2019-2020 FAMILY HANDBOOK AND CALENDAR - Parents & Families Services - Enrollment Management and ...

2019-2020 FAMILY HANDBOOK AND CALENDAR - Parents & Families Services - Enrollment Management and ...
Parents & Families Services

2019-2020 FAMILY HANDBOOK AND CALENDAR - Parents & Families Services - Enrollment Management and ...
                                                             THE WOLFPACK
My Student’s Contact Information                             Parents & Families Services
 Student ID #
                                                             Now that your student has enrolled, you too are a member of the Wolfpack. At NC State, we view
 Residence Hall                                              the relationship we have with our students’ parents and families as a partnership; one created to
 Room #                                                      help students be successful. It is our goal to nurture that relationship by keeping you well-informed,
                                                             because we sincerely believe that when you are informed, your student will benefit.
 Mailing Address

                                                             Services                                            Programs and Events
 Phone #                                                     We work diligently to ensure that parents are       The Office of Parents & Families Services has
 Email Address                                               informed by providing enhanced services             a variety of programs and events designed to
                                                             and communications for all NC State parents         bring our parents to campus and celebrate the
Sending Mail? For details on mailing a package to your       and families. These services include, but           important roles that parents and families play in
on-campus student please see Section III. Life at NC State   are not limited to: web and social media,           the lives of students and within the university
in the back of this handbook or visit the housing website    periodic electronic and print communications,       community.
online at go.ncsu.edu/mail.                                  emergency email notifications and the
                                                             Parents’ HelpLine.                                  Events and programs currently offered are:

Contact Us                                                   Our Parents’ HelpLine is a phone and email            Parents & Families Weekend
                                                             resource for Pack Parents to rely on when it          PacKIN ACTION Sibling Event
Parents & Families Services        Parents’ HelpLine
                                                             comes to supporting their student(s). Parents         Spring Fling Weekend
E. Carroll Joyner Visitor Center   919.515.2441
                                                             should feel free to call our office Monday-Friday     First in Family Reception
Campus Box 7404                    ncstateparents@ncsu.edu
Raleigh, NC 27695-7404             parents.ncsu.edu          between 7:30am - 4:30pm or email our office           Parent Volunteer Network
                                                             anytime they have questions or concerns.              Very Important Parent (VIP) Discount Program
2019-2020 FAMILY HANDBOOK AND CALENDAR - Parents & Families Services - Enrollment Management and ...
Welcome to the NC State Family!                                                                                                              Important Dates
We are delighted that your student has chosen NC State.            meaningful ways. No matter what your student’s goal may be,              August 16 - 18, 2019    Move-In Weekend
Our exceptional Wolfpack community makes NC State great,           at NC State, we help make it a reality.
and we know that your family will strengthen it further. Over                                                                                   August 19, 2019     Convocation
                                                                   Our students’ success is built on a longstanding tradition of
the next few years, your student will be immersed in the
                                                                   educational excellence as well as a productive partnership
world-class instruction and innovation for which NC State and                                                                                   August 21, 2019     First Day of Classes
                                                                   between families and the university. We know that you are
the Research Triangle are known. As a university, we work to                                                                                                        Fall Semester
                                                                   not only an advocate for your student but also a source of
provide all students with the resources and support to create a                                                                                 August 27, 2019     Last Day to Add a Course
                                                                   encouragement and support.
foundation for success.                                                                                                                                             Without Permission
                                                                   We want to ensure that you have the necessary resources                   September 2, 2019      Labor Day
We are proud to offer our students a great variety of
                                                                   to be well informed and involved. Parents’ Orientation is a                                      (University closed)
educational opportunities, allowing them to gain real-world
                                                                   significant first step to helping your student achieve a smooth         October 10 - 11, 2019    Fall Break
experience, recognize their potential and discover how they
                                                                   transition into college. The Office of Parents and Families                                      (University open)
can make an impact – whether through participating in honors
                                                                   Services provides a variety of resources to help keep you            November 27 - 29, 2019      Thanksgiving Break
and scholars programs, understanding of global perspectives
                                                                   connected to all things NC State. I hope you find this calendar
during study abroad programs, or tackling real-world
                                                                   and handbook a useful reference for information about dates,
challenges through hands-on research. Students can also be                                                                                  December 19, 2019       Fall Commencement
                                                                   events, academics, and student life on campus.
involved in an exceptional variety of co-curricular activities
and on-campus programming, including pre-professional              We are genuinely excited to have your family join us. Welcome     Dec. 23, 2019 - Jan. 1, 2020   Winter Break
organizations, intramural sports, and opportunities for service.                                                                                                    (University closed)
                                                                   to our tradition-rich, vibrant, diverse community. I wish you
Embodying the Think and Do spirit, NC State students stand         and your student the best as we start the academic year                      January 6, 2020     First Day of Classes
apart as creative, critical thinkers.                                                                                                                               Spring Semester
                                                                   together and embark on a bright future.
                                                                                                                                               January 20, 2020     Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
NC State produces national scholars and fellows, and our           Sincerely,                                                                                       (University closed)
graduates are consistently ranked among the most desirable in
the nation. Our alumni contribute more than $4.2 billion to the
                                                                                                                                             March 9 - 13, 2020     Spring Break
                                                                                                                                                                    (University open)
state economy each year. From launching businesses to              W. Randolph Woodson
producing new technologies, they are changing the world in         Chancellor                                                                       May 9, 2020     Commencement
2019-2020 FAMILY HANDBOOK AND CALENDAR - Parents & Families Services - Enrollment Management and ...
S U N D AY            M O N D AY                   T U E S D AY   W E D N E S D AY       T H U R S D AY           F R I D AY       S AT U R D AY

                                                                                         1                       2                 3
                Ask your students…
                What is it like living in your residence hall?
                How are you meeting new people?
                Is campus becoming more familiar to you?

4               5                           6                     7                      8                       9                 10
                                                                                           Parents & Famillies
                                                                                           Weekend Tickets
                                                                                           go on sale

11              12                          13                    14                     15                      16                17
                                                                                                                         Move-in           Move-in
                                                                                                                         Weekend           Weekend

18              19                          20                    21                     22                      23                24
      Move-in               Convocation                                     First Day
      Weekend                                                               of Classes

25              26                          27                    28                     29                      30                31

                                                                                                                                        AUGUST 2019
2019-2020 FAMILY HANDBOOK AND CALENDAR - Parents & Families Services - Enrollment Management and ...
S U N D AY            M O N D AY                 T U E S D AY            W E D N E S D AY           T H U R S D AY              F R I D AY         S AT U R D AY

1                  2                            3                     4                           5                      6                         7
                           Labor Day
                           University Closed.
                           No Classes.

8                  9                            10                    11                          12                     13                        14
                                                        for Student

15                 16                           17                    18                          19                     20                        21
                                                                                   Flu Clinic                                         Parents              Parents
                                                                                   go.ncsu.edu/                                       & Families           & Families
                                                                                   flushot                                            Weekend              Weekend

22                 23                           24                    25                          26                     27                        28
      Parents                                                                      Flu Clinic
      & Families                                                                   go.ncsu.edu/
      Weekend                                                                      flushot

29                 30
                                                                      Ask your students…
                                                                      Tell me about your classes so far?
                                                                      What are some of the out-of-classroom experiences you are enjoying?
                                                                      Are you feeling homesick? What can we do to help?


                                                                                                                                                     SEPTEMBER 2019
2019-2020 FAMILY HANDBOOK AND CALENDAR - Parents & Families Services - Enrollment Management and ...
S U N D AY       M O N D AY       T U E S D AY           W E D N E S D AY         T H U R S D AY                F R I D AY              S AT U R D AY

                                  1                      2                        3                       4                          5
             Ask your students…     FAFSA                    Flu Clinic
             How are you            Available Online         go.ncsu.edu/
                                    fafsa.gov                flushot
             preparing for          NC State School
             your midterms?         Code: 002972

6            7                    8                      9                        10                      11                         12
                                    Flu Clinic                                             Fall Break                  Fall Break
                                    go.ncsu.edu/                                           No Classes.                 No Classes.
                                    flushot                                                University                  University
                                                                                           Open.                       Open.

13           14                   15                     16                       17                      18                         19
                                          Flu Clinic                                       Flu Clinic
                                          go.ncsu.edu/                                     go.ncsu.edu/
                                          flushot                                          flushot

20           21                   22                     23                       24                      25                         26
                                                                   Flu Clinic

27           28                   29                     30                       31
                                          Flu Clinic                                                      What are you doing to stay healthy? How was your
                                          go.ncsu.edu/                                                    meeting with your advisor? What are your classes
                                                                                                          next semester? Have you started the FAFSA?
                                                                                                          … and remind them you are there for support.


                                                                                                                                             OCTOBER 2019
2019-2020 FAMILY HANDBOOK AND CALENDAR - Parents & Families Services - Enrollment Management and ...
S U N D AY        M O N D AY                T U E S D AY            W E D N E S D AY         T H U R S D AY          F R I D AY           S AT U R D AY

                                                                                                                    1                     2
             Ask your students… How is (name of your student’s club/organization) going?
             Have your values or beliefs been challenged or have they changed at all?
             Have you connected with any friends from home?
             How are you feeling about exams?

3            4                        5                         6                            7                      8                     9
                     Flu Clinic               Flu Clinic
                     go.ncsu.edu/             go.ncsu.edu/
                     flushot                  flushot

10           11                       12                        13                           14                     15                    16
17           18                       19                        20                           21                     22                    23
                                                                              Flu Clinic

24           25                       26                        27                           28                     29                    30
                                                                             Thanksgiving            Thanksgiving          Thanksgiving
                                                                             Break                   Break                 Break
                                                                             No Classes.             No Classes.           No Classes.
                                                                             University              University            University
                                                                             Open.                   Closed.               Closed.


                                                                                                                                            NOVEMBER 2019
2019-2020 FAMILY HANDBOOK AND CALENDAR - Parents & Families Services - Enrollment Management and ...
S U N D AY      M O N D AY                            T U E S D AY     W E D N E S D AY        T H U R S D AY                F R I D AY                 S AT U R D AY

1            2                                3                        4                   5                          6                           7
                                                                           Flu Clinic                                         Last Day
                                                                           go.ncsu.edu/                                       of Classes

8            9                                10                       11                  12                         13                          14
                     Final                                     Final             Reading            Final                           Final
                     Exams                                     Exams             Day                Exams                           Exams

15           16                               17                       18                  19                         20                          21
                         Final                                 Final             Final              Fall
                         Exams                                 Exams             Exams              Commencement

22           23                               24                       25                  26                         27                          28
                        Winter Break
                        No Classes.
                        Residence Halls

                         University Closed through 01/01/20.

29           30                               31
                                                                                           Ask your students…
                                                                                           How do you think your semester went overall? What will you do
                                                                                           differently in the spring? What are your plans for the winter break?
                                                                                           … and remind them of how proud they make you.


                                                                                                                                                           DECEMBER 2019
2019-2020 FAMILY HANDBOOK AND CALENDAR - Parents & Families Services - Enrollment Management and ...
S U N D AY        M O N D AY                T U E S D AY           W E D N E S D AY           T H U R S D AY    F R I D AY   S AT U R D AY

                                                                   1                          2                3             4
             Ask your students… What are you looking                 New Year’s Day
             forward to this semester? Would you like us to          University Closed.
             visit for Spring Fling weekend? What 2020-2021
             scholarships do you plan to apply for?

5            6                            7                        8                          9                10            11
                     First Day
                     of Classes

12           13                           14                       15                         16               17            18
                                                    Spring Fling               Flu Clinic
                                                    Tickets                    go.ncsu.edu/
                                                    go on sale                 flushot

19           20                           21                       22                         23               24            25
                          Martin L.
                          King, Jr. Day
                          No Classes.

26           27                           28                       29                         30               31

                                                                                                                                 JANUARY 2020
2019-2020 FAMILY HANDBOOK AND CALENDAR - Parents & Families Services - Enrollment Management and ...
S U N D AY        M O N D AY                 T U E S D AY             W E D N E S D AY               T H U R S D AY    F R I D AY       S AT U R D AY

             Ask your students…
             Do you have plans for Spring Break? Let’s discuss budget, safety, communication, etc.
             Have you connected with anyone in your new classes?
             Have you completed the FAFSA application?

2            3                         4                          5                            6                      7                 8
                                                                          Flu Clinic                                    National Wear
                                                                          go.ncsu.edu/                                  Red Day

9            10                        11                         12                           13                     14                15
16           17                        18                         19                           20                     21                22
                                                                                Flu Clinic

23           24                        25                         26                           27                     28                29

                                                                                                                                           FEBRUARY 2020
S U N D AY                  M O N D AY               T U E S D AY          W E D N E S D AY            T H U R S D AY             F R I D AY           S AT U R D AY

1                        2                          3                      4                       5                          6                        7
 FAFSA Priority
 Filing Deadline
 NC State School Code:

8                        9                          10                     11                      12                         13                       14
                                 Spring Break               Spring Break            Spring Break               Spring Break             Spring Break
                                 No Classes.
                                 Halls Closed.
                                 University Open.

15                       16                         17                     18                      19                         20                       21
22                       23                         24                     25                      26                         27                       28
29                       30                         31
                                                                                                   Ask your students…
                                                                                                   Are you being challenged by your classes?
                                                                                                   Are you still enjoying your major?
                                                                                                   Have you considered enrolling in Summer Sessions?


                                                                                                                                                             MARCH 2020
S U N D AY        M O N D AY               T U E S D AY          W E D N E S D AY        T H U R S D AY          F R I D AY       S AT U R D AY

                                                                 1                       2                      3                 4
             Ask your students… How are you preparing for
             your final exams? What are you doing to stay
             healthy? What are your plans for the summer?
             Let’s talk about house rules.

5            6                        7                          8                       9                      10                11
12           13                       14                         15                      16                     17                18
19           20                       21                         22                      23                     24                25
                                                                                                  Last Day              Reading
                                                                                                  of Classes            Day

26           27                       28                         29                      30
                        Final Exams                Final Exams             Final Exams            Final Exams


                                                                                                                                         APRIL 2020
S U N D AY        M O N D AY                 T U E S D AY            W E D N E S D AY              T H U R S D AY    F R I D AY   S AT U R D AY

                                                                                                                    1             2
             Ask your students…                                                                                     Final Exams
             In what ways have you grown as an individual this year?
             What is the process for moving out of the residence hall? What do you need from us?
             How do you plan to keep in touch with your friends?

3            4                         5                         6                           7                      8             9
                    Final Exams                Final Exams                                                                           Commencement

10           11                        12                        13                          14                     15            16
                                                                               Session I -
                                                                               First Day
                                                                               of Classes

17           18                        19                        20                          21                     22            23
24           25                        26                        27                          28                     29            30
                        No Classes.


                                                                                                                                           MAY 2020
S U N D AY      M O N D AY           T U E S D AY   W E D N E S D AY           T H U R S D AY               F R I D AY   S AT U R D AY

             1                       2              3                      4                         5                   6
7            8                       9              10                     11                        12                  13
14           15                      16             17                     18                        19                  20
                                                             Summer                    Summer
                                                             Session I -               Session I -
                                                             Final                     Final
                                                             Exams                     Exams

21           22                      23             24                     25                        26                  27
                      Session II -
                      First Day
                      of Classes

28           29                      30
                                                                           Summer Talking Points…
                                                                           A time of reflection.
                                                                           Staying connected with college friends.
                                                                           Spending time with family.


                                                                                                                                 JUNE 2020
S U N D AY        M O N D AY                  T U E S D AY           W E D N E S D AY   T H U R S D AY    F R I D AY           S AT U R D AY

                                                                     1                  2                3                     4
             Ask your students… How are you preparing                                                     No Classes.            Independence
             for the fall? What are your goals for the fall                                               University Closed.     Day
             semester? What is your plan for returning to
             campus? How can we help?

5            6                          7                            8                  9                10                    11
12           13                         14                           15                 16               17                    18
19           20                         21                           22                 23               24                    25
26           27                         28                           29                 30               31
                         Summer                       Summer
                         Session II -                 Session II -
                         Final                        Final
                         Exams                        Exams


                                                                                                                                       JULY 2020

Table of Contents ................................................... 1                                    Preliminary Information
I. All-Access Pack Parent ......................................................... 2                      FERPA                                                  MyPack Portal
01     Being a Pack Parent ....................................................................... 2       The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act          MyPack Portal is the online student information
02     Pack Parent Benefit Programs ................................................. 3                    (FERPA) is a federal law and set of regulations        system used by NC State students to access
03     Learn the Lingo ............................................................................... 4   governing the access to, and privacy of, educational   all of their academic records, enrollment and
                                                                                                           records. FERPA gives students access to most of        degree planning tools, student accounts, personal
II. Academic and Financial Resources ........................ 5                                            their academic records as well as the ability to       information, on campus living information and more.
01     Academic Overview ...................................................................... 5          obtain copies of these records. This law states        Students can securely access MyPack using their
                                                                                                           that student records are private and may only          Unity ID and password.
02     Student Services Center .............................................................. 6
       Cashier’s Office/Registration and Records/Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid                    be disclosed to school officials, other authorized

03     Undergraduate Resource Centers ............................................ 7                       personnel or with the consent of the student. This     Under FERPA, students also have the option to grant
                                                                                                           law also allows colleges and universities to publish   parent/guardian access to see certain information in
III. Life at NC State ....................................................................... 8            directory information without consent unless a         MyPack including Student Accounts/Billing/Payment,
01     University Housing ........................................................................ 8       student chooses to block their information.            Tax Information, Academic Information, Directory
                                                                                                                                                                  Information and Financial Aid.
02     On-campus Student Resources ................................................ 9
                                                                                                           NC State has made it easy for students to grant
03     Physical and Mental Health ...................................................... 10
                                                                                                           consent to parents or guardians so that they           Students can grant parent/guardian access by
04     Wellness and Recreation ........................................................... 11
                                                                                                           may access educational records or financial            navigating to MyPack Portal      Student Homepage
                                                                                                           information through MyPack Portal in the student        Personal Information    Parent/Guardian Access.
IV. Campus Life .............................................................................. 12
                                                                                                           information system.
01     Campus Services and Resources ............................................ 12
                                                                                                                                                                  More information about using MyPack Portal
02     Campus Community Centers ................................................... 14                     For more information visit go.ncsu.edu/ferpa.          and Parent/Guardian access is available online at
03     Community Expectations .......................................................... 17                                                                       studentservices.ncsu.edu.
04     Safety and Emergency Communication .............................. 18

V. Campus Directory ................................................................. 19

                                                                                                                                                 You’re Invited!
                                                                                                                                            PARENTS & FAMILIES
PACK PARENT                                                                                                                                September 20-22, 2019
                                                                                                                                    Tickets will go on sale Thursday, August 8, 2019

01 You are now a Pack Parent, congratulations!                                                                                      Did you Know?
Dear Wolfpack Family,                                             Communication with the university, as with your student, is       NC State is home to one of the top collegiate golf
                                                                  critical in this new educational endeavor. Stay informed by       courses in the country, not only for its Arnold Palmer
May I extend warm wishes especially to your 2019-2020
                                                                  reading emails and correspondences from the university,           championship design but also as a training ground for
Wolfpack freshman and of course to your entire family. You
                                                                  since this can support you in keeping abreast of important        our golf teams, future golf professionals, turf managers
are embarking on a special time in your scholar’s career and
                                                                  information to be discussed as a family.                          and stormwater/sustainability experts.
I encourage you to take full advantage of the opportunities,
events, services and support that NC State offers to both you     The gracious welcome that my son and I received from              The course and clubhouse are open to the public, with
and your student.                                                 Parents & Families Services continues today as a link between     indoor practice facilities, club fitting services, a golf
                                                                  our home and NC State. The support this office provides           shop and restaurant with veranda and firepit patio.
                    My son enrolled as a freshman for the
                                                                  families, especially in this new chapter of our lives,            Students can use their meal plan and All Campus
                    2018-2019 school year; without a doubt
                                                                  is continual, educational and yes, even comforting.               account to dine, and you don’t want to miss Sunday
                    this has been an amazing journey for him
                                                                  I, personally, have connected with Parents & Families             brunch when family visits.
                    as a student in the College of Agricultural
                                                                  Services by volunteering and attending Parents & Families
                    and Life Sciences (CALS.) He and I                                                                              Students can also get discounted golf/cart fees of $40
                                                                  Weekend, which occurs every fall. Additionally, through the
                    continue to be excited in this educational                                                                      (M-Th) and $55 (Fri-Sun/ Holidays) to play golf. Special
                                                                  Very Important Parent (VIP) discount program, the Office of
                    community, where he continually                                                                                 rates for families are available for Parents & Families
                                                                  Parents & Families Services has forged partnerships with
                    explores his gifts, talents and interests.                                                                      Weekend.
                                                                  local and national businesses to offer special discounts to
                    Similar to our roles as parents in the        NC State parents throughout the year.                             Visit go.ncsu.edu/lpgc or call 919.833.3338 to reserve
                    elementary, middle and high school                                                                              your tee time today.
                                                                  NC State University staff, current Wolfpack parents, as well as
                    years, it is important to encourage our
                                                                  my son and I welcome you to the Pack! We all look forward
                    children to learn and often experience
                                                                  to meeting you and working with you to make this first year a
                    the many clubs, organizations, learning
                                                                  successfully memorable year for your family.
                    villages and other rich opportunities
                    that NC State offers. As we encourage         Go Pack!
                    our children, I encourage us as parents
                    to stay connected with the Wolfpack           Sincerely,
                    community.                                    Pamela Ford, Proud Pack Parent

02 Pack Parent
Benefit Programs                                                   Parent Pride Points                                             VIP Partners and Sponsors
The Office of Parents & Families Services facilitates the          Parent Pride Points provide parents and families with           Hotels
partnership of parents, students and the university by             the unique opportunity to experience many of our                The STATE VIEW (on-campus)            Hilton Garden Inn
encouraging parents to become more involved and informed           well-known Wolfpack traditions. Listed below are                919.743.0055                          Raleigh/Crabtree Valley
about life at NC State. By partnering with us and supporting       25 parent traditions; some are well-known among                 Aloft Raleigh                         919.703.2525
                                                                                                                                   919.828.9900                          Holiday Inn Express
your student, you are part of the Wolfpack community, a very       students while a few are designed specifically for
                                                                                                                                   Best Western PLUS Cary Inn & Suites   Hotel & Suites
important parent. Your student’s success is dependent on your      parents and families, but all should include your
                                                                                                                                   919.481.1200                          919.854.0001
support and engagement.                                            NC State student. Any parent or family member
                                                                                                                                   Best Western Raleigh                  Holiday Inn Raleigh North
                                                                   can earn Pride Points and will have easy access to              North Downtown                        919.872.3500
This is why the Office of Parents & Families Services has
                                                                   a printable list from the Parents & Families Services           919.872.5000                          SpringHill Suites by Marriott
worked hard to create two benefit programs exclusively for                                                                         Comfort Inn Raleigh Midtown
                                                                   website for tracking and commemorating each proud                                                     Raleigh/Cary
Pack Parents. Our Parent Pride Points program was developed                                                                        919.828.1813                          919.977.7244
                                                                   parent experience. Parents who complete 18 of the
in collaboration with Student Government and the Student                                                                           DoubleTree by Hilton                  Wingate by Wyndham
                                                                   25 Pride Points can send us their list via email and
                                                                                                                                   Raleigh Crabtree Valley
Alumni Association to provide opportunities for parents and                                                                                                              State Arena Raleigh/Cary
                                                                   will receive a commemorative gift.                              919.782.8600
students to experience some of the richest Wolfpack traditions                                                                                                           919.809.8660
                                                                                                                                   Embassy Suites Raleigh Crabtree
NC State has to offer. The VIP (Very Important Parent) discount     Go to Parents’ Orientation      Enjoy Family Dinner            919.881.0000                          Entertainment
program offers local and online discounts.                          Help Your Student Move-In       at Fountain                    Fairfield Inn & Suites Raleigh/Cary   ARTS NC STATE
                                                                    Visit the NC State Bookstores   Visit D.H. Hill Jr. Library    919.301.8467                          Ticket Central
Remember Parents & Families Services is supportive of all
                                                                    Paint the Free                  Experience James B.            Hampton Inn & Suites Raleigh/Cary     919.515.1100
family members of NC State students, and considers all to           Expression Tunnel               Hunt Jr. Library               919.233.1798
be Pack Parents. All affiliated programs are open to anyone in                                      Take the Krispy Kreme          Hampton Inn & Suites                  Services
                                                                    Attend the Chocolate Festival
the student’s family and all are invited, as well as encouraged,                                    Challenge                      Raleigh Crabtree Valley               Red & White Shop
                                                                    Attend Pre-Game Party &
to participate.                                                     Football Game                   Visit the Memorial Belltower   919.881.7080                          919.803.3268
                                                                                                    Whisper in the Wolf Ears       Hampton Inn & Suites                  Security Self-Storage
                                                                    Dine at Clark Dining Hall
                                                                                                    Attend an Arts NC State Event Raleigh Downtown                       888.680.9038
                                                                    Send a Care Package
                                                                    Write a Letter of               Try Howling Cow Ice Cream
                                                                    Encouragement                   Take the Polar Plunge
                                                                                                                                   For a full list of our partners, rates and discount codes
                                                                    Serve as a Parent Volunteer     Attend Play4Kay Women’s
                                                                                                    Basketball Game                please refer to your VIP Member Card. New Pack
                                                                    Use Your VIP Discount Card
                                                                                                    Take your student to dinner    Parents will receive this card in August with a new-
                                                                    Attend Spring Fling
                                                                                                    in Raleigh                     parent Welcome Packet. This information, and more,
                                                                    Dine at Case Dining Hall
                                                                                                                                   is available online at go.ncsu.edu/pfs-vip.
                                                                    Participate in a Parent
                                                                    Service Project


03 Learn the Lingo                                                         Grade Point Average (GPA)
                                                                           Grade Point Average (GPA) is a summary (semesterly and
                                                                                                                                                    NC State’s annual street festival, hosted on Hillsborough Street, is

Advisor                                                                    cumulative) of a student’s academic record and is determined by          an all-day block party on the final day of Wolfpack Welcome Week.

An individual assigned to your student to help them along their            your student’s earned grades. To see the grading scale and a GPA
                                                                           calculator, visit go.ncsu.edu/gpa-calculator.
                                                                                                                                                    Repeating Courses
academic journey. This resource provides guidance, shares                                                                                           Undergraduate students have the opportunity to repeat a course
opportunities and helps your student graduate on time.                     Grading System                                                           without permission if the previous attempt grade earned was a

Atrium                                                                     NC State operates on a letter grade (A-F) plus/minus grading scale       D+ or less. To repeat a course where the grade earned was a C- or

The Atrium is a food court located on the Brickyard with a variety of      that corresponds to grade points and credit hours. To see the            better, students must obtain an advisor’s approval first. For more

meal choices for your student. Meal plans and Dining Dollars can be        grading system chart, visit policies.ncsu.edu/regulation/reg-02-50-03.   information please go online and visit go.ncsu.edu/courserepeat.

used here.                                                                 D.H. Hill Jr. Library                                                    Syllabus
The Brickyard                                                              NC State’s Main Campus library. Study rooms, a makerspace, a             Distributed in all academic courses, the syllabus provides a course

A plaza located on North Campus that is a gathering spot for students,     coffee shop and creamery are just some of the features of this           description, learning outcomes, course structure, instructor’s office

organizations, club fairs and events. The official name of The Brickyard   campus resource.                                                         hours and contact information. It also includes required course

is University Plaza.                                                                                                                                materials and details the plan for the semester helping students
                                                                           Howling Cow                                                              plan their time wisely and complete the course successfully.
C-Store                                                                    NC State’s very own premium ice cream. Howling Cow is made on
Convenience stores around campus that accept the Wolfpack One Card         campus at the Feldmeier Dairy Processing Lab in Schaub Hall and          Talley Student Union
and sell food, beverages and personal items.                               offers over 15 flavors available at creameries located on both Main      Located on Central Campus, Talley Student Union is a foundation
                                                                           and Centennial Campuses.                                                 for student life, offering a vast array of programs, dining options
CODA                                                                                                                                                and resources.
Change of Degree Application (CODA) is a centralized resource              James B. Hunt Jr. Library
for students applying to add or change majors. Learn more at               The University’s Centennial Campus library offers state-of-the-art       Technician
studentservices.ncsu.edu/your-degree/coda.                                 technology and innovative architecture, it draws students of every       The on-campus student newspaper published Monday - Friday
                                                                           discipline here for its unique features.                                 during the academic year and is accessible at technicianonline.com.
Centennial Campus
Centennial Campus is centered around the mission of research,              The Memorial Belltower                                                   Tuffy
innovation and collaboration with over 100 different businesses and        A monument built on campus to honor NC State alumni soldiers killed      NC State’s live mascot. Tuffy is a Tamaskan Dog that looks like a

government agencies. Home to the College of Engineering, Wilson            during World War I. The Belltower, as it is known on campus, is the      wolf and makes appearances at campus events and athletic games.

College of Textiles and James B. Hunt Jr. Library.                         center of many Wolfpack traditions and is illuminated red for holidays
                                                                                                                                                    Witherspoon Student Center
                                                                           that honor our veterans, such as Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day, and
Free Expression Tunnel                                                                                                                              Home to the African American Cultural Center, Student Media and
                                                                           to celebrate NC State’s proudest occasions and achievements.
One of three tunnels connecting the two sides of Main Campus                                                                                        the university’s Campus Cinema. The cinema shows films to the

divided by railroad tracks. This tunnel is a unique space designated       Main Campus                                                              NC State community for free.

for students to share their thoughts and feelings. It is often used to     Original campus of NC State composed of North Campus and
advertise and highlight events and opportunities on campus and is          Central Campus, separated by railroad tracks. North Campus
                                                                                                                                                    Free campus bus service available to all NC State students.
ever changing.                                                             houses many academic buildings whereas Central Campus is the
                                                                                                                                                    See Transportation for more details.
                                                                           hub for student activity.
Grade Exclusion
Undergraduate students have the ability to select up to two                Moodle (Wolfware)
NC State courses with a grade of C- or below to be excluded from their     A University website with pages for each course in which a
cumulative GPA. Students can apply for grade exclusions through their      student is enrolled. On Moodle students can check grades, turn in
MyPack Portal. Parents and students can access more information about      assignments and participate in online discussions.
grade exclusions online at policies.ncsu.edu/regulation/reg-02-20-16.
Student Success Fund

II. ACADEMIC                                                                   AND
                                                                                                                                        At NC State, we know that success means pushing the boundaries
                                                                                                                                        beyond the classroom. The Student Success Fund provides students
                                                                                                                                        with access to opportunities that have the greatest impact on their

                                                                                                                                        college experience — experiences that help students grow as
                                                                                                                                        innovative, critical thinkers, ready to go out into the world and change
                                                                                                                                        it for the better. Programs such as University Scholars, Wellness and
                                                                                                                                        Recreation, Leadership and Civic Engagement, and many more are
                                                                                                                                        supported through the Student Success Fund by parents and alumni
                                                                                                              GIVE TODAY                just like you. Your gift to the Student Success Fund means that even
                                                                                                        giving.dasa.ncsu.edu            more students will benefit from high-impact experiences they need
                                                                                                         Phone: 919.515.5317            to excel in the classroom and as future leaders.

01 Academic Overview                                            individual’s work is his or her own and honest. Students who
                                                                do not uphold this policy will be sent to the Office of Student
                                                                Conduct for review.                                                     Students are expected to become familiar with the

Understanding NC State’s academic information and                                                                                       attendance policies set forth for each of their classes as laid

resources provides parents with the knowledge to best           Academic Standing/Status                                                out by the instructor in the syllabus for each course in which
                                                                                                                                        they are enrolled. NC State does offer excused absences for
support student success. Parents and students should
                                                                Academic status will be calculated at the end of every                  anticipated reasons, with documentation.
openly discuss expectations for information-sharing and
                                                                fall, spring and summer term for all enrolled
access, and be certain to keep an up-to-date parent profile                                                                             Unanticipated Absences include such events as: illness,
                                                                undergraduate students.
in MyPack Portal if your student has granted you access.                                                                                death of a family member, or a natural disaster.
                                                                 Good Standing                                                          Communication with instructors as soon as possible
                                                                 A student in Good Standing has a cumulative Grade Point Average
Academic Advising Programs                                       (GPA) of at least 2.0.
                                                                                                                                        once the event is known is expected and in everyone’s
                                                                                                                                        best interest. If your student is unable to notify instructors,
and Services                                                     Academic Warning                                                       parents/guardians can contact an Absence Verification
                                                                 Students will be placed on Academic Warning and allowed to
Academic Advising Services (AAS) provides quality and                                                                                   Officer to work alongside the student to communicate with
                                                                 continue enrollment if they have a cumulative GPA less than 2.0
timely advising services to undergraduate students with          and a grade point deficit of 15 or less, OR a cumulative GPA above
                                                                                                                                        the student’s instructors. A copy of the verification
the goal of facilitating academic success, major selection,      2.0 and a term GPA below 1.0.                                          message is also sent to the student and the student’s
career exploration and personal enrichment. AAS is a                                                                                    Academic Advisor.
                                                                 Academic Probation
collaboration of professional cross-curricular advisors who      Students will be placed on Academic Probation for one term after       Excuses for unanticipated absences must be reported to the
partner to provide walk-in, face-to face, call-in and virtual    an appeal to return from Academic Suspension has been approved.
                                                                                                                                        instructor as soon as possible, but not more than one week
advising to undergraduate students in transition; training       Students on Academic Probation who earn a term GPA of at least
                                                                 2.0 during their Probationary term will move to Academic Warning.      after the return to class. Examples of unanticipated absences
and development for all University advisors; interpretation
                                                                 Failing to due so will result in Academic Suspension.                  are short-term illness, injury affecting the ability to attend or
of academic policy; and application of General Education
                                                                                                                                        to be productive academically while in class, serious illness,
Plan to support timely degree completion.                        Academic Suspension
                                                                                                                                        or death in the family. Additional information is available
                                                                 Students will be placed on Academic Suspension if they have a
                                                                 cumulative GPA less than 2.0 and a grade point deficit greater         online at go.ncsu.edu/attendance.
Academic Integrity                                               than 15 at the end of any term, OR fail to maintain a term GPA of
                                                                 at least 2.0 for every subsequent fall, spring, or summer term after   If you have questions or need more information, you
All NC State students are expected to uphold a standard and      being on Academic Warning or Academic Probation. All suspended         may contact absence-verification@ncsu.edu or visit
environment that is plagiaristic and cheating free; where an     students have the right to submit an appeal to continue enrollment.    dasa.ncsu.edu/students/absence-verification-process online.


02 Student Services Center                                     Cashier’s Office                                           To be considered for financial assistance by the Office
                                                                                                                          of Scholarships and Financial Aid, a student must
                                                               The Cashier’s Office serves as the billing and             complete the federal government’s Free Application
The Student Services Center is a one-stop shop for             collection agency for most university charges, such as     for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form, submitted
registration and records, financial aid and tuition and        tuition, on-campus housing and meal plans. Account         online at www.fafsa.gov, evaluates the family’s ability
billing needs. Students can receive information and            representatives are able to assist students, or            to pay for education expenses. Students who submit
services regarding enrollment, degree planning, transcripts,   individuals who have been granted Parent/Guardian          their FAFSA to the federal processor by March 1st are
scholarships, financial aid, student accounts, billing and     Access, with questions about the charges and credits       given priority consideration for need based aid.
tuition, academic calendars and more. You can visit the        on their account. Online statements are posted
                                                                                                                          Once a student is offered admission to NC State
Student Services Center in Harris Hall or find more            monthly to the student’s account. Individuals who
                                                                                                                          University, they can begin applying for NC State
information online at studentservices.ncsu.edu.                have been granted Parent/Guardian Access are also
                                                                                                                          Scholarships via the PackASSIST scholarship portal at
                                                               notified via email when a new statement is available.

                                                               Registration & Records                                     Website: go.ncsu.edu/financialaid
                                                                                                                          Phone:     919.515.NCSU (6278)
                                                               The Department of Registration and Records provides        Email:     studentservices@ncsu.edu
                                                               effective academic services to students, faculty,
                                                               staff and alumni while maintaining security and            Dollars and Sense
                                                               confidentiality of data. Registration and Records
                                                                                                                          Dollars and Sense at NC State is a financial wellness
                                                               maintains complete and accurate academic records
                                                                                                                          program committed to creating students that are
                                                               and issues official transcripts, publishes the course
                                                                                                                          financially healthy. The program offers workshops,
                                                               catalog along with exam and academic calendars,
                                                                                                                          professional speakers, peer financial coaching and
                                                               and manages the tracking of degree progress and
                                                                                                                          other resources that address a variety of financial
                                                                                                                          concerns unique to college life. The program’s
                                                                                                                          hallmark event, Financial Literacy Month, occurring
                                                               Office of Scholarships and                                 annually in April, offers a full month of fun and
                                                               Financial Aid                                              informative financial literacy events that equip
                                                                                                                          students with the knowledge and skills necessary to
                                                               The mission is to make NC State education affordable       maintain lifelong financial wellness.
                                                               and accessible. This office provides scholarships,
Contact us by email at studentservices@ncsu.edu or             grants, loans and work funding to support students         Website: go.ncsu.edu/dollarsandsense
by phone at 919.515.NCSU (6278).                               and their families. The staff is here to help as parents   Email:     dollarsandsense@ncsu.edu
                                                               and students navigate the process of applying for          Facebook: Dollars and Sense at NC State
                                                               financial aid.                                             Twitter:   @NCState_DandS


03 Undergraduate                                                Disability Resource Office                                     Undergraduate Research
Resource Centers                                                The Disability Resource Office (DRO) determines
                                                                                                                               The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) supports and
                                                                accommodations for students with disabilities. Students
                                                                                                                               promotes discovery-, inquiry- scholarly- and creativity-based
                                                                who have, or think they may have, a disability (e.g. mental
                                                                                                                               opportunities through mentored research experiences.
Career Development Center                                       health, attention, learning, vision, hearing, physical or
                                                                                                                               The staff assists students in identifying research mentors
                                                                systemic) are invited to visit our website or contact DRO to
                                                                                                                               and opportunities in any chosen area of study through
The Career Development Center has trained professional staff    arrange a confidential discussion.
                                                                                                                               one-on-one consultations and an annual research
committed to students’ career success. They offer programs,                                                                    exploration event in the fall semester. Funding is available
                                                                Phone:     919.515.7653
training and guidance to help students be career-ready!                                                                        to support student projects, including attendance to
                                                                Email:     disability@ncsu.edu
                                                                Website:   dro.dasa.ncsu.edu                                   national conferences for students to present their research.
Employment: Many NC State students hold employment
                                                                                                                               On campus, students are provided with the opportunity to
outside of their academic careers to help balance the cost
of education. There are many on-campus jobs available for       Pre-Professional Programs                                      communicate their work to others through our bi-annual
                                                                                                                               research and creativity symposium and by publishing their
students, as well as internships and co-op opportunities. The
                                                                Many NC State students follow their undergraduate              work in our research journal.
Career Development Center is a helpful resource to students
                                                                education with an advanced degree at a professional
looking for on-campus and major-related employment via                                                                         Phone:    919.513.0095
                                                                school. Whether students plan to pursue medical, dental,
our job portal called ePACK (go.ncsu.edu/epack).                                                                               Email:    undergraduate-research@ncsu.edu
                                                                veterinary or law degrees, these programs offer services
                                                                                                                               Facebook: NCSU Undergraduate-Research
Available Resources                                             to assist students interested in learning more about their
                                                                                                                               Website: undergradresearch.dasa.ncsu.edu
 Career Ambassadors                                             profession of interest, how to become a competitive
 Career Counseling                                              candidate and the application process.
 Career Fairs                                                                                                                  University Tutorial Center
                                                                Pre Health Phone:          919.515.2396
 Career Guide
                                                                Pre Health Email:          health-professions@ncsu.edu         The University Tutorial Center (UTC) provides several types
 Co-op Program
                                                                Pre Health Website:        hpa.dasa.ncsu.edu                   of free assistance to suit the needs of students in many
 ePACK - NC State’s premier system for full-time jobs,
                                                                                                                               100- and 200-level courses, as well as all writing and
 internships, and events                                        Pre Law Services Phone: 919.515.2396                           speaking needs across the curriculum. By hiring and
 Externship Program                                             Pre Law Services Email:    breaster@ncsu.edu                   training qualified students to provide a variety of
 On-campus Interviews
                                                                                                                               tutorial services, the UTC promotes students to become
 Professional LAUNCH Workshop Series                            VetPAC Services Phone:     919.515.1277
                                                                                                                               independent learners and therefore contributes to
 Wolfpack Styled Clothing Closet                                VetPAC Services Email:     vetpac_office@ncsu.edu
                                                                                                                               the academic success of NC State students.
                                                                VetPAC Services Website: cals.ncsu.edu/vetpac
Website:   careers.ncsu.edu
                                                                                                                               Phone:    919.515.3163
Phone:     919.515.2396
                                                                                                                               Website: tutorial.dasa.ncsu.edu
Email:     career-development@ncsu.edu
                                                                                                                               Email:    tutorialcenter@ncsu.edu
Facebook: NCStateCareerDevelopment
Twitter:   @NCStateCareer
III. LIFE AT                                                                                                                        Inter-Residence Council (IRC)
                                                                                                                                    The Inter-Residence Council (IRC) is a student-led residential

                                                                                                                                    and educational resource organization supporting on campus
                                                                                                                                    residents by providing leadership services and opportunities;
                                                                                                                                    creating a link between the residents and the larger community.
                                                                                                                                    Care Packages: IRC’s largest fundraiser is the coordination of Care
                                                                                                                                    Packages for students. Parents can go online directly to order NC
                                                                                                                                    State Care Packages at any time throughout the academic year.
                                                                                                                                    Visit orgs.ncsu.edu/irc for more information and to order directly.

01 University Housing                                        Move-In Tips from the Pros                                        Delivery Service (FedEx, UPS, etc.)
                                                                                                                               Packages sent through a delivery service such as FedEx or
University Housing provides several on-campus                Moving to college is an exciting time for your student            UPS will be delivered directly to the student’s residence hall/
living options for more than 9,200 students through          and your family. To help prepare for move-in events, we           apartment 24-hour service desk and bypass the Campus Mail
20 residence halls and four on-campus apartment              encourage you to plan ahead and take your time. In August,        Center. Community Assistants at the hall/apartment desks
complexes. Living on campus is an essential part of the      there will be over 750+ volunteers Friday and Saturday to         will notify residents that a package has been received for
                                                             help welcome and assist your family with an extra set of          them. The resident is responsible for retrieving the package.
Wolfpack experience and students are required to live in
on-campus accommodations their first year. University        hands if needed. To better prepare, we asked our students
                                                                                                                               To ensure correct delivery of mail, use the address formats
Housing staff have developed unique residential              some of their top tips to make this process even easier.
                                                                                                                               listed below:
experiences to promote academic and personal success.        Top Tips for Move-In                                              Bowen, Carroll and Metcalf Halls         Bagwell, Becton, Berry, Gold, Syme
                                                                                                                               Student Name                             and Welch Halls
On-campus summer housing options are also available           Be sure to print your loading permit and have it                 2811 Thurman Drive                       Student Name
                                                                                                                               (Mailbox #) Name of Residence Hall       2221 Dunn Avenue
to students taking summer classes or interning in the         displayed while unloading                                        Raleigh, NC 27607                        (Mailbox #) Name of Residence Hall
greater Raleigh area. Students should apply for on-           Bring a hand truck or cart                                       Tucker, Owen, Turlington and             Raleigh, NC 27607
                                                                                                                               Alexander Halls                          North and Watauga Halls
campus housing through MyPack Portal.                         Bring a mallet for bed lofting and a toolkit                     Student Name                             Student Name
                                                              Connect with roommates to avoid duplicating items                2751 Cates Avenue                        2200 Hillsborough Street
Living and Learning Villages allow students to pursue                                                                          (Mailbox #) Name of Residence Hall       (Mailbox #) Name of Residence Hall
                                                              Don’t overpack (there is no need for winter clothes in August)   Raleigh, NC 27607                        Raleigh, NC 27607
their academic and personal goals in close collaboration      Dress comfortably and stay hydrated                              Lee Hall                                 Wood Hall
with mentors, professors and others who share common                                                                           Student Name                             Student Name
                                                              Pack in plastic tubs with lids (these can double                 2530 Sullivan Drive                      2541 Warren Carroll Drive
interests.                                                    as storage containers)                                           (Mailbox #) Lee Residence Hall           (Mailbox #) Wood Residence Hall
                                                                                                                               Raleigh, NC 27607                        Raleigh, NC 27607
                                                              Have fun!                                                        Sullivan Hall                            Wolf Village Apartments
Resident Advisors (RAs) and Village Mentors are students
                                                                                                                               Student Name                             Student Name
trained and employed by University Housing to build                                                                            2921 Thurman Drive                       2730 Wolf Village Way
community and maintain a safe living and learning
                                                             Mail & Packages                                                   (Mailbox #) Sullivan Residence Hall      (Mailbox #) Wolf Village Apartments
                                                                                                                               Raleigh, NC 27607                        Raleigh, NC 27607
environment within a residence hall or an on-campus          On-campus residents receive mail and packages on a regular        Avent Ferry Complex                      Wolf Ridge Apartments
                                                                                                                               Student Name                             Student Name
apartment. RAs are resources and peer role models for        basis. Items sent through the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to       2110 Avent Ferry Road                    1910 Entrepreneur Drive
students. They work with residence directors (RDs) to plan   university residence halls and apartments are delivered daily
                                                                                                                               (Mailbox #) Avent Ferry Residence Hall   (Mailbox #) Wolf Ridge Apartments
                                                                                                                               Raleigh, NC 27607                        Raleigh, NC 27606
activities that support students’ personal, academic and     Monday-Friday.                                                    Bragaw Hall
professional success.                                                                                                          Student Name                             For more details visit
                                                                                                                               210 Dan Allen Drive                      go.ncsu.edu/mail.
                                                                                                                               (Mailbox #) Bragaw Residence Hall
                                                                                                                               Raleigh, NC 27607

02 On-Campus                                                     For Athletic Plans, students should consult their coach on
                                                                 which option is best for them.
                                                                                                                               This office promotes preventative law, enabling students
                                                                                                                               to make educated choices. The University Student Legal

Student Resources                                                Dining Dollars are flexible funds that can be used to:
                                                                                                                               Services’ plan is registered with the North Carolina State
                                                                                                                               Bar, the parameters of which are set by students at NC
                                                                  Buy extra meals or snacks
                                                                                                                               State. Legal Services is aimed at helping students resolve
NC State Dining                                                   Cover the difference if more than the allotted
                                                                  Meal Credit is spent
                                                                                                                               their legal problems with as little disruption as possible to
                                                                                                                               their primary education endeavors.
NC State’s award-winning dining program offers food               Make purchases at C-Stores and vending machines
options that are convenient, fresh, wholesome and delicious.                                                                   Website:   studentlegal.dasa.ncsu.edu
                                                                 Meal Plan Changes
We have over 40 dining locations across the NC State                                                                           Phone:     919.515.7091
                                                                 Students have until September 30 (fall semester) and
campus, all of which accept some combination of dining
hall passes, meal swipes and dining dollars. From traditional
                                                                 January 31 (spring semester) to make changes to their plan
                                                                 via NC State Dining’s website dining.ncsu.edu. Differences
                                                                                                                               Wolfpack One Card
dining halls to a mix of restaurants, cafes and convenience
                                                                 will be prorated.                                             The Wolfpack One Card is a unified identification card that
stores, our program is designed to meet the unique needs
and tastes of our student body.                                                                                                students use to access campus services, such as spending

                                                                 Parking Permits                                               accounts, athletic events, the gym and restricted areas like
                                                                                                                               residence halls and labs. Three spending accounts include
Students can find fresh, healthy and sustainable food options    Parking Permits are available to purchase through the         All Campus, Dining and PNC Bank.
in every turn at NC State. We are here to help students          Transportation website beginning in early July. The date
make healthy decisions that will help them do their best in      students can apply and purchase is based on the number        All Campus is an on-campus debit account that students
school and assist with the management of food allergies,         of credit hours completed. Annual cost depends on the         can use to pay at NC State Dining locations (including
intolerances and dietary preferences. Daily nutritional          type of permit purchased. Students can purchase permits       vending machines), NC State Stores, Health Services and
information can be found on the digital menu boards, online      online; they are sold on a first come, first served basis.    WolfPrint. It is especially important to have funds in this
or via the On Campus mobile app. Nutrition kiosks are            Permits are mailed directly to the student address provided   account to use WolfPrint printers as this is the only form
located at each dining venue where students can check the        at the time of purchase. Permits purchased after the fall     of payment campus printers accept. The NC State Dining
daily menu for allergens, ingredients and nutritional content.   semester begins may be picked up at the Transportation        Meal Plan account allows meal plan holders to swipe their
                                                                 office. Please allow two business days for processing.        card to access their meal swipes, meal credits and dining
Encourage your student to follow @NCStateDining and              For additional information please visit the website below     dollars. Through our partnership with PNC Bank, students
@WellFedWolfpack on Twitter and Instagram for nutrition          or call NC State Transportation.                              who hold PNC accounts can use their ID card to access
updates, health and wellness tips, recipes, prizes and more.                                                                   their debit account.
                                                                 Website: go.ncsu.edu/parking-permits
                                                                 Phone: 919.515.3424                                           Replacement cards carry a $20 fee, so students are
  Understanding Meal Plans                                                                                                     encouraged to find a safe and convenient way to keep their
                                                                 Student Legal Services                                        card for regular use on campus. Report lost or stolen cards
  NC State Dining offers a variety of meal plan options that                                                                   on our website below.
  can be tailored to your student’s needs. Choose from our       University Student Legal Services is a nonprofit
  Weekday, Everyday, Deluxe or 150 Meals-per-Semester Plans.     corporation initiated by the Student Government at NC         Website: onecard.ncsu.edu
  We also offer a Commuter/Apartment Plan comprised of           State which is funded by student fees. The purpose of Legal   Phone:    919.515.3090
  $750 Dining Dollars and comes with a five percent discount     Services is to provide education, advice and representation   Facebook: NC State Wolfpack One Card
  at the register.                                               within the scope of the prepaid legal plan.

03 Physical and                                                   Dental Services
                                                                  Student Health Services has contracted with Campus
                                                                                                                                Student Health Insurance
Mental Health                                                     Smiles to offer dental services to students. Campus Smiles    We are currently in-network with most Aetna, Blue Cross
                                                                  has two locations, Centennial Campus in Plaza Hall and        and Blue Shield (including Student Blue), Cigna and United
                                                                  Main Campus in the Student Health Center. Both locations      Healthcare plans. We are considered out-of-network for all

Student Health Services                                           provide all preventative dentistry services along with        other insurances at this time.
                                                                  general restorative and other major dental procedures
                                                                                                                                The Student Health Insurance Plan (Student Blue)
NC State Student Health Services (SHS) is conveniently            including Invisalign®. Most major dental insurance plans
                                                                                                                                waive/enroll portal will open in June and will close on
located on Central Campus and serves as the primary               are accepted. To schedule an appointment call 919.515.8979.
                                                                                                                                September 10, 2019.
medical provider for enrolled students and is accredited          For more information, visit the Dental page on the Student
by the Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Health             Health Services website.                                      For more information about the Student Health Insurance
Care (AAAHC). SHS is committed to providing affordable,                                                                         Plan (Student Blue), please visit the Student Health Services
                                                                  Website:   healthypack.dasa.ncsu.edu
accessible, high quality primary medical services and                                                                           website at healthypack.dasa.ncsu.edu.
                                                                  Phone:     919.515.2563
works to provide every student with prompt, individualized
medical care no matter what health insurance they carry.
                                                                  Email:     healthypack@ncsu.edu
                                                                                                                                Immunization Requirements
                                                                  Facebook: NC State Student Health
In-house services, such as laboratory and x-ray, travel clinic,
                                                                  Twitter:   @NCSTATESHS                                        North Carolina law requires newly enrolled students
physical therapy, women’s health, nutrition counseling and
                                                                  Instagram: ncstate_healthypack                                to submit proof of immunizations within 30 days of
allergy shots are available.
                                                                                                                                registration of classes at NC State University.
Specialty services are provided by outside partners and           Counseling Center                                             More information on required immunizations and how to
include, dermatology, orthopaedics and gastroenterology.                                                                        submit them can be found on our website.
                                                                  The Counseling Center provides NC State students services
In addition, we have a network of community medical
                                                                  supporting personal, academic and career development.
professionals we refer to should a student need care
                                                                  Recommended services may include workshops, on-line
outside of our scope. Our on-site pharmacy will transfer
                                                                  skills modules, groups, short-term individual counseling           Remind your student
existing prescriptions; fill prescriptions from both in
                                                                  and referrals. Additionally, the Counseling Center offers
house and outside providers and sells over-the-counter                                                                               Make sure they have a copy or picture of their
                                                                  online screenings for mental health concerns, career
medications to help keep students well.                                                                                              insurance card when they arrive on campus.
                                                                  testing, psychiatric evaluations and outreach programs to
                                                                                                                                     Your student will need this to access our
Student Health Services Centennial location provides              address various academic and personal topics. The Center
                                                                                                                                     services and others in the Raleigh area.
Primary Care, Physical Therapy, Nutrition Counseling and          utilizes a short-term model, with referral support provided
Campus Smiles. These services are available in Wolf Ridge,        as appropriate. Most services are covered by student health
Plaza Hall on Centennial Campus.                                  fees. Professionals are available 24/7 for student mental
                                                                  health emergencies by accessing the on-call counselor after
                                                                  hours at the contact below.

                                                                  Website:   counseling.dasa.ncsu.edu
                                                                  Phone:     919.515.2423

04 Wellness and Recreation                                     Group Fitness provides more than 80 classes each week
                                                               designed for every fitness level. Challenge yourself by taking
                                                                                                                                Outdoor Adventures offers students unique outdoor trips
                                                                                                                                and educational clinics. Students can also rent outdoor
                                                               cycling, TRX®, yoga, Zumba®, BODYPUMP™ or a variety of           equipment from the Outdoor Adventures Equipment Rental
                                                               other class formats to experience firsthand how we make          Center and climb to new heights on the indoor climbing
Carmichael Complex                                             fitness fun. Students can take their structured workout to the   wall. Students can challenge themselves individually or

Carmichael is a 300,000 square foot facility designed to       next level with Small Group Training where our coaches lead      build teams through customized low and high-rope element

help students achieve their personal recreation, fitness and   workshops on Olympic lifting, boxing and more.                   programs at our Challenge Course located in Schenck

wellness goals.                                                                                                                 Memorial Forest.
                                                               Students are able to receive one-on-one attention from our

Features                                                       nationally certified personal trainers. Learn how to exercise,   Wellness and Recreation Employment

 25 Yard Pool and Dive Well                                    improve performance and establish fitness goals.                 More than 700 students are employed annually through

 50 Meter Pool                                                                                                                  Wellness and Recreation. Students enhance their
                                                               ThriveWell programs provide wellness coaching and health
 Day Use Lockers                                                                                                                professional development through practical application
                                                               education programs for individuals and groups. Wellness
 Eleven Indoor Basketball/ Multipurpose Courts                                                                                  and learn transferable skills that will prepare them for their
                                                               coaching takes a holistic approach to discovering how
 Equipment Checkout                                                                                                             future careers.
                                                               personal wellness impacts student success, strengths,
 Fourteen Racquetball Courts                                   values and goals. Establish a wellness plan and stay             Visit wellrec.ncsu.edu to learn more.
 Indoor Climbing Wall                                          accountable with a certified health coach. Learn stress
 Indoor Track                                                  management techniques, strategies to stay active at NC
 Men’s, Women’s and Single Occupant Locker Rooms               State and lifestyle modification tips from our team of experts
 One Squash Court                                              in interactive sessions.
 Personal Training Suite
 Six Fitness/Activity Rooms                                    Intramural Sports offers more than 40 different leagues and
 Six Strength & Conditioning Centers (30,000 sq. ft.)          events throughout the year. Sports range from flag football,
 Social Lounges                                                basketball, soccer and volleyball to exciting unique events
 Steam Room and Sauna                                          such as pool battleship, bubble soccer and cricket. Create
                                                               a team to compete for a championship, join a recreational
Additional Facilities                                          league with your friends or sign-up for an individual/dual
 Twelve Outdoor Tennis Courts                                  sport or special event to find a new favorite activity.
 Centennial Campus Disc Golf Course
 Centennial Campus Recreation Fields                           For students seeking a more competitive sports experience,
 Fit Ground Outdoor Functional Training Area                   check out Club Sports. Teams include a wide variety
 Four Outdoor Basketball Courts                                of men’s, women’s and coed sports. These student-led
 Miller Outdoor Recreation Field                               organizations practice regularly and compete against other
 Method Road Recreation Complex                                colleges and universities at local, state and national levels.

01 Campus Services                                               Athletics                                                     Leadership and Civic Engagement
and Resources                                                    NC State Athletics aims to prepare student-athletes to        Leadership and Civic Engagement provides students with
                                                                 compete at the highest level and to inspire them to be        the knowledge, tools and experiences to practice socially
                                                                 leaders now, and in the future, by providing the best         responsible leadership. We envision bold and authentic
At NC State, experience is education. In addition to
                                                                 environment to achieve their athletic, academic and           leaders who work collectively to forge a socially-just world
learning the skills of their field in classrooms, labs,
                                                                 personal aspirations. It also provides a venue for `          for all people. Opportunities for engagement including
internships and co-ops, students are encouraged to
                                                                 students and Wolfpack fans to gather and support              the Leadership Development Program, Civically Engaged
break-out and experience what NC State offers in campus
                                                                 NC State Athletic events.                                     Scholars, Alternative Service Break (ASB) experiences,
life. Whether students aim to nurture one’s passion                                                                            LeaderShape Institute. Service opportunities are available
or explore new interests, NC State offers hundreds of            Website:   GoPack.com                                         through our Service Site at go.ncsu.edu/service.
interest-based activities for students to pursue.                Phone:     919.865.1510                                       Sign up for our newsletter to learn about all of our
                                                                 Email:     ticketoffice@ncsu.edu                              engagement opportunities.
Arts NC State                                                    Facebook: NC State Athletics
                                                                 Twitter:   @PackAthletics                                     Website: leadandengage.dasa.ncsu.edu
Arts NC State is a collective of the six visual and performing                                                                 Phone:      919.515.9248
                                                                 Instagram: @packathletics
arts programs at NC State: The Crafts Center, Dance                                                                            Facebook: NC State Leadership and Civic Engagement
Program, Department of Music, Gregg Museum of Art &
                                                                 Bookstores                                                    Twitter:    @leadandengage
Design, NC State LIVE Performing Art Series and University
Theatre. Each year, Arts NC State provides hundreds              We are your on-campus source for course materials,            Faith-based Communities
of outstanding arts opportunities for our students and           technology, school supplies and spirit wear, with two
community to explore, learn, create and grow through             convenient locations on campus: Wolfpack Outfitters in        NC State offers a diverse array of faith communities around
academic classes, performance participation and events.          Talley Student Union and Wolf Ridge on Centennial Campus.     campus. With over sixty registered student organizations
Tickets to performances are available from Ticket Central,                                                                     that identify in the religious/spiritual community, many
                                                                 Consult our online price comparison tool for the best price
located at Frank Thompson Hall, 2241 Dunn Avenue, online                                                                       opportunities are provided for students to engage in their
                                                                 on course materials. Every purchase benefits students
                                                                                                                               spiritual development while at NC State. For a listing of
at tickets.arts.ncsu.edu or by calling Ticket Central at         through scholarships and student programming.
                                                                                                                               registered religious and spiritual organizations, please visit the
                                                                 Website:   bookstore.ncsu.edu                                 website below. Organizations can be searched by category
Website: arts.ncsu.edu                                           Phone:     919.515.2161                                       first, then select Religious/Spiritual to access this list.
Phone:    919.513.1800                                           Email:     bookstore@ncsu.edu
Email:    artsncstate@ncsu.edu                                                                                                 Website: getinvolved.ncsu.edu/organizations
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