2018 Organisation - Pretoria Boys High School

2018 Organisation - Pretoria Boys High School
    Pretoria Boys High School

     2018 Organisation
2018 Organisation - Pretoria Boys High School
                                2018 ORGANISATION

1    Summary of important dates and times ……………………………………………                      Pages 2 – 3

2    Detailed Programme for the start of the 2018 Academic Year ………………….         Pages 3 – 5

3    School Executive and Heads of Subjects ……………………………………........                Page 5 – 6

4    2018 Timetable ……………………………………………………………………….                                 Pages 6 – 7

5    Form I Orientation Programme 2018 ………………………………………………                            Page 7

6    Daily Times ……………………………………………………………………………                                       Page 8

7    2018 / 2019 School Calendar – Terms and Public Holidays …………………….               Page 9

8    Teacher Codes and Classroom Numbers …………………………………………                           Page 10

9    Classrooms in numerical order ……………………………………………………..                           Page 11

10   Administrative, Technical Staff and Floating Teachers ……………………........         Page 12

11   Senior Housemaster and Tutor Registration Venues 2018 .…………………….               Page 13

12   Prefects 2018 …………………………………………………………………………                                     Page 14

13   House Prefects 2018 ………………………………………………………………...                                Page 15

14   Offices 2018 ………………………………………………………………………….                                Page 16 – 17

15   Academic Matters ……………………………………………………………………                                    Page 17

16   Staff Matters …………………………………………………………………………..                                   Page 17

17   Administration ………………………………………………………………………...                                  Page 18

18   PBHS Communication Details ……………………………………………………..                              Page 19

19   Communications ……………………………………………………......................                      Page 19

20   Email Addresses ……………………………………………………………………..                                   Page 20

21   Emergency List and Suspected Catastrophic Injury Response …………………         Page 21 – 22

22   Teachers-in-charge of Sporting and Extramural Activities ……………………...      Pages 23 – 24

23   Teachers-in-charge of various Societies and Cultural Activities ……………….        Page 25

24   Notes and maps ……………………………………………………………………...                              Pages 26 – 30

2018 Organisation - Pretoria Boys High School

    Stationery Shop
    Saturday 6 January to Wednesday 31 January (except Sundays)
    09:00 – 14:30
    Clothing Shop
    Wednesday 10 to Wednesday 24 January (Every day except Sundays)
    08:30 - 12:45 and 13:45 - 16:00 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
    08:30 - 12:45 and 13:45 - 15:00 Friday
    08:30 - 11:00                   Saturday
    Monday 15 January
    07:30 – 09:00    Executive Meeting
    09:15 - 09:30    New Staff Meeting                                             HOJ/New Staff
    09:30 – 10:15    Full Staff Meeting                                        All Teaching Staff
    10:15 – 10:35    Staff Training and CPTD Points in 2018                    All Teaching Staff
    10:35 - 10:45    Our Boys, Our Responsibility (K Mansfield)                All Teaching Staff
    10:45 – 11:00    Tea
    11:00 – 15:30    New Staff Orientation Programme                   New Staff, HOJ/ILJ/VWA
    11:00 - 11:30    All MIC’s of Sport and Cultural Activities     Mr M Smuts, MIC’s of Sport,
                                                                  and MICs of Cultural Activities
    11:30 – 12:30    Sports Coaches Meeting           Mr M Smuts, MICs of Sport, Mr Housdon
    12:30 – 13:15    Cultural Activities Meeting Mr M Smuts, MICs of Clubs/Societies, Ms van
    13:15            Language Moderators Meeting               VLP, BOE, CHC, GEL, ILJ, KEL,
                                                                                  MEC, SIS, PEM
    13:30            Boarding Staff Meeting with the Headmaster
    14:00 – 16:00    Registration of Form I dayboys 2018 in the hall       All Housemasters and
                                                                                     Form 1 tutors
    Tuesday 16 January
    09:00 – 09:45    Full Staff Meeting                                         All Teaching Staff
                     Clothing and Stationery Shops open
    09:45 – 10:45    Subject Meetings
    10:45 – 11:00    Tea
    11:00 – 12:00    Subject Meetings
    11:00 – 12:00    Registration for Form I boarders in individual boarding houses:
                     Housemasters and Form I Tutors
    12:00 – 12:15    Tea
    12:15 – 13:15    Housemaster Meetings: Housemasters, Tutors; Form V Pastoral Care
                     Tutors; Reserve Tutors (as listed on page 13)
    Wednesday 17 January
    07:15           Staff Meeting
    07:30           School Assembly for Forms II to V
                    Form I Roll Call at the Fishpond
    08:15           Tutor Period: Issuing of timetables
    08:52           Day 3, Period 2
    Thursday 18 January
    07:30            Form I Orientation continues
    Friday 19 January
    13:45             Form I Camp begins on the school grounds
    Saturday 20 January
    09:30            Old Boys Sports Day
    Sunday 21 January
    13:00            Form I Camp ends
2018 Organisation - Pretoria Boys High School
Monday 22 January
                    Form I Orientation (allocation of timetables)
    Tuesday 23 January
    17:30            Cultural Displays in the Gymnasium
    19:30            Commencement Ceremony in the Abernethy Hall
    Wednesday 24 January
    14:15 – 15:00   Luncheon for Form II – V New Boys in the Somerville Pavilion
    Friday 26 January
    18:00             Inter-House Swimming Gala
    Friday 02 February
    18:00              New Parents’ Braai – Rugby Pavilion (Walkabout 17:00)
    Tuesday 20 February
    19:30            Form V Information Evening


    Monday 15 January
    07:30 – 09:00   Executive Meeting
    09:00 – 09:15   New Staff Meeting
                    Full Staff Meeting (administrative detail for the start of term)
    09:30 – 10:15   Mr Reeler : Welcome; Report on matric results; the year ahead.
                    Mr Illsley : Arrangements for the start of the year
    10:15 – 10:35   Mrs Holliday: Staff Development and CPTD points
    10:35 – 10:45   Our Boys, Our Responsibility : Mr K Mansfield
    10:45 – 11:00   Tea
    11:00 – 15:30   New Staff Development (Separate Programme)
    11:00 – 11:30   What is expected from Master in Charge of a club/society or sport
                    Process of Evaluation. All MIC’s (Mr Smuts)
    11:30 – 12:30   Sports Coaches Meeting: Mr Smuts & Mr Housdon (excluding new staff)
    12:30 – 13:15   Cultural Activities Meeting: Mr Smuts & Ms van Zyl (excluding new staff)
    13:15           Language Moderators’ Meeting
    13:30           Boarding staff to meet with the Headmaster
    14:00 – 16:00   Registration of Form I Dayboys in the hall

    Tuesday 16 January
    09:00 – 09:45    Staff Meeting
    09:45 – 10:40    Subject Meetings

                       Subject Meetings (SESSION 1)
                       English                 all staff including NEJ and DEG
                       Afrikaans               all staff excluding NEJ
                       French                  all staff
                       German                  All staff including NEB
                       Information Technology  all staff
                       Mathematics             all staff excluding SMC; BOT; BLM
                       Natural Sciences        all staff excluding NEB
                       Geography               all staff including
                                                         excluding DEA
                       History                 all staff including DEA
                       Music                   all staff
                       Accounting, EMS and     all staff including SMC; DUJ, BLM, GEW,
                       Business Studies                             HUG
                       Life Orientation        all staff including STL; BOT; AND
                                                         excluding HUG
2018 Organisation - Pretoria Boys High School
10:45 – 11:00    Tea

11:00 – 12:00    Subject Meetings (SESSION 2)
                 Continuation of Subject Meetings with the following changes:
                 English                   all staff excluding NEJ and DEG
                 Afrikaans                 all staff including NEJ
                 French                    all staff
                 Mathematics               all staff including SMC; BLM; BOT
                 Life Sciences             all staff including NEB, ORJ
                 Accounting and EMS        all staff including GEW
                                                     excluding SMC; BLM; DUJ
                 Physical Sciences         all staff excluding ORJ
                 History                   all staff excluding DEA
                 Geography                 all staff including DEA
                 Life Orientation          all staff excluding BOT including HUG
                 Technology                all staff including FID; GEW, DEG

11:00 – 12:00    Registration of boarder Form Is in the boarding houses
12:00 – 12:15    Tea
12:15 – 13:15    House Meetings: Housemasters and all house staff (tutors, reserve tutors,
                 pastoral and language moderators). Followed by training of new tutors.
12:15 – 14:15    Technology Meeting

Wednesday 17 January
07:15           Staff Meeting

07:30            Assembly in the Hall (Forms II – V)
                 Form I’s meet at the Fishpond. (Form I boys will be involved in an
                 Orientation Programme until Monday 22 January, Period 5).
                 A full programme available from Mr Stephens.

08:15            Boys to assemble in House venues and be allocated to Tutors by Senior

                 Boarders:      to Boarding Houses
                 Abernethy:     Memorial Courtyard
                 Arcadia:       Basketball Court
                 Armstrong:     West Fountain Courtyard
                 Hofmeyr:       Hendry Courtyard
                 Matheson:      Terrace in front of Solomon
                 Sunnyside:     East Fountain Courtyard
                 Town:          Water Polo Pool

                 Tutors to take Tutor Groups to their daily registration venues for issuing of
                 timetables. (see block below for details: page 5).

08:45            Form Is in the hall
08:50            Forms II – V go to Period 2 (Day 3)

2018 Organisation - Pretoria Boys High School
          08:15          Tutors to assemble in House venues (See previous page).
          08:20          Tutors to take tutor groups to their registration classroom (see
                         page 13).
                  ★      Take roll call using the list supplied to you. Tick boys who are
                         present and place an “a” next to those who are absent from
                         school. If there is a known reason for their absence, please write
                         this next to their names.
                  ★      Send the completed roll call lists to Mrs Wallace in Reception by
                         the end of the period.
                  ★      Hand out timetables to boys.
                  ★      Any boys who do not have a timetable must be sent to Mr van
                         Wyk. Boys who have been allocated an incorrect subject must
                         give details to Mrs Chapman, and go to the class indicated on the
                         timetable (although incorrect). Mr van Wyk/Mrs van Wyk/Mrs
                         Chapman will effect changes during the day.
          08:52          Send boys to Day 3 Period 2.



            Headmaster:         Mr Tony Reeler
            Second Master:      Mr John Illsley
            Deputies:           Mr Craig McBride, Mrs Joanna Holliday, Mr Mike Smuts

            Business Manager:   Mr Julian Cook
            Co-opted:           Messrs Mike Housdon, Andries van Wyk and Ms Amanda van Zyl

    3.2     HEADS OF SUBJECT

            3.2.1 Languages
                  English                                  -      Mrs Penny Vlag
                  Afrikaans                                -      Mrs Amanda Krugel
                  French                                   -      Mrs Hedwig Coetzee
                  German                                   -      Ms Corli Janse van Rensburg
                  Sepedi                                   -      Ms Brenda Bopape

            3.2.2 Natural Sciences
                  Advanced Programme Mathematics           -      Mrs Joanna Holliday
                  Mathematics                              -      Mrs Sarah Bouwer
                  Physical Sciences                        -      Mrs Daniela Albers
                  Life Sciences                            -      Mrs Elaine Müller

            3.2.3 Humanities
                  Geography                                -      Mr Peter Franken
                  History                                  -      Mrs Liesel Smith
                  Music                                    -      Dr Niel van der Watt
                  Visual Arts                              -      Ms Debbie Cloete

            3.2.4 Commercial and Information Technology
                  Business Studies                   -            Mr Jaydon Kelly
                  Accounting                         -            Mr Erlo Rust
                  Information Technology             -            Mrs Denise Roode

            3.2.5 Life Orientation                         -      Mr Jacques Venter
2018 Organisation - Pretoria Boys High School
3.2.6 Civil Technology and Technology            -      Mr Paul Ewart-Phipps

          3.2.7 EGD                                        -      Mr Dion Wright

4   2018 TIMETABLE

    4.1   Management Meetings
          Executive                   Every Monday         Day 1 Periods 6 and 7
                                                           Day 6 Periods 6 and 7
          Housemasters                Day 2 Period 3       Day 7 Period 3
          Heads of Subject            Day 1 – 14:10

    4.2   Reading Period/Standardised Test Period
          Day 2 after Period 3 (except on days when standardised tests are written).
          Day 7 after Period 3 (except on days when standardised tests are written).

          The Standardised Test Programme runs for most weeks in Terms 1, 2 and 3. A test
          programme will be issued in each term and on those days when a Standardised Test is
          being written, the alternative times for Tuesday will apply and staff who teach in Period
          3 will administer the Standardised Test. Standardised Tests must be collected in the
          Staff Tea Room after the morning meeting. At Pollock Campus the Standardised Tests
          must be returned to Mrs Louw during 1st Break. At Main Campus, the Tests must be
          returned to the pigeonholes of the person indicated on the wrapper.

          Reading periods will be run by teachers who have classes in Period 3 of days 2 and 7.
          Teachers will be responsible for supervising the reading/test period that will commence
          immediately after the start of Period 1. Each boy is to bring a book to read.

    4.3   Tutor Period (Day 3 and Day 8 after Registration 07:40 – 08:10)

          All Tutors have been timetabled to be in their classrooms with their tutor groups for this
          thirty minute period. Boarding House staff will also participate in this period in the venue
          allocated. The period offers the Tutor time with his/her tutor group for individual or
          group discussions; the follow up of paperwork or any other house-related activities. No
          pupils may leave the class. Those boys not being interviewed may do homework or
          read books. Please take this period seriously and do not leave the group unattended at
          any time. Tutor groups must remain in the venues allocated and not be taken into the

    4.4   Abbreviations (Codes)

          When reading the timetable to your tutor group, please note that the name of the
          respective teacher appears in abbreviated form. A list of abbreviations can be found
          later in this document (see pages 10 and 11).

    4.5   Floating Teachers

          The accommodation in the school necessitates that some teachers do not have fixed
          classrooms. This means that those teachers with classrooms will find them being used
          during their respective free periods. Floating teachers will be notified of their status and
          given their floating timetables. Bear in mind that Floating Teachers are greatly
          inconvenienced by not having their own classroom. Please be sympathetic and of
          assistance by:

2018 Organisation - Pretoria Boys High School
4.5.1 vacating your room timeously;
          4.5.2 ensuring that your classroom is unlocked and that keys are available after breaks
                if your classroom is locked;
          4.5.3 ensuring that the board is clean and Whiteboard markers are available.

          Floating Teachers:

          Pollock Campus: Messrs R Anderson and R Matsolo.

    4.6   Substitution

          -   Teachers on Substitution will receive an email before the morning meeting.
          -   Notice will be displayed on the staffroom noticeboard outside Mrs Holliday’s office.
          -   Tutors to display the substitution list during morning registration, if possible.
          -   “Substitution” periods will be timetabled and will appear on individual timetables.
          -   Substitution lists will be placed on notice boards in both the East and West Fountain
              Courtyards on Main Campus and outside the boys ablution block at Pollock
              Campus. There will also be a copy in Reception and one with Mrs Louw at Pollock
          -   Boys are to report to the classroom of the substitute teacher. The substitution
              teacher is to access the relevant list on Smart for roll call and note any absent boy
              on the relevant form (available in the staffroom). These slips are to be placed in the
              pigeon hole of the absent teacher.
          -   All staff who supervise Substitution are urged to be punctual and meticulous.
          -   If a teacher knows that he/she will be absent, work must be left for the relevant
              classes. Work will not be distributed by substitute teachers.


    A comprehensive document is available from Mr Stephens and Ms Fisher (PR).
    Form I’s will attend class from Period 5 on Monday 22 January 2018

6      DAILY TIMES 2018

                                             TUESDAY                         TUESDAY
                                        (NON-TEST WEEKS)          (STANDARDISED TEST WEEKS)
    07:15 – 07:30 Staff meeting   07:15 – 07:30 Staff meeting    07:15 – 07:30 Staff meeting
    07:30 – 07:37 Registration    07:30 – 07:37 Registration     07:30 – 07:37 Registration
    07:37 – 08:20 Period 1        07:37 – 08:20 Period 1         07:37 – 08:17 Period 1
    08:20 – 09:03 Period 2        08:20 – 09:03 Period 2         08:17 – 08:57 Period 2
    09:03 – 09:46 Period 3        09:03 – 09:46 Period 3         08:57 – 09:37 Period 3
    09:46 – 10:14 Assembly        09:46 – 10:14 Reading Period   09:37 – 10:30 Test Period
    10:14 – 10:32 Break           10:14 – 10:32 Break            10:30 – 10:48 Break
    10:32 – 10:37 Walking         10:32 – 10:37 Walking          10:48 – 10:52 Walking
    10:37 – 11:19 Period 4        10:37 – 11:19 Period 4         10:52 – 11:31 Period 4
    11:19 – 12:00 Period 5        11:19 – 12:00 Period 5         11:31 – 12:10 Period 5
    12:00 – 12:30 Break           12:00 – 12:30 Break            12:10 – 12:40 Break
    12:30 – 12:35 Walking         12:30 – 12:35 Walking          12:40 – 12:44 Walking
    12:35 – 13:17 Period 6        12:35 – 13:17 Period 6         12:44 – 13:22 Period 6
    13:17 – 14:00 Period 7        13:17 – 14:00 Period 7         13:22 – 14:00 Period 7

             WEDNESDAY                       THURSDAY                         FRIDAY
    07:15 – 07:30 Staff meeting   07:15 – 07:30 Staff meeting    07:15 – 07:30 Staff meeting
    07:30 – 07:40 Registration    07:30 – 07:40 Registration     07:30 – 07:37 Registration
    07:40 – 08:10 Tutor Period    07:40 - 08:22 Period 1         07:37 – 08:16 Period 1
    08:10 – 08:52 Period 1        08:22 – 09:04 Period 2         08:16 – 08:55 Period 2
    08:52 – 09:34 Period 2        09:04 – 09:46 Period 3         08:55 – 09:34 Period 3
    09:34 – 10:15 Period 3        09:46 - 10:15 House Assembly   09:34 – 10:27 Assembly
    10:15 – 10:33 Break           10:15 – 10:34 Break            10:27 – 10:45 Break
    10:33 – 10:37 Walking         10:34 – 10:38 Walking          10:45 – 10:49 Walking
    10:37 – 11:20 Period 4        10:38 – 11:20 Period 4         10:49 – 11:28 Period 4
    11:20 – 12:00 Period 5        11:20 – 12:02 Period 5         11:28 – 12:07 Period 5
    12:00 – 12:30 Break           12:02 – 12:32 Break            12:07 – 12:25 Break
    12:30 – 12:35 Walking         12:32 – 12:36 Walking          12:25 – 12:29 Walking
    12:35 – 13:18 Period 6        12:36 – 13:18 Period 6         12:29 – 13:07 Period 6
    13:18 – 14:00 Period 7        13:18 – 14:00 Period 7         13:07 – 13:45 Period 7

7   2018 SCHOOL CALENDAR (Published according to NAPTOSA calendar)

    Term 1     (15) 17 January   -   28 March     (11 weeks)   50 (52) actual no. of school days
    Term 2      10 April         -   22 June      (11 weeks)   51 actual no. of school days
    Term 3      17 July          -   28 September (11 weeks)   51 actual no. of school days
    Term 4       9 October       -   12 (14) Dec. (10 weeks)   47 (49) actual no. of school days

    2018 Public Holidays

    21 March       -      Human Rights Day        1 May       -       Workers’ Day
    30 March       -      Good Friday             16 June     -       Youth Day
    02 April       -      Family Day              09 August   -       National Women’s Day
    27 April       -      Freedom Day             10 August   -       School Holiday
    30 April       -      School Holiday          24 September -      Heritage Day

    2019 SCHOOL CALENDAR (Proposed by Department of Basic Education)

    Term 1   (07) 09 January     -   15 March     (10 weeks)   48 (50) actual no. of school days
    Term 2   02 April            -   14 June      (11 weeks)   51 actual no. of school days
    Term 3   09 July             -   20 September (11 weeks)   53 actual no. of school days
    Term 4   01 October          -   4 (6) Dec    (10 weeks)   47 (49) actual no. of school days

    2019 Public Holidays

    21 March       -      Human Rights Day        16 June     -       Youth Day
    19 April       -      Good Friday             17 June     -       Public Holiday
    22 April       -      Family Day              09 August   -       National Women’s Day
    27 April       -      Freedom Day             24 September -      Heritage Day
    1 May           -     Workers’ Day

8                      TEACHER CODES AND CLASSROOM NUMBERS 2018

Code       Room                   Teacher                  Code      Room               Teacher
REA          18        Reeler, AD                          MAR          12        Maartens, Mario
ADN         P6         Adendorff, Nick                     MAM          43        MacDonald, Mrs Mandy
ALD          23        Albers, Mrs Daniela                 MAR    Pollock Float   Matsolo, Mr Romeo
ANR    Pollock Float   Anderson, Ryan                      MBC         P32        McBride, Craig
BLM         P25        Blew, Mark                          MCT          28        McLeod, Mrs Tracey
BOE          13        Boerstra, Mrs Bev                   MEC         P16        Mentz, Mrs Charlene
BOA         P20        Bolduc, Ms Alex                     MOC          24        Mongatane, Mr Clement
BOB         P27        Bopape, Ms Brenda                   MOD         39B        Moodley, Mervin
BOT         P11        Botha, Glen                         MUE          30        Müller, Mrs Elaine
BOK       Library      Botha, Mrs Karen                    NEJ         P15        Nell, Ms Jancke
BOS          4         Bouwer, Mrs Sarah                   ODR         P36        O’Donoghue, Ryan
BUB          52        Burrow, Mr Brad                     OGP          40        Ogunbade, Prince
CHC          51        Christodoulou, Ms Caterina          ORJ          22        Orr, James
CLD         P37        Cloete, Ms Debbie                   PEM         P17        Petrou, Mrs Marina
COH         P5         Coetzee, Mrs Hedwig                 PIV         P22        Pieterse, Mrs Veronica
DAC         P23        Davies, Chris                       PRH          41        Pretorius, Hanno
DEA          19        de Kock, Andrew                     PRM          49        Prinsen, Mrs Margie
DEJ         P31        de Meillon, Mrs Jeanne              PRJ         P29        Prinsloo, Ms Jeanne
DEG          53        de Villiers, Gilbert                RAY          25        Rajnund, Mrs Yashica
DOC         P1         Dowra, Chan                         REY         M2         Reyburn, Mrs Yvonne
DUJ         P35        Dumas, Jean-Pierre (JP)             RON         P26        Ronga, Mrs Taryn
ENB         P14        Engelbrecht, Barend                 ROD          33        Roode, Mrs Denise
EWP          44        Ewart-Phipps, Paul                  RUH         P30        Rust, Erlo
FEF         P9         Ferreira, Frank                     RUM         P13        Rust, Mrs Melissa
FID          46        Fincham, Mrs Donné                  SCF          56        Schuld, Francois
FOR          20        Fourie, Rob                         SET          34        Segaar, Mrs Talita
FRP          1         Franken, Peter                      SIS          50        Singh, Mrs Su
FRE         P7         Fratini-Mentz, Ms Elena             SMC         P8         Smit, Cornelius
GEW          27        Geldenhuys, Wian                    SML           3        Smith, Mrs Liesel
GEL         P3         Georgiades, Mrs Lamorna             SMM     Main Float     Smuts, Mike
GLD          42        Glover, Mrs Desireé                 STC          38        Stephens, Craig
GAI          54        Goddard, Mrs G                      STL        Gym         Stewart, Laurence
GOG          55        Gowar, Mrs Gizelle                  TEW     44 + Float     Tenga, Mr Wilbert
GRW          29        Greyling, Mr Wynand (Mrs B Nel)     THT          21        Thompson, Mrs Tarryn
GRK         M7         Groenewald, Ms Karin                TUI          48        Tucker, Mrs Ilse
HOJ          5         Holliday, Mrs Joanna                TUJ         P19        Tucker, Jocelyn
HOM         M5         Hornsveld, Ms Mathilda              VWN         M3         van der Watt, Niel
HUG         P10        Hudson, Gareth                      VSA          35        van Straten, Mrs Anli
ILJ          18        Illsley, John                       VSD         39A        van Suilichem, Dave
JAC         P4         Janse van Rensburg, Ms Corli        VWA          15        van Wyk, Andries
JIZ         P21        Jiyane, Zakes                       VWS          17        van Wyk, Mrs Sheri
JOJ         P34        Jones, Mrs Joni                     VZE         P2         Venter, Mrs Ella
JOA        M13         Jordaan, Abri                       VEJ         P12        Venter, Jacques
KEL         P33        Keeton, Lincoln                     VLP          14        Vlag, Mrs Penny
KEJ         P28        Kelly, Jaydon                       WIK     Main Float     Wilson, Mr Kyle
KON         P24        Kock, Ms Nikki                      WRD          47        Wright, Dion
KRL          57        Kriel, Mrs Lerine                   WRG          16        Wroth, Gill
KRA          2         Krugel, Mrs Amanda                  ZAN          26        Zambara, Nicholas
LOP         M6         Loots, Philip

Leavers:   Mr Peter Noonan                   New Staff: Mr B Burrow           Mr Clement Mongatane
           Mrs Anthea Le Roux                           Mrs Gayle Goddard     Ms Jeanne Prinsloo
           Dr Janice Robertson                          Mr Romeo Matsolo      Mr Wilbert Tenga
           Miss Tumi Seema

9                               CLASSROOMS IN NUMERICAL ORDER 2018
    ROOM      CODE                 Teacher                   ROOM          CODE            Teacher
1              FRP       Mr Peter Franken                  31                     Music Room above the stage
2              KRA       Mrs Amanda Krugel                 M1                     Rehearsal Room
3              SML       Mrs Liesel Smith                  M2              REY    Mrs Yvonne Reyburn
4              BOS       Mrs Sarah Bouwer                  M3              VDN    Dr Niel van der Watt
5              HOJ       Mrs Joanna Holliday               M4                     Double Bass
6                        Museum                            M5              HOM    Ms Mathilda Hornsveld
7                        Museum                            M6              LOP    Mr Philip Loots
8                        Finance Boardroom                 M7              GRK    Ms Karin Groenewald
9                        Old Boys Association              M8                     Flute
10                       Human Resources                   M9                     Horn and Accompaniment
11                       Battisphere                       M10                    Trombone and Trumpet
12             MAR       Mr Mario Maartens                 M11                    Clarinet
13             BOE       Mrs Bev Boerstra                  M12                    Cello
14              VLP      Mrs Penny Vlag                    M13             JOA    Mr Abri Jordaan
15             VWA       Mr Andries van Wyk                M14                    Violin and Viola
16             WRG       Ms Gill Wroth                     P1              DOC    Mr Chan Dowra
17             VWS       Mrs Sheri van Wyk                 P2              VZE    Mrs Ella Venter
18           ILJ / ADR   Mr John Illsley/Mr A Reeler       P3              GEL    Mrs Lamorna Georgiades
19              DEA      Mr Andrew de Kock                 P4              JAC    Ms Corli Janse van Rensburg
20             FOR       Mr Rob Fourie                     P5              COH    Mrs Hedwig Coetzee
21              THT      Mrs Tarryn Thompson               P6              ADN    Mr Nick Adendorff
22              ORJ      Mr James Orr                      P7              FRE    Ms Elena Fratini-Mentz
23              ALD      Mrs Daniela Albers                P8              SMC    Mr Cornelius Smit
24             MOC       Mr Clement Mongatane              P9              FEF    Mr Frank Ferreira
25              RAY      Mrs Yashica Rajnund               P10             HUG    MR Gareth Hudson
26              ZAN      Mr Nicholas Zambara               P11             BOT    Mr Glen Botha
27             GEW       Mr Wian Geldenhuys                P12             VEJ    Mr Jacques Venter
28             MCT       Mrs Tracey McLeod                 P13             RUM    Mrs Melissa Rust
29             GEW       Mr Wynand Greyling (Mrs B Nel)    P14             ENB    Mr Barend Engelbrecht
30             MUE       Mrs Elaine Müller                 P15             NEJ    Ms Jancke Nell
31                       Music Teaching Room               P16             MEC    Mrs Charlene Mentz
32 Library     BOK       Mrs Karen Botha                   P17             PEM    Mrs Marina Petrou
33             ROD       Mrs Denise Roode                  P18                    Marking Room
34             SET       Mrs Talitha Segaar                P19             TUJ    Mr Jocelyn Tucker
35             VSA       Mrs Anli van Straten              P20             BOA    Ms Alex Bolduc
36 Lab                                                     P21              JIZ   Mr Zakes Jiyane
37 Lab                                                     P22             PIV    Mrs Veronica Pieterse
38             STC       Mr Craig Stephens                 P23             DAC    Mr Chris Davies
39A            VSD       Mr Dave van Suilichem             P24             KON    Ms Nikki Kock
39B           MOD        Mr Mervin Moodley                 P25             BLM    Mr Mark Blew
40            OGP        Mr Prince Ogunbade                P26             RON    Mrs Taryn Ronga
41             PRH       Mr Hanno Pretorius                P27             BOB    Ms Brenda Bopape
42             GLD       Mrs Desireé Glover                P28             KEJ    Mr Jaydon Kelly
43            MAM        Mrs Mandy MacDonald               P29             PRJ    Ms J Prinsloo
44            EWP /      Mr Paul Ewart-Phipps/ Mr          P30             RUH    Mr Erlo Rust
               WIT       Wilbert Tenga
45                       Woodwork Centre                   P31             DEJ    Mrs Jeanne de Meillon
46            FID        Mrs Donné Fincham                 P32             MBC    Mr Craig McBride
47            WRD        Mr Dion Wright                    P33             KEL    Mr Lincoln Keeton
48            TUI        Mrs Ilse Tucker                   P34             JOJ    Mrs Joni Jones
49            PRM        Mrs Margie Prinsen                P35             DUJ    Mr Jean-Pierre (JP) Dumas
50            SIS        Mrs Su Singh                      P36             ODR    Mr Ryan O’Donoghue
51            CHC        Ms Caterina Christodoulou         P37             CLD    Ms Debbie Cloete
52            BUB        Mr Brad Burrow
53            DEG        Mr Gilbert de Villiers            Gymnasium       STL    Mr Laurence Stewart
54            GAI        Mrs Gayle Goddard                 Main Float      SMM    Mr Mike Smuts
55            GOG        Mrs Gizelle Gowar                 Main Float      WIK    Mr Kyle Wilson
56            SCF        Mr Francois Schuld                Pollock Float   ANR    Mr Ryan Anderson
57            KRL        Mrs Lerine Kriel                  Pollock Float   MAR    Mr Romeo Matsolo
10                          ADMINISTRATIVE AND TECHNICAL STAFF 2018

          Name                                Position                            Office
Armstrong, Mr Malcolm           Bush School Manager                   Off Room 11: Office A
Barnard, Mrs Donné              Counsellor                            Counselling Centre
Bonham, Mrs Isabelle            Tuckshop Convenor                     Main Tuckshop
Cameron, Mrs Cathy              Administrative/Admissions Secretary   Headmaster’s Secretaries Office
Chapman, Mrs Heather            Second Master’s Secretary
                                                                      Upper West A
                                Academic Department Secretary
Chokwe, Ms Pemlar               Media Centre Assistant                Media Centre
Cook, Mr Julian                 Business Manager                      Finance Department
de Jong, Mr Herman              Educational Psychologist              Counselling Centre
Dodds, Ms Katrina               Headmaster’s Secretary                Headmaster’s Secretaries Office
Durgapersad, Mrs Delphine       Creditors Clerk                       Next to Reception
Ehlers, Mrs Debra               Debtors Administrator                 Finance Department
                                Public Relations & Communication
Fisher, Ms Jamie-Lee                                                  Room 8
Geertsema, Mr Richard           Building Maintenance Supervisor
Giacinti, Ms Tiziana            Manager                               Clothing Shop
Gibbs, Mr Keith                 Curator                               Museum, left off the foyer
Haward, Mrs Melanie             Procurement Officer                   Off Reception
Housdon, Mr Michael             Head of Sport                         Sports Office, Ground Floor
Housdon, Mrs Tracey             Housekeeper                           Laundry
Louw, Mrs Cathy                 Pollock Campus Secretary              Pollock Campus
Lourens, Mrs Lorraine           Bookkeeper
Mansell, Sr Louise              Nursing Sister                        Sanatorium
Mashifane, Mr Solly             Print Room                            Printing Room
Mathebela, Mr Ben               Grounds Maintenance Supervisor
Mathebela, Mr Wilson            IT Helpdesk and Support               Computer Workshop
Minnaar, Mrs Talita             Administrative Assistant/Cashier      Finance Department
Moeketsane, Mrs Maureen         Tuckshop Assistant                    Main Tuckshop
Sewelana, Mrs Aggie             Laboratory Assistant                  Science Office
Short, Mrs Jeannine             Accountant                            Finance Department
van der Horst, Mr Eric          IT Administrator                      Office in Room 15
van der Linde, Sr Carina-Mari   Nursing Sister                        Sanatorium
van der Walt, Mrs Connie        Human Resources Administrator         Room 10
van Suilichem, Mr Dave          Head of IT                            Room 11: Office D
van Zyl, Ms Amanda              Head of Arts and Culture              Office opposite Room 29
Vermeulen, Mr Patrick           Estate Manager
Wallace, Mrs Geraldine          Office Administrator                  Reception


             ABERNETHY HOUSE                                            ARCADIA HOUSE
Ms D Cloete: Senior Housemaster P37                      Mr E Rust: Senior Housemaster P30
                            Registration    Tutor                                     Registration    Tutor
Fm 1 Mrs T Thompson             21           21          Fm 1   Ms E Fratini-Mentz        18           P7
Fm 2 Mrs B Nel                  29           29          Fm 2   Mr C Dowra                17           P1
Fm 3 Mrs L Smith                 3            3          Fm 3   Mr G de Villiers          53           53
Fm 4 Mr J Venter                 5          P12          Fm 4   Mr R Anderson             16          P21
Fm 5 Mrs S Bouwer                4            4          Fm 5   Mrs D Glover              42           42
Fm 5 Pastoral:   Mrs K Botha                             Fm 5 Pastoral: Mrs M MacDonald
Language:        Mrs P Vlag                              Language:        Mrs C Mentz
Reserve Tutor:   Ms B Bopape                             Reserve Tutor: Mr Z Jiyane

             ARMSTRONG HOUSE                                             HOFMEYR HOUSE
Mr R Fourie: Senior Housemaster 20                       Mr D van Suilichem: Senior Housemaster 39A
                             Registration Tutor                                       Registration Tutor
Fm 1 Ms A Bolduc                 20        P20           Fm 1    Mrs V Pieterse           28          P22
Fm 2 Ms C Janse van Rensburg 22            P4            Fm 2    Mr P Franken              1           1
Fm 3 Mrs A van Straten           35        35            Fm 3    Mr C Mongotane           24           24
Fm 4 Mrs A Krugel                 2         2            Fm 4    Mr H Pretorius           41           41
Fm 5 Mr A de Kock                19        19            Fm 5    Mrs D Fincham            46           46
Fm 5 Pastoral:    Mrs J Jones/Mrs D Albers               Fm 5 Pastoral: Mrs E Müller
Language:         Mrs M Petrou                           Language:        Mrs S Singh
Reserve Tutor:    Mrs Y Reyburn & Mrs T McLeod           Reserve Tutor: Mr P Ewart-Phipps & Mrs M Prinsen

               MATHESON HOUSE                                             RISSIK HOUSE
Mr W Geldenhuys: Senior Housemaster 54                   Mr C Smit: Senior Housemaster P8
                          Registration     Tutor                                     Registration     Tutor
Fm 1 Mrs L Kriel              57            57           Fm 1   Mr B Engelbrecht        Rissik         P14
Fm 2 Mrs J de Meillon         12           P31           Fm 2   Mr N Adendorff          Rissik         P6
Fm 3 Mr W Thenga              44            44           Fm 3   Mr L Stewart            Rissik        Rissik
Fm 4 Mrs M Rust               50           P13           Fm 4   Mr G Botha              Rissik         P11
Fm 5 Ms J Nell                49           P15           Fm 5   Mr JP Dumas             Rissik         P35
Fm 5 Pastoral:   Mr P Loots
Language:        Mrs Boerstra                            Language:        Ms C Christodoulou
Reserve Tutor:   Mrs T Segaar

               SCHOOL HOUSE                                            SOLOMON HOUSE
Mr M Blew: Senior Housemaster P25                        Mr R O’Donoghue: Senior Housemaster P36
                         Registration       Tutor                                   Registration Tutor
Fm 1 Mr G Hudson            School         School        Fm 1    Mr J Orr            Solomon      22
Fm 2 Mr J Kelly             School          P28          Fm 2    Mr A Kemp           Solomon      Sol
Fm 3 Mr R Matsolo           School         School        Fm 3    Mr N Landsberg      Solomon      Sol
Fm 4 Mr F Schuld            School           56          Fm 4    Mr N Zambara        Solomon      26
Fm 5 Mr C Stephens          School           38          Fm 5    Mr M Maartens       Solomon      12

Language:         Mr L Keeton                            Language:               Mr J Illsley

              SUNNYSIDE HOUSE                                             TOWN HOUSE
Mr M Moodley: Senior Housemaster 39B                     Mr J Tucker: Senior Housemaster P19
                          Registration  Tutor                                          Registration   Tutor
Fm 1 Mrs D Roode              33          33             Fm 1    Mrs G Gower               55          55
Fm 2 Ms N Kock                13         P24             Fm 2    Mrs J Prinsloo            25         P29
Fm 3 Mrs I Tucker             48          48             Fm 3    Mr C Davies               26         P23
Fm 4 Mr F Ferreira            15         P9              Fm 4    Mr P Ogunbade             40          40
Fm 5 Mrs H Coetzee            14         P5              Fm 5    Mrs E Venter              27          P2
Fm 5 Pastoral:     Mr D Wright/Mrs S van Wyk             Fm 5 Pastoral:      Mrs G Goddard
Language:          Ms G Wroth                            Language:           Mrs L Georgiades
Reserve/Pastoral:  Mrs Y Rajnund                         Reserve             Dr N van der Watt

12                                  PREFECTS 2018

     NAME                               HOUSE
     Brown            Kyle              Solomon      HEAD PREFECT
     Gous             Christopher       Matheson     DEPUTY HEAD PREFECT

     Baxter           Andrew             Sunnyside
     Bekker           Rhys               Abernethy
     Campbell         Caleb              Armstrong
     Carvalheiro      Lorenzo            Arcadia
     da Costa         Richard            School
     De Swardt        Zian               Sunnyside
     de Villiers      David              Hofmeyr
     Dreyer           Jan Hendrik        Abernethy
     Greeff           Dylan              Hofmeyr
     Grobler          Francois           Armstrong
     Harris           Jordan             Solomon
     Idowu            Moses              Arcadia
     Jada             Khanya             Sunnyside
     Joubert          Matthew            Town
     Lalla            Tariq              Armstrong
     Lochner          Brendan            Matheson
     Magezi           Arnold             Abernethy
     Makhura          Sedise             Arcadia
     Matzopoulos      Callen             Rissik
     Mellet           Francois           Hofmeyr
     Mentz            Ruben              Sunnyside
     Milton           Rhys               Matheson
     Mitchell         Graham             Arcadia
     Motjuwadi        Tshego             Rissik
     Muller           Ryan               Hofmeyr
     Ngcongo          Kuhle              School
     Ngcongo          Sihle              School
     Reid             Conrad             Armstrong
     Rovetto          Nicky              Hofmeyr
     Stone            Jarryd             Solomon
     Treurnicht       Theron             School
     van den Heever   Ferdi              Sunnyside

13                                HOUSE PREFECTS 2018
ABERNETHY HOUSE          Prefect of (Form)        ARCADIA HOUSE            Prefect of (Form)
Senior Housemaster: Ms Cloete                     Senior Housemaster: Mr Rust
Jan Hendrik Dreyer (Head)     Form 1              Lorenzo Carvaleiro (Head)   Form 1
Greg Sequeira (Deputy)        Form 3              Moses Idowu (Deputy)        Form 1
Rhys Bekker                   Form 4              Jamie Davies                Form 4
Diego de Averio               Form 3              Sedise Makhura              Form 2
Arnold Magezi                 Form 2              Jamiel Malherbe             Form 3
Tafadzwa Pikirayi             Form 2              Kgotso Mashiane             Form 3
Brendan Pretorius             Form 4              Graham Mitchell             Form 4
Roberto Rea                   Form 1              Thomas Wilke                Form 2

ARMSTRONG HOUSE          Prefect of (Form)        HOFMEYR HOUSE            Prefect of (Form)
Senior Housemaster: Mr Fourie                     Senior Housemaster: Mr van Suilichem
Conrad Reid (Head)            Form 5              Dylan Greeff (Head)         Form 1
Francois Grobler (Deputy)     Form 2              Nicolas Rovetto (Deputy)    Form 2
Caleb Campbell                Form 2              Greg Comins                 Form 4
Chris Frade                   Form 3              David de Villiers           Form 3
Conley Josephs                Form 4              Phenyo Mathebula            Form 4
Tariq Lalla                   Form 1              Francois Mellet             Form 3
Khatu Motau                   Form 1              Ryan Muller                 Form 2
Seth Scott                    Form 3              Alexander van Twisk         Form 1

MATHESON HOUSE           Prefect of (Form)        RISSIK HOUSE             Prefect of (Form)
Senior Housemaster: Mr Geldenhuys                 Senior Housemaster: Mr Smit
Rhys Milton (Head)            Roaming             Tshego Motjuwadi (Head)
Christopher Gous (Deputy)     Form 2              James Isherwood (Deputy)
Gibran Cassim                 Form 5              Gregor Andrew               Form 1
Murray Hudson-Lamb            Form 4              Lyall Francis               Form 2
Brendan Lochner               Form 1              Bokang Jimlongoe            Form 4
Sibulele Makhonco             Form 3              Ryan Joyce                  Form 3
Kganyo Molete                 Form 2              Jude Learmont               Form 2
Lucca Swart                   Form 1              Callen Matzopoulos          Form 1

SCHOOL HOUSE             Prefect of (Form)        SOLOMON HOUSE            Prefect of (Form)
Senior Housemaster: Mr Blew                       Senior Housemaster: Mr O’Donoghue
Richard da Costa (Head)                           Jarryd Stone (Head)
Sihle Ngcongo (Deputy)                            Jordan Harris (Deputy)
Ashley Bode                   Form 3              Kyle Brown                  Form 1
Ongeziwe Dumzela              Form 4              Phillip Kweza               Admin
Nceba Gxumisa                 Form 2              Joshua Malan                Form 4
Kuhle Ngcongo                 Form 1              Theo Pretorius              Form 2
Dylan Thompson                Form 3              Craig Thomas                Form 1
Theron Treurnicht             Form 4              Cole van Rooyen             Form 3

SUNNYSIDE HOUSE          Prefect of (Form)        TOWN HOUSE               Prefect of (Form)
Senior Housemaster: Mr Moodley                    Senior Housemaster: Mr Tucker
Ferdi van den Heever (Head)   Form 1              Matthew Joubert (Head)      Form 4
Andrew Baxter (Deputy)        Form 1              Kyle van Aswegan (Deputy)   Form 3
Zian de Swart                 Form 4              Cameron Blake               Form 4
Jonathan Horn                 Form 2              Brendon Els                 Form 1
Khanya Jada                   Form 3              Justin Jeon                 Form 2
Kayur Lakha                   Form 3              Evann Lowe                  Form 1
Vuvu Mafani                   Form 4              Callum Maloy                Form 2
Ruben Mentz                   Form 2              Jordan Rodda                Form 3

14                                   OFFICES FOR THE YEAR 2018

Abernethy                            Debbie Cloete                  Pollock Campus
Arcadia                              Erlo Rust                      Pollock Administration Block
Armstrong                            Rob Fourie                     Office in Room 11: Office B
Hofmeyr                              Dave van Suilichem             Office in Room 11: Office D
Matheson                             Wian Geldenhuys                Upper East H
Rissik                               Cornelius Smit                 Rissik House
School                               Mark Blew                      School House
Solomon                              Ryan O’Donoghue                Solomon House
Sunnyside                            Mervin Moodley                 Office next to 39B
Town                                 Jocelyn Tucker                 Office opposite Pollock Staffroom

Heads of Subject
Accounting                           Erlo Rust                      Pollock Administration Block
Afrikaans                            Amanda Krugel                  Upper East D
Advanced Programme Mathematics       Joanna Holliday                Lower West N
Business Studies                     Jaydon Kelly                   Pollock Administration Block
Civil Technology                     Paul Ewart-Phipps              Next to Room 44
English                              Penny Vlag                     Upper East E
Engineering Graphics and Design      Dion Wright                    Off Room 47
French                               Hedwig Coetzee                 Pollock Campus
Geography                            Peter Franken                  Upper East G
German                               Corli Janse van Rensburg       Office behind P4
History                              Liesel Smith                   Upper East F
Information Technology               Denise Roode                   Office next to IT Classroom Room 33
Life Orientation                     Jacques Venter                 Pollock 7A
Life Sciences                        Elaine Müller                  Lower East J
Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy    Sarah Bouwer                   Lower East K
Music                                Niel van der Watt              M3
Physical Sciences                    Daniela Albers                 Lower East L
Sepedi                               Brenda Bopape                  Classroom P21
Visual Arts                          Debbie Cloete                  Office behind P18

Other Portfolios

Staff, SGB, RCL, Counsellors , Marketing                                   Mr AD Reeler     Headmaster’s Study

Second Master
Academic, HOD Performance, SGB Member, Museum, Old Boys Liaison
and Reunions, Housemasters, 2 Day Houses (Abernethy & Sunnyside),          Mr JW Illsley    Second Master
Lockers (assisted by D Wright), Editor: The Pretorian

Deputy Headmaster
Head of Pollock Campus, Boarding, Dining Room, Matrics, Prefects,          Mr C McBride     Pollock Campus
3 Boarding Houses (Rissik, School and Solomon), Form V Head; Hair

Deputy Headmaster
IQMS, Staff Development & Wellness, Form IV Symposium (with C Smit),
Substitution, Break Duties, Student Teachers, International Exchange
Programme, Bursaries/Scholarships, New Staff (with FRP), Dress Code        Mrs J Holliday    Lower West N
& Academic Gowns, 3 Day Houses (Hofmeyr, Matheson and Town),
HOD AP Mathematics, A-Level Mathematics Programme, Teaching &
Administration Staff Parties (with D Cloete and K Dodds), Form IV Head

Deputy Headmaster
Extramural Activities, Overseeing M Housdon (Sport) and A van Zyl
(Culture), PA Liaison, Health and Safety, Sanatorium Management,           Mr M Smuts        Office next to Room
2 Day Houses (Armstrong and Arcadia), Theft Reports, Form III Head,                                  19
SGB member

Business Manager
Finance, Legal, Risk Management        Mr J Cook                  Ground Floor
Estate Management
Head of Studies                        Mr A van Wyk               Upper West C
Academic Dept. Assistant/LTSM          Mrs S van Wyk              Upper West C
Accountant                             Mrs J Short                Finance Department
Admissions and Administration          Mrs C Cameron              Headmaster’s Secretary’s Office
Bookkeeper                             Mr L Lourens               Ground floor, Finance Department
Bursaries/Fm IV Administrator          Mrs J Holliday             Lower West N
Catering                               Chartwells                 Central Dining Room
Clothing Shop                          Ms T Giacinti              Clothing Shop
Counsellor                             Mrs D Barnard              Counselling Centre
Creditors Clerk                        Mrs D Durgapersad          Next to Reception
Cultural Affairs                       Ms A van Zyl               Office opposite Room 29
Debtors Clerk                          Mrs D Ehlers               Office in Printing Room
Director of Coaching: Cricket          Mr D Jefferson             Swimming Pool Office
Director of Coaching: Hockey           Mr R Anderson              Swimming Pool Office
Director of Coaching: Rugby            Mr R Dames                 Swimming Pool Office
Director of Coaching: Water Polo       Mr L Rubushe               Swimming Pool Office
Educational Psychologist               Mr H de Jong               Counselling Centre
Head of Sport                          Mr M Housdon               Sports Office
HR Administrator                       Mrs C van der Walt         Room 10 (Ground Floor)
Information Technology Administrator   Mr E van der Horst         Office in Room 15
IT Helpdesk and Support                Mr W Mathabele             Computer Workshop
Office Administrator                   Mrs G Wallace              Reception
PR & Communication Officer             Ms J-L Fisher              Room 8
Procurement Officer                    Mrs M Haward               Office in Reception
Sports Conditioning                    Mr L Stewart               Weights Gym
Tuckshop                               Mrs I Bonham               Tuckshop

Headmaster’s Secretary                 Ms K Dodds                 Headmaster’s Secretary’s Office
Second Master’s Secretary              Mrs H Chapman              Upper West A
Academic Department Secretary
Pollock Campus Secretary               Mrs C Louw                 Pollock Campus Administration Block

15                                     ACADEMIC MATTERS


1      Academic Awards                                      Mr van Wyk; Mrs van Wyk ; Mrs Chapman
2      Class Placement (New Boys)                           Mr van Wyk
3      Examination Organisation                             Mr van Wyk; Mrs van Wyk; Mrs Chapman
4      Examination Timetable                                Mr van Wyk; Mrs van Wyk; Mrs Chapman
5      Examination Venue Logistics                          Mr van Wyk; Mrs van Wyk; Mrs Chapman
6      Form I and II Administration                         Mrs van Wyk; Mr van Wyk; Mrs Chapman
7      Form III – V Administration                          Mr van Wyk; Mrs van Wyk; Mrs Chapman
8      Internal Test Programme                              Mr Illsley
9      Parent-Teacher Consultation                          Mrs D Glover
10     Prize Giving                                         Mrs van Wyk; Mrs Chapman
11     Reports                                              Mr van Wyk; Mrs van Wyk
12     Report Duplication, Corrections, Reprints            Mrs van Wyk; Mrs Chapman
13     School Timetable                                     Mr van Wyk and timetable committee
14     Supervised Homework                                  Mrs Su Singh

16                                           STAFF MATTERS
       Committee Members
1      Dress code for lady staff members               Mrs Holliday
2      Gifts for leaving staff                         Mr Reeler; Ms Dodds; Ms Fisher
3      Matric matters:        Valentine’s Day          Mrs Vlag
                              Liaison Matric Garment   Mr Illsley
                              Gift to the school       Headmaster
17                                    ADMINISTRATION

1    Admissions                                       Headmaster; Mrs Cameron
2    Allocation of boys to houses                     Mrs Cameron
3    Budget pre-authorisation                         Mr Cook; Mrs Short
4    Buses (Hired)                                    Mr Housdon
5    Buses (School)                                   Mrs G Wallace (Reception)
6    Catering                                         Chartwells
7    Colours Committee (Cultural)                     Ms van Zyl; Mr Illsley; Dr van der Watt;
                                                      Mr Reeler , Mr Smuts
8    Colours Committee (Sports)                       Messrs Reeler; Illsley; Housdon; Smuts
9    Computer Centre                                  Mrs Roode
10   Database Control                                 Mrs C Cameron
11   Detention                                        Mr McBride; Prefects
12   Employment Queries                               Mrs van der Walt; Mr Cook
13   First Aid                                        Srs van der Linde; Mansell
14   Flowers (Co-ordinator)                           Ms van Zyl
15   Form I Orientation                               Mr Stephens; Mr M Maartens
16   Form I Camp                                      Mr Fourie
17   Form IV Camp                                     Mr Fourie
18   Governing Body Staff Representatives             Mr Illsley; Mr Franken; Mr Smuts
19   Grounds and Buildings                            Mr Vermeulen
21   Learner/Teacher Support Material (LTSM)          Mrs van Wyk
22   Library (After School)                           Mrs Botha
23   Matric Dance                                     Ms van Zyl; Mrs V Pieterse
24   Meals for Staff                                  Chartwells
25   Mulvenna Room/Sommerville Pavilion               Mr F Schuld
26   New Teacher’s Orientation                        Mrs Holliday; Mr Franken
27   NAPTOSA Representative                           Mr Zambara
28   Prefects                                         Mr McBride
29   Pretorian Advertising                            Miss Fisher
30   Programmes                                       Mr Illsley; Mrs Chapman; Ms van Zyl;
                                                      Miss Fisher
31   Register Control                                 Mrs Wallace
32   Reunions                                         Mr Illsley; Mrs Paulson-Liddle; Chartwells
33   Safety Committee                                 Mr Smuts
34   Salary Administration                            Mrs Short; Mrs van der Walt
35   Saturday Sports Duties (Junior)                  Mr Housdon (cricket, hockey & rugby)
36   School Farm (Waterval Onder) Bookings            Affies
37   School Museum and Archive Room                   Mr Illsley; Mr Gibbs
38   School Trophies (Academic)                       Mrs Chapman
39   School Trophies (Sport)                          Mr Housdon
40   Sports Kit Room                                  Prefects
41   Staffroom (Cleaning)                             Mrs Housdon
42   Staff Dinner                                     Mrs Cloete and dinner committee
43   Staff Files (The Blue File): New Teachers        Mrs Holliday; Mrs van der Walt
44   Substitution                                     Mrs Holliday
45   Supervised Homework                              Mrs Singh
46   Teas (Monthly Birthdays)                         Mrs van der Linden
47   Tea contributions                                Finance Department
48   Venue Bookings (All)                             Miss Fisher

18                               PBHS COMMUNICATION DETAILS

1    School’s Postal Address                     Pretoria Boys High School
                                                 PO Box 11790

2    School’s Physical Address                   Pretoria Boys High School
                                                 251 Roper Street

3    Telephone Number                            012 460 2246

4    Facsimile Number                            012 460 1507

5    Website                                     www.boyshigh.com

6    Email enquiries                             info@boyshigh.com

19                                     COMMUNICATONS


                                                 Mr J Illsley; Mrs H Chapman; Ms A van Zyl;
1    All programmes and publications
                                                 Ms J Fisher
2    Assemblies                                  Mr J Illsley; Ms A van Zyl
3    Audio Visual Equipment                      Mr G Botha
4    Blood Donations                             Mrs L Smith
5    Commencement Ceremony                       Mr J Illsley; Ms A van Zyl
6    Final Assembly                              Mr J Illsley; Ms A van Zyl
7    Form I and IV Photographs                   Mr E van der Horst; Mr W Mathabela
8    Friends of the School Association           Mr J Illsley; Ms J Fisher
9    Group Photographs                           Ms G Wroth
10   Invitation Protocol                         Ms K Dodds; Ms J Fisher
11   Lighting Crew                               Mr G Botha
12   Matric Dance                                Ms A van Zyl; Mrs V Pieterse
13   Parents’ Association Representative         Mr M Smuts
14                                               Mr J Illsley; Ms J Fisher; Mrs C Louw;
     Pretorian Magazine
                                                 Ms Cloete; Mrs H Chapman
15   Programmes (Final Check)                    Mr J Illsley and Mrs P Vlag
16   RCL                                         Mrs M Petrou
17   Remembrance Day                             Mr J Illsley; Ms A van Zyl; Ms Fisher
18   School Calendar                             Mrs M MacDonald; Ms J Fisher
19   School Photography (non-group)              PBHS Photographic Society
     Social Media                                Ms J Fisher
20   Sound Crew                                  Mr G Botha
22   Special Assemblies                          Mr J Illsley; Ms A van Zyl
23   Staff Meetings                              Headmaster; Mr J Illsley
24   Student Cards                               Mr W Mathabela
25                                               Mr J Illsley; Mrs S van Wyk; Mrs H Chapman
                                                 Ms A van Zyl
26   Venue Bookings                              Ms J Fisher
27   Website                                     Ms J Fisher

20                                   EMAIL ADDRESSES
     Headmaster                  Mr A Reeler          headmaster@boyshigh.com
     Second Master               Mr J Illsley         john@boyshigh.com / jillsley@boyshigh.com
     Headmaster’s Secretary      Ms K Dodds           headmastersecretary@boyshigh.com
     Second Master’s Secretary   Mrs H Chapman        academic@boyshigh.com
     Head of Studies             Mr A van Wyk         avanwyk@boyshigh.com
     Academic Dept. Assistant    Mrs S van Wyk        svanwyk@boyshigh.com
     Deputy Headmaster           Mrs J Holliday       jholliday@boyshigh.com
     Deputy Headmaster           Mr C McBride         cmcbride@boyshigh.com
     Deputy Headmaster           Mr M Smuts           msmuts@boyshigh.com
     Pollock Campus Secretary    Mrs C Louw           pollock@boyshigh.com
     Reception/Office Manager    Mrs G Wallace        reception@boyshigh.com

     Clothing Shop               Ms T Giacinti        tgiacinti@boyshigh.com
     Catering Managers           Mrs A Nel            WSJHB.PTABoysSchool@compass-sa.co.za
     Counsellor                  Mrs D Barnard        dbarnard@boyshigh.com
     Educational Psychologist    Mr H de Jong         hdejong@boyshigh.com
     HR                          Mrs C van der Walt   hr@boyshigh.com
     Information Technology      Mr E van der Horst   it@boyshigh.com
     PR and Communication        Ms J Fisher          pr@boyshigh.com
     Sport                       Mr M Housdon         sports@boyshigh.com
     Tuckshop                    Mrs I Bonham         tuckshop@boyshigh.com

     Business Manager            Mr J Cook            businessmanager@boyshigh.com
     Accountant                  Mrs J Short          accountant@boyshigh.com
     Bookkeeper                  Mrs L Lourens        bookkeep@boyshigh.com
     Cashier                     Ms T Minnaar         tminnaar@boyshigh.com
     Creditors Administrator     Mrs D Durgapersad    creditors@boyshigh.com
     Debtors Administrator       Mrs D Ehlers         accounts@boyshigh.com
     Procurement Officer         Mrs M Haward         procurement@boyshigh.com

     Abernethy                   Ms D Cloete          dcloete@boyshigh.com
     Arcadia                     Mr H Rust            erust@boyshigh.com
     Armstrong                   Mr R Fourie          rfourie@boyshigh.com
     Hofmeyr                     Mr D van Suilichem   dvansuilichem@boyshigh.com
     Mattheson                   Mr W Geldenhuys      wgeldenhuys@boyshigh.com
     Rissik                      Mr C Smit            csmit@boyshigh.com
     School                      Mr M Blew            mblew@boyshigh.com
     Solomon                     Mr R O’Donoghue      rodonoghue@boyshigh.com
     Sunnyside                   Mr D Moodley         dmoodley@boyshigh.com
     Town                        Mr J Tucker          jtucker@boyshigh.com

     Sr Mansell                                       sansister@boyshigh.com
     Sr van der Linde                                 san@boyshigh.com

     All other members of staff’s emailing addresses are available on Microsoft Outlook in the
     address book listed under “Global Address List”.
21                                      EMERGENCY LIST

PBHS SANATORIUM EMERGENCY                     082 881 9268
PBHS SANATORIUM                               012 346 8694

Ambulance and paramedics
•    Advanced Paramedic Assist (APA)          086 011 2911
•   Netcare                                   082 911
•    ER 24                                    084 124
•    State/Provincial Ambulance               10177
•    Lifemed                                  086 108 6911
•    Spineline                                080 067 8678

Additional contact numbers
Local Chief of Civil Defence                  012 427 7111
SA Ambulance Services                         012 310 6400
Fire Department                  Toll free    10177       or     012 310 6300
Flying Squad                                  10111
Police (Brooklyn)                             012 366 1700
Pretoria Academic Hospital (Steve Biko)       012 354 1000
Hatmed Medical Centre                         012 362 7180
Little Company of Mary Emergency Unit         012 424 3600
Zuid-Afrikaans Trauma Unit                    012 343 0300
Muelmed Hospital (Spinal and Neuro)           012 440 0692/3
Poison Centre and Information                 021 931 6129 / 021 799 2087
National Emergencies                          080 0011 1990.
Electricity                                   080 111 1556


Sr Mansell          Sanatorium ext 225        Fax:    086 751 2879       Work 012 460 2246
Sr van der Linde    Sanatorium ext 225        Fax:    086 751 2879       Work 012 460 2246
Mrs Housdon         Housekeeper               Cell    072 436 6902

Mr de Jong          Counselling Centre ext 218        Cell   072 718 5952
Mrs Barnard         Counselling Centre ext 257        Cell

The following people have undergone First Aid Training either at the school or privately. Please
contact them if the above people are not available or if more than one person is needed to attend to
the emergency.

Main Building

1       Andrew de Kock           Room 19                          Cell   084 440 1114
2       Herman de Jong           Counselling Centre               Cell   072 120 3101
3       Bianca Nel               Room 29                          Cell   076 107 4192
4       Rob Fourie               Room 20                          Cell   082 304 4943
5       Richard Geertsema        Buildings/grounds                Cell   071 735 0011

Pollock Campus

1       Jeanne de Meillon        Room P31                         Cell   084 567 3410
2       Erlo Rust                Room P30                         Cell   084 580 5197


                                         Injured boy goes down - nearest
                                       staff/pupil to stay with injured party

                                             Team summon nearest
                                         teacher/referee/coach to assist

                                       Summon designated medical team,
                                           first aid teacher for area

                                          CALL SISTER ON DUTY
                                         Cell: 082 881 9268
                                     OR internal extension 225
                    Emergency landline: 012 346 8694 OR 012 460 2246 - San No 7

                                       Assess information and situation
                                         determine level of severity -
                                            respond accordingly

                                                  PRIORITY 2:
              PRIORITY 3:                                                           PRIORITY 1:
                                            More serious requiring
          Minor (not serious)                                                         Serious
                                          referral – if possible escort
        first aid escort to San                                                     treat on site
                                             to medical room/San

                                                ADVISE PARENTS:
                                                                                 CALL AMBULANCE
                                             May collect or meet at
             GIVE FIRST AID                                                     REQUEST PARAMEDIC
                                             casualty depending on
                                              condition of patient

                                                                            Inform Main Gate to open West
      Advise boy to report to                                               & Main Gates, Estate Manager,
         San and have him                   SUMMON AMBULANCE                     Housemaster, HOD &
       escorted if necessary                                                 Headmaster. Complete WCL2
                                          Inform Main Gate, Reception,      Form. Top copy to accompany
Ambulance:        086 011 2911 /
                                           Housemaster, Headmaster,              patient original to HR
                  082 911 / 084 124
Brooklyn Police: 012 366 1700                HOD to complete WCL2
Poison Centre: 021 931 6129/0861               Form. Top copy to                Contact parents/next of kin
Poison Info Cntr: 086 155 5777                 accompany patient
                  080 033 3444
Life Groenkloof 012 424 3600
Muelmed: Spinal: 012 440 0692/3                                                   See hospital admission
ZAH:              012 343 0300          HOD to submit original WCL2 to HR
                  012 343 3736                                                     protocol for boarders
Main Gate:        012 460 2246 x 231
            OR 073 748 7226                   San to email list of
Mr Vermeulen: Estate Manager:             injuries/illness weekly and
                  082 901 2116                                                  Debriefing of all boys/staff
Mr Geertsema: Maintenance Manager           annual report to Senior
                                                                                involved in San within 24
                  071 735 0011            Housemaster/Headmaster
Ben Mathebela: 082 629 2540                                                        hours post incident
Craig McBride: 076 960 5485                              22
Spine Line:       080 067 8678

       SPORT                          MASTER-IN-CHARGE

1      Athletics                      Mr R O’Donoghue; Ms J Nell
2      Basketball                     Ms C Christodoulou
3      Climbing                       Mr R Fourie
4      Cricket                        Mr D Jefferson
5      Cross Country                  Mr L Keeton
6      Fencing                        Mr N Zambara
7      Golf                           Mr G Botha
8      Hockey                         Mr R Anderson
9      Rugby                          Mr R Dames
10     Soccer                         Mr P Franken
11     Squash                         Mr C Stephens
12     Swimming                       Ms A Bolduc; Mr F Ferreira
13     Table Tennis                   Mr C Dowra
14     Tennis                         Mrs E Müller; Mr G Stoffberg
15     Water Polo                     Mr L Rubushe

                             EXTRAMURAL RESPONSIBILITIES: 2017


COACHES            P Ewart-Phipps     C McBride        M Blew          J Nell       R Fourie
                   R O’Donoghue       R Matsolo        G Hudson

     S van Wyk    J Nell        N Kock L Kriel    M Prinsen      D van Suilichem
     E Müller     M Rust        M Moodley         A Krugel       C Dowra
     C Janse van Rensburg       D Albers          V Pieterse     C Davies      S Singh
     H Coetzee    H Pretorius   C McBride         J Holliday     P Franken     M Petrou
     R Fourie     Z Jiyane      D Wright and any new staff not allocated to an extramural activity


COACHES            Outside Coaches and Students

MANAGERS           C Christodoulou    P Franken        M Moodley       P Ogunbade T Thompson


COACHES AND ADMINISTRATION            E Venter         B Engelbrecht     I Tucker    J Prinsloo


COACHES            R Anderson J Venter       W Geldenhuys              A de Kock    F Schuld
                   D van Suilichem           G de Villiers             G Hudson     K Wilson
                   B Burrow


COACHES AND ADMINISTRATION                   L Keeton        D Moodley


GOLF               MASTER-IN-CHARGE:         MR BOTHA

               M Smuts    M Prinsen           D Roode         C Janse van Rensburg        F Schuld
               W Geldenhuys                   N Adendorff


COACHES            P Franken     R Anderson   A de Kock       G de Villiers   D Wright       H Pretorius
                   J Prinsloo    G Goddard

MANAGERS           C Christodoulou      D Glover        Y Rajnund      V Pieterse

RUGBY              MASTER-IN-CHARGE:          MR R DAMES

COACHES            M Smuts              C McBride       J Tucker       F Schuld     D van Suilichem
                   M Housdon            A Bolduc        JP Dumas       R Fourie     J Venter
                   P Ewart-Phipps       J Kelly         M Blew         M Maartens   N Adendorff
                   R O’Donoghue         C Smit          E Rust         G Botha      W Geldenhuys
                   K Wilson             B Burrow        G Hudson       R Matsolo


COACHES            Outside Students

MANAGERS           J Tucker             M Moodley       C Christodoulou       P Ogunbade
                   Z Jiyane             M Prinsen       D van Suilichem



COACHES            M MacDonald          S Bouwer        C Mentz        C Stephens   B Engelbrecht


COACHES            A Bolduc      F Ferreira   N Kock

     D Albers     N Kock A Krugel       I Tucker         M MacDonald          P Franken      H Coetzee
     M Rust       K Botha               T Thompson       H Pretorius          M Petrou       L Kriel
     V Pieterse   D Roode               J de Meillon     Y Rajnund


ADMINISTRATION     C Dowra       Z Jiyane     C Davies


HEAD COACH AND ADMINISTRATION                                 G Stoffberg

TRANSPORT          M Prinsen     C Davies     L Kriel         M Rust


ADMINISTRATION     C Janse van Rensburg       J Jones

COACHES            C McBride     JP Dumas     G Botha         M Maartens      N Adendorff    J Tucker
                   C Smit

MANAGER:           G Goddard



1       Aeronautical Society                             Mr J Illsley; Mr M Moodley
2       Anime Club                                       Mrs D Cloete
                                                         Ms A van Zyl; Ms M Hornsveld; Ms E Fratini-
3       Annual Production
4       Archery                                          Mrs L Georgiades
5       Ballroom Dance Club                              Mrs J Jones; Mrs V Pieterse
6       Blood Clinic                                     Mrs L Smith
7       Boys Highlights                                  Mrs K Botha; Ms G Wroth
8       Brass Choir                                      Mr P Loots
9       Bridge Club                                      Mr C Davies
10      Business Club                                    Mr J Kelly
11      Chess                                            Mrs J de Meillon, Ms A van Zyl
12      Choir                                            Mrs L-M Pitout; Mr G Hudson; Mrs G Gowar
13      Creative Writing Club                            Mrs V Pieterse
14      Debating                                         Mrs L Georgiades; Mrs V Pieterse
15      Dixie Band                                       Dr N van der Watt
16      Drama                                            Mrs M Rust
17      Drama Production – Fringe                        Ms A van Zyl
18      Fantasy War Games                                Ms B Bopape
19      Film Club                                        Mrs E Venter
                                                         Sr C-M van der Linde; Sr L Mansell;
20      First Aid Society
                                                         Ms M Hornsveld
21      French Conversational Classes                    Mrs H Coetzee; Ms E Fratini-Mentz
22      Gumboot Dancers                                  Mrs M Prinsen
23      Hiking Club                                      Mr P Loots
24      Inter-House Play Festival                        Mrs D Fincham
25      Junior City Council                              Ms E van Zyl
26      Mathematics Outreach                             Mrs J Holliday
27      Media Centre                                     Mrs K Botha
28      Orchestra                                        Dr N van der Watt
29      Outreach Programme                               Mrs P Vlag
30      Photographic Society                             Mrs J Jones
31      Pipe Band                                        Mr J Orr
32      Public Speaking and Gavel Club                   Mrs B Boerstra; Mrs S Bouwer
33      RCL                                              Mrs M Petrou
34      Salon Boys                                       Mr P Loots
                                                         Mrs L Kriel (boarders)
35      SCA
                                                         Mrs C Mentz (day boys)
36      Science Club                                     Mrs T McLeod
37      Social Outreach Society                          Mrs P Vlag
38      Society for National and International Affairs   Mrs G Goddard
39      Technical Support Team                           Mr G Botha
40      Wildlife Society                                 Mr P Loots; Mrs A van Straten

We wish you a happy and fulfilling year at Pretoria Boys High School. If you have any ideas to make
the start to the year more pleasant or more efficient, please let us know.

Thank you for all your efforts in making Boys High the fine school that it is.

                     ACADEMIC DEPARTMENT



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