding          Fayette - 75009 Paris, France.
your project’s collaborators) that you judge qualified
                                                           E-mail: elise.vivar@ela-asso.com
to evaluate your project (Yet other experts might be
considered to evaluate your proposal).

No signed paper pages will be returned.
The application must be complete and accurate at
the time of submission. An application is considered
complete only when accurate electronic and signed
paper pages have both been received by their
respective deadlines.
Incomplete applications will be administratively
withdrawn and not returned to the applicant.
Late applications will not be accepted.

The electronic and signed paper pages must match
entirely. No modifications are allowed. If changes
are being made, the application will be withdrawn. If
minor administrative changes are needed after
submission (such as budget miscalculations,
incorrect address…), the principal investigator
needs to contact the ELA Scientific Coordinator.
Supplementary material
No supplementary material or updates will be
accepted after the deadline. The only exceptions
are missing documentation requested by ELA
Research Department.
Scientific Overlap
Grant/Fellowship applications showing identical or
significantly similar content will be rejected. Only
applications with strictly different aims may be

2018 ELA Grant Instructions & Policies                                                                  Page 6/9
                                                           with the grant agreements. Grant agreements will
 I. GENERAL GUIDELINES                                     ONLY be processed when the Research Support
                                                           form will be received by ELA International.
The application must be complete and accurate at            II. OBLIGATIONS        of    the    APPLICANT         &
the time of submission. An application is considered       INSTITUTION
complete only when accurate electronic and signed         II.1. The grant/fellowship is allocated for the
paper pages have both been received by their                execution of the Research Project submitted by the
respective deadlines.                                       Applicants to ELA International (referred to as the
Incomplete applications will be administratively            “Research Project”).
withdrawn and not returned to the applicant.
                                                          II.2. In return for the grant allocated, the Applicants
I.1. In signing the application, the principal              are committed to:
 investigator, co-investigators, fellowship applicant
                                                            A. Inform ELA International of            a   possible
 and his/her supervisor and legal grant officer(s)
                                                           interruption of the Research Project,
 (hereinafter referred to as the “Applicants”) agree to
 comply with the ELA International policies.               B. Ask ELA International for approval before any
                                                           changes need to be made to the Research Project,
I.2. On no account does a grant by                ELA
 International constitute an established right.             C. Submit a detailed progress report to ELA
                                                           International within a year, and, in all cases, prior to
I.3. Assurances & Ethical Issues
                                                           any renewal of the Research Project and at the end
 If ethical approval is required for the Research
                                                           of the Research Project,
 Project, the Applicants and their respective
 institutions are responsible for ensuring that             D. Submit within a year a lay summary describing
 appropriate authorization and assurance for the           the progress of the Research Project to ELA
 protection of human subjects and animals is being         International in view of transparency for the public
 contracted. Animal experimentation and use of             whose generosity has enabled the funding of the
 material of human origin related to the proposed          Research Project, under the restriction of
 project must be carried out in agreement with the         confidentiality when some information in the lay
 Applicants’ institutions rules and regulations.           summary is likely to be protected by intellectual
I.4. Privileged Communication
 Material and information provided by the Applicants        E. Submit a financial report to ELA International
 in the grant/fellowship application are considered        within a year and, in all cases, prior to any renewal
 privileged communication with the exception of the        of the Research Project or to the submission of new
 lay summary that will become public information if        grant applications. The financial report will be
 the proposal is funded.                                   signed by the manager of the Institution’s
                                                           Accounting Services, and will detail the utilization of
I.5. Equipment purchase
                                                           the funds awarded under the Grant Agreement.
 Equipment bought with ELA funds are considered a
 donation made to the Applicant and his/her                 F. Acknowledge the support of ELA International in
 institution.                                              all documents to be published and presented about
                                                           the Research Project using the grant number
I.6. Equipment repair & maintenance
                                                           provided by ELA International.
 ELA International does not cover expenses related
 to equipment repair and/or maintenance.                   G. Participate to the ELA Families-Scientists
                                                           Meeting and the ELA Scientific Congress upon
I.7. Missing reports
                                                           ELA’s request.
 Teams awarded grants from ELA International in
 the past are reminded that receipt of missing            II.3. All necessary approvals for the conduct of the
 reports/documents related to past awards, as               Research Project must be obtained by the
 indicated in the signed grant agreements, is               Applicants from their institutions prior to the start of
 awaited.                                                   the Research Project.
I.8. Research support                                     II.4. The Applicants commits to inform ELA
 If the application is approved by ELA International,       International of any other grant applications
 a new Research Support form (one per application)          submitted to other funding agencies overlapping
 will have to be submitted to ELA International along       partially or entirely with the Research Project when

2018 ELA Grant Instructions & Policies                                                                    Page 7/9
these applications are submitted. In the event the         investigators and scientists with permanent or
  Applicants are awarded a grant overlapping with the        tenure-track positions.
  Research Project, they must notify ELA
                                                           VII.2. Grant Agreements & Money transfer
  International within one month of receiving the
                                                              The grant agreements will be issued by ELA
  award notification in order to review the financial
  participation of ELA International to the Research
                                                              The money transfer related to the Applicants’ grant
  Project     and     establish   the     co-financing
                                                              will be set up upon reception of two original signed
                                                              grant agreements issued by ELA International, after
 II.5. All resumes of personnel to be hired to work on        validation of these documents by ELA International.
   the Research Project must be sent to ELA                   As the funds are allocated to the Institution, the
   International shortly after their recruitment.             money will be transferred directly to the Institution’s
                                                              bank account. Transfer of funds to intermediaries
  III. MONITORING                                             (like associations or others) will not be accepted.
  ELA International is entitled, at any time, to ask the
                                                           VII.3. Budget considerations
  Applicants to provide additional information and/or
                                                              The Applicants and the Institution are REQUIRED
  results about the Research Project underway.
                                                              to use the funds of the grant/fellowship according to
  These additional information and/or results will be
                                                              the budget lines indicated in the signed grant
  kept confidentially by ELA International.
                                                              ELA International authorizes transfers between
                                                              categories (personnel costs, supplies, equipment
  ELA International must be informed of any type of
                                                              and travel) without being previously informed only
  publication or communication regarding the
                                                              when the transfer represents less than 20 % of the
  execution, development and results of the present
                                                              category to be reduced. When the transfer exceeds
  Research Project, or its follow-up.
                                                              20%, a written authorization from ELA International
  These publications and communications must, in
                                                              in the form of an amendment modifying the original
  every case, mention the contribution provided by
                                                              grant agreement is required beforehand. This
  ELA International to the execution or follow-up of
                                                              written authorization must be granted before the
  the Research Project.
                                                              end of the period covered by the active agreement.
  V. SANCTIONS                                             VII.4. Financial report
  ELA International reserves the right to apply               The Institution is required to submit to ELA
  adequate sanctions as stipulated in the grant               International by the end of budget period or upon
  agreement (document available upon request).                ELA’s request a financial report signed by the
                                                              manager of the institution’s accounting services and
  VI. AWARD ACTIVATION                                        detailing the utilization of the funds awarded
  The date of award activation will be decided by the         respecting the budget lines indicated in the signed
  Applicants and the Institution but cannot be set prior      grant agreement. For all expenses exceeding 4 000
  to January 1st, 2019.                                       €, the corresponding invoices must be sent to ELA
                                                              International at the time of submission of the
 VII. FINANCIAL GUIDELINES                                    financial report.
                                                           VII.5. Credit balance
                                                              Any funds not used according to the grant
  The legal grant officer(s) must certify the budget
                                                              agreement or any unspent funds will have to be
  figures by signing the budget form and stamping it
                                                              reimbursed to ELA International.
  with the seal of the institution.
                                                           VII.6. Credit rollover
VII.1. Salaries & Overheads                                   No credit rollovers will be allowed if at the end of
   Salaries for Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows       the Research Project the funding has not been fully
   or other personnel must match the salary grid of the       spent.
   applicant’s country. The corresponding grid needs
   to be submitted by the applicant.                        VIII. LEGAL DISPUTES
   Fringe benefits are supported by ELA International        Any and all disputes between ELA International and
   and are required for all personnel including Ph.D.        the Institution arising concerning the validity,
   students and postdoctoral fellows.                        interpretation or execution of the Grant Agreement,
   ELA International neither covers overhead/indirect        that could not be settled amicably, shall be
   costs nor salaries for principal investigators, co-       submitted to the relevant courts.

  2018 ELA Grant Instructions & Policies                                                                   Page 8/9
ELA International
Research Department
14, rue La Fayette
75009 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 40 79.49.35
Fax: +33 (0)3 83 30 00 68

2018 ELA Grant Instructions & Policies   Page 9/9
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