The HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund)

The HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund)
The HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund):
About -
The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) enables communities to celebrate, look after and learn more about our diverse heritage. From our great museums
and historic buildings to local parks and beauty spots or recording and celebrating traditions, customs and history, HLF grants open up our nation’s
heritage for everyone to enjoy. Since 1994 it has supported more than 26,000 projects, allocating over £4 billion across the UK.

Lottery Fund Applications -
A first-round pass means the specified project meets the HLF criteria for funding and they believe it has potential to deliver high-quality benefits
and value for Lottery money. The application was in competition with other supportable projects, so a first-round pass is an endorsement of outline
proposals. However, a first-round pass does not guarantee the applicant will receive a grant as the second-round application will still be in
competition for funding.

How the SWiB HLF Project came about:
Project Title:
'Image building' - A project to improve access to and interpretation of the regions visual heritage by the Plymouth Barbican Association South West
Image Bank.

What is the project?
The PBA is seeking funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to expand and enhance local community access to, and use of our collections working to
three key objectives; accessibility, interpretation and outreach:

Accessibility – This project will see the relocation of our photographic archive to 25 The Parade, A three-floored PBA owned property on the
Barbican which has become available as an immediate solution to the limitations in developing and accessing SWiB. Consultation between the
Association and the Council’s Conservation and Planning Departments has been established to ensure appropriate understanding of the necessary
management and maintenance of the proposed property in its use as an archive.

Interpretation and outreach – This project will create a temporary 'Project Archive Assistant' post for a period of twenty two months to support the
development and delivery of a formal outreach programme during this critical stage of relocation with far-reaching community benefits. The
project will provide essential seed funding for a series of large-scale outreach projects in collaboration with other local heritage and outreach
organisations and local communities.

Project Aims:
1) The move to a bigger and more accessible building will; enable us to create new publicly accessible learning spaces which will be of benefit to a
larger number of people than is currently catered for. Following relocation, SWiB will set up an interactive accessible gallery area; an area for book
and print sales; provide a classroom space for lectures, seminars and school visits with adequate projection equipment in situ and will offer
academic researchers and PhD students desk space in a secure area away from the public.

The increase in space will also serve to accommodate more volunteers to help digitise and catalogue the collections; host more visitors and groups
of visitors in a bigger and better premises with more focus given to the exhibition and interpretation of our heritage; and allow us to look after
additional collections in a bigger, more secure and more professionally specified climactically controlled archive store. There will be a separate area
designated for the SWiB office, making use of existing equipment and furnishings and a sophisticated secure mobile shelving storage facility with
static air conditioning systems to afford the long-term preservation of our collections.

Equally important, the move to the proposed building will also enable us to design an archive access space that incorporates the latest digital
archive interfaces. SWiB has already developed a basic online presence which will be developed further by the Archive Manager to complement the
expansion of available resources.

2) The recruitment of a temporary Archive Assistant will; demonstrate our appreciation of the value of bringing in new skills specific to the
fundamental requirements of the post namely communication skills and experience of outreach delivery. This opportunity for transferal of
knowledge will benefit both the archive and the post appointee during a critical stage in our development. The assistant will ideally be an individual
who requires actual work experience to complement either a higher educational course or career development. They will help to promote SWiB
The HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund)
during our proposed period of relocation and will work to make our collections more accessible to our source communities and other diverse user
groups; take a lead in developing informal learning opportunities and interpretation strategies for community groups; make use of the archives
collections and displays as a key learning resource with those groups; foster links and build partnerships with community based organisations so
that the archive’s services (including temporary exhibitions and gallery displays) are inclusive and provide access for all; will act as ‘audience
advocate’ informing gallery and collections development and interpretation strategies; create and evaluate sustainable resources for community
groups and contribute to service forward planning.

3) The seed funding for outreach projects will; enable us to develop and run a number of outreach projects with our source communities, local
schools, colleges and those who don't currently use archives.

Project Planning / First Steps (March 2009 – March 2010):
SWiB submitted a pre-project application in March 2009. After being invited to continue with the application process, the SWiB Archive Manager
attended a HLF application workshop training event in Exeter and a meeting with Louise Ray, Lottery Funding Advisor at The National Archives in
May 2009.

Our round one application was submitted in November 2009 following a concentrated period of research to design and clarify intended project
proposals and likely outcomes arising from undertaking such a project.

In March 2010, the HLF reported a successful pass of our round one application.

At the time the Round One application was submitted, our Archive Manager also submitted an application for a Development Grant to allow for
the appointment of a paid Archive Assistant to help support the Archive Manager whilst she produced the Second Round Application. With the
approval of the Round One application, a three-month development period was agreed with the HLF (subsequently extended to August 2010) with
funding from the HLF to allow SWiB to undertake further research for production of a more detailed round two application. The development
period furthermore allowed the archive to benefit from undertaking formal consultancy meetings with potential partner-groups and target
audiences which proved invaluable in establishing key activity strategies to be undertaken during the proposed project.

Our second round application was submitted in August 2010.

Project Planning / Development Work (March 2010-December 2010):
- HLF approval of Round One Application received – 10th March 2010
- HLF Permission to start Development Phase with development funding granted – 30th March 2010
- HLF Development Phase start-up meeting - 29th April 2010.

Publicity work –
- Press releases issued - 31st March 2010
- Radio Devon announcement (1st April 2010)
- Interviewed by Herald – 6th and 9th April 2010
- Feature in Herald - 24th April:
- Radio Devon update on development (14 June 2010)
- Radio Devon announcement (13 December 2010)
- Radio Plymouth interview/announcement (15/16 December 2010)

Round Two - Project planning work

- Meeting with Ed Keast, Property Manager for the PBA / Conservation Management (monthly)
- Meeting with Tony Golding, Secretary for PBA / Financial (monthly)
- Meeting with PBA Directors / review progress (monthly)
- Consultancy meeting with John McGill, equipment supply and installations (13th April 2010)
The HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund)
- Consultancy meeting with Tony Davey, Community Engagement Officer, PWDRO – in prep.
                                                     for the intended outreach officer post for SWiB (16th April 2010) See Left.

- Consultancy meeting with Louise McDermott, Interpretation & Community Officer, Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro – in prep. for intended
outreach officer post for SWiB (22nd April 2010)
- Volunteer team meeting (30th April 2010 at Plymouth Arts Centre) See Below:

- Meeting with Tony Golding, Secretary for the PBA (14th May 2010)
- Meeting with Ray White, Groundworks - Plymouth (21st May 2010)
- Consultation Meeting with Nicola Moyle, Museum and Louisa Mann, PWDRO, (21st May 2010)
- Conference meeting with website support - possible costings to develop public interface potential (15 June 2010 / 22 June 2010)
- Focus Group 1 (public) - ten invited users of SWiB for a discussion on development proposals (22 June 2010)
- Focus Group 2 (public) - ten invited users of SWiB for a discussion on development proposals (28 July 2010)
- Site visit with John McGill and Cascade Business Interiors (to confirm equipment and installation of air conditioning and mobile shelving) - (2nd
August 2010)
- Site visit with APEX security (to confirm security needs and produce quotation for costings) - 5th August 2010
- Site visit with Bretonside Copy (to confirm display potential and produce quotation for costings) - 6th August 2010
- Site visit with J&S (to confirm archive transfer logistics and produce quotation for costings) - 6th August 2010

Project Planning: - COMPLETED

Round Two - Activity planning work

- Activity Consultancy meeting with FOTONOW – to discuss proposed series of collaborative activities for project (20th April 2010)
- Activity Consultancy meeting with the Architectural Centre, Devon and Cornwall – to discuss proposed collaborate activity for project to tie in with
‘Plymouth: 20th Century City’ Project (23rd April 2010)
- Activity Consultancy meeting with Mike Coombes, Plymouth Airport – to discuss proposed themed complementary exhibition activity for project
The HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund)
(23rd April 2010)
- Activity Consultancy Meeting with Louise Ray, Lottery Advisory, The National Archives, Kew (5th May 2010). See below:

- Activity Consultation Meeting with James Ryan and Caitlin Desilvey, University of Exeter Project (18th May 2010 at SWiB)
- Activity Consultation Meeting with Ray White, Groundworks (21st May 2010)
- Activity Consultation Meeting with Mia Gilson (RiO) - (8th June 2010)
- Activity Consultation Meeting with Katie Thompson – proposed themed exhibition activity for project to tie in with the Jazz and Blues Festival,
Barbican, 2011 (18th June 2010)
- Activity Consultation Meeting with Sarah Bateup and Danielle Woodbridge, The Plymouth and District Down's Syndrome Association Support
Group (18th June 2010)
- Activity Consultation Meeting with Mario Picarello - proposed collection based project (21st June 2010)
- Activity Consultation Meeting with Liz Wells, Director of Photography and Culture at University of Plymouth (8th July 2010)

                                                                        - Pre-project delivery planning/consultancy meeting with the proposed
                                                                        SWiB Project Team Committee - 30th July 2010. See Left.

                                                                        Activity Planning: - COMPLETED

Round Two - Application Completion Work

                                              - Employment of a temporary Archive Assistant (Anna Keast) to support ongoing office based
                                              volunteer/public activity during the final stages of the application completion phase (July/August
                                              2010). See Left.
The HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund)
- Produce detailed Job Description and Person Specification for proposed Project Outreach Assistant post - completed
- Produce detailed Project Time Tables - completed
- Produce Project Management Structure (Organogram) - completed
- Produce Volunteer Policy - completed
- Produce a detailed Activity Plan - completed
- Produce a detailed Interpretation Plan (gallery/display areas) - completed
- Produce a ten-year Management & Maintenance Plan (Conservation) - completed
- Produce an Options Appraisal - completed
- Produce Visual Aids - completed
- Produce final project costs/financial plans - completed
- Final review of Application - completed
- Pre-submit review meeting with PBA/PBA SWiB board & volunteers - completed

Application: - COMPLETED

                                                          - Submitted Round Two Application (31st August 2010) See Left.

- Submitted Development Phase Completion Report (September 2010)
- HLF onsite assessment visit (2nd November 2010)
- OUTCOME: Application passed (8 December 2010)

Project Delivery - Further Development Work (Jan – June 2011)
Following a successful pass of our HLF application and prior to the formal implementation of our project activity based objectives (from April 2011),
a period of further development work will be undertaken by the SWiB Archive Manager during January-March 2011 in consultation with the PBA,
PBA SWiB Board and appointed Property Manager, project partners and the SWiB team of volunteers.

Project Objectives

        Through capital improvements, to offer access to all and increase the usage of the building as a specialist photographic repository
        To increase opportunities to engage with the building and the heritage of the City through ongoing volunteering opportunities, events
         and exhibitions.
        To offer access to more information on our heritage through research, interpretation and oral history activity.
        To develop structured and well planned educational and interpretive resources both in terms of lifelong learning and information
         targeted at schools and young people.
        To develop training opportunities for volunteers to learn more about heritage and develop skills in areas such as customer service and
         disability awareness.
        To offer improved facilities for meetings, functions, exhibitions and displays.
        To create a central information point for residents and visitors, from which they can be directed to other social and cultural resources
         within the City.
        To increase the sense of civic pride both in the building as a community asset today and its historical significance within the heritage of
         the City.
The HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund)
Key Events Log:
January -
- Formal written HLF Feedback on Round Two Application received – 4th January 2011
- HLF Permission to start project delivery - 19th January 2011
- Meeting with Archive Manager and PBA SWiB Board of Directors - 20th January 2011
- Commence project specific site development activity (alongside ongoing PBA conservation work) - 20th January 2011
- Meeting with Board of Directors for site development - 20th January 2011
- Submit Project Outreach Assistant advert for publication in Herald, WMN, Jobsite and ARC - 21st January 2011:

                                                            - Outreach Assistant advert published in the Plymouth Herald, Western
                                                            Morning News, ARC and online (Jobsite) - 26th January 2011. See Left.

- Meeting with Board of Directors for site development - 27th January 2011
- Outreach Assistant vacancy published on JISCDEGITALMEDIA - 28th January 2011

                                                          - Meeting with Archive Manager and SWiB Project Team Committee (SPTC) - 28th
                                                          January 2011. See Left.

February -
- Archive Manager new site development inspection with David Colwill, PBA Director (conservation & widening access work) - 4th February 2011:
The HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund)
- Meeting with Board of Directors for site development - 10th February 2011
- Site meeting with Apex Security to discuss installations - 20th February 2011
- Meeting with Board of Directors for site development - 24th February 2011
- Archive Manager new site development inspection with David Colwill, PBA Director (conservation, floor loading & widening access work) - 25th
February 2011:

- Meeting with SPTC to discuss Outreach Assistant appointment - 25th February 2011.
- Deadline for POA applications (25th February 2011). Begin process of short-listing with Board of Directors - from the 28th February 2011

March -
- Meeting with PBA Directors - 10th March 2011.
- Archive Manager new site development visit with John McGill, BCNS - 18th March 2011 (floor loading and archive storage unit construction):
The HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund)
- Meeting with Board of Directors for site development - 22nd March 2011.
- Interviews for Project Outreach Assistant - Thursday 24th March 2011.
- Appointment of our new Project Outreach Assistant - Friday 25th March 2011 (to start 26th April 2011).
- Meeting with Board of Directors for site development - 31st March 2011.

April -

                                                                                                - Project team meeting with SWiB Volunteers,
                                                                                                Stacey Dyer (Archive Manager/SWiB Archivist),
                                                                                                Colette Hobbs (new Project Outreach Assistant)
                                                                                                and Chris Robinson (Director - PBA) at Plymouth
                                                                                                Arts Centre - 8th April 2011. See Left.

- Meeting with Plymouth College of Art, Spatial Design student. Supporting the design of the front facade design of the new building - 15th April
2011 / 18th April 2011
- Flooring / Mobile shelving / Air conditioning / IT technologies being installed at the new site - from 18th April 2011.
- Archive Manager inspection of new installations at new site - 21st April 2011. See below:
The HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund)
- Project Archive Outreach Officer, Colette Hobbs, commences work - 26th April 2011:

- Meeting with Bretonside Copy with new Project Archive Outreach Assistant, Colette Hobbs to discuss onsite display potential - 27th April 2011
- POA meeting with Devonport Community Officer, pre-project-delivery networking - 28th April 2011 (PROJECT DELIVERY ACTIVITY PLANNING)

May -
                                                             - Research conducted into the heritage of 25 The Parade by POA - 5th May 2011
                                                             (PROJECT DELIVERY ACTIVITY PLANNING) with SPTC. See left.
The HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund)
- Site development team meeting - 5th May 2011
- Removals confirmed - 5th May 2011
- Final fix IT technologies scheduled - 5th May 2011
- Meeting with Bretonside Copy regarding displays - 5th May 2011 (PROJECT DELIVERY ACTIVITY PLANNING)
- Local Studies Day exhibition, pre-project delivery publicity - 7th May 2011. See below:

- Meeting with University of Exeter representatives to discuss onsite exhibition - 9th May 2011 (PROJECT DELIVERY ACTIVITY PLANNING)
- Site development team meeting - 10th May 2011
- Confirm final fix security installations - 12th May 2011
- Meeting with Rob Bothma, PCA student, discuss designs for front - 13th May 2011
- Project updates added to website - 13th May 2011
- POA visit to Totnes Image Bank, network building with community archives - 13th May 2011 (PROJECT DELIVERY ACTIVITY PLANNING)
- Site inspection visit - 13th May 2011 (final visit before transfer):
June -
- Packing up at 32 Looe Street for transfer to our new premises - week beginning 30th May:

- Unpacking at the new site and aesthetic refit of the new premises:

- New archive and gallery opens, 24th June 2011:
Commencement of the ACTIVITY phase of the project.


- Radio Plymouth interview/announcement - 4th January 2011
- Article, Plymouth Herald, 17th January 2011
- Article, Western Morning News, 17th January 2011
- News feature, Western Morning News - 22nd January 2011
- Radio Devon interview / project progress report - 28th January 2011
- Radio Devon interview / project progress report - 18th April 2011

HLF Project Delivery / Key Events Log (July 2011 - present)
Learning and Participation Activities:
* Opportunity created with Plymouth College of Art student Rob Bothma to support the design of the front facade of the new building - 15th March
2011. Following our Facebook appeal. See below:
* Saltash Memory Café talk and workshop 2011
* Parkinson’s UK talk 2011
* Contributed to disability awareness and LGBT History Month - 2011

                                                                      * Tamar Valley Primary School talk with Graham Naylor, Local Studies
                                                                      Librarian. 2011. See left.

* Widewell Primary School tour - 2011
* Saltash Methodist talk 2011
* World Ship Society Talk 2011
* Damaged glass plate’s negatives project – awareness of our digitisation work working with pretty much ALL heritage organisations in the region –

                                                         * Pitched to and secured student interest from Plymouth University, currently mentoring
                                                         8 students on various degree related projects – 2011/2012. See left.
* Secured assessor role (Colette) for SWiB to be an accredited centre for delivering the NVQ Arts Award (RiO) – 2012
* Secured inclusion in Forces Week – June 2012.

Interpretation events (gallery):

* Working with the University of Exeter on their Small is Beautiful Project. Display ran from the 24th June to the 22 July 2011 at the SWiB Archive &
Gallery, 25 Parade, Plymouth, PL1 2JN. See below:

* Large scale Dingles exhibition space secured for 2012
* Local Studies Day exhibition 2011/2012

                                                   * OFFICIAL PUBLIC LAUNCH OF SWiB with new façade design, October 2011:

* Late night shopping at SWiB events, Christmas 2011.
* Planned for, coordinated and delivered Heritage Open Day Weekend
                                                                               at SWiB 2011 / 2012. See Left.

* Large scale exhibition planned for window of Derry’s using our Coop Archive - 2012.
* Secured touring exhibition space for SWiB at the Devon Rural Archive – May/June 2012

Promotional activities:
* Facebook page monthly blog
* Twitter page monthly blog
* NEW SWiB website created, September 2011:

* SWiB presence on Culture 24 website (online directory of culture based holdings)
* Issuing press releases to WMN / Herald / Devon Life – secured active interest in a variety of projects.
* Radio Devon – monthly updates
* Regular feature secured: Devon Life
* Regular feature secured: Plymouth Herald
* Design and production of promotional materials – business cards and leaflets – ongoing

Cross Domain Partnership working:
* Devon Rural Archive
* Totnes Image Bank
* Cornwall Record Office / Royal Cornwall Museum / Cornish Studies Library
* RiO
* The National Trust
* Dartmoor Archive
* English Heritage
* Saltash Heritage
* Calstock Parish Archive
* Devon Record Office
* Devonport Community Officer
* U3A
* WHOTT – advised on outreach strategies in heritage and appealing to student volunteers.
* Marine Biological Association – advised on outreach strategies in heritage and appealing to volunteers.

SUMMARY: Key benefits to SWiB from undertaking the project
* Development of a mentoring identity for PBT / SWiB - benefits to Plymouth University students
* Development of a brand new front of house customer-focused service
* Development of positive cross sectoral partnerships
* Greater credibility for SWiB in the minds of other professional organisations - Advising and supporting collective outreach work.
* Creation of a professional outreach strategy and template for SWiB
* Efficient events management.
* Demonstrable delivery of AGREED HLF project activities & targets.
* Better marketing / promotion / profile building for PBT and SWiB.
* Challenging the negative opinion of SWiB – researching for the creation of a SWiB specific support group ‘Friends of SWiB’ to include a selection
of talks and pres. to reflect our holdings.
* Expanding on potential for collection development
* Keeping up to date with current trends and themes in national outreach strategies
* Encouragement of interpretation in our resources via research, oral and reminiscence work and social history.

EVALUATION: Feedback from target audiences
"Thank you so much for a really great day. I loved the human freezer and will be telling all my friends about SWiB!" (student from Widewell Primary
School - the human freezer being the storage room).

"Thank you for a very enlightening morning. It has been a real eye opener of all that you do and archive here." (Plymouth U3A Family History

"Just what Plymouth needs with the steep history that we have, it's a must and needs the support to continue" (gallery visitor)

"When I decided to review the SWIB I thought I would just recommend people to look only at photos available online but having gone down not
long before Christmas in search of some photos for my elderly parents I cannot hold that view. The website is well worth a look but you need to go
and look at the shop front - an excellent old Barbican fishermen photo blown up over the front wall, also the little but lovely shop at street level
where they have really helpful staff and then the huge repository and gallery behind the scenes. This is a fantastic preservation and salvage job for
local images so nearly lost or destroyed." (online review)

"The image bank is a fantastic resource which we have only just begun to tap. Wouldn't have known of it but for the huge photograph blown up
and decorating the front wall. Well thought through and put in place. An interesting presumably Victorian quay scene from close by. We looked
through the small selection of mounted photos for sale in the office/shop front but the huge importance of this place is the vast accessible archive
in the large spaces inside the building all being catalogued and preserved for posterity... We will be back here on our next visit and hope to find
images of places and buildings which relate to our own childhoods or connections with grandparents. A truly fascinating and worthwhile place.
Plymouth is very fortunate to have this." (online review)

"Very pleased that the image bank is finally getting recognition and publicity both well deserved. Go look. You will not be disappointed. The
image bank itself, and the very new address on the parade is accessible friendly and first class." (online review)

"I visited the new SWiB gallery and archive in their new premises, 25 The Parade, Plymouth. Situated right next to the Lenkiewicz Mural and The
House That Jack Built... I cannot say enough about how enjoyable I found the experience. From the very friendly and helpful front of house staff to
the wonderful displays which have been set up in such a lovely way not to be intimidating. They are doing a superb job caring for and preserving
our visual heritage... pop along to give this unique little jem your support !!" (review)
"I'm writing to you to say a big thank you for all the support you and Colette have given to me while I have been at South West Image Bank (SWIB).
I really do enjoy spending my time at SWIB because I am learning new skills and I am learning how to data input. I really enjoy looking at the old
Photo's and how Plymouth has changed over the years and I really enjoy meeting customers when they walk in to SWIB. I really liked it when you
talked about your work to me as I now have a better understanding of how SWIB works. I am so pleased to be part of your team!! Keep up the
great work Stacey and Colette. I would be greatful if you could show this email to your Managers as I would like them to know the high level of
service I have got from you and Colette. Thank you both once again for the support!!" (feedback given by a new volunteer)

To find out more about this project or about the SWiB Archive, contact
(01752) 665445 / email: / or visit the SWiB
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