STUDENT 2018 - William Angliss

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STUDENT 2018 - William Angliss
STUDENT 2018 - William Angliss
Welcome Message from the CEO
CEO Nicholas Hunt
                          Welcome to William Angliss Institute, Australia’s largest specialist centre for
                          foods, tourism, hospitality and events training.

                          Established in 1940, the Institute prides itself on providing specialist education
                          and training in these fields. William Angliss Institute was highly commended in
                          the Excellence in International Education – TAFE category at the 2016 Victorian
                          International Education Awards and was a finalist in the 2015 and 2016
                          Australian Event Awards.

                          Through becoming a member of the Institute’s learning community you will
also benefit from the close links we have established with industry.

I urge you to take advantage of the opportunities available to you through extracurricular activities and
other experiences for students. These activities will help develop and extend your professional networks
and support your career development.

As the preferred supplier of staff to Food Services Australia, Melbourne City Council, Good Food & Wine
Show, and Melbourne Food and Wine Festival among others, our students have unrivalled access to the
food, tourism, hospitality and event industries in Victoria and New South Wales.

As a student of William Angliss Institute, you have access to a range of helpful services and support, so
I encourage you to immerse yourself in your course and in campus life and I look forward to welcoming
you to our alumni community on graduation.

Best regards,

Nicholas Hunt
Chief Executive Officer

                                         Welcome Message from the CEO                               Inside cover
                                         Academic Calendar                                                    2
                                         Getting Started                                                      4
                                            •      Information Centre                                         6
                                            •      Student Management Centre                                  7
                                            •      Student Services                                          10
                                            •      Health, Safety and Security                               14
                                            •      Campus Directory                                          16
                                         A-Z of Useful Information                                           20
                                         A-Z Index                                                           39

                                         All information in this guide is accurate as at December
                                         2017. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure its
                                         accuracy, changes may have occurred since this date.

Contact us
Student Services | Building C, Level 1
1800 236 203 (free call)

William Angliss Institute
ABN 66 266 583 978
RTO No. 3045
CRICOS Provider No. 01505M
Higher Education Provider HEP 9534
555 La Trobe Street
Melbourne Victoria 3000
T +61 3 9606 2111

Student Guide | 2018                                                                                           1
2018 Academic Calendar

                    National and Victorian Public Holidays
                    (William Angliss Institute is closed on these dates)

                        PUBLIC HOLIDAY                                     DATES

                        New Year’s Day                                     1 January
                        Australia Day                                      26 January
                        Labour Day                                         12 March
                        Good Friday / Easter Monday                        30 March / 2 April
                        ANZAC Day                                          25 April
                        Queen’s Birthday                                   11 June
                        Friday before the AFL Grand Final                  28 September
                        Melbourne Cup                                      6 November (Victoria only)
                        Christmas and Boxing Day                           25 December / 26 December


                        ACTIVITY                                           DATES

                        Campus Closure & Public Holidays                   1 January
                        Orientation                                        5 - 9 February
                        Semester 1 Commences                               12 February
                        Census Date - Term 1                               27 February
                        Census Date – Semester 1                           13 March
                        Graduations                                        6 - 8 March
                        Mid-semester break                                 3 - 6 April
                        Census Date - Term 2                               8 May
                        End Semester 1                                     23 June
                        Mid-year vacation                                  25 June - 13 July
                        Orientation                                        13 - 20 July
                        Semester 2 Commences                               23 July
                        Census Date - Term 3                               6 August
                        Graduations                                        14 - 16 August
                        Census Date – Semester 2                           20 August
                        Mid-semester break                                 24 - 28 September
                        Census Date - Term 4                               15 October
                        End of Academic year/Semester 2                    1 December
                        Campus Closure & Public Holidays                   21 – 31 December

                    2                                                                                   Student Guide | 2018
Faculty of Higher Education

 ACTIVITY                           DATES

                                                                  ACADEMIC CALENDAR
 Campus Closure & Public Holidays   1 January
 Summer School Commences            11 December 2017
 Census Date - Summer School        29 December 2017
 End Summer School                  25 January
 SWOT VAC                           29 - 30 January
 Examination                        31 January - 2 February
 Summer School Results              9 February
 Orientation Week                   12 - 16 February
 Semester 1 Commences               19 February
 Graduation                         6 - 8 March
 Census Date - Semester 1           19 March
 Mid-Semester Break/Skills Week     2 - 13 April
 End Semester 1                     25 May
 SWOT VAC week                      28 May - 1 June
 Examination/Assessment Feedback    4 - 19 June
 Semester 1 Results                 29 June
 Winter School Commences            25 June
 Census Date - Winter School        2 July
 End Winter School                  20 July
 SWOT VAC                           23 - 24 July
 Examination                        27 July
 Winter School Results              3 August
 Orientation Week                   23 - 27 July
 Semester 2 Commences               30 July
 Graduation                         14 - 16 August
 Census Date - Semester 2           27 August
 Mid-Semester Break                 17 - 28 September
 End Semester 2                     2 November
 SWOT VAC week                      5 - 9 November
 Examination/assessment period      12 - 27 November
 Semester 2 Results                 7 December
 Campus Closure & Public Holidays   20 December - 1 January

Student Guide | 2018                                          3
Getting Started

                  It’s important for you                   Checklist
                                                           ¨¨ Pay    your fees
                  to know key contacts,                    ¨¨ Receive   your student ID card
                  fee information, student

                                                           ¨¨ Have previous studies confirmed and credit

                  services, and how to                       transfer documentation submitted to your
                                                             program area (if relevant)
                  navigate around campus.                  ¨¨ Receivea timetable and know where your
                                                             classrooms are
                                                           ¨¨ Meet
                                                                key academic and support services staff
                  Now that you’re enrolled, it’s time to     members at Orientation
                  tick off all these items.                ¨¨ Know  where your Student Management Centre
                                                             is located
                                                           ¨¨ Know  your Student Services - where they’re
                                                             located and how to make an appointment with
                                                             the relevant service
                                                           ¨¨ Knowabout the various facilities located
                                                             around campus
                                                           ¨¨ Receive information about academic
                                                             performance requirements, Institute teaching
                                                             methods, teaching styles, assessment
                                                             methodologies, presentation expectations
                                                             for assignments and projects, plagiarism and
                                                             other relevant policies
                                                           ¨¨ Be provided with an overview of the Student
                                                             Code of Conduct, with an emphasis on student
                                                             policies and procedures
                                                           ¨¨ Beprovided advice on grievance and dispute
                                                             resolution arrangements
                                                           ¨¨ (For
                                                                 international students) Understand
                                                             student visa compliance, housing, health
                                                             matters, and personal safety.
                                                           If you’re missing a few things, you can find
                                                           more information and key contacts within this
                                                           guide so you can get settled into life at William
                                                           Angliss Institute.

                  4                                                                        Student Guide | 2018
Student ID Card                                     Email
Once you have completed your enrolment              As a William Angliss Institute student, you
and made payment of your course fees, you           will receive your own student email address.
can order your Student ID Card from the             It is expected that all students check their

                                                                                                          GETTING STARTED
Information Centre in Building A, Ground Floor.     official email at least once a week as this is
Your Student ID Card is used to access printers     our primary method of communicating official
and photocopiers, and enables you to borrow         information to you, including changes to your
from the LRC.                                       course, emergency notifications and student
                                                    interest programs.
If you lose or misplace your ID card, you will
need to order and pay for a replacement card.       To set up your student email, visit
VET Students                                        myWAI Student Portal/Moodle
Class timetables are given to all commencing        Access Moodle via the myWAI Student Portal:
students at an information session conducted
during Orientation. If you have any questions
relating to your timetable, please contact your     Moodle is an online learning management
Student Management Centre (locations on page 6).    system. Your teacher/lecturer will store
                                                    information about your subjects via Moodle.
Higher Education Students                           You will need to access Moodle to obtain your
You can access your timetable via eStudent          Subject Outline and information about the
(             assessment requirements of your subjects.
aspx). Enrol and register for your classes by
creating your timetable.                            You will not be able to access myWAI/Moodle if
                                                    you have overdue fees or library fines.

Computer and Network Access                         For troubleshooting enquiries, please visit the
                                                    Learning Resource Centre (LRC) in Building C,
Your student ID may be provided to you via
                                                    Ground Floor or email eLearning Support at
a number of ways, so always ensure your
alternate email and mobile number is up-
to-date. You need your student ID number to
access the Institute’s computer network, email,     Wi-Fi
myWAI Student Portal/Moodle and Wi-Fi.
                                                    Once you have set up your student account,
To set up your network password, go to              you should be able to connect to the wireless From here           network:
you can set up your password, reset your
                                                    •   Select WAI-BYOD network
password or change your password. It is important
not to share your password with anyone.             •   Type in your username:
                                                        myangliss\your student ID
                                                    •   Type in your network password

Student Guide | 2018                                                                                  5
Information Centre

                  Course Fees & Payment                                 VET Student Loans
                  Fees must be paid by the payment due date             VET Student Loans commenced on 1 January
                  which is two weeks prior to the commencement          2017, replacing the VET FEE-HELP scheme. For
                  of your first class.                                  more information, please refer to

                                                                        au/vet-student-loans or visit the Information
                  You can make payment of your course fees at the       Centre in Building A, Ground Floor.
                  Information Centre in Building A, Ground Floor or
                  Health Care Card
                                                                        FEE-HELP is a loan scheme that assists eligible
                  If you have a valid Health Care Card you may          fee paying degree students to pay all or part of
                  be eligible for a fee concession (if enrolling into   their tuition fees. It cannot be used for additional
                  a certificate level course). Present your card        study costs, such as accommodation or text
                  at the time of your enrolment and prior to the        books.
                  commencement of your training.
                                                                        Faculty of Higher Education (degree) students
                  Census Date                                           wishing to access FEE-HELP should refer to
                                                               and select Degree Fees &
                  This is the date on which all enrolment               Fee Help, or visit the Information Centre.
                  requirements must be finalised and is your last
                  opportunity to withdraw from your unit of study
                  without incurring fees.
                                                                        Financial Assistance
                                                                        The Australian Government offers financial
                  The census date is the deadline for submitting        help through Youth Allowance for people aged
                  your request for a Commonwealth Supported             16 to 24 years who are studying full-time,
                  Place (CSP) or to change your enrolment or loan       undertaking a full-time Australian Apprenticeship,
                  arrangements. If you do not wish to continue          training, looking for work or sick. There are also
                  with your studies, you need to officially withdraw    different types of concession and health care
                  by census date or you will have to pay for the        cards, each with its own eligibility requirements
                  course you are enrolled in and relevant VET           and concessions. Contact Centrelink for more
                  Student Loan, or FEE-HELP debts will incur.           information:
                  There is no provision to extend the census date       Wellbeing and Counselling Services can assist
                  deadline for individual courses.                      with limited material aid such as uniforms, kits
                                                                        and food parcels. They can also provide advice on
                  Census dates are listed within the academic
                                                                        how to access financial aid in the community.
                  calendars in this guide (page 2) and at
                                      Contact the Information Centre for more
                                                                        information on financial assistance.

                  6                                                                                     Student Guide | 2018
Student Management Centre (SMC)

The Student Management Centre (SMC) is the administration centre for each program area.
Your SMC can assist with:
•    General course and unit information                 •   Timetables
•    Announcing class cancellations                      •   Changing your contact details

                                                                                                                GETTING STARTED
•    Attendance                                          •   Course progression

    PROGRAM AREA                               LOCATION                   CONTACT NUMBER
    Angliss International Hotel School         Building A | Level 4       (03) 9606 2287
    Centre for Food Trades and Culinary Arts   Building D | Ground Fl     Non-apprentices: (03) 9606 2118
                                                                          Apprentices: (03) 9606 2390

    Events, Travel and Tourism                 Building B | Level 3       (03) 9606 2127

    Faculty of Higher Education                Building A | Level 3       (03) 9606 2511
    Hospitality                                Building A | Level 4       (03) 9606 2287
    Youth Learning                             Building C | Level 1       (03) 9606 2517

When you attend your first class your teacher or lecturer will provide their contact details, office
location and advise their availabilities.

You may also visit your SMC for your teacher’s or lecturer’s contact information.

Student Guide | 2018                                                                                        7
Student Management Centre (SMC)

                  Student Management Coordinators
                  Student Management Coordinators manage the student lifecycle from enrolment through to
                  graduation. In some cases the Student Management Coordinator assists with progress and liaises with
                  employers and government departments.

                      PROGRAM                       NAME                                CONTACT DETAILS
                      Centre for Food Trades and    Lana Spivey                         Building D | Ground Fl | DG26
                      Culinary Arts                                                     (03) 9606 2581
                      Centre for Tourism and        Carolyn Neilson                     Building A | Level 4 | A420
                      Hospitality                                                       (03) 9606 2226
                      Faculty of Higher Education   Rhiannon Dawlings                   Building A | Level 3 | A353
                                                                                        (03) 9606 2511

                  International Student Coordinators
                  Each VET teaching area has an International Student Coordinator to help international students in
                  their studies. These Coordinators will ensure international students are progressing in their course and
                  attending classes.

                  Coordinators will contact international students who are having problems in their studies to find out
                  why, and to offer assistance and support in:

                  •    Understanding the course and requirements        •   Organising support services such as extra help
                  •    Assignments and assessment tasks                     with English and study.
                  •    Problems with classes or teachers

                      PROGRAM                       NAME                                CONTACT DETAILS
                      Centre for Food Trades and    Claire Benson                       Building E | Level 1 | E106
                      Culinary Arts                                                     (03) 9606 2373
                      Centre for Tourism and        Anita Olshina                       Building A | Level 4 | A441
                      Hospitality                                                       (03) 9606 2527

                  8                                                                                       Student Guide | 2018
Program Leaders
Program Leaders provide support to enhance the learning experience for students. Program Leaders
have knowledge on the courses’ curriculum, structure and content, and are available to provide expert
advice to assist with your course progression.

                                                                                                        GETTING STARTED
Centre for Food Trades and Culinary Arts

Baking & Patisserie                 Angela Tsimiklis         Building E | Level 1 | Room E102
                                                             (03) 9606 2651

Cookery                             Kimon Tsindos            Building E | Level 1 | Room E121
                                                             (03) 9606 2334

Food Science and Technology         Mark Agius               Building E | Level 1 | Room E119
                                                             (03) 9606 2160

Centre for Tourism and Hospitality

Events, Travel and Tourism          Corinne Maxfield         Building B | Level 3 | Room B310A
                                                             (03) 9606 2384

Hospitality and Youth Learning      David Wilson             Building A | Level 4 | Room A420
                                                             (03) 9606 2556

Faculty of Higher Education

All courses within the Faculty of   Andrew Dolphin           Building A | Level 3 | Room A353
Higher Education are supported                               (03) 9606 2213
by the Associate Dean (Higher                      
Education Operations)

Student Guide | 2018                                                                                9
Student Services

                  Student Services offer a broad range of services for you, with the aim to support your academic,
                  professional and personal lives. Services include:

                  Learning Resource Centre (LRC)                       During semester break
                  Building C | Ground Floor                            Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 5:00pm

                  The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) offers            The LRC is closed for public holidays and the
                  traditional library services, access to computers    Institute’s shut down period over the Christmas
                  and to the Institute’s wireless network.             and New Year’s break.

                  A current student ID card is your passport to
                  most of the services and facilities in the LRC,          (03) 9606 2237
                  •    Borrowing library resources
                  •    Booking a study room or media pod
                  •    Using the Reserve Room                          Learning Advisors
                  •    Photocopying and printing.                      LRC | Building C | Ground Floor
                  The LRC has three MFDs (Multi-Function               The Learning Advisors provide free learning and
                  Devices) that can be used for your printing          study advice for all students, including:
                  and photocopying needs. All machines have
                  scanning, hole punching and stapling options and     •    Writing reports, essays or other assessments
                  can print in either colour or black and white.       •    Understanding assessment requirements and
                                                                            course work
                  To operate photocopiers/printers you need to         •    English language
                  have money added to your student cards, which        •    Research and referencing
                  can be done in the LRC. Please ensure that you
                                                                       •    Time and study management
                  use all the credit on your student card before you
                                                                       •    Numeracy, finance and budgeting
                  finish your studies, as there can be no refund.
                                                                       •    Studying for tests
                  Overdue items will attract fines. Any long term      •    Computer skills and online learning.
                  overdue items and/or fines of $10 or over will
                                                                       Drop in times are available Monday to Friday,
                  result in computer and network privileges being
                                                                       10am - 4pm. Appointment times are also
                  disabled (this includes myWAI Student Portal,
                  Moodle, e-resource access on and off campus),
                  results withheld and graduation may be affected.
                                                                           (03) 9606 2574 or 2426
                  LRC opening hours                              
                  During semester
                  Monday to Thursday: 8:00am – 7:00pm
                  Friday: 8:00am - 6:00pm

                  10                                                                                   Student Guide | 2018
Careers and Employment                               Student Activities
Building C | Level 1                                 Building C | Level 1
Careers and Employment provides students and         Student Activities organise free activities, events
recent graduates with access to job opportunities,   and social gatherings on and off campus for

                                                                                                            GETTING STARTED
career development services and industry             students to enrich their experience. Students
engagement.                                          are encouraged to participate as part of life on
                                                     campus and the events are a fantastic way to
Services include access to:                          meet new friends from across the Institute.
•    CareerHub, an online jobs portal (advertising
                                                     Student Lounge
     volunteer, casual, part-time and full-time
     opportunities) -         The Student Lounge (Building C, Level 1) is a
                                                     large indoor space and the social hub of campus.
•    Careers events to help you with your
                                                     The Student Lounge and Balcony hosts many
     employment search and networking skills
                                                     on campus events including the Orientation Fair,
     such as the Careers and Jobs Fair, Speed
                                                     free breakfasts (Tuesdays and Thursdays during
     Networking Event and the Careers and
                                                     semester), Health and Wellbeing Day, Foundation
     Employment Expo
                                                     Day, among many others.
•    On-campus employer information and
     recruitment sessions                            A perfect place to eat, meet and relax between
•    Career guidance, job seeking strategies,        classes, the Student Lounge provides access to:
     resume writing and interview skills workshops
                                                     •    Kitchenette with microwaves and toasters
•    One-on-one appointments.
                                                     •    Vending machines
Appointments are available from Monday to            •    TV (with Foxtel)
Friday, 9am - 3pm. Bookings can be made
                                                     •    Data points
through CareerHub or via email.
                                                     •    Secure charging lockers
                                                     •    Table tennis and board games.
    (03) 9606 2137                           Students can book the Student Lounge, Balcony,                           Multi-Purpose Room and associated equipment
                                                     including BBQs and trestle tables by contacting
                                                     Student Services.

                                                     Student Lounge opening hours
                                                     During semester
                                                     Monday to Friday: 7:00am - 10:00pm
                                                     Saturday: 10:00am - 2:00pm
                                                     During semester break
                                                     Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 5:00pm

                                                         (03) 9606 2137

Student Guide | 2018                                                                                   11
Student Services

                  Wellbeing and Counselling Services                     Disability, Access and Participation
                  Building C | Level 2                                   Building C | Level 2
                  A range of free and confidential support services      The Disability Service works to meet the access
                  are available to William Angliss Institute students,   and participation needs of eligible students with

                  including:                                             a diagnosed disability, medical or mental health
                  •    Wellbeing and academic progress
                  •    Personal counselling                              Support may include:
                  •    Financial, legal and accommodation advice         •    Individual Access Plans
                  •    Referral to other services                        •    In class support (note taking, participation
                  •    Special consideration support                          assistance)
                  •    Online resources and useful apps.                 •    Auslan Interpreters
                  To make an appointment, contact the Wellbeing          •    Liaison with teachers/staff
                  Officer in Room C205/C206 or book online via           •    Modifications to furniture/equipment/resources
                  myWAI Student Portal:            •    Advocacy.
                                                                         To make an appointment, please contact the
                      (03) 9606 2210                                     Disability Liaison Officer.
                                                                             (03) 9606 2232

                  12                                                                                     Student Guide | 2018
Student Voice                                       Scholarships
Student Voice is a group of likeminded students     The William Angliss Institute Foundation provides
representing the views and interests of the 5,000   educational opportunities and financial assistance
students that are enrolled at the Melbourne         in the form of scholarships to support students

                                                                                                         GETTING STARTED
campus at William Angliss Institute.                in achieving their career ambitions. Additional
                                                    scholarships are supported by industry partners
As a Student Representative, you will aim to        and not-for-profit organisations. Scholarships
increase student interaction with the Institute     are offered to domestic and international
and have your voice heard at all levels of the      students based on merit (academic excellence) or
Institute.                                          equity (hardship).

Contact Student Services for more information:      You can view eligibility and open/close dates                     for scholarship rounds via
Student Ambassadors
Student Ambassadors are passionate                  Going Global
supporters of William Angliss Institute, who are
                                                    The Institute’s Going Global program provides
paid to represent the Institute to the public.
                                                    students the opportunity to explore the world
Ambassadors work alongside the Marketing,
                                                    through Study Tours, Study Exchange and Work
Future Students Team to help promote William
                                                    Abroad programs.
Angliss Institute through various on and off
campus events.                                      Contact for more
                                                    information on upcoming global opportunities.
This is a paid casual opportunity to gain
experience in marketing, business administration
and events.                                         Club Chef
Contact the Future Students Team via                Textbooks, uniforms, and equipment can be                           purchased from our on campus Club Chef store
                                                    in Building A, Ground Floor.
                                                    Contact Club Chef on (03) 9642 3621.
Student rental offers for shared and student
accommodation can be found on student poster
boards around campus. Students can place an
ad on these boards by visiting Student Services
(Building C, Level 1) to collect a listing form.

Resources and fact sheets are available from
Student Services to assist with accommodation
search and provide knowledge about your rights
and responsibilities as a renter.

For financial or legal advice please contact
Wellbeing and Counselling Services.

Student Guide | 2018                                                                                13
Health, Safety and Security

                  Medical Centre                                          Security
                  The Medical Centre offers a bulk billing, fully         All buildings at the city campus of the Institute
                  confidential service to all students. International     are under constant security surveillance.
                  students with a valid Overseas Student Health           Students should be aware that whilst on Institute

                  Cover (OSHC) card can also see the doctor at            premises, video surveillance cameras are in
                  no additional cost. A Medicare or OSHC card             use. However, it is in the interest of all students
                  is required for an appointment. A full range            to protect their personal property at all times.
                  of medical services are offered at the Medical          Lost property can be reported using an Incident
                  Centre, including pregnancy testing and advice,         Report Form available from Reception.
                  pap smears and contraception, pathology testing,
                                                                          The Institute is not responsible for the loss or
                  health checks, dietary advice, referrals and travel
                                                                          damage of personal property. Items stored in
                                                                          lockers should be secured using a combination
                  The Medical Centre is located in Building C, Level 2.   (recommended) lock.

                  Appointments can be made by phoning (03)                Trained security officers patrol the campus during
                  9606 2208, booking online via or            opening hours for the safety of the community
                  emailing                          and William Angliss Institute property. Any
                                                                          incidents or suspicious activity should be reported
                                                                          to Security immediately on (03) 9606 3704.
                  First Aid
                                                                          In a life threatening emergency, always
                  If first aid is required, contact Reception (Building
                                                                          call 000 first.
                  A, Ground Floor) by pressing 9 on any Institute
                  telephone handset or (03) 9606 2111, or contact
                  Security on (03) 9606 3704.                             Smoking on campus
                  The location of first aid kits are marked on the        The Institute’s buildings, entrances and traffic
                  Emergency Evacuation Maps posted throughout             ways must remain free of tobacco smoke and
                  the Institute. The Institute also maintains             vapour from e-cigarettes. For the safety of all
                  defibrillator equipment for use in the event of a       employees, students and visitors, smoking or
                  cardiac arrest.                                         use of e-cigarettes in any enclosed areas of the
                                                                          Institute is strictly forbidden.
                  The Institute First Aid Room is located in Building
                  C, Level 1 within the Student Lounge. Contact           Smoke free zones apply within 5 metres of all
                  the Student Services office or Security if access       building entrances to the Institute. “No smoking
                  is required.                                            signs” are displayed throughout the Institute and
                                                                          appropriate bins and ashtrays are supplied for
                                                                          smokers in suitable outdoor locations.

                                                                          Smokers are restricted to the following areas:

                                                                          •   La Trobe Street Courtyard
                                                                          •   Little Lonsdale Street garden area, rear of
                                                                              Building E.

                  14                                                                                      Student Guide | 2018
Emergency Evacuation Procedures                      Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans
In the event of an emergency evacuation, the
Institute has TWO alarms.                            The Institute is required to prepare individual
                                                     Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEP)

                                                                                                              GETTING STARTED
The FIRST ALARM is an ALERT ALARM (beep,             for each student who may have difficulty using
beep, beep) - prepare to evacuate and be on          the stairs or requires assistance to evacuate
alert for an evacuation announcement.                the building during an emergency evacuation.
                                                     The PEEP is designed to ensure that the person
EVACUATION ALARM (whoop, whoop, whoop) –             requiring assistance is aware of the Institute’s
you must evacuate (get out of the building) and      procedures for managing their safe egress during
make your way to the assembly area. You will be      an evacuation.
directed by the Fire Wardens wearing the yellow
fluoro vest to where the assembly area is located.   The PEEP is developed for the individual in
                                                     consultation with the Disability Liaison Officer.
The Institute’s Assembly Area is the footpath
opposite Angliss Restaurant on Little Lonsdale
Street. Do not use lifts when evacuating. Do
not re-enter the building until instructed to do        We can provide extra support to
so. Information about emergency evacuation is           students with a disability, long-term
available on Evacuation Diagrams and Standard           illness and/or mental health condition.
Fire Orders which are posted in prominent
                                                        Register with our Disability Liasion Officer
locations throughout the Institute.
                                                        (DLO) to allow us to provide you with
                                                        assistance. You only need to tell us about
                                                        your disability, long-term illness and/or
                                                        mental health condition if it will impact
                                                        your study experience at William Angliss

                                                        Visit our DLO in Building C, Level 2 or

Student Guide | 2018                                                                                     15
Contact Phone Numbers and Locations

                               WILLIAM ANGLISS INSTITUTE - 555 LA TROBE STREET - MELBOURNE - (03) 9606 2111

                   DEPARTMENT                                          LOCATION (REFER TO MAP)            PHONE NUMBER

                   Alumni                                              Building C | Level 1               (03) 9606 2199

                   Angliss Bistro                                      Building D | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 2120

                   Angliss Restaurant                                  Building E | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 2108

                   Bakeshop                                            Building D | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 2409

                   Café 555                                            Building A | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 2148

                   Careers and Employment                              Building C | Level 1               (03) 9606 2137

                   Coffee Academy                                      Building D | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 2401

                   Conference Centre                                   Building A | Level 5               (03) 9606 2512

                   Course Enquiries                                    Building A | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 2111

                   Disability Support                                  Building C | Level 2               (03) 9606 2232

                   First Aid                                           Building A | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 3704

                  Going Global                                         Building C | Level 1               (03) 9606 2137

                  Graduation                                           Building C | Level 1               (03) 9606 2199

                  Information Centre                                   Building A | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 3700

                  International Office                                 Building B | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 2169

                  International Student Coordinator:                   Building E | Level 1 | Room E106   (03) 9606 2373
                  Centre for Food Trades and Culinary Arts (Cookery,
                  Patisserie, Baking and Food Science courses)

                  International Student Coordinator:                   Building A | Level 4 | Room A441   (03) 9606 2527
                  Centre for Hospitality and Tourism (Hospitality
                  Event Management and Tourism courses)

                  Learning Advisors                                    Building C | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 2574

                  Learning Resource Centre                             Building C | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 2237

                  Lost Property (Reception)                            Building A | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 2111

                  Medical Centre                                       Building C | Level 2               (03) 9606 2208

                  National Indigenous Community Coordinator            Building C | Level 1 | Room C115   (03) 9606 2469

                  Reception                                            Building A | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 2111

                  Scholarships                                         Building C | Level 1               (03) 9606 2137

                  Security                                             Building A | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 3704

                  16                                                                                      Student Guide | 2018

                      DEPARTMENT                                              LOCATION (REFER TO MAP)                        PHONE NUMBER

                      Short Courses                                           Building C | Level 2                           (03) 9606 2168

                                                                                                                                                   GETTING STARTED
                      Student Activities                                      Building C | Level 1                           (03) 9606 2137

s Map                 Student Lounge
                      Wellbeing & Counselling Service
                                                                              Building C | Level 1
                                                                              Building C | Level 2
                                                                                                                             (03) 9606 2137
                                                                                                                             (03) 9606 2210
                      Youth Learning                                          Building C | Level 1                           (03) 9606 2517

uilding                          Lift               Stairs
utchery                          Prayer Room        Toilets
                                 Public Phone       No Ramp Access
ngliss Bistro
 ffee Academy
ulinary and
 od Processing
ayer Room                                                                                                                    Restaurant
 casions Restaurant

ngliss Restaurant
 ntral Stores

ulinary Academy


                                                                     Learning Resource Centre


                                Cafe 555
                                                                                                                & Food

round Floor

                      Student Guide | 2018                                                                                                    17

               & LONG
               SLEEVE                                                                  NEW
               T-SHIRTS                                                                Range

               TYPE                                        COST         COLOUR          SIZE

               ANGLISS LONG SLEEVE HOODIE                 $51.60     BLACK & GREY       14-XL

               ANGLISS LONG SLEEVE T-SHIRT                $28.10         GREY           S-XL

               ANGLISS SHORT SLEEVE T-SHIRT               $22.35         GREY           S-XL

               Samples are available to view and try on at Club Chef, located within
               William Angliss Institute Building A | Ground Floor | t: 03 9642 3621
2933-V4 0816
20% off for
current students
Discount is applied to the
total food bill when dining at
the Angliss Restaurant or
the Angliss Bistro (subject
to availability).
Bookings are essential:
t 03 9606 2108

This discount is not valid for Great Chefs
program or other special events.
A-Z of Useful Information

                            This section contains essential        Accidents                               Further information about alcohol
                            information for William Angliss                                                can also be obtained from the Say

                                                                   Any accident resulting in personal
                            Institute (from hereinafter                                                    When website at mapi.betterhealth.
                                                                   injury that occurs on Institute
                            referred to as ‘the Institute’)                                       or phone
                                                                   premises must be recorded in
                            students. It also provides                                                     DirectLine on 1800 888 236
                                                                   the Injury Register. If a student
                            information regarding                                                          for confidential alcohol and drug
                                                                   has an accident on campus they
                            enrolment, fees, assessment,                                                   counselling and referral line.
                                                                   should report it immediately to
                            appeals and complaints
                                                                   their Program Leader, International     Alumni
                            procedures, attendance,
                                                                   Student Coordinator or Student
                            articulation and other                                                         Once you graduate, you will
                                                                   Services who will fill out an Injury,
                            general information.                                                           automatically become a member
                                                                   Accident and Hazard Form. The
                                                                   form must be provided to Human          of the Institute’s alumni, the Angliss
                                                                   Resources department by a staff         Global Network (AGN). The AGN
                            A                                      member within 24 hours of               provides valuable linkages between
                                                                                                           industry, students and alumni
                                                                   the incident.
                            Aboriginal and Torres Strait                                                   through events, regular newsletters
                            Islander Students                      Apprentices and students attending      and opportunities for professional
                                                                   classes as directed by their            development, mentoring and
                            The Institute is committed to          employers are covered by their          networking.
                            encouraging the enrolment and          employer’s WorkCover insurance
                            development of Aboriginal and          while at the Institute. Details of      For more information, visit Student
                            Torres Strait Islander students,       student’s place of employment           Services in Building C. Level 1,
                            and can assist with enrolments,        should be given to treating doctors     telephone (03) 9606 2199 or email
                            re-enrolments, deferments, as well     and hospitals. An employer must be
                            as a range of other information.       notified as soon as possible after an
                            For more information contact the       accident that has required medical
                            National Indigenous Community          attention.                              Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic
                            Coordinator (Koori Liaison Officer)                                            reaction that can be caused by
                            on (03) 9606 2469.                     Accommodation                           some foods. Students may handle
                                                                   See page 13                             all types of food substances during
                            Koori is the name adopted by the
                                                                                                           their learning activities. If you have
                            Indigenous community in Victoria,
                            which is also made up of Aboriginal    Alcohol and other                       been diagnosed as suffering from
                                                                   Substances                              anaphylaxis you should do two
                            and Torres Strait Islander people
                            from other parts of Australia.         As outlined in the Student Code of
                                                                   Conduct, students must not attend       • Carry your Epipen with you at
                                                                   classes under the influence or in          all times
                            Abstudy                                posession of alcohol, drugs, or any
                                                                                                           • Ensure the Institute is aware
                            Abstudy is a student assistance        prohibited substance.
                                                                                                              of your condition through
                            program for Australian indigenous                                                 your enrolment details and by
                            students — Aboriginal or Torres        Classes do at times incorporate
                                                                   the use of alcohol. Where it is            notifying the Disability Liaison
                            Strait Islanders who want to stay at                                              Officer via email at
                            school or go on to further studies.    a requirement of the learning
                                                                   outcome or element of competence,
                            Abstudy may help indigenous
                            students who are undertaking full-     students may taste alcohol under        The information you provide may
                            time or part-time studies, distance    teacher’s supervision. Students         be used for your safety while
                            education or correspondence            who are on probationary driver          undertaking your course but will
                            courses. For more information on       licences are not to consume alcohol.    remain confidential.
                            Abstudy contact Centrelink on 1800     Students who do not wish to
                            132 317 or contact the Institute’s     consume alcohol for religious or
                            National Indigenous Community          cultural reasons should inform their
                            Coordinator (Koori Liaison Officer)    teacher so other arrangements
                            on (03) 9606 2469.                     can be made.

                            20                                                                                             Student Guide | 2018
Appealing Results                      Outline states the elements           For all assessment tasks, students
                                       of competency, the forms of           will be given two opportunities to

                                                                                                                     A-Z OF USEFUL INFORMATION
Students may appeal an
                                       assessment and the dates of           demonstrate competence. Where
assessment result if they feel
                                       assessment. The standards on          students are assessed for group
they have been disadvantaged
                                       which competency is assessed          activities it is important they
or discriminated against. For
                                       will also be outlined. These          attend classes designated for work
further details on the Appeals
                                       standards are determined by           on group projects. If a student
process please see your Program
                                       teams of teachers led by a subject    does not participate in the group
Leader, a Counsellor or refer to
                                       facilitator whose job is to ensure    work they may jeopardise their
the grievance process detailed at
                                       that teaching and assessment are      grade for that assessment. When
                                       uniform, and conform to national      students are assessed in a group
Apprentices                            standards.                            it is each member’s responsibility
For information contact:               Off-campus students will obtain
                                       workbooks with details of the unit    • Solve any problems within a
• Australian Apprenticeships           and assessment in it, rather than       group
  on 13 38 73 or visit                 Subject Outlines.
  australianapprenticeships.                                                 • Select group members, unless                               The use of electronic linguistic        directed into groups by their
                                       dictionaries, mobile phones and         teacher
Articulation                           calculators are not permitted in      • Maintain a log book which
Every course at the Institute which    assessment situations. Students         details group members’
leads to an Australian vocational      can only take pens, pencils and         contributions and set tasks
qualification has provision in it      paper based dictionaries into tests
for articulation between courses,                                            • If required, provide minutes of
                                       and exams – unless otherwise
If a student has previously been       specified in the subject outline.       meetings held in and out of
enrolled or completed a course                                                 class time and industry visits
offered by William Angliss Institute   VET Students                          Events and Functions
or another Registered Training         In industry and in TAFE,              Teachers of relevant units will
Organisation (RTO), or Higher          competencies are the basis for        provide guidelines regarding
Education Provider, credit for         measuring performance. Students       student-managed events and
subjects completed might be            are required to demonstrate           functions. Students must refer
granted in the new course. This        competence in specified levels of     to these guidelines before
applies to students entering           performance in each unit they         contacting external parties on
the Institute from other RTOs,         study. Assessment of students         behalf of the Institute as part
to students moving from the            may be undertaken in a variety        of their assessment task (e.g.
Institute to do courses at other       of ways, such as formal or            suppliers, potential sponsors, and
RTOs, and to students moving           informal tests, assignments,          collaborators) and representations
from one course to another within      practical demonstrations, project     of the Institute brand. A separate
the Institute. In all cases the        work, written or oral reports,        result will be given to each
appropriate selection criteria for     simulation, third party reports and   individual within the group. Copies
course entry will apply.               observation within the classroom      of assessments may be retained
                                       or workplace.                         by the teacher until the following
                                       During the first class of each        year.
See also Appealing Results,
Assessment Resubmission,               subject the teacher will give an      Higher Education Students
Examination Regulations,               introduction to each unit that will
                                       be undertaken in that subject,        Assessment of students may be
Special Consideration and                                                    undertaken in a variety of ways,
Student Code of Conduct.               and assessment details will be
                                       given in relation to all units. At    including examination, case
Students will receive a Subject        the start of each unit, students      studies, reports, essays, projects
Outline at the first class in each     will be informed of the formal        and research studies. At the
subject cluster or unit, or will       assessment requirements of the        start of each subject, students
be directed to download the            unit, including completion dates.     will be informed of the formal
outline from Moodle. The Subject                                             assessment requirements of that

Student Guide | 2018                                                                                            21
A-Z of Useful Information

                            Assessment Resubmission                  As outlined in the Student Code of        student to Immigration and Border
                                                                     Conduct, students are expected to         Protection for unsatisfactory course

                            See also Assessment and Special
                                                                     attend all classes and in a timely        progress.
                                                                     manner. Exceptions may be made
                                                                     in cases of illness.                      Should you require further advice
                            VET Students
                                                                                                               on this issue, please contact the
                            Students who do not achieve              VET Students                              International Office, (Building
                            competency on their first attempt                                                  B, Ground Floor) or email
                                                                     All students must be in attendance
                            will be given a second attempt to                                        
                                                                     for the first class of each unit
                            achieve competency within that
                                                                     and attend all subsequent
                            teaching period. Late or resubmitted                                               Awards – Special
                                                                     classes until the assessment
                            work can only receive a competent
                                                                     has been completed, including             Achievement
                            result, unless special consideration
                                                                     re-assessments, unless otherwise          Awards for academic excellence are
                            has been granted.
                                                                     advised. There is an expectation          presented to students at graduation
                            Special consideration must be            that attendance will be 100%,             ceremonies, award nights or other
                            sought prior to the due date             except in cases of illness. This is in    special functions. Nominations for
                            of an assessment. To initiate            keeping with industry expectations        awards are made by teachers and
                            an Application for Special               and prepares you for the workplace.       are based on criteria that vary
                            Consideration, you must contact          Individual teachers will outline          according to the subject. Many
                            your Program Leader or Wellbeing         their expectations, but students          of these awards are supported
                            and Counselling Services (Building       are encouraged to aim for 100%            by industry and confirm their
                            C, Level 2).                             attendance, not only as an aid to         recognition of the Institute.
                                                                     learning but also because it helps
                            VET students who have not                develop team-work in class.               For details of specific awards in
                            achieved competency in a unit                                                      your program contact your Program
                            within the teaching assessment           In the event of illness, it is            Leader.
                            period must re-enrol in the              advantageous for students to
                            following teaching period.               submit a medical certificate.

                            Students who are required to
                                                                     Students must have a medical
                                                                     certificate when an assessment is
                            re-enrol in a unit which they have       taking place.                             Banks
                            previously not been successful
                            in completing, are required to           Higher Education Students                 An Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)
                            pay an additional tuition fee. The                                                 is located on campus in the foyer of
                                                                     Students are expected to attend all
                            Information Centre will inform                                                     Building A. Other ATMs located near
                                                                     classes. An excuse of unfamiliarity
                            students of the appropriate fee.                                                   the Institute include:
                                                                     with subject matter or instructions
                            International students will be           will not be accepted if seeking           • ANZ – 353 Elizabeth Street,
                            required to pay the fee for repeat       special consideration or appealing          Melbourne
                            units at the rate in place at the time   assessment decisions.
                            the re-enrolment takes place.                                                      • Westpac – 530 Collins Street,
                                                                     It is the responsibility of students to     Melbourne
                            Higher Education Students                check their examination dates and         • Commonwealth – 99 King
                            Students who lodge a timely special      times on myWAI and ensure they              Street, Melbourne
                            consideration request may be             attend at the right place and time.
                                                                                                               • National Australia Bank (NAB)
                            allowed to resubmit an assessment.
                                                                     International Students                      500 Bourke Street, Melbourne
                            The Application for Special              The Institute has an expectation
                            Consideration is available from          that the attendance of all students       Bicycles
                   (Forms           will be 100%. Attendance will be          Bicycle racks are located in the
                            & Documents).                            monitored on a regular basis and          courtyard area near La Trobe Street
                                                                     the Institute will record non-            and outside Building E in Little
                            Attendance                               attendance, including absences due        Lonsdale Street. Bicycles should
                            See also Lateness                        to illness or any other circumstance,     be securely locked. Bicycle parking
                                                                     on file. This information may be          outside of marked spaces is not
                                                                     used in the decision to report the        permitted.

                            22                                                                                               Student Guide | 2018
Branding Guidelines                      Verbal abuse, spreading rumours          available on La Trobe Street, Little
                                         or innuendo about someone,               Lonsdale Street, and Spencer Street

                                                                                                                           A-Z OF USEFUL INFORMATION
Students must not utilise the
                                         interfering with someone’s personal      (carefully check parking restrictions
Institute’s logo without permission
                                         property or work equipment,              and rates).
for personal use or as part of your
                                         deliberately excluding or isolating
assessments through social media,                                                 See online for other parking options
                                         someone, psychological harassment,
digital or written documentations.                                                around the Institute, such as Secure
                                         assigning meaningless tasks
This is to ensure the Institute’s                                                 Parking or Wilson Parking.
                                         unrelated to the job, giving people
brand is protected by standardising
                                         impossible assignments e.g. setting
all visual expressions of the brand
                                         up someone to fail, deliberately
                                                                                  Census Date
in all forms of communications.                                                   See page 6
                                         withholding information that is vital
It is your responsibility to ensure:     for effective performance.
                                                                                  Certified Documents
• Imagery chosen to promote              Some conduct is considered a
                                         criminal matter and will be referred     The closest Victoria Police is located
   events that aligns with the
                                         to the police. These include physical    at 313 Spencer Street, West
   overall brand. However, the
                                         assault, stalking, threats to harm       Melbourne (corner La Trobe and
   design does not need to be the
                                         someone and damage to property.          Spencer street). They can witness
   same as the corporate brand
                                         In Victoria, certain forms of serious    Statutory Declaration or certify
• Student-run events at the              bullying including conduct that is       documentations.
   Institute should include the logo     intended or could reasonably be
   specifically designed for students.   expected to cause the victim physical
                                                                                  Change of Institution/
For student-run event pages              or mental harm (including self           Provider – International
and groups on social media               harm) is also considered a criminal      Students
platforms and other promotions,          matter.                                  Students cannot transfer to another
it is recommended not to use the                                                  Australian education provider
Insitute’s name in any form. This        The Institute has a policy and
                                                                                  if they completed less than six
avoids such pages to be available        procedure for dealing with bullying,
                                                                                  calendar months of study in their
for viewing by the general public        and will ensure that any complaints/
                                                                                  principal program. If students are
when/if they conduct a search on a       grievances are dealt with promptly
                                                                                  studying more than one program,
web search engine, as the content/       and effectively.
                                                                                  the principal program is the final
information may not correctly            See also Complaints                      program of a packaged offer.
represent the Institute according to
the branding guidelines.                                                          For current William Angliss
                                                                                  Institute students, the Institute
Please contact your Program              C                                        will only consider issuing a release
Leader for clarification or email the                                             letter under compassionate or
Institute’s Marketing department         Cancelled Classes                        compelling circumstances. Visit for             In the event that a class needs to be    the International Office in Building
assistance.                              cancelled, location changed or time      B, Ground Floor for assistance.
                                         amended due to teacher illness or        Students may appeal a decision
Breastfeeding                            other unforeseen circumstances,          not to release them by lodging an
A private space is available in the      every attempt will be made to            appeal in writing with the Director,
Student Lounge (Building C, Level        contact the students prior to the        International Education. A review of
1) for breastfeeding mothers. Visit      class via SMS/email to alert them        a student’s appeal will commence
Student Services for access.             of the changes. Notification and         within 10 working days of the
                                         instructions will also be posted on      written appeal being lodged.
Bullying                                 the door of the classroom.
                                                                                  A student must remain enrolled and
Bullying is repeated, unreasonable                                                attend all classes as normal until
behaviour directed towards another       Car Parking
                                                                                  the process is complete.
person who creates a risk to their       The Institute does not have any
mental or physical health and safety.    onsite parking facilities for students   If a student has completed six
                                         and it is recommended that               months of the principal course at
Bullying can include but is not          students catch public transport into     William Angliss Institute and decides
limited to:                              the city. There is metered parking       to change institution, they must

Student Guide | 2018                                                                                                 23
A-Z of Useful Information

                            notify the International Office        Students found to have cheated,       Students who experience or
                            of their intention to move to          colluded or plagiarised during        observe any inappropriate

                            another Institution within seven       assessment will be listed on a        behaviour relating to the above
                            days of issue of Confirmation of       database and immediately placed       can raise their concerns with
                            Enrolment (COE) by their new           on probation.
                            education provider.                                                          • A trusted teacher;
                                                                   VET Students
                                                                                                         • Counsellor;
                            Change Rooms                           If a second incident of cheating
                                                                                                         • Staff within the Student
                            Change Rooms are located in            or plagiarising is proven then
                                                                                                           Services office (Building C,
                            Building D, Ground Floor and           the student concerned will face
                                                                                                           Level 1)
                            Building E, Level 1. Students are      expulsion from the course.
                            not permitted to change in toilets                                           Clubs & Societies
                            or in corridors as it is unhygienic,   Higher Education students
                                                                                                         A range of clubs and societies
                            culturally insensitive and an          All reported cases of plagiarism      are available for you to join at the
                            infringement of the Health Act.        are investigated in line with         Institute. They are a great way to
                                                                   the Higher Education Academic         make friends and enjoy your time
                            Cheating, Plagiarism                   Integrity Policy and Procedure.       on campus.
                            and Collusion                          Penalties may range from an
                            Refer to the Student Code              academic warning, termination         Student Services also offers all
                            of Conduct                             from the course and even referral     students the opportunity to form
                                                                   to the authorities for fraud          their own club or society, and will
                            Copying another’s work without         investigation.                        provide support and guidance to
                            acknowledgement and other                                                    group leaders.
                            forms of cheating are viewed           Child Care
                            seriously. Students at the Institute   Child care services are not           If you are interested in joining
                            are expected to uphold academic        available on campus. For more         or forming a club or society, visit
                            integrity and avoid plagiarism. The    information, contact Wellbeing and    Student Services in Building C,
                            way students present ideas and         Counselling Services (Building C,     Level 1 or email studentservices@
                            information in assessments must        Level 2) who can provide details of
                            be totally their own. Plagiarism       child care centres in the area on
                            occurs when someone submits
                                                                                                         Code of Conduct
                                                                   (03) 9606 2210 or email
                            work that was written by someone                  See also Student Code of
                            else and claims it as their own.                                             Conduct
                            Collusion occurs when two people       Child Safety
                            or more work together on an                                                  Complaints
                                                                   The Institute is committed to
                            assignment/assessment which is         protecting children from harm         Any student is entitled to make
                            supposed to be done individually.      and providing a safe environment      a complaint/grievance to the
                            It is considered to be plagiarism if   in which they can participate and     Institute. Further information
                            a student uses material found in a     learn. This extends to protection     about how to make a complaint/
                            text or online, without referencing    from physical, sexual, emotional      grievance can be found on the
                            the source in the body of the          and psychological harm, neglect,      myWAI Student Portal under
                            text, or uses the work of another      and harm related to a child’s         Student Essentials, which covers
                            student or friend.                     racial, cultural or religious         the process to lodge an informal
                                                                   background, whether in person or      complaint, a formal complaint and
                            As the relevant test or assignment                                           the appeals process
                            will not be assessed, the student is   on-line. A child is a person under
                                                                   18 years of age.                      if unsuccessful.
                            considered not to have completed
                            the subject requirements. A ‘not       Students should note that assault,    Computer Access
                            yet assessed as being competent’       physical or sexual abuse of a
                            ‘N’ result will be recorded and re-                                          See also Wireless Access
                                                                   child under 16 years of age is a
                            enrolment will be required.            criminal offence and any matter of    Students have access to approx.
                                                                   this nature will be referred to the   89 computers in the LRC and can
                                                                   Victorian Police.                     access a variety of applications
                                                                                                         via their desktop. Computers at

                            24                                                                                         Student Guide | 2018
the Institute are intended for           Computer Network                     Contact Details Variation
educational purposes. There is a

                                                                                                                       A-Z OF USEFUL INFORMATION
                                         Security Policy                      The Institute regularly
computer booking system which
                                         Any student found deliberately       communicates with students
enables bookings of a computer
                                         performing or attempting to          through mail-outs, SMS, and
up to 7 days ahead in the LRC.
                                         perform any of the following is      telephone calls.
Desktops are refreshed daily, so
do not save files to the C drive or      in breach of the code of practice
                                         for student use of electronic        Students must ensure their
desktop as they will be erased.                                               personal details are correct
                                                                              by contacting their Student
All currently enrolled students
                                         • Attempting to access the           Management Centre (SMC) or
will be issued with an individual
                                           administration network             the Information Centre (Building
login account and password to
                                                                              A, Ground Floor) when changes
access the computing facilities.         • Knowingly copy virus-affected
                                                                              occur. International students must
Your login identification is your          documents and/or programs          register in writing any change of
student number; you are sent               onto the network                   address through the International
a random password to your
                                         • Copying program executables        Office (Building B, Ground Floor)
alternative email address which
                                           from the computer or the           within seven days of the change
you will be required to change via
                                           network                            as a mandatory condition of their
the Password Management Portal
                                                                              Student Visa.
accessible on MyWAI. Students            • Installing any software onto the
are responsible for managing               Institute’s computers              The Institute will use your student
their own accounts.                      • Copying files from any source      email or your nominated email
                                           that is not owned by them          address in eStudent as the main
Students will have access up to
                                           without specific instruction       means of communication with
500MB of storage on the Institute
                                                                              you. It is essential that you check
network, 1TB on Microsoft                • Modifying settings not normally    your email regularly.
OneDrive and a 50GB Office 365             available to the student (e.g.
email account.                             changing network settings)         Course Completion
Computer use in the LRC may be           • Accessing information held in      Completion of the course occurs
monitored and the following will           other areas of the network that    when a student has successfully
not be permitted at any time:              are not normally accessible to     completed all identified subjects
                                           students                           in the course sequence within
• Playing peer-to-peer games                                                  the allocated time frames.
                                         • Using dial-in, wireless or other
• Downloading games, music                 services to achieve any of         International students must
   or video for non-educational            the above                          complete the course within the
   purposes                                                                   duration of their student visa.
                                         • Logging in using another
• Downloading, copying or                  student’s password/user ID         Course Fees and Payment
   communication of copyright
   protected material                    • Logging in using a staff           See page 6
                                           member’s password/user ID
• File transfer (bit torrent) of files                                        Credit Transfer
                                         • Using William Angliss Institutes
• Any access to offensive,                 resources to illegally access      See also Recognition of Prior
   obscene or pornographic                 external computers, databases      Learning (RPL)
   material                                or networks.                       If you have completed past
• Making anonymous or                    Should a student be found to be      studies in areas related to the
   fake postings to email or             performing or attempting any of      qualification you plan to enrol
   newsgroups                            the above, and the action found      in you may be eligible for credit
• Disruptive behaviour and the           to be deliberate, with sufficient    transfer. You will need to provide
   harassment of other network           evidence to sustain a breach         documentation (original academic
   users                                 allegation, the student will be      transcripts) of your past study so
                                         subject to the process in the        an assessor can make a decision
• Abusing or physically damaging         Student Code of Conduct and          about whether a credit transfer
   computers and peripheral              relevant policies and procedures.    can be granted.

Student Guide | 2018                                                                                              25
You can also read